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Episode 681 - Abbi and Ilana

2016-02-14 | 🔗
Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer got Broad City off the ground when they were fed up with not getting their shot. In that way, they have something in common with Marc and WTF. Abbi and Ilana join Marc in the garage to talk about the birth of their hit show, plus some talk about New York City, drumming, digital media stars, the UCB, and Amy Poehler.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you at the blogger is what the fuck bodies what the fuck's there is what's happening. Mark Marin here this is deputy f, my pod gas welcome. Thank you for coming I'll, be ok, hope, your bouncing back from from valentine's day, I know most of the day off today, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's it's going to be spent in the best mental state I've got the abbe Jacobson olano glaser from a broad city. That's happening I happen to me very lucky in that term,. The woman I'm seeing the painter sarah kane really did not realize it was valentine's day, a kind of made other plants. So I I can say, is I am blessed but did remember
I've learned my lesson at a you bear dual saddam or even even doesn't matter male or female who's ever in large, of doing the thing or who's ever in doing that seeing valentine's day. If one is says it's important. I would not take that to heart. I would go ahead and make a little effort, did. I woke up and I made waffles with this nasty old waffle iron than I have. And I think it was nice thing think it was a nice thing to corn meal waffles, but dad lose my show a bit when the first one stock- and I know that the first one always takes the first pancake verse, walk or bullshit not seen it is symbolic in any way, but I did get a little aggravated, but I I caught myself, I said why ruin the morning markets valentine's day, even though the you're, saying it's not important her. Why
the day any ways with waffle annexed but love, lots, love them our times, is that what it's about it guilt? Is it doing something? Nice? Is it to a sham? scam put together by the green cards company in some sort of the traditional dear flower sales, what not chalk, oh, let's Is it an actual day were people reflect on lover they're, just sort of like I get to eat that brunch today? But I I you know, I love I know odd people were alone out there on valentine's day and that sort of a rough gig, even if you don't believe in it, even if you think it's stupid, it's hard to see those couples in different variations of of true. relationship or or or playing the role out there? when the thing and you're walking by dragging their feet, love is tricky man.
The one thing I'm in realising now about myself. When I look at myself and pictures myself, on television is that term. There a sense of desperation and aggravation and need and anger, that I can always identify in that. I assume obvious People were not going to be a sensitive sensitive to it, as I was but it was there is something you can hide it sort of similar to wearing your hard on your sweet. But I've been noticing that summits, is going away. Obviously, because things are ok, obviously, because I'm getting older, obviously, because I'm not freaked out about my careers much and obviously because I try We don't give a shit about a lot of things and that's a relief and there's nothing you can do to make that go away. You can pretend and pretend and act as if than do the next I think, or whatever you going to do, and then yeah hopefully ease into it but tat, but that's happening, but on four.
alongside of that, is like our rights or maybe I finally landed in my body, and I comfortable with myself is There are some things that I know are still fucked up, but then no once you really become comfortable with yourself and you don't give is as much of a shit about things that used to body. There is also this kind of like you know. Maybe I'm just gonna fucking live with this shit. Maybe I'm going to live with this, these emotional liabilities. These problems is sadness or you know Why do I need to to struggle and fight in in love. You maybe just way. I am, and I don't know that It's necessarily a bad thing. I mean life is relatively short: you're, not gonna fix everything. I mean I've thought about this and talked about it before, but I think if you surrender to it you do have the desire to change and you know what it is that you we need to change that. Sometimes the work is
surrendering to it and accepting it setting who you are and then say to you self in your secret little mind that you know like why I'd like to change yet so just plant that seed in your head, but be ok with who you are and sometimes I would say more so than not partially manifest. the changes you want to make, but if you are approaching with desperation like a I hot fixes off fuck, I gotta do this fuck. I gotta figure this out damn it. Why can't I just get to this place? Why? If you propel yourself with that same supervision for perfecting what cannot be perfected. The floor. The heart of the human, and you you're always going to have that. Look in your eye. or that anger in your eye, or that that day, sadness in your eye, but if it's I'm point you go like well fuck. This is who I am, and you really vague and accept it, and you know you want to change at least a little bit to experience,
think differently than what do you do? I think it'll happen. I think it will manifest if you truly, except yourself with all your for us that valentine s, day message and if you are alone on valentine's day? Well I mean: look, you mean thankful, you have nothing to lose that that might be cynical might be said. You might be bring a broken heart or longing for someone in an unreliable. did way but there's beauty. That two stone hurt yourself. There's my general message for our holidays. Try try not to hurt yourself. Could you could you do that so these broad city gals, males, I like em I know it's weird because you know abbi and Ilana. I had the opportunity to talk to them and I want to talk to them. I like talking to creative people
and I got caught up a bit. Would broad city, I watched it and I started to get it. It's interesting with things, and I know this for myself when I talk to them about it, a little bit that you with certain shows. I mean you just it's like anything else. It's like music, it's like it's like any sort of art of any sort of creative person. It so while they get the groove both as an audience and as the people creating it in I know I've gotten better. On my show that this is the fourth, he's in god knows I should be comfortable, I'm no olivier, but I sort of. eased into myself and in and have a more comfort onset and in what can and cannot happen on the shown? What can what I can't? I can't use a carriage and that's the same with anything there's an evolution, especially with comedians, by nature, comics on television or in movies, we can do It's a little self conscious.
An inner and I am very sensitive to, especially if I know whoever's doing it and who wants some are better than others, but it just takes time. So I took the time at the groove and I and I really started to enjoy broad city, generationally there a difference, but it ain't that Give a difference in there are some things that I definitely related to and in one of the things that related to was an innocent would lui too and in woody allen and people who, whoever committed and and really years, new york city as a character, in in their work. You're there are new york city are certain writers and people who do films and tv and end the people. embrace new york, really showcase new york. The best are the people that have a real relationship with the city and one or two things. That's great about broad is that You know, I know all those places and if you watch broad city you
you can see some of those places on Louis show too. We can see some of those places in woody allen's movies. It's like there are some pieces of film and music that embrace new york, full heartedly and you're, having lived there on and off for over a decade, you I have a real romantic in and love hate relationship with new york and also, a sort of love hate relationship with how the the these the profile of the city is changed. Is the profile of the texture, the key? sure the city it's very hard to identify. What was sir, and I think you know talking to- two Ilana and abbe ina. We kind of got ended at an and also to new york as comedic foil, been done to death and in in and watching their show. They actually manage to do it a little differently and then the other great there, it's about this the generational difference between me and the broad city. Gauss. Is that need
great about their shows, there's a lot of things that are jet. They just are that when I was coming up or even five or ten years ago they just weren't, they to be explained they had to be your stuff about. your sexuality, ethnicity, different types of relationships. You know, how women are depicted. I the way there Abby in rwanda. Jist, it just is, do not explain anything. This is the life ruining. This is new york. This is our generation. This is the the landscape of our experience and it's. It's definitely different them I was a kid and I love it. I really had a great time talking to them in there, there's a jewish component today show does happen. Sometimes on the show. What was great,
is that why you know that before they came over, I made sure to clean my toilet, because I wanted to be nice for the further for the women and I and when they came over, they came over. I get eleven in the afternoon and- and I will I will love a glaser forever for walking in, and I was just sort of, again set up and I to go out front to get a chair is or two of em and an invite. The chair, I haven't here, it's gonna lose loose It was a looser transit and from there a car to the house made some coffee, freedom, coffee in tijuana said you know, We're being so casual can. Can I have a bowl of cereal, any breakfast ass, very happy. To give a wanna a ball of of puffins with unsweetened almond milk, which she said she preferred right? that is a woman after my own
add middle aged heart. The eye a barbarous puffins with Sweden domino. She didn't even stevie that shit man she just ate it, and then we did the thing, and here is the thing, I just made to nose ears. Here's what I wrote. I wrote that heavy Jacobson straight hair, so funny. I am sure I will show you that that was your fuckin note, because literally our friends dad did that I had Ass straight olano curly. Now that's what I wrote that yeah europe I wrote that varies so airs, knock and funny. Why do you think that is kiss every year older dude, and you see two young women
like oh straight curly- I don't fucking, know why I watch you know I I didn't watch all of the shows by watched a bunch of them. You know- and I still I I imagine there are people like the people that are huge fans of the show they're like Abby. So this- and you know honest so that, but like I did, I not you know I had to get it in my head, not because I'm old white, What is that and demand? I said the anime yeah. Look, I don't remember people's names I and that I've known for twenty years. It's fucking, tragic, I'm so tragic one, I'm so self involved that, like he and the people I keep running into again and again in my gosh I fucking yanks are like nose guy yeah yeah. I know them, but I just can't fucking manage their names so what you know, I'm glad you use the bathroom, because I went out of my way to clean the toilet ethical cell, clean, that's cool. I like them, you have the myers I'm really into that myers hands. So why so good?
We use. We all are like india that now, when it everyone use but I've tried other once I got the sometimes I just get the supermarket brand and it works, but there's something about the myers label that makes you believe in it tie now at secondary. I now creates real wrath, hack ailments, old railroads, old school, so at such bullshit at some young guy into a new sincerity right into it. No, I its bordering on I haven't got two refills and I prefer bar soap, where they can. I still got refills so that when I at the bottom, waited at its? What is its new up intensity? It's like bordering on artisanal yeah right, that's the whole thing yet and I got I buy. It would also be right out, like we all have, that you can get it and it's off on from england or something I can't be myers way. I've heard people make me so, like you do. and you do fans. What do you get from the fancier? Nothing do filter that stuff. Does it come
is, your p o box really come to. We didn't war area, some stuff that was like we get weed right. Well, when we doesn't handed, I realise, when they handed to us that stout around with us it's like now, oh no there's a like you guys want in my hand you know the amount in ass when you, when you go on tour. When did you go to her just get off? They were of no light by before the second season so too to november's aghast me dates. We got a whole month of november. We think we did like one. He would show yeah, somewhere w and uk tonight to night so where'd, you go comedy, small theatres outweigh rock clubs, europe on the elevated stage with the miners people standing that they see them. We like
It's better right. We had something like seattle was standing in. That was awkward right yeah. Does it make you uncomfortable? You know if you go to sit out here and it's like feel I felt like I was sure they were just constable again. It was they were discomfort, yeah yeah. It's like, I feel bad. You guys got to stand up and do the show and like how, like four, so what forty eight people coming ankle at our biggest venue was indeed see. Aliona, like fifteen Forty eight I feel like an hour show is like we're. Not alone has done more sensitive than I do, but we were not. It wasn't stand up. It was like this weird. Want show. We have been doing a show, show it you see before a couple days: army york, yeah yeah, and it was just broad city life, and it was this us doing whatever we thought was funny and having guests on so. For the tory add we have different sand ups, friends of ours, open for us coup naomi at pair again, who writes on our show, submit,
jolly kevin burner, worry scope of how many openness to just just one guys. Are you guys good go. Do forty five minutes of sketch? Basically, this is like an Then we had some videos stuff because it was kind of of tor footman like leading up to the second season dry. Had some care there's on the show a little bit. It was almost like contextual. I stand up. We did this. This thing like soundtrack of our lives where we, like most different moments in our lives and songs. They we would play for them there when you like make soundtracks for a certain time it was a mixtape yeah, so it was like kind of like being able to like talk about something but having this context to work off of re. And did you guys cause like now, you just sit near being yourselves, but the dynamic onstage the play here is amplified symbol of there. Wasn't it why not them on the show rise, not quite as sober you can sue. You come to live sean its having on from the shared right.
Yeah right, the curly haired one of the stray hair yeah, that's right. But what was your audience? Do you find when you look out there as if men is it is it women? Is a young peoples that people dress like in plaid shirts, like me like? Is it hipsters How do you guys site it's? It's like hipsters. I think it's I felt like it was a lot of cop oh yeah, the shows we would do meet and creates, and like people that that got march, we would see everything. So we met a ton of people, and it was, I mean But I think a lot of women must show, but a lotta deeds to was. It was also a pretty queer. Early. Piano is pretty quick area stout, it was the key list it was so hard, but it was so fucking cool, ready, divers all straight, and you know why you know like oh, you know what I if you guys do that, though, like the the the benefit of having the backdrop of new york and being sort of in the generation that you're in where all this shit is breaking down in new york, is melting pot of
gender and sexuality and ethnicity and everything else and the sword open mindedness of the show in the comedy of it it's very all, encompassing of people that are progressive and interesting. It such a special place like in new york yeah? We ve been here for a couple weeks and like we, both love Ella but its, and it's like so like comforter ball, but new york, it so unbelievable it's like a battery but like like when, if you know how to be in new york when you're there, you know that you know you can you're engaged all the time. You have no choice because there's someone in your face at all time and yeah, it's very electric I like I've, been here of have been two weeks and we go back this weekend and I'm link excited too. A subway, oh yeah. Why are you wait to be able to? because I've been so in my car, which I like driving when I'm also excited to be like among people
well again right here, you're just part of a big body of new york yeah, we, I wonder what you what would happen to you guys if he stayed out here, you should do all season where you moved to l a everything that you don't know how to get pot, talking to someone about doing promos like on a lot that looks like you're funny, Poleos just say. One thing it to Paul the policy of saying what they say they like it was his idea as it sounds I know we might have been talking to tolerate them the whole dumbing down these attacks and roots on the show and what he was saying like a whole season on near a lot and we pretend is come like this seinfeld new year in a row, generalised one block it so funny watching the show, because I know all those places I mean I wandered, those streets You know my gathers every like that's not that restaurant anymore. Why haven't gotten that specific? But there are certain blocks from like. I know exactly where that is. Did you see saint marks episode,
so what happens just happened last march, I won't allow EU deuce chelles on Saint Malo. Juveniles remains third and secondly, I know that the chunk but like when I was there was like now. I don't even know what it is the earth or say marked between lawfully, and what third that, like towards right by cooper union that suggest that block right that used to be so fuckin differently. You even know what it is. I know now it's it noodle place. Yet I and my ears, like an alliance, is that, with the other taken over the entire part. The sick compliant downtown. Wait. What were what's what Where do you go what's up antique anymore? What it? What are your hornsey, an age as yet the idea these at the beggars earn a married man? It's right off saint marks, but its system little, the jewish food. yeah counter yeah, it's the dairy cows have been in a while. We agree that a similar freezing in new york right now we gotta go see. Is that what they are there? tomato asylum refugees. Were you guys
if you're not from the city either. You know I'm from long island and from outside philly outside how far a really so, how far from jersey, how far from new york and half out forty five miles an hour and a half from new york, I'm for like what northwest's lake twenty twenty five minutes out. The city that you grew up going into the city every we can imagine right, yeah, yeah, maybe yeah I mean I didn't I didn't like shows. I would just go in and around right, just like I'm in new, you yeah and be like north south in west and like to flex that you now and then, when I got to new york, I've lost my compass. I was so like oh fuck If I can hear now, I don't know what I'm doing. This is like way deeper than the idea of like it's cool to walk around a block. Will that's I think when you first go to new york, even if you live in long island you're like I'm just going to walk around and then like nothing happens, you just walk for blocks and blocks like I should have some destinations, I'm exhausted, exactly where'd. You end up gravitating
words when you watch it when you start going like taken a training like fourteen or fifteen, more like I was nervous, maybe like sixty Were you parents, oversight you'll, be annual disappear s way? What what? What what what I did go, what town go? What town, romania smithtown it's your stony brook university was like a good girl. I was so she's out back were happy. I still am, I still higher than good girl, but you weren't, like going honestly data leg, truly fucking concerts and lay or do anything noise was in that. I think we met and then switch is I'm not I'm not. I'm was much crazier in high school and lives, and I am now and you never you're crazy- at all. Now is there like really same, but were you play begin on? The show you play the sort of like anything goes person in europe like the kind of like you need your things. You have to have you
things do your life, you need anything. I guess I need defining its align. Were you need your thing, said he- I write a thing dan what what what kind of childhood like middle class, jewish everything ok, progressive parents, home you just keep projecting I'm in a fucking woody Allen movie. Now, that's so funny, you know one them. What's her name allison con, that part carol came calkin, yeah right right. Let me guess: huh yeah yeah cause. I knew the scene that I was. I found myself. Sadly, this scene in utah, where woody allen's, like let me guess, say a b c and shawn drawings on the walls socialist summer camps, yeah he's like yeah, that's what you know she's like pissed, that he like nails on that mps, I'm like that's it yeah, but the updated version of it, yeah, My brother, bolder younger, he's for years. Older he's on the show is a comedian to an damn. What's his name elliot
committed family yeah, and my parents are funny in my map. We just like can entertained ourselves, yeah, what version of of Jews are they like? What's your dad he's like financial, planner earn and share, says it. Should yeah and your mom, like works with him really yeah from the house now, just like part, I might go off right right- ran. There was an eye on things exactly there and there like married for many years, really yeah, that's a rare I now it is rare in there still married and happy and proud it very proud that they seem quite happy nowadays switch over to a to Abby what he Pennsylvania, Jus yeah. How that happen my man from jersey, romania and bulgaria have also write your and my dad shone like fairly Philly
they manage working illegally now and then they both she catches my philly accent, but I know many both do my mom has a south jersey acts. I can identify it's on as people say. I talk like that, but I don't know what it is. I I can identify philly by can identify jersey that well and get similar, but I don't. I don't think I have crazy, I'm not gonna hurt her bed everyone's she's like ellie and is a subtle thing that acts and his like. It's sometimes a seller. Sometimes it's just it's fuckin, pure, like east coast, bro shit like that. the edge to the imo like it. It's almost like you know. A real, strong, billy accident with the right momentum can actually hurt your face like you, I like it. While you taught you go around tunnel about justice to settle down and yeah yeah yeah yeah so
they met overnight, can a man over night camp really game like fifteen, had so sweet, it's very sweet, ever very cool. family life. There not merit anymore, but their friends, the that's good always like we did thanksgiving together and they both have family, their spouses, yeah I do I'm not I'm not close with this does happen later. It happen. We're, gonna, break visitors there, brother. Like me, I was in high magazine but I haven't owners rather to a really like three and a half years older, and so he has two kids and once that happened, my parents relate to holidays, as its I grant. Yes, sir, that's or cannot what you're older brother do he's designer so now so now, yet older brothers, I cause I I their theme on this show seems to be the influence of older sibling brothers, specifically new to women, what you was
did you get along with them was their music? Did they show you the way? I was everything itself, so I ellie olano kind of came the comedy I think quicker than I did, because my brother was is not in like this. Why this at all? But I was at the big tomboy very planet, because my brother, my brother, was so in to fish in the dad was all that, and so I was really. I like the. I was in all into all that cop. I was ill endless school ass, the jerry dead. You try to tell him that he died and ninety seven, so I was still missed it, but I will remember the day here: I'll die. Your brother was pretty broken up. I was at a campaign. It was announced. Overdone get well georgia. When I get pretty
if we were so reform, so isn't like religious at all, but everybody right right, but I meant was announced like overlapped. All right now is a loudspeaker. Our gets at nine eleven or was it was like a moment. Let's have a moment of silence for jerry garcia and it was like actually didn't? Love him. Yet I didn't understand the significance of that day until I was highschool alma we would go to sea like I went to see all the third, a daily incarnations of the hour you fill in france and were all right right right. Bob we're in who, with this was the drummers, was ratified. Who is worth backed august we are always is narrow and friends is fell outside I didn't want, then there's a million hard thing. There's a drum thing that happens. He does it like us or call you don't know that so that was, I don't want to see their there come out again with John mayer. Actually I haven't seen them. I was
if some of that you know- and I listen to him- handle those solos and he's sort of a kind of a specific guitar player. It's okay, it's okay, but you're not going to hear like that. Weird lyrical, noodling, listen to us talking dead! Now, I'm not even a huge die. Not even I, like you know, I dabble ryan. I will say to me to go into that because everything brother did how many like little like happy sack. Hippy kids were a camp that we're just sort of like new. I guess we're not play a happy today in honor jerry alive. It was like a thing alive, no accident. We happy sack on the show because we emulate server. We go to failure to clean out my bedroom defined anarchy cause. Might we yet we do the whole thing clean out all, and I liked by an american again real such a tight,
it's so, while the dead type is existed in persisted because a lot of times just sort of fade out, but that thing there's a constant thing. It's like my dad too, like my dad was, was all like classic rock. So we just were- and I dont know if it's now, though I wonder now, if that's the fish things do, I guess done too in a way out there they backer they for these guys they break up for a week in there. I wonder what the odd I wonder if the audience has any like high school kids, I dont know that was all my friends in high school. We were fish yeah without the calm fishers if the damn fish, always ok, always area. I never referred to myself, but there's that will parking lot trip. We go the cancer like two days early. You know it is slow bag wander around and catch for his bees. Yeah. Set up a little like there's like stands in the lot. There's a shakedown street income by shit I wish. I were my it's fun me my brother drove like use women
arizona and we drove from like tucson to anaheim defeated I didn't do it. I was nine great shake and he had this vertical and what, with some use convertible he's all younger than me. We picked up some little guy hitchhiking show this war you? I would not like a cool hippy out, we'll pick him up in any, had no place to stay in a sort of turned evil like That is what we got hotel room and we couldn't get rid of you. I write and then he starts like he gets a pack of matches not wooden matches, but the book of matches he starts. Ripping off little pieces of each match a puts them in a bag. Is that them selling acid? Today he was just scam in fact unhappy bunk drugs.
And me and my brother like what do we do? Who do we turn his hand to show you're going to bring Ebola? He would have figured out how to get to the show but like who do you warn when we're going to follow them around the park? What does bullshit you know, and it's almost like kind of people's own fault for not recognizing acid Elise you're like he's selling what's it like on bananas, our own hops, that looking at present? What is that? No, no making it out like I don't know they like make sure the acid. Is we all right all right like we go a taster joy, just a guy to walk around I'll, be locked up in sweaty exactly this is urgent to sit down. Gotta lay down so I'd say you grew up with that. What did your brother bring to see that was like yeah? That was like wild like my brother, and I we like, as kids, made hundreds of hours of sketch videos just like wanted to do.
Many forever? What what? What drove you too? That any? Who were you watching? Why did you because you're like half my age, almost in the veterinary? What are you twenty eight Hmm, so who are you watching that was like this is why we wanted to comedy a case. I grew up like in the eighties and nineties, and but like you, there must have been like something like this fucking hilarious. We can do this, no just all of it yeah, but you knew or something you could do yeah and we like did like, plays and musicals two or who your parents know like at school and at camp and at the? Why, unlike you know, I mean I m, like we were musicians and what are you boy, I'm drums now you and I could do rhythm piano. Oh yeah, and what like, what were some of the early efforts and sketch wise and musical wise did songs there is, I did rights on a higher likes and like videos out there from acoustic cafe in high school,
songs, I rode and played workable. I find those. I don't know you do know. I do I dont know I as a video. You recently showed me a view playing the drums inlet, oh, my god and I I percussion ensemble yeah, there's like oh, we weren't a drums video online yeah, but it's like for school. All in, like bugged, up like millet yeah, yeah yeah. I I really I I on its narrow she's, really that was part of our life. Shall we did this ike dry bad aware, where a really good night s part of the show, only we got last. We got two osha full sets arms, like around our minds so alone, could like do it and then I would like come to me and I like an electron battle, but it was like drumming and then come Many and re I desired have to the standard said yeah yeah, yeah you're illustrate man to her. Do yeah herb duet ago guph, because only did you reveal the drugs that was it a closer like everyone
It's sort of like the lights came up and there were two full drum savvy varnish. We could on that, but we will have another. They had to be unsafe, easier, like to elaborate till I bring to suit their appeal. You have one of what it yeah and it was like at the very end. We would do for five minutes and like an hour so when you jammed- and she just she's really good, because I can do like the different styles, it was fun to be like ok start with rock, then do jazz than do like somebody, drummer yeah. I thought I like that. I want could be like up orchestra. Precaution is totally really. I just want to be the one waiting we yeah. I like timpani right in peace. The fun I like do. I do miss being in a band and being like a big, a big bat and not even like a I would do like jazz jazz, combo yeah. Real, I work like a real nerd. I really am really yet you gotcha. People that you have yeah he now drew back. Oh yes, David S
grow up would go call romania, oscar petersen, my dad. Oh, he was regrettable musician result. My brother, like trips me out elliot, can do what my dad can do where they can hear something, and then their fingers find the keys. I got an elliot sing is again a melody ridable singer. Yes, so we just were always just had this like nervous energy, that lucky enough, my parents, like saw that we could channel it. The honest way, which is always is uniform, isn't it while, though I could go play music, but I never had necessarily a guitar. I never know, sir. We had the courage to sort of them pursue. It is rear, because I know there's a laugh funny: people that, like a pretty fucking good musicians but there's something simplifying and incomes. I about comedy world, It very immediate need to rely on other people necessarily will you guys were in sketch situations you do by I wonder what it is why people were incredibly musically talented necessarily certainly do
the harder life, and it's not a different, also like comedy, is so transparent and it's like easily. I e you're like it's easy to lick craft you're. Imagine your being honest, but your also choosing what you want us air, whereas music, it's like you truly are like. I hope you think, I'm Will you now, like a fuckin hope you think I look cool and sound cool or in its like there's something more transparent about that too? Why flying that, like you also consort of them. If you're in a band or something you can kind of rely on, you can kind of step back a little bit. It doesn't always have to be about you. You like, if you're not really on top of the song, you can be like nah, I'm just going to you know fake it. You can't fake it in comedy yeah right now, but yeah but being a, I think, being a musician is still you know, categorically cooler, isn't it cool, so I dunno comedies becoming a new thing. Comedies like the new age for philosophy. It is then it is the new coolest bad
gave me like you how people are saying things with comedy again allowed people into it. Yes, the idea. So what about you know music known for I wish my my dad was in a band ruin. I was growing up. He plays the drums really turned himself out of a non time's up but later in life, starting analyse, and so he can play using a band when you were growing up one where I found it so get. It was called per second chance. Penniless highschool band he married his highschool sweetheart in the narrow united with his yeah right and gets caught second chance and they would play like. I remember they play like on the art museum. steps and fairly play bars. I like to try out on the steps I think I'll go out festival name in here somewhere poor guy and I haven't made a tape like when there was like the whole picture on the front, so I always had drums in the basement of a house, and so I, like always, was into drums too
when alone, when we did. This show islet can't real, like she's, always counting whenever we do it. You like and went- and I'm like- I can't do that- were I can like kind, a whole beats, but I would love to be able to play the drums. Actually, I can just kind of play like couple beats in a kind of like off like to repay lightning. Pierre is so weird: it's like music comedy all the stuff ever everything's him. So much more like available or something you. These days like, I was just like my friend, whose DJ tongue music, music, music and then my dear friend, the music music music, and then I'm like. Do you know what time signatures are now and, as I owe you know, and it's like just like what ebbing with accounting to it's? Like I don't know you can be fully immersed in music love, music, music,
life and you dont, accounted for sure unlikely, read music or yeah yeah, and they comedy too. It's like that so available and end information like even just presenting like you know. Something is so available. it's the weird thing about music and I've. I've talked about this before is that is that, even if, if it feels familiar or what there is in effect to it, that you can repeat again and again, like you know, you can't really repeat a again and again frank, but if you ve got a song there's a magic, they wait for people like, I hope they play. That's all I want. I like the idea that has a feeling thing you know, and you can always go back to a like, aren't like manna wanna hear him do that, right now like it for me, for one or two tie a? U turn in on you. I loses its mad like that into into asian isn't the same as melody road. For some reason, a ha that's interesting right in an hour it like formality, it click sending you like yeah why internationally that's all I got
like a big lira guy, like I, you know, I am always looking for the turn in the music. You know like the if there's a hook to the music, if the melody has a sort of like oh, like there's, a chord progression that I'm a guy yeah what's ago saying. However, he sounds good too his music colony, so went so what ok? So you graduate high school and you're in pennsylvania and what an when did you decide like what was the first decision like? What were you gonna do? yeah conaway around my brother works with my dad and my mom low graphic designer yeah Second environmental graphic design run. So it's like, like he goes into spaces like a hospital urine since, unlike no whatever one's getting left like fuckin loss in the hospital, and so now he does a lot of weight finding. So it's like how you somewhat in hospital and they like have to read all the sign right and so, and their bleeding
or like rome. You know if you workin, unlike some one, is in that you how people get around spaces and then the signage near, and so also designing the sign in june. So that's it, but then they also do like restaurant much very specific. An interesting niche yeah, and so everyone in my family was artists, and my is kind was growing up was upon our shared like a wheel, oh, she did see your mom are getting frustrated at clay winging off a wheel as she would. She would crash building that thing up watching it and just actually she she had a real for a very brief time because she didn't she ended up just doing it like yeah yeah, and so that was the fuck the wheel day nor I shall die while you are like hell yeah exactly. What is it now throw out? Mom is getting rid of the with due account she for a while I hand those are energy eaters Jesus. It was with that way
very briefly, you and then or was it stand alone? I guess it was not a big thing. You're, like a small thing and then she we got like. I think she sold it, and then she ended up going to this place wayne art centre. Then she could is due at their fire. We doing this year and dumb, but she would do craft shows on the weekend. So my family was like very it was like all our. It was all visual art like I was always I draw and so my brother went to art school in filling and then, when I was gonna go to college, I I was obsessed with personnel and I did I did kind of perform in high school, but I couldn't sing so I couldn't do any the play, is so what you're trying to perform the people know you were performing. I literally my main thing was: I would do. I went impersonate mike myers drink coffee talk like that was my thing. I would just like. Do that sure and guarantee
I forget yeah, and I will do my own thing, but people knew I was into kommeni, but that didn't ever seem like a thing I didn't grow up with any one like maybe even cause your new york. That was, like, maybe a thing you could do right didn't think I didn't have never seen a stand out and light re when you're like a lot of people's parents did whatever just that. That thing the act like you have an energy non event. Heaven in even mentally, yet, like I write it, no longer you ve got is a good thing. We encouraged in a way you're saying I: do you think that this could be a job right there? I think it more Thank you. I can now right. Yes, I am when when I was when I started that it was still like what you doing. Yes, yes in your parents are sort of like concerned,
when you are going to be a stand up, comedian, they're, just sort of a life of disappointment and failure. Can't you find something that we can at least not worry about, but now because of places like, u c, b and stuff, there's an industry, you're preceding industry. Yes, like there's a skull exactly and like youtube too. I mean even ten years ago when we were starting its different than now vine vine stars no know mrs ice. I looked at them occasionally when someone goes what I dunno. Ok, what I am- and it's not even a generational thing I mean I mean, were you aware, you know whatever we're all different ages here and it's like we, like Jesus you're, like always quick man, it comes up a very fast transition, but yeah in the transition of technology and access. But the weird thing is, like you guys, probably know and kind of, maybe feel it in a in a less some resentful way than I do. But there is a there are people that kind of have that attention and and viral
fraction that really don't have the goods to follow through on something and like it seems to me that you guys have that that that persistence in the town and the creativity to do. but there's a lot of people that, like a vine, starts so who are they in? Where are they now another storm vine and dig out early and like there's? That's it that's a cool thing about like the world like ass, yet quality and focus still means from ass, absolutely and end sincerity in time, but also being able to do the fucking job when it's a job getting viral traction is, like a mean, less you're, a two personality which again I have my own opinion, but I can't really negative about it because they seem do. Very nature of their popularity is usually because they're, not fundamentally talented. They seem like you know. People like that kids are like nah they're. Just like us, you know, hopefully But how did you will get what we should get to that through how you
started, so you're diccon around your panties things in doing like my went to yeah? That's, it gives us a stick in her heavy dick and around. When I went, I didn't go to comment. I went to art school right because I was like I can. I am good at this is like immediate and I was like what am I gonna fuckin be an actor I that's not that doesn't no, no anyone that has ever done rights or was it like. I know everyone around me that, as our lay- and I finally is serves like I'm a semantic, not an easy career either. No, that is probably more impossible to accept So I went to school in baltimore, scorecard mica, Marilyn institute called of art, and I like most of my work as drawing and painting, but then they were starting a video department and they are threatening and show. You now found equality, even if it's a boy cosy but yeah sure so I served doing videos, but might it was so funny,
like my video work at miko was just me doing characters also? What year did you graduate two thousand six? It's like you, too was invented into does in fact so urgent, even now rising regulate anything on you know, but I believe these characters, and they were beep they would be projected gallery was next to paintings is very serious. and it was like because article would have toward the way. I hope that's the silence about reform riots, and then I will write errors. they were. I thought they were really me and they were a lot of them were improvised and I in them, and I suppose one was really motion. I saw some one getting mugged, baltimores extreme, we dangerous rough here and I saw it. I want you wire I'm not even kidding like. I lived in
Neighbor had a really nice neighborhood, but it was next to like the worst neighborhood and there's no one out in baltimore, so it was like very I would like sprint home from class. I saw someone getting mugged outside my apartment, heard it look outside the window in nyc, this woman was getting like dragged by her mess. is your bag, and I was like the one calling the cops and I look and there's like all these other people looking out their window was like so fucked up. So one of the characters was I shot of a character like immediately after, and it was like very tents and I'd have to watch it and go where you the one calling the cops. Are we using one getting it's? What I call the cops because I was like Five die in the high, I'm gonna think no, it was sort of like using that emotion ma and so my junior year, I sort of rising. I wanna be a fuckin actor. What am I doing, and so I moved to new york to go to the atlantic theatre conserved moments, worse, murmured, amazing.
And so I wouldn't have to talk directly. I went for a week and I hated it. I was like what are my fucking doing. I had a break down. I, like there's a subway nation that every time we also had about system right, it was so oh stifling, I couldn't react. It was what are they really saying like analyze, every boy every word, and that was so not So now how I work with just got it all the emotion that I was I I can't I can't even talking about the subway suffer, so I had this breakdown. the fifteenth and eighth avenue where I was like I'm quitting, I got quit call my dad and I was like I'm I'm quitting this thing. I am dear, for like I had or I lose my deposit and my roommate at the time who is like my roommate on our show factor that you never know the girl. He never saw universe. She was like. I think you should check out this play. Separatists forget like your video work, really feels like that, and I had never heard of it right. I was so like f sent out into the sea.
Yes, and I just didn't know like the one in the one that was on twenty the moment, the the weird sort of seats in the management of yours. I think I was pretty new their right to be, and I went by myself and decide once out of you know it's shall I saw it. I was like this right. This is it and I quit and eyes started there and that guy, I've had a fuckin roommate. Europe if it wasn't for that girl? I wrote her knee manners. I thank you for russia. she's, a little anecdote didn't end great with us, but that tidbit information. I she changed like that. I don't think I honestly don't think about. None of my enzo comedy I mean all my friends are comedy now, but no, What would have happened if you didn't get that typically information, you would have great, went, come crying and just sort of like gotten it
yeah, probably your your dad's office or something for awhile. Will I wasn't emmon illustrator teaser. I think maybe I would have done that instead, try to, I was trying to be an actor still, but it was such a direct correlation between me being so like fuck this, but I wanted to be a dramatic actor, or rather the mammoth right, and I was in fact what am I doing in sheep. That was such a clear. Like turn, lack. A cable could have total different tartars comedies, a portal into all of that here, like in they given sketch or seen. You can be the dramatic one yeah I so, let's go now to your journey to new york. What happens your drummer. You got cold brother, you writing, sketches you doing musical stuff you're very of digging around and what is that the white light moment ellie cost and why you and I'm like ok I'll, go there to wear and effect the for acting dislike to like go and be in the city m. He's lake allegiance
stella remember when they were making videos and shit stella over when it was down in the basement at the time? Cafe? Oh yeah right I, for me I mean that's. Actually that's who I was going into the city to see was Stella her example mine. When I could get in there that's a big room in the basement, and they had blue playing the music. Then they'd have the comics on yeah and, like I I I'm more just saw them like do whatever just like. I grew up with the state, or is that still was that Are you I mean now? I d I did I didn't. I was really little young where it run whenever I liked it. You not watched at later, but am they're gone in other areas. We are to me. I was like arrow that was like. Oh it's not just as a now and then ellie was like. There's this theatre operates at its brigade. We should take classes when you're here when you're in the sitting. What's yours,
and two thousand early two thousands post nine eleven though yeah like two thousand three or something you're like what nineteen in two thousand and three I'm like sixteen do math and then I'm like okay in two years, I'll graduate and I'll come to the city and we'll do that but like to my and some like I'm gonna, be a psychologist unanimity. So I shall say that is the goal we all like that working. Well, between comedy my own therapy and nervous breakdown and site classes. It was like it truly a cohesive, occasion and, like all, was right. You know a real nervous breakdown of panic attacks. I mean her breakdown was like a career shifting like an old dream, breaking janius like yeah like anxiety to measure like little mania. Might you know standards too yes to introduce at yesterday's? So I was like
Just college was like my job and comedy where'd. You go to college and while you're there, for you went the whole run yeah you gotta finish. I had to get a degree like my parents, I dunno they just like they. They wanted that and gave it to them, and they like got me to the city. So I was like using it like fulfilling their thing and fulfilling my thing right and then, yes, I started taking classes with your brother yeah with my brother, but also like we were doing. We we produced shows together at your cv, yeah we had this one show that was awesome. High school talent show that was just sketches and people. It was just like a variety show. People would come into their sketches, but you know we also were like finding our own voices and I liked it some stand up and
we're just running around the city. You know that that particular time in your seeing shows every night doing shows every night it was so fine. It was it was by college and that had by that time, yo comedy detached itself entirely free, mainstream com you have and so like that was the altar I've seen in new york, like there were still the seller and stand up, but that was not the world has received right. Will the new gene and yeah yeah and tisdale and yeah exactly we're never going. I never went to those big comedy clubs. No, no, of course yeah. I know I that is all generation. I long time you accept it, but you know what I'm acts as a weird thing now: I know you will they were trying to do, I'm an odious. You were there I was, I heard an iron thing were mere comics, like sometimes our member, go either way, but they were integrating alternative acts into the shows it comics china make like anymore. He got into comedy when, like I like you, you didn't answer with those good
Well, ok, so you were really good. You blew me away or pass really fuck and honest, but you had just gotten divorced failures: I was. I was already russia comedy honesty. Radio gradually, and it was amazing, oh good, but new idea, but it wasn't like it was like when it was amazing. Your was I don't get. A lot of the lessons are rarely area. Amazing argue we got into comedy when it started being like old upward. We hardly we started at the eggs like the exact same time, but now no each year restarted, like the following two thousand set doing stand up for you talk Would you take your glasses submitted in performing like like forming teams and like a lotta, did more sent up, and I would do like cart like stand up. What kind of us, as a version of like right. Extra lies yandah, almost like your videos of so you did a character.
In a way yeah, but like right, aversion yeah, you needed the character a little bit yeah. So what are your cars If you believe that I have had poor in here and besser and in some of the original you see be people now that I've add people who were who went through the he be programme into the growlings programme, but, like you see be now, is like the The training ground fur fur comedy in alone way? So what you will is the environment there cause I miss it. I go do stand up shows sometimes, but I don't have a sense of that. I know I've talked about this with people, but I don't remember so tell me again. What is it that you cause? You sign up for classes and it's primarily improv right and then you just stay there until you meet people at sketch, Oh, you can take such tier writing an exact again. The main track as like, take the classes one or one through fora
The little know they weren't. Now vera won an dam and then you, like addition until you get on a herald or a mud tomorrow, and then you there's this like track at second, a mini college and I also say like it has grown exponentially since we started to earlier. I don't really know the temperature there, but like it's like a school in their walking into a like small college needs nuts. I feel like it's probably somewhere to when you doing stand up and you meet this. Can you it's almost like you're paying to meet a community was the worst thing about them. This community, rather than you're, doing, stand up and you're just meeting them from going shows. The rise like we are, go you're like going every week to train, but you are training and you're lying these principles, but also you you have a theatre. That's like your feels like a home base for you. You can go every night and then you can go to other offshore.
sure eyes, and it was like it was. Thank god I like do. You know any one in new york and all of a sudden, you have the whole world year. What the difference is its collaboration withstand ups. Here we have a community but we're all ever like www. What kind of world beating each yeah yeah yeah do in bits. Lodgings origin well did not even winds, were you sort of like you know, that's what that guy doing. I had it not into it, but there was never a sense of like you know we should I'll get together and you know and put a thing together yang like about sent up, though, as I could in provisos debates too, but I like and stand up when you dislike leaning against the wall and you're like in the shadows and somebody's performing, and then you like talk about like the darkest shit as distinctly as possible of what on that. I, like that link. Very real about stand, are very good at levelling everything, yeah yeah yeah there's a cynicism to do about it. After years of talking to people in here, grown to really appreciating and surrender some of my old guy. You know
and up warrior bullshit about do in how comedy really works because you're, having done a tv Joan actually having the opportunity to collaborate in on a radio show too, like I love it, but I would never have thought to do, as I say, and up the eu now to manage a sort of there's an isolation to stand up, and yet so I you know. I think it's amazing that near when you go to some place, like you see, being while these things are learning how to write direct produce perform in innately, because are sort of like wagon idea. Let's execute the idea. We as we do that site. It's an aging. Thank you. It's like you wanna, be it is amazing, but also creating that space is amazing, like what you ve done with your pod casual, give created this space and brought like the podcast like anew level where, like polar, I mean the original you see before like will now.
never know what literally building that alt community in new york feels like. They brought that like chicago thing to new york, they created, like some alternative to snl. There's like one thing to be like in the channel and to like really appreciate the path someone's like carved, but then also you kind of have to and then honestly, like us with the web series, the original four I liked that is that how they are referred to. They used to be forty before, but the interesting thing about them is like when, when they came around at first, they were just in a group. and then they started doing things on their own and then they open the first theater and I dont I dont know If your intention was in terms of building an empire but they'd built their own space, and then I think the the school came later, but they needed a place to work and then then they, then the attention came to the original four and then it became a showcase for people and then it just
what? But they were just you know like you, they were just sorta like we're in the city yeah we were like it was so inspiring to us. So we started doing broad city the series, because we could not get on these herald teams or mod teams like we could not We ll improvisation warriors, and here we were like doing we thought we or do we have been on a simple team for two years, like a bunch of dudes, performing at like under ST marks in different theaters and could not get we were like fuck. This is like the way we can get on you? Wouldn't you or you can get on now or mine, which is the sketch. We were just like that what and really ongoing like we're, not showing the cut now, cracked and so actually inspire in, because we can get on. We created the thing because we are linking what fuck we're funny you this, but also that's what they did. I love you driven by spite
it was like you, I, like spite spite now. I would also like was also inspired by them. Begin. Also, wasn't the you see before being like you can't get on with it. was like other norbert they Therefore, I would like our thereon spot to and that's why they re there right. So we were like which risk where he's gonna do our thing, like our friendship on this team and just hanging out, we like there's some here, we're We are just this. This banter funny india and just started making his views because we were gonna, like you know, do characters, are we just one like make something nina that wasn't gonna just disappear after the moment you fuckin tat yeah, but then that that turn of being like montraville was bad ass. We relate, which is like that's very sort of like new first person. Experiential, honest. You know the things in your talking about that you grab it it towards right. So what worthy of what we had? You shoot the web series who had the camera there. Is this thing
might success caught the improv resource centre, a really which was like an old like beta site, alexander lack the group. in her and it won't. You can post a few I'm duenna under a short film, how staying or I'm looking for also the board. Yeah, mostly you see, be kids, and we found this like there's like video services- and I was like others is our friend rob is like looking at. Do this one rob for the first season directed like most of the websites, the episodes of the website of the serious, how long were there I think ten eatin, so there are to be held on ten of eighteen. Thirty, eight in total on the web address in their along with bits three to five minutes for their sketch. They were singular. Sketches me was like ideas. We like that this I have the notebook that when we first met with and like, I remember that one of our first thoughts was like
We are meeting, we just wanted to get bacon egg cheeses, fasten the meal or wouldn't make them after eleven like we couldn't find a sandwich, a eggs, this bacon, odin, fine and morgan dallied emanates from these stupid rules as though it's like liquor, I'll turn running at eleven yeah in certain regions, where eggs with the other eggs explode after on at a lower lion. Just conversation make either on right. Let's just will do like every sketch will be; and we started like rain, should like. We didn't realize that we are creating a world. but then, later after two years of making thirty five videos it was like shit like were these are all slices of a world of a larger and where some of the the themes of the comedy central show serve start to happen like you, bed bath and beyond the open window.
Three, you know you're thwarted control freakin as your sort of like you know, like yeah, adventurous, nelson and somewhat term inspired. What would you call stone or I mean all based on I just like it. I did what you and then they all those things are based on like some sort of seed of one of us right. My mom worked up about them beyond when I was a kid and so like she was friends with all the though workers were but like I didn't, have hands with them bright and I was like, but you knew the world, but my roommate, like my other roommate through my mom, would send me these coupon right. So I had an envelope of like fifty bed bath and beyond coupons cause. I couldn't afford to buy shit but
when I can, I will go and buy all the shit at one and I came home from work one day and he was like, so I got rid of your coupons, they all expired and I was like you don't expire, they don't fucking expire and so like we, you know we had. We had this Google doc from when we had made the web series, and that was like this elaborate spreadsheet of like conversations moment. it's anything that we thought was funny. We would add in this Google doc that we shared and so throw of you out in your world doing other things you just kind of posted on then you'd sit and go through it yeah and it's just like you know what can't you let go of what like keeps cracking, right now, the idea of how can we give that so my roommates boy friend, on the show, of course, is how to throw away the envelope rife.
the airlines doesn't know the fuckin thing here and like this also hannibal had been in the web series and we we caught up pitch the show with him in mind with gambling in mind. Just all the end, then laser the rumour that yeah and then, although some oh yeah, john gambling relays levers but, like you know these, like cells of spreadsheet, sort of connecting to characters and round the world started coming together. Also like even just like talking to me about it. I remember this comment start to happen. Amy was an hour finale web series of a wireless router is where we were trying to get. But when did you get like, I know you're at the school and your having yo issues integrating into these groups were winded Amy power say, like you reckon with you. When did she be like? What are you guys up to have that happened? Did in wheat just asked her to be a reality at the webs areas we just like got in touch with her and it was like she's. Never
So ass to being in it lets you that could be an hour how she had really touched me. What did you say like we had already been generationally? Our teacher had been her student and our teacher. We asked him to a teacher of ours and reality to which were well heinz and hee hee. It's gonna directs a web pursued and hold out last minute, and we took our shit so fuckin seriously area and we were so upset and he was like we like, he was guph. I fuckin, oh you one and then, when it came to it, well, people like me were like in a dog number that team, so do you think she'd ever be do it. You know we, like were alike I had written a pilot, we were like we're going to go out and pitch this. As a show. This was like spring of twenty eleven we were like we wrote a pilot, we're going to end the web series and it was like a bag. The right and that's when we reach out to Amy just to be in the finale of the web series, and then we were going to go that summer out here, try and pitch it. But then, when we met her, it was like a clicked so hard. We had this
which body of work we had the pilot ready. She asked about you guys everything, but this for t weren't, even on her radar, really until you asked she said yes to be in the web series she was like. I would love to have seen it. I would love to have died. We were like this fucking. Crazy. Never matter I just saw her. It used like per were Where did you learn that I guess you are and that you are in that it used to be that you can write a pilot, goats, trying salad in los angeles, where you get we had a manager who was a whose per name sam safer. She was extremely good at melia, good guys, you gotta, do shit, yeah, encouraging and like crystallizing, the weather now so what so amy was like did the last episode and and then she was like. What are we doing you? You know amy, no yeah, so you know she's, like she's, like you guys, have a you guys thing about this
the t v and we're like we're thinking that wrote a pilot. You know that little like a little lip thing, so she's like thinking about it's doing on it, and then we like men up after we had done the look added the episode so fast as we used to have these parties to premier like just from your party too, I mean we had like out of wherever the ear and seemed to be like tat was a season. We say here you know, and while this is a season were telling you so we like made these parties were. We have searching for him ball John Freeman, who were innocent shaw. They were, they were in the season. Succumb to stand up will show that you know what I'm where serious credential was in there so yeah, yeah yeah, and then for that finale. We were like
and amy the video, and we were like that, hurt her weber sewed and we were like it. It people went nuts, everybody fucking loved it and if we're like planning on selling this, we have a pilot. If you're, if you would ever be available and interested in being touch to produce it. We would love to work with you and we were like yeah no way, but we have to actually be doing parks. The mighty b she had just had her able her. Second kid mean. We didn't think that she was gonna, do it at all, and jenny was like I would left here. I mean that we need a stronger. We were like, what the we I mean I Helen she was like and she was it you the middle? Nowhere alone we had worked at the same job. Oh year, then I wanna show works at a group on kind of company and allow quitter job, no euroclydon Winnie mean was gonna, be in the way web series
right. I there's something I like new. I mean I give him six weeks known as those really steer, and I the same man, my many, but I told em a good girl, you're crazy, but I was like I didn't. I knew it, I knew it was cumuli You know that's interesting. It's a it's, a weird that man Were you like number amnesia business for reels, a weird moment, because, like your time, even if you do have supportive in good parents, you know they instil this. This basic sort of need for security. Yeah like what are you doing right right, whose Amy power, yet they were This is it. This is exciting butter. Are you making money. beyond that? Even what area, even still it's like, could still have that job ring sure they never let it go. They ain't just because they don't they're, not if you're not seinfeld day, don't get yeah.
No one knows my talk to my friends. I don't watch it's not for them, but, like our parents actually got on board like during the web series, because it was just like. we were also working. We had like jobs here. It was just like good and there was something palpably building there and then with Amy. Then they like flipped and like got it yeah and then so we came out here. I thought that when we had planned to, but now Amy was like in the room with us. It was a very different with the pot with the violence, and but when you did that those parties are those showcases or the for the web series was primarily in industry type, a showcase, her sister party. Now it just as all my friends, but did they we come now. While we are, there was no virus now go nowhere. and a web series like the list member, my phone, you know how I have everyone's phone numbers yeah. So when we were doing the webster's, we tried to like reach out to people and a friend of mine was a casting director for the food network, and she had this list here and so on. My phone now
I have like every one cause. She I downloaded it and I, like everyone's phone number in the in hollywood effect now Dave Becky, but like Abby, had his number like twenty five years no. I'm really was loaded least fuckin contact. we try to environment. Did the detractors keys number from years ago. You have you been with them. If you know we're now your joy he produced no and because I am sitting because you are so young person now no don't have a manager. No, like he's producer raymie, that's what they're dissolve is not yet his name, I being ass the ass. Yet he is like one of those fuckin light thing that you branda keyser murky has now puts it like the car are you hung out with him? He is excitable guy, like you guys, what music you like. My hair, like I, I c thomas haden church when I think of him,
oh, really he's a little more amped up. Then thomas said that Becky's, like an excitable puppy, sometimes yeah. It's quota like not work with him, because it's just like I love you yeah yeah yeah. You can like him yeah yeah, it's funny, though I can't picture him in new york he's such a like Kelly dude. You are these guys their job like it took me a long time to understand how show business works. You know, and you know that it's a business, an ear and he was like pre slick. Then I mean he's loosen up now he was always into music. That was always the thing I he was really friends with a friend of mine, who is a music manager and almost seem like that was what he was more info, impersonally, but he never got involved with the eta. We could still enjoy that. He has the luck he looks like he should be. Immunity loves music out. There is a real power back guy, but but here he looks like he had he had shorter hair. It yeah he's to cooperate back, only work, faint light back before you. He he earned the right.
Be casual at all times the suits yet every oh yeah becky with pre slick man. and then he relax back to his is the stadiums to be quite so season. Three starts this wednesday, ten episodes yeah and you give you've been given the opportunity to work. Like I look at the guest stars like I know, laddies people now, I said, whereas I love I love sophomores. More solidarity is great dratch great Matt Jones is great and he grabs going to read the rest. Armisen is great, but Bob bauer been yeah holy fuck, I mean, like it's like, I wanted to meet jack Susie ass men and barbarity, ban susie. I'm not as long as mom is, I think, short win, some sort of oh she's, when she went towards our times, emphasising its no, I don't think there's ever been a better pairing of mother, daughter
We thought about it for your needs insane you ve got a body are website raising. That was crazy, that that materialise, because we thought about her for you, because you are wrong curb I'm just like they just like it's just bizarre we're just like so alive. Did you ever go see her do stand up? Yeah she's fucking, hysterical yeah. She is hysterical and she's now, like so she's like over it for stand up, please, as it still taking a break yeah but she's like she's like over it, but I think she will will she is as people that had been around forever on in your comedy scene and white is like one in my generation, which I think is that I'm a little younger than her, maybe but like when you see people at that point in their career, get a break by kerber all of a sudden, the world, the me I'm your eye out, so tat great yeah, you know, but what was bob was eve, was fonder, easy life? He says a great he's like gentle and
so funny, yeah and very much just like you know that percinet you see his like funny and interesting is very interesting. Like now A lot of shit like wants to talk about a lot of stuff he's a great on a set he's married actor he's like one of those people who, yeah. You know how much fuckin midnight cowboy cause like are: he was like he was the guy's, a job that blows John boy the bathroom theme now yeah holy shit. I gotta watch my guide. You didn't have any eyeing the gate and have any money in these. Are you gonna hurt my god, how the hell am. I gonna watch that again, that's yeah No for someone who has been in everything you know our show now is not like big pretty well have like a big production. It's like bob's, not then they all know
get such rightly does the uno trail. They asked a royal thing. There were four scale and narrow, like hang in with us, while we're like resetting up like like what they like to work ass. Anxious makes me like a like there. You get to see people like some of that he's been in fucking everything and he can just the peace fine with that children. But that's the amazing thing about having the opportunity to do your own show, because I didn't know that either and I've talked before I did my show. I talked to a lot of people in here a lot of actors and stuff, but when you're actually casting there's that moment like that, guy would do it yeah The court will directors the euros we raise our beheld it to replace in our mind, because see them in movement, but ultimately, depending where they are with their career, what you are or what they're doing on a day to day basis there like I'd like to work right- and this seems media and they seem fine in there just that? That's a job. I now it's my blowing the media because one work asking them I die. that guy from all those movies, we can just have him, come in and read for this or just cast them like yeah, yeah, he'll work, and I'm like what, because they're like super
yeah right while and there like. Suddenly your play thing, failure to do well, yeah and you can see their genius and they bring to it everything that you want usually crazy. I do want to say one thing or maybe a couple things, because when I, first watch part of the show and it first came out like a measure. I get this thy, neither grape not sure I get in there As I watch more the thing that you know it's when those who think you're shows what you do have to get the hang of it back, there groove to a that, specifically yours and its. It is little generational for me, but it is its comedy so like is I had from, The arrested development too, if you dont, lock in and sort of like it's like playing a record of you times like once you get to you or the north sea is in you, I get there. I get the groove, but like the especially with the pilot into the first, he said right right right exactly you also like as committed performers and as something I experience and I watch other committee. Performers you're, not gonna, get caught
you're, just going to have to take the hit for a few episodes. You know in your mind like this is going great, but it's going to get better, there's nothing. I can do to make that happen any faster other than get comfortable and the more you get comfortable. You acknowledged then you're like its golden, but with the winding that I thought was amazing is that there is a lot of about new york city and its in its really celebration of new york city as you guys live in it now and there's a lot of not that I remember from when I was living there and there's a very specific things. That somehow or another You ve managed to make new again, which is a great testament to the talent of you, guys that I'm sitting there like, You know watching that washington square drug bit, and I might not know where this is gone. Am I oh, I didn't didn't go where I thought it was. I thought you were going to get burned that just a media without legacies buying drugs and washing square. We evolved on that and you get home like this is in part, but then it lighter
then it goes, and I don't know where you thought it was going to die, but you're, just gonna go, get some bad weed and smoke in any ways, and it was like a spice you're just garbage and where at least a second, confused like mighty. I was like she's going to insist on smoking in any way and then try to figure out. What are you guys are higher now and you just sit and guide no bite, but that didn't happen, but that just wrote a sketch, but it's so funny, but they when been then when he thought eurozone have with as a funny turn and there's a lot of that stuff in their. Where I didn't know exactly. How was going to a lot of the a that comes. If you're using such funny actors too, it's so cool to hear you say that what you just said about the show, because you're such a like your like such a prolific comedian. So you watching it and not expecting what is about. Happen is like she has totally god, because I was also looks like that. A worse you can watch examples can find. No, I its value and, like I love that that, like ah that's what you know, that's what we hope, even if it's a little,
but like the weird thing about me is why come like it hard for me to do to sort of get sketch in general you you know. like if I watch as now might learn to them by their these. these ways you like there might not be a joke but there's a repetition that becomes funny. So I have to contact utilizing and in a lot of it you know you even when you know the dead, the dogwalkers absurd in the mail thing you going to that place where it's just that, lady, like metaphor, in semantically yeah that that emotionally makes sense to make, as is that feeling in there there. The idea of you had ever go pick something up at fedex and you're in queens yeah go over there by the monetary yeah, voicing its anywhere, is only during working hours. It's inside yeah, but, like all those things
cause and also because you drawing from the energy and the possibilities of new york city. You know it's it's. It must be an incredibly exciting to people like who don't have any experience of new york city that you're able to sort of. You know like it's funny, because you watch your show and you I I saw that block on louis show, like there's this world of comedians operating at with new york. As a backdrop, that's really in celebration, the city which I always like yeah thank you yeah, I just wanna say thank you for saying it because I got caught the other thing. I want to say that I think is great about the show. Is that, like there there's a lot of things that try to overcompensate with with them. Yet what they're doing with you with gender and ethnicity and sexuality, and you guys I'm from generation on our living in a new york, were that's doesn't even need to be addressed. It just is, and I think that's a great thing I think that you know also, like you know, there's something about someone brought up that there is. You know the I dunno I you know I don't throw around the word feminist or anything else, but there's
a sort of comfort to having you know, young women voices that are that confident and and not afraid to be a filthy and swear, the and sherry and forty that I already foresees a heap of goods lotta that regarding right off the bat and gross yeah, but it's with its import. We settled party rear it is we watch doing that one and a half years, and we will occasion like on what have we done. But you're doing down here today, but see that honesty that we're talking about before somehow or another like you, know that for years for no reason other than cultural identification and and and sort of like posed roles that just became what it is that there
was not that dialogue or that that world of women, that is, that fucking, you know just human and shitty scared, I'm glad you guys are human. She had hank, And fire he gets the swearing in putting things. In your view. We all yours, you're, lay your talk Bobby I can about. Vienna anyhow describing what are perfectly for well, good luck with it very curious pleasure. Talk in this satisfies our pleasure. Thank you for that answer, and an honor, I was born. I like em, enjoy their show? I play some guitar me get it set up.
yeah Then that hmm boomer lives.
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