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Episode 767 - Casey Affleck

2016-12-12 | 🔗
Casey Affleck says he doesn't want fame or stardom. So how's he handling it now that the spotlight keeps getting hotter? Casey talks with Marc about growing up in Massachusetts, maturing as an actor, living in the public eye, having kids, dealing with an alcoholic dad, and creating his performance in Manchester by the Sea.

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A guy. I goods do this. How are you what the butter is, what the fuck bodies, what the fucking years, what the fuck's there is, what the fuck is delicate what's happening. mark marin. This is my podcast w two. Yet how are you get more to you good evening good afternoon how things are at least livable. For you I'll bearings, everything's, okay, as ok sings can be. I can't help but be like so much more isn't everything very visceral to me in my life, everything very I can smell and taste and theo everything a lot better, especially since I took twitter off my feet. Number one reconnected me, but also the completely table asean of the planet on a guy, Mental level
other levels. It's weird once that really kicks in everything is very immediate. Very present the the panic and the terror and the anger and nea, not knowing real it can make a sandwich tastes better career, make some eggs pop off a plate or you can really make every little thing in your wife see ike at any moment it could all be taken away. That said, nowadays are coming up. The new devotee of cap mugs are available. Brian shows up in portland. These are the same mugs I give to my guests. They go on south. twelve noon, easter. Nine am pacific today go to Brien art owns dot com to get yours and we scott in the new carnegie hall posters, those handprinting beautiful posters, My carnegie hall show, which we Didn't die,
Cancer really sell em everything move too quickly through. I got a lot of em there's a lot. there's over deputy, have pod dot com, he'd order it by today, though, if you want those posters for christmas presents, get the order in today December. Twelve to me, sure gets to you or whoever your sending a two by christmas. Ok, you got that clear, also new tour dates. Hopefully these will be site by the time you hear this but they're not. Some of them are rescheduled. Some of them are new. I am announcing the continuation of the two real tour heading, out into this spring. I've got dates coming up in there, tallahassee florida, durham, north carolina, charlotte north carolina, ridgefield, connecticut, Portsmouth, new Hampshire, montreal quebec,
onto ontario, newhaven connecticut, troy new york, burlington, vermont, oakland, california, seattle, washington, vancouver bc. Austin too, since bolder colorado, Denver, colorado, portland, Oregon, Milwaukee, wisconsin, madison, wisconsin, minneapolis, minnesota fats, Healthy appear and washington d c I don't even realize I was doing that many dates, but I am I am doing that many dates and that might be it. That might be the last run, The final run, I what what else is happening: casey work is on the show in a little while talk to about acting family that stuff, say more about that in just a minute. Oh and I talked about physical france, but maybe it's not a coincidence. I don't know. Maybe me He bore listening that. I don't realize, because
after I talked about tom, petty being a great america. Bonding for better or for worse, not on Tom's part, of course, by death who doesn't like tom, petty. If you heard that riff I did the beginning of the show, our back I a nowhere secret santa sent me a both of the box sets tom, petty and our breakers. Complete vinyl box sets one and two and its fucking unbelievable. It was like this gift from from that, then that I don't know where otherwise from god they coincidence is pretty lost on the obvious we would just released, and obviously Someone in the industry said mark needs this gaza, maybe he'll like it. And say how much you I did not have paid promo but fuck man to have those first I've records on new, fresh minted violet still smells like the press. Listen
those first three albums for me specifically and wild flowers in the second box- oh my god,. woof, what a relief so I am becoming a fairly on some level, traditional old jew. I, I don't like to admit it, but I think in every every young jus every infant you an old jew just already built in waiting to take. over the body waiting to fill it out but he's in there he's in there and conscious and has been talking. I and off for years a they come out in moments where you like. That's that's what I'm gonna be that guy that just that yeah he's waiting he's waiting to turn to fill up this body. I just gotta hold him down until it becomes a natural process by like yeah. Well, you just heard when I just went off guard
okay hold on. I guess it down for that that that guy these just hang out waitin to add it cannot be. All of me and as we had into a fairly guarantee dark unknown. I becoming a little more suicidal with my food choices like well fuck it I'm just gonna eat a shit. What differences, may I got it, you know what I mean why I've been denying myself everything. What's the point? gotta enjoy it. Now, where the joy is, has so much more of a profound effect in comforting me, I will go. do I after I did my show last night at three- shows that the comedy store my buddy, jerry stall, Have a thing: if we go out and do the the comedy here, zhao me. We gotta cancers daily, and we say we do it. We did we get food, and I know like there's things when you go into a daily. If you
from that, if its party or past, if you understand the culture of delhi's, you want your thing, the way you want it, but that is underway I worked in delhi after college unless roxbury massachusetts The type of special ordering people would do is appropriate in the menu, but each person their way with fatty lean, heal the bread, pancakes, dial, eggs, onions grilled. Why No one is, I want it I want it browned I wanted it fresh. Is it from the middle it? Can you toasted twice the delhi? was the one place people went to get exactly what they wanted, even if it makes a counter guy. Who is me crazy? I the counter guy. You learn how to navigate the requests and negotiate. desires of these people. It's almost a town mooted, discussion getting to the truth of the meal for that person
I know my delhi meal truths. Ok, I know them and now now that day, since the election, the futility has descended with the darkness tat makes eating what you want at the cost of time off the back and a priority, true pleasure and a true comfort. Everything very tangible, varied visceral to me now here is the thing I made the mistake of night requesting the waiter I like. I don't usually do that, because I trust most of the crusty servers as and my guy he's I d crusty guy, but he knows me now, and this is another ways, a right of passage for an aid you realizing. You need to ask for your guy at the restaurant. I noted that and I will go out of my way to do that now, because I'm I'm I'm evolving into this, so I got a new guy. I ordered a cup of chicken soup would just brought.
chicken meat and I ordered the LEO locks action on these with well grilled onions. I ordered a plate of pickles, ordered right host, ordered cream cheese and a diet, doktor browns, blackberry, soda, That is what I wanted. That was my delhi truth and I wanted it delivered our right because I wanted it. That's what I wanted. Now when he showed up with my locks, eggs and onions, I had spinach scrambled into it and no toast. I I lost my shit a bit by it, but didn't say anything I just. I know that I had that. Look where I I said duh. I said what is that is that spinach and I didn't want id I don't want spinach and he knew that what you others that moment where they're like we just eat it might be new I'm not going eat it, so we took it back and when it came back and when it came, out there about ten minutes later it was correct, but still no toast so now r d, lose my shed a little more. I went over to my regular guy, so I could ask him to step in, but he was busy, but you know
I did say something to the guy. I looked around us pissed off by the time I got everything I ordered there were at least three people involved in the process. ass of getting me what I needed am I am My friend jerry new, took on my panic and I think you ought to storm the kitchen if I hadn't told him not to all said and done, it was a great locks, eggs and onions and the truth will set you free. It's just the age old struggle for the truth. That can be a little daunting, an unbecoming there. they almost making a scene at the rest of our right. Yes, I made a scene at the restaurant. Ok, what can I tell you folks. I'm about to share with you my interview with casey athletic his new movie. And gesture by the sea is now playing and limited release. It's a fucking, great movie and he's great in it. its expanding to more than nine hundred cities is Friday December. Sixteen,
now. I know there's been renewed attention on casey ass, like being accused of sexual harassment in the past, which resulted in a lawsuit that was settled by both parties. Our questions about why more outlets aren't asking casey about these accusations, particularly in the current cultural climate? Well, I can't speak for anyone, but our show, but but I can tell you why doesn't come up in my conversations with casey because of relation of the terms of the settlement for casey. To talk about it. I was not told I couldn't ask about it. There were no questions that were said to be off limits for this conversation, but casey is not going to address the details of the case because of the terms of the settlement. There's not much. I can ask if this settlement means casey can't talk about it so and they ve been other guest on the show were unable to discuss incidents do to us it settlements. I mean there, it's happened before and there and they tell us at, and there is not much point me pressing them to talk about something they say
their legally prevented from getting into the details are right. So that's what's happening now. If you want to view this conversation through the prism of that law suit settlement, you can the facts of the case are available. I just feel like it's fair to let you know that before Are you here this conversation? But now this is me in case you have what you been up doing the thing: pushing the movie little movies, somebody's gotta push yeah. No, no one knows about them, and no one cares, and no one goes is that true, pretty it's these days it's hard to get to know. You know people have said it before: it's it's a it's. The big movie they have a big advertising budget name, just gobble up all the screens and in open
great tv being made, and so people stay home and watch tv- and I got to see it- I saw it in the theater. I thought I was beautiful. what you're losing she loved it. I mean it's like one movies. Wear it! very cleverly scripted, the guy sort of a genius big. As you don't really know, nothing is over reigned in. There is none of that. The actors are like talking to blame the story, so things fall into place you where you're like. Oh that's, who that guy is after three minutes. of not knowing who the fuck it is, but that's it. The better man you don't want to sit here and shit crammed down your throat. That's the worst, it's much better, because you able to have some sort of emotional, like you know you, the emotions, hit you differently, like it's almost once. You have that moment where you put it together for yourself and you like holy shit. like india, yeah. I thought you did great yeah you're here Natalie can ever hear that enough there
I got a lot. I got a lot to make up, for you know many years reign, never the law. So it's the one thing, I'm still in the in the red. That's that I believe, in like fuck man. Even unlike the oceans move, your pretty funny, I mean you know yet you're evil to do harmony. That's great yeah I'll, come from you that says a lot and I think some and I appreciate it. I don't know those favorite movies and actual I do doing that much but really, Well I mean thank god I gotta do them. They pay the bills for a long time. I am not complaining about it, but if you you know just talking about like they look, fine There were sort of folly. Look more funding were damaged ba. Shall we still doing especially me. I was social love, and I was like number I have a new right back, maybe ten. and so it is really the most. One for the geyser call the shots.
In the day, changing the scenes making stuff up as they go. I was kind of you know stack of poker chips. In the background However, the idea- and you re, yellow comedy thing going with their with cut james cons kid what's and skycar guys are really funny, but you guys were funny together is like a little team like I like how the in those movies are real units of people did their own sticks, yeah and you guys had sort of a you know. The comedy team, dynamic, yeah yeah and I wanted to do oceans, oceans, fourteen it's just me and him with no story, jesse reacting to something. We don't know that medium doing all this shit. We would have done the other movies, which is like a totally irrelevant to their lot rise. Not pointless action friends with him offscreen yeah he's a nice guy here, yeah he's he on this. Why five also works often hawaii tough life all the time I'd like to talk to his dad dad store I'm right here. It is
our job only met him a few times, but I am sure your lives worried he's governing the character. He was that he was there. He was running around in the hay day, yeah old actor guys. But this thing, like I lived in the boston in the boston area, for where I lived a lot of places in bonn in boston of in Somerville lived in Brooklyn. I lived in Austin I was there from like. You know eighty. While I lived in milton because I went to a curry college for a year and then went to b. U and then I went back and started comedy, there's always there on and off from eighty one to like eighty nine somerville before became a groovy yeah I, like a little little hard yeah. It was yeah, but, like this thing, like I got very nostalgic, and I guess, cause like. I knew those people used to do gigs for those people I worked in falmouth. I worked in yarmouth that you're from found those rain fell into growth there and grew cambridge came he is right in between the hour. Will all stand right where you are programme
Yeah but I've member, like pay my dears play in places like like the characters net movie, would have come to a club that I went to like one night, one night it s like yeah. I know that the type of person like it's very specific yeah for sure, in the way that, like I don't know, I'm making this up, but I feel, like things used to be more provincial everywhere was more had more culture, its own culture Alice. Now no since I've been around and the explosion of chain stores everything to change. Everyone watches the tv shows every shops at the same gap, the everyone drinks car from getting place every some are denied to the point of you know: success of these big businesses, but the like that makes everything bland and everyone's the same accents we're gonna going away our yeah yeah. I think they are, I mean, their baggage one
was a kid. I dunno why I always have this weird voice and people would ask me where I was from. I was like I'm from a year or fucker. What do you mean by that live on this? I live in the corridor, but if your brother doesn't have it either does he he doesn't have it? I mean our parents weren't from Boston, so they didn't have accents, and so that's most. they were you get it where they from annoying yeah. We know my data is detroit and he moved all around as a kid and my mom was from new york, oh yeah yeah: where are they now my dad's? our state new york and my mother's mostly and my guest room, all really sometimes a yellow to go back to cambridge, where it part of cambridge we get from centres were, Really you know now all of cambridge is been. They are ready well when I and all the whole area here, so that was a really diverse working class area like sour veronica, like all these places, and it just got when about.
Fifteen years ago, you really run control in a really sneaky legislative move and it changed face, though area. It's really rich, harvard mit gobbled up property biogas. They could ran for really high prices and the whole. It is strange to have homogenized hipster completely polishing completely, so I was walking down the street in central square and some some college kid came up to me said: hey you're, casey affleck, I said, yeah? He said we're over the cancer of lounge having a drink. Let us buy you a drink now and I we used to go to canada of lounge. My dad was a bartender and it was like there were four I'll go postmen sitting in their turn came here and I was like jar suppressing right now is full of like me, the kids, who want to buy your drink and wild rice, but that's a great place to grow up you. You did all your growing up there yep in central square, where'd you go to school, just the
It was called webster. Is it just a little public school two blocks were then they changed to graham and parks name for sandra, graham and rosa parks. Yeah I was in second it's a rosa parks, change the name and rosa rosa parks came to the school, she was, It was a hundred and twenty and we put our performance for I did a play. It was my fur is a four earliest memory of ever being on stage. I was playing a lion and my main I fell off. I remember this really. Clearly that was the run across the stage. Yeah go to the front of the stage and roar my main fell off as I was running and I thought to go back and pick it up. and then roar grudges, roar without my main or just like, run off stage, and so I went back pick pick up. My main went to the stage roar
That was it that was my acting career began. It was like trying to put together the pieces of a broken some broken scene. That was basically what the main main man or no man. We've been that way for thirty five years, and then I met rosa parks really is I remember, we all get the line up and meet her and she pat us on the head, and it was a very of a very liberal cambridge is like the cradle of political. Yeah and liberalism at the time, a beautiful place the idea of political correctness was around yet, but it is definitely for liberal intellect the idea that was born, you know, and it was it was I'm very grateful for that matter. So when did you start really kind of getting into acting outside the lion. Maintain her in high school doing it I was I was playing base while I want to live a sworn, then very good amazing, I'm sure I would have been a pro and then what position I played shortstop and then we'll get the high school. I played mostly bench
and you know my first years, a freshman. Maybe it a bit school, patrick viewing went our school romeo robin It was like a big sport. Three thousand Can I talk to my school cambridge engineer and so added to those competitive area that I was I like, I was a freshman. I get a lot of play and then that somewhere your play baseball again. Someone came to, Instead, we need a kid. We a boy, to be in that through the musical at some arm, and so I thought I get. ride the pine on another season a base for I could go hang out with me your department. The budget girl cited that, and then there was a musical. It was. dear worlds, madwoman shale and I was saying one knows how it turned out. I was tone deaf. They didn't kick me out, though they let me stay in because they didn't have any other guys who are tone, deaf still still you're really lucky. I can't I can't see the fact
I have an audition for a part. A couple of years ago I was dying to do and the guy had a saying sing really really well. The director said we have to have someone who can really sing and play the guitar and said yeah. I can do it yeah. I knew I was fucked I knew I started saying the words I knew I couldn't do. I said yes, I can. Are you kidding me? I play I've been playing the guitar for years. They can sing I could never thought like give me that hard, I'm learn a couple songs. I would spend a couple weeks I myself the saying employees are learnt I'll. Do it. it was like learned how similar debates are. I was like ummm. I found a new talent, I'm not going to do this movie and then I'm or book some shows which who's going to be in my band, like that was the idea of who I was thinking big. Who, where, where how am I going to do an album, should I just put it straight online and then they sent the tape into the directors and it was like crickets stoning respond realizing. I can say that there are no clear,
it's gotta, be a long time ago, without no recently hours recently others it. How someone else is doing a news amazing. I am and when I am Davis, Oh ok, there's a leave! Ok, louder! I accuse fits ass. His assumes a grace beautiful voice. Things like shit. You play The part amazing movie, the the end of that movie, is one of the best ending yeah that movie man. I could watch it over and over. I have to watch it more. I dunno what happened to my copy of it cause it's one of those movies with their movies like sometimes it takes two or three times for me for it to for it to really register the groove. You want to work with them now my foot you told your latest and you're right. Watch it like. First, I'm a solid basque, either as our right make us at our union basque, yeah yeah I wash over was twenty five times and I can't that's. The one like I know, people are like that's the one and I like watch it over and over again I get it and it's fun and it's funny, but I'm not like
is into it. As I am like barton fink miller, crossing miller's crossing yeah, that's crazy! It's a great movie serious man, I love that movement yeah and that the last one I thought was fucking great hell, Caesar I loved it. Did you if you haven't only one I've seen. This is your masters, are they can't be stopped? Have you, madam? I met her for that thing. I sat in a room with him and looked him in the eye and told him I could sing and play the guitar. Probably the last time we'll get to restock talked to those two guts. No, you don't have you back around. They like that clooney yeah. They do he's a funny guy did you do him in oceans. We, you know he would have some scenes in the foreground and I would be blur. a thousand feet away. We call in a scene with someone, but he seems like a pleasant, easy one, those guys like you either movie stars near actors right. Do you think that, like you just
it's I one those guys as he is always going to be some variation of himself, but like do comedy and, like you know, you just very grounded. Something I know what it is some years can do that thing, they're good looking and then they are just the date. They take them the man was movie star, they carry its, he does it. yeah he's a good movie star uneasy, and I think you should actor and director it means a smart guy and he's artistic did in here. Do you want a movie star, want to be? I don't want to be in that sense, and I don't think I could be ever. You know it's not that I don't. I don't have that thing, and I don't want that thing. We can carry movie yeah also being a movie star as I can. I can carry movie and I now have a player smaller parts and so the old thing there are no small parts or small actors, but I think there's a and I believe in that- and it's really hard to do a small part in some ways
they make it stick to make to do it. Well, you find your rhythm together, especially in movies, was now times show up to your job. You go home, yes and you gotta walk on set prepared to to do it, and so the leader of the movie, is often given more latitude and and have more I'm too warm up into things and get it right Aid and you know them of one or two bad scenes, but they sort of drowned out by all the other good stuff they do. If you're. If you only have three scenes in a movie You know you want to get into ever yeah. You can buy a lot in those scenes in some way. You know, I know, there's a school thought of you. Just just be the person in that and that's all you have to worry about, but anyway, it's more interest to me right now to to get to play a whole arc of care in over character, you have that. Did you have a nice amount of time for manchester? Yes, you did. It was in almost every scene, and so you really get to be a lot of different colors
If he you know, you can be a little bit of purple hair and then even though you're mostly brown, you can sprinkle a little soft area to play with nuance in a way that is exciting. Yeah yeah, like it like in thinking about because, like that role, how to when you didn't have a well that's not true in the end, the flashbacks means or the like before the thing You were kind of a happy guy have as yet here, sir, I just did you know enjoy lie based on you. Thank you very much, and but then you have to do this. Other thing you have to shut down the ages shattered walking at dude. Almost it was more. Like I mean I, I would think of him as like a so funny. Man Ohsas it was. It was really hard. Sometimes this movie was too brutal in some ways, because it was you know what you had to do every day on set was to carry all this. Tragedy around every day and was heavy, but it was- and I know people listening to actors talk about.
Are the job as there's nothing worse than that sound sober tensions and stupid. But the truth is that you know, if you want to be good, you do have to serve hold onto the emotional stay, the character and just find a way to step whatever his life is, and that life was heavy, very emotional, so suddenly like a walking dead, it was more like a walking like to too much living whose whole it was like a balloon. too much water on it like every it's. Why you can't keep everyone way from he's like any other thing would make him explode. You know, and he he going to forgive himself he's suffered this advantage and that's what I meant. I mean the walking dead, but like a broken heart that will never heal yeah. That's it yeah, just the part that keeps pleading yeah. A that when you do so my dad to shift from other. I like talking actors, I think the job of acting is difficult because people, don't realize. Is that you're going do? coverage. You're gonna, be there
fuckin day to do five minutes, and you know you ve got it. You know you ve gotta show up it's it's draining like people I understand that you know like accurate, argument acting like a big deal. If jordan is a big deal, because this is what we chose to do, it's not any sort of gear. indeed a living. You know, and you know you keep pushing me, keep pushing them. When you get successful, you work, but it's work. I've got a europe where we were that shoot manchester here, new Hampshire, less ready, yeah beautiful? But here you know you're in the trailer you can not rail or being sad for what? How many months two months and no trailer sitting a chair and there'd be sat on a chair yeah, it's true in that's true and but I am also a lover. I mean I've done. I've done enough to other jobs to appreciate again I'm getting do what I like to do and I could be stuck on
it's a tv show that I- and I probably would just stop and do something else if that was the case, yeah yeah. So I'm like there are a lot or people who are good and could would love to be doing this for the time being, I get to do it. So I thank my lucky stars Very quietly grumble and complained be here, but I would like to see the rector's or another actor like right, how long somethin takes or whatever you like work everyone complaints about work, but, like you so do a musical high school. So what makes you what sells you on the idea that this is something to pursue was your brother? I only an ice school. We were nice go together, however, was the difference two three years for me, my yeah. We really were really close to really are, can have some guys, like my kids about three now, is apart and they have different friends and stuff, but it either
in friends and always were kind of hanging out. Oh yeah, yeah, oh that's, sweet cause me and my brother. We didn't we didn't. He took a whole different course. Really we're we're close now, but way wasn't like that grown. I wouldn't do women while he wanted to be a tennis star, so I d like put his whole life and in a jog anyone to attend school, for a while, and then we went to different junior highs and high schools it just in. I see I see monsieur west after for a minute, yeah yeah that'd be edelman's show. No. I did I. I think we tried to record it once, but it's just it's a little too painful, sometimes really. Well I mean wouldn't stop me, but you know he just to eat. he's got his wife and it's a it's. A different life than mine like when you brothers and like you know he did the dynamic If between us, you know it might. He gets he's very intense, my brother and he's you know, he's always trying to to fix himself like you cycle, as he goes, you know he's always sorta like I'm working,
this in my problems. So as not to say later, oh yeah, the conversation two drops right into the limelight just immediately night, and I can do that, but like one it's with your brother eventually like last night, I'm just like, I know, K. Ok, let's just eat, you know it's a dead sea. insensitive that your borman together I ate, or am I myself like enough nor yet up thinking about your future a little brahms man is world out. There are pressing wait what it what's the big fix. for me, I would you like where I begin. You make him up. I leave europe of Europe, you someone. If europe problem. Solver we tend to make problem, that's the trickiest up, You think you're half year you love like this. You know I try not to let the tears when you're in your brain near so have you folks live yeah? Oh, you should have a big,
family show. I used to have my dad on, but I wouldn't tell him when I used to do a radio show, I'd, call him up and ask him what movies you've seen because then he'd just start talking about the movies and it was like it was a film view segment, it's hilarious You didn't know you're down after years of age, search your parents, and it just feels so good yeah, my mom's. Alright, they came to it. You know I haven't and they're alright my dad's a little sad but my mom's. Alright, she's, enflowered and he's in new mexico. I grew up see my way, which were those places you think of his home new actions. so you want to back there. I don't Why I'm in your younger than me, they did doing have those fantasies. It's like I'm out, o my god we day, sitting down in my car in front of your spotty are going to look when we do hear about him out here and live. I hate I hate this place. I hate l a it eats at you, somehow everything's an ordeal to go anywhere. You know what I mean
I especially like whatever you're going through now for this big push. It's just at that part of the job which just going like. If I got to go the west side, unlike da fuck, I don't want how exactly to take me shopping yeah again, I'm gonna have to pack a bag. I know it's the worst. It's spread out. You spend all your time alone, there's a million things to complain about about l a year. You know and I've I've said them all by now, but. I can actually get. I never get to the heart of it. a lot of what it is that is so bad about ally. But you came out here when you ve said like twenty years ago. The first time tina load, school me and my friend John no car We do how many musicals, or I didn't one musical those they let me stay in the show, but they were not going around me and when I wanted to do before now hear nothing. I deny schools eater, that's it! Well, my my my!
it's a boring story with my mom's best friend was the local casting director and in cambridge massachusetts, so she brings in for little auditions or whether commercial have you and your brother yeah. All of our friends like sheet the casting director had kids too, so we all go anxious to be promoted in the background We came to TAT I owe and that anyone thinking I was being an actor. I didn't even know there was. There was a day off from school, and yet back then it was like they gave us fifty bucks and you just eat donuts. And then I did a young. You hang around Matt damon to this point. He was older now and I mean it was like on my school bus. kid you know what I mean when your brother was friends with him. No, he wasn't friends with ne. We didn't know him until high school yeah yeah. He was older and both of us are maths. You know fifty nine now so he's a great guy he's got twelve children he's four is four or five years older than I am. I didn't really know, but I did I had and then am anyway,
so you didn't do any of that. When I got out of high school, I thought I'd be an actor it's fun. I like doing theater plays. I liked it all I'll. Guess I'll go out to You know how I would California or that's where the action is so drove out their start. My bodies, parents place in that bastard taxes stay there for a while and then continue not to go. Driving with yeah his parents in texas knit and then what happened to the guy he came out with he came out. We live other for awhile and an eagle rock, and then I went up in fact, an ego rock. Why the hell because Ben was going to occidental college oath right here? It was right there yeah, and so we we all got a place together and I'm with another friend of ours and yeah. That was it. I get the three additions a year, basically I got nothing. I worked as a busboy was an old enough to surround cause seventeen actually get a job. Busboy and an old town pasadena and just
Well, as often and those thought ahead, I don't really like it out here. You know, I'm not getting the auditions of that. Did you have an agent or anything found an agent around midway through the year and then right as I was packed up and leaving, I was going to college and I got an audition for a movie called to die, for which was gas and we said so when did that job, which is amazing, had the best time in rwanda. Toronto became really friends that all the people there is the best possible, for you are one of the county, guys whose I too she knows basically once more, I she hers teacher who hire shift It's the nickel cadmium and its working in an you're one of his friends. He owes me again and then that's it and was the husbandman, usually good, netting he was good. People rose good, ass his movies? It's like it's a sign, wiser, because he knows how to take. We gotta casting, and then he knows you take would be
or giving him and use it in the right way. You like, I serve others theory that you could take a performance and could be got any. Any provisions can be cut to be attained. nor should we great rail and any any one of the street and canopy of give agree performance of happened there. Woman like so so you got that right as you're packing now are you going to go to school? Is the big plan I was going to columbia, then added? friend was in was in new york What do I would like first to washington d c and went there? A few months, and then after moving up after the movie and I had a girlfriend and we broke up and I didn't want to be there and I went to new york city- went to columbia for how long two and a half years total on and off a gopher semester go to work at school. That's great! You mustn't smart! not as far as the other kids say every time. I thought I really liked some subject: they'd get in that class. Just you. They just blow me away area yeah. This is not for me, a fucker,
Their nose ever to see by the end of the semester, I'm sitting in the back corner, hiding my face What was their worries daddy and will? do you like him he's got a scrape, program, or they have their best professors teach all for incoming freshmen software there core curriculum, where everyone's gotta take the same classes more or less. You don't get to pick a lot of classes yeah but which, which I, like you know, it's the classics and stuff. But then you get to pick one class, a semester or something that you really want, and I took astronomy physics because I thought I liked it: nice cool I really love that, and I thought I was good at it, but let me tell you some: we get in is ex course. I really schoolboy yeah here you're in trouble. If you're not like really, I have a math brain, seems complicated. I when you come back here boom, our that anna. the somerville move to an square this after
Do Davis score the movie your first movie net annual, sort of like what you waited around you just left. I don't really know if I want to keep doing that. I didn't really. You did not even before that, no amiss She and I did a little tidings. I do that movie to die for and then I was to go to school, not going Who was gonna, kick kicking rather move to administer to David square Somerville raven. While I was waiting Labels and nerves were oh yeah, nowhere genus david mammoth used to come in there with his glasses share. Shouted at me, one time here and get not getting the food and he was like yeah. I used to see him at the cigar place there in in harvard square know that smoke shop near near upstairs. They'd have where people would sit and play chess and he was always always writing of sat there and played just the yeah yep right. So then what happens man of life, goes on
working at a restaurant trot where's your brother, easy about my life stories boring my god goes from busboy a waiter again yelled out by man at the idea of a school and out of school. Who cares I care our eyes because insight somewhere along the line you become a year or two. This is the kurds is where are you still here see doing the oily was in several too we all we are all living inside. We all lived and enter and david square yeah wherever the bless! You, though nobody responsibilities, no was in any relationship here. I was we'd sinner, You know and watch movies talk or friends around here you know we were kids anymore, so he can do what you want, but you're still want the same things you did when you're a kid it was like. You just eat syria.
I don't play video games all day. It was you know and in in somerville Somerville, and I I did good- will hunting gus van sant Oh again, do yeah, who did directed sigh for I decided to direct good wanting yeah. So when did that, that was fun like you know, I've been so so strangely, like lucky, some point, my in the future, I think I'm going to look back and everything will come into focus and I'll see sort of the some some some things The mere scenarios happening right now. Just I don't really I understand it all, but I've been. Are you ungrateful and I ve been able to work with my friends and family. Over and over again and an end like great actors that I never thought you to work with. And went over them for four or five movies. You know I mean why do I as we said you know, I edited I'm on a movie forum and I I acted in a couple of three things for
this year and david lowery than to coming up three. Who is with them and in all these people. Which, given the many a break, no was real browser cover favoured area, I want to do that. That was like you know, especially an extra that was kind of a hey Can a movie come some say allied everything, but he can aid to buy what you your brother was in here and in that was, I guess. Maybe that was his sort of one of his breakdown of his skull breaks. The out I thought in the air, but what I really don't like doing that stuff. What shown his show and others yeah cause. It's not really. What it's what's fun about acting for me, is not kind of like hanging out on set and hey I'll, say a line in oak. Allow loose like there. It's not like to start months and months before and start thinking about who, what the character is. Yes,
bill the you to create likes like beer. Or the pile of legos sort of putting it all together. And how do you do that? I mean like cause. I've talked to a few guys about, like I talked to who'd I have in here I've I've been talking to we're actors and I don't think I knew how to talk to him at first in the sense of of how they go about their process, but lately I've been better at it because some people have process. But the thing you can't really ask an actor, really is, like you know, whites there's part of acting that just you just happened to be able to you fit on screen, you can do it and you know you'll. Have it self consciousness that you know like when you said anyone could do apart kinder, but there is some sort of trick to not paying attention to the fact that you are surrounded by people with cameras in gear. Like you are able to find that space. I think that's just a gift how they can learn the kind there that focus. But when you say you taken
it's like always. The first part was billy. The kid was it as jean jesse James, where you were like I gotta, take the uninstall months in advance and put this together. Will that was the first part that Was it up a leading role, the great peace, the aerial and a great director where all the work could be and so it was a big enough container that I could fill with all the work that I was putting into a year before that I would do the work I love doing and that serve how I was taught to do it all who taught you manner sky guy in high who I know it sounds you know for sounds It wouldn't be there that impact for thing or or or a great experience for whatever reason, because it just publicly school, but he was one of the best cheers. I've ever had one source, guys I've known and it wasn't. There was jurists I was just eyes school teacher theatre, journalism about you, note teaching
it wasn't a guy news. The stairs laskin amiss in that all these other difference acting techniques. Acta, your schools of acting, but he taught us how to do the work about the importance of like of of doing preparation of asking allow yourself and not not anything, we to do something doing as well as you can, and those for years that's tough and are really start ran away. I would go to do do a job. I still do this them things that he taught me when I was fifteen years old like us. Every morning before I go on saturday, the same physical, vocal, warm up the same things- I I really you know everything- and I learned that as well as with carried me through all these jobs, and now so all the work that the preparation that you know would go into these? other jobs before Jesse James and was just one do anything with it because I'm just being asked to step up and due to some kinda limit,
was not good or the no one else is paying attention to see, It's good and bad performance, and so I was lucky enough to get a part with this fascination of jesse james by the coward, Robert ford, because Andrew Dominick was director He cared about actors and cared about differences in a good performance and about warrants, and then took everything and I was giving an elevated because he had great ideas himself. You know and that's man when it gets. really fine and you think there's nothing in the world rather do than this wedding. When you start when he faced art like a couple months in advance who says somebody who does a little acting myself, and I you know I never really got much training, but I you know, except on set so like what you start with the scripts of what what is what he you first think about start looking at them, but the character, but looking at them in the material what's happening, the story what's happening a moment and then I thing. But what does this guy want to hear and what is it what's standing in his way, yeah? Where, when why does he want those things and if he wants to
things for those reasons how's it going to get over this her around this obstacle. Her heart is trying to understand like from the sighed out what what's happening so you're, not thinking of it in terms of how is it serving the store hurry or how's it appearing or what is. This moments was to be for an audience but really making of china understand as if it was a real person how you can be that real person, Have you done all that work attend to feel that it does, and it always does it matter what is coming out of your mouth with? you? How you look very that shit is not always was to we thinking about issues we just thinking about what is happening before he ventured the scene, an end, Where do you bringing into the scene? What is it you try to get out of this person or this moment or what you caring about? What you're carrying those are, the things they give a scene like some day. I have to make it interesting to walk via you like, what's going on in this guy's head, he makes it look like real people on the screen and you're wondering what's happening for them,
and so the inner life is yea has got a sort of you gotta put that either for yourself and then eat. You know working with that inside yourself. It's going to transit so like with them the assessed nation of justice empowered robert here we have a big title: beautiful look a movie, I know pat healy. He was a yellow partner. That he's a good guy is a great pity. I could act or to do so. When you do that character, you know what we're what was the sort of the thing that stood right in your face of like you know, I get that's my obstacle. I noticed well, my parents, but I'll use like you know he wanted. He thought it himself as being capable of greatness right, but he was that he was the little kid in the end sort of the obstacle was that people didn't take him seriously. Part of the obstacle was that he did not a mask his own ambitions, so the people saw a sort of just like oozed. ambition and made people. Not why
to give him respect here. Also, though, his own ignorance about the world stood in his way. He had read these nickel and dime books about jesse james he didn't know. You know about this, robin hood figure who stole from the rich again. To the poor irony. I has great and magnanimous sorrow, dude and any, but any believed it you know he believe these comic got any thought. I'm going to be just like this guy he's going to and he's going to see in me he's going to the idea of so great hit he will We oughta miss of my own potential for greatness here and I get out there and he's not that exist are murdering crazy, aging, like men, maniac here, doesn't see anything anywhere else because he's only thinking about himself and so on. You're the one I was hoping to feel and I'm around them me right ends and it kills me were and ends. I think, freeze pretty quickly. Think ok, fuck this guy
horrible horrible memorandum, and now I'm in this position, where I have to you know, I'm going to kill him like this. It becomes the the avenue to to respect and greatness that I see is kill him. If you kill, kill catch him to catch him here, but no one ever else is afraid of him. pretty amazingly what nineteen year old kid he shot. Just James country was terrified of the sky. You know, rightly or wrongly. Maybe it was just like people, in the northeast. Afraid of you know some. The James gang coming into their town. It was a mere fino, but it was If you are afraid of him, there are a lot of law. Men out there looking to capture this guy or kill him, and they couldn't his kid. Did it and Was he celebrated now he was ridiculed, he was. He was like it that the myth of Jesse James was so big it, even though the man himself was a monster and-
and though the myth even was sort of other criminal people still where I can celebrate this cow kill them, because we were. They wanted to believe in this sort of comic version so of the story, and so that in this you know- I was the veal robber for became the villain and right, and they just made him out to boot too. To be a guy who killed the heroic grammar figure. No one really cared about the truth. They wanted the nickel die bookstore and in you, the air under. Well, it's worth a great complicated guided me lay. I sure, though, the ups and downs yeah they're, pretty extreme there, and am working with brad was good. Amazing casino I think you guys can- I think he went when he set his mind to it. He really can act, you didn't know, we're about bread is that he is now he has taken his. You know, you're talking at the movie stars, vs average, and I dunno
where the lines actually is way. Maybe it's too simplistic rising censure but bread there's? No doubt the brad pitt it's the biggest movie star in the world and a great movie star. You know what I mean right here. I don't even know the actual means, but find myself looking at that man gazing at his ease, a grave face. You hear me mad interesting. He is something. Archibald about him and is also very committed to being good, so he would movie like this three and fifty three hours, fifteen minute. Weird meandering also complicated we're non western western here and take no money for it. and go get it made. He would use his movie star wattage to get something yeah, you know and he helps little movies or does it over and over again money ball. He helps great direct get their movies made takes risks. I love him for that and he's good act with
yeah because he's he's supportive yeah he's not saying I'm brad pitt on the movie stars. It can be about me. He he's like he's playing a scene, yeah yeah Prezzo this it seems like it. I dont use nice guy to write funny. Guy is funny. like interested and stuff architecture- diagnosis, it's weird inherited it guy com, How can we use these mccurry? The is listening and then like, Did the movie with your brother now when you brother becomes like you know. Four years use like the biggest movie star in town in the world now, where were you like it were you. What was your role in that in the sense of? Why did he need someone to talk to, like I mean? Was it just like? Oh, my brothers just work, and I mean he's like fucking everywhere son did wasn't it find yourself in a different position as a brother, the sort of like a often on or at least have like is back and she always have a clear
always? I was back in love and workers were very close, so he's got my Do you know? So we would nothing really changed interactive like oh now I have to be his confidant first. But been over this weird life man, where I've seen so many people go from being. Known them very well, when they were not, you know, miss, and then they became very successful and famous most people kind of They might have that when one per then their line. Right like I knew it. I went to high school more exact over here and then more exactly what it became. A billion errand is more exact or work, and then they go like they get some glimpse of sir. What that does the apple and it also they get a they also get to understand. Payment differ way like humanize it, but they a I've, had a lot of ass, my crew,
now your camera kind. You knew him Madame taken a school bus with them and third grade, and I in us- and so it does a couple things and one is it just sort of makes takes all the mystery out of that kind of like fame, as you said, the other ideas yeager like oh it's just here. It's colonel scattered ro sedately, so much of it has our sight of you at all happens outside you could say. There's one thing I know from being in here and do in seven hundred these conversations is at you guys you were my heroes like yours, think sort of amazing cause. I can't I can always operate at em like if the events I talked to neil young or something I'm fucking nervous at gazette guy. All I know about him is anyone anyone else who likes his music knows about him. He's like this mythic guy fuckin, neil young, with richards, and then you get in there and you like now he's just a interesting old, dude saying it on. You know still do what you have to do. The human zation thing is pretty powerful and in
so I get is so different in I'm always amazed because I still fall like victim of light. mythology rising people like you know, when you reach it about people cause, there's always parliament's. They can't be that weird they're, just human you're. What do we think they're doing you know with the You ve been there not usually doing anything you read about. You know The narratives are created by other people. ran. In my experience, people are public. Guy, get sort of flattened out into a narrative is created by other and depending on how much the subject of that narrative. The person is becoming must be a wants to really invest their time and energy into controlling story in their image in the narrative they can sometimes can do. they can control and guide. Yeah? Some people want to hide. They go fuck em. I don't want to deal with that at all and then they do their it's like, you're, leaving it up to others, and then there, like all apply.
And people online people, journalists, everyone surges, making feeding you into this the their own idea what's happening at world pierre, it's kind of like what happens and jesse James and an utter a widely still believe it, but they don't most people don't really have time. Don't care that much to think about? the lives of others and with that kind of new, are I don't wanna go like well. Is that really? This is not really that they just gimme the headline india, whose a good guy is we re I like where we now. I was the bad boy whose rebel right all american here and It's almost never. In my experience from the people, I've known and seen depicted one or another, and in meat and press and media in vain, and your brother is whenever you guys, never accurate Never what it really what they really are. a very, very, very rarely it's usually like. Sometimes it's too kind. They are just too generous. Sometimes it's
they are depicted to be in horrible ways here and you go like now. That's true sure yeah. You say you get to you, get to see it tongue to people here, and but it's also like a kind of topics. You go like people know when that your life, what it s like your europe for your prior gonna, be nominee for an oscar. So you can take some shit, You're, gonna shit, that's the thing! people say really nice things about you and it's embarrassing, pia or does it really mean shit about you and it starts here and I'm telling you both are not that pleasant here it's nicer to have them say nice, things about you. I'd rather be embarrassed and hurt, but it's a it doesn't feel good man when they say say mean shit and you can't go out there and always without their defending yourself beer, you feel like you, then he gets the further india, you please be will know me and then you standing in the swamp with a mere, so you have to just sort of I guess accepted and and and not let the terrorists win
So when you working with your brother, how was it how that? How is that as a director my dream he hired me. I was doing jesse James and care. Then he came up to visit me said: asked me to do movie and I knew he'd been trying to do it for awhile and been trying to cast it here and at the time only everyone knew that people thought of him only is like an actor from movies that at that time, had done that well and so and what to beard, and sometimes actors are reluctant to be in movies that are being directed by other actors are don't. Why competition arose, but I think you would I broadcast, a few other actors near couldn't and then and I had the advantage of knowing that is a very smart guy with good taste, and then- and so I thought highly I'll- do it also. I just want to spend time with them You know the opportunity to hang out rather for once who is gone? Maybe god did I right? It's a dream and I made a great.
I can't remember how much I just heard euro, but I heard the boston I said I heard the Boston accent for a second right now. Yeah, when you said grey data graph by the way is a great great great was it was fun? Yes, it was fun I work with a lie that I now I getting into a movies. Were you with people you're comfortable, arguing with people can argue with love. So I like to work. you're like they know it's about personal, but you can disagree is run it's time to make a movie energy saving just say, you're, making a big mistake, not the way to do the scene. You don't understand. Let me explain it to you. That would be. People will take offense to that people will be hurt, if you didn't, if they didn't know you, if it's your brother, yeah fuck man shut the fuck up, please I'm begging, you listen to me. This is the way right way to do it, and I was wrong and he was right most of the time, but at least like we got to the point pretty quickly air or what about them?
danny clusterfuck. You did with their joaquin you're the best. because the rugged catharsis riddle, because their work. That's for sure what is the blue, see that idea I'm still here to see the idea was abroad, kommeni spoofing, a for a long time working in it, I wanted to do a spoof of boy bands yeah. This is like I'm talking when we were about. twenty one. We enjoy one we pitch idea about again in sync cause though it always just talked about doing it. S, fun and sort of in the same tone is like three amigos: spoofed actors write them. We never got together. Do that we, then there was ok, let's spoof an actor wants to be a musician near like the self importance of actors who sky
to believe they therein this this weird bubble of of a world of being us actor living away when an aid, not knowing your caring about the rest of the world, thinking only of themselves so much and and ends so he decides that he's gonna quit acting. He's gonna make a movie any so sure that it's going to be this like it take the attention of the world is first, album is gonna, be this masterpiece that he and he wants to have a doctor, where he was to have someone make a documentary about it, and so he asks his friend to make a documentary about and follow this amazing trance nation from brilliant actor. Brilliance, musician and the course of the documentary hey in its everyone is behaviour so horrible, so nasty and unpleasant everyone around him that he
that he alienates. He loses everyone in his life until the only people were left is the guy I was making the documentary bottom and then that person, he's mean and nasty, with two finally alienates him to the point where the guy releases a documentary, that's area unflattering and puts it down to the world. That was the that was the idea. and so we try to people- bruh of the documentary with people who are So we're going to be kind of cast away, cast numbers because the crew of the documentary are gonna, after into the story because they are, there they turn they go from being a supporter of tea documents Arians near following the sky, to being bitter resentful, alienated documents area in soil thinking fact this guy A show how horrible yes and put it out, and they were all in on the job- every are all more or less a joke, but they but working
such a good actor. The was so committed to the part that it was really believable yahoo really and we would go places and gerda we'd just go open mics around allay good night clubs and he'd cheaper for like grab them. I can do be honourable and people would boo. When he'd be horrible back to them, he would them and what one moment that was, we are a few things. There is obviously like Andy. Kaufman was inspiration. a moment when Michael richard sue, was applied. The poor unsigned yet laid cramer on the idea shared agenda. Some trouble goes on stadia and someone hackle them and he kind of melted down and said some really nasty stuff right. People are in the audience, racial slurs- and I, as I remember and we wanted to do, public melt down like that or he just said terror will embarrassing staff working and we kept trying to create that over and over again we would go to night clubs and it never was quite big enough.
So what we did was how we got em booked him gig on this night in miami. Thousands of people and and I had a friend of mine who, since passed away but was brilliant actor, eddie rouse and he really nice guy and he was there and he was the only guy, I knew could really like and go into a situation with real people and and pull off a scene and no one would know- or these guys are acting something's off like he was he he could do it and be believable and he went. He was in the crowd and the night club and he says, started heckling working from the crowd and working jumps off the stage and again to a fight and that was going to be our kind of michael richards moment and after We, the climax of the movie in sort of disappear, and so we it happened in everyday and it was amazing walking was amazing and you know any peace pulled
the crowd and he goes back stage and goes the bathroom he's vomiting in his hollow satin. You know traumatized it's just the it's the ultimate low point in the movie and he's like and and then he disappears, and so you know in the story does he disappears and he goes down to was supposed to be. Yreka was mostly my backyard here in l a and ah we shall my dad played his. The walking characters was to go see his father and I had my dad play the part, and that was the story and it became only as you say, cluster fuck, because people caught up in think feeling it was real, being pissed off about it, getting her by everything was happening at it in their feelings heard and is just and the media hated the idea that we thought they thought we were trying to
I sort of pull the wool over their eyes and we we really weren't. It was more like how can we possibly afford to make a movie, you know with nightclubs filled thousand of it as of extras. Thus the votes we could say that is going to rio. Yes play like it was real, and that was how we we did it. It was largely experiments that you know sometimes are successful and sometimes wasn't so when it was done. I showed it to David Fincher, who is a neighbor and a friend of mine. he said meet me for lunch or talk to you about it. I want to meet over lunch and I've got an idea he's such a genius. He said I have an idea. I want you to think you should put this movie in a vault and I thought a vote. Was like. I know what he meant exact. I thought I was. Maybe it was like a way of some technical
The thing you do to a movie is a way of like transferring into film or making it look better right away. I said: okay, a vault: let's do it? How? How do you do it What's a vault is it no? I mean just put. It unlock it up and don't show its anyone for ten years and then and then show it. I said: ok How are you your money back? We spend our money doing this movie he said oh well now I guess you'll have to you have to try to sell it. I sure wish I'd Involvement where we can make our money back anyway, but So that was the end of that movie and people have asked about it and they still do some people think it's real and it wasn't and- and I guess, was on all, maybe maybe a positive for the experience, but the latter- lumps here to allow lamps because of fear, but I d in you guys are still pals right, yes, Erica
How can we ve never done a movie with him like straight up? You know we were Still we were them there's this problem. Instead, I would like to read: he wrote you re you great right or as a teacher, ohio and professor, he He wrote a trilogy of books called far right, star coal, black horse, the bunch of user in a bunch of books, actual idea, and we were gonna- do one called far bright star it set just after the mexican resolution on the border of mexico and united states rule nineteen. Sixteen and now very like traditional script in ovarian. Conventionally made movie. Am in some ways very different what we did, but we didn't din.
together, quick enough, we had to do it in new mexico near the summer, so we're planning on doing it this coming summer. This is my son coin. Mansour there I'll see. What's up man, there's nothing, hey, hey baby! Your shoes. They might be in my car. I don't know you don't have any shoes. you know what there's some a mom shoes in my in my closet. I think there are probably fit either to converse is worse than mine and be a little with big that you have to have a pair of shoes in the house. Alright, everybody listen. Just keep william album in the middle of an interview will be done fairly soon and I'll call you back I'll. Let you know if it's alright, it's alright, but it's alright. I love you, but how old she is. Twelve he's got no shoes, he says let's go there or weaken
winding down. That's a hell, I'm fine southern, firstly she's dog. oh your divorce from his mom, was braided. Yes, she lives about block away and I should like to go over there and you choose they. They. I go back and forth. I set up she's alone, where there are still very good friends and lover and seem to be: adjusting. Well, you know it's her life. We got here, very, very young now, instead of a really long time, but if you still growing so much at that age when twenty one years old? Now your brain is still, as does another four years that vessel, at least at least when you wrote of forty eight forty eight grew more. Are some things got changed.
So we had a really good run. Any friends at such a rare story. Yeah. I that's really important. You know I mean I want to be friends with her she's, so Really smart, you like I've, always looked servers so many years for advice and different things in a near I love the books. You got here, man thanks buddy, you there's the outcome some are you a? I am how halloa seventeen years Seventeen years over here We have then your life, oh man, I mean I'm sober for for about almost three years. My dad was huge, four year in other, like bottom of but just bought a viral terrible, thereby raised they broke up
I mean brochure had something to do with it. Here I mean by was yeah. He was it a disaster of a drink a ruined his life and then he gets over when I was about. Fourteen moved out here, we'd, never left these coasts. He came out to California maze of mars and not to me. I of nowhere was, and he went to a about and palm desert here, like a state mandated like got, you got enough bases, the feel of a prison, but area stayed there for twelve years killing and me where you, where you get a job he eyes day, they could not. I mean I think he felt like if he left to which you know he was he had to be there. So you get a job working there after being residents job working there and helped guys get there
J d type icy, my dad's really smart. Any council really man there and then, and then I know he left out the over him and he moved to two savannah georgia, and then my grandmother was an alcoholic. It's just that my brother. Spend some time in Riyadh, and so it's in our genes- and I understand I've been going in a like our team, meetings, you did that research base haswell hours since out, There's only doesn't register with you. The elements that I am indeed it was nice, because no one else was talking about it and it was a way of understanding what was happening at home. It was your fault and it was fall and they would do things like you know. The kids would act out see. there's like role playing, is way of understanding and expressing the things
happening at home. So you see there with a bunch of other kids in their there like pretending to be there, ara and you're, seeing things that are happening in your house, that were scary, and so you get a sense of it that you're not sort of the only one, and it's good, you know my mom would just drive us over there and drop us off, so my memories in it was always in new england. It's like it gets dark at three in the afternoon. I remember just like these cold afternoons in the basement of some church and your kids have a bunch of kids talking about this crap and it was bleak mad as really bleak, and then I'd go go visit. my dad when I got older drove out here, and I saw he got to know- I'm really more or less because he was sober for the first time and in the hanging down there, the abc club, which is very, was as we call them and then My brother up in the sort of more posh like now
Well, rhea is just so many times, yeah one of these meetings and in circles, and talking about it all. So when it came time when I realized that I had to stop, I felt like I'd already put in all that time, so I just kind of white knuckled it at home and imagined myself in a circle and it worked and worked but you get a dad's still around Israel is, is great to go, sober, still sober. Dedicated his life to it. He did it. Man yeah, I mean he can do it. Anybody who is bad was it was bad. He could not hold the job. as a bartender. He couldn't hold a job. He was and then a janitor. He couldn't do that only job he old was like he would drink. It was to clean up. The far from four in the morning to test, seven in the morning, which is when they would open up it, tells you going bar one right, so he's just their mopping the place and drinking
a few hours or neither on the sleep it off and drink or day? I mean just nothing but booing erect his body edges devastated his life and your mom My mom was never an annex, although it was just like being tracked, it alex here how she doing their eyes. Great mid know amid seventy saying, there's a great grandparents. Kids went see that coming, but they can, like your old manga, show up for your kids now. Does he like it's sort of like yeah the passover they don't know? Is it yeah disaster? Now they have no idea. What that's like. You know what I mean they think they tell me like, like if I tell a term or other tv. They say they hate me on the worst that ever let me tell you what worse than ever,. I want stories about about a dad, convey I'll, let you know
in la for the meantime, turn the tv off and go clean your room for how'd. You guys both going to turn out. So you seem both like you seem pretty well like. I guess was he out of the house when you're pretty young by the time you get to a certain, Ah, he left when we were nine, but we would see him over the you know we would go dropped off his place to see him once a week, he'd be passed out or or like five are all bruised from some alcohol seizure in a brutal things. You know why you, kids, the sea and in the air when the weekend within my own, I decided, I don't get it for a night. Yet over there have dinner or a pizza sleep through it. In your dinner watch the little black oi tv things. so. I've put then adversity here, a little adversity. I guess, if you make it through its ok, stronger and resilience in some way and his return, You know I would never want for my kids through what I things I to go through, but if I had to, they probably be ok
well, there's element of theirs assorted, undercurrent of that and in manchester, by the sea of that. That sort of like disastrous, like your brother's released, chip yeah. I knew that was all, but am kyle. Chandler plays a part in in the for you really good. amber I'm a red friday lights. It was a great book and I saw his tv show. I thought it was really good and then he am in this movie and he's such a sweet guy and a very just Solid and we're character is yes all decent guy vienna, as one flies. Is this love for this woman who taking care of people? That's it right, the slanting codependent thirty. The whole thing was that that that was this mind when he was really an amazing presence in them over and then, that that one scene.
hocker than the more rapid up because get your kids shoes. If you have a seat, with Michel Williams in that way- just like in the fact that that is like really, maybe the most import, seen in the movie, and it just happens in passing man with the that's in about four times: that's it I mean when you're, making a little movies like this. She had no time to spare it just like cried to get down to it. That's why preparation so important yeah man talking some of them. Talking about this movie, I get choked up it's a really emotional story. It's so beautifully written and the way that all the characters are treated. It really is so much like. empathy and allow for young people and their struggles, yeah sorrows and the mistakes that they make. No like loving people who have made mistakes and not a person
using them in the watching them move through life. Afterward like after they ve dealt with tragic in trying to care jan and seeing them carry on in different ways. Ah, it's one of the few movies where I've thought, like man, I'm really proud and leave this behind, because I feel like people will watch it or think. In some sense, a note sounds like it's coming over a conversation aid they career feel like. I can't do it only then can carry on, and I can re terrible shit happens to people here and people make terrible mistakes here. by and it's ok and you move on and in life, goes on india. Sometimes you change any change any, and even don't you like the pages in thing about that this movie about manchester, see that, like there is resolution light by it's, not what you think like your character, makes decisions on one's by landing for anybody that you use, ok about them as someone with watching It- and you are
stand it, but it's not really what you expect yeah thing. Is that like trying to hold everyone out. Don't come near me that my characters, Please, no one look at me. No one treat me like I'm living No one ever want to be seen. I don't wanna be talk too, as human beings, because I can't really engage with anyone emotionally here. I can't stay for me, because I'm afraid of someone touches mere looks at me with scorn or compassion either one I'm gonna fuck fall apart. I can only be the shit, I'm barely hanging off here. Please let me move through life and don't talk to me in this a kid kids don't hear that he's like a man doesn't let me it doesn't give up. You know me, you just keeps coming back for more and most people, they see in my eyes there like desperate shit and vulnerability, and they stay away from me and a teenage nephew
The shit she's like why. Why is awry? Yeah yeah? I need a ride. Give me where I'm going dude I'm in a I'm in a band. I got a girlfriend. I don't give a shit about your problems and it draws me out of such a beautiful of relations it was and is a great movie, and I hope it there are people see it yeah. Good talking. Thank you. Man thanks revenues, air Ok before we go, I was nice conversation about coupons, always get I'd, so go to wtf, pod, dot, com, thrashed tour to check to date, and now I will plague, our for you for that something should enjoy out. I'm going to do something on it. Now, I the
The the
the. Oh Burma.
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