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Episode 723 - Paul Dano / Adam Goldberg

2016-07-11 | 🔗
Actor Paul Dano has chosen interesting, off-beat roles since he was a teenager. He tells Marc the reasoning behind those choices, as they talk about his indelible work in Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, Prisoners, Love and Mercy, Youth, and his latest, Swiss Army Man. Also, Marc's buddy Adam Goldberg stops by and, as usual, talks about everything.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the burghers, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers, what the fraudsters what's happening a mark marin, the stability of this is my podcast, welcome to it, how's it going just by from spoke. Can washington what it I had a great time I guy, Tell you about that great time. I will tell how about a lot of things. today, on the show I got Paul Daniel. I got a little one without undue of talk with them. My buddy, Adam Goldberg is always I talk, and am I like my friends over four little time occasionally by announcement this week. Marin. The show- and I see it's this- these in finale, it's gonna, be double had her. The last episodes
excited for, you to see it, but I also want to tell you that it The series finale I've decided that this is it it's done look, there's ways to do more, but this is was the vision this was this season was the season and I couldn't be more thrilled about how it came out how all four seasons came out. I think see that we wrapped the story up in the best way possible, I just feel like it's done and I'm thrilled about it, I imagine maybe I'll see would want to do more. I don't know they have not said anything. To that end. There said one thing one way or the other, but that just the that tv works, but I don't want to do any more, I'm sure be grilled, the do more because we do it. such a low, like it doesn't Ask them a lot. We do it pretty index
it's a boy which adds to the challenge, but I had amazing people working with me. the team of mare and I had great writers, great line producers, greater direct yours lighting guy sec. I everybody was great I've seen gave us a lot of creative freedom, but he's just a. I feel like it's done and I'm proud of It- and I don't see any reason to keep going, I don't have to. I guess a lot of people think Michael. Ok, why not keep going if you can why? Why make a good thing and make a garbage just cause. You can you'll see. I think you all be satisfied at the end, this season with the series I was. I I just was so excited about he's, because we did something that we could probably we do at. I see in a situation where the was limited in a way in that
There is no reason for us to keep doing what we did the first three seasons there. It became aware It became a format. It became something that was. It tension in my life. There have easily been refilling. Walter degree, but what's the point of refilling, if this eggs, are so low in the sense that you see the garbage on tv. That's the same jokes. The same set the same stories retread over and over again for you in years and years. They do that because they make money and they asked a lot of money and there on networks, so they just keep. when it is everyone's make enough buck and fortune. So why not just sell years of your life, doing the same thing, can thing over and over again, if you're making bank- I just I I'm not dad number one not at a big mouth, the guy I'd. Also, there was just no reason to become redundant, so this season we departed into a sort of fantastic, disturbing
it was. It was like a cautionary tale, yet a fantasy you'll see where it ends up and we took a chance. I came up with the idea. to do the ark like we did it. So you had a watch. Everything in order in this season had an ark and I was going to from somewhere. In changing as a person, I think where, where we ended, is where I wanted to end and that I hope you're you're. Ok with it. I'm sorry for disappointed by tat. I feel like it's done and I'm just glad that I am able to say I'm done and I can- and it can be my decision- I'm very happy not to be desperate and beholden to two that desperation. This way I can be loud and it's not unprecedented. It's like british shows a lot of them at the right idea. Do three four seasons and it's done and I'm proud of it,
I see was very, very supportive creatively, They had the money they had fine, we did what we did with that. This last season incredibly, ambitious, amazing. What we got done anyway, I a show that was unlike any show, and it was definite I my voice in honour of the skills of everybody involved, and I am proud of it. And I hope you are. I hope you enjoy the finale, a right, ok,. all right, starting today, you can get tickets to the now here. This podcast festival, which is taking place in an iron this october. It's like comecon for podcast a whole week and of life, performances and podcast taping in special podcast events and speaking of special. vents. I'm doing one me and my purse User and w t have co creator Brenda,
donald are going to do a live behind. The scenes event will talk about some of Favorite moments from they show will share some secrets of the show and take questions from the audience point. There will be live, shows, including comedy, bang bang. How did this get made? The brilliant idiots and with special guest lauren lack? Guess: tickets, on sale today July, eleven starting at eight, a m Pacific go to now here this best die. com for special early bird pricing that ends July twenty. Second, there are also a select few vip package's so get on Now it's october twenty eighth, thirty than anaheim so go get tickets and I'll see you there ok ma and brendan we'll see you there. Oh by the way I'm gonna be inside. Like city this weekend, guys. I'm excited about that had been there a few times, but I tell you got through a wall, bro
through a wall you know going up to spoke. I had no idea what to expect my friend and you know from what I, what garnered his at the word from other people. I was I was anticipating net the zombies walking down the street babbling themselves in some sort of frenetic twitched. pay some of them on fire. Perhaps I was backing run down buildings. I was expecting tattered. Window dressing awnings. But no, I get this spokane and right away flying in I'm like holy shit. This is beautiful, not only that it was very warm and nice place b, I dunno just had a vibe man like someone was about to happen. I don't know It was the comedy clubs, new spokane, comedy clubs, a great venue, surprising, we great only because it is big room these high ceilings and beautiful, real brick walls, but
what I ceilings, you usually elucidated sound, but now it does in out of the pattern them or what, but there was a then you collector featured for me, and he did a great job. The the owners of the club were great. I can't say enough great things about smoking. I'm seriously. Pardon me when I go places. I got my guy get a movie here. It's they'll get up, get housework blonde your grand up there and it's pretty and I did all kinds of fun things ate a shitty amazing food, ad, dic hamburgers, where the worthy the slogan, is, I think, a bag full of burgers. I think this. he's just be fuck it here, because it was just one of those places. It's been around forever and it was just you know, hand. You know the sort of like fresh fries and whatever I'm not going to just sing the praises of dicks Was it a community of seagulls that seem to be there as well? For years you can tell by the ship that they don't clean up out in front of dicks at this regeneration of seagulls. That actually are that the with their dicks that that they ate there
They ve been. They ve been having little bits and pieces of and fry in hamburger for generations, sums our grandaddy goals, said fuck seattle. I don't need water a moving in when spoken and asset his family there, addicts in spoken, I joy. They also went to a place called them. Whites brutes I've, never heard of it inside duty mail me like last week saying you. Your boot guy, you gotta, go to whites and, unlike what is whites and you go to this place- and you know you can't even They have all these data making work boots forever, but they have all these beautiful boots, but they fit you and then they make him for you right there in the shop american made right there in the shop. You can't walk out with any boots and they have all these beautiful old style. Scotch this shit out, man, whites boots in spokane, didn't even know they existed and I'm I'm a fucking boot guy. And our work around the place and, unlike I d, got this in a twelve, guys right. Now my go about this
No, we don't have any boots right here, not many. We got a fit. You make him for you and me. Initially, I was a little upset because I wanted to add the excitement of an impulse by where I could walk out with a fork, five hundred dollar boats in them, wonder if they fit properly for a month. But now I gotta wait to do that. I dont know. Maybe it was just that I was away staying tell room, and it was nice clean and quiet and at work thursday show worrying about my new. Our a lot of stuff came to they're out there I did a lot of fuckin free form comedy had allowed a fan. and I just thank you. Thank you spoken That's all I got to say, and I don't want to. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but you're, looking to get out of whatever the fuck you are, I'm thinkin spoke can our I specially made. if you're, like some sort of small industry that be nice for the town privacy
a reasonably decent tech company or Perhaps a manufacturer things might want to move to spoke, can doubt that local economy there, because it's a fucking, great town, I got- I don't I'm telling you man, come on, man just keep making it. The world needs content. I've had it with that. We're content by the way, if you are created first in your referring to your work as content. Once you just called garbage content, something the other side of the ilo, the executives, the studios, the platforms, that's a word they ve made up to do, is what we do if you're creator- and you call you of content. Do you not really that much? create or are you if you're calling it content? Look. I made some contents demeaning, it's disgusting, guess, what we got special guest special guest today,
Adam Goldberg, who actually is on the show frequently because I, like Adam Goldberg and we have the we have. The funds and together? And I do that you know I dunno way. I see some of you seem to think that we're changing the shell- we're not I you know- I like somebody and they got something going on and they ve been on the show before they're, my friend I'll come in and let him come in talk lee of twenty minutes or whatever about what ever to have a function, Then we have the main chat day. Paul dando is here to talk about. The swiss army man, but right now, we listen to me and Adam Goldberg, jew it up a bit Adam is in a new netflix original movie called rebirth, of which you can a stream on netflix starting this Friday July fifteen. So this is me, and in Adams worked up a bit as usual, and I have used in years worth of photography can you not passes a film piecemeal
she's the foam, and I have you know, and I always have the sort of music backlog which these tiny forgot anatomy covert. Retrospective. Like my father, I thought about my first record and when I, when I made that a few years ago calling at the best of because it was just a combination idea I had done, and I see photographs sitting stations and then like a video minors, which is clips movies. I went in and wider the hour. The sounds more like my my wake planning it yeah. I mean that sounds nice know that I have wanted for years to do. An exhibition, which was not videos of me. Acting for love of how god? No you just did I not be like area joke area, the joke area, or this paid for this amendments clamp. You now hear from you know the enemy goldsmith movie paper. This right.
What you have underneath, what you can buy for pretty funny, there's actually kind of funny he put them on. You can put them on separate racks with the film clue that I paid for it yeah, I kind of like a. I think, it's funny, because before we went on air, he has it or we were talking about what the fuck are you going to do with my life yet so I guess. Maybe how often do you go through that, though? Let's be I dunno. This is I'm I'm at now. This is this is new a new level of what the fuck am I going to do it's a real one. I think it. I think I think it's I think it's I mean look everybody's, it's it's real for everybody, its extra real. Now that, like my baby, is in some sort of amorphous morpheus, long, jason, swordsmen start a business, the goat programme, gold pieces of gold, verhagen ancestors, the cocoanut sisters. Yeah, can you
can do your movies and then it is amazing had to I get that tweet though a lot like. Oh, I just discovered that they were to do from people, but really you and jason short every dollar. It's just literally. If there were two black people, your literally personality, wise, the opposite people. Yet I don't know him I think I met him when he was a occurs, a fairly sweet com, man and I fairly mean agitated manage. What do you mean right does more self he's a locust is calmer, probably more. I think keeper, he probably has everything in the world going formed a mirror you now, but I only have a level eli, nothing more child, yes monsieur and a big movie that's a big movie, I was it's funny when people on twitter, when I like tweet about tramper what happened, somebody trolls and then the army has been, and in order to get to man I might but it's not relevant, because I never was I'm I'm doing a better, and if you want to speak of finance economically
better on our work. This dead, this new movie rebirth, is fun movie. I so this move we don't have to night. It was in a sack way out of a sheer that's the only movie, suddenly, where I have that's, the only acting war I've done recently, where I actually I'm I'm actually acting out of my show, which you do now, as we tell you say, and I was watching rebirth and I think that a my show you things more challenging part. Really you you weren't, you might be right in europe has been enlarged and well targeted, says you're, some bad, it's hard to act with you in that regard them so fuckin good was. Are you kidding was I wouldn't. That was that. That was supposed to be the seat of this intermission picture, we're gonna write which only going to, but I thought you might have made it with this rebirth thriller. It's a thrill, river. This I did. I get I'd indirect that right and so the turn waterway ruin credits. I saw you. I walked in the do I watch when he came in. She sat down and mechanisms for something then it is old friend the answer I gave you that influence that influence
it's a good role now sure audition for this role you did. I haven't gotten apart I've audition for many years. I everything you say anything. I look up in europe, the breast now I'd nothing's. Again, listen, listen! So think that you're not working your wife in the right perspective. Think you have a lot of things you ve accomplished. A lot of things have been a lot of nice leather goods. you have an aesthetic, your very compulsive and talented photographer? You play music. You have a lovely wife whose also employed in creative. Your son will see what happens. Yeah right, but dad but like I think, it's just a matter of bringing it altogether. but it is a matter brain and media. You jason sportsmen crispin glover of dear lord, you just
like you guys just do a group show right shoot the cookie it's called, but what I am going to hold on a second is that you have a coughing or like a burp button, will just cut it out. Ok, so don't gotta go we're now this different camera there. This is now this one is hard to find yeah. This is a graph lex nor rita medium format, camera from glad I'm lookin for tar defined. I don't have a lot of people in for it, yet it gets snatched up. Broadway, that's! What's good about it. This is one of the fastest meaning format lenses. You can find it in any millimeter too. Oh man, that's considered quite fast. Remain format lands like the fastest thirty five mona airlines would be a point. Nine five knocked locks. Were
for like hour for a canon but listen to you talk so acting just sort of like something you have to do. I act like it makes them money yeah. I bought two of these recently because they're so precious. Then they don't work very well. Then one hundred to make sure that I had a backup, but the lenses is key, incredibly shallow depth of field. So right now, let's see are going to get your have some microphone and that, oh, and also I can do some double double exposures with us. You liked the double exposures Oh you know that about me. I do I mean those that's no secret now. Everyone knows I mean that everyone on twitter back, that's out. Yeah one on twitter, whose yeah, but three in the morning going wise, Adam taken picture. Yeah exactly know, might might might salaries are leaving worried and ninetys have? Actually you know it's interesting is you're. Like a morning person I get up. I think I do. got some curtains that are going to stop that the way it took me years to realise it might be the sun, coming into my room at six. Wait! A minute why I thought you got up because you were actually that was like sort of one aspect:
your personality, it seems to be, but it might be the son I'm gonna find out soon yeah. I shot my life where do you go for film? The past two processes or their labs. I do I have. I have process my way. I know you they're gonna, be the guy terms. Adam thank item its merit that a lot of guys she felt its much more than you think. Ok, you're, not you! units are, I know now, but I'm meeting provide wish. I was the guy I wish it was like they were stay open for me, but now there's like a lot of you know, I'm sure it's probably are for dark. Haven't you ever taken here. Your where's to some gallery representation. I am an actively done it. I haven't actively done. I gotta. I got a commercial for aid. I gotta commercial agent at one point like a commercial rep, for photography at one point, we're talking No? No I realise, and then that was part of the issues they wanted to send me out to do like effects,
the ideas I was on fargo and then- and there are like we gotta meeting with you for effects. Issue prone to shoot promos for fargo, I'm like, but a more natural. and I had the me I took the fuckin meeting just cause. I didn't know what I was doing my life as though I thought I guess I could shoot the press pack that Men here did away now I am. So we now have you not know what you're doing with your life. This is recent. I note that the problem was that I knew what I want to do with my life. When I was very very young and then what you realises that you don't always get to do what you want with your show like twenty years. Even now, what to do with your life? I thought I was on track to doing what I wanted to write and then suddenly I woke up here and I mean some. There was something happened between thirty and forty five. What what had what took place? I sat with there's some good times so I don't know you don't know where it's a complaint, it's a total black hole.
right you know, I see that there has been work. That was, may I mean to movies were made and the things somebody did something. On my behalf, you you had a good time. There were long hours in a house, indeed pants and their nowhere. I needed by pansy, been. important to be married and have and have a child. The problem is, is what that what that does is then it presents you with with with and I m gonna hit hesitate to use the word array problem. Everyone has real problem right, but let me put it this way. Given my current. From stances. My feelings about serve acting and what I wonder if I could, I would prob We get rid of the house mere keep the gear here, go find an appeal and keep the kid in the wife norms I'm saying you are there: what year homesite there was no wife? Ok, I would go. I would downside to the point where I may be. I what I'd be opened up to be a private investigation business we did want to buy
joke. That was one of the things I looked into when I, when I graduated when I dropped out of college one of the first things I did lie, I look in the phone book to see. If I could apprentice here as part of a private investigator, it sounds like you got the gear and you d never have a studio apartment. That's an old film gear, you know and give you I can can give you the results of your yet your wife is cheating on you last month. at the two broken watch you I with the watch under is under riot act. They gain and hear some in here, so I finally get the phone devout turns out. They were, unfortunately in the interim she probably if town already with the guy, but but it looks like they were, cheating cigarettes. Look, here's a double exposure to arrive here, I so it's like, though they are not in the same room. At the same time, I showed him over here and her over there, but by this
Is that a rendering of what it might look like? It's pretty cool, though the degas yeah I shot this one and read it to have very shallow depth of field. So I thought you might appreciate that sir sir that's the movie that the guy who's, the private, but he's doing it. The old way the world is a whole total fuckin hold. When are we going to arm of? Because we're not going to? Why didn't I? What? What do you mean? I'm I'm I'm about to stop everything after november. What's don't going with russia? I don't think he's gone any more really. Why me? How many do I get the idea? I think it's done. You know you don't want to be one of those people that sorta like let's do another one, because we can buy digital, he's a very heavy and it ends in a very sweet place in it was. It was conceived to be my parents and I really like do they not really,
They haven't Ivan, why have at all on the dvd all policies this season, I think, like my acting, was better. It's like all. It's a whole different show nano. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong, but I I like to where it's at, like the british. They they do like four seasons: three seasons he needed to do. I dunno I've never been in a situation where I've been on anything that's lasted longer than like six months. I have no idea what you would do I mean, and I certainly haven't had my own show so I ve been looking at recent movies that are, you are our attempts to doing the movies that we like what? What are that? I would like to know why the good guys oh right, which, as you know, it was a good. It was kay I mean I thought their dynamic was good. I thought you have at their leader really setting in the seventies. No, I know, but but even in areas like inspired by the but freebie in the beans, probably a funny or better movie on some level like theirs in two, that's what I'm saying is that when you, when you take something and then an end your inspired by it and then you do a sort of a literal interpretation of it or or put it actually and seventys, we need to make a seven a feeling
a movie that evokes that feeling without without repeating what I actually yeah setting it, and this could please put use this portion of it at this out what would the guy ever yeah, because they think it says something that I was scheduled during that we ended up geared diving conversation averting meltdown in the house, you being insecurity, stereo equipment in front of mine and then we taught area revealing as we talked smoothies for a while, I drink the same smoothie kinda. I do coconut milk or almond milk, or I freeze the bananas or freeze the start of the blueberry when I'm when I'm roxanne will freeze and when she doesn't freeze them, I don't get around to doing it right, a very diligent of you to do that. they'll. Do I'm because, like milkshake, I was also in vegas for the day yesterday and I ate a stake. And I ve been on about admire lake Levin. Had what I didn't tell you for four months in here in new york, I've been, I told you this intact, couldn't see us
because you are ill now you are ill, but we kept getting sick right just got. I was sick, practically the entire time and one thing the other, but I've been having some recurring a perennial and prosperous Titus pain. Ah so you're you're, prostate inside your ass, her acidic yeah your balls ache more perennial oh yeah, that's bad kind of shooting up to the mai, might have you and what you do. It's like. You know that go away. I don't know that I had. I gotta see tee scanned with contracts. While I was there, they did actually find a small. Ernie us a small inguinal hernia. Without what would they You have a new. It is ever the bladder air with them. Exactly I don't I tell that to my gastroenterologist the other day he's like. I don't even know what a bladder area is, but I guess I fuckin have one give it to me: leave it to me to have a bladder ear. My bladder has an air. We come on Adam, what snap out of it
with you, dear you're, good you're, healthy lives. To tell you not nobody. I think you are. I mean I know what happens to most things when you feel em they go. Way. I know you're right, that's true, that's answers. Are all those notes not for this interview, Those are those are hand. Written letters of people. Write me. Oh that's not sure we read one not remain on their knives. Obregon later looks like to me Y know what I'm ok look really like people, because you should see the letters I get in closed. please I enjoy your show. The Goldberg can you get it cause? That's not. Why not? I get it. Who am I sharing the show with? I dunno? I think I think it's important I'll find out for you how about like a best other Keith richards well, I'm looking for jobs should issue, but I want to be a little keep richard. I don't do it, does the literature I was good. I told you that was right. Have you lost your attacks? That was that was
That's up. There are under those two pieces of paper pinned up there. The one on the left is my Keith rich notes and the one on the right is my new young renault's, oh shit, I'm having visited the neo when it was hard and it was hard ass. You like it and when she heard it, she just said holy shit, millions on reality. So the era of tolerable time on the gaff again show get that over time and the show I didn't have a bad time in new york, except for bridget, St John. You asked what I was very productive photographically, but I was, I saw made him feel worse. You may doctors I saw I can't and for real new york doctors. I must have been fun for you. It's kind of fun, but there are places, are kind of shitty like the old days. It is exactly like the old days they stopped in time this office I mean there were their implements and those offices that look like they were used on that show with what's his name in I'm talking about That did not die. The don argued allow takes place in the victorian era. We're saying sure why
How much do you have to update certain things? What are you I dunno? You know in the end, it's all getting shoved up your ass, so it doesn't really matter as long as I sterilized have you really asked about. You know gone deep in yourself about why the grind when it's gone, really deep in myself I mean I'm, I mean I've had my eye on it. I had more. I was saying that that that prostitution is like is like it better than grinder. May I honestly I had I hadn't pork. People's fears up my ass in the last four months we don't have I thought about why I've had painter yeah, it's interesting. It's an interesting. I keep going to get things put in your ass, so it's a freudian. It's interesting. It's a freudian. They offsets my urethra isn't pain as well. Your urethra, my you, my urethra is in pain like when you p, the whole area is just jacked. and our rebate networks July right right I am genuinely proud of the movie the annoying. I really need to make a point of saying that I worked. I actually work. There worked hard, vietnam,
Does it mean it's good doesn't mean I'm good working hard people's? Thank him. I've acted with the ear here. The real deal efficient and I'm glad you enjoyed this role- see a proud of it. I am proud of it. Ok, good and some people should watch it's a thriller you're that dear thee the bad influence in the other guys on antagonists in a you know, sort of a dead end life in the office that, unless yeah as a sort of sort of like this on pen movie, the game that fits venture. Ask in that regard, and right and good, that's good, but I'm still turned about other things, and may we not much has been resolved dear mother acting more coming up not only now What happened I think they were bruce was that I was up for I don't know. I had three movies summer. One of them is another one. I'm proud of. As this movie will now. It's colleagues called the forest. Now it's called between us, which played at tribeca with also the netflix movie, and I dunno what's going on that and that movie's gotta ben feldman olivia thirlby, who?
they're, fucking great greatness molly. What tell it so hard with movies? Oh, no! It's really does, just to get a movie snow item. How it in a moral issue is a beautiful movie and I became powers at the direct Raphael and his lovely wife in their cannon and its like one, and in our day there just they made a lovely like a genuinely beautiful. Little relationship. Why don't? We do a series- and I never fucking pitches since I Gonna be cut down near tat too, to be interesting I honestly, I have no time things on average I take it, you don't take umbrage now. I just need to tighten up a little. I can't I listen this. I think we're I'm sharing the show with with you, with with Kennedy. I know. Can cargo. Can you have you? Have you tried? No, have you tried trump, I'm fuckin do him? Why?
I let him talk at me for an hour yeah. I know that's a cigarette. The boy not going to have a conversation with the guy, so alright, but it'd be funny just to have him in just the neighborhood would be funny just to be funny or god forbid, president I'll talk to him. Okay, so we know what I'm saying is made. We should get some this, I'm video. We I mean you having conversations about life. You know that thing that we debt write that me, I got the mere carried the pre barrister, that's a very worthy! Only people on mere carried out, but that until you are, we going wes for that you see. Those come in, I know is elbow well because what it does so in that era of mere cat did with a mere cats. Nothing ok, right, periscope right, but before periscope, there's a mere catherine with the third railways out and and you and I- like a three hour, long conversation and where did saved my phone, but it saved all out of sync all the sounded. So if somebody wants to volunteer
He ought to take three hours of fucking, iphone, footed and sink it up, and we move around to all over we out in basilica. Here we go up bowery or something right now in iraq, go down Barry and then we end up at the bower, the bowery hotel, and then we meet these people in the lobby, horrible to our time with, and then to your room for like another hour nea for like a post yeah, you know gayer here in a sort of the I hung of a recap for me: yeah and you're cool yeah, clean clean as well go into the whistle anyway. I would captain bill suckled recently on the governing chosen, but nostalgic far far I yeah yeah. I do you mean I would have. Obviously I would do that, particularly if I could, if things could actually be worked out in what way you're going to have to gain that down a little bit he's going to have to compress the shit out What what do you jesse out? I've been watching the levels item work on that point,
can go watch real reboot, rebirth gets river rebirth gaff again shows on sundays at ten p m beer e o b. If anyone wants to provide at him with a nice new house, right do they might be some some genes in a couple guitars in trade rat or sink some sound and I found video or I are sticks and pliers up my ass off yes, but but if newer players yeah, he has a problem with the older build stuff good to see necessary. Inter in so that movie that thrower, that he's talking about rebirth instrument on netflix starting Friday July, fifteenth folks. What
always found. Paul Janos, acting very interesting is exciting actor ease. Odd is unique. He's got a lot of sort of straw in emotional range. I've liked him in wilma sunshine item in there will be blood. I liked him in the new we are like swiss army man. Actually I liked it a lot. It's it's odd. It's in theaters now, and I was there. I was excited too to see what Paul there I was like, so this is me and the poor. you just got here, did while I was in korea a few days ago. I flew to new york for a day and a half and korea come here and sunny ella sunny away where you spend time you ve been a lot lately! Imagine over the years I have yeah. You know I like it here a lot more when I first came here when I was eighteen yeah. I lay it was like an allergic,
reaction, I was very overwhelmed by just beings around what I do, but I think because I was unformed and impressionable I, and so I had to just stay in new york where, where around, where I grew up or where you're protected by a regular people, yeah yeah yeah exactly exactly but now I I dig it more and more so where'd you get while we in korea what that was going on over there. I was doing some acting career year with a guy named bong joon HO who's a filmmaker. I really like film called memories of murder in a film called the host that I think are just wonderful in a film called snowpiercer. That's probably the one that people know the most but he's the real deal. And how did you find him? You just started watching his movies. Someone did he asked for you. Did you reach out to him and say dude
make a movie where you know we actually met a long time ago when he was at bam in brooklyn haha screening and I was a fan, but we just kept in touch via email and then when he'd come to new york, we'd hang out get drunk he's super funny near like a little perverted like sense of humor. When I was like okay, I like this guy, you know, and so we became friends and and and our work together? Are you the only am english speaking actor no jail in hall until the swim and myself were sort of the the that is a big, acting yeah they're, alright yeah yeah, it's a big big, acting force. That must have been just like a. What were you just sitting there? Do you realize that do you have scenes with both of them and I have it was not so much with jake, but I'm worked jake before right. oh and the prisoners, I watch a movie yeah yeah Scary movie. You, know: you're you're, in a tough space, was turf and say that was one of those who pay off when it
done you know I got good about it when it was die and I think it's a good film and I think that people who are too, we are wonderful, but I can't say that sitting hotel room in atlanta reading about like abuse and ptsd he he eat right. That yeah. I can't remember. I think I, the essay, who is a huge jackman yeah and and yeah and jake was delighted, the cop maria. Andy. You were the suspect, but turned being a little more elaborate. It was almost like one. Those true detective story see how we can support it now it's been out of Alex and that's why I was kind of a cool character. In some ways you know he was actually a victim. He write, you think, he's you know of yeah. Why it's interesting? What project on two people. Just get you
a certain way like you know that guy wanted to believe you were the guy cause. You were a freakish sure, yeah and really he was just somebody who angrily got. You know yeah and well I mean if you got I mean yeah he's in a state of airline. So I I would, when you read that I don't I don't hold to that- that that that characters flaws against him. You know actually that's a pretty empathy, empathy and empathic place to from like so you know, even though it seems evil at the outset. You know actually, like I think somebody you you could feel for like man, I got you know the asphalt, yet he set his human, more thou, that that happen with the character now I is well right. I mean I'm too, I didn't see that moving. I apologize. I've seen a lot more of your movies I've. Seen more me, I've seen a lot of your movie. I saw the new moon talk about that in a second here, but down but ally ii. Was your big break, correct, basically yeah.
I mean you know I was probably sixteen, but look twelve do you're sixteen. Now, how do you know yeah? I just turned thirty. Two last week, did you really yeah you're holding up pretty well alright fuck I'll come I know it's great. I think you're going to age really. I feel like it's all going to kick in, maybe at at forty two you're just going to get old in a day and I'm waiting for if the metabolism changes cause. I I are lanky. I eat well yeah, even though I'm scrawny, anyone as yet envelope enviable people, clia and ambitions way any. Why should he set out on a pound people? Hope people like here in that, but when you took all let's go, let's go all the way back a bit, but before I don't wanna leave anything trailing off here. Where was oh yeah tell this wins you doing scenes would tell the swinton who is just an acting monster she's, a disease like she's amazing. When you
act in I've done a bit acting. I don't I army training, but I can pretend pretty good when you know that The swinton is air. Are you just acting like a person or you liked, and you feel her acting. You know what I mean like yeah, it's question. I've been really really lucky to work with a lot of wonderful people, yeah, that's something that excites me and gets me off and sort of inspires me and, I hope, somehow become better actor myself by you know The same way like play pink, You can somebody who's better than you, you you're going to get better or you quit ping pong yeah, so I think it. I don't think I think about that much actually. I usually feel that when it's done last year I did a film called youth and and myself as harvey cattell and jane fonda in it. I liked that movie a lot yeah, it's cool but like when I was doing press stuff for was the time where I went holy shit, I'm sitting next to Jane fonda, and I for I love chain sure, but when
doing it. I dont think I dont think I let that come in too much because some philip one you're focused on, your thing. Here too, I dont think you want to let that be a deal. I worry about that here. I'll say you ve been doing it along time where you realize like this is our job. There's jane fonda she's here to do their job of acting with me near me. You'd ever feel like that. I mean I felt that way. You know in the in the little experience I had doing my show that you, you know you. These people come on you're, familiar with your whole life and he yeah you're a fan and your and our budgets or like now, just where all actors yeah, we're work, yeah, look. My job is to delude myself, so I can delude myself into not bringing you know in rhyme, updated for a little bit and then leaves in their next to Michael Cain and ere. He just a separate it's like effortless with that guy,
It truly is rarely I mean I think the first take if, if he got the words right, you've got, it really is effortless and it's beautiful, it's beautiful to watch and and it's and it's certainly something to aspire to what was it you didn't? You did most your scenes with him in the movie and I just watch a movie by coincidence. I didn't know about it and now I see the other work that director, because there seems to be a trend in films right now that that there are, these I guess, her any movies, but the real there, with really sort of in sensibility our movies. I think that swiss army men's are moving really I mean you would have to I mean it's very entertaining and it's compelling yeah I mean, I think so I mean I think you know for me that that film has the potential to to really help. both almost here where I am with you too. I thought no lobster that I saw yeah sort of out there like pop song or a beast, pops away. I think it can be for an audience, but I think the others lop alot
to I think, there's a lot of work and I think that's excited why don t. I dont mean our film by the by, in the way that it's gonna distance people right, maybe know or or or be too. bizarre or or cryptic for people understand. I mean it's it's driven by a lot of gas. an embryo literally, but I believe you know cause. I never really thought about it. That way and toy, I told my produced he asked me if I saw the farting movie. I get a lot of that. I ain't I mean I am all for that. You know in fact I'm lucky. I love telling people that like this is. This is my first. My far shone like it's like something you're supposed to check off. Like a box, you know like I did my side. My film, you do. You know my my westerner, my labours, my firefox No, I don't know that he was ever said that before he added you might be the only one that is able to say that this is my I love it. I don't know what it says about me, but it I mean
so excited by the sense of humour in the film and- and it's like us see it's like some secret part of ourselves that we always get to you in a let come out to play or that you just like with your friends but not out in the world, is you're, so something actually kind of private and vulnerable about it too can marking well yeah sure I grant you khazars theirs idea that its gratuitous it tat do far choked. By far elixir are probably the old, this type of joke. There are, you know our right of hostile jokes were people are getting laughs just for heating other people right. I think the fart has been funny as as soon as humans are able to laugh beyond he had here. I mean I why's that because it is just a bodily functions, I know a bit surprising. Something happened a long time now sound different. They staying here. You know their day day think fundamentally embarrassing. I mean there is a certain amount of pride in them either for length tone.
the power of the smell. That's all that's in small circles, Diane, that's not for everybody, but it almost is in private circles. I mean meet anywhere. Am I wrong about them about what that their sort of exciting she, Sure I mean like you know. If you have that type of intimacy with somebody that certainly ask them into intimacy. Like when you are in a relationship when you cross the fart barrier well yeah it's a very important day and then once you do a once you eye on it is the way it's gonna be now that's right because We need to be ourselves waiting wedding. there's that there is a real seen in that movie, because your character so awkward in insecurity and sort of them. Yet south loathing to it yeah, that you have that moment of freedom. The idea I dont want to spoil it. It'd be hard despoil. Bye, bye
you own. It well look ass. I see so you got it like, but that's amazing. Ok, let me efforts also this film one thing, the direct said to me when I, when I met them, was we in this house do that the history of the farc, ok, is. We know we want to make a film where the first far makes you lie. in the last four makes you cry, and I was a discussion I was in. That's all I needed to hear that was the pitch yeah dude come on. If we couldn't do that, if we could yeah, if we could, that would be a miracle. If I go it's like space travel, I mean come on. I was so into that idea. Yeah. I thought this fuckin brilliant yeah. If we could do that, can you imagine and then after but
I was proud of you thanks, but so so it, but also if the if the film is what you're saying about my character, maybe being self loathing is, is great that you picked up on that, because I do think he is somebody who his own when the shame and has prevented him from either loving or receiving love. You know in his life and and from loving himself and you know, I think it's hard to exist in the world him and when you feel that way, you continue to isolate yourself. Usually in you know, the equity feel uncomfortable in your own skin, in your constantly projecting what other people are thinking about you, but it's really just you yeah, yeah. So it's like a like it's a very you, almost invisible, and it's invisible and lonely. You know and that's what this guy is and then you know through this, this farting dead body. You know, does learn to
fun again or be happy again or to have just some kind of connection, worry, actually feel seen or heard or loved, or receives it or or is able to give it, and yet the that duff that that the fund is not just a cheap but it is, I think, in the end or away to declare some kind of love. or a ringer, Frida Maria something some sort of like self ownership, yeah where'd way. This is me the exam we. Finally, it was quite a journey for that character too. Yeah yeah and, like you know I I don't know when you look at his grip, like that, I guess: what's the name of the writer director Daniel the Daniels, the Daniel Daniel Kwan and daniel shiners, guys ok, where they come from believe ones from alabama was from say, mass
there remain college now that their first film first felt it made videos. In short, a music videos, ensure firms which are excellent, so these are but the guys who argue their young and by the are to take this, this premise d, when you look at that script. Do you ask yourself what is the reality of this movie? I mean because it's one. Those movies where you like wait what what? Whereas this landscape is. This a real thing is like, as at the end user, have to ask yourself how much yeah, maybe a hallucination right and frankly, I know I am happy to let somebody have their their own feelings about that right. Yeah, sure you know I I actually don't think it's probably like the most important thing, whether it's mono real or not, or as you play when you look at the script. Do you go like okay? So this landscape is a delicate yeah totally. I know what you're saying I I I think I
totally real for me right as an actor and it turned out to be much more challenging. cereal than I expected. That part of me We need to do this film via was my own, like desire to like have fun like the Daniels. Have such creative joy and speed in their work. If you see their music videos to which has seen the film they were real soon, for it and that something I the lira. The first time I saw their work. I thought to myself whatever juice those guys are drinking likely. I want some journal and literally what you I wanted datum in talking about, especially like we did for disarming for my prisoners right and, like you know that, like I m life was craving literally like I wanna go fuck around yeah? I saw your lawyer to have a little bit years. We are just you know that we are like another part of me. The pardon me that that thinks that you know affording human jet skis
like fuckin, brilliant and Larry as he ain't you know which people may not know that. I would like to cite think that that's the greatest thing in the world right. So so I look at it completely real and I was really excited, but but once you get into that, it's actually a really hard thing to be totally convicted about. I mean meaning like wow, okay, like This dialogue is, is really challenging, actually like to explain to our essential a child, but a dead guy who's, forgotten everything like what's wrong, what a boner? What's on your, I always great grow like I mean great, that was a tough one. Really. It also says that yeah, it's really hard part and who really what ailed it ended in, but he seems like not, unlike you, a very open guy nice guy. I've had him in here like also up for up to the challenge to tee, and send the potter he's a total sweetie and it s like
He held do anything like he's balls, the war one season on something the irate and we need that yeah lower came out. Well, I mean like, I watched it, workers working in others in a movie. So again the last who moves I've, seen you in the last three movies. I've seen you and you know, we're very interesting movies, but youth and this one. You know those were you there, compelling movies that that don't necessarily explain themselves. Obviously, this one is much funnier and and and youth was really subornation of age oddly by dumb, but the landscape was equally a surreal and a little peculiar that character like an actor who is at drying out or relaxing in between and thinking about, a roll out, the energy any gotta put on the help. Hitler outfit yeah
great, when I always was gonna, do that when I accepted that part. So to speak of you, I really excited by the director of the actors. Script was really kind of at its own little magic to it? Only eighty details that that guy Paolo is seeing and inside it and have washed over the hitler thing? It's ok I'll figure that out right when I went to really think about us like what the fuck am I do. I know I'd like an existential crisis. You know about dining the hitler costume yeah. I felt really strange about it for awhile and and really conflicted, and then I realized. Well. I guess this is what that guy's going through, so I just use it spent my thirtieth birthday dressed. Is that correct, in Switzerland? Now I can't even see utterly jus nineteenth of two years ago. I see signs of dangerous hitler and that I don't think that yeah, noting that helped the surf x
essential feeling going into your thirty's a yak. Okay, no notes when you ask yourself. Where am I at this point in my life and you look down yeah, I'm dressed as hitler sitting at a table: yeah yeah, yeah yeah. That was good. It's a good story, yeah yeah! It was good But what is your process when you went like when you soon there watching these these veterans yeah? Well? First of all it like must I really get off on being around. People who, like you know, I don't know it's just great, so other that's a director or an actor and you'd, definitely see things to be in buyer, by or go you know right like manna, proprietor site, the breath right here, like Michael Cain, and just you know really not you know it right. I mean it's gonna come rather, I know, or You know you could see and other actor do something and go. You know what I should. I should try that and then the trick is, though, like its figuring out what's best for,
you deftly when our younger person, you know you read about people, you see people, you want to be like this actor you really like that. You know lot. Luckily, you know that that that that doesn't really cross. You know and mine anymore. You rightly so to learn. You have to do how you to do it. Yet let why I find that when I talk to actors ones it talk that is it is. It is hard to explain it is sort of an evolving crab. Now, have you put it in place whenever you nail it whenever you started to really feel your own ability is that it does seem that the evolution of is is. It is really up to you You know it's, it's not a trick or anything else, but you figure out ways to go deeper in in a scene or in a moment and you're gonna, surprise yourself, and yet you might get some sort of them general muscle memory from that yeah I imagine that sitting the ita table just Hitler on your thirtieth birthday did find
new territory, within your heart and mind of things. can do, and in more willing to do, and even the feeling of that totally and you know what that that was a super surprising day of work actually, because I I there was that the last thing I wanted to do on my thirtieth birthday was spent three hours of makeup of prosthetics right for a sticky shit, getting put on your face or having a hole. Still bright at five, a m like you know, but then you sort of girl. Ok, you know what this is. This is great and just gonna give myself over this thing in your fuck it and then, like Seen actually went great and some things happen that I didn't know were going to happen because of you. Why thing? Just because I had to like. Get out of my own head right now to go fuck it and You know. Maybe I won't have been in that place. I need to say fuck it if it wasn't my thirtieth birthday right and then I had a great time doing the scenes bit, but in such as being surprised me
else that it was so fun yet, which is weird thing still to say, will you or anybody? I believe they have really because it was. You were studying for a role within them. So wasn't my cured me are being hit wherever they did did. They bring a cake to the set near it can we still wearing the hitler alfred when he had the cake? I think I've got it off. I hope so, let's say that would be good. But you ve been doing this a long time and what is more, you grow up. men, manhattan and then connecticut. Your men haddan as a young kid Do you have a nice apartment manhattan, your dad? Would you dead. Tat was like, I have a financial advisor yeah. We were in a one bedroom. There was for my mom dad me and my sister. So eventually we moved to the suburbs for because part of town where he grown up- and we were in like sixty first and lex haha
and in any were, therefore, how long would it take fourth grade and their needs any move to connecticut zu tag who work in the city you like him. the train turn right. Everybody take our training, you know good public schools, he also paid for so it was easier to which town forward to live was called wilton and yeah. I know Welton yeah, yeah yeah, there's like a theater community or that's westport, really well yeah, but you know there is a little well yeah yeah well in westport. You know it's right there, because all the stage actors with around. I guess airborne share its right yeah, so had pretty good the wealthy situations in those connecticut town? I guess that you know I don't. Community feeders is uniting automatic, where I get where I started is kind of really at this law feeder and new canaan, I believe was called the powerhouse theatre. But, as I mean like little you, this was a community. I mean I audrey
Well, whenever I move there, I started doing it. I think it was on this remove towns and I believe my mom just had me do like every extra curricular activity. There was integrate you into the avery spore yeah yeah, which you know and and just like the theater was one of 'em. So, like you know what what sports basketballs. My fate, it's boring. I still play a little bit you played saw in I played on a plate. Most poorest play soccer talk even enable young just back football when I still I don't like on the gym, but I love like playing a sport and I love sports, so yeah. I love watching sport really yet love it like it's good. You never got at oh man, I dislike yeah. I know it is good for into it and just see how people there, like the people are the best at what they do in the world and I think there art is seen or heard there. You know what you know who may be appreciated. More was jack. I am chuck close german yeah yeah. Here's talk about how you you, no waiting is new,
but there is a bit on football in says. It's really the only thing you can watch, especially on television were you honest? We don't know, what's gonna happen, because relative to these humans doing some maison thing. That doesn't have a script totally and I feel that it is drama you know he really is and and and I'm I'm into that I love the stats of it. I love the ls yeah, the strategy you're in so yeah, and that's what you know a lot of a lot of times. I do know some people ask what what's your favorite thing on t v and she only thing I mean I watch a lot of movies. You know what a lot of movies but a lot of old movies, but if I'm in the Tv is usually pure and you play music to yeah, I used to play a bunch. You know I I still knew Roy instrument, guitar yeah play guitar a little bit know I used to play lot but yeah I like to travel with little. You know beater guitar or like have in when you're in a hotel room for weeks. You know from everything and
the friend now has a studio like jamun are like a little rehearsal space and I think it would be fun to go plug in and see what that feels like again, they'll open it up, yeah baby yeah. No, I mean you know that it will be fun. I miss I do miss In fact, that is something that I get off on. What were you get certain films, like a swiss army man, where you really like, collaborating and playing we people yeah you know and, and that has feeling that you know that there is really a special feeling when you I'm yessir instruments here, when you play with people I now and it clicks for a moment, it's fog in gray, out, as you have more, it's really special feeling. So I do miss van and sometimes I get that through my work my magic there in the new movie, especially that you must get it. I mean I know you seen foreseen and in some days or tedious and sometimes there's a lot of takes, but it seems to me that,
you're in the ensemble that you ve been in. Certainly in the movies I've seen near working with a pretty amazing actors and analyze times it's pretty, can one on one type of shit totally and and and I yeah exactly- and I dig that- and I think that's why I keep saying like, but the people you know like that band feeling, even with the director later, you know, you know when you meet with people or you see their work like. Oh, we have something we have something in common. You know like, let's you know get into it, so why? When did you start doing it seriously? I started doing plays in new york off broadway and wavin lay middle squarely high school. So you know started technically very young and I didn't my ally ye. I was sixteen, surely you know already done theater I done thier, but you know I like what play call inherit the wind which, or she scarred and charles burning in those guys yeah among those guys relies like mountains,
yeah. The acting them has been a lot of spitten yelling. Well, there was definitely a lot of spitting yelling, but I wish I remembered it scherer. You know for me. I think it was kind of like oh cool. You know, I don't remember. George c Scott goes as well. I do I do actually, but, but still I didn't the romance. I would have about it now. What do you remember about george scot? I think they ve both past haven't yet his health wasn't great right right time. Actually, so, sadly, I do remember him struggle a little bit, but he was a bare of an act I mean really presence in gravitas here I see now and you my big scene, with him on on, like a witness, stand, sort of getting interrogated by those too. But I
I think, until I was eighteen and went to my freshman year in college, which I kind of just force myself to go to to make sure I tried it. Did I say: okay, you know what I'm gonna, I'm gonna be an actor and I remember being in my dorm room and was probably like you know we are sick of sir. The thing I was doing was like this going to be an act here. Did you now or did you do any and any training and I've actually started to more over the past like five years. I would say: ok, I think, because I started acting young. I had a lot of feelings. bout it meaning I saw the world. I saw how other kids acting my age or a little older than me and- and I was actually really turned off by that. So I think I made a great effort when I really started to act to not. in fact, I used college. Frankly I kept going back to for a few years to like check my,
on the acting sapphire really had an aversion at first to the way you know sort of like it. You seem like how many people kept doing it for the rest of their lives or our became the kind of actor I hope to one are you? How are you out of fear, probably of of being pigeonholed as a child? Who could do it me as a young actor yeah or you know who I am, and it was actually a big. I was out here and will be called the girl next door, which is kind of a teen kommeni one of my early jobs here, and I was really fearful doing it because in it I look a lot like myself like a door. He erika and glasses ia- and I was like I fell, like I could do more as an actor, possibly or that's what I wanted, and I thought fucker is all endeavouring to play right. You know cause these priorities were doing very well then, and I
It's really scared and I didn't know you could say no, yet you know that's kind of something you have to learn. I think I had a similar conversation with Martin starr yeah. the guy who we are freezing again yesterday. he hit a wall that you know yeah with sort of I want to act, and I don't want to be. You know: here's the nerd. We need a nerd right, you know freaks and geeks, so good though, Yeah he's grain as great he's greatness new one he's really kind of a very thoughtful interesting actor in silicon valley is while the area, but why I was doing the girl s where I got a part and in a movie called the ballad of jack and rose. That's rebecca miller was writing interacting, a day. Louis and catherine keener were starring in and I got to play some news felt very different from, or are another side of me in and it was getting that part. I felt ok but he saw me something like out ok. I can be an actor I you know I am. I can do this, the you started to.
like. I don't think anyone you. You realize that there was a business to commence films. That day with young people and there was a very small set of archetypes that were repeated yeah So once you are able to sort of enter the world of independent film, where there was more depth and more range, and it wasn't hinges on stereotypes, you kind of founder emotional. Poison in a little more range. I think so and I think, as a young some like if you're not challenged. How are you gonna grow right become better. I should do right. I don't know if that's necessarily important to people that are making a lot of money- rhine, main, ok, movies, riah that that was brought was most employed me that's great! Now, you're right now, there's gotta be a movie star. Yeah then you know what you you do it for a while and you know there are certain ebbs and flows to how you feel about it. So I find myself around more and more about how to do it. Now I use to oh yeah what what
When did you like us? Ok, seated about jack and rose and then like shortly, after or maybe a year to you, we worked on little miss sunshine, which is another sir, defining four yeah yeah after l, I e that was the one yeah and that's probably like the first one for a lot of people rather than ali'I or what you know, I'm sure yet little miss amin, yeah yeah. It was and you got to work without an ark and yet and tat. One can ears pretty good too, they're all remaining steve crawled tony collapsing. Housing is a land of that's right, corral yeah. They were great. That was a really special experience, actually, not even because of the result, but is actually one where when we were making it, I felt oh, I, like, oh mia movies, can be fought like This is kind of fun like somehow something was working. You felt like it to us. You know no clue that the movie
get seen the way it did or or or resonate with people. The way it did come, certainly like archive I gotta sit in the back of that van with him. For all. You know a good amount of time and got to ask him questions and you have to say, as I can remember, there were so many great quotes, but I will say that people would always ask about Steve Carell back then the funniest guy and say an actual know. Alan Alan was like yeah just dry fuckin funny. You know great actor yeah totally totally. I am and then people who are in those directors. I became really close with they they than we there than later to defend with em called ruby sparks and your friendship, and it was really special and then the fact that you know it seemed to really like mean something people was was, was nice and also as like. You are able to play EDA instead like what would be like a nerd character was sort of like a kind of like existentially
challenged outside or character, which I think you do a bit yea totally I felt like he had a little punk rock and heavy too just in the way of, like you know, taken a vow of silence and being like right now. You gotta have a little bit of balls. Actually that you know fuck, you fuck you yeah, and I liked that. character line. I really felt like I knew that guy, like you know, I mean you know, friends like who you know lists the you know, retired friend, who read niche in the smith and was really fucking quiet, yeah, I'm route by stewing, yeah totally. You know an inner rage, you know, and that was that and- and you know I have to say that was also down actually kind of scary par excellence hawk and most of the film, and I have no clue You know I was an experienced enough to a sort of say how much I trust in russia
for I trust in my directors- and I trust in you know, like fire, I hope I am I gonna crowd. Hope somebody feels more a guy yeah cause you're, not able to say anything right, and I liked that a lot you know- and I would love to do I'd love to do a silent film or something you know you who you know you I love that that type of x russian and thing is very cinematic, but it was really nice when it was like all. I care people got dwayne, he how It felt it felt good and you had to trust that script and the directors that you know there was a balance to the characters, the comedy of it all yeah and there was a real family. That was the the this. This kind of sing element of that is that how the family structure really was close. You know, despite
the kind of varied characters yeah that there was a real kind of love and unity to everything. Well, and I think there's a lot of truth to that, though, surely oh yeah? No, no yeah, that that's! Why that's why? I think it kind of worked for people yeah it was. It was stunning, and when did you start so you say you started studying. Actually you know like you. I obviously you're going on a lot of natural ability. So when you decided to to study act, how did you decide to go about it? Well, yeah, I should clarify mean ino deftly used to like four zagreb in the theater I drink was a natural. Yet in retrospect I learned a lot. You know Maybe they know I even was the time but right, but did certainly you know now a hunger when I was younger too read everything about any sort of watch. Alot of films and stop it, then you know I think really fun to keep figuring out. How to sort of like walk towards a character, and so
Usually I try to fight something new to do for each character, and sometimes I can mean try. Some new thing, I've heard about, like I've, heard that right peoples do animal work for acting shrine. God never done up for so there was a certain character. I thought you know, I'm gonna go try that, for copyright feels well. We are nowhere when worked with somebody swell. Well, ok, you know but sought out it. www teaches them or say yet. I think this might be good for this character that seems to make sense in my head, which enjoys I I have hesitant to like talk about. Why is it? No, I guess it's just a you know the first time I did that I think was for twelve years a slave and a camera new years ago. That was, but you know there was just something in it where I felt it so anyway, like a fun to maybe fine
nothing new to try our apart enter. It doesn't always sometimes too that the benefit europe. is very clear immediately like ok, I know why I tried, via the eu did this. You know Mcmahon work user for this part, and sometimes not in autumn, like ok, I'm gonna, try I'm glad. I heard people study that in school you I was so I'm glad I tried it and no, if it have you had sex, with animal work. I, have never had success. What mask work? think, maybe that one resonated a little bit less me. I feel like art- maybe I actually already a little bit kind of in tune with that weirdly. What is exactly ok, war ask work, it is really fascinating. Oh you like you could lead. And put a mask on you. You don't know what the mask is in your basically probably going to into it, something somehow maria and behave
based on what you're sort of intuition selling from reaction of you normally from the feeling you're feeling of them, without knowing what the map and it'll often line up with what the mask is, and then you'll do it were you know what the mask is in your say: okay, this kind exaggerated frown. How does this him at my body and their basic masks. Basis? I mean like they're they're, not like gum superheroes, her. Then I get her old school like yeah like more grant greek feeling right. I guess I get right so you're there, like I mean they're devoid of I got caricature nano, yes, you're, not gonna. Recognising right arose superman. I know it that feels like right or not exaggerate, primal right right right, so you you have the intuition and then you reveal the mast yourself and then You do it knowing the mask yes
so that not a couple win and then there's more, but the way that that relates for me already is I really like the idea of like Ok, how does the clothes make you feel different shoes make me feel really different. Hair color makes me hairs. Darker than normal right now makes me feel really different. At the center of energy? Like a came, I care, tension and my shoulder ass. You know, where people are different ways of, like you know, holdings in their bodies. Sir, you know some characters have more stress it's in there like chest and some characters have more strengthen their dick. You know and like eat. So I feel like that kind of stuff is like mask. Jerk in the way. Were you know, you see you're gonna, think about that in preparation Yang. While you write yourself, maybe you might try to say- and I would like, if my feel like you know a little bit more, you know something energy, yeah, yeah right ha and that's how that's party or process
no I'm not I'm. I like it here then well, because, like aids good to talk about this, I don't know if you feel like it our sillier, that it's embarrassing to talk about, but I think a lot of people like us. Too many actors and in some of them will talk about it in some. yeah, don't necessarily talk about it, but more lately you I kind of pushing about a year. As you know, when, when somebody sees your work in the way that guy's got some music great actor, No, it doesn't matter whether they understand your explanation by your report Sesar is interesting. Yeah- and you know it's true- I actually prefer to talk about it, usually just because I do feel like it's just more important like hopefully, hopefully amassing mine does. But hopefully the work speaks for itself and you just get the character and that's all I saw your need. You know right right by, but there are some people that liking of their actors out there and their date there there
this sort of like, what's the first and then maybe someone is visiting this masked mask Nice like that is like almost like, so the opposite of what I would do without one I want to say is a you know I honestly I do. I now get like why, like all adults are like, I wish I could go back to college dunno. I've always heard that and now I feel that too I'd be ready to learn now, because I know that oh yeah, I know that I can take what hit me and leave other shit behind right, but are you ready to study and do the stuff that is interesting? I mean there's still a lot of college. I dunno, I just mean, like I think you know it's really easy to. You know right year, something like that and we like. Ok, you know like right that guitar You did this, so I have two unlike what, if that's not what I like best knowledge, you try it. You know I mean it's like when you say, but I mean the copyright. Is that
sometimes work. Sometimes it doesn't here. These are things that you curious about the interest you that yet expands you're. You are particular neo craft or your your skills, and you know try it yeah yeah. So I've talked to parliament's active into here why guy was weird, because I dont think anyone as vital to publicly as long as I did and not that I know of I'm sure an iam not to my own horn, but I mean I did have a pretty lengthy conversation with him and you know I. I thought he was some sort of mysterious brooding genius, but he sort of a clown sort of a guy he a great yeah. I mean it's sort of like even after I talked to him for an hour or whatever two hours of his like. How are you, the guy that did those things you know totally right, yeah he's also, I mean you know.
he's, not gonna. Give you all the way out here. You know, even as an actor. Frankly, I mean sexually something I love about him. I think he's all got some balls. I mean he's, obviously got price, Lee intellect four days, you're he's really. I think I like it. Guts and balls person mirrors got invasion, yet any go. He's gonna honour it yay. yeah, but even the heart of that highlights think there's just a lot and I think that's why work is so good. You know I mean it's not just the technical brilliance he's really put in thing, he's got on the page there. As a writer, I think. That's that part, the part of the the one that becomes. The preacher disney or others. You play brother yeah to me in in the marines I've seen of you, that that part, the intensity of that What was a unique thing right, Were you in acting it too to be?
he. He an event jellicoe who's been congregation and has to align himself with the industry and create this yet this very demonic, dark alliance yeah. So you're working day of they louis the weight of that guy. You of a pretty heavy pre heavy some heavy shit did you feel it? Yeah? I mean you know that was second, can you work with him. That was, you know also. Man. What what a lucky we're lucky guy was. You know, like I loved pulse, you mean You know I remember seeing bogey nights mongolian punch, drunk love, which is yet is one of my favorite films. And Daniel is: are you he's really is a very special actor. Rio,
and ass. I was lucky and thrilled to took too be there, and so you know whether it was heavy or not. I don't think you know, I think we did sixty weeks and then desert in texas july and august it was laughin hot period, clothes. It was a lot of sweat and it was in great writing and the Everybody was there to make that film. You know together to make policy film and very special, metoxen, really amazing, using a mailing, swim, johnnie green, I mean everything kyle can have worked out yet I just remember the like mom we're talking about collaboration and about that that feeling of, like sort of being molly through you're in a role but that connection and the scenes in though, when I say heavy, I just mean that you know when you're having that dialogue. You know with those two characters,
we the scenes that you and daily day I mean you, one when cut happens, you must be like yeah. yeah, I think at the end of the day you know yet I you know you are of to sort of like how asked you know like if you see on the bench too long after extravaganza, whore right, you know what every eye it, you stay warm like you. No one wants you started day. You know it's not over until the today's done right. You know so yeah. It was wild in retrospect, more wild than than doing it, probably because you know you're sure there and you throw everything got, and and you know you got the the right scene partner in front of you, so you gotta, you gotta, try and you know bring everything you got while that was funny cause. I talked to Ethan Hawke about about working with Denzel. You know yeah and he treated it like he. You know he
I should bunch of old Denzil movies, like he said football players watch t write like tape, tapes yeah, so he could figure out what we how he was gonna hold his own and interesting in inner in scenes with a guy that will eat will take it. There so you know he knew he had to be operating at a level and an he was very sort of catches of of doing that. Yeah. It's interesting Is it yeah? It is that's sure I mean why not you know that is that a concern you have like you know. Alright, I'm going to be the I got all these scenes with Daniel and I urge you to think that way, gonna hold my own. It's possible, you have that thought like immediately and then you feed on snuff. That out, I don't know you can be in trouble, sir. I shall I I think the honest answer is actually no and I don't mean that in an egg
similar arrogant way. I just think you you, you know you can. that's right, I'm right and it also I'd rather be a be an obstacle to the role and away well yeah, and also I just don't think that that's the that would be my favorite way to think about right. You know I do. I feel like and we're all human and- and you know right- you know is- is somebody else going to take the seat? I don't think so. You know I mean like the writing. Is there? Maybe I didn't. Maybe it wasn't necessarily competitive but just sort of like eat Maybe it was an inspiration right, totally nora. You totally right and I think that you know when does it in their own way? Yea and indiana does ye. I hear he's very sort of like in it like. Even when amazon off his wandering around in it. Yes the committee guy. So let's talk about the bride
what's a movie, I don't want to. We can't get through all of the movies, but the ones that I I enjoyed and I liked which a lot of my just haven't seen. But but in twelve years this way? That was great gazette, sir? I have a gnarly character, yeah yeah yeah. yeah. You know that. That's the way, some of those- I sure, but also right I mean I felt like I don't know that's. What are you lay in bed at night? Dreaming are hoping for. I hope I know not what it is I day by putting the end, like you said earlier was empathy that had to be engaged over sure absolutely and end just a kind of have a real human being. There is the hope you know we end, and I think you are you actually coming out from a place of judgment, isn't always helpful. You know so you know some. That Stephen queen I talked about was so you know, people who are abused often like
sometimes abuse their animals. Are things like that right? You know in and the main, maybe that so you know something that, you know you're taking or something on. Why other people around you something you wanted to self on other people or whatever so so there were ways sort of into it somehow and that's kind of one. Where you go. Ok. Well, I like the story and things can make good film these great people and you know the better to contribute to this. Like I need be that you and- and that was good for that one year. and the the Brian well, in the film which I watch, I think a couple times actually as your great thanks here and I dont know why young arriving ailing against junk use echoed, but my wife thing was, I finally decide just do the whole we will make a volume divine
very early out who knows why choices are made. I'm not asking you explain it to me, but but How much time did you spend with Brian? I spent time with Brian. You know that that that's probably you know that was very special experience for me that making that film wiseau while I fell in love with Brian and and and with the music, you know in a very deep way and not previous, but during while I was you know, as a fan sure you know this was like you know, something happened. You know, I mean right, zest, spirit, to all our reaction by an unknown and think it was really important for me in a way like something about maybe two with reconnecting music, though, and bringing that to acting somehow, but you know, I spent five or six or seven months you no kind of just like getting ready for that and learn how to play the piano and will try They get my singing up to range and
The research was so fond listening to all the studio sessions they had. Amazing, amazing, fun stuff. I mean really and in fact what everybody can listen to that that the smile sessions in the pet sounds box. They were really true die human of an artist at work in our highly really fascinating and beautiful and- and I spend time with with people who worked Brian, my decision like similar reckon grew guys were similarly, I talked to a few them and in a couple of other friends of his front from the time and that that the amount I don't have love and respect you know they had for him. You know it really felt special to get to know this guy and and and and be connected to that music, actually pet sounds and smile, which I really am loathing. One are you
a bigger than themselves happens. Occasionally somebody write something bigger than themselves barker that play this album bright. Those are the you know yeah there that even if there's just one yeah, that's really special right yeah I mean it's pretty cool, it's pretty cool, so in the way that you played it to the you know, with the you know, hearing it in your head and and the way that it was directed, I thought was very effective here. I thought all that stuff of their early buying wilson was was, was really kind of thumb me. It conveyed it spread the struggle of the guy. He asked yeah, then you know fascinating. Were enemies that owes it gave it was such a gift of so many people a hurry, I'm listening to a struggled so much. I can hear it The songs, like some people can't like some people, can just get distance from it. Like I get sad, yeah yeah short now. You know why even knew that stuff. That, like I had a hard time, would pat sounds like will cause. Why cause?
some the songs so simple for a grown up to be writing, but the message underneath the poetry with something. So lonely and sad and in the end and yearning for something more like to spend time with him. I was great, you know first I know Brian is such a sensitive sort of open raw spirit that you know my first skull was really just like, say: hey, I'm Paul you like you know, I'm in a play you- and I know that probably falcon scary, like ie ino, just like a not too like grill, and study reich ie. You know in frankly he was so different then, and I we ve done a lot of I. I didn't meet him for months. You know I did it did a few months of research before meeting him just to get my own impression of this these brian for us who is how
so I didn't feel the need at first to sort of oversight. Abounds. If, in fact I wanted the opposite, I wanted him to know that I'm here for him and that's her so it was- and I was such fanned by that point- I was you know, you know, excited and boy you know Brian. He can you know I struggled in his life or he can be. You know it when in front of groups of people and awkward, but. When when we got to talk about music, I mean he really like a schoolboy came out. You know how he and he he would light up and remit. You know his memory and excited, and you know it felt we present and alive in him, and that was really exciting to see a hustle exactly what music was for him and you got? the point where those songs took on new meetings for me, which I don't I'm not seeing me.
there they were meetings that but should be there, but, like you know, God only knows what I do without you like for me became about music iraqi asher ends ago. In my room like in my room for me was the studio like so like your psych after me spending some time with him. I just felt like how music, what is ham and hear music, and so at all, this very special experience in that way were kept revealing itself. And then you know, I've gotten to hang out with them. Since then, I've gotten to like sing with him at platinum play with him. Oh really, cool, yeah, publicly, ah yeah yeah a couple of times where we did a couple of lacks the bet benefits for like mental health organization. You know I got to go up there and sing a song, I'm kind of thing, so he was happy with your portrayal of him. I think so. Yeah yeah yeah, that's nice yeah. He has grown So what else is in there
Would you would you you got girlfriend right adieu and she's an actress nackerson writer yeah. What's your name yet so he kiss an alright grandfathers, Alexandria. He did some good shit, yeah, and Is it hard to tv, the actors? together. You mean Y know. I mean just airline generally in the same business. Well, you know Oh she's, a woman, and you know so we don't have any of that kind of rhinos. I like her up the same parts, yeah yeah yeah. You know I will say that it's actually nice to have somebody. We understand each other and I are which nice income. We really supportive in that way, the it's hard that we can both have I travel for work like and sometimes be away for, like months yeah I just spent last year I spent six months in russia, latvia and Lithuania, two in a sworn peace, six hour mini series and for
the bbc in leading company warm peace you're in russia yea. So that was like a loved. It was great, but thou is hard. Like I missed home and as you come out, she came out twice im home twice, but you know for that. You know that that that's hard, so you know, but but we we we do well actually yeah. We we we do alright good. How is russia? It was interesting. I liked to drink a la vodka yeah. It tastes better there for some reasons. Yeah it was, good and interesting place here. Where, where do we in ST petersburg yeah the beautiful he had to see it yet raising. Yes, amazing. Another good thing about seems like a shadow on a nice interesting point. I mean It's really you know I do under south korea, russia, taxes, I've kit acknowledge it is true. I I you occasion after to remain yourself and go. You know what you know
I'm lucky I rise. You know, yeah yeah is it? Is you know people? I don't think, and I don't talk about it to many people, but you know a lot of the job. Your job is waiting and in a any like that may seem silly, but it is, can be a real fuckin. Do you know it can challenge you right yeah yeah, sure you yeah a trailer day totally the area. How do you bring the guitar? You bring books? It depends what the scenes azure for you know. You got your music or you know. Maybe you have a guitar book or You know who knows what depends on the kind of film sure he can you shoot the shit on the swollen or not? You know, what's the variety, the character and blah blah blah, but you know, I think you know
we some of the films I get to do like a swiss army man. There ain't there is not a moment of idle time bright. You know, and I like that, actually that's he move on yeah yeah. Well, I liked it man and I think it was a great movie. I think you do great work and it was. It was nice to talk to ya cool thanks man, right here, guy hey, you know is interesting and I guarantee you were going to see a lot of interesting work from him in that the new movies is why it's more than just a two hour. Far so? Ok, so go to deputy, have pod dotcom, that's powered by square space for all your deputy applied needs. You can check out my tour dates. Up in bloomington salt lake city. This weekend we also my gun new mexico outlook. Before a night. I'm gonna have to go to school live, which I think is now just one night. Saturday night, because I
phoenix is an american town. That's fine! I think enough room for all the mere people that are there go to wtf project console has toured find out and get some some merch can add some posters soon, a guy did nice during spokane. For me what else I can play some guitar, a widow right now. I think I have see again
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