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Episode 775 - James Hetfield

2017-01-08 | 🔗
Before James Hetfield formed Metallica, his musical awareness was shaped in equal parts by classical music, Aerosmith, and the desire to kill disco. James talks with Marc about the band's continued growth, his recovery from not only addiction but also anger issues, and his belief that bands need to reconcile no matter how bad the break-up.

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The guy all I goods do this. How are you at the fuckers what the pot bodies what the block annex, whatever I'm mark mare- and this is the w tia podcast- welcome to it Are you holding up? Are you all right? Are you keep them together to take a breath? Just take a break, No, it doesn't matter where you are via in your car, beyond the treadmill if europe climbing everest. While I don't don't go crazy with the breath. I know how that goes and also get down just get the fuck down seriously turn around and goat? It's not it's not worth it. Just just pretend like you made it make it in your mind. climb everest in your head and consider yourself victorious. Do that self, empowering. What's pending. I am I
happy to say that I got James had field from metallica here. Metallica, Obviously I was not teenage during the year, the rise in rain of metallica, so. My knowledge and connection with not one of whose posts pew bess years were altered. By metallica. I did not have metallica coursing through my cock as moved into the world, but I did take it in. I shall explain a little bit my relation with with metallic and a second. I do want to bring it to every. The attention that I will be touring some. You know that I've got it. a tour dates coming up in January february, march and April, mostly in february margin, april I will be in tallahassee florida at the ruby I'm in concert hall on January twenty. Fourth, albeit the carolina theo
and durham february, seventeenth, night theatre in charlotte february, eighteenth I meet the richfield playhouse in richfield, connecticut march. Second, the musicale portsmouth new Hampshire march. Third, olympia day, montreal montreal quebec march forth, the danforth me to call in toronto on terry that sold out on march fifth college, music hall in new haven march, tenth troy savings bank you should call march, eleventh flynn centre burlington, vermont march, twelve albion oakland at the fox oakland, twenty? Fourth, albeit the more theatre in seattle march, twenty fifth, albeit the vogue theatre in vancouver a mark twenty, six, paramount theatre, austin, texas march thirty, first bolder theatre, bullshit, colorado April, seventh, paramount theatre, and recall colorado April, eighth, aladdin theatre in portland Oregon on April, twenty first aladdin theatre in portland Oregon again on April. Twenty second, a beat the
the theatre in Milwaukee on the twenty seventh of April, the orpheum in madison April, twenty eightth pant ages in minneapolis on the twenty ninth two shows at the pan pages I believe, were shoot. Special there. Obviously, miriam theatre in philly may twelfth the warner theatre in d c on may thirteenth, who don T. and those are all the dates of I didn't get to your city. This tour get One of the city's I mentioned does I don't know how much longer I don't know when the next two or will be weak, I'm gonna way back and now put shit together at my own pace. tired or russian, there's no struggle there will. Struggle. But it's not me. Yes, This will be the last to her for a while I'll, be doing dates here and there, but tat get out. You know I mean I say these things and been dramatic by do wants our time to soar through stock is a tight
last couple weeks, aside from mentally preparing for the trip, the shift in the fabric of the country in the world that happens this month, I am. I've enjoyed the day? time, to sort of like regroup dig into my own life, you figure out. I stand watch some compelling informative documentaries, read some books, urged through shit. I just watch Adam courtesies earlier doc, the century of the south, which, again, a nice preface to the new one, hyper normal nation, which is really shifted. My perception and also as bleak is it always. it's very relieving how much of it was seemingly out of my control. Personally, I think balls were dropped but not necessarily mine, directly and perhaps with the new perception we can move forward with the with open,
a bit, I regret to say, eggs. I know I know I've you hold onto to these expectations, great to say: they'll, be no guitar playing at the end of today show because I've injured myself, I've lopped off a piece of my finger. That's the price you forgetting a new knife for christmas. All my knives are just dull enough, not to slice a piece of my fuckin finger off so eyes, gifted this beautiful, new knife, and I was excited about it as I enjoy sharp knife, but I think ultimately, I've gotten used. Sammy sharp knives. And I was afraid of them or did I think twice about them. They were sharp enough, but I'd I'd, say: rendered to the idea that these were the knives I've been given. But when sent me a new knife and the other day as cutting through some tofu and add cut them in the cubes, so I could die fry em up a bit from my girl, Sarah, whose veggie
and I d better when I date vegetarians. That's not! Why am dating her andy, I slice down, and you know that that first paying that that little like who that does a bad feeling on my skin, but you know exactly what they are feeling. Is it's not paying. First, it's just I've cut my finger how bad is it you have? No idea until you pull it out and there blood go in all over a big chunk, tofu bloody too. Food, that's not on the menu and look at it and look been in the restaurant game. I did time and delhi's. I do my time is short order cook I saw through my fuckin thumb, cutting a bagel needed for stitches, I've lopped off the tipp of that same thumb on a slicer Not paying attention moving through some roast beef yeah I've had a rap
bloody restaurant rag, washcloth around my hand, as I was driven to the hospital with my hand out the window, elevated up like some sort of- what turn signal I've been there I have been through those restaurant wars when I was a younger man, so I was familiar with the situation, so I pull my finger out blood's coming out of it. There was a flap just a flap on my pointer finger. Just a flap of skin nice was circle to swapped off a little just a tip with prince in everything, discussion, blood, Sarah get nauseous, gotta clean it out, dumbson peroxide. App is barely holding on. You know what to do in that moment. As you know, those of you have been This I'm going, walk you through it that the lobby your finger off. If you don't try to salvage the flap askin or have much finger you you cut off, then you that weird open raw thing, that's gotta, scabbed at the ugly below the nerves and at its tedious and very soon
for a long time, so you won't try to you weren't you save that flap. I knew I could get a stitch dogs would have went to the emergency room I would awaited, would have cost me some bread and they would have said we're not going to stitcher we're just gonna cut that shit off and puts him do on top of it and dress it I'm thinking where his save it man or you save that flaps. I put it on peroxide. It cleaned it out, puts him near sporran, gauze did up and I've been a gauze dressing twice a day and I think the flap is taking. And that's gonna be the name my new cd, but I think the flap is taking and I'm I'm just amazed and obsessed with the miracle, the human body. I hope it takes it. It hasn't in turn black eyes. Dried up up, fallen off off. It's it's perfectly circle on the tipp my finger and I'm just keep it dry, I'm not fucking, ramming it into anything and I'll, be
so proud of my skin if it takes James hatfield metallica, I got the opportunity to talk to him. He was can the rounds. I was happy to talk but nervous. I usually em when you talk to Recording artist has many records out you may know a couple by day: depending and your fairness. I knew we may talk. I know some metallica records I to the new record. I enjoyed it because most metallica I'm coming to with fresh years. I went through their whole catalogue. I'd I try. The evolution, but again my it was an into it like. I was in No, they it did not did not enter, with my rage, complex when I was younger. My rage was not is defined and yet I was sort of, as you know, booze based brain. She d c was my medical guy, not enough there metal. I consider the more hard rock that easy deasey. They were them, but I was not
specifically metal. You know metal is metal I mean when I was in high school year Judas priest was around right in law again. I wasn't locked in as it didn't integrate with my teenage sexual frustration and general angst. So I did not have that emotional visceral connection to the music. Ok, so I came to it all with open minded open heart and I enjoyed it, and I love the new record, but it's interesting You know, because I am I I inherited all these records. I I about that woman. Christina gave me your dad's records webbing gone through him Some them I had some mighty need, some of them. and heard no, while some of them work we knew to me but point is jethro tull. like a lot of jethro tull. Now look we are with the I saw a tall when I was in high. So I believe in our
I remember because we went and my buddy Chris. try to smuggle a half pint or a pint of southern comfort in in his sack, and we got it and in their when we jump thea, guard rail to get down into the pit from the from the outside seats the grandstand states, the boy I broke and cut his leg. Open, I don't remember what happened after that, but I do remember that happened. I dont think we went to the hospital, though, was not a good situation, but I think southern comfort has curative powers both as a as a drink, an aesthetic and also as far as antiseptic when's your of wounds, so I did see top told, did not stay with me but since I and all these records, as was in some tall, I listen, the actual lung. I listened to bend I listened to living in the past. They had these records and it was weird because there's a couple of songs,
heck, all along that I think dead metallica could cover. There was a tonal similarity, so I was able to track some of them hard rock heart had nettle roots, especially the way metallica. Does it we're moving through you? I swear what songs, more ballad, none not bad, but there definitely swell in five or even the singing low, but I didn't bring this up with hadfield because I happened after I talk to him. Second wife mishna was complete, fuckin metal head, so I went to years. Of that I mean we had in our house there was a room and a full shelf dedicated to meddle action figures, asia, osborne, metallica. There was I metal in the house at that time, so I dont know. If I grew appreciated then or resent it, but it was around. What I'm saying is I'm open metallic is good news music and a new record is good and I was excited to talk to MR happy and die. The new record is:
of hard wired to self destruct it's out now. This is me and james Can you get is again, your head is what gives I think anything good in anything good in your head yeah, so I mean I lived in the bay area and you guys are very er. You were at least very pro in socially in the bay area like a new people that were like no yeah lars his house, like the people, had stories about this or that and but even in that you're, not indigenous to the bayer you're from here yeah. I grew up and down that would of what is out and downy. right now
I like when you grew up. I have a hard time picturing, because I think I talked to Dave Alvin and phil alvin. They came from the outskirts somewhere, but I have no sense of what the outskirts of los angeles are. Yeah downey is a gosh. When I was growing up, it was basically you know the kind of suburbia piano. The mall down the street and it was great place to grow Then I will neighbourhood. I could walk to or ride my bike to every school, right now, elementary middle school, high school just american county land pretty much. I think I am right now there is somewhere a like a poster, Sutton written on like one of these, Electrical boxes and on the corner, yeah is the home of gene. That field and on the other side and the carpenters. So there you go
they must switch needs avoid here. I think they had it s. The carpenters were definitely bigger news than me forever sure a little while ago, to not anymore, be allowed. That's, they only from there to yet it it. I remember growin up, we were drive to church away there. There was. There was a close to me and second report, but with the names of the condo apartment buildings that they owned Although the carpenters own some apply had business, they were business, people in awareness owners and downy. They were thinking ahead, real sitting people exact liking, brother still life. I think so. There is ever hear that movie the Karen carbon a story that debt that debt was done by todd, haines hey with just barbie dolls. There is great with jean it. Doesn't it so downy you're on your way to church by the condos, what kind of church christian science, oh, my god,
so drive in there, and I thought you to allow the carpenters they own apartments. They there they ve made it yeah. I got, I gotta beat them out on a electrical boxes employers area that it really. I didn't I now christian scientists, that's what's your name eddie! Is that her? What's the merry baker ready as being yeah, I was in Boston and they had a big christian scientists sing there and it was a it's interesting concept by just get out of it. I did he I did and yeah I mean, did you get out of it as it is called ass. It was called thy whether all called yea the hours as yet some culture better than others I agree it out every day they can work it out. Have you not heard anybody pay? The metallic doing well alive and well right now theories, and am I gonna do guide that new record is like it's great. Thank you. I mean really great in I you know it's like Ivan, followed you the whole way and like we're right, the exact same age. So when I was in
school. You know we're listening to different things, but I think that, like a lot of times, I would imagine with metallica that allows. Your fan start when they're in high school imagine so right deserves the office to have, as we often hear life, and yet the initially were somewhere else. Will the weird thing about this record was that I'm into her like recently and I and as a groan person a grown up man who was in programme by the metallic occult in high school, I was like holy shit. There's this yeah right you're going to get me. I was like this is good fuckin rock I mean I was like it was. I was all in the whole time all the way through and then I listened to most of your catalog in the last three days, so I I've what I've I've witnessed, the Evolution of you in the fellas like way, unlike seventy eight hours, you're by re,
You gotta rave, which is interesting to hear you sing on the first three records and then at some point is like there's a voice yeah, you know, can you all dropped out for at least one of them did? Can you hear one of the three? Can you listen to that stuff? I have to it is on the radio I don't have to listen to live by really old stuff, like the first three records. William go back. I don't play lily put a moment if we're rehearsing a song that we have played in long time. If you know I'll, go back and listened gosh hockey fan san jose sharks, you go and we go to the shark tee ass. The sharks play seek industry. why is there no skating out music yeah? I can't believe like. Are you kidding me? This is horrible. It sounds terrible. I get a remixed version come on. You should just give it to show up and give it to the little kid maybe use your fucking to do one specifically for them. That's a good idea. We should so when,
did you start doing, will now. Finally, I kind of here is like the fourth album right. You have made a kind of way. Where do you consider it avenue? I think the black out. I don't know it's all singing, it's all me and its single. Actually, I was now, and that is good, as I could do back then This is as good as I can do now and new knows. Why think that's what makes it such a unique voice is that you, just you, know, you're not trying to be anything else vigour? It out rice actually asked Kennedy? do everywhere, even right. Now, I'm thinking out loud and sometimes of works. He lives it does. I thought tat. The revolving was very good and with a nice we're at that but how do you get from, like you know, driving around a car and downy like windy? You when does the? When does the shit switch? your head where rock and roll becomes essential like. When did you start? You no waking up, the power of of of rock, to to make you feel better right. What's it adds an easy,
easy memory for me to access, it was fresh Why was the beginning a sophomore year in downy high, when I Showed up for football practice again here you know: I've been on the freshman team showed up in the summer to start work, nino rehearsing, the access to practice, their act together, and I showed up- and I had long hair in their coach just said- hey yeah. You know you're going to have that cut. You know by ast week here as to why, like walk, is sticking out of your helmet. You know he's like oh, that that's the limit right have a helmet. You know it's like yeah, but I am in an abandoned. I like music and say why you can't you can't do that. So I never came back and was it
yeah yeah in my head. The am I still had to graduate right. You may ask why offshore year I a quiet, fuck you and and just got into music. That was it. My brother to older half brothers I'm ten years older than I really they had music. They were in bands whose kids were they, your mom's, yet yeah same mom, so my brother was in a band called the bitter end. They were. You know they had like. Purple and black suits all matching and big thick belts and they were planned. Me hendricks, covers an area and stubbornly with the drummer. How he's drummer drama? The in the house. There was guitars, the yeah piano there was drum kit. So I am eventually gonna play drums. Really that's. Why you're moving towards a well this is this is, This is hot news, ray you're, never told anyone, but yeah, I'm workin on
in a drummer at some boy, are you really yeah enlargements to saying so, it's a good! It's a good good rate. Yes, that that would be a more relaxed over the listen heard. Put you have you tried to draw I am not, I mean like have you switched up, nor yet the studio, yeah yeah yeah? Why we know we did it live we added in concert. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah sancho. Am I evil? That's not the most difficult song to play, so we would just switch You know, yeah, yeah and Kirk could play bass, and you know we would just switch the whole thing up. What else is lars play Nothing he just ran around and- and he was like a madman- is so funny cause a lot of roberts kind of a madman, though there's no doubt about it. But yeah. You know lars wanting to be the you know: man, I don't wanna guitars run around here and do by the end of the first verse winded because he ran all over the place. Trying to be like, like a bruce dickens, it is a genuine off everything in the afternoon, the splits and here again and then he
was it a rest here, did you break well but it was. His is fantasy in you know my in its song, and then he was doggie. I got out of unsolicited yeah right, so you, your brother, is plain. Hendricks covers wherein the matching outfits and stuff: when did you start learning how to play music? Will think I fiddle around with it when I was a kid just because the instruments were around who play guitar and ass? my older brother, oh he had it. I was pretty much just an acoustic guitar, but you don't want the drama brother, the other one. Yet Chris s his name David, the younger brother, here here he was in a ban and they would rehearse our garage and they weren't supposed do, and where are those things where in okay, there and sir god he's call on everyone up, come on over we're gonna jam and then and I go out there and what yeah just everything about it, noise that the fact that they weren't supposed to be doing it, for there are a couple of smoking girls sitting around
Actually, I don't remember that part because he was always like in the rehearsal space. There's always like one or two shakes was just a friend of ours, down the street or first Ruby, the member that part I dont rather that part, but I'm sure that came in soon after that, but you know the whole just the smell the smell of the alps, the smell of the two, cooking yeah? There was some exciting about. You know the leather on the amp yeah or the vinyl gear. Getting the gear, vietnam and and then you know, parents coming home soon oak gave everyone get out of here and then scrambling with equipment, and then they do. You know hey what are you guys doing and I hate eddie me play his is guitar or- and I played the keyboard like what Where am I rather like a tell me, I'm sorry, so that was right right when you start to get. What did you take lessons? I too piano lessons after that? You know, I think what had happened is
we had a piano in the higher, but I wanted to play drums so without just I'm just and on the piano, dewan rhythms right. The always you he's a piano player. It was a very clear, so I took that for three years in elementary school and hated. Every minute, minute of help the helped or helped let helped. I am super grateful that my you know my mom thought to hate us. Do that it was it. You know some old ladys house, rice dock in vienna, cookies. At the end, definitely the best part for your net reviews iq yet learned how to read music, classical shit, yeah yeah that a in man. Well left and right hand doing different stuff and singing. She has like three things going on, so I'm there's no doubt that helped me with my ear and it helped me with a you know, just being able to sing and play at the same time. This stuff, like structurally, it seems, is not like you know, you're, not like a traditional kind of blues based banned. It sounds eighteen,
I do kind of like you, you get around that and it seems eyes almost classical, sometimes right. It's deaf, lee machinery and classical kind of together. I think, like you said, the piano ye, has you know different voicings layers and stuff, and it's not just stripped down blues at all yeah. I know we, you know we messed around that with that for a little while, but you know I always felt a little orchestral yeah or testily that the ecb has. I notice like in it with its interesting to like an maybe I'm being crazy cause it like. I again like I, don't have the whole catalogue in my head by this. This record the record because, unlike you know a, moreover, your heart guy than you know that I am like a thrash metal guide but like it seems like there's like you open up with them. Right away, but then
it seems like a little more a more space with some of the shit. Am I wrong? I guess you mike you guys were polite kirk and you were doing like he was in air. seems like some of the weeks. Actually I had some air to em. I like almost bluesy and is that wrong for me to say no, no dude you're listening to music. You can't listen to it wrong. He made was that intentional? Was it like? Do you feel like you're, more relaxed? I think so I mean after thirty five years ago were doing we're pretty confident and what we eat. We were getting better. The owl what kind of carving our own sound You know still stood up there, but I think like what you said about your job, open up, just bashing, fayza and then hit him, was the melody and then come back I can just when they think they are their safe room. Again. Dynamics have always been a big part for us Yan. So when we did, for instance, we did the that the s and m album with the the the
symphony in the bay area? That was like the ultimate like power trip where we felt you know well. The passion that we share here is is the power of music and leading in in in coming back dounia dynamics, india, so never been excited, supervise, mortgaged running. Yet, where do where it was a record? Seventy how it was that we try. In san Francisco. It was we were. We were little too loud. Place for some reason. You, basically a lot of these symphony halls or more, are designed acoustically for accused you better. Be nicer. Wooden thing is extremely since some horror us, so we did it. We did it in berkeley and came up quite awesome in a little side, note and interesting thing the year the year, while the art, two scripts, the anguish somewhat popular. He are you in the audience at that gig, ah here and he's in the video.
he's got blonde hair back then, and he was a kid that's trying to staged. Unreal states drive it symphony so you're get around on the piano and no lady cookies yeah, that's right and then and then at what point do the do you find one what were you listening to that start to make you wanna play in a band while guitar, I, I realized pretty quickly. if I wanted to be a bad idea. You know it's a a piano is not gonna call the annoying. I can't push around, I can't jump around. I can't share stuff I want to I want to be. I want to be the guys in the poster that I had in my room, would you guys which I had aerosmith. You know there was a particular poster. Stephen tyler and Joe perry too. gather a one. Microphone and wow
I don't know who I wanna be a. They were both so cool, yes, or can I ended up being both in here yeah, seeing an implant, the apple? Seventy eight is when it really kicked in. While I was earlier than that, you know me my buddy, growing up in in in the any area. We kind of both picked up the guitar at the same time. He I am, we would push each other now, hey, I show up a school had learned this and then he go. You have it. I get this idea back in ok. The act is a horrible, healthy competition of building each other. What happened to that guy. Have we had a fall out arable overlays, pretty much It wasn't. A girl who was in a car was any really like whose better, if I think that's what it fuck you man, there was another guy that came in in it was always when you get a triangular triangulated relationship screws at all
Oh yes, oh he says he's better than you and then you say better than him in and they started a fight, and then I was stupid here. So I guess smith, though like when I that for that first fucking Aerosmith right? I listen to that recently that and so good man their dirty, is IRAN do I liked about them and my buddy, who you're talkin bout John, was his name he loved kiss in a like the Alice coopers. It was all the make it kind of thing. and I love this. The raw yeah yeah I narrows millionaire relate to make us not much. I went so ic rush member. They were huge when we were in high school right, yeah who'd, you see in high school. Well I think my first my first concert my brother took me to it was a ah the first concert. Ironically, for me, was jethro tall here you re a heap, opening an idea several be wrongly to prague, rock for it and then soon after that it was either. I m all about aerosmith, so we got tickets, it was, it was
Psmith uneasy deasey dc shit? Seventy eight yeah, oh my god I saw by scott god and really realise the ideal tuner with journey yeah and I was I was there to see journey up like in retrospect. Well yeah fuck. I can't believe that I was that guy yeah, but I didn't think- and I think that I talked to the touch with the way your journey and he said that they were opening for ac DC, but I didn't remember it like that. I remember like watching bond and being like what the fuck is this and then He comes. I I I dont really add it. I've admitted publicly, but our time bearing up we're good for you. Ok, man, that's great fuckin angus on guitar is awesome, and you know when people talk about us, and along jeopardy. There always say to her you're going to go, you're going to be in your wheelchair and blah blah, blah and- and you know be like the
Rolling stones like well, ok, I I can't get there. I get the the the reference to the rolling stones, but you know us were, were a little more athletic, a little more fast songs. They add really in tanzania so say you know a look at angus right yeah? If that guy's up there is god I don't know how old is now if it were a few hundred years old, but how he is alone. However livable we have. I'm fifty three your month older than me, and so he's gotta be sixty right, gotta be italy, as least yeah, and he's up their discussion emmy. He I don't know how would he sweat so much has nothing to him. You know how you played with them. Yes, we did. We did some shit with them and their unbelievable yeah air. There friggin powerful- and you think, ok this. This is my. This is the best song that he has my favour. Sign it. and then and then the next one comes my oh, my god. I forgot whole crowd of singing everyone. Just a great great life band.
now about like right around the time. It seems that the dry of what you were doing with the with the early metallica stuff. I mean that's like was happening in punk rock music. But but you seem, like your tastes, were pretty mainstream like with me, though, when did that stuff start to enter the world because we are up against this go to if you were a sophomore. The time I was like there was a moment where we had all the Well guys we had zeppelin Aerosmith and an ac dc first couple of records and then all of a sudden like you that disco had to be killed, that was the main objective, racheal disco. He was kind. Let's join up all the other kinds of music, endless kill the stuff the through and then like new wave came in before punk kind of you know in like suburbia, like all of a sudden, the next record and then like it, then then, all of a sudden, the sex pistols or whatever, and then american punk, but like it, was no problem right. Why totally I agree, and I remember that, specifically to the
read it in my. I guess my high school yearbook yeah there, you know, put your call. In their irises near the discourse. Extend it long, live rock and right that set at all. For me right there right and there was there. Was kind of way there was a device, even in the rock world, in a win I liked punk, yeah I liked the new metal that I was discovering in high school. You know scorpions Judas, pre, sure things like that that were that were metal, and then I liked You know I liked. I liked I loved the ramona sure they were. I saw. I had my ramona glasses with my scorpion shirt. had walked through the school and be hated by everyone. Now so he didn't you'd, be it in it. Didn't in anywhere in the rock star, was born, maybe a b, but in a rebellion doubted early but I'll tell you the cross. The crossing of those two musics made a lot of sense to me. So when I
scabbard motor head. Finally, that was kind of the ultimate lay out. Regrettably, to see more your head somewhere here and allay and look in next to me. There's a guy with me. You know a pink mohawk ia, spikes here and I'm sitting your head bang in we're getting along radical right, maybe can't kill days ago together that occurred, so that was it. How motor head was the bridge it really was early. Was the you know between the two and I was trying to figure out. You know. Where do I belong, because I couldn't hang out with the rockers. Couldn't hang out with the punk rockers either it's a weird, when we grew up because, like that weird air at that time, in music, you outside of ice corbians, I knew remember when than Helen one came out and because we are like sophomores in that, like option I get out of every camaro, though Jensen try axles, which is a fucking, so lonely. What is that? The route rice, unbelievable. I still get blood
away by that record yeah. It's so alive, sounding so fresh and so just its it oozes of youth and unjust rebellion. The added sounds so it was fun. That was the weird thing. There is no darkness and you it was like you know like as David Lee roth was almost like a clown and it was like it was fun It was like it was almost like pop music, but they had this gnarly fucking guitar thing going: yeah yeah, oh it was, it was party, yeah, definitely parties. I areas like and we're up against foreigner. I mean there was a lot of shit going to Bob Seger. It was all like that whole fuck, it all happened when we were in high school, were picking up is crashing way with a fuckin, sixtys and seventys, and then it just like of no option of prog prog garbage happened, stay grand illusion, oh my god
Ok, there's a good guitar sound on them. No, no! No he's ikea can put yet there on renegade dont aunt aunt, danton tat. Those are, I believe that that deadline, I I'm? No, I'm not going to do I'm not going to take anything, but what's his name, tommy shaw and the fellas right now I you know, I know you were on the same world, but it was. It was a weird time there was a lot of music to listen to and a lot of different genres and whatnot going on and yeah I assume I dry up. My buddy was his. I was Aerosmith. My other buddy was foreigner, is it cant believe your favorite band is foreigner? A alec is like the first time, yeah yeah again yeah whatever served. Its purpose is abba fallen, all they were there was before any of that stare. Yet for free, you yeah putting it on, like I telling you brother, who is older than I had his own. He added turntable, he had all kinds of records and when he would be at school,
college, wherever he went he ass, I was I was planned. His albums just silken it in oh lucky, the big brother thing is like that's, too, gift very cool to have the guide. Yes, I ever sabbath that first sabbath record a man just looked at the cover. Freaked out, then I started it. You know there's a rainstorm, oh my god that have it scared me and I loved every minute of its own the scare me it's definitely going to scare MA turn it up and your brother's room. I picture just sort of like you're right, you're alone, oh yeah, what's happening bullshit erase erase, I can't go back going back or going back. It's it's so weird because, like I you know, I came to love that stuff so much later and I had to appreciated as a grown up but like I fucking love that sub now sabbath or for what a great they are vying for so cool, so there's so many great rifts in so many weird, so much weird stuff on there in your risk
man like near the year, the riff where I in a way, though, right am I let you know, that's the well and their under that is as riff life yeah yeah, I think, is that an sabbath really kind of like that. That's what that that's, what that's about no doubt about it here, He did this song was the riff. Writing have a good riff. It wasn't a great song rang with that and tony. I owe me the riff master of all time forever in and we all we all about him and try be him any work with him yet where they re the first matter. That must be the amazing thing. They too have to grow up, and we did indeed be playing with your heroes. It is crap I've got plenty of pictures of me picture of me standing ecstasy. in thailand, meeting him for the first time and he's a like high, I'm like fan boy. I will go and see what
new gent and same with tony. I owe me he was just, but he was the epitome of cool maeotid he's he's writing the ugliest darkest riff and he's hello. How are you receive friendly super nice guy, yeah, yeah so you and I have something in common and fairly public and self professed anger issues, No, he I do not yet not anymore all, but do you like, as you like? I was starting to think about the music and in getting hetty about it thou, how you know when you're younger You know, and the anger is actually active in the music. You know relieving and then like fort helpfully as you get older, you at least get thing wrangled and you can do from it a little more consciously and add a little more like you know you, it doesn't have to drive you right. I get what you say in the air
and I, like I, can kind of feel that they like you, can still speak to it, but it has more range in a way because it's not crippling you exactly. That's a great word, crippling yeah, consider crippling it's it's just the it's, It's like the evil twin that with you all the time, but you know how to deal with it right when, when did it start revealing itself to you yeah. When you were younger. When did you like? First realize you're pissed off was around vent. I think it it it. It slowly built a religion, kind of the start of it that we retain a scientist. I didn't really believe what they were. They were teaching yeah and it didn't work for me. It didn't make any sense. It's kind of a a crazy there's, some parts of it they're crazy, yeah yeah, don't go to the doctor
yeah. I don't go even a few are deathly ill or, like both my parents past the answer here in front of me. That was probably the most angry I've been awake later in life? No, I was sixteen when my mom, my mother, passed away. Thirteen I would say: well, my parents met because of the church, Maria then my dad was the equivalent minister in the church right, so very active in it and yeah sunday. School was part of my regiment and at that point in wherever we went, it wasn't really. So when your brother's part of it too, I mean like I owe it they were already kind of they were where to non oh yeah, and it was just the three you guys. He, if might have a younger sister, too haha, so we be in a sunday school and yes, it is, it wasn't fun. Like it was teeming with lots of youth and fun, and while it was it was like being school
again in raw. You gotta learn this and this at least that was my perception and later on, I kind of realised that that was that was part of my dad's journey. You know that was what helped keep him on the straight and narrow. but when he would talk to me would be in scripture. You know if you know I got a question about life. You ok, let's read about it! No, I really in that kind of thing and your legal weight that doesn't help me. Should I popular They gave us a yes or a no. How do you put a rubber on what is a rubber, yet any that stuff there I was, I mean it. I wasn't, my dad's yeah yeah, but you know it. Ever you did something wrong. That's what happened! You went to scripture yeah, it can, if sentence, it seem like a punishment right. So there's no communication, no not at all, but but that was his way of communicating and I get it Oh yeah now get me being in recovery, and
having a certain language sure, no one, my kids stumble across something, and I just tell him Little story about me or something right in the dead were not in therapy. Yeah. Ok, sorry you're right, right? I'm doing it again, rice! Stop that rights are just listen rising. Do you guys? You know? Four. That's definitely you're in recovery. That moment when you, when you're here in some story- and you get move by like tat moment where, where it, where are you I- am open about it, which has brought it up, but I break that tradition is that day you know that you know what happen your what was like what happened and what what what it's like now that that structure, but that moment, where were they gets over A miser go good. Yeah like always gets me, and it taught me how to be empathetic right. That certain that I was I was lacking as well. It was a who can I had to fight for what I could get. You know me, I'm cause I and happy in the family. You know I couldn't express my anger, health and health
way even in october. I couldn't go against because that would be really really bad. Then I it does the scripture or whatever was real and it was it was it fell. really elite like an elite, Nestlike were better than other people? as we believe this, oh there there they believe These lies in these lies in this matter, and so it it. It was a little culture at least in my mind. I know: there's plenty of people out there that add that religion in region in general works for them. I understand the the concept of a higher power and it does work for measure but religion itself. Fucked me up ran. firstly, that one when I was young and what you see your parents, or family members get ill and refuse to see a doctor just that element of it. I mean that's like idiots beyond reason, so the pain of that
A lot of things happened around that my father left. When I was thirteen didn't say goodbye, didn't do anything just took off and you know that's not that doesn't sound christian to me in really what, goin on here. You know no contact her about a year later. Oh my god, you're thirteen yeah, what the fuck and then my mom took it really difficult leno. She was, you know she all of a sudden had to start working. You know she wouldn't get any money in, and so she went back to the art. She had done before in and help to the family. Long is an art. She was a painter, oh but then in interior design, cheated logos. Things like that! Well, yeah kind of make sense like graphic design, conduct trafficked zaire and then yes, she got sick with cancer in vienna. We we watched her pass away in front of us, you know and no medicine. No,
no. No. The religion talks about you know if you acknowledge that year ill, that's part of letting in nino the the thing that will will make you ill so not so much. I guess sounds like denial to me, but not not allowing that truth in you know keeping a positive approach to it, ensure he'll, you know healing thyself through the higher power and all that in it. It didn't line to be working with one of them, but what is it? What barometer today used a judge that is working after certain? I would think that after a number of people pass away, in the community? Eventually you'd be like mvp, along with medicines, okay, yeah yeah? Well, you know at the what I believe now and yet this is just what I believe you anna gospel whatsoever. Is you know. Higher power gave us knowledge on how to you no help ourselves, let's right yet so that made sense
me, but in her passing made me really pissed dry really pissed at religion. Yet well, not just that, but at you my father, leaving nothin You know causing that to happen. You know. I blamed that and then what what did I do wrong? What what could I have done? You know I'm the man of the house at thirteen and you know just a lot of a lot of things that I had to work through, I gotta ask evade all that grief and anger. Yet saddle at wayne, yeah, yeah, ugh ton, tons of it and I'll tell you. Music was the thing that that's always where I would go. I could escape to that. It made me feel better. It made me. It was speaking. It was who was speaking the words that I didn't know how to say, and it was a it was just
It was it was, it was an escape. I could put the headphones on and be in a better place sure, and when did that when the booze start yeah, that's I did when I moved in with my brother: have your mom pass and your dad you go. Did you did you resume communication with a man? I was not I was not aware that place is not. My sister was and she was able to reconcile and in and go live with him. So ah, through my half, a junior and in senior year moved schools and live with my brother. That's when the is it really started kick in here and that's when I would go watch other musicians locally in that's were first be. Who's gonna showed up way. I have a beer, you know it then, along with the smell of the burning amp, piano that stuff the smell of the beer. We also gray, and then it just go
I fit in with everything yeah and then the first band. When did well? How old are you? Well, I I was yeah that was a pro but believe my junior year, I was just before my mom pass. Yeah I got in a ban was called obsession and we ve had a long list of cool cover, songs that we were you know me in the walloons brothers, in a guy named Jim TAT, we were in the garage and in downy yeah, and we would just play all night have fun. We do thin lizzie rob and trout or we had black sabbath oh yeah man, a huge list could live, had about forty songs tat we could play. We played maybe three parties, the annex with your yet but not a dance band per se, not so much with hanging around the keg, and you know
yeah man. So now, when you started because it seems to me that, like they're there another question I have been listening to the record and listened all this stuff is that there seems to be themes that there through metal and and through your music and like did this sort of pushing back against your dogma, religion, authority and that of his been a rebellious thing in iraq and role by the aid. This comes from specific experience yeah, you know your distrust of religion. And and yo order right right. in that, and that is that I think that you guys sort of established a lot of the themes like you know despair paranoia ass, well, that's funny stuff. We all like to live in an item. What it is. Is it I can get it out of my head yeah. It makes a better ryan right. better out than in, because if I
put it into a song in question it. You know. I have no answers. I got a lot of questions and actually, I think, a peep one. When someone identifies with your question, it's it's better than them. telling you the answer, acts right. You know I identify with that question. I dont know: let's find out together, Let's just ponder together. I know that's that's a higher power, looking up at least for me yeah. So when the fans understand that question is well, it makes me feel. Ok and that's all I really cannot want right, is to feel ok and feel validated in like, I belong yeah, so that's. What these lyrics do is that though, like about how my dad was an absent, but he was certainly detached and volatile s absence here. It is, I guess I don't know that our high fully processed it do you know That said the selfishness of it. You know that,
that sort of like one way you know either you know they're gone they're gone, but then there's their kind that sort of a race you while your they yet yet totally again its tearing down right. It's not like. Ok, not there, I'm starting to oh I'm starting to process, because it's not still happening right right, yeah, because there It's always there any reacting like reacting to an absence and then or it is probably a little different than reacting to like I dunno he's going to do or yeah hardly a living in it. You know- and it's not, you're not alone there, because I think a lot of generation gosh it was, it was Kennedy. Was they passiveaggressive? But was aggressive, aggressive e mail aging laughing. I know it's a year, you didn't what was gonna happen yeah. That was the thing. You know that that veto cliche wait till your father gets home
right, oh shit, nothing scared me more than that right, because he was the dealer of punishment right. You know all this but I had done throughout the day. Mom checked. It often wrote it down and then handed it to him, and you know what a fuckin shitty job to do you come home after work in your ass off. get handed a list of all the shit that happen, and you got a deal out, some whatever with the bell to whatever you know in my case, so that sucked under better at suck for him here and it's not for me yeah and probably for my mom greedy, couldn't deal with us. I did hear it stuff it's, and I, like I, never got together then to have kids either by imagine like because my brother, freak as I imagine that you as a father, you ve, got a sort of approaches. What sort of like we'll have a template this the day I got. No, they got no good sperience around this particular job
so you got every navigate will have to ask questions. I lotta goodbye at that that were in the same boat and it's ok to ask for help yeah like man, my kids do in this work, what he energies bearings there and they like yeah. So there's a good stuff like that. I don't think my father did you hear He sat around with his buddies gore gas, my son's having trouble lino half in lashing out in the area. So I think the template, let you talked about a week. I had a template of what not to do right, but I didn't really have the template of what to do. We owe it was at least a good start. The act I'm going to break this cycle. I don't want. I don't want this happening, but I don't want to go the ex. opposite way. Overcompensate happened yet: oh yeah and how's it goin minsk. It's gone. After having a guy kids yeah, I get three three beautiful children, yeah beautiful wife, we,
in you first and only wife been married for over nineteen years and we ve gotta eighty her own daughter, whose in college now I've got a sixteen year old, lithuania, whose completely awesome in very expressive. I have a daughter, a younger daughter who was fourteen and, in oh she's, said a girl high school first year I school and as a lot of lot of questions a lotta. You know a slow process in going on and she's she's right in the middle of it, but she is awesome and the ivory healthy, beautiful, great kids, wife It's good em, grads! Congratulations! Thank you both! I imagine that last wanted so out of, like one maybe I'll talk to your mom about that She gravitates to me earlier some. I tell you between her father and are there some there's some magic yeah, not that it isn't. With my son, bright he'll go to mom raw releases, that's just gonna how it is. I guess, as supposed to be here. Yes, ethics
but you're a grown up, watching them, learn and discover in love, music, their own way, the out. Are they introducing you to stop or totally here yet whether we like it or not, I think right, good stuff, bad stuff in just out their stuff in I love watching them enjoy music. That's that's the coolest thing yeah, where they just they get so into a dislike man. That's what it's about yeah? I don't care what it sounds like they have. What is doing to you were at school and when you But when you play now mean that you, like you said, are you when you guys want untoward? We can't are already here it's I don't know it's this like slowly happening, but I think next year's. When we really start tour india, you I get into shape yeah, have to hear and obey me like, like I imagine, it's quite a process for what you guys do: mental or physical, spiritual. All
the iron body, the gotta, get into shape and because, when you're out there there's a lot of things come in at you, and you know at least for myself your surround myself of people that get what why aid be. I know, they're, not yes, men by any means. They call me out on she at which I need you bring sober guys with it. Yeah yeah. I need that yeah and I need some one on the tour it three, a m. You can take a knock at the door, We had let me hear here and by not so much talk me off the ledge via you know, what's good yeah yeah yeah, I'm still here What's going on, I feel like doing this. Yes m, or do we ain't that right whatever it is sure I'll know, absolutely do so age appropriate
worrying for us looks like two weeks at a time. Oh yeah, two weeks out, two weeks at home b, I trying to balance the out of both the both loves in our lives, and you know gash. How are you married yeah nineteen years, so she went through all this shit. We the she walked through fire right next to me, that's amazing I threw her in the fire a few times. Do we? How are you not going to do that? Yeah? That? Because that's what that? That's what the it does. If I get in, I notice it even now it's sort of like I feel like shit. So now, I'm just going to super per emotionally yeah. Tries to help, and then you dislike nope nope and then right when they break your idea now, where we are yea Yeah, look good idea that eta, you too, you know man. Yes, someone trying to help you and you making them think they're crazy yeah. No, I said that I wasn't doing that or no don't.
who she is known, the now, who's bottle that area well, yeah yeah yeah, and they just take it until they can in there imagine the avenging. Had that moment we like does is all going go in have the best thing that ever happened to me. I wonder when the you know the to me he's collided vienna. The road me the homie yeah highlighted man. It was. It was amazing, yeah, the most horrible feeling- and you know now the best thing that ever happened- ah good for you, man good for you, that's great, well hats off to her because she put up with the shit and she she's been a good mentor for me in life too she's very balanced, very even keeled, and it drives me nuts yeah and you know the opposites do attract and at some point we we just had to realize that you know we're. We get a recipe
at each other, because we can help each other sure I can help you loosen up and be a little stupid and you can help me get my shit together and be responsible and I and obviously had the love there. There was deep enough to to to survive it yeah. That's the fucking, beautiful thing for sure. Then, and then are both our backgrounds. Reno not dissimilar, but as she come from it differently here? You know I'm gonna invisible the area, I am a visible kid and not really not really cared for yeah yeah. So yes, so it matched up, and once you get healthy, you healthy together, works out its challenge of, like you know, kind I like having to impress his father that stinks in your head. it's fucking ridiculous, but like every man has that it's so weird I usually do a joke about. It was never got a laugh. I used to say I think that every father son relationship on some level is a battle to the death yeah yeah.
It isn't until you both die. It's going to go on a day like you get to a certain age, very likely, you'd, better, go first yeah. So it's dark! It's crazy! I tell ya, I still battle with him. You know it's dumb voices appear in my head and it's like way: who's who's that You really guess who's talk you got separated mouth is I come into the song. Writing it all. Oh hell, yeah! I mean it's, it's it's again, part of the therapy of music. For me and have you made all your amends is no longer ass, again and again and again, oh yeah, well yeah, I think, of a pretty clean, the attic empirically right now, but you know There's always some. I talk to you in your rights guardian and here also he's shriek. I always off you're, not as another. I had a load up on that metal. You know, he's quite a character. The ad this week, I marry earnest dude, you know
very down to earth. Yeah he's he loves his music. He knows a lot about it and he's he's got a gun memory and illogical stories. He the also he spoke so highly of that that I guess you guys did some things together, the big for and like he'd. He was like it was almost like move me to tears when he was talking about. You know, who is what was it you anthrax mega deafened slayer and your backstage together- and he had this moment where, like like you teared me up a little bit that you guys were like you, could all be in your own success and be together and it'd, be all right yup. You know what I mean and the fact that you know it blew my mind. It really started with the kind of the rock and roll hall of fame induction idea. Yeah, you know getting nostalgic yeah. You know and thinking my god
look at all the people that have helped us along the way and look who are still around the let's say. Thank you to them, and so the big for was kind of that thing. Yeah we're all still playing after thirty whatever was thirty two years. Let's go, get do a gig together. Why shouldn't we? Let celebrate the fact that were still alive and playing music We love yeah and you know I think, the all the other thing was the new wave of british heavy metal ass. I ever hear about it, no album the norm. But what about the big four e? No one knows the big four come on. Let's make it known, he has make some history here and let people know and put a mark there that the the big four was- and you know, is a force to be. reckon with any deliver the goods yeah we loved it. We had last steyn and you guys are good there's, no reason to not be good at this point. You know yeah, ah
we ve all we all friggin fell off the wagon? We ve all gone into the ditch we ve. Back on track. We ve all learn from our stuff in at the end of the day, it is just a jew. knees everyone's doing an indifferent journey, and why would you hold a grudge with someone or or right versa. In any I've been through tragedies like you, you know. You got your real rock n roll tragedies to eliza cliff in all that stuff. In your own accidents in shit I mean really lived the life and I imagine, went when you survive at a certain point out whatever that personal bullshit is gonna fall away. I I, I've seen some kind of light around that because I think the rock and hall of fame was a part of that realisation You know when we were up there and, seeing you know: ozzie is sitting at one table chain the rest of black's, yes, Abbott, that the other teo and they don't want to jam together,
and there being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. So we I grew up and we play a song. We play black sabbath songs for them yeah, and that was beautiful for us yeah, but it was sad to see that rather see you guys play yeah yeah whatever it is all yet can't get it? Has it away, please I get it, I get it's hard to get past stuff, but their stuff. In my, If I thought I could never get over like why I'll just fight with lars about shit in Vienna in know we're brothers yeah. You know right and I'm thinkin. You know this. Is it not? In way, I'm do it. I can't get past this. I can never look at him again and then, a month later, you're brighton, hardwired together. You know and you're making the best record your life's, like dude it works or to see pass that shit go big picture whatever it is, you need to do. You can get past the most unbelievable places the
you know you think you can never get out of. Was oh, it's a choice, right right, right That weird thing that you realise in my wife will tell me it is the choice of she'll, say: hey, you know I'll objects. You know that's over you. You can't work to do and should go. Yeah, yeah, ok, If you say that now yeah, no, no! No! This is it. I feel it. This is. I can't I can't get over this and it's unbelievable, you can get over so seeing now add or like the Van Halen is up there or the you know. Blondie had a moment where it was like. Oh my god or you know you look at like roger waters and I just talked to ha come on. You guys you know: what's it such a beautiful music, you know you feel it to do when you're sitting there with them and just you now when you have that moment where you're like no like, Some level cause were or were, men are we wanted. Just cry the election
others its sadness like needs, like almost childish. Very, unlike you know we just work involved a minute quietly in view of light, booby. Alright, it's like holding onto this. It's a sad sort of white childish thing man we are you're stuck in that moment of at and you're reliving it thus resentment in a you. Can't you just can't, but if you know what works for me, we have lars and just sit down and just start talking about our kids. That's where we'll start and that's a that's a completely loving place to start right, we'll talk about that and then all of a sudden. It's like fuck. Do you know, I am sorry. I did this and then all of a sudden, your back right there, like that, like a guy yeah yeah ego deflated that died out of the way fear done out of the way, and I a move,
well what what like, what what is cause, I always wonder that about bans, because I I know that the relationship has to get strain, but even when I saw the purple inducted and richie's not you know right, it's like what why what could be? What could be the fucking at this age right, you know but like I guess these are it? Is it's emotional? It's not creative right right man. It is such a wall. It's such a block. It's such a uncreative thing. You know to rice stuck in that prison of resentment you know of, and it yeah. Ok, the rock hall of fame, it's not like you're being led into Heaven, or something right right, just in acknowledgement of your stuff that you ve done together, but the fact that you can't be there for that at the same time has said it is sad right now. Let me
Let's get back to get her back to music from annex I want to talk about the role of the near the producer. I talked to Keith richards about wasn't jimmy lower like there's a shift like the black album was a shift for you right here with the producer definitely and like who is pretty before, was that you guys I mean like who was like what was the big change that you had to open yourself up to when you you make a decision to change your your sound in a way yeah. I think it was us us driving the driving the boat year. Flemming Rasmussen who worked on the first albums except kill them all. Ah, he was the engineer that it sounds he right. You know semi producer right. You know he say that's a good right and we were ok, we'll fuck you re at the ads good net. We were driving that ship until you know and justice for all we realize that you know we need some help. Beata Helen, doesn't sound. Great songs are good
but we know we're mixing this record as we're on the monsters of rock tour. Our ears are blown out right. We can't decide what sounds good and doesn't any more yeah, and so after that we decided we need. We need some help need a producer and this when brok him into the picture, and he was like a kind of a guy who dealt with it that the type of music you guys respected yeah, you know we liked his sounds may as the main thing you actually have like there's a physical. Even if your car, like the metallica music, it's like its hating, you, best place, yet our yet the best place to listen to music and general, the elderly, as you like your euro you know it's like you're in it? you're living em. You know it's in a space yeah, but there's no, it doesn't have to be any one else in it. That is right. The best time your onstage read in their no matter. What are your plans? What did he like like? How did he work like? What was it that
I was able to explain to him what I was after visa and he was able to to get that, put it into whatever knob language here I hear, but for me I knew what sound I wanted and he always been chasing it. I still am the next records gonna sound better. I tell you, they went out into the one you just put out exactly what's gonna have a better guitar said here. It is because, as the riff guys like a chasing the unreachable, sound, probably nea, but all those records coming up to then trying to get what I wanted and he helped me get it a little more arrive the layering. I mean the harmonies and vocally for sure. That's when I think Barbara,
It really really helped me. Ah, it is in the vocal department. You know he no one ever before. Would it would say you know that doesn't sound, very good or how about trying this? That doesn't. That word doesn't sing right right. How about this harmony tried this, and so I if you remember the when he said ok at the end of this part, while there's a guitar solo, going on just throw a couple ad libs out there, it's like what what's the what's that you mean like you know talking come on baby. Suddenly, you know what what am I supposed to say. You know here, and that was that was when I realized man you're you're kind of close minded here, you need to kind of open up a little bit and you know like at I think the end a sandman would think you know you know off to never neverland doing
just some things that can tail off at you you're just be loose like your plane, live yeah, yeah? Ok, now I get it I think everyone that we've worked with has tried to get us to sound like we do live. You know yeah. Well, that's it! That's the big business alive yeah, while trying to I dunno. If it's actually you know mistakes and all, but that feeling of it's on. You know you're jailing it that everything is electric right in having trying to recreate that in the studio is is not super easy, especially when you're working in there for over a year. You know right exactly and a lot of times, you're, not there. At the same time, I imaginary, like you're, doing tracks on over dubbing and in whatever, like you're, not in the room together, and I know people record like that, but it's must be sort of a chore yeah. We do that we right in and record the basics
altogether and on this record, especially you know, having greg there at the beginning, we were able to get great sounds great greg settlement yeah the producer, along with the lars of myself. He was able to get great sounds at the beach yet as we did at h, q, which is our home sanctuary your label right right, yet erica it s, so we everything we played was was album quality right, so there are guitar tracks on there. They were first. Second, third, take possibly summer overdone, some, not so there is this just a newer and different way. That's probably the most different on this album. From compared to the other in terms of working here now, when you look at the crowd now like who do you see you guys, our age, that that the young, like I do. I see as our age I see guys older. I see what blows my As I see young girls in the front, you know, and there in the front member
You know when I go to any gig there's no way girls were there. even near the front rise? It was to brutal right, but I tell you whether it's how they do barricades now or what now we have our own special way, but it's less brutal, so you get all kinds of their army. I see father sons up in the front and daughters, right. It's it's anybody in everybody. Everybody is certainly welcome and no one had there's does not like a used to be Your dress code show up at neath that right now, lucy lap a little little bit. You know you got. You know guys just come off of work in there still got their handkerchiefs on their on their brief casey untenable and there the gig and you ve got guys it. The notice, whatever just walked in from the you know the auto shop and you ve got kids in
graham pause and three generations of people show and that's how long, even added that a grey uniform it is a super beautiful. What I get to do from up. There is look out and watch these people enjoy the music in see how they react. How did they, how are they taking this in and why the hell do like this song. Really you know master puppets in your little girl at the gaunt master. What is it? What is it for you in does matter she's there and she's enjoying it in, but you do as those question I do. All the time are you sure you like this, so we just fuckin with us? I know it it are going to be a huge pile, that's it. They have either been punked. That's the thing: at the about the lyrics in the way you write and then when you talk about questions in about how much of this stuff is almost a call and response to these, that you know those feelings that year that they may,
more present when you're younger, but they don't go away, and certainly if you grew up with them with you guys and now, the you, kids and stuff, you know those feelings he revisit damn minute in Austria a fun way like you, I remember when I want to kill everybody yet out of that. When I was your age, I want just kill now, like knowledge is fun, I only want to kill half the people at progress did that's also. I would love to see your father and son. Your show that must be really cut. A touching always super cool, ass, hooper cool. Of course you know the kid gets. Showered with gifts of picks and drumsticks it s, wet bands and area go you know, and I gears Kirk's guitar headed I'll, give it to me. I met yet one with the wood You did that elmwood Lou right yeah. I had it like. You know that was an interesting thing was
very interesting, but no doubt because you know like he he's different like it was that it makes sense for him, and I just wonder what? How did that come to do happen? It made sense for us to beginning it was, I mean just jane. With anybody recording with someone else s that was weird yeah I mean you know and you know arm or management is in new york ia. We went I what what I can't remember, we were doing, I think, was thing reserve. Oh, I know it was celebrating twenty five years of the rock roll hall of fame. We were step one night and we were picking out artist. had been in the rock or or in the record of fame and played in reed. Was there and down the hallway. He yelled hey I love you guys. We should do it out together. One day him
like yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, cool, yeah, yeah, alright, here have another one: and then we get a call for management in a say, hey Lou, serious. He wants to do an album and we we do know what to think about. like all right. What's he got in mind in a what they thought as to be really why did you did this? We eat it? We jane live right was that we played live with him like a like on the on that show the what was it the award show that you're talking about. to jam with him somewhere yet might make it exactly. No, that is true. That's true was a tweet jane. Yet yes, what it was yeah and ah so that's where it came from right and he was a ha. He came to us basically with lyrics me, I'm a play that he had written. He had all these intense lyrics yeah, so this was a first for us to sit and write music behind a set of lyrics right because that's not
we operate yeah, but it was really cool and it was it was. You know it was definitely a in the studio, jam, kind of feel, haha and lois from that school right. Ilk of you know back in the sixties or seventies. jammed it you're recorded it in your done right. You know, hey! Let's try that again nope! I just did it. Ok, I get it right. Lou has spoken, it's it's an interesting elements, a good record. I think it's superadds year and as a rule, stand alone. Peace in our career I'm am super grateful that we got to do it at loo and his is that time a life. You know we learned a lot from him. Yeah pretty pretty cool guy and they, let me tell you a few nino rock n roll rub rebelliousness. It was in him you learn about it like in in the sense of like. Would you take away from it?
you to refund wall. Yet the hey, I sang it yeah, that's a moment here you. I can't do that again either. He would say that I can't do that again here and that's it. Like you, I like look out. Ok, is there a way to do that? You just left. You know why ok, being in the moment very in the moment. Let's see what else. Oh, when you doing interviews effigy when, when the our view. We start asking questions look out here and especially with Lou read because man he tore some people apart. Oh yeah, he he, you know he deadly hats, interest issues, interests a lot of people, so he would grill you and tell you crumbled and then he could trust you right, as is a dynamic we're talking about earlier. Were you ever get down to my level? Lay back. We always feel a weaker yea here idea. Very true. True,
but he was a real honest guy, yeah real, honest guy, and I really appreciate the fact that he, us out of our little box. I added You know, yeah, where you would You did you take his music into consideration ever earlier. A fan diaphana, I wasn't, I know cliff Burton was certainly a fan of an underground cliff liked a lot of lot of crazy psycho stuff yeah. You seem like a pretty special guy. Oh absolutely yeah Well, look man! I hope I did all right. You did us. I didn't ask any questions outta here, it's funny because, like some guys either I don't. I just like to have a conversation. You, like, I know young in here, and you know I was this wrestling with like you when I start with Guy, like Neil younger. You know when you have a musician over, especially at a certain age. You know you know those five records, but then there are fifty year and the year two thousand so like that
my love. I guide totally get you earlier, but I figure I got this war. Fifty eight hundred relaxing appearing now he plays through things like that. So my start. What gear and we'll just open it up now see. Work goes and he gets in inner. I basically go. I gotta figure It works. I think you you play one of those and he looks over. He goes right now. I dunno, I guess now my mexico, Yes, I knew he knew he was. He was doing that thing, though he was like I'm going to I'm going to break them a little bit and then like something happened. And it was like, I dunno- was inert of your weapon used at a great time and a lot of ties with these things. People who were fans of peace, eat. You know they already know everything. So if they can here the guy is the guy. Through I e mail does polite You're, not a gardener, had been really need arises.
Brought that up. How are you gets over fifteen blouse? days now use. Yes, it feels good right, don't even joke about now. You can't ride fifteen years of his great good good, and it's a daily daily. They, the daily reprieves a little one day, titled yeah good man- and I again I got I love the new record and I liked was in the records greater. Can you thank you mark proceedings. that I think we covered some stuff commonality worked it out again. new, metallica record, hardwired self destruct available. Now, I'd like to thank james come by was fun go to wtf pod product gambro, diabetes. Pod needs no guitar playing I'm waiting for my flat to take on the tip of my finger.
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