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Episode 821 - Alison Brie & Betty Gilpin

2017-06-18 | 🔗
Marc sits down with his coworkers Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin to take stock of the time they spent shooting the first season of the new Netflix series GLOW and to learn a bit more about each other now that they're not in character anymore. They also discuss their newfound appreciation of wrestling, Alison's realistic fear that she wasn't going to get the part, and the reason Marc was intimidated by Betty.

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All right, let's do this, how are you what the butter is, what the plot bodies, what the fuck and hears, what the plot nix, what the fuck a resource what's happening on mark marin. This is w t have my podcast welcome to it. How's it going today today, on the show we begin a series of shows that are going to revolve a bit, around the tv show, the netflix show glow, which I part of their, not specifically emotional interviews, they are interviews like I do there, they're they're all great talks. Today I talk to betty gilpin and allison Bree. My co stars on the show I've never talk to betty before I've talked to Alice in here before and danger, future I'll be talking to chavo guerrero I'll, be talking to a key stevens I'll, be talking
Genji, Conway and I'll be talking to the show runners, but you know we're gonna tear it out yet throughout the next month or so by its excited and I'm starting to feel the excitement of in part is something that I entered just sort like all this will be fine. This should be cool. This is a new thing. Now like it seems people are enjoying the show which is great cause two great show, and premier is this friday on netflix below the gorgeous the ladys of wrestling and I m I'm thrilled tomorrow. I'm doing The today show and also be doing stephen colbert show tomorrow night, we'll see how people like it and in that's that's that I hope you do like it and then I'm going to take the summer off kind of not really, obviously, I'm still gonna be doing the pod gaston been doing some stand up, despite the fact that I thought
it's going to take time off, and I realized you know what that's ridiculous. I've never done that. My entire life, but then weird in good is happening on age. For me, right now, and I dont know vikings Wednesday, I can kind of explain it to you should explain it to you. Let me gets, business out of the way I got some news detail again. This is for everybody likes podcast. You may have heard that our partners at howl acquired sticker, I don't have you heard that out of you you're in that loop, but there today Is the launch of stature premium? The new subscription service that brings all the best free and premium podcast together under one roof. It's got the same great content as how we're on their our archives or on their all of them completely ad free all aid. andrea. However many they're all their there's, also a new feature with w E f bonus content, rarities outtakes and were met, and says that were previously available in our archives and also don't forget The marking time shows I did but tom sharply
there's a literally honest, we more than two hundred fifty hours of exclusive original shows in over a hundred and twenty comedy albums every it's on. How is on state your premium, all that stuff? And now it's stitch, you don't have to switch apps to listen to your favorite pod gas along with all the premium stuff, it's all in the same place. People if you're a howl subscribers can my great right over the stitches. You'll get the same stuff you're getting now at the same price and all your play favorites and listening. History can be transferred right over. If you aren't supreme subscriber yet start your free trial at state, your premium, dot com, slash w p and with the promo code, w e f, you get twenty percent off. This teacher premium subscription just go to state your premium dot com, so ass, w e f for all the stuff. That's how you get it! That's where all the stuff is all the w tat stuff and all the stuff. I was Tell me about so stand up stand of comedy and me last night I went out to the comedy story as I do, because That's where I work the communist era
making they put new bathrooms in the back. All the fact that I think I said that already on. The show is disturbing to me that the level excitement? I have over the new bathrooms, though they do have one of those sensor faucets. You know where that sense, your hands and I'd, I don't buy, comply with those? I don't Don't I am not adaptive. I don't know what your experience with them, as I feel like I've probably talked about this before in my life, but I never have anything, but a completely unintentional a comedy of errors, a slapstick evolves, a classic slapstick evolves. Every time I have to engage with a sensor based fawcett and it never comes out, and when I pull my hands away, it comes out then, why to put them under the it comes out for a second, but it doesn't stay coming out and then I move around and I pull him away and then it comes out when I pull away. I I really ever all of those forces. There should be another
a little fostered apparatus. Directly in line with your face. So after you are doing that for like five minutes, you get water to come out on your hands. It just blasts your face with water, and then the piano music starts and that's the end of the real. Now your movie, so yeah for me stand up, is, very you know, life or death. A you know. Every time I step on stage for most of my career, I have felt that I got a spray myself open, lay it all bare be in the present. You know kind of work within it and and get riled up an end yet take on Our demands are outside demons or whatever the hell I'm doing up there, but it's always been relatively exhausted and pray. It says that you know I need it. I seem to need to do to write and then, when I sorta tap out and I've dumped, I dumped most of my material. I've got a special coming up later in the year with netflix that I just recorded in minneapolis as I wear it.
Go embarked in my brain. This time, as I told you before, was too just bail for a while just take break in it, and I don't it's not you stand up. What I am in. That's where I started in a two. I am in a tower come. Who I am in all forms, really it is the the the the the core being that I've always done an idea. I there's no way it is just the I can't there's no way, I'm gonna take time off it, but what I realized to us Sometimes I went up is that I'm I'm writing you're, my brains become fluid again. Now that I don't have dread and anxiety over, you know moving toward, special or you know we are putting the book together. yet the add the book, that's coming out, waiting for the punch, that's the beauty of book in a year or putting your time into the mare shower that young glow were whatever they eat, It's all sort of behind me for now in all I'm doing here is the podcast, and now I have my life back in my brain back in its become fluid again sometimes
you gotta, do whatever you gotta do to get your brain. Fluid announced ordinary. things down and engaging them dry, in around listening to music. And slowly not in a hurry to get anywhere thinking doing the job, the nuts and bolts job of creating yet in the way that I create to put my stuff out there, Ideas are coming and going up on stage, and it is the first time I've really done this consciously. I'm sure I've done it before were I'm kind of working jokes. Where am I I'm just talking but the I've these ideas and in some of them are kind of coming out structurally as jokes, Just the sort of new to me a lot of times, this structure has to reveal itself through deconstruction through yeah, a rambling and talking in finding laughs, and then you sort of trim, down another kind of coming to me a little bit for we formed, give or take, and it sort of exciting to know that, like I can just go on stage and do that I I am wary to it
but I'm I've been in the last couple times. I've had a really good time on stage I usually at the time, I'm usually excited that I'm doing it and present in and and engaged, but now it's sort of like. I wonder if this is going to work, I'm getting that thing back again. I wonder if that's going to work and I don't care if it doesn't, I think that's the key to it. I think the big difference between being an amateur and any fuckin veteran at this point. Is that like there s a way, so what joke doesn't work gives a shit see if you can get work or move on for fuck's sake, so it's happened in the last week or so I know the last time I talk to you. I was recording a few days previous I guess you know what we ve learned in recent new is that the mentally ill people with legally- bought weapons, arrogant Legal weapons in general can do horrible against the law, tragic fucking, stuff,
no matter who they are or what I ve done in their life mentally ill people with legally purchase weapons can cause ca an age. We learn that we also learned that the power shakespeare persists that the time as of literature, persists spain's relevant that the greatest very talent of all. time can still be provocative. an exciting and challenging. That's an amazing feat and I've told you meant times on this show that you know I'm not taken be allowed to come around to shakespeare. I don't I am not easy to it. I have a hard time with the language by dwight, just recently shared with you. I want to see a pretty. Of othello in new york at tat took place entirely in a military barracks
is not the way shakespeare road it, but in order to keep the text and the the genius and the men age and the art of shakespeare alive. For years, is now for decades for centuries, people have been doing it indifferent, modes different places. for in settings, but you're, really diminishing that the bards text in order to me it palatable and relate a and provocative to modern, audiences or words specific audiences or whoever? How do you keep shakespeare relevant it so exciting that shakespeare is now seeing a sort of a renaissance hey. You are granted the attention it's getting was you know recently we are driven by a new faction of right wing, guerrilla theatre, artists, there's all new. There's only right wing performance, art brigade out there spread out through the world you're just a doing some people,
and start that not a great night, not a great piece of performance are fed from perspective in I'm here there with performance, art and yeah. I'm really here or there with a you, know a theater I mean can be bad can be good performance, are, can be bad, can be good. You know provocative as good a risky, good, there's all kinds of art in day by no means if your creative Listen if you're an angry person. If you make a imaginative per things are hard to define or if you make very cutting incisive things whether its satire tracks, the comedy whatever it is. If you created, you have the right to put it out in the world and it's a beautiful thing to provoke the cultural imagination, design, guys the the global imagination. To do too. evolved the conversation to do some mine blowing stuff with your creativity, that's the beauty of free, The freedom of speech and the freedom to do your art, yo corporate sponsorship is
something that a lot of artists can get in. That's probably better off, sometimes because you can just go out, do it should. I have seen, plays in burned out gas stations with half the structure missing to make a point, and it was part of the play that those exciting art is exciting. there's always been amazing, sorted, disruptive and an damn crass, of all kinds. It's all over the place and its beauty even if he had no one knows it's happening, or even if it's just one person that did whose mind is blown, how many times is your mind, been blown by piece of art by piece of theatre by piece of performance by just something you see on the street that put their intentionally. That wasn't signed, but queer, was inactive expression. It's just a it's if sad and a bit pathetic that day, that reaction to were
to Julius Caesar, which is the play about politics. It is the one historically for however, for all time, and that any you're doing it has to consider modern takes in light of the theme of the show theirs versions of it with obama, caesar with reagan, Caesar would Nixon Caesar J, F, K, Caesar and probably hundreds of others all over the world. It's the beautiful thing about it, of time was art that the message is always air and that, in order to make the message relevant to new audiences, you have to build around the text and the message of Caesar is. Democracy is fragile and the rule of law must be obeyed and when violated you get chaos, plenty art is political in nature. I mean that's the nature of art that nature of a whole world of art always has been
it is a way to speak your mind. It is a way to create a diet. around things. Political art is is a real thing. When or how crass active art is know in the culture we live in. It's going to be politicized and in a you know, if gonna. Do it stand up for its own? It then deal with it That's the courage of art. and quite honestly I dont know why so many people get involved. You don't care about the art to begin with. Like a play, don't go if you don't know about a play and then you and about it and you get upset about it without knowing anything about it in any react to it in and build some sort of weird You know viral momentum to your reaction to without give having it founded in anything other than a motion. with no knowledge of anything, it's like what? What are you doing? Really: here's, where like. If you see a piece, aren't you don't like you're not for me what happened in that way? the great tradition of like guy
but not for me. I found a descent Not for me, I I didn't enjoy it not for me all that was I think that was a morally challenging and in in may be wrong minded not for me. I appreciate the person's right to put that out in the world, but not for me, yeah, I'm not going to do that. Now, I'm not going to go, see them I heard it wasn't good not for me, but up that tradition of interaction with art you don't enjoy back. A day is- and I like to see if somebody out there right, a sort of interesting kind of empathetic site the logical one act about the people that too planned and then executed the disruption of Julius Caesar. Vat would be interesting to me so like I'm, putting that out their playwrights. Let's explore those wives that day what they thought would happen, why they did what they did. You know,
Why are they? There is a one act, I'd go see, but do it do it do it well awful don't overwrite it! Ok! Can you do that for me so now Folks, I am very happy to do This conversation I had with the alison brean betty gilpin. Might my co stars on the up, and showed glow the gorgeous way a wrestling which premiers this friday june twenty third on networks, all the episodes will be available at once. So this meat can do to the women that I'm I'm working with one could have funds on smart ass, one Go you closing the door which is going to use this door open sure? Why not know because you know what what do you think's going to happen, sale and what we are now you're worried about the house. pull the making. Let's see if I get everybody talk, hello, hello, testing
now my sister heard a real sister, how we now, but I was in it- Y, all women- all. I remember now only working exclusively with women when I was in it to get your those warren job, and I was that guy were worn. Jeff says that the you are worn jobs, mobile guy who would go to go with the sister wives Ojeda? That is him. We were creevy norman off the grid. Guy sure that that was you for us, no common, so wait. Let's catch up, so you got married, no invite for me. No now ass. Men know when did when she got married, Allison Bree I'll, set you up like that. Like radio, when did you? Married at the end february. Aha, we got married ya, very small, how small twelve people at our house- for the ceremony. Our parents on our brothers and sisters allows good mark, because you never know when you gonna do another one, you don't get too many people involved
I would say it was very intimate and special. It really took the pressure off and then we had to. We did have a like a pizza party rented out to a restaurant and had some for served. I was invited to be. I am methods we were like. Let's have like sixty people six like what's the amount where it's like a good amount of people, but mark not me, Neither makes sense not to have. I really understand how, like onset, you know, commute these work, that when it over it's. I got aside outta mind then next season, if we get one like, oh my god, I'm so happy, I oh buddy from the show, is there except eddie, except for me the barrier. Yours now married still me he died in august. Some were still currently marian. Is that guy's he doing important things around the world that guy is doing important things around the world, he's working for a non profit that builds compostable toilets and he was in standing rock for ever and ever and they're gonna go to africa,
No I'm gonna sit at home and, like their eyes, we lay you my power, may not a lot of eighty nine show sky skyping, our countries. So what about about it? You ve been. Have you been acting very young and go one want each like this for a while? Ever you been doing anything on this stage or anything, exciting the downtime I I've just been kind of getting re acquainted with my husband. We spend so much time apart. You I got married and then got back on a plane. Go to l a and was kind of there until we wrapped. He got married that, like two days after she- and I did our final test for glow, so she was flown to l, a we auditioned, our second or second time together. It was my fourth time auditioning for the show, total, yeah and- and it was sort of like well, Good luck with the wedding on saturday by wow! Well, that's that's! Why? Because I who, in entirely I got to move back story about are casting the
a bit like They knew you yes for years yeah and they love you there I did not want to cast or like alison. We don't think she can do know they brought me in so many times and every time I've never felt more, like ruth the character than when I would go in and just was fighting for the part and they saw it to they told me after they were like we really became more and more like, whereas we gotta made you who presented kept humiliating you until you like we're grovelling for them by their one them over and worked out yeah did you watched five of them yeah, I'm its or many seen five. We all have. I think I think we the very good I love it. There, that's good you can use. This is perfect. for the junkets and have given up that. We all have Do I dont even need you? No press can be a pain, as I've never been more excited. You present because I yet annually it looks so fucking good. It looks good. I like that. It's like dirty eighties thea.
right, but they're, not hammering it over the head. It was so done to tee to a t that it doesn't look. Campi, like you just sort of like, and it's not far enough back to where it like the one I kind of remember it doesn't look like watching an old we movie from the eight videotape right back things. I've got a seven days, you re like look stupid, but the eighties is sort of like a kind of fits in. You know it's not. I don't alien marketers well good in really shout we really are, this is one asked me some questions that I got my choices,
we totally blown away. This is like yours. Smouldering about such an eyelash do with they said. Mark is a revelation, a revelation, and I was I was like what about me. Why does there with me and you're always get I get a little? Why was nervous about it? You know cause, I don't know. I didn't know how to do that by sharing with you professionals. Why? Because, like I, don't like I talked to martin land down here, I'd Kevin bacon in here before, and I keep now talking to actors about craft like I'm, making up for the acting classes. Ever got by adding like Martin lando, I like martin land as telling me about the listening in battle all this other stuff and I'm sitting there going like DA fuck do they go to integrate them into a season to you're, just gonna be totally new single out in what way, while the whipping that what will you guys
I may, I guess it happens- everybody by their there's that moment where, depending on what take your own, where ear you you're very aware of what you're doing in a kind of instincts, and you have to fight that somehow get like allocations almost done, and I'm gonna do my thing yet I got a lot on the show. I agree as you do things so many times, and then you hit a point. We're suddenly like this sounds saying this line the same way, every time how I've fallen into this rhythm, but looked up, shut up and now you're gonna jump back into utter likely yeah, but I will say that: there are signs that term. I found that most of my great scenes that debt- I am going to call great we're with you guys right. then one in the kitchen with you, preside and then Do we have a lot of emu? I want more having me ever more in the back. Five that I have not seen yet- and I know we have like car on the way to the thing the key and the thing.
Yeah, I think I was touching. I agree and view, and I a car in theory clutching every time we're in the car. It's good episode. Five ya mean in the car yacht areas we weren't chuckling. I you then I decided. I said I was kind of flirting with you and I was I cod kind of ending the artisan playing that? But I just can't help it finally flirting with everybody in a desperate way, right wow nor the carried through character, the carrier you know I've. Actually, I very much doubt agree with that. I really really really taken neediness for worries me, but I think there's nothing really sexual about ruth aside from like watching her have sex in the first absurd right. You know that, while the other was a I, I don't think I could handle that he couldn't
poor ridge, already summers so brave, and you and I have known each other for a while. for years, because a madman- and it's very funny to do my very first, ever fully nude sexy hamburger. He was like spoiling sorry. Oh I'd know that I could spoiler that's fine. That is going to bring particularly on no, no, no, that's what that's not as boy. That's like ooh shit. I gotta watch edge while he and he was just such a gentleman almost too much. Where he's just you know, don't worry, not looking at anything, I'm not I'm, not touching. You were looking at you and I was like in fact your native custody. I don't need you grab handling it. My way on my ass, I was like a I need a little something now. It may make eye contact are you do that right now, but all you have to that's. The thing is like theirs,
during quality to someone. That is the preferred thing that someone is kind of squeamish with it and isn't like here I go riah, but then it is to the point where you live hey now or in it and we gotta just commit to it. Has we're not get an answer top eu and leah. Those worst would be that it doesn't look right like we're doing and was it there once told me that it it's a freebie, yet he's a real job that we do. We are like yes, I'm married, but I'm out with one sometimes right leg like the great with the small flesh, if the underwear on yeah not quite sure where you're from or if you have siblings. I know you guys weren't, where I had to wear the cock sock you guys are guy. You miss. My naked scene not a sad moment when you open your trailer door and you see just a little cock I'd never like. I was really not into doing. I didn't even do that on my show, when there was a naked team worked around it, but I was
deal was always in the contract. It might be new to everyone right. But when it came to me, I'm like well, I guess it's only fair, isn't it. You know what I mean I like that, and it was just an ass shot and I felt ok about it. Oh I didn't know which me and hate: aren't you in bed after saxon she raves and there I don't want to spoil any early bright. But there was a I'd. My one four curly and ways when therein ears like I should have acknowledged the mess you know, I accept only every time I watch a sexy in every time. They finish. and then the guy rolls over you and then they like talk and so on, and we wanted. One gets a believes that, unlike where's, that yeah where's where's, the guy, enjoy your you dear. You eddie do not use a condom like I so appreciate now: greedy, weird sections where they
we acknowledge something I'm like. Why are sure yeah where's the guy getting up when you go just sit still, I gotta get it. I'm gonna die like the water bill. Why? So, when you guys, when you guys got this thing, was the process for you like how did what? How did they get you The first betty glow- I know you knew them the clear I knew them as playwrights for I live in new york and knew them through the theatre staff and had done like a workshop of one of liz flay hives plays forever ago, and it was like a week thing with eighty falco played my mom and I was like obsessed with the play and then when they did the production they didn't. I get that are really, and I was like ready for an underwater nap forever sylvia playful time legged it. I think this is a life is over and then I in for nurse jackie, and I knew liz and Edi both worked on that and I was like well I'm fucked and but then
I've got their part and then that's how I knew them and list, and I became friends and she mentioned to me forever ago, that she and carly were going to a glow into a show, and I started immediately put it out of my mind because it was like it was similar to how I felt meeting you for the first time alley. I was like: don't fall in love with this person will be too painful if you can win if he or she couldn't the testing for the show. So it was like. Oh I don't know what the future is going to be. It's you know it's like the protection nobility protection. We have to do you always in this business. If I dont know, if I'm gonna know you for twenty years or never see, you again arise, associate with you with like a very painful memory, so I tried keep it at an arms length forever and then guy. I just need a bunch of times and we had such a funny audition together because I so I read the script, my agents and sent me I've been reading a bunch of pilots and
heard about glowing like that's the one and then for well. They wouldn't even see me like. It was a process legitimately, even just to get me in the room. And finally, they let me come in for casting on camera, and I knew the casting director a little bit of jen euston, who had cast it, and so I went in an audition for her and then I came back the next day and auditioned for Genji and and listen carly and terror, who were totally silent. Oh my god, it was a real, tough room, although clearly acknowledged- and I still think it may have got me the part- an improper did where I rhymed and clitoris with Natasha, and boris. It was a russian ref rally and- and now is the only thing after she's like that Natasha boris line and I left and cried in my car because I was like the room was so weird. I don't think I've to get up. The stakes were a kid like they were laughing during the scene, but as soon as the scenes were over it
just silence awkwardly looking at jan and engendering like. Ok. Thank you very much and I had already dress, was so attached to it was like wales. Can we do so? Then they were like well, they want you to fly to toronto and meet betty gilpin Who does not yet have the role for Debbie, but their thinking about. The view, and they want you guys to read together there. They fly me to toronto. What were you doing there? This show american gods. Unlike what said about, I saw coming attraction for its like harry potter. Me slick comic book and worry no yeah without scary. It's scary, yeah cause. We look like tales from the crypt or something kind of it's a little scary like very special effect. He okay he's a little more epic than tales from the crypt no just thereby like this is making me creates creep in me out yeah. Is there a creep me off? I don't love, that's right.
It seemed the interesting for thirty seconds. A video game me like art, people made a video game and cyber It's it's a master class and misunderstanding. The assignment is my performance in that show everyone else's likely squinting at the horizon and low talking in this voice. come on. First seem like how leg crossing might like just being a wasp clown, slowing down the stairs If that is so alien windows, so I give there and No one was there alike two january. Wasn't there jen euston? Wasn't there? You know producers were there, they had gotten some casting director in toronto, who was not attached to glow at all, to put us on tape, she didn't even she was even in the room she basically was like came. It was on a saturday sunday, maybe and sort of like was I am happy to be there and one under the zoom out. She was a sort of like well,
here again left these notes for you and have fun and left and two of our assistants we're just in the room, filming us and why the scenes was like where we have a big fight and like fully wrestling each other yeah. It was totally bizarre data and to be like they flew me all the way out here. I feel, like I'm testing, for this part with this other actors for no one, no notes in front of to twenty. Holds. That was great you. I know you guys in your prose, you locked in you did it we locked in immediately into the bathroom together in this area, but it with great yeah. coffee after and that's where we both were trying not to fall in love with each other or the partly credibility, but anyway still happy you're, ruining the physicality the thing my guy? I really. I kept my distance from all the girls you really dead. I use
it was self preservation really. I have not been around that many women ever me right now about my limit right. What they were doing right now is about max for me in my life. So now there's fourteen of you- and I realise that a mighty- I don't think my boundaries could have survived sitting with all of them. I read: it actually was crazy cause they put all fourteen of our chairs in an attack of women living room, stuffed into the room. I got back there and be like only just be like ten pounds in your hearing aid senior. I dont know what was going on back there, but I know I'd want back there and I know mediately like I got I think I can hang out for too long exhausted right, but not mark. I did that to like I I sometimes feel like I don't know, coming from sea,
first and then being on. That's like, I sometimes feel like its conducive to one kind of personality being able to get your work done on a set. Were it's like? Ok, I'm here and here's the space I need ends. My ideas are great and I'm gonna like you have right so little time to do that and that's not my personality like I've wasted. So many takes of different things like trying to get the sound guy to like me, It's like worrying that, like a crafty mad at me- and I just didn't so crafty right yeah, oh god, my crying scene is over. I guess thinking about crafting, and so I felt that two totally a lot of people in the theater. You know you see everybody in makeup and getting costume and then you're just waiting to go on rain and you're onstage, and then gone, but you also have four weeks of rehearsal. The quietest border self righteous room of like whenever you're ready take your time. You are so special in magical
like it and then you know it takes me two weeks of rehearsal turbulent thing. I wake up. Idea, went mad and you have to do that. The day of re, honest and it's taken me. It was a huge lesson for me watching onset being able to link below and in charge high value added to somebody low. While you are at. Why are you running goal, as I was also taking space I didn't I, I see a lot of sitting around You know why. I knew that from my show, but like idle to do on this shall write. Are there were times or am I just don't eat donate? not to eat. I wasn't it. Does this thing right now. Are you really good crafty out at every hour was being on a cruise ship, hey they just put out full chinese birthday. You right now, there's hot we today its indian food and its true. That's all you want to do in your board to your lady. Let's go to the top
then they want or the crafty truck and make a sandwich organise why you may ice cream and the whole. Did you over there and stuff on sir, it's just the right. That's why I bring my own, just regular ruin I'll feel bad about having a good time. Third. Ever is alarmed that I have a little piece of chocolate, but I only dark. Chocolate is good for your heart, the neither to do contrary to Joe special dark chocolate. Have you seen it authoritative packaging, very compelling as very cage is so when you ve got the gig yeah what what They tell you I go like you know. You have to train you're going. To learn how to wrestle, because I gotta be ass within. I said this before, and I say it again as we prepare for our junkets that what up on this thing, with the one we're shootin at first exchange, Dana
action with either the fight in the ring. Yeah that you know I'm not going to say, was planned or not planned, but the first time you guys go at each other yeah I got choked up just because of the intensity of the physicality. I love that scene. That was all right but every time you anyone would do. It wasn't like like connected to emotion, just at women doing shit. We, I agree, shit yeah I was like. I may make a joke me up. All the time is incredible. I would ask that it was the coolest thing I do think. Also it was cool. We did five weeks four and a half weeks of of wrestling training before we start shooting, and It was great because also all the way when, on the show, got to meet each other and rising know each other in that capacity, or we were learning a new thing that no one knew how to do, except for key. Obviously, kiev stevens, who is a professional wrestlers great and she was incredible, and here s the most gracious kind, giving person. and really helpful with our training and chow,
Bulgaria are obviously are wrestling coach. However, the legendary nearer yes, but that time we all just screwed up, oh so empowered, and we also were on this high of learning, a move and then being able to match straight and overcoming our fear of doing stuff biggest part of it yeah definite. Having like the first, your first experience with your coworkers, mainly kindness, to meet you. Ok, grab the meat of my thigh, your face in my arm, a pit and lip over and try not to break your neck and I'm gonna try and save your life. While you do that, EL bonding experience before we learned last people's last name, deirdre right. It was that was the big challenge trying to learn everyone's names: castles overruns names than their character names than the wrestling character names. I don't know if I can do right now. I think I can do most of em. We don't have yet you have been theirs right here between the three of us. We can get it. There are no. I won t
view guerrilla yeah. I could not enough. I can name other characters names. I know it's so funny, that's since we wrapped the show I've seen smaller groups of the girls a couple times and it's funny what you said to like you still feel like you're getting. We it was such an intimate job and at the same time you see someone you like, and what, This is going on in your life, who you like we're so by you're, like a sister to me here and where are you one originally like I, but I love that about being an actor. I feel egg. It's like ok, metaphor, guys nearer brain. House? Here it's, like you, know the person's attic. You know their weird upstairs bathroom, but like the vestibule in the parlour you're a little right, I'm sure there are no less than basic details that you usually learn. First thrive, you're like an accountant right, but I
I feel like, I know them on a cave woman level, sure the emotional level yet without detail right. It's none of us all that good at small talk- and we all like to share very personal details about our lives, is the worst thing that ever happened. Right was the biggest mistake. Just a boundary was mass of people trying to speed up the process. Of knowing each other. Yet because, like you know it when somebody, when you have fourteen women and show yet my guide, never seen your. I noticed a lotta boob adjusting and allowed and lack of going on is that you ve got my god, I feel better. You guys have already pointed out, and out of our but crowded, lacks a lot of major periods and got it doesn't matter That's the real thing, yeah a real thing. They did kind of sink
then I started doing laser hair removal right after that's what I was like. While I really need to do laser harem of all men at where these high theatre, its attitude immediately, there were summers, eve spray all over the m: the training job, oh yeah summers, eve spray is like a vegetal fresh. Most marino. I do online or the hurricanes might not now. So there was a lot of at around someone bought it in first as a joke, because, one. When we do this head, scissor move where literally are trainers withheld Are you really have to get your crotch up against their to more than one move? We haven't legal battle now your language, and I think everyone just swept across my. I wasn't using them, as so many of the moves, its literally how they tell you how to do it where they liked, but really you're vagina should be pressed against. Her fate is within what someone brought in one of our whatever stunt women helena bear it, I think, brought it in as a joke, and then we all,
we all would be like wait, but why are we doing here like she can get the summers either? Really yeah like what happens like if there's I asked curly and whereas, if there's a season two, they got it in their head and they were like you know, I don't know well the cool, by the way they write the show. I do think- and I think this comes from their experience with oranges. The new blackened with your has this size that they go into it even this season, knowing kind of where they wanted to go, but then they're getting no everyone in kind of writing to people's strength, Riah, which is very cool. It's good yeah, definitely and in an picking up on certain things, like even art stuff I feel like are undeniable chemistry, this has happened here and you're. Just like no marin in here
What do you think? I might add that guy's not get in here? Look undernourishment is no merit in Erin sheldon pass. Nowhere did really you, of course. I'm sorry, you re imitated eyes were now I'm intimidated by betty not get now you're like this powerful, actual common ended in them and then like wine. I knew you do you. I had an you know, each other a little bit and then you come in from the stage in new york right sure, eddie. So talented and so But, unlike what specific way, are you just you can just a cat in two minutes tops. I say that as a general view like we are working on working together, I didn't know who is a care to thing or not, but on my blog and I can see charm. This one doubt
that he was not charmed. I know I mean I will say I'm pretty charming when I turn the juice on the hour that see that's exactly what exactly it was. That was that's the whole thing, that's sort of like it's nary all right. Well, okay, now I get it. I here's what I've had this problem since I was little of like my face when inside my mind. All the people are like just don't make any noise and don't just be as small as possible and no one like it. You won't embarrassed yourself that face near this, now we have any life like a fucking face near and I it the exact opposite of what I said, your child nerves. Are you telling me yeah? There's scared she's. Only one of the people in my brain there's, like medea, the dmz jessica rabbit, That is what I shan t like you know like. Do you really want to open that up? lying and you didn't. You are sure you were scared, we'll shoot,
you did, a lot of odd things that were very funny. Are you out of your mind what things today do you mean can. You know the choices are like somebody choices you're doing golly I became very. I was like a student of you guys guys like me when people talking about the chosen, it's amazing what alison does because she's gotta be desperate cruelly. ambitious, but all with charming, that's hard, you are, and then, when did I talk about you she's, like it's really powerful and sometimes like these emotions come out and you're like what the fuck was that yeah and I think we are and like? I, I think it's appropriate that this is also a show about wrestling, because I think liz and carly are tapping into like that all women have this like inner thing. We're there about to throw
watermelon through the window at any moment and like we ve been pretending, that's not how we feel for, like I don't know five hundred years, and I think where, for the first time honest about that. I hung and what better way than to step into a wrestling ring and like makes a crazy as fast as possible that, like other, shows, run by men, don't let you make when you're an iota of a certain age. I think that's right. Right, yeah there was a very cool I will say about working with a lot of women. for women and in this capacity, maybe also because my character is so kind of masculine and doesn't were make There was a real lack of vanity more like just we're used to working under the male gaze and just always sort of being like, but everybody should with me I'm sexy and I'm sorry wrong, professional about you that a cushion it something like
It is not something. That's bothered me my whole career, but the absence of it was glaring. I go was very free. I felt it yeah like we were very free. I rise so free and I was in a neon diaper. I've never been in less clothes and felt more in parliament has been he's younger and filling all the women felt. That way. No definitely is. I was sitting there like, as a man is prone demand, should either very hard time sexualizing everybody because we'd be like yeah? You know I'd sit there and try and I'm like no we're not real deal yeah right, exactly yeah. I couldn't understand it. in the minority in our eyes and sort of like this is for me yeah? But it was a really work. That way. May I see everybody as as full rounded people definite Didn't you go train with the rescuers.
the idea of us did an episode where we trained with some argues that yeah I like what you consider the wrestling. I dont know what hardly add costs arise where I wasn't there at all. If there was a weird dualism aren't really with Why is the real resources are now Ok, while maybe my conversation house may be the only day that I felt a little leg, unsafe, unsafe. Just like all right, I have tat the size of dead dogs and people. It worked out a style, sometimes that's gonna, arrogant throughout video. I think yeah, but I'm be there to see it. I didn't know that way on the day. who do you think I'm relentless about telling her I'm noticing hits and the other in a credible people say that? Would there be good now anyway,
that is going to make my brown, but you think who do you think you're gonna watch woman, I'm curious what I just really objectified, I can only what were in love. We have a duty to our strategy is off by who do you think I care, keep watching I keep thinking like who's. Gonna, like I think, girls are going to like this. Yet all doubts I loved the original glow. Really young girls see, I didn't do any of the research because they told me I didn't need to know anything. That would be better. I have adult women and watch the show when they were a little and more ninety racy for it and arcs too crazy. For this show I mean I think that once people figure out what what there wrestling is in their life, waken wet like so much of it. I am a closet fish fan,
black eyes- and I will aid zuma up every fine, ok, ass, cancelled fish, the ban fish- no, I know I know I know of and tell me they fix the economically interview train, unlike I really think of you too, and I do hope about nine. Has europe is about you and yet so much now going to some extent it is similar to wrestling urinary, his moral they. Well, I mean I'm why why I am relaxed now. happy girl, I been to some very shows, and it is a similar thing to wrestling ryan that right people say it like that, like they will. I like her, I like wrestling or roy you it's like this shame thing, but also like it to me. It's a magic part like what is that I saw you magical. They area I do a hundred of us is about. It starts with the fit it's more about. I do a thing called the the trepidation dave Matthews
they are not a do. Math is over. I mean it's the same thing for it and I don't know I'm not a dave mad. Can I tell you, like frank, sapper, yeah sure? Ok, what's it similar? It's like mathematical, musical geniuses who are using it in the name of joy and when I was out of okay, okay, I gotta go to do you up. Let's, let's talk about child it without, but he s a boy. You saying is that that there is a large fan base of people that its very essential to, and they lived through that or the wrestling or whatever it is yes gas or that, like, I think our three characters in this show listen. Carly are painting this picture of why these three people need like. weird circus soul bubble in their lives. That's like an escape or something to apply like I don't know they have taken her passion, wheel of darkness sands
de as needs to be funneled into something right. End like for some strange reason, the We have them fine wrestling at the same time, and I think that there is something to that like that, that other people find that other things like I happened to find it in fish shows from two thousand and four to two thousand the end, and I find it no. I think I told you a real wrestler in here yesterday, a jelly agent and his books and she was as a little troubled girl was a fanatic wrestling fan and she became free download championed by, but like that thing that escapism that yeah for her was like the the the real ability to become a superhero them as a living, superhero yeah, it's crazy. I mean I I grew up with both of my parents were actors or actors and did mostly theater and did like classic
crazy, plays and played crazy characters, and it was this crazy escape of being. to make the weirdest sounds and do the weirdest shit and that's what I did in college and then you graduate which alley I think it a similar experience. You kind of graduate theatre, school melick, oh you're, a twenty two year old girl just blink and say that and just as yourself want you to be currently you or they get very excited to be like you're, attractive and funny, so just to push your boobs up higher and then be funny adorable. It's funny because he's got the last two, so I mean you're incorrigible and you really just are falling in love with him, even though he crashed her car. Yet it's, and so I feel like wrestling, is like it allows us to be as crazy and wild as I was asked in it stoned and acting it's, because we did talk about this lot, that I've never felt as free as since I
in college and then, as I did on this show it? We have right reminded me a lot of my the essence of myself, which I really experienced in college, letting loose doing theatre. Do this have you love, also kind of trying crazy things know why you're here is to strange thing. I risk susie just created where the sky is the limit and creative risks and you're getting to know who you are right in a The way I like being, who you are, and so while breeding that and then you it gets beaten out of you, while you're trying to work and be like don't be you be the perfect thing that we're looking for a oh yeah yeah. As always liberating very much so yeah yeah, I remember a pitch to listen curly. My wrestling character is the all american hero. Liberty bell, and while the election was happening, I was like what, if she's like, liberty bell, you know
time she's like a southern bell. Blanched you why, but when she gets angry its trumps america, we like girded than us by us in that, but you have lagged permitting all heading arriving and there like no wrestling everything's cool or in wrestling leah. You know exactly who you are you who you are you're fighting for this thing like theirs and there's no can that's for a real life. The coup that confusion is for real life. Moving Well, my good row and that's the balance that that happens is a and that's why it's going to keep getting more interesting, because there's going to be more wrestling and the can be more real life begin. This in writing goes and now what you when you're saying it, they tied them, that you both become the rule going persona, asia, doll thing just
changes lately o heightened raw, but but the only thing, that's amazing about fish concert generally speaking or a wrestling show, as you can experience all this with a context right, yeah urging you not just around the world acting like a crazy person, I'm right, it's adheres apes. Spain, there's a support system to give you that freedom to do the devil is cool we talk a lot about this in terms of our characters and their relationship and how you know it's a car located relationship over the course of this season and your and our outside the ring. It's obviously way more complicated in the end and differ polton, then, when we're in the ring, things are so black and white and you're playing totally different people in their able to exist and have a totally front relationship which becomes important right now allows a ring, ridding, hugging those boundaries right and then you actually begin to resolve it,
the relationship offs like it's pretty little bit, but I did so not right to tat you guys had given what the situation is the ring and then get into the ring like that. That was a that was quite a quite the acting feat for both of you yeah I mean I I feel like I've had that with them like when you act with someone who you have a difficult history with yeah can like of law. Can you tell her had eyes, yeah you're? Let me look not necessarily legal history, but it certainly does not evaluate share you act with someone who or feudal particularly right and the next thing you're doing a scene where you're in love or as good friends out ever right and you can like hold eye contact or or or be physically close or do things and actually feel deep, meaningful stuff. We in that moment as the character right right and then cut, and you just but also with lake. I feel it gets.
Tougher our characters to its leg when their wrestling, it's like this tiny little inner soul self. Being like. I love you. Yes, all the other p. Who are operating in this body, hate you I am the most important one love you. and that's funny cause. Guess that's why wrestling is you got to carry each other like their decides that that core of it is we're on the same thing. So much about that trust and and Betty, and I have incredible wrestling- can ST watch, our heritage say I only moderate of chemistry with our chemistry in the ring is unstoppable and clearer guy. We click to immediate. It's like a kind of crazy to me, look great. Thank you and the whole thing is very moving for me, I feel like we haven't. I like I got. No, you like an outsider, but you know I am this weird cranky presence.
and then I'm going to have to learn about wrestling with the other thing. I got frustrated with watching the seas and it's like I should have known more the character right, but that seem around. We are reading the script of mine. It was so sad, oh my god, your eyes and limiting their so excited. What like I don't know, what's going to happen now. Writing gathering same air, and here s a hooker had to him There was a day where I tried to give you a compliment, and I don't think that you understood that I was talking about you put them in was trying to tell you that you are such a good actor and we're taking the jail. handle fini area, and I said I was trying to tell you that you were this way that a lot of a problem that I have a lot of male actors is like. I feel like they're, too afraid to not only play status.
To play on our ability or did not know the answer to a question, and I was saint James candle fini, like he's not afraid to be, like you know, powerful in one moment and then like a scared. Little boy in the neck semira do feel like that. That is, you and This show is elite. Now you heard it. I wanted all the printing and issuing you're like yeah, I dunno about that, and it's like he doesn't even know why I decided that that that that town that you took with me. What it was I hit it. It's my own brain I urge you on this. I thought this is the theatre lady, coming in to work with. You know us hollywood type. Yet it means that I don't have health insurance better, late events now it ok.
Congratulations. You don't see. The union's can work sometimes sometimes well. For us all, we're going to london and paris in new york and to sit in a hotel room and have an angry. I again about orders, as has the same questions idea. I've never done this before. What I've been on the other side of it before right, in one leaving you going room to room or yeah word sort of like ok, you got ten minutes with column firth, really how was calling it was? Okay like that I mean it was. I don't remember what. As far as when I was at or america doing, the video show but I've never I'm trying to think if I've ever I've done press before, and I certainly You interviews, but I dont know how they're going to structure this. I think we go and someone how do not allow me like we sit in a room and others like a glow backdrop behind us and then one by whenever I'm sending gets like five minutes, are other pictures, no aka unless they take it with
browser, but well maybe there will be separate pictures. I don't care what you tell me where I can bring an outfit you devil interviews and have allowed them nervous, really yeah we even robots pontius, is with each one. You get sorted better at the this this if you are going round, you know in by the last one they get the best one, because you're like you've, finally put all the thoughts together totally, I feel like. Usually you say this. I always feel bad for, like the guy, the filming at the camera guy who's in the room with you all day, right and just you just your thing gets really canned and you're. Just like it was a wonderful exit, while my wrestling name in real life would be everytime again again again, you have to take a break and go like sorry and every like an hour and a half year like ok. Now I found a new answer. Now god will be the answer for the next hour. You wanna be thinking about that guy right, he's gonna be than new embryo, I'm real and you are going to my eyes. I found something new, I think about a new thing. But what are we gonna? Do a livelier go over
crazy. I want to see a kate nash show. I wish you well we're there. I dont know she's been touring yeah, I'm only therefore annual amount, I've to run back quick from perhaps I feel like we're all. I feel like we're like we're going to london. Paris were basically you may like fly there sit room all day fly to paris dinner all day? So you even to that quick, I think so. Yeah I gotta get back to new york for a book thing. It's that book expo thing or whatever. I have to tell us more about I'll. Show you the galley of the w E F book. yeah, but that some we're talking over time a glow were you guys gone now, you're gonna netflix to do it our view. Another interview. Beyond all the same thing, I guess I was in part as a good war, madame de Miguel, I'm not going. It actually write your latterly, not mark ii. As I said, the same value as along, I martin is an honored by that's a secret. What the night of my life everyone, my most favorite people were there
and my chair was like a little higher than everyone else. As chair of the meeting. Evaluate air. Her husband and I gave betty just an extra empty chair for her basket. I know, as regards like I'd, go back to hang out with girls, because you would go back going to isn't it so silly helpful mark is around me. it can be anything. Do you guys want to watch me mara your mind. All italy were consumed by me. Our relationship to EU membership may mean over him back into the room. Everyone did you to see what marked bacteria. Thank god he's not back in his room with a visit I built, ozma I there are none the bad way idea idea like hiring that appear. No, no! I I knew that going in and I wanted to. I didn't. I was very relieved not to have the response It I had am my shall shore and try to act outside of that, as I have acted outside being me
and also like I like this, I assure you you are making dave for a minute did they are hindering easy. Thus a very vows acetone cared a right, oh, but, wasn't you done easy before we find this here s. Our true but any ways I was exciting new working with an ensemble and a group of people and not just to be like you I didn't want to. I was very relieved not to have any risk instability other than to act when you liked that even once it has happened I like it. I dont know what to do with the time. Well, yeah I get like I just and also I kept sitting in video village gazettes used to sit on my show, and I told Carl and as I am it should. I just had to sit there in their iguana Rinaldo. When the back we're like marks, sending a very clear message to all of us. We weren't wire with all the actors is they image with the direct. Yes, they knew they day was
for everybody daddy, want. You know day you gonna, like listen, podcast sunset, if you're gonna sit by yourself An inquiry develop hilarious bit so Chris would certainly has now I was sort of like what are you trying to prove. I always try to read a book on site boys like I can be an intellectual too, and then I bring a book I never can ready because all they want to do is fuck around with everyone. I watch the entire sopranos. Oh you have you If you want to in the car who was a lie, I got that Hb ago I was like this was the fucking best miserable and I only watch shows on netflix. Maybe that's why I tried to segue James gandolfini reference into a compliment or came up. I think we were talking about because you were constantly talking about that show because it's all you were doing for awhile, I remember that, guy that director what was named fell he dryly, or am I e p- here's the dp on? Yes, I was very clear and I was our deeply. The first he's in a madman any direct, let a map and emphasise- and I think his absurd is now
the patio I now now stay hang around for a year. I think a nap on some of that for an answer is great. We talked about our families, Well, I'm very excited, it's all very exciting. So by the time this goes up, we'll have gone to london and paris and new york, but the shell will not be out yet. I think we're going to put this up around the first day right before right before bunch curly and with all the writers. Really, I've done the writers yeah, oh wow, I did the right I can't wait to listen. I feel like it's. It's gonna be such interesting cause writers. They keep they like to keep all their secrets. Everything really cool. to the best and they just wanting to join you. In my way I went to jail for twelve. I would not be. god, that's all very exciting. I'm excited embalmed downplaying, I'm super pumped I've never been more excited about anything in my life. Really, I'm not downplaying. It really
Are you I'm really excited and I'm I'm really scared and yet really and I do think we're. Ok, we resolved our thing excel. Ok, I'll! Try to not make a personal right now, the two. Ok, thanks will I love you more Ok, great was that bond does one. Was it not fun? It was on right, glow, again, premiers this Friday june, twenty third on netflix all episodes. Ten of them will be available at once. so do with it. What you will? Ok our aim. give with all the musicians got back to me, looks like they got a crew I gotta crew, to jam in July.
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