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Episode 788 - Norah Jones / Pete Holmes

2017-02-22 | 🔗
Singer-songwriter Norah Jones can float between multiple genres of music with ease, whether it’s jazz or standards or country or acoustic pop. That's not surprising when you consider how she was influenced by her Texas roots, her early piano playing, performing arts school and her estranged father, who she only got to know later in life. Plus, Pete Holmes stops by to test how prickly Marc will get as they talk about Pete's new HBO series, 'Crashing.'

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the burghers, what the pot buddies, what the buccaneers, what the posters, what the fuck it alex? What the fuck makes me very important, what the fuck, nix, What's happening a mark mare- and this is my podcast. W e f welcome to it. Today on the show you sometimes you get an opportunity to talk to people and you never thought you'd have that opportunity, but, like greece, I got the opportunity I was asked. If I were talking jones and am like she's a great singer. That's interesting! Her dad is Rabby shankar, that's gotta, be cool, so yeah. Let's talk to her, so. I talked to her today. I also had pete homes in here, which you know for me, is good and and it's it's nice and can be difficult- may impede everything, but we ve got an older. We ve.
Sort of a levelled off to some degree, I'd like to think I have, I think I have I think I'm doing better. I do said, I am pre recording this particular and show that did yeah a couple of days beforehand, nodded that that matters by in the world we live in. Who knows what's gonna happen, so if I don't addressed something that it seems like a requires, addressing which I don't necessarily do any ways if it avenue yesterday, I ain't going to address it, be This happened a few days ago as effort time jumpin. So look if you have serious ex m radio, you can tuna to the street radio channel this week in your wind appearing my interview with bruce springs at some point there playing it throughout the day, till sunday. still available here too, at deputy a but understand you just send in a little love towards a serious station Bruce wanted it on, put it on thought that was pretty cool.
I get I'm going to be a self centric. If I could because when I'm down or when I'm not feeling good about myself for the worlder or whatever I I, need to talk to you I connection with you- is very important. A few emails I do not want you to think I'm doing it to two to my own horn per se, but third there. I I there is a logic to it to see. If I can get to it, jack line, charlotte, hey mark. I just want to say great job last night at the night. The and charlotte. It's so nice, as an audience member to know that the guy on stage really what he's doing and that, if we just give in to whatever he's, got plan for the next hour, or so we all go on this journey together. Having some laughs and hopefully learns thing, I've seen you live a couple of times now, both times it felt like. I was watching something special keep
what you do todd in north carolina. Thank you todd. It was a powerful show for me because I, as you know I've been a wolf tangled up a bit. A little overwhelmed. I've been a little help was in some respects. So entering a show like that, with the need to talk in the need to connect, create some very present, I can't do it without being present. This is the thing I can just do an act. I got an act, I got stuff I'm working through, I got the jokes. Did I I know I've done it many times. I leave a lot of room for whatever happens in too. You know have feelings within the thing. That's just the way. I do it s wrong or read this letter This is not again, I'm not trying to mine horn. Obviously I like hearing this stuff but I just want to address it because I'm gonna have peed on we're. Gonna talk about me a comedy stuff
I charlotte show question number two hey mark thanks for the last and man show is incredible, d you end at blair killed it. I was the guy who asked you about the first hand up, so I took a few questions, that occasionally appreciate your answer and the museum joke was hilarious. I actually perform one of my first yokes ever wrote for the people and charlotte cause that question It asked you another question when you picked out the curtain, but five humans were my way. Here's my second try. How do you deal with the fear of bombing them? again for the show definitely coming out to another one. If I can manny, how do you do with the fear of bombing. it's always there, man, It's always there, you just deal with it. and eventually, hopefully, Your fear, is to go away a bit and you fight a sort of weird freedom in bombing its necessary the try new shit or you take risks. You're gonna a bomb, but that's just part of the fucking job,
I mean you shouldn't bomb when you get to a certain level you should you have, material and be responsible enough to your audience professional enough to try to put on the best possible, but even if that doesn't go well, that's just a ability of the business of the of the craft, but the fear I don't know I'll, let you know when it goes away, but by talk that bombing I talk to pee homes for a little bit I got a new show on hbo, which I'm ok with its called crashing watch episode, one on h, b, o now and it's on every sunday night at ten thirty, and we about him, starting out as a comic. So this is sort of a comics conversation so enjoy it a comedy levers in comedians any and me petered out, we'll get along our, I suppose, pete homes
and somebody like me. I I like having a little bit of chaos in the house via the dogs peed in every room of the house, and that's actually good for me. Yeah. We don't we because I uncovered ways. I didn't even know that I was uptight. Oh yeah because, like the dogwood pie would have company over get excited and then it peaks smiling looking at you as hot piss, clear rules on the ground and this dark cloud, it was like bear adjacent, just anger. I we ike the universe like it was worse than this regular. The arts it triggered me This way that I understand what what do you make of that? I have no idea where I do have. I ever theory and I wonder, control issue. I think my mother is a little bit like a needy dog yeah, that's a terrible thing to say, but when we he's got my dog. I really enjoyed em in the money. I'm came and visit and kind of ruin that, because I was I
This is, this is how I kind of felt growing up was I have this thing. Sometimes it pisses on the floor, loves yeah, yeah sure what did DR right and when the dog you give it a fuckin bone in this area and clean up its vied with your mother, its ongoing made is there's no there's no bound to give. I wrote myself an email and it was like how to talk to my mother. You know you. yourself an email yea out it was. I read this every time before you sort of like o o o o o peptide elope avdotya, some some. guiding point a guiding is almost like. A translation is almost like english to mom trading relations, because sometimes I get there impulse to call home cause, you have like a happiness surplus.
That never drives me to call home. If I want to waste that surplus, that's what it is! Yeah well you're pushing the money. I don't suffer from happiness surpluses too often, but I I understand the idea. You know what I mean like. I am like. I think I can handle now, and I definitely know that one it's like here's, my window, I'm feeling good about myself, and sometimes they double the money and they're nice, and sometimes they take the money, buy a bright, but also usually those are the moments where you like. I have boundaries right now. That's right! I'm going to try that's right it. I feel strong. It's like after therapy I'll call my rider I'll be like here we go. I just talked to a guy made. It sounds good and then she makes me make another appointment but by the way. What's on that list, it sort of way don't do this, its joan speak from your hair. it's a! U s! Heart stuff! It's like I was just in new york, promote, The show me, which is why I am here- and I am so grateful for the opportunity thanks reverie and I went to new york. do. You like it was crazy. Busy was like you do that.
Shelly. I do this and then there are usually more seconds on the today. She has actually we're gonna get a bit like five. Three three people talking at the same time to say two things, and there are so many things you can't say like in his life is literally no time there's no time. I do anything. I said nothing and nothing. Which was a kid. I sit there. They set it up by explaining the show entirely. Do you say one thing, one of them says something you say something back and they're like okay, that's it thanks, we're getting out without sensitive. What then I went on the same day. We did like coal bare and charlie role we as in and forget, rachel ray The morning chow yeah right I telling my mom that it's like back to back to back stuff and all she says like you, the fantasy, is you want your mother to be like together, so exciting b, I rose omega sucks. I write gambling, doing co bear when I am like, and instead she goes well then you're close to Boston. You can visit no right
and then I come out of which is which comes across as like just erasing everything is that your idea is that while there is missing year accomplished, how does this serve me? Don't make me I'm just like our art by faith, so I go mom. You don't understand you not listening to me, I'm very busy and she said well just stay one more day and am I gonna fly back where the premier a dane right and then you, like you, don't even know where my premier is getting like a baby when the email I wrote to myself was like: when will you visit here's what you say? Oh that would be so great yeah. I wish I could That would be so fine. I love you so much. I ll of coming home. Wow, it's nice suspend, tirades, lighter and it up. You don't know you don't have to say all of this- the habitats, the added to light a hastily at no time I just saw you in my four months ago. You know you to get a sense for what people want ride. My mom just want. She hasn't. the visit she just needs me to say. I wish I
well, that's right, but that's always one where things when they want you to visit for a day. It's like what do you think happens that deputy, that's all I say she's like I was say one more day, my mom. You re days as the max we write. Art are queuing united at why you know, I think an orgy expecting she's expecting seven year old with walcott boy they come oh yeah and be like any might on the fourth day, whether I my river near and then it's very weird for to be like no mom, I'm getting a hotel, piano, mamma dont later how he added on my lap. When my girlfriend is here, here or ever reality. How do you do knife? We try to keep it appropriate. Yeah, oh yeah. I've used, though I've used girlfriends in wives to serve shield me yeah I tell them my art, don't let her I've been in situ that I hope this isn't too factor. But while I'm at a situation where girlfriend here, here say to. My right is my girlfriend my left as my mother girlfriend hand here,
anything thigh mothers hand slightly closer on the other side a closer to the back. You like ass to romantic the thing, not a good threesome, no yeah, not one them good. One yeah, and you know that it's actually, you know shows like yours and and any talk of boundary area. It was very helpful but very hard to put those ever met, something that we kind of explore on crashing yards ahead the thing for yeah you're, breaking everyone's boundaries with your needy ass self, that's right! Yeah! I did not. I dunno if there was a press package, but I watched the first one last night, so I did watch it. I can't believe it. I knew the idea for the show cause. I talked to you or talk to judd about it. It's somewhat based on truth. I know that you know you, you do. You did get a divorce, but the way you kind of you do feel. Add for you yeah, but you know like with me and in that relationship with you. I it echoes
I feel bad form to I get mad at you. I understand now I get up. I can really get it. In fact, when I watch the show, I'm rooting for my wife to leave in the first part, seconds. I like this guy's, not give or what she needs an end, and that was very important to me. It was almost like a therapeutic exercise to consider her side of things, you're writing that I mean the you. It obviously didn't go down like the real thing didn't know we, its emotionally through its not factually. Should I didn't walking on them right with more, she told me I was even more annoying. I was even more oblivious right. You are aiming for a while. He was going on for months and, like I was just like G. We seem a little bit distant ryan, revenant sex at all, while yeah and I blame it on the fact that we had moved up state was as physical. This day I was going to the city did he's right right and then she was having this affair on fourchan right it will. This guy was funny because the guy that you chose kenya has to be there some ways.
the worst scenario, yet the guy who is like immediately negotiating and trying to make you feel better about this inevitable thing. I am, I not right taking any responsibility for it at all. He's almost like to the care to play by george basal, whose amazing and he's like the line that guy he I met him. party, and I was like what is your deal why're, you famous you're so far he's an improv guy, how he in new york or hear you. I met him out here, but I think he was in europe for a time. Have you ever run into those buildings like I dont get it you're lying right, a funny funnier via matthew, economy, type and yet is amazing rife and then years later has show business taking. Ok, I think I have somebody error you and he came in, and killed it, but he's almost two evolved he's so involved in that like happy way that he's like it's
when the game man. Yes, I fucked your wife. This is how it works. Yes, as the pain isn't going to and you're like, I don't want to hear the shit you fuck my way. What are you going to do in that moment, and I you know, look I love already and he certainly shined in this fucking episode. Yeah he's grinding, thank god he was there. The show would have been garbage, but he really is a bit. I know you're right break your balls, easy, I have to say. I know you're breaking gloria in all seriousness, art The huge reason why does your got picked up is a huge reason why the pilot and a lot of you- recurring or he's in four out of eight and he's amazing, but in that scene you know he we have this very well before the first seem where, after accommodation Yeah no casual vip takes me to buy a piece of pizza and we had it all scripts out and already has enacted in fourteen years, and you watching him in the thing you're like what the fuck this guy's amazed and we had its grip
it, but we started rolling we shot on film and the reason I mention that cause there's only like twelve minutes and a real year. So we saw a role, and judge you do that just wanted to look. Like a movie interesting, There are so many people that yeah, you would think, would be real hold out with the film that of really gonna just said fuck it. I know Maybe it is a very big stand out freakin. It might be possible to make digital look like film, but I think you need someone amazing doing it might be possible, but you still need a lot of effort right. I do it so we made a kind of full prayer we start rolling the film and we have the script like I said, and then, instead of doing it, judges goes you talk about why you would tell a comedian whose naive and doesn't know anything about the world and then already just talk. fifteen minutes it the whole real, not one line of the script right at the end, they roll out of it? You hit.
fell nea. Everyone applauded, like everybody, just cheered with such a heartwarming. Moreover, already everyone's rooting worrying and we get a second- getting a zone where what we tell you this really sometimes no easy right. I love him. I rushed anyway so funny it had it had some real. He wears is hard on his leave and that's what we needed and kind I got you ve done to me in ways that are they re also just money. You want a more diplomatic yeah. He gives you that, like what the fuck are you doing here, if you're just going to waltz in and get a show, he wears his heart on his sleeve in the way that somebody who couldn't go any lower has to yeah like there's. Nothing, that's going to happen to already that. yeah in a way the worst has already happened and that emboldens them, I think, but it also gives him this very unique perspective, because he still somehow, when he's engaged in conversation, he's not fucked up. You know he is very wise yarn of dude and that's one of what
we want to show. The show is the unlikely canopy here's this guy and he seems like the guy. That would have it together. You know he's he's religious and clearly, if Mary, I lean on that pretty early so like is set up to show, I should say that it's about pete, starting as a comic book you starting islamic. Now sure you, your wife, you're with another dude, and now you just alone, you leave the house that you had together in your wandering YAP at your committed to common. That's it the ida secretly, and I will carry the whole time which right, which is a dirty cigarettes here, you're losing you go. We focus in the Jesus picture in the kitchen, india, listening to Jesus tape, schedule lost in the act, and I tell you something about that. Ok, I think you'll enjoy the story. because I used to like jewels team a lot would listen to your best life now on order freedom and it just you can hear him smiling and he just like you know, cuts favor. He wants you to stay. Into his failure? Yeah he wants you to be happy rich successful. I really
of debt and then my wife fact another guy here and then I laid on my bed. I was trying to cheer myself when you get in the car. You put that back on after exactly yeah, and I tell you I'd, take it out like it doesn't that's based on this moment as I put Put it in my ears and he's I cod is watching you, god is protecting his children. and I would just like not only did not make any sense, I couldn't even and a time in my life when it would have made right? kind of always shown when Peter rejects the cd. How is there's a paradigm shift to write? He so if I picked up on that as efficiently, it takes a few view now. You're asking you know it's always on it here today, not tomorrow I'll get up here, but that's that's the field, we're going for a ride, had an idea that god was gonna, protect him and that he was kind of in the protection plan. Right. Are you lose your faith. Now
it's gonna get shipped in an reconstructed for sure tat he ever season and that something was very exciting to make see a lot of religion on shows. No You don't even and also you don't see that that struggle over guy. Who is a believer and m, really use It relies on it right and then you have a crisis of fake. Well, that's I think, gives the show stakes. Mia is most people, oh you know, your wife leaves you and a shower of moving the next seen as the guy at a bar trying to get some strange me I just gone, I could wear or destroying his wife somehow or doing coke or whatever I had people tell me they were like hey I've been there do some coke yeah literally people know I I just get some coke yeah. I did everything after afterward after I broke up with my second wife. I did everything outside of drinking and drugging. Is that right? Well, I mean with the mostly women yeah yeah yeah. Well, that's that's how people that are they think it's a good,
here, but ultimately yeah it's a good idea if you want to like. Actually ruined sex for yourself yeah, that's right. It would have really fucked up associations with or just just sort of like you and once you start using sex specifically as a drug yeah, you might to damage the possibility of it becoming intimate connection ever again yay. What is the the arc of the show in terms of an action you just move from place to place, or that was what made me feel like a tv show. Obviously I was I got. This is what happened to me. I grew up very religious. I married the first girl I ever dated nea and then after six years she fucked us more time in a morocco. That's obviously my store right oh, but the what made a feel like a tv show. As I was like. Oh then, every episode I'm staying with a different committees, I don't have any money. I dont have any reason, I'm good. I can't make money and it's kind of telling the story of how
well people like tj miller in real life. John mulaney, in real life, nick kroll in real life, really did rise to the occasion, so that made it feel epic. So, where we're going in real life, they did in a alive yeah. They helped you out at that time. There was a lot of people knew you. How can I knew you were allowed a great? These were great eyes. It came at four emotional. the poor when you're really going through this, exactly I'm sure is Abu experiences, The thing where it's like I'm talking to a degenerate right now is really healing my heart, nausea or that's where comedy ha, except where the degenerates healing our own arts, because they were too big, degenerate bunch. It is a big degenerate, but there are sensitive guys and then I one. The stories I wanted to tell was like there is this thing that not a lot of people report here where we can help each other. No there's back stabbing, there's competition but I would ask I'm sure you ve helped people with its financially. Emotionally whatever. It is a course, and that's what makes our little scene go round the and even the hardest of them seemingly hardest of the people. Tat are used
and tell first either the sweetheart. Yes, why so where's guy, I I mean we have Sarah silverman. We have t J Miller, hannibal makes appearances. These kind of the guests stars for the first sees them here and then we watch pete, I like to say about, like a break up with his wife, a break up with his parents, the f and a break up with his traditional understanding of gods. everything falling apart slow. How was the creative process? How did work? Jaded It would break the stories typically I'd pitch them, a story that me and some of the writers had come up with and then Jed would like. Take that and go like don't you like a good example. You be like out what, if he works on a tour bus rats, a job that comedians get an you better get your stuff. So what? If your wife has a yard sale near him, and you just go with that guy I go was almost visiting the oracle. You know. You're osier breaches the two eu breaking after the writers room. Yes,
There was often be he and I, and then at sometimes julian anymore. It out, I would just frantically be taking notes and then I'd pitching historian He liked it I'd go often right it. I am like dialogue endured the writers committee. Who is writing on it? We didn't have a digital writers room in a sense we are others comedians to share stories so right at the tone of. What's it. going to Albany and opening for a guy who's, not you're, right I'll of comedy and would share war stories and right then a lot of it was so personal, and I know you know what this is like. It's like you guys only I can write the episode about my parents, I'm not gonna, hear pitches right. Dad says when he says pass the catch up, as he says, passionately irish, gravely rightly set right. We had a lot of different heads to the monastery me I monster beast or what I wanna say I mean I'm in the room and and their writers are trying to. Please me yeah, I'm trying to please job yeah and at the end of the day, this is a judd. Apatow show right, In fact, we were joking.
We're. Like all look at other views, people are really responding to the fact that peat is innocent and kind of sweet. in vietnam and he I remember you were watching me that in the view you meet a girl and you go down on her and you start crying. Why you're going down honour her that it would be like a funny they set peace. Sure he's I say He didn't say it, but he you like- and this is why you need me baby, and I was like you fuckin. I write it and your life is good. Life is good. Just got engaged if you know that really yeah, how long you been whether I'm doing I love your view got concerned. No, it's the right thing right away! O is beautiful and honest. I I'm doing a show about marriage falling apart as I'm getting engages very healing reality. It feels kind of cosmically, beautiful but We ve been waiting for years now, yeah, we ve been living together for like two and a half on that's exciting and she's the best of good.
he's not in show business she's, just a sweet excited when I I think I saw your had a conversation with the or europe in to buy a house or yeah. Well, that's where we've been living for two years, yet you helped me with that. I was like what is it you're you again you're one of my dad's. I got a down payment. What's a reasonable amount of interest and you'd be like wow good as this and you have a good place I love where we live. We live in the side and over here will not far from here, Israel lives here and if I can't walk two things: I'm, not going really. I've got a bad like that. Are you still hold onto the walking I've? I've managed to keep a walk. Life was only cover voices in. Do that here that one does anyone there. That's definitely one. We can walk to the movies you can draw to a close neighbour. Yes, that same sort of feel no movies here, but you can down there and there's people doing things, colorful pizza, politically Asher guy. That happened here ray I that all turned around, so life is kind of absurdly
and your touring at our not yet we ve been trying to promote the show We have one, I think it's sold out, but where I don't know this is coming out, but that I think are important thursday, ok damage, Tell me what you think you can put it up tomorrow. No, I wasn't expecting to plug the dates, but we did a little tour with already in Chad and some of the other people, oh yeah, which and a family man and its, the fans, oh wow, I got off stage. I was like they, they yelled show your tits twice and he's like. Are you kidding? That's good, It is only going to show you tat wow, so they were, they were rowdy unfairly, but they were grape and the new york like you. I did ok backs what I don't judge by last. I judge by backs what you feel hard. I it wasn't me, I hope to go back, and I am grateful for that were there, but some of the already people like who is this guy. I do jokes about like we're all a little bed gay theme and through so am I judged like now. brown,
q. I have a joke about. Like everybody knows what a good looking man looks like and they were like? No, we don't like. I felt them go. No. We don't in europe, and you were up against the philly man thing and already has like as long as they don't they knocked out santa claus in eagles game me like you, did fine. yeah, they're, crazy yeah, and it's really great watching Jed. I dunno if you've seen him, do stand up now, he's great lately. Now that I see him a lot he's been crashing and he's doing a special and it's- and I think that's one The reasons why for sure that we did this show whether I pictured to him while he was shooting train rag ia and when he was shooting trainer. going out with Amy shimmer today at the seller here and so he was living that sort of like. What's it like coming back into the world was funny because he saw it quit doing comedy as may be kind. Strong middle yeah sure and be like. I at first when he was come back around was like, oh god, what's he going to do, but then like each got some grape it
I left, I seem a lot at the stork is all I do is work the store and he's always there and we got to eat something. How can I watch him? Do his jokes and I there's a couple jokes I ask you to do. Is I like me, I, like the joke, he's doing it's always acts it gives. Anxiety when when a famous person starts to extend, again or at all, but when you think that lilies person is being one of the four we approve pre eminent comedy writers, half of our generation a guideline. He knows how to write shouts like you know, when you could doings stand. If he is writing jokes for people right. You know what I mean and that's why I like. I live tweeted, the the premier and it was so fun to say that was Jed that was Jed johnny was already camille. Do you like your life, there's one? I passed, fucking confines ever I enjoyed visiting your cat by the way. That's that's always the secret waited merits
We have a busters way. He is the only sociable cat. I have my new kitten, he came and he really in neocon kind of liking people. I got him pr and Riyadh ass and that as a performer, that makes me happy how good I know you can tell. I was raised with cats, because the command I most often give my dog is: go live your life. What do you want? What do you want? what I mean. What are you doing? You got any the shit. You got a deal with it. I know, Catherine. She cats are good people, think they're assholes, there are good the know what just say it's like you know: if you're not hook, the needy thing is yeah. I know a media times, but like with the pets like I like having to earn it, Did you hear the dog is just giving it to you are indigenous. I don't really know. I know you might think that I liked that I liked the cat, like I used to do a joke. I said I don't have. I don't want
I have a dog. I don't want anything more needy to me in my house, right, yeah, they're, very codependent, and your cat, who knows where cats are learning to meditate in your dog, is looking at you like. What do we do now? So what happens now you're just going to promote and then take a break or what I mean we're hoping to hear about a season two that quickly knock on wood. You know, I think, I'm not sure I get me a demo- is a couple episodes two three so we will make a decision, and I mean I've already been writing onto and we ve been meeting kind of informal. The opec up, but just like meeting with a greg simmons any and edward some, these guys are come in to right. Just to tell stories and just like a we showed him. The seasons like where do you think this is going forward, What didn't work, how go and then side just sent judd. The second season, premier idea, because I, like I like writing at me. I just read me yeah if it works instead of like an airliner, some bright
I mean: did you hear back from him? Not yet in sight, am mentioning it on this podcast cause. I know he always going to listen. It'll be like I gotta read that Promoting forgot marked it spam. Well, congratulations. Margo means mean the a I'm happy for you as you know, you're an inspiration to me. I think a great and you kill and at times dean do the have the but I mean our dynamic deserves to be. You know matured a little bit because he actually was holding audi, and I dunno, if that's the charity, but you know a Jed said to me. He was like he was like telemark, then you, you kind of win. We years we guy? Obviously you ain't grumpy mask yeah. I went happy man right same guy, underneath all afraid scared as we have compulsions. We have issues with our families. That's a good observation by MR apatow. That's what he does. I know we pick different personas they're, really, that's good!
that's kind of the shows about it? I wish I wish she was conscious just pick this one, because the other one felt, scary. What we if the one that made us feel safe yeah. That's why this I think you might enjoy Duncan trussell, said this to me about our egos cause a lot of the spiritual work I do is like trying to minimize your yeah he's. Like don't fuck, I hate your ego. Your ego is what was there when you scared in the world with legs. We ass off grown ups and there are weird and gets all big oaten booze brassiere their frightening. The ego is: what picked you up and protected so don't send it into the wood like Harry and they henderson. You say thank you, and you put him aside when you don't when you're like a take a break overcome bananas in ongoing negotiation. That's right! You don't fuck and spit in this phase or try to disconnected totally, I was afraid- and I went sweeping see you and I are both three dimensional peeping. I have my better grumpy in yonder swede happy, but
If the majority of was what we chose to make us feel safe, everybody wants to feel safe, yeah terry. How are we doing? I feel good. I feel- I don't feel safe, but I feel good talking to you. I feel a little safer than I did when I came alright. Well thanks for coming by thanks, buddy crashing peach show is now an hbo you can watch this one on hbo, now and and also its on every sunday at ten thirty p m. there was this weird moment that actually happened when I was in durham. he's gonna wandering around you. Looking lost wanting to talk to people because, I didn't want to sit alone in the in the hotel. with my own brain and there's just an interesting mamma is through reject. Leno is actually performing in durham the same night that I was so I would just wandering the street, and some dude comes up to me and I knew
We thought that, oh, that's nice, someone recognize me, but he immediately launch into a man. I just look out just now of the hospital after the test. I got diabetes? And now I come now I am an on the street and I took the bus in from you know, and then I gotta get back on the bus. I need money cause. I don't! I only have two hours and I gotta you I need another. Need any another few hours to get the bus back, and I guess I just got tests done. He always the it was. The request I need money for a bus. It was a rendition of the distant a couple more bucks to get my bus ticket pitch, which I've heard from many people, but you nice feeling you know a well oiled down will open and he I generally give some money.
You know you make those decisions in the moment or you have a policy a momentary decisionmaker by, but I gave the guy five and I I actually had no belief that it would go to, Take it. I didn't know what it would go to Bob. I didn't think bus take it. What was where was going, but I was okay with that. I wanted to help Whatever was he needed to feed or wherever he needed to travel or whatever, but anything walk with me by gangs. Man he's right is walking with me because this J letter. I just I just d, J, leno you're. Just hang So not only did he not know who I was, which is fine, but I did. I some money- that's fine too, but now and told me that he was talking to jail anna. Am I go yeah, nice guy right. Yes, sky yeah walking down the street yeah he's dead. You said hey I like you, I, like you, J, leno and, like I said there They give you any money
not now, but you know J, he probably got just got a credit card. like yeah yeah. That's probably it what that story means, but somehow, in that moment theirs ways to go with me. I could it felt like a heel or a mark or stupid because I ii, I knowingly gave some money as somebody who was lying to me and seemed to be pretty cheaper Maybe not I don't know, but in tat moment I chose to feel superior to go to jail. I know that's why I went with that yeah! That's who I was that day, minute Nora jones, I never thought I taught Nora Jones, but here we are her most recent album. Her sixth solo record is day breaks she's on the tour. marching gotta nor jones dot com? This is me and Nora Jones talking.
You know. I went through this flurry of conservatives this morning just to queen the house, I don't want you to walk in new alleys, yearns lower catch. My This is a mess It's like stressing me. I go to bed with kids go to bed just so I dont have to be in the stressful part of the house, and I just hide in my bedroom, just hoping clean as well being just pretending, like the massive numbers on very welcome and clean the mass, pretty words how many kids have to, their nine months in almost three, oh, my god, its chaos? All the thai ass soliloquy, relentless yeah, it's good! It's exciting! Yet Sweden, awesome and new. You in Brooklyn yeah, so you come out here, much yet aware but I never end up having as much time as I'd like to have to just enjoy. Oh yeah, foreign younger. Where did you grow up?
up and down outside a Dallas texas in great line texan where you are born there now is born in new york. When I am in, like in the city, yeah yeah, and then I I lived in the city and toes maybe three or four in the we moved down to texas not a lot of big memories of the city's. I have a couple, a weird like my first Erie is a dream about being in a playground in washington square park and biting my lip off, but other than that, no really yeah. That was a very vivid memory that has stuck with you yeah. You guys decide to go to dallas. Have you done any research on that my mom from Oklahoma real, aunt em? She went to college in Dallas, so I think it was just let go home without having to go back to hooker, homer, frederick, right and your dad is rubbish anchor yeah you will get along with him for well. Well, I mean that I didn't get along with. Am I saw him here and there for sure when rise a baby. I know you're really remember all right. I've rise, but the most time with them, then in here
and then over the years. I would see him sporadically and then after I was like nine, I didn't see him till. I was eighteen, and then we became really close, really he died a few years ago and so like a fool eighteen on I had I have. I would really hard on my relationship with them and he did and for that matter, so you got to know and yeah honours lucky crazy. He was old, then he ended up. We ve had only when he had you. He was Actually, so I'm I'm thankful that he, you know he stuck around a little and he was in good shape when he played, I get to see him play a ton. Yeah I, like, I I have gotten into some some of his music. Somehow that stuff it do you do you find that debt and that that is genetic, but that any of that stuff registers with you. It's a really funny thing for me, because I have always kind
been music is always come very natural right, write and but not indian. These necessarily around but country musician, grown up and taxes hearing all the stuff my grandparents were listening to and for whom I am, I think, deaf May I have a musical ability for my genetics. I think I've got to cause I've of its always just felt very narrow. I've talked to direct talks about you that we, primal space of those kind of that type of music, Yeah A couple of music such as do that we're your brain, just kind of drops into something that doesn't require any day nation at all, and you just you're just in this primal zone. Dude, that's like I. I think it's pretty like if you have that genetically. If you can feel that I think that's a core of somehow reading into it. No, no. That makes a lot of sense. I mean for me, music is at it's best when you're, not thinking about it at all. What did your mother do? What was she sort of doing with her life when
grown up. She was a script supervisor and film. When I was born in texas in texas. I think she did a couple of years in and she got went back to school to get her real estate licence. Started on the real stay ass. I went a lotta empty, abandoned houses, whither growing up like a car wheels in these weird living room waiting for the sort of a hopeful looking couple yeah, I'm hoping a serial killer didn't come when we were getting ready before the house over yeah. She I like the first generation of a cell phone He was nervous to go out at night to these hauser. It was, I remember too serious big of food over yeah, yes, issues are released agent, five years she's, no around yeah she's here help me help me yeah with kids in l a or you brought the kids yeah. Oh my god. I know you're traveling with kids yeah you have to you, have to deal with the contentful look of
passengers as you enter the playing anything goes on the plane. I can watch anything they want. They can eat any kind of gear. They want is like that. It's funny like you, I dont it doesn't bother me as much as some people screaming child realise good as for you, but it's very funny that a lot of times they don't start screaming until like right when you're landing. I know I think I think the entire thing is probably a pressure through the ear thing. My kids, I'll sleep right when we're landing. Are they, though, so we probably shouldn't cry the whole way and they've been pretty good. I I can't I gotta touch with their good yeah. So in texas, texas is very specific and he says it's like a third country re. It is. I grew up in new mexico and I I you know I do I couldn't do I go out of place today. I judged because they are unique yeah, but Texas really is its own country is so grieved. Did you feel like when you are growing up that you are a texan? I did you hear me, or I didn't think about a growing up me right
I moved to new york. I really owned it and I missed it and I think I got more in a country music. I mean, I think it was always in the water cannons you're in my house playing, but I really got deep into when I moved away from taxes when I was twenty and moved to new york and that's when you get a country record right, basically almost something with a lot of you. Yeah like, as I noticed I was, I was into the other day. Did you cover a beer? be tonight that Dylan's on oh yeah, I did it. I was like a beside yeah yeah and in some headway. I'm sorry- and I have a couple. I have a country a couple different country bans, I'm india and them the real fun and how So when did you start getting into to music. When did you feel it That was your mode of expression. How did that to reveal itself? I guess it just kind of happen. I sing in church choir problem is the first thing. I would therefore like what I've away or five, and they were people like- oh my god,
national in origin, now agnostic. Why why I will say I was very, I was cut. And you know I didn't get shy and self conscious until I was eleven or something so when I was little like that, my choir teacher would tell us to open our mouths and sing out, and I took it very literally and I did it and then I ended up getting a lot of solos. You know right cause I hadn't you'd. Maybe I had confidence or an. I had good pitch combination and then then I was in church. wire till I was a lot older and then I was in school choirs, but I I started taking piano lessons when I was about seven two and how that did that seem easy I immediately wanted to quit cause I really did not want a practice all these dang scale. Nobody does gotta hail the pragmatists with the practice to make mamma you she something which in retrospect was pretty cool. She said. Well, you beg me for piano lessons. I came to you. You can't quit for five years
has caused, at least if you ever want to go back. You'll have a little bit of a base foundation. Did she pointed her now Well, she was like a musical theater. She was a dancer till she broke her ankle in college. She was a musical theater. How old was she with your dad? I think nine years was so she knew music. She knew that world always love music. Having grown up in my house was already Charles Henry, the franklin all the time really air that was her jam, not a country where you get I'm sure if the country a lot of willie nelson, but a lot of soul, music, yeah, yeah yeah. I got the country probably from my grandparents and lived in Dallas Oklahoma city- good I'll go home like this is like it's very interesting because you seem there there's some like, urban element to the nor johnsing, but obviously year. Your music is popular. At the world with all types of people, but I I somehow associate you because I don't know you and I you know, I just met you and I just read about you as like this jasper.
I know, I wouldn't say that's the most accurate label, but you know because, like you so where they live in Oklahoma, latin, see, drove you drive up there near with your mom we'd listener, Elinor stat unwilling ourselves, like George John. They enjoy his hands of georgia and how is he that he's like that? Oh my god. It's amazing it. That way is to this day when a list that music- it's it's. to me in a way that that is nostalgic. It reminds me of it. You know if and when music does, that to you and your back to being a kid and certain music takes me back to different places, but that stuff goes really deep for me because of my childhood yeah georgia, as I like in his singing, is so wild, so beautiful have you like it? I can't I can't. Why? Is he such a great singer? Is it
I don't know but specific theirs. It like the way they he harmonizes in it are you like a mutiny got. Those little turns in his voice has little twizel that dolly also as why let em you it's? Do them they're not like something I mean you can practice them and imitate people, that's how you learn less, but they're they're, just these little isms that they have to like. Where does that come from? Is that like a appalachian thing? Is it the thing? Is it like? How far back does it go? Do you know? I don't? I don't think about stuff like that, to which I just sorta. Listen to your job yeah, let the critics through exactly yeah. That's their job. Have they done that to you? Have they, act, your ear, what you are the legacy of, maybe a little. I think I think I stopped paying attention and that's a pretty early on has another and you can get to deepen that and then just your head is full of weirdness and right,
you're already probably self conscious on some level, nay ads and yourself, conscious in the language of that smart guy. Exactly maybe I am doing that. Maybe I am you know the college I went to high school. I went to this amazing performing arts high school kind of where I really got deepened jazz an felon with it and started playing it? And then I went to college for jazz like jazz, so you start out in church, choir and you're here your singing like that stuff flying julia elementary school, I was altered square and then, when I The junior high here I quit piano after five years, exactly real. Has like it's the day, I'm out ideas was so bad a practising. I had the sweetest teacher, but I could not take that you know, but I have great foundation and all these theory classes growing up. So that's in your head. Yes,
I had a great education for rising, so I was naturally predispose. Music anna was highly musically education right because it was a really cool programme where they taught you theory in everything. This is my school known as our memories really near, and so I quit and he ran user grow well, not anymore. I haven't practice at it lately by and by I mean I could read music, but I wasn't like great at classical music arrive listening to this beautiful, but I just don't have that discipline So what happens? Junior high, so I piano my mom me too. Some big bang concert concert at university, nor a texas dislodge we'll be on consular big bang glance around style swing the kindness and cannon whatever kind, but you know they they do a lot of progressive step to your stuff to right. I just is friend and I ve never really checked it out all those instruments, all those instruments, although do it, was
ah soundly rock and roll deeds get in the music fur check the area. I was like this little girl looking at this big ban out boy, crazy the only brought hazy sounds a little weird. I really was like I love. the music match, and if I was so cool- and there is one block check- and I don't know who was. I wish. I knew your name and she's a graduate. certain she was directing the band isaac. Yeah she's got cool conducting gate she's conducted yeah, but I dunno I just dug it is cool, and so my mom got me a saxophone and I joined the band in school, and ended up doing marching band, and it's really for I went to the performing arts has to have an outfit. It's the most sad scary
Sure I might add, burn it, but I think it might be on the walls of great by high school, still, oh, yes, and in tax it it was so high and we were marching in august in in the holly esther suits people were passing out like left or right drop, employing wise glorifying like watermelon manner. Actually, we did a chicago, the music of chicago, oh yeah, the band yeah actually scartaris pretty bad ass good horns area. Great greenhorns actually was grave for marching band. So did you, come good. It sacks. I mean I gotta solo in the band thing, which I totally messed up when when it came to perform it, but but rican really like did you did you like, I guess neither on piano or on saxophone, you could you can improvise. Really I mean there's yeah, I was pretty young still. I was just getting there and my mom hook me up with this cool piano teacher in Dallas named Julie bank. Who is jazz musician and she
open my mind to just playing cards. Instead of reading notes, reading raining accord char in improvising over these corridors and learning which scale supply over them, and she started me off doing that which was pretty awesome and a change of thinking. Yeah choked totally differently, thinking my music and then and even she encouraged me to write songs, which I did and I hated because they were so piano. He and I stopped immediately they're just so bad, but then then my mom got me into this and arts magnet high school so jazz, like you know when she, when someone introduces you two jazz, I like I like jazz. I have a brain for it. I'm afraid to go down that rapid whole, because if each is huge, its huge and there's no way, I can nerd out too that degree of his and I don't have few years, left I can listen to it and I'm always amazed when, unlike you know, this sounds differently Is it likely lee morgan, which has just way I never that guy into a month ago, oh yeah,
gives merely morgan album and a mic, and I just put it on without really any preconceptions, no research and unlike disguised don't thing and it's hard to identify that would be bought trumpet yeah, like their guys years miles in there's other people that play horns, but when someone sort of like oh yeah causes as riff me the baseline is, is what it is, but for some the stand out. It's like holy shit, yeah, but bebe, there's great bass, players who stand out in bass. You know it's it it's, but you gotta have the the mind for it cause I imagined to some people technology. It sounds the same yeah. Some people does yeah, but I bet if even those people, if you play them like really choice cuts, even they would be moved and maybe not. But what did that piano teacher to show you at that time, like what did she play for you? That was like made, you understand, sheepishly,
mostly showed me how to think about it differently, but I remember my mom when I started getting into jazz we're she. She went to the library and she rented the smithsonian Jas collection in areas like this great compilation of via the best stuff, fino em. We totally dubbed it on cassette tape and I remember that, with my vote, I doubt eight hundred assign you had an you, haven't even break yeah. I had like me before cassettes because it was a huge collection and it was kind My bible for awhile. Do you who is on it or what songs made the impression everybody was on it, but will not every You buy a lot of great stuff, but I remember this Charles mangus cut haitian fights. yeah and I've since try to like listened.
It recently, and I I didn't realize it was like a weird live version that wasn't the most common version that comes up when you try to find it. I used to do interpretive dance in my bedroom to it and is just the coolest and then this billie holiday version of of these foolish things. I mean it. Rip sure yeah an oscar peterson's playing piano? I mean issues great music and those. to stand out in your head. Those two where my my jams, Can I get more? It's it's it's funny at that moment, where you know you'd points exactly dancing piano. You could saying that you have their will. there was probably a moment there were interpretive. Dance might have been a bit like that. You know you could and should have we made the right choice in terms of a career that then yeah earns you money. Maybe as me, this and not, I analysed, usually done all right. I've done great lucky, I dont know why that is you know, I don't. Why guess I
You stand why it is because it is so specific, but it does. There is so much range within jazz still it's a certain kind of person to move around popular music. to get into that stuff to support it properly. Because when you go to a jazz show I mean I saw kamasi young when he finished his tour here. It goes like his hometown, Joe. He was crazy, but he's a rock star now good eye and that's grades. Four jazz rice, grey for everyone in all respects the air. Just saying like most ass each species so now that I know who I am sure- and I heard press on yeah you're, having been in comedy for a long time. I understand bitterness, you do there's a lot of yes.
Oh my god, there's a real parallel there you're right! Well, yeah! I got a few emails that sort of like you know, c'mon she's, fine, but maybe you should do your homework. Maybe just check this guy. This guy's been added a lot longer and call them the jazz police. I think that's there they're at their cult, but you know what and much respect to them. You know it's really hard to do something you love so much and just, no credit. For I mean I get it yeah it's its brutal. I can't imagine I mean I think, vessel lot. That's a big reason why I can't stop playing jack as I mean, I love that music, but I wasn't really writing songs that were that style and eventually when finally got back into song. Writing it was because I had a guitar in my room and cause everything else sounded to piano E. To me, I played it on the piano and I played like I four cords on a guitar roy you need. When I moved to new york. I wrote some yeah, yeah, totally country, oh yeah, there's your guy,
HU, I don't think I'll, take on new we're. Just gonna keep talkin right through it. I'll talk ladder its improvisation, yet that's our baseline, exactly he became repressive, but it's all you work with well, it's also testing is vocalist in jazz that I don't like the way patients are, are sort of specific right, I mean you know we're outside of of bee be able to view what a vocalists does in any form in a weird you really, you are how much can you improvising and take it out there It depends on what you're doing I was never the kind of vocalist I mean. I tried scat singing and I did that in high school and college. I was in these groups, but it just wasn't me yeah, you know, and and in terms of playing music, that's more out there. I love a lot of yeah. I love him. Davis in asylum way. That's one of my favorite albums of all time. The area but- and I know
Maybe someday I'll do something like that, but I dont know I mean when I was singing. I was just drawn, the songs, sure simple, songs right, and so you can take him out there. You can rephrase them. He can do all kinds of ship, but it's better. If you just sing, from your heart and make the lyrics come to life and whatever happens. We know it's happened right, you know and that's what I've learned over the years here is that you can try to take things out, but that usually is sounds a little contrive. Right right on bia shobo, where he just sort of labyrinth. Its tricks tricks like it's better to just convey the lyric heartfelt, do yeah, you know and when you say likes tried scouts exists. It is like a like italy or bob writer, but please like when you, when you do scattering d. Try to integrated and everything you you're saying, like I mean high, was like a failure fire to fire injury, but I mean I haven't if you can do it really well actually and when somebody can do do well and is like owning, and and
believes in it, and does it amazing? the breath and running Elvis Gerald every icy? Did it I loved? sure I love it. I mean I don't need it. Why can't do that? But for those weird things like there's only three people that really do that. You want to hear daily. I mean I'd rather just try to take pianosa. You know sure, so When do you start like cover with jazz musicians. What was this experience in performing arts high school like? Is it like? Was it the texas fame. I mean there were a few people like that yeah, but it was what disciplines air cosette, like that's an emerging yeah, into creativity, expression, I mean that's the point of those things as I imagine you, ve got theatre here and yes away? There right now is theatre, dance, visual arts and then yeah, so everybody sort of there
Will you air, but everybody has their concentration Sonia your dancer, your dance area So you want to be music major. I mean I knew I play music. I think I'll decision for visual arts because I just wanted to get into the school so bad, and I rejoice at what you want. You can painted Simon amene jewelry out, take this mental working class once and not be soldered thing myself thing. I still have my nineties rings from that era and the priority, but got in for music and I always wanted. Take class cause. I went to this summer camp in michigan and junior high interlocking it's a big arts camp and took a dance class just for fun it was so fine, but at my high school it was more just like the people who did danced the dance sure who did the music to the music and did they did you combine? Were their lightweight? Did you back dancers? Was there that entered remember that happening benefit did I will maybe I wasn't
while the only time that did happen was was whenever we did them. We did this black history programme, one february and everybody was it was, extracurricular we're so we and I play billie holiday and ice, saying strange fruit which was crazy, and how will you I was? Maybe sixteen while I didn't know song when they said somebody needs to play billie holiday. I went into audition in front of everybody and, if so nervous, Just shows that song, I didn't choose that song. I I didn't know it's on yet we are and then she's a great you got part. The song is strange food and a cool, What's that and then she school me on it, and I was like oil, this heavy, whose have is very heavy. What was your experiencing that's on for the first time, I think,
So young- and I was so you know in my head- probably and- and we did four nights of shows and the director and edward James was a pretty amazing human and teacher, and she helped me kind of realize that it's not about for being, he had one idea, but I mean it's not about being in my head and singing it right at the outset. The emotion did you cry. I dont think I cried, I think, goes too nervous to cry I don't know how singers don't cry all the time the thieves original I mean some people do near one of them who apple yeah during this honour. After after you, the outer after I at the the vulnerability of singing is really kind of mind blowing. Let me go see where he's at with that. Yeah, let's just give him three minutes, yeah no problem, I didn't it. It happens. It's not bothering me at all, but
my father, the listener, let him or I drew. I draw attention to its happen before, but usually in my mind I might get at that. Only couple minutes, but here we are talking about one, the most powerful songs ever written Yes strange and then there, dolly flower blasting away. Well, what's yours Friendship with with billie holiday season, She was one of my early favorites. In I mean I was pretty obsessive, listening to her growing up yeah, but I don't know if I got that layer of pain or in depth until later. You know I in turn of accessing it, I mean you didn't, have to live, that life eating get busted exactly in terms of just realizing how deep it when you know. How do you realize that stuff is a singer? You dont to realize all the pain to really let it touch you. I guess
You know, I understand that you don't have to do with it to two to interpret it yeah. In that you know all you can do as an artist is, I think, engage your own heart too. You know what whatever your capacity is exactly in it touches you in whenever we sure z. Sure, and I think that you know it conveys coming out a view is going to be different yeah, nay, I mean I'd I'd. I guess that's the power of being an interpreter in yet vocalist and that's why people can relate to the same thing in so many in their own way. You know so you go through this programme in high school, and then you continue to stay you, your singing, you're, doing your warning that you have this natural talent and that you can apply it in and all that you learn to play guitar forecourt at some point and then they do for college. I went to nor taxes, which is real texas well yeah way. Man, state school sure I guess he was too expensive to where I want to hear the new school or right, they got into your yeah. I wanted to go to new york since, as
so yeah yeah yeah So when you go to college, what is it just more specifically music? It's I was a jazz piano, major really so you went back to the piano. I actually I would in high school is also a jazz piano major cause we had to have like her. I mean your with the lessons you still have it back here. We need to act with that jazz teacher Julie and then I I did piano and in high school. I was quit for maybe a year and that's what I'm gonna start applying a saxophone and then started realizing that that wasn't really my So you you go to college and playing the piano. Your jazz pact now are you who are your heroes of jazz piano like who, like like bill Evans, yeah. What about what, monk pound monk but by all my eyes the best I mean yeah, there's a lot of that bonk bonk, but there's some really beautiful stuff and Anna duke ellington. Those are my three big. That's pretty good range!
there there are governed by the traditional to be bob to ike out their yeah, but they all. You know me, I'm like ballad lover right, so I you know, I tend to gravitate towards a lot of their more mallow, more melodic stuff. And when do you really figure out playing and singing? I think that, and that first year I was in college. I got this gig at this time. Restaurant culpable those in dallas here, and I would, every friday and saturday night playing and singing yeah what it was mostly a piano gang, but they let me sing because they like the way. So this is your first paid musician. I got one hundred bucks every night plus tips, and sometimes I would get a lot of tips and sometimes I would get no tips, and I got a free meal- and this was your job. You I'm a working musician billina and tell you I'm in the corner. Who is our cause? I didn't have to get a job in college because that job actually paid my rent. Everything really him were you writing songs at the time now that you're just doing
I still was afraid. Rang songs, cause of my horribly, embarrassing songwriting in high school on the piano, scarred, scarred, narrows cheese. It's too cheesy and ems must be hard to really figure that out and need to cross the line cause. I imagine that you'd probably think some of your bigger songs might be. cheesy. Sometimes in retrospect or no I dunno, I mean I'm not saying that they only use eg. No, no! No, I'm just saying that evidence, cure a creative for young like go. When I look back at my stuff yeah, it's hard for me not to be like. While I was me, but do we are different now we cooler now, I wouldn't have done that turn of phrase. Certainly there's things like that of query I, but am in college- I was just working on playing piano and Do people cannot gain guide desire. The italian restaurant now is. It was pretty funny that people were jealous. I had guys who had sent for me. If I couldn't do it,
It's a good gig because of the money and and the you know the food sure, and it was short it was like two and a half three hours and that's really it's really. I mean I could saying and I could play the piano, but it was really like you know but chewing gum gum in walking on whatever again for a moment where you learn how to yeah trying to be conscious of the putting it together german near her, and so that was the best practice I could ever have cause. I'm a horrible pact, sir. I've never been good at just sit in a room and practising suffer me like a shitty. Gig is the best price really you didn't you in my city gig, I mean a gate like a low pressure gag gino, that's interesting! You never, but you weren't a big practices and not good at it. Think that's. Why was John a jazz gives the improvisation and nothing is perfect right, it could be losing Convives out, you can write, feel how you're feeling right verdure education was employs. You knew where you're going and how worked here. I need our tourist in one. Why ruin added, as outer brackets where's there's some amazing gas musicians who lack themselves in a room impacts on it,
every day in their amazing, but that's why I never had a tunnel chops right is it in fact his voice right yeah. It was kind of nice the way it lays out and just kind of put them together, they equal something. I I'm a strong believer in and being skilled in, knowing your talent and not over ringing it I believe that, because I think that there is theirs, impulsive rawness error that you know you can't get when you're over practised at that's how always felt I hate rehearsing. My bans are always laughing at me because they want only practice. The song when we're timidly You guys do. I hate her six, it's because because if the eu is it it's hard, I would imagine even in touring that to drift in auto pilot. If you can get away with it, you may not want to do that no way, so it's so nice to play a song and be spontaneous right
and and being on tour. You have to find your groove within all that within playing a lot of the same songs every night and try to you know, get your energy from the audience and without just trying to change it on purpose the agri? I liked being heartfelt about sure you wanna, be. You know, like bob Dylan, where people like that's. What's hockey figure of twenty minutes into something exactly yeah, I I I I appreciate him more and more as a performance artist, so yeah exactly if he really is a good one, always great he's just like some days. It's what you nap so know, it's easier! so does it have you met her, you, kids out, I mean you must love it. it's something I dont like it's. It's maintaining that connection. Yet you know within audiences like something in what I do that if I get away from that yeah, you know you can get scared and then you get nervous right, sudden boat with you.
they're doing it all the time it becomes your report and then your loose and you can try anything right on too scared to do that. So when you make the jump to like you know, being the big girl jazz bow person, I mean after average. What happens for you to that huge first record? Well, I dropped out of college speaking really well, I maybe my second year in college. I realized I was taking all my music classes and none of my academics that I needed for my degree and I think the degree the jazz studies cause I gotta take english and german. Whatever else you know, I didn't take any of that. I took my music classes in the first two years and you're like I'm done. I got what I needed well, I was like faced with the reality. If, if I want to get a degree, then I'm going to have to really hate hate all this for awhile and also failed, my classical jerry. My first wine as I am to go to new york for the sun and see how it is- and I had my eye had em the seventy one- sudan deville cadillac from heights.
my mom was nervous about me. Driving in taxes is a tag yeah. He has. This freedom is like eighty for our and there's a lot of open road, then she wanted me to have a tank. So I had this awesome cadillac yeah and my sophomore year or my freshman year. Actually one of the older musician said: hey, hey, there's these guys at the the mariana they they're coming to do a clinic these musicians from new york. Can you go pick them up? You have the only car big enough for all the gear and some cadillac kind of was fate for me and I picked up these musicians and it was Kenny sent in march on some was doing a base clinic, and here I meet these two guys who were just kind of friends with them and travelling cross country and met them their road and death and taxes, whirlwind college and their names jesse harris and richer julian, and they are. not a kick out of me. Is that this cadillac and right, where I little you know
ten year old, jazz, piano major and I might call I'll show you ran town record, stark road and they're trying to show me cool records, and I know that one and they just thought out. They got a kick out of what a appeared. The girl you and then em. So I'm sitting there at the clinic with these two songwriters these two guys that were kind of tagging, along with their jazz musicians. As I told you, you guys do, and there were some writers and, unlike what it the heck who're you I've, never her fancy path or never heard of that profession rise like aim think that far ahead area, and so there these singers, writers in new york, and I ended up later that some are going on a trip york and visiting them, and they were they are they battle jesse and richard they're. Just new york songwriters storeroom, the definitely and they kind of changed my world around and then the next summer, one ended up moving in new york and dropping out of college. Their condition round. I ended up due to ban with jesse and my country banners with richard and
as he wrote, don't know Why- which was my big breakout hit and saw. My first record was a lot of jesse songs and only a couple of my songs and a lot of my bass, player, Leigh, alexander songs and- and it was my first time really sorry trying to explore dislike songwriting in different experimenting with different styles, and so when you say it, I'm just being my first becker so with jesse airing, that's it Man is opportunity, obviously, for a young songwriter in me I mean I don't guess either of you knew what was found to have and what was because said when you met them you I got that's the thing in an end like while that's a job, that's world, so you get in
this world here and how close we did you work with him on those four song. Well, I mean I mean I we we basically started playing. He got the first thing he did was to get me to sing some demos of his songs, and I put one of those demos on this set of jazz demos that I ended up taken. A blue, no records cause some this woman, this for mutual friends, wife, were teddy. My and she saw me singing Jas standards in new york, which is what I was doing it first, where at like restaurants, the garage so you're like a lounge singer, I know, but it's more like jazz branch I mean this is wise, stop doing those gigs and start is playing in the singer symmetrical where I didn't get any money, but I gotta
excited audience if it was twenty people. It's interesting that that world that you kind of like there there's a benefit to having the experience of performing for our audiences. But there is a cheesiness that, like I talked to Joanna newsom, about playing harp, which is a very limited bit of business, either you're going to play the brunch or a weird event be the harpist in the corner, where you can figure out how to get out of that exactly, but usually stay there for life. Yup am any yeah, I know I wasn't quite on the level of playing at the cool Jas clubs where there what would their work good audiences there, but where the my woman to the garage like a place in the west fillers jazz brand, she she asked if I want to meet with bruce lenval at iemma. At blue note records he's the big shot yeah and I'm like well hell yeah did you know who he was and everything I knew a lot about. Blue note- and I knew he was the big shot there had he been for a long time I dunno the history of he had been in. He ended up being a real good mentor and one of my best friends, and so he had been you know, ushering
jazz into the world for decades kind of thing kind. Ever he revived blue note in the eighties. Ok, that will all those re issues I allow those raised yeah and then, like brought a lot of great me, in the nineties, jazz at this great kind of resurgence, unemployed him couple. Demos plus the song of justice, I doubt any any like do you wanna, be a jazz singer and pop singer cause that jesse song is kind of different. That's not really jazz and I'm thinking I moved here. I've been wanting to be a jazz singer for the past, eight years or whatever, and so he gave me He could tell I couldn't quite and in quite known to do yet. He gave me some money to do some demos, aha inside some demo lawyer and I was like, while I could do all these jazz songs, billie holiday- did him great around you know gazillion people, since I've done them right, and so, let's explore, we have this money to do these demos. Let's explore this project, I got with jesse and lie, and so I had a couple songs to thrown in the mix. My four record guitar songs,
and even though I'm playing piano on it, and we do these demos and they kind of end up becoming my first record, and he decides that he wants to sign me and we finish them and that's the thing for my first record It was. That was a bruno record as a blue, not record and so got. Pigeonholed is jazz and it was their words. As moments on it for sure sure, and I that's where I come from, but not all of it, I could say, was completely jasmine. There was two songs. You were this perfect storm of of maybe bringing those worlds together, yeah. I definitely wasn't a straight up. You know of a garden jazz. in the end, if the worst standards would not have done what it did, he ask. Standards have been done and there are uniform and add on some eyes why I love on here, but the choice I'd, go with his other thing during all the yoke your history would jazz. we created this record. That was huge. Yeah was bananas
those maneuver org is my son just thinks bananas are funny so so brilliantly. That time I mean that thing won like five grammy words like it was a huge selling record, probably still cells. I just bought it, but I actually have actually bought it like sixers, I dont know when I bought a bright idea when I buy that refugee thousands he'll that's when it came out. I came out and then in the grammy's happen about a year later it two thousand three. What happens and you go out on tour. You have the biggest record in the world. You have all this amazing attention and that first tour, when you look out into that of those audiences who were you seen I don't know I mean that in the audiences grew grew grew there a pretty random select, really yeah. I was I mean they're a lot older people are are to younger people. It was very random and I think I m a. We were just on tour pretty much constantly for about a year and a half,
two years, what you do right, yeah. We are right in the way that I had a few little nervous breakdowns along the way anything major nazi too bad, I'm pretty! whether that be for me it was like a lot yeah. I was twenty two when it came out, and then I was twenty three when it like was crazy and dealing with stuff in the press and my dad and my mom, and that was tough. wasn't really prepared to deal with what they put. The press was bringing an upward you're just dealing with that. Personally, just Personally, I had just gotten to know my dad again and I was having a great time you know being super close with him, but you know family, history and and stories, and specifics don't translate in in small snippets in the press. Then it's like nobody was happy yeah, my family was always given reach on both sides were exactly is.
I mean it is. Not, therefore, is not their fault issues. I came you know absent father is like well, that's not completely. You know as complex it's a family, you know, family stuff is complex and it is. But when you regroup with with your father, or you should make the choice. Yes to have their relationship once it seems that the achieving your unsuccess might have had some part in you feeling, like a whole person and able to do that. Yeah lawyer or the headline reads: oh the daughter of, and then my mom's like well, what about me? I did the hard work. You know, that's what I'm saying it was like. Oh my god, yeah and I'm caught in the middle of that. What's a trickier story, I understand her her resentment. I yeah I did too and it's all good now, but it was. It was tough at the time for me to just kind of light.
yeah it's hard, when you have a father that he showed the beatles that way, of course, people. Indian music is that it changed. The entire trajectory of George harrison's mind yeah, that that that's sort of rich, exactly you get yeah and did she ever find oh the oh yeah. She I mean my mom, my mom cooked dinner, for my my and my stepmom many times over the last ten years of his life, and it's all good, but you know in the beginning he wishes weird whoops yeah, I bet it was weird having all that and also having the right and then as in an alongside of that you're. Having this amazing success, yeah and you got to deal with this- like oh, my god- it was so weird, but it was great. I mean I was so lucky and I mean they were amazing moments, meaning may Charles and played with him right. I got to play them after, but the first time I met him. I was it was some elton John we show. I got to meet all the drought, schools and maybe but like I am
meaning ray charles some parking lot, just bawling I love you know really yeah and greater that happen, while he play and so he was leaving- and I was just there- I got some minos run out into the parking lot or no, I think, he's manager at the time I was already doing really well here his manager le let us meet and then thing when them after that means incredible, was using. I sing and with my saying m that old to new is on that do atomism. I'm here go again an old one. He reported back in the day, but an get open up for willie nelson right before my record came out when nobody knew who I was reverse record as the biggest steel cause he's my ultimate euro well yeah yeah talk about a jazz, guitar blaring? He plays like jingo its own boy here. He said that his guitar playing is unbelievable near and he's kind of like my idle and he's the perfect example of someone who
you have to me a generalists, even though he so Conroy and also jazz unwitting, which record you like gravitate towards most redheads strange right. I grew up on it. such an amazing thing that rest I'll go in there and then I got there. There was a box of his rarities that I have found to be like william maize, the demos year another- oh my god, beautiful the his evolution like you know what always remain true to himself, but those those demos and those rare cats like as a songwriter songs themselves, right permanently lonely, yet the darkness in some of them, hello walls- oh my god, yeah. I still cry when I see him and neil play. I've seen them played so many times, and I still get like I cry. But that's interesting- that you say those two guys because more than almost any other artist that even they will
several and any in actually kneel to over several periods of sound you there their song books for them part or timeless. So then, why do you care you can't tie them to a time now I can. That was a that's a tough thing to do in the sixties, that always new young, where yeah, the sixties and seventies. They're they're not hinge to two gimmick or production to the point where you're like does matter when this was may yeah, it's transcendent, it's so good so. Let's talk about I'd. I'd writing. You know I mean I just listen to your latest record, it's great and I and I listened to the one you did before that the fall I mean. I know you You write some songs and the more songs are written on some records and that your producers make a difference, but I'm curious about. If, if we could about it. You know why you how you caught up if your dad and how you appreciate yo his contribution to to
music or had had any impact on you. I think I'm sure you been asked before yeah, but I never have enough time to actually explain it properly and I didn't grow up listening to his music, a lot because he wasn't around. I think you know whenever I was eighteen and we sort of Gary united. I ended up going on tour with him for a few weeks to just hang out with him in my half sister, who I met for the first time when I was told to shoot, she's, two years younger than me, while we're super close now in its awesome, it's like we both grew up only children kinda and always wanted a sister. We have in now. We ve known each other almost as long as we didn't know each other, so nice and she's a musician and she's an amazing edition, and we have a very weirdly, similar life. You know cause we're. Musicians went to war, we have kids and ever more targeted users. You pause she play
the star she learned from elsie learned, add traditional, indian music unaware and she learned from my right so very different, right up bringing ryan, musically interesting. A very interesting and very you know different and so was so when I was turning around with them, when I was eighteen years, just kind sit in the audience and watching them play onstage together, and is really my introduction in that music, and I mean seeing him live, was the most amazing thing interesting because it doesn't like in the western brain even in the Jas brain. The way one postures with that instrument and the way that the the the other musicians situate themselves, completely unique, if you're already in a different times a year, and I I ain't over the years. I've learned a little bit. He taught me a few things. I know he. He always wanted to teach me stuff, but
whose, if you didn't want to hang you now area, always a polite thing, a little batman. Finally, we got in a room one day and he taught me soft. It was fun. It was awesome, but you know I'd snap. My is not what I is not what I'm I gonna do sure that kind of music. I really love listening to I really enjoyed learning a little bit more about the technical aspects of what they're doing because he connally violence in these rog. As it's like a different thing. It's like a song but not at all, like a song and raoul different way of of a four men, all that so, the owner long. There look very large, but you know it's beautiful music. It's just! I dont need to understand it too. To love it. You know in and out of the relationship like you know what gave way in your heart to two to build that that relationship with him did it in
did it was a part of your evolution as a singer to like me cause. I know we talked about in the sense that when you talk, about evolving in an connecting your voice to your heart and having that yelling that that thing grows with you, yeah I'll. sperience yeah, yeah yeah wake did was her is there a tangible moment where you realize that, like you know, I I accept you know this relationship and my father and and and whatever happened, is what it is yeah there were. A few moments that you know got got a little complicated with my success at the time with him, we'll just with everybody got weird for a minute, but am I think we all worked through it and it was. You know We knew our relationship to me. That's what matter here. You know now, setting the record straight anywhere? It's too complicated fear is nobody's business either. You know it's like sure, and I won't be
when my family shit, you know me, I am that's what was weird about it right so anyway, yeah over the years, we really will have to be a really nice low family and was great and you know for me having that relationship with my sister was pretty awesome and and kept me coming back even more and and my dad was really funny and fun person to be around yeah, but I also felt like I had. I got to know him a little bit through my sister and my step, mom to put some stuff together totally yeah yeah. It's a whole side of your your genetics, yeah it has a completely different history, yeah yeah, it's fascinating. Data to get that our once. I can't even imagine it. They are due
and yeah decide to welcome yourself in and allow it to happen and then be given all that, like I'm, going to go to india with him and realize that he's like a king, you know pretty much and went to india with him yeah. I went to india with them a few times and- and I mean just whole side of my history. You know india. Is this talk about taxes being a country Didn't you always want to galvanise the nerve as its yeah? It's an intense placed a visit to be honest, but it's amazing in its beautiful and the fact that I'm half india and the like, but I grab totally separate. Well that I'm a texan, I'm a it, was weird to go to india. I mean I related to it and it was beautiful, but it was just so weird to like think. Oh I'm half this I don't really know that, while so to show me around Vienna rose, I'm still, you know, learning
from we I've knowing it. Ah, oh yeah, I would imagine yoda. There are so many different levels just to the cultural into whatever religions were involved, but do you ever d ever talk to your sister about recording, well recorder, with her a few times her records year, and we had a lot of fun on this. One record. Actually writing a couple of songs together and it was right after my dad died, and so I think for us it was nice to kind of connect in that which record is that and it's a couple of she makes so many records it's and she just put out an awesome record last year called land of gold. It was I'm not sure if it was the one before, I remember that actually, what's your name, I knew scan shankar and using on like three of her records. I think I've done to records whither have you ever had her play on the earth now not yet, and I love her she's incredibly, should see her life some time. I will the stars and very specific
yeah yeah yeah, there's no hiding it. There's no hiding and she's done a really great job of just like that. She's she's got I do a lot of different genres and different things and she's really found her voice. She's she's made she have kids and stuff. Yes, she got two little kids. He has been fine kind of going through all that together. that's exciting and then the last workers. Europe really is great. I enjoyed it and you can tour if it were happening now, yeah in march, and you just going over the states yes states in europe and japan, how the crowds, great yeah, It's been. It's been interesting like over the years, my performing leading to the crowds. I wasn't always great. I too am hidden mass ahead. You know I hate
talking. Then I talked too much and then I talk less now. Can I hate when I talk to my honest aged behind it kind of knowing but yeah? It's great crass have been amazing indeed, he did play like a sort of the whole catalogue. Bidding is definitely and it's pretty. HU. I mean all these kids were kids and twentys or if they come up and like Roy used to listen to you when I was a kid, I'm like holy shit, I'm what the fuck are you dogging about, but it makes sense because my first record came out almost fifteen years ago and the last record was really what we are The record yeah yeah yeah- I got some country bands apparent bunch stuff where my leg the little willie's and puss in certainly a rhetorical yeah when you play these bigger I was in your out into or what what does, We are lena. What what are your favorite covers? You repeat, It just depends on them
the boy lately we ve been doing must have been the roses. The dead tune that when always gets a lot of love and people must jury. They do and they love how men it's pretty as agreed on tourism. It's on yeah, and am we ve been doing that limerick, laughter, Leonard Cohen, died in the political stuff was hidden? A fan. Son and but what's going to be here for a while, I know, but when who is right before the hours right after the election, he died that week and it was just so crazy and we were doing everybody knows that linux been listening to that god. It really hits home right now, it's kind of crazy. It's it's the lyrics, it's funny. How lyrics can be timeless? Well he's real good at that, a long time to really appreciate it. Yet you know just how that stripped down the poetry, the house so good and succinct it mine, all those old political song from the sixties, everything or even before, like stuff translates today, because the same it's rap,
And it's always the same: it's always going to be relevant in a weird way. Absolutely it's human yeah, the human, that those are the human emotions and struggles yeah, and it's a shame, but it's also beautiful that we have that music. Absolutely alright! Well did you have fun? if you'll get ideal. Thank you for talk only me thanks for help. me was fine, that was pleasant. Ok, breathe, read it out. Breathe is what Sarah makes me too ok, guitar, No caroline.
And in the in the hmm, the.
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