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Episode 832 - David Alan Grier / Joe Mande

2017-07-26 | 🔗
David Alan Grier studied to become a serious actor at Yale School of Drama, which actually came in handy when he got cast on one of the funniest shows of all time, In Living Color. David talks with Marc about his varied career on stage, screen and in the comedy clubs. Plus, comedian Joe Mande takes a break from Twitter to stop by the garage and talk about how he staged an award show for his new standup special.

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Though the all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking year is what the fuck stirs, what the fuck delicacy. Tapping mark mare- and this is my podcast w p. I thank you for tuning and I appreciate it has a going hey now. If its don't know what's gonna happen, I'm recording this today before so I thursday if there's still time there a call. Your senators call you're. Senators, email them? Do it every need to do to voice here disapproval of rushing this here? this murderous health care rupees, bill through congress through the senate, do it you don't want to see your neighbors die because they can't get healthy. So they lose the stuff they got. You just want to watch your neighbors co, workers in france,
people that work for you, people, you know just all of a lose all hope, because it's out from under them, for what reason for what reason This is america. We should the best, not the fucking most. Embarrassing, it, show circus, on the planet. if anybody's feeling extraordinarily excited and proud of what we're going through as a country right now I don't know man, I don't What's up with you, I really don't. I know you probably don't like me, but man, man where's, your humanity where's your in class. Where is dignity, where's your nash no pride. What a fucking She had show you just don't what's going to happen from one day. The next thing you don't know when it's going to be all over because
all of a sudden it's not about the country anymore. It's just about protecting. A narcissistic spiteful lunatic who want who does give shit number one about the united states. africa. Zero shits he gives all about himself. You guys just keep being proud to protect him. Yeah yeah, that's good! That's what they're What what's america about protecting a lunatic from himself great yeah. What, if vision for the future, how's it going Are you alright? We got a big show today, I'm not going to ramble too much I thought I'd just get. You give a chipper little nudge to stay active and anybody who thinks it's not That is a liberal or conservative issue. Health care you're. Out of your mind. You think this is some sort of wrestling show that ends in the apocalypse: yak
world's greatest heal, the last great heal. I can't right now, like I see like right there, you felt that pause fell right down, fell right down the the ditch right down the rabbit hole of of horrendous darkness. Sorry, right there, there's like hovering beside you now. What's that next to you of that, is that's I thought that was an invisible tunnel to Hell. No, no, it's, not we're all going through it, we're all it's all they all of us, the entire world being suck through a selfish tunnel to Hell, hey butt, proud and excited Godspeed if you're, terrified and angry speak up, make those phone calls hit those streets- god damn Alright, on a lighter note- I got an email here. Subject line, you just got better without trying mark. If you
his ago I had a three hour drive up north to run the san francisco marathon. I had you, unless into episodes of w e F on deck, but I want save those for the marathon decided to try another top rated podcast through itunes. It sucked tried another. It was boring, try to third Guy was being overly dramatic for the subject matter. I've listened to most of your eight hundred plus episodes while running and they helped the mile swept past I've been. I concerned that you might hang it up soon, because you're sounding a bit over it. If you I may quit running and get fat. That's on you, shoulders. im all of your effort. Soren over the podcast, I'm a bit overwhelmed most everything pal, I'm just and give get by like the rest, he is. But no, I'm not going to let you get fat pal and I wish- apply that to me sitting. Depart cast thing to a to me, get out and running I'm exercising I'm not running enough, but what you know. What who who cares,
big show today can't ramble on too long got two guests, shorty and along he got Joe Mandy coming up? Who I love Joe Mandy, the very fine comedian, an endangered david, Alan Grier, one of the funniest people alive coming up Joe Mandy has been on the show before and he's a very funny. Guy very bright guy, I was happy that he came over and like can a joke. He has a new standard special called Joe mandates award, winning stand up special. That is now streaming on netflix and I hear he stopped by the garage to chat a little bit. This is me and the the shark sharp and funny Joe Mandy. It's no place good job. I don't think so. I mean I'm doing great. That's what I'm dealing with right. Now, it's the the it's a hell scape everywhere, but, like my it's, an idiot
a very a buddy, you little prior little, the poor, the parameters, probably bigger than just immediate surroundings by, but if you are engaged and you are paying attention you, do you feel a little shitty about having a fiona okay by yourself here, but I always had that in my head, though I gay I've talked about that a bit on stage where there's always part of me no matter how good things are which at they haven't been this good for me personally ever but there's always part of me. That wants to be like now, but it's still kind of fucked right, but now it's like it is He has not I'm not making it up. No, it's kind of fucked. No, it's super fucked! Yes, it's like cartoonish scared, evil the acting. So it's like it's like this is hack. I give it some. pitch some of this stuff about, as this tomb possess too much, but what are you what you been up to you coming over on a saturday? I assume you're writing somewhere yeah. I'm writing on a show called the good place right now on NBC, await
what who's in that kristen, bell and ted are right stars. The TED danson is a part of my daily life coolest yeah yeah, it was a. It was early if you that that's the type of person, you just hope when you don't know where yeah you really don't but he's like he's a person in his like reputation. Precedes you just like okay, well, we'll see, and then it's all true he is the that's great it's so it's so bizarrely, disappointing too, had to identify with are know somebody your whole life on television, yeah and then they're just fucking I know it's it's it's So very like Take a letter sadness, that's hard, you know cause, you know you don't wanna like tell people about it. He was just like gets into believing that. Well, that's the weird thing that you earn in show business is that you know some people are you
degree. Yet you know that it's it's a sad thing about how connected everybody is because there is an element of like you know, respecting somebody's work and then realizing they're, an asshole parties is now gotta. Tell everybody know I put there. I really have no trouble telling you yeah, but now it's sort of like da fuck, you gotta fight the the the er to tell every good the world. It's mostly like it's like when you go home and you're hanging out with people from high school right right or whatever and they're like what's going on, so you know so, and yeah they're, like yeah, he's cool yeah yeah cause it's like. What's the point of, I have to be careful with it, because I've been I've been pretty diplomatic the last few years but Now that, like, I feel okay about myself, that's when I started to say that I start people in rural, but not a bad way, not my friends necessarily but bye.
You weren't in show business, it's sort of like to see it'd, be nice to say, like yeah guys pretty. I wish I had that in me. I have a couple of friends who you know can go everyone is threatened, new special cause. I know you wanted me to do something for it and I didn't and I'm sorry no, it's No I've knows it. What was the angle? What did you? What what makes it different, because I know there was a it's. Not it's not just a straight stand up special is I mean there's it's an hour stand up. It's sort of book ended with this sketch stuff that I wrote We saw that the premise of the sketch stuff aside, I'm trying to I'm trying to do perform like the perfect special mia. So I'm get it. The first part is like I'm getting advice from you know: okay, okay, except for some
from peers, interim herodian legs actually and then and then that's the special and I'm trying on bill. It's all building up to this award show called the american humor awards and then, when the special ends, then we shot we actually shot. The fake award show a gorgeous is on a real thing emanates its super. We made it look like the oscars nice with, like them twain prize yeah. It's really stupid, yeah, but I reached out the irish to a couple. People within a new is like the first. ever kind of ever felt like a yeah producer doing anything I was just like desperately I just trying to like uci, for that particular bit was a george wallace and bo burnham. Are the two people giving wow that yeah
but that's outside the box. That's good yeah, then jewelry for men they're, both they're, both so funny in it yeah. It was like georgia, something yeah. He really is he wearing his break. Of course he was yeah, he didn't always wear it. I dunno that started happening. I remember him. Pre borate, the main bit in the special is that I am performing my special for the lake, the council, is out of there for the award show so like there a few to these like fairy like prestigious looking jerseys it's like they're like taking notes, but so you know you made it created a narrative outside of the stand up alright. But it's not, I hope from what. From my perspective, I didn't think it was distracting. Well, you're, a great stand up and you're great joke writer, and it's like one of those things where, when I see you on counter or something I'm like this guy so good. But you know you, definitely have your a writer yeah.
and in her house at struggle going. I mean the right now, it's a sort of bipolar like I spend like six months or so writing. Yeah whatever and then we'll just spend the rest of the year like touring and now it. Did you get married? I did yeah how long ago was that a couple years ago really, I haven't talked to you that long in any way, how's the marriage, good kid, no kid and we have two dogs we treat like children, and and what does she do she in showbiz? She is not. She works for the a s p, oh yeah. The dish do like a hands on. Sometimes, as she's mostly does like marketing and various pierre, and I copy writing, and, and what what is it? What do they? What do they do? Exactly I mean they have. It seems like they have tat. They have shelters in new york reactor. They also have tat these. They find these task forces. I hung up like
fighting rings and caught fighting rings. How really yeah yeah like veto? Those stories. Are you hear about like hoarders, who have like twelve? of cats. Tower liked, like horses, that are just we owe it to them. Warder here the ones where they find the cats in the garbage ye everyone. I only I just like to the bone. and yet only away in a guy ladys right, I wondered why right and I mean that sort of late- it's mostly like when they its. I usually bigger is where, like they have to bring in lakes, they essentially have like a swat team on call to like provide people with fifty cal yeah it's nuts year. Oh, my god. I only know I don't really sh. Also like she. these phone calls that are like confidential men. She can't tell me, but she'll, be like on a secret. Something about is about to happen on the dead and is it breaking the news yes the area,
It's very some shit go where is raising a couple legged last year, where she had to go to north carolina for a week as there were so many animals at this place that they re it that they had to like a century rent out. airport hangar and just like there's like hundreds of animal, of all different kind. Until till they could like figure where to put them all just the guy ends on dec people flying in from all over the country, to like s, p c ca for yeah yeah? She was like cleaning out the cat. He got a suburban zoo issued basically yeah. It's crazy place in north carolina where they have tigers the tiger rescue- oh really, yeah, Pretty wild crazy, I want to. We went to a an ostrich farm shelving recently in solving yeah. Why just a visit We were therefore wedding, but then you know you we had a data kill in solving suasion dinosaur. He really is it's late. It was a lame as jurassic park, but they they are freaky and they just eat food out of your hands. There's your job.
Bird, their giant birds and they run in a very funny fashion. It the real dinosaur. They are its wild. What did a day they farm em up their airily in me don't really know I mean it was like what else are you going to use it for? What would you have an ostrich farm for people eat ostrich meat yeah? They were, they were selling ostrich jerky, but they also had like ostrich egg signed by chloe kardashian. That was like in a glass case. I mean that's important. That is yeah now what's going on with the with the twitter feed, what were you doing? You're retweeting? You made a career at a retweeting thing. Yeah I was that what was being on that again, just I look for it retreats I did that for awhile. What was it the them doing? I I used to have fun on like nine eleven, like nine eleven corporate tweets as fun and at gun, gun manufacturers and tweet funny stuff on holidays
now I'm just like I'm so deep into like trump, yeah, like idiot. Adverse that I like, I feel filthy, I have I I've pulled out totally I'm fully in. I can't I can't do fight with nazis. Oh yeah yeah yeah. It's like a it's very strange to just become completely desensitized to like seeing your face being shoved into a in an oven by a cartoon frog or whatever so yeah. Okay, you are desensitized totally one thousand. I didn't it does nothing yeah yeah. There was your point. Where did I mean it's? It's it's when you The Dave chappelle tells a monologue when he hosted snl yeah. It was just like we have an internet troll as president like that's what it is and so like it's just trolling. I got it doesn't really affect me.
something else? Maybe it would affect me, but I'm sort of desensitized. Do you find that will? Let me ask you this, because we I've been with me in twitter- was that young, once he took, office hours, I've done and done leading this. I dont want to fight a day it's taxing to me: yeah, I'm not desensitized, it's not so much. I take it personally, but it's sort of like it takes up energy. It causes me aggravation because, even if I'm being desensitized towards you know, horror is one thing but engaging in emotional fighting like I'm. the idea that you're going to win. No yeah, I mean like when you say like am I fighting with nazis, not really like I'm? I don't really respond to people, though I it's mostly like I'm, I your tweet something out and you'll make fun of something like donald trump junior riders. Are we ever dry up gorka ride? Any of those yeah I his name in a while, but yeah. I just I was like I'm not feeding this anymore.
I feel you I mean like I. I feel attitude, I have more time. That's great, it's not you know, I don't I'm not sitting with myself, but I didn't know that add to that that still operating I know I mean it's super unhealthy. It really is, and I'm like, I just vacillate between like just the darkest part of like trump gf twitter and then like to get relief. I will then just read like n b a trade rumors, and that's like what makes me happy it's one of the few things in the world. So it's just like it's either basketball. That makes me happy or just like I'm just like going back. in the big picture. Do you feel as an intelligent person who fights the good fight? Do you feel that that twitter is doing anything good no. I mean well The thing is that like a noble fights, it's not stupid, but there
something to the fact that, like this is the medium that the president has chosen to write his like his wife to read people right, sir there at it, you got it operate. You got dragged down to his level that already easy thing. If I were you, dragged down the president's crazy and but you know there are there, I actually just recently some website ache, twelve dollars to just delete all my old tweets from like anything older than linked to your really or something I do that yeah. I don't know how But it's just like I was just like. I don't need a men, and I don't like some like whatever I was yelling at Try you right out and ten to lay haunts me later brasilia. Just. Why can it isn't because sometimes I will look at twitter. I dont like an occasional answer, questions by primarily used for promo now on and like all answer question, sometimes if I'm but I used to be,
into it. Like you, eat spend hours there. You know. And now I do think that it does good, because sometimes I get I weren't things. First, there kate, because you know I'm not tapped into every new site re in sometimes sometimes some old, tweet something I got fuck right. That happened here and also, think that you know organizing, I think sometimes it's proactive and it helps and it seems to me- that the hashtag president ban and actually got up trumps ass, seem like give aid more more the magazine cover yeah. That's that's! How you get in you it gets rating yeah. It's I it's literally like whoever's on the cover of time magazine I'll. Do it yeah? It's crazy, he's a fuckin child, yeah yeah! There's some big problem yeah, I really don't know It's never a dull moment. I've never like I've. Never! dislike embarrassed before?
I you know one like I know anymore. I was president I didn't feel like I could like. I would. I could try Well- and you know not feel like embarrassed yeah with bush. You are sorta, like diet, aids. I didn't. I didn't do that yet right, but this guy is sort of my my the things to talk to people about like yeah, you hate trump. Everyone has room in my world yeah I but as I love finding out who lose at whose like the protected person, you know because sundays, for me, is jared Kushner, like I obsess over Jared Kushner. He makes me crazy and then sometimes as a Jeff sessions, because I am a ban in syria, your bag. bad you know like you know I was abandoned, Stephen Miller, guided them. He seems, even though our seems to have I found his way. You know up ass sure, I'm how sir It's weird alignment between you, white supremacist in and, and grandchildren of holocaust survivors that I share.
I don't know, what's happening at that level, Are we to Wednesday special on July, twenty fifth ok here and you die, You're good dogs are great. Wife is good, yeah you're happy with the I think. So what do do. Do you get that weird thing where you you I, but I'm a stand up, not a writer. Yes, let me let's I mean I think it's pretty clear that I'm working through those issues in the in the special just I mean I don't know it's like totally. I mean the monies go with. Writing you you're a year and a good environment like to show you running up its jobs by in your heart. You stand up and then there are times when, like I'll be on the road for three weeks there and I'm alone ordering like dominoes pizza and some off, I myself I should go. I shouldn't be at my job
I doing the quality of iraq. Looking forward to I dunno say me: I'm I'm still trying to figure out like the right balance. I definitely feel like I'm I'm sort of half of both or whatever yeah, but the unit you know in your heart and your mind that, like no matter how bad it's going to get over there at the office, I got media helping in our got a pretty steady paycheck This shows on rare right at cheap, makes a difference. There does totally. I was talking to your jacket on you and the alright. As I mentioned Joe Mandy, that was Joe Mandy. His new stand up special called Joe Mandy's award. Winning standup special is now streaming on. Netflix go enjoy that date. It. Alan Grier, wow, dag he's been around for a long time and he's always been fuckin funny always been funny.
From living color to the movies to being on broadway to being on the radio to the car. Michael show, too, I mean just out You ve been around long time to man and we don't really know each other, we might have met. I think we met once, but I was excited to talk to he has a new show on gsn called snap decisions. Premieres monday august seventh, the series finale of the carmichael show airs. ninth on NBC. I do want to make clear that when I talked to him I did not know that the show had been cancelled and he he told me after I don't know I was sad to hear that I liked it, but we talked about everything I yeah there's a lot of stuff. You know he he acquired I he was. You know He wanted to be an actor and he's a great actor, but he's also one of the funniest guys around. This is me David Alan grier talk,
you're in the garage. He knows trump wanted to play by the same rules as obama. What are the rules we get final cut? They don't get the vet questions and you know, like I mean he's pretty good like that. I am not sure what I would do with them or what point it would serve, because I just think you'd have to just turn the thing on, and just I know, but what are you going to get what you? What trump I know, but he gives out all the time, and it's though she you know it's like you away I can get to the core of it. I mean I grew up with a narcissistic dad. I know it's in there. I know it's at the core of that. Personality yeah my whole lot of fuck, you psychiatrist? Oh really so, So what what do you make of it? What do you make your dad being in psychiatry. Well, he just passed. We didn't just spouse who ago
and what do I make of it most he never got psychiatric yeah, because that's that, let you know well are yeah, ok, but I for one time, but it's because I think the perception is the routine come back as your father. Did he analyze? You no doubt today was not, I think, you're, let's use word a right right now. He was just like sit down shut up. You know like a normal parent a one time. When I was like you know, feeling myself, I said that, what's the what's the definition of insanity- and he just looked at me and smart to go gas, it means nothing. It is a legal definition mikey bright it right out of the car. I'll pick you up at five. or weapons. I think that is generally. It seems to me that the common thing about being the kid of a psychiatrist is is
if they are always all weird well yeah. I married the child of a psychiatrist. Well then, and there, but she went. She didn't strike me as weird but then some other kids and they seemed weird battle. I don't know why that would be. Maybe that's something we project on the people, your dad's, a shrink year was always projected on was me, but He passed away, my father died and I we just got these papers all the stuff of this writing that he did a long time ago about his life. It was kind of like. I don't know what it was published. No yeah yeah, absolutely they're, just private. You now musings, like he'd, had a series of questions. Clearly this is an along gated biography. My father also was an author So I don't know at what time right
but he would always use any kind of method to I yet, but the point being is as an african american going to med school and desire to become a psychiatrist at that time. I think there are one or two other black right students and medical mission in and so that's what was incredible and you know studying at the manager clinic in this led the manager clinic that I beg, leave, yeah yeah yeah and it was completely unique. Experience he's writing about one of two or three! Africa is absolutely so that must have been. Why so, talks about his challenges. Maybe he he he talks about it but more. It was, and you know, by rote, but there was some insight, meaning as a young student or as a resident are faced with and probably ninety nine point. Nine percent- caucasian men, rife just how
you get ahead and I met. I know my father taught me said: why really didn't have a choice? If you wanted to be your own boss and you are a person of color, you had to be a doctor lawyer, or else you're working for a while someone who's white. Who will subjugate you owner of some kind of business. For yourself, it wasn't necessarily a passion to to you think that it was, Well, it must have been now my hatred, that's not like when you're thinking about it. I want to go into business, I didn't go into it. I wasn't smart enough and that seems like a lot to put in you know you gotta put in the medical school internship. I see all nineteen forty, some that are easy, so yeah yeah yeah like like what were you thinking and so my dad is and was the smartest person I ever knew. I mean I think he went to college and was like sixty
and you know he's brilliant, so smart, so how much of this writing is there? well. I found two copies my brother and I are, I think, my father is just weary, o ye know my sister youngest, but but we found these pay They were given to us, you know from his widow who's cleaning out stuff on the yeah tour, two different copies of the same thing. most of it is family history. You know my like my my grandmother was born in nineteen hundred and I member remember, you know a ritual when I was with my grandmother. I I was very little we'd sleep, you know. Do sleep over see. Grandmother tell me about when you were little girl she would always start with the sweet stories and it was like and in that boy was launched in and cut his tongue out and hung him by his penis
I mean who wants a cookie or one, but you know as a kid. I just was fascinated how it was like hearing about the wild west of gab. So so as got older? then. I realized this is not just an adventure this is reality exactly racist in the hateful the child. It's just the adventure like when the stagecoach was, you know rated by the indians, that's what it sounded or you can't. You can't connected to reality. Until you put things into context, it's just a horrible story. Oh yeah, oh yeah, it sounds like your dad intended to publishers, saying if there were two copies of it in england yeah done right. You know you're already, so this is a painting that you found on the back of a masterpiece and albert. It does I know I have a daughter. I can't you publish and you could well is it you have a volley. What was eroded a burglar eighty, nine year, you a big problem, is sixty eight ninety
Sixty oh yeah, but my father was the radical to you know he. Here here, my mom? They got a divorce, he laughed he. I moved out to san francisco right the summer before the summer of love right, so he was on the couch at the hip, so that was just the the summer of of racial bullshit. Yes, before the summer, while it was just like ten years of horrible racial tension, while we had driven out, I remember one year a summer vacation. My brother does remind me of this. Like we're kids in detroit, we went to disneyland. I was like nine years old, we drove across country and If we stop, you know what they are to Amarillo texas. That was the first stop on my fire. Come back to the car cause. I don't like negroes, so let's keep our voice standard. Carplay, yeah Jeffrey, put your put your skateboard down, let's just listen with our ears require that but his kids yeah. I remember my brother and I we go to these motels or white kids in the pool we jump in the pool they ran out now, and I would like
I could chase my brothers like might get your mother fucking in the car. They hate. You big here, you punch me, but to me it was like nah man. Let's go make them play with. They still didn't get now to this day I do not I hope, you're right danny danny bride. I met the airport in the morning, We I see him, you know just go over there and introduce myself we're on the same flight or whatever, two days later, I get an offer to do this film and I to my email. My my my my eight. My tat is so crazy caution danny and I want to saint flight. Do myself when I get this offer, the universe. Has bananas in euros are silent? None of you. I said that. Let you any good I think we have a what's the connection though there is none too bravo suited me. I still
Is that why you got the op? Are you so that's that's great. You live in a medical thing as magic to prevent errors, like maybe I shouldn't verbalize. I should just in turn realize what yeah, but I'm kind of interested in the the idea. So your dad moved to San francisco, oh yeah, okay, so I'm going to bounce around in nineteen. Sixty eight will know here's what went down and you know my parents. I remember there was a family meeting at my mom and dad's. Like you know your father and I are having problems, We want you to know. This was very psychiatric. When I think back, we want you, kids, progressive india, not your fault right. It is our issue that we are going to work through right and we're not getting a divorce
Like that's the word like what is a divorce? These are the words I learned as a child. What is assassination how's assassination different than murder? Then I was told you know when Kennedy and other so divorce, what is divorce and they told us and then they innovate. We told our friends we're supposed to In california, we packed up yeah. My father goes ahead, and that was it. I write to my mom a letter by the way you're not joining us. So that's how it went down very classic sixties. as divorce? Yet, and so he got a water bed. She d, you know come on life crisis, it's the sixty on african art and posters. Not Can now. I did last the periphery, a black panthers. We have one these afro rakes with the oh my father, taking us to the barber cut these boys, hair afro,
you are not college black okay, they made the jump, oh yeah, so when obama was like elected, my father was like fuck him he's not black enough It should be till all these white folks kiss my ass. He helped out exactly like that. He could do that, but he's monopoly not going to be president if he didn't want to hear, but so did did you so you went back imports from Detroit to death sentences go and he has a kid or law. We went to visit. My dad will wield similar you, everyone law here, I'll absolute, ok, yeah. It was absolutely but I'm going to visit him. So you can imagine this. It was so the eight as in family, cisco circus. Oh my god. I guess we get off the plane in my father. Gossamer take you to people's park. Might you know you gotta hear this? Is our political education react? What can a park associated
there's a fence around it and there are no toy. Where were the swing here? You know like the tourism in your maybe have their rear. Then he takes his black hair. Headquarters and we see the hippies and were just we went to, he took oakland. Yes, that was a tourist, bought an hour. Your dad panthers there who we got there the day that Bobby Hutton, who is a sixteen year old, like pad now murdered by the police as his funeral, so a new relax. Now you taken into a few what the fuck is. This where's disneyland yeah. So that was a that was my life and and in going back to detroit, you know my dad had this huge book. What book it was black rage. Did he that
his termed. Did he yeah. I like you, have to google as before I say yes, I don't wanna, be a put my foot in it, but it became sure whatever was it became popularized by this, but this is because a beauty best seller moving about it was the black rage, defence, meaning you mark and your father. I have subjugated and oppressed me so much here that, if thy stab the fuck out of you right now, that's because my inherent built black ray what you had family in eastern europe, haha domain, I see what you're trying to do. You know what I mean. That's part of it. People were held equally. I have a jewish friend who goes to what my great grandmother was raped by the cosmic ray oliver, because we we tried to make up for it. We were married. We got you the voting thing we were down there though, but I mean so I'm you have to
we are as one of the things my generated it, of course now whether things my father did for the rest of his life is like you know, he hated win. That book was used, legal defiantly ass. He hated like professional psychiatry. You know dear dray, severed mars here, cause he failed or press. you know didn't like so he was, I saw it more as an academic thing, as well as opposed to a practical defense for any crime. A black person might commit. That's one aspect. I also didn't like people moving when he taught so we put them on the literally he was he a clinical psych. I like I psychiatrist What come on? Yes, yes, but but we had an office, and it was very sixties, cause I'm going down to visit so it having detroit. Yes,
If there was a downtown plaza, that was very hip is called lafayette park yeah and when he moved there, he had another office in downtown detroit like the book building has just read onto, but he moved to this new office had the double door, the couch it looked like fucking james bond movie- and you know the white tick- was the second terry, oh hello, David essay around this- is live hell yeah, so over buick to twenty five. Is that that detroit that you grow if the pin is gone, I mean like what what part of like. I know, I you I hear things I don't want to judge. I know that there are some areas that depict Detroit that are coming back. I've performed outside of detroit, but what the the the the the new out now is that detroit sort of decimated are listen. I'm talking pre riot sure early sixties.
Detroit yo and our minds industrial, like power, how tat may, as like the communists, italy for the japanese, a higher pains with they? We were king of world glorious city fuck you. I was like the fifth largest city, in the world and in america rather yeah and we thought well. I live in a cosmopolitan area, you mean to pry, Schools are very hip and cool, and this is the life. So you do you and your private school for awhile we will again we were very young. I just got these pictures from like kindergarten first, the second great, and it's me and ass- a sea of rain. insists sea of white white. You know and there's like the water jacket, where you wearing a little jacket suit and tile. Had this bolo like it was really little kid stuff that they act like see. That's interesting. kind of upbringing in terms of like you know, cuz I
make assumptions that there was a very healthy black middle class in detroit when you were grown. That's that's. It won't will think about this. You know the car companies when they are thrive area that was a very comfortable middle class existence that people could count on right from high school until retirement mia, so that was guaranteed. These were most war union jobs here african examine! That's. Why all these black people were in Chicago detroit what attracted them initially, the is these jobs. I think my grandmother's brother, so my grand uncle no one comes then the whole family come they have where they are under a riddle. Who has a city by lowering album forget about it if you're saying in the third easier get the fuck out o how yeah this is an actual life were young, be oppressed and beaten and killed and lunch. So that's the scenario of men.
Harry progressively we went to as a kid. You know my father's friends, we all went to this quote progressive, really progressive school at that time, so that was the first kind of school. I remember school bus and all our yet like what progressive had now like a montessori school, but just the aid tolerance, and, if, like this is the this is the way democracy works. Absolutely I remember being brought into the auditorium and watching the assassination coverage of john F Kennedy. You know I think I was in first or second grade a nineteen inch black and white indeed you do. You do remember that absolutely omber class, we wrote sympathy letters to Jackie gad. Here, of course he was graded I'm not kidding you ate for a septum out with a b minus on him when David said, I'm sorry, that's a compound here, I'm a nobody
and it was marked up- I lost the letter. I wish I could find it because it cause you're a little older than me. I got fifty three forty now, I'm sorry, I've missed must have missed. Read my twenty seven, you a great interest. I learn some sixty one and sixty sixty one, so you you do have memory like. I was born the year that he got shot two months before he was shot. I don't have any memory memories of watergate, but I n vietnam war. That was born to me after, like anyone guy shouting at microphone, you know to me I get for hours, but there- but the vietnam war. I how I remember that on tv, like it was terrifying, I just we're guys in the jungle. You know, I guess, bad news of all? I there's a good kid one of my best friends around the block near his cousin teenage cousin went to vietnam. So I'd never heard a word like vietnam. It
was like calling on a b. You know what I mean like what is a vietnam? Where is it, and he said you know it's in asia yeah and he his cousin, fought in spider holes and an immediate They have spider holes. Big enough for people to, went to in a place called the it now I don't want to be there is that with their fight, here so that wasn't I introduction to her own room, watching the progress that one having it I'm not much. Frightened off work is not what we do every night you have been magically. It does, of course, there's no can actually a market, but I remember watching the draft lottery re tenant. brothers number with eight teen. I think like you should have been on the first bus and he got out of it. He's out much older than you, these four years old and so on, and it was like the end, the warlike seventy
anyway. I write bad then, because then they did a shovel and die. The irish I give you I dare that year, the sort of like busy just about me. If you want me to go someplace, I don't want to go. I'm going to shoot you. Oh yeah, yeah yeah! Well, so you know I'm talking about this because for years I thought my dad was so brilliant, my brother off, and it wasn't till I was grown. My dad goes to. He had nothing to do with it. Brother, like you, know, didn't bathe for like two weeks. You know and just to combine to speed and walked in there talking crazy and are like you. Sir. I remain very clearly and we don't know what you're talk to me. Like you understand, there's no answer so did you go to like how did it progress for you? So what? When you were a kid you grumbling up in a nice wife, we as well educated
good for a full house, same old? What you're monday? She was just one honest they just he was as a young child. So my father left, you know but she was a housewife right and then once the the divorce, you know he left and then she went back to teaching which he always hated, which I it this perverse comedy in there now, but a shoes just the she I needed it, but she had to do it just like. He actually is like a kindergarten teacher and so and she went back. that hating kid do. I feel bad, but I mean we were like you know when your kids do come on. Man need hot wheels. Let's go yeah want to hear about, fulfillment, know you're, just like I am what's more important to me. Well, what was your like? What were you aspiring to as as a kid like when you did, while you're in a magic bubble
We established a shot, but if I were you dear you which would compel judar towards the arts, I look at. You know nice to do when I was little kid. Acca boys life are I ever heard about that major area like they had the voyage life. Can you draw this fall short? and right right. There is a huge and I write, Are they really? I do, sir? You have your brilliant animals with a humanising. I hit it certainly compassionate eyes. There is a score or something I don't. Wanna see drew it as it is, to then, and now before I found out that was kind of a rip off, but I and I knew just remember like I wanted to be a painter or an artist or biology. You know painter or biology, or animals memorize every amphibian, oh yeah toad, and you still remember yeah. I know not in michigan, used to put out these
yeah yeah. I know that we don't have bullfrogs, we have green from a good goat was so sure, but in in event that someone goes looking at bullfrog you're like green over and then you have an argument maybe get hit. I would argue you never sure cause for em. I was it show in town. I would get up there with this book and just lecture the class on why we don't have Pacific spotted sure, lake turtles, michigan! You like you like the research of it. a map of rats. You get you get the norway rat and then you get and then you get tree rats and they're like you, we all tree rats dude. No, I think called tree rat. They are that's what freaked me they're here, the as that's that The band around the palm trees I was like is that for the homeless,
I'm up for coca, not yet exactly that they had they want to date. They have nests of as in trees, no thank their that's the ones we got here. No thank ya! So go into biology, didn't go into through highlighting biology required, dad bright, where he private some say about biology. He had to do all that shit. What I remember he got so he laughed he's out there, and so it was college time it come on and so was he talking about that Cynthia I mean that's how he talked to me and I'd be like what the you know very well, what my musings mean. musings, what he sent me like this application for you university, California,
berkeley's chemistry department. Unlike are you insane? Do you know I've been doing ass for the last four years I can do is so I just went under Michigan you're an acid gang Oh yeah, mescaline thc, more than I care to in high school yesterday about fifteen for the window. Pane really so? That was the good she had cereal, I have never been that high ever in my life. What was that like the so? What was that seventy I'm going to say seventy one like that, so it had trickled into the mainstream like Asti was around yes, We gotta do something as I give Billy, yellow your five dollars. Ok here and as he went out there. I did man and it was I put like this it was. It took me twelve hours to realize I was in a room with no ceiling that was on fire yeah. So that's how high What is what is really on fire,
in my mind. I would be around it. This is have to use the trip with your mom regularly. Well, that was never the plan. My friends dropped me off on the front lawn and my mom find me at like three in the morning playing with the dog, like susie is no connection only go through. She was worried to the single mom or sends an acid doc talking about Jimi hendrix whatever you know, but you've got to like it's so nice, like I envy that you were cognizant and engaged in, in the world when that shit was happening like by six in sixty eight Wendy too, I was was nine, so I'd see pick. as a rich mad magazine, but, like you were like, a few years old you I I got the record man, my brother. Actually, I never saw You got the older brother with the shit theirs
story that is, needs to be told I've. Never. Actually I wrote it down tat. I actually did a resurgence of to go back and ask, but this time my brother told me that in a hindrance had come to Detroit and it must have just turned thirteen and- he went. He wouldn't take me near and he met Andrew ex come on area an index. They went to his dressing room and he brought him on states. This is a myth. In my family and for years I just My brother told me this to rub it in you know and he made it out yeah. We thought I never believed them, and just a couple years ago You told me how he got this email from his friend May I go on with him that night and he read the email, mail, I'm in the car and my eyes well up because it was like, I remember, all the cool stuff we did so great to connect with you. Remember that night with hendricks We talk to us and it was all you man like it here.
And I'm sitting your going, oh my god My father was a like he working, and so I was like. Oh my god, I never believed it. I still get use bombs, and so it was just a binding thing like oh my gosh, you was a lie and where is your brother at his liver and said daily city and in daily said he moved to it with my down by your daddy f and he we're came back, I mean he just stayed in the bay area and what it is he is retired. He took care my mom until the very end of ninety five and a half while and he did the dirty were out there oh my god. If daily yeah, you know that tiger man, but I'm busy, you know what I'm doing in a lot of things were being lanes. I got thursday to sunday, so if you're into running store, where he is going to
I trust me so these children I mean I'd, say any sisters go around she's living still in detroit lawyer, the youngest was in your outclassed. I'm closer to my brother here, but it I have brothers and sisters. It goes where there was a point out exactly. I was closer to my sister when she moved near me when I was in new york, like in seventy five what do you think that has something to do with the fact that, like me and my brother, a close but like when it gets too close and and they there. You know you know them inside now. They know you inside now and if their fuckin up nato want a cop to it, then it gets well trippy right. You ass, you know What's going on with you, I'm alright, it's like they did. Yeah my brother goes goes near. My nephew is twenty one or whatever he's like. I mean at least act crazy and I'm like what like. What give me an example. Taught me. Lobbies like, like I'm crazy, don't say like I'm crazy, but it's not me and also my colleague
What what is it serves? A while saying you know, he's ninety twenty. Wherever we can sit, watch porn together was like time out and see an approach, Why will both adults and I'm like? I never want to watch porn with my dad and is it ok. watching, I guess you're crazy homework again. Do you know there are those things or times you have to drop the hammer, so would Would you that the acting man, I, but we know I dropped out of school. I went to michigan, michigan state, no universe come on man, university of Michigan, right that the good one yeah a good one in michigan, that is a school that went there dropped out my freshman year. I always played really shitty guitar always yeah tons of songs really the way I do bad,
Sadly, I mean now. I have all the guitars of my dreams. Like every other, I try not to get I get, I try to get them for free and I don't crazy. I did spend some money on some done all apps, a little money like I'm buying them all I'd like the marshal course. I never. Did you buy the hendrick strap? Now well, because I always thought outside cycle play like hendrix or anime. So what's your guitar right now, I'm into less paul's and Amy territory? Late due to me to give since late, I was always offender, guy hmm and now he's got a couple of gibsons and I'm like holy shit. These are magic yeah. They really are. I know that guitar can do every oh yeah yeah. What what can we as far you get. I have a well. What happened was you know? My one of my first guitars was like a seventy three les Paul deluxe. Yet the gold tap it was cherry red haha. You like three
our here in a customize did not wish various dolan. Why don't I have read? However, I do and mine and then they disappear like I know who had them and where they went within. You can't go back now. It may actually went like David David to Tommy small. Tell you to call me what's going on here. I just don't want you to be upset. What's going on, son, sit down and mom what happened? Well, I came home from school and I ask you to put the dishes in the I was like mom what she does. There's been a break in break. Oh my god, my go in my closet and look well. I have to put the groceries down. You know she's there and I'll call you back. There's no guitar as well. The car was stolen. She gave me money yet bought another man, that's when I bought the less paul Maria. Yet so I wanted to replace that qatar right misdoubt I started looking around and play.
And I also had a big theft. You know here in California, I had a bunch of very valuable vintage guitars that were stolen and I, this was done done with old, crusty vintage. I just want something that sounds good yeah and I can reply sure yeah. I think I never got into that like I got some a sitter kind of classic, but I won't do that. I can't do it cuz. I got a lot of guitars by try to talk him out of the guys about I'm on the thing I'll play him on the show I play them on the show you give me then I'll do the thing and it takes a couple of years eventually they relented naked motorcycles. I did that with, but via the guitars I just you know, most, my live trading, album selling albums like in seventy I'm still doing that will my currency, I mean when I was in college. I lived above a used record shop. So whenever I was out of money I would just go and trade
album so yeah. It was instant cas same with guitars. I always blot bought, really great vintage guitars. When I was broke, I would sell them or you know do whatever I never hawk them. I just sold them and it was like okay well back into records. I have a core not currently, but I got into comedy albums, like the old lap lack comedy answer the best yeah, pierre and red fox. The party records yeah great yeah yeah, so was probably my last run: yeah yeah, I'm just back into it? I'm in the rabbit hole with the records play man yet get it so alright, drop out of michigan, so I went to new york, reading cream magazine in soho, weekly village voice and right then, was the punk scene. I was like where the ramones and patti smith almost seventy two, seventy three, seventy four!
and I just felt like, if I don't go at this moment, then I'm going to miss it and also I looked upon. I cried until my mom, but this is my year abroad yeah. So I just took my money and yeah what what really I took the tuition money and moved to new york city? You know the lorry size, seventy five yeah there for a year, oh yeah, and at that time is when I started hanging out with actors in new york, and I figured this is what I can do with my life cause. I really said: look you you you suck at guitar. What's the best, you know you get an album, yeah, a bald spot and you're fucked, you're fucked, and with nine years you hot belly, you do acting. You can get old doing really thought that you think in the long term because I was already jaded I mean I was already by the seventies, all those groups I'd seen everybody in leds, applin all that stuff, but on somewhere
it, sort of like what you said about your old man and about like you're getting into a business. Yes says you can all year round. Is it for you? acknowledge your talent to some degree. I didn't know no, if I had talent yet so you're hanging out with actors and what do you? How do you proceed and here's what happened I'll tell you this. So I worked at the haagen dazs ice, restore as an eighty street like the original one or something you know, but back at that time in the sand? And us? Yes, yeah hagen! Does you can, if there are only two stores in the world yeah this guy, who owned these two stores that you could walk in and get a cone back then haagen dazs ice cream was like exotic yeah sure you know, and People in line up man, you had scoop until he had carpal tunnel media. So that's what I was doing a guy comes in. I was tired. I was tired of the end of the night and he asked me something I got up on the counter. I did this whole routine down. A guy was like I'm going to tell you something
you are an actor and you are. in your life now you'll know who I am you know, I'm not some pervert, I'm going to give you this card is an agent. You need to go and call this person and it's your life, but this is what I feel you are destined to do. This really happened here I said ok and that's what started it. That's what started it. You called the guy Yes, I went to this agent and there are legitimate and near sing. Like look, you really needs and training of out again in the same study, and so then I applied to the neighbors playhouse ha sanford, meissner, improvised a rise out there interview but yeah at the time. I was yes, I'm all like weird yeah
You intervene me like we talk for like over an hour, and he said you know what I like you a lot better. Let you in that then I had to raise like the money to go there. My mother would never pay for it, so that led me to go back to michigan start acting there and then move back to new york. I mean it to seem like the logical thing went back to school, yes, and I said because then I can you know I knit at my. I would have the support of my family right, my for as long as you're in college, and they could think like. He won't stick with this. Yes, that was happy. I never majored in acting right. I majored in journalism well, negro it by the way David something's happened. What mom we had another break in yeah there are like five break ins when I was in there like every week, another guitar or they took everything they yes finish: Michigan yeah, I finish Michigan and at that point you know I was majoring in journalism, but you're a
like in the stage states troops, everything in college you're outside a call. We formed our own theater company I was full on areas like this is what I'm going to do, but not training, really just yeah I mean I was studying acting, that's where really I took classes. I just couldn't major major in it at school, yes, and then I applied to yale, got in How is your mate who's reggie, Kathy people now cause he's pretty pretty well known, I guess year and we both got in here. And then I went from yale. It was like two years ago, yale before re three years So that was in that the pre eminent acting program. At that time, meryl streep there and why juilliard nea was it yeah I applied to do our near like snow. Thank you, sir, but yeah was Baig right, so huge man, so you had to do the whole thing you had to do movement yet to do dance. He had to do swordsmanship. She appeared and dancing ballroom
alexander. fanatics, we had fanatics and we had it was like you know the indian but you are always in your glass, where their feet labelled at went there with me around that you know, rocked at night met their kate bert. Jane has merited cosmetic, John Turturro tourists from people like you and yes, we are aware and schooler yeah he's like he gets, that sort of them must have been amazing. It was amazing, the main cause is that, like, if you go to you, that's all you're doing is new havens, a shithole exact. It was like going to school in detroit really, but on the serious side, because it was only all about art. That's all we brian. If we had our seven and you didn't have the pressure of your career right didn't have the asher of whoa. You were just in this. You know Strindberg one act. How is that going to affect your?
bbq. Now we're just doing the work, while the at that in those years that you career was not the focus like focus like they didn't. You know there wasn't as many options. It was a long shot and you got into it to do theater again. So I was bought in our culture, so you do. You're doing all you are doing shrimp, burgh you're doing it all of it, and I and I in particular for some reason I did like thirty three productions. In three years I mean a million and all different kind of stuff. it really changed my life, and we would do you know why I started doing comedy like we do. I think we did this evening of common. Yes, yes, that in the cabaret and I would say I still wrote songs and I would go to new york and do workshops or or but at that point people. I knew like If the guys, I guess that I met while there like steve for bird beak, who became kind of the singer, man yeah yeah yeah. I remember we were all we would all do opened. My clear know that kind of stuff.
it does seem they were doing singing or doing stand up. No, I never did stand up when I was in new york, I was, I was a musician, are a musician and actor exactly you know, and then I tried comedy, which was what nothing. I lived around the block from the catch catch a rising star in and well. That was actually I moved after I graduated I move back to new york yeah. That was my apartment and yes, that's where I met Chris rock, I mean a bunch of late seventies in the eighty one, eighty one, oh, you graduate yale and gun ikea. Everything from your shakespeare to David rave, too bad gaiety, well yeah and then what your first couple you get movies pretty quick right now I mean my first job was to start a musical on broadway about Jackie Robinson, the first african american boy.
I also went down like you know my my my cozy call is called the first year and on my graduation and my dad came in this was the one time where he has speechless. Oh yeah sk, like he's walking around after the show, not this graduation day, okay and like yeah, he's like how did you do this? Like he's so disconnected, he was like so. You want to join. The circus, went to the store and I was like well the passion and he was totally blown away, and I just was like god, please please give me one job. I will become a male hustler believe just let them feel something like magic and he was impressed so he was. weasley, and I went my god. It was just a great
feeling when you got the job and you could tell them well know. First of all that day- and I literally made that prayer- I said- please give me one job I'll- be unemployed for ten years, just to shut them up, and I got this. whoa yeah? This is the star in this musical plus. It was like acting you know, as black people white people, you know I sang songs like mama I can play sonnets true time, you know that I can climb that tree. You know that kind of stuff, and so my dad came, everybody came, and I was like thank thank you yeah and my mom freaked, the fuck out she would. she just went nuts, I mean like that's my son it was cool. I mean it's you who have you ve. Had that moment I know not everybody does, but it sometimes so long time. If at all for them to realize right, I guess he's doing something I always ate,
but I mean I got that zero. It really was what I say went out. Like the one we closed. You know we only ran for three weeks. We closed my world wasn't ready. I dunno it just flopped real good heart, I mean you know that time people would come from brooklyn sure it was all about the die. tears, as he remembered would cry. I mean the the scrim our curtain was the old fence from Abbott feel they re created it, and what was the audience was it was it makes. Their way was papered is wrong. One of the last performances me in the make looked at them. A full house. Unlike the statement of connecticut yankee about current, goes through the body of this paper. I said what does me there's jackie homework, and now you know,
it was amazing. It was like I was on cloud nine so exciting to be on a big stage and who cares if it's paper hand literally for that period, everything I could have and in my life I can't hear and the law. Ass day when we're losing I'd. Never went through this and I I remember, I got in a cab and he said, take me round the park and the guy rode me around the park, and I asked like bawled like a kid. You know like it's and I come into the theater and everyone's crying. Everyone like these are old hardened crew, member yeah, we're weeping now and it just because they were hills attached to the show they thought was great yeah. They believe I mean it was a sweet show is a very new yorkshire and it was because what really what the play was about, if there's a great documentary about the dodgers,
This was a time in new york where they got it right. You know, and and Abbott's field, this cross section of brooklyn. These baseball players who lived in the community because they didn't make What money when they were not training. They worked like the appliance sharp rank. Where the car dealership yeah, so they were in the community and it was a very special time yeah. So it was great. I think you should revise it only if I can play them now.
Yeah, theres young, jackie yeah, I'm a little older. We all kind of dive bars you're not been married three times caught twenty two. If Jackie had lived, but you know how long did he live? He looked at. Sadly, once he retired, it's like his body fell apart now developed diabetes, which he died in his fifties, but the the connection and was that most african americans who excelled here like during that period kind of like my dad, you had to be super ebc exceptional. Robinson got a letter lettered and like three different sports rights could have become a wimpy ghastly right, baseball player, a football player in our best ballplayer. Anything. Well, that's interesting that you couldn't coast, you can take it
for granted because you had to eat not only make the cut you had to be above it. Man, yeah, you know, one can argue it yet beyond will take these white people He didn t like tat, and so here was wild. his wife and then went to the movie starts while out. the musical I was nominated for a tony that year, which was brought me into day. The coming. In the world. The acting profession yeah, I think, show called soldiers play at the negro ensemble sound and we all know, I think my first one was streamers: Robert Altman, that's heavy man, yeah man, it was that was again. It was like the heavy play. Are you kidding? damn bro I'll tell you like David rabe right. I am madame at this place where we all used to hang out and I go hey man
david Lee David Alan Grier and a young negro actor and already be in your play, but we're doing a movie because I know I'm like okay. We've covered everything I so exciting, so you better not fuck it up. Chemicals scared, the shit out of me, but I saw him afterwards and looked at me, ask her there's some heavy monologues and their play and rob. alma mater. It was again it was just that a period where all was shooting those plays. We are when you come back with a five and dime streamers and he did there another another. Sixteen is what it was called and, of course, people laughed at, exam road go into like real big movies. Like I see it really I remember one well known director. He goes yeah the student super. Sixty I go
yeah. It was all been like at that point. He was so great. I mean he taught me about moviemaking or yeah, because, first of all the dailies yeah, that's all the footage you shot that day up. the director and everybody. They have to watch everything to choose the takes here and it was completely open process. You know, that's where omen was, he said. Look I'm not going to hide anything from you. I encourage you actors to come and see this work because he wanted us to buy in. I want you to care about what we're doing. I got to learn right or the next day, you're like yeah. We know what's up maybe I should tone it down: yeah right, all right, all So we went, we went every night. I was like a little bar in the back and we would all watch- and I learned so much on that movie. Wife and so What didn't over directly, I mean he told me several times is like you know, my biggest job is casting
So one of the things when we auditioned is, we would read through the whole play, is at his apartment at this place on central park and he switch people out, but I mean you stay there. You read the whole first act or the whole entire play the I and that's, and I never have since had an audition process right, well I I I talked to a directors and turns out like a lot of them. You know it's really like my cast. You do do what I hired you to do. Yes, I already believe in the exactly but so it was great. It was a real, great learning process. Also it demystify, because were that film, I didn't know how you got to film. I was like. Well, maybe I'm not doing it right yet you know. Maybe I need to you know. Act film acting is different because this is what we are always told that while there's a lot of stops and starts, you can, get a groove going really that's lunch, so I didn't know the process and it was really great and you from
soldier story yeah that was another got that was jewish and was it norman jewison to us, and in that was. I remember that movie that that movie is is devastating movie it is. I mean I'd been in the play and was called the soldiers played that time. Yes, yeah and you know, SAM Jackson was in there now really, but his role was cut out of the movie and and for for I was rolling. You know. Denzel Washington, who is a friend were all like cause like poor sam. You think you'll ever get it together. I dunno he's really tall and weird anyway. He did alright yeah he's fine and he just blew the fuck up and that was in that you guys the two. I get confused with the other one, the civil war, one all the black people. He hasn't. Oh you mean glory yay, man only does another. So I for Gloor here, but at the time the guy
who directed at the guy. It also had thirty something arr, which I loved and I was like, listen. I don't really want to play a slave I'd love to do thirty something, David, you, oh yeah, go uk wow thank you for coming in targeting the garlic. I think I can really goes ear on the dirty thing again. I was wrong and you guys, J bo and thirty something I am yes, of course I got. Nothing is what I got. I got the call where your agents go. What happened today because I think it was pretty good, but the the The fascinating thing about like your career, is at all whatever you did as an actor like leading up to it. You have a very, He sort of varied actor's career move, done, fucking everything I I always wanted to do it like that. But it's amazing because they're not everybody gets to do it like that. You've never stopped working, and you know you opportunities where you could and the opportunity
makes you is like you already three or four or five movies into whatever, when in living color happens right, but dig that year that it done I'm going to get you sucker with yes, that's where, when I did soldiers story. The I shared a honey wagon or in only a little dressing room with robert towns, Robert hounds would duties routines and, unlike this is the funniest dude I have ever seen in my life. He had got like this, your act, I remember watching him on stage the comedy store abigail, but robber will go nice man, my boys, Damon, he's doing more money. Who do you do glove, keen and staff, and, unlike who are these people and I need to meet, and so even introduce me to do. And- and I would hang out and combine clubs of them once I knew doubt
That's what I did ever know interesting, those two guys as comedians because like when I was a doormat at the comedy store in writing Haiti. What whatever the fuck it was. Eighty seven like damon had not broke huge, so he was still stand up and it was on? like one. In the main room doing the door and- Okay, I see what you can do to that thing. Tonight, he's right, no tonight's going to be jazz, set a merry, hey him and him Jim carrey were talking about. Do you remember that time, I've gotten piano, and I stayed there for an hour and a half that must have been uncomfortable. What I don't get it, where was the punchline right here, you were like no david keenan was just straight up, stand up, yes like and endangers like out, there were hanan gain or, as I hear the jokes, he was then we're doing soldier story. He keen and was in the sinner fold up on magazine with european assured. Alright, alright areas with its delay in these dig on all your ass
it's ok man, as you yeah, I remember we saw him on the tonight, show in our motel in arkansas You know I remember the bit. He would do this bit like how the last person that got on the train subway train, as as the doors close it was like watching a baby being born and he would physically do it. It was hilarious and I'm like this guy's, a genius too so long story short. I would hang out with those guys, and it was just by osmosis. They said look. You have to get on stage if you're going to be here and it was more like a dare year so yeah. I just started for fun. Yeah doing spots and Adam brought? No, I I chose the laugh factory because it. black hole? No, but as like a hallway, yeah, She was not. He would go and next to that old chinese restaurant thing was there. Is it like? I remember that cause I was at the door, mat the communist or in the mid eighties, and you go there.
factory. Just like you walk in the door and you were in the room and in order to go to bathroom, you had a walk down the right side to that door and the guy is beyond stage right there and in any time you went there. Paul mooney was on stage frazier smith. With this when was firing brilliant, I just like. I could work out yeah. I always hated the comedy store. I was always intimidated, hated the improv too much It was too much yeah. It was too much and dumb. So that's where I started here and from there I remember standing in line I'd done the pilot who in living color, so you can only do it once a month, so the next month and living colored come on, and I done like do what once like the open, mike whatever their policy was at that time you have to follow the policy yeah
because I wasn't anybody I was on. The left are like Jamie mazato, who is working the register and the door I bought a nun walked in egypt is mean, is rarely dude like does here last week now about a knob rather like what we usually means like forty seats in the place, so yeah, but I remember the wins guys when I would do spots when I have it on tape. Do it again? Your permit you to long with the premise man come on. They like tell me, while you are unsafe, while I'm trying to do this bits it's where one act play yeah cause, that's where, as the gentleman entered the bar shut up so any rate. Ah the deal as I come back a month later in living. Color is on my three commercials and needs homeless comedians like what the fuck happened and he did one spot and it got blew up and I never. I could never bring myself to say, look dude! I had a career.
So that's it. I thought that's interesting because I can't comedians it sort of like they their church Erie is what it is. You know you hammer it out, then you get to break on. The tonight. Show Maybe you get a deal to do a show here. You're, your yale, you doing jackie Robinson. He did movies. He did tv shows, you've got commercially, went to a whole other way, and then he show up in comedy land knowing who the fuck is this guy off and get this shit, the guy's, open, mic or yeah right? That's exactly how I remember I didn't spot at the comedy store and they were like this it's funny. They grab missy. I said: do they brought me to the main with what is it? I will she's back there like one of my big jokes as I've, Detroit billina s, bang freeze and she goes that's. Might binders joke from Detroit runs its role not like MIKE, who is accurate thief but said: keep working. And come back in these, but I, like you know she said you that that's that's his job, but she issues encouraging, but that rome was. It was too much the aversion.
That would allow the s. It's heavy. Did it's the aids like it takes a while to get comfortable there and if you never get comfortable there, you'll never be comfortable there. I mean he let you go in there tonight and feel that shit. I probably could I mean I perform there several times. You know at back in that period anywhere, they said, come by any time that just wasn't my room as a comic. You know what I mean here that this wasn't the place where in the laugh factory was that place cobra, it's a little. It's a little looser there. You feel I get to like you got less to lose for some reason. I could just stretch out, and you know back in the day we would do like. I remember we'd get I'd get in a car rent, a wreck. I really need spots as I could for five spots. I'm pretty
ara in preparing for living. Color is just this just because once I got into er, you've got gotta, prove yourself right. It was just obsessive and I'll record every cent me and they all sound the same. Yet one people, I would kill one orient the next same energy saying it was just crickets and I finally had to stop recording myself, because Taught me nothing. I I I recorded in illness and that's my game or I will be like. I have if you've ever eaten, popcorn and needled on cheese doodles. The dust gets on your fingers, you suck and like the next they're like screaming hollering, and I'm like why. I don't know why you get there. You can't figure out the magic. So then how The show come to be, I was there, he was on the air before he started. No, no, we done you're there at the beginning right we've done I'm going to get you sucker, and you know when Eddie murphy. First
We are going to get some years at roberts or the wanes movie it is supposed to be both of whom was roberts first movie called the one with the crowley which are ok, that's ok, ok, guy asia, full so I'd come to do a pilot. I did the chauffeur the Charles brothers embassy. It was called always forgiven and eighty six rightly first television show anyway, in living collar, everyone talked about doing. We should do some one should do a black ass. I now ask do a black satin that long right, eddie murphy, talked about doing it, never came to fruition, so keen and just took up the mantle. He is the first one to actually do it like he got this opportunity any sir we're gonna do the sketch show, and he called me up He said. I want people to know how funny you are, as you see me, and the verb in writing out with those guys Robert at that time was my best friend we hung out of, all night and doing now. I don't talk to him, but
in this regard. I resumed I dont know, worries bio. He came and are still how good eye, but so that was what it was he said. Ah, I think you should do yes, and it was in a year where I must have auditioned for thirty pilots. And after years of trying to control the narrative mirroring Steven bochco is doing a singing. I can guarantee you guaranteed, did much like the death theatres production of othello. This is going to kill. and I'm like you, I just did in living color for fun, be, as my friends were in a they weren't, they didn't pay us any money money they year. My agents did not want me to do it, so I turned it down and
weigh ins called me. I moved back to new york in my old apartment and she called me and she talked me down. She said you've got to come back out. You have to do this, show I'm telling you to change your life, and I listened to her. That's why it did it absolutely did there's a lot of episodes, dude a lot of characters, a lot of br in your hey, everybody look like they're having so much fucking fun and there's some weird shit going on will. remember we had this long table. So we come in the morning and we'd have breakfast and were comics worry we didn't give a shit and it was all about making each other laughs yeah. That was where I saw fire marshall bill. That's where half the characters came there, if you made each other, laugh like by the second or third day be like mark. You gotta do that. He added to the radio guy in like opec and that's how it happened. It was very organic. There was no, I think I know what our audience fit.
When you didn't have any executive heat on you know and it's to keenan credit. They were protected. We never felt that pressure. He just said: do whatever you want and then you know it's like you know, you can't do the talking but hall or whatever you to say you know within parameter wages when do it, I'm in any encourages, he said it don't wait for the writers here, yes have to write for yourself. Is he soon, but it was and then I guess you you probably made built alliances with certain cast members that you work better with game, did a lot yeah, but no damon and I'm reclaim the dressing room early, honest look man cause. He was a writer also, and he wrote with me he wrote callin tubby said: look, you need a character David it's like yeah, but you know doing announcing and bit parts in other people's sketches is working out. He's like no. You have to have a signature character, so I told him about this guitar guy yeah,
I loved playing guitar and we wrote it right in the dressing room. He says cool put this on as Calhoun Toby and that's what started started at rolling and ride. because I never wanted to be. That's not my nature. I'd never wanted to be on an snl thing, because basically, your crabs in a barrel and I've hosted it twice and if you don't get there's so much pressure. If you don't get on, as a writer they're gonna fuckin fire me- I need you, you know when you come in as a guest house, this guy in the back off these, like. Please do this awful cod on schedule. I've got kids yeah man, it is a dessin and you're like yo man. It's just not funny. I'm sorry! I can't and he's like Yes, I don't want to be in that situation, but in rome collar wasn't that right there is competition should produce healthy, exactly we'd be made, it made everyone made each other, better theoretic.
Yeah. Why me I didn't have the heat in the pressure from the outside, where we brutal too it was brutally because we would laugh at nothing made us happy. Then, when someone sketch bond of yours that's the comics, who have always left the the singur over laugh at the back of the romans. Do that or will the way as no one has more obnoxious left over Ben? yeah. I'm like no one like that. If it was just a technology as punctuating, your failure was due. Oh yeah, I know that one yeah so Jim did it was called the. What was it called the diplomat or something, and he played you know this overwrought french diplomat with this big moustache and me and Tommy everywhere were in the sketch. We get killed behind the furniture and we can feel dripless of sweat. Hitting us look up gyms, just like fucking sweating. The audience is like what the fuck is this and we were crying. We were highly, I mean our bodies are like
I am the diplomat, nothing can we fuck and loved it? it's a vast area to see enough of that anymore, the camaraderie of enjoying the failure, we are yeah yeah. It's it's become so I dunno what happened to that. But then, back in the day in comedy clubs, you'd see people losing their shit on stage I'll tell you what happened is the dude from seinfeld man? I mean you record that yeah. You know. I guess that. Well, that's true! That's true! But they're still like it's weird like yeah, if you're at a certain celebrity status, people know that this is going to be something like still under the radar- and you know, there's plenty of us were still under the rate our there's not like on and get him he should be seen it but you're right it. There is a constant syndrome. Is predatory surveillance, a predatory, tabloid surveillance, liquid trees. Tracy got you know all the controversy about homophobic Have you heard the rest of his act?
the girl and then finally, I think someone reviewed it on the top in the thai energy came a gorilla. Yes, this is offensive so with everything example: yeah, that's what he does yeah, but I'm also comedy clubs used. Be like I remember when a crazy chris rock was trying new jokes, add, unlike at comedy cellar and he got reviewed in the times. It's like fuck that come on it used to be our place. That's back when I, when I first got back to l a no one was going to the comedy store. It was this dark hole and you're in pardon me was sort of good. Now I can just go, get some shit done and take some chances. but now I loved your bit about fucking and eating the baby that was brilliant Why aren't you doing that made me move economic moment yeah? I was at the montreal and I run into Kevin hart in his two thousand and ten. This before Kevin Hart became big big
the king of the universe, exactly what's going on Dave, I was like man I'm going through a divorce divorce. He said mess it out everybody's going through divorce. He said how you doing. I said I'm good. Now I don't want my ex wife to die, but I do want her to get cancer. A pussy and he fell out. It was like you have got to talk about that on stage I'm. What are you nuts have a daughter, What are you? I can't talk about that on stage and he didn't do it now. I can't look my daughter now. Why did you talk about my day was it was a joke. It was a joke. You going to learn, sometimes jokes like be going to like she's nine and still do remember. I showed her something that was really funny,
the idea and looked at it like waiting, I not to sit they take. You literally just doesn't get it right here. Well poster she will hopefully, but you, like, I performed a few months ago in san francisco and the local comics near always some of the best intelligent, most insightful comics. Here these guys, I didn't know them, but if they were so paranoid, every joke. Explanation of why it's not racist and I got on the bus and her two black guys, but I mean good looking and can do anything seriously, I'm? No! No, no! No! No wait, wait, wait, no yeah and it was like dude just tell the joke, they were like they don't know what it's like. I'm like, I guess call me old school is different, but the thing fascinate me in and in it was that you know you you always work. You do everything that an actor does, but so a comic actor have a lot of range and it's beautiful and you're working with gerard now and he's like he's great and that
thursday. I mean it's a rare fucking. being in congratulations not only to have such a kind of nonstop, career, but then to age into a role that you can If you read what a fuckin gift you know I met derived in montreal nea and shiny yes, very shining if he doesn't sweat he's just yeah, I dunno, if he's human, a different kind of negro as he is kind of gross anyway. My might, but my thing is: I want to be funny today. Yeah, I wanna be funny right now and I still love it me I mean I still love the performing feels good right, fuck yeah. If you know people will
want to hear from me now and most of them. Don't that's not true. They just don't know that they do it. No, but I mean that's it. I mean I want to be the older actor that I wanted to work with. When I was younger. You know I mean not the dude who comes in my listened kids you're going to suck cock at the world. relate yeah. I know I want to be the start now exactly. I want to be that guy there were some older actors who still life I and believed in the art and the craft. That's what I wanted, but I also think fact that, like you, can't stop yourself from getting on a mic or getting on a stage or taking a gig like He did a lot of work with corolla. You went to a lot of pain in trouble, with divorces in a very candid format and an ultimately. What happens is that some guy, who is it too much information guy? Is people get in? you too well and you know, in that's a bad thing, because
hope a lot of people when you do that, but I think that the idea that people don't want to hear from you is the only thing that they know you pretty fucking. Well, I didn't count on that. I didn't I know but, like you know, you're going to get on radio and you're going to do. If you're going to do love lining corolla, they're good at their did it we got a live one here, he's fluffy he's broken and he's wide open. But you know what man iron Rosa. I was indeed into look here a couple things first, well down on on the back when it was still. There was a reference yeah, moist, broadway or whatever I got to go back when in living color was cancelled. Yeah. I really thought at that time. Okay, I have about eighteen months, rack and headline clubs and venues. Then that's going to go away and then I just have to go on with my career, because there was no internet. No. to where I know, none of that. I couldn't picture this new technological ability to put press a button and collect all the favourite schedule had so I didn't.
the long jeopardy of well nigh party or job description with our sea tat. Now again, I didn't, I didn't think you'd be like but you had it, you knew how you'd you from seeing other people. Well do it. You knew you had a window if you play, it right, which I did, but I didn't think at this point. People would still be talking about in living color. I just didn't see it. Jim carrey saw it yeah he's Does he said from the beginning of what we're doing? Is history like what you nuts tv This is not history. He saw that. I mean see that so here we but nobody but the beautiful thing is, is you're doing this care to do. You know how, after everything you put out in the world, you ve got this great character on a great debt sitcom with a creative guys. If you do, and now you got this gig, I don't know what this game show is, but I think at the end here we should pay some lip service to it because, ostensibly to money maker,
I know I know, but it like. I was going to tell you the premise, though I like. The premise is basically you just. It relies on your prejudice, right. I think it's an interesting idea, because I'm in here every fucking day with guys like you and whoever likes me or celebrities- and I think I know something always fuckin wrong and it sort of fast adding to me how we judge people does it does? Does the does the show panties? does it do any service? To that I mean, is there something socially relevant about the shower legit without for fun at first? But now we don't sit there. There's no pbs moment your dad's, not there. I'll put it like this. My dad was still alive when I did dancing with the stars, and so I got eliminated. My father wrote me an email he said. Shall I have mobilized the troops because you're just too good looking and you have a yale education that these
Bastards are jealous of you really, but it was very sweet moments. Like my dad it was did inappropriate way, plasma who know it's nice when you can see through they get to that point where they get past their competitiveness and their own dumb pride to to you know the. When you have certain type of father, you gotta find those moments of weakness where you're like. Oh he likes me, will you have to read between the lines and by the way that email was not a joke right, he wasn't being face is when you lost? Yes, it wasn't being You mean he was in absolutely sir you're coming dear defence, what yeah them valiantly? This is another example of the white man had it, and I myself and I was like I've down Oh well, good woman. I you know it was great talking to you and it was a lot of fun. A big fan of the show. Oh, thank you! Judd Apatow. I know that interview.
times, used to hang around in living, color who'd, like jokes sure he after going like you're going to be the biggest thing and how he would come know, I finally did a judd. Apatow movie, I did the big sick or we are just I talked to. I saw that you're great. That was great while it's a very small yeah, but but it's an important role. The club owner is the important role the coke dub club gathered coke, deaf club owner or club manager. He's not the owner, he's the club manager right or he does stand up, yeah, who isn't in every club like the dude? Who is there that no one thinks is funny right? but they know they hills, though, that that whole system his gotten a riddle. Exhausted milk, as you can, if circumvented now the one guy in the town, that's deciding whether or not you get on stage, but they still exist all that
meanwhile Emily, knowing what they are, the biggest fucking from their failure. The fuckin monster livin hacked by russia of everybody, has gordon shoes, a writer, yeah she's grown the carmichael show she told me she was doing the movie. I was like great your little movie I'll. Do it she's like okay? So that's all I didn't know, did you like the movie when you watch it, of course, I say that it's also imbalances like you watching you like, there's no way this was made up. it's so rare to see something transit related like that, like a very unique love story there, the darkness it is so real. The only thing needed captures yeah. So Emily is one of the happiest people. I've ever met, like so joyous that I stopped her. This is how the conversation started. Why are you so fucking happy she goes because everybody should, because it's an amazing day and I'm like no really cut the bullshit, why She told me the story, while in item died and I'm like you're lying and she goes now- I wrote a book about,
and blah blah blah and I'm like what and she was yeah and we wrote a script about it and I'm like what you know and I was like knee jerk yeah I'll, do it. She was really said. Yeah I'll, do anything because that's what happened? It's great, his great many congratulations to the viewer busy man and its good. I gotta go to work. Where you going to just you nearby. I do not know. I have quest yeah, I live in the hollywood hills, but what is this neighborhood highland park back easy way, gale in eyes or even go the one. Thirty four some come as it Glenn Dale close it sorted between pasadena, and glendale highland park is a hip little pocket here. He Nice would allow of answers. How long have you been here? I've been here. Since two thousand and four and a while, you know it's it's a nice little neighborhood. I I didn't know anything about the neighborhood. I was
in a guy around who is looking to rent a house, and I saw this house for sale and I had a little deal money. I'd, never bought a house before I'm like that. One seems good and when I first moved here and I was driving to- back and forth in the committees from like, where the fuck do. I What did I do, but now it's, I guess my leg great man, I'm glad we talked absolutely Funny guy definitely pay this dude. It definitely deserves all the work. He gets and works a lot David, Alan Grier was very nice. Having them here can always go to the. beauty a part dot com, your wtf pod needs. it's a people don't check there for they tell me have a guest on wtf pod, dot com podcast It's you, a search bar where you can. Are all eight hundred now over many episodes right. You dig it,
I believe I may be talking to vice president Al Gore next week that should be exciting and harrowing and scary, but informative, hopefully infused with a bit of hope, to replace him to time, set up everything's clean some like nice stuff, not too crazy. I've done before. Why not? Why not do it? Why not? Why not in the
in the in the boomer lives.
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