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Episode 803 - Baron Vaughn / Moshe Kasher

2017-04-16 | 🔗
Baron Vaughn knows that growing up without a father and sharing a bunk bed with grandma can ignite the comedy spark. He tells Marc about being a latchkey kid watching cable TV and drawing inspiration from the black comedians of the early '90s. With a successful comedy and acting career to his name, Baron was also able to document his search for the father he never knew. Plus, Moshe Kasher returns to the garage to explain why he wants to get to the bottom of the trickiest stuff in his new show Problematic.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fucking years, what happening on mark mare- and this is my pod cast. W e f welcome. How are you everything? Ok, get through the weekend. How is your easter? Did you candy- did do eggs? Did you do pay pace? Your pay saw but he all right for those of you who were true believers for those of you who are happily for those of you who are just hanging onto the cultural traditions of whatever religion you may have practised or cling to. kinda as you get older for family reasons and for the children what's happening, baron VON is here Baron VON is a comedian also, he is a featured on the new show. Gracing Frankie most cash or stop by
has been on the show before he's, got a new series come now problematic, with motion cash that premiers tuesday April eighteenth on the outcome, central. Those are the guest today Ah, my last show buster kitten had the pushes screen out and gotten out. And always upsetting. that guy, I, like buster, I've been through cats in a lot of cat issues, but I was starting I can these crazy what I'll fuck he's oil demon I, actually assumed because of the timing that he showed up and also because of its very nature that there is a good and say he was an actual demon. I am not convinced that he isn't but dad, but nonetheless he got out I went outside and I called and called, and then he was under the deck and a little cajoling, but but I gotta my grabbed him and I brought him in
here's the bar, the story that I didn't want to tell you, because I like an idiot slide. I thought I now of the screen in properly and next day I took a nap and then I went out back and I noticed that the entire window is off and I was like you gotta be fucking kidding me and then I walked around front, and I knew Astor was out, but then I monkey, both under the fence and mike what value, fuck and serious the old guys out to sea, and I want I'm back in monkey came around back like what are you doing come in now and he's like any one in the house which was rare, but he came right back in, but no buster and this time I thought. Well, that's it That's it he d wants to live outside. Then I guess I'll be an indoor outdoor cat out of he's coming back. He came from outside may be returning to the outside sort of like throwing a fish back I I didn't really want to accept that, but I just don't know what cats so firm.
All day. I was right. Well, fuck, em, fuck it and I know some cat purists in some. Your big tat. People are gonna, be like. Will you asshole you nations, secured the screen wide thought? I did you not I, it's not easy for me to admit this year in the middle of a young, fearing nuclear holocaust. You know, I gotta worry about buster the cat and also go out and do comedy and bow so a lot of things in life too. I guess two main things in this way. and was the missing cat and the the terror. If the nuclear war and eight you know they they kind of work. You know up and down in in the you know, taking up importance in my brain, so It goes by and then a day. Nothing then I drove up the driveway in sara and I in the car we thought we saw we kind of did and then we ran out and then we called for him. We heard a meow, so we knew Still I so I put some food out and then did comedy none this morning, which we sunday morning I get up. I go column. I was sitting
side last night and tried shaken mice, throwing things do whenever they couldn't food out by myself in the driveway there and this morning I go out, and I call them and I hear him. Yeah he's got a very weird. You almost you know high pitched meow, and then like. Where are you what's happening and then and I don't hear em, I I look around. I called and I go, but in the house now I come out back and there he is just standing there. I walk out, I'm like come on, let's go and he runs off and I'm like well fuck. Alright, this is how this is going to go, and then I stepped side and gaunt buster buster. What that come on man with that tone, I try not to get angry. and he just runs by me and goes under the house. So now I know he's under the house, but I dunno. If I'm gonna, get him in the house, there's nothing You can do with cats, this patients and how and I'm sitting there and I'm colony, Eminem, shaken mice and important food out upon the ground. And nothing
and then right when about to give up early, see right. Look I'm glad I knew where he was, but but I'd I'd. You know I was like alright well. This is just at least he's around and I'll just feed him out here right at the point of of giving up. He does walks out from under the house cover spider, webs Andy, comes up to mean just by pat him, go you done rum swing over. Are we We good are you. grown up now what's happening, nay rolled over on his back and I paid him, and I took him in the house and at The buster saga so I was hoping that I would have a closer. I guess if I just came back with the You got out again because I'm an idiot in fixed a fuckin fucking screen right I would have been embarrassed that, I would have been embarrassed, but he's in the house for now
how would the other thing I want to share with you that I thought was interesting and exciting and of wild I don't know how regular a listener you are, but when ross was on the eight hundred show. He talked to his family's catering business in new jersey. for years and years since the forties or whatever was a place called Clinton manner. That is family. in the catering business for decades. In new jersey, and so the other day, friday or saturday? I get a text from my mother high mark listening to you, ross interview great. Do you know I was married at the Clinton manner. Guess his family was Decatur, funny ha ma am My parents were married, a current manner, which means I'd call Jeff immediately, like no fucking way
said, my uncle Murray probably made the fruit salad, the maria we talked about the millbrook story, probably made the fruits out for my parents wedding. So I'm trying to get hold of my parents, wedding, album, so gf can sort of a reminisce about. You know the the the place that he grew up in working and his family, involve with no problem. Is that my parents are no. together and death. The wedding. Album seems to be missing my brother has somebody has to have a big black and white pictures my dad kissing my mom pre knows job at the Clinton manner and just like. Maybe my grandparents are somewhere background my uncle, he some where they are. The onions fine, I thought that was an odd coincidence, but not knots the new jersey, new jersey,
motion cash here. I've had em on the show before I tend to be an agony, stick the with him, but for no real reason. I think I project under poor motion, but he's a bright guy funny. Guy he's got this new series problematic with moshe cash or, as I said, premiers April. Eighteen thirty many central. This is me and motion. having a little chat. First of all, most cash. You have not seen you in years, and I believe you still married? You got married yeah, I'm still married still married, that's holding up natasha, it's not well we're having deep problem are really not we're good, I mean sorry, I would have been a better interview. No no, but I mean maybe minor problems. Now maybe you're, both their comedians. I did that once we haven't even married about a year a year and a half by well, let's see how you go and watery Mordechai
What no I love her. I love you. I know you're touring together, which that's that's gotta, be great. Feel sarcasm. When you say I gotta wait. You're it was complete. Sarcastic? It is great. The road is so lonely, I now, and so, if you take away the loneliness and substitute it with your lover and as great without me, It seems to be the good side of it. So you're saying there's no downsides to touring with your wife on a double bill. I don't see what the issue is. What a bruised ego when people are there to see her, I mean now but come on. Let's talk it up feel that way, don't know because I never felt income. this. I never understood people to feel in competition with their female comedian. Partner causes like we're, not I went there to listen, you're, all your kind eagerly. I mean on the sunday times already that its. It reminds me of a story that does relate to you, because I remember it's being of the comics ego and jealousy I heard about a I heard about casting for glow
It was for a woman like obviously because you're the one are you like, the only man that can match that had nothing to do with his one other guy. It was a woman that had been cast as a wrestler and I got and I felt a pang of jealousy. Oh really. I was like that role is not available to me the woman's wrestling. Well, you know they. They always do that thing, which I have done. What they're looking for just going for it tight the guy supposed to be ninety? It's a an african american yeah, but they don't know that it's one of those parts can go either way, which I guess is true, sometimes I've. I once got one I once got a role that was they work. They were trying to go diverse and then they decided to go with me. Instead, beata was a nice feeling to finally crush the We need my feet. It was You know as a personal of no. I know that they were like. They want to go diverse and they were like it turns out. It was you that they wanted the air so what what have you been doing for the last couple of years. I know that you like I, it was weird because you're one of those guys where I'm like, what's he going to do in show business, that's a nice thing to say
we all know that about you to Martin. I like where's this going on. We make we're not the only one. I was that way. That was my question forty five years. I didn't, we in the garage, nobody, but because were you gonna be like where you can do is sit com or where you like we're in in stand up you get into it, you're either going too far something the house do something the star and you're gonna write right, I mean that's, it so, like you know, when I started hearing that you were do more hosting stuff and then this thing evolved. I was very happy that you found your your path for thanks man. I yeah. I feel really good about this. I feel like I'm. I remember there was an announcement for a show that was a show about like internet comments. Yet some like some new show their coming. I write and speak of jealousy. I didn't feel jealousy. I felt like. Oh, I dont think wanna do that should show. I think I would take the job. I feel that big marker of evolution and complicated
saying no is a great marker of evolution in anybody yet like knowing that you are not it's not for me, yeah right, I mean I didn't say no. They didn't offer to me how? Maybe I would have subjugated that failure yeah. This would be a different conversation had they offered it to me. Those fuckers are right. I would be on here going dude, here's the thing. Internet comments are wacky and I'm here to talk about that wackiness I mean I remember once I got offered an audition, it was for a show that was described as it's like tosh point: oh yeah. Instead of funny videos, your commenting on footage of people playing the your game, halo, that's a very specific d. and like how do you know what that is its like tosh porno, except they took away the fun part and it's just luke. Painting on stuff about that. Just halo audience is that's pretty much in pretty.
niche audience, but maybe everybody plays that except for me and I wanted it, I wanted the job I remember I went in and I got called back in the casting the producer called me and he goes okay, you're you're really close yeah, you know you're, it's just you know it's down, it's just it's under you and a couple of the pdf, but we want you to be like, like just a little cooler. You know just like a little cooler and I'm thinking like don't be off here. intense and that's why we are aggressively neurotically. I go. I'm thinking myself like I'm. The coolest dude uncles do to route, I'm so cool. How cool that? What kind of cool you're talking about get my pants, and he literally said you know like cool like like a kind of like a greg kinnear character. In a way I can hear call the classification detaching a cool gregg command. Yet why me? I think you, may referring to like a cool character, not like hip cool yeah? I guess so. It was just a funny thing that I was like. Oh, I can be your ex. You need a great camera. I mean this
as a young greg kinnear yeah. Well always interesting, though, because in the talk zone in the talk format like he was he there very early on you know what seemed like this cookie cut, her kind of guy, but due to, like my friends, took a shine to him. They liked him because he was you couldn't breathe He was starkey and seemingly seething under this exterior That was that seem pretty mainstream the middle, the road right, so he so he like, he really became this kind of weird the force, because I guess school, but it was more like this narco detachment. Did he ever talk so yeah? Do that so we started, I didn't know, that's why they're they were referring to it. he hosted later, And then I don't know which came first talk. Soup was, I guess that sort of made him a star, but he started in that swat
that was like after letterman yellow anyway, my show is called looking back on greg There are not an item monitored. I only just talk road can hear. That is our right to specific everybody all enjoy now illegal immigration fits is on aim, he's, got talking, gregg it's after talking dead gray and we just talk recognition and then like. When you run out, you can talk, rig proofs, the outbreak and our bread, and they will have great bear it and great kin. No great bring the guitar I was with him. Wait on that now. His actually actually he's not doing well. Apparently, life is in jeopardy. Markets. Been great big me here, It is another kind of way you can see. I shall what's it all and much more problematic and it's it's talk, but it's a little bit more substantive. What actually trying to do is like somehow recreate daytime talk, but through an accommodation break it down. For me, what are the segments? What is the structure? The show pitch? It? Ok, so it's! The top is a conversation with an x
Last week we had we talk cultural appropriation with kenya, barrister, creative blackish and then that second backup, yes, sir, can you like? I'm sure I understand what you're saying but I'd like to know the definition of cultural appropriation. Please! Ok! Thank you, cultural. The the the literal definition of cultural appropriation is what used to do on stage. Yeah. Ok, yeah got it. That's a little definition is what motions to do. Instead, you gotta know a lot about made. A note to get a motion was basically a disgruntled. white wrapper. I was happy and everything was good and of savage open for you and were you know I do my? Why do I think that maybe you just because you were so intense that I miss ache there, for we are mellow guy you when you see someone attention like what is, though, I'm very intensive networks. You someone more intensive me. I'm like that. Guy's got problems, I did it once a real and really good nyjord seem gets out. So that's it literally. Cultural appropriation is because either way they die
a bit like? Yes, white people, borrowing, you know but as is only right people not to know. I would say that actually, the theme of the episode was interesting. Was that the really what it comes down to, is at an end. Most people rather eyes it more a lotta. Why people? There are other eyes of the culture preparation. Conversation me included behind I've had a What difficult time with where does it go? Why? Because it's absurd it's absurdist, a areas are absurd right. So when you go like you shouldn't, you know, dress like another culture, you gobble everybody. Everywhere genes, though that's where I totally insane and were not all minors. Yet exactly is just should Japan, who is now the center of the denham, creating warrior should they is that inappropriate? Now I get us no! No. I say that. That's why at that one's own abroad. The issue is, I think, that its it it becomes painful for people when there's, though, the white power dynamic involved and right,
and so that was really the theme of the of the night was quite becomes painful when nazis wrapping know what I'm saying is. Basically you know like the autumn. Acting you do. Is you can go? Oh bout. That is actually the theme of the the outgrow monologues. Are you see a black didn't caddies, go look! That's cultural appropriation to, but there's a differential because of power. Ok, as I said, white power right, I never thought I'd get to say on tv right, so you know that was the theme of the coffee, so called white privilege, or we separating I mean I'm not separating it. All I see, to be a semantic semantic. The semantic argument with all arguments are symmetrical to think about it. If they go on too long here, if you, you argue if you are not as you and you argue for a long time, that's actually cultural preparation. People who refuse to admit
wrong or no, it would be a just sort of like vague arguing about bullshit about. But if you are, you have food. Why are you on yeah out of the semitic hour? I've heard about some people having allergies and I'm like that's hours. Our thing aurelia tax inappropriate. I don't have dipping neurotic there. Okay, so that seems I we had he shit man, it's heady shit and this week we're talking how the internet speaking of heads is how the internet is changing your brain. We have nick carr coming on who wrote the book, the shallows, which is like a basically a deconstruction of how information technology and social media is changing the way our brains fun. And operate like this stuff. Yes, I know that every week a different topic and basing his words can be a common central whilst tangible eighty, four common sense: I hear you, I area have benefited maria
is that the role of the day I haven't cashed out my four o one k. Yet right now I think that comedy central like everybody else, is realizing that people are thirsty for real converse. I mean you're up a classic example of podcasting and you, oh, I would say, as sort of maybe even the epicenter of it is approve out that people care about big conversation, shirt and, if I think, tv is now going like. Oh, we should catch up to that. Well, no, I I I'm happy that you're doing that on a network that that seems to. I don't really know what the audiences are, what the identity dent at the identity of comedy central is, but if it is young people in your having these conversations, its provocative and hopefully it catches on was speaking of that first. Thank you by the way, and speaking that first position that I didn't want to. Do the internet comments yeah, it's like. I would rather fall on my sword to do a show like this than be be successful. Doing the show that made me want to die every day, yeah. No, I've. I've done one of those have you yeah. If they didn't it didn't catch on. I was lucky but how do you? How do you keep it
we'd. I mean like why not hbo they right, they didn't offer right. We'll know, I'm comedy central, but I didn't try. Com central came to me and was like. I would let we'd like to do so. What do you have in mind, and I mean the sky alex black? Who was one of the It is about midnight, china. We came up with this idea and it's connected loosely to my podcast, where we have the household discussion series where we do have an expert on. We can a roof over that person. Sort of like a ted talk, meets mystery science, theatre right, a panel of comics. Yet do that so so that we can. I wanted to find out, an intellectual middle ground between at midnight and the daily show where the daily shopping hyper political. Am I being hyper fun, random thing that would occupy the space in the middle and it might be be teetering a little bit more towards the heady, but there is a lot of
we've had a lot of fun and a lot of really real silliness, like ryan singer, can come on after a conversation about cybersecurity and how you have to have two factor authentication where I can talk about jerking off to a con artist in the philippines, and we can all have a good time yeah that you gotta find that that funny, really duff yeah, so ok, so he set out in the end the conversation than what segment to submit to, as generally been some sort of proven right. So let some sort of real time. Ok, you know, like you, go you hit the streets or you find examples, know an in studio thing like, for example, we did one of our touches that we are going to do for. The real thing is that we did the dark web and we have an expert come and sort of deconstruct what the dark web is and then in act two we actually put the the tor browser upon the screen and show the viewer at home, how you can log onto the dark web hijacked. I was worried all the black market business happens, yeah, but a lot more than that. That's one of the interesting things about the dark web is that what is it exactly? Well, everybody thinks about the dark web like it is the place where you go for child pornography. Sort of
alpha and omega horizon rather by heroin or child pornography right. But it's like way deeper than that it all it really is. Is it is an anonymize browser called tore the edges, the which is a system. It's basically like google chrome, except that no one can track you, because your fault, your computer, has an ip address. He, as this is mark marin's place where I this is, whose scrolling, through all of this stuff, product mariners. Looking at boots. We know he likes boots right right, but it say you didn't want people to know your boot buying habits. You would go to the download the tor browser and you'd look for boots they're right, but but that's not that important to you mark
we're not you're, not a criminal or you don't live in an oppressive religion. So it's not for boots. It's for bad things. No, because suppose you lived alright china in china, exactly and all you want to do- is get on facebook and say check. The chinese government has been repressing me. You would go to the facebook browser, the the dark, walk, dark web facebook, bright, you'd, take tour. The interesting thing about tor. Is that the way that it works as your ip address is hidden and you log onto a computer somewhere in some other country that a va. Frontier has has set up a server that some ip address, far off in some other land has set up, which then pings to another, ip address that another volunteer, another country as ping ping, all around the world, so there's no way to find you'd. So, yes, it is used for nefarious fucked up things by also it's used for journalists to dump stories so that people can live. Government officials in the trump administration of the obama administration can dump stories in,
the tour browser, so the journalists can find them and when the mormons good for whistle blowers, you're saying it's great for whistle blowers, it's great for people that live in repressive regimes at and it is great for people who want to buy heroin without leaving their house in order yeah bog with review, shares our view. The market itself rivalries. It's really looks like amazon. Does it straight up? It says: high quality, china white heroin and then you go in and it's like yummy product, the guy was real, respectful sent it to my house good! Really, yes, and that's it really funny, because its everybody's anonymize rights, where no way to verify that the drug dealer bind the drugs from is jet. So the only thing you can go on or reviews right if this person has a hundred reviews that he'll stay in business with his heroin selling business. So what else happening as you can buy, really good drugs right. It's the best place to buy drugs in the world problem. Is you have to have them ship to your home address,
the wide somebody with too many. The p o box is that's a good time for a mail box. It separately from the centre of its heroin. That's pretty good Then you do that and rain and new clothes with amano our girls with some sort of like final, oh, I forgot the most our handlers, japan panel. No, the third act is filled donoghue. I'll were in the audience and people are asking questions on camera, so anybody the once cannot or taping can I be on camera and ask a question and get him guests or guests yet of the guests and just about the topic in general. So, like we did cultural preparation, we haven't, we invited a bunch of people. We invited a local. native american community leader, and he spoke about what you know. Culture appropriation out. It affected native communities, and we have this guy. Who has a taco standard antenna lay commune white boy, tacos yeah, and he talked about why white people sell tacos in los angeles of all places. What's going on with the are you still do in the past
brennan with neil? No, we stop doing it about a year ago now- and I mean look, there's gonna some very weird, but I really do think. I know started. I really feel like that. Podcast was important and we are. I think that we started a lot of people's podcasts. A lot of our old guests out now have their own podcast that are really successful and thriving mia, and I and I don't think it's because of us while yet why mean well? First of all, I am glad you feel that way by yourself in your to contravene sounds, thereby I don't. I always nice, but I like it. Almost everyone has a pocket. No, I know- and this is gonna get into some weird territory butler outline. Our podcast was, as you know, it was me in the two white guys interviewing blacks, elaborate right right and when we started it was met with you, fire fighting. I remember, and a lot of the guests had never been on up, a lot of our guests never been on or even really worried, familiar with pod gathering and
At the other end of it, a lot of them were like this is awesome. We should start them and there's a lot one of our own and a lot of the podcast right now that are really popular in new and exciting our former guess not enough. We need now tonight well of course. Well, no, I mean the fact that a lot of times people come and they're like. I can do this. Do you know any like other is a freedom to a new simplicity too and energy. we'll do the hounds tooth is that when it is under a hunter, it's a bad now what county bad and I mean I'm just gonna counter a tall dark. I told you, I don't know what the fuck you were thinking. It said, ned, nothing, it was a spook. It's a schooner ism, which I found out. What is schooner ism, which is like a word that the county town hall, ok right, yeah low? I get it again like even our earlier when it was of noxious. How proud I was of myself, I'm the opposite of that with it when it comes to the name of this, but had guessed, but I actually asked the people that the listeners like such as the name suggests Mozart, because her town hall serious, and they all said that we ve come to love this terrible them all.
I'll good, the ones that contacted me with memorable yeah. It's something yeah it's, but I still do that one month and I love it. That's monthly, yes, monthly, okay, and that's why I started this. This show is because I did this monthly podcast, where I was guaranteed to have I'm sure you relate to this guaranteed to have a good conversation. want them, one right on the right about quantum physicists on and I've had a hasty means audits and psychologists and and intellectuals, and it just really fun for me to have that kind of conversation, especially for my approach, which is kind of like this, that this sort of buffoon? Really? How do you think you're buffoon? I think that the cop is like highbrow lowbrow, where you are coming to a curious us with curiosity and in no real knowledge of how to talk about it. That's exactly yeah! I think that's just a a Listen here, security of a person. S speaks to my relations. Human
I don't know, maybe by like I've, I've. I've had a few conversations in here and I like to do that. Occasionally, where you know it's not about personal stuff, but it's really about. Like I had said, Kenya is in here to talk about. A heroine wrote that book dreamland dreamland he's a journalist. Anna was spectacular. Island though seattle, the converse yeah raise it. Aswan came in and talked about faith, and but reza did our show as well yeah, and we that was a really awesome episode. Yet was just it. It had this intersection of real comedy and real, and most we had no ads good. That he's great he's got a good story about his wife, a real curiosity and scarlet scholarly approach to a faith and belief and stuff. I the conversations or are vital right now, vital and evolving and require sensitivity and vulnerability and tolerance. Theirs
tremendous lack of tolerance in a world where everyone is a platform to be a dick immediately. Would that's actually what that's actually what the internet changing our brains? Conversation is come to his like. There is a reason that political discourse has gotten simultaneously so toxic and so shallow right right as we. What happens is because of the internet feeding a scene. It knows we want in order to keep our brains and our eyes locked on are screen here. It's not gonna, give us stuff that make us push the computer screen away and say I can't deal with it. It slowly, feed or or worse yet ass, his boring, oh yeah, eggs. oh yeah, and also you can respond immediately before the information you get is even process the process and it gives you what you want, and europe following after there's, this varied stark and dire quote that I saw recently heard recently, which is that, if the, if you're not paying for the product, you are the product, oh yeah, to a I e, the other pro.
Does you product as you, and so we are on facebook? And you don't pay for facebook understand. You are not the customer, the customers them it's like that joke. I used to do What was it was on my ninety five hbo special: it's not a tool, you're a tool yeah exactly right, got me. Imagine how much more stark it's gone since ninety. Ninety five, I was the guy had said it was a fad. Yet while never- Labelling together said that they'll never be a president. In brok, hussein, obama, F and then and then look. We have then look what happened here then and then look it up and then look what happened. I know which one is the anomaly right Gentlemen? I am a tower in anomalous time. Yet that's for fucking chair, I mean it is so funny in a terrible, I'm weeping at the edge of the earth as the ice caps may away that we thought we had broken through. to the ultimate new layer of tolerance and understanding with brok, obama and then decide. Oh
they are heirs. Your back a worthwhile come welcome to america yeah whatever this is so right, you're the tool good. It sounds great man, I'm handed area April. Eighteenth is our debut sort. The tuesday return to try to ask I'm not sure when this goes up tomorrow. Night, ok, sure or yesterday s good talking. You thanks marked motion cash. Your watch problematic for marriage, tuesday April eighteenth on uncommonly central there, I like mosher and he's to be doing well in that it makes me happy, because you know member, when these get these, these guys were kids I remember when they were kids. a baron von is about to enter your head. I've known baron a while he's been around I've been kind of half,
I am here and there we ve talked about. Maybe I'm coming on the show. I am my issues with him initially, but who don't? I have issues with initially, you can see baron on grace and frank. Which is now in season three and on the new mystery science theater three thousand both are streaming on netflix right now, so I should mention. Bear made a documentary for fusion about finding his father called fatherless, and we talk about that. You're here is tat. About it right now, This is me Baron VON the I you know this been a long time coming. Kinda, oh yeah, I've held you back hell gr, I've kept. Yet he had me in third grade when I should be in sixth well I mean I had to wait for you to be in sixth, I dunno. If you should be in sick no I mean it was you know, I can't do it. I guess I was thinking about what you know what it was was. When did I fucking may your canada was it like
I believe that, first of all, it was at a a bottle, not a great performing situation. I think like what a vague hoover I d been dave. Foley was around like I feel like of bar. You were doing a show and maybe wasn't the first time I met you, but it might be the first time I noticed you to paid attention. Yet the thing was was It- it was a dumb old, timey pet peeve I had in a young. You can either go If I it or not early on. When I saw you my you know, I I thought you're good on stage you did the you know the different voices. He had some characters. You did a thing. I could people the stage, that's what he has. I know that line where'd. You learn that line from you the way where'd you Really you are talking about here, tiber cosby by four but back before we knew it. He was a monster. I I ripped that off though I mean that I didn't make that up that some. That was in a critic, a critic said that about you know bill, and I think
please. Do I linear price, a lot of people, their pride arrayed exactly I love that thing. So when I watched you, there was part of the I. My initial thought was like disguising actor. Who wants to be a comic yeah? this guy's an actor whose using comedy as the way in yes, that's a lie If the comedians of your generation that wrote me off until they started to listen and being like. Oh he's, actually saying some stuff: okay, no! No! No, it wasn't. You were funny actually god. Let me rest in peace. You know he said a similar thing to me tat. For me entirely in would be the guy that of all the people in a fucking pod. I got. I hope now that it yeah. I was like one, those weird people, they tat light and it was, I started my career, so why do you like me a week? As you know, you know it's been a mega, though he said that to he said that to me. Yeah, because I mean look, I I was an actor, I am an actor. I went to the theatre school and all that stuff.
but all of that, in a way. It was a distraction from the fact that I always wanted to be a stand. Europe shirt because I grew up. Watching stand above a comedy nerd right unit. that's what it is. The chopped come through. You know, like a you know, acting chops come through because even somebody like Robert Klein who went to yale yeah, he's actor you re united. We like he's another guy that I have sort of. it's not a wall but, like you know, he's a you know: you're a comic he's a comic, but you can see the chops okay. I and that's how I mean. I'm not saying it's a bad thing out your your hero. We were hashing it out yeah, but that's always why I've always thought I was kind of like a perfect guest for you, as made, because you kind of see when you go, I'm sure you're a thing: that's I was how I felt, but you like you. Definitely you know you. You do a lot of different like there's. Also an envy there, like you, know, you're able to go in and out of these characters and- and you know, you've gotten funnier, but it was just It is something generational where there is some sort of ship on that ship
the guys who saw a sort of especially out here. You know, like you, You start to realize about stand up. Is the you if you're an actor yes hard to get see unless you get called in yeah, but if you're a stand up, you can get seen almost anytime. You want yeah, it's the end. That's then, then, so you have this influx of people who are taken up stage to right, and then you get diehards like me, you're, like you know, if you're actor and you're, if you're a comedian, you're still shit, you know whatever but uh. You know, but where do you where we from I was born in new mexico? me too. I was lived there. I lived in new mexico, I know I know I looked you up and it said poor towels and I'm like what the fuck yeah portales new mexico. Why would you like that's nowhere near where I grew up? But but it's it's over by texas yeah, it's closer to texas kind of the eastern's part of new mexico. Born in ports palace. My eye was born nineteen, eighty, my my pair,
is a whole situation. That's active part, the reason I'm here they made a documentary we're about finding my father and all this stuff left before I was born. You know my mom is nineteen. He was twenty one way like right before you were born. Why he? He did the thing so there's only a nine month window they ever he can cut out when it was revealed that my mother was pregnant? That's when he's like nodded, realize I, as far as I know the true yeah, so, but why? Why would I doubt that the wire, what what what why purport talus well, college they're called eastern demetrio university. Yes, so that when they were both attending also they were student. Yes, there stood they work where we were, they from my mom was from what little littler smaller town called to him. Carry, I know too, can carry not to come in the first place. I remember that's really where I grew up I'd places in new mexico, yeah yeah, All town, partly population, five thousand yeah. What about I wonder? What brought her family there? Well prosper.
Eddie you no kind of looking back in the past and learning a little bit more about my found was passed. now. The one of the reasons I it is. These are things that of. been interesting to me yeah as I've gotten older. I am working on myself. Sure going european finding out Oh we never talked about the past ever ran like I just didn't, have any make like where my mom was born. I didn't know simple things: right: did you find out? no, how did she saw around yeah she, someone cartoon she was born in the university. I don't even remember we don't talk about it that much, but I ask her. I think he was born in new mexico. While she thought she was in germany on a military base year, but she wasn't, she was born into mexico, so there's military back there. My yes, my grandfather herman was in though it was in the knowledge. So no new mexico yeah. Why I mean it's a using because, like there's another element to it, it's like I don't eat you know with africa. Americans in Tucumcari yeah It is a lot therein were alive
and there I am fortalice do I think you know it seems to be that the history my family looks like we started in north carolina right, slowly kind of may our way west, you know through tennessee, in Oklahoma, homa taxes than new mexico. I guess there was a movement west, slow, migration, yeah away yeah. His taxes is there's a lot of black people in texas, while in the south I dont know why, though, I don't know why there will be a lot about. You can go via that. You go that far back now, there's no historic here, three, no contacts there! Why thereby allow nor your mom is born in the other. Why there's gonna black people now thousands said now you don't to deal with. Is that my me on my problem? I don't even know about now obviously idea but yeah I mean like poor toucan carries the small town in a real smoke. six was the main street We were there. I was there a couple months ago, really yeah megan this dock
crack in the whole thing you're gonna. Might I add my mom took me to pour talus showed me around. The place I was born in that it dont. Remember it at all. Right and you didn't live there, no up small, small, small baby, but not where where'd you go after that to conquer also that was okay, so she went back there. Her folks were there well it was my mama's nineteen. Everyone was mad at her for having this baby. Are you the only baby? Ah then, I was a little sisters now but worth with a thirteen year, age gap. I my grandmother super progressive was like getting abortion finnish college via my great grandparents were like. Had sex outside marriage. God is mad yet, but I have it here. Well yeah. I guess but then they can all abandoned her. A little bit left her to her own devices. Here, two years after that, my great grandparents always she came and got me from where from two can carry the came, ok or talus got me and raised me them so,
wolves, great grandpa, great grandparents. I was raised by them in a little house in tucumcari new mexico until my mom got out of college about eighty five and she took you back. She took me and then we moved to las Vegas nevada- oh my god yeah and that's where I mostly grew up. I was in vegas until I went to college at boston university where I went where you so we are to get the new mexico have often university, and now it's weird so now. I know why you're here, so your great grandpa What were they like coming with? That must I may I imagine that probably a good situation on some level. Yes, and no I mean they were, they were hard people. You know they're, like classic black southern baptist people very strong. People church was literally in the back yard. I mean that I mean that, like it was there
if they were on the land that the church owned or had he built a house right there on the land high. My great grandfather built it with his own hands. He was worked in the lumberyard. He was a carpenter, he knew all the stuff, no kidding like a quote. Unquote the hands. Man is the house. Still there yeah, really It was at a trip. Yes, the clock is, and we went up to it and there is a fan living in it that we actually knew they lived across the street. So when my great grandparents passed away, my grandmother sold a house to them. So several generations now a couple of generations: will we walked up and they ve? They saw my mom in their like, oh, my goodness, and then they saw me. Like what you were by whom he saw you last no kin yeah, that's crazy, he's crazy stuff, and so so you you leave new mexico in your five yeah they're myers in another manner Y know No, we just went to vegas because I can't even I can't even thought of going. There now bothers me Well, it's burden,
well, my grandmother was already there right. My mom had me we grew up in vegas, went to school in vegas and then spent the summer's into mexico gonna her pattern right, so we went there because at the time he moved Firstly, like the maid made eightys to the early ninetys vegas was the fastest growing sitting on states church very low cost of living jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, you go mom work, my mom when we got there, she had probably two or three jobs, it differently, retail, clothing stores year and then the mirage opened ria and when a casino opens vegas, it's like an now here's five thousand jobs right, so she got a job there. about eighty nine. I want to say something at the mirage at the mirage. Yeah so did. Where did you grow up going cause? That's what I I just don't! I don't have a sense of vegas. You know as a where people live well and to give you a saint mark, its high. I'll tell you now that it's, but that it that's a big reason that it's weird there
because there's not a lotta outdoor stuff here to me feels like when people try to do outdoors have tried it impersonate, the suburbs. A hundred and twenty five degree grass. Does anyone grow these little league game, everyone s gonna, be exhausted, he highly rated hide knows unburned and it's a whatsoever. it. Just kind of stay inside in their air conditioned home run outside to their air. Conditioned car go to another air. My brother lives in phoenix. It's similar, yeah phoenix is also a is hot in here is the only eyes. That's hotter death valley. We, I kind of like it I like being out that for workers who I gotta do drugs anymore. It here you're out in that desert. For about a half hour? You, like your fought gonna, start to see things how your elders shamans here. I think that in this area- and I got some current questions- so you're in vegas and white, you were you do in high school? Do you do go gamble like that's it well
I mean my mom worked at the mirage. You didn't work in the casino part of it. She right in the warehouse like the retail warehouse I'll emerge comes there. I am I I like how you get into trouble. You don't seem like a get in trouble kind of guy, but I'm sure you're hiding some high. You know it. I do sorry danny the secret comes out now yeah. I was a latchkey kid. You know yeah so like it was me and my mom and she was at work and I usually have two or three hours at alma myself after school year from third grade Hannah onto twelve, then my grandmother moved in with us at some point mir. So me mamma my grandma year and Do we move to a different part of vegas and me while my grandma grandma and I shared a room. I slept on the floor. She slept in the bed until she got a bunk bed. Then it was super cool you and your grandma me and my grandma in a bunk bed. She got the top bunk. I got the tap out there you. I would not make her climb those stairs very nice. Here we fought. We fought over it, so yeah a bunk bed from eighth grade to twelfth grade with you
grandma with my grandmother, never invited anyone over. I wonder why I didn't yeah. So it's a small place, it was, it was an apartment. Yeah was a two bedroom apartment and so yeah I mean vegas. Is it's a strange place? You know to grow up and I was out by myself with you know, just kind of around the neighborhood. The neighborhood we were in was kind of rough. Dear friends, I did from the apartment complex definitely going through like you go out into the courtyard or whatever the apartment guy. The parking lot yeah, basically throw a ball around breaks in windows, guess and broke my arm, britain broke my arm play football, its friends and third great yeah. like a swimming pool is usually there where, as you know, a disgusting apartment, complex swimming pool but by the girl was arse near you know. So it was, it was not too is difficult living. It was ok because it was like we're. Keep your head above water neo, financially cause your mama's work.
mom was workin, but Emily workin? No, not yet. We young now How? When does the the second man come in? And while my step father probably came in about seventh sixth sixth, seventh grade somewhere around there good dude, we didn't really get a that well I'll figure supposed to last part it or not. That previous right, although for everything, I've heard it's a tough tough road yeah I mean look like we can hang out You know be in the same room with each other, but it wasn't abusive, ah near this there's. Some abuse of my childhood definitely were like physical. physical, mental emotional. You right on that guy, well from my mom in him, yeah after he showed up now your mama's oil Well, look! She! She had been probably abused herself as well, and in a church
Emily right kind of like his prey on that rhino dry, hawk about it. Yeah yeah love, pent up stuff. We turned into some addiction later. You know when I was a kid area and of like You know elementary to middle school and middle schools when it started getting pretty like. I noticed it I was getting older and I understood what you're saying I would mean what what addiction, what the drink- oh yeah, the drink here and so the legal stuff yeah. That's it! if you know to at least it's a little more, you can wrap your head around it, it's dangerous, but it's not sorted. Necessarily it's easy to get. That's right. You don't the go down like horrible paths to get it right and yet warble people here time and she was also kind I did it on her own. I'm sure she had some buddies that she went out with sure she would kind of. There was a time where it was like she would come home from work self medicated, right, yeah, sit there
you know in a and room romeo she came out. It was a different person. So not pattern modifying person, I guess not a fun persons. I find the area depends on the day for awhile right yeah, but but I am also a walking reminder of the fact that she was abandoned, so that kind of you know is a kind of a concoction. It turns a person to a comedian yeah, but that's interesting. Go that's something you you were able to identify later. I imagine you in the last couple of years right That's that's pretty deep right yeah, because I personally like my father, a lot he did was, did they were they? I guess they were so young, it's hard to know what you know, what your house substantial, that relationship with other then, and they see it differently as they
would, but that is the most important piece of the puzzle to me is that they were young right. I didn't know what the hell they were doing. Suddenly there was this reality that they couldn't deal with. Both of them were, like my parents are going to freak their respective parents did yeah, and so they, both with it in their own ways by you notice. When I was telling people I was gonna go meet him. People like are you mad? How could you do this to you? I'm like he didn't do it to me. Actually, I wasn't even alive this happen. My mom here No, I graham later an end. You know, because of the circumstances that she was in, that turned her into the person she was in. It became a thing for me. later, you know, but her and I we healed. You know we. We made peace in college and stuff like that. So I consider her when my best friends now, oh yea, very you, know, she's been sober for a really long time all these great things. Oh you a good relationship, but still it doesn't negate what happened.
Sure, because I'm still learning like all that's my mommy issued like stuff, they still keep shall not well yeah would have to imagine that at some point the abandonment issues do play into your own story is well. You know not having that that far figure early on right absolutely is in that has to do with my relationship to my may illness. You know. This is actually where comedy comes in, because this is when I started to look to tv, for models like how old were you. You think this, Probably fifth. Sixth, seventh grade. You got a that time on your yeah, like there, merv griffin show in those after does actually alarm back in new mexico. I was a big fan of nick at night, right would show not only all these old black and white sitcoms, but the original esa nels yeah. Five years, as he tv yeah laughing.
carry on at the right right, an die and flip wilson show for wilson, sir. I ween I be watching all that stuff, absorbing it a high. Then, as I got older, move to vegas, it was sort of the time the comedy central stew. That. Would you know, as you remember, channel and ha combined attention span theatre watching it mystery science theater, three thousand watching it yeah we norville take the whole learn wiener and his purpose taken at all, and so I started to see comedians. You know specially black comedians that I was kind of looking up to people like prior eddie murphy and using all the young guys to at that point? Yap Warren Hutcherson? Yes, yes, worn partisan lance carruthers Dave Chapelle. Obviously, Chris rock all those people were kind of starting to come up. I was already looking up to prior and and those carried out of the established ones. But at that time, on coming central the great thing about
here that I was on, which you I didn't appreciate, but that there were just so many clips young comics because they shot us all for different things and they'd repurpose it so others, just a never ending stream of you know eight to twelve minutes He says yeah have all these young cats who are now like. You know I used to have worn and he you know he's a. He went on to be a big rider, but his like his bits were great. I should talk to him. Yeah camel yes. Do you nomes around personally around now yale known personally, but so that's all soap and you're like this is a way to deal with the world yeah, and actually we had h, b, o as well. So I was watching def comedy jam. I was watching h, b, o specials. I was watching the h b, o comedy half hours so I was absorbed all that and then probably the most important thing. I love you lose half our deal here,
it's the old worse, one, that real old one. Where he's kind of angry it might actually be up on h, b, o now and hb ago. They put up a lot of those old specials and I'm like what, like it's pretty amazing, remembered noticing this fury in his face, but he's doing pretty yo yo ma mainstream stuff foo, but he was very intense. I'll have to watch that again and probably the the important thing that I saw is Robert Townsend had a better special called partners and crime. Yet he did a couple of them yet and it was like stare up and say you'd see like tommy davidson, unlike sinbad and some people, but then he would do these short films which were sketches right and it was sort of free and living colored. As we have all the wanes. Is it have parliament It have robin harris, it have like you know, luanda page
would show up in harrow, yeah I'll become a one place year and it was sort of like two generations and I and then, of course I followed in living color when that started because of like oh, I just saw those, and he did that movie though he was doing that powder shuffle yeah the one who you the first guy to get all that press for stringing along his credit cards at the independence yes made movie as good movie, and what was black community was like where you are grown up while there black community in vegas. We were in fourth las vegas, which was cut. of more of a black enclave yeah, you could say ah, but we moved when a mom got the the job at the mirage. We move closer to the strips as right, so her commute wasn't insane like it was her or I I I I didn't really have a sense personally of a black community around me. I think that's what you get from those shows. You know I'm going out and shouts yes, that there is one and then there's a defined
I just watching it in sitcoms right and I was outside its interesting, but it's also is a little bit of now. I know that my mom is really paranoid because of them, Had we lived in shoes, paranoid about me being outside, didn't want me to be outside with with, because, with the early ninetys and it was like every single news story was like he's black he's angry he's coming near. You dont know why, at five and Larry what that's everyone I know, including me. So there was this fear of violence on the top right which dissipated and I didn't cause, you know. A big thing is that we didn't go to church once a move back vegas like the kind of the the relationship the church was. Was it ploughed into your head? Pretty strong, I mean you, you know was its second nature to you where you believer, you know what believed in was performance. Like my purse, Preacher than I had was the first comedian that I like her because he was on stage entertaining an audience. I sat starts and that's that's where I got the bug.
Wheel was wanting. I used to want to be a preacher, you know, but it was really that I wanted to be on stage talking to people or, I think, a lot of them due to the fact that ha ha the it's a good read in our israeli ragged for a lot of people through work, the road while I gotta go, in a tent with you. You know you gotta go year of your preacher, open mike's! Yes, there. I guess, are our preacher open micro? Usually just you get a? What is it? I guess, a lesser position: you're the associate, pastor, yea associate people in hollywood boulevard right now with your quickly with speakers going Listen to me that the open migratory abridgment has tough gig I so where do you find yourself. Are you going to Boston? How did that happen? Well, and I was in middle school, okay, so I've always been really educated was important in my grandmother, education, good student and when till I got made fun of until like of teachers like everyone needs to be more like baron, and then I got bullied
like all right, that's it nothing but be when was this is like this. Is you, but in the middle school yeah man. I don't want to stick out motorway. My grandma taught me to write curse. I was in. Kinda gardener was like knowing things that other kids didn't like a red, really well middle school issue. I could read off the page without making any mistakes, so we'd have like english class in here baron reed and I would do voices and do all the stuff the you are ahead of the curves ahead of the curve. So I was an eighth grade and the young, the librarian at my middle school, was the wife of the principle of the brand new performing arts high school in las vegas. Really so they were like you need to audition for that place. I went talk to her missus Gary.
And then I got my application learned. A monologue had no idea what a monologue was: witness addition for this high school and then I ain't goin high school there at the performing arts high school in vague, las vegas academy that fuckin gift sexy. It will thank god for that right, especially because I had some kids that for the school are supposed to go to had kids. I knew there like when you went to high school killing you right like ok, I need not go here, so it was its first, your heart that you got in there. I was probably ralph, like maybe two or three years before I got there, those. citing in priority a well founded, and you have things were happening. Yeah people were excited out it and do it was one of the top. schools and I know how it is now a probably still is just because it is an art school, so kids test well because when you turn, learning may make learning fun. Guess what People retain knowledge, but you have to learn other basics. I meant, of course, near we had regular high school classes ryan. We would Our major we'd have to those classes
yeah and what was your major theatre, so you're doing the acting. I was doing acting washing stand up your time. Did you think I did sing a little bit yeah from musicals you know I did it marked nine hours, which ones You know I never got cast in. I want to say that, like the biggest part that I played in high school was fagin in all of our Yeah fear member that do and die, and I was kind of in some others have little shop, a horrors, yeah fame, and then I in I school part of my junior year when people everyone started talking about college. I was like, oh, what am I going to do and then I realized that you can actually study theater at college. You can actually study acting. So you looked around because boss university has pretty girl like one of the better theatre programme yeah. When I have not known for it, I dont think. Maybe it is now, but it was good. It is to actors we, as you know, we were supposedly in the top three school. Yet when I went there and
that's. One of the reasons I applied like nine school to them, like its subjective, who's, gonna, someone's gonna, think I'm stuck the ottomans gonna! Think I'm great. So where are you? Why and why you juilliard big ones, iggy melon yale, oh, no, not yale, yell doesn't have a so an underground regrets right, that's right! Where else webster universities, carnegie mountain anyway, you, yes, those are big joy. I am you yeah likes unit university evans, bill, indian, all these schools that I had research about theatre about theatre, yeah, so bossin universe city, even though it was one of the more expensive schools. They luckily gave me like a good little scholarship, nice. I ended up being able to afford to go to it, even though I'm still paying some loans off, and you did there Four years did four years of acting yeah, oh man, so that they, I know where that is. I bet I took an acting class or two up there. Did you browse english major did you take? I was in stage true
thousand in non, acting major stage thing. You know where we put on show. Did you take any classes from acting he just Robert young enough. He was there were there. There was a man named Jim spool me. I remember him. Oh you do here. He is very adamant about teaching acting the people who work there to study acting. He thought its absence. In that everyone. I think he was the head of the school for awhile. Wasn't he? Maybe I dunno I dunno. If he ever talked to mike chiklis he's a graduate, oh yeah from Bu yeah, oh cool yeah. They they turned out a couple of people you now yeah julianne, more alfred muttered, some people that I liked bites yeah. I went there and it was probably my junior was a summit between myself and my juniors or do a stand up in boston in Boston, no kin Victoria
comedy vault. Yes sure the vault, the vault right there on the am whilst- and I was in and out of it because it was like theatre school- was so demanding that I can only go to one show on sunday or monday that I could go to perform to perform yet so I did stand up in boston, probably for about a year and a half ish before I moved to new york at when you grow wait when I graduated you graduate two thousand three, so even when comedy for fourteen years and while let me think I would think it was the summer of two thousand and one so yeah about two years in Boston and so coming up on. Sixteen no kidding yeah. How you totally surprised mother surprise! I gotta, maybe you're, not maybe you are come up comic here, maybe maybe I'll change. My how I have you framed in my head. Please so you go to new york to do comedy I go to new york for various reasons and in a graduated school.
And I ended up going to this thing- called the wings town theatre festival right after school year in ways tat mass media, western mass and with what they were theatre festival there and they were you performing yeah. I had like a little internship like an acting internship and I was able to audition for stuff in new york. The pierre casting directors. Came there right. Okay, at one of those things where it's like. If you do this, you get seen by them, yes, exactly yeah and then ended up getting cast in this a small part in his play on broadway, and that was my first job in new york and what theater the manhattan theatre club, oh yeah, yeah. I one more theater, which I think was knew at the time and it was cool because alfre woodard was in it another, be you, along with any mackey a couple of different actors: alfre woodard, grey, yeah, she's, fantastic! We keep in touch you. Do we do yeah, that's cool she's great!
and at a bit part in that and I moved to new york doing that and then it was over after like three months and then I was just in new york. We go without a job, another guy's, an actor in my roommate, be like the rent, though the rent tillers. That way that was in when you have a story. No that was of the first place. I lived was in spanish, harlem area, and it was like a thief. bed room that four of us were living and I lived with her at a roommate and literally we shared room and a real air advance, said no added irma air matters that when have gave me and then one day someone stepped on it and it like undid. This india. So then there was his huge up in the middle of the air mattress. I d slept on four like another five months. Something really couldn't afford it. Air mattress could not afford an air mattress the horror and then a friend gave me a bed tough time friend from long island game like old, trundle bed that they had its always nice with oranges. Gives you a bad idea. I gave my big through Tom
did the guy across the hall from me when I left the lower east side. Oh nice and like here you go. He was appreciative too. As he's a painter swept on the floor yeah I did. I gave him a go to bed, I this stood apartment on avenue, second street, between a in the eighties and when it was scary. It was still scary little bit just at the end of that, but I bought this huge futon framed it took over the entire thing it was on the forum, like I got a little money, I'm going to buy a frame and took up the entire room this spring, but it turned into a cow tray now know was like straight up like frame bed for all, go in frame pretty so it didn't move none it was just there yeah taken up space, the horror room, yeah, whatever I gave it to the guy. Ok yeah, he was happy I don't have. A change is painting, maybe around him. I don't know, maybe I'd downfall. He was meaning from his pain and I'll give it a good night's leaving this aesthetic, wife sleeping on the floor like a monk, and I gave him
jerry toppled him just that I had no idea. You could see the comfort and all his brush area over that's it but So how long are you in new york, before you get the first to what? What type of gig, where you go? How much time did you have? Is a comic at that point, like twenty twenty five, what oh man I mean why I got to be organised to bring or shows an open, MIKE's and there were like ha. I was doing. I met, stand up new york, yeah and the old gotham right, the one on yea yet, and I got room. It was just a perfect We are always you're better than a new and useful yeah new ones too big, and thus ceilings are high in the weird bombs were thereby like that old one was like a good jazz club. Now, that's how good the agree, as I was kind of good. So I was doing. Those in thy kindest are to meet couple comics were younger, that we're doing independent shows that started doing more. what were you around for the for the eugene merman dominated, dare seen you
was just a little bit before me, bring them up or what invite them up: yeah, yeah, the refi and all that yeah yeah. The thing about your generation is, you guys actually did stand up in comedy club right so and then you started to do that. Stand up in places that weren't club and then the generation behind you would just doing only the places that were the alternative in bright. They weren't doing clubs. Everything but interesting when you think about their like, as like people like hannibal and homes, and who may I did clubs there, my generation their chicago get in canadian, though chicago's I think, did clubs. Well, that's what happens. Thirdly, we came and the the alt seen before us, the second wave you I was was more exclusive than the clubs right? So then we bruno and we had a hand in both. We had a foot in both right cause. I would do stand up new york, like I said in gotham, and then I would do ha here and there. Yet, when comics opened, I became like their house mc for some reason, I've been where I met you yeah might open free there. I think that's right.
For us, the packing district go without a very that was a luxurious club, the just in the and in last, Everyone was always like houses places where you have them for me. I remember yeah cause I I opened for I got to do a lot of shows there that I was really happy to do. You know like I opened for you. I remember opening tompkins Larry Miller, the early interesting with jets too bad that clubbed in fuckin make it yeah. It was a. It was a nice little club. It was- issues is the tide. Mario ambitious market yeah we yet If the pain was almost like, you don't yeah, I don't think it should be payments. Much money I mean I came up in new york- am my is probably too much money. well, and you know, because that's the other thing about new york is paid spots. Sue me showing up to a show, I'm literally taking money out of comics pockets, the older generation are like you're taking a spot for me, that's my fifty dollars. What do you mean when you do a guest spot or some know if I get passed into a club yeah?
I am now away. That's no way to look at it. I mean I'm leaving. That is how I looked at it. I'm saying I think some of those guys looked at it. That way. I guess mean you know, I I don't I mean, but it's more on the club, betting on you dead I didn't internalize it does it. I would like. I don't belong. You know right right because I didn't chased the alt scene You know I kind of I randomly met in a cruel and in a week often, I said: hey you at us over the plot, the thing reindeer and he's like you can do it and then suddenly I was doing a lot of those rights and then the generation came through your in between yeah because I would have never locked into the mainstream scene yeah I never locked into the club scene. I did meet a lot of great comics there. I started to come over because I remember I was in new york already and doing shows when Hannibal showed up yet when Eric Andre showed up camille and pete. I met pete early I remember when John Joline started near so it's like I was already around, and
in in Schumer showed up in nearly all these different people right, so it's like and Julia mccullough, and just all these all these p shirt, and you are that crew of that of that crew, yeah yeah and our union acting parts you going out for parts. What are you doing well at the time, was working at a law firm actually after the broadway show, ended as to have a sort of law like two years that before the college's yes yeah, because I was auditioning for commercials and stuff right you're doing the acting things do Acting thing got a commercial was able to quit my job booked a few other mercilessly marshall aol commercial, remember correctly, nea and his men when they had come
rules or when they had a welfare, and then I was able to support myself, offer that quit my day job and was doing stand up all night auditioning during the day to expendable night and then slowly transition into doing colleges in college. I started to dry up bout await and then started transitioning more until I actually looking acting roles you getting good ones, acting balls and early on, not any good ones. I or new york still yeah. I had I was doing bit parts on shows here, an area like you know. Of course there were the beach one talking head shows in them like. I was at that point call like I love the eighties and best. We gather we're like hot, just like some sort of cultural bottom hitting
it was like every bite yeah. I they wouldn't pay. They only paid certain people and it was like you're going to get exposure, but no one cares who I know. No one cares about me as the biggest rack in the world. It was a hell, my boy you'd, be on t v, but boy people be like that five seconds. That guy was on tv, let's get him, so he did all that shit yeah was, all that stuff and then probably too thousand nine is actually booked. A pilot like a role on a show ya: the show didn't go right but it was a nice paycheck were taught what pilot was that it was called canned was the name of it. It was like the the what's. It called the she had drawn hold gear, and so people were writing, shows about people dealing with that right. This I was about, like a bunch of investment bankers who all got fired on the same day and had to kind of like redefine their lives, writes a b c multicam sitcom, where a guy will experience on yeah
at the experience like I do: multi canican memorize lines globally it in that machine of white, doing the exact opposite. starting in yeah, rewriting in work and re writing leyden pages here. Do it now in front of an audience here, like ok and in the night, you're after that, a book to pilot that ended up going to series and I went to bank hoover to do that by what might what, which was that's, how fairly legal, the usa Oh yeah show how long that's down two years for your work I was there. I invite twenty to twenty three upsurge: gallant, maybe like middling, twenty episodes, yeah pretty good you're just above your clothes were just above entry level yeah, it was great and horrible. At the same time, it is great to be employed, but when I went to bed. hoover when I learned that I have some really intense depression anxiety, because I was bidding by myself
city. I knew no one in a lot and just like not getting out of bed for weeks eating cheery it is better work. Yes basis. I don't know anyone at I had stage. I did know any comic cells like I can't go up, fell into yourself. You gotta went out yeah, but I also like I don't want a like big, dick, my way in the shows like being like. Hey people, know me in the states. I just didn't feel like that was classy. That might be, where you're not quite a comic that that might be the one flaw that you have. Are you sure that the depression and the anxiety don't get me? They'll get yeah, okay, perfect? The idea that you wouldn't goes away. It's like where's, my leg. How do I get on? I just you know it's like. I knew that
was the scene in vancouver. It's humility, it's not a bad thing, but right because also like what, if they hate me, you know what, if I like, don't do well in like oh, this guy said he was big in the states cause no one's good. I guess I dunno how much of that I have, but you sort of hope you. You know you go meet a couple of comics and you know that you, without being you know, swinging dick sort of innate eventually will go like we will get on. You know well and then I year that I was there in vancouver in vancouver. There was a guy on the crew who happened to know a lot of comics. He hooked me up with some people and so the second year I was there. I ended up doing a lot of spots and then ended up doing that that comedy festival in vancouver as well right which ended up being and that's another reason I probably got super depressives not doing any. I went don't go on stage for like five six months. We are bad and I'd never taken ass, though I were how'd, you handle the depression, but what did you learn to do? What will happen? Why didn't know I was depress. I just thought this is how I feel like good too right, and then I was talking to a friend of mine who
is much older than me about twenty years old, the comic and she was telling her like guys. I want to get out of bed and I've been in bed for like two weeks. I've been showering with with dishwasher soap and eating nothing but cheerios and she's, like I think, you're depressed and I'm like. Oh That's what ah, I just thought the world was heavy, ok, ok, is reasonable. Well, you know because also like ours thing in this, this apartment, where, if I was in the back bedroom, I could get internet. I can get a good signal and I could be instant messaging. My friends all day, so what I started doing to solve this problem is I left my computer in the living room. If I go to the living room, yeah would be at the bed yeah and I would open it up and sit in bed all day- oh my god, but just getting out of bed to go check my computer. That was step one step one and I'm like well. I'm up. I might as well take a shower and take a shower like well. I took a shower might as well go outside nah, I'm gonna go back to bed, but then I did go outside see a handle
my maybe it wasn't clinical depression as much as it was just alienation, yet a little bit of all that stuff, but also yes, I've never been diagnosed. ass, like I don't know that I get on the medicines chemical think night. I didn't yeah so you're, just here, yeah lonely and said yes, and I was lonely and sad and be like a man, I'm really lonely and sad. This is how I feel when I'm with others who yea and then started trying to handle that, and so you do that they can the shall be made to money, cancel the show I made some money. Unfortunately, I had a business manager who stole it has had a story, goes wrong, At that level, usually with avons at much more money level- and I am still go still green- I didn't vet like someone was like this I know a guy in the night. Take the corridor I filed my
allergies cause there's like a statue to limitless, like I'm still within my rights to file charges, but the dude's missing or where he's gone like he's just we can't keep track of him. You know he we can't find him can track him down. So it's like and also like here's, the other thing he spent them. Yeah like it's, not in a mattress waiting for me. It's just it's gone, get in touch with the shitty business manager. A friend of mine put me in touch with him, and the friend also was horns waggled. That's how easy it is yet, but it's it's a pretty short con. You gotta, get a couple guys and know your number and get out and that's what he did he get. He did the short con. He kind of played a bunch of people, took a lot of my money and then bounced farrago. Well, you know eleven, live and learn that when he moved away yeah I moved to allay after I got that vancouver show and I would like all the same. The west coast is three hour flight, so moved out here and then yeah.
involved that and then, after the show, was cancelled in work for like two two and a half years is kicking around. Here you had already there dont comedy and doing the road. You know and feel. Like I came home one day and there was a summons on my front door. I had been sued by pass university for defaulted stood alone really, oh yeah! It wasn't even that much has a lot to me but like for you, mercy to sue me for this amount of money and then someone me. Oh, it's actually. Phenomenon is like a bunch of schools who they gave you a government loan, government is on them out of the recession right, the governor. Where's our money, boston, you in the boston's, like we learned that this guy will soon, and so I got sued in, I do not have the money to pay this, I'm amber falling to the council. That's it I'm dying I'm a comedy and done with acting than a move, I'm going to get out of here, but I ended up like just kind of
bottom. If you will hear, according quote I sort of was like. I need an attitude adjustment and so started kind of going toward the path. I guess to mental health and like trying to have a better dude trying to trying to figure out what is it that I want to happen? What are you reading books? You talk. Do a guru you gonna therapy, talking at what was mostly talking to a lot of my friends who were intelligent, the area reading books, therapy here and there, and then you know more normally now that I can afford it. That's the iron how'd! You deal with that summons! Ah! Well, they food me in Boston, where I don't live, and so I didn't show up the court so, or are awarded amount. That was twice the amount that even owed in the first place there by who, by this creditor. Oh they sold my credit, they sold my debt to this lawyer near the lawyer in boston suit. Me took me to court, I didn't show up here
and they were like. Oh will you automatically default win, so we're going to give you twice as much as the ward, so I worked out a payment plan with them a little bit and bytes, because the money was being stolen at the same time, the kind of took awhile dad time figured out yeah. It's all that's gotta happening at the same time. in raw that was being sued. I wouldn't a job I was living by myself. You know but you ve out of the wreckage I crawled out of it yet jav girl. I had a girlfriend time, who was also very depressed. Great any potheads. So I started smoking weed alot there perfectly smoking weed from the depressed places in the healthiest. Now you just said to send you further down the whole no slows down. So it's like. Oh I'm depressed, but now it's been last for a long time. Yeah yeah man on the tv like I'm living inside a pillow, what it was so and then I start
crawl, my way out of that little by little and started to put some stuff together and kind of like it took four issuers, luckily being employed on the netflix, o grayson Frankie help get me out of the financial whole year and that must be amazing idea, stilled indeed in whammy lily. But you got you here. I have a try, and tried we're trying to. I don't quite understand it, but a year they eat people get to sir nature, I do I do. I need to do that, but also like. I think that she also like she's, just not is connected to phones and e mail rules as we are she's, always generation working with them with jane and fond and lily tom when in martin sheen among them right there. This is really your first. In a sense, you know, although we without free woodward, when you were a kid, is one thing, but now you're a regular on a show with these legends. It's gotta be profound of it. downing yeah improved for better and worse. Yet there there
the pretty amazing. You know to be around lily a hero, mind as well, like I was laughing when I was a young gun, a young and am ring eating a oh man. She did that character. I was telling her how much I loved ernestine his name that character and then she like did the snort laugh and I almost cried. I was like. Oh, that was really important to me, goes out and sort of. Does one woman shows yahoo rates like a greatest hits type of thing yank she does. She got shows coming up yeah. I could is that a some theatre that I was at to you before, they are coming up and I think she doesn't mixture of of film foot agent and live things and I again at work and play theatres all right, no no, no! I was just wag. I always wonder what they're doing I'm missing right now. You know like his I was like. Does she just do a straight stage show like she used to, but I think she actually does sort of a retrospective yeah I haven't got to see. Yet you know it's fine too cause. We had a talk once cause. I asked her about like kind
her path in hollywood and all that stuff. As she was telling me when she got off laughing and she did a bunch of like specials on, I think like a b c and cbs because of right until you got gather. Righty shows us how you got your own sketchy shells did she did Richard prior show hurt yes exactly, he had pryor her herschel yell, but she said that like lot of the people that were in her generation like that were laughin. They all had to go. Do hollywood squares dear and the man game of that's what was available. Now we have our own versions of that eventually, but she said that for her she could go on the road, so she didn't get over saturated right. So that was that was like her saving grace is that she could always go on the ranch. You did real acting to its yes, I like, I think she did some old these didn't she again nashville where I got off nomination. I think, and she was also the other one shortcuts she's gray s. She loves shortly. with Tom waits, her yeah waits, oh my god, it's great stuff
in Jane. It's it's good to know that rule bros. I can hold my own sure with them, but you can also see the history that they come from. It's interesting working with older actors where you're like who have like been through I've done the big stuff yeah, and they they carry that with them. There there's a sort of respect in one of the, weird working as to them. I imagine it's also that they were onsets before cell phones, so now in a set when there's its urine between us, people will go, look at their phone or a computer, but they talk to each other right, I like like oh did you read the thing about the stuff and then they have a conversation. It's like. Oh, this is how you can be. You can actually have a. conversation and get to know the people you're working with, instead of like alright by the community. What what did twitter say? Yeah, yeah! Oh, that's! Well, that's a good lesson to learn, definitely yeah! So that's going well for you! Yeah and now you got your you've got cast in the remake.
The show that you are fan of as a child, yes with joy hudson's, when's that gonna go. The amnesty three thousand reboot April fourteenth comes out just like pretty much like the old one right, yeah yeah, it's me and generate hampton yet and I'm the voice of Tom serve o hampton. His crown John is playing a version of himself right, the guy who was imprisoned on the ship and its. It said it's a tribute to the originals, but we ve updated it kind of made. It more modern looks completely different. I urge all of you and your goals at the goals at the helm, how's he doing he's doing great man is a really cool. Do like he's. Super relaxed is very, very then great to work with these guys the riff with yeah. He was a comic way back in a you know. He was not. We actually were talking about you recently too. I think it might come on yeah. He was that's why I think we were talking about you so but now
Get full circle here. No, when do you decide that you got at me? I seek your dad out. I mean combination things man. You know like, like a said workin on myself, therapy and stuff like that and seeing much of my identity is, grown out of not having a man around. To show me what being a man is not that that will get you everything in the world by That's the whole that I was. I was trying to fill in some sort of way and also feeling like I can't feel fill it. I'm not manly or also internalizing, the idea that this deep, ill shame. I have about like, while men women do, they hurt my mom. They hurt my grandma, are all the wars and I'm one and kind of believing deep down in some way that I can only disappoint adventures in case some other people go different
actually that their young people that have absent fathers it go out and just overcompensate the shit at everything right and I undercurrents right right as the other. The other direction ye I went, sort of the more internal hatred, self, lawyer action, and so that's the kind of stuff that It doesn't serve me anymore. It doesn't help me out. So when u I start identifying all this stuff in therapy. The do you think that that you were gonna get closure by meeting this man, not necessarily because I dont know that there is a closure have because the events are already while they are yeah yeah, I'm already who I am yep and also ever happen already happened right, it's more than that I've never known what happened. I've never been told a version of the story, I think I'm gonna look him in the eye right yeah. I wanted to see not only
heard from my mom. Because of this is the first time my mom ever told me what happened around the about the circumstances around my birth? I she doesn't talk about it because it's painful for her, but luckily you know she's come a far way. Is Allen sees that like? Oh, I, you know, I've healed a lot and let go of the stuff, so it was really good experience you can handle it now can handle it like I'm, not gonna, go crazy right and he's like a guy. I know now you know who my dad. So where do you go find him how'd? You find him I combination of things I mean making. This documentary was the excuse I gave myself yeah cause. I probably wouldn't have done it, even though I knew I needed to haha, but and of making it a thing where I had to answer to some people and it as an expectation in some deadline, dirt sure you're, like forced myself into a billion year having
I do it yeah. I have no idea how I was going to feel right and so- and he ah is in albuquerque. Of course, is he yeah he's from albuquerque your daddy? Yes ahah, so he lives in albuquerque. That's where I met him. So I get over that And for the dock, in budgetary reasons, yes, the drive from two can carried albuquerque, not that big of a new portela toucan carrying albuquerque so Do you know about him before you meet them? Nothing, but you know where he works or where he he. He know what was the first a communication. First communication was a week before we met. I called him on the phone. Had a private investigator track him down, okay cause. I you know. I had seen a picture of him when I was a kid dinner. What it looked like a member was name was the private investigator found him pretty quickly, I'm tellin you like an hour after we talk is like well. I found the guy and
I called him and he said, he's aware of your existence and he would love to talk to you. I'm like what that's. I wasn't expecting that. So we talked on the phone you know and dumb, but probably not a month. I called him enough the message in any call me back in february, a month after that I called him back where I was busy busy caught him quote, but all written out I was freaking out, Ben, I also didn't know. I started asking myself What do I actually want right here? What am I going to get? What's is going to be like am I okay, I'm going to be ok, yeah and so called him. We talked briefly. He was really relaxed guy. He I told me some of the things that, like I wasn't expecting to hear just about like who he was cause. That's. I was more I'm more curious about who he is as a person because look, here's how I look at mark and my mom and my father did the best they could in the circumstances they found themselves in. So I was curious about what are the
circumstances. What who raised you, I guess who raised you to make this be, the only decision that you can make in this moment. Ok, I mean I hear that I would argue that it was not the best they could it's what they did, but what was the other questions? You're asking, I think, are vow aim. What they did is the best they good. The best doesn't mean it's good. It just means that, like that is Jews. They can do that as much as they can handle fine. That's me words but getting to it nobody. I know this there's just my approach to that. Like you know, because I think that's what we do to make our you know to sort of like detach from it without it being too horrible for us to say they did the best I could, but they did what they did. While I'm saying they did the best the shirt know. I know I I've said it too, but I've I, I rejected that yeah. Well, in its final, I guess semantics but like I'm saying like yeah: they did what they did. Nothing else happened. That's right! That's the only thing that happened. They do.
but they knew they had did they did what thing we did, what they could. Yeah they they would. They could meet with background that they had with the background of your parents, have you ever expectations were heaped on our shoulders you're getting around that serbia? Would you find out about your old man like? Was he contrite? What do you mean? Control I mean was he did he feel remorse? Yet he has some remorse. You know he said You know I missed out. You know I made these mistakes. I made these decisions, that's what I did you know, but like now we have an opportunity to. You know too too to know each other. Was he financially present in arrived? Yet no Nobody was right. My mom was on her. What was his story so you? So you get on the phone with any of this first conversation and better than you thought you and when you sit down, What do you? What happened? Apparently one of the
things I asked was who he liked as a comedian. Was this on tape? The ads on the dockets are gone okay, so anybody who wants to see it fatherless as the name of the duck as an actor ah it'll, be an infusion. Okay, so yeah we sat down and again I was interested in and just kind of knowing what he's into you know and how he thanks here and how he's absorbed this whole thing in his own life and what it makes him today, who was a favor community while he actually named prior and red fox and in moms babies, are like ok, we can talk about how we can take. You cry! No, I didn't cry but I m not a big crier. Why is it where you would it? Where were you back yeah yeah I've been asking myself that exact thing. It's really hard for me to cry. I think, there's there's a self consciousness about it.
I also I kind of shut down. Is why more dissociate? So when the feeling start to get too overwhelming, I'm just gonna go boy, I kind of know turns off already I yell, I know I know it can be scary. I'm I'm fortunate to have never been on the other end of that for real yeah. I haven't hidden it I am better now, that's true! No I've listening this literally listening to you get better as a person listening to this podcast. So but but it's interesting though so! Well, what answers did you get? Would you come away with? I know it's in the dock and people should watch it, but I mean do you? Did you find some peace yeah pieces pieces that the word not closure right, but peace right, because I wanted to understand what happened? What happened? It's that again, their young.
we're young and they were scared, is as simple as that actually need to know all of it, because people get scared of you will get scared they don't they do done things, they make bad decisions, they make fear decisions, and they run or they should down or they come up with all sorts of stories, to justify what they're about to do and that's fine. It sucks, you know, if you're caught in the middle, all that stuff, that's how people work You know we're all just trying till I get to the next thing you handle too badly right, dear siblings. You didn't know about yes I've only met. One of them is for them and he said he slowly tone of family about me. I was an albuquerque in december and ended up meeting up with him and one of my little brothers had just heard about me two days before that and wanted to meet me. So he came to the lunch as well how's that
I am that's, why there's no other way to describe him, except that he was a solid young man like he had just gotten out of college. He already had a job like less than a month out of school year: old man, geez, he's retired military guy, oh yeah, the army guy. So now does now. feel that this is going to be an ongoing relationship. Yeah I'll get it still. I don't call him with ad right to his face right. It still weird shit. Say it right, like my do. Luckily I go. There never said it and do the my biological father, biological by I do say: father alot rush, you don't com dead, yet right now yet sure who knows right, because it's like we're gonna die, I'm getting to know, alright, as opposed to his feelings right right. What he thinks of me is really important like I didn't grow up with him, so no anger and not really. I don't. I don't see any use for it. Now the angers gone. The
It is already past wow from a long time ago. Good for you, then god right, I guess ha quite a trick. That's it, but you know what that's an interest. A lot of people ask me that, are you angry you know like do you? Do you want to punch him in his face? I'm like I don't really know what I'm supposed to do from there, because even when I talked to him, I was like look. I think you know it might be. It might be easier to make pain, anger, your when their shitty butter in your life. Yet, like you know this was the transgression was it he left yeah, so you can only be angry about one thing where I was angry at the concept ryan. And being one at the same time the concept of of men right of dads right, you know, but for someone who has to live through their dad shit, year after year, day after day that anger fry always a little close to the surface, the right number, but the absence sing Like you know, your magazine was near, so I, some level you got spared,
What are the shit that could have been really bad exactly see, that's a big point that I've made a lot of people all I was like. How can I man. Leave em, like you know, A lot of deeds are right. like some of them are like I can't handle this year and they leave and that's probably a good choice because they might have been shitty views of people. I mean how nice you never know rights crapshoot, yet well, lots of things going on buddy. Don't do it. You made it out of the hole gotta guitar me burnt. An alright. Well, that's it! That's me and barren, and me and Moshe, and that's our show for today. I don't think I've ever closed like that. Go to wtf bob dot com for all your wtf pod needs. I got a lot of posters still a lot of carnegie posters yeah. I got all kinds of posters and also my tour dates. Are there for the upcoming six or seven dates. I have left on this tour, so
If any of that interests you get on the mailing list, I'll tell you something every week, I'm about to go right dad now, but maybe I should place him guitar birth, but listening to asia, africa music, anthology of some kind. I think it's wreaked into my head, the. The
at the the. Bomer lives.
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