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Episode 644 - John Mayall / Dan Pashman

2015-10-07 | 🔗
Blues legend John Mayall founded one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century. John talks with Marc about ushering musicians like Eric Clapton, Peter Green, and John McVie through his band, giving birth to Fleetwood Mac, and using music to get himself through the Korean War. Plus, Dan Pashman, host of The Sporkful podcast, stops by to argue with Marc about cereal.

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The guy. All I'd words do this: how are you what the blocker is, what the but buddies, what buccaneers, what the posters, what the fuck billy's? What's going on this mark marin? This is wmd up. This is Pod gas. Welcome to it. What have I got to tell you a couple of things? First of all, John may all is on this today and we know how many of you know who he is, John may, all in the blues breakers, where a very important band. Not now just in johns own right, but the fact that the lad People started in that brand. The blues breakers people like Eric clapton, perhaps you know him- people like John mc v, mic fleetwood peter green, Peter green. come on. But anyways. I got the opportunity to talk to John mayer and I took it so far. came over to my house and we we talked about the old days.
About the blues and we talk a bit about peter green because, as some of you know, I'm a bit obsessed with peace green, also on today's show at MR dan pashmina, a dan hosts, the sport full podcast and the cooking channel web series you're eating it wrong. Both of these are good outlets for passion, specific type of obsessive compulsive bullshit, which I joy a dan and I go back a bit. We we met at a air america back in the day when I started that job and he was an associate producer and ah he had a crew cut and I couldn't understand why he had a crew cut any scratches his head a lot when he's thinking- and he has a very distinct laugh that can go either way depending on your mood in terms of how you receive it and the intensity of whether you are receiving joy or wow. That's annoying.
but dad will be on and I know the cats out of the bag. I understand that. I understand that I got big mouth I get it. I want you. People are no things, but I'm emma, sometimes I shouldn't say things to eat What I'm talking about are any view aware of what I'm talking about yes, yes, I have it out into the world in my mind. I was just in conversation. I didn't event where I was interviewed for the new yorker fast and I was- by a member of the audience above or Michael's, and I said yes, owing to be interviewing more michael's. Now we ve all been waiting for this. On some level, no one's been waiting for it more than me, but I'm on another level in my mind, even if it didn't happen, it would be that would honour this story for those of you who frame it in the moby dick narrative that I should not get the white well, but the truth is, I did get him
I did. I don't really want to go into details about what was said. You'll hear it eventually, you will hear it. The thing is: here's the problem. We ve always joked that. If, if, if I got to interview lorn, it would probably be the last episode That would be the last episode of the ok. So now we have it and- and we're not really sure. What's next the understand, I guess we honest people and I'm really not sure. Yet I dont know what it air, and and I dunno what's going to happen after it does okay I'll keep you posted and I'm sorry. If I left you in the dark about it, I should have just kept it to myself. Until you know we we we had our ducks in a row, but but I got I got giddy and I spilled the beans.
I'm in new york. Still I just across the way one of the charming things about new york. There is a a group of men. I know at work, doing Inspired the show stomp. Unfortunately, this particular version of that on scripted stop. Begins it about seven in the morning. There's a lot of hammer none are in rhythm. There seems to be no real context artistically though they are building a structure. So that's the context got nothing to do with Pleasing me, as an audience member and quite honestly, it's disrupting my sleep and making me unhappy, but ah, but given that it's a not a performance piece, there's nothing. I can really do to complain about it. Nor can I move. I could ask for another room, but this is new york and is what you have to put up with. Even at the nice places how many panes of glass can you use? I think the most important thing that's happened to me this,
aside from talking to lorne. Michaels was probably having a realization about my anger. First night here there was some racket going on that. We had been up a long bit of time. We'd been up a travelling from four in the morning from north carolina and god here and had to do a couple of things and unwanted nap. This is the first room that was given here at the hotel. And the the room adjacent know what was going on, but the door was slamming. I would say, on a twenty thirty second interval, I'd weighed down to rest. I closed my eyes and this door just started fuckin slamming every minute or two like
while fifteen times until I got up, I was in my boxers. I I got up and that sort of like in in either the action you take when you ve been festering for about fifteen twenty minutes, where it's almost involuntary, where your body just becomes the movement of of a full body. Fist moving towards the door, I buy pop open the door. I was in my boxers I've a vague. We heard Sarah wake up as well and say you,
penis cause? I I think that maybe she was concerned that I was not paying attention to whether it was out or in I was not planning on going into the hall by open the door, and I was right in front of me- was a bellman and the other door was open and I looked in the room and I I could see just yo vaguely a woman you're doing something up to things. There's a lot of busyness is what I heard and I said: hey: can you take it easy with the door? Please and then the bell and looked at me and said sorry and I swam my door and I and I then I looked down, and I I did not notice at my penis was out so they lay down, and I went into a fantasy. I dont have as many revenge fantasies as I used to it, used to be a fairly favorite. Pastime mine that happen dumb without much provocation in, I would
I would sort of go through my mind and think you know who could I imagine in a situation where they got theirs. Yeah right teach them a lesson from those things you I was surprisingly adapted, martial arts occasionally be armed but would never use it. We just a threatening way. I apologise for even thinking that by both might be true occasionally I would I would watch them or set up a situation where they would be Gloria. we hosted onto their own. qatar. I was active man, how is active with the revenge fancies guys it made me feel better, but then they all went away. It was not something my brain did any more. I was lying in bed after I'd said. Could you please take it easy with the door in the fucking door slammed even higher
order. So then this is what went through my head. I tat was a spiteful slam, the door in response to my completely pull yet slightly aggravated request that they stop that shit and I pictured. there's a woman in there, but that was definitely a big dude, a bro of a certain size. Women that door to show me that he give a fuck? What I had to say. So in my mind, I fuckin put my pants on no reason to start shit in your boxers if you're going to follow through with that shit, because if some happens specially to you and you go down, you can be in your boxers and do not have any control of the penis being in or out. If you're out dig so in my mind,
I fucking pound on the door, a large bro, a muscular younger than me with a lot of fucking attitude, and I'm not gonna, say italian, but a a hints of that. Maybe doesn't matter just trying to paint a picture. I think just a general bro when non nationality, specific bro and unlike dude, what sir? What's the fuckin problem and he's like? Yet what is your fucking problem and I said well, what's with the fucking door, and he goes. You got fuckin problem any pushes me and then I waded out cause it not moment in the fantasy I realise that were grow. ass men and if he hits me, there's legal repercussions. So this is the weird turn the fantasy took my revenge
and see where I kick some guys ass is that he pushes me. I said fuck you, you know this bullshit, you can't fucking swam adore. You have respect for other people and then I just stand there. I stand him off and he Fuckin pops me in a face right and a nose is in the fantasy. I get hidden face hard, my nose is bleeding and I ever and I get some satisfaction at this As I look at my go, I hope you have some fuckin money saved up because you're gonna paper this in court and then I sued him for a physical assault. a grown man and I think in the in the settlement I made about two hundred two thousand hours, which I never want, wasn't the money. It was the principal this fucker catches go hidden me or people how in the world right and then what then he learns his lesson
a long way to go and, to be honest, with a little cowardly- and I was ashamed of myself, but on the other of the alternative fancy was, he goes I got a lot of fucking money. I got so much money and then just throws a few hundred on the floor. There's some money and I stand there with a bloody nose. I'm like that's not enough, so all this time, holding. My bloody knows in my mind, victorious it's like I'm data. And I'll show you I'm gonna, kick your ass in a few months. in and then it ever as long as it takes after that to sell this with with legal fees and maybe an out of court thing like It was so protracted. This revenge, seen so seemingly somewhat cowardly that it was at tat moment. Tat, I realized you know, maybe maybe I've outgrew, This angered your query revenge fantasies. Dont have the teeth they used to and if I'm really fast
about not are we getting in an altercation but getting a bloody knows and then taking the time tat, you have anywhere from three months due to a number of years, to win a lawsuit against a fuckin ape man for a physical salt that maybe it's time to adjust. says the anger differently and by the way I forgot to mention that that What was going on it? It was a bright next door who is getting married? that night? So there is a lot in and out. I imagine what bridesmaids and mothers and people tending to the bride, making sure everything your dresses and what not hair shoes support in all that stuff. So what I did do as opposed to get hit by a non existent groom who is who is going to defend is bright db here from the irritating neurotic angry old, jew next door middle aged you, let's go middle aged you
What I did and said was I called down, and I said: look you gotta gotta, get me outta here. You gotta get me out of here. Please and they moved us. They moved us to another room and I felt good because I felt like I felt I felt bad about the initial bit of anger. I had, though, I hope that if the bride did see me that the boxers were hilarious and that she was like, oh what's that guy's problem and as we are changing rooms. We saw the mother of the bride in the hallway eating a bagel and cream cheese holding a plate, and she said damn sorry big wedding tonight, I'm like well, ah I'm going to another room, and- and I want you to have a good time- and she said- oh we'll have a good time as he was exactly that attitude that I knew was had to be avoided. The the persistence of you know it's it's her day and no one's going to
with it now I didn't want it conflicts with that, because, frankly, even my most empathetic in that moment, I don't give a fuck about her day and I did the right thing and I got out of it and I hope she had a great grief wedding. So now I m damned passion. Yes, he's been on the So before you made of email, emotive, you may have heard him here. Maybe While we back to one, as I said we were on their america may be listened to the sport full He was out in l a and he he's not there very often. I asked him to come over to the garage, so we could argue about some of the things some food and whatever, because that's what he does with me. That's what we do me and passion, and I think this may be the beginning of a short series where I argue with old friends
over bullshit, but that be ok. So I bring you now from this forkful and from the cooking china web series you're eating it wrong. This is me, and dan passion well, you're, not a car guy. What can occur to you drive down passion we I have a honda crv that so but see an hour, I see our view that there is a small suv for your family. You have how many children to keep the two day. You done. Yes, ok, how will do they? two and four, and so you need that you need to have that size. You need the space yeah and, and anyway it was. It was a gift from my in laws when they got a new car. They give us their old one so you never out of college zig. What else do you need? It so we? What have you been doing? I mean the last summit.
hockey. What do we? What do we cover? We talked about my book a little bit and we talked to the book. The forkful has that bookselling, it's so pretty. Well, it's over yeah, it's still there you can go, buy it, but like now I'm focused mostly on my podcast. The PA. Does the sport for yeah the sport full podcast, and what's the like, I what's the tagline to it. We say it's not for foodies it's for eaters. Yeah, it's fucking! Clever! you guys you pretty happy when he gave up with that, it's pretty if people identify with it yeah It was a brain brainstorming session with it's funny rio. Is it the final hour before he had post the first episode? Four thirty in the morning you're sweating, you got a beard right. What are we going to do literally going to say? How do we explain it? It's funny cause come up with like five catch phrases, and that was not one of them and it actually. The very first couple of episodes of the spork fall no catch phrase phrase the original catchphrase, the first couple it episodes was where sacred cows get grilled.
yeah, which I urge you liked more like very early on and like I have, but I I mean that's right. That's that's a little at the twig mp. Our new wants you think. So it's just too Ever like you know it's not for food is its four eaters. That's a working class! The proletariat deah here at the may be heaped the packet ad free mp, our show you add, the super cowed gets grill drew it. So we can. I get them you are vegetarians, will be after me, more than ever, and please those people yeah, but we're okay? So we talked about the sport. We talked about the book we talked about, but we what do we like? We talked about wings. We talked a lot about yeah. They were wrong in it. Well well, I've been out there, I mean I've been the move, tie and histories on my side and history. What history, the history, wings of how to prepare them properly But now that I'm here I want to keep talking about wings. No, no! It's over!
cajoled you and having coffee, and you looked at my device, thereby at here is that a poor over before us are really before. I start arguing with you in telling you the new ways in which you are wrong I've been using an arrow press yard in recommendation. We have for about five years, but that too, me for me, as with the reasoning repress it's fine. It's good people love it, but it's it's sort of an ordeal and if you're fucking coffee attic likes, ties are do a triple espresso and make a pot of coffee and drink that fuckin potter copy, so what Tom I gotta do in our present. I go through the whole thing, with the wheel circles fuckin you know Am I not right ramrods it's not a great thing but needs not for attics ilo? there's a new and recurring theme in your show about sort of like bargain hunting and shopping. Notices or would whether I love how air travel has become a recurring theme in recent years. That of dublin about with the president,
What I would like you, don't relevance, gill again we're there was another guy that you talked about like a kid. What airline do you like it? I got it had nothing to do, but I think there should be a spin off w g of broadcasters like marks deal the weak and that we can forget. The gaze is that people like like I like I fucking hell, I hate delta, but then the people. That are why I love delta is all I fly and I'm like what's wrong with you, but it's the same with cell phone providers. I mean like, after a certain point develop a loyalty to them, for whatever reason you get enough parks to where you can fly comfortably, hopefully at least have the shot at that mean these airlines have shitty points, it's really how they put lipstick on their pig of a plane. You know how old, fuckin planes. Are you know when you're in a new one and you're right? There should be good right, but sometimes you get on those planes. You can actually see the how many times it's had a paint job. By the door, and you like what is it nineteen sixty this way, but by a
yeah, it's a loyalty thing. For some reason. I got very loyal to to shit yeah. Why would you fly I used to go? It ever cheapest see that it's a bad move yeah, but I mean, like I mean I am partial to like jet, blue and virgin america, jet blue, etc. Over. Isn't it I mean about the blue chips and that no class, I mean free wifi eager wifi. You get like nice, big screens, that you can why they that big any good size. I don't know I mean I don't. I felt me the job at some point, I was at a jetblue terminal, I think was at laguardia and I'm like this is over because it just felt like a fuckin bus station yeah Then they all feel like that, I'm no, which ones you like better. Why don't fly? I going to fly spirit, air or jazz or whatever the fuck. Those are, I don't even know. What's going on over there, you walk by those things and it's sorta like do this. Is there no luggage requirements? Drinks like this person is moving onto the plane, so
but now I guess, like south west, you think, but hardly southwest their system of groupings very orderly and people are like it's actually a an interesting way to day almost be them. Eric and await you like on this line. There I put to you and my gun, thirty, seven like okay, I'm thirty, eight and behind you, ok, that was nice. We worked out as people write an end. I've I've had no bad experience with southwest it it for flying at a burbank. I just flown flown genuine, while virgins pretty goodies aside from the nightclub vi, right yet I did. I agree that a music in the bathroom muddle lighting allowed too much ya. I I like the system where you just you you order things on your screen, they're the only ones that do that yeah I like that. That is good you just kind of we should poke around and then someone comes and they have very name but whatever so you fly whatever I. I just think. I think that this is a whole spin off
new category for its new vertical and the magnates only relative to the fact I've been travelling, a shit well utilised for months. I saw the coffee house our coffee. It is very good you I like it. I want to ask you a question of the president's coffee, which is still on display vp. It was too oh, so did bring it in himself. How does a woman who worked with the motorcade, I guess the white house, caterers or chefs or whoever food department? I dunno what they're called Wright travels with him and brings him before he gets in so like when he so so someone he has an advanced team that delivers his food for him. What was one woman but yeah, there's a lot of people here and she came and she set up his tea and water in a paper cup of the presidential seal and a water and a napkin yeah, oh see with interesting to me, is a bit harder than as a security thing, probably just like a food taster right. They didn't want you to
im. Coffee and god knows what can be in it. Now they don't even wanna, go in the house really right or or the bathroom. Even that's see. That's why I can't be president is because I'd always have to go to the bathroom. I think that's. The only reason thank god we now because the guy it's lack of decision it's really on the fence, you're at home, just driving your wife crazy. Why should I run yeah yeah? I mean there were at least maybe one tweet yazzi sylvia. I was there too I left yeah there was and did you drink it? No, you didn't drink the president's tea. I didn't. I didn't even think to do that. I think the closest thing to like sleeping in his bed. I touched- He's right there you're sitting near layer answers on his see. Well, that's exciting! That is creating for me, but drinking. I don't know, I don't know what to drink it
I think everyone sees that governor or his dna is on and I'm like. What are you going to do with that legal way? I dunno why of people's brains work? I dunno I just feel like to to drink. To, like I mean like that's, I talked to him for an hour that's very special! You want do feel like we need this swap spit it out. Get out of the hole that he drank it out of, and I could say well what that mean. The present is weird when we can drink his tea, for which probably just he just poured it out yeah. I just wanted the cup what do we want to achieve a little vile next to a little paternity, and that was what was then be fucking, which already weird but avenue. glass cotterets is actually brilliant. It's now worded arm nothing to take a picture of it. Ok, so would the coffee thing so you got the area it's going, but you liked this coffee. So as an argument there. This is not pour over. Maybe it's pour over, but there's a place in new york that does this cone, where the cone and he put the grounds in it and he weighed out properly and then he put the water and you leave it in there for four minutes, and then you put your releases on top of a glass. I can't I have no patience for them, but you can.
There! Would that arrow press, which is our gloating, serene muddle? I utterly like the present I'm around, like a kind of lazy with my home coffee game, but globally than I presume you living high, you harry did power horror, relying on doing and how you on your eye of sea chauvelin like, and you go to these places, all the guys by mechanically, like the rejected members of mumford sons, we make One thing is, is the weird thing is: if you get a good poland, it's good. It's a good shot like it's at a high and plays in the coffee. I e there is variation to it There is a you know. You can put your ultimately it's just what great drug you want to use and what I d or, if you want to deal with here like if I go to new york, the first fuckin thing I do when I get off the plane is go. Let Duncan doughnuts right. There are gonna fuckin duck and That's because, unlike this stuff, is garbage, but it's like fucking crack right I'll drink it because I just like it's in my heart, to my mind, like a man
to get a dunkin, donuts coffee, then I'll drink. The I drink way too much coffee stuff. Don't you remember on air america used to load up on that dunkin donuts? Sometimes you get a carton of a totally, and that was always. It was always kind of. There was a bell curve with your your mental state and the show, and I used to get MNS I have to like. I would sharia happening myself into mania, yes to get started, yeah how'd, you know that should sounds like that. Sorry sounds a little like. I am now can and will like that now, but it's a higher register, your voices in a higher risers completely. by panic and a lack of understanding of what I was talking about. I was
I tell you I mean I I was at your your marination show in huntington, which was a great show. We did alright. I thought you did a great job thanks, but I really enjoyed it. I loved the new material. I I did have to take issue with your statement on stage that cocoa pebbles are better than fruity pebbles yeah. How is that? What will the cocoa pebbles like? There's one hundred ca, chocolate, cereals, cocoa, pebbles and cocoa krispies- are almost identical right but are different than cocoa. Puffs a very different? Yes, yes, that's a whole other care. Whether there is a lot of chocolate. Syria, there s, a few fruity cereals, but I feel like fruity, pebbles or more are unique, yeah, but doesn't matter day for me, it was like it didn't make sense of colors weren't normal, even if the cocoa pebbles or food card. I didnt pay that much attention that when I was a kid, but it seemed like there was something organic about the idea of chalk
being brown and the texture of them. The texture of cocoapods they weren't like rice krispies, are a little flatter and that a little glaze to them yeah and they're chocolaty, and then the fruity pebbles were like there was that horrible, yellow and like a pink, it may be. Blue, like only man, what the colors, whereby there's nothing now all about? It looks weird. The milk is just pink when you get done with it and it is in the freudian us of it text we they were the same, but I was not on board for the colors. I did not deny I did. I didn't like it, but you are. Some cereals, that I'd never galvanise a kid because they were unruly to me, the bow legged sugar pops. The court colonel cereals. Their little like They didn't really change texture at all with the milk and they were just sort of like they float in the milk differently. So you, like you like that transformation to take place in the ball, will bear some times and we are always like it. I like nearby actually do I'll even light like brand points of the like of raising bring its mushy, I'm good, I'm good with it, have lakes, mostly positive wakes up, I'm ok with that yeah yeah. I'm not hung up on the core.
We now have a member but buck we but the of golden grams- oh yeah, those good you're good. Those rights almost like this cross over like guinea doltish cereal, a golden grounds. I fell to a more sophisticated than the fruity serious lucky as my brother, you lucky charms yea, pretty pebbles, both those are to me captain crunch quist, no good The inquiries crisp space guy on it. You never had a in question. I don't think so ha why? What point: you're gonna defend broody pebbles on what grounds why I grant you that the issue of the colors of a matter of taste like if you just don't. I things that looking there artificially colored, you know that's valid, I just love I haven't love rudy pebbles, ignite, the great cereal. What I love the pebble shape. I like europe to get their turn soggy cos.
I just realized. This is what they did to me. My brother crispin quake. They pitted us against each other. Pebbles did and quispe quake by quiz pad the little goofy space dude with the propellerhead and quake was as silly like a giant he man guy, so you think serial. It had a big. What's in your relationship with your brother? Well, no, you just gave you choices and you had to you know you had to be different. You know what I mean like he's going to do that thing and I don't think he fared any better for having whispered fruity travels. I dunno. If those were the right decisions to make how's he doing he's. Alright, Whatever is going through the organ to hang around the cereal. Why would you, kids, you when you make an emmy musically now I mean how my wife, gives them lucky charms which drives me crazy, cause they're, so nasty the marshmallows and this year, they're they're awful marshmallows, it's full of chemicals and food coloring, and all that I don't give my kids fruity pebbles. Now I just like to meet surface area to volume ratio should a huge issue in cereals. What what is that fucking mean
do you remember- that from science class or the surface, who you're talking to remember science class, say it again I'll say it again pointed to no nuts slower actually illustrated for me. So you have the surface area, which is the amount of surface, the anniversary run arcadia every little individual. I got a sober instance like a ball. Had just Are you not to give me a lesson? Okay, so there's a ratio cuts oversight of iron ratio right, the ratio of how much area is exposed the air in relation to the total volume, ok, I'll, get isolating identity thing right roughly, and so I'm a scientist publish this word. Yes, we'll go with india, so you see, it like some things are like the higher the higher the surface area in relation to volumes and the more surface area, exposure relation to volume, the faster the sera will absorb milk and the quicker it will become soggy. right and so in a hurry.
It's a morning, you're kind of on the same page. You like the cereals that smoker breakdown will break down a little soft. Have you ever tried putting the cereal then put the milk and let it sit? Let it get a little soggy sure then add more of the same serial so that you have two different textures of the same cereal. Do you have a job This is why job? Ok, don't you understand a miracle and actually work right now, market? What like now what I eat cereal wise. I do brand buds cause, I'm old richard there, the best I think, the boat, the most powerful brand cereal kid. The buds actually have silly amend himself iran. If I can do the job, then I betrayed her jaws brand plagues, which are with through brand by the jest or like madison you're gonna. Do these now, but their brand. So you can use them as flakes and then it for they treat cereal puffins. Now barbarous puffins are
like as captain crunched style, their pillows. I guess com there. I was by the day to sit there I also yours. You get regular above and european about now, regular, pier everyone's? It's weird they're they're dead, all have the same consistency. Their bigger need, their more closer rio captain crunch vibe there, okay, cinnamon wants to every time by those backs and I'm pissed now greg your ones and yeah, but I I have not perhaps I've put more puffins in after the other ones were soggy, but I don't think it was an intention to mix up the textures. I wouldn't do it province because those already take a long time to turn soggy. So if you're going to put them both like you're going to a while, a man like you, don't want puffins right out of the out of the box into the milk, as can be too hard right by men, I'm going to throw away, even though this preference point yet area, you can call them wrong, I suppose you're right these regular milk commonwealth, soiled vanilla home in milk, cocoanut I'll use, whole milk, regular home, homer,
like vitamin d, milk, no percentages, that's right! What? What? What do you want to die like pouring fat on your cereal you have the problem that why do that? For the kids for their bones? Yes, I'm like that. I find super me. It's like what I do is I take puffins a net polo pure stevia on top just a little and then put on sweden, vanilla, almond gun it that's my process, so you sweeten the almond milk with de behind I put on the cereal a very little bit. Why not just get sweetened alma milk because sometimes not sweden with state I don't want sugar, my almond milk, I dunno it's just the way I work it and then with stevia can make it really fucking sweet some time, and that has like no calories now saying it's mystery. It's like a route from a route. I think it's process by cocaine, because I like it, the good stuff the pure staff is right, just sort of china white, but then I presume as stevia. The I was like it was like mexican brown heroin because there was a brown color and didn't taste as good and add sort of texture to it right. So I imagine that's the intermediary between that stuff got smuggled in that yeah yeah this.
puts tv right, no pride, they probably manufactured. But that doesn't mean some hippies aren't travel with their dinner, but they make it. they sort of like down to earth. I liked the process that right to china, whites diva over the mexican brown stevie, what about fruit in your cereal Do fruit, no strawberries, manta strawberry, don't trust the size of them like when you see a strawberry, that's grown in the wild and sort of small, a nice and delicate and our boy has good flavour and then see the ones that come in those plastic containers that a huge raised by the fact is that up in the same way they fucked up tomatoes. I think they're doing it of strawberries. I, like blueberries, sometimes blackberries, sweet banana do occasionally, but that sort of a chore that man has got to be perfect can ever campi any slight and ripen banana I'll, just go nuts and throw it. This is why I have a job. Yet while I'm helping you you are, but do you see like you, you know one of my favorite reactions that I get a sport. Full podcast is when people say I never knew I
such strong opinions about that right. Why is you have strong opinions? Uruguay, you can do a groove. You know I've tried to like word turn on the muse reason, the meals, because I'll do that. Actually, but it's not regular. You can eat the he canal. Psyche sweat. I mean I I like it. I like hot muesli or not these were quite understand is vague. You get it in a traditional wade's, usually mixed with yogurt. it's usually right and mixed in or like granola, a clotted cream or something you know like you get it and it's like a it's a it's a density to it. It's not just put milk over it. I feel, like I love to combine. I almost never have a bowl of one kind of cereal. Araujo mick I got a couple of cereals and then I like it's sort of an x factor like I love to sprinkle, some like grape nuts on top or amuse theater seats, to create minutes more. I don't do them anymore. I dunno. Why not? I dunno just stopped doing it, because I do the bran buds because I think they're effective like if I want
exterior is usually what I'll be doing as I get bran flakes and bran buds I give about. If I've been on the road for a week and have an eating shitty and like that's my cleanse of the whole day of that, called the cereal clan. This is another spin off you go with the travel she has made me. It's called markets old. it's happening, naturally, correctness all being integrated. Re writing a reason for has been in very girl. That's the dynamic marin passion dynamic. Alright, so what happens now I'll tell you you know what time it is its blues legend, John male, when the first albums. I remember sort of having with John mayall and looking back, I believe, was the title of that record and it was it had a picture of him with a six gun.
hanging onto a train in a cowboy outfit and on that record there was a sancho, Mr James, on their which turned me onto elmore, jane which changed my life, John Mayall changed my life and I inherited the record from my aunt and uncle's collection. But, as I grew older and I looked more into John mail, I've got several blues breakers records and he yet it was a lot of people stopped by man. A lot of people were in that band for a certain amount of time, and there were some pretty monumental, guitar players bass player. drummers but anyways? I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to him. So this is me and John may. All he's got a new record out right now. He puts out a lot a record still folks, if you like the booze, new out, must find a way to care and that's out now so this me and John mayer the John mayer? That's you that's me
yeah, I was pretty excited to to come in because you know I think some erect changed my life, why what responsibility I have yet to big responsibility, but I got a bad responsibility, but I think it when I was a kid I inherit some collection or records, looking back was in it. Your record looking oh yeah yeah, so you know when I heard the song, Mr James, I didn't know anything of the blues really and I thought well who the hell's, Mr James, so then I had it figure out Elmore James and now it's sort of started. This whole process with me of of war- about the boys in getting involved with the boys in terms of listening stuff. So thank you for that. That's amazing was a story went and when did you start point well started playing with us about ten or eleven. You know because my father had you. He was above a semi professional, guitar blair, so he did have guitars around the
ass a really, but he also I mean the action was so I couldn't do anything about that, but he had go alien started on the ukulele for strings sure, so listening to wreck as by the mills. Brothers- and you know several several people in us- my grounding started there. I suppose and then, as soon as I discovered bogey. The piano which my father was an interested in it all in us us by they adopt from my stuff. we have sought, fats, wire or pine top who'd. You isn't, it is about time of peat. Johnson made looks louis, was the instigators of latin. Then, if you know, They lead to another jimmy and see you know thing is about music once you find a star in point of somebody like yeah and then you go exploring. Who was their influences and who, with their contemporaries and things like that, and you begin
he'll voyage of discovery? That's what happened with new! That's exactly what I has with the with looking back. Please act of net. Did your dad play out? Did he ever combo, or was here you know, did he have banned, who your father now play it plays occasional dance, dances, piazza, are you what part of england you grow up in Well, near manchester, the other northern england an end. Zira, wiser live music around with that you would go to when you were younger. Yes, one, those of probably it's probably seventeen or eighteen. There was a traditional jazz was the was the thing that most bands were playing, so you know I ideas to go to the saturday nights. Radner, the saints jazz band were playing. That was a manchester band so. They were great dicks, alas, down both the pianist in there was a no evil gave ensues,
the as yet no sir, I got to talking and introduce me to several by people- were the more obscure play ass if he had sit down with the with the piano player year out there, and when I went, I should went to his house, which is very big, deal really cause. He was like a hero right. They had the seventy eight with wonderful. label I ever seen before were in the outer was cripple clarence laughed and which I thought the name alone is good, right right. I want to know what that guy is another incredible player in and it was the elderly when that happened, as is the case. for I went in the army Sola and your tea is lifting set.
Big deal when you're a kid in that musician. You respect as you over look these jozy the records yeah. He had the you know he had american american. Well, that's the weird thing cause I've talked to who I talked to in a talk. I recently talked to richard Thompson and I talked to a lammy for motor- have talked to a few british musicians, but it was not unlike a punk rock in the in the seventies and eighties. Here. Wait you couldn't the american wreck what sort of like while where'd you get it making you got one of those. It was hard to do While people talk about it's all the time, but they can overlook the fact that we know the british record. Companies did have quite a large selection, much law Some people think we ought to know what you are looking for, you right, but those in our all josh, I led belly blind lemon jefferson? All these things were were out on seventy eights labels, so they were there. You just had a there. Well, you know that
for each mainly taught all seem to bid ten years younger than I am so on that list, hunting later no time they came along seeking These things out, I already had been gone through. Twenty eight sorted into because, like it wasn't necessarily popular music, so you really had to sort of find your way I mean I mean to like. I have to assume that when you were sixteen or seventeen, your blind lemon jefferson was not like. You know, everybody wasn't going, you gotta get the nude blind lemon jefferson release. No, absolutely not no, but you know people below when their own way and built up there we'll collections, but it wasn't something that was all at the shed in a writer shared experience. So much as somebody who is a fanatic about sentence,
while the music, sir, like a secret society by kiefer, was shared. There was a couple of them: yeah they're fanatics yeah, where you'd sit around going, like, oh my god, listen to that yeah! Well, you know I I I played, but you know my record collection to friends who anybody was interested in. sure so you got. You went into the army yeah for how long three years, and what were what was going on anything well, the the the the er. When I went to korea now he did yeah they. Fortunately, the the day. I got my posting as a career as a day when they they started the army it's no good. So that was very good that you charged a bullet literally yeah. It was two years two months to get over there on the boat. All that with its I've gone I got there is. It was well settled down into no nothing going, Thank god it. Thank you.
Transportation wasn't as effective as it is today. This is great really if it could be on the boat when the bus before I go. I've got myself. That was the drill by, in a point him a thousand musician. Oh yes, I had size it's our. Does. I've played in the ship's bound which got me out of that now the vow yeah yeah, the lay of the band, was just me on guitar very bristly scotsmen playing accordion and he was the boss, garment, I think, there's probably one other person, maybe playing drums. So what category were you playing? Polka, music? I know it's horrible, but got you through yeah. That's right. This is that's a better deal than being stuck downstairs and doing drills yeah. So you got so you're you're. You play harp and you play guitar and you play keyboard and piano and in maybe also base no base, no not base
Do they really have the strong fingers? For that reason, we must get It is very yeah yeah, it's hard to hold those down, but when did you pick up a you started on guitar and then you start getting into piano your piano. When I went to junior art school when I was fourteen, they had a piano there, which I was able to. You know make start on. Can you read music now it's weird! I can't you as we are. Neither. I guess you just got a feel for the us just plodded on plodded rome. again the left town bill. You will you thing guy and eventually was able to put the right hand to it, takes a while. I was a kid tat stretch. If you don't the vienna. I bet new record find a way to care, as it is really what organ on the sounds great. You sound grey the amazing thing about being you, for me anyways about being somewhat of a purist about it, is that there is consistency, the music, that you know your commitment to the to the style. You know you,
I can feel your changes in what you explore, but like when you, when you land on it, I mean you and the few I really they spent in a lifetime. Writing original boost songs, I mean in others not You know, I know I know said from the beginning that a lot of guys that started with the booze they did the covers. then they sort of like moved into a different kind of music the rainbow songs for fifty years or so yeah. It's the thing about them. The first thing I learned about it is that these guys see about events in their own lives right their experiences that building into music and words. So that was important to me. If I'm gonna write songs that it should be something it was about my life and it as long as you know, you stay somewhat challenged, in young mildly, unhappy you don't have to be. You could be hyacinthia, every emotions that the a common to all people- and I think that's where people can identify when they hear this they all should let that happen to me yeah. I think that,
there. I think the blues is about its about elevating it's about getting over, whatever their struggles of life is not depressing music, so healy, yeah, yeah and so where'd. You pick up the harp, Wendy happen for you. I was that was kind of later. The monica was Don't even remember how that started that fill around with it yeah yeah yeah and you just got. He just got the hang of it yeah and you know just like everybody else. You start of trying to copy the people that you have heard us, I think probably solitary was one of the first ones who took my fancy and then that lead of because the sonny boy williamson who for me as the king? Yes, any terry's, I got more of a folk blues and sonny boy. Williamson is a real kind of boogie woogie wrong with it, but there's a crossover there, because you know sonny boy ye matter play play played acoustic too.
Like little walter, norway electrified bribes as he started with acoustic yellow You know when I worked with Sonny boy, and you know he taught me a few things mainly what not to do. When did you work with him in in sixty four ninety sixty four sixty four sixty five zero, like thirty thirty one and you already have- boys breakers or before either banda eyes. Blue ratios here. So let's talk about to begin. That because it's interesting like look, I'm I'm sort of a peter green freak a little bit. and and the other difference, because I think I think our clapton never better than with you, but I do believe that, as is my thought, They allow the people a lot of people say that is etc. They do yeah yeah so but the transition, the difference between someway peter green, because we're talking about the blues as being sort of release and ended in a joyful music and away like a year.
your green was his guitar playing spoken heartbreaking, some yeah! It's heavy! but when did you start the band and who was in the original, lineup and how'd that come about and will I I has a a a band co called the blues. Syndicate in in man when when several davison alexis corner started the blues thing off in london cyril day, the other harmonica player he had like, at a club, bribery, e n, a residence at a club where he well alexis and and Cyril alex Horner yeah. They got together and found a place where they could play, and it grew very quickly. I think, from from there the enthusiasm and what was at sixty three to institute the sixty two, I think I am in who were then whose bans around who was coming around mommy. No doubt there was nobody except those to me at time, but that led to all these
while the rolling stones, for instance the our beds, and there are so many down all it very, very suddenly. So, is me up in manchester. We know these guys. I have I've played all my life and I thought well. This is this. Is an opportunity for me to you know, put my or into the water, so an out of metal exists. and he encouraged me to come down to london to to try things out, which I did one weekend got three gigs there with the with the ban that I had in manchester. ok, so you go down the line and you get a few gigs. It's you in those guys. And there are the manchester guys didn't wanna, moved down to london and give up there not just a lifestyle in their jobs. So I You know, went down on my own and relaxes, introduce me to enough musician so that we could get started
so far, so the musicians that were around the blue seen cause. I talk to Keith richards too about it and he was and cyril an impact on them as well, so the guys who were around where people like the stones and were in it? did you I'll just hang out together? I mean that's really that the question does it seem like a very specific scene and then its blew up bright. As you know, there are so many different clubs sprang. Yeah added. They had usually been tried. Jazz then use right, but in other than it took over the blues, took over in them. Where did where did this is sort of like the the pop music guys freely and where the beatles fit into this really, but they know they did. I don't know that they they kind of spearheaded there the idea that
you guys, could put a band together and make original music and right rail. So they what they were all part of that explosion of youth right right, lose guys know not not as such. It sort of funny to me there, like because year in our full on boys, guy purist in- and you know, when I talk to her to Keith They really set out to be like a real blues banners. While there was this idea of authenticity that needed to be honoured at did you feel that the that was. That was a lot of the nelson a lot people's minds when it when it first started, and then, when they all got into it, they they kind of found their own identity and veered into their own individual directions which could have been rock n roll thought he could have been. Other thing would have sure, individualised individuality required and then the late sixties gonna blew it all up and they ate it was it was. It was very exciting.
In time we were working on eight and nine gigs awake. You know, sir there's plenty of work so how'd you go about auditioning, someone like as I imagine then you after the manner the guy left. Those guys went back home. So did you go in addition process. How did you meet the original bandwidth out? You meet Eric and it was it erik the first man, no and he was in it that two years later from from the first man, nor do I just whoever was in the ban on their joam waves. first, one that I used on base any met him hanging around. No, he wasn't to get around. It was several Davis's based player, In the same area of london, the machine So he was the available. So you tell me to look up John. They who is just just start into play in outside Try John John worked out fun it first of all. Remember john coming to the room and say what's a twelve by sweden
it's really starting at the beginning of the strategic in exactly a sligo. He knew what he was doing made in Europe. We are actually so This is very much like that, but I didn't really audition people the uniform, sharp, the gay it if I hadn't attested now that way and dirty watson. A guitar blair and he was really good day- came from several Davis's boundary. lay so so Cyril Davis with that that Burma's the source banned for everybody here that one that alexis inserted were together initially and then They have a difference of opinion, Sir launcelot, whom all purist and and alexis wanted to use hans and really yet more jasmine jazz employers, so they split up so that that mushroomed into to bear.
It's right there. Oh that's interesting! So was it. The horns were for a jazz influence, not for like an r and b influence, because there were guys like JB on why they they used horns yeah, I know but but he settled in no longer be just wanted. The basic combo like two guitars yeah basic combo pussy cyril, had three girls fingers sooner than you. Never. with that, the re, let's to really want horns, but he would have girl singers. We understand whereas priorities where the so when when you started playing with the with the first band. What what was your sort of ear, a manifesto in terms of paris or not paris? You you, would you just wanted yet certain cover you did I regret that covers in terms of their wrote myself, but you were the bandleader Leah and that that sort of, like it your place through. All the records really is
place the bay for me, because you know you know what kind of music you won't say. You know what kind of musicians you want. So you know how doubt a pick em, so bless me all the time. How emerged a pickle these place, people live become into the famous over the years. There will be no. Do you, additional when I didn't really alone than ever, do or dish they sit in? no, I just knew of them until they be the right ones. Yeah wording, first see like again, we dunbar on drums really can't remember
because he turned out to be sort of a wizard, the beyond the blues, yeah yeah. He got he got to be so busy in a good rivalry that put peter green off on the on it. It was didn't sit well with him all that jazz jazzy drumming oh really yeah, so it wasn't in Peter's direction. So das, enslaved the time, was up, and then we got mick fleetwood in peters. request. So that's that's. How that came about mick fleetwood journey, okay and a when, when you pick very complicated all this to explain, isn't it kinda but like I, I don't think you know enough people in the know about certain things as time goes on and people can you know it's all available now I mean like so easily. You can just get on your computer. That It all really takes now turn to the
We just mentioned these names for somebody's listening, this new against who and then they go look it up and they look. You have no they're holy shit like theirs. It's one hundred records here, yeah, it's sort of a fascinating time. You know in a lot of people, they there's just so much coming in that they don't they don't respect the the history of it. So you know for for us to have access to all the things in the early days. You know you had to go out and buy, buy a seventy eight right wada- and you know you really had to to work at it. You know there wasn't the great availability of the music that everybody takes for granted now, and I think that the attention you had to pay for it were paid to. It was almost like the the reverence of it like. If you had that one record, you ain't got it anymore and he'd go home and you listen to it like you know, one hundred times and just kind of pounded into your head. Now, clapton, when like I have no sense of because
It's queer like you and those records you guys are a band. You know it's not. You know he wasn't standing out front of me. He did his part. You did that you sang and did all your parts, but but did you you, when you were playing with him initially did you have a sense said he was somewhat of a like beyond the employees wire or anybody that I've ever had always have the feeling that they are all very specialty. Will have their own identity, so it's is risk. aim for anybody who has ever hired I hear things in people that reach me emotionally that's again, I saw no right off the bat when you guys were working on stuff like when you were working on the you know the the first blues breakers record, the er. You know where the one where you started working with Eric and like what much of of collaboration in terms of styles, because, like you, he was afraid he, king guy, in your
got your influences. Did you have those and the conversations where it's sort of like can we do a friday thing and can we you know we? We are you into that, and you know I think I think I probably introduced Eric too afraid you did. Probably because in early days, are live so far out of town, Adam spare room more how silly he stayed at my house. What how do I twenty yeah, Tonia aren t, no, twenty, that's probably where he got it from your records, yet Well, you know he has. He has all my records available to him, so he made a lot of discoveries. We used to listen to, you know, react together, and you know he has opened up a whole well foreign ministers, so euro idea you're the wizard I guess
What did you do that with all the guys like? Did you do? That was like the drummers and bass players as well like with Johnny v dunno, not really, nothing that I can remember. You know it's always been casual, ah no ones and it works out because they they fit in and then what why did Eric leave? Ultimately, only was restless in the end and the fact that jack Bruce was in my band the same In Missouri it was the two of them got together and they were just on fire with each other and then ginger baker crept in there and talk to young age worked with jack a lot here and they had become great enemies and and together they talk derek into you don't making this power trio, so that was it, although the off they went so so, where like, where did the yardbirds fit in that was before erica yeah before before me? Yeah yeah? Oh, so that's That's how cream started. Ginger baker stole your guitar player,
and your base by their well jacket I said ginger were at war with each other right from the beginning, It was a grand born for a couple of torture. Is he is and when they were with each other, yet they still play together. Yeah yeah they fought together. Play together, made us why creamed last very long and just explode, and then and then what point eight happened after that? I guess If you are just going like when that happened, when they went on an eric when Eric and jack lived abroad, joma the back and he promised a lot to drink so much and be a good boy and so I need to get our player so either with never need time off. It was workin. Gig, seven nights so he just had to keep moves I'll. Just to you know, keep auditioning guitar plays on on the gigs in the air at the mall, either go and pay degrees
was one of those in the old is really was a golden to grab me say you know why you is in these guys on much better than they are as our cap come into gigs and we heard dissing them and saying really it I've ago yeah. So you know I said: okay, you come in an avatar news, great yeah, a lonely. Lastly, there it came back, served lasted a week, yeah and then erika rather embarrassing? I promise Eric if he came back from listen is madcap adventures with a dream now for green, oh okay, before he left he went to greece from here, reigned idea here. You know what it was better I'd, so it is always there engine between Peter and Eric know, now we really knew each other interesting? Because I did you, feel like when you had a guitar, where you know you.
You you have what you are doing, but they they obviously there The tone of the man change with Peter right in terms of how he plays a lot more. Like minors, heavy hearted stuff. Is is to do with the musicians in visual. As you know, the the music varies comes to reflect that personality of whoever's play xo. So even though you might be play the same sounds with the new guitar blair or new whatever in other, it will change the whole dynamic of a thing so sure, was I to chew the musicians, whatever their instruments offer. What makes him bring to the table. Do you keep in touch with these guys? I wouldn't know how do because of their phone numbers in their own etc. There is a case of economic and I have no idea. I anybody able get in touch with them.
When was the last time you saw him, you never show up at festivals together, anything he seems to be back into the blues kind of fun. Well, he hasn't given miracles to invite me on it, but that's the stuff. That's sorta, sad man, the teacher, sinner lost souls, are donor, make Taylor is also not very available. Is the easy easy a wanderer, and nobody really knows what is up to you showed up with this for a while. They were never happened. I don't know. Sir gimme taylor came after Peter yeah. And you and they're different players- mick taylor's, like yeah yeah. It's very interesting. The way these guys play yeah- and you know I always make sure that they I choose somebody. I want I've chosen them, philip for the way they play the and and so that that support that they're there for
We need to do their own, take on it and how did that make your music evolve nina? Did you learn from these guys? Did you find that playing with these guys pushed you? Two different places is inevitable, they does, whoever your play within a we are playing collectively soldier an each other and enjoying the personalities, Now I saw a documentary with you know about your green that BBC documentary called man of the world which sort a heartbreaking and at he He claims that the way we would mac started as you, you got them a studio. He said that you got him some studio tie. It was a birthday present for him here, really embarrassing. earth, anxiety of the afternoon studio and then you lost your obey him yeah yeah it doesn't matter now. I know I did you a person has got some other there
action in mind. You know this pointless to slug away at it, because you know that their. in their direction. Is they want to do something else? feel that way. Still, I guess it's just the evolution of the music? So let's talk when you, you came stateside mean Keziah, that that seem like a pretty rich time You know you were you were here in the late sixties, right first tat, sixty eight, you just came temporarily or did you move here and sixty eight was america was land of dreams from areas where all the music came from and everything else the added value of culture, unita so one side, so California, that was that was sent for me the start. Visiting all of elderly come live here mcg and you are sort of on the pulse of what was happening here musically because you moved to a prettier excited. He moved here. right to hollywood tomorrow, Candia there, and that was down thing: man,
yeah, I mean I, I didn't move for the thing itself. This is the weather, and this is the climate and the whole way of life. This is where I want to Maybe so it only took mia the first go to america in january. Will I think, by the end of the year it pretty much got it sorted out to come and live in their life, and that was wait sixty so like what was it all day? I imagine that being in them circuit in and see what was happening and in england in sixty eight, so the stuff the beatles already blow it up and you you know you had success with your first fumes and in EU decided to move here, because you thought you could do better in the music business. No, For these reasons, it all just the climate climate way of life and what was laurel canning lake and sixty eight. It was obvious. less houses? Nurses been less built up, but it was so. You know is very em
place for me, good community. I always get the feeling that air that their in your neighbors were always interesting. Will the laurel cannon. it is a much larger areas and people think as many different road wine there around there I can honestly say that I never met any fellow musicians, name musicians who live anywhere near me, so We did it. Did you d bill friendships with some overtime baloney. in the course of playing shows together. You meet various people, get what zapper lived up there, the are group frank, was alone one I state this house tonight some of the occasion where'd. You mean frank and neo catch really near here. I think Maybe I met him in your first francs gigs rule,
is very different from each other. You know there is such a wide repertoire and imagination, and how is it because it seems so different dan, like I think he is sort of booze based somewhere in there. very very structure is his interests were very much in blues, but there are also in so many other differ. Forms of music and what you are you are just open minded to that you are what you are sort of. Not yet you liked what he was doing. You know at when he was a great guy. very, very, very creative yeah, It must have been wild to see those shows at that time. Yeah. But you know it's just very, very salty. I think. Luckily they are available the people I after things, like that, the disaster catalogue is war catalogue this. It is well like, while tended to hasten the way you ve got God you're. Not so you know slouch with the records man he counted them up to. This is sixty seven sixty
have arisen while the losers, countless others, richer, compilations, and things like that. So we put out like at least one record a year. Really so it seems are worked out all over. This depends on the who the record company was initially, with with decker records of those at the beginning of the so called blues, the explosion in awaited several hours in a short time together and he was out like white ones. You moved here that It is undeniable that there is. There is a different tone to the music into what is going on here, musically in the late sixties. Right so I mean you you sort of vienna think he departed from being a blue booze purist, but you you did do differently the records once you got your right well, I also did that before you know, put the the bear wise out a mad and the home,
section on using Jas plans? Rightly so, and then burning point was with no drums, so they're all different explorations in my career and things that I've wanted to try, which is one word just to it. Are you unless we almost? I saw a record was that the blues alone, the idea where I played all Israel's except drums and end just though he just overdubbed it yeah. I tracking how'd you was was that more interesting than did you refer that to working with vander, Nicholas experiment is for the four deca decker record. Ceta alone budget label which they put on there is
things, didn't, have too much as forgotten the money for so in us. They offered me a chance of destroying something that Sola wouldn't cost them anything, so he just took them, took him up on it here. So I thought we'll ask: that's, got a good the good, wouldn't it wouldn't affect my regular record, release schedule and working with jazz guys. How is that different, for you Now to explain to you. I guess they museum is. Is it the lever, a pig? It's gotta be stimulating to me whether its jazz roots rock and roll whatever it is Your ears are questioning its acting as a tricky question, though I do. You do Are you happy with the way it unfolded real in there Pretty amazing I mean you, I it's amazing that you, you workin tour, come a lot I've never had a year off or any other kind of time off those always an, and
aid here and in in LOS Angeles area. For this whole time, yet more I've lived two more years and I lived in england now when you two were like what, because I know you and some live records in like where do you find like early on even with the booze. It seems that that in Europe there is it there's a more intense following for for certain types of Do you find that when you will win win win we're starting out with the blues, where were you big countries? Where did you find the most success? Well, with was so much work in england. That in was love. To go anywhere else, but I think we want, Scandinavia, first as as a country and went to just grow gradually and who do you find go the shows now when he come? Are they are they? The theory core. Like are older people. You know you get people who not necessarily
the beginning, but it has been following for a long time and they ve got kids. Who then, brainwash into listening to this music bother I heard your house and then they come here. The kids are now teenagers in another, and the us are mixed you're always and how are you That's right! Yeah! I got of your six insects, grandchildren ray they all around or any them in england, or they are here no they're, all they're, all that they have got to do here and did any of them go into the music business. My eldest one gas gases, rockin blues below a mainstay on the london blues scene verge rocket rock and roll seymour. Twenty is a more in a a big deal in. and when do when, when you go to london, he ever sit in with him were ate it
nah, don't don't really have time. Oh yeah, I would have done yeah yeah and what's he play, he plays keyboard, oh yeah yeah. Did you show him everything I dunno yeah if you don't, though he never sat down with him when he was a little kid. I don't do things like that. You know it's just around the music's there in the house and if you want to yeah there, you go well. Let's, let's talk about the new record? How do you approach because it seems to me the productions got really clean and it's solid and you can you know you can hear everything and your your keyboards are right there. Your voice sounds great, it doesn't seem like any of your energy or folk is diminished at all in the entire career. It's it's sort of fascinating. But yes, you never did the drugs. I never did and never never smoked, two joints or nothing. So, oh really, I I I did my share of alcohol yeah cause. I haven't done that for fifteen years or more. How do you feel about this record
I love this. I think it saw it. You know the the bandit I have now is the best one. I've ever had we've been together over five years now, and it doesn't seem like anything at all. Was in it gray, eyes. Ibis based player from Chicago ma am is, friend, J davenport, also from Chicago his own drums and then have rocky office guitar from texas, oh yeah. It was easy he's a texas blues player yeah. Who did? How did you find him? Was he just out here? He sat in willis when Buddy Washington was the guitar player and in body will good friends, and now I just always remembered it. When I finish the blues breakers, you know, I thought I thought of He would be. The next phase been around on time, now are you like yours, weird cause? I had this moment where I made the mistake of.
telling Keith richard Zeta yeah really happens The stones lives and bill left yoke is in my mind that was the You come from a different. You know, you know your bank evolve. You evolve but in my mind the stones need a bill women and he was like use. I like it. I was twenty five years ago, I got a great baseball you're. Now, like, obviously you have been women, but it's about the band. You have exactly and and I imagine like even when you walked into my house, and I had those those first few records you had that moment it seemed we were like. Oh yeah, those records digitally like I guess he, he you're the guy doing it, and you keep growing as an artist you're not going to I'll get hung up on those for history records for your whole life like society, and it is a long time ago. Let's face it, I idiot- I guess it's a long time ago, but I guess because of the vortex exactly by deeds. You feel that way that you know. Basically, the band you have is is: is the best ban that urine in absolutely no question about it?
It's not just the music, you that what hope Together is the friendships and they camaraderie. You have one year gradually all around new overtime realises that it has to be right because out of that it's the music right, and I imagine that because of those first three records- and you know- even you know the ones previous to moving here- there's a pretty short time. Yeah I mean sure cause you're playing with these guys. You said on this record for five years: a rating- that's pride, but pretty long run for a ban that you ve had the air of the process that was of was with body what internet twelve to fifteen years before cocoa montoya Malta trot was ten years. Yes, so those are real relationship area, so those lagging in retrospect, the the ass? It went on to become these. You know these, you know rock heroes or whatever their own lessen the yes, the lash. That's amazing.
I got her so does it annoy you to talk about it now is, is is fascinating, really people can't get over it really why you have to assume that some level somewhere somewhere in use its good stuff the operator to get over like Peter green. Isn't it anyway, for you, like I mean it like. Well, the thing is: it's all there in a direct role, these things that country yeah? All time and indeed so do you feel that the it was age affected. How you you approach music. Do you find that you ve gotten deeper with your lyrics? Do you find that you know you you ve gotten a little more, open hearted. How does it work that is free of its freer? If come with me, naturally now I think you know the right people, the wheel, encourage each other, no moody's, all things can get in the way of the creativity right, there's no iii, He goes on Latvia, we're all, rather than ever,
good time and share it with the audience, and you old prose, the air while one, our touring schedule. Looking you gonna head out soon when you get out writer to relieve on thursday I gotta say the new record. I find a way to cares. Great now is a joy. Listen into an amazing talk, any good reality, in the road and we did it. We ve got two and a half months with three days off Y know the dates roam the website, gmail dot com and you feel fit. What do you do take areas of E. Well, the exercise. Let us get out of bed in the morning and goes rooms and lapse in the pool. Are you do at wake me up? Oh god? Oh god right where you re right. I really appreciate the agony of is an honour for me with absolute mark.
that's it booze wedge in john may- object. Somebody new step out check some of that old stuff bath check it out, it period that early, actually, those first be reckoned. Yeah man never knew wreck dude, you gotta, do go to deputy paddock opera. deputy applaud needs get on the mailing was checked. My schedule view what you gotta do get some just copy that go up and a close. I should like to say I feel uncomfortable my body exhausted, ha. boomer lives
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