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Episode 854 - Marilyn Manson

2017-10-11 | 🔗
Despite being born Brian Warner, Marilyn Manson doesn't separate his stage persona from who he is as a person. That makes for an interesting chat with Marc in the garage. Marilyn talks about his early years getting kicked out of Christian school, being beaten up for playing the triangle in the school band, and starting up a poetry night for his first taste of performing. He also talks about becoming friends with Alice Cooper, patching things up with Trent Reznor, and getting a kick out of David Lynch.

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All right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck mix, what the fuck o cracks What is happening I mark mare, and this is my pockets. W e f welcome to it if you're new here because of the the the the juice I got in that parade magazine piece who knew Who knew that I would be on the cover of parade magazine, and I thought was a tremendous? I think I got on the cover of my car image alumni magazine, boston university I magazine, I thought that was that. That was something because there was it, was a bit of fuck you in that there was a bit of yeah fuck you because I had one time there was a time when I did
stand up show at the college made fun of the then president of the college. John silver and erased from the event in the alumni magazine and so being cover of it years later was definitely satisfying, but parade parade, magazine. I you know, I didn't even know I didn't, I honestly didn't know. Was it still existed and I'm happy it exists because to be, honest with you and I, and I think they talked about this a bit in that. The sidebar of the parade piece, along with a fairly thorough, definition of what a podcast is, which I thought was good shows you who the audience and in in in in to be honest, it's important that the people of that generation do get hip to the guess it would be nice if we don't want the numbers to plateau completely but nonetheless parade magazine with something that I look forward to a great deal when I was younger, the mic
If joke section of parade magazine, which was I a, collection around the last page. When ten, eleven twelve years old was the best thing. Existed in the world. I would go, it, just rummage the paper until I found parade. Do I get to that back page with some sweaty comedian, a pig picture of a rodney, dangerfield, buddy, Hackett, the the the comics of that era in the seventies were on the back and then some of the elder guys and it would just be- picture them their name and I'm sure, they're, jokes written out and I loved it it. I remember looking forward to it and reading them over and over again, and it really points the seat in my head, a comedy was important in something amiss in something that you are eventually wanted to be part of. So thank you to parade we're putting me on the cover and thank you for inspiring me. As a very young person to wear backed and enjoy jokes
written down on the page. By the way Marilyn Manson is the guest on the show he was. A few weeks ago, before this stuff fell on him at the beginning of his tour. Sadly, he was a, I think. Partially crushed a bit by some I believe he's okay, but this was our before all that and was interesting conversation. Just look, I know who Marilyn Manson was. I didn't grow up with his music per se, but he was certainly a theatrical Fourth, and certainly a musical force to to certain generation of youngsters, but this to of Marilyn Manson is pretty insanely compelling when I got the opportunity to talk to him, I took it. He came over and and I'll be honest with you and I don't think maryland, would mind me saying He was a little loopy. I out. Maybe I'll say more about that before I intro him in a few minutes, but
he's a witty guy in a bright guy, and I think it will prove. I think that conversation we pretty? Well, for a while: good. It was good. It was good to see him good to meet him, but Speaking of writing. Brendan midday I and myself went to. We were at barnes and noble in union square. New york city tuesday night doing arthur as presentation for waiting for the punch words to live by from the wtf podcast by my myself and and And- and I was great over three hundred people- showed up standing room only. And brendan, and I get up there. We got the book and brendan sort. It takes the lead and the throw some stuff at me. I react to it. Some like hell, throw something at me or get me worked up and that's always fun for the audience we talk, thereby how how it all came about, just the people get brendan a little bit if they don't know him already and a great event a lot of people about, like I said, a lot of people came honest. We came. This is not a.
I'm not manufacturing numbers. Okay, I don't have any problem admitting success or failure. I will admit both I'm fairly, and did like that. But this was definitely success and we signed a hundreds of books. We stayed for two hours. Metal fans sign the books. I I met some cousins. I didn't know I had, but great event, people seem to be enjoying. The book So did the new york times book review? Podcast, I don't know that's on, but dad It was a nice conversation and we did the the just brendan and I both did that and that's coming up. yeah, it's always fun to be in new york for two days. It was a quick two days. I hung out with my pal sam website. The genius you're sam website. I would look at his books. I just want to I'm here to sell books for now. We me, but from my buddy SAM website, its own. Staying out with a pal that you see not as often as you'd like and you just sit there and eat some fish, and you laugh for a few hours.
quality time hung out with my Jim Loftus this recently in politics used to be the state now he's up in new hampshire kind of hold up, not know a way, but in a sort of like thinking about stuff way, and we talked for a little be about the state of the world. I guess god advisers. I've got advised that were young once within the government. I there's people I reach out to and try to get the pulse honour yo when do we flee, I think, is a is the big question when we, when do we? When do we take off? When does that in else, can I report to you other than the we're very excited about the book, we're doing another event
this and friday air. That's tomorrow in san francisco, at the alamo drafthouse through the lit quake fest, I think you can go to wit, quake dot. Org may be to er to see if there's any gets left for that and if you want to get your copy, the book of you haven't gotten your copy the book. Yet you can go you buy books, you can go to MARC Marin, book dot com and for those EU The the name plates the book plates assigned name plates for look at those are being delivered separately from the book so ease up on the males it's coming I'm not. I wouldn't steer you wrong. It's coming. You have gotten some emails lately about. You know me getting off caffeine me getting of nicotine people wanting to get sober and whatnot I'll. Tell you what's interesting about
where I'm at right now and I- and I don't like to admit this- I don't think is that I have gotten off the caffeine in the coffee form. I think that caffeine in tea is different, been drinking green tea, no nicotine and I gotta tell ya I'm a lot calmer, I'm a lot less prone to spinning out lot less exhausted unless queasy, I'm sam. In need of a nap in the middle of the day. I'm a little thick, I feel, like things are staying with me. in the forms that yeah, I don't think food is moving through me as quickly once death and everything is slow down a bit by if I'm slowly adjusting to the ground zero of who I am energetically and bio, generally well. Good, then maybe I can sort of work from there, but nothing. Is exacerbated right now, the anxiety is there, the tension is there. The fear is there, but I'm also a
But it's not consuming me because it's not the volume is in turn up to ninety, with caffeine, with that coffee, specifically and nicotine taking the edge off on the bottom man, but then ultimately going both ways when you don t, you don't expect it. So. Oddly, I gotta tell you caught makes you more aggravated genius right, I'm glad I did the homework on that one coffee makes you aggravated now merrily manson here and I dont. Why would he have a problem? And I, like I, he came into the house. You guys buddy with him like six six, thirty nine I say hi. I walk up to my shake his hands very large man tall, and I I, I smelled the familiar smell of just sort of a being saturated without I know the smell and then what
tat. We ought to realise because I just want you to think. I don't think this is a negative preface. I think you know it's not If people know that that Marilyn Manson, You know likes to live the life in it took me a while to realize that I think maybe you know the way he coveted his water bottle in here and then when he took it with him when he left you water bottle that linking slowly. at you when we left the garage it was, it probably about a quarter left in it and he hung on do it, and I think that if if you listen, as the conversation goes on you can you can feel it a little bit you get, you can feel the he's getting a little little loopy as I like to call it and yeah, but you know it's cool. You know this garage is safe. It's a safe space. If you want to cocktail. I've had people come over here with cases of beer with weed with cigarettes
with the real booze in a in a bottle, whatever you need to get through man who am I judge right. So Marilyn Manson. his new album is Heaven upside down its available now and although he had to cancel some of the early dates on his tour, we were too by his reps this week. That is operating at home in l, a is on the mend. So there you go, so this is me and Marilyn Manson in parentheses, Brian Warner, okay, it was, it was fun, it was fun. the guitar, is called Excalibur. I bought guitar and no orleans pawn shop right next door to where recorded antichrist, superstar, certainly assay. Ninety five is here and it's an old Ivan as it's sort of thing
used to be white, but the ilo with age, but it ways. Heavier than that. allows our rules that I've had for decades with no ads it's really heavier. I mean it's like ninety pounds. Hey what's driving is like a les Paul copy or double cutaway know it's it's a gillespie arab yeah, but it's a seventies. We are sure sure wrote a lot of great. great songs, whether resolute of beautiful people dope shows great great songs and not. I am not saying that it Tar wrote them saying that they might have been used. While writing them. Wait till you we're wasting a day. It was part of it, yes to deter as part of so you bought in new orleans everything or under books. There was a lot of money, then sure, but evidently has a ritual. We stick. If the status you know iraq is just the way you set it up will know it has a lot of new orleans, four hundred classic white and sega totem.
But like some guys have a like someone told me the other night. Who was I talking to randy newman's son? He said Dylan gave neil young hank Williams guitar, that's important that's gotta, be a magic guitar rice I'm friends with shooter jennings, They are not related to Hank Williams now, but it's it's the legacy sharing it. I think that what we were talking earlier about Keith who have never formally met. Are you a fan, of course? of him- you have to be right. Yeah I've met mic when he does Keith is like the one in the original dark guys Keith is that I as a princely darkness, any, I just remember a member. He as a weird thing: they lose one strengthened after I string attire adds maisie open dear dear yeah yeah. So I think that that cut I cut excalibur here, because it You know I'm not traditional guitar player. In fact,
I know my exact tuning their it's a b e b b so it's almost open tuning, but I like the open, ie yeah. Billy corrigan taught me that turning he did so. I learned at play that tuning. sort of I and at some point had a guilds guitar which we are excalibur, but it was a gilded, but I know a guy ready. yeah, I crack the neck on. It happens. So you do that kind of an open e is tuning, so Billy gave you that tuning, so you could just play with one finger mostly yeah cuz. He needs all other figures for doing this little figures in her rosy thing. With my left hand, I'm right handed here. Why why they have to catch bottles being thrown at me? That's really! That's true! You haven't been active. I still have the dexterity to keep track of not being hit by bottles. Are they being thrown away
every now and then someone better someone bit me on the dick at my last show. What was your dick doing now? I will want I guess I went nowhere. It was our talk. Era was invited to freeze out dick my dick in pant digging. It I can pan or whatever nope though leotard done on them. it's okay, fair enough. These pansies his pants. I haven't changed them since then. Why do you need you've gone through a lot of things? I can change a lot of things, but not my pants. Okay I jumped into the barricade here and I was saying to the crowd here. I remember said it was. I think it might have been somewhere in upper eastern europe might be the key so. The ral ends somewhere. Yeah far up this recently somewhat. Yes, that is a month ago and someone bit add onto where my dick is. I didn't get the dick, but they got the part of the pant right, a dick belong they were intending, but my It- can duct
it went white swerve like a matrix, dick and but they wouldn't let go, and I had to point my my microphone at them, because my microphone actually is a knuckle duster. Oh yeah, a real brass knuckles kind of situation, tony one that it's really brass ngos, but it is really breast uncles cyrus, had appointed at the girl biting my dick pan euro yeah pipe she had glasses on leather god, rest It's so always said: don't hit a girl with glasses. I'm glad are alive saved. That was what saved her, he handled the diplomatic you weren't going to hit or either way no, but I mean she would if she were to go for skin, I would have. Maybe you would have reacted. It would yeah? One of Someone would have walked out there in pain. What are you what are you wearing up there now? What's your? What's your current get up,
it's done. We had to leave a fitting for my clothing. Just come all the way down here to your grudged. Do this I thank you. I pay What is it? What is the fitting for the new adventure considered? where between cramps and go per se. You start as standard but their merely attire, but then but the apocalypse in apocalypse now joining it awesome, vietnam, martin sheen, oh yeah, and then a little bit of a fishburne. When he's around seventeen yeah movie yeah, he has great shot with an arrow that was the other guy got a spear. The figures are not a shop. He had discovered, the irregular shut. I liked. I really liked it strange the last time I I my father in LOS angeles, die recently in ohio canton ohio that we from
yeah. He died in the hospital I was born and he was born in canton ohio recently, and so I dedicate this record to him but I won't want to be. You know, about india. Has my father would not like that? What can I do? do receipt He was the guy who used to say Since I was in fifth grade. I can't look back until now and think that I want in a time machine and said: dad, I'm only twelve and you're saying to my friends and christian school. Have you ever saw the sweeter dick the mind and his whole joke of that. That was why you still sucked a dick either way That was his whole joke that he thought was funny and I'm at the top I just was your twilight, stop saying that, but now it's the hilarious, because he was saying that to middle school kids. Was his job. My dad was
while he was in vietnam. I think he was part of the you some sort of cia black ops doing nay palm and nation orange. He devastate agent, orange but alone. Now Monsieur pilot he was a helicopter mechanic. He's no kidding yeah saw came back alright, I'm not sure. I was before that because I wasn't me when he came back and then made me write his own personal seamen, sure good out of his old style glamour famished. How are you and even get a sensitive tat, haunted him somehow or anything like that? Eat m are taught me about and so about two years ago really well, and he said- I was actually watching apocalypse now and I had it free aimed on my wall. Yet I have it projector, I'm a while to us will resign yeah and he drew cross country from my own and aid to see them over.
Disgusting yellow, corvette and, I said dad stop flaunting my wealth with such such card code, like a chick late, and I was impressed the disco carbon yeah, but I didn't he said he was coming to visit me. You bought it for him. You just gave him he bought it on his own without telling me essentially. So, yes, I bought it for him yeah, but I don't regret that disregard the color of it that wasn't an old one. No, we ran new, allow horridly knew it would be some that you'd want to fight the pursuit drone Yes, I made him put a car cover over it in front of my house I didn't want anyone tried to fight because of his car, but watching apocalypse now yeah raymond, and he said it was the most accurate portrayal of vietnam and My entire life, he had always said: he'd, never drank or done drugs ever yeah, and that day- and this is about three years ago-
and he's ages started telling me things. He never said any wasn't saying the sarcastic apple and tree falling. far from each other right away. I always divert the sarcasm one, I'm in a situation words to motion or right also something funny right or what I think is funny. There are inappropriate but ease saying to me that it was his job to basically women and children any get good at it and it was supposed to set with his job tough to come home from that and not in a ptsd way in a way that how do you replace that that part of you and I Trying to related in some way- and I really couldn't- and then he said to me- probably just the same as you when you come off age son? and there was really a weird comparison, but I guess that was the way he looked at it, and that was
insignia said well. Maybe he was talking about that zone. You enter with all that cortisol and do when the shield was your job and are supposed to do what you do, and you know, of course the difference to me on stage it off is onstage speaking the people I ve never met mia after talking to people that I met with you or people that I doubt and your performing for hundreds. And in a new seducing report me as a rock star better, as no way, I don't think that compares to what he did put in some way. He related to whose unusual everyone was wise. Do you find that, like you know, that is so you brought up with religion. Grew up in christian school by my we're not actually religious. What your do Well, let me start with my father before
be went to. Vienna was trying to be a jesuit priest gather. A catholic near my mother was a peacekeeping and she was a hillbilly from the appalachian mountains. so soon in the part of me. So I have he'll rain. Dance of meetings are a yo yo as I make it rain, make a submarine made it rain before yeah, and I don't mean like in the strip our way you mean like. I believe in you our indian magic okay. My my father was always really secretive about his past. Back I mean of the foes polish yeah forget you know it came from immigrant immigrants, so you don't have to hide that. No, no! No! No! No, he didn't hide it. It was just who is he, but he was the catholic part, so send me the christian school. So I would get a good education, not catholic school christians.
Kobe cause, my dad goes to the the ruler nuns with the rules. but my grandmother, his mother, used to make me kneel on a broomstick. If I ever cursed in her house, Have you ever knelt on a broomstick with your knees on it yeah that fucking hurts that's worse than the rice under the noise. Where do you even learn that catholic school- I guess huh, but now it's really pain for air gives you pad nice here cause. I cursed a lot not catholic. Going up. I went to christian school it was non denominational and it was weird so was based on just then they kind of, starry eyed Jesus I catholic! You get a lot of other things going on. U got outfits here,
customs which challenge of years of history, which relates to my new video, which threatens to show you a yet. I will you show me, stills of nuns with guns rising there I didn't even come up with the idea as much as a guy that bill who traveled with me things? You could each with me during. Arab anti Christ superstar was on tour with me and he had to be in the thick of it. So it's almost like being in warfare, because we had so many death threats and I can't not anticipate trouble from this, but I just thought it was a time rather than talk about politics, just to divert the attention to talking about things that are more interesting reporting things in a different.
accept because, but don't you like doing that, I mean they. Aren't you hoping that'll. I love when there's a shitty president, because it makes me seem like the smartest person in america when I go to Europe yeah, it's very easy yeah but don't you but don't you like provoking. I mean especially now how cozy he like this not now this attempt to to mail yeah the the been right with the nationalistic right. Doesn't there's plenty of crossover, but now there's more of a concerted effort to make it really happen like you might? That's a good ok to piss off, for you write it it seems it seems not unlike when I put out- and as a result. I guess I was one of the christian right and the fascist. Women of america yeah who was so busy when I was growing up school condemning you know. I feel, and this is not condoning any sort of ism his village. They always focused on
one of the others, you got communism, you got you got, but what about? americanism right. What do we have to do that here like if anyone's national socialist? It would be america for the most part. So I tried to make that into a statement that was partly written. Just me. I ended up partly political and partly rockstar, and that's why started, and I knew I was called a shock rockers. So I put a lightning bolt like bowie did, but actually trademarked the lightning bolt it you get on the back of your toaster, whatever it might be here. No one thought to do that, and I daresay market sir did so. Let me ask you this, like his eyes like I will. I was poking around doing research and anti crisis. Restart and revelation twelve, do you know that to happen this month.
yes, I do you do. I believe that that would be revelations to our relations throbbing. What I did as small nod to the beatles with revolution. Number nine armani record revelation numbered twitter. Right sided with the ass on it right. and also I wanted to reclaim, they pound sign on the phone, as I mean hashtag yeah cause. I was sick of people, call it a hashtag when now it's another twitter out, it will always be a pound sign our phone yeah you'll. Never phone or time pound sign right, except some strange future, but Yes, I did know that, but people say? Oh the world, coming to an end, but they said that when in ninety four, when that's when I started to be disenfranchised entirely with religion in christian school I don't want to do the math every time I got to take
It's born nineteen sixty nine the best year to be born as alright, fifteen fifteen. Okay, so didn't have that number ted to bama year, because that seems to be like a four or fifth fifteen. That's the! It's I lost my virginity yeah. I got crabs from the first time, yeah, because you who is crabs at age. Fifteen course. It's a girl lose my virginity do because my father scared me into it said If you don't lose your virginity by time, eighteen, I'm going to buy your prostitute too. Therefore, I fear prostitutes. And of girls, pubic hair now so I didn't have to go to a press. You know I unfortunately found a cheerleader for grabs, lewisville, yeah, Louisville and in a wild J adjacent. Yes, those who is it. sailor Louisville little can't and can't in its louis well. Ok because
three different brands of redneck. I grew up in ohio florida, which is like the bottom dick end of insect world- oh yeah and red neck- I I can see where that. Ok, it all comes down to how that informed. You that I didn't florida experience that I thrive up, the dick of florida. Summer ended up in all and air, which is a places, I wouldn't even say I can't use the barometer of good and evil at the sinister place own vibe. That's for sure. It's sinister I'll tell you I don't know what good and evil, but it's it's a place. I'd when you know it's as a joke about myself. Pierre is a great place to visit. place of isabella. Women live here, gag vert, that about myself, whites, neurons, live there and it's it's it as darkness. That is stuck with me and even all darkness, something
it goes back to robert johnson days. You know it's old school blues days. I thought set there. The last time I was there, you definitely feel like first, you feel like well. This is unique place, there's no place like new orleans and then you feel like something's up here it comes evil. Shit yeah. I think that people can accept my opinion, saying that there's something very unexplainable e sinister in new orleans, sinister dark mysterious by unexplained unexplainable. They better word evil. I mean evil without word, in a non romantic way, like I don't think, you're evil right. You, like you, said romantic. That's that's true cuz! I could myself a romantic person I can do like you know what evil is. Yes,
and even though a good is my meaning, the natural moral brom? What what the? Where were you when you, you drop bombs when you kill, when you add x and morals yeah sure sure an amateur quitted it, but I'm just saying that you know when I think about darkness were I think, about mystery. I think about some. she shit is necessarily evil. It's just what what's going on right, fair enough, yeah I mean with this, was no I'd tend to swerve on the he side out ultimate side sight. So the woodstock side of sixty nine, the manson side versus the the I I some time there, but I don't I consider myself as someone with to be someone with a moral compass where, if I somebody knows something is a very low.
family. Now that my parents are both gone, it sends a you know complain about It's part of life. It's a circle, live with snaky tale type of averse, correct. Sir, yes and I feel, like my, father would want me to put good energy into moving forward now what I do might not be good, sir good by everyone else, but as far as good and evil I do believe that you should care the people you love me. I tell them with everything you can be up. don't try to hurt other people in my system unless you have to do it for a reason. That's to protect what you love your dick, unless you're biting your dick but I didn't heard that person get through get through the dick bitmoji He started doing this. Stick hugh severely. Stick, I think you said, does governance
you is it our air lovers when he sees is he's, is so cool to me because at first I thought he hated me. You know, because of being christian and sober and and me representing a lot of things that weren't that and also in real life, Yet what are their life is? No, I mean, like I dont, have you any hard for him to you? Dont separate, which is I don't appreciate, which is private, had a problem I thought he was a prophet and you know so, but when I got to meet him, he is such a weird. Voluntary, together with his song. Together, it's going to be the next hollywood vampires record gotta ask first the bottle and I pay the bottle. Let's see you re, that's proactive! Yes, he sank. I was a young it out house up its proactive, a culture of I'd call today,
nobody who would actually be an acne medicine sheriff, I guess, but no, but I mean you guys, you'd play in the end and the yang of who you are and who you choose and stick out a stick. Well yeah! Well, I think that Alice EVA, if we bring for talking about Alice, who obviously had some spired you somehow it somebody like great influence, huge influence, a horse, but differentiates Emmi he that you know he like. There's, there's the guy at stage and and there's a guy playing golf really well, one the kid it it wasn't that way and there was never that way with bowie or anyone that I grew up. Listening to even case, which I think without saying something bad about a with kiss, I was really disappointed monday, because my father took me to my first concert, which was dynasty tour kiss. He has a people trying to was the a one
Let us it was. I was made for loving. You hear it was kid. My father's dress. Eighteen, seventy and people are asking for its autograph goes exciting. Sudan was a character yeah. He was a. He was a total character. I mean he was you guys you got along. He looked up to if the guy wasn't a problem, looks a lot like me: yeah, safe to talk, but he sounds like he. He knew I'd have a good time. Bus balls get dressed up yeah and When I met gene simmons later he was a it was. not, I would say a let down, it was just a little different than when you know I got me both, If I had to me Alice cooper, does those are great events in my life and I'm not going to say. Gene simmons was a let down, but I'm just going to say that surprised that he was an obnoxious loud jewish man. No, I just meant that he was wearing a denim looney tunes shirt. That's all I'm just saying that that was really anxious about wording as you did it. Anyhow, black cotton candy for her hostess, weird
and they do not make a by now and make it didn't matter it didn't matter in. with me like I'm, not wearing lipstick right now, people are always as we. What do you look like without you make up? I'm ok right now. So what? look over mustache you know I got eyeliner on cuz, I slept in it last night and you don't and you don't have eyebrows my brother right for fun. Guy now it is does, is it looks more interesting? No devil. He has an impact, no it's when I just don't like eyebrows, I mean I have really beautiful eyebrows when there for now, but for me like looking at you, I'm like whoa, look, he's pretty means he doesn't have a can a little eyeliner on them, no lipstick in his eyebrows. I can be lowbrow highbrow snow brow, it's no bra! You transcend beyond good and evil. So I'm not nature or not. No matter what game he's. Just a thinker, some other little man is so ill marrow things down in a fury at times
but sir, did you find jean dismissive? What was it like me? Non boeing is like: when was that was I can't even imagine it near when was at there was on the last tour that he did before it was less towards. I saw him. I did before it I didn't really get to demeanor. Before that end backstage and santa Barbara, and he was somehow lord fawn boil- has now become really. scary person, if you ever look her up because yet, as you could see, though twin peaks yeah it love and boil was some trying to squeeze away in the shot- and I was as mean both very weird backstage these big rapturous. It was and is an area where malay nice memory grab, my tiny said, had his mane and what he said
what no he had. He grabbed my ties at oh hedi slimane because he knew the design the tie and I was all excited and I felt like I was going to pee in my pants, a little girl and then laura flynn boyle came in and ruined it. Hard young about cocaine and a good toilet and I don't know what else. What was that? What do you mean? Was she in just a weird idea to school she acting crazy goal or face, which is later, google, it right now have you met that woman got the tiger surgery turn tiger face. I feel like I know where you're going, I'm going to need a scary. Yet I felt like she was on the brink of becoming scary yeah and When I met her, she was really overwhelming and it was. It was fucking with my boeing's. I was like having my bowie moment. You fucked with it. Okay And I wanted to be a boy and I want a puppet lancet and that was all you got just a time moment. Is that moment and I said bowie I said
I didn't say maui. I just said Take it ass? You one question mia What's she doing here? No, no, I told a really present and I said When you you know you decide to stop doing drugs. The like that body that work for you, Added added you work that out had I just bored of it. That was I think his ideas, roma rehab promises, adding shell in fend, was no much and orphan boil yeah. It's made linz airy people are dangerous, tricky harvey Oswald John Wayne Gacy mark David chapman, Henry Lou diamond phillips, terrifying edward james? Almost. for they must dare token out, even though I have for once is what's yours are out of the jail for J, J abrams and losers. Are you go on forever with this one
by this gave. No, I don't think so, it's terrible game. So you D, have you done bored with drugs and boost? I found a different balance with it being a board with it. As a very simply don't drink and do drugs when you're by yourself or you're unhappy. Send them renew, knew the difference between a party and a problem, a thousand a slogan. I think a song is to cut it super obvious. I think. Did you just come up with that? Or did you is that? Did you see that on a car coming over here until the car coming over here, It's the advice I give to youngsters. When I go, do youth games give to youth care? There's there's I dunno the difference between a party and a problem. I know we people say that's party, I'm like I don't know what that means it doesn't seem fun games like we're all getting shit hammered and then
bunch of gay dudes naked in my pool and then suddenly. It has a recurring ninety ninety eight Now there's going to be naked dudes in my pool and then was what's the Oh, that was in involving water. And magazines, so they take offer peculium my bedroom, naked and matter because I don't have sex tour. When the writes a song about it for bong water. Looked it up good song, I Marilyn Manson fuck me. I think it's got no. I honestly think it's called Marilyn Manson did not fuck me. I sure, but she did write a song about me, not fuck. I liked bong water Dan magazine, because I interviewed her when I was nineteen years old in york city for what when I was a journalist after fuckin fun of it
as a round lie, because I thought she was hot. She was on there and there were, but that she was high when she took her clothes off in my bedroom. What went wrong? I was scared cuz. There was naked guys doing weird chicken fights in my pool. concerned about your property dealer? And while I was as I didn't think that it would come into contact. I'm still, in a sense the same kid, and I will As when I made people yeah all in all of them, I know, did shaded. I don't think I'm better than someone else. I like it, that combine water record. listening to the record second one because I don't have a record player or cd player, but it's way back in the day, so you're the same kid you got shy, you got no answer shy, nice to him and he didn't fuck. And she stood there naked and didn't stand there naked. So much, I'm just saying that she was I think that she was putting
provocative moves towards me and she wrote a song about it, which I didn't listen to yet, but she told me later when she saw me and I think that she was kind of mad at me, but it was. Not because of anything other than fear of being in front of someone that you met Were nineteen and being scared that well, don't know what I'm supposed to do with this. How did I manage to work my way into this situation where I can get axe with an magnuson who I thought was hot. When I was nineteen, I was just a the kid kid guys outside naked, chicken flights have pictures of the negative and fights do it on your phone or distant known as old school cameras clicking kind ago, and the salt watch me want to walk me through the life answer you grow up in a high, oh and florida. What was the thing that ruins you as it florida?
Are you? Are you were you're heading towards journalism and then something went horribly different than I I was You know how I just grazed says carrying his great. When eaten, because you start me to death, I do not starve now is getting. I have some potatoes, there's people starving in my stomach. What about the fitting they didn't give you a nice way out or shit. No, they made me shit authentic to shitting a shitting again. So in ohio yeah, I was is getting ready to Oh, I was really upset. I've only gotten one real fight, my life. I left my ass kicked a couple times yet fight when you just get your ass kicked right. By nazi skinheads, answered, skinheads, because
as the skinheads thought that I was jewish and this strange skinless thought that I was on drugs mir and I didn't know either. Neither neither are true right at the time, now you are. Jewish and later I became jewish on drugs out of our minds for disease known what they be. The show me, however, though, if I ever got home was in creative writing class, a hot inherits, christian school and can't hear an eighth grade, and some kid criticized my palm brained em right in the nose and came a buddy knows he didn't get back up, but I still have my poet. We there yet sounds a bit. You've done it before it's a little bit light in the loafers now you're an artist, but I put must I put my hand into broke his nose, so you can you know what I'm saying: don't metal with poets young people that are florists yeah?
or you know guys that wear shorts or the crushed so small that you can see the pockets hanging out near cause. You will get punched, that's right. They you come with that. If you have graver? He do those things. Then you pack a wallop. that was referring to that. That was implored. Then I get I mean and I get kicked out of christian school for what a mega if I put a dildo in the bible, teacher's desk, that I found in my father's father's basement. my grandfather spare, apparently a cross dressing dodo handler yeah. I mean I wrote about it. They can only come from it. It's great it is there's an explanation for my behavior, but I bitch, mrs the name neighbour by name despiser felicity, bitch so she was really. She was really bitchie because she would say this
It was almost like telling a racist joke, she would say: does anyone care I figured jewish in the in the in the room during bible class, which was every day where I tried to memorize galatians ecclesiastes, these, I know mall, don't worry revelations. That's why you as a note to chart the hey by saying that and then with no one said no, then you start shit talking all the other religions. So This fund, I didn't, want to be occurs in school anymore did not realize that my kicked out of christian school by putting a dodo yeah that I found in my grandfather's house. covered in greasy unknown circumstances I think about, but now I can think about it and it's kind of good. were glad he bore gloves. We cannot let us keep fingerprints off my grandfather, dildo kosovars, slimy. was somewhere and appropriate shirt
I put it in her desk. I kicked out and I went to christian school. I mean I would left christians school. I went to public school yeah same bust up your ass whooping so cyber bullying can take suck a dick, because I got my ass kicked the old fashioned way and bus stop here for If you don't want to get cyber bullied and close your computer, I got. I got my ass, beat old, fashions out at the bus stop by a by christian know, by people that were like he's always easy cool better than that about it. But my parents were not religious, so then I went to I went to others career come ass. I learned to play it. I was in the band pine why while this is where it goes south of me here, the triangle Now I did drum lessons here. I found my w haskell heart Pedro.
so drums by nature rhythm is something that's a big part of me, but yeah yeah you play using skype. Good swing got good part. Two it's like I'm crazy metal, drumming. It's rock it's good! It's it doesn't confuse strippers, it doesn't give you severs. I told David Bardo here I told John homey tom make beats a confused rippers, it's not fair, so nice and I like it, Keep the cabinet foot worried that cold tap. Her foot work that pole yeah. So I want to know, but that's really where I get stuck with, I knew how to play snare. Nobody want to be in marching band, so I get sick playing the triangle now, if you want pick instrument to get your ass beat with it's a triangle. You tell me you got your ass beat again double sided ban, guys are just by other guys, the men, to ban girl, guys
upon me for the triangle I guess that's where become became involved with some weird burnouts, ass, I saw my mother's diet, pills, column them good kind as speed there. To the burnouts yeah scream for vengeance, peace of mind, as in the beginning, their old school. Now is your shit. My shit good and then so speed become cool, but it was my mother's diet. Wasn't even real speed was my mom's piss pills, whatever whatever they bought? It was so big cool guy enough to It survived through high school and soon as I became cool we had to move to florida, and would afford a tough break that I'm sorry. being stephen king, the it yeah I'm that it
I love the book yeah. I wanted to be a fiction writer. I got it, So then some I decide I wanna go to community college and fired in florida by, I would yeah there. You go yeah still not have done. Drugs still not been a drunkard having a band, nothing, nothing just say I don't know what I wanted to yet, so I took two classes: those excelled exalted that was excited about the journalism and theatre cuz? I the great fear of speaking in public yeah and saw and I'm not afraid, says I started open night- did open, yeah, poetry and open mic poetry. And did you in florida? You have three names. I just realized if everyone has three as you use them, you don't use any of them right. Do people call you Brian
some people do. I don't really care what people call me. It's really a word I mean usually I've encouraged name. I have not called you by your name, but we do have the same initials know he outright marry. man's by him directly, so the poetry knight tat was being run by brain warner. I started that yet as ground warner, and someone said it. You should start a band air and I is doing what became the sons of my first record, so you were doing sort of slam style, loud poetry, your ink in we weren't reading passively, I made poetry night up and it seems server I think this seems kind of it's one thing to say, but I actually it was cool at the time, because no one else did it and it was almost doing it because me, I would just go as our read palms, No one else did are you in the house date or anything or now, and it was just me: where did you do it at the place squeeze nightclub which has since burned to the ground,
This is only then will you and costume. Then no just you know I decided to dye my hair black at that, because my mother thought mother's favorites were Alice cooper and elvis presley not in that order first, nor shall I south yes, she's gotta get sound. one eighteen, eighteen, What's out of joy fry, how bout? albert I'll, never cry dude I'll, never cry come. I heard yoga that it only women bleed, which is an inexplicable song, because I them on solid gold. It. Segues suddenly into the course inaction would with exposures. None of them is data. He stays out all night, he asked the hitches. Sometimes, and what makes in while only women bleed inequities goes right into its no say: guano tampon commercial,
I would have been a they really would have been like. That's a guy says, or does say said it was what he did yeah. I guess it was once more. He said it was I so ok! So now you down your hair black, your mom, like so with press. We in our group are you do in these poems and someone says you should being abandoned. You're, like our play triangle I didn't say for years now I think the first two things I stole from the canton and we right before I moved to florida or where's grace hits cosette and Aerosmith's, greatest hits cassette to bay. One in five or So that's why I can learn to sing too. That makes sense. Man that that live doors record is a fucking great record here, and you say the first aerosmith record we know the grace hits one but and I know
a time there was only the first four five records right is the first great was the red one year the white cover with the witch had it had come together, which was in the sergeant, pepper maria, which day mama can no, but you know, and as I say I had made Joe perry cause, I know where he fucking lives. He ever to my single failing that song about seven months ago manner is various ways guy and I ideas when seven months goes once it was not only the accelerator sports that much easier, but Joe was really in a weird place, and I just played in that. Any lives as we know where he fucking lives? I pay my songs whereby you sort of know where you fucking live? Oh yeah and I played the song and he was excited and I go hey joe, hey Joe go into gunning union. I know you fuckin live said Joe she's begin the cause
mother, fucker, narrow smith. You know why, because of the soup all commercial skittles last night, anyways is the kid like. A child is good on his face. He was so happy he's the most amazing I got to jam with Joe perry and trying to up and Josh Tommy. We were fighting together and Joe Paris. following me, it was the most weirdest thing because I don't the word jam. Doesn't even fallen into my vocabulary normally, but Why am I don't because I just never don't jam. Well, not really the dynamic between the entire bates of my new record. Unless worker else it like this distance, innocence is us yeah plugged in after this sign had found here just like this, do guitar and it'll be the same thing, right so on the new record and on ragged last record you'll hear the guitar bleed and your interior yeah from the
Not only women bleed, but my earphones, oblivion, ireland, microphone, lazy and weeps by ETA. will the new record I listen to most of editor. It sounds like there's some pretty tight songs on songs on satan, some satan stuff of the tos said the stumps of murder, stuff thanks for diminishing it. Have I go on I like to save this one. Nine and use a tan yo. I like it. I like it, I am not diminishing it. I know what he's doing a visa this says of some murders, but they would be. people but the, but the idea of different I get it seems a little more grown up. It's weird that you set that because everyone said about peremptory, sudden, more dorsey down dounia those more rock the last record here. His record was the follow up to that, where tyler
against bates night? I said to each other. We said next to each. We said why don't we do something. That's just starts a song that reminds us of this shit that we distill when we were growing up like a combination. In the killing joke. Yeah though he actually said to me: do you like killing joke? I said: are you fucking kidding me as Adam live over for ministry? Yes, of course I do yeah joke toward vision, a: u s, downs you know, so we did bauhaus, of course, Bowie alice cooper. So we just just be something I just said that their and I never because he scores films for a living. I'd read all the lyrics for this record out in as at first was strangely in one no book. Yes, yes, Norma I have a ten know. Books are scattered and chaotic right. We trying to wrangle things in which is more difficult way of doing things
it's almost twice in the movie: seventy four, the dumb, yeah. They try to write one song for it's very difficult year, but this came very naturally who does it each other, which is put up a bit and temperance easy just a two still was and then we would later go back. Then we would we'd make it. We regarded, but for most part two. there was then go surround, also played drums in dillinger escape project we have banned as bananas, It's not very marilyn manson style, but the main point was that we, want to do something that was completely. Opposite of what the last word world has the same time. It wasn't trying to arkan back to what I to do right it
is going back to what inspired me in the first place last nice, which was going to clubs in miami and doing what they called slam dancing at the time sure yeah too history and get coins joke, and thank you- and I might even like say hence the pixies, even though it wasn't appropriate time, the way I was either slammed answer stand still yeah, but back then it was slam, dance, not Masha yeah. I was just sort of like this like it's one, you would get hurt matches just like dudes who just run in to I broke my jocks. So is that true? No, yeah well know, but I mean Also I am dancing, somewhere along the line. Now how I could sell I couldn't say for sure I was alright, though I know that I did all right enough for them to give me a better deal this time, that's good and when you go I used to have bigger that places. You're doing pretty big
we did a bunch of vessels in Europe that we had line and we're doing shows in usa. That are what I want. to feel comfortable and me, I we we could try to do different size news, but I really prefer since I stage so when we, when we did festivals, I made them acre state size of club right. and they understand it at first yeah crew and the other the band stuff, because their states is were bigger, I think, anyway stage like a rocker I made so it was rock club because it's I I want to be able to touch. You know be, me and my drummers right of front it's. No one really does so is right in the front where the guitar player was good and it's but at the same time Doing a lot of pictures shows going to do that. Are were doing some show.
san bernardino. What the they would rob zombie sometime soon, I'm a richer when but were do we do now. I form our own later, that's great so away you know you created this whole aesthetic that seem to be supported by a lot of other creative people and the videos and the photos in your own sensibility in your own imaging and everything else you really took whatever it is that you are doing to this level where it had found, the impact on the entire our culture and you really seem to piss off the christians pretty pretty pretty well and how we, when you, which is which is fine, me. I guess I guess come yeah. Well, they will built to take it, so they can ask for but I guess I guess my have a couple questions in that when, when they first that, I think the first question is when it comes to ritual when it comes to beliefs and all that stuff, can you
explain, always crowley to me, because I've read his fucking books and I would do I gotta do to make that make sense to me and says other person's opinion I mean all written in poetry, it's very difficult to get through oh, and I wouldn't take anyone's written word as in, even my own as works as some they had supposed to be. You read it an eagle, something you make it. What you want to yet Anything. I learned that from the bible. I think a belief in something is the key whatever it is. whatever it is. You got her bad, but you know you always have to remember that he can put good energy about bad, but I think that someone writes a fuck yeah he doesn't make them any different from either one. I get that like him, but I just think that I'm saying is Alison. Crowley had a big impact. He was involved with a lot of people. You know and and obviously I've read she is.
It so, I know not all of it stomach, whatnot, that's good, but it's it's it's not that as I ain't disrespected ways reading it's just that and some people a in general philosophy here says is one person's opinion sure need shake came as for the cartels, skirts here I used like to make fun of his name whatever yeah, whatever person you want to pick yeah, it's all just isn't in young. You know when you go plus we have more young in person than than a freudian cuz. Alchemy, because it's where it started yeah its basis. it's turning lead into gold. You take shit, you making something great yeah, the basic concept of it for all the mystical part of it is take something from thing yeah. He some great now in terms of
when they hung all that shit on you and you had a fight for your life in your art, I mean columbine here yeah that was, that was when in in terms of you know, working on that machine, what you did neo courageously at the time, then say now exactly but continue now exactly Well I'll, do you do you feel that that you were able to recover? From that when it happened. My entire career was shut down. I had this really dope show giant success. Which is strange and, ironically, the the that edited that video me up bill, we
we jointly watched with the guy who guide to mankind Peru, this photographer freer who watch com might happen in chicago we're watching it live on tv There were saying coverage. Here is watching them live on tv here may or may not have been high on cocaine. I won't convince the victim of any my crimes yet, but we're watching it- and I said well fuck me over because I know that they remain, is hidden, seven kid address of elements and just kept changing the story kept changing as one long, but so I sucked it but it was strange when the las vegas casino or cancel my shows. Every shows cancelling cancelled, the record label did not back me up something I ripped out from under me, so I in my house, and I wrote us caught Hollywood and I had a movie deal that was going to make what would be centrally egg as my version of the wall, the one more year, an app and
at inconveniently, be about guns and kids, so that gap pulled out from under me, and I turn that into a record into a book, and someone asked me the other day about how was going to make that, but come true, and here I got ruins by because the book actually sounds more relevant. Now he added when I wrote it yeah, so you haven't, so you could still put out the no no I'm going to, but it actually sounds. It will send more dated. When I put it on a road it then it would now because it sounds like. What's don't call me in ass, not to dumb ass, they are right, sounds more like now than it did when I wrote it out: okay right so that that happens. So the way commanded shave man out a gun and is a fuck you and have the song. I love song tat song, fight song and is came out and the
and other blame me for violence is the one thing that always amused me. People always say and my music causes violence they were what I'm gonna do. Seriously you personally mean procedure for you blaming me personally for shit. I didn't do when you were about what I'm gonna do air space im kind. Like I give your neighbors said that theirs does human. He sees on the lawn air He blames on your cat placing blame on you right. Well, I mean he's blaming your cat, which revenues the owner of the cat, which I'm blaming you for pooping on Islam right, but would you have rather that I mean what if he was, I mean that the might as well? Well that's what I'm saying is that the the the I couldn't put you in prison for expressing yourself, so they destroyed you for expressing yourself collectively sort
but in a sense I didn't I mean, and I'm not one, and I am not saying that what I have said near lyrics, especially in this new record here is: not going to cause problems, if people interpret anything You said cause problem here, because that's people, it's a guy, could blame the church for causing me to write it yeah. I could blame you for asking me the question. You can blame anyone. No one has any reason, building? More. That's all point from the beginning: the name Marilyn Manson. created to prove the point that they're proving against me. just proves it more, but I can't get to them because I'm not trying to change the world because it's pointless, you can't change the world. When you can't even change your underwear, this for let's go by now cuz I have so there is no way that I would like to say. I was tired, diverge sarcasm here, it's to try to get. You can't get through message to people except in art
So it really all you can say you're doing this interview with me, we're having our opinions and listen to your shit. I listen to it The gradual me when I listen to it tat tourist areas urge peppers I wash netflix the new one, the new one, the other day. That is pretty funny. When I almost liked it. I could almost say a lot and I did like it. I had no idea, you know where I knew you were here. No one told me so, oh I didn't know is that guy he was a guy I know that guy. That is great, very baby. people associate you with characters there, but I do differentiate myself from a character that is Marilyn manson acting great because it's always time I get to have halloween have halloween where you get to what dress up I can't do anything on halloween yeah, but acting I get to be someone else, but do you
don't differentiate, because I you just see it as a fluid extension of you. However, whatever your manifesting at that time, because I mean you seem like a like cause like there's some people- I've talked to pop. I talked to house cooper. You know like there definitely not who they stage when they're talking to me no one's there and say that when I say just right, because you know why cause you don't have teeth tits, I'm right, I get it no. I mean the way because when you on stage are performing sure you seducing year do your print you taken, music that you spend a lot of time writing, which is totally different than performing. I got a lot of people in my life that you know I'd relationships with and the difference between writing us are performing some voices. It's it's like this you know from doing dear, different than writing sure. Yeah. So what do you mean? Why want people in your life- or he had relationships with by the understand it? Has it's
the same as when you performing your ear seducing someone if trying get people to be a part of what you're making it yeah. It's almost sir The giant seduction, it is it's is ritualistic in some strange way, but it not the same, but making this the record? I would invite people into the studio, protect mostly girls, because when you invite girl the studio, then you have to sing better or you look bad. So it's kind of when you're performing you have to invite girls to make Did you get to you like you got into it for the girls there's a mathematics, algebra two I can roll here guys go to concerts when I grew up in ohio to meet girls? crows go to to fuck the band in cancer, they fucked isaac of the concerts math,
now, I'm now I'm in a conundrum, because I'm in the band of It is tat. by the main reason. Rock n roll exists is because it brings people together, but sexual thing, something it always has been, go there because I caught up, they want to fuck the band either in the mind or, however, they want to go Wanna be the guy in the band and sometimes it's a reverse, sometimes both when brooklyn, both specially when you're someone like me, who presents an image that is not too masculine right for women and not too feminine for but anyone you first vice summoned in character, and you were doing these lie The large stage shows with all your makeup in your hair, like when, in the end, the songs that you wrote
What was I mean you thought of yourself as like I'm just rock and roll was the first person to ever read an article about my laments is Brian Warner and said. Marilyn Manson pics was amazing as we scared made gray, spends his black sabbath by Brian more. I had no fuck easy People were like I shit. What's was his bad, so I had to make music to fill in the bank? was married Ali, my hero and I had to make up by a start up a science project oh shit. What am I to do now? So, as Then I just still feel trapped in the same pattern of being twenty three. Essentially, when my career took off, I don't ever think that I don't ever take things for granted.
Another jaded come here now sit this right. Here, love, you and but I mean a but ever feel like you're cod. in same age when started, yeah, do I wouldn't you dont have children, you don't really know. You know something, checking you We have chosen. I've gets you have kids too, but I get I've three we don't have kids aging before you, you don't have kids, I don't either. So I yeah, I still don't have a clear handle on how old I am all the time, certainly not emotionally, but physically. He started working in the mirror and you're like okay. It's happening You look like a hard. Thirty four is as very sweetie. You know, yeah you like a thirty eight. Thank you, yeah we're doing alright, told you my phone, it's okay, I didn't intel shows for unless you're bad at math. I was born sixty three.
See I'm older than you know: you're, not I'm older than you so you're bad at math. Okay, that is true. I mean I hate bath, yeah and myths. I never do math not really my weight and why are you on raising her eyes? on your chair and ok I try to stay and the balance between doing how the activity like France, also being able to drink the minimal amount of alcohol to be do that how the activity has a good balance. I have a good teacher that teaches me how to strong and that she teaches me out to drink with them? I limits of already there again couch the couch none. it says some romantic, some some really don't. I said this, but really. slowly slutty woman that does pilates for me
learns how to teach me how to drink with my limits and do polis at same time. I didn't Sorry, sorry, let me say that sorry coach no more boil I right now I was has diplo that is so antiquated term. What do you call it such Wait am I dunno, I say it's the devil's dandruff, I'm a sober, bad, bad, bad and the sobriquet. I don't want to blow out your sobriquet. Okay, I dunno. I don't you could call it blow his. You know what I have. I have giant depths with from blow at I traded my tits from mechanical animals. You did so that's blow is that is one hundred was enters. Awake occasionally do about what have you done interrogate me. Are you cough are you in a wire as they were, recording the new record. Usually you were in the water. You don't have to tell me. I was just curious, of course, drugs yeah yeah, but
I think that doing drugs is this supposed to be one year. Move? No, it's okay thing, not exhausting you do drugs when you're in a bad mood is bad news you do drugs in a good mood, it's still still bad, but it's about cocaine or passes. It just makes me less rich, not poor, but less rich via so does like he does knows, makes money and spends money. I get it in the past. That's why yeah, but no, I I yeah. I do occasional drugs all the time. You still talk to you occasionally do drugs all the time you still talk to. It's now or no, I talked to him recently. I got, and I really liked all this other things he did on twin peaks. Amazing, He also scored that vietnam documentary the ken burns just made. The vietnam war into that. I'm not I'm bad the train and at all. In fact,
I really have a new appreciation and great fondness for the fact that now we had a falling out in a lot of. It was really anger and drug related and disconnect fusion and record labels, mostly recolored labels fucking with us goes as well governed by one, Big falling out knew him out was mostly. It really had to do. Is record labels so yeah and when I the deviant ones. The thing was to be every defiant ones to fight what are those the deviant ones? I wouldn't call it the defend one's self. I know what it's called. I was just fucking with you because my nickname that week was it was building voting, building, would you be? They had you as our building face here, because my faces on a building site building vase got it, but I talked because he's the one who sent me the link to it and he said trying to yeah trying, and he said that that he really liked the part that included us because
you know, I won't deny in any way whatsoever that he discovered and found what he wanted We had an engineer. They were tussle ways warning found me he assigned me yeah and I think it me a lot better than jimmy, but I think I may have underestimated how much Jimmy understood me because we never really had a conversation, because there was a wall that was separated by trend. So wasn't that I was mad at both people yeah, but mostly it was just a misunderstanding. About what that, when did they drop you or what happened I well, I don't know the storm, know was a fight between nothing records with your head, Marilyn Manson. trot was non. Nothing right. I was his label an aid to begin down to put, whereas one do what I do and I think that
what trout one deprive me with any always did from here. You turn in something. It doesn't always mean it's what it goes out the world except now, Now, with my record label of easter, would tom. Why? Who is the person responsible who used to work at interscope and then warner brothers? The new record, then I could have an upside down boom he's a guy who put the billboard in times square of me with tits mechanical animals, there were not tits exactly but is the year I mean here he the one who stuck behind that then and then years later he came to me with about this record. And he basically gave us his record deal for this. Album have an upside down without having heard and they were ones on satan. We know, and we know where you fucking live
I was just amazed that a record label would put out a song as a single. We know where you fucking live and give me money for video, but he put out for two right here was a part of it yeah it was cooking final and he wanted to be bigger part of it. Oh I get it and I said: can you thus the same money as they gave us? He said yes, as a good, can you give us a double? Is it ok cry done hadn't heard any music. So I'm a pimp I'm happy that you still work any seem: okay, ok, you liked it. I did like twin peaks, I'm not sure what the ending, though, the new one. I was spoiler alert now you got really good A lot of people were where about it and I'm including myself and I like you, I get you work with lynch once everyone here, the lint story. So when I d lost, I wait here right. These are aided, which is the strangely
I want I'm not making. Is that the one with bob Robert blake? Yes, it's a weird face. yes and I'm naked in it area and robert loggia and Michael massa. I was just jack's are and more stable edges like a marrow and lessen you're gonna are we covered and wide you're going to die. You fall down. Why doesn't matter, now. Listen lesson patricia, is very sensitive about her breasts. So talk to her about her breasts. Okay, again, So why am I dying? Doesn't matter the first thing I want set- and I have like this- where gauze thing over my cock and balls, so but as naked in front of the camera yeah, and I just look good for to shark it as a hair light two or three more years, for Dokken video, That's how you know it goes action is really piss. If I,
is one of the funniest things ever issues doc, andrey more dream warriors video to get out, but that was that was by David Lanz experience when I first met him in and he's always been he's wildcat he wanted me, be in mahal and I want you to sing heidi heidi ho maryland like I want. I totally want to sing that cab, Calloway, I need to be done today. Two or am I in peru or europe, I'm somewhere other I need today can you do it over the phone? Can you pot asked yourself in a skype over the phone, Did your boy really dogs very loud, and you did the road to eastbound and down yeah? That was just kind of a fun friend thing. Your buddies with the with daddy
and he saw fucking funny man. He is very much getting powers so as the whole record, come out on october, sixth, This video comes out october, 15th or came out on 15th and guns is controversy in this is that nuns are wearing latex, and I know the catholics are not allowed to use condoms, so I took the big guys, but should be stuck there. Okay, prophylactics: how about guns shooting more launches in minivans air? It's about nuns using their vaginas to rape and is said christian family is not catholic about me being in charge of it while shooting other firearms, is more about the catholics being upset about prophylactics, and I think that we should cut to a commercial from. trojan burma. Next, the condom from
isn't MM and mm to that in there mmmm mmm double triple quadruple I drew bull em come at a time when you want to just not pull out the new condom, the new trojan horse from quadruple app and when you just want to nick into her, and tell her afterwards that you're not wearing a condom mich. Just simply a rubber ring around the bottom of your peers. New quadruple m from Maguire know from marilyn, Manson you're. Welcome up thanks for talking, okay, so there I don't know if you're, if you felt the arc of it of the, if you felt it conversation becomes a little little loop
iirc towards the end, but it was. It was nice to meet him. It was nice to have them over and I hope he's feeling better. I hope he's bouncing back yeah, so again go get the book. If you want come to see us in san francisco tomorrow night me and brendan are doing our thing for the book event at the alamo draft. as for lit quake, and I will play some guitar for you
I do burma.
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