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Episode 894 - Bill Janovitz / Danny Lobell

2018-02-28 | 🔗
When Marc was a young comic living in Boston, Buffalo Tom was one of his favorite bands. Buffalo Tom frontman Bill Janovitz joins Marc in the garage to talk about the band's rise from the pre-Nirvana days of indie rock to a point where huge mainstream success remained just out of reach. What happened after that? Also, Marc's buddy Danny Lobell returns to talk about turning his life and standup routines into a comic book in the style of one of his heroes, Harvey Pekar.

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I'd like to do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck stirs, what the fuck the terrines how's that terrance come on. How's it going MARC Maron. This is my podcast wtf, welcome to it house every but he doing as maybe I tell my voice, I'm feeling a bit better, hundred percent, but I dunno know if I ever am anymore. Is that possible, like I don't feel, I I had ended moved into my guts. Now I don't want to get graphic. I don't want to be tm A guy, but, there were problems. Man, like I didn't know like there was a lot going on I'm going to leave it at that there was. It started in the head. They moved it. the widow, then it just. It found a home in my lord
G gee, I might just put it I don't know where it really was, but yeah I it was. You know there is a problem, but I'm feeling better. My point, one My point, the point I was trying to make was that I wake up and am I still feel kind of city but then I think back before I had the sickness and I that's most of the time like I wake up, and I'm not great, is this the way it's going to be? I don't feel well. I'm and little dizzy, my well to to to move through the day is not great, but I'm up early. So so I can think about that. stuff a lot. Why am I not doing more with my life? Why am I not maybe I should switch back to coffee. Maybe this tease very unsatisfying, maybe I dont, maybe this cat foods not right for any of us if as fish in it dirt throw it up on the couch and then I got to deal with that smell. On top other things, that's become a big!
turn today on the show that I've got to guess I talk to her. Annie low, bow danny. About the comedian he's got an record out and he's a he's, a mench, a true mensch, this rebel kid I've known him a long time he's a he's, got a comic out. fair enough. There's always a dream to write him and illustrate he didn't know striated, but he wrote it fair enough truce. Where is from the life of comedian? Danny were bell and he's got the pod gas modern day. Philosophers he's got a new record out, He d be nice, in barcelona, with a riff on the Davis sketches and spain cover, but labelle You know he had a radio show interviewing comics long before I had wtf and he's he's at a gem, this kid kiddies nice to old people. ex hanging out with the old guys he was you know he was a friend of Shelley Berman's, he's a good kid. He's going to be on bill janovitz from Tom is here which
times when they, my favorite bands of buffalo tom, I love that band. I love. That band and they like they. They make me feel better and here's the thing. bill. I never really saw buffalo tom back in the day we were sort of contemporaries back when I was in Boston, butt don't think I ever went to see them and when I got there there the record I, It was a birdbrain and that it just my mind's already living in new york in the late eighties, but they had an album before that self titled, that I talked to j mask about because he produced it. That's and suit, and the bus the bus that song kills me They just some about the way that guy rights, music and he's here and in the I just been wondering what he's been doing. They put a new record out, but it was one of those like I was going to go because I didn't know what for a moment, a mike in terms of music and like what you been doing okay, so it's sort of like I tried it
he's into that, like what are you doing to me, a living. You know I mean Oh Tom was great, but what you know what's been It was a negative. It's not negative. It's all good! It's great! I'm going to go, see them this saturday. I think anyway, here's what happened. This- is what building up to is the big payoff so sick right, but I'd already put in for spots, and then I was actually more sick. I wanted to be- and I put in some I knew like Going to the bathroom before I left for the car which is about a thirty four minute drive from my house, my new house over- why don't give too much away, but that I don't it's. You know not. Why options if some bad with him? My point was: is that I said to myself work I'll do the spot.
If I don't ship my pants in my car. that was the deal I made with myself is at all my comedy, if I do my pants my car on the way over it was. It was a high possibility there's not even the great restrooms at the comedy store for the help, but at the same restaurants, where everybody but So, needless to say, not only did I not shit my pants on over the comedy store by did a pretty good set for somebody that was about to shit their pants. I just sometimes it's what I need it's just what I need to really show up. Is the the looming. Possibility of something horrible happening
this case literally harp, not just a metal thing like. I could have shipped my pants on stage what I would have liked somebody to take my face in that moment where I knew it was happening. Cuz I'd like to save that face. To close. All of my shows with this is that how is that not the funniest face ever. What's going on, oh my god, he shitting his pants yup. I got blue. We did some shit jokes. so danny la belle very sweet guy, very funny, guy thoughtful guy, jewish guy, married guy- and I say those things because yeah he's really julie and it like, This is all in ip brought me some kosher bait goods when he got here. They're. Ok, that's right! That's the thing about kosher, feared that
was. It is okay. I found there was good as a french bakery. I think, the almond croissants from the sure joint are as good as the actual french bakery, but you You got to do what you got to do right. You do. I mix those things forbid the cheese touches the meat why not be ungrateful I I am either way I ate the kosher croissants they weren't flaky enough though they weren't they weren't. They weren't like flaky, like you, wanna, really great croissant to be, but hey can't. You know you gotta keep the dairy separate. So you know you as if you take you know you take what you get at least they're doing it right back in the day kosher what's a boy was at we just assume the french didn't like jews of any kind where'd that come from,
way Danny danny a he's got a comic book out called fair enough. True stories from the life. Comedian, Daniel bow got that you get. That is fair enough comic dot com he's, got his podcast modern day, philosophers and he's got his new album called the nicest boy in barcelona, dad on itunes. Now you're gonna hear me talk to the love the daphne labelling, so that read the comic book of the rough draft of it, and it is basically it almost is p car ask I did all the artwork as well. No Amy Hayes did the Amy hated the art where you do painting. He just brought me a painting of me. Yes, I do, but the amount of time and commitment to make a comic book to the level that I want it to be. I felt like I should leave it in the hands of an expert comic book illustrator, and I have this guy
Josh Josh meet bag. Meat is doing the second one item minneapolis the essentially I'll do one, although a street one as well, but it's it's hard to balance everything and put out a good product, after years as a stand up comic- and you know a an addict of orthodox jewish religion from scottish roots. I am an interviewer of comedians an amateur artist, a a of old alpha, their chameleon, hang around a savage oldest of the comic see now out of as out of a seemingly hidden desire you, you are making a comic book about your life. that's what I always wanted to do. So I feel like I'm right now in the in the danny bell renaissance. Is that what it's called?
in the calendar I'm doing everything I ever wanted to do. I clarinet I started taking lessons I always wanted how old you thirty four okay, I was: to play the clarinet like like behave. I was so never played anything before the violin. When I was a kid, then for the whole life now and you decide take clarinet lessons. Yeah how's it going great really is it brings so much joy. Have you ever seen me this happy since you've known me, I'm trying to read you you can read me inside and out, there's nothing. I am so happy here, I'm doing everything I wanted to do and tell you, but the end connectivity. I like My loving of hanging on their comedians, I started up to mill valley to see more saw and, and then I wonder, plan at the throckmorton feeder doing some stand up there, and I had this in doing that. I brought you a copy of this bishop Anthea and I
to the women who runs the throckmorton lucy in the us is, should do in art. Exhibit I say, look I. This is a first painted in twenty years. I don't I don't. I used to paint when I was a kid, but yet she goes well How much time do you need? I semi pieces? Do I need to see was twenty. I said alright April oh and I am now paintings- I've been doing paintings ice, I'm playing music, embracing comic book, some and painting all day, I'm doing charcoal. They start doing all the jazz musicians already shaw and jimmy noon, and a good men and end buncher comedians you and gilbert and Dave Chapelle. So I doing a gallery exhibit of community. In jazz musicians that I love more, that's exciting, so yeah and he came out record with the the the omaha, you sketches of spain as the cover s yeah. When did you do Why is it called the nicest point? Barcelona
family was originally from barcelona and kicked out and the inquisition, and so to go back and do a record there. So I went back tourists alone, and I and I did a record there. We are. Thirdly, ever like it spanish audience, it was like hell, cut the line and half expats beer, and it was a crazy. Cause. I recorded it became now, where recorded it right after the paris shootings then after the nobody wanted to come out yeah, but I went to a sephardic synagogue that afternoon in barcelona and half the synagogue turned up to see me so is like that, This cosmic thing like I would have had almost no crowd. I had a few caught the line, people a few expats and then half of a sephardic congregation from Barcelona yeah. So it's like what you just told them. You were playing yeah and they came how big or how big the congregation seven people, but it was a small, a good downgrade the sheriff-
required under achievement endura I evening how many the congregation in like twenty people, but you know, like seven, showed up how the way that far with big big numbers, nobody may this area the show that Syria, seven people's eva show ebooks is a tiny little theatre, called it didn't matter. How many people to see her we forty and wish you really dire straits, but nobody with it was gonna be like the first time I went out and played spin, it was like sold out crowds. I went out with this guy stephen guy. one brought me up yeah. He ran the barcelona international comedy music film, fair? I dunno whatever a lot of titles, a couple of those guys who run those rackets, huh yeah there was a guy. Did a china run, forget his name, beijing and hong kong, I think oh yeah was that good. I dunno sorry, I was yeah. It shows
hey it's interesting to be in China. I can't say this shows or anything monumental get here. well, yeah the first time I went. I was like wow. This is I gotta do a record here cause it was packed yeah and then the second time You know this time that this time, when I go out with the putting people in everything you know. There's a huge terror attack night before and nobody wants to leave their house. Yo at one shot at it, and I said you know what I'll do it with a light crowd and it still came out great. It's just it's a light crowd matter, but he did well with the right crowd. I think so. You can identify everybody's single laugh yeah every every one of those forty people they're all on the record and they can hear themselves laughing. Well, that's good! So this just came out yeah marry! Well, that's that how's, your wife doing she's good she's done a lot of writing she. She writes, you know non funny stuff. Articles near death on all kinds
Finally, I should still like: being jewish yeah. Last year we yeah we ve, we've, never been more happy with the you know. We found its sephardic irrigation, in LOS angeles, that we, we feel like at home, at his gray, is god I grew up in a moroccan synagogue, so all the tools that I grew up with our these moroccan tunes ladino turn round and so like it's hard to find it and when you do find it a kind of excites, something in you from your from your childhood, recognize the melodies yeah, so so just that alone does that primarily what makes it different or sephardic? Does the congress asian. I mean these people from most america or are they are people you're in a lady, you mostly get iranian spear urgency, hers and jews. Yeah beverly it. Baby, beverly hills, but you get some iraqis, you get some turks and some marine
and the israelis are just a nice eclectic mix of accents and a half, and I find it's just you know me, it's more fun and more fun can cause it's where I grew up in, so he has certainly try better than your user run of the mill middle too, middle class orthodox irrigation, Something about that that you know I'm sure it's for for a lot of poland and he's orthodox sore orthodox, but insofar as you don't even have worth it. It's everything you have people who are all different levels of of of of observance and they all get together, yeah and they just are I love about it. There's like less segregation. In terms of where you stand, it's, there's no for label for it powerful yamakas round torres and off. He taluses no show off here
Alice's plain white, mostly oh really. Now it's coming back from Israel with the colored fringe. Now I think that's that's more like that. I finally consider of congregate in as they go crazy with their tireless italy as true it's like they have talus. That's right: yeah! Now you come back with but yeah the the as in. Are they the big ones, the kind that look like hats yeah? As a by there? I beat it or what woven woven yeah yeah. I have a bunch of those you do. Yeah you're, not you're, wearing a ralph lauren yarmulke. Now yeah is the most comfortable hats like this floppy, I think that during your yahoo account, usually only on shabbat? during the week now. Why not? And I just not my custom You may rely real orthodox practice will again it's like safari and that that also further marianna babies always was always of art and will you or with yeah, but live converted. She converted not with safari.
and, like you know, in an ashkenazi kind of thing, and I I went along, but it was like I don't feel connected in that way, so what now she's coming around to serve our team, loves it as much it's it's a party I you go there if she was more jewish and you were one point- probably still you know it's let you know, there's a purity to it because they come in without the baggage no sir. if they they really want to learn it and appreciate it and yeah if they're, if they're in it, for the the right reasons they gotta you gotta lock it in with other belief, yeah. She brought me I can't do it. I was. I was adeline, hang ups and anger, I'm gonna be rid of them all in a cause. You brought you got brought up in the old school. Ash cannot see the nozzle,
right you want I'll above its just below their free was I will convey that even go full above it. She did not have a bad apple above. So I too, got the comic, and this is work, and this is just the first book of you yo walking by you making a comic and your relationship with harvey pekar and then get ends with you, sort of starting the interview, people right, yeah, and so this going to be an ongoing thing of your journeys in life from that period, which is what a decade ago about a decade ago, yeah, maybe fourteen years ago, fourteen years of stories that you're going to embark on with the comics right so what four year they're just going to a jump around in time towards the magazine you put up the comical. Oh yeah, remember and you on the cover yeah? I remember a big fight with a with one of the sponsors about it.
People that know who you are yet they rarely know now three people that knew you were a genius and has like I'm putting a mark on the cover and he goes pick any buddy, more of a profile than mark just give me somebody, because he sponsoring them the magazine. He has no one's gonna, pick it up if they dont, because look I like marked man he's. funny, but you don't understand the magazine business. Clearly, you can't just put who you like on the car, I'm like I'm putting them on the cover, while thanks for going bad for me for the comical, I feel like it's all cosmic. You know like here. I am now and thank you your again, yeah. terrorism here again with scientists and hurry and see the second comic book and everything that's
it be karma right? That's gotta, be something karma karmic about that yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah oddity because of the comical but yeah. No, you didn't know about the comical as the first time I ever told you know what do you mean? He was always on the cover someone. I must have seen it on a member now, but you you, you didn't know that I went to bat, for you know, thank god. Yes, I agree yeah, I dunno. I don't want to hurt you at the time of life, changer yeah, sorry, buddy yeah. I was going to put g on the cover of the magazine, no advice, but then a but then the guy who, Give me my regret. Speed and no one's right now I kept you on there and I didn't lose his visor yeah. That was my big. My big stand now, I am glad to be part of that then yeah. This is full circle yeah. Now I'm giving it ram, get I'm giving it back. That's what I'm saying it's karmic. So what about you're going to have kids or what I hope I hope so
the have kids, I want to have kids, but I want the united to do it right, yeah. You want to coach now. Let make sure you do it. I want to yeah in the near future, I'm just trying to like get out. jackson era yeah, I feel like it's happening in know. Yeah are you doing stand up? not as much as I was doing, and they were doing to show together this week at the comedy store, oh yeah, on thursday night. Oh right, that's true first schuyler yeah yeah, but I haven't been doing as much I started doing. One man shows and I've been- I did edinburgh last summer- that's right. I remember talking to you yeah that went really well, and so I'm doing it again this summer and what's your she's writing for a living.
Running for a living. That's great yeah! I just do this. I do the pie. cast of the modern day modern day philosophers podcast from yeah. We talked about the logout We did that once so gone shrunk, going strong good, just the one with george wallace, oh yeah, yeah how's fun yeah, that guy has good energy. Yeah man he's big boy yeah. if he is like nine feet tall that guy yeah he says is his towering over you yeah, but, like you know, just jovial fun. Warm guy he's still in vegas he's in vegas. Vegas? Well, he said he's going to get out of vegas. Now he's going to start doing more stuff is, is ended. His vegas run his he was telling me on the podcast curse. Is genocide trying to do some television hosting in all kinds of other things so using it a long time. Yet one of the things we talk That was his whole dream in life was to be in vegas. Then he accomplished it There is a what do I do now.
Really. I was a whole dream here. My dream is to never go there. I never again. Never have to go to vegas. With my dream, play vegas. I'm like why why right? It must be like some like romance. At the end of the days, are like don rickles and jerry Lewis. There that he probably grew- and I think that people are more business minded. you can get one of those residencies. You know you got your guy. We got a year on the books. After I like set amount of money, got contract yeah I mean, I think, that's appealing to some cats. Yeah, probably yeah man like you doing, and why three four shows a week, they put you up You can eat at the hotel or whatever and starting to sound depressing yeah is who's in that event, depressing gallant right, the beginning that we know that you want to be secure near enough for the year, but I just
I'm a one time I used to work at a place in a hotel that fucking catch in princeton directly. Remember that ways. Do I. Why do? I think? I think I was there once I believe it was in a hotel yeah. It was death. The hotel was a there with ralphie, and I I used to tour with ralphie and I went to a lot of these places. I used a little place ralphie may yeah. Maybe it wasn't that long time ago, something long time ago, but I remember it was like he could eat it all he had to eat it to employees lounge. We are the employees restaurant downstairs for you that before for the people that worked at the hotel depressing sitting there in that weird since, iranian lunch room and he stayed at the hotel. where the club was at there's a hyatt in in princeton. That's never It was in fine. Dude There's a lot of moments of terror, not necessarily fun, know you
I can make out the good old days now, I'm looking back at them like as their comic book there. It confirmed and make it a shaky comic book great comic book gigs. I'm writing, like all those all those stories of being a stand up in a comic book. You know just the life of my life as a stand up. I talk to what's wrap it up points. The first one come out march: first and then what year for four year for and the end. The record, Daniel above the nicest going barcelona perform for thirty eight people. yeah the day after a terrorist attack and seven sephardim, I have available guarantee on all that's happening, the complex harvey pekar. Seven is a sweet, little relationship. You got with that guy. and because I was in, I was very, insecure. I feel and I'm the most secure I've ever been now, but I was very insecure and scared, and I had very,
well ambitions and then I saw this movie american splendor and I was like oh this guy reminds me of me mia and he did something with his life like he's he's got a movie made about them here and and like it brought back I'm like that's what I always wanted to do. What I used to make comic books- and I was a kid and this Does it as an adult? I could do it in the outer. You call him he's in the phone book is it because in the movie he's he had this opening scene about how happy he was to be in the phone book. It meant he was somebody to see his name in print in the phone book and I thought maybe he when the phone book- and I call them expecting that it was a stir but crazy idea here and then his his answered the phone every peak on the other line, and I immediately like lost my voice to nervousness so nervous that actually worked here. And and then he got me talking and I got more comfortable. I remember like my heart was beating through my chest and like oh, my god, I will
when planning for him to actually pick up, yeah, yeah, that's hilarious and then and then I made this stupid the announcement to him on the phone cause. I said I want to get my writing. listen and nobody wants to publish it. I'm starting out stand a comic and I submitted some places, and I don't even here rejections, hear anything. I said I was could do what you do and just put it on myself, and he just goes you can and I just shook my my brain. When he's Emily wait a minute I can, he goes yeah just figure it out find a way into it, and I said okay, I will and then I I I hung up and I'm like well. I can never call this guy again if I don't yeah so because look like a liar, so that just forced me to make that magazine that you were on the cover of I just needed to make something. You keep calling him and have a friendship, and like you know, the guy was a hero to me, yeah and and then I you don't want to spoil it because it comes sort of full circle. It's kind of cute in a mystical way.
Finally, one glad you doing well, yeah thanks thanks, so much for having me back our interests and thanks to the pastries earlier there yeah and I tell me when you having a kid. oh yeah, well, you will do a podcast or a dirt she's in waiver. Alright, the alright? So you you got the deal, that's danny! Thank you, danny for the croissants, the kosher croissants. I feel like I was rude and you probably listen to grateful. They get straight with god, so I got to do I said before Danny's you know, get the comic book fair enough. Dot com calming get modern day. Philosophers is part podcast on itunes and his new album. The nicest boy in barcelona on itunes is well what's goin on that kid anyway. So, like I said before, you know bill, and of I love buffalo Tom I haven't seen.
I've never met him. By what he's been doing- and I was I was nervous about that service, because it was like one of those things were so what is Ok, what were you but what you been up to, but they get a new buffalo tom record out, which is nice and it's called quiet and peace. It's out tomorrow. I believe they're going to be, at the teragram ballroom here in la this saturday, performing all of become over. I believe all the way through two shows I don't know what to take. Its situation is by another post to go probably the early one before I do comedy and Each here on the big the ban them just been curious. What he's, up to and how life is for a four bill: so this is me and bill janovitz.
If you have the stones books right? Let me see, I don't have the thirty three and a third brought that for you, the rocks off is the other one. Yeah. That was your big book on this dossier. The blockbuster what what compelled you I mean did it did it start with the riding on exile in this thirty three, and they asked me to write one thirty, three and a third and I was going to write one about class clown, but I just like I find the the x, size of writing so painstaking and relentless for the for the actual pay off that I've there. I don't want to do it anymore, ba yeah, I'm sort of in that state right now, thinking about another project and like what like what sprouted yeah. I don't even want to kind of do more. Music, writing, yeah, yeah, more music. Writing. So it's trying to find that kind of thing you want to dedicate yourself to and it's like, is it going to be The compelling for me: is it going to be commercial enough is to take so much time
yeah. So you worry about selling a book now not selling. So much is like I got other I got the bad guy, yet I got a family guy job. I got boba, so it's like what am I I mean that really the last one took like I didn't know in an intense period of time what they the the the rock rocks off yeah fifth, and what was he? What was the hang of it? I got it but, like I like, I, I've had hardly any time to read: Yeah I mean started with this week. I really do want to write on exile. I love the idea of this. through you, three serious yet great they do last year, and this was the earliest days you react when you could still go ahead, I have this idea. Yeah yeah nobody's nobody's picked exactly right, but my friend Joe Bernice and the Bernice brothers yeah boys yeah. He did one and what were they? A band Bernice brothers up Joe, was
scud mountain boys and the priests brothers, however, are banned right right, yeah, yeah, yeah and Joe still plays he plays with the raymond from teenage fanclub haha he's up in toronto. Now, where I he and I went, we went to umass Amherst. There and try. I saw he had done once. I said hey, what did he do, which one he did? Meat is murder and has sort of it was the smell. I I can't I you know it's like. I can't I've never into the smiths. I looked into him for a further as soon as now era meat is murder, yeah and the hatful of hollow is record. But after that yeah I mean the whole morrissey solo thing. I just don't know why people I dunno, where it's as much of a comedy show is anything but you're like around my age. Do we do it like? We did? I miss it when I do there seem to be a of time where I guess was not. Maybe I just work pay attention to music. I don't know what happened yeah, so that would have been worth like eighty four Well, as I was getting out of high school. I think that was so. That was it. I seemed to push back on you. what was legitimately your punk rock and
the music yeah. I dunno. Why I'm similar? I mean I was at this or the earlier punk rock stuff, but not so much. You know like not so much like dead, wendy's or then sort the hardcore yeah and in Boston, so the boss, sixteen hardcore was was huge. Did you come from our group alone? You gave me a web portal huntington yeah yeah on jewish guy now, and I even did a dna. Does I thought for sure some some jewishness who now national jew in my group culturally, half irish, half italian, the is kind of a little red herring in the oh yeah, what that happened in their Jana, what we were trying to figure that out of china vit so generate a vat as a bastardize eastern european day. My father's grandfather tat came from somewhere. I am. We heard russia, but that's right right here, So you're irish italian irish tell you my mother's italian
huntington's. There is that italian irish shut out yeah, just like a bar every corner and and he's the best pizza in the world and he's got big family, I'm the oldest of five five yeah, the catholic family. yeah yeah yeah oldest of five got a bunch of like how how how young is the youngest. The youngest is fifteen years younger than me, so one of my fifty one I'd only want to do the math as there's no kidding he's got his kids kids of his own, though you got kids too yeah yeah, I got eighteen year old girl and a thirteen year old boy, no kidding yeah, so you gets that that right, like you around the right, 30th yeah, the like the first? I remember buffalo Tom I go it was. I got the I pray got the bird brain album first in One was that the late eighties, like ninety eight ninety, ninety nine nine for right and then I went back and got there first, one with sunflower suit on it. Somehow yeah, that's it.
so that was that the hard core label, you notice, the black flag label, that yeah but wires I say that the stuff that sort of makes sense to me in terms of punk rock year was one who's could do of married it altogether that the energy was right, and so we were the three of us in buffalo tom were very much influenced by who's, could do in the replacements at a minneapolis, but also the boston bands that you enter your inbox, a mission of burma, yeah, there's back on a moving target, the amber than a task to really underrated like unknowns. Will, I kind of like I remember, like that, you're that you were there, but so you say you eve Huntington at sixteen eighty two yeah, and would you just walk, run away from home yeah know now my father got a job up in providence, so we moved to this town called medfield, which is sort of between providence and Boston. Massachusetts year went from this Town had always been a bad. A male band had almost I grew up there and what from? How can you had abandoned huntington vessel like a teenager, you in your own, when you start playing at our land like twelve thirteen? Look, I'm here
Were you playing in high school because now there are fifty two, fifty one yeah. You know this this kinds of stones, but it was the time we're talking, heads and and clash and Joe Jackson, and that stuff was just coming out, was coming out and and so were you know we went from play like half stones and have fun like neil young covers two of put in psycho killer. This and I know you'd better. We like it. It was a conservative era out, among still is it's like it till I got that alternative station came down after I left it was up It was still very much. I remember weren't there, some punk bands from the moment the dictators from long island from where the dictators from the bronx now maybe yeah yeah and remains long island, mons or queens yeah yeah. But I mean Second, like real long way. As you know, this is like a north shore of long island. It was very much the grateful dead across rye, southern raw right. You know yet is like the late seven yellowthroat. and the stones were getting criticized by you know the dude.
And discolor or offer for rear for their some girls records or yeah. So that's the kind of was- and I remember being at this- Are you guys who turned on the style? Remember be exactly ames is disc. so here are man here, but then I remember this. This great damn bow bands were this: there was this band called plastic device who came out as in my memory, they were like in jumpsuits, they have oh sure later and they they they launched into I'm so bored with the usa and the kids in the high school. In buddhism or not our stage but booed them, because they are they're anti american, oh really yeah, yeah yeah, alright, so they just weren't ready. They weren't ready, they weren't, but I think there are still pockets of long island that aren't ready now. that's. Why they're out on long island, sure yeah. So I think there's a lot of trump support down there in some areas and I haven't really dug in man yeah dug in old time. You know jingoistic nut job, it's it's a civil protection kind of thing.
So do you get up to providence and providence sets, but you weren't in we were. I was outside of boston, but it was like in the middle of nowhere. So am I from this really kind of thriving town where you could really get around yourself? Hitchhiking? Yes, yes, whatever, but beaches downtown record stores to this. You know literally one stop light town, a nice, beautiful town, but near the middle of nowhere here. So it took awhile. There was a depressing time, but you know if you finish high school, there yeah finished school there and went up to umass and that's when Chris actually from buffalo Tom he he he kind of came from Huntington as a kid too and moved to midfield when he was a. He was there before me haha, but we met at umass he's two years older or so it's just three you in their regional banner. I come again guinness Yeah, I remember him I mean like I, I don't know if I knew know him, I feel like I met him before. Is it possible he's a real quiet guy he's the only native new englander in a band? He grew up up in andover and he went to umass. So you went that's where you met chris and Tom yeah, and you start playing together.
So they were all and we were all another bans, but more ban were you nobody who is called the where it has glows banco ran bumptious rambunctious lamas, which became some name here might as high school kenya, but Tom played base in his cousins ban and actually did a tumor hair producer did accepted records, and he did. He worked on our first record and maybe a producer. For the pfc scene. He worked on for a start. In a band with Tom actually end, they were called play the mutton and then they were called skyler hinkle. But I was a high school kid with his like he's college it's going up to and over during christmas break, and I saw tom playing bass and they were playing these original songs and his cousin was amazing, wrote really great songs as hobo kind of vibe, what a blew my mind that people could could and they were already
What a player you know like! Jumping jack, flash and boston, or the rye rye has like sort of high school while jumping jack flying over near the fenway yeah man down yeah yeah. So that was that moment where you're like? Oh, you can write, songs and also Tom was really handsome, and I wanted to be in a band with that. Guy, always looking behind the drums, yeah yeah, so yeah, we kind of it was just it's just the era where, You know, J was mascot was around in those guys and there was a lot of equipment down impeding go these metals air though right here it is, he did. He won t you Mary. I found their free from his house right, yeah, grubbin amherst, and they we're already going by the time we dinosaur jr yeah. They they had already put out their first record and and then your dog, I think, you're, not the first one self titled, oh yeah, the one with the repulsion and then you're living all over me with the action and that was coming out or came out right around the time and were forming. So there is like
amazon and drums and in these houses in Northampton you know the next over guys get together. parties and jam and cut out how we got going really stuff out yell at our downtime and those guys would each wanted to learn different instruments. I was already sort of singing and playing and writing my own song, so Chris jumped to base and tomtom to drums from bass ha know how to play drums. sam. He had been fooling around and drums. That is, you know in it with his own band, but it was his other drummers set. When so, you know be left at his moms right right so you guys are all hanging out up there in amherst and js around yeah. But what was the scene was he like? Did everyone consider him a mastermind of some kind? Or was it just equally everyone? He was a really small group of people like so you know, black flag would come through or the replacements and it would be. Like placements came from yeah. You know student union ballroom kind of shows. So I they were at their. That was the top of their game. Right, yes, saw them at a channel on. I guess was tim, some bright red as tim was coming
So that's a little later right I mean that would have been eighty five. Then why there was only one more after that. Wasn't there really were not going what we are doing here, the newest don't tell us sancho, so that was the last one thinks yeah, yeah, yeah of lost track, sure sure, but yeah bands like that, would come through in the picture. Remember do. Did you know that area at all Sheehan's there was a pub called and why knew like? I knew people around the pixies there, but I didn't know them. Personally I mean there was like I was on my way out. Joey and and Charles were up at umass as well that inform the ban till they want that boss, but they would come back and play and there was a basement plan. call your insurance and there'd be like you know, maybe fifty people max yeah and that you know so we'd see that a lot of the same faces. So when when jane and and low in mirth, so to make it a big it was still they were still getting grief from sound men around there in on it was really hard to get gigs their cause. It was. It was the aid
Is it very much the eightys there? You know so, like the only bans that people really wanted to go see and in mass me out was like reggae and blues stuff. It can rise to and right drink. Do you not sure was tat in jail, was still use and pretty much like almost the same years now full stacks in like a little club, and here glass mirrors. I remember, mirrors falling off the wall. This place called oasis in breaking, and you know he had our guys in tears because he was just too loud too loud, but he didn't give a fuck yeah. It was very pile grout. He would people would be Adam and you've met him and he just kind of you know, still face a It's gotten a little warmer well yeah. You know what I mean he's a he as you become more of a guru or something yeah, something gifts, I knew woman who I think was like. Maybe the pixies first manager before they got big I can't remember. I should know arrest. Camera an her first name and grow
it bothers me because you know we do it. Things just disappear, your brain yeah Well, I remember a lot of that era. I mean because we got going soon after that, like at fort apache in fort apache was like the sort of cohesive, element of Boston we want. Where was that it? The first one was down in roxbury, so it was really that's where they that the name came from. It was the rough era, and that was a studio yeah. I was aware how will this guy's name tim o hare? To my, but I mean he, TIM was just one of the sort of guys that was like a club house of Gaza, Sean Slade, Paul coldly lose your down. Oh yeah and Gary smith and Joe Harvard joy is actually Joe produces a cousin. Then they moved Cambridge and became sort of the big up in camp street around records were right or idea. That was what year was that they move they're right on the town. We were starting so that eighty eight eighty nine and they had to go on for a while, and then they moved again nearby, but
Oh, that was extorted up the big, cohesive element of is the guy who is recording their well. I mean not that the pixies started they big dipper, throwing muses timber, a lemonades and Juliana, and I'm like baby yeah blake, all those and yeah, and then you know, then, bands from outside are coming as soon as like bands like the pixies and throwing muses started, making big waves, sees you had radio had come in and whole and then apology on all the fort apache yeah yeah yeah, now yeah yeah call to blow It was a real amazing discography. So what gets at? What gets just cuz. I talk to him about doing your first record, It seemed to be kind of a hazy thing to him. like you know, he didn't completely own it in a way like he was like.
Did. We are, or I think he felt insecure about his capacity- that time yeah misread him. That way they did, they think he's been asked and office, or somebody is a pretty humble, modest guy, and he didn't really I'm not first record- was done and in like different session over months or so till we started with two more hair and then sean and tim sean Slade, and then J came in like somewhere in the middle of that none jaded all of our second record or we do we are with Sean Slade and then we went out to Sean Slade paltry farther. so the first records got the bus. Some songs. I thank you and love. Those songs come on barbarous. Secondly, idol of a darker for them. I led a bird brenda me fortune, teller, bird brain. Those are the best fortune tellers great, like I. I didn't realize it jaded that yeah
so that was long worry had J and from start to finish, and you know what we loved, what we live J was a kind of a vibe guy. Yeah. He was like he, he lights up to this day, he lights up. When you just sort of talk about guitars and gear and and getting sounds, a far in terms of the songs and arrangements. He wasn't really involved so much in that area. He did say this is about, but he said this is the hit. It's gonna make all the girls cry bird. I've for me. The song on that record that I love is a fortune tower yeah, it's kind of like the who yeah, it's almost like it's like mile. I can see for miles chords yet on the neck. I think well like I like that, but All these songs like this is one of those. I think birdbrain was the first software that album was like the one we are like one who the fuck. Are these guys? I'm glad that I got there the beginning, yeah yeah. it wasn't just a three on that record how it was the address. Other people hanging out playing guitar.
in our different yeah j plays on the sombre brain. You know, I think we have Tom's cousin sings and I don't know one of the song somewhere along the line. but yeah, I know knows it's been mostly just the three of us. We had a keyboard guy later hour, career like in the nine elite nineties, fur touring and for one record, but he wasn't really so after this record see do the first record and do do people pick up on it yeah I mean it was. It was just a different era where expectations were much lower. You note the fact that dinosaur was going across country, never mind the uk and surf in doing well is like god, if we could just get a record on s
the records variety, a goal right or a right or the amazing, then we could go on and graduate college and go on one last time, so each thing was really like moving it down the moving the goalposts down a little bit until you know it became this post nirvana age where they were signing everything that moved. So so did you finish: college yeah yeah. We all finished. I was the last. I was the I'm, the youngest where'd. You get a degree in. How is that communications and comparative literature minor? which is why he just like he didn't. He just got it done and then just exit road yeah. Exactly so all right. So you got your. You got your record on sst and that was sort of like cool, oh yeah, yeah and bye bye, it wasn't like ie, then you just start touring yeah I mean we started. I think we actually, our first real tour was over in, like belgium and holland and in and the uk. Many of her who rely on what well actually at its nose. Mostly
on tour. We did do a string of dates either in the first or second an opening for henry rollins band, which was pretty intense. You know in germany which rollins band configurations, a sam Hain, was some handsome some heinous. It was as a drummer, and I forget who earth's pretty crazy, It wasn't that they were really serious said. We were just this sort of like goofy, even when he's funny he serious I think so, those old school guys old school access to guys had little time for the master was jane. Around the time we got because he we sort of a community a minute men and idea they sort of this sort of developed a circuit We came a little later itself was.
I don't like you, you seem to be on the cusp of that that buffalo Tom sound was was how was changing at that time. Do you know there was a? It was a new thing that was going on right, What's sure how how broad that spectrum is, but making our yemen in young and people like to replace the staff that warrant essentially punk rock but pumpkin form, but the pretty. erica music, yeah with college rocket that back then, before you know it was because we are all played on college stations. We we've toured a lot of college, Is he yeah yeah allen bar gigs, where you call him and I, but it was still a very much a big deal as I talk about low expectations, like four four areas to have a major label deal. I appoint was still new and they are big descend to play these big hall site. Like Maureen, as that was all having is like a bird, bring comes out. Nineteen ninety yeah how'd you get signed from from from oh and after the first her. Well, yes, I mean it's a long story.
We were mostly site is dutch label primarily because they were the first one. We had gone through all the records like sending a demo tape so and we had the gun club record that we were puke gun club fans and they had alive record that was put up at his labour come mega disk rigour, melon in hot holland and belgium, and so let's go We got some some real footing in the benelux countries, which this day, our biggest sir a market programme You know it was they who isn't always guttered where holland and belgium are really here, in particular belgium, liked it There's this line, and I think it's singles that was the one with medea single macro and not doing. I am acting where he says I just found out our band is big in belgium and take this big, latvia, wife elbows me as a big. Yes, and he licensed s. Basically, we had a deal the? U s, because you are I live gun club record eureka exactly that those are the daily to set up a set.
Yeah. This guy wrote a letter and he wants to. He wants it's funny, that's what drove you like. You know history of s, s was the first the sst record now, like It's rules, you gotta, be called a megadeth goes first, where they were the first ones to respond. So Greg Ginn sat down with us in new york from sst and the guy from black flag, and I think he sat down with we already a J and after he was the fact that was an angle for him yeah. But then we signed a beggars banquet, which was act. That was, our powers are papa label for most of them most of our career, but then yeah. But then the next record. I mean come over ninety two, that that was the big record yeah that was sort of well. You know it's funny that started to happen. it's the one I gave Jon stewart and somehow he managed to get into rolling stone magazine say you were his favorite band: oh yeah, yeah, there's that movie. I did that. Thank you very much. I dunno, if you're still
favorite band, but I remember like he asked me at some point what I was listening to him. While I was telling everybody by buffalo jump, I had to get like David cross, snob about about part about like he was, fire hose guy, like you know that you're power just like a certain type of music and, like I can't like a bird brain asked. This is it this. Is it and then and finally, he relented so was it. I was it accurately and now you are that much of proselytize vienna by voting on vehicle, sir. I was yet, but they get because bird brain in this record. I, like all the songs on this record too. I know let me come over. Yes, this is our right around, never mind. You know what's happening you, we were so I've dialing down the guitar, while they were sort of beefing them up here in the house or sub pop scene. We play the rat with sound garden that sky, like that's, how fast everything changed: member mitch
yeah. Of course, I remember Mitch Mitch as much as images burned in the retina and the you know that voice by ara in a two two k, yeah or god, or whatever there was a mass of matted down pre trumpian, something else that things like a hat yeah. He was a real character: yeah yeah, Mr Bush, Mr bush uncertainty at one time, MR bush, but you some money yeah. You want me that he, you want to buy some beer, but I thought he said was New liquor store that when he had walked down stairs into like writing, can more or less down front there. He said jimmy you gimme a pine over. Give me some black label, so I got them scotch and you just want a beer in it too. He's in. I ran into him a few days later he's like I fuck me up man. I was who had won the Carling black label, yeah yeah, but but yeah bush was a yeah him and that he had a guitar for awhile, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I remember bush, I think they're both dead, yeah, yeah yeah. They both are
so yeah see you play the rat with Soundgarden yeah I mean so. There was like this sort of affinity between those bands out and sub pop in in seattle and and and and the sco east staff and yeah, but yeah I mean nirvana. Really, as everybody knows, it was just sort of cracked, it all open, and so we were on this labels in the. U s, it was through beggars, but it was called thirsty. there must be a promotional house, you, I know my studio who who had the highest brownies in the beginning I fibre round my guard down in on enough of it said he ass. He worked or he work that let me come over, but then it was loud so tell his face. Getting some spins a great song on the radio shelter. If I love that song bail,
Your guitar sound, very specific, like I listen to the the the latest record that you know that I just got. Is that out yet the new one yeah? It's got quiet, peace, it's coming out on march. Second, how do you get that guitar? and what do plan? Well discredit. The J inelegant this stuff that I grew up playing to like a palm bucker pick up through to ban, says it's like well, yeah, you know yeah, but if you can you can you can get very specific with an s g, Now I hear your love. The us g light out of it, mostly mostly bridge pickup. You put that jesse and eight hundred or a marshall, with a master volumes of the diamond gain just smoke. I was getting behind the second, with the second volume yakking amp up the drive on the said agraea. So that's mostly it and a lot of a christian, I guess underwrite, but so jack, yeah, but by the time, but met J. I had sort have gotten away from the two banks of my youth and with play. Like, like everybody else, through a j c, I made no way canada, a j c,
twenty those those jazz. Whereas rolling they are really three a rat in some kind of jangly, yeah yeah and just put these they're plugged in So here we are get me. I can hear the beef because those who wish to do and replaced with everyone whose beefing up and they were all to guys I think so yeah yeah yeahs, actually I mean talk about specific, sounds bob mould always had a really Civic sounded? Oh, yes, I like going directly to the board. Yeah man he's a sweet guy. Yea avian definitely sounded a kind of cut through right, right, yeah. Who are the bands that you were lined with on the east coast? Really I mean who were they this? The crew that was coming up with you. yeah, lemon head, women are babies, but it's funny yeah we'd go down to new york. There was a band called sleepyhead where we play the pyramid down in new york. I remember that place of bands like that and then, as soon as you hit the road you become friends with like this. You know teenage fanclub from scotland and
australia, you am I so, and there were. There was really kind of saw everybody out there. Yeah we'll be playing festivals and we'd meet a lot of these bands or be on the road for like a stretch, dates with them, sorta like yeah, probably yeah yeah, and you had long hair right for awhile or mid nineties cause. I think I remember seeing you at TT the bear's. I was the only time I ever saw you at tts. Is that possible yeah, it's possible. The only time you see. That's where you buried ladys idea. We did we'd always come back to tts, even when we like the paradise, and we still do a yeah yeah man, sorry to Let me come over, let seemed my point: was it poised to be like you like it to be a harris ever hit record. I remember we felt Let them know going into the next record. So ninety two, we some good things
things happen. The year me ass, I from getting my that allowing a merry yeah in and that that records did pretty well, it was a real slow burner took a for it to happen, but it didn't sell shitload of copies. I know we went on tour with my bloody valentine on that record and noisy basically, the reading festival yeah yeah. So it was a great era, so we felt a lot met them and that's actually, when we came out here to l to record red letter day and that was like everybody's, like that's, where the money was I sort of being put behind for us, that record gather putting them bets on that we add, recording the rob brothers, but it was very much like that they had done it's a shame about ray and which we really liked by the lemon heads ass. The one with you it's interesting. What happened to that guy where's dan, do I have any still playing yeah he's. Yeah he's, I think, he's mostly based out of the Martha's vineyard right. Oh yeah yeah see we cashed out and he hangs out I
I some such as an oven. In April we did a outfit for the a c l. U in Boston, together, cause yeah right, I think he's alright idea. We ve we only each other like once a year or every two years now are connected on line or whatever has social, but I don't know. I can't speak to his shirt Sherman I'd, so so. Okay, so now that you're out here area recording this is a big record yeah and what happens. Maude modestly, better. You know either we, you know, get buzz blown off the ghastly we had busby. What was the thing back then? On india, on empty when we were in rotation. The area that we say that I was the airway would spend the whole than the amount of the record budget on one yeah. Then you do another one for one hundred grand ever and you just hope that mtv put it into big into into rotation.
hi rotation there. We were never never that big! I mean it. It was sort of what we what we appreciate. It was that we started playing bigger ha, right. We started to take some opening towards that. You know that was always a mixed bag. If what he made like first. Do we open up for do we take this span open up for counting crows or do we take this tour that, the label, really wants you to go open. You know for six weeks, open up for the band live or whatever ooze your hair exactly and do it that way. That was why we were like yeah, I'm in everything it's commercial now, and that was one college rock guy commercial. Yet everybody became a quote, unquote, alternative right and same view. A lot of people sounded the same yeah yeah it it it. I pearl infected everybody. A certain type of Yeah in programme came out, did their thing and then and then it was a whole bunch of guys started singing kind of any right, lower monthly register so but
I guess like when I look at you keep chipping away yeah, but at what point a you know say: you know you got a family. Now you get a day job. You write books so like what you're a tangible point in the in the life of the band where you're like? I gotta get some back of yeah, well, another multiple times where we just sort of the guy in my mind, and in and literally quit the ban like once or twice a week. We got we, we pulled ourselves back from that ledge and, but I gotta say to them in sort of mirror. The nineties. Almost litter like by the end of the nineties. We we we we had sake, beggars what you ve been a great higher, but let's forget to keep doing this. keep pushing it. It's signed directly to a u s, major label and see if that, if that's going to get us over the hump right, so that it was somewhat, I wouldn't say raven, but it's like you know with ambitious. You want to conduct
everybody else is making these is selling millions of records. Why are we write off? It is ridiculous kind of thing, And- and I happened to me- not consuming, but it it it it started. I realize I think the banjo to realize that we we didn't make any kind of musical decisions, so maybe one or two where, where with commercial things in mind, and that was really by choosing singles and stuff and maybe having a guide here. The remix guide, where that single rand. But if you asked us when we started where we are going to do that kind of stuff, we'll be like whoa man. Vocals are too loud, and you can't tell us what to do with the slippery slope. I think we mostly we mostly stuck to our guns and probably to have to our own detriment, but so me. It took a while to make that last record the nineties, which was called smitten as kind actually sound a record. Hasn't some really good salt. I am that I'm not so happy about that women play a much more, but so ninety nine, my kid, my first care was
or, and Tom already a two kids and we were sort of sick and the whole thing, the recording, the tour. We were. We were making a good living, but we had to keep it going. You know, have you understand that cycle gone yeah? We don't do that anymore and it was like the last tour. Was but not for the Google dolls who had who had been this ban on Us are all these years, and then they became It's huge and therapists who were on this tour and I've got my own daughter now being born in a plane to a bunch of girls that are close, What are her age than any of twelve year old thirteen year old girls seen johnny, and these guys on on mtv and they're great guys, but it was just an unrewarding tour and we said alright wood and we got dropped so that our decision was made for us drop from after hollywood door, which was under the whole air sea grooms universal deal like some like after you guys after smitten media, and so we stopped is stopped. the we start with, you said: ok, we didn't when I break we're not going anywhere, not the kind of guy to say,
gonna reunion. I mean a last to retirement toward ever you which may have all he got out of it without being a major drug abuse. Yo drug issues or booze issues are yeah outside of may be of some broken hearts and some bitterness. Cbs life yeah, I'm here I mean the drinking gut. I mean the drinking on the road. We are certainly a concern you now, but I would comment I would successfully just caught turn it I sure, but I was I completely credit. Having my the girl, I met alleged laura who married ninety two. If I didn't have that sort of rudder type of worse in my life, I'm sure I just would have been led yeah just down the road man. Whatever just give me everything he'll be out there, yeah yeah, but now the other two guys were all like these. Really it's I've. I don't think there's a more level headed
bunch of 'em they're, already government they're, both family guys tune in to any olive around in new england or were yeah, so chris lives right outside harvard square. I live in lexington, right outside of boston and Tom's up in newburyport up near new Hampshire guy yeah miss, I miss parts of being their yeah yeah. Because it was very definitive defining part of my life, the new england, part yeah and, like you likewise weird is it always and as short, a segregated in odd perennial, it is there. There is a consistency to it that is sort of comforting. yeah. I mean I've been there now since, when I'm sixteen. Ever since I was sixteen years old by still feel like I'm more of sort of long, island, kids or I'm a new england person. I've got family down there, yeah yeah, of course, yeah. But not I don't get down there that much. You know they're. Also friends, I still you know you kind of balance out between the two accents. You you don't seem to have an accent. I don't think so. Yeah yeah it's wacky because both option
we're kind of annoying roma yeah, but so so now, when you stop doing that, when you know yeah, I mean that's like if this is the thing like one of the reasons- was that we never got together that like cause, I you ve long time and I love the music and then I was always wondering, like you know out, when I saw you wrote a book. Michael, that's great, that's great I never know how people handle that evelyn and they are because, like you know, when I was up against it and my career was going nowhere and there was nothing I could do about it and there's nothing you can do to to sell a record other than your best? Nothing you can do to make you to make people come see you do comedy. Your best him when it doesn't work. That's a horrible dark moment. Yeah I went through. That was that I was. I was thirty issue
thou, thirty three, that was, that was a really low ebb for me. Am I felt like after you guys after smith, and I and I tried to get a solo thing going with another band and the record I listen into one of them. I can't remember which one it was the last one that I had abandoned. In fact, I just had dinner with the the guy that was in my band crown victoria tom, poultry, who'd mixed a bunch of other buffalo tom records as well later on, but yeah I mean it was the tough era, because it was the era that you know, radio had completely gone mainstream again, it was like limp is getting creed and there was no hope for is sort of a guy that didn't make a huge dent in writer, but ah I tried anyway, and that's when I started seeing what I got to do some other things in life, but it was because it should have been really happy time, as I might my daughter, which is borne by I would that was no. That was the most. breast? I probably been since I was like you know sixteen and had moved from because when you do a creative pursuit, you don't do no,
Didn t you know it's your identity, but there's no he's shift into what, after a certain age me fuck, I was in my mid forties. You know when they should. We do and when the wheels came on and is sort of like what am I prepared to do right. Realist, that's right. They will get their license. Did you did yeah? That's what I've been doing. That's that's how I made my assignment and that's a weird identity, crisis kind of thing, almost every I remember doing real estate around lexington massachusetts for like sixteen years- and I still have. I still have a hard time you're, probably a known guy like me, make a living and it's the only it's the only it's like. Here's my resume got. You know I graduate in eighty nine and I'm in a rock band until ninety nine so hire me. You know it's like now. You've got to kind of do something yourself right. It's america, you gotta, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, so you went and got a license, got a license kind of eased into it. I was still doing music in buffalo. Tom was still doing stuff, yeah sure sure we are like an esa.
Africa. We actually had kind of a hit record in the uk with a cover of a of a jam song for the beside was was oasis, so it was a spy. This big record year. so that was car cool. So we still kept do so, but it got to appoint we're we're like us. He'd do this is not just be honest, algae rabbits cutter this we will see if we can. Still it songs together and we we were. We were all we can be. Oh well, that's good, because you can't really be a nostalgia act, so you watch these guys kind of the point. Yeah yeah this guy's doing their one song that they think everybody knows that that's kinda the truth to you. We really had this sort of cult audi sure it wasn't a huge call to arms, but it was worldwide, like we can add the two thousand papa wood. Australia to you know that holland, chair in london yeah it wasn't it's not like three thousand cedars, but it was enough to
at least break even a hundred two thousand yeah at london, or if you now drama bay, a couple more so well, that's great, but by, but I too some real stay. You do our eye with it yet residential piano, yeah, mostly alot of modern stuff, midcentury stuff, oh yeah, around it any night. Indeed, that's what that's a real. That's your bread and butter, yeah. That's it I mean music is still brings in dribs and drabs, but we still sound like you guitar the voice, the songs are still nike and their new album. It's not all you singing, though huh now Chris sings, like four sons by chris, has always pretty much from the first record, but the second record always sang a song or two and then increasingly wrote more, I noticed the more this record: yeah yeah, I don't know it for I, yeah, yeah, yeah and wind lake the book before we get to the newest record, where Where are you doing real estate and you're? Okay, you got your your in your wife works, probably yeah limit. He or she is mostly taking care of the kids, though
god and but everything worked out, alright yeah, I think so, but that's what a good story yeah yeah it is. It is so like you not really you're, not really it's like not like the music's, a hobby or you gave it up necessarily because you didn't really get closure like you didn't have to. You know ye. what I'm saying is like you're, not one of those people that at you're a accommodate doing the music without it representing some sort of failure, so do not mean that I got you know I mean like it's. It's still like do still probably the most important thing to you. it's like as an artist whatever you that's a big word, but kind of who I am if the other stuff, but I have a hard time well, you know, writing about the stones or whatever that that another part but yeah going to have a day. Job is a weird thing to me, still sure, but I
fascinates me too, like when I was in your show, for example, are able shows in their everything, like whatever pier from our era that may be sold a few more record where I didn't or like high handedly, keep It's like. Where do you live and I live in a really expensive area? So that's part of it. Those are the questions. I always wonder about that's why I sort of asked you about dando and you can identify yeah well, I read Evan Evan did like a jell o commercial when he was a kid and I know that was paying for some backpack when we knew him he had like sort of a jello. I think he had a song called the jello fonder Theresia nobody, but it is an interesting question, is how do people survive and and because it's not necessarily I have the mystique to divulge that, because they they might either be having a hard time or the I be having a very sort of mundane normal time yeah. Well, the mystique is the big is, and that's the word I mean and not a lot of bands, even from our era where it was all about
being real or, as you know, bing away. A lot of nea, like I would just go on stage with, would have rules where yours ample, but even bands of our era, where you, where it was pretentious to think otherwise did serve, cultivate mystique eight, if, if not them so in their publicist sure, just the nature of you being a band people assume yeah. You know like he. He, even even when you know, musicians back in the day like you know if they had day job. They didn't give a fuck about it, yeah right they are driving the value we d jobs, sure on the on the early side, until our third album I know what are your twenties? You don't yeah, you don't need a whole lot. That's right! Yeah yeah a couple hundred a week, but it but it's it's this sort of injury, thing to me that a yard some point for people to, and I think family responsibility makes the difference. You don't eat You can't really think twice about it know exactly who can do this yeah? I I dunno, all three of us came from none of our.
Our parents were divorced, they were all stayed married. Also. We came from That's a very united saying for a ban on means of upper middle clia, us air, the pragmatic, as aspect was ingrained. I couldn't really really go off the rails, if some anxiety, wouldn't let yeah and there's there's mental mental illness in our family and struggles with addiction and things like that, but the family is such a huge. I gotta say it to our credit. It's okay, that you can't nobody's going to let you go out and just be the guy on skid row that day I didn't make it in the music business. Yet one keep a your family yeah the idea, but you didn't let yourself to re run by you say that but I found what they wanted. Phrony align yeah I think so. I think I could easily succumbed. If I like, I said if I been married or had girlfriend early on air and to come home to air. I really even
was coming back from tour. I just I just love in bars and hear bands and drink in inter I think I think it would have gotten worse than this hasn't. But what was the experience doing this record It was great, so we worked with Dave Monahan. You know damon and he's the he he plays second guitar in their placements on the last kind of iteration playing with Paul for his solo stuff. He In the back of the neighborhoods, you probably knew the neighbor has just the three of 'em yeah. Oh man, that's so funny yeah, so he's got a studio in waltham. Much like the old ford. staci real raw sort of warehouse space with a ton of old amps and guitars, oh yeah, so we we worked with him and then we had John and yellow who are you've interviewed. We had him mix it. Oh yeah worked on our it a lot of good shit yeah. He he's a great guy, he's a good cat. He does a lot
I yeah he he's done and he's got an amazing discovery and it's so different about him. What what? What do you like about him? Is it in terms of working with producers or having work with? You know, mascus, and what? What? What does a producer do for you? Well back, then, so we first gone sleepy I'd album we brought we wanted to. It was a reaction to the record previous, which was at which had been big red letter day, which is real. Produce. We say I we're out over two months working with these guys, his old school guy thea, the raw brothers, and so I said you know, let's make a record like tonight's. The night or some girls were all in the same room and the amps buzzing and the the snares randall yeah you know is live my off the mic, like that kind of stuff, very vibey, record and John, was up for it, and johnny done obviously some some dinosaur and sonic youth staff and we loved his the the way it is. He was just a great guy and is this total brooklyn via funny smart, ass guy, a totally fit our personality here, so we look
working with him- and I you know he just moved, kept, doing different things, and then I saw John. It had been a long time at the dinosaur thirty, a gallop, the barry barroom and we went out had drinks afterwards. We like a guy. I love to do another with you in writing, I have to do another record with you, but we couldn't get down in new york to record it and stuff, so he just ended up mixing it. Oh really yeah great mixer here, and who, which labels putting it out schoolkids records okay, he asked through red eye distribution kind of these guys from it's. The sky, Stephen judge at a north carolina and wanted to come out march. Second, and it's going to be on vinyl too yeah The hum send you the ogre Yemen nigger, and I know he, of course, so that now these stones books, like the writing, the second stones book, like me, What did you have to do? I mean what yeah so, I wasn't going to write another stone's book. I wasn't even sure if I was going to read it and I was pretty sure it wasn't going to write another book, but I read it before. two thousand and twelve two hundred and forty,
their anniversary, their 50th anniversary I said that sounds like a perfect idea. Yeah sure I'd been seeing this book yeah, so he knew me from that. Some other thing I'd written online or something on a blog or here and so yeah we leach. I did a proposal. and I mean I I'm not a real journalist and I was learning to be more of one like how to interview people and I interviewed Andy Johns and Bobby keys, but it was really hard for me to talk. I was really envious of you to get unison with Keith and the high pink fanboys out too much. I did all right, I would totally fanned by so I met in the end. I talk about the press in the preface, just as I was sort of I'll. Even if I had a book deal YAP ass, I was I was
his lyrics are war. Did you know that this is a chuck? Berry was getting a lyric award and from pen new england with Leonard cohen, so yeah, Ethan Elvis, and you know all these guys. Costello of costello was their guy and ye and Paul Simon was there. Was this huge thing for a paul Simon cover, yeah yeah la Simon and garfunkel jan, the new record ehr yeah and so just stand there I'm talking about and Tom Prato is that it was a novelist who another gauge, maybe tat. You really funny guy anyway, he is peace, giving the opening remarks that they act as though it were up, and this like ante room before her at the J f. islamic? All simon and Keith is just on the other side of Paul Simon, understood, I get I gotta get pacquiao to get around an assignment ticket scheme was done by himself when I as Al Qaeda. I just gotta tell you man, I'm just I'm just a huge fan and I'm just like everybody else is coming up
is probably saying the same thing, but I just have to say around is like man. I feel the same way exactly about chuck yeah. It is- and I said so, cool that they're giving him the record. his lyrics, we're just exactly man. hurry home drop center. Keith is just pivoted. This awkward situation two guys just talking about chuck berry lyrics. It was like everything I could hope for you. I'm just gonna leave it there, but in fact, I told Evan that I was going to be down there. I knew Evan evans buddies with like his son and Keith and evans just soda. You know everybody loves em, so I said: hey, I'm gonna I made me I might meet Keith at this thing, I guess I tell them. I said hi, so I say. Oh, you know I want to just say: Evan says like it's all: Evan he's a good guy It would Evan our real eyes eyes, a good cat and I'll kill
oh yeah, so yeah in that I just I may I wish I could have gone to those guys themselves, but I dont think you see mixed hardy prospect for another stones book you yeah mc, but I long conversations with with Andy Johnson, Bobby keys and Are you later that guy a good you got that before he kicked it yeah yeah? He was somethin man. He really was its word do I get you do eighty overtime through listening to bit of jazz and stuff to really appreciate. You know certainly like sound like Either you easier even clarence, clemons to a degree where it's such a signature sound, but it is just that instrument by nobody sounds like Bobby, he's right all over all those records yeah it's kind of insane yeah yeah, it's not as of noxious to me with simple, like that, bans x. You, oh no, no, I know but like, but I'm just saying that, like you, I have a hard time differentiating between jazz players, but there the thing about rock and the guys who come from YO that
point sort of king Curtis courtesy the blow really belted like posting right right, more of being heard, it is right. You know if you get too complicated, and I know it can give us your right. It's more arrive mixed out yet balance and you re so so the so the stones bookie focuses on fifty songs, yeah yeah yeah, I picked fifth, and it's not I mean it's not a top fifty. So I was getting a lot of grief for you. You picked winter of a goat's head soup to as one of their fifty best songs with no no no well I mean, if you put a gun to my head kind of a I I and I and I try to pick songs from all of their albums. I did from all of their albums so. from Adam offices, from all that should say from all there are. There might be something from metamorphosis on their, but from while there are actual releases, no matter, if morpheus is his record, yeah yeah it's out? Is it
yeah yeah, it's all optics and from different areas. It's just great that I think the whole notion of how is not so much how to record a record. But how does sort of like you know become a community leader the band right with a bunch of other people around and then just ride rifts out until they start to make sense, because some the out, said I heard on The news on that remonstrance likes, I arthur how outtakes, but it's sort of like or from versions of was a tumbling dies, yeah good time, woman near like you know they picked one's general yeah, they absolutely did One thing about outtakes and about bootlegs and stuff, like that, it's sort of like there's a reason that everybody who worked with him and Andy Johns who had said this and enter every interview, not just the one that I talked to them. He said they would be the worst band for like two days you just like they're, never gonna polish it together and then all the
in one take the air, the tape is always rolling, but this this is. She said this is true for their whole career, all of a sudden, they were just latching, and that was that was it and it would just magic would happen and that that would be the master. So it kind of explains a charm. Maybe this is overstated here. He let us charlie's fills a kind of weird because he has a known certainly where the one is like, if you think of tat to you here they had been play, and that is a rigorous on flax, six idea and then made of and Keith just went into this down beat version of it, and Charlie kind of comes in on a kind of weird I and that's the take the username back into reggae for election to crack. What is, but they went back and found that no like all we got it puts us at Y, see that's it. It's not me. I say something about how to start me. I he just Could it have been lightner, which is who ass the others have ever again said also replayed, but to hear that in that context is interesting. No
fascinating that they would take the time and just noodle around and like yeah, it's it's sort of like. I don't have enough dedication to any rabbit hole in a very long like I'll get started but like with the stones, I am glad I sort of had a beginners into it. You know what I saw them in san diego and then being sort of a born again vinyl guy or just paying more attention than I ever have yeah do you I'm just getting stuff that people got two years ago. But that's a great thing about music is, but like you're, the magic is there just a four piece operation and there's no backtracking and they're carrying each other yo and their their raw as they ve ever been an end. his songs feel so profoundly full. I don't I. The idea was magic to it. Yeah. Absolutely and it's like you're sick. I think you skipped the right era like does mid to late eighties like when they got back together. I saw
during those tarzan was like. I just want to go and touch the amateur garment. I want to see them right or I can they were. It was similar while there was a great version of one one of these sites that I didn't expect you now there is one area where they were taking internet requests and I think- but even done unless turns I try to get the album they don't play and for them to get a whole sticky fingers record and they bailed out. So I started out here at the end, I rode anger to see their tickets atrocity and they ended up, do and allow their record. So I ve got bingley while has been an early, the chuckle avail, sort of keeping them like you should try. You should go back and learn some of these great songs that your supervisor, insert into door you're not going to lose your fans if you do a downtempo song and they don't think mixture will look very nervous in the show yeah yeah what a date like he did. Moonlight and in like you know, the vulnerability of it was character's mind, but it hit you. Doesn't it yeah cause? They stick him out there by himself. There's more there's a moment like that. Did you see the
it says he movie, there's a woman like that where the extreme close up, I think it's as tears go by. Maybe I can't It's sort of sad to me because it didn't seem like they were getting along at all yeah making Keith and I get see like they were literally trying not to talk to each year could be here. I think it's always been that way, pretty much since the I I think, since before the eighties and since then it's oh, it's been like a de tarte here and there I don't. I don't know if they're ever hanging out happily together, it's yeah. I don't think so. Alright man well now. Thank you for the books. Thank you. Thank you. To thanks for having me and I have the honor to be here. I'm excited about the new record sounds like a buffalo Tom right, yeah we're still there alright. What how how much longer for the garage am I one of the last guys and we got a little time. We got the time, but you might be one of the last I'm still sort of like If he about it, like all of a sudden now, because they're redoing, the house, I'm like well, maybe I'll keep maybe you noticed like jack it up and put in a truck and bring it to them.
I like the new garage, but I can people are starting to really get in my brain about this sort of now. You can't like let mister nostalgia dictated the right right, I'm becoming a style jack. Keep it vital, take okay. So, as I said, the new buffalo tom record is available tomorrow march. Second, it's called quiet and peace so and it sounds like a buffalo tom record I play a little guitar hold on the the
the the the. Boomer lives.
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