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Episode 630 - Robert Rodriguez / Jonathan Ames

2015-08-19 | 🔗
Robert Rodriguez has been making movies on his own terms since he was 12 years old. Before Spy Kids and Machete and Sin City, he famously made his first feature, El Mariachi, for $7000. And, as Robert tells Marc, it’s possibly all just a prelude to the new television network he created. Plus, writer Jonathan Ames stops by to talk about his latest show and how he’s adjusting to Los Angeles.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the burghers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck stirs, what the plucky delegates, This is mark mare, and this is definitely have the podcast thanks rejoining me. If you knew too I welcome welcome nice to have you I'll, be piping? India had twice a week or in or out of her off, and you want to do. It did could be every day four hours a day. If you're just go started in your dipping into those archives. First I'll tell you on the show, we have a couple of gas organ do a ashore. with the jonathan aims, media, the the famous writer once. A memoir is now a novelist and also a show runner and show creator did the board to death series for age. Now he's doing blunt talk that stars, Patrick Stuart, very funny. A watch, a first cup
I emphasise and Jonathan aims has been on the show before and we catch up talk a little bit of babylon talk, but we also talk a bit about him. Shifting from, being a memoir guy, very graphic I very am his lawyer the word gently provocative sexually perverse at times interesting, revealing to being so many rights fiction for very years, specific reasons which I found interesting, and you can hear me and Jonathan talk about that in his new show blunt, also on the show today, film, director, producer empire runner and manager- a robber It is this here. You might know him from El Mary archie desperado from dusky of dawn spy, kids by kids to spike it's three you might know him from sin city from my group. the house monsieur day mature. day
right now. It does. A lot of television to any debate does a lot of producing he's now at the helm of his new tv network. the EL re network they ve just created season to have from does till dawn the series- and that starts a tuesday august twenty at nine p m on our re but rodriguez, is a kind of a wizard and inspiration, a duty. Ass. She had done doing our long chat with him. My driveway I've. I'm doing it talk about change. I've been dealing with this driveway some, you listen to me for years. Know that there's no drain In the driveway and apparently there's going to be a pocket, lipstick rainstorms, a which its if it's sweet as we need it. We need it might trees. Are I literally on the street. You here like. What's that weird sound, it's a sound of trees, crying because in and they don't have many tears in them, cause there's no water. Does everything is just drying out?
We just got a contract over here to do the driveway. So now they dug up the entire driveway with the caterpillar. Is that what it's called just to just like there were mounds of concrete and they hauled him away and now my driveways dirt and you can imagine. I find that charming and I'm fighting the urge just leave my dirt driveway dirt, Jackie, a kind of messy but its rustic, its exciting right right, wrong, gonna get the driveway gonna get the drain so did grudges and threatened, and I don't have to rely on a ambiguous hole. to drain my water, and I- to rely on the flow into my neighbors yard, I'm being proactive but changes difficult. I now have a dirt driveway like it I'm gonna be on real time with bill mar tomorrow.
It's friday, I'm going to be on the panel no idea what the topics are in order. If we're going to talk about yeah, I'm not big into the politics, but but I can usually get up to speed, so that should be fun in terms of gigs coming up. I can tell you about them. A tonight is thursday. I will be at the comedy, store doing a short set fifteen minutes at and always announcer many store stuff because they're just short set. Some does work it out, but I will be in dublin, ireland on September second vicar street I'll, be at the south bank centre in london, england september. Third and fourth, I will be in sydney, australia, october fifteenth at the state fear I will be at the. I was theatre in melbourne, australia on october sixteenth and at the brisbane city hall and brisbane Australia october, seventeenth, ok, I'm telling you that cause I'd like you to come, if you're in any of those places work this saturday is the premier blunt talk on stars folks. Now you go way back with what the fuck, then you know that Jonathan aims as somebody I know we had him on it
one fourteen which you can now get over it, how dot fm or get the how app and before stars became a sponsor item. than he could come on for some garage time, since he had one talk so here it is me and the girl jonathan aims, creator aboard the dead them. One talk in a fantastic comic right, about novels and memoirs, let's talk to Jonathan aims like guess, it's been five years, and I talk to you in your house in brooklyn, where you were, you were a writer with one show on the air that did not dare stay on the air. it's a good show. What happened to that weird, a good run, though we're on three years that I mean that's good, cable and it was interesting and fun and funny yeah. It was kind of like why don't a little bit like a baseball player, made it to the majors for a couple of seasons hit hit about two fifty yeah, you know yeah. So then, what
happens. I mean the idea of you yet another book, adsense right. Well, it's up last put out a book, two thousand nine I published an e novella of euro are currently not immediately. I think about two years ago called you were never really here. I was reading all those jack, richer, novels, aha and also this crime writer, richard stark, which was a pseudonym for Donald Westlake. So I just wrote this very violent. You know and if you are using a nail driver to write sentence YA, but that was the last bit approach I published. Do the answer. As a writer guy has a guy that wrote yes or no incredibly, sir self prodding experience, shows memoirs and on books, do you do journal I mean: do you like your going through as interest, in time your life or successes coming your way in a different avenue, indifferent venue.
Yeah I mean, I know right. I've been written autobiographical in a long time. You know I did so much of that. I guess towards the end of the two century back when there were horses but I so over. Did it and now, I'm completely freaked out by it. I I think I used to feel them. Was telling the truth. Of course it was all exaggerate it right or I was playing a character. And now I to write a piece of nonfiction and I just had to stop I'm like I'm doing the old stick, its not truthful, and and I just can't do nonfiction anymore- and I know right my journal either because a few years ago, maybe your the time when you last interviewed may I had blown. my life. and I would read my journal I'd- be so horrified by my hey viewer and the way my thoughts- and I just I was here
like looking ride on away immediately going scatter logical kind of like looking in the toilet or something so I've stopped key. A journal every now and then I write down goal. and then hide the goal. Someone once told me to do that. That's about as close as a magic trick, yeah a little magic trick. So so a so is it is it the curry. to read that dead, You finally became consumed with shame and could no longer face You know who you are on the page with your personal experiences I think I've always been consumed with shame. I mean it is like consumed and then consumed again. He concealed the public's enjoyment. It was like a snake that had eaten a snake that had eaten a snake to so much a shame going back to eat before I even was born. So I think- what it was was that I, if I did want to write nonfiction, I would actually want to be honest and The things I might say I dont wouldn't want to disturb people.
my parents, I'm just I just stay away from it. I'd rather right, tv shows or fiction, are genre stuff and enter the completely hidden. That's that's interesting choice to make after. You ve exposed so much yourself and also, I imagine now don't know your life, but I Imagine you had the level you're attaining professionally that it might behoove you. Two yeah that stuff in the world well well yeah, I guess so because and well the thing is, you know there is the outer self. Now I dont derive any pleasure from and if what you might might consider my success. I I'm sorry just as upset as I was at the age of eight, when I was crawling on the floor, back spasm, really yeah. I I really am, and I mean why why you think that is because I have not not quite that experience I feel better to have certain. I
I dont worry about certain things anymore, so I feel better in that way. Like you, you know it's nice to have a few bucks in the banking whom he does that it is. I do like that in after being broke, you I first twenty five years of adulthood and but now I don't know again too much pleasure from myself, because then I think we're I'm gonna lose it all, but and then, but I I have you know I dunno, if you know this, but I have a son and I was going to ask you about your son, because I know that we talked about that reuniting and and and and that relationship my son is wonderful and and but you have child yeah, yeah, he's beautiful, and but the I dont know I mean one shouldn't camps mean you know, bugger, it's! Your brain maybe gets a certain groove like a record sure known and adona grew you don't know how to experience happiness yeah.
But I think that every now and then I have moments like like a shudder and pulling excited currently, as I hope, there's the world. Ah fuck the current went closed. Again, we must be, must be unavoidable. I have some joy when you are your with your grandkids. Yeah know that how old is that is wonderful, because then you don't have a sense of self. Once you can get away from you via, then you can experience joy. That is a sixteen months wow it will. Maybe here is quite spectacular and they live in town. No, no back east yeah, ah are you doing grandaddy stuff like them, you go back and you spend time of year. I I was there when he was born and I ought to hold him about our after he was born, which was incredible. You cry I dont know that I cried in that moment. I was ecstatic there. I then, and I was glad to be present and heard his first cries
Ride cried yeah, yeah yeah want to I don't know. I steal the moment, the fury of stage a kid and crying. I know. Well, it's like being a good actor. I guess giving them their moment now. The new show is called blunt talk. I think I talked to richard about it a bit rich louis, who was very excited to be playing a against type, which I I still have a hard time picturing wednesday. So when did you start august? Twenty second comes out on the stars network for some reason: stars backwards as z rats is chris all we're still over there. How great he's the head guy now, let's through the the processor you have to death on and then you go back to the drawing board. Basically well, I am more boarded to gets cancelled, I sort of I don't know I windsor fell apart, but I you know I just idle.
suddenly I had work, and then I had no work, and so I had no work for about a year and then jerry Stahl, your good friend yeah, I wrote jerry, he and I began to whine back and forth over a series of emails about, you know our lousy careers and all that- and you know he loves to vienna his great at that, and I am trying to top in poetry and then- and I a nice said I you know started talking about agents and all this stuff and I said I don't know the agency hasn't got manny work and I don't know what's going on. I don't know if they even care about me. Maybe I should leave not that I would cause right. I very loyal and I don't do things you're, confrontational and enjoy. And what's your litter agents email over there by the way or what's his name, I say his name. Is jerry rice backwards? His email, like, oh god, do everything for jerry, so I type the email copy paste. Then you spoke.
Delete and hit send right right. So I do copy paste yeah for jerry yeah, don't delete. I hit send. My agent gets these email exchange with me and jerry stahl, where I'm saying they haven't gotten me anything for a year and it was also a lot of suicidal ideation in the email, like all sorts of crap and and suddenly I'm like. Oh, my god, I didn't even have my agent's number in my phone. So I quickly look up. You know the agents in new york to get it at such an old phone. I started hitting it the phone froze I had to take the battery out put the battery back on by the time I goes here, sis about not being attentive. You know so my literary I was like, oh shit anyway, spread. The word that you know, guy, maybe not happy, and so what happened was suddenly. They start sending. things my way and I got an email that said, would you like to get on the phone with seth macfarlane? I hear confer a writer, I said sure I'll get on the phone, Seth macfarlane very cool. What's it about
I said they need an idea for a comedy for Patrick Stuart. I said: ok, and you talk to him the next day, so that night I happened to be channel surfing and I saw appears morgan on cnn rhine. His head was kind of looming in front of this blue background about, while Patrick Stuart would look really cool as a cable news housing with his head like something out of orwell b, I kind of like a beautiful pill of a head. You know with his electric candy behind him, so the next day I got on the phone with seth macfarlane and he said Do you know what I'm looking for? I said yeah comedy for patrick Stewart and he said you know. Basically do you have any ideas? I said what about Patrick stewart sort of playing a cable news host, you know, and we go behind the scenes kind of like Larry sander yeah. You know we serve behind the scenes. I love that answer. next thing. I know I met with patrick steward a few weeks later, any very generously read one of my books and
He has put himself through one of your been yeah. You put them son, all the way, an old one from two thousand and four and yeah. He melted himself into a chair and forced himself like the guy in clockwork orange, to read it, and, and so he was happy to try to work with me and then I developed it, and then I email. So what we call the strikers. I came up with the first story: right ends with right. You know your usual big of a tv show, put the character in a crisis and- What should we call this? Guy and Patrick Stuart wrote back how about walter blunt? That was the first row. all I played in shakespeare and I used to use it as an hour s and and in the characters rowan shakes writhing its henry, the eighth he deliver some news to a king, but then is killed rhymes. the guy- delivers news. It's an alias used to use. I love the name, walter, blunt and ryan. That moment, I said, will call the show blunt talk that
like O'Reilly. How can I aim at like within thirty seconds? I'm like I love it perfect. Walter blunt will call the show blunt talk. Yeah hes in the show within the show will be blunt talking. So that's that was the process. What's your well, here d. Are you there every day? Are you in the room or yeah? I'm the creator, showrunner executive producer, and were you all those things I'm bored to death? Yes, oh you are, and so with bored to death, I'm I'm there for the first shot of the day and the last shot of the day I like to be there all the time I mean, as you know, with your show yeah, it's not like with drama. If a scenes out working in comedy, you got alike, sure fix it in the moment, you're just getting information across or something like that. If this unit have time to rehearse. You have one table reed, so I like to be, after every scene, you know sometimes you get shots at the end of the day, which are maybe you note and not verbal or something, and I could leave but yeah, I'm there for the big by seven I am home, get homelike. Nine thirty and then I have I have all the final edit. I spent the last two and a half months,
they editing room, yeah stolen, my guys I know. So so one of your wonderful writers, dongle birmingham, great writer, great writer, can backwards as neck nude magnitude here you call neck nude and I should right now wait week. We call them. He played a clown in one of our. Besides we did an almost too. I know it sounds fancy to Peter sellers. hardy blake S, words, film and, and I just had all sorts of characters- walker, so duncan played from now on, and we called it. The clown, I think, was called skunk. India are skanky the clown because duncans dog and spread by a skunk and then gun into snags Duncan s neck, and we may have the character named snacks done on all over this there's a pornography. In the show name, ronnie Birmingham so yeah.
and then I had a character played by jason schwartzman named Duncan somehow Duncan, who had very sweet and self effacing his name and his presence is like all over the show and good man glad it's working out for him. Maybe I'll have to start talking to him again. Oh, you should have. He said, say hello. I mean he kills. Your high esteem now is. It is ike larry's andrews in a way that what you see when cameras on is significantly different, may characterize than when the cameras off oh yeah, I mean I think we try to you know I mean the show. I mean an obvious references network You know a little bit with howard being at yet we get feeling of, like here walter blunt on air, you know and then even the way to look on screen is different and you know we do the graph it's below and then you know then there's a break, and you know that you know is this behind the scenes so you're you're having fun in a I mean. Are you getting out? I imagine you are well. I didn't. I went through trauma.
Down recently hints- and I have you that manifests itself of well lock, dined well just I can't I don't wanna go into detail, but you want to hear a kind of quick, beautiful ala story. I was really despairing yesterday, like kind of mad, the details of the breakdown, while I I know, but it does other human beings involved, but outlet. So let's say I was screaming. I literally was in my house in my underwear yesterday screaming pain right. and then musical were no men to allow can sorrow here and I fell to the kitchen floor and and again I guess I brought my year old spasm himself, because began to spasm on the kitchen floor and I was crying out for help. I guess I read loudly what neighborhood I get is called franklin hills, yeah and I'm kind of a little bit high up or something and crying out for help and
spasm on the kitchen floor, like a my inner eight year old spasm, ing self who had a bad back and they put me in a corset. You know in new jersey, back in the seventies, I guess, fear or whatever and suddenly there's a pounding on my door. My oh, my god, it's the cops, but it was for neighbours, and I went to the door So could you please open up your right? I open up the door and they said you okay and they, ask me was going on and then one of them turned. to be a social worker and they asked me if I wanted to go for a walk and I mean I'm a I'm kind of agnostic and pantheistic. You know I share. I believe many guards with the same amount of confusion or something. But so here I was crying out for help and for strangers came to my door was almost christian, those like profits at my door right and there is like three races to there lots of different races and how people out there and then I went for a walk with me. Nice guys had mine. You clean yourself up the guy, wonder shake my hand and literally cause
Crying snot was coming on my nose and I think it's not my hand, bodies reaching out, as happened in any way, very accepting generous human beings in anywhere they took me four walk in a much today. I think I had some kind of personal primal scream therapy was at yesterday. Just yesterday, sweet now. You know your neighbors yeah and they gave me his number and he lives right below, and so are you going to buy him a nice cake or wine or something I I I you know he he kept saying like. Let's exercise together, something that I saw, I don't know if he's sober or not, I didn't you know, buy cake would be. Nice yeah I gotta do something you're right, I'm gonna, but anyway texted me later and checked on me and sweet fear. He built a little by little motionless security network right, your neighbour and that someone so next time you scream like you- should do it to the pillow
I dunno I lost my mind. You know so, but eventually it'll get to the point where they hear and they're like nah. It's just Jonathan. I think there was a cleaning lady from next door and she saw, but she was like. Oh she thought like somebody was getting knifed in there winches. I was just a guy in his boxer shorts, with snot coming out of his nose she's like up, and it's just who is an precipitated. No, had been going nuts for about twelve days. am much better now and actually coming to talk to. You gave me purpose. You know, I think, having purposes it will you know, maybe it's it that sort of like the come down from finishing the finishing the we're realizing you're still just you. I know the horror of that so yeah so is coming down from work and other factors and putting a much better today. I so do I do you want to thank you. I stay here for awhile. You can be alright, I'm good, no thing, that's kind of you to offer! No, I'm! Alright! I got this ice coffee and I'm going to go in my car, okay, isolated, alright, buddy! Thank you I hmm
intense guy. I like talking to Jonathan aims. I always enjoy it and I feel like talk to him for a long time. Now, here's a weird happening. I know you ve noticed it happening is occasionally I get people that I have I audition for you. I do a acting I don't know. I have a show that uh that's on. I see I again the third she's, not beyond netflix, eventually, but but I do a little acting and I think the first season, the show I actually audition- for a robert rodriguez movie. and I don't always know if they know me at all when they come in near when they come to the to the to the garage If they've listened to the show I know now there's. A lot of them know that obama was here in that you know that something bad enough. They know I certainly don't know if he knows it that I audition for his movie, but I'll I'll, bring it up I'll bring it up. I have,
crescent city a dame to kill for it's awkward, sometimes because I talked to directors and it's hard for me not to go. I cannot come up put me in your movie, but now then I'm just a guy in a garage who hosts a podcast wanting to be in a movie. You know I could be like that: hey there's that guy be that guy. He was at that guy, That was good. That was ready to hit the guy had a little scene. He played. He was the cranky guy, the cranky old guy with the mustache a good yellow seen this one of those. That's all I'm looking for. again, Robert Rodriguez's. Here we can talk a little bit about the array network, that's he's into of from dusk till dawn the series which is coming up on august when Fifth, nine p m on EL ray network and his movies and his says and where he comes from and how the fuck he managed to to do all this stuff. He does these guys these empire builders. You know it's it's! It's amazing to me. And he's done it all on its own is cut his own path. I have to buy them my
empire is tempered. It's not that I an empire but day about right. getting a visualizing it. I start breathing quickly. I have a hard to my chest. Titans so I'll have to settle for site, panicky empires of the mind and my podcast, the Yes, I guess you're out there and in austin with that I had retired and later in here, you guys buddy yeah. You know what actually met him after I met a muddy. Actually he call me and said so we should we should me. We never makes people always asked me if I know you and that's cute If you know me and city, I know who we never met. We were just kind of doing our own thing. We both can hit at the same time yeah and we became friends. In a right away and had visions of what you know where to stay in Austin. Unlike what can we do to build this place up, so we can shoot here,
we'll need stages, people when the airport moves will try and get those stages and all that stuff it's happening within. You guys were in conversation about that. Oh yeah, a long time before just visions of dreams, yeah yeah, and then we actually built a film community. There kept our movies there and one of the things early on. We talked about too. As he said, one of us asked again a distribution. That's the big thing. We want to distribute you re on product, that's the key! No somebody's gonna do like what the wine sitting right at the end the television networks overtook the hey. Look, twenty years ago or time now, what the unity and I gotta distribution. So now Al Rey is that you see that as a distribution channel yeah, because it as a someone who makes films or tv you know If a maker just creates product and he's got to go to a distributor and make a deal with them, so they can put it out. What have you add your own pipeline sure I got a pipeline to an audience where it were at forty million home now and in the three? What's he who is to deal with a regionally? It was a networking from comcast through there.
An emerging universal right and done them. can be allowed to merge unless they gave way some networks neon pop type on right. I put an idea for the re network and he has a monetary ha hispanic athlete be like owned by not owned by a colleague, Ria and I had this idea for the el rey network in english. Language kick ass. You know visceral entertainment, network, english language in a very first in front of them behind the camera. and we got it in comcast's had the carrots for ten years will with that? I was able to go to other distributors and get them to sign up to the univision. Software were doing here and thought will fund which are doing because it be cool thing to be a part of, and they brought us distribution there he had with directive. Eighty time or sweden have to go now, can all those doors I dont get us. You know really quickly into a bunch of homes.
and do you find that your three innovation that their there that the guillotine audiences responding in a bigger percentage? Would her only honest financiers, thrice united, annihilated us through the content. I write it cause. You know they thought english language is bag skewed It's really general entertainment means for sure. I watch a course. It's kind of where you know they were seen a good direction to go into, but then they thought well who's going to run it. So you guys are already doing right. You'd just rather invest in you and see what happens then to go. Try we could then they could create a network like that tomorrow, but who's going to program and who's going to do it, and I think that's why they they backed us. It has been spent so far, it's been fantastic up with shows too for fun. Did you get the ida network may yet to fill it here and most new networks? Don't don't put new shows on
the way right. They see her sure that I am the show for twenty years to buy movies are syndicated to build up an ass, but I thought you know we really needed to kind of come out swinging, so people could find us right into the content. People would find and I think I was watching last night- the series from does till dawn is on their yes. I thought, let me do stuff there. Nobody else can do for us Don is a title that was very popular as a film. You know people still come up to quit and I'm saying you know all nestled on the movie love that yeah I controlled the rights to it, so nobody could ever people had wanted to do a show or perform a week at it locked lockdown, but we did it for the array. Workers right, oh that'd, be a that'd, be a cool job. People know the name and thus aid from just held on that again array withal ray and then they would find us sure, and I again issues can also there there. The sensibility there you guys, I it seems that the two you created is something fair, specific and a certain type of works of art
as a certain type of a person who is into those types of movies, is compelled by gender. Go find it and their very educated, loyal people really that really dedicated. While they soon we have in the network, and I let you have come through thursdays. Could you reach a right asian ras knuckle Monday's, I mean it's really. Is cool franchises, bring peace back as other on the content of the network's cure. It has only stuff that we genuinely love and have seen now what what was quinn involved in tv one, he army. Do it any. an executive producer but- he just let me go make against the dead, the original script that he had written it. It had them fires in mexico, but at the whole thing with a temple in the snake called stuff that I added can I wanted to say a tv show. I follow me. Let me floor more in that area that I was gonna hinting at the phone the whole last shot in the film or shows the back of the bar being a pyramid, the ec temple was sunday, I invented, so it was actually
I could go in and explore that, and that was the pitched him he said. Oh yeah go. He love, he'd anyone who seem in advance. He wanted to see him when they aired and he watched every episode and then really loved in scared. Man propelled us to keep with its good night on jobs and for a few minutes yeah. I worked with don turn quinton on a done. I worked with dawn on machete yeah, and so you know the biggest star diver I've worked with a lot of big star. The biggest star by far was don Johnson. I mean, as far as the who say openwork hanging on everywhere: people love huggin about miami vice of additives or how they did that like romance. May really people just gravitate towards him really go yeah, so he put him in his next move. The angle yeah yeah, I m in the night What about him to play that character that you know was played so brilliantly or michael parks in the original film to continue that character haven't go throughout that whole first season as he came in may, and we had a blast. He's he's really terrific he's a pro
is It- is a problem with great doing television with hermia and he was he's in that whole first season, but I shot him in the first four days of the whole season and he shot him in the first episode. He shows up in many works, but I shot all his worry. I already here and he really starting to soften the rifle, because he told us about the days how these two shoe, by revising the lad and fear actually had production and production skills. I mean doing nash bridges over legacy. This is what you gotta. Do you gotta figure out how to shoot the dialogue quickly so that you have time for the action. Right. He was right. Hey said I used to put the camera on a on a camera car and I would drive fast behind it and get my closer spin over and get teaches closer, get two shot. All in one night after seven pages, like brayley, brilliant stuff, you know you guys really savvy. So he taught us that honest all school, everybody really great. That's amazing! You! You are in your ear fan of of
of his shout of nationalities. Am I am vice. I got to get started ass, pretty ass, once cheech invited me of his day and any somebody to plant commercial director and how and hurried out episodes called bombshell way at which I think was like I know you. And I got to, and you know when you show up on a set there's. Never anything on is always like a dialogue scene. I walk on a terminal, video camera. I can't believe I'm about to meet don Johnson and he comes around the call action I got their right to take any and he's like. Bullets star flying all of what it was all in one. On one take with the act. Three can't ray, I add a blew up. The owl plays and he's doing the old don johnson I clearly out so excited to be, to wit, Is that and what about word when cheech and cheech I have worked with cheech so much? I would have put them in desperados and he's like tenant
he asked he had always have a teacher. He teaches very savvy about it. Tell us the other actors who get bummed, that they don't get to work more in my movies. Even if I worked in them before I said what I did. remind me, you're gonna be like cheech. No, it teach does teaches calls me. I blew it so well. What do you got a day is goes home apart coming Oh, you know what I'm working because you know you'd be great. As machetes brothers, you should be danny. Trejo is suddenly. He doesn't even know of your work and adding. He just said this is his opening line cozy. I had him both in here I had cheech and Chong and it was crazy because I grew up within those records. So I'm sitting here. those two guys just telling stories like a white guy right voices are so distinct. Well grown up insanity it when you were here these nets. Especially them every christmas there by thou on christmas thing on donner on Tom or bad thoughts. Jus. As I got this, they three
uncle names right there. You know, when you hear your name and pay out your right of what I do. I do it. I do right as far as cause equality, genetics, because a it really hit me in a completely different way. Why wonderment desperado here? Because it made you feel like you're part of this. I gazed in LA and em He really was an eye opener as far as attracting all kinds of audience through to something like that, We grew up and antonia cosmic, though the movies a the way. Your movies are the tone of the films, and in some of that be movie star the slashing movie stuff. I mean that in a machetes civically. Yet though more popular with that you know kids right yeah. He was a whole mix. If the and like all kinds of stuff, when you grow up its generation, you liked everything I die out
because I see kids around here because there's an ot on neighborhood is that, like wrestling like, you can see kids what they're into right now on skateboards and there there were metal shirts. But there is a thing you know what was that thing? I know there's a lotta things, but I mean we're almost the same age yeah. What were you doing like when you're fourteen or fifteen? Now it was, you know, a group of senators, very Rock'N'Roll, town, yeah, yeah, rock rock town, had that sort of sensibility and it just kind of permeated everything you kind of. and even how you ve lived your life, he was kind of iraq rock roll. I went to make films. It was like the beginning of the rock stars director. When Clinton came out in the whole independent, then, wave began where people were making movies for no money and when you get interested in, though I was doing since I was twelve, well, you can movies at twelve, my my dad had where the early viziers around on the market had a camera debate. Camera camera the jet to turn on your tv to see what you in point right or even a manual area annual focus and only had a twelve foot.
Also can only film as far as the deck wondering how to think extension, cords into tv set, a moon. All operations is visited. Many corral moves in the back yard and for family events. I why it was weird. What do you mean? What is the logic on the reverse it? Well, I was it was like he had a for sales tapes because he saw cook where you would you sell show says: contains a really so he recorded his took that year used to make movies. Look I cook where it was like this really heavy duty, door to door. Oh, yes, Madame Hodgson handle yeah. He is able to support ten kid. Silly pots and pans tanks It's because you sold it. You know by am whatever you sold is, which you may say if he were there need another set of braces. He would go right, amuse herself for sets. so he would go on, he would sell it to just about everyone in my family ended up being an entrepreneur because he knew that was the only way you'd ever make. The money that you need to survive is if you could just work as much as you could to make whatever you need. There are ten kids, ten kids as worried oldest third, all this.
I, though, early movies that I made in the back yard with a vcr start mice, it's because they were all younger and they were all just sit around watching tv anyway, yeah and they're all sort of precursors to spike it. There were like little action comedies where kids doing the action, so you didn't expect any great performance so if they acted even decent, seemed amazing and we'd win or lose all attire, and that one of those is online called. I heard that was the movie I made just before mariachi. That made me realize it was an eight minute. Film cost me eight hundred bucks shot on film. I was cutting in the camera and I thought that won all these awards. It's crazy it! I bet. If I multiply that times ten, I could make an a immediate relief for eight thousand dollars a shot at the same way: no crew, women, the elderly and the camera you just. Why would I would just I wouldn't shoot a lot of footage cause, there's footage
It's the ways our film narrowly it I shot at pre, shot it on video, the edit and then I would just go, get the shots. I need so I'd, say: okay, action that would start moving. Then I would start film. Stop filming then got cut so that I wouldn't shoot beyond that takes that I needed he shot on video first. It was so he knew exactly how it fit together, yet is that something he brought EL is well. I didn't appreciate. Video, but I am, but I really hope that exercise seen how little actually used made me preserve you more the film nobody cares now, canadian she digitally can just let it run and run and the opposite. Now you just let her run cause, you want to capture performance, but back then that was your biggest expense here. Yet to make a movie like that. For that little you had to shoot almost like a you know, a one to one ratio, one point: five to one ratio, would you shoot on six sixty millimeter, hello, airy, sixteen us because our that came out? It was like a monumental. It was like this guy did this for nothin yeah. It was one of those things
I made it. The reason is even in spanish and it was. It was first spanish on video, working. I didn't want anybody to see it. It was really a practice film cause. My short films were winning enough awards that I thought wow someone's going to scout. at the festival, the end of my short film and hire me to make a feature? I don't know how to make a feature. I've spent the past ten years, making short films Medical practice, will you really worry that you were career aware enough to know that we're going to have those gonna happen. I needed to get their practice telling a feature Let me go make one a spanish with spanish, humor for no one will see it. No one will see how many robert rodriguez's are there. I know my friends later. I can tell them hey they like foreign films. I made a foreign film, it's over there, the spanish section, so I thought I'm going to go, make a copy. There are no money. If I turn round of I make it for eight thousand dollars, five thousand dollars turn around and sell it for twenty yeah. As a a kid. I was amazed,
who are you working with film school just me and the guy who is in it? It was just my home brainstorm at a really solid plan, make three of these things a dollar geology and then sell em make money invested in the next one and the next one to get my skills down and be the whole crew, so I would learn camera sound, editing everything all in one. It's like a film school that you get paid for rise might brainstorm. right and then funny cause. You should think like that. I still think that are, but I would cut together the best parts in the show that is a demo reel, but then take the money, make a real, independent american english language. First film, that was point of that was my plan. Is I'm going to give up some practice? Films always has been working good in the short film. The first film goes out. Columbia pictures gets it as a demo of my work for my agent sent it to him and asked this is great. What do you want to do with what stories you have and how many stories that I thought I had another five years to think that through
as I panicked and said. Well, I haven't really thought of anything. Yet this all kind of happened very fast. I was only twenty two yeah. Well, do you like mariachi how about we just remake that with like antonio banderas or something in the lead, and they said ok, well, it's tested. First, we want to show to an audience, goes to any might be down, The girl died and, alas, alumina just check that out all right, so they screened it played grey, Plato, mostly land crowd, who went nuts for it and they say we're gonna. Take this to the film festival, interesting, though, that they could handle the ending yeah yeah, I suppose there only fit the financed all right, sir, If I, I told them down show this fifty I can do much better. I mean the only reason it was that expensive, I thought no one was in his right eye had to shoot her look of eager view. Your biggest cost his film if you shoot even one more take of everything just in case you have doubled your budget right. So I only shot one take one. Take one take thinking: okay, I'll, go back to texas, I'll edit it
the stuff. They really do. Come out is out of focus heard, was I'll, come back and just shoot those peace era. hear that he ended up. Never coming back and fixing it's like this is the first one I'm trying to sell it, see how much I can sell it for and then it went off and I told them don't show this movie. Please give me two thousand dollars. I'll re shoot half of it. Knowing people was gonna watch it. I would probably do a million things different. I would have spent more and they said earlier, no, if you have a very special, only took it to telluride. They tell you took a toronto and they sit down scout from the head of us. dance came said, don't shoot anymore festivals and you can bring in it put it in competitions and at once and Nancy I or and I was florida- was the movie at in one people see, but then I realized what it was that it was made as pure as a film could be. We know and makes a film with the intention of nuts shopping right and we look at the title: the action market they are selling it. If you went to the action, video section of the spanish section there you and render movie called
the guitar player that promises no actually looking at is that as a joke, and I think it is called moriarty, and if someone happens to get it there going to be blown away that it's got action right and that is actually pretty cool yeah. And that's how it started, and then I realized what I really wanted sunday. As to what I said at the podium I got the award was, you're going to get a lot more entries in this cure, because when people hear that this is the one that won them, we may with no crew, no money. Everyone was going to pick up a camera and start shooting and they've been flooded with entries, since that was like really started that that independent wave of the nineties, where I or people could then go and do it themselves will want. When you are growing need, but you'd add you gonna films got all. I I'd been making movies twelve in that manner and when I try to get into the film school I made that first shore from better then, with a wine here in film one. He had found the first film class right and
summer. I went made moriarty, so I will arrive in a school out of here before I learned what what team is how to do it? The traditional way that you are doing hollywood or what I was apply with something that I created myself born out of, we started on video on video. You don't need a crew. You gotta got automatic exposures. automatic stanley rice, and I right I adopted that technique touch They were the film cameron that I got very eyes, but when kid I mean well, what was break is now in you. You have a vision. You have a style But when you start now, when l mary archie, what what who your primary emphasis, which films are blowing your mind when you were a kid, What was coming in way totally. That was like what the fuck my my and my mum. These tickets are. So many of us used to take us to the revival theater. We had a revival theater near us where they actually double writers, triple features old classics as she grew up with, and I've ever seen a hitchcock double feature once that blew my mind
nine yeah. Within three years I was making movies. I started thinking which movie it was spellbound, and a notorious yeah and other salvador, dolly sequence and spellbound. I thought I dreamt it knows it was just I got it in my head and it was so cinematic and so be well crafted and you could tell it was intentionally put together more than anything else seen, and then I got off on things like you know: sam raining region, carpenter movies, guys that that came from the independent world where they were making genre films creating their own worlds, I'm on a: u s during budgets and doing multiple jobs. That looked funny telling you I see like suspense in horror, expense for more action and comedy comedy. I centre is a cartoonist, so I would put a lot of that this, while all the movies are really and by fantasy and humor right all cottages funny yet because I can take it that seriously come from that committee,
background from our murat usable in ten. So at the end, wasn't it I mean it's got yokes all away through the idea. We just watch you recently for the twentieth anniversary of its agenda, It was funny to see it again in a big screen with like a full owsley fifty as your people and get a first. You shots come up in him Yeah, look like him. We may bring to an end two minutes into the sweat going. Oh, my god, how the hell did we make this thing? It's I think I know how just willpower I mean it's like nothing is held together with scotch tape. A story just wants to get up right and it propels you along and it's funny it's funny. everyone's kind of communication, and I think it's because you throwing it away right, I didn't think you would see you kind of- were free to just do what jazzed right, you're learning eroding early and ass, he had thrown away and the penal. Your best works because you're not putting it anything precious about, remember we took it to telluride and because it was subtitle he was a spanish. I think they baby, did more to its meaning than right or attendant.
some of the older out. His cannot go. It was like an opera, I think the grey males had spanish but a little telluride. They kind of thought with those eyes. It really elevated the whole thing everyone's going to come to it with their own thing. You know so how'd you get the money to make. That, though, Darwin was famously made for seven thousand dollars, and people would think that so inexpensive and it was like when your college kids at she nobody's, got that I had two jobs, paying barely fur beyond intuition, near from a huge we're not getting a borrowed money from many family memory right soon, yet alike. At a score you added do in there is a. U T. Austin is the biggest university in the country. The time there was a place called farmer go that way you could go so your body to science rankings. They knew they needed cod,
It's always need money, yeah and you go check into there for the weekend and then you turn into a pin cushion and you get five hundred bucks around. They test all the latest pharmaceuticals that are going to come on. It's like a fourth stage. It's not like they're mixing a couple of things up and giving it rights. This is like effect, the drug that I went into test ended up being lipitor, so it was. It was called x, five, three two one. Whenever she had greater cholesterol levels, what's great is that you're locked in there for a month, yeah, hey feed, your really high cholesterol diets and bacon, and you ate really well and you're stuck in there. So you have to you know you have to shit in a certain area of the pie at a certain hour. You have to do everything they say, but one blood draw day. So isn't that painful right? And I could write all time I would just The light night schedule right. I wrote the script while I was in there. I met the bad guy. May it laid the character Well, he was in there. You can what run your like mix of James baker regard people think I heard that guy, you require you to be the way
and we all had dreams where we're going to do with our money. When we got out ours was you know, we're going to go, make this little mexican action picture and without an dollars that first visit in a while, I wrote the scrapped and then make star the film sold a piece of land he put in there most of shouted, shot scandal, Carla scared, somebody else and then we went to her. Yes go back. There have much, and I can't believe you know how far that that thing, I imagine that being twenty two being over this opportunity, I holy fuck. Now millions of dollars involved and I mean how did you like make the adjustment Was it helped? I did a a of moon for showtime between that, They gave some of her first job today, I didn't think she was right for the movie. Had never worked before me, I'm english. Anna
at the opening make her calling crime in illinois for showtime was only like thirteen day shoot called road racers and it's great little movie, greaser movie, it's a you can get on netflix. Now it was really a cable movie, but if I shot at like a feature, I really wanted to test out thirty. When my camera shooting ever gonna, be ordinary done before with a crew. I know they did. I know it, the crew is averted and everyone I put the care on my shoulder and then a guy comes over threats. Focusing for you, you mean you focused the for the. I and the camera omega disease, but also they aren't geothermal folk trying to focus through this thing and operate at the same time is impossible? Yeah. Oh, this, isn't so bad people to help you with everything so yeah I shut that and then I went and did desperado and it was really. I was just hell bent on and showing now what I could do with it with a medium shown to myself, because I have really done something purposely for an audience to see and so I loved,
John woo action movies. It sells for two hundred days. We had thirty the thirty three day schedule on desperado, so I had to shoot really really fast and it was just exhilarating when he she asked, and you don't have that much money was the lowest budget studio movie for sure. Reality is only a few million dollars in which one went really far and because I went to that same border town that I shot their animal mariachi, so went further down there, but really got us about thirty thirty four days or something and it made my right. It was about yeah, it's one of their whenever they would have a new medium come out whether be dvd or blu ray desperadoes. The first report, because that audience earlier captive audiences yeah? I get that movie. When did you meet to quinton I met him during their my aunt. She phase where both on the film festival circuit as it will help section nokias use now allow route where my dogs and we were having to do a lot of panels,
yeah they're defending our movies because of the violence in the movie in the nineties, even though it was only ninety two, I dunno scarlett the panel's discussions that but both other guy out movies had guys dressed in black and they were violent in their action films. You were taken to task for that noses of the head. Have something to talk about we do a panel together and are movies with screen and in their movies or popular there at the past was- and I had met him on some of those panels and we became fast friends and he was like I'm writing a script that you really gotta dig called pulp fiction, and I went back to the columbia, pictures locked go workin desperado and he had an office next to me, originally who is making perfection for try star right because danny to view had a dealer danny was approved, So we ended up writing together. So I would come on. He would come in a red and act out sequences fiction outcome. Show me how my story, boards, filet desperado agenda when he turned in the script they turned it down there like not. To a million dollars don't get its d on we'll go. Do the polish,
million stay here? It's ok! to mere rex, just been bought by disney in politics in the way you want it and it was awesome. And both body guys have been able to maintain your sort of control and a tour ship was great about that places. There just start as a studio- and they they've been around for a while Miramax, but they didn't have really any money and yeah they got bought by disney, say a how suddenly they had the backing of disney, but the freedom to do whatever they wanted. Clinton was first the pulp fiction. I came joined quickly after to pop up from hold on. I stayed there and they would adapt for us to know. There was a horror, genre arm called dimension that I will do my movies for with bob was right, but if I said you know at these kids I made always went to work out what I do and caused by kids. Do you think you could put that through your dimension on it's? Like sure who in making, despite kids and where there is no rules with a perfect common
and there a distributor and they must have loved you, though I mean for them. It was a. I don't have a sense of the wind scenes. I don't live in the film world, but you know they're sort of mythic figures, but it seems to me that you're making money making them at their learning. What have you I do very you ever since we were the first ones there and then to entice is there we were given file cod and we had all kinds of freedom. The Noah filmmaker really had after that, just where the problems from both any filmmaker easily complainants, because they don't have the final say on them It's what we did here. So we got to kind of do whatever we wanted. There was a great place to have to work. Em was the the impulse to do spy. Kids, you, like kids, I guess I'm just grew up that way in ten of us and then I had five. I didn't have kids at a time when I wrote it, but by the time I was making it. I had three already really yeah therein there, a stunt kids' cause when you're making an action film with kids. They don't really have stunt kids' these to use. You know like little people
so it was either my my stunt coordinator and me. We both had kids. We had our kids in there who get banged around. There is never no backlash on that novak they're not going to complain. It's like hey is the family business. You know we had a restaurant and you'd be pushing the broom and taking the orders. But you know it's a it's. A film business, so you gotta, go, take a hit for the day, so so tanky your brought up pretty catholic yeah, very catholic excellent family- yes, definitely it's about as many kids is. God gives you that amnesia air in it questioned or thought it was that many kids as he knew them all by their first names. So people would come over. I had a friend who is an only child and he came in and he literally said: how can you stand the noise and I was like what noise had listened with his ears for a few minutes It is very noisy and he totally block it out. It's just how this must be so loud to this guy, and that's that's just how the south If you didn't know any different
We must have way gaily would dozens of needs is a nephew that there are so many familiar swinging in all law, the volga, great personalities, very distinct, the easy to be sort of hesitated, a banking and now you're. Simply all. May I hear you, I think you would lose track you down there. So many and you know them all the active very they made themselves very distinct- are any siblings, in show business mail sister Angela started, to went to new york to be naturally as he is in desperado in a couple of my things and then I have a younger brother and a younger sister who write also write and dupes cinematography. How can a man a musician that anyone can have is in the creative art, somehow, even if they're a pharmacist or something that art so yeah? Whom are they all still in texas? tat, most of them really my sister still still in new york, but the restaurant texas. What it was exactly the grind ass, John rhyming out what what? What are the key movies of that John? Were that define the older ones? When you say,
and how much more greenhouse meant it was a theatre, the music name. Forthhere there, which is like grind the movies at their, would have double a triple teachers, and so I don't want you when you were a kid humanist, you'd seen it kid, the prince damage in their like the bat saint prince, been travelling. The country right right in the day, make very many of them, the prince, and where they primarily be movies some ruby movies, yes m or be movies, urge genre films and and lurid subject matter a lot of times, because that's the only way to attract narratives with such a low budget right, but a lot of times too they'd be very timely, like if some thing was happening. they make a movie about right away to exploit it? It's why corpsman exploitation would come for? Was it warm entire ecosystem and types of new world picture, yes or no, I've got a horror movies in rifts on other movies. Outwardly highlighted the eia, that's why, when I didn't machete with like first mixed,
stationary. I think I even called him mariachi that I'll call him exploited and but when quinton, I Clinton would show me a bunch of movies in his theory. At it you know home theaters and even before he had a theater. He would string up movies like by rails and white light me three check out these movies and it was such a fund experience it in their hearing him talk about them put together. He would put trailers and between them and show me like a double feature. Sometimes would watch a triple feature of some movie that I had never seen before he onto and his prints were damaged in that im part of the patina of the film sure, I remember one time he showed me an amazing print. I went home cause. I thought I think I have that blu ray I would put it on and it was so clean like I I it it took away from the experience I loved it was think of the good, the bad and the ugly his print was so damaged. It added a patina to it that was the best great I had ever had of it and had seen it before. I went back and watched it again
I, like Quinton sprint. I want to get a copy of his print because it's washed out from age in the theater came up with the idea like we should do a double feature: we're like two short features with trailers of fake trailers in between and we'll mash it up and grind it up. So it looks like one of those cars inner going experiences are going down. We gotta do this one last stab at a theatrical experience where you can only see it in the theater to hear anyway. Oh, we gotta collect right us and the worst thing we put it together and yourself. A guy gray reveal some most people instigated the theatre here, because it just seemed like too long of an excellent wages, but it was one of our we're failures, because it is the people to this is to really love that film and those were a great experience in what did you take from those like from seeing those movies, because a day when form your tone, young pacing, some of that some of the style, those movies. What is it ethically about those economical, economical in every sense, in that
they. Don't I very much my right to the point economy of of a process and story here. So the story just comes at you really quickly right right and it's gonna grab you by the nuts polluters have time to sit around and they don't have the money for right, so that immediacy and urgency that you get from that the rush units, it's the rush of the same as if you know we got a record this band with just these four tracks. To do it now, as opposed to let's go, spend too. in the recording studio, gonna have a life to the uttermost going to follow. David though, when you got shot grindhouse, you had a little more money and time than that, didn't you. We had more money and time than the guys that originally did it. But we pushed me. I pushed myself to go as fast as possible because I just isn't that from the early films, the atta. Would you have less time and less money, you're forced to be more creative and that's the thing pisum was gonna. Come up to console It says I love in the movie when this happened. The earnest like, oh that's, has the floor.
it had blown out. We had and we had to rigorous other playing and that's always a thing at their attracted to the mistakes. So you want to sell away where you're constantly making mistakes in a good way because there's an eventuality that right there How did your relationship with danny trejo unfold? I have that he's. You know. I've worked with him. He was on my T. V show the data was hilarious. We know we had a lot of dialogue and you know any. We had q cards everywhere. So he could you wrangle it and at some point we're sitting in a car and there's wearily cuba on the dashboard, because there are so many words. Many hire me for my face. Others have more words in all five years of movies. I've done case What does he call right? You call me from Dallas where hey a mortgage, maria with making work, call it called man.
work. He doesn't know what he's like he goes, or they tell him he's just like. He shows up and everything and over two hundred movies, but even his mom would call him machete that became is definitive character and when I met him on desperado he walked in. I was looking for a guy. They would be the silent killer where this knives, yeah s been in his hand and very visually. I had and I saw a photo and scholars who he walks in here. But handed him the knife he got. The part about avenue saying is here, start acts. walked back out as it. That's the guy face on that guy right in he came down, and then you me what a cool guys we guy I'll yeah for sure I gotta give any dialogue as yet he will opened his mouth and spoil right. Look so menacing right, o words may see, We get to do hey. Put me in coach for me and coach me a line on an and talk. I find and dusk till dawn, and it was funny to hear him talking with a sweet but am but and on on the set broader when it was interesting as Antonio was
are the rabbit he was from european. In oh sure, those mixing you're crazy. You know he was so they see a camera on the street and to actors in costume they all gravitated In trail they thought this guy must be the star rising amorous. It's gotta be this. I hear he had a star quality out in that I took note of, and I pull them aside, and I it I've got a character and working on publishing. This was a nineteen eighty four here and I want you to someday nasa like twenty years in advance, real and do weak If putting him in the movie after where'd you meet him the ten or eleven movie. You just met him and casting for desperate, really because when you don't we shot around here Honestly, I walked down the street with him, yet it there. People will come out of windows mid day and they called him. Machete yeah he's been in over two hundred movies, but he'll go from now on he's machete. Well, he loves it. He loves it as it was so hot, so definitive that character was for him and that he was the lead
dar he you know when I met him. He had just worked in heat where you know deniro put the bullet in his head he's one of his guys. My time we finish with him, he's machete deniro his co star, semi, arid I his evolution as an actor and as a star a personality. It ass, an iconic image What do you think I like in your mama harping on this, but it seems to me that, like in like in in There is a different audience in eighteen community, they they appeal to him differently right in a way almost like a superhero. It's like a latino superhero it those the ideas. I wanted to see a mexicans but here we have wanted to see like a james bond, pierre Mexican right I wanted to people to when walk out of a john woo movie. You know in college sure I come out. I'd say I want to be the chinese guy. He had nothing to do with, He said dr: this is a heroic killer, ram character. Yeah. This guy is awesome. I want to be the sky when a model myself
this person's. I wanted to do that for his panic. It give them heroes like spy, kids or machete as funny as a danny's, actually in spy kids as machete before we did machetes called uncle machete. So he's in this weird double world. Where he's in a kid friendly ms machete and then he's in the area of machete world This is not a misguided ago, but we can ukraine. In this whole universe, hold university across pioneers its is exciting, to see him step into that in put him in movie after movie to build up a sort of his recognise ability in these films so that we can finally get around an end of his help and the most organic way when we did greenhouse. We wanted to do this fake trailers, atheling I to effect for that movie. We always talked about and desperado. I never did. I stood at least get of our system, must do machete Tralee ash away. I was amazing as yet shot the trailer and people loved it. So much david chases and all the time danny too, like windsor movie coming it's a five years.
five years later when made him, and I use every shot that I had an that trailer. I worked at insofar as I have just made that part of the creative process leave him in a force myself to figure out how to reverse engineer this movie honoured and your allies are every shot at an end and that no that's that's all areas to make good on it. Maybe we're yours is the trailer was a thing, but then, when he had to make a move, you you get honour. The jury is out of the trailer ass, how bazaars and how to debt when, with sin city in I actually on and on good about me sometimes, but I I addition for the second year, which put chamber which party you were gonna play. the rich guy, there was, have you seen you actually really terrific actor for that role and em? I didn't, feel too hurt. Yeah it wasn't it wasn't too bad. You gotta find something it was. It would have been the right fit for he wasn't. He wouldn't have taken it manager what you can do, the avonlea. I s money, I bring him in
What was it? What was the relationship with her with miller on those things like you know how white and what made you make those movies, and I was a huge fan of his books in cydia. I would collect it since it came out in ninety two, so I was collecting it for ten years straight in as one of those that I would go into the complex torn, I would look for a couple of things. I would look for a nuisance. It won't be one owed by a collection. I'd go home and go have already got three copies and I never put together that I should make a fool of it because you have to do it visually The book would rise and was impossible, but then in two thousand and three I did spike it's three d, which was the first like big green screen movie, and I looked at the books again, I thought, oh, my god that ought to do this now I do it on a greenscreen. I can make it look like the books. I did a little test looked crazy, so I took it to frank miller, met him, showed it to him and were shooting
within three months. It was a fast as a movie never come together, cause his books. He had already drawn him had already written employed shot out of the book, just honor the storyboard the store. I just wanted to see this books move. I knew me I well reified madness. Is it's visual storytelling in a way that no one tells in movies? But it's been done on paper? Why don't? We just make the paper move? If we do that, I think we'll have something. That's really unique. It should still work say adapting it to a movie. Let's take the movies and technology adapted to book so that it was fine. I may come directly me- and I was here in europe. Now is the first that it actually work in the way that, like crazy member, dick tracy- with warm baby right. They tried to do it with colours and which sets and with the united sort of prosthetics, but it still didn't feel did that the comic gummy shriver army to different kind of comic design, is so distinctness visual styled, even on paper in black and white. When you write it just in look like felt right,
when you look even at the comic book at any work, it look like something else completely hideous was in it made you I realize how little information the brain needs to recognise a human face or an object was stripped down to adjust its bare minimum. Well, that's amazing thing. My graphic novels is right. You know no, why it's magic that they're so compelling the eunuch as if you got the brain for walking into em. If you don't even think about it, but your way in it and for me the whole thing I started as a cartoonist. I thought I I don't see the different. I really think visual storytellers same wherever media merit. personally. I would take that working hours is amazing book. Now, let's go turned to strip it all right. Let's, let's put it the norm of what would a film would be like rice stead of embracing it for what it was? So yes, what with the flip, was about any with them actors. A poor? They wanted to be something that was that true to the art form and we had a killer cast
and it would now as a one where I was like in most of these are like that no great the same way since it is anyway. We go of any was gonna. Come see. This fear you nobody. really care making a, not very expensive police. Like don't duff, hour later on blu ray or dvd. That's fine for me. I just really feel like I have to make this film and since city for sure, and it was going to show up we're going to see the trailer they okay was it black and white, it's an anthology. It's all voice over all three things: you're not supposed to do right off the bat, and it was a big success hey, I was really was really cool and that up- and no one had ever seen anything like it, though, dominates feeling like so when he started doing this green instinct with green screen stuff. So european year and that as well, because when I learned this from any george lucas- and am he had said the same thing, he said it is a good thing. You're in austin stand off this women were income when you live outside of the box. The us automatically- and I think, outside the box unit, stumble upon right innovations You really think everything and I was down there- are going to why we should not film anymore assertion. Digital
and showed me the first digital cameras on Madame issued digital. We went out what he's no two thousand one. He had you over individual, I was their use in his mixed age, children. two dozen. What by two does and two I had put in my own mixed age in my garage. I still mix all my movies in the garage. That's why I love them or in your house, like I do I think for me right there do the editing there. I do the scores for the film veterans. Oh it's the best. You could do a lot of Brian yeah. It's been creative. All the time. Separation work and play so he turned yonder, literally digital camera, and I started just put it through the basis. I see what it could do and right away, I thought wow we can shoot on green screen. You know what I bet. We could do three d and I did the first digital three, it was actually spike its treaty. That was the first start the whole treaty really yeah. It was the biggest of the spike, but there was no party because I've taught who I talked to the other day: vince gilligan. There is no, he had given you sort of respect were fulfil, Yo even aim watching you queens yoke.
well his or his cut of one of the good, the bad and the ugly. There is no weird sort of like I don't like to be a slave to tradition. Does the worst thing that can happen is You start confusing the meat than you know the tec. Eager the medium of the hour. Forbear medium is not the artful right, filmmaking Are you telling visually? Is the manipulation of images right? Whether you it's film or video or a paper right. It shouldn't really matter what you're using, but you don't want to be slave to one of 'em right, especially when it's really holding you back from being able to create stuff that you would never see before right, like digital treaty or since city air does would not be possible. The other way around so you're automatically stepping into whole another world that you want again to end. If I wanted to I wanted to make greenhouse look like an old film. I think ocean film guarantee. I shouted on digital and I put so much distress and grain. Splices that it looks like film couldn't senator ominous shoot mine, my master, I'm gonna shoot on. So ok you can.
but I tell you Mine- is gonna. Look more like film the nearest shirt as much as he tried to scratch you to go. Look at his looks like the digital. Compare to my mind, looks like an old film print and it was shot on digital because you'd put all the and put all that and impose have to shoot it with the thing. Anyway. more economical to shoot us faster to shoot. You could try more Exact arusha could be a digital shot. At that point, There are freed you up a lawyer and in and so you don't. You have any desire to shoot them anymore, because you don't see a point. That's not really how you'd make it look like film yeah. I don't really give me you don't get you don't get hung up on the difference between. Exhales in grain? People don't realize that the technology to I mean it's. Just such a it's doesn't grow on trees and why it's more organic it doesn't grow on a tree right to technology. Such an old technology start to think that it's Oregon, it's nostalgia, it's it's more nostalgic and it's more yeah yeah. You really can get beyond that and you could push d.
digital cameras, look better and better with a phone carers. Then I can gain better the thumb stocks were any good anymore. The process was terrible. It was just not being done well, So I guess another question then, is is given the option to just The camera run the end. city of of do that that originally defined your style, which was economy is, is not necessary, so doesn't it add time onto the other side of it. If you're shooting you know for hours to to find that one bit and know you mean you still know where it is. I mean I'm I'm very much. I don't even shoot I'll shoot. One take me it'll be a long take while many takes within it right. You may go through the dialogue four or five times within that take and the micro. Phone comes after me when I'm for call cut like the first part of take two and third part If this, then, when I'm editing, are they actually, the assistant editor listened to that he marks all of it. Yeah and and they have a clip as if I had cut it right now, but it
What happens and when you got a big crew is when you call cuts only the hair people come in and make people come into the whole thing kind of dies in its energies. The reason you want to keep rolling is to keep the intensity is different different right. When you are yourself in come in undisturbed, set cutting help preserve in writing here, the opposite once you get much people in there. And they keep them all out like no, no we're just picking at hair and coming in and they're doing things with the thing report and you just you just suck the energy out of the room. Then you have to start over right. It's almost like you start over each take word. This is like, let's just run through we'll get there fast the relationship with you and frank in terms of their co directing thing what what? What the story behind that. I really felt frank, was a co director already in use? already could he did on the artwork? Did the work and he was directing his paper actors, are amazing. Performance is of man. I'm started as a cartoon continues. The same thing you said:
your drawing is going to feel the same when you're on the set, except those characters, are now going to come to ask you questions about their motivation at your you're, going to die and go to Heaven. It's the best feeling in the world to come. Come with me, do you want to direct any whom he had always thought upon amy trying to direct big, vacuous all come to all of my day parliament has been innocent, civilians can be. Copier. Study should be right there. I want to right, behind it, frank miller, sensitivity reasons not rubber address since and come direct to me. Like all gung HO are having so much fun. It's great having a collaborator like that. Yeah similar results brothers at away or just get along so great and yeah a week before, shooting the directors guild conscious. You know you can't have two directors on a movie like really. What are you talking about? Yeah? It's against the rules. I'm like I see two directors all the time air as he directors on to him? Really? Oh, no! No! They were a director. There were a group before they joined the dj where they worked together. One
I have one of you produces and the other one directs this movie, the next only indirect direct together, then you would have had a wrecking religious who makes this Alpha is so one of us was not going to be able to direct it on the name yeah. They said you can direct being both directive. You want, but only one of them committed they're trying to preserve the that there's only one director and writer, because some of the other guilds yeah right writers in prison was like twenty yeah. Oh yeah twenty names by committee day, so you can understand why they want to like not have you know fifty director and also because what, if you is say like army wednesday, who goes to want a filmmaker, will make your mood, but you gotta make me out he has to protect against up usher in so I can establish clearly now what the case was, but so I had to basically to leave gather frank as it frank about you direct my produce. That is very fair or would you doing as well might tombstones gonna say now play well
If the kids, as I know same here, okay I'll quit, so I left the guild and then what happens when you leave the guild? Well, Is that all kinds repercussions you don't get a lot of Residuals money like rabbits and start normally would go through the gale around you. That gives you still out still and then- you won't get an award ever. Is this the once? It may not be a worthy outright or even again how really not till I'm down that track area limits and like ours, lay ok, I won't get the nod allison at and how that come at any time you re features I was easy to give, but I totally just wanted to support the artisan nang and kept a quiet, but some of them are selected to the press because they without the press that I left in it and it just turned out badly from a they got bad press. Because of that, because people sided with the support in the artist and it was great for us because all the actors suddenly went
it'd be part of this movie. That was like really true to art. Actors are love that they want to be part of this as the real deal oh yeah I'll, be on their ps. Put me on a plane I'm going to that set, and it was it was really exciting. So when you say that, though, when you say like you're, not the kind of guy that is going to get a nod or are going to win awards and stuff- I mean: do you really feel that way let me again, I mean I'm not death, not I'm not seeking out those kinds of right. Well, you never know, but I mean a wooden me I'm not, I do what I do is always because of the fulfilled and you again and working with creative people in asia and that's the best you know, I've got no words me. I got some overthrow moriah chariot alike. I said, I'm done. I don't have to seek the word anymore. I can just go: have fun, make movies and do cool stuff? Do you have a do you do you find? Do you? Is there a compare,
We have spirit to fighting the the studio system. I mean, do you? Do you enjoy that that that maverick sort of renegade role of of like you know, like you, I did made this movie and indeed look I'll get. It did. Oh, you know it is very satisfying when a movie, that's not done a studio, does the right of its rare tart desire studios get along a lot of places, not induce lotta juice them here, like the way I had the by every add the one hour, if you're fox you can provide it on your television series and you can do in iraq are all kinds of ways to get the word right, so you you're really at a disadvantage when you're an independent, so when you have any kind of success, it's an amazing success It feels really good, but re. Mealy, why do is that any meant anything against studios at all? It's just that their nest from george Lucas I mean he knew he t try to make flash gordon, but he couldn't get the rights mere, so he wrote star wars. Instead,
so I always kind of adopted that philosophy of have a studio had a a film that seemed like it might be interesting and they want me to direct it. While I don't really want to be a directive prior to that, I'm workin for them it's their property. How can I make it? They get all the men. I really. spend the time inventing my own series right now, like the desperado series or them spike in syria, the machete series and city movies in a very few filmmakers, actually make them any franchises right around. So as I stated this studio system it came up with. I could yet to to yet can create on properties which is a lot more gratifying, says more about the gratification and its role isn't any control and you just have the control, and I don't need that much money to get obviously have I made mariachi been my first movie really taught me a lot. I'd rather have less movie and more meant less money and more freedom, then more money and their suddenly, as it should be panicking about how get the money back say no yet cast this person you have to do. That's right and has to end like this. The girl and die here earlier, the guy's got it
you know be the hero by the end, you know you can go against all that because you just doing what feels right for the movie as you're, not spending very much, and if it's successful it's a great success. If it's not didn't cost very much you'll get your money back. In the win win situation so now like with now like you do like, producing a lot You know you have you, you are overseeing a network right. and now you. I would imagine that you, your role as producers is, is out. It surpassed, your directing elmo's. Let me think yeah, I guess you could say that sort of a meal we're doing the dust till dawn said. We are lebron last year in your direction, all those ten no out the ten episodes I directed four of them. He has a lot in season for yet a director who's also run into a lot of work this year to them. I did a permit. episode and then the season finale, which is bankers and brought a lot of
filmmakers are trying to cultivate new voices and new talent, so I'm not taken as many slots or worthy short to a teaching videos. You do that all my dvds. I do these ten minute film school showing how I made the movie belike in ten minutes, and we want to have a long time to see a big making avenues. Show you just all the innovation. What happened on that movie said you could go. Do it too? Where can you get? Those are. Those are are probably on youtube now, they're, usually on the dvds and the sort of adding a cooking ten minute cooking in schools, because so many of my movies had recipes atam or our food. There are being features so so many people have up and said I watch our joy to make breakfast tacos it only tortillas are from sin city, breakfast dockers,
and it's it's really good people love food man, love for while cause. I realized that I would give this little ten minute talk on how to make a movie, but anyone watching their living rooms not going to go, make a movie the next day yeah, but they can go in their kitchen and cook that thing you just showed them. Did you grow up with food all the time cooking, cookware yeah? We could we cooked every meal. We had to know how to cook and it elevates his art. You can eat. You talked a lot about cartooning like how much was was was that type of stuff here that the printed stuff like much affected it as a young person to that have on you, where you took consumed with comics or art, and that way are in that way? Man I love music. I love making movies. I loved, I didn't know what I was going to look for tography, I kind of picked filmmaking, It was due to the neck and neck between cartooning preeminently in and filmmaking, because I had a day cartoons trap at the? U t paper the same one that Chris working out of these enterprises wayne
Guy, that's great billy billy corrigan here he must have stuff that he first put out was actually a college work. How good it was here, It's funny, because you remind me more of clay wilson like your movie, I right that's how he was a man so again I mean I I would I pick filmmaking because a kind of weird Favorite hobbies would fit under it. Like I do the music, I could do the photography. I could do the writing. I could do the storyboard it kind of was at a an umbrella over. All my favorite hobbies were cartoony would have just been drawing but being able to visualize something. The best thing about drawing or even painting, via especially drawing is that you take a blank piece of paper. Put it down right in ten mins. You have something to break this before the immediacy have been able to create something that quickly there gratifying and that could turn into front companies, man he sat down. He drew something one night laughed and when next morning teenage me minister has waited. That's
and I think that's got a ring to it. You can literally create a world of property from a pen and a paper that still so addictive. We have been getting back a lot in a drag is one of my kids wants to do that via gra? Come up with stories visually like that? Right as a decimal it's. You don't need any money he had opened in paper and it's all. It comes down to that. Having a great idea to keep knocking those you'll come across I got a hundred. You gonna have ten great for how old's he he's eighteen by the assay, don't even know it yeah there you go man. If I could go back and do it. I know now, oh man, what do you mean? It sounds like you did? Alright. I guess I did ok, but I didn't know what he knows. I think he's what's interesting, though about you, unlike some of the other guys I talked about, I don't talk to a lot of directors, but there is a a very specific work ethic around. You know only road shit and making a livelier, you know what I think you aren't as a kid you like this sure pronuba spirited. This idea that it product here and I think it's fair
much in the blood in oak. As my dad was like that, I get my brothers who led the all on their own businesses, whether it's an insurance company or pharmacy or real estate. really work for someone else of range is something the personality there was in the gene pool. I don't want to work for a I'd rather work for myself right and you have a chance to be more successful like that. I used to go as a kid see my and entrepreneur magazine lane around and look at those and go allow the skype put video game no consoles in a truck and drove it to malls and made money that will you know just seen how innovate their own job right, and I and I point that out, canada go look, I'm busy, I am so busy alla time and I'm not working. All these jobs it I'm doing here are ones have created for myself. I have created my own name. What, but in a good way I mean you're keeping yourself so busy doesn't right under within days they get and they want to do that. They want to build up for themselves way. You nature on you
job- and you got your own pat, it's very powerful thing to learn at a young age. She may I think it is thanks, can we not absolutely man if I was angry he's intense, bravo Is this intense and I don't even know where he had the time to sit down for an hour to talk to me to be quite honest with me, I'm glad you did what else deputy pod dot com for all EU deputy pod needs check the scheduled get on the mailing list, all the posters or up with artists attributed taken by those posters. Sorry, the books are guy. You can listen to the podcast. There are still as well all right yeah do do it. You gotta, do I. Let me just tell you when I was in high school. My best friends name was David bishop day bishop was break? I missed out on the story, a story. and he liked cars bays passed away.
And when we were in high school, he was sort of this sort of tar prodigy and he just didn't have the confidence to own it like he could effortless. We play beautiful things on a guitar and he in playing since he was a kidney and this sort of a completely natural knack for it, and when we were in high school, you know I've never been a great pleasure and I certainly wasn't Much of one member we used to play together. We had abandoned, adding to ban. Three songs and we played out once or twice the three songs, but Dave had black who s ball custom, and down start. It was like just a professional guitar was not a guitar that I could have and when I did this thing for gibson and in in instead of paying Jani they offered possibility of getting one. I asked for a blacklist Paul custom. I have one, and I in I think about dave, and I that- I'm not worthy of it, but I have one
now, and I have it for you, through the champ through the wheel, fuck a monster wow.
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