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Episode 683 - Sacha Baron Cohen

2016-02-22 | 🔗
You know Borat. You know Bruno. You know Ali G. But you probably don’t know much about Sacha Baron Cohen. The man himself sits down with Marc in the garage to talk about what goes into bringing such rich comedic characters to life, why he was drawn to comedy in the first place, and what’s next, with his new movie The Brothers Grimsby on the horizon.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the voters, what the fuck bodies, what the popularity? come to the show. I am Mart marin. This is We d have my pod gas. Thank you for joining. I appreciate it I am excited today, show, as you should is well it's a special show, my friends, a pretty special oh yeah, oh because you wanted, Do a conversation I had with such a barren cohen. Who does I do, many public conversations not out of character and usually those are short but tat. We talked for long time seem like was ready to talk about some stuff and it was pretty yeah
pre fascinating man, it was, it was pretty fascinating. I really didn't know what was going to happen. I'm glad I had the opportunity to do it up. only he he retorted. Defied or requested to to do it by under his in england. I accusation Oh, he goes out and when he has a movie coming out, which he does he goes out and as a he does some stuff, but he usually as it damn does as does it, as you know, gain character of some sworder he's got a stick. And not this time. People that's a kiss guess. That's what I'm trying to tell you not this time the comedian, anne and writer, peter beynon, british fellows friend of a I told them tat he had do the shown he came over a couple. We, ago, and we sat in here and I gave him some coffee and he got lit and and- and we went at it, it was. It was really great.
It was one of the things where, when somebody creates, I think that damn that's asha has created a couple of real cultural masterpieces. Unreal comedy masterpieces, with the with bore at and bruno and the alley g stuff, and then he's done stuff that has such a punch to it. It is so this role and so immediate, also There are driven bite but revealing a lot satirical about tat all the people in our culture in any aid, just you're amazing contributions to the world of comedy and satire he's got a new movie coming out comes out march, eleventh god, the brothers grimsby, which is a narrative film, a prettier citing india goofy high Britain is kind of a
action movie and do this movie with some of the most crass they'll make joke experiences that day, I think you'll ever see That's what he's pushing the buttons in this one, but The bottom line is, I didn't know what to expect. and we had a very full rights. enjoying conversation a comedy about art, about education, about new little about religion, about the power, of comedy and why we do it and I don't know man, it was. It was fighting for me because I don't I don't know about you. All. I've always wanted to know what was inside that guy in were drove him in, and I got his coat You're gonna get the way to getting some answers. So that's coming up in a few minutes. It's you know. His commitment to characters is, is astounding.
and you as I talk to him about you, how he puts his characters together. Why put those characters to get what I found out about him and you ll find out. HU as you listen to what is that he loves the rush. a real comic, You know he he didn't day he's a natural but you'll. Be sir I too wish to how he trained and what he really wanted to do and what the What is the real intent of of his movies and his characters and it's not unlike a comedian somebody does things that are provocative. Somebody who takes the risk of putting themselves out there in front of other people in or in situation for that for them, genuine that juice yemen. me, I just I think about that. Alot I've been thinking about that about in relation to my life and how long do have the web and what's really happening and what choices my making. What I to do what do. I don't need to do at this point at this juncture in the history of me,
who am I it's weird man, because I come full circle. a lot of times? I. I'll go years where I feel like I'm I've may day strides have in some areas, but the same shit in my head. You know you just you hit the cycles. If you have these moments, where you realizing holy fuck, am I just a collection of tics and habits or a rapid? issues of behaviors and actions that circle back around its raising the limitations that you find yourself and then, when you talk to somebody like Sasha who, as is freedom of of talent, to immerse himself in characters on purpose, It seems very liberating to me because a lot of we just become the characters we are in as a reaction situation where in I guess my point is that, for I'd say, don't be too hard on yourself of your freak inside and just say I maybe maybe some of that will come out unhealthy where he and maybe so,
that shit, I'm just going to have to live with and die with. There is no wide open man. There is, you know, bites of pretty fragile place. It's a pretty fuckin rough world. I do think I did get. Certainly more than I expected and had a great conversation with a guy. There has been. privately, hiding behind characters for a very long time so enjoy my talk now with such a baron I am very happy to hear. You seem like an elusive character, yet what today now in general, you, you are like us, not it s, like your rare on a very aware, a rare animals of the sort, we're like a yet he exactly. Who is that guy? Does he do anything outside of the thing number louis became yes, you I heard you intervene, punctuality
yeah. What's him with yemen? Conversation conversation combination he actually, he wants came We employed him for two days to work in peru, knife that movie it may be added. How did you really like? Did he do why a lot of it was, I don't, have you ve seen the film? gay, australia character. I know the character and in it he has a transformation goes. He goes into self hatred and he becomes an ultimate Him aside and said louis came in just for that kind of transition bet, and he was saying it was a lot of advice on how I could build up muscle so he pays. We have a lot of weight, this brilliant comedian, a lot of it was like if he just you know, when you're talking to people just just seen I lift through the coals continually while you're talking yeah, Actually he came out- is that you should do something in the ultimate fighting arena that eight gap with that
we should do something in there, I don't they quite have what we act can do that, but that was it the kind of brainwave off. It is something that would be great. Stick a gay man and in the end, that was that was sort of harry seen writing that almost caused troubled in it? Yes, that was a tricky. Seen actually was turkey, because so we right there salary came any had the idea of the ultimate firing nea and then I'm with friend anaheim sees this great, bold writer, about working for eighteen years from Britain yeah we're thinking, em you now we want to finish the movie. Serena like a normal romantic comedy. Has the guy proposed tat? They go in a stadium for the simple at fans night It's an apron, already open your eyes on the video we there all right. Let's do there, let's have with the sports fan yeah, but let's do it and ultimate fighting arena Let me make out with a guy yeah. So
So we wrote in the script arrival going to do this and is going to turn into a riot and we knew Pierre security issue here. You know like how do you see you you know of you have been to see an ultimate fighting nigh. It's not, if did It all doesn't go well with comedy general comedians dunwoodie from no, I mean more than europeans like an actual announcer, several joe, ireland is an act. Isa meaning is actually unannounced wrote them exit out. My thing I won t I and deal with it. Ironically, I just being around you have that much alpha mail in santiago, just kind of creeps me out. little bit, so they don't know they. They they don't know your character. Men and I said basically I thought: how do I get out? They were going to have two thousand rednecks. We want to have a riot, but how do we get out there? and they would leave in red next or more browser, more sort of muscle brows right. Well, we did it. The first when we did was in texas camera, which had been too once before, takes our countries any famous. For one thing,
they put an african american man, while one person important aftermath man behind a pick out right, that's her until he died. Today that's the towns that almost like wrestling things their recognising its an extra implies that basic if they're on the day and the question a we, we were two hundred people short, we couldn't didn't, have the two thousand and one of the judges was a worked at a prison yeah at jail, yeah and he said er. I can get two hundred guys and suddenly two hundred guys come out there on parole and these guys had swastikas on their heads. Visa yeah, yeah yeah says pretty get crazy. So basically do the I'm by my lawyer beforehand, because what to make a well well, Firstly, firstly studio, we did it through this they got embassy and they go they get, which is when you sign this document. I go with this delicate and its base in insurance policy that, if I get killed during
my dear did they get their money, reimburse somebody why I've! Never! I gotta have never to sign this, but what? If they go to sign it plays otherwise we won't make the movie. So you get to the thing, and I have this I perform on the phone with my lawyer. I've got this great lawyer who basic lie. Is this a gay southern man he's a genius and first amendment? He lives in india and he has had happened Well, he kind of moved to an ashram he's like a dude. Okay and he's got fifteen lawyers working for him and whenever we're in trouble, we call up and they're like oh in the case of smith, whether this data rock and did their accounts, that indemnity so we killed them of any. It's really good for us, because we can call him up late at night and the experts say has fifteen guys one guy, just arkansas attacks
All constitute an old constitution, first amendment law, and so they get a case all right, disliked twelve things. You need to know none of these laws. Can he break you? Don't the big one was he said whatever you do, you know, don't don't incite a riot right because that's a federal offense. You know if you're crossing a state line to incite a riot, then that's punishable. You know by minimum I think three years and it's a federal offense, though the chicago seven world, for our ripe at you. But you would not do it sort of a grey area. I mean it's not what you wanted to do yet the problem was. It was what I want a writer eyes. It's a problem because I am crossing a state line in order to incite a riot at the end, because I know it'll be great thing to move insanity, yeah and so we're about fifteen thinks he's had whatever you do. You know. So we went through the nudity laws and they decency
what city yeah we had two like? Let people know that there would be nudity so as result result. I had this poster printed, which had like you know, kills him bikinis, really hot cows, him he's going, there will be new to tee and rule twenty five, eight others, even the gun, it was male nudity and then there were about fifteen stipulations of light. You know I can kiss him on the mouth. I can kiss one the nipple I can't put finger in his rectum right. He can play say open at palm on my yoga cheek, but not the moment. It gets within two centimeters of the rectum you're done. That said, basically all console ended up being one of the only places in america. We could get away with it because there was some of the indecency laws were kind of framed wrongly they put the punctuation in the wrong place really, and so essentially, we
but we could win in it in a court case if we want, if you put a finger, interact and well known, even those would still be alive, but the idea of kind of making out megan out with a guy, I am being almost naked with eta, and but so what ended up happening and how the hell did you get out of there because it was. It was bad right. Yes, it was pretty bad, so I interviewed a bunch of security guys before Annika. Alright, here's your set up, I'm in an ultimate fighting, cage, two thousand guys they get angry yeah, I'm going to make out with a guy. How do you get me out and the seven guys
failed and am one guy came. You had to tell them the joke at me. I told you the old, my security guy, we're her. I've been a guy came back. He just been in afghanistan but can cause. I am he said all right, sir. You know trap door and he said that the only way to get out which is trapped, or so we built a trap door in the cage, and then this guy, when he shouted, go, go go the rule was I had to go right so also for the night he like you know they hide like eight security, guys to be around the cage they like there's no way. Anyone is getting in that case, like great. So we take these interesting actually because we're doing the scene, where you nitrates in a real environment right and it's the end of may be set- has to work and it
So our aim is I've got to make at my boyfriend's going to come into the arena into the ring. I haven't seen him for six months. I become this homophobe disgusting guy called straight dave here and he's going to see me I'm going to fight him. He beat the shit out of him and then, when I'm going to give him the final deathblow, I'm going to kiss him. Instead, my it breaks my heart right right, I'm gonna make law yet and there's gonna be a riot. That's the aim and at the end of the navy, and so we have to do with the one opportunity today and I say: listen just guess it doesn't work, let book another place in arkansas, the ny off the sight of it.
I passed her kitten with the general and the rain lady. I love that one shot over on blows. If you d get it's over, so I get there and I made a mistake. I made a mistake which was in the writing. This shows you when seen is wrong in a scene is right, Now it so we there and I'm stride data come on. You forgot every lot it up and I care drunk and they of may, and why I called Kai who wants to fight me and my boyfriend comes into the room. I haven't seen him and first thing I do is I attack him and I beat him up and he's got fake blood in there and he's like a weak, looking guy, yeah and he's bleeding at the end
and the crowd stop booing me cause you're being a yak, some paying him up and he played it and he looks weak. And so I did the one thing that the lawyer told me not to do, which was. I challenge the audience to finance it all right, because I have been told by the because no way anyone's getting it. So I can come on any of your five one. I have such a kick out of a baby. I read your black and, and I need no one- can get in the cage and then that point I see like some kind of six four ten giant to fifty bound huge mass lay in the end, a tomb rum start running toward the cage. I go. There's no way this guy get. No. If I got security around it, I looked down the security gone they looking off. This big fight is broken out with the prison. Getting from the jail and there's no one that I go right now getting over this cage,
one hand to have any: does a flip lands does this summer? So let's unease huge disguise, ripped he's an ultimate violate all right and he it deserves in the air and the crowd rule and basic. At that point, I hague go go, go a jump out of the trap door my friend and he's right with the uk writer we're in this tunnel. So so we have a trap door. The trap door leads to a tunnel. The tunnel go straight to a car. That's got its door open with the engine running because we know if we gotta go, everyone's can run off. So I went and comes into this tunnel and he says I get back in their common sash get in there. the ring yet go back in the ring? I get this guy and these could kill me and only that they stop throwing met. Who chairs into the ring the guys. You know the dns anagram is getting their finished and leave a comment. We ve been working on this
If you've, two years finish, the movie go in his your boyfriend finished the maybe we go home. I can get a kill me. So I said to the body: god I go, I go alright pop your head in and, if I can get in without going to hospital, owl county hospital for long then I'll. Do it added gaizdorra, I agree, and so the prodigal puts his head in and it gets. Get out of. It was wrong, we jump in then so we drive a wind texarkana and word Zawoiski got out that I'm in town they know you know tat. They know it's me. It's two thousand people there who are looking for me. We can straighten causing we drive through our concern to the next place. The police find out about it. I a comment which town we went
so how'd you get that last shot. So I set up the same ring the next night. We had two thousand people the next night and what we did was we can put barbed wire on the top, because I have some way of stopping people jumping at em. So I put fake barbed wire on the top of the ring so that people psychologically wouldn't want to jump into the ring yeah, and then we had all the chairs kind of you know stock down with metal banana meadow chains, the gang, and yet we did at the next night to an unsuspecting. I unsuspected its. We had the police there there about fifteen cops there and yet the trap door, and every year we had the chapter on the base of the copse said. Listen, we know we heard about and texarkana where is our yet? If you break any of these laws, we arresting you serviceability and the police. Rather that had the cops there they get me if I break the law. If I
I get doors constantly just waiting for you to show your dick exactly and then you know the car and then I sort of just want to make sure that nobody got in and in the end, conor forty, what we changed the scene a tiny bit. So I realized that there was a problem with the same because I attacked him. The crowd booed me this time. I said you know I'm going to turn my back to the crowd and you're going to come punch me in the head and he did it and great because he was playing unfairly, the crowded on my site right. I then hit me hit me. He was tougher. I had some blood. and then the cloud wrong. I saw you and they were fully behind me. There it made. Him really hurt him and that's when I kissed him yeah and that's when they freaked out, but they couldn't jump over and then somehow saw him kiss him making out all the time. I'm thinking will the legal laws uno attack and stroke his office.
if he goes to put finger in my awesome and I will pull it away to a kite kissing of it and then at one point I see another chef. playing in it's a metal chair flying in and I'm thinking what the fuck is happening. What happened was somebody got a knife. and we saw luring through the chair business, so committed to her telling me and and the adventure, so I thought I'm lying on my back and I'm thinking. If I hold my co star tightly, I can move from left to right and dodge the chair yeah, but eventually, after two chairs, the I hit go, go go and the rule was once a kg ago. You have to get go into the yeah yeah, so go into the tano into the white car drive off. What we didn't think about, though, was that we had left the crew there with twenty ultimate fighters, who didn't know what was going on and were really pissed that the crew yeah and these two thousand guys there was it turned into this riot
and in the end I think it took about forty cops to march into there to rescue the crew. Did they get hurt? Anybody know I mean we had like Larry Charles who was the director yeah. He picked up the monitor. The monitor is really Heaven he has like threatening to smash people in the face of the monitor and they managed to get the all right but like when you working with Larry, and you guys know if this is going to happen. You know this shit is going to happen to me. I can see when you're talking about it, that there is a year. It's the excitement of a guy who jumped off a mountain and live deny the thrill of it. All I mean you're entering this situation, knowing full well that this shit yo is gonna, be on some level life or death right Why do you know where he knows that you know that yellow so like it was worth the risk to you? Obviously, but how much of that was we the reason you did it and how much of it was. You know, tat disorder, bakers, provocative. He's a film. I mean aid, almost things like extreme sports in itself. So it is the question whether we do
for the film or just the boss of india are here. That's a really interesting. Crushing. ok, I lay either you get to the heart of actually, which is so where we make in the film we're like ten guys on the road. This is for all for four bruno in border, the average user and you get addicted to the adrenaline once he beat the cops once near. You Ah, you know great. Let's look at that. We want to know what can we do now, then repeat: the fbi and then you know you stop winning if the I, with ali g, show in terms of getting access getting access, the free art walk on bull. At the f b I started following us: they got so many complaints. There was a terrorist or traveling in an ice. Yvan that really it was you know. If it was, you know we shot a to ten years ago say it was a couple of years after nine am when we actually said
It's interesting cause. That's like weird backstory. That really adds to the message of the movie that they were that paranoid that they did. Of course the terrorists would be a little fat guy in this guy, with in an ice cream truck exactly where the classic so the f b, I got so many complaints that they start. You know compiling a little follow the rise, and eventually they came to visit us at the hotel and we, you know I obviously went missing. You know when I heard cause they're like fb I's downstairs. Sasha disappear really yeah because EDA want me to be apprehended. I mean we had one time in new york when we met you have stayed in character. Well, the first time
I used to stay in character with the police yeah. The first time I think, was in sedona in arizona, and we didn't really have our shit together and we didn't know the law well enough, and so I thought this was with Bora yeah, with what we are seeing. The allergy show, and there was some kind of psychic masseuse who he was trying to get me to relax, has been very tense. He and I'm going to go out the room when I pardon my terrible american accent when I come back in, I want you to be relaxed. He comes back in and I masturbating while I'm asked thus vague under the cloth. right, so I thought, what's the big deal, he calls the police, so the police turn up. I met the next place and I'm alone yet and the police have surround. I feel I can pretend to be asleep. The police pull me out of this car and they start questioning me, And I'm gonna know what the problem is
What what exactly did you do? I got was touching my from making this lived movement against Sarah. What is from and I gave to me I'm bored I exit and then, as I stated might the crew wasn't around known, was around? and I went around by went to play my nose put my hand in my pocket. The guy put his girl, but she realised by the way, when you hear about these kind of african american kids getting shot. You ve gotta, be so well trained to not get shot right here and now all right so easy right now is gonna blow my nose and where I was gonna shoot me what sort of like you sort of deal with that in the new movie when you finally get the gun, yes, is that maria, oh, when you yeah, when you want shoot, yeah agreements God is going to use it right and so I hand that we handed over the tape actually because we didn't receive the problem, they wanted the tape they said stay here, you're going to have to going to have to come.
I can arrest you and what we didn't realize was we caught up the lawyer, our lawyer in india, and he said: simulating masturbation in arizona is a crime and it's two years imprisonment and actually, I think, m R Kelly went to jail for that one of the things when the devil, and so we said, though, okay, what do we do and he said, get on a plane right now get out of harris, because they got they ve got the evidence you re over the tapers, the worst thing you could ever the right, but also again going back to it. So there is some party you you even though you the conceit in the structure of of what this character was capable of in provoking a social message or satirical message, but. There were some other party that was like. How far can we pushed to the law? Yes, I became very exciting. Well everything. I've ever tonne. Lorries have immediately said the knee. Jerk reaction has been its
go, we can't do that in what the hell yeah they do, that with everything that you are not just the air on the side of like don't do that exactly I mean look is there rain and I have to always. You know, explain it to this of heads of the as well. She does is the Amy eloise does not tell you what's legal, it's to prevent your company from getting sued right and it was in poor at we ended up getting sued. I think you know one hundred and fifty times bought. I ended up being very beneficial for fox and because you knew you were okay yeah we were alright. We knew we were on the right side of the law that they still got to pump some money into. You know making that clear:
still have to go back now in that capacity. Are a thousand dollars a second yes, exactly where you get insurance for our they get. You know for the kind of lawsuits say in the script, writing stage of the movie. It's all about. You know what would make the greatest may vary and what might the back? Not the greatest will make the best, but yes there is that problem and obviously in a criminals, must have the same thing as well, which is that once the adrenaline kicks in you get addicted to the adrenaline me and that's when you start making silly mistakes in the the crew would say, come on. Let's just do this and do that. You know and that's when actually people can stalking her to arrested, isn't interesting, because that momentum, like especially Bora because that's sort of a masterpiece- and you know anything- and you know- and it's it's considered that and he deserves it and it did show a lot of us- have more about our country and and also was hilarious and whatever. But the idea that you know that it
If people aren't inherently prejudice, they are inherently. You know complacent that they you're out of politeness, they'll, go ahead and sing. You throw the jew down there. Even in that move, even in their moment like even get the feeling that what what is it? well the anti semites. It's actually a room full of fucking hicks that are sort of like well. This gloves indulge this guy, you know, but- I decided that the the the flip side, that is dangerous, is what you're talking about, which is where you get a group of people that get so adrenaline by the possibility of starting shit. Let us she had happens, yeah there's a few interesting issues. He brought up because you're right through the g down the well, you know what is it really shag? Does it and space for people listening? I bet you haven't seen it. I googled throw the judea and you're threat you're right, it's much out any they explain. So what is it shag? Does it showed that the people in that power anti semitic? No, not really they probably don't hate.
They probably well here's the moment as a jew. Here's. What I felt was that the first Sarah who the fuck is this guy and then then the next they realize you're not a threat. He sort of a clown, so yeah the song stupid he stupid. Let's, ok, let's indulge a foreigner seems to be sorted, speak trying to speak our language yeah, but once they all started singing. I had this feeling that you know when you started talking about jews and money in the only had taken by the horns that there is part of their limited intellectual narrative that involves Jews, you're running the governments.
That is a big lions and I think I think, you're right. I think it's you know what is it show? Is there any satire and I think it shows not necessarily that their anti semitic bar? I think the dangerous thing is people who I indifferent about. Evil people we re, essentially somebody comes up and says, has an incredibly racist song against african americans, their vision is about and being the worst their ties of african americans for crowds just common single long ago, yeah with the body of the malaria at bay.
is almost more dangerous. I mean I I at university, I studied them. A nazi. Germany is amongst the I specialize in twentieth century history yeah and to there was the main historian thomas, this guy called Ian kershaw. He was the main history enough of that period and his thing he had the sentence, which was the path to auschwitz, was paved with indifference, right, which I thought that was a great common. It's not that people are actively I hate black people by the people actively hate gypsies are actually juice. It's that they're ready to. Let it happen without this is these things? I guess americans you, you know you sort of brought up with this. Your holocaust awareness at a sort of ploughed in you any you. Even when I was a kid you I'm fifty two year they chose the movies it he were school. Any you re can wrap your brain around that x.
And I mean it's not that I you know that I'm indifferent, but it's like to out how how do I really understand that that really happened and that's possible? Then it's happening and then there is like outside of the the sort of indifference. There's the good german thing that you know the people that go along with whatever authorities in place- and I think also like what you see in in the in the borat movie- is at is that as long as it's not us yeah fuck, it yeah. Do you not? Maybe our problem- I don't know, but you went to, would you go to college? I went. I went in england, I went to cambridge. That's a good school yeah I mean it's good. I win them mainly because if the cambridge footlights, that said Monty python came out the cambridge footlights, so that was I wanted to do comedy, which is what the sword. lighten non theatre, theatre group- I am I the comedy group, ok and ironically, sigh when you know I went there to get into this group is a bit like a lampoon and I was never allowed him
really here, so that was Frida. I got there. First wait right, do the rotation and can get in and as a result of that, I ended up to strike. Acting rumour went round the university. That was this brilliant actor. You ve never done any acting before I got given this lead in a check off play here, and there were hearse who started happening and the direct said eliminate you. You can't act, and so he said, or I said, I'm going to sack him from the get rid of you yeah. You come at you and the rest of the cause. They really liked me and they're. Like you sack him, we all got and so I ended up actually doing this check of plan ended up, doing kind of strike rose and what did you do with? It it ended up being fine in the end, I data can, if so funny version of the check if it was a check of comedy but you're always compelled towards common yeah yeah it's a word, the star where'd. You go up them apart, so I grew up in northwest london and, what's at like it's a kind of proof
jewish neighbourhood area, so middle class. Here in your dad, did what accountant, oh yeah yeah, would your mom do. She was like here, keep for teacher keep fit yeah, everybody exercise, utah, glasses, yeah, till classes in the living. Oh, really living like her ladys jewish wade, s uncle old ladys who knew the movement that exactly the pretty big it was a very small class. It was a smoke. Well, I'd make a living at it necessarily, but she added her heart was in the exact way and how many siblings you have. I got two brothers, oh yeah, and now they in showbusiness will one is the composer for he's a composer, he does all the movies that idea authenticity out
as he has in london, but he was so. We grew up is a jazz musician, growing area, and so the house was always full of music and he'd. Take me older brother. I would rather now to brother and so from age a kind of twelve. He was taken me out here to do so late, not jam and are thus in place. You can so practice your jazz and he was trying to get into jazz college. So you'd have to go to these classes. I would go somehow. My parents allowed me to carry these midnight yam yeah we'd get back at like four in the morning, then I'd wake up for school, etc. Ah, yes, I ended up in age so verse and that countries and then start producing another console. early kind of our in vienna stuff. So we add there was. There was a kind of you know. A lot of the artists were round in the living room. In my mom's food and maria your parents were pretty prague.
Save open creative people in a way tat, they were released it. At least I indulged you guys. Yes, they were happy for us to make some music and mockery fun, yeah dad to have that to be interested in I think you will my dad loved. the day my mom loves music. So what was your first exposure to comedy that made you sort of like have that moment where you're like holy shit. I think I was eight years old, yeah and life of Brian came out in the cinemas. I think so. It was an ex inning, it's kind of their their best movie yeah. It's incredible, and my brothers managed to sneak me into cinema and exit was an act, acts which is an eighteen okay, so got back. Actually, Bryan, got banned and a lot of england because of the country, the religious he has. The religious half and my brothers took me in. I think it was the first time I'd seen a fully naked woman, yay and Sarah guys Can I think I feel like there is a my memory this guy's got. I think there is maybe I am I like to think so sure. Why not? Why me list.
Wait. I blame that yeah Obviously I mean there's probably a lesson there, which is don't show. Eight year eggs I didn't make comedies with katya exactly by just remember, loving it, and I was obsessed by python out here- in that way, and so you like watch all the fine circus in yet another me air and the meaning of life and oh yeah, there's something about going into cinema and that being that out, rageous laughter, we're thy thing, maybe subconsciously trying to achieve that, and I know no, no, I'm not very good at this self analysis that are you not neither english people inoperative you america, whenever you re eighty, eighty eight that it started. True, isn't it is, but you ve grew up with the sort of open minded people who taught exercise classes young. If there is some self awareness to there must have been a little. Why. I I dont think in england this more self awareness. I think you know
If people are what they describe as mentally ill hair in england, you just called them eccentric in know. Ever finds them like the farm again he can look a little gem until very annoying and yeah yeah. I get cigarettes that guy here that baby, you know that bear some guy flashing arrive at all right in the nearby partners. To some extent, if a guy- and I so when did you first start the performing comedy of any kind, So I think about nine years old, when I wrote my first sketch based on a python sketch kind well. Yeah, though I made a terrible bot. I was in this kind of jewish youth club and they would do kind of final performances and you are fun at parties and move. I would write a little at the age of excited about a year and then the other night. You know
thought doing a little routine with my brother on this circuits use musician as on what circuit there, who is youth clubs, s kind of the jewish old age, old age homes, callaway, then ask about sixteen and we'll dresses, I say a thing like jewish song. We here it's one of the songs. Was this song called schmidt sing here, which was about how these hasidic jews get so hot there that they end up shaving their beards and taking their clothes off and actually converting, christianity again and it go down terrible having these old age homes with who is bookie you. But the paper like please take the money, never come back here again. What do you call yourselves? The kohen brothers willows icon? are, the schmidt seem brought his vat eventually. I got seen doing that and I got a hired to buy the paramount comedy channel to do bruno actually to do like some
kind of undercover stuff, the air version of Bruno yeah, I'm up with bruno, then, why did the I did this and starting this cable show when I was about twenty three yeah and it had about forty viewers, but I was doing these characters yeah and one of the characters was this early form of ali g? Yet, and but allergy like the this image. Interesting also interesting about the brothers grimsby is at these characters. You know that that guy, what's his name, you're that nobody nobby is very specific british type, yup yeah yeah? What you are lamp is very specific british type, as was allergy and both of them are. You know, you can get it enough you're. We know the american versions, but you know e gee. I still don't know exactly what his background would be or who that guy we have. What was your? What was his lifelike? Yes? Well, it was intentional, ambiguous, sir,
Allie g? The idea was, you know? How can I go into a room with a very intelligent person say I was an expert, usually a member of the upper class and ass, the most idiotic questions possible and not get thrown out the movie right. So I decided that if you have this, you know with false ethnicity, about him and possibly even islam, hack, a stone or whatever that they they prejudice would leave them to assume that I could be incredibly badly educate Their white guilt wooden, in wit with they, would indulge you yeah, because it would look that, like a sort of like a look, I'm talking to one s exact like right now, I know so this there, a type of the uneducated ethnic mass right men. They believed that somebody as it the articles allergy could exist when actually allergy couldn't exists. There's nobody that, if you that's valid, somebody was that stupid. That.
Nobody would die in a way which is the one item or may actually be dead right. Yet the idea was he was ethnically ambiguous as a result of that when I within, like a couple of weeks, if you know putting email on air every there are few ethnic communities that claim miss their rights. The greeks, greek, Vincent S, greek pacts, not agree that he's pakistani and actually Paul. The black community said he's black yeah, even though I wore no may happen as he greatly I'm. Yet pretty damn why and then at some point it came out that I wasn't any of those and I was actually jewish and then at that point I was accused. I am a a black paper in england. Writes an article saying he is ali g racist,
It's a bizarre question: the is a fictional character. I dunno. Maybe he is races. We hadn't worked at out. We didn't write em, but I think they were asking the question of. He was the creative allergy racist and they asked a bunch of black comedians. Eight of them said no and two of them said one said I dunno. One of them said: yeah he's a racist that led to headlines into the newspaper wine, england, one can be yeah, yeah tablet, driven culture, exactly ooh the tabloids wrote Ali g is a racist and they didn't even know that lum didn't know my name and it became at that point. I had this dilemma, which was: do I come out and say: come on man, I'm an anti racist and you know racism and anti racism. Isn't the issue
I feel strongly about yeah. When I was in my twenties, I used to march against racists and fascists and neo nazis, and you know university. You know my undergraduate thesis was all about racism so and the how to combat that. So so what were the questions? You're asking yourself I mean like eno: did you have to do some soul searching around? How that can Peter was being misunderstood or did? Was your? I didn't have to do any so such my thing was. I knew I stood on race. I knew that I was vehemently against any form of racism here and I wanted a shout out and you know, save the press, I'm not a racist and here's. My evidence spot I decided to do nothing, we were making the allergy show the time and me and the producers sat down. We just said you know what that just won't engage, don't engage here and for a week the press debate. As to whether it was right and you're just watching them. Talk about this gown you invented yes,.
basically the end of the week they can occluded, that's not rises. The tone and some of the kind of greatest intellectuals in england came out and said you know, he's not a racist, but by the end of the week, by doing nothing I become from this need comedian. I became a household night because, That's because I said nothing because of the iliad public argument about whether or not the carriage yet racist or whether that it represented raises yes but like didn't allergy have, ruby in effect a bit? Yes, yes, he was, he was a he wanted to be black here. He ran to teacher. He spoken jamaican price, while here
The idea was, he was this probably milk and his ambiguous united la middle class guy from some kind of ethnic background is unclear and irrelevant. Actually, who was unhappy with the mundane? His own ethnic life was and actually wanted to adopt this exciting foreign. African american gangsta couch right sire. You- and I do believe that was. What will everyone's mind here was like this is a completely unique and ambiguous ethnic character, yeah that the that it didn't land on on the radar in any sort of set way made it even more interest more empathetic in away- and I have some kind of affinity that, as you have been my first first, where I made money from the age of eleven to fourteen, was as a silk
bright dancer break care on the in ice gown the streets had one friend, and yet I wished to go and makes them you can do it. You put the cardboard please put the car we had a linoleum, oh you did. You guys were proves yet nellie about floor it's terrible blah or you were no way was so young that we made some money. People were like look at them, trying yeah exactly and they gave us. You know we'd make fifteen pounds, but if you're he's already made fifteen. Could there was a lot so there's pardon me they identified as this can never she came here. He saw this rising movement of hate papa. I am proud that it was kind of electro across the pond. oh my god, that seems amazing yeah and we we you know fully embraced that we got into the graffiti and the language and so ali g as a result, You know that I had a lot of knowledge about early hip, hop.
and em I mean this is quite strange, actually talk about this to an american audience by now. That's great, he does to some geeky. Why can this is? This? Is the influence that to the african american community hadn't yeah, the early eighties? So what now? How like is even in in the movie, as like there was points in the new movie. Like I sat in the screening room at your editor's office last night, I thought that's not a fun way to watch movie. You want to have three hundred people around No, I I you know, but I I'm glad I got to see that it seems to be the only way, but what's interesting you know and talking allie, gene and talking about border or any of the stuff is relatively that. That's very provocative knowing that that very tat very day, prank way by now that the underlying story of this thing you, after all, is said and done. yo after we really. I don't want to spoil anything, but you do have the biggest dick joke I think in in recorded film history. Thank you very much. Thank you to the oscars
how to grief, but they, I think, they'll make. What do you think we're under a lot of fire? Maybe she just get involved in that area. The story is about a sort of its in defence of the lower class at sublet. Yeah give you very, you you are fighting for the little guy. You know. I think clause in england is still an issue. Yes, sir, paul. You don't call it that here we have not laid low class. I mean I feel there is, but it's not we'll call it that we just call the people that are would be categorically or class. We we ve convince them that don't just keep workin yeah in you be the higher classes and then they'll they'll think according to that yeah, I mean it's interesting here, actually because the american dream, the berlin thing about a name that, if your lower class so working class or have you describe it? You actually want to aspire to be what would be termed in england as upper class, because that, dream right. So in england you don't really have that aspiration of escaping o clock. No, you just
your it that yeah and there's a pride in being working class. Therefore you have some people who are fake working class people speaking caught me acts and even though they actually went to Eton, and I were real young assets go here or because they get more credit by being working class m. But yeah I mean poverty. If I think about it was there was an attempt subtly to slightly undermined the establishment. The establishment at that point was partly upper class and the idea was. if I sit down with his incredibly powerful person and that person indulges may for an hour with the mice, idiotic questions, then maybe that person should not be given complete respect right for somebody to actually sit in a room for now. I believe
guy existed means that may be the populace. Shouldn't necessarily give that person complete authority right, you know, is a way of slightly pricking there, The noisome like that was the whole agenda of algae was due to show that this class difference was real in that there is no negotiating. It yeah they're just going to condescend in there. Behave politely and they're going to hope. You go way back to your little neighborhood or was actually right and they're going to feel good about themselves. Sure because they talk to you yeah. I remember I did an interview with James lipton from the actors studio and he started telling me he was very excited to tell me that he'd had african american men over to the house- and I do tell me off camera in a night barbershop, quires, nay, and so I got there,
lenny bruce bennett, how to how to what is it? How to entertain your black friends at parties or elevate the the irony was. I was completely white and yeah yeah, but he was trying to get down with ali g sure. How much is your your, your jewishness or your faith, inform your your way of thinking. I mean what how jewish were you brought up? I mean you got a hell of a jewish name yet our current. Well, I don't think that much really I mean, but did you practice was there there was? It was your some education did you have you? No relatives are, or graham
parents at you know that that taught you what it meant to be and the you know the sort of premium put on education and and progressiveness I mean was that part of your upbringing? Well, that's an interesting! That's an interesting em question, because v theses that I did at university was all about Jews in the black civil rights movement, hand I scold the blacks of rice room, because that was the term they use at times in the sixties, yeah and the question was, you know? Why did jews get involved in the black civil rights movement more than any other ethnicity? Sometimes too, you know they were represented, italy, ten twenty times more than they should have been proportionately, and the question was was because they were jews. Oh was it for some other reason, and you know my research. My conclusion was
basically Jews in america. The time were the most liberal ethnic group, and they are probably the most activist group, nay, a liberal political movement so because of the roots, n, n or early socialism, and getting out of the and in that yeah generation, immigrants that they had, they had united to integrate themselves into a Yes, so you you see bases you basically see the same percentage of jewish students who involved in the black civil rights movement then moving on straight from that into the anti vietnam war movement right so pick, you know people like Abbie hoffman yet- and you know people like that so and the interesting thing is those people who were jews.
didn't get involved as Jews in the civil rights movement they cut involved because they were liberals and they're. Like you know, there's this racist stuff going on. We want to fight at right at bat for the kind of rest of the jewish community. There These Jews are getting involved, and you know isn't this We are helping black people and we are yes, the ones who are middle class choose it, had no real political affiliation, necessarily yeah in long island, very nice at those kids yeah, but really the kids who are getting involved. Weren't getting involved is chosen and, while I found out was the african americans thought that they were just white people. They didn't see these people as jews right they were like awry, a bunch of white guys are getting involved and We had a what they have to stay here, and so the question is why people do stuff? Is it you know because of their racial or ethnic identity? Or is it something deeper? So I think you know I didn't get involved in comedy. I did it
because I'm a jew, I think, there's probably some reason that Jews on over him. in the uk comic it's out of them and why you involve deviance, because your jewish No, but I feel like there was part of my upbringing you're, probably because I you know, I lived here that most of the comics that when I was a kid you're outside of your snl and stuff, most of the stand up, comics that I gravitated towards were all Jews, like I like two out of the old jewish guys. There was a cultural identification that I found compelling at my grandparents generation that there was a type you know that delhi type oreo yeah. There was a neurotic tie up in that that allow them seem to have a quick timing that it was all very specifically jewish and help me sort identify, I think when I was younger, I did a woody allen play that don't drink the water I played walter and I play
why do you care- and it was very easy for me to slip into that because it was you know I wanted it to be tangible to me. I wanted that to be part of my cultural heritage in, and it just was by virtue of the fact that you know I I grew up in it somewhat. You know I identify with it, but I dunno. If that's why you know I I did you know there was a period right separating myself from my jewish identity. I refused to talk about being a jew age because I didn't you wouldn't necessarily know. I was you immediately, not every annoyed with the stereotype of the jew. Yes, and I dont want to fall into that now move a little less worried about it. The up yeah like if I'm going to become an old jew of some sort I'll take it yeah exactly exactly. I know that you're your grandparents so party or families- israeli right- yes, here, my mother- is actually like from Israel. Yes, so Have that part layer cause that's a whole different thing, then I imagined middle class. British judaism and certainly from you know me
as american judaism. The israeli thing is like this whole other yeah yeah. It states totally the kind of opposite totally yeah. It is tough, yeah grey hair, so your mother was of israeli. I dont have ceased to If she's a you know, she's a formidable were hilarious woman yana, but did you did you do the pilgrimage? Did you go? Do you go to Israel? You have relatives in Israel did you yeah yeah I've got relatives in Israel. I mean it's interesting as we grew up that side of the family when nor into humor, and my dad we'd go and visit her parents, and you know my dad will be making jugs of the time. I my late grandfather would get very angry and say: stop making these diaspora, jugs diaspora yeah. He was german, they they were german, rare and very, very german. You know they extremely into couch? A very precise germans user are little it's heavy and yet tat, there was no radical wilma.
Grandmother who only died last year. Actually she was the apparently she was the oldest. Keep fit teacher in the world should keep fit. Is it patient? Yet exactly where I actually did a video online, if you look up ninety nine year old, keep fit teacher. That was me light grandma who died last year and some he wants to? You know? You know they took it to Bruno. It may be brain. I would have had an of why the hell my cousin said that as she sewerage Why didn't like a guy who will come to see me to you like, and she said, ballet I'm not really is the german jewish answer. Yeah, they they are not into human. I think it's the the jews were in england in america, wave of catholic. everything is making jack, but not only coping by integrating. Here I mean that you know, I think, that's a lot of work like you know. What happened was that you not Jews
not really welcome, but eventually people realize I've only got a pretty smart and they seem to have a handle on some shit. So what we have to tolerate them somehow. So I I think that, like I didn't realize it in the twenties there was a bunch of jewish boxers yeah like you're in there you're any way that they could integrate. You know so you know they could either pass or at least If the community within what america was at that time, they would do it. Yep and and entertainment seemed to be like it. He was very insulated and then it sort of branched out and everybody thought the jewish yeah, so you never really moved here emil. here to allay. I mean you use your most. We live in london so well I mean we're here, We probably have the air and then the way it works is where our filming somewhere for three months year and then three months here in london, did you have and of studying, acting or any part of performance yeah. I did
it yeah? I did when I was in university. I came up with this character code solly. He was him. He was an idiot there is. It is like my first kind of real: character, yeah and I came up with it one night and I had my room. Mate came back and I want to play this tape and he stopped really laughing hard and friend of mine and they cio acting grouping universe. They said he'd just gone to this. To this clown course run by this guy could phil. galileo. The famous right I mean, like the clown teach in the world, people people travel travel from around the world to see him use part of this school colder. Locker. the coffee, whereas from exactly that's where the word comes from, So I decided to write. Let me try and find out whether this idiotic characters during is actually a clown character. I want to come and learning
and so I left university and studied with this guy for our ever about six month really, and was it amazing, incredible. This is this guy? He is the legendary guru for n a person who wants to be a professional idiot round the world, so he teaches pure clown and he teaches this others thought of comedy koe de buffon, a old buffoon yeah. Have you heard of that? Yesstyle? Yes, like it's a really instant, it's this medieval style of kind of satire. Sir, like your Your side kicking in bore at a sort of buffoon, yeah, yeah, yeah and his theory I cause. I went to my clown teach afterwards. You know philip gunn in the city, I'm doing clowney goes no you're a Buffon. I can rarely and puffin indicate, except for those that stay
I was there was this kind of earth in the? Ah, you know, I think silver eleventh fifteenth century yeah you'd have a bunch of outcasts from society. Who would you know gays, heretic, priests, Jews, people with deformities would still be told to live outside of the villages? it aims of in the forest saw it irian little girl, hotter science lies there deformed her or yes do. Oh yeah, oh freaks of some mariah, then once a year they will let back into the villages and towns and they would be allowed to put on before place, and so you'd have like some guy who was united. Three and a half to the word pretend to be the king of france and do a brief, like I am the king of france and I, and the idea of the aim of the beautiful was that the king of france,
watch the pu foam play and go. That's not me. That's not me. That's not me! That's that guy's tiny is out you three vidal, and you know that the three foot togo without but I am the king. I am going to tell me I'm not again. I am the king and the hague programme. My mother gave an event to the king, would have a heart attack and dies and then the boom, formal guy, that's what for me, and so it's a really nasty form of satire is really kind of horror. It's the kind of humor of the dispossess her and I ended up using the technique a little bit in the publicity campaign for bora when it came to. I ended up hosting the mtv awards in europe as poor, as there was one little sketch. I did where the president of Kazakhstan,
comes onto the stage and to show my respect, I got down on my knees and I kissed is a crutch. 'em anyway, the governor of Kazakhstan then complained to mtv and the campaign that the british government, and ah there was kind of the complaint- the foxes, while you say, good, stop making this movie and at that point it's ok, there's an opportunity here. They read the start again. How can this man, burial, cossacks, thou his moustache, was still bag in kazakhstan? almost must small. Over the years right. This letter to the british have your work for you, yeah exotic, so Realize all right, okay, all right! This reminds me actually of the kind of theory of bufo. So when it came to the promotion of pool rats, I heard that the president of Kazakhstan was coming to america yeah, so I said: alright, I'm going to washington and the student freetown out there. You're not gonna to washington in making this may be political
I said? Well, you know I own the character go to washington, selwyn washington. We found out. I decided I wanted to do a press conference outside the cassock stone embassy claiming to be the representative of kazakhstan, and so obviously they found out we'll coming. So we did some recon and found out that we had like a fifteen minute window when the present cassock zombie heading to the white house. So, in that fifty minutes, we jump there. We go to the press there and I delivered this press conference here saying you know I want to say on behalf of kazakhstan let the jew call em have Madame I have said some rumours about. I can't say like that. We have democracy and we treat women respectfully, of course,
The scholar was wise and then is resolved that the governor Kazakhstan did a publicity campaign they how to pay all companies and not weaken it. The appeal campaigned to show that kazakhstan is a great place and they put about thirty million box into promoting the real cassock stone. However, for the audience since when watching these tv ads- and they threw odd, put the tv ads on right- you know they were so ridiculous. Dump the kazakhstan will have a fantastic potassium deposits. You know they were safe ridiculous. So they ended up really promoting the movement, but it was really using that that's unfair it as it's hilarious and yet did you. Why did you pick kazakhstan was? I mean there was nothing about catholics. I mean re originally poor at had a kind of different name, and he was from a different countries, nano dover and then he went to albanian it kind of his name in the country. He came from changed according to whichever company company I was working for. So what we've learned here, you know.
it is essentially is that, despite whatever distance, you may take from your creativity, you know in in initially right, which is sort of like I don't know. What is that both with allergy and with bore at you. You were very sort of decisive and intelligent about utilizing particular modes of satire to do to achieve these ends. Yes, in a year after the great yes, yes, so now, please tell me about the difference between between clowning and in before so beautiful, because not says it seems to me that this six months at the clown college, what's it look like yeah was, was really what opened you up: creative yeah yeah, I loved it, because people are coming from around the world and this guy, philip girly. I would sit there with a little drum and if you weren't fun, it had hit the drama and you'd go off really.
yeah, and it was this only with physicality. Or could you talk or could talk as well talk? It was kind of talking clown and you you will read knows you did you will read knows and, and so, if somebody would start bursting into tears, you know they'd flown all the way from Australia, yeah they'd, walk on stage and within three seconds he hits the drum and they have to sit down, and he would let me go on stations for fifteen minutes and said the rest of the class start hating me here and me, and this guy from and would have this kind of double act where we never would do the exercises which stay on we wouldn't understand if he hit the draw me to get off you get up. That's right now, you are bigger, bats, didn't going sit down the chair for the bad student and you know Joseph's down at night.
It's student and yeah. We did this kind of carry. I didn't know what was going on as this kind of surreal experience never explained what was going on ba over those six months. I kind of found got confidence in doing this kind of style of comedy. So I suppose the difference is Buffon. Is this nos the knowing form of satire? The aim is to on the mine established right and clown is more simple and loving character. So the clown maize, the simpleton who has not even see off a child and his ass she paid as a child, is the reason why a three year old kid walks into a room. Everyone loves you, it's because the kid is saying really stupid things yeah, but in a very nice sweet way, and that really is what the clown is doing. You know, so the the the rule with clown is if this character was one degree more stupid, he'd, probably
debt, write books, you wouldn't be how to survive right across the road or so arriv yeah yeah allergy, Was that guy here? But you know you, you can sort of believe this guy exists. We I'd seems to me that you ve created hybrids of these two characters. I am bored it's sort of go either way. Yeah exactly, and I thought I knew what I was talking about. I went to the Clinton she said now. You got it completely wrong. There is interesting guy and in like Bruno is, is is also a hybrid, but this guy, in the grooms be movie is sorted almost straight clown yeah. Why? Yes yeah his for simpleton. Let me I mean, I know, being you know their narrow by using these. Yes, these titles or these labels, I mean coming from where you come from, you know in in that's how you sort of learn how to a larger commit craft? Yes, yeah along these lines, but our
somehow able to integrate a a form, seemingly a full emotional psychological life, which would be the actor in you into these clowns in bouffant? Yes, injecting wait. That was me using the word interesting. I ha ha ha horrendous or you just use the word poo phones, while I'm excited about that exactly now. I guess my question then is: is that you know, after Obviously you played out the ability to to efficiently or or least of stealthily prank, because You're no notoriety feels like it's been a bit. I, since you ve done something like that with those recur actors was there ever thought of, like ino, using prosthetics or or or continuing their tradition or just something you exhausted.
You know I miss it. I miss the adrenaline and I miss the unique those sketches of a kind of pure accommodate yeah. You go out with a peal comic identity. Can I make it happen? The thought I think it will be impossible to really get away with those currencies anymore right, mind you on friday I did a little piece. I went out as myself as a kind of BBC reporter asking people what they fill Sasha baron current movie name no idea with you. Well, you know one in every. So ford in ready note was made right and you know some people got ready. Rode up. One person call me a cup of tea I mean like, as I talk to you in the more I realise how much of of the drive of these characters of the print characters was to two points The first amendment take care to ride a line with that an anti pushes
did because in the new movie, the level of of of I don't even like the word crass but Yo, extraordinarily graphic graphically executed, filthy jos. Yes, that's my special, but it isn't. It you'd. Love it yeah. I dunno why I actually go to either I blame python. I blame pipe. It is your life O'Brien. I remember the meaning of life with the fact yeah. The fact it was. It was shocking, but I made an eye for some reason that they are drawn to that and I know, alienates a lot of the audience and I'm always start with that point. Do I brought in the audience and make this kind of family movie which or the other It means do or do I narrow the audience whiting you get when you do it. Your way is zalm. You get the possibility of the ears that, though the one
inside of it, even even with some of the prank movies, is that you're you're going to get people who are worst smart and are willing to be open, minded enough to indulge even the most dramatically, crass, satire and and and that type of of over the top nesses, as always been part, is that our union to push it I must swiftly in a year or even a boat aware any of em. Where you know everything is just the other. Things are ripping at the seams. Did you ever think, there's blood and guts and grew and but tat, but I think that then the liability of it you're gonna get a lot of morons reich dogs. Yeah You have worked out is phased in earlier, but so some on that level, it is approaching appealing to abroad, audience you're, just not kids, but again maybe morons as yeah, not that I lines like to yeah I'd, I'd like to
The whole movie is about that yeah. It's about not discriminating against moral yeah. Exactly exactly, and what's that guy's name replace your brother he's he'll mark strong, like he's like an action. movie yeah he's a complaint where the idea with this movie was, let's make it completely. Authentic action may vary and my character accidentally foes into rights, keep the gene robin doing a parody or inaction comedy, let's make it an action movie that has some really funny stuff. and so when all the way you went all out with that sequence that opening scene that introduces the action movie was like holy shit. Yes, so we, though alike, because that was action comedies that I didn't realize that the gorilla stay a little bit of action and then just get a second unit director in and it's good enough and
When are we doing any of these movies like Paul rat? He wanted it to be an authentic documentary that, unfortunately, has this idiot kazakhstan a reporter in the middle of it yeah. So the idea was there's this authentic action movie that could rival. You know like a cool action movie ray ray ba Sasha baron cohen's in it did you direct it or no. We had louis Leterrier who's, this action director and he's like a full on hardcore action director to get that kind of authenticity right and it's there in the thing is playing the comedy against sadder. Integrating the two there is some sort of like returns yes bite, but it still once you by the can see you can't with it in any way for the next, like you know what the fuck you, you know that their with their with what severe day without cabarets the yell maker and precious yea? I like, like you, know that
that there is a moment there where you like. Is this right or wrong? Yeah yeah, I know, but what what what's unique to you is that somehow or another you're this moron, this fool you know is is enduring you know he in the midst of all this stuff that you know he has this weird kind of earnestness to him in all those guys. You who plays friend in the town and everything it's all it. It's definitely very python in away yeah. So what do you want to do me? I mean: do you want they doing comedy. Do you have a desire to do so? acting on me. I know like people make a comparison to you and sellers day in you have mentioned sellers. Do daddy! You take that comparison. Like either it's going well, Andy
Mr Peter Peter sellers, I think, chose Ellis would pay the greatest comparison I could ever get. I mean he I'd say. Was pseudo pie thin for the laugh out loud extremity, but sellers was the inspiration in that I think he's the greatest committing hag phase the commitment. Yet the commitment in the believe ability of the characters in the subtlety yeah, but yet they were still hilarious. He never doubted that clean. So could resist right, there's thy wink today, camera I'm an apparent lay a horrible man, but what a performer water possess medium possessed mean. I thought he was kind of inspirational, so if I could get any comparison with, they might be amazingly pleased The moving of his that year really serve was a kozo that made you the sort of like has your lady was clues. I and- and I think
strange law right there being there was amazing. You know this kind of subtle kind of his clam perform yet is he's out affair. and he s misinterpret and then yeah and he's a child. Yeah he's a man, child yeah, he's mantra, and what about the comparisons to Andy? Do the Y? grow up watching carefully and I ain't in england he wasn't really popular save when I came then I got send some of his dvds and is ryan stuff, yeah yeah. I feel in a way he's probably more of an artist, and I am in that- I don't care what the koreans still and I really deep down. I wanna make people love and that's why I fight too. It's not to be funny. A big big laughs and the audience and I'll go to war with which have a studio has been student stupid enough to pay money to make him. If you know that
Probably hate me at sony because they have. Why are you still fighting for these gags in a bar? Once I laugh a gag and once I phone thing, I've got to get this on screen. I will fight tooth and nail to get the gag on screen right, there's a lot of gags yeah yeah and did year at the end there was a disclaimer daniel Radcliffe had nothing to do with the movie. Nothing to do with the movie put him in there. We stuck him in a yeah and trump as well. Donald trump makes an appearance. Maybe I have never one say what happens now know that was lighter and we'd have to say would have his either actually I interviewed him wants, is allergy removing in his office- and he kept me waiting, I think about an hour and a half his fine, but during that time he was screaming. So. Lastly, as I began by giving a merry, I've got a vow, giving the man you don't use like this kind of bad villain in a cheap that ended up in a bad batman move.
screaming at giuliano on the fine. I just those incredible character, I can believe exist, yet there Does in a big way right exists I mean. Could he be president? I don't think so I don't think so now I don't think I'm going to be great for comedians and great for satirists, but terrible for the world, but I, but I think it's a sort of a testament to you know, what we are talking about before about sort of young mining, the anger of the disenfranchise to two to make them complicit in in a momentum that will ultimately betray them. Yes and he's able to do that,
that's the there was a line in the dictator, the eight and if the dictator, the guy, plays the dictate, I mean I play the dictated by admiral generality. Does this speech about dictatorships and one of the line says? Ah I think, as our members you know we can get poor people to vote against their interests. You know that you know one of the great things you can do in dictatorships and It's what clever politicians end up doing, which is vote for me and I'm going to look after your interests, which is yeah, which are policies which prevent you from getting money right. You know exactly yeah that was in the dictator yeah. There was some speech, then I should remember it by account. Really did you write it? Yes, yes, I mean, I read it she Adam Mackay had the idea for that speech, and then I
I was kind of reading a lot of stuff. At that time there were not a riots going on in england off the gonna disenfranchise yet, and there was the occupy wall street movement, so it kind of florence that speech. Do you want to do more as a serious step for what I don't know, there's not really a plan now. Neither plant I leave joke to joke karela, I ready to you, I kind of think of an idea for a movie and then how do I make it as funny as I can and then how do I make the movie happen and it's unfortunately, continually a battle trying to get that stuff on screen now I feel like studios, particularly post. The north korean hack are a lot more conservative in what they'll put on screen, I think, listen. I think the sad thing about the north korean hack with sony was, you know it's a way for totalitarian
states that have no freedom of speech to extend the sphere if they influence yeah. So you know one of the great reasons why america is a great country. Is you have freedom of speech? How do you prevent freedom of speech? You have totalitarian states, threaten the people who control and create entertainment with acts of terrorism and say alright, you do anything. That's going to upset us we're going to shot your movie, we're going to shut your studio down we're going to threaten to bomb your cinemas yeah. So now in the back of studios minds, they don't want to do anything, tops it's a ne, incredibly powerful force, whether it's north korea. You know, I wonder whether, given this political climate, whether if I was you know a comedian from the ali g show and in some you know, niche hb oceans that listen, I I walked into fox today and say: listen! I want to make a movie about kazakhstan
wonder whether the heads of folks would say yeah yeah I may be, but we're not using real country right that country's gonna go in. I talk. I right, I wonder yeah I'd. I I think there you know studios. Now I don't want to sound like the kind of liberal jew PA studios. Now generally, and by multinationals, and they want to risk as they want to risk as little as they can and minimize liability. So the problem with that is sunlight poor at it's a crazy experiment. I'm a wizard is a mad experiment and it could only exist with due to this had hair, listen. His forty million box going to do at the sky will make fourteen million bucks in arab and it's gonna die were I'm gonna make forty million by the guys we're fine, but you need to do something. That's new. you you need to have.
You know you need to have heads the sheaves who feel confident right and you know I think, their chances yeah and I think the heads of the stooges are. You know good people who are talented, nay, and I think a lot of them. Love movies and love are there, but their hands are slightly tied. Now by these you know a lot of developments in the initiative in the multinationals that control the more I write. This movie feels like a white right the gateway, the new movie, the the grimsby brothers grimsby. I say is that, like right out of the gate, I thought like with a sort of a british movie yeah. I think I do do you feel like that. You made it like a little bit for the british and yeah it's foods for england, you know, and by the end of the beginning, Bora was a kind of kazakhstan and move his well, so we thought listen when we feel we're going to. We thought no one was going to ever see. Bora mean it was a movie.
At kazakhstan, a documentary yeah so who's going to how de silva EL camino that guy, that is a great character and he was a good character, but I didn't think anyone would watch her and had anti semitic content tat. We want no one would ever guns a huge, edit. I good, and how do you parents feel about your work? I think they like it thing they you know. Sometimes it's embarrassing for them, but generally there fully supportive and I can't really have done any if it without very icing, what's embarrassed them, I think they found Bruno quite extreme when she was a mean, I can't believe actually in retrospect that a major studio release that movie, I mean it had a thirty five second class, if a man's penis. Yet you know it should have really been an art house movie that got released. Then yeah didn't you get into some trouble with a group of guys to where he almost got your ass
Then Bruno yes, I gone. I give up their few different. You know I, I must go I killed in jerusalem actually, ironically by a bunch of hazards, and then there are few differences. I went hunting with a bunch of guys who, once they realized, I was gay. There was some line where we're around this campfire on this in this kind of private hunting estate, where they have canned hunts here, and I look into this konica, the stars upset. It just reminds me of what was a hot guys and several dozen men, and there was a silence, then from these three guys who realized that with a gay guy here and I'm going camping with them and I'm going to be know have been a tent next to this. They then get up they take their rifles and they load their rifles. They paramo in their rifles.
And my I had a research. Then I go what's going on. He goes they've. You know loaded their rifles like a wine and he goes well. They've said that their boards here yeah, you know, and they don't want any animals to kind of attack them at night. But then I knew the rest of the scene was. I was going to have to go naked into one of their tents and try and get into their tenants with the guy and say so they get a shot. You thinking it was an animal yeah, I mean, there's a law in arkansas and a few other places. I think it's called king of the castle launches when you're in your own private property. If you shoot someone, it's very very hard to sue them right or he had to get legal action. Yes, yeah defense. Yes exactly so you didn't go into the tent know. I did actually be you know, I think you ha. I had at that point. This dilemma I was talking to Larry Charles director tonight, I'm still in. I have to thank characters the whole time
he's going to want to do this in Brunei. You want to do this and, as a part of me would chase alright. This is maybe a little bit risky. Then there's the other part, which is I needed for the movie. I've come all this way. I mean in the field in the middle of arkansas or two in the morning. Let's finish the scene, you know it doesn't Like a crazy risk, it seems like a small risk that there are still people that people in there cameras they're really going to if they shoot me they're going to have to shoot the whole crew. Where are they really going to do that? So what's the likelihood of that? Probably one in one hundred right, you know: am I ready to take a one in one hundred risk
ninety nine percent risk. There's gonna be fine idea, so they happened a lot that use your life really felt threatened. What I think particularly bruno, because it's a different form of prejudice, say you have like anti semitism. You have racism, but in a homo phobia means fear off the homosexual and where this fear that can turn into violence. So people who don't like gay people are scared of them. Can you know that? Can transitions violence pretty quickly it it's like threatening on on it? It seems to be threatening on in a more core, primitive level. Exactly seven. There was a recent study actually where they showed people pictures of naked ran and they found out that the homophobic who are most likely to use violence or use violent language against gay people with those who
add some increase in tee messenger, sir and blood flowed into their groin while show it's been seeing interesting lorry meant. So it's guys who are struggling with a sexually tee, who gonna go out and right right on gay got right, so we would in over. How does that affect us all real. Why so we'd go? Let's have maybe not struggling, but not you know not willing to allow it in then. Yes, like I, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're they're, they're they're, probably gay, just means like they're, attracted for whatever reason, but that can't even live inside them. Will this you know the thing about being straight or gay they're kind of silly to me. As you know, it's a scale since everyone is somewhere on the scale ground, I'm twenty three percent guy yeah. You know you figure that the I've worked it out. We did the calculation twenty
saint guy did I have been in this time of night. I got down to seventeen. I got up to thirty one august in poor and I have the unites ass. The cause of much in as up to thirty one yeah. I'm done that in a couple of movies yeah. But everyone is exactly it's a it's a theme motif and that I say everyone's on that scale, so my sexuality is like being black a one on the hot blackout. There are some people who have been on this and below you, but generally people are on that scale and that's why you know it it's difficult for people, but who is that how that affects us in railway was, say I'm in texas: you know. I know I want to go into a bar to buy cabal and I'm I've just finish my boyfriend. I want to get laid. That night right, and so I want to make out one of the guys I take them back home in have sex with it in the movie
and so we have like a guy he's a cop with us who we paid too great thing about america. You can pay cops, they help me, so we'll go to a bar? You have to want to carry a rough bar and you say: okay, give us some of the figures off you know have then, if ever there been any homicides in this bar? How many? When was the last homeless I'd who committed the homicide, are they behind bars You know all the any guy in there with kind of serious. You know criminal histories, who could be a problem so if you try and limit the amount of risk, you don't want to go and die, you want to go and survive, and the funny joke right so there's always when I'm always trying to do is get the funniest joke with a bit. If that can be edgy but you're trying to limit the possibility that something bad can happen for you
correct right. So that's really are that or the volatility of the subject that you know. I get weird like when I had a conversation batman with my producer about that in most cases that the people that were you know the the the pawns in this sing. You know that that were being duped. Somehow I'm usually you know on one side and another where we're trying to behave properly yep it did. That was what's really interesting. Is that all within whatever scope, they would they they wanted to to be accommodating impolite? Yes area is impoverishment, Bruno Bruno. That was more because the current was more unlikely, but we ran intention. You met him, unlike we thought. Ok we're gonna put 'em INC increased ellie. I hate that guy immediately, whether gay or not, he is annoying and an he's. Like you don't know like
in American. You don't really know where he's from EDA in and the fact that, like there were actually people that you could find that didn't know he was gay immediately is baffling to me like their their experience with with them. With that flamboyant character, who's, clearly out and and there's no way if you cannot in you know what I mean yeah, what I was just thinking about that we did one interview that never made the air with this neo nazi guy m, who who athens on death row. Now he ended up a couple of years ago, caring and trying to shoot some people each murdered three people on his own jewish communities. Oh my god, and we went and interviewed him and the idea was- was going there and I was gonna. Give him publicity for his little neo nazi organization, and you know you gotta get celebrities, involve why dont GAD verde alum too busy head off your organizing because the outcome is a jew
then the idea I'd go into his place and at some point my assistant would give me a week. Grass shot an accident, a he dropped. The weak ross shot on my white trousers and I'd have to take my white trousers off these adults in gabon is worth five thousand euros, go and find a fucking. dry, cleaner now and get them dry cleaner, and so I would have to be the rest of the interview in my g strychnia with this near two guy and I haven't, take him round and and lay? I gonna shoot me I want to know how monday nazi live show me around the have come, This shows that those crabs and eventually took me in his bedroom. And I'm there in munchies during my boyfriend in the movie runs in and goes. Ok, I see you guys are stopping you just sucked his dec,
What are you talking about them? Haven't been? It's all. I guess why you and your g string with this guy in his bedroom. Explain yourself and this guy overseeing a load of angry and threatened and try to punish the other guy and about naivety, not in the end. He was too extreme cause the problem. Is we get somebody who's that full of hate? You actually don't. You feel uncomfortable in the room and you feel uncomfortable actually watching them on screen Y m so in uncomfortable, because it's threatening or because it's fucking tragic, while they're tragic that you're giving them. Ultimately
platform for that? Vicious disgusting, right views right and sometimes the air of underlying violence, and I could sense for the sky he'd already just come out of jail for some plot to overthrow government and trying to blow up some building right and his whole place is full of machine guns and ammunition. In the kitchen yeah, you know, you know that somebody's pretty extreme of the ammunition, the kitchen hear it. There was just an unpleasant air about the whole on here, but in that so that that that that's a dream when tipping towards the negative. Yes, exactly, and I remember him showing me photos or or on the fly as like who's, that guy goes that guy's, my son, I remember looking at the sun, I gave that son is going to come off to me at some point and then a week afterwards, we had that the son had been shot dead by police
he shot a police officer, so you were in real evil. We were in really, but this is a bad guy right. Yet you sense that sometimes I think so in I've had the unfortunate experience of being around some people. Will you. He will kind of really bad people yeah and they never really make it to you know the count screen at a. I can't imagine it. So. How do you exit a situation like that? Like Thank you know. Well, it turn violent and I ended up trying to protect my guy playing. My boyfriend use he'd, never been in one of these situations beforehand and see you tonight waste nor at either a move is his first, maybe in his first on the cover guided me my situation and sunday. This sky, Tirana salmon, kick you in the face. and for a situation like that, we have re. You know you hire a kind of bodyguard right
had you there's a certain amount, they can do so we hire a guy and his job is he's been like nobby. Actually he's like this. No in bloke on his job. His job is to prevent me from being arrested because once I was arrested, it would mean that I couldn't get back into the country and get a visa so we're in Kansas. And the police find out I'm then we do a few things and police now. Ok, anything else. You know we're going to arrest him and you let us know and so we still have to do a few bits. So we're in this hotel room and there's a bit in bruno where I wake up, I get drunk after failing in this bike, barford to make love to anyone. I end up drunk with my assistant. We wake up and we're in this room in this hotel room and which chain to each other in this kind of essen m kind of crazy gear.
he's got a toilet brush in his mouth and there is this feces smeared on the wall and it's a pretty extreme room. There's a there's, a pedal powered fucking machine in the corner and it's disgusting. It rooms disgusting. We called down to and I'm freaked out, I've made love to my to my assistant you, I hate it he's the guy the end who I end up, making love to eyes. Iran come Asher, and so. go down and I get the manager up. I need to get you anyone got a key and they come into the room and they see this decision. Things stuff in the room and they call the cops and so mealy when the cops called this guy's job is to get me out of the hotel without getting arrested, because we know can place have made it clear, so we always have an escape van and escape van is waiting in. alleyway at the back. We have an escape route and his plan is like unlock sauce.
And we start running to the m service. Elevator get in the service elevator, which there was a closing. Suddenly the hotel security open the doors unless I get out and we ve got the police downstairs their arriving we run away from them start running down the five the staircase run down when something flaw- and they yes, security, Gaza follow may follow. Me come on, follow me and we down the corridor, and I mean it. I e g straying and my friend It's got. My co stars got twenty brush from his mouth and you know still get chains in this extreme ass name of it and they are of guys painting this. You know the seventeen flow This kansas, I vow, I've gotta go around and he's we run run for the end of the corridor and I go well. Where are we going against this cops downstairs? the window, get out, I go out
if saving the window and there's a rickety old fire escape those get out. So we will start running down this week. The old fire escape dressed in this crazy and it s an m stuff. We get down and far escapes in cannes. then get down black eyed him to drop the yes as yet. So we can draw the steps. And today you know, like fifteen dr laterally right are they would ten, bulgaria. How do we I can see the getaway car here, and he goes jump. I get why those jump so there these two african american ladys her like having a lot of cigarette burns, and from there heavens appears me. I jump in front of them wearing it kind of heels, and this crazy ass name stuff, and then my friend with a toilet brush in his mouth. I crack I break my hail and we jump into the car. The van does is we get out of this?
You know we always have to get out of the state, and yet I am fortunate had to shut down the main, because this idea and may be jump out of a bloody tenth, far escaped her. I cannot. I broke my hale aid as we shut down for three months. Oh now it's one of the reasons why you don't do this anymore, because maybe your wife said and what you did die for fucking joke yes here yeah. That's it. I made one one again, a lot of these irizarry and what you end up in jail because of a fucking joke one time in new york. We ended up doing a bunch of stuff in Bora. In the same, I think it was a is a precinct. It was all today around the park in I am madison and park. I didn't an ordinary, no bet souls and trot our wedding yeah. It's kind of a very defence. the area or off new york yeah in central park, kind of maria and fuji. That was all within one precinct year, and so they kept on getting police reports that were there
and at one point we did one scene. Web brat, you know, goes into a hotel where he has to leave and I take my bag and I take all the furniture out the room as well. They call the cops and the The police are at an eye whatever you call him captain in charge of that precinct knew it was me and was getting increasingly frustrated, and that's a really bad thing to do. You don't want to piss off some police guy say he decided he's getting me arrested. And what they did was add police are on their way. I disappears always what they did was they arrested the producer, the movie in the assistant director. They took them into the cells and shoe. You know she is like a thirty one year old woman, Monica levinson, Annie sisson director, actually united real chance when he said, I'm gonna go with you to jail and they gave her rough nigh, and then we get a coal which was signed
comes down. We release everyone. Call up my lawyer, the guy with the in india, of an indian he's. I it's a trap. they want to arrest you and they're going to get publicity if they're, the guys who were arrested Ali J and you have to get out the state now. So you know I get back to the hotel I go baby. We've got to get out of the state. Now we're going to get out in a pack. Pack pack minutes go to your wife. Yes, there are a couple of times these, which she had finished game down once and it said we had a baby at the time. As you, I'm gonna visit, my husband onset, and think we re in alabama and there was a cop chase. They would show me in a vast and I develop this technique of being able to direct the driver while being on the floor like a right. Tell me what's in front of you: go right, go left that are there
and so there's a cop chase and she's listening in on the walkie talkie and we had a baby with aurora, I'm not visiting samuel in a weird one. I went thing pour out where I mean, this woman in them, as in Tennessee and I can excuse me, I'm a gimmick plays a usual ever arise because, of course you know and I came to the bathroom and I come back out of the ten minutes, I'm wearing her town and using her teeth. it had a shower. My has wet and she calls the police and she throws me out of the good fair enough yeah. I don't blame you. She throws me out of the room locks. No I'm outside the door, but she's here my costume bullets only costume inside and I've got her property, which is her town, and I hear the cop cars coming. They closer and closer, and I have what do I do. What I take as if, if I take my run in the cards theft
So anyway, I ended up so jumping in the car and we had to negotiate the police took costume. they got the costume and obviously angel. Yet we might exchanged I'm on the floor. What do I do to return the town but there's a guy idea, yet the guy india, that movie in kansas one time again. This is after they just before the day of bread, you may here, and we decide there's this. This is group code, god hates facts, yea affiliates. Yet there was no nice fan. and so again the the cops say they knew were there. They know we're in Kansas and they got all right, we're arresting sasha. We know he's there and god hates fags heard out that heard that was going to do something against them. We knew they were doing a demonstration and the cops say all right: they they let our cop know. We see him
rested in that set, there's shut enemy, so I really need the same I'm thinking what do I do here? You know, and you know our cop says I've. Given you warning a fair warning should leave the state now, and I go right. Why wanted to ease they found out that the cops was circling, the god hate facts demonstrate? Yes, I said all right time how long we ve got between every circle they time in his life. three minutes thirty seconds, so I got a right. What we're gonna do is when they passed the got hates facts you gonna drop me off at that moment when they cross pass the the who were out of house eyesight. Doing I recall so we ve got like three minutes or two minutes fifty to do what in europe
I'm going to do a quick little sketch you know, and then I want another car. That's waiting and I'll go from one call to the other car so and somebody needs to kind of give me. You know hold out things like thirty seconds in, and so we did it. Managed to do the sketch and jumping than we had like a bond loya hiding in the bushes in case, I was arrested to get me out on. Yet I am veil a made like he's, trying to think what this feels like it just sort of like you know that you you definitely the balance you had to strike weird relationship, you have with the law and then them knowing you on top of that and not willing indulge you like, even knowing that, like, if you're going to walk out with furniture from the hotel you're going to bring it back, yeah it, but but the hotels like wouldn't want to indulge, is fuck yeah running a business, not our job to be his fucking
yeah. So you had to negotiate all this and yet do these little ricans that you know how. How are you going to beat the er the fucking excitement of that you can't it's hard for me. That's why I do a lot of improv on set now and a lot of and in other states you can't go back to, I think, only sedona arizona, technically I'm a felon in sedona and I think other states are kind of fine. I mean we've kind of russia in a couple of weeks, which will be interesting. This is my first time back since doing poorer and after paul wrath, the prime minister of Kazakhstan occupy if he contacted the british prime minister, tony blair at the time. He then later on admitted to me, NASH, have I've, said alright, We need to stop this guy from relations fellow money to end bore up, and he said well, isn't it it's not a dictatorship, hey! I can't lie to day the fat and then there's somebody ought to tony blair about it. Yet
black contacted me about a year after year leave office in he said you know you put me in a difficult position cause we were doing trade with kazakhstan. And ye made me. You know you kind of embarrassed me he feel is quite funny. So that's that befall a muslim before yeah, exactly there you are and if you're going back to russia, so we going back to russia to promote the maybe based the first time I've gone there sin which would be
thing if I unpack be horrible, if he got arrested now yeah it's after it's all said and done yeah exactly, but when I go, I'm invited to kazakhstan during the promotional stuff bora because they realized at one point. Let's embrace him fox got worried that I was because they were kind of death threats and yet said they had like specialist security, who are basically usually complete. Morons here you know some guy was swimming in sydney during the publicity too, and this guy didn't know I was going to go swimming and. Thought walking in his full clothes into the into the water. You know so these guys, who are trained in the all made to look after not letting him go, and so they did like The security assessment of to Kazakhstan, they said it's impossible to secure you, because even if one in ten people once that her ear you just corn, ear feeding on to know alright
take care of yourself. We thank you very much realism. Now I'm doing canister and move yet the movie yeah yeah yeah we scorsese don't get in trouble right right right. Would you do it scorsese? I did this movie called Hugo? Oh that's right! That's a big move as a kids movie, but but you are, I have a feeling I like the. I think the the only thing that's going to really stop you from doing this shit again eventually will be your family Yes yeah. It is good to talk to. You will thank you very much for having me on indulging me and letting letting me swale towel these long stories that are great, probably slightly repetitive. Actually, no one's hurt them No one heard me right: I'm there that there on the theme on now, we covered a lot of and this is a really nice long. Interviewers oblige you're talkin their pleasant pleasure bang and could give her factually good document. right zagreb, and go and couldn't get him
bob talking he didn't want to thirty years here, is ready maybe he's a copy as your member with that coffee was you Gotta deputy upon that gambro, your w tia pod needs yeah, you know poster stuff things up I'll play a little guitar. The the the hmm,
the The burma, the.
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