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Episode 696 - John Lurie

2016-04-07 | 🔗
John Lurie has a creative fire that rages without end. But sometimes he can't avoid burning himself. John talks with Marc about his many artistic pursuits, including jazz, acting, scoring films, and painting. John also goes into detail about making his show Fishing with John, as well as smelling like fish throughout the shooting of The Last Temptation of Christ. And, oh yeah, whatever you do, don't call him ‘dude’.

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All I want to do this. How are you what the voters, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck, go on a marin. This is w t, have my podcast welcome. Welcome. All of you in whatever form you come in whatever you're doing, I hope you're not up to something to dubious I hope, you're trying I got but come in and out of the garage and having the talks connecting with folks most of them strangers, but most of them people that I've admired or or certainly I walked away into the compartments of war. Define me in my brain culturally today, on the show John Lurie, who, as some may remember from from the lounge lizards some I know him from the jar moose movies. He did the down by wind
stranger than Paradise, and he was in the last temptation of cries whom might know him from some this other music is now painter by their babies definitely a presence in my brain in high school and some do laid that lounge wizards album on meat that first lounge wiser than just seeing your john there with his saxophone and have in that intensity. He naturally has I was like who the fuck is that guy now see him in the groovy movies or my this dude means business Annie had this sort of a kind of philosophical crankiness to him that there are definitely like you, I guys a guy probably like, and now I decades later after a short spat on twitter about bullshit. Yes up in l a comes here with his assistant the alva yeah yeah, he's your aid doing some painting business move the paintings in beer shot, you visit, the states a reprieve.
From his island retreat and he stopped by and we had canada lupi discussion, and then I took him out for mexican food in any country you there and I got the feeling, that day who might not go. If I didn't need to do other things, but there we are great time and end that's coming up in a little bit That's coming your way, he's a guy Its conquered some demons and not like any of us, is still in the throes of the strong with others gonna road tomorrow I know, we are coming to see me and lincoln in iowa city, and in. Kansas city. I think lincoln nebraska on saturday at the rococo theatre sold out, I think that the mission creek festival, the english die on friday tomorrow might begin most it I'm not sure where Kansas city is on sunday at the hour bank theatre at the midland but but I'm had now, and
I am looking forward to it I am looking forward to the shows because I don't know what's going to come out of me and I m we'll hard. I myself and I think that too I think we're gonna have a interesting and funny evening, all of them completely lose my mind, but for the driving there's something about the driving used to work help, drive and work still, as as a meditative exercise just get out there and let your brain kind relaxing go words go without freaking out, and your group Did by the by the innate physical need to drive the car? and hope we nothing will jump in front of the current jar, my meditative state or were wreck maya, my car, my rent, a car don't want that to happen again, but couple emails hello their mark. This is a subject line hello from the uk, hello there, mark. I never write these emails. In fact, this is the first I
theatre director. My work seized me bout up and down the uk and across europe like a fuckin yoyo since dragging self away from alcohol a year and a half ago I've had to brood, trot my life with habits, random things outside of my job, to keep my shit balanced, a series of things help find interest in the solitary of a jail at his wife on the road one or two things. it mean crowbar as my brain out of whatever project I'm working on. Is your podcast europe, your! working through the internet into my headphones. Does me the world of good I'm grateful for this dude, I am currently directing production of midsummer night's dream up in scotland. Three hundred miles from my home in manchester in production, the duke plays booze guitar as the audience enters. He is drunk in as at the end of a long long party as the lights chain to begin. The play. I've asked the actor playing the duke to growl, boomer lives. It felt like a suitably cryptic spring to open the play.
If you don't mind thanks again for wtf. Thank you. And I don't mind at all, I more than honoured to be part of a willie, the shake production Yeah me in shakespeare have ten relationship, but I hope his postumius. We happy that I'm cryptically involved in the folding of one of his madness. since masterpieces of theatre. Thank you and I'm serious. Being condescending? I'm I'm completely air pointless being honest, this a similar one, but it's a little more intense song, a role through it the energy that this guy wrote it jack line, hey mark thanks for everything, hey mark my name's Joseph and it's a little hard to believe. I probably been following the template laid out by all of your other fans with this email, the quick grab for attention explanation that I love your show and relate to you. I want you to keep doing this.
Work. All that's true, and I guess I don't have anything more important to say than any one else, but if your interested a southerner and fuck man, it is in all picking crawdads out of the creek and barefoot playing. I live about ten minutes from afar ugly statue of Nathan, bedford, forest and that's a problem, I'm a writer which means I write things down and then don't get paid for them, like the swathes of other artists, at listen to your show. When you talk struggling with your comedy, but doing it for the love of it. Well, that hits me deep dude. I know do the same with writing cause I have been. Oh here comes the obligatory drug sharing story, but I've been sober for about five months. This go around it kara me up and no one wants to read someone who's, less stream of consciousness and more long form, bitching and self, and grand rising, less Joyce or faulkner and more shooting the bed. Last night I got fucked up. I drank bourbon, which I still miss, but at least only half the time now bought heroin to take the edge off like playing jingo with your sanity and passed out awoke
sunday morning like a velvet underground song and smoke, some crack with one of my lovely neighbours, Jesus dude- I don't know if you ve partaken but it was like inhaling adrenaline smoke laced with flies. I was alive wire once was enough for me and I'd be line. If I said you, hadn't played a significant role in my recovery. It's not an exact I wish to say that my girlfriend my best friend in the world and you have all been there for me in different ways. I still crave that junk. I still smoke like a train and I'm still trying to keep up the will to write and put mice. About there. This has been long and convoluted by just wanted to shut out and say I think, doing great work. Your, however, comedian and my ghost of christmas recovery next time you come to nashville, look out for a long hair blonde dude with crest. It's under his eyes, sincerely Joseph. Job ban, stay with it, as it seems like you're, on a role in my right yeah? sir John laurie, I gotta tell ya. As all nervous about this Gaza Hayes
struck me just from my experience with him as a fan and in movies, and how fishing with John was something I didn't mention imposing pontiac another thing: yellow from some Amelia. My assumptions about him. I thought it I thought it might be a volatile, so I was a little as will edgy, but it That's pretty good and we have a nice time in a nice dinner after this conversation that we had that you were about to hear You go to John larry art dot com to check out everything John makes beautiful painter This is his song small car off the album the legendary marvin pontiac greatest hits.
The only know, one of guy to other people that has the lyme disease or a lot of people, have it right there, but me personally yeah. So I no, what do you know what the hell are? You fucking figure out, you have it. What I mean where'd you get, did you get it? When you were fishing, I mean I got it. I got lyme disease in the hamptons or north. india and ninety ninety four. So you know now long while no here, because you know you take the antibiotic there and then its post to be gone, her eyes back a ninety, ninety four, that's what they re and then about four or five years later I started having. What do they think you got chronic fatigue cause I just get. You know I would get dizzy and a key and- and I was on a tv show us where I remember that, and I used to be able to remember twenty
pages of dialogue. Near now I got four lines and I'm reading them over and over again, I'm recording them and hearing them back. I can't remember my four lines right, and then they told me that you know new characters are naked on the show. So I start workin out like crazy satellite, yeah. I worked out one day and then I had this attack. I, like, like europe, lsd, ennis boat yet and warm it like in your heart stones, weird stuff, and you can't walk in a straight line in your visions. So I went to the hospital and no you're not having a heart attack. I just thought it's one of the most weird things right right. age, anxiety somethin. Three days later it happened again, like you did you go out you your trip in your vision, get fucked up and its beaten to value my green aura. He I get this thing where my vision would be like static electricity, my god, roaring in your yeah prickling, like bees things only
in your nerves, in your heart, doing weird stuff in my left: leg wouldn't work hot. You know, oh my god, and he has its and it's a horrible, but it when you don't know You know it's fucked up about me that you that I am not sit here going. Maybe that's when I have so now. You think you ve got it cause now, either just have these weirder for years, I've had their like tingling and eighty hands and feet. and that's a fairly standard, anxiety issue and I've gone to doctors. Here they did the did mri. I did you reflexes, If you have a neuropathy, nothing, I get nothing and it just sorta it's just sort of there. Sometimes I notice that sometimes they dump on my hands and feet feel like they're, electric, sometimes well, that's things. I get this electric thing down. My left arm and left leg like it's like you like a shock down right sort of an ongoing it's an ongoing current and then there's a shuffling through, but I don't know if I've had any other symptoms. I mean. How would you know-
right, we all got shit wrong with me. I know you got a linear wrong. Neurologists have no idea what's going like, yet they figure that shit out there. We got a space. Why did they figure out the human vessel because relative the genetics and organs other ship? Well, that's why, one of the things it so interesting here, because Well, you got one all you symptom. All your system stop working, you ever was called a barrel gland or something its job and they don't know how it works is terrain at the may is to regulate the bodies so that the body when it standing up we're sitting now. You know it increases the boy. What flow to the brain we asked ending up in, but they don't know how it works. Yet the real miracle is that we are I'll have these barrow glands that work and take them for granted, but really what it comes down to is like. Why is any of this shit actually working? I know that why I mean that's the reality. So of course, it'll take a lot for granted. Yeah we take for granted
You know it's just amazing that, yes, the consciousness, the curse of consciousness. Is there we just gotta enjoy, go along until something goes wrong. With this shit that happened to me, you or me, you would think it was really terrible, but really I know what the alex back. I thought come in here like graze, a ghost shaky. Phone call care how many a wind action in out here. That's really actually true when idle have any on here, but I am just saying that that window in particular, just like really you, I can't think really. I cannot think index in particular. Ah so I guess for years, and people thought you are probably losing your mind while not me out- thousand two and then I just started looking for what was wrong with me be a long time and then, if I may find that it was line, but that was like it was four years
for I was certain because the line people are so on a crusade to prove that their illness is real, especially back vanier, and they were being persecuted by the insurance companies and in the south, It couldn't get any help well, not only that they were being sued. If they would, you know, and then the you know, you'll be diagnosed with lyme and told that you have to be an I v antibiotics, but I can't give them to you right, so you have to find a guy. You have to find a doctor or gp. You have put you on, and I find this great guy, this doctor kaufman, who who did it. You know I was for years in my apartment and I would be so wrongly in new york at be it in. Yet Many will combine. All they have to do is pick up a glass and put it on the table. or you can't do that. Guy, like your whole body, hurt when they did that and everything bothers you everything bothers you, it's just what what about? Who were you before that? A guy that nothing bothered now. I was always sensitive and cranky yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so
you're living with it near. You seem ok today, anyway, mere gimme a comes and goes a mere wendy do the fishing show what year was started and ninety one and finish them in ninety three, so this was before the lie away before them. and then but then there was a legal problem with him and I had to wait like seven years to get him back. I didn't get it out till ninety, eight it and edit them and what was the legal problem. It was a mess. I mean this japanese companies. Given me the money to do them along what made you do. Six say they want more Tom Tom, they want with the armor Shia too, with Dennis harper hopper air harper, hopper, Dennis hopper, right, yeah, yeah, william and meddling wonderful in that area interesting. Here's to finding about you is that I had the fuckin first lounge lizards record when I was in like high school
the younger than me. That's what yeah like that? What year was that turkey? Is it wait? You remember how I got it: a was seventy nine right, eighty right right, so mckinley as those of the recognised martin, eighty one. So someone gave me this good, I know nothing about here where jazz, came from or what jazz, noise necessarily and some hipster a guy, I knew at erected stores egoism this, and I was that am I what the fuck is. What has happened? why he was one of the things where, kind of blue my mind and I couldn't stop listening to it. No, I didn't know I didn't have enough foundation in music. Or orange ass, you really get. What you were doing was at the first thing you ever did you know in terms of artistic output? No, I mean I mean I did a thing in london. Neither thing is actually the first thing I did was a a thing in the boston in my apartment, yeah. It was at a lot of people, see that no like eight,
You know I like eight people can then I did a couple things in life. Then, and then the first thing I did in new york was this performance piece which started with the saxophone solo, and then I made this tape of static electricity. Can she she and I started swinging this? What looked like a baseball bat was but was actually hollowed out, balsa wood, so I could go infinite, go faster and faster and faster has surpassed her in the last section was I had done had gone over the docks and smashed all these glass windows and recorded it yeah, and I played over the top of that yeah when I had my brother and some other, stand up and start screaming in the middle. You also have like that. You know there was a time where you could do shit like dire nellie illiterate, who still do not know either by, but but, like you know, big, but back, then you know that when there is a sort of kind of a chaotic performance artsy here in new york that there were stuff like that happened. You know some people good at
some people not so good at it, but people were compelled by it you now. yeah as time goes on. You could still do it lose your five hundred dollars to do it. I know, but by people are so geared to like their career and, as you know, Sadly, in the internet too, I mean perform, as is now what used to be so where do you come from? Why do you point that we will be where are you? Have you ever been a member of a word? I always are you are you I was and I was born in minneapolis- is that weird why what I mean cause and I will get to symmetric, but I'm always ask me what the midwestern jewish population we parents from there with my mother was a was welsh protestant. My dad was a new I want you to be all jus. When I was your mother, jewish were guided by the time I got mine wasn't yo, you set. You read so do to me. I do near
but she's laughin? Am I right? I do I didn't know till now that you do. Why hide it? Unless you know me you gotta know you gotta know I'm kind of jewish anyways. I don't at this rate in vienna, culturally how'd, it wait. What was listen. How do we end up there well you're from minneapolis, and I just know that there was this like I get outside the EU where Jews, how they end up in the mid west, and I know that like another dillon, it was from there and there was Mitzi shore comes from there and as if there was a jewish community in the mid west early early. Ok, that's not my dad went and why you yeah, and do what he wrote hold. It worry magazine under pseudonyms and was gonna, be the next James Joyce aware he read, they really but instead are writing. He went to the south and organise farm workers and then after the war he was labelled as communist after the second world war
with the same world. That's where I met my mom. They went to germany for a while, they moved to harlem, and then he couldn't get work and he became he sold israeli bonds, which there was a lot of liking. Yr old commies in and they put him in a minute minneapolis to start their first thing. Now, and then on bonds of this to new orleans. Really here So how do you any move to new orleans? Six, If you take him, what do you remember what what hit you in the head? While I became obsessed with snakes, oh yeah, I will go and hunt for snakes, everyday glass, snakes in your paintings. The few smacks year. They are boring the paint, but yes, there's some snakes in the paintings arab I'm always make a funny you for having all the pictures of yourself. He alone. I was gonna, send you a printer one of the paintings. I want a painting how much they go for said you want for in here and then every obama comes, you go. That's a job. Revaluing no john lorry, because if he buys one than others,
Well, are all thinking of dating a painter right now is just who bought your painting at least yeah. It's fun! It's ten people, the art world, it's ten people and it's as bad as the worst high school quick you ever across a wages that this great thing in ITALY, which was just cause. I was gettin, fed up We have to show him on still up the gun Mary was wonderful. The curator was wonderful. The address was one I mean it was just that everything work he was just for real. It was this: the cell phone, your whole bunch, great it's great as we were down, like bump and along the bottom, with money there, oh yeah yeah really gonna go. he moved in new orleans. You have sex with snakes how long were you there to use no music entered? Why didn't? But but I'm not sure, and then, where do you go western message? Wow, here, was that the year the world ended
were you aware that I know a few people from western? What you would then have been has borne fruit me. I must have been nine, but so wish there was still a functioning. relatively industrial city? Wasn't as opposed to what it is now a little beat up by the time I was in the amazon era. It was a rough place back. It was roughly the air. I mean you don't like the bus station Mary. I feel like that. Is I mean it really feels like, there's a dome over western god isn't allowed in. It really is kind of bleak end of the line. Yes and where and and where'd you go to college, I didn't go to coach. So when did the music wise you're going to point that at me, when you, when you ask, did you go to college? When did you go to gouge and then you go? I didn't go to college I know my dad my senior and I score? I went again the college near him because he was a big academic. He was all about. I could Oh, so you were on your way in any
asked away in your like I'm goin, or are you ass. The way like the week before my college words like covered the men with like turkey's chasing pilgrims out below in the area. Have you could howdy path have assumed a smoker here? Did you smoke? Yeah yeah yeah. I use mom known anymore. I'd. Take these nicotine lozenges constantly ironside shoe the gum constantly. I love these ass usual. Andy you suck on under the best the gun like Eventually you just keep join it. Even when the shit's gone this stuff The actual will more control over you can pass it out. It's like having a real nice comforting drug experience like I give is for milligrams undermining hey you to say this now did and then I don't call me do hurried. Man accept, grow, listen, ro. I are so well, but where does the music anyone
start blown a harp. Wendy start like what was going on a high school that cause. You know: you're you're, an impressive musical mine. I did some weird shit and I wanna know how that happened. My sister gave my brother a harmonica for his birthday year when he's fourteen or fifteen or even sixteen, and I stole it from him. And got good on it really really fast from listen. India did you like a little water? They all the water. Will we be im so obsessed with little wall rollercoaster. Could you play roller casino yeah you could play, I mean within a year I mean I could play it. I sat in with candy and John Lee hooker and mississippi for mcdonald's, where in mississippi If there was a worcester, he was playing there and some research on political marketing and so in between songs. I finally did it sort of like a refunding me upon the oh shit.
was it. He would just him right out the acoustic here and now as his resurgence by that point, the mississippi likelier they went found him an innate, oh yeah. So he points why guitar your written, how it was it? A big crowded The focus on railway was a bar you with some coffee. You want to see him? I hear you're sure rate and then what and heat and jolly hooker together? We hitchhike from hosted in new york near to see them carnegie hall. can he can heat, which only hooker have that recorded that's our wilson makes that need just died. He just thirty there awareness of. Can he, but he was really kind of like the Brian Joe. I mean he was really the soul museum saw he we at genius, idiotic and- had no nowhere to go afterwards. My uncle had this apartment and fifty savagely, but we didn't really mean when you go
standing at the door of sixteen fifty seventh year and they came out after the shop. He got half an hour, and I said you know I play their harmonica and are very serious about it, kid near and I'll hitchhike to wherever you're playing next and I'll meet you there. If you, let me sit in they say all we're at the philadelphia spectrum and they just lost their guy once more but united right, so we hit site in philadelphia and snuck into the spectrum at like three in the AP. Didn't even put you on the list. We didn't even know right now I snuck either we sort of hidden the basement Then we kind of work their way up to the dressing room like they they were. All you know was so shocking was like they were all so happy to see. Me like. I was some long lost friend and they said well play a little bit I didn't, and they said, come on out and from the twenty thousand people. Suddenly, a throne for twenty thousand people in sixty
is all new play and I think it went ok. Then you leave the stage. And then you're in his cabinet by the time I mean this with a spectrum warheads, wages wandering around valuable, you came by so you can't walk around Neighbourhood at two in the morning, and while we have nowhere to go and they drove us over temple university and we slept on the couches there and then hitchhiked back. Oh god, it's a good story. So you are blues gay, starting yeah, eight, but you loved it. Yes and then how does it start to change? When did you pick up a saxophone, so I mean how I got. The saxophone was just a bizarre story that nobody believes what I'll tell you basically, all the musicians I looked after from Boston and they were all into jazz, blasting guys here, Boston really good, blues players, but they are all the same. The dolphin call trains of I wasn't that she is like with like
chinese and I'll get, and so because there was a maiden unsanitary, but how we got the saxophone. Nobody I'll tell you the story, ok, because this was like god coming in Saint John, this is what would add up to that point. You played harmonica laana, guitar, no guitar, I guitar yeah, we good not yet that was also studying class but Margaret was the thing I was gonna where we studied classical guitar there. Even when was therefore a guy. I'm here, store one and with some guys house here, some bitter guy. Yet you hated every year the guitar on the other knee here: yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, so you're all these guys in Boston saxophone either. So I said so: babe pino was a big harmonica guy. He asked and I couldn't stand him like really creepy, hair and creepy clothes, but he was. He just had some licks. He wasn't really good. He just had these impressive licks, oh yeah, but they came to worcester to play here with Michael avery, who was
I know I was close with Michael and Bob Bob margolin who who played with muddy waters yeah. I know that name, muddy waters used to call them guitar, guney and them, but I asked to sit in Michael, but he Michael was uncomfortable. was it was bay, pillows gig and he was our monica player and then I sat in here, but they didn't give me babe pinos pride, no special, microphone ray. I just had the sure microphone. There was nothing in the monitors, but I've never been on stage before I don't even know, but it's a disaster. I can't hear and no dumpling I'm plague so hard- trying to hear myself that is just musical, not so that they can have like sneer at me. Afterwards. We got set up well, exactly that good might think of your money. I just thought this is gonna, be the kid well. The kid is good is going to be carried out on their shoulders and it was a disaster here and my dad had just died and I
was my college was of I don't go to college, I'm going to go to vietnam right and I'm just depressed yeah, I'm just walking around western massachusetts at three four or five o'clock in the morning when I'm supposed to go to high school in a couple of hours, and I'm just like them, and I run into this guy and he's got a wheelbarrow full of dirt- is fat black guy. With this weird smile on his face on main street in Worcester Massachusetts four o'clock in the morning when there's nobody way. So I start talking to him, and he tells me that he's I see the statue turn into an angel and fly away, and this kind of thing I'm looking for at this point. You know I was like and so and then he tells he starts explaining to me
but you could make gum campfires out of cotton and he's doing a walk him home his mother's sleeping. So I have to be quiet and he gives me a bicycle and a tennis access with no case. So I have to read the bicycle home with you That's how I started playing the saxophone. He had. He had a wheelbarrow of old dirt, a bicycle and always going to play, though he was going to play with an organic garden on his roof and he stole his dad's saxophone. No, no. I brought him back of the week. It was his sexual yeah. So that's how you got this aquifer the first one in my practice and practice, then I had this. You didn't take any lessons. No, It's sad that you have a feel for it. No, but what had happened was. I was determined after the guitar lessons yeah to approach this from a completely innate yeah thing. Yeah. I didn't even buy a finger chart here for several months and I would just go up onto this newton hill year.
it was in them and I m just blow my brains out for hours in the middle of the night, sir Robert around cause now is kind of a style of india and then slowly but surely I ain't, I got a finger chart, figured out the notes instead and then how do not go to the war I gotta high, while remember scary huh well. No because I had friends who got out they will put like peanut butter in the crack of their. As you know about this heard about the stories apparently at work, they eat the pink yeah they eat peanut butter. How many times they got gotta see that steak before they're. Like you know what all these guys can't be eating their shit know, but I think that even if even if they knew it was only peanut butter, they think well. If the guy is going to bother to do that, let's just let him go so when was the first to combo one off forever, so you just jamun by yourself here practicing on my own yeah and what are you where you work and at that point state and worcester nor moved move to Boston,
yeah? What's a london boston, where'd, you embossed him these brookline arrest of death, Look I, but then I went to london and I would like to play its export on the street went to london by yourself when my mother, after my dad, don't move too to wales back to wales, to care vermont a really and then Brother was over there living in a squat in wales or london. in london. He were in london. My mother was in wales and they made it sound like it. wonderful! There is hope there. It's just like this is a disaster Evan. You know how bad was it? No, no, water, no heat. No sometimes sometimes sometimes you know, and then you know it, what was he doing? He loved it, but what was he working on? He was playing the piano and yeah, and this is what the seventies early seventies. I dunno. What yours is. I dunno I'm twenty,
twenty one. So seventy two right seminary every through secretary her, so I stopped by saxophone on the street near annoying people were people putting money in to stop you like that, guy in the train in new york, there should be guy in the trend. Yorker would get on a car and be so irritating with the fucking sad. You gave amendment money to stop. Basically, we've ve seen him pay a lot of Will you stop playing music? I may I play some large dollars were a lot of people. I tell you doing that people, lyrically. Are you playing called train refugees? Are you from making sense, yea unarmed plan? You know I'm going back and forth play sweet george around and then a gold train thing and I'm not like squawking, my brains out of here, I'm finally stuff, I'm not out of control near, but I did and we want an employee and allow the soccer guys the football yeah yeah. But what are they gonna be about
where'd you have the right to control it, I'm in piccadilly, circus and some guy just comes by and punches me in the face. I got my eyes closed and I'm playing, and I ended up on the ground, yeah, and then I discovered when always saka, guys, rare in midtown or whatever you call it. get them to stand behind your saxophone case and sing their song reality song and people just through porch case It worked great until the other fans of the other team come by and start fighting with them, and then you kind of like close up your case and move to the next corner. See your front man for a soccer team. That you switch side, I earn less than men runaway as good I got arrested. I mean they're, so polite there you only, you must applying now or you will be picked up occupying and they and they now arrest me arrest. I get arrested with
All the one man ban guys you know with the drums on their back and they attire and the budget, but you man as all the birds do the tricks near and dancing hitler and all these guys right dad to get where everyone is there that famous guy the dance he was famous, you think he really may have been hitler. So don't know what was up with the dance, so women, sell the size of this room again and I think there's gonna be. And of camaraderie, but mostly junkies like waiting to get out of there at eight o clock, so they can get an enemy How can people I ever met and plus I'm a yank? They really hate me even more you're gettin shift from the guy with a drum on his back the police, much nicer than the musicians, the police were very apologetic. You know the go new york next. When I go now yeah, we came back and went to new york, yeah and now now so now it's what seventy for what spy eight! yeah, so that's when she had a kind of wild there right I mean it's getting old.
better economically, but it still little blown out. The lorry side is for real our lives. Are you I mean. I don't know I mean I don't know what was I got a job. My uncle got me a job at the plaza hotel to what I was the night housekeeping dispatcher which was really hurt way. Music well on practising still me, I'm trying to find god through the sex won't be articles one under an so but after by forty six I would have to work and after that there would hardly be anything else in milton pearl milton bro wanted more pillows and I have to send the man, but otherwise I should go if you get milton berle pillows, yes, isn't is yeah. Yes, did you get to talk to him? Did you deliver the pillars? The milton berle? Now you call somebody who brings him down how you can then go do the thing on that, like I wanted to leave these milborough when, were you won't curious.
At the time, though, I might be now but know how you know fuck milton berle at the time you know it's like just when I would practice up on the roof. You know and hope to not miss any call. Yeah plus, you could also get keys to rooms here. He knew were vacant and sleep there, and he did that yeah, plaza nice, then my hunger storm and I moved to Boston boy. I drove a cabin. Did some sort of scams a little bit? Many moved back to new york for good gaps love. I only this statue limitations. I give other problem are logical. Someone know I am. I went when firing. I get that it's kind of a good hour. I will then, let's do it, then you think about it. You call you later in a panic. We live all your lawyer, rascal desirable, your lawyer, amyloid well,
ok I'll call, my lawyer or with the I wonder if I couldn't work, because I was psychologically unable, but not so bad. That they'd have to put me somewhat right, so I went to see like you know this kind of like junior league socialists, social economy here and said you know, and then she recommended me for supplements social security. And then I got like two hundred bucks a month. Okay for being slightly off yeah. Did you play it up? Would you do? Would I would kind of just you know, they'd send you to this. Governments like I address in there just sort of like. such him out to know what I now like. You know. Do you hear voice Finally, if you looked at him directly in the eyes- and he was terrified that you just keep staring him,
the eyes lay aside your paper and enjoy it. Okay, yeah yeah yeah, so you know you just kind of figure it out, but then I went to get money. You know it's always kind of crazy people on this gigantic thing, and this guy comes when he goes. I want my money and he's this fat guy and he gets down on one knee and holds a fist up over me and he's got me, beat the. I want my money and they just want them out. You know they end. They gave his money and got about you. I couldn't go there theme as erika saxophone angle, to write the idiot. So I then why'd, you moved in your personality or care. What was the plan? There wasn't a plan we might must. One does not really ever had a plan, their saxophone sexual home, two hundred bucks a month for being a vaguely precisely on pot a little bit oh yeah, back when people had come over and yet it can. I give you aren't. Deliver impact
at nah, yeah yeah. You meet some good people. No, I was terrible at it too, and then I moved to third street and got this fifty five dollar a month apartment. Oh yeah, yeah there are between what what second and third, with a men's shelter block, was yeah one. Second, between a and b that's close and yeah we're neighbors was I, as eighty nine to nine, though, was gone by that yeah yeah. So then we started to ban you and your brother, lindsey air out of here and stay here, thou see regional lounge was a year as a monster. it really was the man S, our fear that, let me as I could really know what the time, how good he was, but he has really good. He did they went on. Did you gonna tell me now and get a still plant yeah steve, pickles, really musically?
brilliant to arouse got his thing. I mean everyone scatter thing here: they the context was not pop music. It will hopefully experimental where what came right before us here and it seems like now. It was ten years before us, but it was like probably weeks year were theoretical girls, boris policemen, the contortion, Yeah dna right, which were which were probably about ten days after Television blondie talk trying heads I mean, but this kind of wild yeah yeah, and then we were right after that, but it was just. There were no time at all but it seems, like must have been several years between the different generation yeah. Yet so you gotta pick up where they left. kind of, but I would my thing was in jazz, you deeply and ginger. And you are doing that, you use your writing jet you're right, you're, composing beer, but
We're improvising or not. Did you write music when I was doing first? Was I wanted to make a serious movie, and I had the naive idea that if I wrote the score first, it would be equal once these people were scripts, trying to get money to make us like as no fun. I don't want to do that, so I wrote the score yeah. for a movie. I wanted to make called had he walks right and I thought of my right music. I go into the money people in play these things and explain what is happening in this is That's it! That's the most backward thing. I've ever heard me going pitcher movie like look at done What movies just listen to this, so you would play it what you play a. I know it was silly, but I like it, we didn't I mean I never even got that far because then you know the allowances at their first gig, and that was the music that we use for that first gig was, it was, was the lounge lizards put a put? What were you trying to do something serious or not? No, it was what's a good band to play on a monday night,
before Peter gordon near as oh, my ban on having one and then I had this music, I was working on a way through this thing. Together, here he actually made us rehearse. Otherwise it would have just been. You know, cause me and aura were kind of sloppy those days and you know, and we were the eldest and was drug sloppy, no sloppy about not doing the thing that Leonardo did this thing here after the allowances is like six months into it. Yeah Otto wanted to do a thing at the kitchen and the kitchen was a big deal. Then it was almost like bam. Yeah, let's apply to do something at the kitchen. What is as let's do a dance performance aro cause, I'm just fucking with him say: okay, yeah. And so he applied and we got it, and so what it says in the programme is to lanky fellows, jump up and down for their money, and that's it,
yeah, and it was so embarrassingly bad and I mean people just it was just the worst how they? How did you judge the worst, then when people were doing such experimental? this wasn't even trying. I may we played this marconi music and me: down there and we in wheels sunset projected against the wall here and leonardo in our in them cowboy outfits. Just sort of stood there with our there on that hands on here for a long time and then, if it needed, I mean it was kind of a fuck you to the performance and then this clop of the club and we sort of started clapping clapping around. Then we did dance in bra for about four minutes. It was called. I love a tornado and merrily and well you gotta go in and we built this tornado structure and we had this when machine that didn't work, so he got his eye there and shook it now we got out and took about people sort of left.
grimly and avenues dollars. It As I will have a nerve, I mean I think he would have left too. If I wasn't, he wasn't my brother, you know he can stay. You know we kept you, I remember walking down the street with automatic. I could just make two hundred bucks a month. Doing this yet is beyond doing the cowboy stick. No doing No, I was never going. I was embarrassed near so so you do the lounge wizards, let's let's I I want to get into the movies and stuff. I you definitely have you know people Oh your memorable guy, so you did you tour with lounge wizards. That's all! We did forever umbrella o from haiti two to ninety eight. Ninety, nine Jesus Christ, that's what I did for years and years and years and we couldn't, you may get record deals. I mean I've got some, records on my own yeah, but basically yeah how's audience it a hold up. I mean: do you I'm in europe,
we played in milan one night, salt, our place. Five thousand people with went to was down the street. It was a quarter for petty Psmith. Was the other way yeah a quarter for we know we were packed pact everywhere, all the time in europe, and yet yeah america would be like one hundred and fifty people rival like so most your money was made international touring here and when you are, like when you were in new york when it started what you're like a sort of one of a kind in that area right. There is no one doing what you were doing. I was mostly what was it was that after no waiver before right. After so was kind of punk rocks, what was going on down? There is little confusing. I mean we're all abandoned goods like eighty eighty, four yeah we're ok this novel, the act is aiming at the same line up or did you know is source a couple times. Did you play of market?
Rabotchaya repose came into the second man liaison trippy guitar player. Man he's a great guitar. Yet like in so we ended up playing the weights. Albums is well aware and your friends were tom. so much anyway, you tom cameo, and see us all bunch of times. Stole my guitar by a rebel right, yeah, that's kind of life. Is that a lower than stealing somebody's girlfriend? You know steel summary and because it was a bad idea was not right, but didn't you buy Wendy so, but but then, before or after you did a fishing with John with him before oh, so you guys are. Do the fishing show yeah yeah, but It wasn't like I'll kill you. He stole my guitar player, but I was just kind of like on May I say that is not the right thing to do. Do you like you, shit, so Yeah yeah yeah, actually really unusual were.
Here he was nervous to do the fishing show whether which shocked me here, because hook who on earth could be better. Throw out random lines about what's happening because he's a genius and there's nobody like him yeah. You know, there's one thing: where he's casting we're using live bait near a cast awkwardly in the fish smashes onto the ice and come on time. The idea is to keep them alive yeah. He goes well, I'm not a doctor, but he's just as you know, and so that he was nervous to do what he was the best equipped person to do it right was was weird to me. When did you first start acting. haven't, I haven't started yet it well these separate movies, but what happened they walking? Fatty movie then arrive, and what was that about? It was just about the weirdest things. I'd encounter in new york ass, a young man for from one thing where there was some bad guys and yeah yeah loose plot here by
it. These two movies, but I made the men in orbit and yeah, which was a simulated apollo documentary just filmed it on lsd, it's scattergood good, but unbearable at the same that he digitize it. I don't know it's on video. Nowadays, you ok, I get it now. You can get it! It's horrible! and then it was the other separate one called hell. Is you I interviewed james chance? Oh yeah, is he still around here? Like he's dead, I don't know. No, you still alive. These still play an ok, I'm waiting, those surprising as someone's debtor, not images. Grace look around. I know it's really and discussed. your better here chase channels, as is David Bowe. He dies here
This is not the way to find out that somebody you knew and cared about died is just wrong or on twitter yeah I mean you know I do want to find out. He wants one, here's how I want to say like. Can you sit down for a minute? Here's how I want to further, because I'm sixty three, my brother's sixty one now have any more more right. I get a phone call from Heaven. He said John. I have some bad news. I know it's coming next, but it gives me a moment to settle in hope is not somebody. To close, but just to be ready from who die right. That's all I want so they should have on CNN they. So there Evan koumongoe John? some bad news and then everybody dies. You know, that's that's. How are they, I mean anybody, but don lemon could say it right. Anderson cooper could come here yeah. We have some bad news in that and let me get ready Ok right, that the reason will require, isn't it not from a television but from people,
But that's how you farming twitter, it's like your phone, so many friends died from twitter. It's just like yeah! I don't like it. What they'll get off twitter? I'm a roma along here, so I too, when did you were how'd you get involved which our most wanted dead, that what was the first one mister is now the first ones: I've suasion Paradise the first one I played on the street and did the score I am firmly vacation and they stored the equipment at my house. Now is a german. over here, oh yeah, see you knew him when he was a kid in europe, a boy he was going to film school. I hear him during the Eric Mitchell movie yeah red italy, but them amazing thing about the movie permanent vacation was jean Michel bus got the painter, yes, sleep on my floor in the front room and he had
I'm jealous about anything, I'm a little jealous about you, interviewing obama, near more jealous of people who can sleep anywhere, at any time and jean michel could sleep anywhere near as though you sleep on my rug in the front room and their storing the film there yet, and he was so asleep that they could pick him up and move him from another. Was he drugs Just went out for a few days now you sleep. And they would move him near jealous of that people could sleep anywhere? What about his painting he's? Also a pretty beautiful laser great painter. Much also that I'm jealous of the sweeping yeah sleeping yeah, I can't sweep everywhere, I used to have this drummer dougie bound yeah. I have to yeah he'd fall asleep on the plane and fall asleep on that congested a second I just I get pissed off old wake him up. I couldn't stand I really hate jealous jealous jealous. I can always leave on planes right before take off
for some reason when they change the pressure in the cabin I go out and then, as soon as the brain takes up a mob and that obviously the plane crash. Yeah, yes, usually will causes our crash into this. The scared guy falls a silly emphasised that the goods through I so but there It's a you, do permanent vacation, but wonder. Could I think the first time I saw you actually it strange stranger than Paradise to just had a good presence on there may a good presence, like your guy heavy heavy. Not but like intense man, you know your menacing. We really sometimes sometimes, but maybe just cause binkie, craig venter, my accident styles, curmudgeon very emerging from the cambodians. Go back. The air Jim had a little below. We had a little bit left over from the vendors state of things.
and he didn't know what to do. He was writing this thing. That was just garden of the horse, which was this futuristic risk safe, narrow, and it was here, and there is a will to do this in- I pushed him pushed him for some here. So we shot this half hour movie and then he got the two years later we got the rest of the money air to finish yeah. It's a sweet move it should everything somehow did it a little bit. It was like this thing. They, like you, is that it was that generation of independent movies like he wasn't like yeah sort of started, something see. I never quite understood that, because the costs of eddies infest, benders and the area, but that wasn't for the kids, I wasn't the kids why a guide a whole generation of people go. My gonna make a move here. You know fast been doing as of eddies reich on their we're. Gonna make a movie like now. You re heed your most made them ugly. I gotta make a movie.
Very some are very sweet about somebody charmed and then we were so lucky because of like one guy got the flu, it would add that would have been done liking. Louis, just use the woman in it the editor yet who I think will be used here recently. I beg you yeah yeah yeah, if you do a lot acting out of not so much she plays violin to hear here, so I took them without de. Would you consider that you had a movie career in our europe, kind of a new york Ghana gotta face like you know, you see you and movies. You gave a credibility somehow really john lower either now or now. Now them like a cameo colombia couldn't act at me. I won't let you look good, but I have no. perhaps I wasn't a legitimate and me I wasn't lynch movie event is movie discourses. Movie, but I really just to canada to do that
I thought you were good and down by law. That was why I came and went. I was good for awhile, I'm in bernini's, well yeah yeah, but he you know he were good, that it seemed to fit you good. I could. I did okay yeah yeah and then he did at right. You're in the last temptation. I was saint James. I don't know why. You're laughing there, you are more serious actor mother fucker you know me, please, I saw the first I'd like she jumped lorries. Gotta beard. So the first thing you didn't have a beer, I'm making that and I wanna be area and a wig I might was me and my beard yeah and you were in the desert when I'm wrong. yeah so, The first scene is. we're moving these fish meal. The cargo in their old, stinky, fuckin, fish, air and vehicles be a very good for what I'm gonna be a good actor here, I'm gonna get into moving my fish here.
they get all over my robe my custom here and then the costume they don't and the continuity people they won't. Let them clean my robe because they are not sure of its gonna screw. Even though the story takes place over five years, they won't let I'm clean my robe and I got always fish think on my rope. He has any time I stand still anywhere flies. Gum detracting applies everywhere. I go in that way. A part of the package aims is hurting like acting james was not the attractive fly as non alignment with the remains of thinking it. Now the man of stink where's that record work on permitted us think sounds more like a poem feature organ either. One of them the veto in here Jimmy and he brought up this said there was a conscious. Did you write the current o theme song
not the one who here now can't we use because a controversy I tell you how it happened. I had been through this horrible thing with his lawyer, an assistant, doing really bizarre thing like how, alas, the fishing show I was really lost all my money and the lawyer who I paid. It helped me out of some of this, so you don't think I'm gonna make this new tv show it's gonna be like you know, you know letterman or something, and maybe you could be the bandleader yeah. I'm thinking like If I play the music, I want they'll, let me stay for a month and then fire me, and it will be great near- will be like when Jimi hendrix open for the monkeys is obviously an I'm running after the audition and conan had said that they wanted something that sounded like the jetsons yeah. So I wrote this really tight, harmon mute things are kind of like felonious monk jetsons character. Yet
then our charcoal me he's the guy was gonna. Is he's a big idea? How much earlier music? I please I was supposed to find somebody, and he wants me and now everybody wants me but conan the. Why as well conan thinks you're funnier than him, and that scares him okay, but I have good news. They are going to use our theme year. Our theme: Yes, I've taken what you wrote and changed it a little bit, nothing like who gave you the right do you think you are funding? Also, the monies will be good neighbours. Ok Nothing, I don't hear anything. Comes on the air in their use and there's no credit for me. Oh cried for anybody. Actually I don't know what to make of this, but I because of what had happened to me
What happened when I log in I had this assistant in lawyer who sold the fishing show in this concert. Film and all my money was stolen. I lost everything back like the year before that, so I was really skeptical ever so. After my audition with the komodo, I sent my audition tape to the library you know copy copyrighted air, which is nuts Who does that a guy who got five guys go fuck, but it still will Emmi. I thought you were, as they put it in the members of your fucking nuts to behave in this, but so now wish its on air and how I said something about it in an interview somewhere and they kind of misquoted me and it was worse than it and then he he wouldn't speak to me anymore and so just play in these. So then we had this lawyer. Colonies are well. We don't really know this as we ve copyrighted it
added by the balls just have to wait long enough. So it actually became the theme. Then you know I made, and I wrote it in like less than five minutes I have just said he remembers. Yes, okay, it was Steven bradley, wrote it down really quickly and then we can, when we nail the air and we I liked the way we did it and I hate the way I can't stand the way army owns the money but yeah. So that's all what and who knows what howard shores thing was a mad love to talk to about it. I'd love to actually cause. I like and I'd like to kind of trust him on this. But I got a lot of people. Those com is a storm use it for me too, but you don't know it outta believe about here it means a raise written some good stuff. How on today is a theme, fraud and he was on the night show and it was like. Then he was even on its nature and then tell you got knocked off and then you know when he came back to you some miles so long time. in time. He was paid. My boy get sick. My own money coming in.
Bad nobody, I didn't write their part. I just wrote put up by the group bearded yeah yeah: do you did it did they later. My mom you're on the trouble was sweet. What we area, but only abroad by eight days We draw the line that sorry man for adjustment, that guy you through amazing about a business? Isn't it here's the other when you lock into something the other way I used to do a lot of. it was. My agent was really stuck by me when I was really sick and I couldn't really function and I was doing an animal cops, but I was too sick to be doing them. I mean I would say that the detroit humane society then at the like. I have an hour in the booth really yeah, because anything I would use would stop work, but I couldn't let them- and I just imagine my obituary saying
towards the end. He managed to keep his job on animal cops and. They fired me and he got me the job doing toyota near toyota, corolla and that's movie. You forward except they hired me, but they wanted a high pitched friendly voice, which I couldn't understand why it and then we're going to use me anymore Maybe I shouldn't I was on the economic area. Magellan, you're not gonna, stop, but I made more money for the five minutes, conan thing and not appearing on the other girls who were they made doing anything else. That's at enemy in saying that I e that it carried you that long. I love the stories about people making money in their sleep yeah now that the idea that you wrote this piece and it was protected you and it you know it paid off, which was you know, I did some evil things. Things do to try to make money and then turns all your money how'd. You lose all your fucking money.
feel different ways: what gesture investing your money in projects like giving people Paying getting people out of jail paying for rehab, z, love like things like that friends were what what referenda I was in trouble and then I don't know you mean when you got sick, nobody came and helped you some people, but that's not. How do you know flee? Please sweetheart gave her yet was out here doing first I met him was. I was out here doing the music for not very good movie, and I wanted them to not hire everybody. Am I right these fun things for which movie? I don't remember the name of it was it was a hit
it's like a motorcycle, futuristic motorcycle movie. He did a lotta, he did quite a few movies. He did a bunch of movies mystery train down by lie, get shorty, that's vague, yeah! Let's speak. He wants to make a few bucks on that one fishing with John, that the excess baggage is at the one. That's a good score. Yeah yeah! It's yeah! That's a really good score, We have a good. What's that movie about with some release you adulthood oh and felicia silverstone na How you doing that work? I used to like it, but like that was a bad experience that one They don't care about the movie. these hollywood movies- nobody cares if it's any good or not right to own the care about who returns, whose phone call right makes one? Well, they even seem to care about that. They really only care about who returns, whose fungal call. If you make them, we got, it might make money right, but as well as a car,
I have horn at the end. You know at the you know two minutes in the what well what's the cut? What does it sound are we dunno just write some music? It's like no! You want to make a good. I mean it takes a lot of work to make things good and people have to care. You know when you score a film. What what do you do it with the film. Where are your watch it once without any music while where they have sometimes they have tempt music bright and some months ago, Then you watch it what you like on your own. I just leave a tape recorder going at the keyboard over the qatar and just sort of play. The the thing that comes to your mind and eighty percent of them that works and then you can modify it of a really. It often works. Its great here see me fully. I'm awfully where I was already known. As movies gonna wonders to combat math dyke unama, there from
Delicious vinyl. Is that what it was called with? Maybe one loke. You know this. He was doing some stuff back that year and sir mix alot. I think with that stuff, yeah millennia of really funky bass player. You gotta get this kid. The flea get the flea here. So I call this kid and I ask that this stuff in five, four and seven eight. Could you do this and he could do it? You know- and he comes in. He has all his all these outfits from the movie like leather jackets, with like cups, go to them and stuff, and he like this. Oh what's this eddie puts rises. Could I have this I dunno just taken and he walked out on the sunset boulevard, warehouses. I I really was jealous. You know I was like: how could you have the ball? I still walk out. There were so he was supposed to play on this thing and then he showed up like ours,
like you know it was going to get him and hillel and cliff martinez were going to play under and they showed up hours late in the l, a guy just kind of looked at me as like see. I knew I shouldn't. Let you hire anybody in reality as the drudge man, ten thousand, so you were you ve got it now. With that shit with the drinking and stuff I mean that's along arc of a story. I mean not me, a junkie here and then would free bearing ok during the lounge wizards during a lot of it here I quit and then started and then quit and- and I drank annette, it never hear nothing forever here then at someone I start drinking with this whole thing, this horrible stuff that happen with in air, and I got a little better with the line disease by.
Or drinking, I found it quelled. The nervousness I used to drink a bottle of vodka on the road every night and then come home yeah, I'm not drink, yeah, we've been thinking about it. Yeah and the drinking got under my skin like that yeah it was shocked me. So I took me a while to kind of share, but you got your strung out the dope profile yeah yeah. That's I never did that. Shit, am queen. You know, but I never like. I never took to the heroine. I love the combination of heroin and cocaine same time, yeah yeah. That was the thing right at you just to balance it out: alc alchemically africa and then if the coke ran longer than the heroine, the neighbor in Hell, you know the heroin had the outlast ethan coke, getting it right because your nerves just couldn't handle it. yeah so did it was a hard it to kick that. Did it many times yea area,
so, whenever its ardor, yes cigarettes, never vigorous were harder. Yet just always air hamster They did they amuse too little gonna hurt you. Can we do it again? Tare Jesus, I'm sorry, I don't know, it's a bad habit. I don't always do. I look like I do just like I, I usually say buddy but he's weird, because I feel like I should sit on the same side of the table. You're going to call me alright. Well, John, has john weird can call me friend: do a friend do this for after all is said and done here we go through all this stuff. Amazing career music fell digital obama's that come under the you know that guy just integrity, bywater, ferchar, yeah yeah, don't take it say what you like as soon as worthy really worth its in the gulf miserably gum under their attitude
I don't know who I do have a lot of people said over there arose to come out, lose out as a person was to sit here out ass, Cindy Crawford, really yeah I was on the plane with her once yeah, I was shocked like the presence of her yeah. She was just just that unites us. These people are less than their nothing and why she was like Cindy crop wow. it will not. Then she was even just as an entity here she just kind of like. Someone radiate, and then we got off the plane. That was me and buscemi were traveling together and she and they were like chasing her cheeks I mean like they were wild animal That would look like told the beer were alive, gamma variety amoebic, what was that on wow, because me and Steve, were you know: Steve was kind of even unknown, so I mean like what we're doing with steve, who would just on the fly Together we been pals wherever still pass here. I'll get he's a sweet man I mean here
So let's get you can't you have on him here s your friends here, sweetheart him and flee are just sweet. Well, yeah some show business people, you might get sick and they disappeared and now bitter for awhile, and then I kind of felt sorry for them. Yeah, you seem pretty good. I thought you'd be cranky, you seem you seem good. While I kind of geared so do not be crazy. When I got here, he doing in l a this kind of a fiasco over trip. I will I'm not I'm here to do this year, calamity. By doing this forever yeah? But, supposed to have a show. With the new new Orleans museum of art here the paintings year. Go. We hardly talk about making that talk about. Emmy seems like you pay one every day now they go on number this. Oh no. I don't think when every day on twitter I look at you. It's like holy shit. He just finished another one. I cycle the mild, so I can kind of like how much how many paintings are you turning out three a month like forum of
and what are you working with watercolor color, watercolor now yeah, an equally eleven you do only when you every treaty was the one making fun of 'em timor gable warner. If any are each week more. If you want to do, yes, but here's! What's amazingly you and pointing again here, is that the persistence of your creativity that, after yet you know you move through all this stuff. Whatever it is act but mostly music and it's going movies, and then you have you just these guys it has creative fever that you find yourself doing these almost peaceful and You know you look at your paintings and you know that you give your warmth. It's almost there's a child. component. There is a primitive divisive thing. There's a now like almost like a native element to it and the cowards are stunning and like I I'm happy for you that you paint I'm serious, so who's really sweet actually I mean, I'm a big interrupt her and I don't like being complemented so much, but that really
was really nice. I enjoyed that actually yeah. I just like, as, like. I don't know, what it is like or whether I know a lot about you were not for some reason, your presence in my mind it is always been right. So then, when when start soon. You on twitter- and I know it- a mysterious. I you know what you are, what you were doing well by the I mean I know there, but we thing in whatever, but I have always been sort of fascinated with you and when I first started seeing the paintings on like oh, my god, this is what he is doing in this is like some, the best shit he's ever done. It is in the actually the paving has gone past everything, my soul. I mean why I lost music. I thought the music was the only way I was gonna find my soul in this universe, but the painting as gone is past. He asked it, it's actually fine. in peace with it. Oh my god, I just I mean women travelling for a minute and I haven't bathed in a week and I'm like forget about
rats and heroin jerry I got I want to get back to it. It's just like I'm in it just in and you feel that I must feel that I'm like have I'm happy for you, I'm serious things and I don't even know yet. I'm happy. I mean there is a weird thing with you and me: we must have run a parallel earth. I don't know if you and me would fight all the time eventually now quickly, I think really, really doing oh yeah, well, fuck with me. If you're going to fuck with me, you get a year in a good mood. I thought. Maybe, if I fucked with you in a good mood, call me dude fast food and ice grab. Him by the lapels really do grab your dad thereby to a power here sizes. You I'll see you doing three paintings a month about and you came out there. First of all, I interrupted what was this new Orleans thing that you would work on? We were supposed to have the shows by year. This was my two thousand and sixteen this big show at the museum in new orleans yeah and I was very excited
kind of planning everything around it and then so we were going to go now, oh yeah and choose so I three rooms- and there was a fourth romanian archival room. Now ask these by EU painters. No about them now, just beautiful gambled on so, as was the big stuff from their archives that was gonna. Go you didn't europe a little bit. He occur one room in and have my pains visa and then this guy David owen from San francisco, sketch vesta, really sweet Guy's been bugging me for ever they come there and screen fishing with John and do a question and answer here. Where we've been saying: no, I got lyme disease a do it again, and so I thought okay atlanta do is a ago cause. with the lime- is still kinda hard yeah. You know I have to come here at the rest of the day before rest of the day after that, but so could a san francisco. coming to learn that new orleans and then go back to my island, and then we buy the tickets
signed the contract with services. Go in new orleans pulled out, just let it just is. Sadly they pointed out that way. Like that called it aren't. You noted were not because the thing wasn't scheduled until next this coming summer right but I had to go there in january to pick the archive room and I'd plan my year around held back where I'm from milan. No, it's just like, and their reasoning was I the money that they were only having shows that had corporate sponsorship, and then you start to think about why all the stuff you see in these museums sucks because it has has to have corporate sponsorship and on what kind of art as corporate sponsorship. I dunno it yeah. I know but like they they. It seems to me that the the middle person who was in charge of the museum could have champion due to any corporation
it's not. Corporations are making decisions first, true, but the guy who is chairing us wasn't the top guy now and then What do I want. you know who we add on no pepsi what I don't know what he always you. Why are you dad, I'm really worried. War contractor was gonna. That's a museum there's money money museum, because pepsi gave them my money for the museum to present great stuff. So now and some plastic fucking dog, that's worth thirty. Six million dollars for no reason, sure sure but should we made the arch of art is important, it is, important? I think, no definite I, like, I said my girlfriends of abstract pain, area, stunning. I can't I can't even my brain around where what you guys do comes from some. I it to me it's beautiful and it's an amazing thing, but just whole idea that showing in the news museums his only there, because it sponsored by something corporate near that's
I don't know, that's always when I it's always true, but it's just sort of all things sort of scared, because you know mostly what you look at his socks. Yeah. Effort in general. Who makes owe you guys a year in terms of the older guys. The pain, all life. You mean why the hell you, like pollack, Bridle sheila glimpse but Clinton and discover until late, but I actually love him yeah. I can see that pollack near mars, Louis bossy Well, you knew him. I knew him. I mean it's different yeah, it's way different cause. He was just a kid who you know yeah I mean I picked up some stuff from him. He picked up some stuff for me. We would, like gonna, get high may at all that our area get us too weird. It's like some kid. Your neighbor, who followed you around then became a big deal. I value of I've been in new york but then is like we were forced by the kid who followed you around you like them, and it's gonna get you,
people on the island. Yes, you having a nice time. I love it. They're good! goats in the yard, really yeah mango trees and iguanas, and I can see the ocean from every room. and it saved my health, because when I got there I was like you know: yeah. I swim every day which I never thought was going to be possible again and you got your own place. I rent a place here him but yeah. I love it there. Well good man. Happy you're! Ok, despite the problems normally others like I came through the other side. I survive shit that I know we will not even know what I survive, but I know how two she really stood by me at me did opinion called the other side of the great wall of fuck. It's for real. You know it's like, but what I survived said: you're a tough mother fucker, I'm proud of that. It feels good yeah, yeah well well. Well, yeah stay on the good side
I would ask you write a move in for a while, but they will talk about off the mike Like I get it, Come on those guys like I'd like to help you John, you know, but I am aware we impassive de almost hesitated they are going to over. There eagle rocks a little east of us were a little east of your mouthwash stained glass upon work is eagle ride places I never heard of east in Alagiah, where I lived in palm springs for awhile, but we're far from palm springs y. No, but I know EAST yeah it's epochs east is east of here. Yeah we're we're west of palm springs It was a pleasure talking to you who I had fun good. I didn't do it, but it wasn't a disaster right, we're not going to. Oh, no, no, no. I am truly happy for you and I'm glad you came out through it and you know we. about what we need to talk about what you wanted to talk about. We have to do any more war stories I just enjoyed seen you agree,
good, though like better than any photographs, and I noticed on the recent photograph yellow good why it may be, I think, I think, are relaxed a little bit more ro more reliably. You gonna lie back from the world. Now I may be that low remark round in and actually makes a difference after the thing in milan and got all this great press and they treated me with respect to relief right. It was just kind of like sought in the mirror. I thought with thy change of vitamin d I get was like, was ignored just like validation. No little validation, you know where you can see it in your face, makes a difference when work your whole fucking life at a bunch of different shit. Yeah, and you know when the chips are down. You don't know. If shit is going to come back around and somehow it slowly starts coming around, and you find something like Like you and painting that you never anticipate, you ever doing an and it turns out to be the thing that works for you and your heart and in also makes you were appealing to others and and you know it's a good thing you're in others.
I know we're both men had it been the opposite of that year. It's like. I don't know why. I like that asshole, I just buddies. Question is luck you ready to go, but let's keep talking forever you're tired, norma, I'm not tired, let's out here, unless they some stupid, I haven't already giant. Thank you I We covered a lot of stuff is it was pretty lively in here my friends, pretty lively with John murray go check out, Duffy gotta, deputy pod dot com for amphora, deputy pod stuff, ok, the inflation guitar. Maybe
As you are aware,.
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