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Episode 834 - Rory Scovel / Maz Jobrani

2017-08-02 | 🔗
Rory Scovel is from the South, he was born into a legacy of postal workers, and one of his first jobs was in production at a local TV station. It's all great background material for a comedy career, which is probably why Rory and Marc have such a thorough conversation about doing the job of comedy, from the grind of working on the road to the art of being a warm-up comic to the craft of making an hour-long stand-up special. Also, Maz Jobrani is back to talk about being a comedian and immigrant in Trump's America.

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Our words do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck parties, what the fuck and ears what the fuck nix was the pact opiates? What anthony, how are you a mark barron this, my podcast? b so on the show on the show on the show. Today, I got a mazda brawny for a little chat about his new special maz jobrani immigrant and then, after that we got the long one with the road scoville about his new special with rory scovel. Try stand up for the first time, but before that before them before those sad about sam shepard dying it hit me when I saw it come up
on the news. Feed SAM shepherd dies horrible disease that l s egg, I just but SAM shepard is gone. You know these guys of his generation. you're my heroes? Many of our heroes, I mean I'm fifty three, the other they're going It's not like I've been up to speed. It's not like I've been keeping up. but I was like no one there here. You know like I, you know when Dai and MIKE then that guy's, not here I'm thinking about him every day. But sam shepherds you're sam shepherd that guy blue my fucking mind I was a wrap, my brain around sam shepard for a decade or two- high school, it's as working at this bagel place across from the college. This do judson. Judson frown north,
how the name was doing production in this kind of like weird, beat up theater space of tooth of crime, now I dont remember if he was in it. I know this painter. I think his name was re. A beta point, crow The the woman I lost my virginity to she was in it. She was a waitress at the place. I share oh, I remember that blood. Remember going to this year with all these college kids in this already fuckin space in that play, which is nearly incomprehensible sort of I fi rock. I roll a mixture of yellow car, fighting and charts and chart makers and rock, I was, I still don't know. I don't know I've never gone back to read it.
But our remember seeing and just having that moment where I'm like what the off is going on there talking, and I don't understand any of it, but it's cool cool is shit the language is fucking amazing everybody seems kind of fucked up in groovy and its I mean something, it's got a mean something this all means something it so far out of my way, house as a teenager, but it just was one portals man was one portals into I gal guide their son out there, sir big and then kind of lean into it. You get the seven plays book. Try to relate to reach the bear child, try to read those early plays or just rich in dance and sing sharper boom. I mind. I was obsessed, then he shut up in the right stuff knew that sam shepard, Not only is cool fuckin guy, drug, rock cowboy fucking hipster,
as you can act like an astronaut or test pilot who began became an astronaut on his own yeah. That's where chuck yeager, pushes that new plane out and hits it just barely got out to almost out of the atmosphere and into orbit is like fuck, you I can drive my own plane into the base. You ass all gas stick beams yeah man, SAM shit. I did that fails, monologue for yale from a stamp sam shepard, don't member was from angel city or something. I just you have seen him. He was so cool, of solid, on screen those place just spent like feels like a lifetime. Just china, break into some of those early place. saw bury child hombre. Way. Gary nieces production, terry Kenny
a story about it. That was the night such an intense heavy and there's that Seymour the character, walk comes in with all the corny picked and the night I was there he had to drop stuka. One of the corns just wrong. all the way down stage right to the lip of this stage. And was a powerful moment, because two things happened. There is in comprehensible, tab well of everybody in the room and he walks in what the corn, in your like, what the fuck is going on and in them in time. he slowly being upstaged by rolling ear of corn lie like that. The quorum was like I'm going to riff corn de corn rift very child on broadway didn't last along this beautiful production, but just one of those things man it's just like. I know I got it just got a deal now with a shepherd with earth,
with a sam shepard with earth and a producers. in a lot of ways, let's read into it. Let's. Let's keep with the metaphor. Right Maz jobrani has been on this show several times. I like mas, a and he's got new comedy special out. He said I come on talk about it. I said yeah, that's some pretty relevant stuff. To talk about he's a running he's been doing. If on stage about tat trot, policies and it was good I wanted to talk to and I'm glad he came by his new special maz jobrani the immigrant is now streaming on netflix and this It's I will shorty with me and hm So I saw you at the store the other night, and so you do some stuff.
yeah. Erosion. I've always talked about. No, no, no, but I mean just in in relation to the new president and- and I was wondering because you know you do this thing about the you know- the cousin, the shitty cousin yeah yeah. Now who you throw under the bus back in there he's the real problem. Magid gita is that guy really exists, he exists and I don't, and if you listen to the language of it, I'm not I'm not throwing him in the bus, I'm actually saying, because in the in the middle of it I go because what what I try to do is because here's the thing a lot of people, I'm guessing a lot of trump supporters and the sort they're here muslim islam, all this stuff and they go all you're all trying to bring surreal law to america. I dont know what they think. Do they just don't like brown people of ages? don't like brown people is crazy and southern. I'm trying to indicate that look. I am, I was born in a muslim country, but I'm not really religious. No right and I saw
I say, I'm muslim, ish and then but then I go one step further and I try to indicate that there is this guy named majeed who really exists? Who is a muslim and he prays five times a day and a fascinating ramadan and he's the sweetest guy in the world right, but in the joke I go, you gotta go you gotta go and then I go. I didn't say trump said he's got to go and so yes, a poor measure yeah, but I but I got the. I think it's interesting though, to you know cause there. I think the bigger. idea that allow them hold onto two years, no such thing as mine, muslims, yeah, and but you know when I am as I've known you, and I hear you talking you- I've known you for a few years now there are such things, as is muslims at just
I can give half a shit yeah, it's like religions, not part of my life, not at all exciting, is more like a cultural like not yeah. You go to weddings the holiday thing. Yeah he'd go eat the feast once in a while, and then you Uygur, that's it that's that's it exactly, and it's like and it's and it's interesting, because the reason I started really specifically saying that I'm not really religious is because I also didn't want from the muslim side come see me and have avid tequila in my hand and the gone where you know why you drinking why you know if you're muslim, you should be drinking alcohol. Is that happen? No! No, a not not quite that far I mean I've. I I feel, like I've done, events that have been clean in many like really religious rights and I've. I felt a little awkward there, because I feel it there's some jokes. I can't even do because like, for example, I do the joke. I do now where I say a muslim ish and I go, and then I go the only time I pray. a moment in an accident and then I just go. Oh Jesus, an annual You don't feel like you can do that joke in
fully muslim crowd, like you know to say, like I may say so, I know what they want us to do like this guy saying I give viral performing for proceeding. Exe actually now he's doing shit like yahoo. Does he need a little pork yeah exactly exactly? I think I just think that there's some, but it's not like you'd, be punished If only will be, wouldn't go over. Well, I wouldn't go over well, I don't think they'd laugh. I used to do a job this I said I did this. There were some muslim festival. I think they would laugh at that one, but then that's the thing is that the young. The young people tend to laugh, but then there's always. You always feel like there's a big group, be judging you, but this is the interesting thing about like being a non religious, ethnically jewish person. Yeah? I'm never going to be in a situation where you are performing for a crowd and if it's a jewish crowd or am I too many proceed em here, yeah you like they're there I guess that the line is a little different. Like you know, there's a whole spectrum of juice see them? You got orthodoxy got ultra orthodox and he got conservative. You got
the reform but liking a once. You get too conservative. It's all just right, yeah yeah, I'm kind of jewish ready, but we there's. Never this situation where you like. Guys in those guys we would see. That's the thing, the differences, a meat. I agree like a lot of the shows I do my audiences tend to be mixed: the western waters, a couple of religious folks, but usually there, all very secular or even if their religious, they are not hard core right, but I've been hired before, like I got hard to do some like muslim fest in a while a few years ago, a year's it wasn't toronto. Okay, and it was a thing I suppose, but I think I'm supposed to go back again and and when I did that one that just simple jokes- that for example like in Islam, if you convert out of islam, that's one of the worst things right, and so there was joke. I used to do about how, when you have a whenever a taught a newborn, you try to sing
I was trying to sing my baby to sleep and she wouldn't fall asleep right at one point. I'm just going lord Jesus Christ, please put asleep, and then I got I'm not even christian Jesus put her to sleep, and then I go the first god that puts her to sleep or convert now that that's a joke that normally gets a laugh there, but in that audience of the first gotta pursued a convert. I I failure. I feel a gasp like what of my group for the region convert leg. You know here so that, and I dont know again. Maybe you now comedians are we're like. Oh, my god, I just got two thousand by you know: half the crowd yet one. I know that feeling, but I just think it's interesting causing toronto. There's like for money understand standards, there's friction, and here I guess, but I think the thing fascinates me. Is that there's a lot of people that come from a lot of muslim countries that just want to be american. but you know it. Religious freedom is one thing They should have that, but ultimately they're like look, I- and I am just we we do that
There's absolutely no. What I mean absolutely and that's why, like I mean I, I try to make a point now when I, even in my act a lot of times, I say: immigrants, love america, there's a reason why we can we we're fleeing that country like when. I was a kid and I came to america in late. Seventy we don't want. You realize you, that's why we live. That's what we left it, that's what we live. We fled the revolution we come here than the hottest crisis happened in their blaming me for taking Austria's guy. Don't know that, guy guy! That's why we left. That's why I love we would have been asked to did we would have been killed ever I'm on your side so bay. Let me ask you, though, like in relation to these. These limited bands it they ve established. Has there when any effect on people you know or relatives that you have a I actually. I have a well known era. I have a, I have a relative right now, who's, sick and in the hospital, africa and then I have an aunt who wanted to come and see her. Where
she's in london, she's a british citizen but she's visited iran, so she got put on this list now the list by the way the history goes. back to when, when the saint, When the dino attacks happened, and there was a congress passed. The law that took this. It was a visa waiver that existed before the city have a british passport. You come you land, you come in, but congress suddenly put. I an thirty some odd forty countries on a list saying that there's that that they don't get. Visa waiver. If you've, if you already have your passport stamped with those countries yeah, if you've visited those countries of the past five years, you've gotta go get a visa. So when my aunt wants to come, she's got a british passport. She wants to come from england, america. She needs to get a special visa because she had been in iran in the past five years. Just visiting relatives visiting relatives amir, so yeah I got affected actually now. That was something that was done under the obama administration and that's an argument that a lot of trump supporters make they go when you go hey this. Le ban, the screen of travel ban is still
it will they go well. These these countries were put on the list from obama, and then I go within my answer to you is, then, why didn't you correctly Why don't you really look at the countries where there's terrorist coming from and correct that a lot of iranians that come here. I can't believe you've had that thoughtful conversation with trump supporter tonight. I think about it, you're making up a conversation yeah, maybe you guys, should do a little work at incorrect data exactly. Why or why not? why did the new material like I saw the other night and it it just it sort of just the approach to it is sort of like when he is not. What are you doing? Absolutely? I mean I suggest that it is enough, so that the aid it is so confusing to me, is that these people, they, like you just said, a lot of the people who buy the by the kool aid. The trunk kool aid me. I really don't they really. Don't that there's no logic there
They don't step back and go very black and white, very black and white, and get out of my code. Why do you go back to your country? I left that country because I love this country. I probably love the american freedoms. More than you'll have the american freedom, so that was that that's actually been, I think, historically true, with a lot of immigrant communities yeah that they're there There are more patria making more in Ela Grateful in a way that this country was salvation from horror, absolutely I say like this. I was just I was riffing the other nine ago. You know make america great again. I'm like america already is great to see how great america is. Go, see, Egypt, how about make egypt great again there used to be. You know what they had their own empire like now. You could buy a house for a dollar, I mean it's like you know, and it's in its and in the other thing is. I said this when he first started when he first started it, and I said I feel, like a sit down dinner with him and have disagreements and then move on with my life, and we will hear waffle on anything going on. Here, though I kill there's a lot of comic, said no and pretty well and me Jeff Jeff Ross,
I want the guy on the plane yeah exactly and he said he's like he makes you feel great deca. I'm sure he's got some charisma, I feel good, but then, but but my worry was his supporters, and now my worries off his him as well, but his supporters. I thought that these people taking his words for faces, Are you so then you hear the story, the guy in Kansas, near who takes a gun and shoot too in dudes and then goes and says I just shut to iranian citizens who shot me shit faced mad about something out. Yet it is its those two in ever the holster. There was a whole article. I am one of them died once of other elect indian indians, who had come to marry, be engineers and ears leading they were trying to live the american dream the end and also the help america help america. Yeah me ways were this: were smart good things happen, you're, absolutely right. That would put an end to that yeah exactly just shamelessly dumb. Now, yes, so I find myself sometimes my stand up having like serious moments. Now, let you know- and you know what I actually I feel like- I can get away from the ice-
one of the things I say I say I go. He needs to start taking responsibility for his words. Who will he doesn't he Does it and the next day goes edge it? I was just a joke, I would just say the generals did it. I get liking ugh, I mean he's been sorted out. We ve all been sort of blasted and nothing hooray. It's very- has happened where you actually have to lead yeah. and bring americans together around a even the travel ban. What you just said exactly just said cause my one of my one of my arguments was: why did they if they really wanted to the travel ban they didn't want to and are hurting regular? people, that could have said look within the next sixty days. If you don't have a visa, we're, not anybody else, and why immediate because he likes to eat like that's. A thor, attarian trick but then he's such a jackass. If he turns around and goes well my my exactly am I, the the the police or the authorities told me if we had warn people.
Ices would have had a lead time too then come in I gotta go. Isis are criminals, you can. If you ban seven countries they'll create a passport from one of the countries is not banned a fake passport in those days men and also it had nothing to do with ice. Had nothing to do with ice, say images. Yeah he's he's riled up. You know While percentage is larger than you wanted to be this country's yeah, anger and fear, and any honor them what you know was what was sad was when I, because I talk about again going to the to the protests and went to the l, a x protests, and I was watching all the news all over the country. There was protests and I felt like oh wow american got It- they realize what a sham this travel ban is. The men I listen to the radio and they go a majority of american, still support the travel ban and a hit me. What you just said: was people have their day to day lives are busied whatever on instagram or whatever they're doing. I wish they were more paying attention, they're, not paying attention, so they go. Oh keep terrorists out of the country
journalists do as good yeah yeah. I don't want terrorists here, Jesus korea, a scary dude. So going out with your aunt when my aunt was was as she is now she had to go then to a to a visa interview and she's waiting to find out, I'm hoping that they let her in. Like I said you know it's the woman's sister, no, it's actually my sister who's not doing the doing Well, I'm sorry I saw you but but its but but edges piggybacked. On top is this. This thing that she couldn't get a visa to come here. She needed a visa to come as she's british she's, a british citizen mir. So it's just it's it's going to another level, and it's also bureau bureaucratic. It's it's like a it's bureaucratic and it's it's complicated and it's listen that day, I got so many people hitting me with it with e mails of their personal stories. There was that, when the travel ban that day that it has
one guy him yet, because my parents were elderly. There were one of the first couples that landed at el allay acts. When the ban took effect the above the border patrol had them sign away. They waved their visa right that in what they were doing their signed. A paper think in all this will get us in but in reality would have said was we wave our visas? They put them back on a plane to send them back. They were on and never come back when they eventually because the court's then started challenging it. He got a man as soon as he could they like came in here, but this people in limbo. Right there was another lady. She hit me up this. This is crazy cause. When america did the did the did the travel ban, iran risk located and said we're not going to let any americans into IRAN yeah. So lady wrote me she goes listen! I'm an iranian who was studying in india. I met my Amir can husband and india. We were worried now we got an interview too for me to get my green card, so we have to go to turkey. The embassy there she be landed in turkey, he will get another email saying that are or interviewed been cancelled.
She goes on iranian, I'm not allowed in america. He's american he's not allowed in IRAN we're stuck in a hotel room in ankara. Turkey, please help did you out and what happened when I followed up with her and again because these courts Charlie's this jackass, thank god yeah they were able to a lot of people were able to get in in the window that they had a window that they had, but now because the cord, the supreme court's busy with this guy gorse it year ever, the supreme court has said that we're gonna hear the arguments in october for the travel ban. Yes it for now it's legit, but then they said that its. But this closer motives can come right and then, of course the administration goes right in and goes okay, so close relatives are going to be. Mother fire brother, sister, mother, eleven o grandparents, again they did the court step in on the grandparents stepped in on that and the grandpa to congress. Grandparents are coming weight too week to week
crazy, I mean how do you have your if you work in its customs? How do you do your job? What do you mean? What do I know about every day someone's coming and going to hell, are on the on this side of being bad. Absolutely, absolutely l, a o, a de jersey gigabit. I have a my in this whole process with my aunt trying to get the visa. My cousin was telling me that he talked to a friend of his who had come to america in the past. Again, a british guy who has an era, has been to IRAN. He's come and gone in the past. He said this guy was coming for a wedding or something, and he told my cousin he's like it took seven hours of interrogations at the at the border. I want to meet your your imply that customs people are bad, it's a tough job, but you know it's like they err on the side of caution. Yeah a you know a you know they it's the first one, so fucking confusing but why? I hope that to your aunt is able to get in. I know man and when did that, so what's the what's, the special called specials called immigrant mazda brony immigrant is this: what is this? Your third,
one- this is my fourth fit while on a one. This is my fifth I had to act as the evil. There was a group of us right. Then I did brown and friendly. Here I come in peace, I'm not tears, but I play one on tv, announcer immigrant in this netflix netflix, my first original netflix so then it is the first netflix special yeah why and we shot at at kennedy center. Sagna is unacceptable and the reason I call it unity center in dc DC kennedy center and the reason I call it a imago was because one of the things that really upset me. I realized this. When I came to america, it was like you know when the hostage crisis happened. I remember getting bullied yeah and this guy trump is a bully. and that's why I get so upset, first and foremost, first and foremost, and so when the whole thing happened, where the like keep on. You know, keep refugees out, keep immigrants out and I ran an arena.
Look. What would happen if this travel ban, it happened happen when I was fleeing IRAN and the revolution with my family if we landed and in new york and they sent his back into the revolution- will cut a psychological effect that it had on me and my family could have been imprisoned. I could have eight in iran a lot of stuff exactly I could have been in prison. I could have I mean I just parents, good, I mean a lot of problems with a lot of the the latin countries as well in mexico, they're sending people back into horrendous situations where they I have no recourse. They have no lives. People been here for twenty years being deported to no sympathy whatsoever. They just send them right back into this hell air, and so I wanted put a face like in the in the special. I have a picture of myself when I was like in the third grade right around the time I come to america, and so I have that, in the background to indicate part of the messages. These are the immigrants you guys are sending back you're sending back kids you say are at grandparents we not stopping isis isis will first of all the terror attacks we've had in america, have been. American born right and and
secondly, the criminals. They will find ways to get in people will also. I dont know why he's not did. It seems like if I'm not reading or wrongly reading certain articles, it seems like there's, been some success in in in defeating isis in Iraq. Yeah I providing a why you know he's not. Why is he not saying anything you that I, because he wants to keep promoting this anti green agenda here and doesn't want people to separate the fact that the the actual innovation. The armed organization of ices is on the ground fighting in their getting their asses, kicked in Iraq. But it's right now when it is ok, but we still go get these guys at a wolf
fear is good- is his new thing with the mss one. Eighty two over there, the elderly, the m, would ever they are that the savagery gang I'm sure they're bad guys are, but that at the end of been around. But now again he puts this fear and people like this is who will go and after a year, so we would all agree in their on your story. Right now, yeah and imagine like now. A lot of his supporters are probably seen some poor mexican due to go and get out of my country. Definitely definitely it's right, but you bring me my food first, the pink my foot for her will be finished in the kitchen, much assholes yeah, but but yeah it's good to see and I'm glad that the in the kids are all right. Everybody is good why a good wife's good at growing kids grow fast already now, there's six and ten do just goes by right. It's not! I don't have any sorry I'm just I just I'm just
acknowledging that I'm aging, because I don't have the reminder, I'm telling you man, ads, are getting old yeah but you're holding up alright yeah. No, it's a it's kids really remind I mean I was watching videos of them when they were toddlers. I don't remember that period. I don't remember. I don't remember that and I just go what the hell It's like what you were just saying: it's kids or some gray hairs once in a while like when I grow a beard and it gets grey yeah. I go holy shit, I'm alt yeah. I know I'm starting to see a little more. It's happened here. I'll do a forty five one, fifty three 50s greatest big shift. I can feel it coming like, like five thousand five hundred and fifty six, it sorta like yeah old mark- and we know what it is because when we were kids lay, I think was that people hit forty. They had a brief cases and they were like those people are business, dress like grown up. They dress like grown yes, no more on short sea shipping. Ices worked out. Not it's fine is fair ass, they were unequally shorts and I was that was yet our european the truth. I just come from the idea of moscow. You will, I hope, tat works
thanks man, I hope so too, and it's good to see you thanks mark. Maz jobrani. His show. The new special is called maz jobrani immigrant on netflow streaming now dig. It to rory scovel fungi for guy nice dude. I was happy Talk to him. I see him around kind of known him here and there for years, but now he was down street for me, so it was easier commute for him to come over to talk about his new special. That is streaming on, netflix everything's, on netflix call rory scovel tries stand up for the first time and you can watch it right now. want right after you listen to me and marie talk This is me and rory talking the one good thing about this job too, is, though, that
can easily go why I can get out of the adding for as long as I want well, that's why that's? What becomes the indicator of whether or not you know you, you, like your life as much as you think you do or were way. You know you do or you down is. When you go on the road- and you like know, yeah, I'm out Finally, I am awaiting a me yeah. I don't have to clean this yeah. It's true go. Go downstairs in just tell the lady yeah. Could someone do my room? I good you start looking at your job as the vacation of no doubt yeah. I mean that's kind of cool thing too, but that it is like is that is that good why do people live out there? You know I I imagine it can become sort of sad and stressful, but it's not as sad as it used to be. I dunno what level you're at with the road, but it used to be why you soon got out there you be wouldn't treated while be at the shitty hotel. where you can't drive anywhere and immediately you're, like oh god, time for wrong thing. Yeah I mean there still those places
let her do unlike the the condo are there still do, unlike the shitty hotel, but luckily that's now and in its because of things like podcast and be acts in anything like any kind of media where comics can actually lane right. So there's there's this clubs now gone like nobody has marlins. You are like. Oh, I guess we didn't really know now. What can you guess away, but also tells you will make your ranges, maria court hell yeah, they got here and I hope you aren't as the best get me that continent have made me think about their fucking condo intent, Antonio man, there's like I feel like I've talked about it. Before just one of those ones that just been through it and are just layers of bad season! Yes add this year in a way the furniture didn't begin is new now, just like generations, started in a bad place. Today, a it was in a bad spot, I'm in its aims you were talking about. Like I just spent like three four months. Road, hammering out like an hour plus to do it as special?
now I'm in that place. Where am I don't to do anything, and I am sure I want it like. I always get to this place where it's sort of like I don't feel like. I need to do comedy and then, like a week, goes by like da fuck Who am I? What am I doing? Yeah I haven't talked to people. Well, that's it. Someone asked me there like. Do you see yourself like at getting to a point where you're just like I don't I'm not going to do it anymore and I was like I feel like every time you do it. You think. Maybe I'm not going to do it more, but then it's like you have that. One show and you're like what am I talking about. This is my this is my highest up here and doing this. It's like best thing ever yeah. You can't picture not doing it. It's one new bit. It just takes a new one. and not even like I it's worth of new words to say half a bit like to say: yeah, yeah yeah, one half bit get that adrenaline again. I, like I, can build after it yeah wakes all the other shit up yeah in until that's, that's just falls away, yeah, let's go- do it
daytimes is out in the morning to pop in some way those coffee spot you could, you could probably actually run a pretty successful nine, a m coffee shop or show you imagine how many would be that'd be a hilarious idea to ramping up their laptop or like a like a morning, coffee shop. Yesterday, I'd have show to see the looks on their faces before they have their first cup of coffee. Are you fucking kidding yeah, it's just a needy asshole in the corner, going hey how's it going how's everybody doing trying to get into my core tadao in my puff pastry. I don't even know what this guy up here talking about his job, which he's at sea. You don't want to go back down. You don't want to go back. Where are you from in the southern part of the united states atlanta, see how many south carolina really yeah, I don't even know if I'd been to south carolina. What are the other cities
certain oh yeah, nobly the most promising by water yeah. I played a nice theatre down their carlson's great gathered. it's a little theater and there was places to eat close by yeah exactly and that's all that matters, but it was like definitely southern yeah you're there, twenty four hours you just need in a place, a yeah it was. I can't remember the name of that space, but it was a respectable little venue, but that people came out yeah. I see I I romanticize the south. Now as as much as a iva. I I s type the previous yeah yeah, I'm I'm in the second half of my life, where I'm like the south is a great place. There are misguided people everywhere, yet the good ones are very decent through history there. Why think? I mean you've, I'm sure you've played asheville in north carolina right, but that seems to be an outlier.
That's kind of like your austin, I know, but like you, I worry about the survival of those places at this point in time. You know like it always felt tenuous to me, look what's happening in portland. I always knew there was something that was much older than cities hipness yeah yeah, and it's going to resurface, especially these days, but asheville is kind of You got a lot of off the grid, hippies that there's a you know there. I think there is. A disposition that an inherently political or raw it's sort of like you know. We live up here, yeah just stay off, but you stay out of the yard. Yeah yeah I mean that I south carolina and north carolina. I mean they're they're great states, they're they're. They have their their pros and cons, but
You know there is an element of like there is a younger, more progressive vibes yachting to happen, but it still drowning in a sea of like some. I'm not saying all. Conservative ideas are bad, but its drowning in a sea of really bad conservative yeah. I d as right. He pulls socially. Yes, can't get the rap their minds around if anything, I saw a guy. I was just back in my home town. I saw a guy get out of his car. I was just driving passes. All happened in like just a matter of seconds. I saw the guy driving past and he had a sign and I was like I think it looks he's going to protests. I lived across the street, it's like a women's clinic. I look and I can now see the sciences. Abortion is wrong in this guy. This guy's entire afternoon as well know it's eleven o clock, yeah! I go down open the trunk. I get the sign out and I stand across the street and this cars drive by I'm just letting them know that abortion is wrong yeah and it's that that's his job,
that's his job he's doing it for us yeah those people, a guy who could clearly go donate time at a soup kitchen or help orphans. You need some support yeah, but now my thing is: I go help the babies. It did happen yeah. I need to go stand out here with these these women, whose stories I can't possibly fathom or understand. I have to stand there and tell them what I think we are and in his mind, at ease due in the words worry I may ass. Well, mean this alpha, it's it's tricky, you know, but it historically, Not that long ago there was a very bad business down there and yeah it's them in a jar in some ways, I think it's bounced back. In some ways people have progressed, but there there some holdouts yeah. I think we're seeing a lot of doubts. Not hold a lot of people go and I like to hold onto a tradition, traditional stuff. That makes no sense all the american racism and hate you, I mean that's why you know we believe in it by fit my parents, my grandparents so whose
say the wrong exactly how to know everybody the constitution, things like that yeah overlay. Now the hope is that but there are people when I go back. I do hang out with a lot of people who who aren't like that, but it's when you see young people who carry those ideals, it's like. Oh, you truly don't possess the ability to think for yourself at all plug into any one other than what your uncle told. Do at one point my local, that's my identity to india that while they are, you accuse us of not being able to think for us, and yet is all that. You know we ve just let it go they. Another freedom was too much for the commitment of area look: what freedom did the right yeah you happy a right, but when you do go back at me, what's your what's your your family here they are frightening or no family is. I mean I've come from, kind of family. Where I, I am pretty sure, lot of them if they voted voted for trump yet, but I can't say that
with any certainty they might have voted for us, so they keep it to themselves. They keep it themselves because I think they're also I mean if you, if you bring it up, someone might be like well, I couldn't vote for their like trump is an idiot like, oh, who drove over I'm like why couldn't vote for hillary, and I can't say you're like oh you're, that weird between that I don't want that sort of like I just couldn't bring my hand to you. It is that sort of thing I wasn't gonna, I mean yeah yeah yeah can't wait. Thank the person. I'm going to vote for her and then live with myself, but there I mean I can from a family- that's not like. I ever think everyone's probably got someone in their family. Who's probably said some racist stuff, or you know, some of them are ya, as some people joke grandfathered into that, because there may be specific the grand punished, but I I don't know I think I come from a pretty well like what you would. What was the business? Do you have a family business know my dad worked at the post.
the office really yeah made our to the post office and my mom, also where to post them. She passed away when I was really young and then my dad my stepmother. She also where, where a postal family it also to the post office, but then after they got, reed. She was a home and they had five kids, sir seven of us to really big, pretty big, the age gap between me and my my next sister just below me, is like seven or eight years so they're like how will they now my youngest brother, the youngest sibling justin, high school on Wednesday. Really here, thirty six going on thirty seven two months- and here are your close. We try to be I think the out of the house by the time I was way out before, like a lot of the siblings were like growth here. The wandering half brother yeah, but I exist
of and they I I think the only reason. Maybe they do. I am able to have a connection to let's say specifically. My youngest brother yeah is because of this job that we do. I think it's it's. You know if I was, you know, on people who are an accounting? But if I was in accounting he would be like we have nothing to talk about by like you can actually see you on. how can seize on television also, because I'm telling jokes, he can kind of get to know my perspective through that, so he can go out. While my brother is thirty six and at the age of eighteen, he thinks that seventy years all right can listen to my jokes and be like. Well, maybe it's navy, that's not what seventy years or maybe that's. Actually he still a silly, but that's gotta be cool for I dunno. I think so. I think it's it's salvaged any chance of having a relationship is the fact that this job kind of keeps us. You know young. I think I yeah, especially if you know you don't have children yeah like if you once you start talking about children, then you're
cutting off a few for sure yeah yeah? I didn't do that on purpose but yeah. I can now remain a perpetual adolescent on an ideological level still be appealing emotionally to fifteen year olds. Dream. Yes, I? I never have to change emotional appeal, teenager yeah, and I that's all you that's what that's what business is? That's when you know you've done it. That's where you know your gut yeah, but for me it's very specific troubled. Sensitive aggravated teenagers they're not having it. Good time yeah. They they are into me because I sort of validate like aussies, never have a good time. Yeah yeah yeah he's alright, it's always good. This is our leader. We've met him. Never knows he knows it's not going to be easy ever yeah. That's what I did but I call devoted so the post office are so that there are some civil servants to a degree. For some reason. One summit you tell me that they work of the posts are familiar. Noble, that's a tough job, yeah it
kind of I mean at that time and we're talkin like the mid seventies, late seventys when they were, they started working there. That was a time when it was like, if you're willing to leave college angry this job in actually had a pretty good salary job, a pension of posts off at the end, its like ants off. So your government ploy reilly. with his own benefits and yeah thing at the time, there's that appeal- and then I think- maybe the rest the world around the post office and and a of government jobs was like. No, fallacious in the price of things, is there but the post office and our government like now, you can still make what you made an atom seven year and the world around. You will change and then, let's hope, one day. Let's hope you save money. Yet it's it's a whole that lay out. You know it's like this. We ate yeah. I I don't know who I talk to you, but there is nothing. Maybe it was I used to do a bit about it. You know when the people would snap the post, through their rail area. I just like. I just thought like this one day we just like this. Just never gonna stop.
Letters just keep coming. That's you're never done yeah and it just yeah if you're He d is like I started thing. I finish it like none have day one you started at an even when you retire in won't have a go down without you right, yeah kinder. We were they like where they post people. What they deserve b. I dont know what my maid I dont know what my mother did, or my grandfather also work there. I don't know one was ever. I gotta lowering only I guess, yeah yeah, I that's what I'm supposed to be doing. I think that's enough for my true calling the always at the post office, grandfather said to my father like yeah. I don't remember. I remember who it was. Send it to me you'd like, but it was an idea he had in his head. It's like you could always get a job at the post office must have been like at some point that a big push. The perfect plan b yeah, you gotta benefits right now, so he retired from the postman my dad is still working in the post office. We
we just had a conversation recently, whereas, like I think it's time like he could have retired. But it's the thing where it's like. Why you stay on for summer years or percentage of your salary that you'll get continues to go up while he's been holding out to like get to a certain percentage, and I was like I think the time has come. He's brilliant he's gone, they there, the the golden watch kind of deal you're going to hit a you hate, your points I don't. I don't really know I mean I I told him I was like look, I'm I've been fortunate the past few years and what I do is like: why don't you let me chip You wanna get out there and we re figure out how to like do it, and he was more than happy to be like oh great, make a meeting wasn't even like I don't you you want to buy a house, you got to a great yeah. Let's do that, like instant instantly, like as soon as I said it I was like. Oh he's, been thinking, yeah I've kind of done that with my dad a little bit but he's still too proud to do it because I didn't, I didn't, offer him a plan, it wasn't, you know you know cause I dunno my
had had money and then any fucked it up right. So as a different situation situations- and I don't like these conversations with it, but it's never like good she's figure out where you're at Monthly- and maybe I can chip in it's more like these. need some now yeah you're in trouble. The idea and he's been reluctant. You know so send you a hundred dollars I heard y'all you to walk around sng of bond. It's a check if you want to cash it somewhere still I get some you're not sure to do this meat. Now you have to go to the bare. I guess I gotta do it. I guess it are. You have to write you a wife I think I didn't do it, but before because well you gotta have it to do it. You gotta have it to do it and I have been trying to save and I've also been in that idea of like well. You know I could you know the the amount of houses I could buy in my home town. I doesn't
even get me the one that I want here, and so you go through that thing like. Why do I keep renting? Do I buy all these things that I I hate thinking about and I hate that were kind of forced to like well one but you gotta figure out blah blah blah. You do have to figure it out, but you can spend your whole life trying to figure out or or at the exact same place, you're at right now, yeah. I need to fix this house and I've needed to for a decade and ultimately just become was like well, I guess I'm just going to wait till something falls off and then and yeah yeah. When that thing, when the wall breaks yeah, I better fix that. I feel stupid. It's kind of like looking at insurance, it's like well, you should go, get insurance and pay it every month and then, when you don't need it yeah and then you know there was a time when I didn't have insurance and then I went to a dermatologist had to get some like malls cut off, and so I went to do it to me and I was like it costs me seven hundred dollars and she was like well see. If you had insurance, you would have had to pay that, and I was like yeah, but I forgot what I had insurance. I would have already paid two thousand dollars to have nothing done at all. So I was like. I think I actually save money. I feel it gets kind of like the
with a house really will. Hopefully, when that wall falls off, it's not one that costs right zone which money role in the dice on the internet is growing. All the pipes young, along with the house, is going to last longer than that's probably yeah yeah, but I don't know like your mary right yeah. You got married not to married about three years over right, I'm better if your yea nokia, yet one kid it's two in July. You did that yeah we had a little girl. You got a kid over there. We got a little kid over there and god, it's crazy. Is it yeah? It's it's, definitely the I thought your on team, no kids, but now here just I wasn't team, no kids for awhile. I thought it there's. Maybe a small percentage of me that still on team nokia, I have been right before you now that you're young I advocate, whenever I wanna, go, put something together. Do it on my own and like team nokia really should have been here for this, but that's exciting right. It's it's the greatest! It's the greatest thing and others. I've learned after having kid that all the key shea things that people say
If you go, oh that's why that's why it's become a cliche is because it is just the most amazing thing when someone asks me what's the weather like in California, we all say the exact same thing of Ottawa yeah, it's sunny every day, pretty good yeah and it's there's no different answer, but That's why I'm like its creepy, the weather. Actually, it's it yeah yeah. We go through long periods of dryness in height when there is a period well, I didn't know whether or not the earth would survive. I have brains in your eye. Call my guy think when we had that like what two weeks of rain and then you were like we'll wake and our ground is cake, a house going to stay yeah yeah. When does the mudslides- and I was so happy about the rain, but so you're you're generally happy about the kid very, very happy about it. It's all healthy and good health and good, and it's you know it's that I am already a paranoid, anxious person all the time and that's probably why we do. but that's why little like I don't
more paranoia in and anxiety because you're like what, if something happens, when anything happens, and I go down the road of like all of the worst possible scenarios in every scenario we're gonna come in its I don't know somehow it's still all completely trumped by the idea of like a kid Do you selling of iran growl, and also, if you also realise like oh, if we actually put all our it's as human beings towards children's health and education yeah we could actually save society and the planet. Has you watch a kid's mind? Go I'm like. peter. I only know what you are going right to tell me and then, when I turn knew no sixteen and decide. I want to learn on my own whether that
changes are not. You at least gave me the solid foundation of like right. You know right and wrong and blah blah blah shirt and then at sixteen they go fuck you exactly, but you know I feel, like the kids with that solid foundation. They say fuck you and they go away for a bit, but then I think in their late twenties. They go Are you not? You are right abiding gray with everything, but that the core of it what you will rise at who you were, I think so I mean a little bit. I think I I wasn't a bad kid. I I was like always afraid of getting in trouble, despite being a class clown and like getting in trouble for talking like like minor stuff. I never did like a major worry now blowing up cats. Never I never did anything that I was like. Oh, this is going to be I'm going to be. I was so afraid to get in trouble scar. On my well forever. I was with some bad people, wisdom smokers at some teens who wanted to smoke and then everything hell broke loose and killed some frog yeah. I was going through my greaser stage. We were racing cars. Well, that's a little more exciting,
that actually heard or animal yeah. Now I think we miss degreaser thing the racing cars of me ass out that never goes away. You know I feel like that. I don't know I've muddying mud dog, and that was like the thing What was wrong with the big wheels big wheels like a jeep go out and get stuck in mud and then get out of it. I could not understand I watch people like with videos of them and look at me over this boulder, and it looks like my car's going to tip and then it doesn't. I don't dance sitting around. This occurred the periphery watching and loving right, the one guy in a wheelchair guy used to do it. I didn't do too clearly clearly As a consequence, warmed my belt and then I thought add the boulder. I thought I had it and it got on top of me our I still love it. love to watch yeah, yeah good for them tragedy. You know the horrible consequences of
I think something for no reason: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and also the high of it when it all works out, isn't very good now, because you can't you can't recapture it with drugs. You're, like I'm, going to put this in my body, I mean, there's a ninety percent chance. Yeah, it's going to be pretty fucking good. If it's not, I just do more weight like to do whatever it is like. If I can just make that jump, it's like the odds, are not with not consistent, buzz, yeah yeah are they also having a kid? I think that's when the drugs thing kind of hits you where you're like you know, cause I experiment with drugs, but then you're like am I going to have the kid who experiments and never comes back, and that's it darn I kept chasing the the high yeah and then you're like talk to me, like you know like now that person's gonna like person's gun, I gotta, go now cause morally, I gotta go I'm late for fish, so I gotta get out there and get my nitrous on the coast for like thirty six, so you grew up yes, a little different, but so the so. What so you move,
we're here for the score and not that real. I mean when we moved to l a six years ago. We started in silverlake and just because Brendan Walsh walked us around silverlake and he was like yeah. You want to be over here kind of on the east side, It's alright great yeah, yeah he's like be my neighbor drive to shows together. But yes, I I so we like the side- and we just stayed over here, but I think my trying to slowly escape l, a oh yeah, you keep your rock and then eventually pasadena and then you're out in sun valley, yeah exactly I'll, be out in the desert, trailer and joshua tree and we're in vegas I'm driving in for my ten minute spots. Every night I dunno how people live in vegas I'm not saying that upset people in vegas, but I just can't get near the place yeah I don't I or my wife is from their. Why should we go visit her parents? They still live there and you see everything in vegas being corrupted by what vegas is by gives people have regular wives there's while they do and they like it. But you have to? U have to like that specific lifestyle.
My her parents are in real estate, residential and commercial real estate. We don't go over there yeah they dont right, then ever and also if they want to go gamble, they're not going to the ones on the strengthening of those ones that are like on the street beaten pay out yet again the issue of casino in the back curtain, real rights, everyone poker machine, oh you're, just in that movie about a Cacena other house, the logic I talked to to yeah yeah. Well, he is great yeah he's a he's, a good guy, very he's very upfront, earnest dude, or it seems that now I'd have a good time: yeah yeah yeah, but yeah. Movie was ridiculous, but ok, you, you had a big part. I was happy. I was at the whole time we're doing it I was in my head is just like hide. Hopefully this doesn't get cut me. methods of aware. I am one hundred percent
they're like where we're long on time cut the guy. No one really knows like I know where I'm at, but no you had like three or four scenes you pop up in it's a pretty big movie part oh huh, like I saw a lot of comedians faces in there. That said, nothing kyle had a little thing that whole cast was great. I mean the whole time we, you know, I I haven't done it it was in Dimitris movie. I saw that do deal with a roommate guy that fred, a friend on a cat, yeah yeah yeah. That was good. That was a good part that was both of those were things I had never done so. I was like in that fake it till you make it entirely of the, but you know it wasn't ones like a common open for man. It's eleven and you've got to kind of lie and be like oh yeah. I've done that before I put your faith in me. Yeah, that's right! This was our end of this that I was like. Oh I can act. I know what I'm doing yeah you just that's the only way to do it. Yeah yeah, I mean you, can freak yourself out and go take classes and stuff, but ultimately, as a comic you're like nagging either
I think, maybe ass comics, that's what I. If someone like, we others really dramatic role in its all riding on you. It's like will, then I'm gonna go take the ass. Yet again, now you can t have summons business card here. Who might teach me how to do this moment, someone's like aids at its accommodating and were literally asking you to say the punchline, nearly all I've it doesn't matter if I can and he knew everybody over there. That's what made it great and the fact that it's like it's Amy Poehler, it's will Ferrell. It's like. You can immediately kind of understand like there's going to be a fun Like tony got a little over the top yeah, a little messy. I haven't seen the total, the the the I was out of town when they did like a screening for it. One thing happens very quickly in those kind of movies is like you go. I doubt it can never happened up. There's no reason for any of this to connect most nay, motor harmony is really well. I wouldn t I, but, like I torment suke, as I said, do you know towards the end? You know the good guys which argue based we will in any harrods like they ve
weekly, morally corrupted themselves to a point where they were and redeem of already? There is a part. The adverts are like they don't deserve to have. Happy ending right yeah. This is not how it crossed the line they get away with that yeah and I was overthinking it yeah. But what was the scene like how, when did you start doing the stand up. I started in two thousand and four in d c, move it up. There can my sister lived their motor survey. You never get any in the south no, I mean I I did one show in the south. It was that the thing that got me started was like an open mic, poetry night, and I asked if I could do jokes instead of poetry- and I brought entire audience is, was all my friend right and they really go this let's go sure, go grab, ears and watch rory make an ass of himself. Did they stay for the poet? You know the poets asked if there was three poets and honestly it was a place.
guitar bar and I was an awesome bar had a nice little show room here and the poets are like. Do you mind going at the end, so people like you and the I knew due to it. You don't even understand that strategy, so I'm like yug, I don't know what I'm doing so. All you got tell me when to go right, because I dont know what any of this is our road down, some things that I think my friends will laugh at it, but no one else can relate to write and it was. I brought him of people where the the guy in the bar. I was like, so how long do I go up there and he was like you brought everybody he's like. I would love it if you just went up there for as long as possible, because they'll just drinking. I get a monday night and you brought the entire audience right in a way. It looked good for me to the bar and of the poets cause they're like. Oh, we never have no hunting and this guy brought an audience and now he's going last and they're buying drinks at the big night for you
I didn't understand any. I just went up there and like fucked around, and so they did that and the poets got their audience. They got their audience and my friends all sat there. You know like nice to be like. Oh this, is you probably have this? Nobody heckled the poets, there's a there's, a poets, in south carolina thing. I could do member that now you're, not always the best knight. Was our madison square garden and those forty drunk college kids showed up echo their friend for your college. It will just africa about a year out of college, and you just did it because you, like you, thought you could do it. What made you think I do that. I didn't know. I didn't know what to do. I didn't. I got to I kind of want to get into filmmaking since I was like fourteen. I was like, oh, I want to make movies, I'm just an actor. I think it's like fun, but then my buddy in high, though he was like. You know, a lot of the people,
Sarah alive he's like there's a lot of them are stand up, comics and the writers, and like all of that I was like I don't. I can't see myself doing that and right, because I didn't really know what stand up comedy was. I was one of the people that, like you know, snuck over to listen to prior harlem right. I didn't have any interest. I watch like the marks brothers and like aberdeen costume, I went way back when my dad was like amc a thing and my dad was like. You should watch that why I grew up watching these guys. You watch this and I was like that time where, as a kid I was like. Oh adults are silly like I do silliest. I can continue to just kind of be a jackass, my whole life right and and then I I wanted to be a filmmaker and then after I got to college. I was like, oh I I have this thing in my head that I want to do and I've done nothing to do and I don't know how to do it. I was like you start realizing like oh, this is what people talk about when they talk about dreams and being ridiculous right yeah, they don't do it because they don't figure out how to do it. Yeah I started running camera for a local news station. I was just in the studio doing like the the five o'clock seven o'clock eleven or whatever
if the times where they always changing there at a time just running listening to the director being like, I frame it up a little bit your little heavy on the right, like just we've, got a. If the car an idiot, can move it over. So I can get the image and, like you know, just doing that with where you're in college is. This is a year out of college. I just stayed in my college town. You got the gig at the local state yeah, we have experience no experience, I went up there and they were like I was. the camera and they were like pan right pan have you know the terms like if you knew pan you are fine it wasn't a union gig. No, I mean it was like the bare minimum. I think I was making like six or seven dollars an hour, but what was that? The first time he had that moment cause like when I go on the road? Can you do the local tv walk into a space in electricity, big, empty space with the set and you're like this? Is it getting? Yes, I was like yeah. The magic is immediately. You go, oh okay, so there is no magic to any. Definitely it just. These cameras have that that's the oldest ally or frame it up, and if you pull back there's just two guys yeah sitting there
one guy's coffee a raggedy curtain covering a window from the parking lot and then, when they do those appear. You're, the local tv and you're, following like a like a cooking segment from the guy's got a restaurant in town. That kind of thing like, oh, my god this is it stripped down so weird, nothing magic to a living man, so you say you. A pan right as I yeah. I was basically doing that, and you know that was. That was fine. If you're like I can, I can still go out after my shift. I can sleep all day and then go to work at you know five o'clock or whatever it was and like nothing is expected of me, but to like. No when I need a two shot when I need all the everybody. When do I need just when are going to sports yeah, my own weather,
if you're on the weather camera there like this one stuff work, as you have to make sure you see what withering screens have warned. You know nothing now you get them pointing you're, not framework right, so we can put this stuff on what so, but in your mind, you're, like one taken steps in my mind, I was like: oh ok. Instead of becoming a film girl, go down this road and try to work my way up, and maybe I'll be a guy that shoots, sir. You know segments for dateline or some I kind of feel like I'm just click it, and I think it's because I majored in journalism, so my my my degree was communications journalism. I had no passion, for I only took that because there were film classes, you could take right if that was your your phone So I took the film cause of the history of film acting and film. Where you get to some classes, you get to be hands on actually make out. So you just accommodated your dream to the job you got. No could do this for dateline Is left pretty? Well, I think that's what in my head, I was there
Oh I'm doing this, and maybe this all kind of contributes back to my mother passing away the kid but die. She had cancer lymphatic cancer, sushi hodgkin's disease. When it was on my first birthday, Oh my god, yeah. We have no real memory. I have no memory of it and I've told people it's like it's one of those like you, you can't you don't know if that's what better way to deal with it or like who would I be today if she died when I was thirteen, where I have the memory and also I'm thirteen, the horrible yeah, so it's healthy rather sibling. Older, oldest sister Natalie. She was, I think, two and a half feet neither one of you have anything real and how window step mom come in and my dad remarried when I was seven, oh, and so they dated, I think for like two or three years, and so she, you know she's your mom, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, my aunt like stepped in and took care of us, oh really, so that kind of became such a mother figure and then right. You know seven meda remarried, as I got will now you have to go. How can this happen
who's coming in which only as a I get older and and start to realize how like fucked up? I actually am. I looked back on these things like over a kid that that was kind of crazy right, your mother passed away, but Here'S- if the person and how that person was going to go with your mom this other person. I know my dad says okay, but you still saw er yeah yeah. He was in his hands on bush. She also was trying to become a teacher, so she moved pretty far away. Probably three hour drive away, so it wasn't like seeing each other all the time like every now and then you like visit and it's it's truly one of those things you look back on it like I I I do if someone's like. What will you talk about? The therapist was like, I think, I'd start there as I that's probably the rude of anything probably starts with that. If you're not that fucked up, I don't So I mean I I think I probably have you know I on the outside, I'm not fucked up by the only I make decent decisions on the inside
like oh there's these and terrified all the time I think so. Yeah I live in a state of paranoia anyone I get to know I'm just like alright. Well, what will what will I wear to their funerals like you're, just immediately thing? When are you leaving? When are you permanently gone, but I think kind of going back to that. I think the point where I was like: why would I do that? Why would I try to become a dateline rhino segment. Creator or even little. I know about. I don't know what the term is for what that person does. I think a segment producer segment producer. I got out of that because I was just like. I was like, oh that you know my mother passed away at twenty five- and here I am like is this it you know. Is this the is this life and work. Is this what I wanted to elect? Not not shooting of you want to do that, but I clearly didn't want admitted they you're coming from a family of postal workers. Exactly you knew. I knew my true calling by the epidemic. That's also one the things like well, you know once you're in it. That's it that's what happened yet. I think
so like the creativity element was not necessary, dad would get up at like five a m to. I could hear him get ready and he would then go to work. He was gone and the days that he worked, he was gone before we woke up to your ready for it, oh- and I I I I really remember as a kid like hearing that being like, I don't ever want to do- that, I don't want to wake up. I am a girl down. We're like way here is a summons yeah, something, but I think also looked at the lake wool. That's what he has to do. That's what we all have to do right. I think I was driven to say why don't want to have to do anything I want to decide what I'm going to do and if it be at the end of the day, if I die because I have no money. I think I kind of thought. Well, you know my mother passed away. I think it's. I think I should try to do Something in right, fail and die. I fail and right- and so I mean caught in a wig gun of a great motivation to be like yeah drive to that fuckin open mike you lazy piece of yet
okay, as this is what you're trying to do right and then I heard a david cross. His first album put out and It was the first time I had a baby yeah. I think I was the first time I heard stand up that wasn't in a suit very polished. I think, was the first time the rain was like. Oh, You are aware what want and you can I loved I love that album is great, but I was also like. Oh you don't have to like set up punchline. You have to have this like well constructed. It sounds like I'm shitting on of comedy, but honestly his of comedy inspired me to be like. Oh, this is more personality driven, and I think I relate more to that than this tight, concise I've. Specifically
today I don't write the fat like. I don't care about the fat bike, all of it I like having all that in there and keep the fat yeah. It's only now that I I at that point I was like. Oh, if you can do it that way. Maybe I should try. This I've been a class clown. My whole life. I've always been, like you know in any group, I'm like try to be the funding for sure desperately yeah and I was like wait a minute. Let's give this a try, so that's what led me to even think I'm capable of doing it as one if no rules well, that's funny because dave like I started with him, and you know it's always exciting to watch him indefinitely. Is you know he is a unto himself, but he used to do like cause. He that southern character sometime slowly for hours, a lover I gotta dignity? He used to do one yeah needed to use to go on stage. Is this gay southern guy?
and I spin back when he started right. Yeah, yeah and and but he wouldn't let on like he'd, bring them up with a fake name and he'd, be like hey, y'all and he'd start talking about his dogs like there's any you know in a doc about their names and their personalities. Then people started just laughing at him yeah you know and he would push it like. He'd stay in it until he stopped like. I can't tell if y'all are laughing with me. or add me might really uncomfortable yeah like and it was. It was great ye. Did he actually did the Jesus as as a gay southern? and was one of his early bets. I wonder if I've heard that yet now like If chizik lazarus is too yeah, yeah yeah yeah, there's a man, yeah yeah, I think yeah. I like that kind of stuff like when people were like you, I I feel like it's always easy to go to like seinfeld as an example, because it's like, oh here's, a guy in a suit. I I always thought: well, that's what stand up is
it's johnny, Carson, look, he said a thing and then you get a laugh and write. A thing in a guy. Laugh rises, like other seems, like a lot of pressure to play that type of music you know it's relevant to music. You see someone like a lot of the guy like If you guys out of Boston, that was like very personality driven stand up, I think it was inspiring, I hope you will be like. Oh, I that's more, the music that I play. I liked it like say that some more like jazz it's like, I can beat me. I have to know how to get it right. You just have to like it's it's. You have to get up there and figure out how that how to make that your territory, you know like you, you you can do whatever that's. What compelled me is that you can do any when you want up there yeah I mean you should get laughs at some point, but outside of that you know do whatever the fuck you want, and that to me was amazing yeah, it's just like you got up there, it wasn't until lately that I really got more disappointed like like. I think I yeah. I wrote jokes and I could see them and they were definitely jokes yeah, but then I kind of
could open and in you know, and just kind of did the other thing. But now, like I've, gotten to the point where work on a special there's like a bitter to in there. That really require some focus on timing. Yeah debates, like I'm sort of like I force myself to do it and I am sort of like. Oh that's what that feels right. You polish. Yeah yeah, were you like it or actually this I needed to. I need the time that right right and focus on it like it didn't work at first and like it's about this. This beat here yeah I mean I'm glad that I can appreciate it at least now. I think that's what makes it so so fun though. But yes, then it's like you as the art is having that revelation. It's like will, then that's what keeps all of our like album sounding the same or like talking about the same stuff like if, if the next thing commands like marks way more policies, like
isn't that fun, because maybe before he wasn't and it's not and the next one probably won't be. The next will be another thing. I think at this moment whether I think it was with watching shandling. You know cause like he was a real kind of meticulous about timing and his jokes are kind of channel in some ways, and yet so much of it had to do with his personality, but also the way he you have time to things in all four. Reason he got through to me in this as well later in life. Like in the last five or six years, where I'm like that's interesting, cause cause there's a part of me that thinks the same way it's like. Why would you want to just do these tight job like all the time just which is why gauges become something by rote, but then, like I got to this the level of site where I can like trying to make things that are not easy work You know what I mean like they're, not just the jokes. It's her like he's talking about some pretty hard danielle heavy dark shit, but he's balancing it with this craftsmanship. You might try a couple of those
yeah I've that that's where I love the the lobbying, even even going back to a simple is like when I first are going on stage after hearing his outdated grass, I am I mean I was going up, do my own jokes, almost it would almost look like David Cross- was doing an impression of me. we are doing like enact or I would go up and I was like well that's how you talk and then you know maybe that everybody starts or a lot of people. Then you have actually go. Oh, this is, and I actually don't move my arms like I write on our years that phrase you I'm not that person you kind of absorb pete you people for awhile, yeah yeah. You can move through people, but I think that that's what I love is that then, as you You know as you progress through whatever the fuck. This says you then start to pronounce jailing and you go. Oh that's! There's a style, they're yours! I feel you
We start to understand a little better. We had been case if you like, wanting in wanting to try differently here, I'm not a storyteller here, but if someone like hey you're next album or whatever your thing is, I want to try to be a storyteller like I'm not, but that kind of excitement admit that highlight Well that all right as you yeah yeah, that's, like you know the the last special, not the one. I just tape it, but it informed that one too I'm like I'm going to do like cause. I used to just How is like a lot of room, so I could just fuck off. yeah yeah, you know and I'm like that's my style man, I'm going to bring it up. Then that's my favorite right me too, and I did a special like that and it was pretty good. I liked it. It was the sub, but the next Am I going to do a tight fucking hour yeah it's going to have callbacks going to button callbacks. I know exactly where I'm going yeah and I just worked it like that. Yeah and- and I thought it would be boring and it it sorta wasn't, because there was a distance you could get like when you wing it.
is what I like to do and I always leave a little room for improv in a still an a, but but when I start to do these last two specials and like once, you just try to tighten the singer in that becomes Yeah not sorta like younger leaves room yeah. You know what I mean yeah. I'm fine, though like when you do that when you're, like I'm going to tighten yeah, do you then find like you kind of get coming out of it. Words like when you go into a show: you're not like well we'll see This goes you kind of her like. Oh, I, I kind of know how this is going to go that's exciting in its own way, whereas before you may be were like we've already know how it's going to go, then what is exciting about it? But you like what you're saying, though, yes, but like what I realize is that, like you, don't ever know how it's going to go a lot of the times like when
I say, like I dunno how this is going to go just to protect yourself from being scared decorate. You know like you and then you go out there and you just kind of like black and and of course, that's going to get a reaction yeah, but what you don't know when you do it. That way is whether that's going to work again right, yeah yeah so like to make something like I you know, because I got more responsible just because I figure like I've, been doing this half my fucking life. yeah. You know why not put the effort in to tighten it up like you know, I know guys that are professionals in, like you know like louis, he don't talk to the audience, he's not going a riff up there and he looks at it. As you know like I, this is my job and every year I'm going to write this hour and I'm going to polish it and do it and that's the package right. And, unlike while you know like you, what is that embody you know too it pretty fuckin, daunting, yeah and, unlike lagging that then so so that the satisfaction comes from actually making something.
No, ultimately, we all have our acts in and we're counting on it to work right right, but but to really sort of like tit for the for the excitement to be like, like really like this joke and it works. eight and in like I've ruminant liking now I can deliver it without it being so immediate and like life or death, yeah cause I've built it out cause. I think. Even if you work like you- and I do you know the jokes at work and then you can kind of go fuck off right yeah. But you know I don't know if we appreciate him as much as we should write cause, there's something about call back. in about packaging that they put anything together. Where you know I bring this back lady this well, yeah. I think my regret is I some of those jokes that I really love that I fuck off with I'm just like oh man, who who knows where that could have actually gone right, and I just fucked off with it. So much that I finally got to a point where I was. Maybe actually crafted it
who knows. Maybe I would still get tired of it, but you'd never see the true potential I used to do that all the time I do conan. They call me up to do panel back in new york when they'd like need when they had someone didn't show up, and I got there with half jokes like I just premises, so I do panel yeah and like he'd, save it or eventually I'd find something. There's so many times I've been on tv. Where am I that joke so much better? Now, that's like half the joke right right, so that used to piss me off, but in this last special the one I just did. I was working with an hour and a half hour, forty yeah and I really needed it to be. They wanted it to be, like seventy minutes, rack sixty five, seventy and up to the two shows before the fuckin taping. I was still at an hour and a half yeah like I that last week I'm like well, I gotta get this down yeah to seventy, so I had to do I I gotta go like that whole part of that joke is out that's hard to do. I know but like I was surprised right at this point in my career, where specials aren't necessarily that special and
I pay and while they are for right, I know I'm here like talking about mind, but at the same time there are so many angrier low adds. Some was the wrong word for it right. So it's just a job right sounds like what we as part of what we do and product we might in great thing, but like what it's not gonna, bring, make or break me one. I just make a good unlike I was so matter of fact about it. I'm my mom this again going to go this gonna going to go, and I you know why I had a through line. I had callbacks you, I knew where I want to end up. I wasn't sure if I wanted to move this thing to the end or whether that thing was going to go, but in the last two shows before the special I I fucking made the cuts. And you know I got it in my head, how it all fit together. Licked yeah and I did I wasn't freaked out about it and I knew that the shit that I'd chosen worked, and that was that that is that huge. Yet it came in itself like at seven may
That is what the fuck that I had to let go back and in the end it takes tough out which is so pain. I did that the last line anytime redoing, like a minute they like india, anything even like a pause that was too long ago. There's two or three seconds you just say it's the worse. I felt you feel like gary sinise in apollo thirteen looking for any power he can find through his combination of buttons like. Where can I pool any amount of time out of this? This stretch of Joe it's brutal and It's weird, whether you do it in the editing room or whether you do it yet. You know before you do the show it's usually better Do you not? I mean they are the only one that knows I'm right yeah, you know and the audiences, it's all the longer version. That's the thing. We always forget tat your like. Oh you're, the only one who truly knows yeah what you think it could have been and, at the same time what you think was great like now. Let's put it out there at eighty and then beware like I thought it was a little too long. Rough shit I could have could have not been yeah. I think you do
is your first one. Does the second one so the first one I was completely D. I Y I put up my own money and I was like pretty confident that I was like if we don't go crazy with the budget and were super conservative about the spending that someone will make that money back, and maybe I don't make money but yeah, maybe it's whatever and we we sold it to see so, and so it got, however, much attention racket with c soldier at the great yeah and I, but I think the the the cool thing about where I'm at now and down the things I finally gotten over the idea that any thing is going to lead to some big, the thing yeah. I think I now just look at as like. Well, if anything leads to one next thing, that's it and that's kind of the best. You can hope for and you know some people in this world. They do one thing and it leads to a super huge big. Thank right. I can't even in my own fantasies of my career, I can't even picture that happening or what that would look like what exact
what is a super big thing now exactly yeah, exactly fuck, no right, yeah yeah! It's almost like! Oh, you put this one thing out and now selling out all these theaters and people are giving you offers for like acting and stuff at when you're starting out. You truly think that's how it works right and then you finally start to realize like oh it's in, I I I feel like I, I feel like there's assuming that roger waters were saying about pink, floyd or maybe himself specifically, where he realized every thing. We're creating this, isn't the audition to eventually create this thing? and wherein that were already in the middle of it yeah. I think I started to enjoy this a lot more when I was like oh every day, even if I'm going up and someone's like, you know, go up and do eight minutes like even that eight minutes is is today right now with this crowd area in that crowd right, but it is an opportunity for somebody. A crowd, go I'm you know what I mean
invest in this dude the rest of my life cause. I I think I I sync up with weird yeah, even at a at a shitty show with, like you know, fifteen twenty people exactly- and I I think I started to realize, like a quit, quit downplaying stuff and quit thinking that the bigger stuff is big, who knows yeah. This is anything. This is a yeah. You either enjoy it or you don't, and that made it that made going into these specials feel so much better. Like oh fuck, yeah, there's cameras yeah honestly, once we submit the final edit and people can see it, who still truly gives a shit, because by the time the public can see the thing I created this question. I will absolutely hate it so who cares tonight with this, amazon. I like this, but my time this is edited and there's coloring
all in it. However, do we finally sell it yeah? I will one hundred percent hate them, but it'll also be a year ago. It's not exactly exactly not even a matter of having like oh yeah. I did that yeah, I'm glad people could see it, but like I'm now you know and now working at the post office, I have election jokes in my special cause. It was october first and people were like you know by the time the cells were. What sells and wherever it ends up. You know that that stuff's going to be outdated, and I was like I've thought about it. since day. One is like when I watch it. I cringe, but I gotta be honest, the night that we recorded, that that was my favorite thing sure and it feels dishonest to take it out right. I was like I think I gotta leave in that thing where I was when I did it yeah. I think that's good. I tried to do like the last two specials I tried to I I don't talk about current. I try to talk anything, but current events could not last one just because like every, one can do those jokes red deer. You knows very well, you be doing specific jokes about things that happened in the world,
well. There is a ninety eight percent chance that someone else is doing any level of topical right, but this special there was a couple of things that I did that were not. They were not election jokes, but they are, specific to what we're living in now and I thought they'd hold like. I thought are broad enough to hold so like in west. You know he has a stroke or is pushed out of office or the world ends right. I think this shit will still be okay in October september, whenever the fuck they put it out right right right. I think it will still be relevant. I think so too, and even if it's not relevant, there's no way anyone has forgotten what today feels like right there. But there is thing that you do want it to be something for actually like do you do want people? Why don't want you to second guess yourself? It's there's no way to avoid it, no matter what up up up is no matter there's nothing that could be said. That would make me do or not. Do that basic! That's true, though, about the job and about like the Fortunately, that really isn't about the next big thing so much now, especially if you're comic as it one thing that were afforded that other people in show business our and as we can just always,
work, you know we're not waiting for role right, like we can go out tonight and get a spot right. Do the thing, but it's a state like their jobs, that we are how to do like you know, like I'm, going to be on a talk. Show I'm going to do panda want to thing I'm going to host this thing right. You know I'll do that goofy part in that thing and then I'll do my stand up. Those are the jobs like guess long as you can keep doing those jobs, the you're good yeah right. I think I I think you also get to the point where you start stop thing about your perfect track record of the things that you what out there, nobody gives a shit like, oh, but I, but I don't want to do anything until I have my own thing and it's like well, that's just not realistic and also no one cares and also, no matter how big you think you are Majority of people do not know that you are right that the fact that a thing about the way the media landscape works now. So I can. I dont like five luck in cities like five or six, shows yeah I've been on Conan fifty times letterman for diversifying era
like I fantasize like, are going to put it all in a giant box that and then we'll see I'll, show you who I am that's exactly the train of thought that you do as the box yeah there. It all is like. I don't care I'll, just youtube this shit. I can get all this for not buying your hundred dollar box. I used to talk to journalists about them. Like linksys put my first, four cedis in one box, it- will do a cool box right now. You're at the risk of that is, is that you do it and you sell twenty Anyone manual actually to all of us hard gap like fucking garage design, is raise our knowing care over now. No one needs a hope of anything. I don't even as the mistakes that are that minorities that adds a digital space. You did you date, weren't you on a big words. You didn't you get sick.
Shot. Why didn't? We show called ground floor on tbs and I was like that was my first and I think first, the kind of like a your a regular on this thing and you have a job and now we're how many have says you live, and we did two seasons, total of twenty one was that what's his name is producing bill lawrence yeah yeah, like you, you, like you re on, I go on his great he he saw my stand up. He was like I I have a role in this thing and you should come and do it so I got to go in and in front of him and the casting director kind of read the part and he was basically like. Well, I'm going to try to get you to do. I think you should do this as there was in this world of acting. Very few people are like hey you. Should I buy the thing for you know yeah. I think it's a door. You can't knock down yet and then someone like bill comes along and he's like. I see the value in you and I'm going to put you on my thing and it's going to work out, and I mean my character was just the the the goofy
we we're we're the office weirdo yeah, it's like I got it. I can easily be comics, have always had a place in at least a you know. A situational comedy on television. One hundred percent like oh, that that's the guy he's dirty that he's already fully baked yeah he's put them in that. I feel like I feel like every show. Has you know it and there? Maybe there was a intern before, but I just look at kramer. It's like every show has a cramer like oh you're, the kramer of the hour, not you're, you're, probably never going to have any a story, but we need you to deliver the jokes when we go to, right, yeah design there s a lie, I absolute eyes to make fun of like the to camp format nice to be like I'd so horrible and then right. Oh, I was working on a I deal with bt porter and he was like you know. Well, one of the greatest shows ever was a multi cancer. They that bad- and I then, when I did it, when I was referring to seinfeld seinfeld here, I was like our you're you're right as a multi. Cams can be cheesy and horrible, but they can also be good like there could actually be a style too.
We are, they are what they are. I mean you don't have men and in big bang theory or just fucking vaudeville yeah yeah. Does I care they're stage and even ass, like the person showing up it's like wall? Do you would do you love that paycheck in that parking spot and that schedule and asked in multicam, my god. I really do like that parking spot, and I like how this panned out yeah yeah. I don't have to ride it home at a reasonable hour exactly exactly, and I and I liked that show the cast. I mean if you're, on a show like that, knew you like the whole cast it's kind of like that. I mean anybody has a job like that that complains about it like the you must have had a pretty blessed life right. You're complaining about this arise your job I've never done one I've never even done. I don't think I've even done a guest appearance on a multicam. I've never been on a set like that to to do a like. A show like that. Yea I like, where you're on a stage and like I've done talk, shows, but I've never done that. The guests, but where I walk into, might nay ready do in rio, and this guy, you know having the live audience is
our eggs. I was nervous about it as an actor, but then, as we ve had you nodes how much training in the idea of like off their laughing? I just hold, then on items exactly because in our heads are alike, gets your doing. You can act to be an actor. They go ahead and act right, I'm going to wait until it's gone, but they're almost silent and then I'll say the next thing right at the perfect moment, because I know it innately exactly what I do for olivia is that for the lab really believable acting like well, I wouldn't know how to do that. Anyways. I just know when I should say this line, and hopefully they laugh again yet it getting that job and being like there's your first acting role. I was like. Oh this definitely even to this day. It's helped me be like I'm in this setting of acting- and I are those are cameras. Those are terms that are people's jobs, to learn it in a setting that isn't so daunting and intimidating right. I think as as helped me as an actor to go shoot anything. It's like, I kind of know what everybody does know and I understand the schedule right: yeah yeah
Even when I did my own show, there was not a live audience or like I couldn't. I didn't have that luxury. I would like to know what that feels like yeah day at the instant like feed, but we had to do like you, because I don't know if I felt that since I did a play in high school, you know I mean I write really. What it is is that you have the skill set in any eu. I guess in getting job. You realized you had the skill set sort of like. Oh, they just wrote me this funny. Joke I like it, and even that, like even just doing like I'm going to do there joke yeah. I did stuff that other people wrote, but there was no audience there, so you don't know how it lands right to actually have the script and be like nah. It seems funny yeah, it's not my joke, but they they have confidence in it. new just delivering someone else yacht oak and having at work that must be pretty guide they, I think, that's it pull when someone like that and that when an actress I get something and they know why. That is a joke yeah. I think we were like alright well, this should land them because he that he gets just saying. I understand why this is funny it's like. Well, then you should know how to say it.
You know why it's funny you get the whole structure should be right there and it is right to a hundred percent, especially in in that malta can jokes- is adding that can't you do in the many takes a verbal audience that if a joke flops, you know it's unfortunate, but someone can. The writers all come in the guard. Well, what's a better tag, what's a better lock, the audience is sitting there. While the audience is sitting there now, so they could have throwaways, pre written being like hey. You know in in rehearsals, one never landed, so maybe it plans and we didn't know one was interpreting. but if it doesn't land, here's five other options ride like well. That would drive me nuts. I think that that must get some getting used to just knowing that they're. The audience is just sitting there waiting yeah like eating because they know what the story this worries, but as a gram it can be like hey. Don't worry we're going to it now like did you have to do that stuff? You know it. We never had a. I mean there was never on my or that just because my show who is the funny guy that was managing the crowd there. They had a you know: a warm a guy who is doing
you quit adventure again, oh man, I that's a comedian's job. I've done, I did warm up on a on a on a game show that they were trying out. It never became im a thing. I didn't know what warm up was yeah. I was. I was like: oh, this is good money. It was in new york. I went into a studio, I had no, I didn't even know what doing warmup was I was like, I guess I'll just do my act right and I went out and it was jokes that I shouldn't it was like. I was doing jokes that'll be doing at like a bar and people are in some. You know. Sometimes people laugh every one was like young enough to be like. Oh okay, I get that it's funny, but most people being like well. This is inappropriate like what the fuck is he talking about, and I just basically just kept. eating shit, the point where they're like yeah anytime, the camera stops you gotta to go out and keep everybody alive and some joins. The camera would stop and I'd be like hey, we're, probably going to reset quick just
I don't want. I don't want to get in the way you guys are trying to get your thing. People are going to be like we're paying you to go. Do this- and I would just like I was, It- was one of those jobs where I was like. You don't have to pay me I'll. Just leave now yeah and we both know this didn't work out right. I won't care that I was here for free for a little bit. I got some chicken tenders at crafty, fine I'll, be fine. Your show will more than likely never become a thing, because it's a game show already starting in a tough spot, but that's why it's such a unique job. It's crazy! There are guys if they've done it forever. They're, like you, know cause I should talk to one of those guys like just the warm up. Guess I will say: served unlike at midnight or I've seen brody. Do it my like. Oh yes, it's only then was I like. Oh, you could enjoy the way that he does it, and I mean it's is his style of ripe being funny anyways. But after seeing that, unlike oh, if someone hired me to day to go warm up a crowd, I would just try to do my best brody impressions.
as long as possible, because that is perfect energy. The way it gets going and he's being funny, but he's also hey here's what you it'd be doing, and I will make a joke, but don't fuck around and do exactly what I said. It's like. Oh that's, that's perfect! Right there. Sometimes you have stage managers to do it but like shows like at midnight and so like don barris used to do camel. I dunno if he still does but like it's definitely like, the energy used to be a coach yeah yeah audience coat yeah, it's a very specific thing and it every time I see it. I'm like. Oh, this is a tough gig man. such a their young. An arm of gatt also got a thing for a multi can like white Rosanna mean you're, sometimes there for sixty six to eight hours. Imagine keeping an eye on him civil, ivory, the eight hours you're like I'd like I've, done all my my gimmicks. I don't know what else to do crowds worry music. Well then, I guess they get locked into a thing. They know that they can do for hours. They find their eight our act and there
rewarded handsomely yeah, it's a it's! A union gig yeah yeah! You get the full thing I get eddie brill used to do letterman. You know, I remember those guys I wasn't cut out for it, because I would be self conscious like they don't like me, What about you like? Why didn't I dunno how to do it? I'm not even good at just hosting a mic. I go out. It feels the same way, I'm like I'm ruining the show every time my host, I'm like ever hear the moment. Someone comes out and were shaking hands and I'm so sorry, if you it is my father. I certainly am. I haven't I ruined this. I thought that the army that you came down here to night but you're with those guys like you know their I've seen you a few times in like you, you you'll either do like their guys Do their actor that do you like a jazz set for it
fuck off or god knows how long yeah, because it's fun. So you you do that. I try to do that. I mean I prefer it that's what makes that entertains me right and then, if, if it's in front of an audience that gets on board with it, it's like. Oh great, there's one of those nights, it all worked out, yeah yeah but yeah. If sometimes, if I'm trying to do something like that, and it's not working I'll fall back into that the act and be the guy, these things will work. So I don't feel like I wasted many people. So that's how I used to do that to build the hours is why go the Steve Allen and rent it out for a night and just sort of like two hours. I mean rambling on finding it yeah yeah. I dunno how to write other than that. I I I can't I I always you know when I started people were like. I go to a coffee shop with my notebook and I write and I was always like oh one day I'll- be able to do that because I can now that I have I reflect back. I was a really bad student. I never want to put in the time, but I also think I'm a little bit better if my back as against the wall and right will clearly when you're on stage
That's its put up her shut up. Now that I hadn't no stalling you that duty, don't ya in it's gonna, come from wherever that, like a that's an exactly the same way, it's like your court Do you want to get out of here? It's like I'm a funny guy. I know it's what I have to do so it's gonna right, yeah yeah, it might not be an a plus all get out of it and I'll go to the next. It might be getting out of it. That's funny right, yeah, I've, I've built many jokes on hoping, a joke box and so I can do this other version right, yeah well, yeah, because then you he dislike, he put it out there, but that's where the confidence comes in. If you write like we do is that you know If it's not working, you can make light of that right and there'll be okay with it and move onto the next idea. You're, not just going to go up there and tank right, yeah yeah. You know you're going to be able, especially when you pointed out. I think all you gotta do people always said like never comment on a joke, but I was like you know if you, if a joke bombs- and you comment on and the crowd is almost relieved to be like oh good he's, not a psychopath,
world was well right, but then you get into that new wants area like you need being lazier being disciplined or like doing your act or not. Do live everything I've every single joker like when I talk about how that didn't work. While now, that's either your act or that's right, it's not going well and I are not admitting it ray. I I don't know when I look at an hour. I don't know, I don't ever know where it comes from, and I guess you know, there's no there's no paper trail Right You know I go where we had. You write that, like I don't know, I don't know how it happened. Yeah we'll be was illegal. If people like well, what kind of comic are you? What do you do jokes about it's kind of like? Why? Don't there isn't that literally anything I think of that's funny. I try to do that on stage as long as I can write until I hate it, what it isn't like, I'm specifically like you know, I guy I have anything on the church. Yeah like I'm not like focused on any specific thing. I've tried I have to say that when people like what he do, jokes about like nah, I don't do jokes. Really, I'm not I'm not a joke. Yeah yeah you're committing yeah, but like I kind of talk,
It felt like this doesn't sound like a good show, you're, not really selling it y'all, and that was like five radio show phone is like somebody got for his tonight. I'm working on some stuff. I got some space. I got some open space Phil yeah. I left a lot of room open for saturday's, show I'll see how they respond to the feature and then I'll kind of guide it from there. So alright, well. It sounds like a good time. We've got two free tickets tonight. You know why they're free- and you know why they're available editor, how much of that comes from like. I still don't know what, if the the root of it is insecurity like you're, just protecting yourself, from you know the inevitable possibility of failure like yeah wing it yeah yeah, you can only do so. If you, if you, if that's the sort of bed you make well, who knows you, like anything, could happen yeah yeah yeah, but I think it's also to build a career out of it. It's almost like I
I think at a certain point, if you're starting out and you're like I just go up and wing it and we see what happens, we were like alright. So maybe you are protecting yourself right, but I think if you can build your career out of that style, it's almost yeah. It almost turns into oh, no. I I actually have the talent to wing it sure right, even though it's I do admit and know that it's lazy writing. Maybe I could do that much better right. I am cable of winging it and we all seem to go home happened right. It's entertain right yeah. I do the job yet without much winging. It is on the new special. not not a lot. This one's diamond, all everything I've ever done, started out as winging you're right. But, this one, because with my first special I did not prepare for it well at all. I think I went and did two clubs and I was like that's kind of the act and then we'll edit. You know we have editing power right and it was is he and was it was I think that special was a sea plus be minus right at its best there's be minus more. and then that's worse. I don't think anyone as bad as a c plus ryan fail. I pass the class yeah, but with the second one I was like,
Well we're going. You know someone else's putting up Wanting. Third man records put up the money for it, so I felt little more responsible to really rein it in- and I was like you know at let's tour all of september I kind of have the hour ready, but then that will really solidify it, and so as soon I got a laugh. I was like a rate, I'm that urge to go nuts, maybe I'll say one more thing about it. Yet as I don't you fucking asshole, just say the next thing and I kind of got used to that style. It's not I don't think it's so much me, but I I left a little bit of room for for playing in the special, but it was more like these worked. it the way there was that involved, this new one yeah they produced it for netflix yea, no kin we did it on our own and the we went to them. It's a visit of the finished product. We know you guys like to make your own, but I just I I'd I I I like
the idea of artists kind of making their own thing. I think it gives it more character, gives it more personality. That's what I did my first one that way and if someone said well so and so will give you this much money- I mean one. You probably never need that much money to shoot. Especially is this the first video in film special, they did. Third man yeah yeah yeah. I know I did a vinyl with them forever ago, near framers, three or two and a half went to them. When I was like, I know you guys like to experiment, you seem to take all this stuff and you make it cool, and I have no idea if you ever want to get into film. But you know, if you do. This is a great first step into it. As I was like I'm at a point, my career, where you will make your money back, where I know that you will yeah, I don't know how much the profitably and I have no idea where land out, but I know that you won't lose anything did network by it. Networks bought it yeah. Ok, turning it's a two hour. Gatt third man was like the kind of work down I was like. I wrote been as well get. Thirty men as like I gotta, be on it.
I didn't know that it would end up here, but I was like that's kind of what I was hoping it would and then it did and everyone got well. Everyone did alright yeah. So I was like I feel like I. I didn't let anybody down, but I I went into it and luckily, like I said, they're they're, awesome, well, good man, so I'll watch it cool. Thank you I'll check it out. Thanks for talking about it. Yeah thanks man that's it that's our show that was rory scovel before that was mazda. Before That was rambling me rambling, about sam shepard, going off on a couple tangents doing a couple ads. shepherd with planet yeah. I work you guys go to the tfl dot com, probably wtf pod- needs to get on the mailing list. I'll mail, you something I'll play a little guitar. I am not very inspired lately.
Yeah I hmm hmm. I. Boomer lives.
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