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Episode 766 - Shane Mauss

2016-12-08 | 🔗
Comedian Shane Mauss saw his career gathering steam only to stall out and make him feel like opportunities were passing him by. Then an accident that left him with two broken feet coincided with another journey. One that involves neuroscience, psychedelic drugs, and an altered perception that led to a career rejuvenation.

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Like the guy Let's do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck adele lakes? Why why? Why am I remember my real area going now psychedelic noise more and more and more in one one, one where iranian ave newman's is an anime name. Why am I wrong? Why? Why me? I am on my way now I'll keep doing it. it's my impression of nitrous bam: WHAM Wham, WHAM, WHAM Wham, while MA ma, ma ma ma ma MA made me me me me, marina. You ever been we're taking ahead nitrogen and they serve you can't out and then react He comes back like that gang or murmuring. I'm sorry what is happening. I mark marin. This is my podcast w t f. Thank you for listening. There is point to me addressing mind altering business mike
today's shane moss he's a comic. He is during his show. He is a a psychedelic explorer he. Is onto right now and he's still got twenty cities to go and he'll be setting up some international dates, you can go to shamos dot com for dates and locations. Jane. I may u s s com, a psychedelic explorer all new approach to these days. It's not our grateful dead, music and dancing around in a circle quickly the people around you uncomfortable there I told you, people a of it's it's going around man, iowa ska is, is: is the new brain cleansing? Do you want a sort of cleansed of your? psychic palette of all stress and anxiety and just to hit reset there's some part of me that wants to buy into that. The the the the dumb will drug addict in me is like yeah, maybe maybe
maybe I'll ask is the thing that will have all the answers for a little while the carnegie hall posters, which no one at any time to buy carnegie hall, are now available. W tia, pod, dotcom their hand, printed and screened, signed, stirs very old, school gonna, like the fifth. He's, groovy jazz posters and I love the poster they're up their available there, forty bucks and their beautiful, and they're worth it now sign. Am I right dummy Pod outcome, new carnegie hall posters go if you want a nice christmas gift, moving on that trip. I was with me and my roommate lance Took some shrooms in the middle of the day, which is the only time to do it? As far as I'm concerned, because if you do it at night,
it can get scary outside if you don't have to travel too far, maybe you're in a concert situation. But if you're going to trip at night and you're alone, you better the fortitude to handle. It goes will become sweaty and creepy, pretty quick, their faces get large and they bad intentions and their surrounding you, and they can see that you're here you're having a hard time swallowing in you're, sweating chemicals, and then you end up locked. your apartment or your house just for safety as you bounce off the fuckin laws on ancient hallucinogenic substances, but one. In Boston me, my buddy lance took mushrooms. You just set out to walk to the aquarium from fenway all the way down, just walk in enjoying the day beautiful, sunlight out. Everything was crisp. Everybody was one thing. It was all perfect, we're all just sort of kind of how much the same frequency. There was no distance between me and iraq and that guy across the street, everything was connected, move
through the day, and then we, down the fan, your hall and the bricks there, the old bricks they were kind of a problem they made every. It made a very difficult to walk because everything was tilting and shaking and moving around. Those bricks were dancing because their ancient bricks and I was connected to them and they were not happy. They were all smushed up next to each other and it had been for centuries and they wanted to be free, so they were shaking and I remember, were walking. We needed some new drink badly, because you get that weird thirst when your trip and that weird thirsty are thirsty and every cell, your body and nothing tastes better than coal. beer and we good there at a bar that was sort of half outside and they were cut and oysters open. There were shocking oysters and we're sitting there, I'm a pint of beer watching them shock those oysters and we're trip and balls, and I swear in that moment they pop those shells open and I saw those oysters- take their last prehistoric breath a breath.
As part of a legacy of millions of years of shellfish, weird wavy deform shells, just gasping that was of setting that was of setting there is no doubt that is upsetting. I remember we saw some weird dirty business on the common, some surveillance situation. There were cops involved and we were going to solve the mystery by. We do china, because we were trip and balls and then we kept moving and we got to the the entrance of the aquarium- and we just wanted to go look at fish. It seemed like a decent thing to do to just stick, you know is up against the glass to see the dinosaurs move around in the liquid and then we're sitting there and two things happen that were jarring and memorable, not that you want to meet. You need some meat, not that guy. He didn't come up, but I did see a seagull with a left or with the remains of being eaten chicken wing and its beak, and I thought that's it Decatur of the end of all things, and then
blind man approaches with a cane. He was walking with his cane- and he said, can someone help me? Could somebody help me. I mean foreign lands were true bars and try not to laugh. We wonder how bout, but when your trip and balls everything is fine. Or maybe one thing is funny in it just last a really long time and in fact everything else with the funny, and then you just on the the frequency of everything in all things, and then just above a your writing, though, laughing frequency that just homes along on top of it as hard to stop, but we pulled it together, we sucked it up and we said: where do you need to go path? Where can we walk you and he go I need to get tickets to the well watch. Oh, that was which that was rough, the old blind guy is asking me and my roommate lance more trip, balls on shrooms to walk into the ticket, office for the whale watch but there was something in our hearts that realize
this was a serious situation. Who are we to judge? What do we know what people can feel? Maybe we close our fuckin eyes and get on a boat and see the whales right This guy was much dear than us in the way that he operated at a different frequency all the time. His senses were jack the time he just wanted to waste into the water and feel the air and feel the breeze and feel emotion of the water underneath the boat and maybe here that whale that dinosaur blow some water out of its spout pole and then feel the massive connection of that to him to his ears too. things and that without the fuckin mushrooms, so we did. After him, we walked him and he got his tickets and then we went out and when then, we went in to the aquarium impressed our faces up against a giant circular tank at the centre of the boston aquarium and watched all levels of fish. Just move,
through their fuckin frequency. We outside of it, but we were I finally in it. Brian. Why? While I'm on my way, Mariano my oil while mom, won't allow one want cheek about that tripping story. There were some bad ones where I decided the ass. It wasn't working, so I took more, never great idea, There is only a handful of times in my life and I can't say that ever took any journeys that we're enlightening yet poetically. Recounting that story it was, it was Sometimes your memories are what you have sometimes post trip is where you figure it out during the trip. think it may not. Ever and in that year I always have that cathartic sort of enlightened truth, kind of humming around you as you sweat, but when you come down where you kind of extrapolate from act, What things that happened that may add the poetry or wisdom of your life. But at all,
it's a reset button. I don't buy that it's a cure for depression, but what do I know? It's been a long time do you know what I'm saying: shame who knows shane moss knows she must comic I'd known for awhile and, and we talked man got me a literally when we're talking about this talking to a guy talkin about trip and and How can a maoist insurgents and talking them in a logical, almost scientific way, got me guy squarely and excited, and I felt that weird tingle by eta but I just I just listened So this is me and chain moss. I talking about that had before he's got his onto a right? Now he's got twenty twenty cities where to go in and he'll be. And up some international date soon's or go to shame, moss, dotcom per day locations at shame, emma. U s s dot com! This is me
and shame talkin. Jane moss that it up mars. They may ask em a: u s. Ass usually remember to tell people ahead of time as our own always girls it out when they get, and I get a lot a mouse which I actually think is how it may be supposed to be pronounced, because I know there's german right, people that have the same pronunciation and that's how they mouse and that's german name, so I'm pretty sure I've been saying it wrong. My whole life by german name have to, but you have no identification with german Is there anything else just kind of came down on you, yeah yeah? I know my grandmother. I think I make seventy five per cent irish. Actually I'm only like twenty five percents, that name ah leopard leopard yeah, that's
I guess I don't know that your mama's idea, that's my mom's irish people, yeah yeah I can't remember the last time. I guess the last time I saw you was. I not saw you, but you did one of these way back. It was. Live one spin from that com. Festival. Then we did austin you're on that one too self yeah south by southwest I was on, I'm just trying to recall like the first- and I didn't know you that well but the first time you were you on the up and you were married You I was married. I felt like I was going to be valiant. I thought I was going to be spending my life with with someone at the thing I just had you pegged. This is sort of like while he's gonna have a rough go adage, tat guy, we'll do straight video and stand up
Well, fortunately, I was a wild alcoholics. Yeah that that made me different and interesting really different, being an alcoholic and comedy that's very unique, see like cause. I didn't, I didn't know anything. I didn't know that about you grow up. Up in wisconsin, small town in wisconsin, my very pleasant, will issue it. Let near what That is why you might know lacrosse wisconsin it's on the border minnesota in iowa psych directly and between more. Turkey in Minneapolis right. I dont now back in the day, maybe it'd, I worry about all lay there. Something like I think I've been Milwaukee have been do minneapolis by don't know if I know the art madison minneapolis, madison, minneapolis too pretty smart cities nice place here, but in between that is my lady, nothing, but farms and stubborn, and it's very I a very, very wholesome upbringing,
yeah and I I couldn't stand it it drove me crazy. I was was your family farming and no I made my my mom my dad was a farmer remind my dad dad had that did farming right who worked at the factory as well, but also had a little firemen and what your mandate Dad has a business making countertops, and so I was workin since the edge nine or ten for him here. My gun, yassum formica korea and went out korean what is at its most like for my cup. You any stone, tops It's gonna he just started doing in a few years ago. Yeah you have to buy like a way more expensive machines and equipment to cut through that stuff that he hated yeah yeah he had. Is he really yeah? He's still I mean his businesses like fi?
Employees are something I was average outgrow scenes. Do everything does have a showroom, rewire alyosha room? Does he does pretty well for my dad, a guy that spends money the site. no, how much he actually has in the bank, but he's the counter google guy you're like contractors are like. We got a counter guy, my my dad's, this hard working. I mean both my parents just ninety hours a week and I saw a growing up and I was just like no way was your mom amber disney. Now my mom, my mom was just too receptionist for a clinic and then everything is fine till she reached now she's supervisor for a clinic and she's just overworked, and my mom's perfectionist cares away too much by every little thing. The associate she works. Ninety hours a week, workmanship absolutely wouldn't have to work. What kind of going just I just love, but all health clinic. So there you are
you're, not farming you're in this little town in wisconsin, yeah, hard working counter making pop a shop, cuttin formica, yeah yeah and- and I was always very rebellious- I raised very strict- and I raised very in rare religious up. In which religion catholic early. I think a lot of people had it much worse than I did as far as how strict my parents, where it is is that good. Like I went to a public high school yeah everything you got brothers and sisters yeah, I have a sister who's, five years younger and a brother who's nine years younger and we get along great. How old? Are you I'm thirty six? Not to think about that for a second I was funny, so he still got like a so. Alright you're, pretty young people like a little brother yeah he's like he he's a man
reed, and that has a really good job and and is doing really well for himself doing. Computer programming self have acted. Yes, he is, though, her that's. My sister she's she's doing great she's taking over my dad's business. If she's in the countertop of his. But where are the failure? Oh yeah, my my brother is: definitely he he's the one is kind of killing it made it on his own and medicaid good money in and kill it. I know he he he chose hey little brother. Could I borrow some money? Has that happened yet happened? It happened for this tour that I bought together is the first time actually, oh yeah. We were just talking about on the phone I'll talk about isaac. I don't know if I'm going to have enough money for all this marketing. I want to do these also he's like what do you need like? Oh no, am I really just about to borrow money, but he offered it around. My little brother is great. I mean we're we're like best friends. Really, oh yeah, we have a wonder: we've always had
great relationship, my sister and I did always alone along she's she's in the middle lay a you know she would tell on me. I was always getting into trouble and she is the one that would that would Aragon me when I was a kid. What kind of trouble I got into I mean I was just as rebellious as you could as I could, but I simply set everything's. These would have been far drugs. Yeah yeah, I was in the. If I could van a lot of this? Is it so embarrassed The talk about the others is incredibly embarrassing for I used of law mailboxes, however, though, that what they hear within eighty humiliating, no, these little these little bombs, you put it so bought off oh yeah. Firstly, they had to make a bomb. I blow a mailboxes, any stand there and watch it happened.
Tired of you talking about like mailboxes in front of homes or a? U s, p s know in front of whoa yeah. Just now. I think I think of your own robert de niro in in means walking away from them. The mail it's on the street and it blows up. I think one of my friends did that once he stepped up a felony handle ism- and I remember it was so stupid- do we we would always it always be like kids, that we didn't like in school, I get their pair of like somehow their parents mailbox. The energy end you live around here also that the closest but I had was a vice principles screw guy a middle school. My you showed him. Let me outline yeah it was. Oh. I remember one of my. I was gonna show a new group of friends this
fun hobby of india. it'll be a leader. Yeah was it was day a daytime, it's daylight everything, and it was shortly school and we we went. It was my vice principle: near my one of my friends house, and we all, I think, there's probably six aid of us some like that. If I remember rightly Yeah put it all together, throw them. Box, we start bicycling away and on the vice principle, drives home any dry. right past us and sees us on this mailboxes about to blow. you're gonna know how to talk. So what am I bronzes Well, I mean we're all freaking out, but one of my friends is like I'm going to go and get it I'm going like no yard. That's a bomb that exploded row you want to stay away from him No, no I'm gonna go get it. I like no, now it's just about to go off and he eddie
He ran over. He grabbed the The bottle out of them, and it must How does how you could see it was like bubbling? our as just about to go I'll warped and what not and and and so it must have been hot, so he threw it quickly into the street and just then a car was driving by and it exploded. under the car and then it shot out and knocked over a mailbox to drive actually have an. I promised him and we all liked the way we didn't get in trouble for that biotech in trouble. I think the car stopped and we we just like biked away as fast as we could so it didn't. It didn't, take the car out nah there was it. Wasn't that powerful yeah like I said yes enough, to destroy a mailbox so your to so when did you become worse news? Would you get caught for doing? Well, I mean I got caught for blown up one day we went on a whole tirade where we had a fire,
paper and eggs and got like ten mailbox older. You balls, thirty, six, how. that happening so this would abandon like ninety four. How was I gather going to re run around that edge yeah, this you do as opposed to girls I love each other. You want girl and you have no idea how to deal with that energy into something better, that a man I mean I just I was up for what I liked breaking into places and still not not too like steal anything to outlay. I liked climbing on of like our school or whatever yeah my parting up. There is europe and when did this parting, what we just boson know where drugs don't start tell eyes like fifteen it is a pure yeah, just rage.
so here I know it will be here. Just try do I mean I'm still an idiot. I still. I am still in adrenaline junkie. Yeah time We are a lot of trouble, but I do dry fast jump out of planes, yeah I mean I, I jump off things that are too high of her myself before and really I I mean I remember, I've did skydiving once again is on my birthday a few there's ago- and I remember I jumped out of the plan- and I am like hurling towards the ground- and I remember thinking like man. This is so I can't believe how boring there's a guy build, in my mind that this is gonna, be like a beggar ashen eyes. Just like I didn't get high now. I remember cause there's like a second little paul. First little shoot comes out and you feel it yeah, and but it's not, and I thought that was it
like oh something must be going wrong. Yeah I got something went wrong and I guess I'm gonna die now- and I remember this like looking down at this up as just like very indifferent about it. I'm. I remember looking down at this house that we are like right on top of an ice like man, I'm just gonna like fly through this guy's route and end up in his that. I remember just like giggling to myself that I'm just going to crash into his love just sitting there watching tv yeah and unfortunately, I'm about to be Hurley or you're thinking, you're worried about that guy yeah, yeah yeah, I value life more than I used to now that, but well what happened when the second shoe came. Did you feel the rush? Then then I was like this is uncomfortable now cause it's a
view and everything, but now I got this guy this, like Barry. Oh you strapped you re yeah and- and I don't mind that as much, but it's so uncomfortable the harness like it's very as yet forgetting ever africa have. During your candles, your bows, it hurts your balls quite a bit for that wasn't career that part jump off his small building. but yeah yeah. I I broke my feet a couple of years ago. I remember that happening so like so now, you're you're you're running around blowing up mailboxes, he failing out of school and everything yeah. I mean I was always just naturally, when I especially mean I was always like a sea student iron math class I'd I'd get like, I could teach math. I always got really straightaway. I was always amazing amount. I never had to pay any attention out, be sleeping through class and aid. Wake me up until your map, every yeah yeah. I know my pretty well still. Might now hide I gotta
I mean I can do some calculus instead, that's about where I stopped in high school saddam soon after that route by air I mean I've, I'm still naturally drawn to like you go and I asked you go on the right of When did the drugs kick kicking, were what were the drugs? Fifteen as when I started smoking weed- and I was like not deal. I still don't think weeds a I mean now. I just think weeds have kind of a boring drug here, but that was life change. For me the because before that it was like. vandalism and one of the main things I'd do for fun. Is I'd? Go more like smart off- If people are like run around like see how fast I could run around and like almost bump into people, just like you. Settling by her, has, I think, I'll town idea already, and I remember after the first time I smoked weight as like. Well, I guess I d
I have to go to the mall and all that so yeah, that's a row, everything everything's different now and and I mean I really talk to it. I mean my first time that I was high. I laughed for like five hours straight and, and I mean it was like that for me, the first several times here and it was went from. Wakened weaken, warrior daily, dough, sir, and and I was Finally, and then I started to I- was always very insecure and and didn't I want to be more popular than I was here and one to fit in with the coup. Kids- and I never did- and I was in also that was the thing with getting into weight and stuff, like. Oh now, I have like an in with yeah. Okay, you've got a built in yeah you're part of a demographic part of a clique right,
it's I started, dealing weighed like shortly after that. I was quick him it'd, be about our by my and er yeah it was. It was like well at first as I, while I can save money by buying a quarter instead of an eighth half is so much more. Much cheaper than ounces. Cheaper then it's well since I have this ounce now people are asking me for wade inside and sell it to me. Friends and it all just that stars are what you include: buy it from a guy in large quantity and then just yeah. You had a guy heard yeah I mean I was not. I was not a successful drug dealer by any means, but I made enough to cover what I smoked. We as like we're one of those guys. I guess we are all like that a little because I was thinking about that. The other day keep getting waves of my childhood in and sort of what we would do or try to do just one. now with fucking people. I know it's like you can explain it like you just veal outside of everything
and then you, I guess you did all your weird shit, but I was always uncomfortable and you I could make people I knew that, but always felt like like a guess. It was insecurity, I ve just weren't you just funny with anybody worst that I still have well. I still can If you like every time I, like you, know it's not so much make an effort, but like Just making conversation. There's part of my brain going like I dunno why I would never be talking to these people because they don't want Y, don't talk to me and it just it's still there, the self, conscious most of it yeah. The way I mean I one thing that helped me was when I got into comedy and boston years ago is where I started, and I started becoming popular in the boston comedy scene and having these rather raw misfits. So you got. That was the best thing about common. It's like! Oh here's, a bunch of other freaky, uncomfortable people arrive
yeah, the self involved or, if you just funny- and you impress them that they're going to respect you and then you can stay out and drink all night and talk. But I remember thinking I so remember thinking man I have them beating myself up my life for not being popular enough- and this is what popularity is. This is like what popularity feels like its didn't change, anything for me and was married to was idea you're about you, you're into a guy's india, guys home you're like nah. I finally finally get accept. By people like that. That is a point that I believe to be very underwhelming. I think that's better
big part of my life, where I feel like a life as has been kind of oversold doom by relay areas. I would say that the you know that's part of civilization. They have to oversell it because they can ever one wrangling. What's the point, I'm gonna take myself out or take a few people out early in view. Now I will you didn't buy into their religion thing now that was never enemies, solace or or or had? No, emptive quality, but just the opposite. It drove me crazy because I thought at first when I was real young. I thought cause cars around like four or even five. I was like huh I'm having a very hard. Time understanding mass like have may have been a giant leap of faith making. It add up to me, but I mean I guess I was probably a believer
ash at the island as I was so young and that's when my parents don't take it for granted, you sort of like yeah, I believe in Jesus, and it just wasn't she. It was shortly after that that I started crushing more and more, and then I I made up my mind like bit between fourth and fifth grade between like making the transition from a country school, the middle, the allies like now. This is absolutely wrong and but everyone that I knew believed in it. I didn't know, There was any one eyed another's such a thing as agnostic or atheist, or anything like that. I just thought every single person in the world leave this answer here, a long time I like it. I must be crazy. I guess I'm just great after a while I was like. Oh everyone else is crazy right and then it took me a long time to like it, and I don't think that any more, but that that was just kind of the transition of of write cycles g and so just fucked with me so much, but when you were a trash, so rebellious right, yeah, but you
the church every sunday guy. I felt that was my wisconsin. Except guarding up in height at that time, like everyone here, my honour of people are always gives such a unique voice, or only I operator that I hear with my I my mom and I make her talk about fire go while on duty on dizzy. Here your goes issues well, you're, not bob and mary beth Aragon on and on about how good this movie laws and finally washed. It knows. Just I don't see a soft funny. I mean who even talks like that,
yeah, but I never hear it myself. I did just there so yeah I went to wednesday and that ccd was called, which is is basically like sunday, school yeah, but on Wednesday night after school, we did. That choose. Did that and I just I didn't very well that that was when I was. I got a lot trouble in their eyes because there are there not yet that's where you learn how to be an asshole in any, because the stakes are lower. And I you the person teaching is just that, lady- that you see every week, sundays, like you someone's mom, you dont get grades, this isn't affecting my future and anyway I was a fuckin terror man and you already pissed. your parents in your fuckin off and like it, it's just like a free pass to try to make a groan,
if cry yeah, that was real. That's exactly what it was! I mean I looked back at my childhood. I, like god, I was such an asshole. I hope I'm not. I hope I'm less than an asshole now did you have and brimstone now now I didn't. I mean I look at what other people had an I like what was. I saw my and faith that dad that the minister raised I mean so when did the like so cause. Now Europe, where we're going work up to the who is an agenda excuse. It seems like you're sort of a born again, who is an agenda guy in the sense that it in its recent? Well not not so much. I mean there's that there's a few things one I started doing. I start doing psychedelic shortly after I started smoking wade so in you fifteen years to two and start taking to alcohol, I didn't like alcohol. The first several times,
instead of psychedelics like acid in high school yeah yeah, when I was like fifteen sixteen, I started. I did mushrooms for the first time and then acid. Shortly after and I loved it, I always loved it. It was a I wonder I wonder what kind of a douche bag I would be today. Had I never done psychedelic because it really is They got me looking at myself from a different angle and looking at life from a lot of different angles, that early yeah, absolutely I mean at first it was just like you got a drug out. Fortunately- No one ever gave me like heroin or meth, or anything like that. But it's like you got a drug I'll, do it whatever? Whatever my parents and school tells me not to do. I am up for it good, though, because, like now in those towns like that and heroines everywhere, it just wasn't yet yeah yeah, exactly I lucked out and so I was taken psychedelic psych, less party this will become
is he and good attitude. I never had that acted as always there like woods given happen. You know who I am just took to it, what right away, because you have that adrenaline shit there's a lot. Adrenaline involved in the ups and downs of a trip, yea verily at your eye care we yeah yeah, and I I just handle it really really well way better than a lot of people. I definitely don't advocate for its they're, not for everybody at all ryan and a lot of people. I've seen people freak out, and everything like that. I mean, I think a lot of it is a misconception and misinterpreting what what it's supposed to, because to me. It's like a especially in my adult life, a meditative therapeutic aid, but but I also once I started so I was always doing psychedelics until I got like my first serious girlfriend and then I I was it for about twelve years. I was in a series of long term relationships, and every girlfriend that I had kind of like Poohpooh, my psychedelic and that's why you ve turned a booze
and then I was I was drinking now I was drinking booze fur from the age like nineteen I started I started. Finally, as like: oh I can talk to strangers. If I I think this stuff there's the disability that I've never had before and sir normally when I do it this drunk, I'm gonna make a complete fool out of myself, but at least my mouth is opening and I'm not just shrivelling in fear, and and that's when I I really latched on to alcohol around those like college years, even though I didn't go to college and that's when I phased out of smoking weed, which I mean like I say I still I find to be pretty boring. I'll, also wait until you graduate highschool jude in end up doing that barely, Then what happened I saw the plan was to my graduate high school
get the hell out of there move become a famous stand up. Comedian, try doing comedy in high school. No, I didn't know how I didn't know where to start what made me want to love who, when I was like nine or ten years old, I had a. I had a friend who was like we're playing video game yeah and he started laughing at. I was like making 'em laugh a bunch of things like you should be a stand up comic. I didn't even know what that was, and he explained it, someone that stands up in front of a crowd of people It makes them laugh and I'm like yeah but yeah. That's exactly it. You watch comedy in high school. Did you like in high school? I did yeah, I didn't know. I'd never seen stand up at that time, like nine or ten, but once I was once a little older and have less restrictions. As far as what tv I could why I watched all the stand up, I possibly could like every single it. I don't care if I
acted as if it was my cup of tea or not. I watched the between the ages of fourteen and and the time I got my comedy central presents, which was I dunno seven years ago, or something like that. I watched every single bit of stand up that had ever been on comedy central. I I would set the dvr any time there. In japan, I didn't watch other shows, I just watched, stand yeah favorites every day yeah I did. I mean you, of course, that was actually a big fan of yours before before we met in two thousand and seven when I won this award and whatnot and you're super supportive of me. Where was that in aspen, oh yeah, the first time I had the thing or it was on your podcast and I remember liking Zack elephant access
early on before comedy, say at all. I would say Stephen right and Emma philips rather had in effect on nature and when I started, I was definitely more like an absurdest comedian here I was also terrified to some kind of I guess. Stephen right kind of was like tat. He had a lot of they'd fright starting out that kind of lead into that character what's interesting about those guys that can do well in zack a little too early on, is that yeah they really create almost their own amazon their own reality. They have, they hold the stage in such a different. That immediately you're not- in a reality that you, you would ever think you'd be india and I think part of it was to that I watched so much stand up basis. any ran riot, was different. Like Paul tomkins reacting like that, I remember being like well. This is different and yeah because there is a patter to it. If you watch or out of it, there is sort of a country,
wage and of tone yeah and then, when someone shifts you like what you are yeah yeah- and I I mean- and you know you do it long enough in the pick of all the tricks and not one patrick's, but many of them and without even knowing it yeah like. I watched an old tape of myself, where I never fucking thought I did it in my life. Would never have thought I did in my life away was like nineteen late eighties am doing some like shitty tv spot. for a comedy club in new jersey and I'm doing that repetition of the setting up the premise: people drive who drives we all draw. You know that kind of hammering curse, you'd drugs. Why mean it's not just and because I was beforehand is just a week. Road thing, just sort of like high who likes whatever, and I like one I do that, like I didn't even know that guy was, I was like a mathematician when I started comedy hours
It was well of three. I had my all my jokes time to the second. There needs to be this number re laughs and in a minute, reeling. Yeah absolutely did you did you hit it, and I took I sucked for like two months and then I was pretty. It's not about too much- that's interesting. So you really well where'd. You hear it. Where'd you hear about the rule of threes and fives. I actually took a. I think I read some books. I think I I haven't, took a stand up class yet and with who are rick, Jahnke or not not rick jenkins, rick jenkins, told me about it. Gustus sure I know it's gustus used our, I started with him back in Boston. It was just nice to have someone be like hey move the MIKE stand when you get on age are just tell me where the alpha mike's fur, or just to have someone to bounce. My idea of before I said: yeah how'd you end up. Fossil
I had no idea what I was doing. I was like I'm gonna move to new york or l, a didn't. Have any money didn't know what to do was was. I was just worried bout you now I never really been outside my home, diana and and and when it was always that's what I was I do, but when I, when it came time to do it, I would get very nervous like oh, I should I'd make up excuses. I should save up some money. Are you know whatever, and I had a friend that moved to Boston isaac? Well, I can go with a friend kind of safer to be with a body, and then I can I'll shoot down to new york and figure it out. Provided a year later, I'll move down to new york was kind of what I was thinking, my plan and I had. I got to Boston. I looked up comedy club in the yellow pages and called up. Many calamity connection, Nix majority's comedy vault actually the studio and the comedy studio. I called up those bore clubs.
A hand and rick jenkins happen to live like two blocks from me or something I out or early reclaimed. It's a guy who created the studio yeah my place is right on his way on his walk to the studio, and so he dropped off this packet with Alice formation, and really I got like up like a printed package like a package. You know, I think it was. I don't I don't remember, very we are late, but I think it was like a lot of stuff, whereas a club, I know that a lot of new comics go to is probably just a bunch of pain in the ass question. Yet you get sick of answering. Are you just typed them all up and printed it out and included like a couple free tickets to shows and stuff? And it's like? Well, why don't you come and check out a free show, a few shows for free and then, if you're still interested and give you a little stage time, I remember first time that it is going. Ok, you go when you went to see the people there. We are, night out? Who is who were the guys? I don't know,
really yeah. I I may I don't remember at all what year are we talking? Oh, I remember Eric Andre was there the first time that I went on ST andre? Was there and I was like wow, this dude is alone look ass. He was going to berkeley school music at the time. I think that's right, yeah, I remember rear king in the back and eyes. I come back to go on stage for the first time and he was really really knew as well, and I was I was worried because my stuff was. I was an absurd s, denies so like india, like more shock value, is cardiac off one before I started and I was worried about it and then Eric andrei got up, and it has thing Oh well, I guess I don't have to worry about offending accurate, that and then- and I remember
afterwards, where Jenkins was like well, this isn't really a place to like this. Isn't an open mic. You know there's paying customers and stuff. So maybe you should take a class and and what did you want? You want a better are gone drake, nearly all right as fine, and that I had. I had this piece of material that required me reading something my guide printed the internet, was something really stupid. It was like. I was like some definition of hemorrhoids. I don't remember what and I could, find the paper in them. Like I panicked, now a word back as like. Oh no, I don't have my buttonhole joke, and now what am I going is a horrible feeling in those first days we're just trying to get through five fucking minutes. Then, if a major wrench gets thrown into like god, but it was like it didn't matter. About it didn't go well. I dont really expect
to go that well. I was like it's my first time. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm gonna need to figure. This is good and, and- and I remember being terrified- I I had horrible stage fright every time before my name was going to be called for, like the first two months. I remember being like just gonna run, I'm just gonna leave. How have I am waiting for your next by that those weeks where you going I mean I just can I can't handle it very well, and so I mean just just the fact that I got on stage was just needs kept chilling away for me. Are you If there were you doing the one nighters and stuff around new englander yeah, I loved boston for me in I think a lot of people in Boston didn't really take advantage of the scene was people would either do just one nighters or they just do. The common right studio, everything, ok I love or whatever is like now in ireland- was getting out of their comfort zone and
I was always kind of like a high british comic. These I allowed this absurd is stuck out. I also had jokes about doing construction and stuff like that, our get gay collar, yep and, and so I, everything you I did everything I could. I stayed in Boston way longer than most people would have, because I caught breaks Are you fly out? There lay reflected here go down in new york. I was just interested men, rode guy events. I started getting late nights, I remember I was doing the first white knights about counted yeah conan at after decent h, b, O aspen thing. I won an award for like best new comic back when he was still we see in new york, yeah and, and then the conan booker's at the time saw me there and had me on. I was on a Us is on the phone while bus here well
fast in new york by people that dont know it's. It's like fifteen dollar bus to go from Boston to new york and like the shocks, I don't work and I'm not sure there are business any more than there are always audacious area of himself seizure, very, very shady china. In any don't know if they were like running dry, I was gone. I never took it, but I remember hearing about it and yet sits around The area is something a lot of people make fun of and but eyes on the bus. I got a call from Doug hadley said the conan bookers, who have frank, saw me and I in aspen and was interested in maybe booking me and because I just won Awards are a few different late night spots where an isaac will Conan was the one that I I will watch because they used to show it on comedy central during the day yeah and I worked third shift in a in a factory, and so that was the
night show that I could watch. Where was it? Where were we working in a factory arcadia wisconsin right out about forty five minutes outside my hometown for about four year make an ally for an answer? I am making furniture making parts. I was like a part, carry as I drove like a pallet mobile men- and I don't remember here have announced by gunners and left around I'll bet and that kind of stuff in over running machines king. Make imparts sometimes do an assembly line stuff, sometimes doing shipping stuff, and it was it was miserable, but it also taught me a lot of discipline. I can. I can sit and right now forever no problem and a lot of people can't do action and many gaza driver forklift. Apparently he had had. I can drive a forklift, but just just the kind of letting your mind go into the monotony and just getting into grinding it out and getting yourself. Ok,
we were just over and over again doing this same repetitive, monotonous action that will drive most people insane, but at least of your doing doing that in in service. your creativity, absolute there's, some pay idea so you're on this bass and you get conan and they they call it like well, why don't you call franken and see what I'm a you know see what he has to say and I called him and he is like he's like do you have I'm devil a late night set together that you can send me. Can you send me like a tape or something like that or or I put something on youtube? and I was like. Oh, I don't have my computer with me. I'm on this boston, new york. Can you email me? I? I don okay, you million like a couple of days and they are just like well. Do you just know what you would want to do
well- and I was like yeah. I guess so that I could. What can you just do it for us over the oh sure, yeah I've done a lot of phone sets with frank smiley. So where is like a going through a set up a man like so now? here's where the audience gets really uncomfortable hand like explaining what they re actually have been an angel day very and then frank as well. She got I mean say I did my. I did my five minutes and he is like he is like love, agnes five minutes even beyond next monday I went out and I really my first set, I kind of knocked the park, and then they have me there. Me on. I remember I sent him a dvd shortly after that and they can may one day and they were like and there I we are there, problem with your dvd, didn't it only play like the first three minutes, the eyes I
I'm sorry, I I'll Sunday, another one we really likes the first three minutes? if you want to be on again next thursday or whatever is like a week from now like, okay and and they were super nice I to do it. I've done a five times and you think that was really the beginning of your kind of wave Yeah I mean I because I got from my first conan set. After the time I won that award and aspen. I got eight t v appearances in a year, and so, as I was getting comedy central stuff, I did the shelf or bbc got a german camel around that too, I am. I did a thing for showtime, and I was just in my mind I was just like well, I guess I'm just gonna be the most famous comedian over like this is whereby trajectory is going and I had a mining in that time. Oh yeah, like right away, I started, have binding and then I learned a lot yeah May I say you can't just mean
it's fine for like a twenty five thirty minute set, but forty five minutes an hour. People will pick up on your eye. You can be as odd as you want, but if you have the same kind of oddness to your structures, people will pick up on it. He s not surprising rang are in, and so I started telling a few more worries here and there and and doing what I could to kind of get out of my comfort zone and expand what I was doing and you got a girlfriend at this point yeah. I have a I'm in a serious relationship very much in love with him down in malibu. Yet no, this is this is not for years and years later- and this was I was still in boston at this time. I I lived in austin for a couple years before malibu, And- and I do my half hour comedy sancho present yen and I've that on that went really well, then I was kind of getting together an hour to do
yeah, and then I looked at the hour and eyes like this is just garbage. I hate this and has the drinking at this point pretty bad yeah. It was. I mean it wasn't like oh yeah, it was pretty bad. I think most people would say it was pretty bad right, it's funny because being from wisconsin, it was just like. I remember when I first moved to Boston. People were like what the hell who drinks light as like. Oh this is just what I'm used to drinking like this hey everyone. I know this is railway drank there and but but the blackouts were coming more often I I was also like. I just got cocky. You know, taking it for granted. I wasn't as disciplined. I wasn't writing as much shore, Israel and, and- and I was still
we're putting out a new hour each year. As far as like every time I went back to a new club, I had a new act but has never I I started feeling very unsatisfied with what I was doing right and that's when I started to have an eye and right around that I am too. I was like. I start feeling very trapped in this relationship at the time where I didn't she was talking about I need buy a house and, like maybe get married, I'm time and I had no interest in any of that. I was like. I was just starting to do it. ass, no work unless the site, my dreams are coming. True in and I would I that's what I wanted to focus on- I didn't I didn't care about. Having house are real. every idea I dont have interest in marriage or kids and and- and so I kind of had a very like a bit of a breakdown and it wasn't. It wasn't bad, but just my drinking got worse, my material,
I was really unhappy with yeah and and my career started plateau ang and here the work started, drawing up a little more yeah and I made a very big change in my career. I also decided that I want to talk about more interesting things, because when I started like doing like like I was, I could do like this really edges and it was like a little bit more novel at the time than what it is now I mean because doug stand, hopeless, who had burned every bridge, and may I like a household name and louis, seek aid the now household name I caught breaks before Anthony just like was and now skip to these many years later, now these guys are pretty well known there doing this better than I am right and their known for it, and so a kind of made me feel like well where's my place in this year. I don't think I can do better than these guys are, and I think there is, I think, there's already like enough. They already have the corner market our market cleared, and
and I was always really doing international stuff every on everyone internationally. Has these themes shows rabbits together and does? Did you know Edinburgh? I did a few years ago and it went, I would say bad, but I there's a good learning experience and I am I got like one good review in the scotsman- that's worth you were the next time around, like yeah, that commitment of I gotta keep coming back and I'm like. Well, I dunno yeah. Once is enough for me. I think, with this new show, I'm doing I think we are perfect for it and I think that it would be better, but I did not like the experience the first time round by every time. I like that, I always had this mentality even like. Should he clubs there are so few clubs that I, at the time when I started out when go back to even if I bomb
I write like I want to go back there. I want to get 'em, never really. I don't have that anymore. They didn't like me a best buy and I didn't like them either, but at the time I was very like driven by that nitro. Okay, so, like you know, you got cocky, you had this realization, there's a lot of guys doing what you do you're in this relationship that you're not happy and you're drinking too much. You went to europe and you realize that they want theme shows and how does? How does it all fall? apart you're having a breakdown. I realised that so I started right. In my manager and agent, and they were all me to do like tv shows and I which at the time I had no interest in. I remember when I first caught my brain. they bring me in dollars. My team general yo than some general meetings that and they So what do I do? I like being a stand
upon the hurt him had really coca well nice to king. I looked back out as I gotta ways that, like people of people go there, and I were these offered to help us to it, but like so many comics would wish that they create So I did the accident open. So this was so. I started doing science themed thing here, started getting it. I always read sign I mean I'd, be blackout drunken I'd, be like reading of physics book right after bar time, which is probably why I don't remember physics I started I got in this new relationship. moved malibu, and I was I was looking to put together. Maybe some tv show at time, my yeah I bad. I wanted to do to do like a science themed thing at first it was, can be physics and that wasn't working out eyes experimenting with things and was hard to make physics funny my my girlfriend- new girlfriend smoke more
the normal and size smoking more weight than iciest too, and we are watching a lotta animal planet and the hum, and so I was writing a lot of like relationship jokes, because I just gone through this really bad break up and was in this new, exciting relationship and having all sorts of unsafe law and then also writing a lot, a silly animal jokes at the same time, and then they just sat kind of started blending together and I, like maybe I'll make like a tv show about the science of sex or something like that which I later abandoned, and I felt like there's too many people kind of doing something like that. But so I started just looking into.
neither got me into like evolutionary psychology and biology with just changed the whole way that I looked at the world and as I want to be talking about this stuff onstage and I try couple drugs and it wouldn't work just doing like a one joke of it, and then here's like another drinking job or something like that, and so I realized. If I want to to make this set up pay off, I need to set up something and then keep on talking about it and keep on building on it. And that's when I started doing theme shows my first whacked out it was. I had a netflix special made. Season which I, to be honest, I'm not terribly happy with the cause. It's like my first whack at trying to figure it out, and I wish I would have done more challenging material which I had I just selected more accessible material because to me the idea of like, if I can get, all that have no interest in hearing about science to hear a little better evolution. I think that would be awesome because eyes as doing chosen. Nyc Texas, where I have some
how boy come up and be like my own. I never thought I laugh at a science joke as like and finally, because I've been such an angry atheist, my whole life and yet jokes before that we're like here's, my religionist, yeah I know, and so I had this new take on like here's. This interesting, that you might not know about right and- and so that's what I did with mating season and its other there weren't chokes on it that I wasn't ultimately that I still don't think are funny is just like my delivery. Wasn't because it I lacked competence at the time and that sort of thing and actually and so then I started fig it out. I wrote this whole act about that, the idea of negative emotions and how they evolved and where they come from, and why there are important, and I was going pretty well and man- I broke both my feet, hiking and I had to in both my heels broke and anne and by the way. At the same time, I had started reaching
the scientist and and getting to know scientists, because I was like maybe I'll put together, show in l a I don't know what I'm doing with this and decided. I was going to make a podcast, because I was having all these launches with interesting people and and I helped teach a class it you see allay one time and- and I was just having my I belong by these new ideas. Eyes like if I were to record of this conversation, people with love this year and and then right. It was like how often you do the pockets It's it's weekly. What I call again here. We are ya gotta. Here we are podcast dot com. It's like evolutionary psychology biology is behavioral economics, neuroscience kind of all all life's stuffs. I stay away from like physics and chemistry. Anything that's like very, very small right It doesn't really apply to day to day. How do you? How do you break both heels for hiking? so a buddy mind, we're hiking long story short given to jump up
the thing that was too high. I was in the best shape of my life cause I had. I had now at this point been sober for close to three years. I think, and I was in days, I think her eye or anything like the boughs, is close to three years and and I write climbing- I crazy- had I've never been fit in my entire life, except for like this one year fell. I had just like this super man complex, and I thought I could do were like I've explained- I'm a crazy adrenaline junkie here, and I thought I was. I knew this is too I and my buddy wine. I do and I like our eye, I think I can maybe make maybe I'll break a heel is what I thought, because I broken a heel before I did it in high school jumping off of a houseboat onto a dock, and it just wasn't that big of a deal here is just the chip ship had to walk on my toes a little more yeah and it wasn't lives like a couple months. It was uncomfortable nor uncomfortable, not big, of a deal right and I was like you know, we're square
scenario. I'll do that again, but it's I'll love person. I love just push myself as much as I can see a man so much trouble. My life pollute the law on everything else, but I I jumped off this those two I and one of my heels exploded. I heard a half hidden. I heard it. I heard the sound they're my body does not always there's an unfair people that know me are like god is he talking about his fucking peter yeah cause? I talk about on the podcast all the time and really it's not that big of a they broke both of them yeah yeah. At the same time, they both exploded. No, no, no, no one! One was not a big deal at all, whereas just a little chip and right- and it was it sucked, but it was by comparison.
It felt like I'd, have to get a new he'll put in a day they put its on the cover, my album as an x ray my foot actually cause. I'm I made an album, bought a call, my big break and talk about it so it fit. well into the negative emotion thing that I body that's a hand annually. The oh yeah, I knew the wait and see. what I learned from it was that because the act was going pretty well, but this is like here's, a fun science thing and then jokes about it, but people don't necessarily attached to that right and then once I had something to me, personal. That's when people really started- or maybe they just felt sorry for me- cause I crutches on potato or whatever, but it really felt like people started connecting more once I had something person, ram, and I never really like doing personal stuff that much unless it was like outrageous right now,
and I saw a catch our comfortable in that and it's I spent like three months in my parents' basement cause I couldn't. I couldn't care for myself. My place in Malibu had like fifty steps and there's just no way I could get up, but but both my feet broken with like to get groceries and stuff like that and what happened to the girl, weird we had broke up right before I broke. My fish out just in time. We're still were so good friends I utterly yeah we had broken up just before we are actually still living together. At the time we are going to ride out our least bs, we're we're actually great friend, we have realized like as a couple. We just fought every day and a very passionate, great sex. herbal. Finally, I know that and- and so so when that happened in and then I I just like didn't give a fuck anymore, which I needed, because the road or make a gun when I started out,
give a fuck? If I offended at or walked a couple, people as I rise, longs eyes, get laughs and like people were as long as I kill, and I don't care and you get on the road and then you get those I'm at cards and people you make booker's nervous, and you know you have a bad knights and no work starts drying up in it. Just made me very safe here and when I broke my feet, just kind of made me re analyze, my life a little bit and I was like I'm going to do exactly what I want to do here and I thought my last album it didn't it didn't like catch on or gain popularity or anything, but I still to this day I think it's fantastic album. I thought earth ass, my bonnet breyer and end as like. Ok, I have I know how to do this now and then what happened with the that I'm doing now is about psychedelic is was just it just happened very Naturally, all that happened was
I would have me on their podcast to talk about breaking my feet and they'd be like what were you doing in sedona and I'd say I was going there to do. Iowa ska for the first time when how'd you get from breaking fee to sedona sedona's where I broke my feet and I was going to sedona to do. I owe oscar, but before I got to do that, I broke my fee and and so then they're like what's that, and then I explained that I had been smoked or doing dmt and smoking alot of dmt and stuff and and and some of my ideas that I I use it to develop new kind of neuroscience ideas that I'm tinkering with and trying to run white people and and dmt is a vast acting very fast acting you smoke it and you feel it within seconds and it lasts for about ten minutes yeah and it's the most intense experience that you'll have have, even as as someone who is bored by skydiving here I do the empty, sometimes like that was that was too
much that now tat s. Why would happen its? you go dude. What seems like, I believe, it's the inner workings of your mind. A lot of people call it the spirit molecule because you go to often what seems like a completely different world and there's like beings there talking to you and like alien like things and like buildings, talking to you and stuff, you smoke it and it's my first time I smoked it. The the I was like. I was like sure you know if it's a psychedelic I'm down for whatever, and I was a little nervous, but the dude was really smart. He's a computer programmers, his wife, his or his lady. At the time mosaic was a neuroscientist yeah. It's like! Oh, these are bright people they're, not like crackheads or burnouts, or anything like that. Yeah like dreaded is that you have not any of that and not, and so I went is like the first tat. You got your wish the second head is like a crazy, intense mushroom trip like that's when most people back
well. They can't handle it, don't bail, you have to keep going. You have to get that third hit. You like break through the space and isaac air. Whatever, with the build up, you know, yeah, this is like everyone builds up life far made idea is disappointing. Is this a lawyer I had at first? at right away. I was like oh I'm turn into a cartoon. That's weird yeah. I had that second hit then, and then everything just started shaking and fucking going create as I like. Oh no I've. I've made a horrible decision. I've just done every drug that there is like all of them. I'm gonna be like, I think, I'm gonna die
and then he saw my face. It's like one more and I fell up those bong and then I just remember the sense of peace washes over me and then everything everything I've ever known or everything. All of this perception just goes, but I'm pumping up I'm gone and then it's just me and this bong in space brought the bong with me. Nothing else does man, but there wasn't stars or planets or anything it was just a black empty void and and and then the smoke inside the bong turns into electricity and the electricity turns into codes like this is going to be cells and then I have some hope that all those codes up and then I shot through this tunnel of fractals and lights and impossible color, and then I impossible. Colors is like a cliche vague on the site. Our data they actually, I was feeling very try right now and then
I landed in this like hologram computer chips, city made out of lights, and it was like talking to me. And I knew exactly what was saying it was like thoughts without words, because it's in my mind when I have what I think that is it he s like that non conscious world and it's kind of like the movie inside out. And- and so this guy like well god, man like what the fuck is so happy, they feel like a like. I machine, I'm on a couch. I just smoke the empty. They said it only last for ten minutes, ok I'll be ok and end like no, not I'll pay attention. pay attention don't get overwhelmed and I was like this is how I talk and it starts building these buildings. I'm like okay, all of a sudden, is very difficult as I have now. Do you understand I got a man
I really wanna see something like it's got to be the meaning of life or whatever, and I was like okay and then it's like logo over here and then I looked in there. Is that, like weird cartoon cat from alice in wonderland, yeah, cheshire yeah, just like a laugh and out may look back like what the fuck is like I'm just fuckin with. Was it I've just a hundred percent back to normal as clear headed. as I've ever ban yeah my entire life going. What the fuck was that, and I need to try that again, some time yeah, not right away, not right away, but it's still it's it's hard to it's hard to build up the courage every time. I've probably done it like eighty ninety times now, but it's over in the last three years, I'd say and every time it's like.
I can I I don't know if I can do anything different every time or do you go back to some of the same places? Sometimes I go back to the same. I I have like four different storyline, usually that I go back to and then sometimes it throws me for a loop and is completely different. But there's like this purple woman that I see all the time. That's the crazy one, because it's just like other people see her and stuff, and it's really, strange man and then there's just this one, that's these would have in other people's here I I saw the craziest thing. it happened, so I I would do it and like this crazy thing would happen. You know and I'd see this and then I'd. I kind of just start reading a lot and I just start reading neuroscience and just figure out like okay, how how can the brain be doing this year and I just
we're figuring out how the brain must be running simulations like. I believe that, right now, as I'm selecting words, my brain is in in milliseconds running through a number of simulations as to which words I should pick and how they'll be received by you or in in the audience, and then it's deciding very quickly where I am and and and this especially happens in like high salient it's like a if you, if you break your feet and you need to figure out if you need to get to the hospital, take a helicopter yell. What are you gonna? Do you know stuff like that this? This really comes on and it runs all these simulations and you can kind of see him cry clear and so as just kind of developing kind of some some interesting ideas and sometimes bonds. am off. I apply at a neuroscience scientist on my show afterwards, if they seemed cool I'd, be like hey. I have this idea about an and then so the craziest thing allocating sometimes hear a lot of times are like that
interesting, read as I'm going to steal that a yeah I mean there's. I've talked to. I don't want to blow up anyone's spot, but I've talked to a neuroscientist or two that's like yeah. I smoked dmt in college, narrow scientists and- and I so everything was very in and I still think, there's explanations for the purple woman. But this is what happened. I did it was about time twenty and, as you get kind of deeper and deeper each time a terrorist is just like, usually like colorful patterns and suffer most people. Don't like talk to. we want or do anything and at first is kind of like you're, watching a movie after a while it like wrapped around in his panoramic and then after a while it like becomes you and you are it and its everything, and it's like this weird like flat pattern. It's like this! In perceivable dimension is it's it's very difficult,
it's articulate and but I had one day I was. I was a. I went to this buddy's house where I first did it and he gave it to me and afterwards he played me the song and afterwards as ike. He's like how did you like the song as I was as good as it was a trip I I just I wish you would have played one without words, because I can't tell the difference between like what I'm hallucinating and what right in the music and his I got No words in that song and I was like oh okay, because then I remembered what the words were it was like this is this is existence. This is everything and I was like well, that's that's dmt for yeah. It's crazy. I mean I don't really put a lot of stock in it. I don't put a lot of stock in this perception. I don't put a lot of stock in that perception. I'd say, question everything you know right, keep it
waiting and and and so then we will, we went to dinner and- and I call you can try again tonight if you want so I smoked again and this time I went in and there's like me in this, the guy was like me in another dimension or something like that were kind of trying to figure out how to how to like connect. These two worlds are hot. How this is happening? How we're able to communicate, and then, after that there was just this weird carnival and there's this purple woman. It seems like I knew her for lifetime like millions. A lifetime's seem like we're, as I yeah so to say, again- I've never seen her before consciously but is just like. I know this woman and she's dancing and, like I can dance with thereby want you're right I'll have to it doesn't matter and, and there's like this guy playing one, again behind this weird carnival and the messages like. While this is going to keep on happening again and again, it doesn't really matter and just- have fun and allows them I remember I got out of bed nice like where it is.
Of purple woman. She is dancing. She is wrapped in these codes. There are like these. It was like a rope with like snake scales that had the little codes inside of them. That is wrong. Damn and mother mass was crazy as the empty for you that had to see crazy shit and think much of it and then the next day I went, and I gave it to someone for their first time, someone that wasn't connected with these people. I don't share this story with them and at that, I am I made. I was especially careful to never put any ideas in someone's head br. They do it for the first time. So I just to tell them I just explain: yachts can be intense or going to see some weird stuff. I don't I can't. what you're gonna see and he smoked it and the first two minutes you is just like I've had too much I've had too much I've had too much and And I was, as I yeah the first couple minutes
I told the other here are pretty intense and and as soon as I said, that he'd, like the smile, comes on his face and he's just like. Oh man, they love you and hair, and- and I have like one- I was like yeah there's like that of love is what I said to him. Then he's like no, no, no shane, they love you and I like. What are you talking about and he goes there is this purple woman in here who says that She just needs you to know that she loves you and isaac. What any site gathers. There's this carnival and there's this purple woman in here who says she knew You really well, and you come in here all the time It is neither now the miser. I'm not kidding bob khazar avi is a comic and austin really funny do.
And and I like? What did she look like, and he is I count. The strangest thing was what she had this like serpent fine. They I'd have no word serpent here, like a way better way of explaining exactly what it looked like. A really fucked with my man? Where do you come down on that? I think that possibility might my best take it. Trying figure out how the brains doing this is that perhaps our brains are constructed in similar ways like perhaps when I look at this microphone from this angle, is triggering almost the exact same neural patterns that our triggering in your brain. When you look at this microphone at this exact same pattern and if there's these set in
the patterns that kind of make life easier too, so you don't need to figure out what a door is. So you have this kind of flexible template so, like a robot, can't look at that and be like that's a door if need to be shown a picture of every door and and at least rudimentary robots they they have it down a little better now, but we have these kind of flexible temple, That's where we have this idea like what a perfect or is in our mind, are perfect circle or perfect square, or something like that, and then it is very flexible and that's how were able to just look at something be like boom? That's a door like we really take up her grand, ok processing, that's happening so if you instead artificially stimulate these areas. So, instead of this being triggered by external stimulus, if its trigger by internal sturm stimulus, maybe you could see what your brain is perceiving rather than perceiving
you're saying- ok, I've happening in river. That's that's my! It's really confusing to me. I dont know how to await, but what about the idea that not unlike a cat senses, an earthquake or rain that when were in proximity to each there's mines that maybe out of his fear that there was some other kind of communication going on that was seeking. commonality with you, I'm starting to become much more open to that idea than I ever have me and I'm a science guy. I resigned as I read science books and like nothing and and what I've read. It makes a convincing argument that that is blocked. blood, but I've always thought about you right. How do you explain some of this? We get, but that's it is that liking and we have the huge brains. Much simpler brains are capable of not so much telepathy but but but spending the senses to a point where their sent
the things that were not aware of, but it doesn't mean we can't be sensing, and why, when that happened, I think that I think that possibly there might be a this flat pattern. That's a dimension that is running through everything right. That is all one thing and we are all it right. Everything is right there for every quincy it and that that we're kind of, like our bodies, kind of like bubble up in it, but it's still a part of there is no disconnect from it and it's sort of The indian thing I got collective unconscious yeah sanders death. I'm sorry
it'd be much more receptive to those ideas, you're going to you're going to get mystical the I now. I know that I da na circle know yeah yeah I've starting to be starting to become the preacher. I've always hated her yeah, that's right. You start out with science and inept timothy leary yeah. I still even if even if all of that is true, I still think that, where I can add, my value is in thinking through things skeptically and critically and taking a neuroscience approach to it, because there is already enough people out there doing that. Our later there's a different dimension, either. There's already enough of that, and I think you're, so your struggle or your sort of yo growth- or serve exploration of that the fight yeah, because, like you, a lot of them just sort of I just take it sort of like I was in a different place, but you like
it be interesting that, as you continue to resist through scepticism in science that you know I can see next year sort of like its outcome ere. I applied all practical scientific scepticism to this, and I know add people that know this. Lady yeah, I am as all the time and then other people do when they're away and stuff. So that's what this show. What's the show called, so it's called a good trip. It used to be have a better name. It used to be called. This is your shane on drugs, but then everyone thought I was going to be drug drugs, it's can be like glorifying heroin are cracker river and it's all about psychedelic send, and so I talk about the empty for about like the last twenty minutes. That's more like it
build toward the I need with a lot of stuff with with them. I kind of breakdown the history of psychedelic. I talk about my experiences with them and and what, where I think people are miss perceiving what is often called a bad trip is rightly often difficult. That people can learn and benefit a lot from and and some of the neuroscience behind the study that has been done on lsd and mushrooms and that's the thing and then I eventually get into, but really it's about perception, one of the one of my favorite things that I've ever thought of and I have been able to articulate- and I thought of it during a mushroom trip and like it's not this funny, but at the time I was rolling around laughing about this, for, like ten minutes was, it was the idea of because I started taking it too seriously. I started getting too wrapped up in in this trip and being like. No, this is real or whatever, and I thought
I know, that's what we that's, what our brain tricks us into doing all the time and the reason why you do it more during a trip is because it's so short and it's so salient, and it's so different. Your brain doesn't love stuff like that and really attaches stuff like that. So I thought of this thought experiment that always gets me out anytime, I'm having a trip where I feel like I get I'm getting too into it. I think about this. It's that imagine instead, there's someone whose brain was chemically like they're on lsd, they're just born this way, The worlds are colorful and rainbow like, and that's just what perception is like to them, and then one day someone gives them a pill that brings them to our perception. It would seem just as bonkers and just as crazy of a oh, my god, I get it now. It's like there's these things called, jobs in the entry level positions that one can of david and sectors. These hierarchy,
Is you know I'm going to show up on time each day it's er you gotta step out of here. Do yeah, oh my god. It's like there's a potential boss, man inside each and every one of us all the shit. You know and then you'd go back to your dumb, boring, lsd reality, okay, Buddha Jesus, whatever demon, clown, yeah, yeah and- and I think that's that's what my takeaway from psychedelics has been in what I hope the takeaway from the show is is just to just to kind of let's question our perceptions a little bit. It's just been this wonderful mechanism to talk about perception and consciousness, because I think that a lot of us and our brains have evolved to give us a perception that isn't always in our best interest right and we take for granted and we take for granted. Well it it sounds great. You know I appreciate you talking to me about this. It got me excited it made me feel kind of true being I haven't been tripping a long time, but I will say this as well:
As you know, your excited about this try to stay tat, it now and I'll be out before you in a year when you're your dress, dig differently and wearing a lot of dangling. I owe you completely shifted over that other perception. This is I have many. I love doing themed things. This is I'm I'm hoping I'm putting together a show about behavioral economics right now and I'm hoping to talk about a lot of topics in the future. This is one, that's got me a lot of attention and it's been a fun show to put together and I'm just super excited. It's now a seventy five city tour which is going to be like it was originally going to be thirty or forty cities, and- and this is the biggest thing I've ever put together and and people when coming out to the issue of packing, shows fro great first time in my career and people like, Stand in line afterwards, they want to tell me their stories. They want to ask me: I've never experienced anything like this
I congratulate only wonderful, I think I could drag on yemen. That's it goes. You shame sounds like a compelling show. you're gonna need to get you're mine blown afterwards, get your mind blown after shown and then blow your mind what some stuff I'm trippy jams, man yeah man.
The boomer lives.
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