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Episode 790 - Jennifer Coolidge

2017-03-01 | 🔗
Whether you see her in Christopher Guest's movies or on 2 Broke Girls or as Stifler's mom, Jennifer Coolidge is always a unique comic presence. She tells Marc how she put her wild New York City cocaine days behind her to come to LA and join the Groundlings, where she established her comedic chops. Jennifer also talks about her blown chance to get on Saturday Night Live and what she learned from that missed opportunity.

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Let's do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears, what the fuck sickens, what the fuck nics? What happening. My name's mark marin. This is my podcast listening to it? I call it w e F, that's what has been called since the beginning, then, before back before, we even knew that it would become what it is. There was a reason for having that name and that reason dissolved away in terms of what the show was and turned into whatever it is now trying on time ago. Already man been allowed time coming up on eight hundred episodes. Crazy aid hundred unique episodes. Never MR monday or thursday to put new car dent into your head began?
I myself am I produce You're in business partner, Brendan mcdonald, are compulsory workaholic people that need keep moving, keep doing in staying on top of it and make a new stuff. So what we do- making a new stuff. Is everybody we're. Ok still are we you, ok,. Just remember: there's a difference between normalizing and trying to function. Remember that no normalizing, but do try to function. Please don't give you of cancer, don't start and can again does are due in heroin for the first time. don't lean into the bad stuff. That's annihilating stay in the saddle just makes space. in your mind in your life to live it work by dad. I'm just talk,
I'm experience and brought fucking doughnuts to my house this morning. I stay the fucker way from doughnuts awry. Because I know there's no end to that no end to a donut, when there are several more and stores In the neighborhood and around the country right down the street, I got don't at friend the guy from drive like jail march. I'm being oh baby, The drummer he's got this dona place down there. They make basically donut with whatever you want, there's all different shit. So I had a meeting over the house what some people- and some guy a kind gesture brings oxfam varied doughnuts with stuff in them and mine reaction is never correct in those situations it you know it's a nice thing. The guy did their several vis there and I'm like why why You do this to me.
Why why? Why are you trying to kill me through either artery, clogging or shame, I strangle myself with my inner shame rope today. banning an indonesian long time. So I for him in it's where I'm right now of them still yeah of in the middle of the buzz song had tried it, but my point is, it does feel some days. Just sort of like that. I don't know, what's going to happen like she's dead, All the bad shit makes me feel good why the fuck not, but there are better things to do. Stay in the saddle take carry yourself, stay vigilant, stay focused and a lot of people want to know, They can like us support charitable causes, which I think is good better than killing you of a down. It's a maybe a healthy mix, doughnuts and charities good.
But there's a way to give support organisations that are protecting people and protecting our freedoms. I'll tell you what we use here, show- and this is not a paid plug this, something they asked us to do. They don't know that we're doing it. We just think it's a great tool. And you can use it to use charity navigator. You can enter into act, charity or just search by key word, and they give you a very detailed breakdown of the best charities including how much money goes directly to services and charity fund It's actually a really great site: charity, navigator, dot, org, and they have nothing to do with this. Show wanna make that clear. And again they have no idea. You were giving them a shout out, but their important, their non profit and they can help you help other people beer, fellow humans, good to give. Today on the show jennifer coolidge, the very funny actress
record. You know her from a lot of the christian for gas movies from american pie, but she's definitely a memorable presence, she's hilarious and always was always curious to talk to her so she's she's here today, but speaking about busy about doing stuff about things done glow. The gorgeous ladys of wrestling the show I did with Alison brean betty gilpin him Other people for netflix is premier. june. Twenty third seems far away, but I'm excited about it. I've done little. Eighty, our work where I go in We do lines or this or that now see we'll bits and pieces of how the show looks and I am very excited about its can be a great show, so look forward to that. Netflix glow on netflix is preparing June twenty third d
get I'll in richfield connecticut at the ridge, we'll play house tonight to hang out. You guys, albeit them, he's a call imports with new hampshire tomorrow, friday to hang out talk about things get some apps hopefully work through it. rise above it I'll be in montreal olympia they montreal. saturday in the damn fourth music hall in toronto on sunday, which is sold out No, it all cat update I'll, give you that bus turkey, and is doing well. He I think somewhat of a genius. I've decide did that he's part abyssinian cat because of his face in his ear is in his long body. He fetches brings back what you throw, which is No, I have one other cat like that fat moxie Annie, also seems very thoughtful and on top of things and in chaotic and in fact, pain in the ass monkey,
under fine deaf black cat persist, exists in is to be eating. Well back scared. He cared to. Is up front allied now replacing his predecessor who, tragically was hit by a car. Not lie we go and that's that's. What's up in the cat land what am I reading? What am I listening to how my finding enlightenment, widely I've been reading this book ultima, throwing stones to house angels in the inside story of rocks darkest day by june salvin and it's fucking great, like it gives all the forces that converged on nad concert where that guy, stand by the angels. He has a lot of us have seen the movie. A lot of us know that the rough sketch of what what happened by you know how the the san francisco is involved, how the dead was involve, how the hippy thing converged with biker thing and the bad
the thing and then the stones, starting to emerge as these verse the stones. That became the greatest. rock and roll ban, the biggest rock Rock'N'Roll roll ban in the world at that time, that toward the states in three years, but it also there's something about all the different angles. At our approach in this book and all the research that was done about the shifting of the peace in love, sixties into the gis, dark evil driven chaos that guy put the nail and that eras coffin, but it's great man better, especially if you rock fans, especially if you know you want to know the historian in and how its how it works, culturally and just how jarring? Here I gave you just crazy how that concert came to be wasn't a plan, man, surgeon for courage is fine man, it's fine,
she's right now and cast a two broke girls, which is in its six season on CBS. It errs on Monday nights by d. You know our. From a lot of stuff. Ok, This is me and jennifer college you know you talk about It's definitely a downer. You like your depression and stuff that, but you don't act depressed him. You want comedian, so you know I've. I've figured out a new language for it: I mean, I imagine that if you wish to a lot of money people I mean, if you just Turn the knob a little bit like those guys, sad and fucked up. They got he's gotta get good disposition, chipper attitude about it No, I don't sound. Sometimes I can sound heavy hearted, but I have I have I fight a fight against my feel it. Could he give you
it. You can feel like it's sort of drop out and it's like a fear thing. You know like when I got to travel and like I. Instead of I get depressed or freak out or I get full address, but then I just I get, I get angry and I get you know just crazy and I go that way. I try not to go the, oh god. I don't like that. I don't like that place right or, like I don't know, what's going to happen, yeah thats me, I am just very. Am I go low energy where I just like your flatline? Do you really yeah sure yeah, but you, do you? Are you able to other people that are able to get you out of it? Are you how long does it go on for some time forever? you always had it. You've always had the darkness pervading around the corner or or weighing down. I think I think what happens if I heard is a book written about the summit at the overly sensitive kid had arisen. And I digress- who I am. I think you know I mean just ino it just
a horrible way to live, because not enough so much. The stuff has nothing to do with you and yet you feel every every cow get in the room that can't get out. It is our yeah you're diskiver, like you so busy, Seeing everyone else's feelings, you don't you know, you're sort of you're exhausted and it's not even your stuff. and a lot of it. You might be making up. Yet You are so right over the answer maybe that right is you're absolutely right. I projected all this stuff onto the cricket he's yeah. You know your variant attitude. He might be as happy as ever been and might be having a good day that cricket yeah noise writing to rachel. She works for me in new orleans. Does this amazing young girl? That is so much more capable than I am on every level, and so is just really. She should be yo. Why should be her assistant? That's for sure,
but now is the time for their solidarity. While I come in come in I mean you've had a good run. I mean now I don't even get a run. I have like. I have someone there, my assistant for one day, and they decide that they're superior to me in every way, and you know it there's nothing you can do about that. Cause is just shows how smart they are they're like they're like oh, my god, I can get a handle on this lady just built idea. There They feel better. You know that there are like, I can remiss produced, are due in areas not do it, yeah. I was on the phone with her and I guess you know I have this house in new orleans and she's down there I dunno someone I so want to use the house for a photo shoot or something and yeah and and they were sort of after they sort of agreed to it. They you know they wanted to change. The price of the never in my right. I was like talking order and she's. Just like you know, what did we do
we need to have this conversation. Jennifer dislike you now to say now, write em! Well, that's the problem. Tito try to take her down the long train right winner and then she's just like I say not like is too so simple and you are worried about putting the photographer out, I know, has been waiting. I guess we had had their more time before it yeah there. You know they're, not even from this country. I don't know them, there's no relationship area. Somehow I go into the sky, be sad and you won't be able to make the do that pride. You know the same thing we are talking about and you re yeah, but you're right. It could be all wrong. It could be like you know, yeah the prague it over it I think they're over and I don't it yeah you're right. Yes, I said yes and is it I guess, self importance and that too, in there to right, where you like yeah, I think so were used that. You know with or everybody's going. I am also, I think, there's probably like some sort of weird it gives you the illusion of not really
trawl, but at least a little bit control its prey, pretty complicated. I have a too you know You know you were coming over, I get concerned ya, wanna make sure the bathrooms relatively clean. I straighten it. Pictures on the war hero and awaited, why the be like what the fuck is this. Who is this guy? I don't know you, I kind of I kind of know you I know kind of I we have common friends, I've, I've, a staff, I've built a relationship with you through your work, but that isn't me having chosen, Listen I and assume the not the worst, but I I you never know. I feel like it's good, though I feel country yeah yeah. I mean I would have to say that you give off the exact opposite that you don't really you know you're kind of like hey come on in and what I gotta remember you're what was very clean, but but I mean
I wouldn't have been surprised if it wasn't just because of how casual right, you're probably been worse. Like knows his ears and literally wanna, go through. Sometimes when I have particular actors and actresses over is like I get like, for instance, a net banning came up here, and I don't know where I have idealized people. I put people on pedestals, almost everybody in my mind, right so like I now gotta worry about the bathroom, because annette bening is going to use the bathroom you're going to use the bathroom. If looks fine, it's a bath. Here's what I always think. One idea when I actors, oversight. If she hadn't porta potties How are they going to judge my bathroom? Were actors we've been in the in that horrible trailer bathroom? How is it that we're we're we're grown, people that have been around we ve, been in. We ve gone to the bathrooms in bad places. We're all kinds of reasons. That's true. I mean radical out in the woods
if they, if they time jennifer the woods is over there there's something about like there's like. Twelve of them in a row the worst they have like a window to the other person next year. You can hear everything here: every doesn't like you and it's just like. I could anyone like the appeal and then there are the ladders nome Will you not relax, but also there's no movement, you argue just died, they give they ve haunted me forever. I really there there's nothing more nauseating to merely than those things I have a terrible, it can ruin and entire dot is the the horrendous obstacles people in show business have to to hurdle, I think that the realities of life I gonna need to go to that. What party all the lights on that one: and I think the grip is next won over. I don't really know him, but now we're getting very experience. Also you see the bottom, and
who knows if there's someone down there or not, I mean really here you see that, you're like a horror movie where the guy was at the bottom of the port of body, sure there's a horror movie and it was also. I think there is an actual movie where work some kids hitting there there's all not a good place and then there's a horrible movie with not a bad move. but the miners with the in the port of party was always just a terrible it was done with that actress who is in monster earlier the osha always was in it and she or her dad was a miner and then she wanted to be work in the mine or the you know. In the end and She was a woman and then the guy these were. They were bullion the women and no one was in a porter parties of eight, they turned it over with a tractor thing as terrible, I'm sorry. I don't know why what's going on, so it establishes we only
The parties, I apparently will work, able to use them. If I have to my bathroom is now sir than that, and that I give up. I am I'm pretty relaxed, but you know just want to make sure things or nice forever I removed, but just no, if you did it or if you are a cleaning, they do it just now. Your bathroom does look really good Well, thank god yeah! I guess I we have. The one bathroom is a small house. At the other thing I have, I have insecurity about. the size of my house when people come over because you know I could pride, in a bigger house, but there's only one bathroom, the two bedrooms in there's no way, there's no way away, you got it you're in there with my products right yeah. Do you think I was gonna lift? Maybe later nothing to lift them. I anti fungal cream for athletes. Foot or some some medications of some kind, nothing exciting a friend
this time. We are how he has this friend that had the snake name, violet be kept in the bathroom and it was sort of coiled up next to the toilet and eyed. The sunlight he was like a you'd get in the bathroom any like senator any goes in and you look and while it which would be staring at you a snake next to the toilet mia, he said it was just that violence, the look on her face leg I know you know better than I can I dislike to me that, like you, gonna have like a snake next to the toilet, terrific really really by me out. As I did a movie once were the snake this that the stunt snake each is. It was like this movie with gerard Hassen. The snake was really good for the first part of the day and not another guy had it around his neck and then at one point, the guy I'm dating and at one point it comes over and sort of like supposed to sort of mount. My boob yeah Somehow peaches got this weird.
on her face. The snake yeah linger we're like three quarters the way through the day, and I was like a peaches peaches looks different To sum up, the beaches and might move is about to be involved, and I guess I forget you away. They went a little it do. You know she peters invite me, but it went away but sour and I just remember, like you, know the and they have youtube, has all these videos of snake modeling things they are it where it goes horribly wrong. In an hour can go wrong evil. I didn't know those existed. I don't know, I assume they wouldn't. I guess I never really thought of, but nothing Everything worked out with you in. yeah. I mean I yeah. I didn't get bit or anything, but I remember just how like it had you know you can look at the eye. You can look his face got different halfway through the day. You know he. Starting to look like I've had enough of this, and you know you don't blame them. I see you know what I mean like it's, it's not it's not what the snake said. sign up now. This is not what life of a snake is,
as the wii, so how did when finding in new orleans neurons why'd, you chooser mainly other go. I don't know if I really would have discovered neurons if it hadn't been for my sister going to to aid in any way on a visitor of years ago yeah near an arm, and I was just blown away by it- sort of this undiscovered secret. I mean, of course, more paper. It's catching onto it. You no more more pillar figuring out a cool. It is yet but yeah. So I really farmer with It- and I m came obsessed with it. every time I had a brake on a job I would go down there and looking out look at real estate a really now. Actually I saw a house in the french quarter that had never been messed with, and it was you know. Just do so interesting, You know with the shutters and everything everything idea as, and so I became obsessed with minors and eventually I found a house nice to have and I go down there on my head- all work like three. We on here and then have a week off and I go down there really yeah in that
It's where you just sit. You are able to just walk right in to psyche. I'd everything's air. You got someone working for you down there yeah it's got the food in the fridge. When you get there yeah it's nice yeah really brings you like peace in europe, are the opposite of here. You know what sort of a dream getting out of here are all with equal yeah. I feel I feel like you're as youth. I like I'm kind of away from the efta, huh and bustle gunnar and enter the house one bustle much, but I dared eighty it starts to eat at yes how the city, I'm not sure, because everybody loves southern california, always got this reputation and yeah there's a lot of good things about it, but some eventually just starts to creepy out yeah. it's hard to explain like I lived in new york a long time and I knew exactly was I didn't get crept out new york there just to make people upon me- and here, like you, just get it, why were you like? I don't need this every day. This guy is right. Next to my face, you know cause you
the train or whatever, but here I'm not sure. What is the traffic really existential bothers me? I can't get around it. You know, look I don't like traffic, but there's other steps that are the other stuff. That is actually a bigger bummer. I think than the trap. Emily like what you said to me. I just die it's a lonely city, exactly if you're like angle, especially if, if you do when I, if you want to hang out with anybody, it's a big fuckin ordeal. You got a plan a week, a head start to be spontaneous like a new year for something protein orleans. Take your walk over I'll meet you there. Ten minutes. I can be over their here right now, So you are like seven tonight, it's too now. I should probably leave now I know you're right, there's no spontaneity areas like sane or rachel in new orleans or ST art. It was like eight thirty on a monday night, and I was like: do you think if we threw a dinner
already tonight anyway would come and she was like she's, always very positive. Yes, like yeah, I think I think yeah What are the next thing? You know like you if the assembled and people on a monday night. You know that, like I don't, I don't think I could. Ever make that happen here now? You know it is only happen. I hardly anyone comes over here I mean they. Let me came they come to talk to me on the mike's home. now here, let's see I came out here. Oh I dunno like early eighties, didn't work out, wasn't in go so well, I went to enacting school at your router and then I laughed and came back. I think ninety ninety and I've been here ever since. Won't you know you're a special purse. Andy, you're, very known, and you have a certain place in the comedy hierarchy of as being a uniquely funny person. That does something that no one else does and if there is a great thing so like
I, for I want to hear why didn't work out. Is that sounds like a great story, but I want to know like where do you come from is. I can't even identify like if I were to try to guess what come from. I won't even know really yeah. I couldn't I couldn't like you, you you to me your person that just appeared here on the landscape, of comedy in los angeles, like I can't I'm having a heart, I'm picturing you as asia as a person in a place when you were younger, Why I'm a group in sweden- and I was a famous stand up in sweden- no unit worry at no. It's boring. I'm from I am nor well massachusetts where's. Nor will I know masters pretty. Why started going comedy career? He went to be you. I want to be the I think, we're prior on same age, yeah fish YAP. Yes, yes, the area, so ok, so then we're probably around like ok, let's go through where's with Norway near it,
miss south shore like going to the cape verde right next to let go, has it a ruling classes? Zero? It do. You grew up on the beach now. It's just Now we know we actually we're on a little by little black river, where my fire, father mother actually should a got right and actually picked a great beautiful little spot. That year was on rivers deaf, but No, I wasn't doing a common thing at all. I was just got it really. I lost soul from Long time didn't really know what I wanted to do. Driving around drinkin smoking, cigarettes yeah. Hanging out with identify Jan jan, thank god, yeah hat jan yeah. I like I have really bad circulate.
I'm always cold, no matter where I'm on the beach and I'm cold. It's really the wrong town to be in, and I like, I would stand the bus stop and like everyone was like, you know, I was only like seven years old night. I'd click my heels together and I believe god, please get me out of this town. I'm so cold. the worker you're stuck there, how my siblings, you got I got a brother and sister Anne sister. It is down there in new orleans and how she lives there, yeah yeah she yeah. She. She fell in love with the guy down there. And oh so you got family there, that's nice! So that's yeah and actually her house, accept. My house is very weird. She bought a house didn't know that her house, it's weird story there. I dunno she somehow. I didn't know that her house backed up to my house anyway. It does it's wild, but just worked out that way, just yeah, so so Boston is so specific. That area of the south shore is so specific,
this such a specific kind of person, that was the I was in that area for six or seven years and there's a lie janet right. There's a lot of that like would you go get clam roles and stuff? That's all we did smoke cigarettes and and yeah and clamorous rolls lobster rolls no, but I do like that knowingly I do. I have to say those early about like that. No england, god you're all their dislike. It there's just like you say they they don't. edit and you felt like they were always answering honestly everything that girl, like yeah inaction stay here to snap. Not fun at all your houses and fun at all like if you just always knew where you stood like. Isn't it's like that's. Why me That's why else is hard because yeah, you know I know you never know where you stand yard. I know it's such a guessing game here, but yeah you're right new england in their there a little tough there lived there
kind of hard to get here, there's something so like yeah. I don't know what it is about, the bostonian life so wherever that makes you so unable to smooth right or something and right there. have this shoes factor at all or any way of late. It's sort of right in there pretty you know I don't want to generalize, but I always met really good people, but they are kind of you know. There are little rough You know I mean you gotta keep up. We can't be too soft, now There are very innocent zairean way, yeah yeah, what's in there The very regional feel to his very prevent all that puts a lot of people don't go away, they stay there Then I'll data remain there and when you go away and come back there like what you do, what you do out there, it is terrible, up now you can go back there. It meter any time. Even you know now, and you know I was thinking, like the other party, you can any tiger party and going on. So when did you
Would you do? You did you study, acting college idea? emerson for awhile and beer, but were either with like Dave cross in those kind of peace? was there any one there that you know that we know now was like it. What dennis wasn't teaching there? Yet? I think Dennis, but still I was gonna watch out. When I was there, but I wasn't there very long and I am I had a kind of foam with a guy at the school at noon. I wasn't break it So when he laughed it was kind of internal market situation. What does not you know I don't know. I think it was time to you know, look I'd been in my my. I spent my entire life in Boston and it was time to go. I think and then I thought. Well. You know what I've learned one thing I know I'm gonna go to allay and be an active because you know you can steady at all. You wine twittering ride on. Of course, I'm sure you flew out here and I became you know with two enacting school out here on it. Doesn't even
This too? I guess it's in high. Whenever it used, we haven't. Patsy was called the american academy, a dramatic arts, and it was just it was the only way. I can really get my dad too to help me out with you know me Is there a year interest livings, you know if I'm in a school, my father always used to say you know jerry. If you you wanna work, having a saleable scale, always support that, but you know so what was his saleable skill he manufactured plastic and fiberglass, just raw stuff, so people can for like bossy, whaler outcomes. Oh really, yeah and your mom would she do and she was really kind of a housewife yeah. But you know he is. It is interesting cause he ended up being this, you know incredible environmentalist. You are just so worried about the environment, and you know he was like talking about global warming in a way before anyone else was sort of interesting that he started off. You know
da around with that. No no. He passed way at last last summer. Sorry, but he made two areas: one month, jive? Ninety five at all, my god pretty good run. The nice have already got yeah, I'm just think about like yeah like two, I think I, like my life, I got like forty something year what forty forty years to go. Hopefully I mean I mean course horse. I don't like it there's no way. I'm gonna make you know not after was clamour and cigarettes right Now about united sir who, is that long anymore? I you know, I mean, I think it's really hard to know where people are, I think, are living longer. They are, but I mean I think you know. Ninety five is hard. We get there. You gotta have the genes to do that. But maybe you got him. did say to me that he said he thought the eighties were excellent. He thought the nineties were overrated overrated overrate. I think he thought the nineties willoughby. rob.
But you know even like you know when he got this deadly cancer at the end- is, like you know, I'm really janni, I more really looking forward to the next chapter, I'm just excited. Next I mean I never heard anyone say that I'm just at any stage Wait for that next, I use very good disposition yeah and was just convinced that you know really fun thing comes after this may out. The maybe I'll be right. I do too So he came out here and you're at the american dramatic art scheme. Yeah and it doesn't like you know, after the school, after my little stinted the school I came in I moved onto a high no further. I went to venice beach and live there and that was kind of a disaster and then new, I twenty ld yeah. It was like twenty and you know I was like I was dead, this guy and his brothers parrot was loose in his
apartment, so that, like didn't matter where you are in the apartment, it would eventually just fly off for you and like this, you know dump on you. I just remember like being in this, like apartment in venice covered in like this parrot dung, and thinking like this, wasn't about the plan This is what I had in mind, but yeah. So what did that? Guy do I? He was a waiter. We both were waiters at a restaurant, in venice beach and and so then ass, so there eventually, I left with my tail between my legs and then funny that everyone has at first allay, like you some people come here and they never leave, but I know the people there came and that were set one way or another, either by themselves. Because you come out here with this idea that you're gonna do. Thing. Then you get out. You realize, like there very spread out.
and how do you get into this thing where the I can mine, then you just get defeated and you get a job and you have no idea how to make any headway, and you end up just like drinking or in an apartment, with a parrot needs like have a momentary like this is fuck. I did it, there's. No, no, no way to get in now see even you, go back home I merely yeah It is that power here on yeah yeah no but yeah. So I I I came back yeah I combined it and like it was really depressed. I remember I like worked in like this weird weapons like lab. It was a photo lab where they did. I think ethical conduct raytheon and they like make you know, I think they make you manufacture weapons, but I couldn't believe that I went from parents shit to weapon
photos here now is like yes for those, but you know I don't know how I was eight. to turn it around and went manhattan for awhile and and then I am, I went to rehash owners like twenty seven and I warmly I'm for fur. Who's, not a may. Well, it was really actually cocaine area through doing boil down on the cape Now I went to manhattan and now we're doing a lot of it. There are really and then it was like. I was in the lifer yeah live in that, while that was so glamorous so glamorous take for hit the wall. Well see. It was like, I think, get down hill ride like twenty two twenty seven. I think this kind of that's pretty good run, So you want the manhattan when you I twenty one,
And you are what what were you doing? There were like twenty yeah from twenty three to like twenty sorry, I was just really just you know. I worked at you know. People who know the story, but I I worked at this. Restaurant called the just over ninety them park. Aristotle's remember their place an end. Sandra bullock was like the hostess, and I was one of the cocktail waitress in any sort of interesting the whole place. The sort of everyone was an actress area weight. Hang in there and then yeah. I just like the shift would go from like five p m till two and then. to the night begun for a lot of us, the artists organ able do because it resolve and like four and then reorganising. I asked if doesn't closely oh yeah yeah, so that was really an. We acting at all No, but I was telling everybody I was acting. You know I mean why be like. I was audition
so I'd be like I'm really close on this stuff. You know about me nothing, but yeah. Just wasn't wasn't going well, sir, how hard the right word. Did you like? What made you check into rehab did your foot. step in why I am so glad a friend of mine. I that lived a couple of blocks away. Sir saw you know, I think I I went to the emergency room, a bunch of times and you're dying or with what no, I think I had like I called, and when I was always, I used to call him when I was in there and say, like you know, I really We went again Steven, you know whatever, but eventually you know it took. You know. I know three or four times he was like. Alright, I'm calling your parents and he did all my parents and they pour my poor innocent parents from Massachusetts drove up. oh my god, you're religious had no idea at one time. My sister said
I went to visit her down or noise. She was like, oh, my god, jennifer your head is too big for your body anna, why's that she was right. You know yeah me years like someone like that She knew you had the courage to say so, but anyway, yes, so this friend my stephen, I call them up and said you know you gotta come down here and in so doing you know Put me in a rehab at minnesota and everything- and I got sober and thank god for that, because I you know it yeah, it was sort of life changing I kind of got my yeah my act together and that's it. That's all. That's a horrible moment that moment where you get Oh submerged in a lifestyle, that you be, I think, like others, how living like The EU is tight with how other people live in you go visit. Somebody or somebody visit you in there just like what the fuck in your eye,.
I ride, for you know the thing was it wasn't? You know, I think it was like feeling, sorry for myself with my dreams. My dreams were happening, you know, but then you know how can you really pursue them when you're, like you, know parting, and you know I eat a sandra and I weren't great friends. We were like you know, but I have to say she was like she was actually doing it. She was actually doing the life show He was actually like I'd run into her additions and stuff, but she was you know she out together. She two am she went home and prepared for her audition and I would just be like well at sea. Six a m. Should I go home or just go right to the audition or were you getting you go into an apartment building in everybody's, going to their jobs? The worst near like in your black dress, your high heels, the walk
out to a new day after you ve been up all my is really one of the worst fucking feelings when I asked why sunrise for any reason. I just can't. Even if it's pretty I care like tat feeling of why not sleeping, and just knowing like you're fucked, not know Joe is going to help you you just fact for a day or two yeah yeah, but it is weird too, because I have such judgment about it now, like you know, if I like you know, if I'm bathroom and someone is like anyway, and use it to someone like you now Do you want me to leave a line in there? You know I I you know, I loved you in legally blonde. You want me to leave a line in the toilet seat wherever you are like. Now now you know, but an you're like that drug is awful and it leads to terrible things, usually right now, Emmy you're, thinking like how could I have like did for as long as I did. Isn't it
You don't really get anything out of it, except you, no weight loss. Rise, you know me rank more in for about an hour. It spectacular areas better. It is for I say I say thirty minutes skipper and then you're chasing a button, but it is weird that, like I could have gone that long as it's you, I would have woken up went into said like this. Is so nowhere and I When I was in Boston man, how is work in it like up in coolidge corner? You know like it like a restaurant and I would work the the ship for d, dinner and you know, and then I just remember, like we all had to wear these polo shirts. There was red and green polo shirts that said to Matt garrets on it, but then, if you, if you just, went back and changed into your regular shirt, you could just go sit at the bar, so I could work the shift now change
sure and had closed the fuckin bar and blow. I am I right now you to spend all your tips yeah at the bar yeah. Maybe get half grandma blow here in like and I was doing like it wasn't. Even new york I was doing blow in those towns where you grew up. I got good jack in go. Do stand up. and then drive around doing it. Images like oh yeah, robbie funny, is it weird that I felt I felt like. I was never interesting or funny ever on that stuff. I was very intense. I think annoying would probably be a better way. Well, don't you think everyone's annoying when you're, if you're not doing it and you're sitting with a bunch of people that have done it? You're like you, are also full of crap. You are all so full of ent. It's not like it's schemes me out but I know I did you. I just got the creep. I just got the like the justice, whether all night sessions just go. You just hang out people because they have drugs. You know like in new just talking the p,
and it's going nowhere, it's going nowhere and then you don't feel I'm going by anymore new drinking again able, due to drink more than he could ever imagine ray, and then I was on its way, for three in the morning in someone's. Actually it's a more into a yeah, probably a fourth. What do you think's going to happen? that was the other thing is what can we do? Well, it's like any second someone's gonna happen. Nothing ever had no end up having horrible sex with somebody for too long I thought that was where the guys would supply cocaine for growth to get to get out sex, whether I was not like from a lot of us girls like I just the last ass, a lasting you wanted to do with them He started you're like by the way I'm neck, they are doing and yet like I feel so. Incredibly, not what you think, I'm feeling
I just I don't wanna annoying to do any of what you think of when the foot of things like that taxes, like you, the guys all jacked up your jacked up your as is always dry, everything dries out like if you end up doing it. You know the guides, like then you get it like tried of flanking get it up and you you wanna, be fucking and then she's like this nightmare of derived its takes too much effort, and it just yet but this is the great thing about no, no, I know how you have creepy right now, but let me too, this is what great about it that you and I aren't gonna after this go. Try to score, I have where, and I a ball yeah like you and me like. I would, I think, as an older person, that would be a real bummer to be doing. it still yeah. Oh my not only like to have. You know, cause a lot of people they they discover it later in life and there, like oh wow, and it still going on right, I'm so out of the loop located,
yeah, I know you definitely I mean it's. Two girls go like someone is when I go out, you know to a narrow. Some put me up, but In a restaurant somebody's, when two girls go into the stall together, it's like why you know, I don't think they're brushing each other's hair yeah I mean it could be, but I I've always feel like they're. You know doing a bump or doing a bump, and it's just it's a yeah. I just I you know, like I said: that's the good thing is they can not that I'm really done that feels behind a gale very far away. But there are two. In minnesota, any clean up and then what you come back out here, yeah I came back out here came back and ninety ninety and thank god, I think you have people always say to what you have any advice for a second and I think it's like if you get in some program or someplace, where you're honest stage here, you know, I think that's the way to go, even if, like no one's going to show you better. But then I went to the growlings and that and that sort of changed my life. What
so like what year was at like ninety we're ever you you, you need to do to be in the groundlings yeah I stood there. There was a little other. Smaller thing was called like gotham city. It was on the east coast and then I came out to honor on a vacation. I saw with the groundlings was, and I was like. Oh I want to do this show who's in when he saw Julia Sweeney was in it. She did some amazing characters. I think Cathy Griffin was in a bunch of The coup de la LA I know is that I was when I saw those shows I was like this is why I want to do and then my timing was kind of guy in you know we are all it was. I do take classes first wisest. I would like to go in and I ended up in the sunny coming, the main company mean the ones you took. A new york counted yeah, they counted
willem yeah, yeah and then and then going to new york said I sucked in then you know the woman, the woman that I kept getting as the teacher was like. I'm sorry Jennifer I and have to repeat you because you really don't seem like you know, what's going on and she was cut right because I was what is repeat: oh he added it again yeah and I think she, you know what she's picking up on two is like. You know, if you sober at twenty seven, but you've sort of fried yourself. I think I like I, I couldn't like it's really a true straight, like you had to have one of the first things you do with the grounds that you have to be able to come up with some sort of activity, while you're talking to someone and I'm not kidding for the first like two years, the only ib be on a golf course and I would be stirring a bowl of batter with a spoon I beat was
I could think of was okay. I got a bowl and spoon, you know stern on a ship and I'm stirring, I'm not I'm not steering the ship side battered and why that one I not know I was just up and I couldn't I could never think of anything else and then so, maybe that's why she repeated me a bunch of times but just waiting for you to judge yeah, maybe fry an egg yeah yeah, please Therefore, my god raised. Work makes something with that better that yeah I guess they. You know they didn't know about that at the west goes grounds that I can. I only had one so that we really do. Girl. Yet they had no idea how baby brother batter out here I did and then you know and then
it was really exciting times. It was will Ferrell and cheri oteri Chris catan, for now, oh yeah. I've had a lot of them on here, yeah yeah, really exciting times, and and and how does it work you get the mainstage show or what yeah you once you're in yeah once you're in we then I always think of the sunday show, is so exciting because you didn't know a few, and I think, there's something so say when you when europe, why that have the sunday show work? nothing, what you always act out of it, and so there's something really great about lake once you into the main show yeah, like my material, was less interesting because your annual, they can't kick you out, and I felt, like you know in europe, trying to win everyone over and get their votes. Your pulling out all the stops for sunday. Yeah. So this cat decided, who is in an hour yad they actual cas mouse, really scary, because
I had all my eggs in one basket. I was thinking the batter basket. Yeah I had all my eggs in the batter basket. I was like if this doesn't work out no cause. I was. I realized. This is what I wanted and to be wondered at more than anything, and I was like a made all these deals with vietnam, god the I did I did. I was at kate, you can I mean, if I get into the growly I swear to god. I will never ask for anything ever. This is when I you know this. Is it you wanted to be a comedic performer. Why to be in that? I don't know, I thought you could you could go. your crappy job, and just I don't think I was a girl. writer, but I haven't, I had a really good ear for exactly what someone said to me and I always had these. I really condescending bosses and I can- member exactly their wording intervening, so I would just right down immediately and then just put it on stage. You know it growling. So I could I got out. All of my anger.
And everything by just recreating these people that may my life difficult, really Those reactors ya anyway, just Yeah I mean you just got here, is something so freeing about doing the people that you felt like? Were you know, torturing you You know I saw those we amity characters. Did you create. Oh you know you create at our thirty forty four d at the brownies and then like there's only like I dunno, like there's, probably ten good things that you do or hear, or you know and then some and then you can save him later fear. You know doom resolve them other than their their condescending boss. We know, baby sat for a woman in beverly hills and she was very, very condescending issues very aim.
What about like things that I touched that you know like my, I had a paper plate, my kids had glass plates and everything that I touched had to be disposable. I mean it was all very strange, but but you know, but she was so accent that everything she said was so it was beyond condescending. It was just like you know that you know that there was different water for the kids in there was for me with an arrow head was like for me, and I don't know the abbe on was for the kids really stuff like that. You know I mean it was just very content, but but you know if you can remember that stuff and then you then people give you credit and they say wow, I love the you know. I think you you can really write and it's like. I really wasn't. I don't think that's what it was just that- was somebody hollandia recalling stuff but you are and how to improv yeah, I don't
I was never the great like no one ever went like wholly crap jennifer that that improv you did with will sir I'll, never forget how brilliant your lives were. I not that was never met. You know I wasn't there always saying you great timing and that you had a unique sort of approach to the comedy I've. I've heard a couple we will say that near, I think I was kind of different you and I have my take his really weird and other people's arnold I have given these, but I was never the quick. I wasn't a ping pong ball that we can't you couldn't see as it was going so fast right, right. Eye, was envious of those people are could just like you know It's never really fire that cathy Griffin was always so rapid fighting. Evidently, that's, not you and like you, the fact that you sort of go almost the opposite direction is even funnier that the amount of space it you can taken. Some characters is hilarious right but the problem is not even like it. It's it's just. I got nothing but yeah. I know
that's our lot lining at that moment, democratic just I have like. I don't even have thoughts. What's your style? Well, yeah it just you just go brain dead for a few seconds. in the background the I like that, because when you say that your style, it looks like it's a chosen thing. I, like that, you assume I chose. I dont know that any one chooses your style. I think the best thing that can happen is you come in to yourself and you know you find your confidence in whatever the hell. It is that you you are, and you just do that yeah. I mean it's like I don't know. I don't know that anyone people who choose their style that doesn't add up to much like a gimmick rights which should be more colleague, accident accident that you are able to utilise so. Well, so did s in come around? Yes, Yes, I did yeah, yeah. I was a very funny thing because what happened? Was we all flu? together. Who suicide
with me and chris could. I saw him last night or did you? yeah at the comedy store, oh really, he was doing some benefit show. I was on I hadn't seen in awhile, so some on a plane once he seems. Okay, eyes a great guy. He was. He was a really really nice. Really really nice to everybody. I thought so it seems like a nice and yeah. I mean I knew him quite well too, and you know he we we dated for awhile yeah back in the day, yeah that day boy, a black in the dream no, but see like I have to say, is one of those guys that you didn't like you like you know people ever the amount of my mic. It was like a really nice person. Yeah, it wasn't like you know. I I don't have you know. Usually you know your exes you're like oh, but he was. He was really a really nice guy, but we all flew. I was like
make sure you, terry welfare, all africa, through I forget from Chris purnell, was on that strip, but anyway we all went out in addition and um. I couldn't and went really well, but there was a manager that actually Lauren led into the audition secrecy, rep runner, oh, how but he went and he sort of reassuring. That management really well we're by. Then we back and then we were all told. We all got word at the same time that We'Re- gonna be on hold for like three months here. I just got a new age in at the small ages, any he was like you know, joe. for I got that phone call from. Sorry. I live today and they want to put you on hold for the next three months, we're just like everybody else and he was like, and I think that's outrageous and I'm in a tell them that they, or make up their minds today or
worm, Pino we're, not do ya, we're not doing or we're not doing it. You know we're not just like yeah he's, like yeah he's actually going to make his move yeah. Yes, he did the hard ball move or whatever Adam, and I, of course everyone else agreed like will. Everybody's people were to seek their, but but my guy I said no and then, of course they were like. Well, you know absolutely not. If you can't wait. You know that we're not making a decision so so that was at then like two weeks later, I call my agency and I'm like you know, I speak to jasper and they're like oh, ah, yeah Jeff is that Jeff is no longer with the agency and I might he's not the agency and then I find out from nerve agent. He like he went into like his family's meet business, the garden. Here s an hour yeah I mean like warming, it just just go to china. This is
where you know I was in my thirties at this point, but this is where, like if I just meant smart, I would have just fix this myself and call them and said I had a crazy agent made a bad decision, but it's so weird how, like you think everything sit when back. Then everything was so big and dramatic, you're like Ah I just I could have just either could have fixed at a meal into city, I'm back in the back in india. You have to get through months to decide on me. Take your time, yeah yeah, but you didn't no cause. I you because you're late by so many mistakes, I've made in my life, but that just not having the guts to just, You know they don't know what they're doing supply these examine their guessing to their like. No one knows. Ok, I think a lot of time we have to to take things under our own hands, just fix them,
losing around and be like, and I hope it our it found me. I hope they are you now. Will you immediately surrenders orange power to these representatives because you assume they know, but a tiny they're just trying to get in there and interaction yeah and just like the of de of feeling their own way, and then you just go you don't even know what they do when you are not there you know. Why did I get that like that you are right, but they buy phony under the bus. You never fucking know now, yeah, no euro plus pact love, love how people get really competent there like let me tell you how we're going to do it we're going to tell them we're going to tell them. You are not going to wait, but then what happens is just like it's their performance for the for five minutes and then there, like. I don't even know. feel comfortable talking like this, but it sounds right and then, but you know what I really want to do. I want to go into that meet business, the meat business. many are like a shadow dream
but anyway it all worked out because so far, because of all this, It says, like that's the agent, that's the guy, he puts you hate your career in in the hands of that guy and it's like the meat business yeah. Is it like it it was that or the meat business yeah his family's meat business, but I mean you know he he you know he did all to you know you realize, like people when you're an actor like a lot of. but like there are the reason you get a job or you don't get a job or our absolute you're in their hands, so what happens? I'd never came back around and no it didn't it. I know I know that's not true. I think I flew in one other time and tried to take a meeting with Lauren. One time I flew in for a personal meaning, but how was that it was? It was fine, actually thought it went pretty well, but I don't I think at that point, I'd kind of lost my I dunno you have all your friends and everyone's trying to get into this thing. I dunno it's sort of. I feel
The moment had passed nokia, Adam, and so I went by with the grounds I was just doing. Some shows there and then Christopher gas came to one of the shows and and then my life sort of went that way, and I actually, I think in certain ways it was probably better for someone like me. you're right. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know if I was like could be set like tina Faye where you're just you know, you know, writing these catches. eighteen hours a night with I'll think of like what she was like writing all that stuff and creating an acting in it. I think I would have been able to in my question. I don't care, I could have done it. Honest. I would think I would have failed. I don't think I would have you know. I think I was me I built for it and he hadn't done. Were you doing I like little walk on shit?
I I like well, actually I got my my stood. A big break was I got an episode of seinfeld and then that same day I booked sine die, but I got the series called she tv, which is like a woman schedule that that died very quickly, but then numb then I think you're really cycle started than that. Then somehow I got american pie and all that stuff. We do. You think you are I type cast it at some point, yeah absolute eminence. What happened you get like this twelve scripts on your doorstep in there all the same lady, the weird sexually lady. I guess you know so yeah, like trophy wife, Girls was happening a any illegally blondes or to help me get a little bit out of that cause. She was sort of like you know that, the loser here. All we have not the veto right and I hope
little bit, but I don't know, I think my biggest mistake is just not really just sort of making my own stuff try to eat it. Going that route. Where I was, I think I was always waiting around for people they take area or just yeah. I thought I would just find that perfect. You know, I think, that's kind of a fluke yeah well it's hard because, like especially when I because I Didn'T- and I had a lot of like I was around a long time, but it always seems that people have their ideas about you and if you don't have a strong enough idea got yourself, you kind of believe them for a second, oh yeah. That's good. We are down that yeah yeah on the angry guy, when we do that and then, like for years. I can understand why the gaining of insight- because I didn't know what the fuck out of here, what my skill set was really was
I will ever who I was. I just knew I never fit into the boxes. People put me in so I wouldn't have really thought that about you know you always seemed so overly confident. Sometimes I feel like you would go on. People shows and it would become your show when all I can do that, but like I didn't, have a strong sense of like I was so everything very present to me. yeah. You know I mean like, I feel the the urgency of the moment. Sir, well like. I would naturally do that like if I'm on Conan or if I want something like I'm going to go. Let's go, I did there's. No, I there's no pausing, Do you not even there? You know, I guess it's, I think its confidence, but it's also just being in the present. I'm not very calculate I've gotten a little more calculating lately more along the lines of like hey. Maybe shut up now, how you like tat so k, it's not gray by think it's a small matter. You like it ebay! yeah a little. You know
like I'm, I I'd recently acted in something, and I realise that I was right for the part, but I just unforced seasons of playing me and I took this job I decision for it. I take myself on the audition just as of mike. I can do this guy but the only thing I knew that was different because I have a wheelhouse. I think you do too, like I there's certain I'm not going to learn russian accent, yeah, I'm not going to put on thirty pounds you I'm not gonna play in others. There things I can You and I know the limitations, my talent to some degree, but I knew I could, this guy, but he wasn't me because he wasn't neurotic. He was ill a little bitter, but like turn off all that weird self reflection that dialogue, which is really we are sort of what I do. I shut it off for this guy and I was like well that's great. If that's is that what acting is you just turn things off? Striker turned things on. I think you're, absolutely right. I think, to I think to act you do have to
during those voice that, while the voices off- and it's really really hard to do, if that's who you are we yeah, because that's what Thank you. It is who you are, but I mean theoretically, it you're to becoming someone you're, not at least a bit right now, and we have I've always confident, but it was always driven by a certain amount of panic, and I like talking to people like If you see me shown it feels like I'm taking over it's because, like I'm so relieved, talking somebody like you know, it's really that's the excitement talking of into you, I usually thrilled. You know that's where it is. That's where it is about europe stand up and stuff. It's like you seem really excited, but to talk about some yeah seem very excite, but not in any sort of, but there's nothing false about it. We are all very life and death for me. It's not very well planned, usually in sometimes
disgruntled haggard aggravated, but I need the connection. So if there is a connection there, I guess year, yeah you're, not insecure, once you're talking where it is because you really like you, look like a little p in a pod when you get going there the address of your home, a grand old tie of on connecting If I'm just saying if I was just sitting here by myself, it'd be different, I also like I, I don't I don't know it's weird. I just went back to therapy today cause I'm going to need it, the one that my perception of me is not necessarily right, Yeah because you get these things in your head, you run in your head all the time and a lot of times a day, override have decades of experience of it. the other just old, weird shit and, like you know, I think I have very hard on myself and it's like I'm outside and even probably to my
I am much more confident and little more grounded. Now. You know I'm good at what I do, but there's still party that sort of like that are not a fucking deal in aid due course you do. Have you don't know you? Do it And I know you like, I know I'm most days what I'm doing well, thank god you're like a brain surgeon or something because they here when I'm in or maybe maybe they have as moments too, but I hope we have them for just yeah. You hope it's after this. but I like you do here, is honest use. You are about those about not knowing because I don't think a lot of people are honest about not I feel like a lot of people used. He scenery speak to on a daily basis. Rafe do you know a pretty convinced if they We have it, they have it all figured out or in that they are a lot of people to represent. It is a very great example where it says a genius yeah
he's a genius yeah, but lot of power to that in the way that like, if you really think you're geniuses amazing how that can really smart people? I have a couple smart friends that receive it. As someone who really knows what to do anger. That guy seems to know what he's doing yeah yeah. Well, what when you started, can with them when the american time of these were big hit for you, but I mean I ve not interview christopher guessing. I've interviewed Michael Mccain Jane lynch, parker posey cried interview, people in his films, that's easy for you to be like the there like ie he seemed to really understand your talent and and and how to let you do you do he saw something yeah look a lot of us wanted, the that, like best when I heard best the show was coming out. A lot of people couldn't get into that audition or whatever, but I think it's because he had come to the groundings
Oh, how I really did get in Catherine o'hara told me she had. I mentioned she's great she's great, and I think she said she mentioned to him that I I she'd see me I dunno how you never really quite get the scoop of how it all goes down, but I I just think he likes women, which is you know, not that common in the movie business, where, like a guy, really wants to give a very big part. the woman. He had a you know, a decent part in like lets you improvise and stuff. A lot of people are, like you know, jennifer just you know, stick to the words here and righto, and this is someone that's like doesn't hand you a script and sisters, improvise, so that was pretty cool and best in show. twenty. He did and I didn't expect to get and then it was such a good experience. Just just the whole thing, just meeting those people on working with. Jane and working with Jane Jane was really cool.
We were hanging out in vancouver, and it was like there's something make a movie outside of europe element that no yeah, it's all you know. Quite, down a little hot. It makes it a hundred vienna under percent. Better, I think too, your own world, and so that was really cool. We went up. Therein hung out for like six, we, whoever so how many enemies did you do with him three two guiding. What is it I had a very small part and mighty wind and then for your consideration and then a very you know us very small part in the latest one mascots, but but he really, I I think just working with him really helped things, and you know I'm forever grateful to that guy. You know it's a cam and Paul weitz and chris weitz and the others like four guys in town. That really help me out because of american pie, and that was like four or five jobs in costs were guess was four or five jobs
yeah, there's like four guys in town that if certain kept me in the business here you know and even sober that time no I know I may go back to drink. You know you do you know I didn't drink for like thirteen years, but eventually I did start drinking red wine again and came back around came back around and you know now I'm snorting, the red wine. Oh good, yeah well, is not coke no and yes, so so that yeah that yeah. I did go back to red wine and how's that work. Now it makes a skinny and you make your skin really dewey and am makes you it dismissed. better and everywhere. I really am good and improve your mind like I find met,
the more I drink, the more articulate I am here. That's usually what happens now you all the time, nothing better and organ do as someone who had three glasses red one day, but the two broke that's like a regular gig, that's a real gig. That's a big show, yeah yeah yeah, how many seasons zipping going for you. This is six my gun. yeah, and you like, on everyone, yeah good gig? That is a good It is an amazing gig cause. It's you know it's that dream job it you know I wish. I had a family is utopian, we go like now. I can see my family and I'm like You know who am? I gonna see. Those are my running home to you now makes a united, so amazing dogs and I like to see, but you know, like people ah thank, I guess you know time yeah. My time spent. I was made no better.
but you know I mean look. I have a pretty great life, you know it's pretty great. You know, especially you know. I get the break of of this town like you and I were talking to I think I get to go to new orleans, we're whenever this town feels you like. You know Claustrophobia are enjoying yourself. Yes, I am an ogre. I am indeed Did you ever do stand up or you didn't? I did. I did yeah for like three years I went around and sort of before two broke girls, yeah yeah. It was yes and how is f, where you to stand up. I you know, look yours eve, I went to see Amy shoe Maria she was down. A new orleans would see her show and you know like you- know, just her gift fur, her gift virgin behind him, balls buzz mama, just being so precise, and just
skilled with her right. You know, knows her were around and just how she org tells the story is also to weave I didn't ever have I didn't have that and you know I was doing this weird sort of it wasn't really stand of what was doing. I was doing like story telling stories of you know. Look if you're telling stories to a crowd is drinking a lot. You know I'd like to do comedy yeah, which I don't know why my agent was putting me in his comedy clubs, and that really was in here where I should have been here. You gotta, you gotta, you know, bethia peters gives you this amazing. You know over the uncover. I hear that the right I saw you there you in lahti and one night yea. I remember here you are great that night and then yeah, but she would give you this great opportunity he get there and with it, and then you feel very money goes you room and you feel very funny in their then, of course you know. No one in vegas wants to hear your story about your dog or whatever I don't know
thank you for vague it. I've, actually, I think vegas is a weird animal and where it ended, yeah that that ended there and I was sort of like I really got a rethink this, but, but I think I know is that, like you know, what do I like ever feel like I've just absolutely brought down the house like you know, is that why I think Yeah, I don't know, I think, sounds like what we have always your agent sort of local people going to know who she is with you. Shooting sell some take its a comedy clubs, so you go out there and you pray, give some people. I know you are, and then you get a bunch of people to just go to carmody clubs, and then he got it europe against that sort of like down, get it where's yeah, it's hard,
and then when I want to hear this. The other thing I would talk about how you know really a lot of what I used to talk about is how I'm in it you know unable to fire anybody that works for me or just how, like my you know, people that were for me, art feel superior and olives and then you're like then you're telling like five or six stories in a row like just how inferior you are and people like them. I did. I do spend like thirty bucks on this ticket. Like you know me, if you tell every bad dark story, you have you have, you will sort feel bad for you, it's not or play they like you. Actually, your and selling the show in an area where it like you act, I spent the whole like you know hour and a half like unseen convincing than that you do the job on the wrong and joy for tonight. I I am yes, he got out of it. So I think you, unless you know look. I think it also help a lot to do with whose guiding you and used in it.
I never really had any guidance on like I'd asked my for the get together a bunch of friends. It I'll watch it and they were like it's fine, it's can never like. You need their friend who get rid of that and why telling now yeah as in having fun diane situate, how yeah. Why are you in overall what the fuck and I'm doing you? Yes, if I had only has some of those boston people to say he's straight now, say here that jennifer yeah. Where are those see that, though, that's what you're missing in hollywood? That's what you're missing the people that just give it to you straight and go like that. That's not funny yeah that that good takes too long to tell that story. No. I don't want to hear that you died at the end of the story. You just
it is, but but I have to say that you know when I see someone doing like what you do and what amy does, and chris rock and all these people when people are like on fire. There is nothing I'm more jealous about. Like you know, it's like it is what a gift and when someone's killing it it's. So you just wow. yes, oh it's exciting and I like seeing a too sometimes. like when I'm doing it more than I like seeing it I like it when you just feel like you have the room, I you know cause. I was there that night and uncapped you were like you know. Certainly I've seen you do this you did later in a corner and everything, but an you kill on that. But, You must know when it's going incredibly well right, and you know what I'm connecting yeah yeah feeling and Amelia there you have it I'm still hard to myself, I'm sort of thing but ali, We say it out loud now. I got you a bit. It gets a pretty good, laugh and in all sometimes just like
loud guy tat? Neither one more thing like I m already, I am only a man now I'll say it right down on me. I am help ninety nine or come up his no it's funny as it is, but does that it doesn't really have an ending, but it, but I thank you for being here for this part of but see. This is the thing I feel like. Sometimes when you, you know when I to go where I like others is going well, whatever I go into a full on panic mode and the wit. Weird thing is a key. See it feels and rooms on something like going to go wrong like I feel like somebody's watching me. It's like I'm like where is this going is not really going, and then you like do this amazing save like it was never going to go wrong. Like sometimes I'll, say wow. Those are the moments, that's my style. Improv waking, I doubt, is going nowhere and that, at the end
just be like. Oh that didn't work well, for any of us, Really I haven't seen you have never really seen you. How is where it doesn't work out at all. I haven't you, maybe you know me up. Maybe I don't know but, but I seen it looked like it's like you do. I always like you shouldn't where it is going as opposed to someone like me who I I never really. No one knew where I was going. Why I leave a lot of room for like you know, I leave room. You know, I don't like a match and any get anywhere in terms of like career. Why like I know, like I've, got a bit of an audience, and I like to I like new was to happen. I, like whatever performance, I'm doing to be its own thing. So have things I'm working on, but am sober. Leaved, if I can find them, freedom of mine to just go and that's how new things happen and that's how you know Real moments occur, and I really I I I I I live for those to have
freedom to do that and the only thing that stops at his fear- but sometimes you know, have those runs with that stuff and light I've got a relationship with my audience now like I'll, do a professional show, but there ties are due to our as there will be moments where I might young wildly something, and in its good and I'll just say like may I got gotta get to work. Now one nice that so I wish I see our. It's a work in progress like back as its its it. gay or on us in that so yeah, you know, and they you know it's like. I know that there are people who, like when you watch someone kill with an hour, and I've done that like to spell the last. The last special I did like it was tight, I knew it had callbacks. I knew where it was going to end and it all worked together and it was like. I rehearsed it and I did it and I worked it in that feeling of I guess, going to kill every time you want to be killing every time. I liked that ok, bye
a better one might know. What's gonna happen out there, I got a better idea. see I do but like it, you know it is riskier. That's why you're you that's why you are doing it. Why couldn't I just didn't? I couldn't handle that? I couldn't and I didn't like this. one. If that someone in the front row was not have a good time I couldn't handle that I couldn't handle. That year was like that, personally I would never want to be like a hairdresser where someone does this. our cat sucks? And you know what I'm I cry right now and I'm I'm not I'm. Actually I can't go to school, because this is so ugly. You know like I. I never want to be that person where someone says thanks. I gave them a service that's acts. Will I open a lot of times like again, because you I do the same thing and I did it for years and I had to do those room for a long time as an unknown, comic yoke and looking at disappointed people. Working at people that our laughing but a lot of times when you focusing on that due to sit up front with the sad face.
You know your assumption is like I'm not getting through, but he can be sitting there gone like how my dog died. Today you don't fucking now, and- and sometimes when I talk, stewart leave, is a british comic. He adjusts he used to be furious about it about that, like you that he couldn't get through with it or to dumb or why they weren't getting him and he shifted some point to sort of like hey. You know what this is proper. I wasn't a best choice for you this evening with me That's really brilliant, because you know that worse than when, like you know, you go in a day with someone they just absolutely don't have any interest in you and then you like tell a girlfriend later and you're like he didn't. He didn't even look up from his dinner like you're like he just he had no interesting then, and then the girlfriend always there's always this cliche answer that girls always give other nico. You know a jennifer, he was just intimidated. He was intimidating.
It and then you're like well. We can all go through our lives and just go like this whole world is intimidated by me. I mean all these people that are looking down at their car keys right now are just intimidate and but I feel like that's like It has no easy way out your right, let off the hook. It's like it still leaves you with your self respect, right, yeah, Yeah, I don't know you know I go with audiences, it's like who the fuck knows, and then it gets to a point where it's sort of like. What's the worst that can happen. they had a bad night out with it. I tweeted me I suck you know like yeah you're right, you're right, it's like eat you, it's a wording that you aren't too like when you know cause I'm friends with the way you did your impunity, Tang right now it and put it in here. You have no movie along time in any start to realize you know when you see these guys, it are out there hammering away for big money, big crowds. You know that you are they do an ok show in that's enough
It shows tight right like here. Part of the job is that you know young bomb, but some it's gonna be better than others, and some nights are just going You'd though after are gonna go up to here, they're, not gonna, kill you but you got them and assist away, that's gonna That is really the worst feeling it's actually worse than bombing. Is that bon? You, like the others, can be fuckin awful for an hour, but I know it to you. I know. What's up, doesn't happen too often, but when you get them laughing, but every joke is like a fuckin uphill climb like they. Never kind of cross to the level where you can just role. It's sort of like you. Do you put a lot of energy? Do a bed and it's just like ha. Okay, like what can you just roll it kansas keep go. You are good at that that that's the most frustrating, because then I I have to go. I gotta go out,
next week, and you know we gotta do that. You have to go. Do that and like what my hours, not so tight, but it's good. You know, but it's like you know and usually like if I'm not tied I'll end up doing like an hour and a half and you're just so they get there he's worth. Even if it was, you know, inconsistent I go through periods or the here is gone, but then it's ours I I gotta go. Do it I'm not afraid to be on stage I, and I know that I I live up there, which was a great gift that happened recently that there's part of me. That's excited to do it. By, like you know, if I think too much about it, which I haven't in years about like you, what if it you really feel that he feel that lets sometimes do not more lately because, like I'm intimidated by you know this by the the shift in the tone of culture, because the presidential, I know I know I know I can and I stand, but like moldova understand, I utterly and all the people are coming to see me
but you know then like you before, like you, you like aids can be fun, but now it's like it's a feeling like like, depending where you are a sort of. I think I'd you here can work all of us we're all here right, make us feel better re extra pressure, your big adventure. This is what this will be. This will be yeah. That's a that's! An okay diplomatic way to put it yeah, it's definitely going to be a big event. Sure or or a very scary ride was great yeah I've, I've been informed that your rides outside. Oh, how you do see it for you from reading the screen that I just gotta put the the text up here. Thank you saves you good you. I thank you for having means raise guy here was it was great I liked meeting her that was nice were to stop by wanted to meet her gotta to of
I can't write w tia pod needs and qatar yeah work. Ok, well for little come just sticking with the same set up really I want to talk about this guitar employee and now is the best can guitar I've ever had its pre new is given to me, and I love it. I don't want to betray. by even talking about it, saying its name. Ah, I
I. the the though.
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