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Episode 700 Part 1 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

2016-04-21 | 🔗
It's a two-part 700th Episode extravaganza. First, Marc and Julia Louis-Dreyfus talk Seinfeld, SNL, Second City, Larry David, Woody Allen, Veep, being a mom, and getting older. Then for Part 2, Marc's friend Louis CK stops by to spill the beans on everything that went into making and releasing his series Horace and Pete.

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All right? Let's do this. How are you what the blogger is, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck am ears, what the fuck's, daughters, man. This is deputy. F. Welcome to the show is my podcast I'm sitting in my garage where I've done pretty much for seven hundred episodes. This is the seven hundred episode of w e f. I can't fucking believe it can you it's pretty insane. It's like I. You know weird, is that I think about life in the show. I think about my life about words started and where it came from. I know there's plenty of other product out their content, It happened daily that dead don't go celebrated necessarily like these landmarks and in my podcast in my podcast
history in the history of the show of me but but it's pretty insane. Pretty unbelievable, an eminent I'm pretty humbled in grateful by by all it and today is a very special episode. Although the people on today show had no idea was a seven hundred that preserve this is the first. Sort of hundredth marker that we didn't necessarily make a big deal out of because we We do this show we will we like to do this. I I'm talking. We producer in business partner, Brendan mcdonald, too, is equally responsible, for this show do it because it's it's something we love to do it's it's become beautiful job and and- and it's become very important to many of you, so we didn't create a special show per se. What we did here today is, I talked to people
again, neither of them knew was a seven hundred episode until I told them my first get. On part one. There are two parts today there are two separate podcast two parts on this one part one is Julia, louie dreyfus who are dying to talk to you for a long time a huge fan hers, I think, hilarious. I was nervous about it because I think she's, one of the greatest comic actors period who is ever lived in and I've always been sort of enchanted by her in anything she ever wanted to do the show. So so it was very exciting for me to talk to her and the second part, the second pod gas, the second after the seven hundredth wtf is a louis ck louie was in town and I, to tell you was just you excited to finally, about the process, of creating and making horse and peat which I
I urge all ten episodes of- and I gotta say it's, It's really something it's a real masterpiece. It's a real undertaking, a real creative it's just mind: blowing that pulled it off and he honoured himself so beautifully in so precisely so differently than usual. So that's part do that you will have to download set Eighty it's another to another podcast, but there are two parts our seven hundred episode, but I think, to catch up on my life a little bit first and then and I'll share some more of my feelings jury duty down there, was ready to serve whose disappear. your court. I was not but I knew I had to go down there and thought, they d. I would try to get out of it and you know say that I've and anger problem or you it's weird about jury duty- is that when you get there and you go, the process and then you get chosen to be selected and you go into that court room yet union.
so confident, anymore, yeah yeah, it's tough, being a bullshit artist. I imagine if you had to. if you're a lawyer or defending that is trying to hide, is guilty, I imagined it survival instinct in the need to win we're dead you are a tremendous bullshit artists, but just as a guy that was there to do a civic duty and willing to do it. I realise that, like I should do this and I and I, and I kind of wanted to do it. and I got into the court room and in this the woman who is the judge you know I was number I was the third juror. They explain the case it was it was. a common practice case. They asked if you, sir on a jury? I it no. I went town a while back- and I was not so I gotta be honest with you, a youngster, to go to new york next week. I am Not tonight, show its important for my my career, its unity and I- and I I'd like to do that- and I know I've postponed before and and I'd like to try
postpone again she so wide enough. You can postpone again by wants you go stairs and see if they can place you on another trial ashore to trial, and am I ok thanks you, your honor and they they who emmy go dear time, or a jury, served and I felt like I you know I I I felt like I weasel. That is something that I should do in and I look, I'm not I'm not telling every court in California that openly available, but I will put put aside more time next time for this superior corp I got out of it. So there's closure on that. For those of you who were I thought it was some sort of cliffhanger. I was ready, but do not get ass to serve and quite ass, we have relieved and- and that's that right, ok, look seven hundred episodes in why we didn't make a big deal out of. It is a big deal too big deal to me, but I asked saying before. As far as you know, intentions, for this show I wanted all these conversations to be.
to be vital. Anytime, you listen to them. I went out of my way to not tether them to current events or did about current events. Some, you may think self indulgent. But but it was my decision to to deal with my parameters of my life and my feelings of my emotions and where I am in the world primarily to have that As part of the narrative of this, but also to sort of these shows available and in relevant at any. time that you listen to them and I'm very proud of the fact Brandon and I were able to put together seven hundred episode, seven hundred unique episodes? Some of them live some of them not done here in the garage that, will really and there they work. Is there not time capitals are not dated? They may be tight, capsules in the sense of of people's careers. Many the people that I've talked to have gone on to bigger things, many of them have, the way. Sadly, some of them have have gone on to different lives, but these these epoch your portraits in time
and in that was always the intention so like let's say get the hell died at them. If you go to how that at them and get that after the archives you can really I've been to anywhere. You want and pick these. besides with people that interest you an end You see them at that point in their career and in most of the time get a good sign. if they are emotionally and and and win who they are as people and I the profound interest in that I can begin to tell you important it is for me to have these conversations. Even seven hundred in life if I don't have a talking here, a couple of You know I get squarely, I dont know hu, I am in the world- are where I stand. I need it helps me too, to be self. in and and also to to be there for somebody else, I'm not great at that in my real life, but here in the garage You know I I opened myself up and I make myself available, for somebody else in and I and I really listen and
it moved by their stories, no matter where they go or what happens, and I don't always know where they're going to go most of the time. I Don'T- and I know no it's gonna happen, so it's always thrilling for me we wonder what I want to say is is is thank you because I had no idea really well This would go or where would lead and the fact At these conversations I have with people in this garage out of place in your lives and mean something that I never have imagined to your wife whatever may be. However, you engage with this show. Whatever your expectations are. The amount of the feedback I get from you about I know how it makes you feel or or what problems it brought up in you and in in helped you with resolution or feeling less alone or or or what whatever it is. However, your comforted or entertained. By this I had idea that that would happen. I had no idea
they show would have the life a tad and in really in terms of of this landmark of seven hundred episodes. and these two guests specifically, who are some of the greatest comedy stars that that this country is produced Julia louie dreyfus- louis seeker. That was a coincidence I guy did you ever read and anticipate the louie talk to be to begin with, but but the fact I did this, is a landmark in me having these conversations we just wanted to do. We do, I told both that it was a seven hundred episode, Baghdad, they know they were coming into it. So I thought I should let them now. So So I hope you enjoy our two partner here and again. Thank you for listening. I am genuinely not only grateful, but out of this show in proud that weep. We pulled it together out of nothing but but the
desire to have these conversations and the will to do them consistently and evolve as a as people. Who am I talking to all of us who am I talking about all of us, our too much coffee all right. If you watch me, it's the new season starts. this sunday night, If you do watch it, I'm sure you very excited. If you dont you she catch up, kiss me and Julia lui Dreyfus, here I met you briefly auditioned for visa, but the beginning idea If you don't have to remember me
well. No, I dunno was like. I don't remember exactly what guy. If it was one of the regular geyser, it was right at the beginning. It was for the you know. The first, oh, like that. Far back, oh cause, you're on season five yeah was it the beginning, and but you were there and here the creator was air. What's his name again, man tell ye, I hear you, they are all there and it was just a couple of lines and I thought I'd offended you somehow I made it a joke in I, and I didn't know he landed correctly. Well, let's just say I dont remember it's fine sounding that's good news, shirts, goodness. What was that you hold dear for why member like did that the tone of it had was obviously politically charged. I made a joke sarcastically that, if taken not are casting really would have meant that I was like some sound ass right wing idiot. I'm sure I know it's a joke
I would, however, thank you know there is a beat their ride. Like you know, when you we have like to second no room. In fact, I warrant telling us it's making me anxious, really water, are you you usually in their forty nine seconds for a week My guy just fucked up there. She so, my oh, my god, but I'm not grown up enough to know the union registered at all. I do, you don't. Remember me at all makes me very excited, is one of the rare time for it s going to say that may be the first time in all in hollywood history. That actors said that so what you, just you were out doing things you're just suggested a mix actually for deep, went wended entities and start- I think we're gonna do were put in this up the day or right. There are willing here you're. The seven hundred episode item may not mean anything to you, but you know that is actually very significant. Why don't we party hats, dough? if were serious, we should be celebrating
hundred year, the year after year, the celebratory guessed at yoga revising and tell you? I think you should know that year and there's no pressure. oh I'd, feel any pressure. I'll get ya got I'd, get at seven hundred! That's a lot of fuckin talk, I know, is a crazy. A lot of people have been in here. Why do people have sat there? That's incredible! you're. The first person from actually I think from a yeah have not. To jerry, have not talk to jason. I ve not talk to Larry non talk any of em, nearly always seinfeld person. Laugh. You need to rectify that again. I dont know how to get hold of those guys. I don't think have your people call yeah, but they don't. They didn't do any of you I get jason, you know, but I don't think I don't think jerry and larry have any interest in doing my show. But look at you you're already saying no to yourself. You haven't even tried you're right, thank you This is why this is a seven hundred upset. I'm learning now going to be proactive, podcast work. How do you make money from this? Do you yeah? We do now
The awesome view. It works like a lot like, like all the people that used to advertise on radio, realise that radio is not really functioning anymore. So there we have advertisers, we now are part of a like the archive. Only the most recent fifty are available for free for sixty six months every have set free. And then it goes behind us sort of an app wall that people subscribe to an but we advertising, but you know this year with this, these episodes, five hundred thousand to a million downloads extraordinary? So you know that people listen yeah yeah, that's so great. My kids listen to podcasts. Now how old are the kids, eighteen and twenty three while the big yeah? And so, but it's funny cause it's so much like a ro back to old, timey, radio, sure, yeah and they're telling me what path castle listen to, How do I make the list or not? Yet you did ok, but any that's. Why I'm here, because I had told me, was a girl yeah. I guess so.
I wanted to interview you before ride talked It's not really an interview, I don't. I don't even have a sheet. I left it in the house. Do you want to go, get it now? Alright, I don't think I do want to go, get it Guy. You know yeah of the funniest people alive. Now, no idea we believe that I'd say that, but I do not say that lightly. Ok, why? What is this to rock? Why is it here? Is it petrified something? you know what that is actually from. Have you ever been to Calais yeah? Oh, I say it's volcanic rock. No, it's not it's! in that weird shitty, beach and kawhi, where they you know, I think it's called like a glass beach where you go in the sand is glass from garbage and there are these old roddy. Damn leftover ship parts in motor arts in this, isn't I get some weird old pieces? Steel cooked- I probably should have still not an exciting baxter. but you ve been away. You like it they're turkey, for what
I know if you stay longer than eight days. It's a problem. It's all fine, just fine, you know do. Do you like to go anywhere yeah I do I like to go to. Where do I like to go? Is there a place? You repeat like you go back to like I'm- going to take a break and I'm going to go to that thing that place. You know it's so funny that you're asked me this now cause I'm trying to think of what do I just love and I'm having trouble. Remembering, but I know I love santa Barbara California, that's close, yeah, that's not even like really nice now know it's not an escape clear. I like doing like the most serve happy, ventures. I've had are ones where we just really escape from it and get to the natural world where ya galapagos from subject. Oh I see island twice, mama and she is ill changed her life, it's it's quite life. Changing and it's so other world,
I love, and we went to the grand canyon recently amazing to me. People underestimate that, oh, my god, it's just glorious and we went river acting in. She lay once that was also green of those kinds of europe's which are not. particularly cushy, although I love a good hotel like a lot, but but I love those other cut, particularly with our boys, you know you're onto have sort of these adventure, things that were all taken away and you ll never forget him yeah. Really I cancer on a beach. I gotta move. That's why wise? Ok, you can go hiking and stuff, but I guess I but like any vacation for me after eight days it's or like you're gonna fuck it up, because I can stay nine, your eye, we gotta you that place again, and by that, if you stay ten right, we shouldn't have come here. You need to be exploring or doing something right right, yeah, I'm not a lie around person. I can do that for two days. Maybe if I have a good book or a podcast to listen to yes,
I regret the educated? Second, I series we do think you're a hilarious. Why do you not think you? Why do you not take me? I had no idea, I don't mean to be a play it running or I'd like to buy more. Thank you very much. I dont now you know I don't, because I won't live up to our expectations. That's why I'm expecting before any good cause. It's not gonna happen of good. I get like I'd, be happy if we both ended crying. That would be at least something interesting. It'd be good. If you were about to tell me that people cried here, oh no people have cried here, but not a lot right like I feel it. Happening. I just sit here and there and I like that to a clean here at the here that there be dini with asia. hannity right earlier or its behind your head now, feral in here in hand, and he is decidedly not turned on when he's in an interview with. What's but though you know well right, not well, now very funny, don't you think hilarious right like really like neck, like suggest you look at him and
exactly it's an incredible giff right exactly. He cinema amazing that some people have that thing. Where you know you're gonna, let you know, you're, just on the edge, your your seat waiting and it's its igloo, it's a rare thing I get there would Kevin James to oddly. Oh, do you yeah by you like it when he does them? and he just standing there. Oh I haven't seen Well, I there's a discomfort to it. All that, like you just can't has to is whole body needs to be funny at all times, yeah, but I have a will is irony and I knew that he had a history of not you know, he'll just talk, he's not gonna turn it on yeah, but but it's weird, when that happens, you just sit in there and party you sort of like he. You know I I do. I get a laugh. It is second and it's just not coming and then, when you just give you the littlest like you are you just die, you die you're crazy. It must be irritating to him
why. I wonder if it off on it, I must get out he's going to morrow. I will you work with very funny people on deep sea. That's your thing, though you I mean you, we work with funny. People in your hilarious comic actors must be exciting. To do this, show it's a dream. In those guys are hilarious, o them. Oh, yes, they are it. Is it I'm glad you didn't ask me, I wasn't right was I wasn't funny enough strew like how does it how's. The experience compare like we'll go back in a second, but in terms of like what seinfeld was, which is yeah the the the scripts in the Seth. I mean, what's the difference in the experience of this outside from your the lead and the president and you're doing washington and their different. It's completely different. I met well very different, but fundamentally I'm gonna, say it similar yeah yeah, because it is a very, very funny group of people who,
to play and work it as an ensemble right right and so we're all we're trying to do is get to the funniest thing we can get to as a group bright, yellow and so in that sense it similar YA, but of course totally it's completely different, but we, but it It does have that fundamental similarity which I think is imperative to be in place in. What's it would key to it, though, like when you weren't, like you, I, like, I know walsh mouthwash, you don't have any money. Oh you dear zita letters, real eleven. I love Yeah me. I knew them when they started in new york. Yes, but they're like how do you orchestrate such a large cast at times voted to sort of? funny cause. There's a lot of physical comedy, there's the script, but there is also a movement in there I mean how much
the improvised or do you run just run it over and over again before europe, but we we we improvise. Am we run it? I mean very it's just a funk in soup of all of it right in its a mass and its somewhat chaotic and the hours are excruciating and it's very hard work, but rewarding ultimately rewarding, but sometimes you feel as if you are going to die from it. Really, yes and no kidding, I don't think people realize that I probably shouldn't be saying that sell it particularly well known people who have the show. It's a funny show it's not going to undersell it, but I I've been sort of hung up about like because I think a lot of people who are just watching us work. They don't they don't, taken mine that, like it's, it's hard work It's worry yeah. I mean we're not you know how to show up and do your play right and then everyone collapse and you go home. You know you're, not you're, not curing cancer, but it feels like
when you're doing it right, that's like what what would make it a excruciating day like crazy. You like you, do you feel like you're gonna die, just like. I never seen isn't working and taking longer to get and are trying to figure it out on figure it out on the in the moment. Is that usually comedy issue, seen isn't working party either. That is the most difficult challenge. Many ever seen, not working, because I mean there are billions of reason sustained everywhere that, but you know that the cameras and in the right place, or it doesn't make plausible sense that the other thing is it were trying constantly of thread that needle of what happened with this guy to episodes it goes asking them at a very aren't. Do you buy this right is the reality of this circumstance at this place in this moment. I'd do we feel as if we vetted this enough, so that you would actually buy. That this might happen is yours and president, you have to I mean,
and, of course there is, you know, there's of you know, what's the word and an element of suspension of disbelief but beyond, but but not too much try very hard and very have a lot of consultants who work on the show her in the business of politics who, who I gruner grips exciting, like gum eric lesser who worked with the president and will present a sorry obama. Yet our current one, Anita Mcbride, who worked with the bushes on her then, who else do we have what we have a lot they had died and the authorities there on as consultants yet just I think in insiders people have done them and in their onset or are they just? Sometimes they stop I set, but ultimately we send them scripts and and what are their notes like this will never happen.
If you want to do this, you have to have this in place or no sir, Good service would be with her at this point. Or arrives. Yes, sir, you want that authenticity have to have it. Oh yeah and what's reaction from washington people to the show pretty positive. They all think it's about the other person really. yeah. I knew that guy. I know that's based exactly, which makes me happy that's good yeah and when you were you brought into it? Originally, like Armando iannucci did the what was it called the loop in the office yeah he did. Did a series called the thick of it in the uk. Righteous rages: incredibly fabulous their series
I hadn't seen that, but I had seen in the loop near me to write this. My my agent told me it was being developed at an at h, b, o this unhappy. Vice president, I was like ooh yeah. I gotta get on that action. Yeah yeah, I mean you hear at a female unhappy vice president. What more do you need to know I mean that sounds like very ripe. Yeah from comedy monroe's hilarious vary from objective. He asked I you know, I don't know. I guess. I think that you ve done an amazing thing in that a lot of people. Don't we survivor? Hits it come career wise? You know in the sense that So I identified a five tricky bright yesterday we are conscious of that year. but I didn't dwell on it because I knew adventures was great in the movie stuff you any. I liked it allows
I don't know how to read your work. I don't have. That was no! No! No! No! No! No! It was good. Now I actually have a lot of love for that show no kidding. I really do and and was oh you're, not deconstructing harry, oh yeah, yeah, that's a good experience! Well, it was you know it was. It was funny it was it here's the thing years and years ago I was in I I was hired. This is back when I was on snl, so it had to have been like eighty four, alright and ah woody was making Hannah and her sisters you're in that year. I don't remember you, don't remember it because I was like. I was actually quite literally an extra except an extra online. You know there was a party, no, it was said at the beginning of the movie when he was running a sum comedy show, and I was a p I or something why, alongside him and under
I look like a robot rubber madonna. It was like an snl style show in dealing with the baluchi character or character was on drugs in the they are coming into this backroom. It's like he's all fucked up again or something I grant you ok, but anyways Oh, I was, and so I got cast juliet taylor was cast director and I get cast in this. I was all excited. You know I mean I'm twenty four. I have no, not even I was twenty. I was. I was probably twenty two okay, so I get cast go title apart. I was so terrified to be in the scene with him make this as short as possible. Night. Take your time I a time so we have this scene in which he's he thinks he's got brain tumor right and so in the scene. He as as the actor says wait a minute. Stop! Does anybody here that cause he's hearing right a ringing here
and so, but you know remember, he's also directing the move it ok. I was in the saint and I was so to cross the, hind him or in front of my camera, which as saying that right, so what in camera he goes wait a minute stop and I stopped because I thought he was talking to me stop it, was the line in the sand. Ok, keep in mind. I'm like a low kid, okay and just too low on the totem pole right right. So I got oh my god, I'm so sorry upset you know as and so so then we do it again and if we do and so roll camera okay action go la la la is anybody here. This women is a hit ringing stop and I guess he didn't get it twice. Would you say, do you I was like? Oh my god? Oh I can't believe I just chicken. I was overcome with nerves right and
Then he made a joke at my expense on earlier. I can remember it was except that I was incredibly himself didn't try to act as if I wasn't right. Ok, so that was that experience. Suffice it to say did not go particularly well, so years later. Here I get a call, he's doing this moving. He would love me to be in it and- and I think I even talked How many said I'm going to send you the pages you know really, if you wanted to it great and we'd love to have it out. Oh my god, I'm so excited this is this is now you know middle of doing seinfeld or even towards the end, And- and so I remember- I was with my- has brad and the pages came in and he said, would you you're gonna. Do it and I said what he means to, I think, I'm an age. Of course it's a woody allen movie here I mean you know what you know he's got me blowin m or something course I'm gonna, do it and have the scene was a blow job thing right
so anyway, I did it anyway. It was funny I didn't think with web. seen or remove the movies money, but the same within that funny and the other thing is. Is that why why why you know like you is uncomfortable, was weird by the way. loaded out that yeah you're. That has not always too much idea that for me for you for your taste. The blow job, you watch it, I can't each other and the other thing is we had to refute it so and by the way I got, I in fact was just barely pregnant. The time when I came back to refute it. You have a month later I was a house, so they had find the same wardrobe in an extra large and like shoot me You know neck up if you're pregnant, it would have been much darker joke, wouldn't possibly funnier had a big, those, probably true yeah,
so I thought you wanted us and our people here yet, but where it, where would you grow up? I was born in. York, and then I moved to washington, whereas, like eight real, where's, your mom and politics know my my I live with my mom and my stepfather. My stepfather was a doctor and was working. He worked at GW. He was the dean of the med school there and stuff like that. That's good school right, oh yeah, so he what kind of doctor was he he was originally through. Stick, sir oh really, I grew up with a doctor as a father, it's good when you don't feel well you what kind of doktor Are you a surgeon? Oh visa, yes saws and dwells instead, of course, but it was all air in new york. I grew up in new mexico from jersey than these jersey people. Ah, this is fastened group in new mexico. How you have this accent that you have to have an accent. I feel
if it's a new york acts? What people think it's jersey, maybe jersey, still left in there somewhere, both my parents or from jersey? That's what it is I dont picked up there. There really is, probably I don't think, there's a new mexico accent if there is one we haven't heard it yet. Ok, Well, let me know if you do and I'll try to hold onto that made them all of a sudden. You start talking Yeah yeah, it's weird, It's not really taxes, not the south. I don't know it's enough, there's an accent there. So where was regular dead, I in new york yeah yeah. Do you have a back and forth? I think I did it back and forth thing. Was that good or bad? What do you think terrible yeah, not easy? I I'm the only child in my parents' marriage, so I have two sisters, on my mother's side at sisters on my father sight, o, F, half sisters, cracked wow? That's why go idea in ships allow them oh yeah, very much so yeah nice. Actually, I,
like having all those sisters, that's very nice, but the going back and forth attuned families not not not ideal, my parents got divorced muslim. My in day was in his tricky. hey that come in! the occasion I mean I you know I don't know when you were a year. Ladys has unbelievable. How long have they been mary while they ve been married, is one that will shortly after me out not much longer and the oldest, and they had me couple years enzo just over that yeah. I know it's a big explosion of of emotion and weirdness in you. I guess I saw it coming it's hard to you not have as much invested in it, but he wasn't surprising necessarily. sir once everything became reveal that was right, holy shit. I even know these people wow. Does europe Our experience with your parents like what are you oh yeah?
recently a thousand last week, so so growing up? What were you doing? I was just a girl going to school. I always wanted to act. I mean I don't know how you felt that I always felt like. I we want to do. I could join do something that one of the things we were they wanted. You know I think was interesting to me. Do you know why it was interesting to you? Did you like movies? where's, where their certain people that we are like eyes, quantity that I wanted to grow up. I was, I was eager to what would you like ahead of your growing up thing? Were you one of those kids who are sort of like already acting grown up, and I tried dat grown up, yeah how'd that go well, not When I was very little, I remember noticing that big, that when you got your big teeth, india
I hang down a little lower than your lip and I was desperate to get my big tea and I vividly remember very frequently walking down the streets of new york with my mom lifting up my lip like this and thinking I was fooling people to thinking that I had my victim. If people were just like what's wrong with that kid right, but I in my mind everything. Oh, that's a great that that kid's got her big teeth, she's getting old. I swear to you. I was dying to grow up your balls. They stop it. She didn't notice, you isn't she did. This is something I did in my little head and it also new york since also happen, cool and you're gonna swampy places. I don't know if there's I think you're right, but all new york felt swanky then cause we're about the same age and like new york when the nyc, when I was like thirteen or fourteen when it was just starting to get cool again yeah, it was so exciting to be there. I really love it. I have I mean when I was
really little living there. I don't know how swank it was, but it was. You know, narrowing the seventies right, yeah, yeah, I was born in sixty one, so I was you know. I guess I shouldn't who gives a fuck you I would ever and so so live. You know I was in the city and they had the we had the black out and love. I love writing buses. The ice love it do so ever I actually love getting on a public bus, but new york. Do you have new york style yeah? I wish it wasn't so ah expensive and I dunno who, with your crowded, very rich people, it's weird man. You just need so much money, but also like the whole flavor of the city. it's not what it used to be like. I would have done the worry aside for a couple of years and then in or around thirty sixteen through a couple of years, and it was in the near mid eighties, even in now the worry side, it's like there's, no light grit or menace or like sunset,
all kinds of people live in new york anymore. It it was. It feels like a vacation like the like Opinions are using it as a vacation island. I because I think it is yeah so like a hot central park can even talk about that. What happened its glorious, it's always good and when Well I mean you could not cross central park past right what caused it. the clock in the afternoon. You get hurt. Yeah you, you know who is hiding yeah yeah workpeople, hiding we functions is as a reprieve known. I read some big I'd read a book about central park once in the idea of it in a kind of changed, my life really we are united That's why you had these these new cities growing new york was growing. There was this idea that
Why do people are moving from the country so they had to bring some element of that to balance the city, so it was actually built for a purpose to have that that sort of pastoral reprieve that functioned in in light of of city life. Let me tell you something: that's so goddamn genius and I wish they'd done it here right in LOS Angele. It's genius, the japanese call it forest bathing out. They do and it's important, it's really important. It is important for the eye motion of mental health. I agree with you. So what happens so you you graduate college now cause I got. I mean I went to north western. You got your teeth. My big take him in here. You see here. My big teeth came in and then I went to northwick stirred. And and then I got her
the recent alive live when, after my junior year in college, so I came to new york, so I didn't in fact actually graduate, but I very happily gotta. Honorary degree, waiter later the idea or they gave it to me. An I fuckin frame that thing in its up yeah? You deserved it. is enough work I dunno. If I deserved it but say I framed it. What was in an honorary degree in I don't can't remember I'm not that smart okay in the chair, what's going on, get comfortable cushioned. His drive me nuts, would you want to take it off now is fun. This is the first time that's happened in seven hundred episodes will see the people just that's part of the celebration nor you're, the fidget, angrily yeah theoretically, Not what now I'm gonna get a new chair. You might want to think about it. go k. I will go in and complained the president yeah. That's what I want
ass when he originating complain about the chair heat as better manners, and I know how he wept when he came to the door shut down this whole goddamn neighbourhood walt We have what they had cleared of cars. You know a car park around here, fur we're neighbors pest, no Their role is excited the one neighbours it were uncomfortable. They were right we're getting out of here. I thought they d. I was gonna, be ignite, I'm alone target yeah yeah. I don't know what I was going to happen, but am, but now we asked him if we could put snipers up there, and you know he was good. it was out. There was a very exciting day that I talk about a lot. I think people are now listen, my podcast thinking like her long before he mentions the president leftist cut this happen to edit these things, her but we're not going added the chair business. That's days. Let me look like an asshole, no you're, not like you. The arts awaits you just how
How does that? How does s- and I ll see what are you doing you doing are usually as they are doing estate? Yes, would you go to school for theatre, ok answer, Oh and I ve an, but while I was there, I also did work outside of of school and I did second city for awhile. and I also were you in the cast. I was in the turing company. You were in the turing company, yet for what a summer during my during my junior year. Actually I did that while I was going to school on weekends or must have been re, the o is the drone coming nowhere, look like a big helicopter like a president helicopters. He intended a maybe coming back over Did you tell me we're gonna, be here? What day is it it's tuesday he might be in town really yeah cause I'd I'd, be ease, come into town this week, as I know, there's a fundraiser ha collective that was in a police helicopter. That was a big helicopter. It be amazing if you just walked in here, he hilarious, oh, my guy would be the best pie cast
what it would be amazing? I just what you guys talk? Have you met him course there does. He watch weep. I think it s a little bit or he sees pieces of where'd. You meet him at a mouse couple times. I met him at the white house and I met him. I met him at a fundraiser before he was even the nominee was back in two thousand. He was a senator yeah haha yeah, and what did you feel then? Did you feel like this guy, this guy's cool, yeah, yeah right and by the way he's like he's my age, though yes, a contemporary wild right right. Yeah, like the president, says this guy's a couple of years older than me. He went to college down the street. I know it yeah. He talked to you like. I can't believe, I'm back in this neighborhood yeah, the great neighborhood, the allies,
so all right. So the touring company, who is in the touring company with you, I can't remember, but we did that too. I did there touring company, but you know for a little for awhile and but more importantly, I was in this up with. I was with this other company called the practical theatre company that was started by some college buddies of mine, including mine, now husband. Then you know that long yeah brad hall and it was with your coming and we had this big hit, show in Chicago and it was I mean, and it really was a big happy or was it. It was called the practical theatre companies golden fiftieth anniversary jubilee and which is a gotcha yep and so on. We ve gotten. grave reviews and all these people coming to see it blob up a blonde. This is over the summer and unbeknownst to us one night. There were producers of esa now we're in the audience watching the chef good its work, even though you know
and so and they came back stage in the office jobs on the show who you ambrose me and brad, and Gary kroger an pauper ass. They offered him a job is right on the show. kroger what happened to that guy he's in iowa. Now he does he's actually running for congress, oh really, yes, yeah and and for the good team, yeah Sweden finish school and he told them like I gotta go beyond ass an out and out. Will you a fan of snl at that point? Did you you know Wasn't really at that moment. I wasn't really watching it right, but I had been because you know it s now started. I was in junior high and rice school when it actually began right, like in the seventies here, and so there was great it was. It was like It was the show for my generation. The stay up to wipe threat
or put in a tape? Deregulation. Are I didn't even your that out, but you couldn't see you stayed up and anyway you're you were fifteen, so stay up to want to grow in the morning was like who cares and your peril? What about you, I remember I had to watch it were in my parents' door was shut and I can turn up to outside and wake them up and watch snl. Oh god, It is unbelievable right and they spoke to us and it was so irreverent. It was and there's nothing like it on television, don't you think I just cherry and john you'd walk into your people. Like you know who is here who'd you like, I like jane yeah. Ray. She was amazed, show funny yeah and guilder. guilder yeah, he was a little later, but great buy great, oh my god, so fun it was an amazing show. Do you know bill Murray? I do know him. I've met him a couple of times. We did a play reading long ago. How do you still get that thing when you meet these people were like heights A fan thing do we're doin bill. I you know it's funny. I feel kinship with him, so
it in a way lies in alarm, perhaps but also just sort of when we did this reading until it was years ago. Actually was an arthur miller. Playing arthur miller was still alive and wonder what that was. And, yes, I want to say, was called resurrection and and bill and nathan lane and I did a reading there and they wanted to have it read for backwards or something It was a very exciting thing to do. Play was not great, but Arthur miller was there but arthur there was an area, and so we got to do that and work on it. For forty eight hours, that was really fun ma, but how do I go on that tantric bidding talk about first s now so you're a fan when you're in june your high, but he had been watching yeah and it was a different regime running the show is lorn was not there in that weird window, you're the only person I've talked to. I think that, like us,
I got obsessed with lorne michaels because I had a failed audition with him and it like it was the theme of this podcast for about six hundred and some odd episodes, and then I got to interview lorne like I went to his office and got closure. How did that work? Can you explain to me the closure? He got? Oh, you could listen to it. No just tell me really quick: why idea of my experience of what he did and that when I met with him, like he'd they'd, come to see me at a comedy club and then they had me do a screen test in the study. And then I met with worn and I thought I blew it for very peculiar reasons, and I thought his intentions were word were different than what they turn out to be. I was involved with alternative commie that time downtown, and how do you know? said. You know I'm the best part of the interview was really I got and I took a candy- and that was part of the task in like eligible high, so so
what he said about. There was an article in the comedy thing. I was involved with the new york times about alternative colony on every side. when I got into c goes out yeah, I dunno what you think you're doing boy fourteenth street, but it doesn't mean anything. So I thought literally brought me up there to sort of teach me some sort of less it and when the whole first for the interview with him was me trying to you'll go beat for beat from my memory of this thing with him, oh, and when I told him that line he looked at me as I was trying to help. You how does that help ways? It is basically use its not show business. You know, I guess you're, not you! You know it's not going anywhere in that. that thing you know I like it was like. I thought just trying to like you stupid, but he wasn't really and according to him young in retrospect, I'm sure he wasn't faster wanted his whole life, but, oh, my god, it was prettier year free, greater meal made.
Because, like you, when you realize he's just as the he he's, ok, which these powerful needs a show business mobile, but he still guy The work every day is been walking out hallway for forty years. Almost incredible bite you got in this window who was in charge, Gentlemen, by the name of dick, ever, saw right the head of embassy at the time right or something like that went on to become battery was his ahead of NBC sports for very long right. After that, ok and then what was the experience you go to new york. It was not so great, really yeah, it was not so great bye, bye, bye, you. How could you know what even expect you were? I get it a complete new. You probably is ours in ever hope. But you are you. Are you pray? The youngest person ever was on there How are you ready? I won yeah yeah
I think that I don't. I don't think I was the are now I'm not the youngest. I think they got some, but whenever does marital. Obviously quite my thought it was gonna be like you know. I had stars in my eyes and I thought it was gonna, be like an ensemble. We all do. kinda gather in finding funny things to do, and here I know the area. It would be that it would be that it would be right like reap too right or likes to a certain extent. I mean you know, like a sketch, show it to you to everybody yeah you're, here, to support that it was not that at all in a dish into that
Well, I didn't come particularly prepared. I was at not a stand up right, I'm not I'm! I don't didn't, have a bag of characters that I could draw upon at all. It'd be like. I had to write, and you know I was an actress and I don't mean the people who are on the show, aren't actors and actresses, but I guess I was just this was I didn't, have the right mindset and I was ill prepared for this moment: okay and highly misogynistic workplace and everybody's completely fucked up on drugs out of their minds. Okay, so that all of that and that's what is going on, it was very dog eat dog and it is just who resists rude or who is on that see who were when you got there, who it was the cast piss. pow and eddie murphy and tim, Katherine sky and mary grows, and robin roger was in fact up on drugs,
No! No! No! No! I was I was not right, but it was. It was a bit spot. To certainly learned a lot and in them the thirty I was as hung on for three years and the third. Europe's airlines David, was there and that's how I met Larry, for he was there as a writer or out of her former as a writer, thea, While who else was writing I mean you? Are there any people that you still ever relationships with professionally that were there during that time other than Larry professionally? No, I would say air Andy brackman is somebody that I'm sleight of saw him recently in europe, but we do it's not like. We communicate all the time right, right and and then subsequently gotten to no other writers who work there. You know it's funny that place does have a kind of it's almost like a alumni college college kind of feeling do it. So You ve been on it, even if you socked, which I did by the way I think there's a sort of built in.
You're so alive and neo in cuban funny anyway. Take wherefore it I've. It's not really! Well! You have you do yourself on that! Show recycling it. Why can't I don't watch it? I really it's it's a nightmare for europe is still pretty filled with excitement. Funny, yeah, ok! Well, thank you very much and your teeth, big teeth. Good. Take. you never told that, stir anyway. What made me think of a rescue I ever heard it a window in the car, Like my india, I suppose there's something so, It was horrible that was very horrible and did you get? Did you get an extra you laughter did lauren come back at that point, and I, after that, my third year, so whatever that eighty five dick left- and I mean they completely overhauled everything- and I didn't even I'm sure if I'd said- oh, please can I say they are
I said no you're fired, but I didn't wait around for that. You know what I mean: yeah yeah yeah cause it's just a year by year, contractual thing, or at least it was back So there you are new york, it in finnish college. Your ear, an actress you done. This is thank seminal show, but did you You were you recognised in here I mean. Did you really? I mean I was I was you know. I got a lot of experience, which is fantastic, but as a as if I was trying to find work, So do I I was, I was in new york. Looking for work is in as an act. Was it worth it? was it at all. A crash course in show business in terms of how they could tell me what you outside it. massaging the and drug addled that there was mostly opportunists who are trying to yoke.
in front of the camera, get enough traction to get bigger, and he I mean it seemed that that's what happened to a lot of those people yeah, that's right. I learned an enormous amount was heartbreaking. Yes, it was heartbreaking. It was heartbreaking, but it was ultimately at the end of the day. Incredibly, it was a map monster education. It was just like I, you couldn't have paid enough to get that degree cause. That was, I mean at the very least I learn. How did you live television where that is daunting? Sure It's not even that necessary a skill necessarily with necessary by all using ladys amazing to be able to do it and not be afraid or the two can handle it too to handle it route so, and I watched all sorts of I learned a lot during this time. I really did probably something I can't even express what they are, but I learned and they
what I didn't want to do, which was becoming a monster, become unhappy. I didn't to be unhappy anymore, in the I mean it was an unhappy time, and I made a mental note that if I was going to keep doing this, I had to find a way to make it be a fun job, yeah and, and then I did and by the way I did ever said wow. That's amazing that you knew you wanted to be happy. Well, I think it just didn't feel right. Yeah nobody likes. Like so many comics like I am. I guess, maybe I'm just speaking for myself. I, like it, Think of wary david at any point going like I just we need to make myself happy. No, that's not his thing. When I guess you know I wanted to have fun. I would note that we also my doing this for life period when my period butts, and probably I should apply that more to my life period, but specifically to working. That's what
one to be an actress, yeah, yeah yeah, and when its wives trying to get out a class, I could go rehearse the show. So much more fun sitting there and you know yet learning reading fuckin owed on a grecian earn or whatever the hell. It's called the dead. That's into that one stock. as the author is not as the example of like this is not. What I want to trade is beauty. Beauty is truth. That is what it says at the end. Ok, ngos enough! I get it, I get it right. I gotta go. We protect workers rights, When you were. There, though, must have an exciting to work with them. The hosts, totally seedy, wonder, came through mcgovern the judgment governing really govern yeah. That was so call. What was he doing? Then? was running. There was re areas, china, where he said identifies brand. I don't know what he was doing. I showed up her tea hosted. I want
way was doing then. Here now, some gonna know so stevie, one join a governor, tina turner, watching the musical guests, like you, I'm a them yeah but was stevie, the house because I feel it has an accurate jerry, louis how's, that crazy here for your sort of like, oh, my god, that's him! yeah but stevie. I remember, is being unbuttoned that the east stood out to me as being one of the greatest guys ever be human MC coverage to be on a real, well, actually speaking of happiness. They both had it near peace of mind, peace of mind and a kind of earnest authenticity. That I really dug right: yeah, not desperate and weird and over ninety. We all have our shit betcher eight, but you know I felt as if there is an innate kindness in both of them that I just loved and then and then beyond that a lot of something there to back it up right.
right. There lives meant something. Of course. The eye lately and they were doing great things? yeah yeah yeah. So how do you make it edition, do you ID so you're back in new york? You stay in new york. At that time, did you have a place there yeah and you stayed in your apartment. Yeah had a place there, god. I wish. I hung onto that right. Oh, where was it on the upper west side Eighty fit in western like like a one bedroom, argue about ready to bedroom. I hear that too bad? You just writing it for like three hundred a month or something to me. I can't even remember: do you imagine that things gabby with millions how, anyway, whatever So yes, as living there and then a for about a year and then I went and I was not getting any work in new york right and so I went to allay for so called pilot season right and lived.
The oakwood apartments are ambar em right where everybody lives. When that happens, and so and I and I got a pilot, but then it didn't get picked up, but I so I made that money, so that was great. What was it it is called the art of being neck. It was a spin off from family ties, but dingle fairly see new, yet the goods the democratic ass. Thou hast me. I guess it was good to get that job throughout in Oakwood. Apartments are sad furnished apartment with the pool and weirdos yeah right actually lived there with me regress. What's she doing and she's living in in santa monica, okay doing her thing, okay, she's great, I yeah! I was she's, wonderful and so then avenge and then weak, and then it became quite I think it came back to new york. Couldn't get a couldn't get more work is just. I could not get one
we working otherwise did you do other shit, the other jobs, or are you just all now business as I'll show this? Here I saved my money, yeah yeah from essen, Alan's you're. Here I mean you know twenty one years old and you making I mean just stash it. What am I going to spend it on and what? How are your parents reacting to your life choices? Ah, I never asked them. I just seem to be supportive, I'd wondering. Whereas I know I think they are a little bit shocked, they must have been right. I imagine when you, when you drop out of school, do tv show there is the excitement, mixed with fear, probably? But I never ask him about any of it. I didn't tell them. I didn't say you think I should do this as I am doing this right and I'm I'm going actually next week a moving to new What do they have any control over you, anyways, religious or like it or not it
I mean I was doing that right. You know right wild now that I have now that I'm apparent of a child that age. No, it's me we are, do you think, like you know, what do you think back at what a nightmare? You must have been heard. You redeem. Are you not? Do you not see that I don't? I don't think I was a nightmare united kid. I was relatively good rummy and I was a little bit badly bay, but they didn't know about that right, yeah, yeah, but but I was so good. I actually was a good right. You see my good sciatic, you destroyed yourself in any way affect together. Thea you just decided on show business, right. Yes, actually now, when you stating bread all the way through this time, fraud I was dead, him from you know. My junior year of college on yeah, and that was the guy that was the guy yeah and once you get married to a t- seven, oh so yeah, so it's been a long time
Yeah. Congratulations thanks a million you did it did it. Then I moved to California, and I did a series here for two years, which one was called day by day. Oh, I didn't see it yeah, it's fine! It was good I no, I don't think so. Nineteen, eighty eight, and so anyway, you're working so that must have been great, though, is great and it was all at NBC. So that was all good cause, then I just sort of starting to sort of, they knew me at NBC, yeah, ok, you're, funny chick yeah, funny ash, ok, but I was, but I actually was funny in this area and its probably because I was better suited to play a part as opposed to three try to
up with bunch of different character, right right, and then I got actually you know what I got an overall deal. I got an overall deal, a manager, no no, it warner brothers, the television nokia, and so I developed a script there that too- and this is right after day by day- and it was a script for me to start in then these script came in and and they pay me money, warner brothers to do this. The script came in and it was not when I had envisioned and it didn't seem fixable to me right. So I said What to do? I can't do it and then had a window. There is legally, there was a window which I could pull out of the secular and then about three days or even maybe not maybe like two days later, these four seinfeld chronicles scripts come to me, ok from and from Larry, and I read them
sent them to you very. Did he remembered you and you guys we react hanging a friendship or denounce albania just send it right, and so he said to me and in two of the four scripts I didn't really. My character didn't really have very much to do and the other two more so we're, but is definitely a supporting role and the other show was like a starring role right, but I thought oh, this writing is so great mean I'm at was to recognise. We all larry, I mean, I don't know what the right credit is on their own and it took a question here now, but I mean it's definitely, maybe wherein jerry Larry and sharon yeah def, but certainly raised voices in present, as at as a writer for whom I had known thirty or it s now, and it was the same kind of tone. Guys, have a relationship it s now the union's we're friends and gay we'd bonded over unhappiness, oh yeah, really
and so on, and so I read this. Oh my god. This sounds really good, and so anyway I got this went in. I hung out with jerry we bomba and that happened. But let me tell you something would happen. Warner brothers threatened to sue me because they thought I had done something illegal or on gradually moving with them. Now they were suspicious of the fact that I pulled out of my deal with them and then so quickly on the heels of that became involved with this gig, and I was terrified either this is just you know. I was like nothing. I was not. I was just a little person here.
And this was a huge studio and they were threatening and they said they want their money back and- and it was a lot of money I mean it has a lot. It was seven, I'm entire right now to seventy five grand dear that's a lot of money here, particularly back, then it was a huge and I but were- and I thought well but I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't do any. I didn't break our contracted and I got advice from one of my attorney who said you gotta just give it back like, but if I do that doesn't imply that I've done something were his words. Is that you guys sense of justice yeah, because I didn't do anything wrong right here and I called Gary David Goldberg is a creator. Family ties the has been city and you is subsequently passed away, but here
was a mentor of mine and a very good friend, and I told him this. He knew from day by day. I did actually knew him from before that cause. I done this spin off at family tire right right away, and I told them that warner brothers was threatening to sue and what should? I do, and I was so scared and- and I being told by lawyers, to give the money back and- and he said you know what I don't respond well to bullying, keep the money, and so I his advice, and I never heard from warner brothers. Nothing is that wild that was so scary is touching in a way it's touching because I love gary Goldberg yeah he's a good man. Oh my god. If you had met him, he would have died so that's all. They will get what they obviously didn't have any legal grounds. They had no legal grounds and they were just being decks there being decks and I caught their bluff were
a great thing yet was a great thing. Actually members a good lesson. Ah, I dont respond to bullying yeah, that's what hard to know. That's what's happening when I didn't even think of it as such, and also when you are working for an opportunity. You want your career to start the beginning of your career kind of, and you want to work and they're totally they're, just trying to teach you a lesson and crush your spirit for what So what you're going to go back the you you're out of the deal and they can then even have you they want you back or they just want to teach you a lesson. Who knows that good for you. Ironically. I went back and work for them years later and that so funny lawyers in christine that was more is run of. Others tells aim not the same, not this amory. They were gone, those a guy like you, so there you are you're looking at these first for seinfeld scripts in this smallish part, but you Larry anyway. Jerry yes, and I didn't know if stand up and people understand, I've got together met with these guys.
I saw a recognised, you're andrea. I remember he was actually eating cereal and we read the scene together and he felt and it s not very alternative here, as you say, like a new thing. Well guess, because it was like guys that were sort of my age edition They think this is funny it. It was not like yours standard networking situation under any circumstance was a joke to joke. Shower character is necessarily was indeed wasn't. Yes, set up timelines hamish it s a little different and it was exciting. Oh yeah with fun- and we made these four episodes- and I remember thinking other this- shows too smart and there too stupid they being the network to make this up, but then they did I mean you know it. They had made a pilot, I wasn't in it. Then they board, they said at a girl and make will give your for order.
And then we made the four and then they gave us a thirteen episode order after that right. So is our third season that we got our first full order in your character was based on wafer kind of cash. The Asher really was, but maybe a little. She was what she on staff at the beginning. Now I dont think carol was there in the very beginning, right right, where's your visa, like weirdness, was there you're, damn right now I'll get? Oh, no! No! No he's pretty great! Oh yeah, she's great, no others! No weirdness whatsoever I'll get yeah So deep, none of you had any idea that it would change the history of entertainment, though obviously, as media indent, you didn't think it was even gonna. Last necessarily did struggle after the first year right it struggled for a couple years. There it struck altea. Can we it sort of a crappy time slot we? being I'm pretty sure it was Jacon. The fat man was beating us and ban homan,
movement of the road. I don't even remember what jake of the fat that is anymore. I don't either. Is it a sitcom? I think it was a sitcom more? It's like a sort of awry, our show. I don't really know anyway, it's a long time ago is it. It is like it to you, I don't either you hear. No, I was sweating and probably in new york somewhere. I wasn't here I like and I with ice. I felt like I missed everything. By get you watch seinfeld obvious, we buy dont, know every episode. I dont either absolutes Adam my head right now, I know cause, like in when you do a show when you actually are shooting a show like one done. Shooting like a right enough. You know, I guess it's goes away kind of, doesn't it oh. I have to clear it. I mean it's like: what's it called when you clear in a computer. You, oh yeah, yeah yeah, raise the hard drive you earlier. You that's what I have to do right. We do you
tension, we do, it doesn't. Just have just happens right, it's the weirdest thing like I just got done. Shooting season. Four of of the little show that I do, and I'm like did that even happen like is he at work, is so intense. It's like you're talking about with veep like you're exhausted, and then you go into like a post, traumatic stress almost and you do all the press for it and then like time, it's on you. I can't fucking and watch it when we know how it is, but you you don't you I mean eventually do you your show stuff young. So you see it in all those different manifestations and see the director's cut and you're like oh we're in trouble and then digital wait, wait, wait we're gonna area also of better now I know away after seinfeld was their panic like like her otherwise like like, because why? The amazing thing all, as I stated at the beginning, is that you have, if you ve, had a beautiful, show business career and you brought, dare you know, humor and, and you set at everything you do and he weren't We burdened seemingly to me one way
somehow or another light by the time he did new adventures, war Christine I didn't, watch it and go like nah. It's not seinfeld, that's the girl from seinfeld or any of that shit. I mean you you're one thing, but I've always felt that about you. I dunno, if you think that about you, I dunno. If I dunno how I think about that knowing how tv worked in knowing what you'd been through, and even though you had done all right for yourself and stash some cash where you are concerned about your career now I wasn't cause. I also had. I had two babies during this time when I was on seinfeld. So I was, you know those fish who can who his eyes operate independently. I was that right. I had one eye over there and my other I was their kids, show business and then seinfeld ended and both eyes went over it into why interaction,
yeah, which was good, which was great how they, when they, when the show, ended five one? Oh okay, so you about focus yeah and it was cause. It was very challenging to do. You have kids know challenging to balance the sure having those boys and going to work, and you did. Did you not necessarily one of you on those people that just hired somebody to manage your children forever No, that's not my make up by her, I mean, but by the way I dont disparage people who do that, and I also have a woman still who I work with to this day, who is on board? Who helped us in our house, oh sure,
most kind and giving person what you wanted to have a relationship I wanted. I wasn't I was having children did not just to like. Have them right, look at them from afar right to like to engage with them right. So did you grow up with a group of what engaged parents? Yes, I did athelings, yes therein. so I had an another focus right then so so show business with secondary. Yeah I mean it was. It was very. I don't be just as important to me, but it was definitely not the most important right the damn so now define that. Could you did other stuff I did. I did. I did a series for NBC a couple years later called watching ally, which was really good and got cancelled after two seasons, which was heartbreaking, but I think it was. But it was. It was a foreign to my new sort of kind of life as a producer and and being in a show and producing at and getting into
You know you ve got something you are guided into her. You decided to do now. I d just felt cracks they. You could do that. You had enough juice and yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah telling and any enjoyed it producing. I do yeah yeah, I can't imagine not doing it right. Yeah that you you anything, you do you. You have to have that position. I think so yeah. So you have some control as some control and I I bring I've. I've bring experience that is useful to up to the products. Have you thought about producing other shit? Yes, I'm a developing a couple things right now: yeah yeah I've been developing its limited series at hbo about based on a book written by Helen Thorpe called soldier girls, which is about three general.
If women from Indiana, who were in the national guard and then got deploy to afghanistan and iraq while and then the documentary are fictionalized, it's it will be fictional, and then I and then the other thing is I developing at fox searchlight. This movie called force measurer, but it's a film that came out a couple of years ago, swedish, film, okay and so we're developing that over there. So in my two projects are: what's exciting, yeah we'll see what are you eating tums now, nicotine lozenges? Just how long have you not smoked over a decade? How often do you eat those a lot you and Matt waltz? Does he do it too? yeah, except he's trying to get off of it gum or lozenge, as he was
the gm. Then he tried to get off of it and less when we were last working together very recently, he was into lollipops. I don't know where he stands today, but just because you've got a bag of lollipops. It's a tough one to kick nicotine yeah. It feels good. Well, then, don't kick it yeah, that's that's where I'm at it's been ten years and these dumb things that are bad for you. Do you think I probably somehow, but not as bad as smoking, and I don't think it's bad. So who cares exactly I so good? We're almost like almost through this most shell would know that idea. Among I'm being just a word on projecting that you ought to be done with no, no, no, no, no, it's fine do I don't worry over work. You work with you to rest the development of europe so that the airline round was really finds out where you met dumb, tony well, here's the thing both of us have no memory meeting each other and in fact we were asked an interview
once did we ever work together. We said well, we are on the same show, but we never worked together and then, like two years later, somebody sends a still and we actually had a scene together. Neither of us remembered so talk about erasing a hard drive he's a very unique comic thing, I'll I'll say he's somebody should have in here. He had way too ye shed zoo, good, talker, yeah, totally he's really interesting and he's a very nice man seems interesting yet why you like it when you work with somebody like that, because he seems very in it at all times Very likely is I don't know what how did what's his actings I am you: how does he prepare? What is it about him? I mean I know you do so many scenes with him and he so specifically, you know like your shadow, I think we feel very much like danced partners. Oh yeah yeah.
in sync with what it was that right away, or did that evolve almost right away? I could tell right away that was going to work haha. I knew yeah it's a great character that guy incredible right as somebody of a friend of mine, who is an actor, likened to a vine, its growing ana trellis. The relationship here are three Yeah now I needed that sketch for Amy show Schumer beyond any support. Of young funny ladys due allowance in general. I do I find if I'm supportive. Yes, I am supportive. I love funny ladys right there needs to be more yeah. I love funny women who, like outside deputy maria bedford, do you know her now you should know her. Ok,
What is she an actress or a standardized stand up achieve she's like a unique kind of savant like stand up. She just did a show of her own with Mitchell hurwitz who that yeah? Oh excuse me, I know who she is. She did the show in in her house. But yes, yes, yes, yes, I think it's unbelievable right? Sorry, I didn't know her name yeah, that's where I think she's unbelievable, oh good, good, good, and do you, I guess, is sort of a question I always run, and I always wonder about what do you do socialize with jerry and Larry, and not really does that strike you as odd? How about jason? No, not very much. This is the saddest thing I've learned about show business over the seven hundred. if, as is that like as a fan of things, you like party things like tat, hang out, do you out with people, you were not anybody not really! Who are your closest friends at this point.
Long standing, a guy who's. A writer up in san francisco now show business guy. A novelist sam website is a very good friend of mine. I got a friend old friend of mine is actually works in politics. He worked for Clinton in a bomb like a hard core political guy. Loftus my girlfriends, a painter neat and what did she do oils she does know she isn't working if she does big abstracts and like she's, yet she's a she's, a real deal. Painter like she sells paintings and stuff and I'm not sure what the bait it's definitely not oils. She works in some water based paints, big canvases, oh that's so cool! I would love to do that yeah. What do I know not professionally, my god, but if you painted not in any way that I would ever
so what are your hobbies and I don't have any either really difficult question? I didn't mean to hike, you had a hobby sure, okay, I hike. Do you like listening to music, and so can I tell you something? What do we have to raise the whole thing? No, no! No! The the thing about music that I am so irritated with and you're. Probably good, you've got all these can I you know I really miss putting a thing and then just listening to it. Now I've gotta go find spot a fire via this serve worth. After that I don't know what it is and then I've got to figure out how to turn it on in the house. I am a I. I actually have to change my life in this area because I don't listen to enough music or just buy a record player. I'm playing records write whatever happened to that back. I know it's back, It's back in a retro away. I guess I'm or is it really back? You can buy records? No, I know you.
but I mean, in other words our people now really back to listening to records. A lot of people are I know it seems like a fashion, but it actually does sound funny. It sounds really good, Kurds in there is also the ritual ever that we grew up with their still the active playing record than me whether one thing that and if you went by record player, yeah within a week amd is judging. You know from what I know of you could get to a point where tech, why the fuck am I? What am I doing with records yeah? I could see that happening. I could it was I thinking Yes, just show me how to disqualify yeah Right now I learn spotter exactly You know you can load up your ipod right here. You're foundered keg. He's in there I know, but there are now I'm so proud of. self that I got your goddamn podcast. Am I thank you. I have this thing called my podcast we'd like tv for pod cat right, yeah, it's fantastic.
good. You know what the problem you are talking about is now getting old, yeah yeah grandma, doesn't know how to work or thing someone's I had a worker phone. I know it is probably getting old, but I'm also ear and and also there's irritation. That goes along with it, which is also getting old. I have no patience but I never have like. If I can't do it pretty quickly. It's probably not going to get done. Ok, you we're not like comedy or that kind of stuff. With things like you know like I have to, I have to learn how to use this new recorder and it's like it's a nightmare like it's a nightmare, I can't believe I barely know how to do what I'm doing the record. This I I only need to do with what I'm doing is how to record us. Well, actually, that's That's a feather in your cap near I mean you knew how to do this with a channel to turn you down in my ears, the I configure shit, outta ya, I'm a smart guy, but I want patients yeah, I don't either. I don't have any patience for that kind of crap. Just I find it
mind numbingly dull, yeah yeah under its its dull, but it's also frustrating because each party you thinks like lightly I of the. I should be able to do that. You know how you are and how to do shit when you have to that's when you learn right, you can't just we're going to spend the day, maybe learn how to do this. You came, and I do so do something about your back d up against the wall right. You have to call somebody. Could you fucking come over here and show me how to do what to do yeah. They show you and you know- or you have to figure it out for yourself in europe up against the wall that also right, that's harder with technological stuff. And then, if you have a certain amount, money just hire a guy to write and they rip you off and it doesn't work right for you. If you have spotify on your thing, so what happens? Now we now it's all everything's in the can. The show starting day, you can do press yeah and then, like this. This is concerned press now. Why do you say that like a like. Can you believe it it's a podcast cast suppress, I know, but it's good. Yet
great night. That's why I'm here how far you have to travel word area. Do you live in. I live on the west side. It was a bit of all, but actually I came from universal, so that was easy. Set was That bad and going I was not, can be bad. It's only one. Twenty five, it's fine! I'm not complaining. Do you exercise? Yes, a lot? We do. I have been a bit working out a bit and sometimes run a really. I ran to the runner yeah a little bit eyesight anymore, I'd both yeah like outside outsides, nice, yeah. I like hiking in his mind the thing that I really adore you actually, so I think we're good. Do you feel good about it sure do you I do good, I like it. I like the show I like you. I think we have a liar thing, your great I just don't like it want to. I want to make sure that we didn't leave some amazing story unturned. I'm sure we did, but that then I'll come back here. You also
Why not like coming here? It's nice to talk to you! This is unusual. Oh, we were. This is one other thing. This is like you. I didn't know who you were, and there is this. Why this will any age that you have the tracks back to like french juice, which I found is very exciting? So I made this assumption about. You no you at all that you are part of this using old, aristocratic jewish family and that's the way you lived and he spoke french. I had made all these assumptions about. You know I don't speak french I am. I do have a french background and its true, my firm might in fact my grandfather. Who was a fairly mean guy, but whatever he what he d at the age of one hundred and three yeah a couple of years ago- a really rest in peace. Yes and he was he funded- the free french air fleet. In world war two and worked for the resistance and he was a ball turret gunner and all that dreyfus is a fame,
french jewish family right like they did good things and they were like now. I dont know how good but maybe that was a good thing. What he did was a good thing during world war. Two god knows that was a cool thing that he did, and they did like is that is, are elements of your fam that still operating that business, like whatever that business was whatever. I wonder if anybody's amp, yes distant, relative, sneer stint distant yeah in in france yeah, really yeah, and you never track him down to find that I dont see about that time. I can't wait to hear the truth. Yeah there we were sort of thumb issue arranged. I dont know if it's a strange as it's just we just sort of are not in touch your father's side cracks my dad sort of his, I think, made an effort to kind of february separate out. You know why it's a lot of yes, but that's another podcast reduce ever relationship with him with
yeah yeah. Oh, yes, definitely and very close to my dad, you and your stepped out too. Yes, that's! Well! That's nice! You got your dad's. Two dad's yeah land. They both walk me down the aisle. When I got married, they did yes, nice do. Are you do? Are you duty now? I'm not are you. Cultural yeah I mean I you know, am not ashamed of it. I'm ok with it. I didn't ask if you are ashamed, why the uses it If you hit a button, I don't do as much as I should. My brother got kind of juwy and wanes in and out, and I was brought up, conservative jew and I don't go on holidays and fast on yom kippur. But but I talk a lot about Jews unlike identify would choose right, don't you I mean I do, and I don't. I was not raised jewish now anyway. no, my mother's, not jewish and my father's, only half jewish marilla, yes, his mother was catholic and his father was jewish. And there was laid on you.
laid on me, but in a way could might as well be because people just assume it. You know right, I sort of look as if I'm tuition I have its jewish last name and royal stuff like that, and also from you know, there's an aspect of it. I think I've sort of I am we're your seinfeld. He resigned yeah, that's that's more dewy than most people here. He yeah yeah by osmosis. That's exactly right! Thanks for dark and thank you. So much is really fun. I love her. There was a perfect guess: for fire, one of our seven hundred episode she's, she's amazing. I hope you enjoy that and now I'm, excited too, to tell you that You should now go if you haven't already and download part two, seven hundred episode, which is MIKE
precision with louis UK about where horace impede came from a reader is pretty focused, but it's pretty intense. Was excited to talk about it I always go to deputy upon the com for all. You wtf pod needs to know that its power square space beautiful go there? sign up for the newsletter check out the merch do, if the, how do whatever you do so out of I'll talk to you in a minute. I'm part two of our centre hundredth episode with Louis ck, the hm,
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