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Episode 774 - ​Martha Plimpton / Laurie Kilmartin

2017-01-05 | 🔗
Martha Plimpton says she learned how to act on the job. She talks with Marc about her childhood roles in movies like The Goonies, how those paved the way for her work on Broadway, and what she does to overcome crippling stage fright. Plus, Marc's friend Laurie Kilmartin stops by to talk about how she was able to take overwhelming grief and turn it into a new comedy special.

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Oh I'd words do this: how are you what the voters, what the plug buddies, what the fifteen years, what the fuck do? Rules yeah through a new one in there what's happening mariners, my podcast, my podcast, have welcome to it Martha pointed he's on the show and also did a short interview with my friend lorry kill, martin, who, A new special forty, five jokes about my dad dad is on sea, so dot com, laurie and I go way back to the bay area. She's, a writer at the corner. Brian, always one of my favorite comics. and I like her company and she he's a solid. She did a deputy of wild backs, good stuff. Oh you know what I want to say. As some of you know the bruce
The episode picked up a lot of traction. We are we did. Dare we summer, we did some some lifting fur. cable news world and he gets out there in this way, this quick baby sort of way Where I dont know. If people really engaged, I know most, You did mostly bruce fans, certainly people within the show did by, but what the quick eight diminishes and what the appalling a couple of quotes that bruce made about tromp out of that interview, sort of diminishes the does the scope and breadth of the interview. That was a very unique and debt compelling indeed conversation, great artist that just gets? up in this whirlwind of cable, bullshit and sort of like. I know a lot of people enjoy a of people, listen to a body, it sorted it bugs
because I hope that people go is doing out there. There's don't respond to maybe a click bay garbage segment? They go, listen the whole thing. It was a our with with bruce bring steam is give very memorable thing for me to go out to jersey I too am sorry I'll be enjoyed it all right. I just picked up a copy of the while the innocent, the e shuffles I was called. I didn't have that one. I wasn't it. The other day in its great it's great gone back into the old bruce catalogue. It's great! Listen! The garbage people are coming and by that I mean, there's some sort of weird army of pirates and evil doers rising literally the garbage trucks are out there. Thank god, You never know with the holiday thing. What are they going to? Are they going to come the day after they are going to come when are they coming? I went to the doctor. Maybe is what I should do. That's what I should do right now:
tell you how you guys, who are like fifty or in your fifty your avoiding the doktor, because you have a fear fingers go, go, go you really cieca, don't die some stupid. Don't I something preventable yeah. I panic, I go and I'm gonna go get another task, but everything tests out. Fine and I'm ok. Thank you for it. Asking but go away, go get the check up. If you can I guess that's as good a way as any to evolve into conversation with that I have with my friend lorry kill, Martin, whose special is it sort of a bit humanity bit comedy special, but all revolves around her father's death. For from lung cancer, and I have not had to deal with that yet, and I imagine is coming if I don't go first and I thought it was a very interesting way was a very honest way in a very bold way for a committee
and to deal with the with the death of apparent couple years ago. When she was almost ino obsessed we tweeting about her fathers hospice care. dealing with their fathers. Illness has away to cope for herself, but I believe it helped other people. I believed it certainly helped her in my it helped her old man but death specialists. We are talking a bit about that and then moving into the actual performance of these jokes at revolve around this. This, very real theme that a lot of us seem to avoid. and so I was excited that that I fought to give her a call and have this chat with her so This is me, and a lorry kill. Martin, especially did is like half doc almost work. Order doc, I think it's a third die
third dog gap and then light two thirds would be the stand at the atlanta yet, and I watched it, you did. I did I was saying I know you told me like. I didn't have to watch it, but why would I do that to you? Well, cause you're a comic. I would never want or demand or expect a comic to watch a comedy. But I look, but I know you I, like you yeah. It sounds like you're some person that just shot me an email. I just watched special. I know, but still you know, and also its very compelling The angle yeah, it's a little different yeah. It's it's called forty five, joe only five jokes about my dad dad, but you're dead, dead, yeah, fortified jokes about my dead dead. I didn't know what that was going to be, but it's really that yeah yeah yeah I I would do my dad. I'd couple years ago. In fact, when I did my my long form diabetes, you the day a dropped as the day he went into hospice, real
yeah. All that was going on yeah that was rapier yeah see. Not only did I not pick that up when you were here, but I miss the entire twitter event of his passing and I follow you, that's how self involved. I I I guess I must have registered at some point. I have always ok, but I didn't I didn't phenomenon happen. I was like. I should be re tweeting, my wtf more, but I'm I'm really busy helping my dad die. That was it probably yeah. Sorry, I didn't promoted as much as I said. Oh no, he was fine. He had bigger things. Currently, writing a show, but yeah doing some creative work, but but- thing was that I didn't realize that the inception of it was because you were, I, it almost seems compulsively tweeting out the process of your father's dying right right. And there are some things you said in the doktor, I thought were in the special thou really trysting, just in terms of comedy that went when you start,
go through it in, and I started to realize how frequently why that you were almost obsessively into it. Yeah too two insulate yourself from falling into up a complete darkness. Yes, that that it was serving you and that there were some a moral and ethical questions. You had ask yourself either during it or at least in retrospect, really seem that at the time and people began to follow you cause. You are tweeting doing these jokes about in dying of cancer, at the time, you didn't seem to have a choice, know it, and I was trapped in a house in in my house, my parents house, with I sister my mama, my dad was just us and he had a few visitors and stuff. Yet that's just enough to make you crazy, even if everyone's healthy, but when someone's dying, then you just you're about to go off the deepened right and he had had one cancer. Yes, You knew that. So this is all the the arc of it right now the timing he got to hospice care at his house. It you know
you leave. You had moved through this process yeah, but you still don't think your dad's. You still think get near doubts can be that one guide I went into hospice and beat it in there lived to be a hundred and run. It still cannot fathom that share persons going to be guy who's diverse. that you ve lost it. You know equally first big loss right pretty late and, however the while he was eighty three, that's like you know, that's all! That's a good! That's your derive! Gonna run. You can't complain you can't so, but the so you, you thought that you knew he had cancer. I imagine you weren't you up there infrequently gap during it yet jerry merrily at least probably like every we cannot fly up and then and then on the phone concept. Lee rioting. All of our phone calls yeah eureka, The phone call yes from the beginning, as soon as he got sick, I started recording every. Why I I just will, first of all some as he would start talking, that, his life and his past. I wanted that, and I don't know I just
I would want to hear it one day right. Interesting, so I guess- you're right it, because when you are engaged in it, you don't always hear it and you can't necessarily remember everything right and there it does come. A time where I think I eat I really know your parents know until this happens. they get to all to realise it. They're telling you shit, they're not supposed to you and you also don't know like you: can you can prepare like my mom is still alive and it should be preparing myself and I should be ready for her too. Go, but I know I'm still as annoyed with her, as I always am, even though I know she, seventy nine and it said the rough seventy nine and I still can't do, even though I know the steps I should be. You know getting all this. Information, unjust, hugging or in holding, or instead still can't, but ino stop myself from snapping She invades any sort of or cry
is an emotional boundaries. Well, you know it is their fault. That really is. I tell her that every day, good. Well, that's kind like I love it aren't reality it off my words There is an understanding of the tone year of the family yeah, but but you said something in the dock part where he said day that the jokes- I don't know if you knew it in, in the time you are tweeting it because you did like it became the phenomenon you tweeting about your father's illness and I think it became phenomenon, because your everybody deals with that to some degree. Unless people die suddenly everyone's gonna deal with Yeah, why conan said in the in the documentary part of it that your death and dying is something we moved out of the house that people the fragility that net to people? We don't really it connect within any more gas, and he brought up that amazing point that it used to be people when
a little kid you'd go to. Someone's house noah's ark, a bed in in living. They re yes, because someone's grandparent was die. Yes, somebody every family had a dying member right yeah. Why are you in that room? Yes, and it just is it's not part of our culture anymore, and I don't think I don't think that people detach from the feelings that are connected with that, but the actually detach from the event of it. So it seems that a lot of people were like. I went through this, or this is amazing You know we're all gonna have to deal with this and and then this support came right. Yeah yeah, but the thing you said was your control: it was a means of control right, it was like you're having something thrown at you really hard and fast and and alright. This is how I catch it and I'm going to push the ball away or give me the next one you're just constantly. Maybe it's like having a tennis ball machine
in just coming actual when you're just marry them always quick, please pass and that's what we do anyways, probably before we were comics as funny people or as people that have whatever it is the sickness. Yet that enables them to do comedy there. How we managed emotions or deflected emotions are dealt with. Anger dealt with sadness, yeah. What to get a laugh, you are at least three It somehow that you know we could be comforted yeah and in its it's also more fun to deal If a dating situation goes awry, you know you I couldn't granted or knuckles. Let me have added my new minutes. You know, and so, when I got a couple of hours when it something that isn't as fine to go through it is you know it's in it's interesting at least tackle it the same way as you tackle all the other crap that have in your life and when you were in it and when you are dealing with it when he did come to the house for those nine or ten days, because I can
Imagine it and yet I think about my own death. More than anything else, we very selfish that now my parents are much older in there the erratic we gonna get it first. Bulgaria will preoccupied with with my health and concern, but I address- Gas, but I mean, was there any asshole? as it was, did it become something that you could understand just as existentially as a person like that like did it become easier? You know, as he was really dying there in the house yeah, because I could talk to somebody about it that wasn't my sister or my mom, who is also that we are all just freaked out, so it was a away to college friend right now. I didn't hear my comic right. They dont have friend, not half and just as have other comics. I know your ears. Are you out of their friends fuck up up up there
It's a party, I don't know you're her real friends. You won't contact me. They have dinner. I don't know what that means. Is that what you talk about forget said: Its we're just gonna sit there and what I don't know I don't know the guy she's with the fact that now we couple thing anyway yeah by but outside of this support you're getting from the stranger yeah, which must have been comforting. I grant very comfort and people are coming buying stuff yeah, my dad My dad had a few friends. He like dog park, friends. They came by and family members came by, he was conscious all whole time for them: till the last day he was now. Yes, he he'll high Harry? I yeah he was like a war that korean war, vat and never complained and where's was even to give morphine he wanted he held out until he is paying was at a ten and then then he started taken morphine all the time, so quite high at the end. Well, there you talk about the morphine in the bin,
yeah but yeah. The interesting thing about the the special is that you know you. You were you. I guess you learned from doing the jokes. You know outside of the twitter stuff that if there had to be some balance to where you didn't seem insensitive like he like you, had to address the fact that you were grieving and that this wasn't just these weird coulis, jokes yeah. It's weird I mean I I sometimes I get angry when the audience it doesn't go immediately down a callous path. You know what's wrong with you, people if you have normal feelings, you want me to know. I love my parents first before I tell you, I want them to die or yeah. What's wrong with you guys, don't assume that yeah you do have to yet. You have to hold their hand a little bit while there is some some footage in the from when you were running the jokes yeah and that moment well so awkward I mean
well, yeah, because what? What what is it exactly explain? I this happened twice in one time I had it on video aware I wish I was in the middle of like a regular nightclub, sat irregular, comedy club and eight, and I have this little check on my dad. I'm working on he's already dead and damn it's about whatever, and it's hard to go into now, there's no regular material that set you up where it really well, you have a care to talk about that. We are aiming at. Right and dad saturday night. Why we're here, lady? What are you doing right and plus he was now lee debt, so I wasn't good at talking about it in the interesting thing out us, since we don't have the friends as I am going to processes shit in front of a room for strangers without having a handle on right, right, say, suggest even practising saying my, I died like. I guess, I'm okay at saying it now cause it's been two and a half years, but you know two months after I was like what
you know I was hard to get out. You were in it, so I think he wins. If you're not completely comfortable with the topic, the audience picks up on it. So I I do think it's partially my fault for for talking about that stuff and in front of her? He- and he you know where I had- were the other material, been just very polished and then also not only is it new material, but it's a really tough topic for me to you to be casual, and in odyssey I mean. Theoretically, if you know anything about death is true that you know you hadn't, really process the feeling, crowds yeah right and this as you like whether you want knit it or not. This was how you were process, yes yeah, so you dragged people through paying customers of unpaid alot of I'm had groupons and ridiculous.
What kind of aid, but no I know that experience only from talking about you're, not not anything, is bad, but when I was going through that divorce yeah, where I was just that was where I was doing it and gamble were horrified. I am no no handle on the emotions. He ain't heard that well yeah. If you in a you, give em a fifteen solid minutes and then you can you take five for yourself and then you give em the rest of the time it should. I think it's a good, but I insist, a good deal. Of course, by, like you know the, and also with you, is that you know you write jokes yet, like no. You said you know you have that control like with me, I'm just like this speech this burden you have just made. We will land somewhere so going into a euro like well. This this is, structural, it's a jet right. Yet I not going to cry at the end of the s, not part of the piano. So what did
ap and what were those two incidences? I I saw I it was hard to hear what she said by she. She she said my mom just went into hospice and I don't think this is funny and- and so I just sort of talked her little bare, and then I ended up buying or a beer and climbing stage and giving her hug and that turned out to be enough. Is there a zone if you get so a hug and buy them appear year? Nobody, but ultimately it somebody who's like you not at this stage a rat yeah dealing with it, and I don't think they were being critical view. The there's just no waiting for them to see it is money, emotional reaction, light it was worse than when I was in seattle. I did a guess sat like attempt to guess. Sat on a saturday show yeah, you know somebody else's show. I was just up they're trying to work the stuff out, and so it's a great crowd and I'm I was like I'm doing this material? No matter? What right I gotta work on, I gotta work on it and it's kind of work,
and then you know there was when she ended up dropping it, but it was like some kind of cremation joke and it went nowhere and then summit is that silence gave somebody the space to to go, This is often works or whatever and state my dad died and her dad had just died. Like probably the same time, my dad and then she just she stopped the room and there are very high heels. It was that the underground nuclear underground erase the new one with the food they climb out clapped out any saturday. You know every come comedic instinct, it's a great saturday crowd like me, just mop this with five killer minutes, and you know I just kept going at her at her my body to keep bombing so comforter ball and initiatives
walking up the stairs like it took her a minute to clump out of the room and the audi they could hear in her sank him up afterwards and apologised and and said you know we had. I made up with him. I guess, but she was gone. well, I mean, theoretically, you know, that's the appeal breathing that it would have been to clamp without talking take your shoes off very and walk out. Silent right will that we want generates a sort of like you know. Instead of running the show, just leave yeah and come back when the hour guys yeah you that's etiquette, but but it is emotional shit, so any just you just did it. You just kept pounding aware yeah, it's the help and it must now it always helps get information from the audience on whether a joke works or not, and why? Why doesn't work? You know. That's also like that. I think that trunk that I was working on that she walked out on. I just dropped because it wasn't stronger yeah so that I mean it
to me the right answer. I says you're feeling. Yes, it will help me realize this this this path, I'm trying with these jokes, isn't gonna work. So let me just pull up and work on it at their stuff that his work you know what it's interesting because, like you know, watching the sat watching this stuff for your sister an increase in zaire and yeah. I'm always happy. She can learn and patten who is post his horrible tragedy ass. and who else popped up your family, yeah you're, my era, yeah, french, Harold. Is that you know once you're on stage. You know you can tell that you know you set it up like this. happy what it is and You'Re- ok with it like you process, your grief at that point, yes, for the most part for the most part, have immense after yet still still fresh men. I look at it now and I think that it, but I think that joke I tell better now I could show at her yeah right right right, but by you
you go out of your way to two, like, I think the jokes about you crying are really important you in our house nike, you, you be like you visit and she is sociopath. If he's not is watching her avoid the processing yeah yeah yeah. Well, it's! It is definitely asserted groundbreaking special, that's funny and it was moving and I would now worded workin. Is it out you idiots out it's on sea, so oh yeah, you're you're, one of the crew. That's doing I am national. How does a career I say an option: freed manga, oslo, good vladic, comics, yeah anna fight, yet see said outcome ochre and it's called forty five jokes about my dead dead. Her acts will thanks for talking about things for. Having me mark out shaded, okay. Now as I love her,
and you can now she said you can get that special. Forty, nine, about my dad dad at I see so now, We got martha pumped in common up, martha point in who I did not know, I'd never met, but I was excited to meet her martha. plant in is on the at the new abc comedy the real o niels, which airs tuesday nights at nine. Thirty, eight thirty central but she's also been around a long time like my girlfriends hurricane I told her who she was, and I pointed out when she was a lot of time. Sarah doesn't necessarily remember the name, but if I die or to an image or may be hit a trigger with the title. Like These doll world opens up to her. She loves martha, went and martha point. It was her ideal. Female are, type when she was younger when you, why two goonies and martha of women is of a seasoned actress and I
to say quite a new york character. It's always nice to to talk to somebody. Who is this need? It's not happening. It's such teased man just given sneeze giving them fuckin, pay off dammit now happen. so I am always excited too I talk to real new yorkers Martha's. Definitely real new yorker and we get into it, so this is me and Martha Plimpton. I'm not banning, was in here you're carrying yeah. She came over those items of people's right to get all the big shots and then today may you're, a big shot, not really but Europe, you yourself a yeah.
People now who you are it's so weird cause. I had this weird memory of you don't even know if it's real any more- or what was going on in your life or what I was door. Man at the comedy oh yeah, I was a doorman and I was like you know AL jacked up on blow in hollywood and like watching, and it was with that guy Josh miller right, oh yeah. I remember him. He walked around with a hain, yeah yeah he's a character yeah When I was sure well, we heard Donovan's katy s. Yes, Donovan's. I only got yes that is new. I heard aim. Hermione sky was Donovan's kitten, but then he had a son to write named on the right right. I thought I knew I dont member, I only being there that's Donovan's get to you. I didn't know that yeah Her round yeah yeah sure you mine, now people just they become my now. It's crazy.
Men and women they marry, I now maybe or not, or they jump or they just become law, just become arms or jets. Ia Well I mean, I guess, there's a lot of ways to do it. Yes, yeah, but I just in I I dunno I've been married twice and had to you know no kids didn't work out yeah. Well, it's all right, that's right! How about you never married and he had nothing nothing nothing free free anyway, you call that freedom re any freedom just to be alone. With your thoughts he hath right. Well, I got a fella yeah, which is good, but you know, but also he lives over on the other side of the. world sound like literally or how he lives in in london. I thought you said Santa Monica london at. I have no sense of that city. Boats, I guess I can always amazed me there and it's like this. Why history here again the eye
This day I said old one. Yet only goes back a couple of hundred all of this and you're like oh, my god, this house yeah, is a historical monument. That's right! So alright, let's, let's go through the whole thing. Okay, do you want to yeah? Let's step, let's go when you were. You grow up in new york. Two years later I still live there and you drove that car out here. No, no, no! I shipped it out, oh, what is it mean someone. You know I've been here, put it on a are you didn't he didn't want to do. The glories drive across I've done that I've done that thirteen times agenda enough, I'm exhausted but you usually live in the city. I gave you tackling now brooklyn, I grew up in manhattan. You did yeah with actor parents. Well, my mom was an actress until I was like eight also, then she got up yea smartly yeah yeah, but you're dead. to carry can hack it now yeah could bear woman. I started acting, so you really can have just a moment a daughter both acting but your dad welding earning a living. It was just no yad was out here. Oh, he was
That was already done yet I was done before I even came out real. oh yeah, do you have a relationship oh yeah. Oh you got it all right right in that, so I get carradine family, that's right, correct yeah! I have a half brother and sister that my dad we had yeah and harassment around here very much. I love them. That was here. Let's nice, europe's great. How did that we that always easy or did it know it was definitely not always easy horrible. Why didn't we so traumatic, clear it was. It was right why are you look all childhoods? Dramatic, unravel and mine was that other version of it, but
is your mom. I had my mom who's. Who is an actress as an actress and quit it? Did she have bad things to say about it? No, she just couldn't make a living and she need to support us like. I think she did some weird shit in the sixties, right yeah. She did while she did hair that's where my parents met at in the show the broadway show of Hey. Have you ever done here? I sang in a answer version of the: u n, unlike the twenty fifth, the thirtieth anniversary or something of the of the parish yoga. Really at the when you now and some are really yeah. In the big room in a big. Well, I don't know and not in the room where there are eighty eight gorham right now, not now not the heads at a now. Not being translated net up now now, but they broke up before I was born and then my dad and wasn't really around ten. I met him when I was like five year, maybe six he just came around well. I think somebody
The moon was like you know what you gotta, you gotta get on this checking with the kids. It's your kids, like almost than adults, at a call on these five act as these all she's cooking meals? Or do you have to now got to get in touch and he did and then I can see him, maybe once a year for like a week or two, but for the most part is your normal. Yes, and so she was an actress dish Wasn't she and putney swap guess she's a face off girl, yeah yeah, you gave me a dry, have found you get my mom as a problem, moving. I know it's a hugely important moving yet, like anger, I now major like that, like not a lot of people know by now, while they shut the did you am I to what did she tell you what you say but acting to you? What does nothing real? Well, she said she said something you know the standard stuff like it's not argue haste,
agriculture, but not the like. It's crazy, you know, don't throw you I grew up around it. Everybody and I you know it was a foregone conclusion. I was going to end up doing it, so your mom hung out with the crew with the acting crew printing. While all of our friends were actors, all our friends were in the theater. All of them were in some way avant gardy and my mom used to do shows it like top of the gay. Oh yeah. Member, remember, The village gay sure I honour their used to do shows there and yet how they had that the room up upstairs and around europe and my basement debate is being roulettes right. The big concert room that is right, delude goths. That's right, that's right, and she is, did you like these sort of on guard concerts with Elizabeth Lynne, swayed oaths and these crazy sort of shows suicide? The seventy? germany's yeah, I'm the one who's. Nineteen, seventy arts, a year ago in the mid seventies, you're being taken out yeah and seeing weird shit, weird shit, and hanging out with liz waders and in all kinds of people, singing songs made made up words of like we're done movement thing.
Right here, like the woman who wrote this way, those who were runaways vehicle runaway right, so she like do in your members, sure yeah, oh yeah, and now I why imagine if using that kind of thing, Why won't you want to do it? Well, yeah, just what everybody when reviewing the area and it does you know it does yeah. You can do anything. Yeah yeah, you can act like an idiot, does exist anymore, be to a certain degree. Shore I mean there's still a mamma said. There but like. I wonder if that whole, that that arena of light just doing like crazy raw shit, yeah performance art doesn't really it's not as much around anymore. I guess not, I guess it isn't or if it is, I don't go see much of it.
now take the time now had only take the time out. So when did you start working on being an actress like what was why do I didn't start working on it until later, but the first thing I did I was a. I did lives again. She was doing should try if you want to make a movie out of runaways her musical right and an because I was always around when my mom was working. She knew I liked to sing and dance and be a pain in the ass and so she put me in that year and then the following year, when I was nine, she put me in her, showed a hug gotta, jewish jewish Ah, how did we get out of here? I'm running out of work,
She had him. She wrote a musical about the Jews fleeing Egypt and VA. Obviously, the story of passover and ah and Julie. Taymor did all these puppets yeah and there were these big giant masks people wore. I remember the guy playing Moses had a big giant Moses head, yet the moses yeah. That's me that makes an impact when young yeah the most so I did, and that was at the public theater, and that was my first real show and was it a well received, show Why does it was very well received if it was in its doors, puppets, inhuman, puppets in humans and beg hanging and big giant, but paper michel, headset, Julie, tame were made. this was. Seventy nine and remembered xvi. Schooler. Remember him he play.
the rabbi in one of the woody allen movies, I'm trying to remember a problem with Annie hall: yes, he's an Annie hall, he plays the rabbi in that one second yeah. He when we did that he was about one hundred and twenty five, when we did that with perfect age, perfect debacle, yeah yeah, so I did that and then I just kept doing, plays and stuff for awhile, and then, when I was eleven was the first time I did like was started like auditioning for things did you did you train? nah nah nah nah. Now why just headed in what are no people like I just learned on the job here. I think that's what most people like like one like back in the back in the time of dickens, when children would go to work at six or seven to become apprentice, yeah and you learn on the job. That's like me, I'm like, unlike a grimy dickens, child actor
yeah two, you never did oliver perfectly so so you started mostly doing here and you like. Were you like this kid that all these theatre people knew If that's a that's flim kincaid among a certain crowd, yes, maybe a little yeah, and when did you start to like getting successful and well you know that's a relative term, but I talk about. I would say I started making a living at it. Yeah when I was a teenager after the movies yeah when the movie started here and we will review the first big movers movie- I did first big movie- I did was the river rat. I mean it didn't end up being huge hit, but like the first feature, I ever ted who's in it tommy lee jones and Brian Dennehy in me, that was it. It was a big lie. I got a big lead part. I was twelve yeah yeah working when I had to learn how to ride a bicycle forehead. I never learn how to ride by us, because living in manhattan living in an indian right, dad's out here, you're exactly
where you are- and I did not want me to learn how to write about she, won't you, and now she too yeah. They want to worry about it. She didn't want to deal with it. She was too stressful. She she she she wasn't really big bike right or anyway, just wasn't rashly storeroom, my mother, I very much so okay, I wasn't the attacking you guys guys the site. So now you I twelve and your with like your monster, act right, brain danny, he right anomaly, jounce away! where were they did they were they nice? Yes, well rind any was very nice. He was like a big papa bear a guy, very sweet, very affectionate visa
big hands big big guy. What was the relationship over the movie about? I was about. I played a kid who was growing up in the by you re or no, not the buyer, but like on the river near an damn. My father gets out of. jail and meet me for the first car models here, ma and bright any place, his evil parole officer, aha, who's, trying to get him put back in jail. How can you think she's, no good cause he's knows about a big treasure hall like a big bunch or money hiding somewhere else or he's the bag yeah he's a bad guy, yeah and now, like okay, so learning on the job, you know you're working with these guy, the first movie set yeah, don't worry your first. Do I get impressions like? Oh, my god, this is TT I had at last, I loved it. Oh my gosh, I had so much fun. I so much then I go with you yeah. My mother was down there with me just hanging around. Did you have to go to school on the I've got to go on. Is that not all the owner here and now,
in that movie was well enough received that you got more work. Why didn't it wasn't? Really I mean it was. It was well received enough, but it was not hit by any stretch of the imagination right. Is it a? Is it a cult favorite? I wouldn't even say that no one was the last time you took a look at that work. I haven't seen it no hong time. Do you ever look at that? I don't like to know. I think I'm not very probably very good in that, although I was twice so sorry going to give myself a break yeah, but you also probably have that spunky kid charm, exactly that was a tomboy thing, yeah that was sort of like your hook for awhile and not too self conscious, yet yeah yeah. That was the thing well. That was back when we had Tom boys in movies. You don't have that anymore they're, not no. We don't do Tom boys anymore. Haven't you noticed? I I dunno it was. I was really paying attention that we know in the line in the eighties. Remember and draw Janine was kind of like a normal fun failure, or else they were out of india. As you know, like me, I Stuart masterson right right,
like the short haired, smart, clear, my girl, you know, have those characters anymore. Now now why I don't know something happened. I wondered regular things. There was a memo put up. I dont enough was somehow norway has something happened with the with the I dont know, with with ideas about women in saxon, sexuality and pop culture. I don't know what happened a positive or negative. That think is probably a negative. I miss him here reading and look when seeing stories about about tomboy Well now you have seen girls who aren't necessarily always focused on boys and carried off. We don't see it as much of that anymore either. I don't know that I registered that no visa, Why learn something to the here right, just like I I I I don't know and I guess I haven't seen no kid movie in awhile or are we with kids Well, I mean they're, not we! Yes, I don't see that many either, but you were.
What you around now you are kind of one of em, for why that's yeah exactly that. I think that was my niche yet ferdinand goonies big. One right asked another tomboy yeah, what a short we are all syria would haired girls and you know, but that was like a huge movie right massive well, it's funny at the time. It was not that huge and what happened. It's just somehow became came this like classic classic nerdy kidnapping yeah there and who direct that dont originate. I'm gonna do you like when you work with directors de register like like? Are there do you learn things from them? Guess yeah sure sometimes unless their terrible at it. But then you learn another kind of thing like like what jail skies now not to talk. What was it like? Dick down
really was a lot of fun. I mean it was a torturers experience for him because he was dealing with eight teenage children, most of whom were boys horribly loud and noise. Josh bro, Josh, braun, yeah yeah and he was doing I know and now he's like a big massive, huge, important, alias movie star he's a pretty good movies knows very good right, yeah. You watch him in your. Like all my, I always really good supposed to be getting their country for old man- oh my goodness in that, other one milk, oh yeah right? Crazing aerial, easy, really good one. Do you like still know these people not really weird right? I may I consider I mean yes, I know them, but I mean I touch. I know I always. It is one thing I ve learned from doing the show over the years said: money money, you, people,
Not really. None of us people really like what we all see you and you're, like wow they're all hanging out now now you just go: live your life yeah exactly so. For the most part, what did you hit like a place with this stuff like the transition, because he seems like you work constantly are pretty. Thank you write like a working actress, yes and yeah, but when did that the sort of vike spunky tomboy thing? When did you transition late, teens early twenties? I stopped getting work in movies. Did you panic? No, I was annoyed. I was pissed I was. My ego was so wounded yeah, but I didn't panic now working I kept doing plays. I do some indie movies here and there and then
started doing this egg. More television guess spots really and then in my thirties movies, like completely dried up, nothing, nothing, nothing! I haven't made a movie. I think I've been I've done. A couple of small parts in may be a handful of movies in the last fifteen twenty years, but you did like a lotta television tonnes. Bullets are a theatre. Yak thy talk him a theatre me jump cassettes like the real, the real the real deal in a way. What can I do got done, yes, shooting a show for three months. A tv show like the one thing I know I've never done it before and on my own show by not done apart right. Is that the the waiting to act near it? it's kind of daunting I mean like I never really are part of the job. Was you might to sit around for ten hours and you on a movie, particularly what you have to manage your frustration right, you resent
your energy body right to drive a tie that like I've got, you could do you could just grazing grazing raising is never stop at a year this crafty pudd shots right! That's rapid! Like you just watching people on said got like I, gotta managers, as like john with those as tv makes you fatter and theatre, makes you skinnier cause you jack dollar act all the time? There's not a boy! That's right, you get what you get in, that dressing room, what you as you're, going to eat a big meal before the show, that's a bad idea. So usually this like you're you're, you're eating smaller meals, In any event, in an aware, and then during the show, you just sweated all allow right, yeah just have the melons voices that whatever is in single. Whatever is in your right right right. They allergy plates play, they don't provide then anymore. Now now you gotta get your own food.
now beyond the giant ebay goals, a real yeah, but after that, it's up to you because you there every fuckin night near so when, when did you start doing real theatre? Well, that was my own the whole time I mean really all time really here and I was in new york. So you, you're, really worried it or regionally. I worked a lot in seattle. I worked seattle, rep, a bunch that mean you just take residents there. No, I mean at the time my mother was living out there and at the time she was actually married to the guy who ran the theatre there. What age with you, then I was in my late teens early twenties through doing these movies make all over money than I then that dries up, and I do the girl the place now what it? What do you find? The like? It's interesting, that you really had no theatrical training, you've not figured it out yeah. I was just grow up around like us.
you haven't, you got it like. There's like you, you must have some sort of natural propensity towards it. Would you do up in seattle, which shows, I judge a bunch of em? I did tat, I did a couple of moral premiers. Wendy was resting place, it did heidi, chronicles and sisters rose. Zweig up up there when they did. Did you work directly with wendy when were preparing the sure? Yes, she was that it knows you're funny place where either very funny place. She was phenomenally funny, wonderful, warm sort of jolly laughter. Initially, this really jolly laugh and this jewish stuff. Yes, georgie s Jeff! We could do it. I can hear it like this. Well, I'm a little I'm raise by jews. So it's I'm a little bit like is your mom irish, unlike the charts and of jewishness right right. You're, like you write to the aim of raising the jewish forests by right. Jewish rife sets on the upper wayside right? What are you doing here? I got you know you're, so new york yeah
you can hear your voice. He got that yeah yeah! That's is your mom jewish! Now I would just er my father's very excited that he recently learned. We have some jewish ancestry. Oh really yeah, dutch, dutch, jews. Yeah. Did you ever look at your like the did you ever kind of like look at you're the sort of the legacy, the carradine thing? or like your grandfather, yeah yeah yeah. You never met him though yeah did you do sure. I met him. A bunch of times the original charity yeah he was like oj yeah. He was like what was he? What was the big movies? you played grapes of wrath yea, but then he became like big in the b movies like monster movies, and can play dracula lot. Blue beard he's alive, movies, with like Bela Lugosi yea and how the one you remember medium. He was any is so late seventies. So he's comedy lives still don't spunky yeah yeah. He was only
he was always them very smart wizard of ooh interesting dark. You knows we are matic figure. He s. You know it was a shakespearean. He had. He was a part of his torn chicks. iranian theatre troop for a long time. Will you proud of that legacy? Airy super proud of it yeah and your dad and his? Oh, that your uncle, eva and then there's another one right there, Robert yeah robert yeah. He was in that sam, fuller movie, the big I want to read one yeah. I rate in that yeah, that's a great movie. It is a great moliere like his salmon, namely lad long riders together along, and I ask all the care at all, but all that there are three of them and then it was the queen, brother ryan men. It was the common waiting for government and help me a guest creativity, the guests, they the idea and others they were in it, which I shall watch that again. I should to you like it because it yeah
dance and some pretty great movies, duplicated mckibben, mrs another, even medicine as malaria, yeah all those haldeman movie. That's right, nashville Yeah yeah omen loved him. Yeah many was in that our ralph, yet it and want to help me off movies, and ray moderns, modern yeah. Why? as an alana interested in cool movies. Did you ever go on set with those things? No, never because you weren't out here now, yay, I'm glad you guys get along yeah yeah. We do our tour to talk about like this, you. What were you doing in Chicago? I went out there. I auditioned for a play called the libertine year, which was a stephen Jeffreys play he's an english.
In and it was with John malkovich, and now I will tell you that I was no k. It was ninety once it was ninety six sorry I would even twenty six twenty seven year, ninety six and ninety seven, and yet I saw addition for then I got the job was very, very, very excited because it was a step in the air and you'd by road. Big part. Here, there are you'd, grounded respects stepmom, oh very much, so I don't. I remember when I was younger, seeing that they had filmed true west member chersonese in malaga, that g original, ensuring that coffee idea it's interesting, that they definitely define some sort of like very edgy, not so angry. Very seventy gay airy, yeah style in the eighties are really where I had that we have started in this area. I want to say mentally seventies. All those people came
Are there that's right now and very macabre, tracy letts, waiters right, Jeff perry I saw sinise is very child on Broadway yeah that didn't last long, but is a really good production Great yeah without airy kenny was every kenny yeah under appreciated. I might very much so and and doesn't particularly like acting any more, I think he well he's a friend of mine and I and I he has said that he is reached the point, and this is something I completely get and understand that at this stage, fright has just had
it has beat, has one really so now he directs he's got shown up now at lincoln center that he's just direct of theatrical during yeah richard greenberg play the stage for I caught him yeah, that's he says, and joan Allen too has talked about that too. She had she's got. I think it's. It makes perfect sense to me. I think the more you do it and and the more people end up liking it. It starts to become more and more terrifying, rather than less and less for some of us for some of us you know it's like save stephen fry. You know stephen fry, I know of him he he he's written about at that moment. When I can't remember what the show was that he was doing, but it was in london, it was in the western he was in costume and he he he the stage fright got him any
literally left the theater hailed a taxi and disappeared for like a year. He went off to like an island. No, she was in his costume and he just like ran. He took off and didn't go back to the theater. I did his own interpretation show and he's finally come back to the theater, but it was it took a long time and that's something you experience. I experience stage fright and intense way. Yes, I totally relate to that when I could see that happening. I've had fantasies about running out of the theater and hailing a cab which you're when, when you're in it, though, like does it start or like a week before or just like right, then that day, I'm in like what what is the soon as as soon as we're after first couple of previous, I usually or rat yeah for an after first couple of previous comes on because I'm on stage or out as a stand up and yet somehow or another that that has gone away. Well, that's very, but so the chief went thing. I don't tell me, I don't know me, no, no! No! It's just me like you have to add or just killing. You know. I'm gonna go out there and be myself in rather a few,
you know who I am said, the little giorgio be myself right. But what is what is the fear? What do you think I'd question? It's a black! Our. It's just a really it's a breathless. It's not even seems like it sucks the window. Yeah and it's not like I'm not going to know my lines and they're not going to like me, part of a part that it's part and it's just an existential. It's like your heart just is going to leap out of your chest. You can't hear he can't think it's just like your head's on fire or something that sounds like a like, A bonafide psychological syndrome is generally reiterated. Its mirrors been studied. Yes, it's a bonafide thing. It's been studied in what they say that it's a fine thing. It's a real but you don't know where it comes from. You don't know where, while it's obvious
the anxiety, related arrives, anxiety, related and, and you know it's a form of panic attack. Has it ever to disable do onstage it hasn't. It is not yet not word disabled but it's come close were you're in it and your I'm out of here, I'm out of it and just enough in a state of pure just sheer terror. We can't yeah yeah Oh, my god ere, I remember when we die, did a music all. I did this musical pal joey a few years back, screw rogers and heart rate react. I hadn't done one in a long. I hadn't done a musical since I was a child and I hadn't really sung publicly like that, and you know once the orchestra starts playing man. You know the fuckin train has left the station if you're not on it, yeah you're, fucked, there's no catch. Up right away! Now again,
provides an iron to do. That was scary and the first number I did, which was like up my first black big solo number, would have a dancer around and then the dancing is involved in the choreography is involved in the band is plain: the orchestra is playing and and lights or on the april are there and the terror the terror of hitting the notes. gonna hit the notes. Can I kicked the high enough, get it at the door, and I came off the stage and I just get fell to my knees, and I was just hyper ventilating in terror and they had to bring me paper bag really yeah, but you got through. I got through it. I don't know how and then afterwards Jong. Where came back stages that you know you don't like your enjoying yourself that much you might want to try and seem like you're having fun
glare yeah. I met that guy. What did he have to do with it? He did the relay came to see. I came to see it as you know. Is it as a theology friend gino supporter yeah he's a wonderful man. Yeah he's a nice guy, wonderful man, but I will never forget him. Coming too, I try superman saying you know I just one thing I'd like to mention you might want to try and seem like you're like you actually like being. They are going to be exact worth it worth having to say it in Malta, but then you pulled together through somehow yeah. I got a tony nomination, which was nice. I dunno how the fuck that happened, that somebody was having an off day or come off. somebody got confused. Maybe they were low on nominees that european bodies about he's got like. When I came to me,
being in one. I would like to do it. I think I have a new I ve ever I singing voice and everything I can do it yeah. I don't doubt it. I mean it doesn't seem necessary that it's good as long as the right, authentic right as long as it's authentic and owners, who are yes good. Even I've seen some slightly out of tune musicals at your wine year, but to do a revival like that. I mean it's. You still like you just entering the american song, but I now daunting yeah. Don't but fun, and then I had to shoot well. You know I had to do that. Song zip, which is which lay stretched generally a really and its one non sequitur after another. So this is what it is and it's the most impossible song to learn its fast. I don't know it's not terribly fast, but it's just one sort of of that period
sort of contemporary reference of the time yeah. So it's like a it's like a bob dylan's, it's alright ma yeah and it goes and goes on it seemingly forever and The only number in the show that I did completely by myself and in front of a curtain like three feet: in front of the people and every night I got out there and exactly that would happen. My head would go up in flames and it would just beep of my head was just a ball of fire for the three minutes that it went on or form since then it went on and then I would come off stage and cry or swear or the right of veto. Dry, heave, ha and move on, so it'll be probable meanwhile, will forge, went mother, munificent got what and that's that have all too I mean there anyway, I'm like the weight of india, not scare, because I think- and I have said this before on here- that
the reason I immediately react to musicals? It's, not it's not so much the song or anything else that there is a vulnerability, yes in singing and the in in theater in general. But for some reason, when I see someone singing, public with other people. Who am, I call my god like, because I am I'm that's terrifying to me sing, singing is singing in public is terrifying. Yes, it is right, yes and then to see. I don't like to do it, but I've done it right, but you can do it and I've done like concerts, like I had a concert at lincoln centre that jazz lincoln centre. There was just all might just my show with my back and do you have a band? Is it like? I have musicians that I work with and I have a musical. You are collaborating it's kind of a cat
right thing: yeah, it's like! Oh, it's like a one woman concert with scope stories, so sure yeah cavalry thing. I guess that happens to like a lot of people in theatre. Do that it's a nice thing. It is a nice new standards or what do you do and I've done some standards have done. Some pop songs at the one I did and in at jazz at lincoln center was like part of the american songbook series. So I did songs. I, the theme of the night was was about growing up in new york. can the seventies and eighties. So I chose a lot of songs, were sort of reminiscent of that period that you, Tom wade, some rainy, new men, what randy newman I did its money that I love and jolly coppers on parade. But new york, seventies. Anyone really think about that like that that was the heyday yeah, That was why, in some ways here, why mean women? It was cool and scary and dangerous and broke right right, but also there was that the whole all of them of culture and am swaying in the late sixties and the seventies was really new york central.
that's right and, as you could afford to let their escape line places to live, they could find empty loft It could, you know lower east side and and they could squat and they could find a place to live. Now that that's done cause artists can afford to live. I dunno who living there. I really I I go there now cause. I lived on second between a and b for a couple of years, and then I lived on third and sixteenth for years, then I moved to queens, but but I go there now mike is his vacation island. Guess it it's! It's! A shop resides in more at a shopping which shopping deston, but it's really weird like whose in all the apartments, if they just empty, that remove any alarm for the weak or many of them are mafia, the new ones. Most of them are empty. Their attack shelters in that you know this little the lot of, Is it an hour? You yes very much, but you know this is, and it's part of why moved to Brooklyn? Now I live in brooklyn and how that I love it yeah yeah, of it now when you were grown up, did you go like you know? How old were you born in seventeen and nineteen? Seventy young, to like you, do the whole kind of
punk rock there. No! No! I do my go my best friend, heidi lived down in the village, and she did a lot of that. The aid is yet. It was a very precocious young, teenagers movie, you know and when she was fourteen fifteen, sixteen she was hanging out with that crap out of the tail end of the banks. So what did you grow up with like what studio. Fifty four now I was too young for studio fifty four, but a lot of the palladium. Oh yeah, yeah, dancer, theory ants. It's a little bit of dance material mud club, never went to the mud club, oh yeah, limelight limelight near the bad night there, yet sure, I'm sure it was like a church, yeah now. Remember, like you know, being sweaty an atm running around here, not having fun like now is back when in the eighties, when they let under age people into the play, everything everything yeah and like you, I just remember there were people having a good time, but it had eluded me. Yeah how's chasing a good time, but wasn't it,
Your problem, you know I was having a good time because I wasn't doing any drugs or anything. I was just dancing my ass off yeah right, that's what healthy fun people did that some people did drugs and dancer ass off me. I just did the drugs and got angry and get answering yeah yeah the fuck. Are they you didn't get it. I don't get it here, but Getting back to this I and now now I'm tracking stage fright okay cause. It seems to me that if you're acting well, because I'm not a great actor, I'm not really a trained actor, but, like I you know, I've done my my John. I learn things, but I was really
like I was having these moments, where I be having a scene with somebody and I'd, be moved by their performance yet, and I was reacting to it inside my gosh later the jumble cry and there like like- and I think it is appropriate for the character, but if you're that available, that's gotta be part of it, like line of not that you're going to be rejected, but just at the the emotional exhaustion that is about to happen right. Not yes! Yes, yes, I mean, I think, that's a big part of why I think getting to my age and a lot of actors who do get to major, eventually stop wanting to do it. Real like to retire from public life and just put this on the back burner and just not do this very yes, it's exhausting its tiring is moving a lot still. I mean it's not like it's it's a relative term. Rewarding I mean, its rewarding when it's over, but when you know
but the adulation is not enough. After a certain point, I, u Geneva, that makes it harder yeah! The adulation I mean, I think. I don't know- maybe there's a barber neurotic part of this. It's also like the more people like it, the less you our motive for that. But then I imagine my plan is sort of like I'm tricking them on the fraud right. You know like. Why won't you know I mean like what do they think we're doing this every night right, suckers, right right, And now you are not not, then you some sort of emotional criminal right rally, yeah yeah, but but, like I guess said I get it is relative there that like. If the process is not, you know, if you don't love, it helps if it helps me, which is a horrible thing to have to admit- and this is a terrible confession to make-
It helps me to have a certain amount of contempt for the audience really near that that helps the stage fright. If I, if I despise them from the get, really helps yeah, it's nothing. Personal has nothing to do with them. I don't want them to think. I truly feel that way right. It's just a tiny dick that I use- and you know how does stand behind the curtain before this shows darts and just go fuck em fuck, you fuck, all of you, you fuckin idiots. god helps tides, it yes and then tat at the time. You know we're just a terrible thing to admit, because I don't want them to think that I actually I'm thinking that we think it frees you from judge made for an hour acting a jot exactly right, yes, by saturate, simply a tool, not I use as opposed to them you knowing that, like you know, I could disappoint them. Rang might not like me right. They saw this right. Syrian, I house now mother, fuckers right, that's a theatre show some of the people. There might be seen the original right right right, cause. Ninety right,
the oh, my god, shot, my john, whereas in the audience, what? If I don't look like I'm having fun where did you get there you, you didn't hey, John grey or not re night. That's right! Well, never gonna, say I think, as you get off stage, even if its crowded had a great time your wide, open and said the outcomes acting as I was pretty now. I would write swimming pretty good you're right yeah. What does that mean via rang were brilliant and then you right now the idea you can't win now you can't win, but you should just every time you. First of all, you have to go back stage and then you have to tell them they will great and it has to be. I don't care if you're lying, can't say everything was amazed. Your training for people who are able to get backstage that's right yet be nice yeah. Why once
and I was the same way, but I don't think I I I ever thought about it. The way you're thinking about it. I I would find like I would see an audience in a comedy club or wherever, and I would just feel a vibe like those four guys Dana now, not now, not something that happened in there, that they're going to fuck up that whole section and it's a different feeling. should you have with them anyway in that room right, then there that hide behind the gutters gossamer wall between us in the audience as you know, when a mean dick, like that offers another eye infection when he first started, I said you know we're we're on a commercial break, and I said he goes now. You do this. Every night like it was early on. We just gotta tell yourself to hide the hate yeah. Let us do that behind the hey, hey guys, a mantra, my hide the hague right or in my case native, don't just openly ate them. That's not! great way to prepare yeah. Well, you know it's not healthy for some, but if it works for you,
so in realising too at the end, you know it wasn't it It isn't about them. You don't stop in the middle of the song and go like you forget it out. Now you down. why you entertained by the shit always right I and I genuinely to appreciate that they ve been there. I mean when we did the ghost of utopian we'd have, he's like mozart on days. This was at three. The three plays the trilogy, tom style right. I russians and there was some saturday's when we do all three plays in one day. play three hours long since nine outwardly, yeah sure we'd at eleven a m and finished eleven p m and we now look at how to castigate forty four actors and those experiences were really extraordinary and he loved that, because, at the end of that day, without audience had been sitting there with you, the whole time feel involved and it was an extraordinary them like experience, full of gratitude and appreciation and also shared community shared community in a journey
Isn't that big, a cat, I know so white beautiful, is that it and I imagine that element of theatre and probably more than movies or tv that you know you. You live in this community. Yes totally and it's very intimate community. Yeah, you know I got you know. Sadly, I'm not sure I know all the gaffer names on the show. I just right, in theatre, you'll get there you'll get there. Oh yeah yeah you'll get their names here tonight, it's already yay vigor, oh yeah! Is your party tonight wrap party tonight, oh yeah, for the one year old, Brian yells yeah? How many Jesus do we just sixteen? Sixteen? That was the second order yeah. What was the first order, thirteen yeah yeah and a people liking the show, I think so, yeah yeah me. Our views are good. We got on a couple of like best of lists, which was good. Why think like? I don't know that it's
I can remember the last time that that's really been done, like the sort of irish working class, randomly thing irish working last family with a gay sonya yeah. Well, that's probably never been done. the as how in this way, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, another those the unspoken geisha. Yes, short, the priest for oil or like or the gay son who's not supposed to be gay, but you, everybody knows he's gay, but they make him seem like he's not gay by making him like a nerd or something- and the do you find this character, fun and challenge. I I do your mom. I now again it's weird and now I guess I'm going to keep playing moms, because I'm forty six and that's what happens to women in this business. Would you want to play fifteen year old know, I'm like to play forty six year old, single woman warriors Amy and then have to be there the lead, I was sure or not look I'll, take
work. I can get em, but I'm not complain. Let go you just go back to step in will doubt in it that experience that like. I would think that if you weren't from doing that, step and wolf must have been a sort of like cathartic an important time yet and because, like I dont know what happens there, but it just seems about like in terms of getting emotionally present and working shit out on stage That's at a premium there! Yes, and did you did so? That was true link. So yes, yes, although I had no formal training, as we ve talked about right. May I think that's it serves me in that in that environment and who were that who'd you work with. John malkovich. I work with a lot of the members that you know yeah. I worked with John malkovich and and friend, going in and wilder and yeah a lot of people from that company
and Mariann mayberry, is there an unspoken thing or did they know that they had this tone that they were working with? Oh no, they will. I think it's not unspoken, I think, are they know it and they're conscious of it and they cultivate it in an intelligent way. not saying it's. You know whether there was a manifesto that you are aware, but I think they had a they had a general attitude about what why they do it, what interests them about doing it, which was what I want to say I mean I know I don't know exactly how articulate it, but I want to say it should have a ah just a relationship with an unselfconscious type of performance that is rooted in some sort of weird midwestern work, ethic and ethos that is based in kind of a you know, a a heavy, a diet heavy in beef, I think you did it yeah you did you manage to put that on the brochure that I get this prediction
little by little step and walked me. I quote that yea the beef tagging good, so you were there What how many did you live in chicago when I was working there yeah for months on end and yeah, when I did the shows there? I was there for like four or five months and then I went back a couple of years later and I did playboy of the western world there, the irish thing and and then and that's when I joined the company irene you're a new yorker like it me years to realise and accept that chicago is definitely a great city. John said he gave you know like because you want. spend time in new york. He compare everything, then you are right and there is not very much it compares to it but like after going to chicago over the years- and this is a zone thing I lunch you're not really live of. I love it that's? What I'd go of new york fell into the sea, which is looking more more likely will happen culturally or otherwise of precise, like we're really aquaculture, yeah yeah, exactly I don't know, what's going to happen, there are you there I don't know how new yorkers are reacting to add to the emperor.
not well, not well, we're not, and we none of us can believe that this douche bag we are known about. Since Eighty all known yahoo it with me I'm a round. We seen him around here and in the papers. You know what an asshole. Yes, none of us can believe he's abroad. not yet, and we end up paying any, is in the middle. Unless king, he actually thinks he's a king, he will ease lives in his ugly tacky building that was despised from the jail went up in and now and now he's ensconced there, like some kind of it's just like this giant middle finger test, yeah, it's the middle of men. I interred in here just a polished, turd blocking traffic. The traffic isn't is worse than ever took me three hours to get to the airport the other day, three, four, or brooklyn now from from midtown to to j f k, because
tromp conjectures inch, rump trump related congestion, related, tragic trump awaited What are you down like five section of fifth avenue? Then they shut down a section of fifty six street is ridiculous. How do you feel better pay better pay for that, so rich you'll find someone that I'll pay for it. So at Jia? How are you feeling by heading into this intolerable horrible? Why hobble now the fight becomes like intense again its intense and and also beyond anything. That's ever been way beyond anything. That's ever been right. I mean this is a horror and unspeakable horror that cannot possibly we can't even predict how awful it's gonna become right with a man in a matter of minutes yet Please assume. Now me,
let's assume normie of horror, the I'm finding myself very young lady. You know whatever obstacles you overcome personally is all sort of like yeah I get now it's it's overshadowed mighty like they're. There there's dread, yeah, there's terror, where I got you. You know that in the uk we have that breath of like I'm doing okay, yeah back off. No, you can't know everything everything the personal thing and on the rest of it I'm feeling sigh, easily paralyzed and rage depressed anxious furious. Do you have any sort of hope or competence in the arts to counter this like, as I know, that there is some sort of million and we didn't do very well and preventing it, so I'm not sure so like as there was this initial kind of your kind of a aggravated optimistic reaction that making a punk rock you know is gonna be like when he really think about it.
Respectively, even the art in the eighties right. You know it does. It did raise cultural awareness, but what is its real power to push back? I mean ultimately push back, has to be denies communities in and that minority communities answering an unreal sort of action and concepts of protest are different now than they were there, Well, I don't know how activated the youth is well, we'll see by its hard to be no no sort of adam iced world yard? Where information culture, you know shorter retention, spans the ease of care.
action with none of the follow through? Do you know what I mean twitter and all that bullshit? You know everybody sing on twitter's the new way of evolution? No, it's not! No! It's not! No! It's revolution's way of revenue. That's right! Exactly! It's like you know the bodies in the street yeah yeah, hopefully you know, stand and will be there I'll, be there on the twenty first, I'm going to march, along with everybody else, and do my best year, we'll see yeah I don't, but I'm still in a state of every morning I wake up going. Oh, my god. Donald trump is the president of the union watch yeah I know why and then the tears com
then the on way and then the fear and then the coffin and then right and then, like. I guess I gotta go to work yeah. It's weird because it seems like work is, would somewhat the one thing that kind of keeps you from falling completely downright the whole? Yes, and I imagine that what doing Oh, that has some social relevance. Re ass is is good because it I got it makes me feel good to know that there are people out there who actually have you no relationships with their parents again because of you know, watching Yes, it is true. I do not hold many time, no kidding it's very monetary dumping. It's like that's great yeah, that's a great feeling! that, like now, an email or that one person that's right like I've. I feel myself choked up now, No, I ain't. We were at the sum neuron a west hollywood for this event at a bar in boys, town and you know the withdrew, they stayed do alive. Screening of our show very weak,
the sparkle revolver and we were there. Last week in a bunch of people came over and said you know how much first of all, how much character? Mind some of their mom are, you know, and then one guy comes over and he says I just want you to know. Because of your show. My mother and I started talking again. We hadn't talked for years and and we started talking when the show we came on last year and she started watching it and now we're friends and- and she gave me away at my wedding to my husband opera. I mean where else he I mean, that's an incredible thing yup. So we have that. But that's not nothing. It's not nothing! It's a huge and it's like it's like a disease. I think you know working in the next four years. That's that's what we have. Yes, you, yes that cause! I I've said it before that What the popular vote means is that we have to watch each other's back that were not some sort of weird cloistered menard
no, no we're not william charting right and now we ve got to figure out how to keep culture and humans. Actually, I fucking properly that's right and being geese, decent decent, see. Ah Hoi right, you didn't think that that was a risk, but it becomes a risk pretty fast Quick, that's right! Well, I knew it was a risk because of these assholes made for the last eight years being indecent, I mean that's what they do right I was but mags howard. I was exam we, but now they are right, and I was it that was that's that art o the indecent one year yeah yeah, yeah, sally how's. The m have the new season, guy, and when really well, yeah yeah really well like the scripts, whose writing I love the scripts. It's crazy. german and and David windsor, casey johnson gander david windsor and in a wonderful, stable of brilliant, very smart b.
That's right or yeah. Lot of em, like this, like at nineteen of em, it's grace and how'd. You get the gig you just audition now, amazingly why'd I didn't have to audition kimberly, then yeah I'd wording thing. I couldn't believe it. They learned that will you know it's loosely based on dance average is. If you have a credit he does amateurs really I I love him. I love him too. I love him too, he's not around that much anymore. He's kind of taken a backseat, but but he had his producing partner, Bryan pines. Is there all the time and and da? Yes, sir Jan call get down dan savage called me up, and you know we have a relationship a little bit of one. We sort of like loop you're on when you email address shepherd known just from our work. As you know, activists are various fields, and you know we ve had a conversation for I've been on his part gadget, and down. No, we called me up and he said I want you to play my mother or the woman based on my mother, and I said well, we are
guy I'll, see their movement charting and wait, wait where's, one that works abc so take it like that, like it it's america, I know it's crazy. It's wonderful! It's! On a night with, like we got the blackish yeah We got the fresh off the boat with family, asia, american family. I feel like they're. Just you know now. You know a b c now has the first black woman running the network in their history, who's, a fantastic woman. They have an interest, I think in actually sort of I mean. Obviously it's network television. You know it: it's got it's commercial appeal in all of this, but they're making a strong effort to actually tell stories about a divorce SK cross section of people. I think that I have appreciated it's an amazing thing because, like the power is still now, we're television still mean something. That's right. Whatever the media landscape looks like and that's when you went, you know like the guy, like what happened when the guy came over me, the other night
wait a minute. This is a real thing. This is this guy. You know. What happens during the day, I will read the script and I'm not sure about this juggler in the end of the day, which is an expression I hate, but I'm just use it. People are moved by these things. People's lives are changed by these things, come into their house and you become a part of their world wild yeah it's. Why and also that generation of people who is not the euro amazon, that's right, essentially watching whatever that's right, which is kids and old people right. That's right! Those are important. That's right and houses experience television wise it, the l, a verse is like you, I mean: did it a long time on raising our but was great yeah? It's completely for an experience right? I look at greg. Garcia, whom I love and would work with again in a heartbeat is a is a is a but much more sort of central leader centralized.
Show runner and create or end it has his hands and everything here and you really feel great garcia. Dreams, workin for him an end, and I love working for him. This is different. It there's a larger staff of writers does it this is sort of I am for it of show runners and it's a little bit more vinos spread out between them and the show itself. I think it is more even the work they do. to a lot risks taken and you earlier. I think in some ways- or family, it sort of a little more than a little more conventional right right, guys, like their delivery system, has to be understood, that's right! yeah you don't want angling. There's a generation people you don't want to tune in going. What's happened, that's right, yeah yeah, they still
There, then let it abc any of those Fox very area. Well, that's great yeah! So you got around. party tonight? We got wrap party tonight where's, your rap party, downtown yeah. Ours is somewhere else, hollywood, where you shooting mostly a b c disney. Okay, it's great out here in burbank, yeah, okay, I love it and they built all the sets and oh yeah, it's great it's our thereby show business design. I d ever I love it. I love a lot. I love working, our lot, here. We shall raising hoping in m in a warehouse in in rent way. We know they used to make them one movie swearing valliere way way out. There was a warehouse convert where now we're on a lot, and I love I love being on the. Why you gotta go watch datafile, yeah, yeah yeah, you were shooting a little badge, yeah yeah. I love that and then you know the guy at the gate. Yeah! It's like a mystery. You know I love it. Yeah! It's like Studia yeah, we're
non stages, burma. I'm always fascinated. Were you know it's the same in theatre that we have this room and then just outside the room? Then he asked I stand around and built a room right here, and then he walked into the room. It's like a magic spell right. It's magic space agenda yet so exciting. So? What do you do now? You're going to go back to new york? Go back to new york. I'm gonna go I'm going to I'm going to edinburgh for the new year. Then I'm going to go to london for a little bah woman, while see my fella yeah, edinburgh, yeah, fruitful wife and, years for hogmanay, just the oh, really yes for fun, I am going to take my mom we're going to meet my guy and then I'm going to come. Akira. I a house out here mark way: yeah bought a house on you. I never thought I would, but I I've just it's the right thing to do. Well, now that the world's gonna fall apart,
everything's gonna implode real estate, real estate, baby, real estate. That's the plan because also I'm getting older anthea. Her work is going to draw up a readily now. This is the way to do so. Now I can. If I have real estate than I have, you know some passive income. You know I'm saying when everything falls apart can rent it. That's the idea of the people that are seeking a size right, that's right when I think when it is needed, when california detaches itself right a union. That's right! It's our time you know I bought my first house it. Forty two. This is my second home: it is it are you bought them one in brooklyn to doha, yeah yeah. Thank you television. Thank you very much for helping me to bundle adults, yet very good. Yet is the first when I bought a new life for me, though, I like, I can't stand when people by other ones like right at the leaving this place like, but I do have the cats. Are there ample. Here I went well, I see that's. I dont have gets not by me. Having them in different places is one thing, but the idea that, like I live alone- and I have a second belgium that I don't really know what to do with right,
closet in their right and my rather guys like you, the ideas like we'll get, you should get bigger house and, like now attend fine! You don't need a bigger. How right I'd need to fix this one, but you I can for now, though yeah I mean a lot of family here and I'm jeanette. Do I mean when I was a kid I didn't like it so much now I enjoy my dick as they get older. It's like a it's more of a retirement community to feel for me. It's like you know what I mean you mentioned. Elaine Stritch. Are you friends with her? Did she pass passed away recently, we, yes, we did get to know each other. A little bit like it seems like there is a common there's, something in common there. people have mentioned that people have made a note of that. That Bobby you know course not. I made so lovely compliment It was a little nuts where I like to think. Maybe not squire did you know ty maintenance, but I'm getting their yeah yeah yeah happen for you. So
you're out here you spend time on your siblings. Yes, I send my wings. I see my family any like the weather. I like I enjoy it's weird huh around. I you do you come around to wait like when you know like the huntington gardens. I let go stroll through the beautiful garden. Mcgovern does only three kinds of we have zero. Lisa remembers yak I'll meet you I'm a member. I love it on progress, you when she want and direct me out there, so here she's near you on a sunday galvanise t see how you can t I'm sure, if sooner possibly, but they do have the will which is now the sandwiches and usually is as chinese garden. That is why I ask a beautiful. I have had the tea, the chinese, gordon yet, and everything that we have to chinese to yahoo com and cookies and lovely. I knew I was best of luck with a reduction of the new see. Thank you mark. Thank you spunk courage added to new york.
Also go to dvd far back on value, deputy pod needs order. A poster, my tour dates and had now why dates coming up toronto sold quick. I guess I got some fans in there canada canasta command canada, yeah, no sneeze
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