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Episode 822 - Sofia Coppola

2017-06-21 | 🔗
Despite a surname that is practically synonymous with modern American cinema, Sofia Coppola didn't want to be a film director. She tells Marc about her early career ambitions and how they inevitably led her into the family business. The two of them also discuss Sofia's films, including The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, and her remake of a gritty 1970s Clint Eastwood movie, The Beguiled.

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Though the all right? Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck sticks, what the bot next Why are you what's happening? My name's mark mare- and this is deputy F my pod gas nice to have you today and the show I will be talking to Sophia Coppola, which very exciting cuz. I enjoyed her new movie, the beguiled. Very much, and I I liked almost all of her movies. Why, just say all them. Why not be diplomatic mark? Well, to be honest, I haven't seen one of but I've seen the other ones I saw. I like there's no reason to assume that I would like the other one, but this one was pretty b full and pretty challenging in a good way and and in kind of amazing because it forced me to go the original, which I believe I
and some point my life, it would be hard to imagine forgetting that film, but I think maybe it was films that I never saw in its entirety, but only saw parts of the you know beguiled idea believe was shot by. Was it don siegel in there the seventy same guy, did dirty harry or cornice to it. Anyways all! Look it up and talk to you about it in a minute and about other things, but I did want to share this email right out of the gate. It just says: in the subject line just want to say thanks mark after you of your promos. I've recently finally subscribed to stitch or premium to get access to your back, why? Why did I wait forgotten how good some of these are the hour with patrice o neill is life changing the perspective I have now on episodes with folks like jimmy foulon about in cranston makes them all the more fascinating you've been part of my life now for almost a decade. Listening to these backups is like looking at an old photo album hearing. whole intro hearing you speak of boomer in the present tense hearing you
and about various romantic interests you had at that moment. It's all great feel free to Is this as a testimonial in any advertising? You wish I'd be flattered and thanks again for the laughs, the tears and the twice weekly, of sanity love. Your brother Dan was damaged so happens that that fits right into me telling people yesterday we in an episode of the new pod gas, many serious classic showbiz, with cliff nestor off, go check it out and if you want to hear more more of those or any of the stuff, I just talked about can get it on howl or the new stitcher premium service. That's the whole! Damn shebang. the whole wtf catalog all there, but classic showbiz stuff is great. how look out I just ship, my pants, just coffee, doc, co up, that's a classic style had from the old days of wmd I'm actually not even drinking that just coffee, I'm drinking some chicory coffee
out of a mug. That is the type that they have in diners. Some people use them for promotional mugs, but they're very pacific type, a mug. None of this matters. None of it matters. I got a mug from Stephen Colbert holy shit. The schwag in dressing room at the colbert show is a bit beyond just you. It's like there might be a fucking christmas tree in there all kinds of shit, there was cheese that you can eat they're nice sort of art no cheese with a budget and crackers there, products from lush that a healthy manufacture of giant balls you drop in the tub and bubble there was all kinds of there was some. There was some socks there, is that the mug there is a t shirt. There was a bunch of different cakes and cookies and shit man by time I got done with colbert I was like I was in,
sugar coma. So that being said, that I was there interesting yeah. I did the today show which I've done before, with the with AL roker, my old co, most guest beer as on conan guy we were to go to, back in the day me and roker. fall out when they were new york. They give us a call we got marin game, think I may have done joke. Second, find themselves as you chat to Conan. I do bring me in, but The today show is fine. I did that with sin and betty Gilpin and I did a bunch of serious shows over on sirius. I did though carter shower did Jimmy Norton show I did the entertainment weekly show. I did a will think for their new beals channel and then had the I had at lunch at alex worn it shall restaurant butter. Guys, I'm just
freeplug day, I'm just trying to walk you through my dad new york. It was just nearby and fuck. It was good. She wasn't there though I texted her. She was, you know, had a benefit of some kind. I love her eleven cooking, that's that's say on that. But then the exciting thing, though, was I'd, never done the colbert show since he's been there I've never done any of these shows I'd been on letterman a few times, but I've never done even shut and I've never really interviewed stephen on this show, but I was x, I need to do is shout because he's getting. The hang of it and he's is a very guy he's a very sweet man colbert and I've always felt that from way back the day we knew each other a bit way back in the day, and I talked about it on my appearance on the colbert show he brought it up, but we used next or do we just in an office back in ninety three. Ninety four, he was in exit. Fifty seven, I was hosting short attention span.
here. There is always a very grounded kind of almost clean cut fella, but the it was exciting about going back to the Ed Sullivan for the Late show with Stephen Colbert. Is that as I I've been there before. letterman obviously was a big part of my life. Of David who outermost always was more than honoured. I do the David letterman show, but this was going to that theater and inn doing a show that is hosted by contemporary of mine, someone around my age, someone who came up with me. the same time we not together, but we were chipping away at your business. At the same time, he arguably was a lot more present and you knew him a lot better than me, but it was just kind Fascinating that were a couple of middle age, guys who started. Out in roughly the same hallway in a way in television, I believe started out next to each other, without with it
was practically adjoining offices, so we sorta happy and proud of him and and excited to be there because we're contemporaries and he's driving the big ship he's driving the big thing greece driving the Ed Sullivan theater, and that's that's That's a heavy legacy. Man and stephen was great, was great to see him I think we worked well together. I don't know you. I've had an opportunity to build relationships with you know, with conan a bit with letterman It is the first time I've done his talk show, and it is very specific thing to do. A talk show segment panel segment and I think we did good. I think we both had a good time and I think it went well each other out on the stage at the Ed Sullivan theater. And see that you can go watch that now. I was there to to permit glow what its exciting. I I hope it gets out, you know constantly on the end of the world, watch some checking my phone. I I I if the world in end before glow premiers is that selfish? Is that self centered I'd like them,
those two not fly at all, but out into laughter fry friday, give give people week to watch glow you do that, MR president, so sophie Coppola. As here and the beguiled man, this Actually, her new film, I watch twice and I watched it twice in a theater actually, so I saw at the way you're so to see it. I watched it. I went to a screener and watched it and then I went to a little premier thing that does Sophia spoke at quintero- in Austria, the new beverly, and they ran it back to back with the origin. beguiled. Now the origi, like it was interesting for me to watch the original. I watched Sophia's first and I the original before I talk to her in the original- is a menacing macabre southern gothic. I would almost call it a horror, and the new one it's different,
It is the same story, but it's it's. It's approached very differently. There are elements for she went back and found the book. I talked to her about that, but as far as what you from the original movie, which is a don siegel film, clint eastwood geraldine pages in it and it's really against character, for fro quaint. I dont know I maybe this is either just before or just after dirty harry. Maybe it was awesome shooting almost simultaneously, it seemed, but it was before Current had us angle and and right at the beginning, I beguiled in the version, the don siegel version. You know he I just shitty man just like and it just gets weirder and weirder with all the the effects and. psycho weirdness from the seventy cinema. Everything is just loaded and it's in the south that the stories
A union soldier who is injured and stumbled upon a little girl, picking, mushrooms and is taken in at this a small girl school most of the girls are gone damages you there and right from the get go in the siegel version. It's meant sing from all levels in all the characters are a bit fucked up, but in Sophia's there's a beautiful kind of poetic go to it. There's a lyrical vibe to it. It's all that cam. work is all handled, beautifully, shot new orleans and caught Colin Farrell ways, the union soldier, but you- don't know what to do with him from the beginning We, the situation, is loaded when a soldier is taken in by a girls school with a women from all ages present. and you don't know, what's going to happen or how it's going to go, but
If you seen the original, you got a somewhat of an idea, but I wouldn't dare judge you know, don't go into the new one. Thinking that you know what's going to happen, because the weighted Sofia worked with this script and worked with this. Or he was young, until way into it. Dear judge this dude and it's kind fascinating, because how you judge him as a man or a woman is on. You How you judge what happens? is on you and it will tell you interesting things about yourself, as I her, like. I thought about the movie for weeks in terms of that male character So I I dug it a lot I really did and I, like all her movies. I actually I screamed at beverly. She she announced the film she brought that they Clinton talk during the screening. Some, nineteen ninety eight short film she did
and god how old was she in nineteen? Ninety eight, I dunno, let's do some math born in seventy on eight thousand one hundred and ninety one. So she was like twenty seven, two thousand six hundred and twenty seven, but it was her first film, the short film, and that was pretty cute for, Ghana, little darky, saw the themes already virgin suicides. Great and great movie lost in translation, love that we. How can you not love that movie marie antoinette also liked it somewhere? I also liked with this stephen dorff fella, I didn't see the bling ring did not see it, but I've always respected her. She's got a unique vision and she's a committed to it and she's got a great eye and a great sense of story, and she picks great actors and I think she's, a a a wonderful director and I was thrilled to talk to her hoof, it's hot in here man in sweat. So the beguiled opens in theaters tomorrow, friday june. Twenty third, in now, is me and, as sofa Copa tie
here in the garage. Can you hear me? I can hear you I didn't know. If I would be able to hear you, but I can I'll try, Are you a mumbler? Really? I texted your cousins been in here, jason uglier, we're not doing a show today with phoenix is visiting him might husband are going to do with jason show today, so he came with all family dalai bridges, him he's on tour and and and they did the music for my movie. They did that They also they can't. I did it a score, but it's it's different. The noise doubtfully different. How like I watch a movie, I wash your movie. I guess we talk about the movie right at the gate, you're used to that now, even doing the junket thing sitting in a room, doing six minute interviews with twenty five people, yeah yeah. I am a little and have been talking myself way really and I get who is
It was doing the junket with you who is sitting there with you, and AL have been doing. It was make your symptoms vanish, that's fun, but most mostly it's on my on my own and you just it's I just did one for the show I'm in, and so I it's tedious. you can't if at some point Your brain wants to lock into something you can say to everybody, but then you know, if you just say the same thing to everybody: it's going to be the same article, but then on d Whatever you note who's going to read all the articles. Yeah, that's true! I just try to do autopilot. You do, but then I just get bored of hearing myself say the same yeah yeah, but so you ve been in, I won't. I won't be in on a pilot this morning. I got the idea I won't tolerated and ate it won't happen when almost last time or we can lay talk about life before it. So you know you will hear it with one point: well in l a you're. Never in the nineties I went to cal arts, I grew up in northern california and they moved to l a northerner yeah. I grew up in napa valley with it with the whole clan up there in the big house.
With my parents and my brother and an hour winery yet again and rights, grew up in a farm, almost yeah and and but when it's out in napa valley and yeah, rutherford, California and they're still up there yeah my parents lived there. The same house also grow up in at their winery. That's nice right, yeah. It's really nice to be able to go up there, and I I I see friends that I want first grade where they're still they're still around yeah a lot of them aren't, so you had kind of a a relatively normal life growing up in terms of like at least being in the same place. Yeah people are always surprised that eight chicken grub chickens in and country girl. What other animals are on the the the farm, there's a cow but he's more of a pet cow. Do you eat the eggs from the chickens? Yes, we do and so you have a lot of chickens and party or life at some point was going on getting the eggs
we did it yeah I mean not regularly, but yes once or twice like marie antoinette yeah, yeah yeah but knight yeah, I grew up in the country, but we we travel. Laughlin when my dad would go on location for films, wheelies, my webcam, Michael, the earliest memory you have going on location. I lived in the philippines during apocalypse now, and I was foreign fire for that, he, are you all there yeah? I was and well yeah. We were like in helicopters and the uncle, and I probably had the best time of the whole group because they had a lot of stress with that so. The documentary look like a good time for your folks So then like giants, so that was after the the golf anyways, but you'd always go the wherever working if Europe yea always took us with him, so I got a yet lived in
also come out. I will go to the local schools wherever we went so what was entails a watch. Their rumble fish in the outside world now shut Oklahoma, tulsa Oklahoma, I used to I love that movie. Yeah rumble rumble fish is one my favorite mine too. It's a was a period there. I was seeing it like once a year oh really yeah had to. It was just like something I I need to do a while, yet that my always of my dad's movies growing up and then I and then I started to it. Why do you think that one was just because it was so like the colors, and it was a little more? It was made for kids. It was. It was an artemis in writing? Agers, we, I think, I think, is of course not and how many of them that shrew, certainly not them. I guess there aren't really any in general yeah was that always bugged me growing up that the movies made for teenagers always didn't. Look that high quality right. They were just a dumb comedies but yeah. Some of those had a big impact on I love John right thinking of exactly
If there were movies, like I guess, Baz Luhrmann when he did romeo and juliet that was some sort of weird attempt at elevating the forum for youth. That's true. I appreciate when people do that cause a lot of times at that. Why do they have to have bad cinematography and bad lighting? Well yeah it's kind of a spectacle. What was the other one he did. I can't remember, but like marie antoinette sort of was trying to do a little of that right to connect with younger people. Yeah, I dunno what my thinking was. Yes, it was it was it definitely in a teenage girl feeling, because she was a teenage girl right yeah, and I liked it that was it. That must have been a fun movie to do. It was really fun. I couldn't. That they opened up the chateau, versailles, how'd you get that it had you get that done I imagine, people have tried over the years completely. met them when they were, they were very open to it and I guess they like lost in translation, and they said they would film there, and then we pulled up all our trucks in front of the council. We are hopefully that the first, even by the shouting there right in the frontier anna,
and then we remember, we were shooting in the hall of mirrors and all of was in the room. Next to it, it was like her Marie antoinette's. Real bedroom was all our equipment cases where I it was so surreal, jason, who played here at king louis. We did a cribs episode. We shot him, giving a tour inside this is really exciting, that they felt like they let the kids in to make a movie. Did you use that as promo? I don't remember seeing the cribs episode. Where does I have to find it? Then we put it out there somewhere yeah, that's kind of funny. You live in paris now new york, but we moved. I stayed in paris after marie antoinette. Then after a couple years came back to new york, the active has new york down. Oh god, I live in the world fella village I e on and by you, but you eat at the time in san francisco cause. I was there for a couple of years, your dad's office in San francisco right yeah, north beach right. I never really lived in San francis, I may as a little kid, but then we moved up to napa when I was but was at your
for a while I mean that's right, go see bands and luckily we could go see. Bands in san francisco it did you were you part of the the scene there at all or you just go see bands like now I was I was living up in napa, but I would just go in and see bands. I never lived there as an adult. Now it's a good city, though right weird, I never understand. What's going on there, I lived there for a couple years and I like most cities you can get a handle on the release, the echo. amec dynamics are just what the tone of the city is, but there I'm like what is going on here. Never figured it out either. Doesn't try to do that, though a little yeah yeah? It is always kind a mystery that place. My brother lives there now, but there is such a mix of yeah. You just don't like before the tech thing. I was where's the money coming from? What's the history of this place, and I guess it's available information, but the was profound, freak element, proud way, yeah that there there there was just kind of like
untethered about it, eat, work, eating and walk around certain parts of san francisco. What the fuck yeah yeah and then there's the old guard society like thing from another era that still hang on and wit. But what who were they? No longer? They cowboys where they gold prospect resuming, but it's always been sort of a kind of a magnet for all types of Eric and we're out outside yeah, but, like I don't know like, I still don't know, because I'm like not is compulsory I should be learning things like what settled that city- and I know I must be the it must be. The boats must be he's coming out, muttering import, yet trade, and I like that Becky waiting over known things. I favour things to do that. Then I, like my dad in the seventies avoid, will leave hollywood, my errand than george Lucas, and then it became a kind of a hippie Oh yeah, right too It was like in the early seventies beyond mere so how your dad he's good.
Is it all about the? Why now pretty much yoga hastily I wrote a book about electronic cinema. his ideas of film so he's still interested in that, but he is yeah he's making wine yeah. and how long was it before like? I know that you know it. You didn't set initially to be a director. You kind of like did other stuff where it was that kind of a part of a resistance to the family business. Or did you just go? I want to do your own thing. I mean how long did it take for you to come around to be like young and direct. I know I didn't it seems so obvious, but at the time I was like, I have no idea what I'm going to do. I I went to calarts and I wanted to be an artist, want to be a painter really. Did you pay? You have a very bad yeah and then and then I want our art center. I moved arts and art center.
In pasadena right here. Well, that's pretty famous place, yeah yeah and then my painting teacher told me I wasn't a painter and I was really upset that I'm I'm glad that they did and I met Paul jasmine photography, teacher there and got into photography and really like you got it. Did you get into the history of photography and everything or just shooting, just shooting and again in the history, but more contemporary and I collect photograph yeah I photography and that's how I got into thumb through the time for hell yeah. You can definitely see that in your films like who, like some of the photographers that, like Sorry, I love I go stand me freely under them I met newton, and did you go far back? I cannot because, like did you ever look at that as ye stuff like no, I was always more interested in contemporary or you know, yeah yeah forties on yeah, and dumb. I, but I wasn't consciously not to go into the phone business. Maybe I was rebelling yeah a
but you would have had to lose your last name to completely rebel you'd, have to yeah that's true ten year old daughter, is into gymnastics. You someone I'm going to be the first athlete in our family. There all artists, and already, it's funny that she's going to find work, that's better than drinking and being exactly the same. She's going to give fuck you I'm going to the gymnastics. You're doing good is up. You can keep it up. Did you ever do like a show of your photographs and stuff? Were you like louder suing here now I worked for at magazines- and I did I did as a group show in Tokyo with some other people, but but I was doing more kind of portraits and fashion, never like an art photographer, but I do know how I ended up. I was in my is trying to figure it out and doing different things, but I was always Firstly, that I had a lot of interest, but I didn't wasn't it. Burn it any, and then I made it a short film at a little clothing company to anti shirts, and I in different things and trying to figure out. I didn't want to wake up.
Dance? How I wish I had done something so I tried to try thank you some t shirts and has a house at mine doing this slide now now it was a early nineties moment, did it did that to pick up any interaction japan, we left it. California t shirts, but now we have a little fashion line by different. things, and then I made a short film and- and I thought of it here, some incorporates all of it. and then to and music and the father fee in any how to realise that on your own, you couldn't, you know, look at it. You know what I mean I mean like that seem so obvious by it never occurred to me. I never thought I would be a director, it's like it, but it's kind of cut an ice that, like you know, would have been expected that you'd have appreciated all that before it is. You grew up in it nearer living it, but then
until you made your own thing, I call you put music and enters acting on us a prize. A high knew how to do it because I didn't go to film school, but of course I spent my life and my dad sat, and he was always talking about it, and we were you know with all these great reality. When he worked with, but he was constantly talking about it. Yeah oh yeah, he was and right and route writing too. I mean, as a little kid he'd, be talking about three act structure. You know so I I was learning all of this absorbing and I guess, if you're on set wandering around the philippines watching him direct that movie you're like well. Maybe I don't have to go that far. Maybe keep it tighter yeah exactly my my two thousand hours, right just by absorbing it is a child yeah, that's didn't you did you do like. Did you television do much tv, no, no I never at all. One way to do it in the nineties. I had a my friends and I did it. Four episodes of a magazine show called hyuk.
While we girondin muscle cars and interviewed different people, did it didn't stick now we just did or of home and then strangely com central. But it wasn't a comedy show was a magazine writer, but I think it was to drive big cars talking to celebrities you're talking about like different you and people interested as we work with you on that. I just did it with some of my friends, yeah yeah. I forgot about that. It was long ago, but I do. I guess at the way I really got into phone. Was I read this book the virgin suicides by jeffy Genitti's. I heard they were going to make a film of it, and I felt really protective of. I hope they don't miss when you have a book that you love, and so I started trying to figure out how I would write a script to it and I didn't I Didn'T- have the rights to it. Someone else did, but I I wrote this wrapped here as an experiment, and then I felt so attached to it that I found the producers and I asked them to read my square and somehow they? Let me
and they let you direct it yeah and these. If grip yeah, I got it david escaped in and what's it like, it's a its intense movie like what was it there How'D- you like really did just the story- urges because it it's it's it's dark, but has other elements. I mean I loved the book. I love the way it was written and the mystery between the boys. Trent, understand girls and just that age and and kind of them the melancholy of being that age and captured the feeling. In a very strange situation beyond us, a her yeah, because this limit romantic. I think when you're that age, especially like they did and die. That's all kind of heightened right, but you don't actually follow through with it generally now that's really taken to remedy them care you can you can come to exercise all that in in a story I m not have not had to do anything that drastic
I think those dynamics are like do those kind of happen through all the movies right, really that you've done that at the weird trying to understand men and women right yeah. I think there's always a mystery in that or something interesting like I. We can talk about us and translating cause that. Does it to mean that, outside of being about your men, women to a degree. They are also kind of meditations on celebrity in a way right, yeah. I am always drawn to some elena. that poverty is growing up around having a famous father, people reacted or something I don't know I bet that there's something I mean so in our culture yeah. It is, but like your sensitivity to it is going to be different yeah, because you like it was just. I imagined that dinners at your house in napa on some nights. You were like you know what the fuck is happening. Who are all these? These people are like really famous and geniuses. I dunno, if I I think I just didn't register it. They were just people just like just like that, people that my dad than by me
rogers back. Don't you think back a going holy shit shit? I was at em in bunny story is yeah like white, a hundred other people. That came, through their house. There were definite lot of characters, and I know we richard Gere the other hand, I remember, being you know like ten and he was like skinny dipping in our pool, or you know it's appropriate. did he he did a lot of work at the house like he would have readings and stuff there and what are just yeah yeah when they would have yeah the actors would do meetings. He would always make dinner for lots of people he likes to cook huh yeah. He has he. He can just like together, a big dinner for all these people with no problem which I it is a mystery to me It seems very important to him yeah, it's the italian thing making people feel get any of that. the same in know wanting to you no answer make everyone royal like family and rival by. I can't make dinner at the last minute.
Great twenty people without a pastor now ass sauce? I wish I felt that's too much sure being italian and not being able to do that. Well, so I ask him, how do you do that and you just feel it and it's like? I don't feel it tell me exactly how you do it if you just I don't know, I think, that's nice, I think it's a nice thing to be able to entertain a bunch of people spontaneously and having be a lovely thing, yes and not asked. Lastly, I had their coming to have everything was right, yeah, it's nice environment to grow up, and so what I did, which, like it was surprising because I went and saw your beguiled and then I felt have to watch the original yesterday, which is much more disturbing yeah and I like I've seen it before in my life, I don't remember I liked it when I
It was a remain and I saw was- and I think I saw bits and pieces of it flipping. I realized that yeah, but I've seen a lot. Don seagulls movies have certainly see most of countries which movies, but I don't think I that one, which is this weird outlier, really it's their art film. It's definitely like a seventy's our film, but it's also like you know, kind of off brand for clint, and I would imagine at that time, yeah right, yeah, very much so, and a it was. It was surprising it was surprising to watch it for the first time coming out of your film, because something that movie I mean when I know imagine you've been asked this before, but what was it that made you decide to do that movie yeah! I I had never seen the some people that really know movies it's a classic and that kind of genre but my friend raw ross. production designer she is, and she said. Oh, I just saw this movie the beguiled. That's don t or plenty. Some of you need to see it. I think you need to remain an m and, as I go haha? You know I would never ever think of. Remaking summoned
this movie, and then I want and to state of mind it was so weird and not what I expected and it just, and it was so odd to me the story of these women in a southern girl school this enemies your comes in, and so I I found the book that was out of print and the actual book it was based on yeah, it's based on a novel by thomas olenin, and so I found a copy instead of looking it's all written by the each chapter is a different woman's point of view of this encounter on the characters, the character, sudan. I just thinking about how I would love to make a new version. off from their point of view and start in their world and on this in a man I haven't a man in years and an enemy soldier comes in and it's all very. He did and so so that was how I and and then universal, in their library and ask them if they would. Let me take it out what does that mean? They had it in there wherever they owned it, they owned it because they had made the original films and they still own it. So they still, they continue to pay. Why?
It is on rinki just I think you have to buy it outright when you move film and then it stays in your archive, so I asked them if they could take it out and dusted off, and so he had to dig up that book. in that. I guess that would explain the weird kind of subconscious voice overs in the original that, have these moments that must be right out of the book in a way or way to accommodate the point of view. Yeah yeah that there does. The dancing only has a lot of voice over your ass back right, any no right away, he's a bad guy were I wanted to be more in the women's point of view of trying to you know, figure out what that was. The thing is that, like that was like, because I left your movie and I I like your movies because, like a there, they're provocative in a way that you know, as you watching and you get and then the kind of catalogue them either as good movies or, like I kind of remember that movie, but it seems certainly the last three movies that you do that I had that you did in my memory, you kind of
out in that you, you question yourself somehow in your ear, your wife- and why did you have this reaction to these? I care Well, that's good! That's what stays with them are. You think will that do not wrap it all out right with the weird thing about the about. Your version of the film was that it you know somehow or another like in seagulls. You know within two minutes right now. This guy's bad. He does there is now greater it. I dont know what john rate would be an it seems it up or is it? Is it a horror movie? Is it a? What is that movie? It's all about my heart, but I like to just southern gothic southern gothic, oh yeah, okay, that makes sense. Like you know, right out of the gate. You're, like holyshit clint eastwood, his his regular clint, eastwood I I dunno wet, as I thought, I'd love to know what they were talking about when they first,
Don siegel wanted to do that, that opening scene, or just that movie and yeah but yeah what provoked it. Yeah yeah, I'm just curious how that all came to be, but but by in your faith, in your version by once. The turn of events happens, yeah of their spoilers, with a movie, that's being remade, but certainly I are treated as such acts of fun. the audience doesn't know, though not like. I didn't see it, and I watch a lot of movies and if I did see it, I didn't remember the original, but It's a turn of events happened. I think the big differences is that, whether it's supports view thing or not. Is that your make Bernie bite? You can't collen pharaoh, This is a sympathetic character, whereas quinces in no way unless you're perverse yeah. I know he's a bad guy right from then get go right, but this one I feel like you're. Not quite sure that moment of like I want. trust, but I know maybe I shouldn't right there. Yet I used to eat. You know he's. Definitely there was a way
returning it but like my point, was that after what happened happened, do you know in pretty far into the movie really was that the beginning of act, three, almost beyond yeah, I you know, even after that happens. as a man there, I'm sort of it was kind understand. I know. No, I think it's really different, Whether it's a man or woman watches hit that you know how you relate to it. I think it's really different like oddly, that character and that you and the power of of of saxony violence in all this stuff. That's sort of the underlying themes of this thing are, are sorted eternal issues within men and women and people yeah that's what I love about. The story is cause. We can still relate to others dynamics and enter the power shift between the men, the women in the story. So you know a heightened version in the story, but if who's you know goes back and forth with who's in charge and as he gasped her a prisoner- and I thought it was fun to
get into all that, but in in shooting it way cause it's it's it's very apparent in over explained in the original movie. So what was the challenge of you know dealing with the book and the script? You know when you were constructing the thing yeah indeed a not be clear if more in their point of view of How can we trust the sky and oh he's charming? Let's it's nice miranda near going back and forth and they're all just like third, there just like wet or will they be they have. They ve been so cut off our right and then they were like raised to be lovely ladys for man, there's no men around. He comes in and they're all the editor of sudan. I love it. You're, like in the heat of the south and they're all repress dear anne and miss Martha Nicole character, is very religious. Is too in between, like she likes to have him around, but we shouldn't really keep this enemy here, and so there are all kind of turned around and and and and for him it kind of starts out as like a fantasy that he has these. Ladies right, the
pillows taking care of them and then, as it goes on he's, you know, he's their prisoner kirsten dunst, character. What's her name at weena, she was great yeah our relationship with her has gone on a long time yeah. She was sixteen We worked together the first time and then It used the lead, but she seems, as she gets older, to be evolving into this, like there's a strange depth to her. That Then I that is there. Vulnerability. Yet there's also like a like a something like a darkness. I am a her when I first met her because she looks like this kind of pretty all american blonde, but then there is always something deep behind her eyes and she is is as a person and so on. comes out more and more and they she's uprising this because the really quiet performance, but she is a lot of russia's at the heart of the movie- has she s so much more
ability and Farrell was really good. He can really do it when he wants to yeah right yeah, and I think he has I am glad, has a dark side and can write happened to the everyday easily like how long with the comedy peopled you look out for their role to people, but when I met him, I had met him on top of all when I met him, for this issue is so charismatic and charming. masculine and she the eleven when I did somewhere right, so it was fun to ask her to. you know how long ago already yeah she bade the daughter for the daughter and now she's eighteen. So it was her first kind of at first, but it you know as a woman and playing the outer bad girl, alien, again in the seagull version yeah. That girl is really bad. Yeah, like like pretty well, it's interesting were you, conscious of that all these characters represented some strain of of the feminine care.
like they're, all pretty well defined. I like they were women at different stages. I'd like maturity, related him at that level of where they are. that moment else character is characters. Never you know she's just at that age, where she's kind of coming into her sexuality and there's no men around it and he shows up- and she is well known before yeah and she's, always presenting herself as a threat to him and and I m an eleven she's is kind of and that in the book by character, was released, Senator mother raised her till like get a rich husband, so theirs certain women that are geared towards it two men at all times right and is also part of our culture thing. So yet was one to see its part of culture journal kind of of its heightened in the southern shore had lain right right. You is ours, shameless the I was, code it exactly as she says, she's a a example of that
the decision then, like I I imagine you had asked certain questions because the the the african american, the slave yan seagulls- and I imagine in the book was a pretty elemental part. Yet no like in the in the movie she the side. character and I just felt like I didn't want to Important subject, I didn't want to just kind of brush over it lightly with the side care, or so I felt I decided not to have that character at all and just focus on the women and a lot of the slaves had left at that time. So they're just really cut out yeah entirely, and they had to figure out how to live on on their own cause like it seems in in in the original movie they're, just no relief from the menace of one character. Another round and you chose to just focus on the ideas and- and you know what would be the legitimate human feelings of all these women yeah- and it's really but the women,
and ryan coming in and focused on that dynamic, but how much of the Nicole kidman character in the book was? You know what had all that kind of like incest, the creepy southern gothic? Was it in the book it's in the book, and I just decided to keep that out, because I wanted to be you know desire, and it's not like perverse from some inside story, and you know that it could just be. It yeah, a woman has a desire that is cut off and she's very religious and there's no men around and you just stripped it down. She didn't have to be Geraldine page is just for what it like disturbing yeah yeah, it's much more disturbing that character and- and I wanted that character to be- you know not as crazy- in more tragic death and not just like, but the woman waited edwina was that was that character seems out of all of them to be pretty pretty closest, closest to original yeah yeah, she was the vulnerable one and yeah, and I liked that
about her and then kirsten made her version and also like that, the little girls have like you are the smartest ones there because they're, not you know, jaded by desire in a way yeah. I love the little girl addison ricky plays marie comes up with the mushroom plantier she's great like I liked it that in their child, you know like minds that the logic is there pure yeah. They can see what's going on here. Not clouded by fashioned desire right which, in the regional there you know the twelve year old is completely and yeah yeah and you have just come like but yeah because of that opening scene yeah, but you did take I was surprised that, like you know, in terms of setting that it seems like the tone is, more like a right from the get go that the two movies open with a similar shot. Really, that they have a war. Montage are the areas that you haven't really established: civil war yeah yeah yeah, but in ours yeah we fall.
I heard a discover him, but I can't remember the original. Maybe you meet him first, nor think she she finds him in a surprise. But I I did a great job like just exercising the back stories that were so heavy handed in the original that really? allow the characters to human? In a way yeah? No, I wanted them to. I wanted you to be able to relate to them. Even those are really over the top situation, but how be human underneath that reactors up with the right about yours, it's not that over the top, it makes sense, ok you know in the original like once you know, you see the flash back of what really happened in the battle with him. Your I gotcha shitty on all levels a year. I think it's much intriguing, not to know whether he were he cops. The cowardice yeah you want you don't know, he's back in their guide and there's all the creepy ship, but the one thing that is, I think, a delicate montage and oh yeah, Missouri and van dream. She asked geraldine pay history Zia. I think I was just a
it's positive, the airline, yeah yeah or something Dodd was dealing with. How can I get two women to kiss, Stalin was around and if so, how does this came? Aren't you made some good movies right? Of course it's interesting though, to after you know with the whatever, Quaint went through in those early movies at him, as he is. A director is somewhat feminist, yet in in in his movies yeah. That is interesting. It's odd right, like the ones he made himself very sensitive to it, but yeah I like it on the original, and there were you talk whether things, but in the original, like the arm, the gore it was like they had it in there like. I was surprised cause like in your florida. Well, they went for it, but it was almost ridiculous. White blood in the seventies was just this weird red paint that was everywhere but like
add thing happens: it happens in the movie you're like, oh, my god, why they tried their best to get yoga. At least there was it been years like you're like whoa. You know it was very you know you had to do it. Real yeah is trying to make it realistic. So I I liked the movie it's beautiful, shot beautifully. You want a big price right yeah and can the area is that with. I have no idea what you know what can is like I've talked to some people about it and you five in their lot with your dad and with other movie. I yeah is it glamorous and exciting, or is it just a big cluster fuck like a like a like a european version of south by southwest I've, never been to south by southwest and really you elitists know I just missed it. I would like to it's in Austin yeah yeah? Well, they have all different south buys yeah. They have the you know they film the tv, the music, it's it's a big enterprise. I'd like to, but yeah Kim is always glamorous yeah I mean, especially in the in the seventies. I remember going as a kid and because it still had like a hippy
in last time and had an remember at cheech and chong up in smoke there's a huge. Wait on the closet and then people in tuxedos and the glamorous time? That's a childhood memory that you didn't make an impact. Cheech and Chong know my brothers. My big brother's got to go and I I wasn't allowed to go to up in smoke. It was me, but I had them here. Oh yeah yeah as, like you know, after they've gone through all they've gone through. Then they were sort of trying to you know get out in the world again. What was so many because, like I'm wearing these headphones, and I got grub listening to teach and charges at the two of them talk like so allow. So what do you hear them interacting with each other? You like jeez aggregate, blowing your mind was good, that's so cool I can is always exciting and glamorous, and it's always kind I to show your movie there. It's in this beautiful big theater with a great screen and the best way, but it's nerve wracking, because there,
notorious for, like booing and being harsh and how did outside of winning best director. How did how was the road? They reacted well, yeah! So that wasn't really. It was exciting. It was the first time I've seen it finished and with the cast, and so it was in there on the south of france, it was exciting. Kidman seems to be really kind of working gazing out a lot an interesting roles has more impressed that she does interesting parts and supports different kinds of movies and when the project to do this. She, you know a day later she said. Yes, it wasn't a whole process as she was really enthusiastic and it's cool to see all the different and she's doing what she loved her as an actor yeah me too, and and like there was this period where she wasn't around much and now likes you it really kind of sinking her teeth into some real shit. I know it's cool like the lion movie, as that was called. She was great in that yeah and is she a nice person? Yes usually measures really warm and she so kind of regal and tall and impose so then it's is always a.
that she's so warm, and you know what What's your relationship with your he's an your old man. Do you do Do you show him? Do you ask him for a variety of this? When I say I shudder when I was just finishing editing, we say he didn't mean it. I didn't know he didn't the thing about it is, I don't want anything until I see it and I was wondering what he was going to think without cowards, he going to think and then he watch it and he really liked it and he he said one nicole's character was so brave, that she had to figure out how to do that, and I was really surprised it's always it's always fun to has he always been supportive? I imagine he has yeah yeah he's always been, and when I was starting, he was more kind of you know. Just for me and trying to give advice, and now he is justice, into how I do things. Every year after you win a couple of academy awards he's like nah, maybe she's doing alright, he got it and I think parents always worry about that.
he was really is really enthusiastic, so it helped finish, editing, knowing that it can't be that bad if he didn't, he liked it sure oh course, an end. Can you like, throughout your your filmmaking career, were? Was he a guy? I don't want you, I'm not diminishing anything, but I would have to assume like a night. You know I asked the same question of you to you know to Jacob Dylan. You know cause you get this idea. That sort of like you know that you gotta have your own life and you gotta be separate and like when I asked him it's like, I said: does he he he he the father is the greatest songwriter ever like me, as he mentioned lyrics. Well, yeah he's like well, I have access to the greatest songwriter ever and we have a shorthand. You know like there's this assumption that there's sometimes friction. forgot that with you but really Was he more? Did he give advice around? You know the actual active directly
I remember him coming on. Sat when I was doing my first movie and virgin suicides and year sets a is the action louder? They have to know you're in charge, and I was like that like. If we do it my way, and yes, it is always. You know, he's kind of a parent right, but but other than that no kind of like me out shootings staffer store the ideas other than the third acting that you seem to remember: yeah, no always before I do a movie. I asked knows I'll. Ask him just kind of refresher courses like on this I'll ask about his rehearsal process cause. He always has a really interesting way. He rehearse characters and and just to spend time with the actors before and he does like. He came from theater, so he knew he did a lot of theater games and he would he said it was for him. to get them together and have them make a meal together and mere make real food and eat together and that so many he did and the godfather We had the family come together and make a meal, and these are ever since that improve the the actors, just change their relationships with each other. So so I've done that
film. So I always like to talk to him about how we worked with actors to prepare before the shooting. I think that's really helpful as like some people I get. I've talked to Walter hill and and my view, maybe one or two other people that people are. I think directors really approach that differently that, like some directors with walter, interesting because he was. I call me just dispel the myth that the the door there is some sort of hands on guide within actor because he basically said: look you hired the person to do a job and then they do the job you know so much vicious the casting people are asking work. The actor is like a cast that people are things you can do it and then I let them do it right. Yeah. I think that's some sort of weird I dunno, where that idea of the director kind of getting in and working with, I mean there are when your father on apocalypse in that documentary that I think your mother shot right yeah. I know
I and there still together, yes on incredible sort of incredible added and made for fifty five year. It seems like at the core of it, your dad's, a pretty sweet guy. You got a little crazy for awhile. What are you can do? He's you know he's an artist ups and downs, but he's that he's sweet. We, it's like nomo. I got to deal with crazy maryland. We have a Dennis hopper and marlon brando is that he hasn't read the book so like. I imagine that that thing was very hands on, but like even though you're dealing with these great actors, like you, you know he had to he had almost a there's that scene that It always kills me is that John Melias you're talking about why he took it He says I came francis convince me. This would be the first to win the nobel prize of re So you dealing with a guy that was, I gotta, then I guess passions diplomatic word over it, but you generally just you know you have a meal indeed do what you do with that meal. Do talk about the cat?
no, no in character. They have made in character of that sum, ass service, the other in character. They make a meal together as a family or or their group. Unlike farm of it, we had them in a house. You know and Nicole's character. Was charge of everything and all the dynamics of the characters amounts. You do look it's like a horse, but more improv, just you, there's no crew or nothing. No, it's just it's and mean, and it's it's yeah. You engage with them or do you just watch night stay out of. It are whisper. Some things to try something it's just more for them to to fill up being in the characters. They start to wear the corset and that's why there's something about I never would have never thought of it, but might as well be when you have food. It becomes like sensory and sure enough. We connect you young in a bonded yeah that and start to feel like the characters in this. It helps to do it in a sense, did you have a lot of food that they made breakfast
added together like biscuits and gravy and gravy nah, just regular bread were people eating healthy cause. I think that would diminish. It seems, like you have some actresses there that were sort of like or maybe not read, and no No, it wasn't to is, and maybe that was wrong of me to say, but I hear you and you've done that with all your movies. You did that with the with dwarf and you know what I try to do a pay pair with actress spend time together and and weirding somewhere and took l to do. He picked her up from school and took her bowling and to do things together so that when we started filming they had just kind of making a history. I think that was an interesting choice for you. You know for casting because, like he's one of those guys that looked like it was going to be huge and then he's I've been around, I know I think he said doctor. I think there are two but yeah. I and he was so that guy has a lot of heart, but it's true, he didn't. He hasn't had as many opportunities to do his thing
I am in a movie with sort of like heartbreaking just because of the nature of that I dont know what a times I. I about you know. I think that people in show business get sort of dismissed by the culture eating in terms of why people who aren't enamored with so ever. You think that, like what are you guys really do the in which really sort of annoys me because the the process making art or make your doing acting in doing direct. It's like it's it's hard work. Yet Think of you, if you do well looks easy like any at any one, that's good at what they do. I think I guess so I just I. It annoys me way, hooey that there's this idea that you know we're we're all slacking out here like you just now, you guys we're just actors like yeah, but our keeping you we're we're trying to balance ass. Thus, our turn I am but but into, in that movie was at how much of that was from sort of personal experience of meaning of growing up in show business in you having
and some acting yourself you know in knowing all these actors and having them in your family. You know It seemed to be a very sympathetic and very specific profile portrait of of somebody in this business which I think is not easy to do necessarily yeah, does actually spending time at the chateau marmont. I've seen those guys there's a lot of it, because he was a mix of a lot of different actors, in you never hung out there it did in the nineties that anna and yes, it was a lot based on but yeah. I knew people like that, and I wrote it right after I had my first daughter, so I was thinking about what kind of idea of being and he already been divorced once yeah. yeah, gamma, twenties yeah. So I look waitin have kids. Round, but yet said this I was thinking about just had a baby, and I was thinking about I being a parent, and then this, and just knowing kind of guys like ensure, and then there of course, part
if my dad, did the characters not like my dad at all, but just the when they go to ITALY. I've had trips like that, with my dad with lots of ice cream and vietnam air the sweet yeah, but they played up against the sort of like. I don't know the men like you like, even with the bill murray character in lost in translation, is like to be lost yeah. I see that in certain people- no dad I laid, but you have bite, but also to be so. You know why people know of your. They know who you know they it's it's. A strange thing to have. A public personality and yet you know behind it. There's justice melancholy or existential kind of like despair yeah. I I've seen that Yeah people yeah you, I think it happens in all occupations yeah, but you know the public face is sort of like this strange thing that you have to be kind of
to be that guy yeah yeah. I want you to be a whoa now working with those two. What's with scarlet at that point or career, I'm with the with bill, did you do the improvisations with them? I don't think we did, I think, and thus they both shut up and and tokyo me we're winging it, but the but the characters that know each other, so it was okay. I think it's more in films, where the characters are supposed to have true to right and that one they didn't know each other. So we all kind of just shut up. Tokyo and and hit the ground running, and that was if you got him at a good point, like he's such a like an amazing talent of some kind, I know of a trip I know so happy when he showed up and and and I love when he sings like to give him a microphone. We we we actually all went to karaoke- that was fun yeah, we're on on some downtime yeah we're prepping. It was fun yeah, but at some it's always fun to be around bill Murray. It is
right and he's touring right now, with a have you heard about his music tour. That is doing. I didn't he's, he's a I dunno what they're called but he's. He has like a four piece classical music group. Any singing again morrison's are rare. I heard one sign. I was really touching here where he got a heart the thing is, you know, and a heavy heart, so yeah do you know I get to it. It's very interesting. What that that part of him that he's able to put out there if cast right, just in general that I don't know what the word is, but believable guess. It is groundhog day. He said when he's downtrodden yeah, I dunno there's something lovable yeah yeah yeah like he just can't get a leg up in a way in these immediately sympathetic, somehow yeah. Even when he's playing you, he doesn't really play assholes that often know but scrooged, maybe
it's, not so that one would most mccarthy but the lad guy had a lotta heart. Tunisia has heard it. Can, I think so right. I think that's the trick with him his ignore matter, how much of it ass or we may be. There said that thing he had the out. What? How did you direct at that christmas special? Have that happen? I never come apart. I think I was some I love and all things- and I was saying. Oh, I wish you would just do a week of it at the carlisle singing old standards. I just love to see bell singing me. You know Chet baker, gladly Adam and then are mitch glazer has a writer that is works with bell a lot. They were talking about doing some kind of show and, and we thought oh- can we incorporate the music into bad and with our own the voluntary and special and somehow turned into a christmas special, but that bill mitra hung about doing a some kind of a tv, yeah and together? So happens now that you're going to have a big premiere tonight,
I have a premiere tonight and then it comes out this weekend yeah yeah. Yet we shut up last fall in new orleans other than mere. Does the whole family go? No, my my parents, in europe. There are round, but I have a lot of cousins that are coming is nicholas, cage coming. I wish he he's, most las vegas. I invited him. I don't think he's here. Do you like like. I always wanted think that you guys are all in touch lot just saw him. I was in las vegas for some thing for the movie and took me out. He took me and kirsten out in a stretch limo, and we we the show and it's really fun. Yeah he's a character. Huh yeah he's really fun and jason. Like he's got a kid now and you guys he has three and re yeah did that happen. I know when it was the one he had well boy now, yeah as cute and yeah, my daughter and his daughter are close in age and their pals. So when it's been awhile since the last movie, you do spend time between movies huh,
yeah it takes me awhile cuz. I read the script and- and I never really know what I'm doing when I finish a movie that takes a moment to figure out what I want to do next in the night I write the script and by the time you get it together takes a few years between we have kids, work and yeah you're married to musician, and- and this is life go see music. Do you do what you do as a grown up. I don't know what to do as a grown up. Do you know it's all a blush her? I felt my dinner many born when you known in latin kids, make it a little more like immediate, yeah I'd stuff here, but I friends. I was just new york and I just like- I decided I needed to go to lincoln center and see jazz, and you can just do that there I have to do that more living in new york. I don't do it and now I'm like I'm at this age where I'm like. Am I missing? Something because, like I dunno life, is pretty fulfilling, but there seems to be these things that are supposed to be real amazing and did you enjoy it
it's like you know, a bunch of dudes with horns up there. I know an entity that I feel like new york has so many there's. Always something on my like and you like your grandfather was a composer right. Yeah yeah did you do. You have memories of that that being important yummy, and saw him conducting. He did to the performance in front napoleon. When I was in college really yeah it was deal in euros at that that Eric, as I said at the outset, that car cm in rome and write your dad put it gather round. He re edited it in a triptych. I remember was a big yeah. They, I guess they preserved at apple gone, says: yeah napoleon remembered became red, white and blue with a dreaded conducted by carmine, Coppola yeah. I dunno how that came apart
Together, I see it like wow cool, silent movie and there's a whole orchestra yeah, and I think he did koyaanisqatsi. Did he produce that too or not yeah? His company and they're still I'll, be there. Do your movie, sometimes out of young. What else do they do did whatsoever do you have. Are you on the internet? So many other projects, but we in this house little things going in. Do you ever the time? We directed a musical that when my dad left from the heart and they showed it at radio, city or yeah, that was a. I love that movie the style of it or shooting it. They rebuilt las vegas in a soundstage right here in hollywood right, and I remember that at the time he's like. I have this amazing technology where you can watch the take right after on video yeah, it was digital. It was like the first time that was this. What was this but what's the lead in that teri garr in for us Has the best elevate, soundtrack album it's great with norway, tom little girl? I have it's a great great about ages to listen to that sound right where you are after that yeah
as I was roller skating around the lot, what Chorus haven't seen him long time. I he's good actor. Yeah he's great do you of anything else in mind in terms of like what you're going to do next you're in the middle of this thing. Now I'm just excited nice to come out and summer vacation. I think it's amazing who is the dp on it? Oh he's so great felipe la sword. He a frenchman, it's good, to have french cinematographer, yeah man like mist and the the what kind of those other big oak trees with spanish ma so yeah, and he hit a lot of like smoke machines going. We shot on thirty five millimeter film, which was exciting, but that's all three guile, yeah ha, and I hope you will see that the erika I think it's I in the. I need to see it in theater yeah cause. I ain't come tonight or this week, where you're, showing it you shown out a few times yeah it open with the new beverly with a double feature with the don siegel yeah when Wednesday
international hosting I'll call you into the year of cars, I sold out. I'm sure I can gay and sharing ticket yeah yeah that's on wednesday, What because I want to see the dancer movie in the theater. Oh, my god come what time we'll set it up. Well, I think you did a great job. Thank you. Straight talk yeah. We got it all me for most of it. Where'd you shoot this thing in new orleans. it's like the same house from the don siegel movie airlift. We can get house, but we tried I'd, try to out, but it's been restored, but we shot an old plant asian and outside of town in then we shall in new orleans you! How long were you down there there from october to early december, and how is that been there before, I've only been there for you
for days at a time I went to jazzfest before, but I've never spent time there I'd love new orleans, everyone's so nice, there and good food, and it's another one of the cities where you're like it's got. You know you're right when you get there. You're like this is one place is nowhere else like it. It's so distinct the way it looks and the feeling is kind of weird magical thing. It is. I love it. I think it is fun to come with kids too, and I thought it'd just be like you know, drunk people with plastic cups will be restated in the french quarter, yeah, but but it was really fun and and everyone there is really friendly and the bring your family on set with be like your dad. They came to visit, but they stayed in school in new york, but they came over like thanksgiving, so your dad would just take you out of school, I can't multiply never mind, but that a year we just leave school and it there was always fun on location. If you go to school, wherever you were yeah, I went to like just a local school or wherever. So while I guess family was always that's more. That was the priority. it's very important to them. Do you think it was? You know,
like it was because he liked having the family together or you needed to have you guys there yeah I never thought about that. I think it's the italian thing keeping the family together, but he told me- and I don't remember when he was in cannes for perhaps now there's a there's a you can see footage of em press conference and am on his lap, and he said I just thought they'd, be you know less hard. to him. They had a kid on our soil, the ass other banks. There were no, I don't know how if the hard time they gave him. I think about what I don't know, but it was you know they are close to the beach. One more time making something about that yeah. He just seemed like like it seems like he's relaxed. You know since that movie, certainly so yes, yes, I mean like you, must have been a process yeah. I can't
is more melon. Now, like swine young boys, get talk news of bank, you, awesome. I very much enjoyed meeting Sofia Coppola and talking to her very nice amazingly talented and I love the new movie the beguiled alright go to, pod, dot com for all that get on the mailing list I can target a titan here, but I haven't showered since I got off the plane for a stink have having changed. I have to decide what I'm going to wear Did it premiere tonight of glow? It's right going to premiere that worth something Maybe you take some pictures of who thought she was going to happen to me I'll tell you who didn't may
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