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Episode 862 - John Dwyer

2017-11-08 | 🔗
Whether you call his band Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees, or OCS, there's no denying John Dwyer's prolific musical output. From garage bands in Providence to noise rock in San Francisco to his current jam in Los Angeles, John has been doing it his own way, including the creation of his own music label, to churn out an abundance of albums. John talks with Marc about the music he makes, Ty Segall, Mitch Hedberg, Cuba, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, rock and roll drug casualties, and what it was like to play a concert where a hole opened up in the floor.

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Though the all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking years, what the fuck? Next, what I, my name is mark barron. This is my podcast welcome to it today on the show I talked to John Dwyer. John dwyer is the. one man, Lee man, some time the only guy. I don't know it's a complicated thing with John dwyer. His the overseas puts outbreak words as oh sees sometimes as overseas, twelve c s. been another bands, he's got his own label, but the real deal, man, that oh she's record, or is it the sees. Oh sees o c s. That goes way and then the au seas
is most of the a good bulk of the records like the last two. last year at a weird exits and an odd entrances, both great we're out eyes. the overseas, and now he just released another one in august bite. Just oh sees so yeah and his labels castle face records. It doesn't matter. doesn't matter because it's all pretty interesting stuff. It's all good. The last couple records are great they're, good, they're, all good, may I go in there, the other has been a lot of people in and out of his bands. Back in the day back and said Cisco going way back going way back I think they were talk. Not there was a lot of different names, but the one This is really what he's at John, is known for in thai there's a big fan debate a crew. Sarah painter, was back in the ssf back in the day.
when they were coming on that the dry air experience reason event. Man he's at he's at he's a marking post of something original so I talked to him today. That was a hell of held in israeli. I don't usually do that big, an intro seattle can I tell you to please come on out to third place records and seward park. This Saturday november, eleventh at seven p m I'll, be there with brendan signing copies of waiting for the punch words to live by from the wtf podcast. It's our last. book event of the year. So we to see you all in seattle, w t efforts We have to see you all there I have a correction to make like I'm really hung up on this shit. the last episode? Those of you who listened to me ramble on in the beginning about fried scallops, and cioppino at a place that because called I was mistaken,
as I was mistaken, and I've been there a lot. It's called jack's fish spot in pike, place market behind a fish, a fish seller. So that's at jack's, I've correct myself. I don't know if I'll get there, though I got one day man I got one day in seattle that I'm back at it. I could stay longer because it seems that I'm not in this episode of glow seems like a few days off, but I got some things going on to sad day around here man today he thinks you're gonna write the world a signal still ending, but but he's gone again. Buster ran out the door last night. And I don't know what to do. You know I mean I can just walk around and call his name so much, but I always get the feeling that he's gone for good. Any time of check in I'm sure it's over, but
it's been twenty four hours. Now it hasn't. It hasn't actually we will come back. I can do is wait, cholera. His name buster kitten, but I what the fuck to you man, you know you have these cats, my old guys. They don't even try to get out anymore, and I was looking at something had some shit in the driveway. I held the door open just a little too long, and I just saw him you know. worm by and wander out, and it was too late so fuck. I just have to accept that. If that the life he wants or if he got eaten. That's what can I do I go out and look around, I keep calling his name and hopefully will come back so fucking, sad man, it's me and have their sad or things but just eat hurt things that you don't need. I don't need my cat to be gone. I don't need one of my cats to disappear. Just fucking stink I've had a lot of them go. la fond and monkey are fine. Big head The big boss he's around. He might a chase buster off scaredy cat, he
been around. I've been feeding him sometimes twice a day. I don't know if he's scared, buster off, he's greenhorn out there. He doesn't have chops. You got that even have the wild chops, he's, game out there. Maybe come back, but I got him inside when he's about two months old. So I don't what waste? people of he's. Smart fucker, not smart enough to you know I'll run a pack. A code is bad Maybe it's tonight? Maybe you can handle himself. I always think the worst. I hope he comes back. Buster buster eight years, though asked me got out. I could hear him. Squeal has a weird squeal, buster, buster, fucking, sad So what's happening, I'm gone. Do I up to seattle, seattle? I love seattle. I
like it even more. I used to just have fantasies about keep going north. Just keep going north. The seattle on upward How did the islands out the water get away go to where it's just poetry, all the time and dampness and and being clouds and darkness and beautiful brisk water with? sea animals yeah freedom, man, my houses falling down it's falling apart to make a decision man I gotta, get before the whole thing crumbles or or do something, the tiny house. I know this garage is mythic. This garage is where everything turned around in my life change and it's got its own sort of. Reputation, but I think got to accept. We got accept that, maybe maybe I'm the component is possible that I'm the component that makes it good not necessarily the structure.
that I mean. Is that possible? Is it I don't know man. I guess I wish I had more to say I I think I'm a little more broken up about the cat yeah. I tried to pretend I pretend to be a tough guy. I pretend, like I can just dismiss it like a man yeah. This is go sometimes these cats hang out. Sometimes they don't like that? Guy? You guys been through with me once already. Baskin rate. I was getting used to that guy liked him he hasn't come back I'll, be sad, so I'll just have to see if he comes back. It's already just don't need added sadness in this day and age I think we can get on with John dwyer. Now, has a new album out memories of a cut off head it's coming out november, seventeenth under the band name. Cs rcs,
released, an album under the band name aussies earlier this year called orc. He release his records, dicey- are like the releasing mad men they're very similar in that way,. and I and I dont know. I would think that dwyer is ties mentor to some degree. That's I felt that that's how I see it. They both live down the street from me and and when I listen to all the drier stuff, the evolution of being like it good man good and he's a mile a minute, dude active brain. For those who you don't like when I talk this one's for you. for those you like, when I talk as our I just ride it out dryers got to say he goes. me and john dwyer I just got a record that jeremy, spencer and the children do you know that record jeremy was
the guitar player in the first version. If we would mac, he was then more james, very great era, And- and this record I just saw yesterday over permanent and I'm like what the fuck is permanent man, it's like going to a crack, cocaine store and it turns out it's his record day that he did nineteen seventy two after he joined the children of god cult. So it's jeremy spencer that qatar boy way with Peter green and these people from the cold there that there the backing- yeah like I used to go into old school culture, they always had a bands. Like that's a problem like I know I don't feel like allowed. These calls nowadays are actually not there they're wrong. They need for more music. I would love to see a called doing like electronic music. Now listen up great and electronic called yeah, just like techno techno cultures of them, but, like I guess, you're right. I think in the sixties that music was so integrated into the message of of transcend and say it was almost necessary and we don't have that so much. I don't think so anymore, like you is that the entry way was the music and hard to imagine katy parry. I got, my hooligan mists sure it not
scenario that doesn't work all the bread. It's all about. You have not I if you parry, I dunno anything about her. I have been listening to adele records and lord record same it really interesting. They are right there, but they're they're the exception to the rule. I would say so. I remember when I heard lord I was I was like. I'm fucking surprised. I liked this because some of the I haven't heard. It was an underpaid formulas like, and I don't like shit anymore now I get I'm just When I see something like a really likely. I know so it's always a pleasure to see you like a band. I don't round, I grant finally here, but I've been doing it for so long. I see so much that when I hear something like that, that's actually quite popular I surprised myself because I'm like an old man,
you can like this music? You know like it's cool, I can dig it. She goes pretty deep. I think of it have sorted. I just interesting exemplify minded unjust and many more same. What happened was lord long way for media? Have somebody being innovative or or like our odd, warlike, even earnest? mean like yeah yeah, innocent issues, kind of dorky, rather the gay rights right yeah. So I dont like I'm track them trying to. You're out were like, I know exactly how it got turned on you, like I some our another. Being though man that I am, I miss some chunk of music you have put somewhere between. ninety eight and three three years ago was kind of a terrible when you were very prolific during that time hated. I don't have a job and then I go down to it. I am someone turned me on to ty segal and I guess it was lance I was still working up at the all other old, the old permanent and then people started mentioned in your name, and then I got. I think the album I came in on was the one with the all the eyes in all the eyes and teeth on the coffin, the authority coffin. So that's that's where I stood
with you and then like not unlike of musicians of musicians. I talk to you. I try to do I'm like da fuck there's like one. with either a record yeah, I apologize. I am personally one of those people that have people like how many records have you and then they're like geez. That's a lot, that's a salary for me to spend on record, but then you sent me to steal it off the internet. If it's too much, then I just go to pilates, but where'd you grow up. I grew up in rhode island really. What part I grew up. I was born in I was born and riverside round, which is just kind of like a little trashy waterfront clients can awesome. I have like lottery and then my mom moved over to rumford. We lived on the this river, the thames river over there, and then I moved to north providence and that's where I started getting into music. I saw like people from rusty people from risky, because I was there I was I was doing. I started doing stand upon the road doing one irish around. Let our ears I didn't in private, wait in Davos square fuckin a yeah
yeah. I remember that joint see that was well this party and I was a kid I ride vine about what goes on. There is used a club. I don't know. I have never to go to. comedy until I was just about to move out to san francisco soundtrack like eighteen. Team. Why start? How do you two I'm forty fifty three? They stole my car and car problem, yet that sounds about ray I and I did chosen like never. I grew up and ran in rhode, island, France, that creates in balls when I believe that, with a bow font was born as exerting hair styles, that, like the women there still I Did it remember the Ali bowl? I remember yeahs? Is Christ yeah, that's pretty! It was like during a klan like things like doing a clan rally or something you like I've, been all the way to the bottom exact what they got out. These one nighters. You know me in a pleasant way, just book the joint whether there are sub contractors- that's that was the way the business work there. You do. You have a work with these companies that would book one nighters at these places at one to do a comedy tv show up. I remember us and
There's harmonies good like that, though you guys can links the already and our sharper. I know you know what, but sometimes I like to have our shirts can be used to, but if you can get somebody laugh and then you got him for the night am right, yeah yeah. The reason I remember cranston as I have there was a sort of a monumental horror show I used to do this. Joke about. Cranston was a rough town, but no, they were fine was packed we're fine was packed in a first night was always good when they do a calming ike, as everyone in town would come. But I did a joke about plane crash and some woman screamed doll. Talk about laying grass is right. if my mom right there like she will be the person like I'll, be sitting next to her and she'll just yell out like raises ma, but I shall say exactly yes, but I knew exactly what it was because
actually what it was cause. Why would it be that likes you I'll somebody land rational? I had to deal with that loosen, but also known as well jaded. She did not know you didn't know, but like she didn't, it was one those moments where I got all the times of green. I everybody have. What are the odds? My son's death like? No now I mean laying crash predictability of tat ye. I thought I had a word of the odd but yeah. I guess it was of horrible mo. the only way out of it. I just said I ll just do my cancer stuff. Now that nobody has, can oh god, what that cancelling memorial, sadly indicted care little man, we're getting everybody knows it s right, so you're improper I know what kind of life you have in your dad's, not around my dad is a sub massachusetts hit. My mom had me when she was eighteen. My dad was much older, so they didn't last long but they're they're cool. You know, I don't think they were in massachusetts. He lives in rojo he lives in rehoboth, which is like right on the border of
ireland. It's not. You know what I have forty square miles yet again, yeah so slightly real new england. Guy really, I grew up full new england. Like I didn't. You know what I am clam bag. You have started easier. All that shit cause, I mean they have family guy. The cartoon is yes, we based on my town and is all these things little bits and their moment I know them You know. I think that dude, probably with the school out there or something but Jimmy's. Perhaps that was a new york system weenies, where skylake pills, hotdogs aren't like it'll, be like right next to his armpit. Where he's serving you but people, you know it's funny. I bring bands through there like occasionally, but these like Ozzy's this mental control through there and rhode island originally for nas was years ago, but it's like showing them little bits of things like you guys going to try these hotdogs and then below. Before you moved out, you mean before you moved out. You mean now this was this is, after all, our lives. Surfaces governed by watching, like austrians, eat like thing from promptly. I have never had anything like the shirt or you can have
It has been quite a shark. So what was the scene? So what was I'm trying to picture what year it sure what year would be when you're sweating lemon alive. Ninety eight says public. Ninety six and the genes coming through at the time the bands when I was young and when I was young, the first benzo seen a really good at a providence were like lightning bolt who have been around for fucking ages. There is that band. I mean there are a lot of bands of the the LEO bros had leo and tat. Yeah LEO was in the arm and other danny LEO's gonna scholars. I lived above danny unaware house really yeah he's great he's. He does bands, still in radar and there was a band called dung beetle really early on. I can remember: dung drop, beat drop, dead drop, dead on warwick, rhode, island, the one of the biggest like grindcore hardcore, like pullet political punk band, yeah, yeah yeah. I grew up. hey. I grew up watching right eyes at all. Ages shows what a kid all age,
well, I thank god for all ages shows Jesus Christ. I wouldn't be sitting here right, spawned a whole generation. I own a bank if it wasn't for like go to sit like a flam at a club baby head when I was sixteen gravy head. When I was sixteen baby, I convey we had. I can't we ve never perform their. For me when I talked to like that guy bob western from shellac I run into him sometimes of vessels. A super nice guy here and somehow, like club baby, had came up and he had the same reaction. Like he's a little bit older than me, wasn't me? I think so. He I had gone to see like a band he was in when I was a kid and it's the same reaction from everybody with a lot to like everybody goes we look like every goes. I bit forgotten about an early club, babyhood Jesus All of my yeah. There was like a really small room, just like a black small box with like, like the bouncer but c'mon c'mon c'mon, just like shoving kids in and then come on just shovin kids. In the name of some correct eyes, all yeah I saw like the cramps thereon hollow wean one year or right around. How will mean like yet hunt tons of metal answers
a political, the living room there living we're living room, they brought my dad commie. They had like, like flotsam and jetsam That was why I, when I have seen slayer, thereby early on our memory There are regions have in india and then its moved on to a bigger joy of its, though still there are not, but I could yeah when I was in Boston, there was a lot going on musically. Now all those places are are gone like there was at holst bear area down by the causeway street, where by the causeway street, where there were lost in the wooden bands of play in the loft. Yes, and then there was right there storyville and TT the bears. There's all those tracks are gone now I don't have t teaser. I think the middle east is still there. I remember just going to that joint and I think I got in like younger than I was supposed to be so yes like stand in the corner. The whole time when I was like I was really young.
terminals like I, was really very good, unravel just central square. He my head down and got out of the show you a ghost like seven ehrlich Harry pussy. Would the everyday would never play improvidence kazoo uses the small town, so I mean a lot of asking you problems like the guy is up in Boston autonomous. He shows actual to hold back the play for the first time. Unlike seven or eight years. Yeah, I'm already getting emails from dudes like dude you're fucking dead. When you get hit like like ross, then isis being like I'm going to rip your fate, I'm like a little scared. You know what I mean: it's it's it's it's in a loving way, boston, I think she'll be like oh yeah. No, only just like you fucking, whereas I'm gonna come over there, yeah yeah, so wait so you were like the first band You got your kid in in providence and you're running around it. Providence is pretty heavy, but I dunno if it cleaned up. Since, since I hear it's nicer more more mob run when I was more and more mob run. When I was a kid right, We are here back then more on on its sleeve, like
the mayor, walking down this buddy's fiancee was the mayor when I was a kid who, like convicted, put away like a double felon and then got out, and they reelected him, like primarily that, unlike parley, appear on getting a jail also like buy a house. My neighbor drugs off my a like just such a I never wanted her around because she would party so hard. I was afraid she's going to die at our house and I'm like if she dies here with like. I was like this guys, Like I was like this guy's terror- terrifying, unlike in june the very commanding person that was it you're, like okay, It will allow me to leave. At least I could be like I wasn't. There is the mayor's game: yeah yeah yeah, that's that's a horrible feeling when your party wins I don't want to be around. She scared the shit out of me. She was more friends with my roommate at the time and I remember be like dude. This is not a good idea. Man, you know like having lights like. I don't like cops at a party who feels like this could go. this could go either way yet and you're already playing by then not man like I didn't really PA roommates or your attic
so you're out of the house? You're out of your house, I moved out of my mom's and I was seventeen. My mom, I had a half brother, she had one another man that was pretty disabled and, like things just got like a little tumultuous like there was, you know like she needs to take care of her brother, but still does, but we're cool yeah you're, my mom or tight suit, you're out on your own at seven. But yeah like I just want to you, know basically have the time I just didn't want to go got to high school. I didn't want to go to college. I wanted to do drugs. I was selling the drugs. What were the drugs? What was mostly just like acid and weed? Was there africa yeah like never I never got in. I never liked drinking when I was a kid which kept me out of harder. Drugs like the gateway for things like cocaine and stuff would always be like booze, because he'd be like fuck it. Why not so I got lucky, there was a big wave of heroin that came through providence and I somehow got real lucky and didn't get into that. I think I tried it twice and I was like this isn't like that. I just threw up. Why did I
I puke in here, and I remember being. I was always like more like. Let's get this party, everybody be like not at all this shit sucks, I'm the same way with all cocaine but booze, you know, but acid years, so you were like a so you were like a think of any real junkie comedians that doesn't seem like there's some yo yeah you're, just like they used to be guys. I know yeah well, we'll do you know how it goes. Those people learned how to work and fish yeah professionalism. Yeah there was the real junkies know how to the real junkies know how to write it out, but there is a lot of comics it needed to do something before the guy gets a heavy set man. I was given the gravity to get out. we need wander wrangling was. I am yet that's like that, lay the nitrate there was. I I was, I would not allow to guys pretty like Mitch, was pretty tat was pretty high. He was also the exception to the rule across the baltic that guy owes what looked at him and discuss on everything he had
legal weird when he listened to his shit liking, the simplicity of it and this sort of childlike innocence to the way you observe things. The heroin definitely quieted download attitude, I mean why member the first american There'S- nobody like that guy, he really was a total original. I hold up so rare that comic comedy holds up like music, a lot of totally true men. Like you hear like Lenny Bruce now in it I mean he's gotta get a glossary, yeah gotta know gotta put him in that it's a totally different time. His anger was from a different place. Yeah he makes edition and all the political references were what they were in shelters. You definitely need a glossary. Different footnotes for the conflict am and ended at berklee concert you're like hold on pause. It stop it again talking about the ulysses of the nominee, exactly it's a lot like that. So when did you start with all? Let's talk about the acid, the like? Were you one of those guys that could do it
two or three or four times a week. Yeah I mean when we were selling. We were taken it quite a bit. I remember was it good yeah? We were getting blotter, mostly from Boston. We would drive up and get off a guide of a supposedly friends with a chemist. You know he was. He was mit and yeah always at any time. I did a new job, but this is called dmt. It's a good, naturally occurring substance to you, but this guy from animated at a lab, but the the you know, and then acid went away for so long and now it's making a comeback. Is it like? I remember yeah I mean. Maybe you are of that age now, where nobody offers the acid, and I remember the time we have good for you yeah. I remember thinking like man. I haven't heard about acid in long time and like that day, some guy with like a tie, dye and frizzy hair, is like doing some doses, and I was like it's back it's back yeah here
and here we go turns out. You can take acid as a four year old man and get away with it, but just need a good comfortable place right, but I, but how did you do it? Yeah? I tried me and my girlfriend took it in hawaii was really nice, yeah hawaii, I mean c'mon sure hawaii. I was like what could go wrong. I wasn't watching tv right, yeah yeah, you weren't in a city wasn't enough to allow saturday at on halloween or not a lot of people talking to you that can personalize, oh I'm pretty sure, was also an acid easily digging through the sand for like four hours. Musical refrence! She looked over and give me a thumbs up. I was like you stay over there, yeah yeah, hoping to find any money. But what was it like? A twelve hour run No, I you know it's funny like I dunno. If it's because I'm older im older, but my metabolism. My metabolism is definitely slowed down, but I remember being way more of an obligation, but that was across the board with everything I remember you take acid and like nanos leave like I had already for fucks sake, my home all day and down I'll, never be able to work again you having these thoughts like if this is it I'm fucked like. I can never go home again, and this was like you know it was speedier than I remembered, but it really enjoyed my girl,
I remembered, but it s really job my girlfriend ever taken before his really find a watch her we're we're that most we did mower the visuals just trails and lie is actually pretty mild, but she she was pretty hilarious, like a really perfect data, I greeted really nice days. The whole trip is last over there and was like I was like pink sunset. Lastly, what island is run. Quite that's where I go. That's great fears- unfortunately, the last time I went down there was right after trump was I went down. There was right after trump was inaugurated, so I was pretty sure we were going be traveling back to just in the street, oh how wise men on the right side, a history for this whole
yes, I know- and I left my bag, which makes me so scientists who eyes that cod, if they thought there, but if I may cause of my brain if it just goes the wrong way, the idea of being on an island away from any rather stay there TAT s very work. You go wrong that an eyelid couldn't you weren't Zanu, could not getting things that most airlines are pretty good. I haven't really get their pretty. It's beautiful go undesirably apocalypse cause. You got water on all four cider and you hoped that the did the people on the island don't turn zombie. It adds when my brain always goes right to that. What are these people turned? It? You just gotta, go any clear, oh yeah. How long did you stay down there? We we go down there for like maybe a week or so we go down this like maybe a week or so every that's about it mix it up with places. I went to cuba last year. The year was that
Have you been down now man? It's a trip, man, I've, but just one. Whenever I have to like a void american airlines again any place it sort of like that's a step. I don't want you to go out and mexico. No, we actually did it legit, I wanna genuine did yang, we didn't do jet. Blooey did come aboard, airliner was now public united was there it was like lots of cubans were coming over and like going back with like like that, I swear to god. The plane on the ride back was full hd tvs like everyday is a big flat screen like everybody was like. Finally, we can go to the states and get a goddamn flat screen and bring it back home like it's crazy, the things that you know the things that they, the things I do know the things that they have a great many well there. Yet this shit that we have that these people. Why is like shit that almost zero bracer would you would you feel it was really really hot? It's a beautiful place. There are few things about the kind of blue and only one thing in particular. I was curious about how music over there are. No, that, like you, know, jazz and cuban music of varied from
there. He has their pride. Obviously do it better than cigars, yes to guard him, but the music of a crazy. I didn't see, I didn't hear not once any rock n roll or any rap or any radio music from here. No contemporary pop, be nothing just bump bump bump his gloomy music, jazz yeah. There we saw one eye and improv bans play at a place called sorrows they at an event that was really at their actually amazing, but it's crazy that none of that shit has permeated the over there. I I've heard stories about let there be an punks there. Yet it seems like a place that we really right for that country to big totally. I wish here this is a decent like holy shit and, like my brain sums, we've going over there. Maybe we could play there and when we left, I was like we're not playing each other. I was like that's just doesn't feel right to me and I was like I'll play anywhere, but cuba I dunno. If they're really like a, I don't know if I think they probably fuckin hate it or they both the fuck is this shit. Yeah I've been starting to get into I've, been getting into jazz whately
really hit that the whole cuban thing that much yet? But it's definitely it's own thing. It's about seeing it live too. I think like there's a lot of people playing on the streets down there like at night. There was just a parking lot that would have shows around these guys would bring a piano and I'm just the neighborhood people hanging out, I mean there's like it's so hot there and people have so little that once night would fall, people just comes out of their houses and sit on the street, dr anna, in particular in Havana. Right and you know, the city's got really crazy, like a building had collapsed, like a block down the street, from where we were maybe like a couple of months there, and it was still on the road and they just put like a couple of cones around it, and then people started on and it is put like a couple cones round it, and then people sort on their trash, and so this is a massive trashy, but like revel, but a kind of women, my book he willows pretty awesome was there I swear to god. They were pedigree, homeless, dogs. So they billig beagle like a hundred percent beagle just fuckin filthy with I dread,
just be like hair body like it every snacks, anybody, that's our the lorry lacenaire respect here or think. I d docks in like anything when you see like a homeless doctrine like their dogs, other funding for leinen figure. That was, I have no idea, I don't know. If people brought dogs there back in the day, you know, but I mean there's a lot of homeless animals. There I mean the people's, don't, have a lot of money there, so they probably can really like afforded taken care. The family were themselves, but you stay caterpillar casa particular witches people's homes. He adds like twenty bucks and I extend a nice joined them Did you rent an old car? No? Well, we took we took old cars from city to city, because I I love taking a bus. You know it's like a weird affliction I have here can't get on the bus or buses are aware that you've gotta, be there
the bus buses are, as you ve gotta, be the bee. Yeah you're, either you're the boss pursue not. I can I can flag there canoe of soon. The bus is always really only nom cool manner that we would take it down the coast. It take a hundred bucks to take a cab for like six hours year like DR, is an activity and in the two terms we did that of the governing old fifties, car totally refurbished bite, but their style, and they, like manufacturer parts. You know like they're they're, not like out sourcing eighty, should there exactly that's exactly the story of that whole places they've. The necessity has driven them to where they are. You know, like writing things they make and they're good at, but they do would drive us to the city and then he'd be like what are you going back and we'd be like? Oh
It's like three days, but we don't fuck it all hang out and just call me in three days, I'm like you're going to is going to hang out and this other series like friends here like people really don't keep the meter running. Yeah I'd be like yeah, like I don't do it on my account. Description of the car is like nah. You know my my ex girlfriend's here, I'm cool, so he was willing to waive twice. If you are two separate guys just came in there like af I'll get I'll drive the last land. They would cab around that city a few days cause like it kind of works everywhere. So when you start like a plan in providence, what do you plan what clubs you know like what music? Oh back in the day, what club you mean when no like what music, all back in the day near the furious its use like you, ve, moved through a lot of stuff and it seems to me the album, not the last but the one, the one right before the last one, which one we're too weird exits like it seems like the production a little cleaner, and I give what kind of fully integrated everything you ve worked towards into it. Yeah, it's been a slow crawl till it getting to this like area like incorporating all the
and like you they're sought their some noise or some psych there's a little punk, but the lyrically it's different. The singing sounds cleaner, is moving ahead a little but every time a right, but he's different right as chris woodhouses last record that he did with us and uneven and per year yeah me and him were together for a long time, and he he's he's just gotten. I mean it's just like in anything somebody who's gifted. Will you know in a perfect scenario, get better at what they do, so he was getting better and better and better recorded almost two Walter points are like, I would always be pushing back and be like. Does anybody keep like? Oh? well. I've been bombed out about come on man, I'm figuring this out. I can yeah yeah save that for your pop project. You know by leg, but at the same time it made for clarification and things and also, I think it helps with us get a little bit out to a wider audience cause not everybody's into like real, like face banger. That's the weird thing like. Even if I talked to time- and I talked to who else you know Cronin, I talk to
went. I went with both those guys. We went to medieval times last night. What what is it I had the crazy medieval diarrheal morning from that now done in the medieval times on saying I would never place yeah, it's like you know, knight's armor and she was charlie, moot heart from ties. Bands birthday where he. What was that. That's the thinkers bug you all over them when they were kids and they both you and They both one very different directions because, like when I lawyer everybody's branching out from the centre of a cronan, it's like he makes pop records. Really I mean they're clean in their produce like that, their layer that deserves that right and tie. Does thing they tied them right eyes. Very much is own thing right. And he definitely took your template of of how to in a remedy is accepted. Cisco was really thriving at that exact moment, so everybody was sort of like pulling inspiration
I got really lucky that time, because there were just so many I mean, there's still a lot of great shit happening in oakland and the bay area in general, but at that time there's just like if it is due to be in a different kind of music or lesser yet to their through like but the art rock element like when you say that early on your appointment, mass art and that some of the noise that you use by got world of music. It was totally inaccessible, really accept too, a core group of dialogue and the more the more any was more interested. I was alone in the network, that started doing now, but also voice had a real pop, aesthetic myself. So I'd like trying to make a poppy version of this, like the guy who lived loved metal, but my favorite mental bans, or is one that I hooked like I remain, or some shit are still very poppy. You know you'll yeah, aachen, yelling, like you, I had a kid. was it as they were, the I dunno if it was out of what was available to me, but that was a lot of the olive of whose out of what is available to me, but that was a lot of the all ages shows, were metal and punctures right and I stay put
which a sun at that time they sort of come together in a weird law. Then surely, zero areas like handing out tapes dry, even of metal and her I wrap as well as public enemy over the huge and like the young white crowd, and pricing like shit like like so what was the first? What was the first band? My first band was called Krang and it was with this guy Jeff Rosenberg, who later did a band called pink or brown with me. That was the first band I didn't, but I lived in San Francisco. That was a duo, but me, and him played with a like one of the guys from lightning bolt was in that band for awhile. This girl care a cara who care hide, who I think she did a bengal v for vendetta years later, like they all kind of went onto, do their own things and moved all over the country yeah. That was kind of like a guitar angular guitar poppy rock band. That was like my first foray into night.
and that was like my first for re- enter, not display. My basement of playing live and learning and vanity tarred you're playing a tar thing. It's high air and then I started playing for about a european tobacco landed out there. The firm, a form that was sort of more experimental, those guys are actually still playing vernon irma form vermiform, which was this ban men's recovery projects label here who are real. total weirdos, like every of regional, all the way like they're, all really funny in and gray and town, two guys and like what's a pointer refer, perform back in the days is around down here now. I think I think he lives in southern california yale, and he is mostly these days during my writing and art, but he still does bands too he's just like one of those guys like a jack of all trades, but but also like that, but it comes from like the smell school trades, but it but also out of it, but he comes from like the smell school. Unlike that kind of I've like all ages, punk cheap browser like
it, but lyrical, not complete noise or noise. Now it's like he had other bands to like, but I mean he always. It was political, but not noise. Nose like and sort of tongue in cheek to like those guys had a lot of comedy in their banjo yeah, dress up like really ridiculous shirt. It was always a different show. He would show up one time he showed up and read the whole prochem proclamation, the abraham, lincoln lincoln right. You know, abraham lincoln, is lincoln right. You know right in board their shit out of upon crowded watching tv, like we had like a strong. Second, then, like people, the fuck is happening than the band played, but that like, if you talk like white and some of those other, do the other guys awesome pleased bat zoning language break accidents. That dude is moving like that yeah light at all that like it, what would we what they call punk rock is style was not what punk rock was when it was used as a and as a john return pogrom just kind of us, umbrella term for anything out,
the north acting already anything we're extending the air, because if you listen the minute men, that's not like what you would call punk rock if you heard tat, oh, but that was what punk rob was, which is due to just don't have it at all, but they want exactly. That. was the as it wasn't. It wasn't so much a sound as if an aesthetic right like it, so you can't. See. Some of those old punk bands are always blows. My baltimore is like the weirdest. I can't even think of one to reference or nobody's like the one of the weird upon great things. He picked her mother, just like fuckin dudes factory jobs know you're just like what they did when they drank beer was play these punks on that particular. I guess MIKE white and the and those guys you know it's like those dudes were a bunch of blue collar. Looked as dues now
I and the music is in it's sort of an it's hard to explain the the that many men, those records are they're a unique band and nobody ever really sounded there like they're, it's like them and you get like pair uber, like these bands, are your parents from now, but they seem to have launched a lot of like pure uber, that all those bands made a million minutes like what is it. People was it. I forget who made the famous quote about the velvet underground, like maybe eno or somebody being like yeah, nobody liked to spend back in there, but ever somebody out the bill again. Nobody like the spam back, nay, but every than ever heard them made a band right like all these people. Here they should that's kind of what it was for was just like liquid inspiration, peer who does not lead in my wrong to tv on the radio. In a way you think sound wisely. See that a bit like really reaching vocally. I mean that a pair of peril boozes there are like a weird connecting around here. I he still plants I was working at amoeba when they did an in store, and he said it was real, actually yeah. They are
They are still things I met the drummer recently he's gotta, be my age man, but he said he's said the guy was totally cool. He was told that his handler not to look him in the eye and TIM. My bachelors, like a real sir, and tell my like there is like a real subdued children. I carried home and look in the eyes but, like spectrum, do likely a little in a bar or something just like a commanding a band and everybody's like a little bit freaked out by parkey smith. You know you get that guy. That's like this is my thirtieth drummer, and that drummer is like I dunno how long I'm going to be here for it I am definitely like. I'm friends with mark riley know who was in the fall at the beginning here, yeah and I've met mark Marky smith, a bunch of times from playing with them back. They were label mates, yeah and they're. Both awesome dudes but like to hear he's the main guy in the fall marky smith was the main guy I like just like, as I felt like, for their records, because his bandmate especially like, if you read his biographies, just take a shit and manifestly like what the fuck dude but mark riley talked about him like I was like hey. Can you put me in touch with the market I haven't seen one,
Let him be like as a cake, and you put me doesn't marking and I've seen, won't, have no one to make sense of it in and mark rather like why. That is like that. You don't talk to me, like our eyes, like very raby. Very rare of that do goodwill doorways about them. That was so important there. Much like the bans who just talking when they were ripping them off, you know what I mean: it's like it's just one of those men's a completely rid of those bands. It like, like thai lights, right we're like you're those bands it like lightning tie likes like pink fairies, chrome. in those sounds in writing like right hawk when who the fuck sounded like hawkman, one hundred and seventy with motorhead like lemme split off meme yeah, but on saving motor had like lemme split, often them the more have is the fastest hardest ban we area ban like, so they all or later the hyena ears astronaut as there are like the grandfathers of these like subjects was that are branching off ever ever yet because like this, I kinda knew like someone years ago when I was young said you've got to listen to candid and I remember dude. I had the tape when I was maybe in my twenties and I'm like, I can't get there. I can't get it
I never get sick of I dunno what it is about that now mean I still can listen to the fucking records over and over and over again I have to like stop myself and like go on to. I have to be like a homeless. For a month, righteous guy gave me eisenstadt new bottle. Neck was like somebody who's like to try everything: yeah yeah, you gotta get out there. This is a horse. This is crap genitals. You like alright fuck it I'll just eat it all exactly yeah and I are all acquired tastes. What you just described, you're like anchovy, but I had an open mind to it, because when I was younger I mean I could but I had an open mind took as when I was younger. I mean I can lock into the residence I could walk into. Ina could log into fred for, if john hassle, that first wave of already fucker but like I did beginning I just couldn't wrap. My brain around it recent but they're like friedman, has lance and tie these this recent, but back like four, the resurgence. All these lp are coming back. People rice actively searching out these record's and right of bacchus cost forty bucks a pop now examine and dan over gimme gimme. He gets me into this sort of like the more the quieter.
it. No one had ever heard before by bands that that were just never made it gotta love. You gotta love, those guys who are You got love. You got love those guys who curae, guys and girls. You dislike hunters, yeah, We over yes I'll, walk in just to say hi, but not by anything and he's like erba, dude and he'll, be like wait, hold up like two thanks. just listen to the song. It's like the guy giving you your first taste of smack is like just just smell it. Yes have a whiff first, his smack suggests just yes, mallet, yes, have a whiff of yellow, did always sands better. In the store, actually, I now move that age relating to start like it at home. On my knowing what the fuck I like to when you started you're just plain straight up like merrily punk, no, I mean it was really still pretty poppy. It took me a long time to get no covers. No, although I think I was a kid oda scoffed at that, but now I love a cover. I swear to god like ice years ago. Some painful convinced fuckin enjoyed this shit when the fuck am I get to see.
I do in like early seventy having any light shone the guy had roto tom's are plainly darksome moves great. We did it amend all that shit I like, although the rock band is a bright, you know my friend it a David bowe. We cover banco blooey years ago. That was terrible, but really awesome songs and, like six dude sort of half, We do not need more resources than dislike deadline. Is underwear running out of the crowd, those that can look upon version. Was he a love that shit? You know? If I make the leap in like go west as well as the funny things in providence, city records or the records around, the first record I was on, fun, I guess, was with landed on verbal form, simic feeders labour, tenants. That was the first vinyl, oh actually, no us out here. I did before that. I was doing scs the original version lucy's, but that was just noise yeah, so I was doing like homemade instruments and shit like that or like electronics. What was echo it was called lcs, just like the original version of oh cs, which was like the full
medic and what? What drove you to noise? Like I said when I was a kid like anything that was more alienating, I said when I was a kid like anything that was more alienating lay that was like. It was like the two in my mind, the obvious next step from punk and metal was to go into a hard within our member. The first on my solid, japanese responsive masonic came over played in Boston. It. The like thirty people there, but seeing this guy do his thing live was so exciting to me and seeing this guy do his thing live was so exciting to me and music original drive in my mind like like not like really play aggressive like this. Guy was like he will. He ran on the ground was like throwing tables. The crowd was actually a little bit scary and like so, it's like riding Is that the norm? It's scary and, like the performance and also like all this, like all those stories, what those guys injured in japan, particularly the huge wave of this noise, a girl in like a was that Hana trash may be like, or was it I can remember who was with somebody like drove like a? They got a bunch of people in the room and then drove a bulldozer through the wall wallet
They got a bunch of own room and drove a bulldozer through the wall. Balikh and british equating forms an hour later terrorizing the year out Jedediah yeah. I don't want to open that. Wasn't the opening band now the opening band was just a guy with just the guide to a throat singing, but you know that was punk to me was like, but you knew, didn't know to me was like did you? like you must have known then. Likewise, there did, you feel like there is an application to it, because, if you're very skilled player in your skull songwriter this point out at the behind- I know as I knocked back then, but did you think we're going to pull back from matter that that was it? For you know, I always wanted to do different shit. Early on, like I played with like hippy. Do they played with guys just make it beats? I mean anniversary gave a shit. I was always into plan with whoever wanted to play in matter where you were coming from a who. You were like a love. That's what, back into eternity and more beggar the route of it. That's why things are getting jam here with us live and stuff is because when I was a kid, especially with gets har- and like said this
while doing drugs, modern lives or doing drugs to hang out and make news to do drugs right to you know what I mean rather spacemen. Three vibe was totally on point where you you know to make a song to three to was totally on point where you just get next song to listen to when you get high next time is I mean I mean it's may be a bit shallow, but it's fucking true, so you gotta give it a little bit of weight, some good record and that guy's still around like spinning records wearing a hockey jersey like I have powerful new know him. I've met them a couple of times like a medic medic sonic boom. I think we've played festivals with, like those dudes do varying products, I'm not super familiar. I'm not gonna lie yeah. Well, he did that one. He did a record store day. Release with that yeah, but he did that one. He did a record stored day release with that kid millionaire that drummer law that guy's amazing jays millions kid millionaires from my own ida me fuckin, fantastic back in a great super underrated band
my mom yeah, that that band they had like a huge american flag that they looked like they'd stolen from a car dealership, there's like a hundred feet across they set that up, and then the singer was like climbing on and like ripping shit off the ceiling of his club and providence climbing on unlike ribbon, shut off the ceiling of this club and providence, has hardly hole and then watch not drummer dislike. Lay it down like non studies, a machine he asked yeah they're, like he's playing he's still playing, and I was like I'll go see him in six hours was like. I don't need to fucking be there for the whole. I want to see when it loosens watch instincts. Fuck you're, like I don't have all day like. How can you call me twenty minutes before it's over and a computer and yeah? I want to see the closer the money shot. Yeah yeah, just like a one, china symbol, not one nada, was in a one night only idea yeah. It was really good live one night a year. He played in that and it was like him. Then oregon player, really nice dudes, nerdy new york yeah, like good good, new york, music, new york shuttle, in my opinion, always have. Good new york, music, new york, a couple of those
shit cause it's new york is whether velvets came from so many bands and, like you, do not want europe to be like fuckin, that's where we should be making music realize. What is that Is that happening anymore? I don't want to say but I may I will say what I have what I like. There is very strong, but I have it's only because I have such high expectations of new york that may ology exactly that are meant to say it, but he is like. I love go unnoticed, work in Austria and the sooner we will again like I could. If I could have the wherewithal to live, there are black love to make music here you know I just have that backdrop, and I believe that their own city anymore, once just like most cities in moroccan hours, are being sold. You know, no doubt I dunno who lives in new york anymore, and you were in san francisco at the end of it yeah. So really do I mean I lived in a house for nine years. That was one of the best parts of my life and then had to move into a house. I loathed for the last two years in a neighborhood. I didn't want to be
and people I wasn't excited to live with. Do the noise record. When do you move there? When do you go to move to SF in when I was twenty three? So since september I think was like September twelfth nineteen ninety eight and what was that record, their cool death of island raiders. No, it was, I was doing, a band called pink and brown brown where's. That name come from. Why that hurt just a terrible idea that came to fruit like it's like every now and then you come across like it's, not a good idea of 'em and do it anyway, and it was just me and this dude and lycra bodysuits over the skies yeah. It was actually really fun and we did we. Wait for like a year and nobody gave a shit and then we broke up and put out the record, and then we came back to play show and suddenly we like three hundred people at the first show and lincoln brown, pink and brown yeah. You could look up. Some videos is very funny. Lycra suits and let us go disgusting. What did I take it off circumventing I put in a bag and then take out the next day, and it would make everybody gag around me- and I put it on and like the crowd, would just move away, so still not a crowd. Pleaser
very hard to describe. I mean I will be in shock that there are women at the sherbet. What are you doing here? She like. I feel that I think I walked in the wrong room. Is there like something less disgusting in the next room over she's like now, now just drop a drink of the forum and walk the fuck, but like lotta chin scratch dudes, it felt like the tonight show was pretty sure those get a lot of those dues, but our friends were cool. Were you doing What was that noise, or was it? It was noisy rock was like art rock who peace and it was like. You know we toward with. We did targeted the keyboard is guitar and drums. Diskette aren't ya. Think hard to me actually is her simple, I mean the band was, we will never did reuse a really, but it the other guy Jeff, Jeff Rosenberg has been he's in the lavender diamond
here and there day long valley of the nile he's played with a bunch of bands over time. He's old school too he's like me, and him played the smell a bunch really early on, like the only joint that would give us a show in los angeles, would be the smells we played there, fucking over and over and over again, but like those kids were the people indoor show, so it made perfect sense so white. Why San francisco? What made you go there, just a beautiful place. Man I'm mean. I still love san with no music out there. That has a ton of oh. No, absolutely I mean there was deer. Hoof have been killing it for like well over two decades. Now I think I guess I d have play a fourth under providence as a noise ban, pretty much yet different members get rob fisk who move to alaska right and now the sort of more like avant pop stuff. But They just they killed me when I saw them and there's a band called the deep throats that I get to do, have sort of post death of the band's record for them to count fifteen years after they made it recently castle is put it out. There were like a sort of tranny
Really really like angular, filthy fuckin, punk band, they were great The areas like just be ours balls, although eminent I saw them the first time a mushrooms and just was like looking at the singer billy. What is, happening right now. I just have my ass handed to me. It was I was on the show, the street with the shows on the street and it was also crystal handsome used to be the man who's. The painter who lives here back and forth from portland is doing really well with painting. He was playing bass, the man. So that's how I met all those guys yeah, but that band was fucking. Good, like I went, I thought were lesbians. When I was younger to Francisco, I went to go, see everytime. They played the ghost of Ben and then because of that, all their friends' bands were really good like that, as they had like sort of like a gender bending crowd, but very just a unique thing to san Francisco. The times like a really just a dirty ass, like sexy,
yeah shitty fuck, like lots sacks of funds, as you like fuckin, whose bringing the accident like they re are. You know x, ray specks link all that kind of air. Those bans were totally inspiring alike When I first went there, I didn't see any music I saw one band called me: lie like a grindcore band from chicago at a club, and the club was a shithole. What year did you go there that wasn't like ninety seven I drove out to san Francisco? We went and checked out. Austin left. I was there. Ninety three ninety four seeing much music. It's. I think what happened was it comes in waves very much san francisco right now. This may be a bit of a laugh just because of the bullshit people to do with, like a lot of people have moved to the east bay right or to you know, it sounds like we've moved to LOS angeles, like I was able to buy a house here, whereas up there, like, I got, kicked out of four houses down for sucks. I couldn't fucking buy 'em yeah, just I was too strung out or too stupid to realize. I probably could have gotten a mortgage, but I asked whether I would have paid it or not. Was yeah debate
but the scene seemed like so you get there. Ninety seven you're not really going out and watching you but you're playing. I wasn't playing right the gay I when god at the first thing I did when I got there, was sleeping on my friends back porch I went on got a job in an apartment I week at the first job I have was workin for her to sort of noxious lehigh. I did a lot of construction and indian province for I to make money, and I learned how to paint and cook and shit, so I was able to do all the IL job. So I got a painting, gig hooked up by my old boss and providence, set me up with a painting gig in San Francisco. It was a company called the experts that was run by ganim. Even this old british, guy, and he just got you got planted. You got a job, I was making okay money, but I'd be up at like six am as hell by looking at me. I'm not real and are early to do this at ten. I said how about noon like that's, how I roll since that's how I've made my life, so I don't have to wake up at six and once I want to but yeah pain
it and then I mean Jeff started a band and I didn't even want to do the bear with him because me and him and ready to, I was kind of a cunt about it, which Jeff Rosen frozen yeah. We did pick a brown together here and then I guess I did. I did A slew of smaller bands over the years has like little side projects by ko trips and oh sees were the other two main ones I did was in san francisco. You know yeah, and so when so, when did you start playing Wendy? We start getting into the scene because it seemed like it was pretty quickly but like that it seemed like there was a lot of different strains of music, going on there's a lot of metal in san francisco. The time too yeah I mean San francisco. So there is some real hippy rear, retro kind of like Fogey gower dilemmas initiative after move there, like that, we call it the coke folk, like ireland, or feather like that kind of, like you know like wow man like sequoia, is having a party at her house tonight and like who are those bands I don't know any other names, but I mean that was an era of san Francisco. That became really popular. A lot of a lot of bands came out of that. There's. A lot of one thing that was cool about that is, people were getting back to the root of just having one person played acoustic, guitar and sing
right? I'm all about like what was that, where newsom came from Joanna newsom, I I guess she did live in San francisco. She was always I mean her heart playing is incredible: yeah, it was the fleet fox, is where they are out of the northeast northwest there and, like I think, there's seattle, maybe but like san francisco yeah, join into something like that kind of shit like that became very big there, but that was long after I had already been there for a while. I really were. We were more like the eye I already like the noise yeah. He has a veteran that was like when that shit happened, and that was like when I was doing my most drugs. So when you asked me band's names, I'm like I have no fucking idea, yeah right right. I remember just like muzzling a friend of mine keep them from yelling out at the show like I was like she can't yell the guy a guitar. Just like I was dragging my buddy. I was wrong. He was like I dunno that made me mad, like these guys were the sweaty kind of like drugged up, always always yeah. I definitely had that vibe of like somebody like get on an elevator and one where, like clutch or purse a little bit and I'm like come on really late
no interest in your shit, lady, but I get it like I been. I would catch a glimpse of myself and she's right. So that's where the is roy, came into form was sees yeah like aussies was originally this, this guy patrick Mullins, who just actually came out to work with me a little bit here. He lives in vermont now, but it was me and him. basically getting high and just playing music together, but, like one do some quacks, I just finished this band called coach trips. That was really aggressively noisy. Yet how many did you do records kerchiefs? Did I think three or five records he has like a it was pre garage rock was guitar to drums and a little casio keyboard. It was me and a girl she played morocco's and a half and I had two sets of bands throughout that band here, but I want to do something really mellow, so cs kind of started as this like project, literally just acoustic, guitar or microphone, and the guy playing like singing saw he plays, saw and like a like, a snare domino and a kick drum,
for tomorrow. That was it yeah. It was really simple. Then he made homemade electronics, so he'd have like drones, going and stuff so sort of hit on that that that freak folk then you're talking about except we were definitely like that was just you, we were like smoking, meth and then going out and plan the quietest. Songs we could you know and like and like something about speed was always really funny to me where, like people would get really high and then talk really quiet, in like that'd be like. I believe this is totally perfect, gets super high and then not be able to talk loud at all, and I remember I've read some really quiet tiny songs, while your brains on fire, just like laying there breathing through your mouth all night like a goblin fucking, is just but because of that, it's incorporated over time? More and more members is exchanged and now we're at this rock and roll show country. You know well, Where did you meet tying? Those guys tie must have been like twelve. He was, I think it was nineteen when I met him and he are eighty eighty,
nineteen here it was just random, like I had heard about a show that was happening at, I think, a danger house records or whatever the fuck it was called a little. tony record store and sort of on the edge of the. Mission. There was a punk register that little like formulate crass record crass ragged blunt, blondie record. You know I could hear jabba only things that will be classified as pond kind of another? Have you live in the mission I lived at that time in the lower hate, which is where I had. My really good stretch serves to screw. This amazing was naked ice, there, yeah nigga. I know steve yeah, steve the everyday watching that fucking guy going to buy a pint of ice cream eating ice cream, but being like, I used to go there all the time when I lived there, so my neighbors all worked. My downstairs, neighbors all worked at naked eye. Those miles miles miles was my neighbor lived above la the classic video nerd miles used to tell me you remind me of a young you and I'm like fuck. You, like you, say
but I always remember me like he's a good looking guy, so I can't take that, as you sit there behind the counter with his glass tinted glasses and like blonde flippy hair completely like miles was my buddy, who I lived above for nine years: oh wow, he would let us we would have four rock, shows in our apartment with like people getting fucked up on the street and the cops would come and mouse cops, you super call him and he would come up with the show and be like just like the majority. Girls designed me like yeah, thanks for having a show I'm going to talk to that girl and then the cops are coming blogs you. Let me deal with this yeah and he'd be like over there like flipping his hair, and the catholic thinks a lot of miles it will keep them in line. You know, there's a of that age where the cops are like this. Will you the dad yeah the hipster grown up, yeah, exactly yeah? I remember miles because I used to eat because when I was doing comedy there, I didn't have nothing to do. I was living on south van ness,
It was right- and I underline us on eighty six of the whisper for while I was right there, like a twenty second point of derivatives sitting yeah, I was living with this hippy couple who own the house, and we had the allies alone- that joint public worth a few miles. So terry out an offer. I wonder if he still alive, he wasn't a healthy is due by you in there was just nothing to do. I'd, go to muddy waters and get jacked or I go to horseshoe. I do remember that weird huge dude used to wander around kind of crazy guy forget his name, but he was, he would show up at rock, shows to use giant, but he was a little. Maybe you was already gone. I can't fucking remember his name, but he was always around. I used to love the the horseshoe that brown, sugar and coffee business, where they just have fuckin brown say yeah yeah clumped. You definitely think that's very san francisco pints of coffee man just
jack muddy waters, his eye at fresno motors is still there and I think the guy behind the counter, like you can't fucking shoot up in here, dude like just being like, like that places always was going to they. They'd have free internet, but they'd always be like you. Gotta use the I learned it'd be like a blue light bulb and like a combination, yo to get right exactly in the back, and I was there when the internet happened where it was like it was before female and shit go sit in coffee shops and, be I have conversations with dudes at other coffee shops and that was it the beginning of the area and now look we worry. Are that doesn't happen anymore, mac knoweth. Nobody do I remember how I said, but so ok so that so you built the band, though right I mean after rose after the year that,
asio in the drones. I mean you've made a rock band at some point. Our tongue tie. So so you so I went to this show. This is actually pretty funny. I went to the show I didn't know who ty was. I don't know if I'd heard about his band, or maybe I went to see his band specifically was band called traditional fools. Yeah still does reunions with DR his buddies, but I went there and there were just really fucking good. It was like a snake, pretty straight garage, which is not something I go to search out anymore, but they were they. it really well. The ceiling was like. Like me, walking in my hair, be brushing the ceiling, that's how it was literally it's more like a dirt floor like crushed beer cans was playing and he had a broken hand with a cast on and he had stuffed a drumstick, into the hole and was planned drums of the castle like this cheesy? Stick, because they can our noses like this go to bed. then we talked, and then I saw him after that. So who started off doing solo sets we just play guitar and play foot drums yeah, you know Granda, it was just really good and we started talking. I took them to a bar to
and by doing records record his first record as himself and his what he came in with me and then he types like hey. Can you describe his id and bring it back out and give it to me? I was like how old are you in I gave him his by thirty who looked fuckin blonde guy with short hair at the end we walk in and the guide the door looks at the idea. We look to tie and they looks meaningless just like asshole and then just let him go and he's like whatever dude I like we'd known each other from me. Going to that barbara. I was like sorry for bringing a kid here: yeah yeah yeah your nephew and you talk to them. Yeah we made the first record. He was actually the second record that I put out on castle face, after the only other one I'd done before. That was my own. So me and this guy Brian Hughes, who start the label together, put out ties first record, and now it's me in the sky Matt Jones. During years later, I out a few of his records right. We put out ties. First solo record the only him and cronin him. No, we didn't do that. That was in the red. I think we did seven inch. I that's it. Did you
I was anybody we toward a tie I will see like t open up for us earlier many students solution we did at all month. Yet we play the slew of showed she every year now we've been doing a charity gig together, where, like me and him replays show and switch headlining slots for some local charity in the lair of some shit. You know You guys are still tighten its get used around. How is a million times when I met groaning yet watched him scream at a guy or though, but a lance, which I thought was pretty ballsy. Yet we were fans of the yellow night. It turns out, but so what is mostly the. So do you make money at the label? The label makes money, of overseas record's end like I can guess or repressive their shit and tie like and white fence bribe here that some of the biggest of does and some of the smaller records break even make a little bit of money too It's it's tricky. You know I mean it's just a tricky business, but we also have a high output, we're putting like two things a month, so
so I guess you're really n it you're you're making records and you put turns around yet my partners, a rope work a holocaust, so he loves the business end of it. But I've been pushed on him. Maybe we need to pump the brakes a little bit, so we can actually stop losing all the money that my van makes the label and putting it out on records that are decimal. money and who just seems a bad business choice. You know, but it's like it's. It's interesting that There's a period there were young before cds sort of took over. Everything were like these small labels were around, but they couldn't really find a way, and now that vinyl back in this music, huge leon. I mean, there's all these deep rabbit holes of music nerd, damn that because I look liking of there. If I read your wiki page Pedro there, there are outlets. commenting on yes sort of the Up so your bands and whether or not that you like there's, definitely people that are feverish we into your world and that you took let years to build dry twenty three years a tory, neither
wait two years now, what kind of like what size rooms usually gonna jam? I mean it depends here. I always prefer to play of middle sized club into multiple nights, so in new york will play three or four nights at like the bowery or warsaw rice. Do It shows cause. He had a lot of not that I have a problem with bigger clubs, but I prefer like I'd like a like a thousand or less club, because then the show still if people when I go to a show at a club that has like three thousand people or something in the back, I'm like the fuck am I doing here. You know like it's just not the same thing where you can't get that It's like you, re thirty condoms and near not in out in the moment, and I know I always preferred to play Oh I like to multiple much too because then for the pure fact of laziness. I can load the guy we do one sound check or whatever and then leave the fucking gear there for three days. Sure, and I go fuck off yeah, and our sound guys like do you wanna do some checking on like we are and why the hell would we do that again? Okay, I guess we'll just go eat again
of a self evident. How many parochial can you fit in that danger? So you get it if you get a residency going for and we also a lot of the places we play, we really get along with them. So, unlike SF would play at the chapel like three nights, but this time around we're doing great american for two nights: oh yeah, at the big room. Yeah I mean it's. It's not that big, though, just It's because it's an eight hundred yeah, but it's also at that. We were going to try and do three nights, but it's at the end of a month, long tour and like tacking on one more nights always like and being so close to home. You like it Is it due to this? I imagine that, unlike bands that you know where punk bands it at the beginning, a lot of the the crowd her liking of guys, my age. I think that you pray have a lot of a pretty we're pretty lucky with our spectrum. Like our work as you are all about him, crap rikers, he still appeal. Like I mean the music is alive as relax. This reminds me of this ban, they don't know about and that's a good nature. My favorite are like the old english guys by fucking. Hell, though, I'd walk up and be what the fuck and I like, and his older friend
I too old, drunk as yet. I brought him because he does no shit. You say, however, that the only laughed at the idea. This is my daughter. Like his daughter life, you reminded us of a music that that no one knows any more or I may like little kids, like some guy I'll, be there with his kids like headphones. I sound protecting, have further cabo baby, so how light so the audience is doubt with, because the record there so many records remedy records, like twenty nineteen as the one I have coming out now. Nineteen full length, but there's been a slew of vps, and there's a constant evolution like floating coffin is a straight up kind of psych rock, almost writing a little garage. He yep yeah the vocals are a little further back and that got a little echo too Why am I getting a little bit more in the front right, yeah man and who's, the woman that things on dawson who Brigid died and she's been with you a lot in her have been working together on and off for, like maybe ten or fifteen years now yeah, you have no bridges. The best she's, like my sister
on her for she. She she's where she just came up. We meet her working on a bunch of software right now so what the one like an odd entrances. That was that, like was that stuff that you recorded for it exists that didn't make it on or was just we recorded like two records worth a shit, but like I as I was like orchestrating. The first are going to come when I realized that there was like a batch of other songs that were a little bit more ethereal or far out or or like a little bit beat. That record in my opinion, was like and the only kind of thing which is like this one that another entrance on entrance it s more like for people who are due to bad. This is not a place for somebody to start writing at it like now, really get it. You know like our like. Where would you tell people to start? I mean it depends if, if it depends what they like, as we have a few different directions, I think that we work with. We have
if they liked the live, show a lot. Yeah I'll, always recommend the newest record, because, frankly, once I get past something I get sick of it really quickly. I loathe everything I've done once a year has gone by air kinda. I mean there's moments here and there, where I'm like every now and then offences be like unto a double lp of greatest hits and I'm like if I had to pick one Song from a record in this summer goes around like black. I, like yeah, but you'd have to pick ones. I fucking know like the one that the people but but there's like a lot of like things like, for instance, he records that people like are ones that I would recommend like have like floating coffin, was a big hit, because that was the first one we hit where it's like pretty aggressively recorded yeah and it's very close to the live. Show where I really like kind of. We were getting
I like the rock and live, show yeah. So that's a good one, but then there's also like you know more acoustic records that we made that I would recommend earlier yeah. Those are called like hounds a foggy notion that has a dvd that comes with us playing it outside all over san francisco and has recorded just with one microphone and it's very intimate, and you guys have that available, still no but you can find it on Ebay. I don't! Actually. I want to repressive. We've been talking to the guy about doing a vhs of it. Talking about some hipster. If you your label, why won't you keep everything in production and because we do keep almost everything production honestly that not come out on our label that came out on a label that was an affiliate of permanent, called h, h s b, x, capture of races like and but this guy Ben put that out so I need to get in touch with him. We want of Evan talk. I and a business like on the list of many things are needed. It would mean that my partner been talking about getting this repressive as it was like people like that and what's that other wave of attire accords on, sometimes god no,
in in the red now the wonder, exit drag city? Drag cities does all the thai stuff now, as far as I know, yeah pretty at unless titles like a one off. Are you guys, friends with them? I've met them. I don't really know them yeah, like they're, like I mean it's just like I don't If all label guys know each other, we've we've shook hands. I've met one dude, a bunch of times cause he's always at ties. There's no conferences, there's no! I go no good yeah, I don't really know so so you're going to say so you got a new record coming out in august yeah right august, twelve in your touring like I took a break and now you're badly in two days we're going to Poland. Have you ever been to poland? Yes, pawns fucking, great planet festival called off last time we played there. The people in the crowd broke a hole in the floor, and I watched security rushing over to deal with it yeah and I thought they were going to like stop. The sharks was literally like a three foot hole, but instead the security guards.
climb down to the hall and stood back back and just kept the crowd from falling in the hole, and I remember making eye contact room and the guy gave me the thumbs I'd be like no. No, it's okay! I was like I love polar and after though a great show I was like, I can't believe, they're like we don't want the people get hurt, and I was like that like security, guys that I know who like actually. What he's going to be like is politically it's kind of crazy, actually, don't know what the hell is going on in poland right now. I have no idea what was it like national listing ban university really popular these days is gonna. I just wonder how it treaties down ranch eyes, youth. I wonder why I imagine they're. Always there are europe, in my opinion, compared to the states or even the uk, a little bit and people are really sensitive to fascism and shit over there more so than we are because we didn't live it as much as that. It wasn't on our turf. We are fighting it, I've been through it but like they were like getting there, we're the ones getting fucking bombed. You know so it's like. News stories about, like somebody calling somebody not there and getting has decked
at the call some data select stuff like that, like that's, why I, like le pen, didn't make it cause. People are starting to fight back right and london. You did you do good there yeah we just played there. We played there fuck, we just played the night of that fucking shooting on on the bridge, which I've already happened while we're on stage wow so. This seems like that is becoming the norm. To like hear terrible news when you get off get off stage like oh fuckin, yeah sam shepherd just died like what the fuck command like that would say. Oh man, well, at that age. Now, where everybody we like is going to start the dining room at every some news end of the day, like people are dying, really quick enough, like not getting old. I was like these guys were fucking twenty. When you were zero and they had the strong stronghold on their thing, like you know these chads, that kind of like you, like bowie, gave following built around cried I've watched. You would need to be built me Brian. You know I get so obvious you're gonna, get all someone in your family here, but you know it's like I mean how many of the most recent records I d really listen to, but didn't matter it was like. You just knew. He was here
and now you're here is ever the music. Did you listen. I've been listened to that last point in Sweden, where it is specially into no added value as you liked. While he was writing it, it's like he to me, as I we're gonna give you do know. Skywalker yeah. Do you like his boat? in skywalker both of these like crooning, I mean, obviously have very different ends of the spectrum yeah, even who knows who they are but like both of them kept going further and further out like bowie stopped. Doing like his like what he knew would sell and whereas I bring me the best electronic drama didn't give a shit in mourning alike, skywalker, making records of the guys punch, insides a b, and shit for, the percussion. I gotta get more into scott walker. I've only got to start at the beginning. Man and keep moving is great. Alright, but it's like another thing is like a you know. Heavy personalities yeah. I like I'd, be just like you pop play. It half way up you're a fucking dude, it's great that dude's a wolf. I agree. How was live any alive looks great, so lucid. I had him in here and he's like you know,
ITALY, that's awesome, he was grey heel every time, I've ever seen him. They take him on stage and they throw them in a car is like laying down like a rug. They pick them up toss him on the car just drives away and well. Rollins told me that you know there's a real difference between gm oster berg and, if iggy pop so like when you sit down affleck you're talking to Jim yeah yeah, and you know, he's like he is memories great and he you know he's got dudes got all the stories man in any knows them, though, because you like you, make these assumptions about dudes who live a certain life and get to a certain age like they gotta, be at the gym, braindead or whatever. But no, I don't think it's me, I mean those guys were partying but like some, some of those dudes are cut out to withstand the torment and allow the user or torreon. Or what am I right in a lot of them? The myth you know it gets hell, didn't time, whereas they've moved on the night, they're not doing dope any better. I yeah the last thing he wants to do, but then you get those guys who are of that age and still get ohio. Yeah like I get, I get a seven year old guy not too long ago was that, can you give me meth and I'm like
one guy I don't want to. I don't want to be the guy that killed. You like I I refuse to have my name. If you're reading the paper when you're dead they're like oh and then this twat bottom, the speed on my it's the picture of me, like I didn't know, I thought he could handle it, but I think some of them, like, like we were talking about before, like some of them, might do a little bump to get the juices going, but they're not live in the. I can't even imagine yeah, I'm forty two now and I'm like fuck, that you gotta be out of your goddamn, I'm like half pint of beer and you have a drink and like go watch game of thrones. What's wrong with your method, it's a three day investment just me like we can. A bird is like stage like forestry, and so it looks like he's dance, and this was a huge mistake that idea the strings we're going. although what is good our job terrorism. Theory go very exact dude that get you up to speed on the dwyer experience, the the o s, o c's new record November seventeenth.
dwyer the dryer up and just get all get to go into it. Man's a whole rabbit hole but shit there. I will some music, much like all the music I've always played some day some day. I will transcend the groove that I am stuck in
the buster lives.
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