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Episode 768 - Billy West

2016-12-15 | 🔗
Comedian Billy West is a master of voices and one of the preeminent voiceover artists working today. Billy tells Marc about his need to escape into characters while growing up in a chaotic home. It was a retreat from reality that led to success later in life with Ren and Stimpy, Futurama, The Howard Stern Show, and countless other projects. And it all hinged on his lifelong love of The Three Stooges.

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So far. I goods do those. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers? What the particles What's happening, a marked marin, the what the fuck sickles was winter weather. I marked marin. Welcome to my show this is my pod gases is dead t F, the podcast d say that twice its podcast We have a good day wherever you are my guest today voice over artist, stored in air bill west, for those of you who were born by ran instantly. He was both of them for a time, so that that's exciting, exciting. To talk to him. I knew from in the day in Boston, so that now who's on in a little bit also. I want to apologize to the dance
since is that the right word to the people of manchester massachusetts, because my conversation with casey f, I referred to manchester by the sea. Manchester new hampshire and god it. I am sorry, okay, that's all I can say there is a manchester new Hampshire and I've been there. I'm not sure I've been to manchester massachusetts, but I know it exists and I know I fucked up. Alright there out of the way good. Ok, I do want to mention because a lot of you asked me about my my last special more later, which I did for epics and a lot of people didn't see. It but I'd like you to see it. So now available on itunes. You just look up. mark marin. More later, you should be able to grab one of those we're tired on it. You I think you can still see epics butter but go that also mark marin related the big guy too he'll tour thy had to postpone bit of is gonna. inaction.
Starting january. Twenty fourth kinda, albeit thea, were diamond concert hall entail tallahassee, but after that I'll be heading two durham if carolina charlotte north carolina, richfield, connecticut, Portsmouth, new Hampshire, Montreal toronto new haven, troy new york, burlington oakland. Seattle thank for us in both denver Land or again no walkie man in Minneapolis philadelphia, washington, d c throughout the spring. Go to a deputy, have pod dotcom, swash tour and get get get hooked up with some tea gets. Oh, my god what is happening. I go the doktor was having try bob breathing gettin a deep breath. You know feeling when you, I guess not
as finds that get another way in their what's going on and I'm at an age. Fifty three, where you know peers, dropped or have heart attacks. I talked to data carving about his heart and I certainly experienced panic, ridden Anxiety induced chest impression before, but I was having shooting pains le, listen little that and also I know that, because of my role in the upcoming netflix show glow that I missed how can a lot of fake cigarettes which are nonetheless cigarettes of some sort? You don't even know what the fuck is in years. we're thing there: herbal cigarettes, ok, good! You can't get to tibet, No, you can't get nicotine which I'm getting from my lozenges anyways too much but smoke in certain you breathe in hot shit and your lungs burning the little tissues neo he knew it celia cringe and get pasted up against your passages. But no, what's anyway, I don't away or take everything provoking granted a disorder like. I don't know why the brain
works like that, but now we all they had to put some special filters on to sort of protect us from I'll shoot at every turn. Hearsay and bull shit, quick baden, in bullshit, memes and bullshit. I just there's just has to be a little filter, but I I realize that it affects my whole life and I'm just smoking. These things other herbal I'm just burning leaves second them into my lungs I mean did or point about not knowing things in taking things were granted, obviously or us believing bullshit in general, but none as my my lungs were irritated, I went in there and of course I I want my my ensure It's my health carrier, my clinic to Bob hope clinic which young its namesake does not instil confidence by, but it's good, it's I have great health, cried coverage in unlucky. Unfortunate, so go see the doctor. They do that the blood pressure they do, the pulse, they do any cagey everything looks good. I breathe bid, they do the stethoscope, it's fine,
and then the next day I go back. I get chest x rays and panicky. I smoked for what shit? twenty five years. I don't know one. That's gonna. Kick me in the answer. The balls are the lungs or the pain. Yes whatever. but I you know I'm prone to panic and when I can't breathe it makes me panic more and I got the chest x ray the combat clean. So, what's at tat that tells me that in this time of panic for that some of us Where we feel like their somewhat of a cultural and medical freefall going on. I wonder little reassurance yeah, enjoying every sandwich. But I would like a little bit of like just something in the live to go. I guess you're. Ok, so I where's gravitate to them the medical arts, because my old man was a medicine man, and when there was an emotional stoppage which was usually, I couldn't get his attention, which was always I had some sort of
spected medical issue. I got a lot of attention and focus right. Sometimes sometimes I occasionally I'll go the doktor just to to on some level in the area in these, I go emotional sphere to have my dad say: everything's, ok, so everything's, ok, but then I wondered in terms of being out here, in los angeles being in show business in going to the court that services- us you know that day. These symptoms that I had, which were specifically, could be attached anxiety. I dont know why one of the questions when they were looking at my chart was: how do you feel the election? I think I might have had a trumpet it breathing disorder, and if that's what it is, I m glad I ve identified it and I'm over it the reassurance I wanted, but I'm still in a free, of panic, but I did in those weird. You know something is where than just what's already weird and disturbing. Is that damn I'm I'm losing faith in the shadow government. The show
no government. What's up, It is up shadow government. You know, I'm no stranger to the conspiracy theory. I know that is something that gets attached to the other side, these days, those of us on the left side of things. A a nice long, history of the beautiful conspiratorial thing, king wide, ranging you know. I think the the pivotal one, which I don't think he's partisan is the the j f k conspiracy? I was never one of them. Was, but I certainly have dipped in to be illuminati new world order. Conspiracy, indifferent junctures in my life, I'll I'll go ahead and let my brain run with that bullshit, because you know in a pinch where things get confusing and you have no god in place. Why not give is to go and paranoid wine. do that and just attached to signs and symbols that surround us on a day to day basis, perhaps some his name. Perhaps a logo- maybe even some-
event in the news that seems to have happened near by something that was to do something else in your strange fuckin head. Why not do that? The one thing I can tell you for sure, and I think, there's always played in to the a to the big conspiracy umbrella. is, of course, the cia, the central intelligence agency. God knows they were involved in. You know many coups secret. Far and adventures and overthrows I I believe there was a shadow government that there was somebody pulling the strings, whether it was through the intelligence agencies or through the global and business network the new world order is as cousin alex, calls it and then You know you have the illuminati, which is a little bit more of a or new elaborate set of symbols, but that there is an interconnectivity turned towards the kind of movement towards the totalitarian possibilities of one world government. In what not I've got.
I've have my head in that direction. I've skip that rock on that pond. Thankfully, I've coupon enough to realise that you know for lunch, but my point is that things that this trump president elect is going by being who he is. He called the cia in public in front of the world. and a cia did what nothing yet But I gotta tell you being You know an old lefty conspiracy, theorist and not even as old as the original ones and not even is committed in any way, but the shadow government, the cia. He called them out so in my mind. If he's not taken out or something dreadful, doesn't happen to him, then that's about fifty years of It be thinking that just about the fucking window.
And all we got is like the sea. I guess that's just people work in an office building just out the window. I just took you down a fuckin portal. That's all right! So before I bring on Billy west real, nice little email subject, line floyd in new mexico market demeaning, to tell you this. For a few weeks now I was in new mexico at the beginning of november teaching a photography workshop in santa FE. When the workshop was over. I was very excited and jazzed up about all things. Creative. My students took the ideas I presented them and ran with them at the end of the class. One student told me now. I have a lot to think about, doesn't get any better than that plus I love new mexico. My wife and I have been going out there at least once a year for a decade. Now, after the workshop, I booked a few days to myself, so I could photograph the night before I left hey. I was listening to your interview with roger waters, who's, not a big fan of pink floyd. What guy
me was at the end when he talked about getting messed up with a friend and driving route. Fourteen the turquoise trail between santa fe and albuquerque. That night, I loaded up my iphone with pink floyd pipers at the gates of dawn, a saucer full of secrets, wish you were here animals in the wall. I spent the next to day driving around new mexico and dodge something or other. With my nineteen, forty, nine speed, graphic camera and no agenda. I just roamed photographed endless the floyd it was them relax do my own head in a good way. I've been in years. It was a great way to end a great trip. Big fan, rob glass They inspire rob glad spire I might not yesterday's billy west and he's an amazing voice over actor. He was on the bbc em back when I was in Boston. I remember him from then and we have sorted known him on the periphery for a long time. Voice covers a very unique thing, and now you get to me one or two fellows who does a lot of the voices therein
resting people, power This is me and billy west. He also as a a pod cast. In go check it out it billy, west, podcast outcome or anywhere you get podcast. This is me and billy west direct recollection I have is that I got the boston and ninety I got back. I went to college here. I left right left and eighty seven and I went back. like eighty eight by the two I think you're just leaving by the I got to Boston and I met you a couple of times. I remember that I it I'm sometimes confusing memories of you and a comic I I knew, but you used to. You are sweaty workers. I was high as a rag, and I was on coke for a long time as agri india did you ever had a lot? Yes, I did, and I was nothing but trouble eurymedon eighty pounds a trouble and yet
your kind of a bastard right. Yes, yes, and I knew you would want the beijing anything because I can see it my mind- and I have this like there's a governor on my laugh, but I should be laughing my balls off because they survived right, but you started out because you are a radio guy and you were with Lockwood Dara in and then you, but it was after the way it was. The big mattress show right. Yes, and but Duane. Those glasscock was a different thing right. Yes, it was sort of it was under the same roof right. It was Charles's, alter eager dwayne angles, glasgow and he was the morning guy in in the new england area in Boston. For years. Right, Charles was sort of I think the I felt like he was phasing out like the heyday and gone, but let's track it back so you're born in detroit motor city. You remember it yes,
yo old man. Do oh boy! Well, you know, there's a difference between a job and a career yeah. He went from job to job to job yeah and it was like delivering soda pop, oh yeah, for canada dry, and it was my eighth birthday and we used to get cases of canada dry right at the house here and I took all the flavors and poured them in a punch bowl. It's like who couldn't figure that out. I don't have a beautiful mind. You know I mean I I just figured it out yet, and everyone raved over it is a carbonated pints. He didn't exist come There was only hawaiian, pint or you're about to tell me, you invented carbonated punch hold on wait, for I know you sitting there. What pray tell devolved? No, I My mom said to my father bill. Take this. Bring it to your boss and even like I don't know you
goin in town, what you son did so so he brings it in its like the typical. You know, mister myth goes the washing did sort. I don't know how power assertive I should be, and he says, was boss. I know my son is a he's eight years old and we had a party and we used all the flavors that we make that actually exist. Aha in any said, but he put them all together in a born. That's all bill, but you know you should see, that's all bill and he walked out and then the next thing you know they came out will occur. Needed pines, and we me my mom invented names like hawaiian dry and we finally came up with the haitian treat russia and bang it really biggest cell, come on you forever, I mean. Have you been credited we, you know what that's like.
Canada dry. The idea that the top dogs didn't give you that you deserve now? This was nineteen fifteen I don't know seven yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah they certainly hold dark day, a man that is taken from a kid take a kids idea, not given. That can and will give it You think you know what I change jobs. I work for the home. T company now worry what next what kinda waxed that's but I'll tell you. I was a weird kid like that. yeah? I think you're still a weird kid. Well yeah I am yeah they used to invent it. Will it yeah always looking to invent stuff. Like you know, I loved rube goldberg yahoo built these crazy acids, engines that one thing would trigger the wheel and a bird flying leverage and gravity, and what do they call it for velocity?
those things, and I didn't know that I wasn't trying to understand. Physics yeah, but physics is really interesting. Did you study visiting, nea buys into, but I understood some stuff when I read it yeah, but then I will. I watch the three studious. Every morning before I went to school here, yeah I stopped going to church. I found my saints yeah sure and so more more put out the best explanation of equal sam. She squared we added wag, no place fast- that Lebanon altogether warrior it did near. I said, Ah, oh I get it now. I understand einstein thank small, but you so you're urine troy and you guys doing other jobs yet
and in an you end up in new england, how that have well, my dad was served viable. He was drunk and a crazy and who is abusive. I was the whipping boy how many kids three boy and you got it all- did I ever every day really way of life yet dickens wishes that he had the kind of child your real. I wish I had his child. Who is the goal of use? Will yeah yeah did beat the shit out of all the time. It was a kick at that yeah, he's very angry at secrets. Yeah he's drunk drunk, and so that's kind of what I grew up with. So I grew a piper vigilant hi provide joint and I imagine you looking for an out looking for a world that did not
exist and are near me right, so you could visualize them yeah yeah. I remember we had this old dream and then make the ancient plymouth de soto, car yeah. It's a big big chunky, funky old car and back in those days right be right. Back of the back seat. There was a ledge yeah and then the Was this curved glass and a kid could fitted up there near so we'd be driving along at night and I would crawl up there. lay down on that legend. Look straight up through the curve, glass and all the lights were. It was like going through a black hole if I really didn't know, but I said this is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life because it was like, I was in a glass enclosure, yeah and looking at these lights smashing into each other and hard to explain that stuff. But but I imagine my being here and you're the oldest are now oldest, so there was just that. Never ending competition with you in the old man,
in his mind. I'm gonna tell you a secret. I took my first beating in utero real yeah wait. My mom came home one day. She was twenty yeah and she said to him. You know, guess what I am pregnant or when he was smashed yeah and he got up and he started beating the crap out of her. In the kitchen- and he kicked her in the stomach- you know this guy did not want me to be born yeah because it was grow up time. He was one of those guys that never stopped being eighteen right, yeah, is it? How old was he when he when they, when you were born? Maybe twenty four a kid? Could you imagine that I mean? Do you have kids? No, I don't, I don't either but, like you know, when you see a twenty year old, like my mom, my mom was twenty two as the twenty two year old. It's like what how you haven't like they had. They were kids,
You still eaten whistler's yeah jolly ranks. What do you think that you know that the like? I don't know when you started. You know the talent to define these other voices, but it you do. Do you connected to your need to escape from the the abuse nothin, but I would I was a loner, because if I try to do stuff that I thought my peer group, the other kids. You know like in the middle, the eye be the king of the little kids here or or hang along the big right. really nobody my age. Yes, I I was kind of like odd man out right and I would go for walks I would never ate what I was doing: yeah yeah tied to the other kids, yet audience, yeah, and I tried to explain why and I didn't even know why, right you know if you were like having a disassociation, giving echoes I'd, be it I'd, take up in progress with him. go as you remember.
You know only in like a kid voyager agenda and me. My cousin used to play. We put up like the king is: there was a photographer, so we put up cameras like they were movie Cambria and I have a point. Sure a mean him and he's adjusting a camera I'm holding a script, but I dont think I don't think that's what I meant, but it sure, it's like the future. You know how the future stares you in the face every single day, you just don't know what it is yeah I like that yeah I mean anything that you, brothers, are still around We lost my middle brother, yeah yeah. The three of us became alcoholics of you and my mother was not she kept away from all that stuff. But here, why yeah, you know growing rounder and I feel horrible that that turned out that way. It's like you know I think, of the three stews. I go,
like Steve, swayed commuting he's together or mrs stooge, so you move what you're what? hold them family to my mom left. Excuse me my mom left to try to get away from my dad. She brought the three of us to boston You know and I will work elementary school there did that won't. You know what it is like. You spend your whole life trying to do battle with the guy. You swore you'd never be yeah. Do you know what I mean? Did he ever come back around know? He was gone a few years. He was gone about a decade after that yeah yeah after she split how he died. Yeah, oh yeah, retired ass. You know he just did himself in he real. He didn't want responsibility because he knew that it would go down the drain and when you start playing music Why had a trumpet when I was ten in detroit here so I could play and I played with other kids know a few notes.
I got hold of no longer than the teacher. You know that was the little contests. Vinnie bavarian here thinks that the norm You know how to no longer than me have pierre, you know I'd be up there and he hold a note? He played clarinet and he would hold it and hold it hold it, and I thought that's nothing. You know cause that was a swimmer at the time yeah I mean not a professional, but I was a I loved swimming and I could hold my breath like a like a whale, yeah and I get up there and I make you know, was like going like trying to get me to stop and it was going into a minute yeah yeah cause. I was born with this this weird chest huge chest for but my size, and yet a big girl in her cavern and you need ever voices too kind it I dont know. If you do it's the only thing I ever could anything else by so you so, but when you started
ban thing when you and your were you in Boston, yes, sixties, yet so liking abundance pretty have hey man yeah. I started playing guitar and sixty one in detroit because we had an old stella downer, a bass player and I would plunk on it and stuff didn't really grab me because I could draw I wanted to be are those you're, just a creative guy. In general I was, I was screaming some light and find a way to express my heel right, yeah and so I thought my dad was an artist. He was. He one of those guys that would torment me What I mean here, he started out as mozart to me and then he just became salutary. You know me after he was dead, but he could sit down a piano and not know what he was doing and start plan real. He gave, to guide giving guy he was a draftsman. He went to were cast tech, which was a
ethical, drawing we're all that stuff here and he could draw rear, and I tried to impress them, and so I grew up thinking. Everything I did was nothing No big deal, it's so sad man. I mean you know it's like yeah that weird competitiveness between you know emotionally fucked up fathers and their sons is the worst denial, lay your ability to develop a sense of self yeah. Soon, irish, german thing or something I don't know it. Just a narcissistic blockhead thing well yeah, but I didn't learn those words still later, but I knew something about germans and I knew something about irish Where were you located when you get to boston, Roslin, dale, massachusetts? Yes, do you weren't and likes out you're, nothing weren't in the know, but I used to go down there. We used to go to we used to go to carson beach and city point yeah, yeah and- and I remember- and this was when I was getting ready to start playing music. I couldn't
wait the graduate school yeah my high school. I never had any use for academia. I have to tell you honestly I'd go to school every day with a head full of fantasy and and made up I dunno entered. these yeah, you know, and I can hear him- I can hear how they went and that's really how I started doing voice here. I was just. I would tourette out noises and voices, you know, and it was just an urge to gf friends and I had about one and a half friends, yeah yeah yeah, so you're an oddball yeah didn't fit in, but there's also somebody across town. In those days it had to be somebody far away from you and I would find whoever it was who had comic books. Your comic book guy was like a homing pigeon, yeah yeah. There's someone in this area.
At carpet has a comic books and, like the sixties, yeah, so these early sixties. These are the the the the the the basics the comics like what were the? What were the comics that you had to have? Well, I had the issue where the flash meets the indian rubber man or was it. I forget yeah, the elongated man here. Wasn't he the enemy of the fire, your ass? the wrong guy, but I'll go with the on it. What would happen if, like he went to a carnival, any seizes old, swami drinking something called jingled beer or gingle here, and it was that's what the guy said. That's his secret, that's how he gets in those robbery like that, and so the guy created a hybrid of king gold near and, with these dc comic are applied scenery I am sure, but but it's still fascinated me, because this guy could stretch any was all over the flash
yeah, he willingly wrapped Amelia. Our his arm would go up and was no good guy, could do that? Mr stretch was never like a good MR fantastic idea. He could stretch right, yeah yeah, I didn't the ego. Somebody calling themselves mister finn test It was lucky. He was just a comic book, guy yeah really and now it's all post, modern art, you know cartoon. I mean a comic book can sell for up
the nine hundred bucks, some save any. No! No because we had the generous and a lot of stuff just to get out of the house in Detroit, yet on a plane and go to Boston. My mom started shipping stuff, like your family. Yes, here in this was all done on the sneak, but I gotta tell you something: I'm not a religious, but I just I am I I believe in a higher power sure I believe in a force that makes nothing but sense to me right. It's poof, it's pure physics right put out a certain kind of energy. The up other energy like it will find it because, like energy, attracts here
if you put out like this prissy mony piss cloud bia, all energy like that is gonna, come shootin for you like a javelin right in, and I didn't understand that stuff to later on. We, I believe that I think that's a good way to do it, but the good way to frame it, but I believe that the higher power was just like the force of the world and our relationship to the universe yeah, and that sir buddy. Here's me we're some thing. You can see them that later. What's at the actual you pulled together, later, we needed to be said that when you were a kid or now now, religion, shoved down my throat catholic, the irish catholic. Here I know I used to know more about religion than most people yeah we, the mass, was in latin. Then so that you couldn't figure out what they were talking now keep a coded. yeah the weird honours day could all back on monday, misery nobis. What does it matter no stop ways and jellies actively J of IRAN,
we believe that you you're afraid of Hell. I was afraid of Hell, yeah, yeah and and like a kid, takes it on face value, because these are adults yeah. That's how you think when you're a kid yeah, I wasn't delinquent right. I just took All this stuff under consideration, beer and my leanings were stuffed. It had nothing to do with god, and I don't mean like bad stuff right or criminals, the right it's just that I was interested in creating characters and I wanna play music so bad. When do you start playing guitar sixty one year and then he started to banned by sixty six when I moved to boston the actual city. Yes, yes and I found a kid who was my friend and he's kind of a drummer, but we used to sit and play together and I play guitar yeah what little I could play here and I realize jeez. This is for me because you could go downtown here too
place. Mod clothes here, carnegie street right only in Boston, right, combat zone right the outward airstrip clubs were yeah down by next year. It was they who I felt weird even be in that area, but it has advanced ass. You know, I'm gonna go by the coolest clothes in the world, yet try bringing them back the resolute veil and put in a mind some day in school, and I had flowers all over my shirt with white coughs in white collar. Yes, pictures you're and some kid goes hey. You fly need waterin really, I'm seriously. What was all that kind of stuff like I couldn't figure why people would have this instant like
fear that turned into anger, yeah yeah? No one ever tells you back then that if you're able to do something cool- and you can't wait to share it with others- you'll get no props you'll get bullied, you'll get nothing yeah, and so I figured whatever I did just is not making it. I figured I have to be so much better than this for them to respond, or at least the least. It is good that you didn't feel I gotta be more like them, whatever that why you, I never went that way. I know what it was at the risk of being a long visa or finding some other kid would peripheral interests, but that's kind of the way it always was, I think it might be different now that we when a media, it's a minority kind of bind your people, you can find them a lot easier and plus you had no way to get to another town. It was unthinkable. Oh yeah, you gotta, take a bus. You got someone else to drive yeah you gotta. If you had permission,
right, so why so? What he is? A wider started plan yeah and I met this guy and we started playing music and I started meet another kids. They were very few and far between, but they are already in bands and I would go hang around them sure just see how it's done here and I I had what it took at the time. You know I could play I became like this little guitar gunslingers, eventually yeah yeah end and I could sing, but we were always doing covers song. So when the archetype kids at the dancer applauding for you, there plotting for the rolling stones right. So wind is the booze start. The booze started in seventy two. Seventy one or seven argued one twenty two yeah and I was like I was a model boy yeah. You know I kept my drawers straightened with the clothes in them and everything and I I was tidy and it was like a boyscout sort of
and then a twenty one. I won't be fuckin zirk yeah, having my childhood, that I never have as you know that out that out, as I never really had a child, I was like mean- I mean childhood. I was an old kid year who had to take care of the full grown. Adults follows annually or others do yet. My brother I was man of the house at ten: when did you get the gig on radio? What have that sort of happen on the band days were coming to a close? Was the late seventies yeah, because I was incorrigible? No, nobody wanted to take me home. Nobody wanted to pick me up. Were you doing blow at that point? Yes and drinking here yeah, it was horrifying. Those were the things, those were the things and- and I once I found blow I said this is great. I don't have to drink any more famous, less just makes you drink more
I felt this is classy high and in then our two lady Lou, looking at people. How do I love with your teeth? Readiness ran homework register evasive. How do I look? Does anything show my clean, my nose, clean and then you're sitting at a party and everybody runs out of shit to say at the same time because the coke is wearing off and they all look like that picture of Al Pacino sitting in chairs you're in the gods sort of looking down like this, this pissed off little crow yeah! That's what we looked like and I'd see a crumb on the floor or snort that and I would be searching the floor and everybody all the civilised young adults would be searching the floor for
yeah, and you look up and it's a plaster ceiling that has that rear surface of an orange therfore. Yes, so stuff had fallen in in Boston, though I know you're, all jacked up and you're hanging around with those you know. Borderline criminals and drug dealers yeah. All those sort of boston do yeah. It's scary. It was scary because some when I get into that, I would just spend whatever money I had on that and I'd always. Oh somebody money right, you not wake up the next morning and who you know and I'd reach in my pocket. Louise crumpled up pieces of paper, not the snow seals that the blow came in those of but notes, like you know, call this number called Jeff. You know you own three hundred dollars right. I promised somebody that you don't get a guy with a blush cause you're in your right. Mired in X, They re realize he's who would come down cause? You willingly tell him where you live just to get it yet.
Sonny gun, whitey boulders, guys common over yeah, really it so the group that I was doing blow would we get sick of bad blow up in our tastes like baby powder here? laxative here the whole peruvian mar army march, throw em so a pancake. Then so somebody says why don't we go where they make the shit? Now you ve said something I was like yes, so we put together a though we get on a plane, get the fuck out of here yet to go from Boston to lemme, Peru, I've, five chowder heads here, you don't think and that the goin on a drug vacation we get down I was not bolivia, no peru. Why? How did you decide that? Because that's the home of the winking white stuff? It is yes, alright! Yeah I mean it was big yeah and that's kind of what you knew.
Yeah, so you go down. We go down there, we're on our way and I'm so drunk on the plane. Some guy turns around and goes hey. You think you might want to see your way clear to inquired for a while, and I took tat is a sucker punch, I started beating his seat with my two feet. You know I was like bye. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bam here, and they were going to stop in orlando here to get me out but Some reason they didn't do it in those days yeah. You know they figured they could like come by and say please or please, and so we get down to Peru. We ever hotel, we get there and everybody is like you know, pretty friendly. I had been drinking yeah and we started having this adventure separately. Yeah everybody was off on their own little adventure. I met a couple of girls. Peruvian girl,
one's name was daddy's door, ease and dumb, and I would be talking to them and in my mind I thought they could understand me right and it was weird cause. I had once with this to peruvian girls in a guy from another country, and I am explaining my stories. These people am acting them out. You know like charades yeah do, but it was, but it was crazy. I mean I thought they understood the did you find the blow. Well, eventually, we ran into a guy. He worked like at the hotel here or use cab yeah and he said you know he pointed to his nose and I said glad to see you know like bill. Go here glad to see you don't kick the tires, and so I so I go with him. This is the guy this. My man and then later the girls told me
No, no, no, no, no policia so he had been monitoring us plus he was getting stuff. So I was like confused and web well yeah. So I was getting better. Yeah was like ninety five percent. Pure air was eleven dollars a gram. This is just drunk talk for those were the days yeah. You know we're anybody listening here. So I, I had my room and I ll in there and I was ordering sir vases and so vases room service and unite locked the door. There was a ball and chain in those little glass whole me. I could see an dumb one night. I drank myself almost into paralysis, because I gotta quail load from somebody, but it was bathtub quail judea. Another words you could take one.
Nothing yeah. You could take another one, nothing and the full lollapalooza would be in the third one here. So I get on the third one and all of a sudden I was like narcolepsy. I was paralyzed lying in the bed, we're still trying to reach for a cerveza and everything, and earlier that day I was out walking around town and I went into a little crafts booth, yeah and these people were nice and I was like the fuckin. You know bad news, yeah yeah and I go in and I go, you know what are you at speaking too loud and messy and sloppy and I said, gave guitars and the guy shows me a guitar wiki title and I'm looking at it and I go this neck is as crooked as a ram's horn. How much you want for this and he told me I said this is a piece of shit and I was being so insane
the thing I can alternate barely remember, but I do remember like the the main little things is. I I'm lucky. I didn't get shot to death here. So somehow I passed out in that store, but I was standing up here and next thing. You know they threw me in a vat of unmixed orange paint. What yeah it was covered with orange pigment. Your hands shoes legs here, hair yeah- and I guess I got outta there, but I don't remember it and walked back to the hotel orange yes fully orange long before trump and the full frontal orange yeah yeah so iced. I woke up standing on my feet in front of the hotel with orange all over me and that's when I went back up to my room and took the quail loads right and then ordered sir vases yeah bolted the door. I was paranoid,
I was belligerent I'll. Let you know cause I'm workin, both vans, yeah yeah. You know where your moran and the blood they were often their own adventures. So I I get up and I see someone standing at my door in the light crack and the door was locked by that time. Double locked, and I said who is this and I found out- I knew already that they have a house detective here. I says this stupid dick thinks he's gonna bus me and you know, he'd be like the crime buster of the year down there and I'm gone that motherfucker and I said I'll, just wait him out or didn't move. He still like. Looking through that thing trying to see me, maybe he has
inverse yeah yeah. I know where you can see him somehow and I was like I I was getting angry motherfucker. He won't leave. It's been like three hours, he standing there, so I creep across the floor. It took me like twenty minutes to go from the bed or enter the door, so I could not make a sound. I was totally paranoid and I'm like oh, I thought I had. Oh, I can't get a better look at him, so I go up with the door and I stand on my head and I'm looking underneath the crack just to see. If I can get some more information, can you imagine a full grown man here, just average and yeah?
like trump now where'd, you find what you know so I I said this mother fucker. I get it like get rid of this guy or he's going to take care of me yeah. So so I undid the lock that took me like fifteen minute air and the one slowly quietly took me about ten, or I mean this is all in slow mall, because I didn't want to give this guy a clue yeah, but there he is and so off come the locks. Double back and I opened the door and, in front of me on the mat was my pair of orange covered shoes, but I didn't want to come in the room with and I was wing and then I went fuck, you don't write back, you know, you'd think you'll learn something for you come back. Peru and is still working at the record store. Will we came back to peru but summit? We were so well known, as you know, ugly,
our country that they had found blowgun airport had fifty u s: martial law, waiting for us really yak. As it was five of us, yeah and they were already and they were doing strip, searches and every other thought you're bringing shit back. Yeah yeah and I almost did because I did buy a guitar and I was going to carve, rising. No one will know the air I figured it out and where you put the power of the world's most stupid criminal is ongoing. I can put it in there because I met to gangsters. When I was on their we're in an alley with near a bar. Here, he's, like you, know nor paranoia army. Amigo enormities, greatly bullet wounds healed ass chance. Here and I'm not scared of him, because he gives me some blow. Yeah hey, you know and my buddy malmo Carlos you know and he's larrabee and the name struck me so funny, because it sounded like two names from the old jack:
Radio show is often so I started doing the routine to them and I went Carlos all leora baby, you know and they started doing it and cracking laughing all Carlos all loud, and they didn't know that they were imitating an american comedic icon right, but it didn't matter because what's funny is funny here and that proved right then, and there to me yeah. If something is funny, they picked up right on it and I was going to bring some back as they had given me right and you know so. The strip search at logan airport and everything and I came home in a daze. This was nineteen, eighty three I was still it I'd. Pretty much was new still at b c and for your already a character on the radio People know. Why was I didn't get much credit? You know they didn't
when I say my name a lot, but when did that starts or when did you did make the jump from from their from the guitar shop to be seen? How that happen? I had already was a winner of one of their kind. tat when I lived like outside a boston with my mom year, which those were frequent congress of ism visits. You know my accommodate contest, her. No, it will be on the radio one more. And you might know this guy eddie gourd that's gave yet he was one of my first friends there and we're talkin thirty's where's ago at adobe, cn Eddie was a oh yeah. He was the comedy guy. You know he's to take their blank piece of paper get on the typewriter next thing. You know we'd, like he's like a part of everything he came over here with Elvis costello when they came over here every body. Doesn't he and he's like I used to say we shall I say eddie when they finally like send someone up to mars yeah and you might be like the first guided girl because you so cool you're gonna get
I they're going know who you are and he's got the hook b. We know- dylan- and he knows he's- got all those great seventy eights. Yes, a huge reykir collector buddies. Also he was there at the beginning of comedy channel that there and I worked form you daddy- I was the announcer ravages after I left bc. get there, so I ve realized this. Now it's all coming together, any gordy has and up is what happened and why move to york, but I knew they from Boston, but he was writing for saturday. Night live and letterman. Okay, so wait suit. You you, you win. Contest you at your mother's anymore, jet skis, is doing the bits a b c, and so they knew you. Has this concert workout contest, we're gonna contests contest, whether I remember My friend called me up and the hey. Can we be? and looking for a guy who can sound like no blank and you win or some here and he said, call em up, so it We have been doing voices in any railway
fooling around myself or on stage you know if we broke a string in those days or you, your aunt blue air, yet sit there. yeah fried egg and try to figure out what you're going to do to entertain me and he'll do what bugs bunny or why would just launch into stuff yeah like what was your favorite go to and is a final lloyd good bye. You know stuff like that or anything yet so it's a blow me down. You know olive oil, olive oil, to be able to do it better. My mouth is like a boy says morning. What dear papa, I yeah olive oil I'd bring you suppliers there, I redeem myself in the eyes of voice purists. Do you his contests or whatever their because you were like you get when did it
beyond the morning crow, because there are some about radio at that time over eighty. What when I one and then I knew to sign off with me, that's all for folks you know man, they like. We had a live one yeah, so they invited me to come up to the proof where they were broadcasting from prudential building the prudential building, and so I got there and everybody super cool like to cool, to talk to me, but I, one year- and this is noted- what would you win- was awkward arusha, yeah, yeah, yeah and but when any pick me off the listener line. When I called then he went, all on in that was the beginning of that whole thing, area Yeah eddying, charles and oedipus yeah yeah. So you're. There are three. Now you got a job I am, but I was getting increasingly out of control you, but you are due in the morning she yet so at six o clock, yes and you're just day
I'm just gettin in that from the night before for fifteen right, but you are you by everybody that right, how, though, how we do not know, but europeans or imagine you gonna concerts, you're, concerts, you're hanging out with in tat always be obliterated. I couldn't tell you what happened after seven o clock at night, most of the time real or a majority of my adult life the time and you were shown what were the voices you were doing for Charles? Oh god, I'd have to pick something new, would mimic like types here. You know like wobbly, wizards known Monica creatures make em up is spontaneous accents year. It was you, However, why don't knowledge is something funny about an indian guy calling someone else, your hammer head using stood like add, hominids people stand right. Next to me, you are I'm our head, you'd be the
you'd be the weird crazy, sweaty fucked up guy Charles you're, not going to let go of that. Are you bobo? No Charles you'd be driving the show, I'm just trying to see what google drive in the bus and they haven't today in the row would be next to me and he would have bits. words yeah bits yet wrap up to contested. like you know, you win, so you weren't that much you aren't live on the mic, all the time, no maha, but I was voicing my own stuff and we didn't have any actors. You know I was like I had to learn. So it was a fluke you got into this. Yeah, but you know what I acted like like. I could care less about being there, because I couldn't wait to get out and get high. Take care mine, The creation referring to make money there right a little bit, but it was there was a all low ceiling there and you know I knew why I didn't, because how could they? How could they they would point up? You know number one you're you're like an insurance liable,
yeah in order for starters, yeah- and you know it was. It was all that kind of stuff, but I sobered up in eighty five and what happened to make you sober up. I had flip the car on the mass to mess. its turnpike. You know east and west near guardrail yodel. I was coming home towards Boston. I fell asleep doing about ninety miles an hour the next thing you know what woke me up was the sound of the guard rail lifting me over it and the car was upside down and landed on the fast lane of the westbound right. The mass turnpike and I was like I didn't know what to do, and I I could feel the engine like. I could smell it. You're probably going to blow up
right. So do some standing in there I'm trying to figure out what to do via it and as soon as I realized what happened, I just didn't take it that seriously. You know what im like giving care like invulnerable, kind of magical thinking, mere hey, what's meant to happen, is meant to happen. You weren't hurt. I wasn't I had probably a little bit, as you know, a joint problem with my heel, yeah, that was about it and you're shit. Faced yep and a mass steady, your state patrol yeah trooper pulls up it's like late late at night and he comes over and he
me out of that window. That is now you know weighing on the ground and he said before I rest you. I just want you to know that I've been workin the ship for twelve years and every time we come out there, we we come, which shovels and plastic bags to scrape the blood pouring that's left a view into them. He said you were lucky bastard and I was just yeah. You know like any one of us beat the crap out of me, so I spent the night in the station. Somehow I I was let go home, but what happened was I never showed up the court over that near a year later. They re contacted cause. I was nine payment. Rent a judge had my record earlier and he goes wait a minute. Aren't you supposed to be a you're going to jail for this, sir?
payment around, I don't care about this. You know actually yeah, and so they put me in charleston jail, which is a pissy smelly through, hundred year old, but steel, which is now luxury condominiums. Therefore, but on a warm boston night, you can still smell three hundred year old, piss yeah. You know already in jail for probably close to two weeks. I think- and I I just figured it out right then, and there I'm a quick study. Air It takes me the hard way to learn everything, but I figured it out. I said you know cause you have to go. How did I get here and I can't go anywhere I've got people bugging me for anything. I have in my hand, if you have a common, your hand gone, you read the sports page gone. You know anything you head was somebody else here. Yeah
and I realize I leaned into it. No, I wasn't scared because I was in a daze, you know like, like he just got hidden I hadn't waken up right, so so I get out of there and I come back and and people saw the sky who the devil had been cast out or purged totally from me. You are just like this crazy man. Yeah an alcohol. Well, being irish, I know that it's there's way more to it than alcohol on being an alcoholic. It is a alcohol, gallic experience here. Oh yeah, it's the drug of irish poets, you know, madam bottle. That was your music, because, like your infamous by the time, I got air and aid in your already sober by like yours. This sir, known wild man yeah. But you remember most of it now. My legend loomed large, but I didn't know what it was.
but you are like this voice guy, your word, the voice guy. Yes, yes, but I happen to be good, even in a black out here, I would do so yeah and I wouldn't even remember doing it yeah yeah. It was like the talent part just totally took over yeah and overrode. The whatever part of the brain makes you act like a shit, fuck yeah, you know yeah. So when you got sober, what did you do, and I to take an assessment of myself and figure out where I am in relation to the business in the world and everything and a guy. howard stern, was starting to make noise out of washington dc than he was syndicated philly in new york you don't wanna, be cn doing those bits. Yes, since I was there from eighty one to eighty nine
so yeah. I was working on numb. The howard stern show when I moved to new york how'd you get that gig was our sister station right and I went there to work and production, and this before sternest stern who is starting to make up the big noisier, yeah yeah, real quick. I mean he would say We're talking about man took me forever, and you know he was pretty cool When I first met him, he'd be like you know, whatever you, you know, I know you're new in town. If you need to get acclimated I'll help you out and all that in new york see here when I would warn you know they would just get off the air and I was come in, but it was new york in new york city on west fifty seventh yeah yeah. You were coming into it from the fifty seventh or something, and you were doing the next show. What do you mean? No, I would go in and do production, okay station business right. You know like and, and you know, cause I had a head full of big dumb announcers year and if you wanted to be a pro, he had to sound like these big
dumb announcers, who loved far away above everything else in the universe the sound of their own balls vibrating in carrying them a wheelbarrow here. You know coming to watch those red rum and they would like dad that hamburger helper eleven fifteen right here on aurora and a lot of them were still doing that here and it was like madison av was filled with these big, dumb dinosaurs that were about to go home. I think air and then the breed came along. They were raptor like they were more facile. They were quicker. They were more versatile enter little dumb announcer like me, and our and the guys that I came up with what was that's out. You know it was just like. Let's try to stay away from that, because by then people knew If you were talking on the radio someone's lion to date, they put that together. by then in the eighties. Here you know I just start
soon commercials and I would put my own spin- I made off the nose choices for everything and then I get this job auditioning for everything- and I was He in and out of work with your relationship with stern. We always to be on the show like three days a week I'll be in the room with him, I'd be in the room here, you know any would just suddenly come up in the new year and he would- He would have heard me ruminating before the shall yeah. Like most that thing you would do, and you know it s like the first time he called me. I was at home, because the day before he was not, the errand eaten his big potato, and I came in and lucy was like at the cedar sinai. You know it was almost a good night funny, lady yeah, and they were showing the and by clips on tv grape, stopping here I said- ah poor lucy here, so I come and I started doing the no estrogen lucy for stern
Why are you people bothering me? He says, should starts coming out of his nose potato, not there yet he's choking. I lived a very long and prosperous life. You know instead of gear- you was a rare gay, so so he was doing It goes I'm going to call you tomorrow morning, man, he he let me I'm going to have, Eric call you tomorrow morning. You do that. Just do that, so we Yet there in the first call was like a thea cedars sinai. Yes, it is. no, I was just like every living. There stood a searching for words, yes, yes, it is when I talk to lucy is lucille ball there, so it turned into a ramen moving to call lucy you know, and it sounded very real as if it were happening in that here Lucy yeah, you don't
and you have to hear the entire bit. It was so dark, but it was like irresistibly funny yeah. I know live radio and doing that stuff where you have just a it's like. It's all. Theater of the mind shit, it's so Lucy, your parents, you saying your parents, when we read that when you were a little girl, they used to chain you to the clothesline. The dog harness around here and lucy would say you say it like it's a bad thing. and in stern was like love. He was just wanted to play the very bitter end and boil boy. The next morning, this gossip columnist, this biddy name keg cardella. The daily news is going. I heard the most horrifying thing on the radio and those like shame on you stern year. When he use I e loved it and he loved it here. He loved it and I would characters would evolve as I would do those boston women yeah that was screaming about bus. In that beach. This is gas in beijing
Who knows why beat wasn't meant Riyos this city pride, the bus from. Why was the gun, the worldwide beads? You know why grew up here, all this stuff and then a black. I would call in illegal. I know that's really was now. That's really why? Oh, my god, you bad. You know so most people understood that it was pointing up the grotesqueness of races, yeah yeah. How long were you? stern and for a few years I left in nam ninety five to come out here. So I got that yes, so I got to do a lot of stuff, but I auditioned for Ren and stimpy year and I worked with John k when he was doing beanie and cecil, which lasted six episodes, and I was playing cecil, the seasick
the urban here, John Kay created Ren and Stimpy, and this is also where I met my today. Partner and creativity is Jim Gomez and we have a podcast. Do you mind if I talk about it, What were you I'm all over the map? Mandatory buddy, I'm sorry, sir. I I check him. I found I had a d yeah like about a year ago. Haha. I couldn't wait to tell my friends. I was like a guess what that's stupid adhd and this guy looks goes you paid someone to tell you that we know yeah. Now everybody knew but dumb, but anyway we thought would be funny. Idea did just to create something is for fine, I mean just for the fun of it like yes and its billy was poor. Cares dot com and there's barely time for me on my own show, because there's all these disruptions and non distractions people coming in
yeah we're arrest warrants or somebody rolling on the phone or whatever. But it's me yet course: yes, but also bring in my voice over friends, not the interview yeah you know, because the autumn work that would be more If the same like you know it was like. Okay, that's my interview and I didn't have to put anything into it right. So I created content and I wanted these guys to play people from my real life year and I have just priceless performances from my very own friends that inspired I mean this day and it's all produce you guys spend time. Yet we have to hear an and the problem with that is that people want to keep em every week in its difficult, yeah to produce it, and I can talk but I'll. Hang myself. If I am allowed to be mean, talk, yeah yeah, so you better off do in bits. It's better off crew, in character, ryan. You know we created a character named Billy back stood. I don't know who I name that after but the way I was
in a real, the old data yeah. What we lack any sounds like body rich. You ever hear those your buddy urged by on clams. You guys are playing clams from me up here. Will I wrote the chart too I'll take manhattan, we could take manhattan debt, a fuck off but right now to night and it's sort of like bad and he's billy bastard, pretty you Mary did you that guy billy back Everybody is your I do. We, yellow, I would say, in and I and I had like the long capacity and certainly the vocal yeah? I can't say my gentle knows belied my great strength. I think it was just a demon power it's like saying that I have the blood sugar of eighty one single, don't mess with me. That's the guy
what I would say. Shit like that mere yeah. Just because I was the silliness was always there. So when you did running skimpy, that was that was your big break. Yeah, it's weird kind of rebirth of animation for a new generation of young people, yet on mtv rhyme tv- and it was huge yes and originally I audition for both voices. Yeah, that's what does john crystals he wanted and we actually went to mtv to do alive pitch near the, minute nickelodeon, and it will be more this right out of the movies like right of the storage. Zambia authorities near with is a broom get a little mike on it more in a closet up the street from Kurt laughter's, yet fathers right,
and and we're in there and I'm reading the script as both voices he goes in. He comes out a half hour later. He says: congratulations! What you just did solve the shell houston John Chris and I said wow, you know so they get the show and production they sold. The show and any john decided that he was going to do the voice of Ren year and I didn't give a fat frog's ass. Who did what I was lucky to have a job yeah. I was thrilled to death, so I did Stimpy origi. who was based on Larry from the three stooges except you couldn't make it sound like a depressed old jewish guy. You know a moment hernia, I dont know how to think of us, stooge guy. You are but Larry's the most sublime sublime peripheral voice, I've ever heard life, behavioral careful you now millions of my money. Didn't you, then it should please come back to haunt us. You know it was priceless,
already said I'd be like you know, cause I watch stooges every little frame, everything in the end. It was like somebody trying to get more out of them. Lobster long after it's done like a sucking the legs and for green shit. You know, maybe that's edible and I began to watch the corners of the pictures. Instead of the obvious focal points in the gags zaire and larry was always making faces. oh, no, you don't show up scenery, yeah, you know and the like that all I love that bert. I fell in love with this voice, but I didn't care about I mean I didn't early on care about it. Everybody knew more and everybody early could do curly and you know they could do the voices, but nobody gave it to him hot larry, so jack. Chris Lucy heard that earlier on, we recording benin cecil and I was doing less
and he he said, do you know that Larry fine voice, as he did stooges yeah. So I want you to do that for Stimpy and what happened was you can't have them sound like Larry, because it's not a spark that really adhered to a cartoon character than to adhere to a cartoon universe, so he spread you know, and then it became like a sped up. Larry layer, you know, hey, ran we'll black, nay in one room would be like you shut up your phone yes, he shall deal and drag fired after the first season and I wasn't his partner. I wasn't like his creative partner. I think I was a hired gun here and they they came an audition below it came back to me and in these thought he wasn't. He spoke to do it in the first place, so I re additions and I did both parts. You know I had nothing to do
their battle right. Nothing would learn in kind. He said you know. I said, I'm sorry that you know you get dumped the eyes like. Well, you don't have to do the show. I'm, like, I don't think works like that. You know produce offering nothing and plant is wanted you to do as bidding. Does he get fucked? Yes, yeah yeah andy was trying to use me as a weapon against them like in area. If you, What they'll never be able to do is show without you here you know so then I can my bargaining chip would be him. Monsieur use me You got nothing to gain from that, and you'd probably be the one that takes the hit, of course yeah yeah. So you know what it is and I have had all these bad things happen to me. But when I grew up, I realized you know what I never went to asshole school year. Yes,
I don't know. Sometimes what anybody you were. You were an impulsive ass old, not a political, asshole your business, one mash nation ass, where I like, you know I'll play this one against this one right right now lie you calculate yeah, yeah nothin, like that I was, I was innocent up here and she took the gig. So I just took the gig here and you did both voices rather certain reasons after that yeah, and it was a lot of screaming and yellin was great and I did those incidental voices like the announcer you know. I can still be all around. He all doubt why breast What no only raises very existence, you know and I would put the emphasis one wrong. Word yeah, you know like in the next charge at adventure, then your device yeah, but I got it from colonel bleep. Did you ever see colonel bleep? When a kid oh see, I grew up in the fifties here. Colonel bleep was this ale.
And who was like an astronaut or commander, and he had a cave man with them in a puppet, and it was animated, really early, primitive and the announcer on the show it was at this fever pitch all the time near yeah. It was like How does this guy not pass out? Yeah crises always up there now and all that's the kind of works in all of it goes in your perker later, in whatever you spit out. Is it's not like you clip something from somebody? It's
it's a hybrid ria of what you're in for yeah and you're, also integrating, because you grew up like you, you know you brought a bill co and you I mean that stuff and jack many I mean that stuff was stuff that you saw as a kid. Yes- and I was really influenced by that. But when I saw cartoons for the first time and I was able to read, I looked at the credits and I I just have heard ten voices or so and I'd see two names in the credits but like what the tex avery stuff or wall of it, yeah yeah mel blanc, one voice yeah, and he was the first guy. I guess that got credited yeah on the title cards. Did you ever meet him? Yes, I did yeah in nineteen eighty yeah yeah he did you guys, do dual voices. No, he got mad at me, though he did yeah. I was yelled at by mel blanc. Why I didn't get yelled at that sound. We were in clark university. MR mass, it's an old. I know, let's go wooden hall yeah. I don't know about now, but here comes mel blank. I just happen to find out
I'm sort of that conference or pan our oh. You mean you went to see. If I went to see him in it was a voice and slide show yeah. She was given a wider Andy event. We showed a cartoon yeah, but he very was the guy you known whose he was bugs. He was elmer five. Who was he was every what barney rubble he was pepe le pew tweety bird sylvester, the cat yeah yeah, He wasn't just a collection of witty little voice right. He could really act his ass off on every one of those character like they were separate entities here, which is what you use. You spoke to aim for right. And there you go see him and I and he's all done- and I said: oh man there goes he's going to be any cause If anybody wants autographs, can you make a line over here? That's we sort of really sounded, and so am I up and a body slam and little kids in check and amended. The board's rose in that and he looks up any goes you let the little kids go first,
you know, and when I met him, it was like it was like that. Is it a painting, I guess it is yeah where, where man is reaching up, sphere and then there's god, Michelangelo. With these rapport with his index finger o yea and this earthbound dude is turn get some of that dna yeah! That's what it was like meeting him. Yeah, oh well, What was it like to like when you got the opportunity to play characters that were established by male blank? I did space jammed yet and they got the white. Would Michael Jordan to dock the closest thing tore religious figure that we have opened. I got paid and carrots, you know I was. I was just doing it to be faithful here, but see everybody has their own perception of what faithful is. They might be thinking about one decade or another decade,
if the directors were different and yeah you know, and one person would lean in Ivan reitman was directing me and somebody over at warner. Brothers would lean in the door and go. He sounds to jewish kid. I think for then update in know how and then somebody else would pull. Candy goes he's not tough enough. gotta, be more brooklyn, ok with bugs with anybody. They were doing what they thought. He was like. Everybody had a different perception at sea. To me of bugs, and I was trying to please Ivan right right. That's the only name mattered to me I was doing it that way, and you know it wasn't embodies cup of tea, there's people that are stuck on a certain kind of bugs. You know he should have been the one that was really irreverent, like you know, eaten a carrot like hey screwy that kind of what you don't squarely and solid, more amsterdam around
Here's the comedy spot so so had moved to california from new york. Gallows stern show And I get out here and everybody knew who I was right. It was like an electronic business. We ran stamping yeah, yeah and own before it left new york. I had been doing the red eminem get cast for on the commercial, the american landscape. What was that guy? Have you every nay united like my wise, ass boys, yeah yeah, allow the commercials are great there very artistic and money. I think I've heard from a lot of people- and it plays every day- some theatre here somewhere and it's like were sick. Eu man put the course. Didier good, I'm sick of me. He s so So I got a lotta commercials yeah when I
the way I did tons of em and what was that? What is the next big for you, the big advantage? the wife career nineteen. Ninety nine matt graining was gonna. Do a new cartoon outside the simpsons here, so we created the show called drama here? That's all I knew about it. Yet nieces they're doing audition. So I get some sides is philip J fry right, soil burg and the professor and an bender, the robe yeah, so I went in and I just did instinctively people go. How do you know what to do? I said they give you enough information about the character so that you can formulate you know what it should be yeah and you just throw shit against the wall, and hopefully one of them will be dead on on the bull's eye and they'll go that's what we looking for yeah. So I did something I did before as a sort of use my own voice, he ever that yeah yeah. Only when I was twenty five and I was whining complaining,
for which guarantee. May I just broke a string for friday, a male spoke a string now want a man. Do you don't that's exactly what I sounded like I was like. Oh man, we don't have any tubes. The amp just blew up now what the fuck am I going to do a year and in so I just injected that in there and I did the zapp Brannigan, which phil hartman was supposed to do, and I met phil hartman when I first moved out here yeah, but in new york he called looking for me before I left and my wife I called in coming from new york and she said guess who called here looking for you, I said who said phil hartman I said: do you know how many guys I know that could pull an elaborate prank like that when she goes? No, it was him and he left his number. He wanted to say hi yeah, I'm like
They will see on the set a news, radio yeah. I call him back in its hammond egos and I just wanted to say hi, I'm a fan of your work and I was like well. I can and know who you are. Do you know and I venture to Madame yet in he was eager to help me get acclimated india. He was the most generous of spirit, the hours and he had no like was covering anybody else's talent or right form and right now he was secure in yahoo and what he was yet and so we found out. We had that big, dom announcer love, you know those he had done them here and we talked about those guys and we found out. You know it's like I remember a guy named Alex drier. You know, will pull out named jackson back? You know fuel and sound a little the same beer, and then there was. You know the old fashioned guys that we come on the radio and say I have to update the in full, because I don't remember any-
commercials, but today's programme has brought either by bluetooth now brain. Answer comes in a new color blue, bluetooth, no in who talks like that. Only those but one day when you did see it in person or jump they stuck with the act yeah yeah because it gave them. You know people through they were while look at that level. The thing about radio is that it. You know when you do see the radio guy you like you're, the guy yeah. That's probably still happens to you like you're, the just a little nervous, I'll tell you a story. One time I auditioned for a character from dinosaurs, the movie yeah I'm going to do the home game and they couldn't find anybody to do dello, reese's character. Here.
and they they searched high and low. They had black actresses come in and you know anybody would like a masculine ized female voice right and they weren't finding it. So the guy at disney calls my age and said: do you think really just come in and maybe just and I go in and I I nailed it. You know because she had this big boys by relieving hodu. You know when she was off
holy roller two, so she had that religious. You know hellfire rolling around in her voice and and so I'm in there people are like looking like to see who the hell it is. We get somebody and they see this white guy sitting there, but you know I was up for trying out anything yeah anything you throw at me. What's the worst that can happen and they don't use it, but on futurama Zapp was going to be done by phil, but you know he died yeah and it was such a shock. It was horrifying and horrible way, but then they started thinking about the character again and they said do you want to try it and I said well, I have my own version of big dumb announcers that sound similar to what phil would call upon, and you know original really wasn't trying to mimic him, because I had to create a new character here. So I based him on a few dish, jockeys that I grew up, work and with or listen to and one of them
This boys, like this is to use big words like serendipity, guenaud serendipity. And they use the hamburger albert with it. You know, well is seven past five in the morning good morning, everybody you know, and I that just that's the hook. I put that in the end, character get fully the men. I made it with a woman, I credit she's, a beautiful ship, I'm gonna play her brains out with it. It puts this but none of that makes him more important than anybody. Like that's the last word here. No one can top that right. It was beautiful, but it came from something real now, when you do that, because, like you, I've done this very little voice over it's not much different than me. It is different pictures of me by interesting when you're on a mike and you ve got your cancer because
also in attics. You know that there is a complete departure of self. That happens guessed right. Yes, any can feel it you know you're the only thing I know how to do right, except play music, but when you're in it when you're. In those words in your ear you're just completely all your momentum is into whatever those choices you made your completely departed from your yellow, it's out of body experience. There's this idea that you know that we came up with earlier about ino having two, I imagine when you get sobered, I don't love. You gets over the way we get so but the idea of having a higher power that will function for you, this idea of of these forces, or that these things his energies come and go and that everything sort of integrated it seems like that. You, the manifestations,
while these different voices are are part of a continuum of of time and place, and people in frequencies that you've absorbed over time, while the stakes are higher with those things because I wasn't left to run wild. This was a character that was worked on for probably a few years, which won all of them, futurama, yeah and and to get to the point where they chose you to interpret their work. Yeah- I have to have nothing but respect for the artists, intentions, yeah, they're, all artists, all artists musicians, everybody are my bros southern. My heroes were never fucking celebrities, you're still young. You know I mean my heroes were composers, yeah and Da Vinci's, and here you know, architecture. You know people who did something real important, yeah pulled it out of the thin air. We I never worship celebrity. I don't give a damn about it.
You know. All I know is that I want I was bursting to bring something to the table. Yeah. That's all I care about you. I know you can make money or be famous. I just said you know I I I think in all my cockiness early on. I said I think, if they put me in something I'll find a way to make it better Yeah- and I lived kind of by that, but I took the responsibility real carefully. So you had to create a character yet craft crafted the same way. They did to arrive his character. You don't mean that mean like there's, no vigilante, there's no right long ranger in this process and there's no midway thing it off. No, no, So, in other words, you say you see this thing happening in front of you, it's like because their real to me, I took them very seriously: yeah yeah and its paid off yeah. It's uh. It's really special. It's like you know it's a hard feeling to describe every mostly every day I walk in a room full of genius level perform and my people don't even know who they are
but yeah thanks to the internet that lately or not lately, I'd say in the past fifteen sixteen years people were starting to know who does what right, and that is the coolest thing in the world yeah cause. I do these comic book conventions, I'm going australia yeah. All these people knew me from nick toons yeah, and the little kids know me from something that I just did like the seventy for disney yeah. These are beautiful. Kids, because there were me yeah, yeah, they'd, have this obsession something that mostly nobody else cares about, except the people. Your with right and real nerds die, recognise the energy, and I said that was me, an idea that- and you know that noise is that's a dentist who left his door, but here is working on sundays. on a very big mouth like shit,
Tis, more larry, With them down somewhere in a more personal, my shoe is there's something just about their voice. That week I love that you love it because I wouldn't have ever looked at it that way, but go back and watch it. I'm gonna little that he says it's like you to make some Keith richard of the stooges. Suddenly, suddenly, you know who charlie now he's a big important guy, yeah yeah yeah, in all their all bells. All these women bell of the ball, anything, you say I beg you live along the careful now he was. He was in a nursing, home and woodland hills, yeah yeah and I had a friend one of the guys from the stooges began- went to visit him
regularly and he took a big beta machine and made a beta tape of larry sitting there. It's black and white you've seen it. I have seen it and Larry sitting there and they set up the interview and he's like all day. You know cause he has had like three strokes yeah when there was a picture that he'd created that he drew of mall behind him in an old firehouse short that they did yeah yeah any like you know, he shrugged out boom still had his Sense of humour and the guy says what was sir, what was more like. Well, you know use very sweden man and he me out of a word of will act in occurs, the stooges we're looking for one guy, the eta fit in with, the the crazy man in the bosman yeah. So he said I was playing violin And it is they jagged would the hany sisters here? You know we never heard of these here
thank god, gotta get out of their mole. Just pick them up and said you gonna be a stooge here and so very was under my god it it's like. You know what people used to say. What are you getting out of this. Ok, we don't. We know you dont, you not big. On school, what are you getting? I didn't. I couldn't explain it, but here I was learning commute timing beyond made it performance and acting yeah. You know where you are, as a voice over guy act. On those words, sure, of course you know smart enough to. I went to still adler while I was in new york on stern and oh, my god. I was cramming like a super college student. I remember reading man and superman almost overnight archer bernard Shaw almost overnight and I had learned the pro logged henry. Fifth overnight. Yeah yeah cause- I was too busy during the day runnin around new york had that go for it, the class
you learn anything went to some stuff. I could not do right by this particular teacher yeah. Could she said to me all right, we're going to have you do examples of a covered entrance, one with that is like to slip in and be in bed. about a in plain sight, no wasn't even that. I never understood what it was. Now I never could get it right right, oh you know, and then I meet real actors and celebrities that are my friends and I meant That makes it I never heard of You know it's like when I worked at the boy rivals work the boss, enable shipyard when I was like. Seventeen eighteen know I was little more than fifteen and I was a carpenter's apprentice working in the ba building shops that made stuff for wartime, and I was putting together a sawhorse and this one guy comes in one carpenter goes hey: where do you I should encounter the nail holder for towards european mail. You know it so he should.
Me his way go. Ok, ok, we're not gonna hit. My thought I was when ok and then another small comes and goes. You know like what the fuck are you one. You know same exact thing. He said who taught you ought to do that said this other views and yet- and he did it his way here. So I learned something that I knew when when I inherently in my heart of hearts, I learned at ten years old it doubts were fully shit ever everyone's gonna be right. They got the way everybody gotta be right and random yeah yeah yeah? I never thought of the adults like that. but realized what I realize deep inside what I'm seeing hypocrisy and double standards, and I'm goin. I didn't but the phrase what I just said, these people for shit just like me and that's a that's, an important lesson, or it is isn't it up. There is great talking to great talking,
two. I I one of the meat you for a long time. Yeah, I'm glad we do, because I followed you from Boston, Daniel stage stuff. I came and sawyer and and then air america europe you're are on there and I I tell people today when they use the word Sheeple and I know the man I don't know yet, but there's a guy that made that up and catches on. I wonder if it was me it was you I know I used it and I use the sheeple yeah yeah yeah. I love that thing, but it's, but it's like lemmings yup, yup I loved I love doing our american. I I that I'd done radio before and you I I I'm insecure about my skill. on these might. But I know that my personality comes it doesnt matter at three No you're wit. Your skill is like undefined everybody else until you define yet it's a. I love these mike's yeah, why put your whole miles around the followed.
Had turned into action we'll get as beautiful. Arise, that was billy west, who that was like a roller coaster right of an interview, so yeah We ve got some more doubly f unkind. Uncover dvd have come up with one up tomorrow and what else I could poison guitar I don't my here, though,. For I'm getting old. yeah.
the though messy inquiry together, as I'd hoped burma lives.
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