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Episode 800 - Jeff Ross

2017-04-05 | 🔗
For the 800th episode of WTF, Marc welcomes back the show's very first guest, Jeff Ross. Just as WTF evolved since that first episode in 2009, Jeff evolved from the Roastmaster General to a comedian using his talent as a put-down artist in order to help us all better understand each other. He also talks about the unique relationships he built along the way with people like Buddy Hackett, Billy Crystal, Sid Caesar, Mel Brooks and, yes, Donald Trump. This episode is sponsored by Louis CK 2017 on Netflix, 2 Dope Queens on Spotify, and Kabbage.

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The guy all right! Let's do this hour you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck's there is, what the buccaneers, what the fuck it Alex, what the fuck a navy and what the fucker weakens, what the fuck turkey, and what the fuck minster words, what the fuck will bury fins and the like goes on. I can't through it all, but I thought I do little more than usual to beginning to make this pursued a bit special because it is a marker, but after point markers good as they are what are you gonna, do way, we're all getting older right and the show today is the eight hundred eight hundredth episode, of wmd at eight hundred episode astounding. We We do different. We ve done different things at these.
stones and as as time goes on there. become yet you know you, they just become another day, but you do want to tomorrow, it because it is sort of standing thing whatsoever. into the What we are doing here today in and let me let me first get out there: yeah, I've got a few tour dates coming out and I always like to have you guys and gals. You people, you folks, I like you to come. I'm doing I'm gonna be in boulder cholera. tomorrow night at the boulder theatre, I'll be the paramount theatre, saturday in Denver colorado the alarm the theatre in portland on April twenty first and twenty second, they added a late show in portland, twenty second on Saturday. I believe, there's some tickets for that
Milwaukee that needs a little love come on the lucky april, twenty seventh pabst the opium in madison wisconsin, let's go midwest arrive. April, twenty eighth, the panties Is there I'll be shooting my special for networks? On april twenty ninth on April, twenty ninth, minneapolis, there's two shows. I believe that those are selling well, but that second show its go, may twelve philadelphia, the merriam theater and may thirteenth the sea at the wheel, if they are not made tickets, wherefore that these he showed the phillies going good throb one really good, but that one man that one in the walk you. What is it? What I duty, a Milwaukee ha where we at eight you're fuckin episodes that crazy Today, on the show, my guess is for us. sat for a reason and I'll tell you what is Jeff Ross was actually the very first guest
w tee ass. It was a d when show then now I would to tell you that, as of today, w team has been downloaded more than three hundred and thirty million that's a lot of times It's a lotta downwards man, the first episode, we did was recorded at the end of august in thousand and nine and we, posted it on september. First two thousand and nine. Now where we were at. We had hijacked the studio the old air america we me and my producer and business partner brendan mcdonald were you're out of work, because they answer their streaming. Video show we were doing on their so we want to throw some together and and we'd done. Radio together, we don't mean branded, working together in some form or another, since two thousand and four so we're right. Let's figure out this pie, guessing now
we didn't really have a plan at the beginning. Not, unlike I enter most conversations, with that there was no plan for the show other than we wanted. Feel it out figure something out there were. There were three segments on the first episode. There was a a story about about feeling. Morally justified stealing stevia from whole foods, which so became an essay and my my book we. We talk to Jeff ROS, who is on the phone. and we did a w e f moment at a ralph lorens store now. The original intention of the show was, for a day a variety segments right which we did after the first few. In episodes. There is some movie. There was some conversations with my father. It was a kind of a variety show to a degree, but there was this umbrella idea of what the fuck the most important phyllis the question is not the meaning of life. It's what the
any it was really. That was the spirit that ran The thing now Jeff ended up our first guest. I because at that not unlike now there were certain guessing at that time. We had no track record. Who were out do things, and you know we could get them, and I knew I wanted to talk to comics. I liked comics. I was a comic. I am a comic I not to talk to comic we're all of the same community, but we had put a few. Can these conversations with pattern was on the phone over his book. I think John Oliver, and we have this- the can we we had some things went to work with to put together. The first show an. Maybe I should play this thing because, because this was interesting. You listening back to this- show because obviously the show became a very different thing over time. once I got out here, we we had a foregone the multi segment format, nome phone interviews. I can't stand in Verona rees ray
occasions where friend of mine needs the plug something for as to the hundreds of episodes. There's really no phone interviews face to face was what I wanted to do. beginning for a while. We had a third part. To the show, a third segment that was an interview with a guy that may or may not be real and it was more than to work with improvising and do that kind of thing, an improvised, but then it's really evolved into you know what what it's become who is a a candid connected genuine conversation as best I can do with somebody. But what was interesting and listening to this, step as always it we pulled. This clip now, don't know that there was ever a mission statement by tat but this was as close as I could find to it in first show. Listen to this, it felt like it was time to do this. It was time to focus. It was time to dance questions about monday.
Things about political things. About personal things. And just getting out there again. I know a lot of you. Listen to me in many different forms over the years, and think this will be, the freest of all of them. This will be the most unfiltered and the most preventative of of where our mad and I'll try to keep it as personal Possible end, and also I just don't know what the fuck half the time so hopefully be out through this show and through a hanging out with you, when my friends in some comedians organ of Jeff Ross on here in just a bit You heard that it is the amazing thing about that is all that remains pretty true, including the fact that we're gonna have jefferson in just a bit here. but what sort of evolved in the shows? We were never rigid about the format we basically let things evolve. We we always knew why we were doing it.
Because of where I was at my life and because we were hungry, in wanting to do something. It wasn't so much ambition. It was a compulsion near we had this need You create a connection true. Evolution was realising the true connection happening during. Intimate empathetic conversation and that's really like you're here, that's ultimately the difference between Jeff in show number one in Jeff in show eight hundred. He never got his full our interview. This is his real, you d interview the interview that ie that to show evolved into what we do here was a great conversation and it was interesting because the beginning you it was calling my friends, so we could have some funny conversation. Yeah I mean that was it. You know you get some laughs, you can always count on a comedian. I mean I knew that from doing radio when I did radio, both as a a host of radio show and a summit
who appeared on radio when the comic walked in your life, this guy's guideline is game. You might. My job is going to be easier, so when I'm a guest on a radio show, I always try to show up. Present, be funny go with the flow and when I had people on my radio show you open for the same things. Sometimes people shit the bed, but I knew comics were dependable. But what I didn't understand about me and about comedians was that it's one thing to get. They turned to account to get some laughs and good feel the other thing is turning that come into a person to find out more about who he is and what I learned over time. And if you listen to the first many besides. In talking about comics was that we're not we're very well equipped, most of us comics, to have conversations about anything because that's what we do. We sit and think about things about everything, and we live our weird lives that, outside of the mainstream. For, for the most part, I would say for all of it were bunch. gypsies, season, rogues and yet strange,
bull yeah perverts sir heavy hearted depressive yo hyperactive well serve needy funny, Loving sensitive, all the good things to live as ever get it to put the two camps and the bad waste with the good western. It's not it's. Just human comics were my entry into being a person who is empathetic in conversation who enjoyed listening to people I mean I had I hadn't really had since I was a kid because I've gotten cynical and injustice to really learn things about not only people but about life and The difference between Number one in eight hundred is profound. But the evolution, your makes perfect sense And now we honoured that original idea, but to me This part of the evolution by talking to Jeff g,
who is, you know, really terms of personality and being in an comedic style, is a kind of the present voice in comedy since the beginning of combat In a way- and I talked him a little bit about that- but before I go into this conversation. I do want to say. Thank you all. And then you go to to every you knew their bodies through it with me. Thank you for four hanging out. You know we were able to to really make something here and to continue to make something in every time I come to the garage, no matter how much em full of anxiety or panic or dread or whatever is going on in my life or whether its relative person, I'm about to talk to you. I don't know, what's gonna happen or was whether its relative the world outside or to something I have going on in my life is making me crazy. As soon as someone comes in here and sit down front of me in that orange chair across the way- and I can
act and we start talking all that other stuff Other stuff goes away and am locked in and I'm listening and I'm engaged with another human being and I'm engaged if you guys out there, people out there. I know the eu is sitting in and now what happening is something family, human and profoundly good and profoundly necessary, especially in the culture we live in today, or these kind of connections aren't made ya. much as I surely, if at all, day to day basis, as you If I don't talk to someone in here, four times a week. I start to get squarely in cranky and aggravated, and I need to do I think that we all need, Do effortlessly is hey, man has gone. What's I'm ok not really. really where, where have you been, what happened there.
How's everything you know at home, yeah that you gotta do there. And you gotta, listen, times all it takes to show up for somebody else in a very deep. and real way is to listen. Important doesn't take much to be there for other people, most of the time Thank you very much for listening this is me and Jeff. Ros final, He gets his fault, you d have treatment. Eight hundred So the waiter have to be in the bathtub- on the first episode- talk to me from the biological hotel. is that mean Jeff just a couple of days ago.
The jack Ross I but good to see a man of god. I can't believe you ve never been near the legendary garage. I know what you ve never been here. Congratulations man. Thank you. Eight hundred episodes, Is it like? You know the idea or the idea was you were on the first episode, so why not beyond the last, but who the hell knows when that's going to happen so will John, the eight hundred the real issue is and how you manage eight hundred episode. Yes, how you managed to stop talking and long enough to upload them? What are you, what are we? What is it arose now? What do we say? We're gonna do eight hundred episode, Can you believe it man? It's really incredible. I want your wikipedia page in the first thing, on your credits, as you did, the double the first episode, the deputy podcast september, a first day thousand nine. That's it that's a crime I wouldn't last tab at the boar, gotta casino.
I remember I don't remember we talked about, but it's only like twenty minutes it was before the show was like it is now yeah. Now we are, about dancing with the stars- I think Is that what you are doing any hour just done in the middle of it? But but like like a real w. Do you know devotee, ep interview? Wasn't the hour sit down? I gotta can't believe it's been so long, I don't know anybody. Maybe I was doing I pod casper, our you, but I don't know anybody else was really in that. But the wording is I've known you I feel like. Since we were children, we demand a picture you tweet it out the other day was me and you and tied and louie and moon here, a very wet hair. I remember you from even further back than that which is put in their spam perspective. That one did. I ever resent you. How did I feel about you? Let's go real real classic marin conversation. I can't I'm talking about myself in the third person, I remember you are getting spots catch arising star before most of us between before me or todd.
Sort of a multi dewey curly thing by was definitely multi. He always wore a jean jacket and your name with Jeff. We shall try, if I recall correctly at buttons on that fuckin jacket, most jacket no I mean like pins. The Jeff pins it sounds like set. My could have had you don't remember, come on now and I were weird stuff back then I would wear bracelets and clogs and right no you're aware now, but did this was before you were a hippie. Yet before that period, where it is, I think you might have called me live shalt, but I was probably at that point performing his When did you start man? I remember you Jeff with my first time on stage was exactly April. First, nineteen, eighty nine, I wouldn't bet you that first year because I was in new york is there? I was on the lower east side, starting eighty nine and move down from Boston, and I was trying to get in so I was at the boston comedy club in eighty nine I was then probably doing spots, and I was
we open micro training and on the shows, your really I just you ve been passed a catch pretty early. I got. That is a great memory. That is something had happened. I got ass they before anywhere else, which was usually people's last club. For some reason it was my first path. Really got past there in. Member bring unlike louis a present, luis veranda yeah, from catch rising star in my first twenty dollars in the business. I I know put me up at the end of the night yeah and he saw something that in me that I didn't yet see in myself. The I didn't see it I mean you know, I don't hold a grudge against people who didn t see it beginning. You can, I always talk comics. I, like you get better of. No one has ever already got a man is now I remember when you got funny. I remember when Todd got funny. I remember when I got funny was dislike for years ago. He David budget happen very late, those early is man. He only start out one. But I remember you remember we used to go over to the ukraine
employees to kiev? I do How can I was gonna above the falcon I gotta Isaak is too, but the light key of what sort of the place was like me and you and louis and tied and sarah and tell that was like the joint. It was and dirty not as good as of osaka, but I don't think the vessel co is open twenty four hours at that time we would commiserate. yeah desirable commiserate is out there. a part of that word. You're and I would say, is unconnected how'd. You how'd you get into catch him one day why get back at what a vast for louis. I bought him a present. Did you and then will my grandfather died? He he he he gave me like a little pep talk he's like now it's time for you, you got think about you for a little while I was taking care of my gun father you, data rosie and yeah and I thought about those days recently cause they're like cutting funding for meals vomit. and I remember taken the bus internet work every day from new
izzy and meals on wheels, would check in on my grandpa yeah he'd, bring him a hot meal yeah and make sure he is alive for the next twelve hours. While I was trying to find work in new york trying to get on stage, start my life. However, you twenty three four so you grew up in jersey, but part newark union are really springfield. Oh yeah, like a sister right. I kind of bits and pieces, my sister robin yeah she's, a special ed teacher up and up in washington state So what were you doing in there? What would what? What kind of family situation would you a man? Do my dad grandfather, my uncle's one of my family was a caterer by every. My great grandmother rose alarm technically named after yes, It was with a very rare female business owner ban like four he's in fifty heartland manner, caterers clinton manner,
work there. Every summer I worked there every week in all through junior high in high school and even parts a collar she own that yeah. You events, they would do weddings and marmots version. Trade shows that kind of thing kosher. We always kosher and back when people haven't big kosher, weddings really and then I worked in reno room as a kid and then and then and then made meatballs and wound up feeding the help and working in the parking lot, and once I got the keys, college I was like. I don't think I'm going to be a caterer. I think I'm going to try something else, you're going to break the tradition. Yeah so was your dad, the last one he my dad am I some of the ross care, they live shots catering will my dad passed away. A basically became my cousins and his heart was in it really and ended in a kind of I remember how me about your dad has in a way I remember like the one time we had this conversation. I care member must have been down in front of the boston. I think
we all worked up because I didn't understand your drive in some fancy car like it of adults. Viper enable you will at a memory, is that true Well, alright. So when does your dad pass away while he dead, when I was in highschool in college, will happen yeah, he did cocaine. Are you living the life? He had a good time. They had a cerebral hemorrhage was in a coma for a few days came home from be you and I was housing mom thing down for a while? She already been gone five years, while man you, ok, just you and your sister still if we have a good family in We're ok, we're all gonna we'll get together. Quite often got a beach house at the jersey shore for a couple of weeks of summer, really twenty five of us will pile into that: the cousins in everything aunt and uncle and cousins, and he also tight, that's great. Do it for real.
you're connected to jersey, I mean, like you'd, feel connected to the people. I don't know if I could feel connected to the state right, but you feel your jersey, yeah like when you are When you're in high school you lose. We bruce guy, of course, but I feel like I would have been a blue sky, no matter where I was from or wherever he was from it as it is in the stars. I learn a lot about performing. I think, watch in those early bruce shows you now he goes fast and then you go slow. Then he has to fast ones and eagles slow for what? What? What did you learn? Exactly two should omen shit just stay slow. What is to mix it up and keep the audience surprised and and and You know the intimacy, even in a big theatre like that, I sure an unjust that you could stay true to yourself and you know we all aspire to have kind. I think that's good impact on their audience. I think that I think him in particular is unique himself like he. You feels earnest feels real. You feel special
to be there any really turns it out like it took me a time to appreciate. I think I appreciated more now because I talk to you the great interview- and he also taught you talked about how you know you and open up on stage where maybe you can open up hostage the asean as well. That was a good breakthrough in and I think that's why a lot of us get drawn to the stage it you're right, our wives off stagers is a mess. Then onstage out of maybe you're, not you're, wasting kind of cheaper, I'm good, ok, my moments. What are they like? Other crying moments? Yelling moments worse, I ever got was safe A year ago I came home from a road gig and I just wasn't happy for some reason and I grabbed a baseball bat and just sort of slamming the said: tal real eating. My bed, you want to risk,
breaking anything yeah but yeah. Well, that's good. Did it feel good? It felt cathartic yeah, but I don't, I think, for pretty much, I'm pretty even tempered yeah. I feel that from you, so you you you grow up and yours you do in the catering now we're there. she stand up at the catering. How would you see a first stand up like you? Who are you guys are no idea, not it. No one! Any of that was you didn't know the jew, comics now when I heard it our voices on Johnny Carson does my parents would watch it and I'd be upstairs tunnel ha, but I didn't know from the old time comics I was so window when I was a kid you're only a couple years younger than me like. I would look. Why would watch your buddy? accurate and recalls all the guys you got to know later, which I envy, but they were. the guys I watch when I was a kid. I loved them J. vernon. yeah, I didn't know until later Everyone said well, you must have been influenced by them. It wasn't. It wasn't like that. For me, I was influenced by the rock star comics eddie murphy blues brother esteem. Martin chief john,
that's what I don't even know that that was comedy. I just thought that was the same as I bought their albums the same way I kiss or boss, oh yeah yeah get like that. I did even I didn't know about the the the tuxedo comics till I was meeting them, but you weren't I'll see they know about the culture of stand up in really acknowledge that there were this world of stand up to now. I had no idea. It was an alien to me. I thought to be comic. I would have to be like the guy's I'd, seen, pictures of and or on Johnny Carson. Like you know, hackett vehicles, those guys, but I didn't feel a connection to them until later reading it. But you didn't know their work even right, and I it's weird like people wonder about that. Because of the rose and did you know those guys it was more like I felt like I. guys. I should have known my whole life. Where I mean I that too about you. You know, because I remember when we when we were coming up in the late eighties and early nineties.
But he had their own unique thing and you weren't you weren't, really doing insult comedy at all. You're doing observational, stuff kind of law, for miss yeah, yeah lorries and poems, and while the poems came later there that was later dude, he wasn't it. I mean the item b b, which straight up observational, comedy at a very deliberately swell pace. you know I didn't know what I was doing. I was I was a film major in college and a political science minor china. You will only there together now, you're look a little bit ahead of me. Maybe, but you know I was still running the radio station. As a music director and a dj and b you played in a punk band did yeah. I became a political science minor and, I went to russia, but my class and were protocol signs here. Would you do in russia I wound up looking around it was during the refuseniks. You know, I remember like meeting with refuseniks and
their art back to america think I was doing something really cool and special. Would you to plant brent bag? Just he's got. You know there is a real problem for artists. Jews were scared. I remember now remember like going to a couple, a house. Poking around and meeting people in may I, but I was also clear see and also fearless my dad died. I had nothing to do that that christmas fear. My sister was with her friends were for christmas office. hey fuck! It I'm gonna go to russia, the soviet union here in the winner, and find out about vodka, an egg mountain and everything else that we were trying to that was it everyday get vodka and egg bag in the biggest after that. I just remembered do in those two drinks for the first time in my life I remember was just super super exciting to be in a foreign foreign for country completely unleashed the worry about
call on homer, disappointing anyone. My life became very unhinged in a series of happy accidents after after russia, after death yeah, he go our I like him. I guess and do whatever I want. This is running a reality. no one to tell me this. Isn't it idea this agreement, but I also didn't have the support what your grandparents and step in or anything it we're all gone. The one grandfather who I really care that is kind of bizarre. Like you, sort of orphaned, didn't nineteen or whatever, and you still maxim, italy grown up right why, if I ever grew up me, I'm not sure I did either look at us. I do not care for children. it is crazy. I do. I do think sometimes like I never feel old and I never feel young. I always felt this ways in some fifteen I think, has something to do with that with us. We are. No children must report
I think you know you have children you're, like I'm vs happening if they're getting tower I'm getting older right, but we're just suspended in some strange non grew. thing, emotionally or otherwise, but at it's a winded comedy starchy, go to russia. You come back a change manual, you're drunk more like experiences the following year. I think I went off the scarlet, another college buddy and to see in the world, and I knew I wanted to do something different. I just did know what it was I kept thinking. I'm gonna have a weird life. I just don't know what it is here and I remember like not a college. I sort of production company with my college, buddy Brian, and we epitome productions, make an training, films and china commercials for like health and beauty, store in jersey in new york city. this weird little like I would take the bus every day I live in the house. I grew up in my grandfather was now living with me. Came out of the bronx to limit me cause. We were both kind of on our own
he was widowed and I was orphaned. Was he together, yeah cause of greatest Where does ring right now, high school cool, it's a bolt from a nazi submarine that he took apart when he was in the? U s: coastguard, oh, really still Look where all the time look awesome right when he died, was he one of the caterers or the other? No, he was from the other side of the family. He was a construction worker, okay, tough guy, very, very funny, very awesome. My best friend and you don't hear about tough jews enough others he was. He is a form, and bronx construction union had oh, he had a really like protect. He was, he was tall, What had or even pretend he was tougher than he was to get respect it's always. It always annoys me about the characterization of you know, elites or the you know. Jews run this or that is that there was that whole generation that he comes from that came over here. You know from europe or the generation after that there was a
the jewish boxers construction foreman, your plumbers, no cops. It was a all they really. There is some tough fuckin guys you had to be the did get by right here after you know, he'd get in fights with the irish guys or something you know or he'd have to exert his authority to to different groups that were construction workers, and I just remember him telling me leaks these stories and stuff. funny? I always gotta he's always had like big hands and big eyes, and he was tough, tough juice here, Jim can style. Grandfather would give me money for the tolls. Nea and bananas take a banana for the ride and I would go into the city and hit the open mixer. So why this or that started? after the production company when our failing quickly there was a need. We tried everything we try to home investment vince oh home video with louis route, keyser who from lost,
we got money figured out. We were twenty five. He was like. I'm just gonna steal this idea from them and do it myself and he did, and that was very successful for him and then and then you knew. How does your first lesson in show business I realise how how show business can really fucked me out when he finally died- and I was happy like twenty years later by fred, for he carried it with your bride called me up. There is a dyed glow, israel guys. You know, I just kept surgeon and another body. My pal marked shapen said I'm taken this writing class in new york city comedy would stand up. I think you'd be good at it who taught that leaf.
Leaf ryan kiley. What happened to lie around and just talk to them is riding on a show. Right now he's doing great. He out here yeah. Oh, that's, amazing! That's great yeah! I remember we frank, you are a teacher taught me a lot of cool stuff about stand up and encourage me to keep going because there were the two. There was blakeman and frank. I guess who taught the classes? I guess so. We frank yeah great sure I remember him. I remember him as a stand at tell me if it's not but dozen offend somebody somewhere. It's probably not funny. That's pretty girls, like that's words, by buy comic. I love right away. I was like, while I get to say whatever I want. This is always what I love about america. The item a speedier. I was always that kid like drawing swap dick is on my no books like just doing anything you could to exist as I oh, it's a free country. I can do whatever I say whatever I want. You just get start hit this. It is weird memory. What me one having like second grade- and I think I was a or school, and I drew hitler, push him bite
Yes, I don't know what I was doing or thinking, but I got turn down by the idea of freedom of speech so yeah, somebody said you can t go on stage and destroy. for five minutes about whatever you want. I thought well, fibre. Do this once yeah on television. I wouldn't care. If I ever did it again, just the idea that you can have that platform yet and that, of course, once I started doing it out, her I'd regulating the girls is a good way to make money and is a good way to express myself social life and You know quickly the time to it took right too even though there was a lot of haters telling me. I was crazy, like I still had, my production company was in a in the marburg building and in on thirty fourth and broadway shoe a retail shoe wholesalers, building a member like the guy
stores saying so you guys are closing up your production company. Django's, what are you going to do? I go out. I've been try and stand up, go through well, you'll figure. Something out tapped me on the shoulder and wish me luck, and you know the family was like rolling their eyes and start. You doing the open, MIKE's who'd you meet first, oh wow, I remember johnny Lampert tellin me, don't gotta catch they'll, never pass you. He would give like. He we get heckled say that city would give me dangerfield lines, so I think he was sabotaging me out. If I said those louis would go that stolen. Oh really, I do think he was you well, I never asked him, but he would be like that's why now I know why he's if somebody messes with you say now, I know why lions eat their young like those kind of yea. I think he was testing me to see if I had ever heard any of this, that I hadn't yet, but you didn't do it. I didn't I kind of caught that it didn't sound a common enemy who else was hanging around was held at highbury and I were the two backups at catch yet has taught you to go up. And sit there and I would not go up there.
That is where I would get on early on and then I broke in downtown stanhope new york, the boston comedy always on the stage of catching, like I'm trying to what I was amazing. What you, what error that was that was thoroughly mario joiner and right on stewart was the with the big In closing I be when war AMOS, but more than our scheiler here right. I remember he would just lay flat on the stage and yell up the ceiling and he that dirty Denham jacket on and boots, and he was fear, listen school and he was jewish. Now, like that, guy's call me at his name. it used to be Leibovitz. Oh maybe I can pull off. You'd have wrought synthetic changing, my middle name like he did and as I ok that was it that inspired you're. Looking jewish thing was more like when I finally got on tv and star surgery. Apple years later they had to you
smaller font, to fit lift shorts, and I was so humiliated about ed mcmahon mispronouncing, lift shots three times everytime, I won. It was like your challenger Jeff Lipschitz and I was like. Oh, I wasn't strong enough of a comic to like not let that stuff bother me now at stuff. don't care but sure you all you gotta get you got tough before I did. I tell you that I mean moron moron. I never end m a r k, moran mark with a k moron, Dr Lipschitz, every time you you solve that problem right. You changed. You like you know like all of them do like all of those jews that wasn't a jewish thing. It was always a showbiz if you know not only in show business lying home from star search and that either We have to change my stage name or my entire. families gonna have to change their last name. That was your first tv thing. The star, sir.
Yeah and we're in that was okay. So you're kicking around steward. This is what an in ninety eighty nine. Ninety right hell was gonna hosting them. I remember regiment fan jerry railwaymen bobbin around I lowered street borrowing money. From me, so she could give it the homeless people it does occur to me like the jobs that the gigs, V shows can come and go, but it's his relationships that sustain us. You know, look how long. We know it yeah, the you know why they sustain us is because we're all selfish and we're, and- and generally you know, the bond remains intact. Somehow you know like like I'm I'm I'm sure you have caused friends but hang out with too many people, but every time I see you I die Think like out when I say to Jeff you know what I mean. You have this community where there is a shorthand to it right like when I see Todd Barry we used to wander around all all day, long together and hang out and get some. im sad that we don't hang out more, but when we do hang out, you know I'm like well, that's enough that now
It has definitely evolved into a huge pain in the ass. So it's much easier to see him once in a while give him a hug that he doesn't want and move on, but I'm always the roast battle and he killed, but he was so hard he's so funny, though he is, but he's always been. I love them and I love tell, but you know it's like it's. It's just a little by the icy everybody infrequently, but it's always good to see him and I never feel like there's a lotta distance but will come If I haven't seen you in a while, I don't have to say How are you been up to? I can actually house a crowd like your boots, and you know that I'm saying how are you yeah and I I would see you at different times, but all right so star searches. You win, I one one and lost one. What the big price! when the first round and I'll date an extra few days. It was very exciting, cause I'd. Never a show that nor other people, Lauren comedians on yassin, yours and the answers and air
with robinson was down there and he helped me heath dry. I really went to when I brought like two duffel bags of clothes and thought I was going to be there for two months. Every four days, the core group, it seemed I was friends with a net in you were always part of it. Although you were up catch all more. It was me you, a towel, louie, Sarah tad, will you remember the ones who rise to the top wonder, but we were hanging out. I mean I remember hanging out. You guys right course the old comedy scene, we were doing that really are, I mean the work we are doing our open mike's downtown, but in addition to that a scene came out of it yet, but that was We think that is what I really think gel it a lot of it but we're out where you would actually member it consisted of just friends. We were now like doing interviews together and people would ever these things and right there's I would do festivals together. I remember mean an aspirin for the first time when you were there for communism. Remember us all auditioning for letterman together in madeira, had you not getting it where it stand him here
what bullet talk that, because, if we weren't to like the way alternative comedy happened in new york city was different, then in in los angeles, causing LOS angeles unit, was right, it was right: Dana goulding, Cathy griffin in the uncap rain and the books nor in russia, but we all those guys in new york that started. It were working clubs where it was like we were some like nerd, that wasn't working now their whole thing. How here was much everything in new york was stay little literally alternative like a break from what we were doing it too. I am right trying to get on and the real club right and suddenly, like someone said eighteen story right. What we're going to do without a stage, maybe not even a microphone! You remember, though, the very first one before rebar there was like two with that place, yet a in a lounge. No, no, that was after rebar, but the very first one. You hosted it the actual ease it show by them, put together by Michael o, Dave Becky, that bin
was one show that we all did before rebar them rebar, which was a very impractical performing situation, but that's where it became a thing. Was it rebar members? Remember learning so much about myself from that seen because and I was in an actor. I wasn't a real entertainer. I was basically put enough reno. Try I stand here not really popping not getting on near the delay, I chose or mtv ernie loescher right, not quite there yet but alternative com, but he's gonna lose me out where I was afraid to try to tell just a story me too and not worry about the last person per minute. Me too, to my grandfather and a member, I got encouraged to talk more and more about my life and in a kind of feed me up. You know I was always loved garrison killer in that kind of the area. Ok, maybe not to be so sticky. Maybe I could just talk. and that led to me gone. What else can I do? I don't realize I could do not want to do started. The rows as like
but then I went to the roast as alternative comedy. I was like it was like a hoot, yet Oh, this is weird wait. What do I go with fill in some gaps or your work and catching we're doing boston, and then we got this alternative thing and I think, like the rebate, I think. That's where that picture of us was taken with moon was at the rebar. Ok and then it moves to Luna, which is a different situation, but it's already hot and it becomes. I got even realise how hard it was our sweaty and on coke and rolling, but but but you I remember, because you in alarm gold were friars and there, weird push. When did you in the friar's club, ninety six, men that lay that's about right, That's thought I was the last one of that group because I remember a line I couldn't afford. It was, like you know, come on with what's making young and hip like like they have a gym there. It's like really and I remember I went up there and I'm like I can't. I can't do that. I'm here of these old men, but do you know in, but I can't what am I gonna do up here? watch out king eat. I love that sea
me thou go, you know. When did you go there, Russia is before you join the friars club. Now that's how I joined, I got invited there to play poker a few times with judy gaudy long golden gregg fitzsimons is what our that's. Ok, I remember right. Greg's dad had minimum why he was charged for the next wave of our. I am in zaire, and I remember I got him play poker was like. I would always play poker in minimum marco and have our cones overheated studio yeah. So now to suddenly be it the fires club where a waiter comes up says, would you like chicken, salad or tunas out, and you know anywhere you getting a drink? Why your planet, especial air, conditioned room right. That of you know. bond smoke right where they will forever with for their comics seven their comics. So suddenly felt very you. I don't know. Showbiz, widget, right yeah and I loved just loved that an old school
Greg fitzsimons asked me to perform at the bob fitzsimons memorial gulf tournament for his dad honouring his dad and the out in jersey, yet And I didn't play golf, so I showed up just in time for the show and they were all drunk all the friars guy. It's pretty roman was hosting yeah and he like shit on me when he introduced me. I never met him and I was like oh well. Here's an easy target and I just for the sake survival. Thea sorted thing on him. They call him fronty roman. He talks allowed. You can hear him in italy or something like that light hearted did it work it killed and think much of it. Just gonna get a favor for gregg year who men like a month later, jean pierre turbot, the head of the friars, call me up and said would you like to roast stevens seagal like why? Well, that's how we do our rose and it was no use to buy out and google ad barrier, and so I went to the museum of broadcasting and I
the growth, the dean, martin and idea. Oh, it's not just stephen cigar. What in care about a year and a young man in milton barrel and buddy act, it would all be there nor crossing our right. I think I can that, and not to me sound like. another ambitious attempt at alternative comedy like I'll. Let me try writing this kind of comedy so like tie me? So there was an ironic thing to know not not old timey but pointed out about a certain person or a certain date, but it's a clue what they call special material right. You know here and thought. Oh ok, that could be fine like putting a suit on and and ripping what these legend too at one in the afternoon that was
really different. It was yeah yeah yeah and, of course, you Todd and a couple. Other people made fun of me when I would go back down or rebar or luna lounge to the old, seen mia and I go. This is the ultimate in an alternative come. What are you talking about? You guys are be. Embassies are like you're, going to some safe old jewish thing that we're trying to forget about. friars and all that wasn't cool. Then it's right after be goldberg and tap dance and caused a stir with black base. For this hour it was also in house. This is before we're televising the rose threat here. They haven't been televised since Dean Martin. That was its own thing, but the friars rose was in house thing. Was it an honor like to be Is that why they did it yeah they would do like you know a career achievement or a man of the year. A kind of thing is a who was at first one, Stephen cigar from within a few hours and re milton barrel hosted with his last time I m seeing one and ninety nine and you never met him before you now I'd and made him till he introduce me on the debt yahoo answers there, buddy
had he met him now I didn't meet any of these never met, and this was the first time you met buddy hackett, milton berle, who writes and I walked right into it and there's, always only those other weird people like Patricia hurstwood, be there in the mare david thinkings would be their and and an alliance link Michael spinks right and an don king. You know me, I was like oh Well, not only that my not performing for like drunks at one, I am peacefully new york, social, idea and and people who had enough to dumb it down. For I can I can. I will try to write the smartest jokes. I could think right- and I really took to that so Milon brings up. Oh terror, control just back from vegas where he performed that a convention for lesbians with bilbil rash and he left to look at. once again the remember my name it and, of course you know I'm on late, some guys, killed. Some guys bombed yeah and did you do well
yeah did very well. My first time I had some good jokes, but I had way too many sayer everything my opening, joke was elected. Stephen, the girl. I shook his hand, two thousand people, denny new york, hilton, I realize lahti. You don't know me, but I feel uniquely qualified to be here today, because I am So a shitty actor as long as one does ones. How do I get my one suit on that I bought to do letterman. Maybe one day area went for a wedding yeah, you know, and and I have my notes and implement a big laugh milton. Would pull me right in the ribs? behind the day deus only I could it. No one could see it and after three or four times or MIKE what the fuck are you doing mountain like he was driving me crazy. Everyone thought I have like a tick unease ike. It's like the starts messing with me. So I had a few so the ripping with him here been great and it was
any kind of wouldn't let it go. And finally, from like twenty yards down the day s body hat with a mill and let the kid work remember when you used to work, and that was Norton ran down the day of his body on the lid ferried, some joke about the two of them fucking after the show, and now is it. I have pictures and my how you're in of milton like hugging me and buddy, taken me out after- and you know Milton I sit on my word buddy. Why would milton have done that and buddy said milton like when a new guy gets big laughs and I asked milton you know after the widow we go back to the friars after buddy would be drinking in one room and melt would be smoking in another room and they both hold court in separate rooms yeah, because one didn't like drinking and one didn't like smoking, yeah and and milton said, you know what had good jokes, but they only remember the home run. Just tell the home runs, and I, like think that's a good lesson. So he didn't like
that I was going on to that's what he claimed. It was a good lesson. I remember that all the time is like you don't need to tell every joke. You think right, you need to know with down in and destroy yeah. That's it that's it. No for media to take right now, I'm trying to put together an hour when did you make sorting like feel like this was your day like you outside of enjoying doing it at one in the afternoon or at the houlton. When did you realize why it? I did it for fun for fun and those like, while I'm really good at this, I got everyone need everyone to see it somehow yeah! That's when I talk to iris, uncommonly central and drew carry into getting learning letting it be on tv yeah, and what was the first one drew. It was drew carey is to comedy what mariah Carey is to comedy good ones. I was your opening so you do drew
put it on central net, which was that with wake. I remember right to beginning those days were fuckin Hugh Jia, like thirty people, the friars would always invite every cool person it might wanna come there was a celebrity and then forty one would go on before the actual rose started. An in have every in the famous take a bow and it'll be like every actress. Who's ever been on a soap opera via whoever was on broadway. At that point yeah, you know we we would have people like the police, commissioner would come. The irish right very I seen it was it was something. Aid only did once a year at noon for two and a half hours, so everybody will have to see it somehow storm would sit in the balcony out of re out of firing range risk, as he loved watch it's so you always wanted to kill, because Everybody was there from yonder trumped howard stern to the mare to the police, commissioner, yet too, to all these notorious boxers and and
it's where it's, where mobsters would mixed with politicians, and it was ok right. And I love the front of people like Seagal invited all these mobsters, but yet there was also like you know: new york yeah and it that was new york. It was very pure, and I love that and I love being part of something that was different than the normal late night comedy scenes. Yours and mine. Parents loved those guys non but buddy and dawn in those kind of guys, so as there's a lot of like god. I wish they were here kind of moments. While I was sittin area, but my friends came in my family, my cousins and they'd always come my aunt and uncle or got real, supportive and they love meeting every body. So I get a kick out of it too. which one of the guys did you become real friends, body, yeah, right buddy and I we're like brothers, asia, jersey, guy, he's really hackensack year, his name was actually buddy hacker, really really Leonard hack. I loved him. When I was a kid I sent away for an autograph picture to him. He went
is it when I was probably third reapply fourteen, he sent it he's the got one I gotta be better. If I get emails who can I know I just the wheat, I would not usually send the pictures. I don't get a lot of them because it's sort of a dated thing but I'll send em. Usually I gotta get better it. I don't suggest the autographs cause, then what happens is we're like who are those guys that hang outside it camel conan that want you to sign shit, I'm like what do you think you're going to get for that we. You know the guys, I'm talking about like four of them. Yeah have the same pickup that they already have eight pictures of you in a folder that you don't even know how they know you are going to be there right exit hundred. You know I was on a southwest connecting flight. With a pictures of me dress like gaddafi daffy. What are they doing with those? I tell you: do you carry that's a success for comedy central yeah so much so that we get a bunch, morland friars, and then we didn't you hefner, we went to nine eleven hours, a big one, we're going
tonight. Oh I'm well was about to be well nine eleven happened and we had a row scheduled for two or three weeks later dissolute. We wound up doing it and cancelling the act party you hand out money towards the twenty hours fun and here- and there was a big thing out of producer- The sheer scale is a horrible time in four months. After that still smelled in the euro zone. We have we had to decide whether to go ahead with the show, and I made a wrote, a letter which I still have somewhere to the friars two half and two kommeni central saying this before is a cliched expression. I sit. We cancel the terrorists when the view on- let's not have a party here. Let's put the money, towards the charities, go on with the show and and and and start to shake decide little bit here. And work it worked. Who was a great were at one of the best ross ever that's the one were gilbert did the aristocrats
no, you Jimmy kimmel hosted here and it was. I got em corolla sarris overman Cedric, the entertainer plus like tons of other cool people that went on to become you'd, star, Steve corral, stephen colbert triumph, patty hearst, rich eyes, and they were all there. Just as guess like we, we can god, whoever we could get after nine eleven dry, be their yeah and and- and you are the producer you brought in as the producer that was- I wasn't brought it I was like you know. I would help people write their material. I got a co producer, credit or something I was making very little money and was buried. Cats can get strictly for the lover the game at that point was that was always what was fascinating. I don't think what people know about the rose is that from the very beginning you, you guys you put together a team writers to help people
At that point we had no team and no money. This is like who wanted to try to get this going and who wanted to help out and who wanted a credit who wanted to get their joke shop yeah yeah. So that way you could say hey. I wrote some jokes for right. Kevin James wherever you know when he rose to jerry Stiller, her Kevin's funny yeah use good hustler, Oh, did you get some jokes on tat? They were like current. You had the jokes. You know your best joke every everywhere. I went. People want to hear the roast jokes yet and I'll. because they're rose jokes. If you get like eventually got writers took as aid be like this, these guys. which other guy cares a bunch of you take what you want right now right. I got better recognising. but he was funny like. Oh I'd heard that, or that seems derivative or people would go. What can't you just mix them up and rewrite them for the guy you're roasting and I go some people can. But I must now under the pressure of being good at this year, and I kept thinking for those first.
five or ten rose like our island. I have done three in a row where I killed five in a row where I've killed eight and who this is going to turn bad eventually right, but it never did. I just kept doing it and the better out. We I mean it. It is a specific form and you like. I remember when I did it, I'm I'm not I'm not good at insulting people from that manage them, so I think I could probably to a better now some guys we're just great at with they just found that tone you geraldo was very good at it. I miss Eyre guy, I mean right now. Could you imagine what he would be doing the work he would be doing the resistance its kerr ese is not around here so he did, you did rose trump, have roasted trump, two thousand five and then again to those before I wrote them twice, Was there on tv? One was one wasn't and what was pressure to him? We, I mean you saw him a lot. He was always arrive,
traveled with them. The hired me how for why went to morrow largo yeah reform, minutes clubs, yet lane he really even on the plane, but on the plane, now, as let's say, heated and ease. Not president move on was near here. He's really charming paid. Well, here great consumer good hiking up would blow off talk in business to talk comedy, I surprised by the turn of events, yeah yeah but its intense rather take to know that guy I ran into him over Christmas florida had a nice. Chad really still loves comedy when after he was president, though beef after he won and bright for, he became President yeah and he was still sorta like how you doing buddy dipping his cheeseburger and mayonnaise. Having a good time, I asked him. I asked him.
I said what would joan of thought about all this joan because he loved joan She wondered apprentice, showier and he's. she wrote me a letter years ago- encourage me to run for president nose like on my man. she would have given your hard time about a lot of stuff in kind of shrugged off like maybe but he didn't think so. What ways. your impression of him that you know it's really about him more, The time do not. I mean like gary, and I know you you don't really talk politics, but but you think you really want to be president. I think he wanted to win I don't want to be present here, Thank you wanted to me editor for a minute like cause. He skipping the fun parts of being president like. Victory lap. The white house correspondence dinner where he got roasted, you thought for sure he'd want to go up and You got me once, but now look who's here and throwing out the first pitch and all that stuff. He
he's missing that, so I think this could be bad for his health, Badia I can be backing. Can be bad for everybody south that are under look. That's understood. Clearly, who asked me about the man, nea and right No, why I agree with that. I look at him he's eating too much deleted. You see, you doesn't look well very quickly, rent and but I like. The weird thing is: is that, like people who live in new york, people, like you, you know who were in you know, sort of ingrained in the fabric of the city for all those years. You knew him yeah, he guy you know you see in. I was in new york phenomenon and in new york in these very part of the fabric. That city in a very sort of prominent in entertaining way for one where the air was brash here, and represented, like you know. oh bullshit, new york right. I want to build an ice skating rank right here, woman rank if he put that kind of effort Put another woman ranked into health care? He would pass sir. He had a real tenacity that
presented new york well when he had control yeas, an old school queens style. What does frustrate me when people underestimated and go alleys tweeting? All ninety nine carefully think about that. I go this guy bill. Skyscraper is diabolical patient beyond, underestimate him. Yes, oh yeah, and that's a warning. This is not you and I I think that under estimating m is this is a hobby? This cannot be a wider more year by think right by think. There's a mixture of I wanting to think it's chaotic and also being terrified. I don't know that guy anyone's necessarily underestimating. They just don't know what the fuck is going to do. Next and now he's you'll know he's like working with all these facts. That he never had to work within right now, he's a yet you know,
What he represents politically because of how he chose to do it, who chose to surround himself with these not now that day, yeah, the whatever charm that he had when he wasn't. This powerful is diminished for a lot of people, but alright. So what was to be arthur thing? She showed up at jerry, Stiller is rose, yeah, jerry stiller was an interesting. I'd arose because he fully understood the honor of it. Here I to him it was his asker right. He couldn't believe it. He had had a rear that now is gonna, be honoured in Iraq. That way way in new york here, and it was one the first times where his son and him were all going to be on stage together. Yeah Ben was now the biggest movie star in the country. Doing, like you know, cool movies which inning
our fellow was there. It was like super hip, yet another rose was getting suddenly like a little hip factor noon and it was to be on tv and jerry invited all his old school funny. Friends here and be arthur, came, and I c b there is on the day s, but not speaking, I am in awe of that one. I'm here maude the golden girl you she was the funniest to me yet, and I remember thinking while it so here that she just be sitting there, but never be acknowledged, we'll take a bow, never speak as like that to me that was strange area size like, I gotta find a way to men. in her- and I had my jokes that I worked didn't realize she was going to be there, so I didn't write about or anything it was about jerry, but
this sort of road in my margin on my script, be arthur's, dick, didn't know what the drug would be. Where I'd what would happen, but I thought if I'm killing and there's some of a space to think, maybe maybe there's something there about hers, dick. I don't know why Someone said certain like I don't know if I had heard that you know it in a walk out any kitchen. If someone said I don't know where it came from isley diarrhea and we're doing the rose, we're doing the roast- and you know dirty words like jerry- would kind of squirm yet still like you know, he's still kind of like that. As an old school. andrew bernhard, one on right before me, which
She sang a sexy, seductive lapped dance version of magic man, I think, to Jerry Sheila ground, grind it on him to embarrass him visa. I was next sandra bernhard holy shit. I wouldn't fuck, you would be arthur's dick, like the jokes, ok, pretty great, but what made it a home run was The only member homerun were made it a home run was be yeah, leering at me, giving me a huge take hedges. Turning around on the jumbotron in earlier in the big screen and just making that triple into a grand slant, yeah so then now they're, holding on holding on her while she's, just looking no one's mentioned, or for an hour and a half I might get the ed she's just sitting there
so you know anybody fair game in a roast. Here again it is kept hearing about the joke leah. Somebody wrote about it in time how many new york and and I'd go on morning. Radio shows to promote my gigs into the lamplight. I'm hearing about every single. Where at place I go, I got beat, she must be hearing about an She was doing a one woman show in l a and I was like you know what I'm going to go, thank her and make sure she's, okay with it and say hi, so that when I get asked about all I can say she took it well yeah. You know I didn't know anything about her. I didn't see her after I didn't knower and I actor down, and I went to her show should it is beautiful, show where she sang untold story. She was barefoot and and and we did the whole line of well wish. We had at the very end. I had flowers, I worth suit circe suit of summer time, and I said Miss out there that your show is amazing. Tonight you remember me: I am Jeff. We met
jerry's roast and before I could even get it out. She goes. You nailed me a prick, a perfect and she took me backstage dressing room fuck, the shit out of me. From the greatest greatest days of my life, you go long live b, arthur center dic yeah, so she was good with it. She was good with it and I wound up seeing her again. She came back and did another rose for PAM Anderson. She was there and I did another take on the same joke. How veco it was fun. fun people say she got man left early. I don't see it that way. I think she, it was just long and shit. When a beat our courtney love flashing, her tits and stuff right. Let but. Yeah may be with you know, one of the best great so so you do all these rose. You also like you did some writing for the academy awards. You are one those guys they hired for that kind of writing right. I'm
after I did that true carry roast. I sent the unintended taped to billy crystal. I one him a fan letters yet somehow looked upwards office was still lived in new york, but I the to allay the maple drive. The acid did somebody just on the it goes poorly and I was like you need to do this again, I'm a big fan. I saw him on inside the actors studio what some of the things he said really had an impact on me. Basically, what I'm a fan letter here with a vhf cosette of meat roasting, drew carries the neighbour hosts the oscars again, nobody even a real job obviously, if you ever do this again yeah, I want to come help yeah and I think, a year later, Barry Katz calls mingles hit us on the phone went missing holy shit. David Steinberg, on the other line and the oscars were like bout, the happen again near they as announced billy, air and ngos, all non I'll call you back
then very yeah yeah, no news. He only wants to meet with you in l a in two weeks yeah. So now, I'm like wow at work too, and I they're not think he's gonna interview, the f b. I work on the oscars and I walked and was office in here. my hand and asked me to write on the oscars before even started the talk cells, who was learned a lot learned nor I learned on our besides that. I could write jokes for a big audience and and and make Billy crystal laugh. I learn it as hard as I was. Workin is struggling starting china make it name in new york and allay he was workin harder to me. He was like rejecting a baseball movie about mantle and maris. While he was host preparing the oscar ia- and he would write all is- did all the press he'd had music opening he had bids between us. I, oh ok, so come a star. You don't cry Yeah. It first gets hard here and now is really an eye opening thing for me, like
kay. Well, you know what this is good news, because I have the the the will to work that hard, where a lot of people would see that and for yet right. No, no it as it is an important lesson to learn that, yet it is work It very very hard, and I learned from his work ethic, so thank you. Billy, so in all this time, so you you're living your life. Indeed, the body often do you. You hang out with bodies at a regular thing by then buddy and I became like brothers where it was almost like. I was the older one and he was the how much will adding that you do lots of laughs, oh my god, and when I had a big roast I'd, call him up and read my jokes to them. Give me a few ideas and I'd sit yard. When I was an airline, he had swings back there and he'd make monster briar chicken, salad. We would eat or never drank and go to this fried chicken place here and in burbank. He liked to her and he would Take me to craig games and we would do
more charity, gigs together. Who is he hang around with his friends? A lot of, people oh yeah was we always weird: he was friends, dom tom and his wife and he was friends with shaggy and he was friends. Now you are user earlier and we were gonna nor be waters poker game. They have china food yeah. I don't think I've ever told us before, but I just remembered it the other day nor vs. An old comic norby was a music business guy that got kicked out of the music business for payola a habit since he broke like grandmaster, flash and and and and these guys here he would use legendary were mentioned in like early nineties, late eighties, rob song, ok, so zack. I with my goal, records all over his apartment, so you know you'd see him with a grandmaster flash and then you'd see him with like buzz aldrin. He was one of those guys yeah because he's super cool, but I remember he had this regular poker game. He couldn't be in the music business anymore, but he still had all these hollywood friends. So
this nice apartment, and you know it young comics would go later on, but in the beginning it was just kind of me and body brings me. Instead Caesar's plan and charles burnings playing and and trust, Had this great thing, he would do once once again your hammer trawls during our course right Gregory I derive great actor and use of war hero and, among other things and and He let you let him he was when the game was particularly kind of dull. Can wait until to his bed. You just say to tie, I academy award nominee charles durning checks at that. I have ever lead time like we normally would put a little chinese buffet here. Buddy haggard and I are standing at the failure like with our plates shovelling food in your mouth, not taken the time to even sit down at the pathetic just before the game. Starch
Standing there eating Hi me, I look over and I see Harry Hamblin family law number one show at the time tat in gorgeous eating some fruit, salad sitting politely by himself, and I was like buddy. That's why he looks like he looks when we look like we look here too jewish comic, the chinese food and bunny colonel, looks at me and look for handling of. yeah, but in twenty years, he'll- look like shit and will still be funny. Another good wanna he has a good was true. A saw Harry Hamlin unreasonably long had tat good anymore, she became, two cities to go the hospital right. I used to see sit in this house. I would go to sit house when he was sick YAP. He was sick. We had my friends, my friend fran. Would we have these dinners and his,
for his birthday or with a jewish holiday, and here she did. I call reiner a male, brooks and dig van dyke and then apple comedians, had said liked. Richer Lou, some myself I was always the youngest I really had a great affection for said. Sid best. Laugh I give you made Sid laugh, you think you were gonna kill him have a picture on my fridge in new york of suggest laughing at her joe get something and and you know it was the only time where I really saw mill brooks and crawl reiner back then in a then you can really see the the love they had. Four said cause kind of discovered them sure a member later in the later times, when said, was really kind of out of it. chair almost and, and wasn't really sure if he was there for his birthday or if he had a shell like youth, he would come in and out of sort of rio eighty member like mail would walk in right. I had a curl and
would get on one knee right in front of the wheelchair go said just loud enough for me. He said Your friends mill brooks cow rider. They would do it like a big open with their arms out like a real, we dance and if they would just light up, he does love that you know that's a beautiful face. It was amazing, it was a good friend and I got to become friendly with those guys because of that where they that it's so funny to sweet. It's your good friends, yeah, melt enough, but he was saying I kind of in just like, of course, where you're good friends, but also like, because he was in an hour yeah. He just wanted to deliver it right right to em rice face ass. If we just light up its great and sit always held your hand when he talked to you, you know is always rules, we never had a mean things to say about any body, and you know he would He would invite me when it to these. We Things were he'd get honored by some strange.
weird group here you know yeah I'd always come up and make a few jokes about. How only was the jokes got fund earn funnier every years said got older and older. Place I've seen younger faces on cash, go for it, he became friends mail to mel no, so intimidating in the beginning as its millbrook year, but we to know each other through those. He really loves sidney. He always thank me for being nice to said talking about a nice way to other people and- My uncle murray was in his late eighties. Almost ninety he'd, never in allay my uncle murray was caterer before that he was a silver star purple heart world war to hear a medic yeah, a really amazing guy nea- had also travel the world and had the most full life ever
We called a mean murray because he was like the family ball bust reality toughen my skin up as a kid Marie's, never been ella, says like three dislike three years ago, real here and I said dunkle murray said what you gonna come to visit me come visit me. You know what Jeremy bar mitzvah in seattle and will you'll come visit me for for five days ago, as it the couple couple months out now I said: what do you want to do and Ella you never been a hollywood. You been all over the world three times you walked across europe in world war. Two you went back to every nice hotel, yet the best he outlive two wives who died of breast cancer. He was. I wanted the picture I want to shake hands mel brooks. I go. happen, and what else you isn't like start writing male brooks through his office I knew, who is, assistance name was yeah
and I don't hear back, and now my uncle murray's there is an allay we're having fun and it's getting closer and he for about mel brooks and all and taken 'em here? they're gonna air here and now fourth of July weaken wrangle, fuck, it yeah collingbrooks his office here get the assistant I know I can an old mill from it and this is this an easy, and I think you guys you know my uncle's war hero and you just once a shake hands as mel anywhere in town, and I'll tell you called hm, I have to go to the dennis my got up to fallen out my uncle, murdered, deniston, beverly hills, and it's just a miserable fucking morning now and have nothing to do just driving around beverly hills afternoon shown my uncle around beverly hills. How that he is almost ninety here and
the top of mulholland, my cell phone rings smell where I am, I'm at the top of mulholland when my uncle murray, I really think you guys would like each other. You have a lot in common. The only thing we have in common is that I'm a nice guy Oh he, my uncle you just come meetings, take a picture fight, minutes anything and only goes I'm either to be at my office or the barber I'll call you back in an hour and I'm panicking. the top amal hollow, where my phone wouldn't work, MEL brooks economy, ten minutes later malthus, can you be at my office? It had caught uncover city in half an hour ago. Yet, there's no way we can get there in half an hour. We're shorts, you know we I never saw my uncle move this fast. We screech into my driveway, put on long pants, get right back in the car. I've never seen the guy nervous. Now he's practicing lines. It's good to meet the king can I call you like that? My uncle's? Really I mean he's done it all year
but this was like making them nervous. We all animals office, my uncle had bad bad knees. He flies right up the stairs the mouth like a floor office near the door opens and Tell mills got five minutes there. An hour later, their best friends, They know all the same caterers, the same delhi owner from Brooklyn, the new jersey, a boyfriend and his army there too Can yet english that that you know there setting each other up there cried. My uncle is very funny their cracking each other up. I can barely get a word and I don't need to get a word and I'm just watching it and they really had. It was great. It was like one of the greatest things ever mel find a bunch of a book can gave it to my uncle and walk this out and- uncle who always hunter witty,
men are something to fear he he walks the or close. A male walks out the door shut to the office were walking down the hallway, and my uncle goes well well. Well. Well, well, his canst thou, say and well. We went. The eet after it was just the greatest thing ever and And- and I remember coming back to new jersey. Telling everybody about does mean. Never mention me in the story once just tell everybody about how he hung out of drugs and maybe six or eight months later, within a year, my uncle passed away in a back it talking I said how many men since funeral, I see mail how's. Your uncle murray said. Well, you know you. He passed way. But will you did forum was pretty amazing and and and mel what? Oh that whole year, when I would see mail, he would tell everybody how nice he was to my uncle murray re, always house murray has my it can be member to everything about it,
said you know mel, it meant so much to me and if any of your uncles ever want to have lunch with me, I'm in and MEL always loves that yeah, so yeah gray is a cool as a mitzvah as it really really something. So when buddy pass away. Two thousand three, we add summer, suddenly proud attack chess best way to go her. I guess you didn't take care of himself. He was performing anyway. He kind had stage fright and in the seventies deserve not happens a lot. It happens. People older my older, confident shakes and we forget how much it takes you like you get if you're in it, you just doing it and then get away from it all have a sense. I call my cat. How am I going to do? Yeah it's gotta come the railways are merely performing and that's all those it. I felt really lie. When you know things like, I had a lot of time
vested in that french guiana guerrilla mentor area thing. So one losing him was tough and I really felt lost and that sort of when I saw it on other things. On my comedy in like what palms I would try rack. Oh yeah, not funny reason than I didn't. What also do it myself for that matter, change your life to write that yeah performing for the troops. You may you your existentialist depressed like making fun people here talking about part and pussy So he has age and so like what you were like. What am I doing with my life yeah, a single man just kind of doing it for the I dunno just didn't, have a This didn't really have a direction and purpose. It wasn't big enough la mon. I to give some back. I didn't even know that yeah, but I memorized improvin drew carry, was like.
even before that and Bob hoped I would like at war his bag, a war- and I was depressing in here- bob hope dies and I'm looking at the cover the new york times and I'm sitting in washington square park, and I see hope on the cover of the new, and I never give a shit about bumblebee was here boring. Write, jokes were so boring to me, like wasn't, my generation for what even my parents general should one before buddy hack area, I notice you live to. A hundred me had only is like metals and lose them. only you are only british citizen ever made an honorary that only a mirror consumers british, but he only my ever made an honorary vet by the military comic anew. What is said about them I wanted to my mail man in new york and the views of african american guidance fiftys. The time here- and I, like bob hoped I look at shown, when I get before they to get like emotional.
I was in vietnam and that guy showed up and he didn't have to, and I was miserable I was suicidal and he made me laugh and of thought wow In my coincidence, a couple of weeks later, I'm at the improvin in melrose, Cathy Kathy drew carrier, we're? Gonna? U s so tour and eyes, like a letter. While in like a cool adventure, can reminds me one for one asked me to go to russia when, after my father died lying around I'll just go, do I'll go. Do that you're in the shadow of death again- and I was like A couple beers re agreed instantly- and I woke up sober the next day and read about the: u n headquarters, getting bombed and said arms on the run in the whole war is like lookin like pretty ugly in I tried to get out of it for a month was like, oh god, and they were alive, they would kill me before they would. Let me go to a war zone right, it was really intense and the insurgency was just starting.
And I don't want to go anymore and I had expired driver's license and had no passport, but they somehow worked at all out. Even I was and everything I could not to go, and my addy steve raw somehow managed all the paperwork he's a friend of mine and drew's, and he got at seven comics, into iraq around the sunni triangle- and we did oh it's a couple shows a day in black hawk helicopters are held. Hotel was murdered, the AL rashid hotel in the green zone via an was like, while this is what it really feels like to be alive, and not only that I'm doing comedy with so little bit of a different energy out here and their way more diverse and sophisticated the audience, and I had imagined they would be watching war movies, and I know soldiers year how we knew a couple old wall were two guys, my uncle's, but I didn't really know what it was like to be in them.
terry and to see that their not like yahoo is, like you son. Apocalypse now and stuff. It was more like oh there like engineers and technicians, moms and dads and every ethnicity, and there was much- different than I had anticipated, and I really I did- and I I liked it- everybody was thankful and gracious in and they weren't drunk where they were They appreciate yeah, I bet they were kept. thanking me for coming- and I was like Let me thank you. I got out of it and also your your dear dear and the service. I made it I commend that. You know brute bra right back to my film making roots submitted a shot. The whole thing on that That kind of is a whole movie. Realizing that some of the key we're going to something very emotional, blake
was a vietnam there right now art somebody's back and helicopter here over a war zone, and he would give very telling many stories. and the soldiers were telling me stuff that they wouldn't tell anyone else. They. opening up to me so that came the next year and a half of editing. This documentary of home footage d call patriot, act and shouted at film, festivals and think my com resorted to evolve a little bit from that, bet she pray involved as a person. I think I did I started paying my taxes I for voting. I saw I got a valid driver's license sorted like up in my game a little bit as a groan. I've been a responsible american and I was also doing comedy that was, you know, quite a silly en route still had a little different purpose for me. Their luck in and I was proud of the movie I made patriot act
the frost movie, you can pick that up, I know that you shot you're that the last special out of prison here now. What was incentive for that. while roasting became predictable and that it was always a celebrity into mix it up. I would do something different every time here think. Well, why have to wait for celebrities. What effects are bringing the audience up. So I doing my life shows, which I still do. We have seen that again I thought well what I saw roasting inanimate objects ideas or than right. I thought my crime miracles getting violent came. Thrones was getting bigger and video a mission I started reading a little bit about minimum drug sentencing and weird other things. I didn't normally know that much about yeah sort of thing about my own past selling pot in high school and how lucky I was, I kind of didn't get busted and
I will what's a funding, the rose like crime in amerika things in arresting than you gotta personify somehow and had to be met. Orange jumpsuits now I go. How do I find a jail Let me do a show there it did even work. Other comics tried some done it. Power rig pour on rigour, stood at munich did it, but they were all twenty years ago or fifteen years ago, and none of them were roasting. I spent months and months and months and months writing an act just for them. The abbot didn't have a them jail when let me in whose way to sensitive yeah and is all kinds of law is about certain time. of jokes in jail, we're like the false some american law, where he you can't even do certain ethnic, Joe rachel those kind of things don't. Let's against. In to do that in a jail cell had a fine, a jail that would let me in and I find he found the one. Only one said yes, and that was in browsers county text. There
where they have a lot of autonomy, the local share of thought, jail, administrator wayne, dickies sought, he thought he could use it by getting his inmates to behave for a month in order to get access yeah. So admission was a month, a good behaviour, And they never had that monies mates in one room at one time it was a huge security issue, but they take long. horsemen very seriously in texas, almost as seriously as I take roasting and it was a good fit and I went and I did the women's jail. I did the guys in. Just the other day. I was at a college and some kindling came on and over he was like dude. I was in the audience at the jail now I just saw you at florida international, universally amis freshman, like I it had an impact in the whole team of it, a second chances and shore. After that, the president weapons could a jail and shortly that the pope went to jail in philadelphia when he was an american. I thought
I haven't seen any of them before. I think I I'm not saying I did all out, but what I think I do think it helped sort of takes stigma out of the inmates made the little cooler to talk about, where's not everybody, really understood what was happening in jail just since then the obama he went a lot of nonviolent drug offenders out. I think roasting, can be healing and roasting can be about second chances, and I found I was doing that with celebrities. Like charlie sheen was having a rough here. We roast enemy came back with a new show, should be burn after all, his weird stuff, in an act of my upon can suddenly at a number one hour, women world torn like what, if I did that for like actual human beings- we couldn't rolling deserve. Who can who could benefit? from an a humanizing component, and then I went into the cap. There too
We're getting demonize, not humanised, and I remember thinking I loved copses kid. There were my karate teachers here. You know and the cops think about. What's going on with black lives matter and and and while these bad cops. Of staging a good cups, soil, What the only big city, police, troops, Linda? Would let me and was Boston were an unarmed person has been shocked by the BP day since in five years or something for they had a lot to brag about their so and community, policing and stuff, like that, my thought will cop actually cops we're a very skeptical, tough crowd, much tougher than the inmates yeah, so that one's out there too, you can watch them both on itunes, ross roasts cops. Did you get? Did you or did you get him did eventually the first time I tried to perform the mai bomb terribly nets in the special. Actually I mean I really they protested me by laughing. That interests me
the union rhapsode seen that I had gone to a black lives matter rally in washington square park and the brain never explain the union's. What that I was coming in that I was there too They diplomatic yeah try to find common ground right, but The running theme in the show is which side are you on the black lives? Sys says that with their signs literally say, which side are you on, then the cops say you're either with us or against us right? I thought can't you be. Both sides I mean this is a complicated issue and I don't? Have it all ever get better, but it seems like people are talking to each other. More than that, mrs ek and show, and well here back after doing a bunch a ride along summoning them over and I did a show visit. But for kids with cancer fundraiser so they were able to come.
Gonna have fun with it and loosen up a little bit and been unequal shall actually was so now that, were you know, even polarized and yo becomes about like leg. Liberals and right wing- and you know democratic, publicans and, like I think about that, alot, never Thought about how to bridge that gap yeah. I do think that the summit opportunities lately, the one thing is. I thought the white house correspondence than it would have been a good place to find some Have you pull the plug on that yeah? to find some, you know fire billowy between the press on the white house and I think things I don't know. I want a tough one and has arrived. Battle business. It's great. they re eating, it's good for comedy. It's so good. I go on and what is your problem?
I just never went up to you know it's like I, I a I love watching roasts and I like celebrity roast and I like what you do and I like the idea of roasting, but the the the competition not only competitions. A comedy competitions. This is a tournament. The traditional it's not like star sartre. Last comic standing here, the only roast battle, uncommonly central, which will do again is the only show were comic sworn in. The competition come to watch their friends and it's giving voice a lot of a comedian to do at our door, man at the comedy store. I am very open, my civic, it's not like you know. What's your best five, it's like you know it's gotta contacts and you know you're going to go out with this guy right and then there's no holds barred job is to deliver the goods. It's not like you, I sit in the going what's my best five or how do I get on camera or whatever it's like you're, a soldier here, right yeah and it's it's you know, you're funny or you're, not funny. You kill you, don't kill and its
it's giving opportunities to a lot of comedians who wouldn't get it they get to show off their writing. It's a lot like wrestling. He had you know. People are into it and it's one of the few safe havens left for politically incorrect or for comedy we say everything: and you know maybe we're a little older, the young comics. Then I'll get offended the wheel. People get offended there. You can say really got so we re now is directed at the parson affront EU russia. So if, as long as they're gonna take it and narrow right with a who, are you I can judge at every body from Frank castillo who works the door the common other work yet jimmy car, whose worldwide star, it's very fun to see different, personality, all levels, all levels: it's a even playing field, roast battle, it's a great sort of equalizer and good thing, so we love doing it and and that's one of the fun it's just also like a party there's only-
like wild, seen their checks and dog came and walk a flock of his early in the day, and we just do it for fun on tuesdays at the communist. Or will you not to have a good time? It seems that's. The life I know you enjoy the process when I was finally, if adequate, their young amazing life, and even since you know we talked on the first w t F, I mean all this stuff is happened. You know you represent the. story of comedy somehow to me. You know I you, like you're, you're, grounded force. That is, instead of always been there and your respect in and love and admiration, and you, billy to learn from these old guys and an honour them know in in your life and also as a car making? We always touches me, but now it's staff that you know you young, with their the troops in
And the prisoners and cops- and you know the the acronym and he if that's the right word with the young people, the young comics, with the roast battle- you good guy, good hearted guy, that's nice to hear! Thank you mark it's great talking to you! Buddy thanks mark marron story rocket. You got one, so the story- you might not remember it, but your own. We all remembered a second but we're gonna, hurt me in that area. What could hurt you at this point? Nothing, maybe something go ahead, we're in Boston, we're both Boston university college graduates now we're out of school, few years and marked poppea five years and were book did some chinese restaurant in Boston, days for the dead you now were like nix or something one of the culling, how alone so, whenever a place and sagas so marks head lining and I'm in seeing or meddling in their worth, condo that the club bonds in downtown boston, india
You know it was a shitty condo, but still nicer than my apartment, thrilled to be working with a respected comedian that I kind of new from new york. But we were becoming friends that weaken we our first night, and it went pretty well. and maybe you want thrilled with your fat. Maybe you worth doesn't matter, his had in. here here. And you're funny, but you weren't confident right. And I knew you'd just enough to know that Your aunt em morning when the condo now there's a big headliner bedroom where urine ere it a little tiny m c bedroom, roman and in between been long living room, miss roach, infested, shitty, condo and all sunburnt ten eleven in the morning and we ve been up late. I hear you,
morally creek open your bedroom door, and I hear like, like you, walk across his long linoleum floor, you doc of my you crack the door opened. You pick one I am, I know well then your nose comes in and arrest your face. I go what he? U go, hey, Jeff! I know what you go. I'm funny right Let go you mark you really fine, you're, really fun you're funny last night you, gonna have gone back to bed, Because the door he went back to back that should be the name of your next long funny right so happy anniversary, eight hundred episodes. Thank you, but it's fucking, crazy. Dude thanks made, who ever thought america's alternative comic, would be the biggest star fucker in hollywood to choke its
I'm funny when review celebrity on funny right right, yeah. I know it's all right. I can take a joke. Gentlemen. I'm just happy that you know. Found you're you're here groove in this very predictable format, nea seems to work for you over and over again about rose I've made an unpredictable dinner I don't know what I'm allergic to next. I don't know who I am roast annex I don't even know how to take a shower d, just absorbed it, and then you made it like real conversation. It's like kung fu, like verbal jujitsu, god, damn it. I gotta get better at it. Maybe I should do roast battle of someone. You can judge me one time. Ok, warm up a little bit, alright see what you got. Alright, thanks for at thanks for doing this, I really appreciate happy anniversary. Thank you as love jump right now is a nice conversation we caught up. We talked about old times. You shared some stories about. Some people may have made me joke up
for me what a great way to celebrate the eight hundred episode, Jeff. Ross is performing august. Third, at south shore, music circus in cohasset massachusetts stopping grounds august for that cape cod, melody, tent and hyannis the chusest go see just thank you again Thanks for listen. I like talking to people and I'm glad you like listen into it. place out I'll play us out. The-
uh huh.
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