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Episode 802 - Michael Chiklis / Kurt Braunohler & Lauren Cook

2017-04-12 | 🔗
It turns out Michael Chiklis and Marc went to Boston University at the same time, but soon after school Michael got cast as John Belushi in the movie Wired, which almost ended his career on the spot. Michael talks about how he bounced back with The Commish, transformed himself with The Shield, and finally got to engage his passion for music with his debut album Influence. Plus, Kurt Braunohler and Lauren Cook are in the garage to talk about their new podcast Wedlock, with Lauren on the verge of giving birth at any minute.

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Nor I goods do this, how are you what the placards, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck him years, what the particles, what the fuck Adela what's happening, a marked man. This is my podcast wtf you're. Listening to it, I pretty Do I sound different? I put on a couple, can you hear it in my voice? I feel comparing. What await my voice now, my being crazy? What tat today, on the show. I have michael checklist, you might know him from the shield or commissioner, you just put it accord out that he's no very proud, his debut rock record influence. You can get that, but If are you no know him he's he's on the the factual gotham is well that's coming, active, but Michael checklist his name came up and my
this weird memory him. We went to college together about a year apart. We didn't know each other, but we had common friends and I saw him on stage and I just won't I don't know I'd there as I get older you're, not even as I go over my life, if I these sort of strange memory connection with people. I want to reconnect and dead and tell them about it and that sometimes is a lot of times they're like nah. I don't know what you're talking about it. I don't remember that at all and it can be disappointing, but I I can to a checklist. Onawandah levels is in, he went. He has a great story of perseverance in this fucking. out, but also today, car braun or and his Lauren cook, come by to chechnya. A bit. Little bit about this, this plan- cast wedlock that they're doing to get. I love Kurt acting this way in the second time in law, and I'm not sure I think I talk to her about it
It's a fully loaded episode today, but I don't know man I'd I'd buster got out today. I don't know where he is. I don't know where he is my kitten buster buster kitten, the black cat black here were big ears in the abyssinian face is, isn't, is gone. He broke through the screen. While I was, the gym doubted You go the fucking Jim. anyway, so buster got out and I dont know if he's coming back I mean eight months old. He eat the ethically, he knows where he lives but I don't know he either I've given in so many options of food, any kind of like some that doesn't love any of em and Such a smart cat is at his mind, but he would fetch him bring it back. I was starting to like him. He had a real
personality he was real. job and and now gone and I'm upset, but I've been through. So many that's one way or the other that there's pardon me that thinks well if this is how we want to have his life. So be it was one of my oldest There was monkey Yolanda who you know in their retirement and were they outside in there you know their their bit senile. And they already know quite what to do There thou be much upsetting to me. I'm upset the busters out I did get him fixed. I did freedom while he's got, you know, he's healthy. He has the shots, he's chipped, Scott. shipping them and so there's a lot of good things and if he chooses to be an outdoor catarrh move in with summer mexican people down the road, and now be the end of our relationship, maybe I'll stop by I dont know I'll keep in the loop but I'm upset about it. I was just starting to like the guy, but he was nuts man, fuckin lunatic cat
and he came from the wild and now he's back in it. We just have to see. We just have to see said what A change to end buster lives now christ, but am I Would it what am I going to do? I wandered around Yellin buster. I looked under everything. You know. I did what I could do. I love the guy, but wait you were. I can't fight with him. If he's gonna run ways, gonna run away next weekend April. Twenty first, when he second I'll be at the latin theatre in Portland Oregon at the I added a show on saturday on the twenty. Second, there may be some tickets for that perhaps theatre Milwaukee wisconsin! On April, twenty seventh, the orpheum in madison on April, twenty eightth I'll be at the contagious, daddy, say it minneapolis. On April, twenty nine for two shows making a special their dimension. You I'm gonna to be in dc at the war. The theatre are made thirteenth and I'll, be
the american theater and philly on may twelfth the night before lotta runnin around to do because I, the glow, show the gorgeous. Ladies of wrestling, that's premiering on netflix, I think on the twenty third of june, I'm going to do some press for that. You know I was talking about like I've, been listening to her, a lotta we morgan again and either If I mention did the movie, I believe I mentioned it. It's called I call him morgan, it's a documentary and I guess what I'd want, I don't know why, but I'm championing we morgan. This is not, and he said paid out or anything, but tat s really blow my mind in the movie. Sorted will my mind as well, and I guess it's out now it's playing in. Like a dozen cities I call them. Morgan dot com is worrying. Go I've just been in touch with the affair. acres and die? I like it so car braun, our enlarged cook are married. They ve created this new powers, gas called wedlock with current more and it comes out April twentieth. Exclusively on audible channels.
Channels is available on the audible, app and free to listen to with amazon prime kurtz new Trust me is so now available from comedy central records. Kurt braunohler is good people funny guy. Awful guy, nice guy and his wife is also very pleasant. It was nice to have them in the garage. So here's you talk and Adam and talking to him and talking with him Wang, so our so you're about to have birth, nor in any day anything I can guess she's really cooked. Really a good happens, you're like nine months. This is nine month. This is it yet thirty. Eight weeks What april? And what are they tell you? They just say like wait, you just wait it out. Like you don't is there a point where it force it? I'm trying to force a memorial in I'm doing all the old wives tales tricks really yeah. It's I'm ready,
I want, and now you ve done. You know her, it's what you ve put your time in libya. More time than oatmeal anyone. It just starts to feel agreed just like the whole thing, without I have to do it this way we have two weeks ago and every day is, I gad add, and I think it yeah really unbound thrown in the spectrum of not liking. It really on the far end of of being twinned with pregnancy. we have to move through the whole like having it. I know yeah, apparently that's even harder but whatever, but it's so worth it right we don't know we have no idea. Maybe we all hate it. No, we won't know when it's going to be great you're gonna be in for awhile, and you know the the next part is you longer than nine months. It can be a lifetime yeah. They say that part is is much harder, but I just like talking to outside of my body yeah I'll, be Sure yeah yeah be different relationship yeah. So now what
How long have you guys been together? Where did I mean? I can't I mean I remember talking to you years ago. Yeah. I think I've met you once I dunno. If you were married, were you we were not married, yet yeah How long have you been married to you? In the end, you already nine months into a baby. You got what you wanted, that was yeah down for it at the right away, and you know why did how did you meet? Where were you a committee? I can remember no, not a comedian. I was on a date with a community. and then I was at that where there are dangers that true yeah was at ayala tango counter. So I nice, drowning swell ira, music and you're on ideas, yemen out in a way which comedian do we talk about it Now we need to easy appears among us. He's your appear now thought it better than those this attack berries story. it is it's hilarious that he can take it.
Lauren claims. It wasn't a day and I was like I think it was a day. I love to have tat very, like you know, all the time he's a I got here. New york, yeah right but yeah. I was sort of a platonic You went to the bar and I'm I'm sorry at the bar and we just chatter five minutes and then she went Sheila. With and I was with eugene merman and my Chris and ass. She left, I honestly said to eugene and cresswells like them. I was pretty
well. There was a girl going to marry some day. Really I swear I did and then I even as I said it, I was thinking you know that was like his tagline. He said that about it. I really honestly didn't, but I thought right then I shouldn't say that, because when I do meet the person, I'm married I'll have said it drunkenly that time, so it was really the first time I said it right was locked in india work. Then it's a good story. You can you've got to stop telling the part that he said that about like the yeah. You gotta do some editorial work when you start this new podcast and you know that story romantic, you can say things like. I did. Did you didn't? You say that about everybody and you go no, of course. I didn't know that I never felt that way and then you create the warmth of your connection. So what is this project you're embarking on another podcast? The world needs one right, yup we need it. We just where is there a hole that we can fill in?
audible and it's called wedlock. So it's all about relationships and we ve been recording it over the past year, the camera and half it's been a long time coming so you've got how many in the can so sex only sex? It's very! It's like it's. Almost like a mini tv show it's very highly produced. Each one has like three or four different segments. Travel. Oh really, have you a bunch of different talk to people humans in relationship yeah? We actually honest, segment. We went and saw bonobos, you know about bonobos. Monopolies and they have sex like forty five times a day. They negotiate almost every decision. They make yeah. So we, exhausting. It is the same. Looks at it asked in that area and is very loud as they scream the whole time they have agreed to go. You mean they negotiate everything that way they like eating Can you until we fuck like Like I'm gonna. I want this food, so our finger you for a while and then I guess, I'd take the food. We allow female led species nature.
The major obstacles be so the angle of that Latvia, as as a couple doing relation your black ass you, I can't we be more like this kind it is about. She led emphasise all about cheating and monogamy like whether or not we are meant to be monogamous and where did they when do we have to listen to a big tee well give work will reveal. One thing is that that is where we can see right after up right after watching monkey, no anger monkeys- and we knew that view that day, because worst, with my mama was sick during that time, and we couldn't you now try to have a baby in her arms
while she was saying ryan ex rubia. So now is the time when we are lucky, the the monkeys have specific rights over and over again. How dare you plan on conceiving then either was more of a negotiation for some food. I was really does a hungry and isolate internet one did I get she does and you are like you are you gonna have did you know I was little working. Third, you want those that that you would have, as I get a mind at rest, even doing that you ve been recordings since you out for how long like a year you ve been married or little after so he started the pied guest as part of kurtz. Cowls hide catherine, and we recorded you know just like in our bathroom
ST old school old school and then audible took a lesson and they liked it and then now it's really blown out and we ve gotten, have these great interviews and go places where they give you. Some money actually ended and they produced it really well. So it's kind of sounds like a like a mini up. A silicon. Audio television show ya, so I go like. It sounds like a day of radio yeah, why'd. You there's like several shows yeah yeah. Well, that's how I lay the radio year like how long do each of them run their each thirty minutes on yeah but their pact. Man yeah. I just moves it moves really when I knew a cam girl on that same episode to talk to her about cheating, about thou being like whether or not- and we lay Aimee men, Do that already a yeah, what she say she thinks it is
god for very. I think it is, but it's my livelihood vs. She makes at all really great. She lazily her biggest tipp. One day was twenty seven thousand dollars in ten dollars a minute to talk to her what ten hours minute to you're, coming to brittany, seven thousand furry for his own work for its work does get tested for how helping him out of his thing just like worth what is evergrande right? Well, a lot of that wow. A lot of those are those they get gifts. They get there's a whole sort of other economy to it as well. It's really fascinating is like trading intimacy, which one did you talk to Taylor Stevens was her name, no okay, yeah. She she's one of the we'll show that sounds interesting. What else did you do show everything? Yes, every show has a theme what our emphasis we cheating. We have crisis managers, we kind of did a whole episode while my mom dyer asked year. Oh yeah, sorry buddy! No thank you
We did monogamy kids, dealing with change only with change, and I was a fascinating one where we interviewed a man who had been met, into to a woman for twenty one years. Yeah and his wife decided that she was a man and then she actually changed over to become a man, and he stayed with her and now he's a gay man in a gay relationship, a totally fascinating interview, yeah in that body as memories He has his memory that agreements when he was in gay Here is one I guess: that's there. It's actually start
the second show a new take on the second chance at a new, take on retire, a surprise, retirement, surprise, retirement! Surprise story! Oh that's good! That people are doing new things work hard. All your life trying it out! Yeah yeah! You should variety, is the spice of life so yeah! So we have you. Have you charted the whole pregnancy like month a month? Well, that's! What's been interesting, I mean we didn't know. We were going to have the most intense year of our lives when we started recording this podcast, but it has kind of been a way to check in and yeah losing kurtzman. crazy being I mean we move to the east coast for the better part of the year to live with her and that we were trying to get yeah that'll time Amelia. We always knew we wanted to have a baby you're. It was you I wanted us to have a baby. It was one thing too, be cheer her out here we were working on that. And how we and we thought we had failed actually and then we found out lorn was pregnant. The day after the funeral wow a rope punch, real good
it's a good point, but out all happy yeah. It's like air, yet it's one of those circle of light circle like windows, horrible things, it's tempered by something amazing right, yeah. I was just be beautiful lot and say: no, no, we're name like a moonlight situation at the oscars rightly was so close. Having all that authorities, then I now know: couldn't didn't get the celebrated out, didn't get the credit, but it's obvious.
It's different, it's a horrible loss, but now it's just like that market. That just does exactly what you just like word baiting hit the nail on the head. I don't want to be insensitive and that I can take it, but but but yeah no, but it is a circle I think so, but in terms of the pregnancy like this is a whole unknown. So you're you're pretty you're good for episodes for probably eighteen years now. If the thing were how their relationship folds now you know when when he becomes disillusioned or you do when the kid we're predicting that already mark, why give it to both you? I wasn't being specific where either one of us does or that have you guys talked about that the words anyways illusions: what's actually going on in the minds of couples,
we try. To I mean that's. The kind of the show is trying to like kind of get into all the different types of relationships are not just about married couple is not just about us. It's about all types of tolerance is an interesting thing. Yeah. You know it to be like the compromises that people making relationship, unlike what those do like Maybe I'm just the beginning about my stuff yeah: let's go we're we're ready. We interview, I mean: do you find compromise to be a failure? Mario? No! No! No, I don't think it's a you're by think I you know it's something that you I didn't realize was totally necessary until probably a way all internet that that day, perhaps everything wasn't it about how I wanted it to be there, and I couldn't do whatever I want it, and when I couldn t I felt like the world was ending
so now is a grown up at fifty three. I find the compromises is good. If you want to maintain trust in and add to it, be empathy dick and I respect other people that sometimes scots, suck it up and also their labour were not free. Unless it's me, it's been flickering for decades it's a harder than its off again canada, annual budget for a little while wrong with this buck and swayed about that Nobody, I e yeah well with fought a lot, the area, the pregnancy, because I think that for the first time I've felt like I have to do all the hard work and my life is it is impacted and my and I'm just do whatever I want he's out. Partying really piss me off far more than I thought it would. If I was just like furious, really I mean like a rage wow,
yeah, because you're you don't know you don't know how much your life is gonna change and then suddenly you're pregnant, and you can't do like ninety percent of the things that you want to do right, and so you feel like we're doing this. together like we're, making this baby together, so there be some solidarity and we fought, but also I like we fought, and then I realized that oh all of this burden has been placed on you and then I, almost eighty eight years in my written, consists of fire. What is that I went shopping for like I was like the babies come in I want to go camping for like one you wanted to have one last. Hurrah like in the middle of my pregnancy, with his pals are best friends, but it wasn't just that you went to a fortieth wedding or fortieth birthday. Party wow right it was like a week long trip selfish, if it makes you think you're taking a big, you take a vacation, I'm here.
Waddling around you're, just like young girls urgently. This was, I don't even have more than one coffee you do. I get more than one fucking mossy a day or two of the horrible man I stand behind. That trip I stand behind that. I like it is not a crazy thing to do. I have one final camping trip and then give up and then be like now. My I am. I am a father he's going to take a camping trip in another six months. I want- and it will be two years a plan that you have already planned. It told the guy's word yet at the same time, yeah we're we're doing, go ahead, no matter what well I mean. I I imagine that it's an at some point if you're a woman and you're pregnant- and you know, you're the the idea that it's a t method seems like a lot of lip service on behalf yeah dude. Eventually it's he has not. You know, I mean no one,
What they get you are we examine, go and get your food or make you comfortable were or accept everything you're going through it still you do in it. He asked in you every sacrifice What I learned is that every time you have like three cocktails, I'm just fuming. you're, getting more united than what shall I not merely lighting something like every night? I guess I do. We're going further into this is: is it about kurtz drinking, and that is as an intervention? Is that what's happening? I am afraid that make our laughed you much give my come out right right hand. Why here I had alley one breast pumping, breast milk and really she did that she pumped on the arr that's exciting. So if we can, a baby on the aeronaut for it I don't know what I can do or whether she would be happy to have the day right, knowed, where water What would I have to do? We will you you have to go the hospital miami unless it was. Really cool. Now we wouldn't have known as well. We would we have to set for louder hours. Maybe these guys
So you don't want to have that on your hands, and I should just hanging out like a real long up is a very big day. We have a kind of time lapsing. We have a lot of it. Just gonna, be her moaning to be nice for meditation. Seedy behave enough for a part. Can repay pregnant lady moaning through early contraction, and, yes, you have to be very comforting, ended inversion, really Do you know it's in there the girl yeah, I'm going to name her after my mom. Oh that's great! Now that makes sense and that's a good story, sad story yeah to tell her, but it's that there's right right off the bat you can have some sadness, even in the name of her name yeah, you just put it put it in his earliest possible duty. It's going to happen, the module introduced them to her. Is that story possible so have you painted the room and bought this stuff and all that shit and we're so ready? Where were at this point? It's just like an anticipation for an unknown. You know it just like how much can I prepare for some?
that you dont thoroughly now what's gonna what what the situation be ike once the tongue as we had a chat the other day and the way that to the doktor s office, and it was like it's weird that it'll be all the time I mean I like I can picture, and this is like eight and again, I I feel like I've always known. I wanted to have a kid, but it's weird to imagine that I can picture it for a couple of hours yeah but where I drop. Ah, you dont have any you know. No. Fifty three is a reason for that ring because I know well enough that I'm a panicky self absorbed and panicky and I'm white here, maybe it's better off there. There's no reason. I need to make another one of those go out into the world terrified at night. yeah, and it is surreal to imagine that, like there's, no one, two handed off to like there's no brioche refugees, he'll be camping.
I do have a camping trip scheduled for right after the birth of a secret campaign to get the ok here in the hospital I'll be back in three days. I'll be back, don't worry, bam! Yeah! It's going to be great! Well, that's great! So now, when does the cause? It sounds he's gonna be an ongoing thing and I notice that every time she started to say something you are terrified, which is good replied casting that you're you're immediately like where's this guy. What did I do? we are not trying to get there and if you tell me, are you realize legged that guy? I do realise the phase out with as these wide I like. What? What do you tell your target market? Then we discuss is that's good and hopefully her attitude will become more cynical and horrible, then as to keep like she'll love the kid, but still her her resentment of you will grow. You will grow forever for years. My reddit app hope not. This is going to be great and it's going to be great yeah. So what about work?
you what happens with that we working we. We both work from Where was you know writer? So he occasionally goes on stage. I understand, there's a billboard of him with it famine right up to smiling on sunset, seven feet tall wondered whether, therefore that's for my country such stuck, it comes, it will have come out march. Third, ok, it will be available. Watch! Oh great here, that's great! I'm very I'm proud of it. I'm glad you able to see it portland at the revolution hall. I've been there yeah, it's the old, highschool yep yeah, it's a good spot it's pretty good. I played there and play the aladdin to say: there's good audiences up there they're excellent value. Did you live there once or something? No, no! No, my old, my record label kill rock stars. Is there? I've been doing, shows there for a long time, much great your first big special yeah etiquette, yeah, my first My first tell about raising our area for our regulation, Thank you very much and can gradually
since, on the audible of the other part gas. What's it called again thought wedlock wedlock cigarette chip? Well, you know that the great thing about his in yonder what's happening? Retouching is done It just moves like she does a you sharp elbow out. Oh yeah yeah. She wants. yeah. She totally wants to. I I find it exciting, but by frightening. Why do I think that that's across the board yeah? I can look at this. What potential and also tear yeah. I don't know why someone hasn't done like like us. They did rosemary baby. There we are now harm of evasion of ferrets. A sure now, yes ease. It is bringing in the right place. Noisily supply loud and we're turn this into some money. I like that the ideas wedlock, but you know indicative you know like the challenges that you're gonna have doing. The package is happy ass. Maybe they'll be like What you got spin offs! You know when you separate.
That is how our new partners that is first fourth camping tribute, I kind of like going out and you secretly recording from a place you ve run to which he had undisclosed, location and my own personal, a lot of well Congratulations, sagging and good luck with the with the pie castle. Cassini goes much good yeah hm subject that out. Check out garden laurens about gas wedlock. It's it's out on April, twentieth, audible channels, on the audible, app and an anime is on prime and you know yet go work at corp rano or do comedy do do it. My chick was up next, a great actor, but hell of a story. Yoga me talk about making a second to hear something I want to know about. If you care about protecting the environment and you're, worried about the things being done to roll back progress, then you should think of
supporting the national resources, defence council and in the process you can win a trip to a huge. native comedy on April twenty The moss Angelus there's a huge benefit for the and our disease litigation fund, the way the energy sea fight anti environmental agendas in court anyway, it's gonna be an amazing of them with performances by Larry, David Martin, short dignity, thorough derived car michael tony hale, J b, smooth p, davidson more people, and but it goes down our dc dot, org, slash, comedy and donates ten hours or more will be entered to win. A pair of tickets was airfare and a night in a hotel. That's an hour dc dot, org, slash comedy, go a donation to help defend our planet yeah man that the earth spaceship, earth is soon to be hurling through space on fire on fire, so checklists, my checklist,
I mean you know from the shield from the commission, but he was also cast when you're almost freshly added the acting. So Well, not long after in the john belushi movie wired and it became a debacle. Like it was. It was his first big break in and nearly broken, but before that he was at the the school for the Thirdly, and in the action programme at eu- and I was at b you but a year behind them in of the ship it was a pretty amazing show. Obviously the commission was very popular and I I didn't really know that shown. I didn't watch much of the shield, but I I knew about his. information into this different types. Character, but it was really great to get to know him and his sort of commit to fear and the craft into acting and also the herald. tale of woe. Blown out. I thought it was great. Great meat and great to talk to him and, as I said, he's gotta can roll record out. I call it rock n roll is that old man talk
his debut album influences available now, where we get music he's on the fox tv show gotham, which returns on April fourth and his on mondays at eight p m seven central this is me and Michael checklists. So here's the deal Michael checklist, tomorrow I will to Boston, universe, awry and, like you were this guy that I knew was in the fine arts department ma and the connection was, I saw you like. I was doing stage troop. I think you graduating year ahead of me, so I did you weren't in a fine arts. Now I was in the liberalized department by I was doing stage troop and I was friends with the best friends for why would steve brill? no kidding who yahoo is in communications, but I'll show you how to me, but I also
oh really close with mary patten. Ah my sister and you and MIKE were both in school a finer, that's right! so I kind of new Michael about new mary, but there's this world and then, but you are like this like that ah, you are one of the guys over there at their fine arts. Know that- and I want my mind, school I don t know I'll be in the guy anytime. I could be the guys I went to see your show, I think, was a brendan. Be him play like you were this star it was there. It was in a big room like mean step main stage over attack and theater yeah. You saw that I saw that that's great and I was like well, that's the guy he's the big guy. So I always had this like weird half obsession with your career and what, because you were the same school. When you were, you know I didn't go to us. If I tried to you, I kind of one to buy in getting back did take classes up there with a guy named Robert young,
Bobby, I'm good I've already glasses year. Odd things are funny threes or find a lives are funny. ok, guys, it's odd number user of weird ending on yeah here, where's odd. He was I he may be. Do a monologue from Syria now being held back by three people, and I am, I think, he's sense, my anger and was trying to to minimize it earlier fit. But like we're like we'll wait, let's go through a because, like there was cause. You know you have had an interesting career that start a little rocky, but would you grow up? I grew up in while I was born and we would like the white version of the jefferson's we moved on. I think you know we're in I was in law, lowell massing ass. I want my first comedy gigs, honour killings, derby, part herbie park. You know that way. We called it are being park,
it wasn't like where you drank and when you have a nice cool. I swear you drank in our. There was a great story that one of my best friends punch the bounds her there and guided the is shake. It got really yeah, yeah, Herbie par, it was the one bar in town that was like a whole, you know. Well, you know, I mean it was a big bar and was just a you know, was a place to go and you know drink and pick up chicks when we were in hey. I was like they had a comedy night right like in there. I remember was later the end was, it must have. My eyes was probably benign. You know was doing that, but they had is weird kind of not even a real stage. I just remember she was in the car where there was brass railing right on it ryan do you know it was one of my first. I think it was probably my first paid gig. I was open for some right tom there right in the middle of the town, but my father, you know having been raised in the acre there, which is or was it was just a really down dead mill.
yeah and my father wanted to. You know do better by us, so does to end over the which, as you know, the opposite arise. Re airy was be yes, I mean considered me like, like one of the parents of one of the kids, there once said chiklis would sort of name. Is that- and I said it's greek and he goes oh, your ethnic, how charming really yeah I'd also like lol, got all that you know a jack kerouac history yeah. My dad knew him really we didn't know. Well, I believe he knew it. Your anger, he's around later is around b. I hereby father was in that be generation. Is a cat com, my dad daddy, oh yeah yeah was he involved in the arts. He was. Stu, the jazz aficionado. Believe it or not. My father's, a hairdresser, oh, really began to open a small jane, a beauty salons during that time, because he saw like there was this There were only barbershop. Or
report, beauty, parlor right and he wanted to do this unisex salon did that I am really successfully so he was well there you know move us, we were moved on up Well, yeah at one point he had a couple of shops, but now he just as the one and he's long retired, but his wife still works. It really yeah. So he was a. He was a barber. Well now he a he was a hairstyle. I get it. I get it out of bars, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, and the thing is he's such a tough guy to to meet my father you'd. Think like he was like a construction worker at AL a barber, an alibi or yeah yeah. I was late. You now dad. How did you get into this he's? Like your style man? his style in the fifties, all about style yeah did he did on aids and stuff back in the day that all kinds of shit and bottles of blue
stuff. Then he moved into the creams and yeah yeah yeah. He he evolved with the industry. Exactly right, yeah went down and studied with vidal sassoon for a little while yeah I do as a cat. My dad's cat, he turned me onto. This is a little kid. You brought me to the newport jazz festival every year for years and years. That's I really got into music complain: drums yeah, we just by Michael Well you she might get. You have a few chops yeah, I'm alright! I mean I don't play guitar, I'm I mean I do in that. I write on guitar, but I'm I'm a drummer, that's you know, and I'm a singer yeah, but I aren't based on national and much better based player than I am a guitarist, and I think it's because it's the weather rhythmic meets the. you know you yeah costs of meets the melodic me right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean based Theirs I gave the rhythm second very important there. I there they're not appreciate as much as they should be. That's right! well and you will love the the rhythm section on my record- is the other four.
So when I listen to me, I'm going to send me to see what's a car in a way it was an aim, the influence, because I went back, I mean if I'm gonna put out my first solo. I may have to go over some of my influence. Yet would you call it the project. Are you really thrown around of normal? we throw mandatory. I you know something what is backward well. No, it's just it's it's! No! It's something that I think that every actor who wants to put out muse area has developed its inner asked the girl. You know because immediately there's a lot by rolling in my girl yea I oh, but I've been in this in my whole life, so you know fuck it I've. Just this is a love thing. The vanity thing. It's love thing, it's about avenue eyes like Steve luke of our come over to my house and blow a guitar. so lonely. I music, yeah yeah. You know you're fine, that's there! That's not vanity! You that's love! He had been so honestly, the grating I don't have to make my living
the musician because its socks and it's hard to do right now fifty whatever I'm in here right now, people are by and record sure, just don't you I mean you know Paul macartney put out a record and a hundred thousand people bought it in america. The area palm car yeah! I know, but there are people making money in music. No, there aren't not in not lana for records, no, not off record sales, but they're figuring out other ways like you know. I've I've made some money off of this record by licensing songs like they licensed a couple of things for the super bowl from me and did to paid for their. We runs like you got one, those great belting voices. Thank you know it's some of its anti democratic as on very influenced by bands like queen and easier to me. They ain't rock and roll over that time, but we were in college, sure acknowledge get. It was with this. Always the dream. Was this always the thing that you know was always in bands in college all through high
school college and afterwards and then I was in a ban that was unreal at the time that we were recording our first studio album, and I got the the role of John belushi in the film wyatt. Well yeah. Let's go talk about that that trajectory, because that was sort of an interesting story is like I don't know if I ever knew the whole story, but sadly long story, man that I hold you raise about like because you know you did bounced back, you did have a great career. You do have a great career, but I'm The rocky beginnings I remember hearing about those baluchi fan meets at. What I heard or what is real. So you graduate be you and then you move out here while you know how we had the the league auditions of the the top ten schools of theatre in the country? Have these things called the therein, the theatre league right right? You know carnegie, mellon and, and why you
wouldn't it just a bunch of schools that are you- are right to use right there I mean we consistently put out really great people yeah, it's a great program serious. I remember people in that program. Yeah tammy We determine yeah julianne, more yeah. It's usually a reform. It really. I didn't know that my body, we went down in new york and I you know you hope that you get your your view on, sees you or something, and I was really lucky. I got my first agent honour that, and also I was seen from my first movie, which was wired yet, and it took two and a half three years after I graduated for that to actually to reassure you get the agent there's this project that they I for fort right out of college lit literally. I was still in college when I think I think that audition tape is around. Is that right? Or am I
about now, you're thinking about the new shield, one around it's out there, but the, but I dunno what happened to that audition. I I auditioned like twelve times over two years for for for the jumble, the john belushi story, because it kept going out of production and then a new direct would get attached? It was so troubled- and I didn't know like like night Finally, I was in, I was a theatre at new york man. I didn't know what was happening in hollywood. I moved to new york audition for the thing you're living in new york, I'm living in new york to an off broadway theatre at la mama, down at ease villa working at a restaurant in a comedy bar yeah. You know which had already been place called comedy you grand down, and so, oh my god ever go there. Now everyone was go in there at the time, and I you know that's how I got to know Larry David that lead to mice. You know my appearance on seinfeld and to so many people
used to harmonise their great harmony. You grant it was called, and in so how cellar the liver of a joint man like why, when we may seats adamant It sounds like you were my tiny five, eighty, six haivy, eighty seven, oh yes in people are hanging out there. I don't know. I was bar tending the kind of pride myself on knowing all the places, but I was bar tending there and I go up sometimes and open. it's sunday and try my hand it yeah. Since I thought I might end up doing the blue she's right right and I mean So many of the people that are huge now and work you know just coming up whether its jerry of bread, learn, A rosy o donnell went to be you where I was in my freshman class and got cut from view. A kind, and yet I want her back to the lead, the dorms and she will lie just listen to her, like she paste around gone out of pocket back to new york and do what I do and reduce stand up and yet
out. Ok for the asia europe, so you know, I've always felt ties to to stand up and about a lot of friends in that area, but will you grant I loved working out? Was it wasn't a long time that I worked there could yet it will shortly after sort of working there, I ended up getting wired yeah, which was in eighty eight, which I carefully twenty nine years ago- is that while and when I went out here, I came out here to allay I shot after five years, and I mean five months and I had no idea until two and a half months into it that there was any controversy surrounding so yours, you're, shooting a who drew who ended up directing it Larry pierce, who never worked essentially the amsterdam and how was the experience outlined a script. What was because they were spent. I wished I had troubles with, but you know like from the woodward bucky's, who wrote that wired by bob woodward, and it was kind of this sordid young
what it was was, and I and I challenged him at the time. I remember saying to him, you know: have you ever smoked a joint? Yet you know and he's It's very buttoned up any. He literally spoke, like you know, like black comedians version of a white guy yeah, yeah yeah. I know the area like there. I have no idea. I certainly did not yeah yeah and you know so. He wrote that he actually wrote euro gripped the you know he wrote that you met with him. Well, no, I met him during the process. Rag in the show, but with the problem was, I was Here. I am I'm an actor. I'm an empath, I'm here, honor John, yet rhino come from that place and you know Everything was very sort of damning yeah. You know I mean it was, but an it's because I think the way woodward put it to me when I came in Emma. I honour re prose.
I'm an investigative reporter on a right, something unless I can corroborated from five independent sources which, by the way, can you imagine today, right just doesn't have sure, but he's like I, you know, but the problem is when you right John did this John did that under the year in, I can wipe it reads as an indictment on him in the people around him shore with lack the humanity of all the good things and wonderful things about John and who we was as a person which I tried to bring dance, but I had no idea that, on the other side of it was his family and friends and business associates absolutely ape shit about the book. And wanting the book never to be made into a film and then one once we started to make it basically them go, and anyone involved with this films done so that Brill stephen
then there were all of its important bulgaria- has he was the king of the world at that time. Right and you know I find this out two and a half months in a production. Oh yeah and the way I found out was insane. I we shot at the palace theatre on vine yeah, just off a hollywood boulevard. We got the blues. Boys idea right right yet were therefore like three: The old days were shooting and it was credibly exciting time. For me, I'm plan bluish. Yet how to me word winning producer ailment. You know incredible time. Twenty three twenty four years old right this insane you big break its huge, yes, huge and and and and tv is there an entertainment tonight, and they all do two views with me and I go back to my apartment. That night in and we hills that they have me all set up, and I you know- and I turn The television and I watched the the
interviews on mtv, and then they do this whole thing with me and then halfway through the segment, the horror movie music comes in and they do stinger and all of us, and they cut to Dan accurate, going all my witches all my curses. to everybody involved in this project, and I was like what what this is how I found out on empty on mtv- and I call the producer and the director- and I go get the fuck over here right now and they came over and they were like you know that I won't really you didn't. You don't know about the somewhat no, no one ever hold me and no one ever disaggregated you're in the process on minority the dye, and now you know a night of mediating work as fast as we now know it's just a different world. Then you know if you were a theatre, nino theatre at new york year, north
what's going on in hollywood, sure I know who michael over its was yet it's just to cut a couple of sources of information. You know I was reading the new york times every day in the new york times was right in a bright at so you just fine he's out I know- and I you know I freaked out but I felt I had to do. I was in you know, so I did the best that I could do. more shooting was thereafter he thought of it. Oh, my god, I tried to put it aside, to put it out of my mind, I tried to my mind and she was sort of like don't fight just let the work speak. You know the work, the work, the work right right Also. I didn't really think that anyone would tat. get out on me. What you know what I mean I was just an actor sure it turns out. You know I got back to new york crickets like they're, not based on the work not based on any thing, we're just
at the the order. I would point out yet had order had been put out clearly because my age call me and apologize. She was like darwin. I I can't get you seen for an under five, which is you know like a what is that an under five line. You know bidpai, really nothing. I was over so you shall have to go back to theatre, and this is over. This is before the movies even released. Yeah yeah, like light, does leave following you wrap, wrapping and combated in europe, and I was an up and coming guy I mean, like you said it was the guy like there's a buzz about re nope like you're done so I went like well. I was a terrifying and shitty and bad I end up doing, did you like say job or go? Well, you know, look, let's start auditioning. Fortunately I mean I got paid a lot of money for me at the tighter. You know what I mean so I had this
apartment in brooklyn, it didn't cost much money. So any stashed bryce dash the bread. Now is there. You know sorter, but but but my career was over, you and I just said: well, let's go back to theatre. so I ended up auditioning and getting the role of believe it or not. Stanley in streetcar named I went back to lol, it did played touchstone in you can't take it with. You went home for while I went home to merrimack regional theater, the the the the theatre that I helped to start. When I was, Fourteen years old in law massachusetts. You really idea- and I am still wanted of thriving equity, regional theatres in the country, So was that part of in your mind you I can I'm going to go home for awhile. Let me see if I can get a gig. There are just happy know it just happened. Like you know, I was telling some old friends from back there, Well, I'm done I I I kick it seen. No, I can't get arrested, no one will see me yeah
and they were like well, could you want to come back here and do a show- and I was like sure I mean now so I went back and that in an audition or this thing at the players, theatre of columbus ohio and I went to you. I was brutally humbled by that that whole process. it's because I had only aspired to be in films, my whole life and I didn't even intend on doing television. I was a snob yeah. I was like I'm gonna do theater and film right, but then I feel now is monday over not It's done anything other than you did this project. We are in control of that we don't want you in anything by my god, terrifying, the guy you broke. It was bert reynolds. He was the one who, basically, you know through friend, that worked on wired with me. unbeknownst to me. My friend called me and said: hey watch come down, florida go fishing with me and I went down there.
and got waylaid. He basically introduced me to bert, on the set of yale, striker and bit bert was like listen. I heard happened to you here, I grew up during the Mccarthy era. I don't believe in black bawling how'd you like to play the villain in this next movie, that of the week that we're doing I was like boom literally when he hired me all the time. Gender doors opened up again because it was a television movie of the weak right. Unlike overnight, now, all of a sudden, I'm I'm a frolic. Twelve pilots and what was the time between you know. In black baldness happening well it was about. Let's see, was early spring lower lowered late spring. When I finish the movie and all through this spring this summer, the fall- I I couldn't get seen for anything and then in the late fall I this. Thing had with bird, and I working on that, but I still am
was booked on street kind, may decided. So I had to go and do that. I was plan had their way was a dream because I loved that. plain, you know, Interestingly right after That's when, though, the can film festival opening for I was right after image that so the first question. I was asked by the international press corps at can he went he I went now it should. baseball view your persona non grata, you're gonna go how you only they wanted me to go. They wanted me to promote the film also. You know I wanted to see what what was the algerian following an incredibly overwhelming expense, you're a kid from and over a year
and how do I waited lawyer was insane. I you know I had. Did they respect the movie here today? You know where they was. The big movie of the open was the controversial movie of the thing in now. The movie was maligned generally. It was because it's not me it's not a great found me right. I mean it got the directive, not that I saw was a far better film than the film that was really said. I was just cut to pieces because of all the lawsuits pending against it, but I'm that I didn't. Flash out or lash back in anybody or fight with anybody and warm fallen to yourself go into a depression right, fuckin blow my head off and I I just said, keep working work where we can work and do the best work you can do and that's what's gonna to out was my thought: yeah, that's the only thing out of august blue, terror, not knowing what else to do. That's what I went with and it worked out. Thankfully, so our it's o burke gives you the gig
you do the tv move any asked. How is that? that was awesome and I mean you know: Rita Moreno was in it yeah. You just put me on the phone with marlon brando, oh really, yeah! It's like I'm like what are you doing next, Michael, I go home, I'm a I'm playing stanley in streetcar. She goes. Will you know my friend marlon originated that and I was like yeah. I know cause we used to talk to him. He's a sweetheart, I'm like no, I'm not going to ok so like twenty minutes later He's got a cell but remember the brick, the great I'll phone. Yes, my job, and I ask you to check all we see now, Michael. Why she has with about don't do it. you have said yourself every night: Tennessee Williams is crazy. You can't I'm like the reason I became an actor I'll fuck that anybody can be enacted. Then he'd like, unlike what does tat yeah is encouraged me not to do as it would dream you, because I be
if you'd upset yourself rescue, the quote burnt into my mind was right No, he was doing right now was so disappointing. Never got to meet him in person, the soul soul, but ask you had a pretty good conversation with pride better off on some live. I really barely I am. I was so god smacked ideology, and I look at her. I got. What did you do is cycle quiet, yes, she was so funny and anna Ozzy Davis and Ruby DE were in that I mean it was crazy and burnt. Took me to the that dinner theatre- donaghmore. Add yeah that you know and that's where I met charles mills brightly it all these different friends. Is that where are they don t always dom yeah yeah? Who I became friends with he came and saw me at my when I did a one man show on broadway a really
yeah it funny guy, I'm friends without children. I ended up getting to know pete when I went up to the vancouver to do the shield. He would not shields. I mean the commit she was on: num twenty one jump street: oh yeah, yeah at that time so like, but your interest like that is used darted a theatre in high school. Didn't I well I'd I yes, I I should unjust and I want to take me to its credit, long right what I had been cast. In the summer stock season, ass, a knight greater via from that's. My first prefer can I give him semi probes summer theatre yeah? That was the role was just a bunch of bit roll back. You know you know. I've been in big famous musical revival survive. bye, bye, Bertie carnival mia, you know
okay, how do you get your gun? You are in rotation was we? I was the kid I was a local hire yeah and during that time the the the guy who was the director of that production. Hired me a guy named mark, Kaufman became my sort of theater, comment- or he saw me and himself saw my ambition- saw my talent and sort of winged me and he became friends with my family, no mother and father So he would drive me home after rehearsal cause. I was on the way to his place. Right we would go in the back. It was summertime time that my father would be cooking on the grill we'd sit. We talk about life, indifferent things and at one point he said he I noticed you know this note,
there's no regional theaters around here. Where do you guys go when you want to see great theatre, legit theater, and I said, while we go into Boston he goes. Do you think that the Merrimack valley could sustain a theater company? I go absolutely no sudden and I was only fourteen, but I said that the reason why I know that is because every production you go to whether it's just a you know a high school production or community theater, it's packed to the rafters, there's an appetite for people, the board around here. The aim of this not gonna. Do they want to go and see somebody area? so we embarked on opening this theatre and I went with him too different meetings- and you know and and I really really want out a protege right right and watched. Him was privy to this process, yet you know why watch This guy was his baby and he earned sure thirty something any bringing here is bringing lunacy private or I brought me along for the ride and was one of the most incredible you know, except sciences just
in a lot of ways, but also seeing the nuts and bolts of business sure, working level yeah. They try to get the funding to go it alone and Nancy Donna who and haven't her contribute, tuna money. She was one of the you know who she is big, social, lighten law at around a money right outside we we tapped into certain people. My father is, you know hair and tell him everybody about the theater and everybody wants to get involved. They they want to be members of the board so that you know we helped to make this thing my family helped to make this thing a staple in now, I'm a permanent member of the board. Not you know that that's just as it is working. Yes, all these years later, forty years come up as a great story: yeah yeah, pretty cool, either integrated into the three. Well, I that's when I really absolutely fell in love for good, I you know that year when I I played hawk
and mash in ninth grade, believe it or not. I, how hip is that that they did we know in the union into a who. Does that I'll think they cut a thing out of it was a weird cat. Was it why it was there some an artistic choice to cast ninth greater, whether I was just a wise, ass nose That's when the casting director for the summer theatre saw me encourage me to go and do it and I met my can bone. That was on my man. That's your life, yeah yeah, the rest of my life. So so now now you're back in the loop after reynolds rosy, the line, any iceland on miami. Vice you don't bit parts while now and not do a bit part do I guess stars. Ok now like on the guest star of you know that Korea, the big shows of that period yeah, whether was miami vice or murphy, brow rhine fell right,
I said I'm really. Well, I'm I'm a working actor. Looking for The next thing you ever out here now I'm still in new york, I'm still in brooklyn ral, cast out in your york, new york for big, shows and then wiseguy happened and I went to vancouver and shot a five show work on wiseguy with actual wisely I can wall Kevin, spacey, chazz palminteri, oh yeah, and I did this five show arc which, as you know, playing one of his minions- and I was just a hot headed minion in here you know and and Steve she who was one of the head writers of that yeah watch me. Do this scene, where I slip out and you know, shoot a ping pong, not ping pong pinball machine visa,
yeah to shit, and he he pulls me aside. He goes hey, listen. You know just watched, you shoot that scene and I have a pilot that I've written and you're way too young for it, but you're the guy. and I was like whirlpool. What is it goes its? I know you, you know because at this point on like twenty five year, because you just in namely the guy, but you in fifteen years. You're I write I go like in a job, but what is it you worse accuracy, I could do it yeah, you know yeah and he goes about a police. Commissioner, I go shit in my head. I go and go fuck! I know he goes, but he was the youngest police commissioner, in the history of the united states, like thirty foot, seven when that was based on true story, I ah ok that police, commissioner of rye new york, tony shambley, great guy. They called him tony scalia the show. so I I audition for it The info steve candle and then can
said: look we gotta, we gotta in order to get this at CBS who who owned it at the time yeah we do trick them. We have to we're gonna shoot but we're going to age you up because the president of the of CBS at that time, just He was not a creative type pbs, you know and they had some guys in mind, Well, yeah you know about and when they had tried a bunch of people, the inn and they just couldn't find the guy wrong time. So well. I shoot the thing like three scenes of it. We send it over to to CBS he's like awesome. the guy. I can't wait to meet him. I gotta, meet him as a matter of course cause it's done, but I made the mistake of going in genes and a teacher.
and ass, soon ass, I walked in his office. He looked at me when you re a man. I went bo yeah, but you saw that tape me I'd like. Could you excuse us indeed like dismissed me? Oh my god, I was I got here. You go again sent back to the hotel phones ringing, steve, candle, sorry tricky it's over here We doubt at how young you. Why doesn't think you could do it? What the fuck that's marked aren't you at the far end. He saw the tape in every saw idea, but its brain divorced from it was like. You can't be that young and play this role, and I was like mother fucker, so I I moved on with my life and cut to like a year and a half later the phone rings and steve cronus chronic goes check. We know that wanna play the commission. I go fuck, you do diggers I was playing with you guys know. I mean it
Now it a be seen. I had just on a pilot for bc that didn't go yeah, but the guy a b c word, like my love they wanted me for fur. Shall yet and that's how the commission was born and happened? We went to a b c and ended up to that challenge. how do you deal with that? Rejection of that like sign in the fucking deal. I get another thing about. My career. I've been bitch. around and then risen up or after it. So many times this point. You know those things that you have punch and they go down to the ground and then they compact IRA gay. I asked when my wife calls me one of those things. I want to know what they're calling, but the idea of costs. I I know innately not to take it personally. Any of this has been personal right. I think that this is a huge industry, there's a lot of people vying for position and you know Producers serve trying to fit puzzles together, like a view
What could the the role of a of a network president, for example, yeah he's got or she has got you know, a two hundred and fifty million plus dollar budget in front of them for a year of television at any given time bribery, not even accurate, it's more than that here. So you, you know, that's a lot to sort of compartment. eyes and you ve got a lot of people working underneath you eu and basically you look at it like jigsaw puzzle like oh Marin fits here. Chick was, is perfect for this area and they just try to plug you in right in Why it's become such a thing over the last two decades about branding you can have a brand get what you fuckin brand you right somehow I've always raged against that shit. You know cause I whenever I start to form a brand, I break it and go in a different direction in terms of it as an actor as an actor right like. What's your? What's your wheelhouse,
well. I mean, I think the industry would say cops because my you know two of my most successful things were applied. police. Our lives are even though they were antithetical to each other right. What mish and the shield? So let me ask you some milk, as I remember my part of the obsession that I have been wondering aware, you went in how, because, like I I didn't know my bad now well, but by my friend Steve was: for them, but they had a contentious relationship, but I knew Mary pretty well. I'd met MIKE a couple of times and I just saw Ices, like you know for you. I get these rumours Yucas Michael's good actor. Now you I saw him in indian wants the bronx I am yet I was in that you were, Are you in guy? That's right, the india believe not me. Go on that. You know why. I remember now how use you wonder why I remember yeah, because I wanted to be an actor, but I was over in the liberal arts college. So I remember because MIKE yet a piss in the garbage
Can one time you like there is a piss seymour. Yet events with his back to the audience I member of during one the scuffles, the score bottle, fell out of his pocket, yet it has was like. Oh that's what I remember that happened at that. So crazy because he was horrified was so embarrassed right and, oh, my god, now that's a long time ago, man here and you here you know- is a challenging role because you really said very little any just had to be terrified the hold my last victim. I I just remember. I just remember that now that was you of course, so so yeah I do have a history with you. He would have a history with me. I don't know, but I remember there was a like. I know that that mike was yeah like shakespeare that you guys want these diverge I don't know you guys brain what what what worth facebook friends at this point, right? You know we had sort of falling out and some years went by and I think when facebook happened, I reached out to him and went like hey man. You know we really good
friends yeah. You know why What why are we still really good rat was like I absolutely any. You know any except my friend we requested we, but what you know he lives in seattle, and I live here and you know if I go up to, at some point, I will absolutely call him up. But you know our families. Have you got a family? I do you know that that really changed the equation. my life, you know once I got married and then I had one daughter in them add another daughter and then you know it becomes clear. rich by everybody. Again I really does mean and a lot of friendships and up falling by the wayside, especially when this geographical crop sure you no fear I I've tried to maintain the you know. My five best friends from high school are still my five best friends, yeah yeah funny how that works out eh.
If they knew year before what he judges don't give a SH yeah you're, the guy that they knew yup. You know I go to I'm on the board at Bu mia. You know I'm a I you know for the dean's advisory beer yeah. and I speak to the freshman about craft cause they're about to go into the bubble? Maria and I speak to the seniors about the world, the business of the business, yet so there's a vocational ass structure but speaking to the freshmen, I always say to them. You have to define success for yourself, because if it's just all about the- you know holding awards in your hand in the glass and all that shit, that's very finite thing in only a few people in thy odds. Yes, a real tight ring. This last seven rings yet business here to get into that. That ring is
yeah. You know- and I know a lot of peoples who are you know workaday actors who who, who are in it. You know who they are there in your. yeah you're psyche here now Brian. How done around forever benefited, Dozens of movies television series he's currently on west world is amazing, via this guy but I don't think anyone really knows Brian's name per se. I know I now I have. Google is one of the. He are really successful and tremendous actor highly respected. Everybody loves ryan but you know, there's this all different places in the business. You know I look, near the tassels, who was in acting major at Boston, university, yeah sure did that guy she ended shadow going. You know if you ve seen I'm done as shit right so
Nina ends up on behind the scenes, ends up working for a guy named less moon vest when he's a producer at laura mar bumpo bone. They keep me, in their way up and next thing you know she's the president of CBS for a long time and incredibly successful. So everybody their path right. Everybody goes in the best in the attic zero. You know, I knew I knew you somehow and there are some sort of connect. The item on ebay- and I can't you know, half life, I what we your fifty two fifty three fifty three years old So many different things have travelled georgi. So you know I remember, distinctly having a conversation about you with somebody, and I can't remember whom, but I irene them saying like, and I I thought it was b. U was a b, u connection! Well, that's interesting that at least you know, you're you're still given back and you know, and and you're trying to help the people with the dream
Absolutely. I guess you know my daughter, just graduated from you, I see and this past year and she the theatre major. Although now she identifies, self, as a writer who acts ass, she just signed a book deals manifesto, really yeah Incredibly, she's writing the novel and she was about third, the way through it pitched it and yeah right here. and it's gonna be out a year from now. mother's day of eighteen and it's you know it's a brilliant fiction. You know cause comedic it s about our relationship with their mother. It's called raising, mom, it's brilliant and is based on truth. It. Yes, pretty much so we're all represented in it, but I mean, but it's definitely fiction at the same time, she's fashioned this sort of narrative. It's not hurtful at all,
She keeps us in the teeth, a bunch of ties, but in a great way it's very. It's really actually has a love story. Airily is its wonderful and it's got a huge heart, but it's got teeth p. I definitely get out our grip and through her you know she played my daughter on the shield. Oh yeah, you know she played gasoline, so she's got shit. That's a mamma she's your father's dot. that's for sure, but but I that she's, a writer and she's creating content and in the meantime I got to be her her graduation speaker- oh yeah, yeah, where, where you see I do, I see how I, which was insane tat. You know too my daughter, her diploma. Something bad crazily isn't saying. Yes, I've been I've been really. Fortunately, a lotta levels. You know I keep step in shit. You know demeanor and I guess also. I am always forward em all
Moving ahead, I I don't like to sit back and in and look at past six Caesar even past failures, only to the greed of like to look at it. Learn ween whatever I can from it and then move the fuck on well yeah. Well, he went from you know the commish to the shield, which was like this. strange. I complete transformation that you know better. Must it had liking of the commission? You did well and I'm sure after run, was done. He felt proud and you give in banks in money and get you health insurance in their families. Happy iraq that everybody's good- and you know it's probably sad for it to go away, but it was dial. There's always these dips, especially we drew a long running televisions. Syria! that's where anybody whose an actor has to listen up right now, because if you have a long running series is an act or on a television show its different than anything else. You ve left this in especially for successful
you ve, left an indelible image in imprint on on the public right and it's gonna take a little while for another generation to come up and also for those people to sort of ba. who accept you in another context right. You know, Yes, oh there's, inevitably this sort of downtime. So if your into music, that's a perfect time for you to record and record or if you are in two theatre- go and do it a show on broadway, as I did right after that, If you want to mantua yeah what was that about men and women was called the defending the cave. Man rob baccalaureate. Eight! You did back right, I'll show you know shit. The booth. Do you know rob. I don't well rob, but I know the show- and I know he started as a comic and I you know I there was a. When did you get into comedy? Why after college and I you know I was there for five years at Bu. I left in like eighty six and I came out lay forbid that I kind of hit the wall on drugs and went back to boston inside hold on a second I'm I'm having a flash. I think it was
and its larry, who I talk to you about that Well, yeah, dennis yea, pretty was part of his company, Jim Serpico, at apostle produced my tv series for four seasons. Ok so when I was at relatively recent, relatively race yeah. That's probably it sure, because like when I, when I got back to boss Nineteen, eighty eight! I came in second in the in the riot and that's when I started working as a cop out cool yeah cool. So that's what I've been a lot of different places. I was in seven just go new york and back here and allow mediums vat, We have a year that we're on there are you always on both elbow getting back to a becker. When I was in san francisco you he was this guy who who did stand up and he was one of the first, the kind of franchise that shot like now. He d that show for years yeah and then it just became a forerunner of the annex. Missing that other people could do when you are one of those people yeah. Well, you know what he had established it on broadway, as you know, were
the Helen haze, which was a smaller theatre. Yes, and then I took it to the booth, which was you know, just blew out. It was a larger theatres like eleven hundred seats, and you know he and- and I did a six month run here and then he while I was doing that. He went to I think, chicago and and mounted it they're here so like you say he franchised it and he had mounted a production in vegas, something like anyway he did really well. We are here, you know, and then so too. That's what you're doing to buy your time and then how does the commission- and I mean how do you while because You know it. You gotta, look at what's coming at you, you know here. I had just done up. You know calmly, and I was well known for playing. You know this affable sort of role Polly guy, I make a magic. I wanted to break that shit. You know, you know what happened was in two thousand I ended up do in two gigs. I played curly in the three stooges movie at why a tv movie jimmy movie with
Evan handler pob vector the end and you know MEL gibson produced. It was proud of that movie. Actually I did a lot of reading. in yeah, yeah read all about those guys saw a ton of video of you know old film. Can you do the laugh sure You know your mother, my mother, both mothers, little blue, It's been a while since I've as good as executive, yeah yeah. I love currently know, and that was daunting because you know whenever you play, you get a real guy, a guy you gotta sink in, and I I loved it. I'm very proud of that movie. People should look at you know, look it up great movie, and then the other thing I did was this ill fated year the comedy if our sitcom mccall daddy, oh You know it was a benign. You know: sweet good, big hearted show
again it was more. It was more of the same and I was like manna: when it ended. I bitterly said to my wife, like I gonna, do a show called fuckin blow me you know the dream work. As you know, I just want to do something. You know and in tat is by again argyle as an actor when you just do and then you gotta take the gig if its offered to raising children. At this point I got two kids and then, when you more sparing with you, you have no control over the continent. If it's silly, I suck it up and do the best you can exactly in people too. You know- and you know this year, the public seems think that we all have our just druthers sheila. We could just do what the fuck we want near. Yes, I I made this choice because I had all of the choice here. I'm
I say to people, do have you looked at me and I know you not brad pitt. I never was Brad pitt rally and autonomy and others like ten guys, maybe right over the course of the thirty years of my career that were in that process sure where the scripts were coming? Add them right. you know we are in the feature. Side is fairly sure and then on the rest of us in the next wring, our duke in it out and fighting for every inch. For everything and try and get that role that can break through a shoes, showcase your work, oh yeah, and the only reason that the shield happened is because it was that affects and was off every rate are in fact I was a television star that time- and you know I know I used- quotes in its Are you in air quality and I can see that I'm glad anyway anyway. My two people in my
at the time were like you can't do this you're no word television star there and you're attache pair well, no, actually at the time I was ripped you got ripped. I did that. I had down tat. I did that my down toward it out got insane shape and I was looking for that kind of europe. real and when I read it I was like. Are you guys crazy? read. This is the best pilot I've ever read, so I went for the material, the material of material and hoped that you know that I have a great tape from it. Yeah that would break The mould yeah? That's was my the height of my object, expectation like please. Let me get some the tape out it is sheer, so people will think of me just as the commission right or daddy the idea. You know the more people that watch dad. Then it was incendiary, although I thought it had tremendous potential, but you know that I was like god of people see this they're gonna dig this cause. This is
I loved what it that there is them more. Morally dubious alpha cap Well, I was just about look. It's very resin. Right now, you're the thematic question. Shield was: what are we willing to accept from law enforcement and posts? Nine, eleven america to keep us safe? Yeah? That's what's happening rio right and you know it's, You see the the ambivalence in the grey areas of you know how tough it is to be a cop. How hard it is to do your job here and how contentious issues with the public announced some bad apples ruin it for them. as to the blue. You know it so it's relevant the ideal yeah. so I thought men this could break through. But it's on finance facts. You know I mean, and we were the first yeah. So when I won the enemy, it was this, it was an earthquake. It was a tectonic,
shift a shit networks. All the networks went which cable network do we own because they all own them. Yeah people don't realize that you know they all own. It's right pocket left pocket right, so they did so. Brilliant business, wise fox, went into competent com fishing with itself at a fax cause. Foxhounds ethics yeah right be ever there like what Why not yeah and fx? Now look at effects. Look at the quality amazing stuff that they do one show after another. I have to say people the gory and Kevin Reilly. The first two presidents of fx hear their first three forays into original scripted. Material was the shield talk and rescue me yeah of you ass, a two three pints yeah threem massive hits and look at that careers that have launched out of just those three. She sure
like the other two rights activists, actors, yeah they did and it was raw and it had no real edged and mandate at the time. It's really you know it's kind of harkin's back to the the days of sundance when you have no money no time but the willy is to let artists do their think, we're louie. Now exactly we accord. I can not met him really is so insane. Like my favorite, he kills me Lucy K is he's a little elusive, but I think if you hang around new york, he could meet him just one oh my god again the other day and kills me so yes, to find you yeah. The role yeah? Well, I was that. Will you know that was a huge breakthrough for me and what its done is made people real. Eyes that you know I have a considerable amount of range. You know. Yes, I can play the role ippolit affable guy, but I can also play a mother fucker.
yeah and everything in between employers, superhero sector, you gotta full package. The full. Am I on yeah I'd swear? That's that's! I always admired people in the in the industry that were versatile, sure, character, actors, not people who could you know, put on a much different hats and really sell it. You know jean act when I love best he's the best he's better think he retired he did. He did, but one of the greatest things in the world was to hear that he was a fan of the shield of fat through DJ caruso. Hereafter dj worked with me on the shield near an eagle eye and he made a movie with him and he was. I call you work on that show the scheele that I love that show that that's the real shit and I'm like, oh god, it's beautiful, I could die now. Hassan was so betterment yeah, you know, and what we see I'm just looking at staff and I don't watch out to stop and it looks like you know you just do the work
they do animated shit? You do you know, I love work and man. Oh, what is no Mary family- have that thou was ass. A superhero show that I did for one season there, a real shame because it had a huge following people loved it, and it was just a bit ima. Then we shot it in l and cost so much money and I don't know you know- you never know the real right for something- going down cause it's interesting. You know Look at the numbers that show and they were wrong. I still obviously something was wrong with the math yeah you know you never know whose pissed off at who to insurers of producers You know I mean there is talk about. You know, that's gregg polarity produced the show and he was moving over to warner brothers at the time and you know, and and ABC was like done with him. So
abc disney, so that you never know what the of the by as an act yeah. I know unless you're right in there with every right. Even then, you don't know you're. You're, not in the room, and you don't find out till the day an hour. You not you not there. When the network guys go in there and shut the door and make their decisions. You know and I tell you what they're going to tell you, but you you don't really know what the buy a and it usually has to do with the bottom line. Should it can also have to do with relationships or broken relationships? bottom line. Is it didn't go forward? It was fun show yeah a great cast, Julie, benz, romany malco. We had a blast yeah and it was well. You know people man, it's so funny. People look at television and you know they they they feel. I I think that they, that actors have so much more control than they do. Why didn't dead? The guy stop them from fake. Why? Yet you know many people walk up to me. You go get a! Why? Don't you just? Have them do yeah another season, a vegas there like, because
hands of it. There is elam You can do that, go and tell him the another we loved it yet been. I like there is the blinds hours, that's not what happens are they still? Are they still making bottoms yeah? I just finished its literally I just two days ago, finished and came back from new york. I've been in york for the last two years living on fifty sixty sixth, like a hundred yards jump tower and and crazy ha, my god, what a clustered she spinnet really incredible to watch that evolve over the last two years. What it is now, which is a clear, also clusterfuck, be well. I mean it's costing tens of millions of dollars to just isolate that building right cause it's in the centre of manhattan mia. You know and I'm just happy to be out there right now. He s just madness, but Tom. It's been wonderful. You know
I'm really glad to be getting back into shape. Like last year, I got so fat because I went to new york in and I was doing gotham in living in a york and I was going to every theatre production and I go into restaurants. Livelihood digic was right, this way and another appetizer that didn't order. You know- and I was just for me that gesture you got you don't want to insult on insult the guy. So this year I made it about you know. Let's get back to you, know my brand to get back into shapes, yeah yeah. You know I've really been going hardcore for about six months again they're starting to get get to me. Yeah tight ready to go so now the music, with the influence record yeah, what the way out twenty we just did we we played in november. We played our first live, show twelve p span and I get the guys from corner ryan's ban on this too Scott Healy, who's, the head of the ban, the keyboard player and,
la bomba, guys in the brass action it was credible experience in ireland The studio in my house, a record like you, you did with this idea of a cool recordings miles world class. That's great yeah just, had session players to my house had shown the tune we shut. It will drive an yeah im, glad you're enjoying yourself. That's it I'm going to work out over and over again. That's right! That's me I'll just keep swing. It thanks for tagging. My pleasure, pretty cool right. There's a good talk he's like solid dude man. I saw a dude. Does my does my my word- some fat where's that car I haven't. I gotta give my new guitar rescued, sits in order yet the sound I wanted, destroys my left you're drunk, which has problems yet my
these are gone. My cats gone my voices gotten fatter the world's going to be just that. flaming rock spinning through space. It's not, let's not be negative with let's be thoughtful and engaged, what's use a phase shifter that ought to do it. They shifted to a castor. What problems can't be solved with that in in the
it in the? it do: both halves. Bluster come home, god dammit.
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