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Episode 909 - Bradley Whitford

2018-04-22 | 🔗
Bradley Whitford was a huge Key and Peele fanboy who was desperate to work with them. But he didn't know what to think when Jordan Peele asked him if he liked horror movies. It turns out Bradley wound up starring in one of the most talked about movies of the last decade. Bradley tells Marc about the making of Get Out, as well as his experiences on Transparent, The West Wing, Studio 60, and what it was like to make movies with Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's there is, what the buccaneers what's happening. What is what the fuck and avian yeah, that goes on in Scandinavia. It's kind of a refund scandinavians. She get that. Did you dig it? I did that for all the people that will hopefully have come to my show. Last night, I've travel to oslo, Norway, which is where I'm at now in a hotel room. That is overlooking the national theater, which is quite a building. been a a fun. exciting trip here to the birthplace of minnesota and he's me a whole new insight into the upper midwest of america, but but norwegians and and
swedes in their environment- very pleasant people- it's beautiful up here, though honestly and don't tell sweden this but I'm in joining Oswald a little more, maybe I've just locked into the groove. Maybe I've relaxed into a lot of it, or maybe it just there's something different about the city I like both of them, but also is very beautiful. We want, I went to it I saw it was around a long time ago, and then they met some writer vapour innovations. It has been on and off were the years their several different types of rocks involved from different areas that things were built on its up on a hill, There is a bricks and wooden doors, there's archways, there's a whole for cannons and they overlooks a fury. I believe it would be. I believe that I am now just half a two two blocks away from a fury which I don't think I have been before. And I went to a lovely
you see him here great great contemporary art collections in both sweden and and here I would tell you the name of that term- of that gallery. If I could oh here I have, I have the museum guide right here. It's the astor up, fern, we music music movies eat. I don't know, I don't know how to pronounce. let's just say, museum and I saw some great stuff there. I did. I really did and Sarah even liked most of it was it was exciting to go, see can spray where at where it's it's very personal for her cause. These are people. She knows. She's got her tastes and I need to be educated. Sometimes I don't. I don't quite know why things I like are our import to or not important, but I learn I learn, which is a nice way to say I take it folks, I take it
boy having a good time out here on the road good times, so we went to viking museum, two He museum and I saw a viking ship and there is a bunch of viking artifacts around- and I don't I feel very connected to it. I d, I'm not I'm not sure what am experiencing here in norway but tat, but I feel very connected and I doubt if I only doubt. that I have any unknown viking ancestry, though it's possible like they got around, looks like they at some point. They might have even dipped in poland, they buy. That looks like they parked to ship. If I was looking the routing correctly, they made it all over the place. Ireland, I believe Dublin. If I'm not mistaken from the two sentences, I read earlier that I'm assuming our true, might have even been founded by by vikings, there seemed to be some gaelic viking cry
over, but they got around man. They got all the way down around to the top of africa that got around in the mediterranean sea, and then they didn't they can a kind of me debt they noodle dapper into europe, and it will like they might have touched ground just, outside of poland and in hike down Indeed, Poland perhaps doing some conquering some pillaging, maybe a little raping, so I'm not saying not saying that I have any viking in me, What I am saying? What I am positing here is that it's possible- and perhaps I should get my journey extent as I would like to know. If I have any I can get me because the poet pre strong appear, but I'd like to be, that I am one of them. A select few viking, jews. You know the viking jews, the Jews ignore guy, will queasy on the boats weren't great with swords butter, but see that then see what I'm stereotyping I'm. I just got myself in.
as to our stereotyping, viking, jews. There was tremendous viking juice very powerful conquerors conquerors. Goldberg the almighty was a. As everybody knows, one of the most powerful viking jews. There was style in the frightening people remember there was a escalates visa tat or of poland for a minute. You do look at that. This, in the engravings and can you find out you find out? What's come it's compelling and you can see where the metal like it where the leather guys like it, where you know belts, people who make belts and leather things enjoy viking stuff people with your hardy beards I mean I get it. I get it. People who enjoy wearing the helmet with horns on them, which are back I know where you live, but there's a I think. They're there
that going on in brooklyn, maybe output park rise to live. You seen them ones on helmets. Again, they all said come all the way down, the steel nose guard, are happening Only matter of time yeah once the beards came out was only a matter of time before the horned helmets would make their way back into coffee shops. Did I mention that bradley whitford is on the show today for no real reason always nice to talk to brad. We have met him a couple times he's one of those guys that I'm like. I know I'm going to get along with this. Guy He was, you know, he's nice chat, but he wasn't reporting anything by one to hang out talk. A bit was really like that it was really like that, so it's going
the states. I got to say that I have been watching tv. I've been checking. The news casually doesn't seem like anything great is happening. It does feel something is falling apart. I just hope it's the right thing boy, I'm too now I'm little giddy that none of the air is does stalite a long time, so I'm about five or six hours of darkness. It feels like. Maybe I don't know I just read- I go to bed, it just got dark at like nine hundred and thirty one thousand. I wake up, sometimes during the It seems like it's white for five. I don't know I could research. I could research all of this but you know I like to speculate. I'm enjoying it here, oh yeah, I just realized you know what you know, what might be doing it I what might be creating some genetic exhilaration and connectivity to this rule, jim is a smoked fish like that might be at like I had, Add some herring this morning and some smoked salmon.
some rye, and maybe that's just triggered something, maybe it's not genetic at all. Maybe it just got all my eugene's excited and that I felt connected We think, because I'd been fished up in the morning guy, I got the smoked fish. Buzz of my people now going to google Jews in norway cuz. I don't if I'm the only one here right now anyway, bradley whitford back in the garage. This is still some of the art from the old garage and you can see him on the new season of the handmaid's tale on hulu, which premieres this week and of course he had a great year in two thousand Seventeen in the movie get out and the other movie the post, what a whitford around good guys got an edge to them. This guy go a bit of an edge from the midwest too. As I recall, maybe he's part viking. I can remember. We talked about that too, vikings watch out for us, Brooklyn were the ones were in the helmets with the horns. This is me.
And bradley whitford back in the garage. I guess I don't generally talk politics but now I I I hollywood- I don't know, I don't know what this podcast is. I've had a lot of different types of people here, I'd like to think cuz I did yeah, I had a sitting president year but here he sat there. He sat here. He sat right there you've. Before, though, having yeah, yeah well- okay, don't you west wing alumni, has special privileges within the democratic government. Government any of you can just go to the white house in new york. Oh come on you're familiar with, I asked I have to tell you it's incredible to me. as an actor. Everybody loves hollywood. They
let you in anywhere, I was doing research for one of the first movies. I did presumed innocent, and I was playing a lawyer and they said well, you can go to court yeah. I know it's a superior court judge year in new york and I walk in and she goes all your with movie come. I sit next to me, and I'm sitting next to the judge as she sentencing people presuming cynthia. That was right. That was a pretty good who directed that was our proposal. We are right and this is like you know he did the parallax view and he did sophie's choice. Yeah, that's right- the president's men to yeah all the presence, that such a great fucking movie yeah it is. it's on the lives of all the presence, but ok working on the post yet so at work. You get a you get a script from Spielberg, you got an audition. What yeah I imagine you got cast you think it you have to go read for it did you
read the original scripts and then there was, I heard talk that they were interested in and then you go oh over to an lynn and you go through some extreme security and a delay. In procedure. They got their look in your eye, eye ball the virus and they laila print it. And then you go into a secure room and use sign n n d a at before reading the script. Yes right, nut know before cuddling with Mr Spielberg Unity broke the idea, I'm sorry. I broke and so I read it and then you gotta go sit there. Damned window read it well, wow and Then I leaving it was a great script.
I am leaving and then they said no, he wants to talk to you and then I go into a room and he comes in and like as an actor you're like you know, Do I have it? there is not a real human being not a human who existed it's a kind of an amalgamation of shrewd were right. Male business interests, yeah cigars I like it when I don't know what to you, which is either a compliment where I or or a criticism These are throw yourself off a little bit visually. Unlike our. What do they mean to you in a moment aye, sir. I I sorta get what he wants. I immediately go to a joke. Like you know, can I give him all you?
seizures, you know you know is, is something I tick. A tick yeah yeah mild tourette's mild to rat. Yes, I actually joked with him about that about the opportunity like I could do something. Incredibly, crazy and specific, and everybody watching this movie would think wow. He must be nailing it, because nobody would just like that. He said I want you to sound a little different but an you. Then you are an accent, yeah? But I don't really want to know it's nice, like so like a half ass sense visual saying, don't bring yourself too much to this part. review review. I you need you to act, not lemme and then but the funny thing is that I go like its applications script europe moves around nor too much for my own.
I, gag your goodness Steven. That's that's what mark marron yeah. Is it or are we to rehearse and he goes nah? I don't like terrors an eagles marijuana verse, but I and I'm, like yeah. He should do it marijuana but he has now I'd like to hers and I think there are virtues actually weirdly to not working, and I awoke ones read through cause any goes I don't like reason and he goes yeah we're all. What's one of those, and I said why don't you like retries and he said because it gives him, when the impression that this process is more democratic than it really is rarely laughing but that was those interesting, so I know we threw know her We just show up for work on the day there should in your things.
At end and you go quickly. It's interesting because, like I did the years ago with with eastwood who's like same thing, you don't even know the cameras which movie a perfect world, but your member like ass, it was I learn. Cause has re too heavy and it was like a big deal like he's playing a shitty guy right, eight right and he was great yeah. I remember you yeah I know, but these eastwood and Spielberg shoot quick yeah and their virtues their faults to it. You know, which are why You get down to taken they're moving on your guide, but I didn't yeah. Why Something thing is I asked him why he doesn't say action he said when he was doing rawhide, they would struggle to get. horses on marks, which is not easy to do, and then these directors have come in and go
no horse the horse would matter up. He felt like people due to really interesting, while I think so have you ever had directors have like a big action. pronouncement? Well, I I haven't done that much. I know you're right figure out my entire repertoire of films and tell shows just by not done much, but yet certain directors and they do it differently but never I've never been on a set with a major director wherever sort of waiting, yeah you're on tv v, the viking you you're, the guy says in theory, was never been that jarring that it's a year yet not a big deal. There was one guy that decent people do their dramatic about it action you know like they, some people just say In addition, I have somebody that action and it's like Why are you making this? The Joel schumacher? Was everybody focus and action
It was terrifying. The director MIKE Nichols said this thing about directors that it's like sex, where it directors have no idea how other people, Do it cause they're generally, the only ones they are performing that specific role? That's interesting unless you started as a but as an actor. It's like you're on a series you're getting fucked by somebody new every every week. I mean really get to see a lot of different and you really get to see a lot of different styles draw eight directors. The act there's What is the liability, though, of moving quickly you're going to say what's good about it like a or care about baseball, sure I you know when knockabout pitchers come in nobody there, there very throughs few strikes thrown and everybody in the field kind of gets.
Lazy and if you know you're going to get an infinite number of takes you and to not like really get ready, vs bill burger with east. Would you know that your first take, as can be seen by your grandchildren, were sir? gear up. You know it focuses the mind in its and now the technology like when west wing started had to load film. There was this tangible thing the ear didn't want to run out of at the end of the day, those big things that had a snap onto the camera is called the count, carton and cartridges or change the the maggie. Yeah changed the mag ends. With that, there's kind of a psychology of you know we don't waste this. Now almost everybody is shooting digitally and I need a waste yeah. virtues to it. I actually think it's changed acting because you can afford to just you know, leave it on and catch some behavior, but it also drags out. The shooting process
I think, that's true. I think that, like it in the same way where, like you, the shift from typewriter to word processor deserve to computer. That you know you. It enables you not so much to get sloppy, but perhaps to over I like it, maybe make you lazy in a way to yeah if you're scrawling it with a feather and you can't erase you're going to like really think about white out If he got a hammer and a chisel on a wall yeah you really going to think about it. But that says that so that brings up that. That's what's good about shooting quick! Is that like it focuses you and you really gotta, show up for work, yeah, yeah and all
does something it's really. It's really interesting thing because actors, the actors, are always trying to get comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. It's the it's not in an contending too get to comfortable like they will actually, especially in success as an actor here be more comfortable than any human being has ever been asking to pass the salt bright, right right right? It's interesting to me. How like being relaxed is the most important thing as an actor, but it it can sometimes lead to a kind of I don't know passivity yeah, but also like there is there's a threat to, and I only This with my limited experience in acting that
I give you get you comfortable, that you might just be you where you just got you comfort yourself right out of the character, yeah yeah yeah and where you dollar, you do a senior when I think I don't think I was me eating I'm for ever the carriage right The is that possible. Is that yeah I mean it's weird thing: cause you're, always like it's a whole discuss like act So when did you start acting? oh I mean like you know, I did a little college here and there, but I did four seasons of my own show and I have, and I knew that there was a occur I know I can be and I knew I could with him by certain needs, but there's thing about movement that you're going to be awkward. The first yeah. I knew my first word. The plane yourself yeah yeah, because, like you know, you don't wanna, be self conscious of what you're saying, which I I I'm good at not doing that, but I do get self conscious of like. Should I just be standing here and my my hands what's going on, you know that
shit, but then that goes away, so I haven't been doing it in a profession. We ve that long like with glow the zoning. The second big thing I've done, I like club thanks, I mean I'm just a small part of it, but I appreciate you. I can be brief But no, but I find myself like this second season. I started to like a Originally, I was sort of like a lot of waiting around and you're waiting around to do like a five minute thing and and like you know, you can mad about it because I use know lucky yet and also that's a job, but it's like I didn't I. Act, my whole life a lot of times when I'm on set, I'm like I could be doing other shit listen I find is I say, all the time I love acting. I despise shooting the process, is I love community on the sat yet yeah, but it is this. Weird combination of
glacial and anxious and Is you always think I'm gonna be able to get something done? You can't get anything done. No, you just sit there with your phone all day, yeah and then in the like. I imagine what every shot last you just looking at the news constantly and trying to buy that emotional reaction, with whatever you're doing yeah it's it's it's. It's excruciating. Yet we on set when trump one all those women and me- were there that night Jesus. How was horrible there ever was crying. It was terrible, but In terms of your question asking me like, I haven't been doing that long and what I've noticed, what I was getting Was that in conseil, and I realize well, you know why, when you gotta work like in a really enjoy, If you are getting it's, it's going to happen Here's your scenes coming up right, you know so deliver You be in it as much as you can like that
when the work happens. It's in television, it's happens quickly. do some coverage, but, like you Here comes your time even sitting around for four hours right right, yeah get ready, yeah, yeah yeah, you, you gotta, get ready, but the process is excruciating when I die and go to hell. It's going to be final touches forever. People grab and rigour younger. Just touching you other thing. I think that they like I'd- I imagine, I have some natural ability, but I dont really I don't mind like I'm, not paying attention when people are touching my face in my hair, and you know what I mean like I'm in a different zone in this I was going to ask you when you're working with certain people, like I work with Alison brie, who's. Very good, yes, she's, very good, And- and I don't have a lot of experience working with you're right, she's, a very experienced actor actress he didn't really did something with that character. There are moments where I'm watching her in scenes and, in my mind, a mic, look at her. She just doing it. You know like
big way on the where when and then you have a moment of like oh shit, I'm not thinking the characters. Thoughts, oh yeah yeah, we're here, but I think that's the next frontier for me. I don't I'm not sure I know exactly how to think the characters. Thoughts. I react. and I know the guy you know by There are parts of there a lot of times, I think, being present and acknowledging what's happening, keeps me present, but it's not the characters, though yeah I think well, yeah. Doesn't everyone have their own trick? I you know, like my thing, like the way I deal with. like what seems to be an interfering thought? You know that would be like I'm not in the scene, there's usually a way to kind of judo it back like. Certainly with nerves and with panic here you can put it. You know in the end
in it goes to wear it. Look at things very, like one of my kid said like no offense, but I've seen dogs begun in movies. You now and it's true, How's that kid doing, I'm like you're, welcome, Ah, but nobody nobody like nobody knows how to teach acting. Swaying because like so much of it is, is you here you can't you can't it? teaching writing like a in because nobody knows how to do it. You have these cults, like generic fundamentalist christian. There are look at a complicated world and how you gonna. Do it this way right and then bite, but you do like, I think the experience out like the gordon Liddy writing cult in new york and then there's all these acting colts out here, but like the one thing, gets, you is, it gets you interacting with other people and
but I you, where did you train mostly I went to college and did the theater at an airing in english year wisely and write it by now. to Julia was even worse but see that's the thing about training, to be an actor someplace. Why juilliard you doing movement you're, doing dance. Are you doing swords play music. You know I got it all that stuff doesn't matter like kind it, but I I, like you can't. Yes, you can teach like how to use voice. She can see in your body. Yes, yes, but but you can't Nobody knows, you know how to teach. Acting thing you can agree on. Is you got to be in the moment? You got to want something, I I can't teach anyone how to be gene now right now, like a day that you know where are? Are you just when you look at the huge movie actors?
what? What did you ever taught them whatever? Who? What does it matter? No Well, it's late! I guess it's like writing you, just like you just gotta. Do it a lot and have some day I was good taste telling you. What did the young? You done, however, lie, but let's go backwards. What what what is where respond. How did it happen? Why are you you come? I am I it's really it's funny about this. today is my mother's one hundred and third birthday she passed away, I hoping that was a story yeah would it would have been better. My parents had three kids. A massive break, my brother, the mistake and like the mistakes friend, sir, so I have they had him and then they're like we've got to have another one to a playmate. Oh really, so my mom was forty six. When I was
born, which was which was weird. this year. My three older siblings, will all of them married fifty years, which is kind of weird in that we're. So what's the biggest amount of nitrogen years between you and the youngest one, and now in the oldest on the baby right nineteen years, so that you need to know that they were out of the house. They re ass. She was in college share and You know I have a nice know, forty seven wow yeah I've, a ton of nephews, son, her nephews and nieces, but what that meant was my parents I was born in madison askance and by, like marathon, was gone for national scotland's fantastic com. It's a great town, it's it's, it's colleges their yeah like austin, yeah and there's like smart sweep,
ball in the midwest one and it says kind of progressive, shangri LA really will not as affected as austin. I don't think I think, like there's a like the regret. This is the mid west. When it's there seem to a little deeper will more humble? Yes, yes, yes, pie people yeah, they're, very, very sweet, very, very sweet and so I was born there. Then I moved to pennsylvania and then went back to wisconsin for high school. What was it? What was the business of the folks? My dad was frustrated musician. He basically worked his way up in an insurance company, but he was an amazing piano player at perfect, pitched jazz. yeah kind of big band stuff. But it was interesting because he always, I think kind of I could tell that he kind of got off, but he never thought it was a practical thing right for any anybody to do
interesting to me, because I think about this people parenting now we're like our generation of parents. Hers are like hey we're, we're cool. You know we're we're really cool with whatever you want to be, but what the fuck are you like? Are you a jock? You know? Are you talking about the parents or the yeah, the kid the parents there's this weird they're not grown up yet as what you're saying yes? yeah they're overly invested in trying to control this process, I was the fifth kit, My parents were, like you know, love em, keep matter tragic, go to work without me whenever they want, so they were appropriately disinterested. If my My father had eleven. To a, I am extremely lucky: They were very happy place
and they knew I was the last one here. Everytime I walked in the room it felt like my parents would. Smile is really loving. That's great, been through the worst of it yeah yeah, yeah they're, like they'd, already done it and then they'd kind of chosen chosen to do it again, but I think about the fact that if, if my dad had come to me after that arsenic and old lace. Seventh grade yeah, and said, as I would too, kid now. Oh, my god I've never seen you so happy. Do you want to take an acting class? There is no question. I would not be an actor because either I pulled against the leash or I wouldn't have the sense of ownership that I had, because it was always this cool thing.
It just I. I was kind of in love with now my dad loved it, like my I've, just memory after memory of like doing a play and my dad standing up with his flesh, korea, yeah, you know and and taking a picture, but it's just interesting to me that had he been overly support of you, it is a fact that, oh, if burst, Springsteen's mom came down and said honey. You got some like, like you need to take some qatar. Lessons will be a drunken newark put back qatar down or you. we've moved from asbury park to newark, that's a sad story: yeah yeah he had to get at asbury it's because his mother was there trying to get him to play. Guitar yeah play it again, bruce nah! Well, that's the interesting. I I guess that's true, though huh so your dad was accepting but still bestows.
Don't don't put all your eggs in one basket kind of thing now he was totally like. It never occurred to me growing up in wisconsin, like if you're from here or you're from new york. He knows somebody who's been in a movie. The idea of being an actor never occurred to me. It was an even if it had. It would be too embarrassing thing to say, aspiration right? What did your siblings do by then? They were working for great pay. They will have careers. I would imagine yeah yeah, I yeah. I have a brother's journalist. I had a sister whose social worker and writes children's books sister is nurse. Brother is an interpreter interesting it is here by I and then I applied to school and I said to my dad, I said just think of it as like. It was for you
what you do, undergrad that word, you do undergrad wesley. What would you study english, english and theater I'd say: bye, bye, theatre, what you weren't in the art school ye yours, you were in the theater school you're in the english department, liberal yeah as its basis? liberal arts school without you know with a little crazy I bet that what you were just doing a minor in that no, I know I was like a real theater major, but the thing about wesleyan, the that that is interesting. Is it unintentionally created the conditions, the ideal conditions I think, for people to like learn about acting, which is like a mini steppenwolf. It was all self generated stuff because it was so smaller it at all. The interesting stuff was outside horsemen, and there were just these values where you could put a play up raw and it wasn't high pressure and people sort of found there,
which I was glad I got to do that act, the white before I got to Julie r yeah, which is kind of a zen sucky. You know we're going to strip you down, it's a weird, ah the place to be if you're, too young, I think so. You are right, so you do the undergrad thing and you need to do a lot of work. Ie. You have a good time. You do a lot of plays. If you got some chops, he he took some chances. He started to feel the the parameters of your talent but the them yeah and what you can and cannot do, maybe a little bit or no yeah. I mean it was just fine and it did not have any professional aspiration to I really didn't know where you're getting good notices where you're getting like. Where people thinking we're good, what with obviously
in audition for juilliard? You must have thought liking. I got this. I can do this. I didn't think I could do it. I thought that I could you know, try. I remember like. Pausing. Looking at the latter, when I got an to join our yak, as is late, you know this kind of means you're going to try to be an actor. Where would you duty, audition what with a modern peace in a classical peace? What was the idea here? Lambert look here upon this picture and upon this the counterfeit presentment of the man who was hamlet, yeah, I don't remember what the modern one, but it was those to the due to pieces with four people sitting there. and I hate auditions. I despise them. I don't respect them. I don't respect their ability to like you know.
Selects yea or a talent to or ascertain potential yeah. I I have I'll tell you really interesting thing or I this happened. I she really should have taken a camera. I thought of it yeah my class from Julie. Are we all got together which never have and after thirty one years we ought to get out of here, you are twelve fifteen people like what is over twenty year was about twenty. He had acted they used to put people on probation and kick them out, which was the abusive and stupid here. You know the actors would come there and they would be told at the first. I never but they ve told you know you're on probation officer great where why? Because we might kick here, but for why now out of that was actually sort of like you know you might you're, not you're, not you just not cause you
there is no transgression other, then you may not be talented, so we're gonna put a little more pressure on its was. It was hard There was there was this whole kind of school All of you know this kind of british acting nazi like, school of thinking that I really for a long time disrespected and myself that I felt like I needed a nourishing atmosphere to act, and we have now I'm adamant like if somebody's, if you know a prick or a bully one of the best things about the luck I've had up to this point zero. can go shot up here. You insecure son of a bitch, but there was lot of crazy achulu, Julia It was a very tough of the tough place in there were who were younger than me they're about half the class going to college half the class hadn't,
at ten years old nineteen years old, yeah, it's crazy there and we all got together and it was. I wish I'd filmed it because It was one of the most moving we haven't seen each other. Only a few of us are having the careers that we remotely hoped to have right. and people's instinctively sat in a circle was like a meeting and and everybody talks and told her. So fries and it was like, forest line fucked our town, I mean it was so inspiring to see what people who we were very very close to at this hunter life had gone through and it was heart breaking and to see the carnage of people
walking around within anvil of failure. Feeling I think, really hurt because they didn't get. you know the most dangerous thing in the world is put yourself steam on a platter and handed to show business near that won't it it won't end. Well, tell me about that that this anvil, because I guy, I think about that, a lot in in comedy. You know where, where this there is not enough talk received, doesn't matter now. It's not here, there's a weird mixture of locking persistence in representation and whatever it is a million things. Yet determine whether hate is not just talent year has any success at no talent? Is. That's like you're, sometimes that happens. So does it because your talent might be just your ambitious bishops? You might be good enough, your talent, they they. Just good enough is highly rewarded.
adequate, adequate, adequate so what about If people I mean, I'm not looking for names, but you you did feel the heartbreak in the room is what you're saying that there is a date. What it did was it and did it end? Happily, this reunion yeah it did- I mean I, people are you know where to play? It was just interesting. It's interesting to me, like you, must deal with young comedians who get in touch with you, who have the he asked parents or friends or your parents, or something and or they just reach out now, because of the podcast or right yeah. I like I talked to young actors all the time. I talked one the other day, and it's just coming. Issues command Julian she's. well if you're good, and you really you know, hard really want it? You know you can have an acting career right like I I'm like if you're lucky, you know,
I mean one thing. I do believe that I say to these kids is: is IRAN I do believe that if you're good and you want it and you may you won't be an actor, but you can have a life in story right. Why? That's? What I well so, Michael, look. Don't don't don't bank on stand up as your own. Anything because, like at any given point in time, there's only a few ads a really making a good living as stand ups render. MR hammering it out. So if you can write, if you can work, with other people. You know, if you can, you know if you like. You know that I think that the sketch community really comedy a lot. You know what year was stand up. Driven tv, but now these people that come up through, u c, b or the sketch communities yeah, they learn just by virtue of did you do, that, how to write, how to drag how to work with other people? How that you know, listen, and you know it's it
I tell actors this too. I think it's a very arbitrary ina distant universal again, you know, I'm an actor will actually year you're a soldier in the storytelling mission. We are you now, I'm gonna throw outlay with eight or italian, and a lot of people can do. do a lot of things. They don't think that they can do and I always tell actors. Unlike look man, if you can t if you, if any desire to write, be right, and while you're while you're doing Oh yeah, think about all the angles. I don't I'm not naturally like that. You I'm very immediate gratification guy. Even this idea that you have talked to a few actors, wait, we were what you The the storytelling mission that you know we're storytellers were part of the story thing you know I you know I have to you know. Intellectually kind process because when I actor I it am, I am I on camera story like I like the story, but
it yeah, I know you're, not on camera going, you know, hail the storytelling mission, you know, and it should be in you know now, I'm saying is, is that at the end of the day, this whole thing is about telling stories. Actors tend to not understand that they ground zero understanding of how to tell a story. They have like a really good sense of what works and what and and whether it's directing or the or writing. I want them to be open to that and all it just being actor you're. Your it's so passive. You have to be chosen and its end its heartbreaking as they is the other day like it what's milly, aiding about being an actor you're struggling is. You're a aspiring.
Two and a rina you disrespect success. It show. Is this and your failing like it? a double thing: it's not like you, wanna, be a violinist in in the new york philharmonic and you're, not you're. Just not quite there yet like you're auditioning, for a commercial which, which you despise and you're, not getting it it's really rough, it's a it's horrible! There are some moments run like eh? I don't His know what that is keeps people going other than like why you have plenty there's plenty of big actors it done. Commercials You know like. I know that level like this is just a stepping stone. It's part of this is getting you. You know, but there's also like I'm starting to realize that that some actors who were lucky or some actors who do end up getting work at the they just that They are like doing anything. They don't like
think no they like active, but there are just lucky because like it, if they were given some other job, they would do nothing there. There are people there. that sort of like a you kidding. I get to pretend they. I sit around right. If yeah yeah, right, ray a not hung up on writing or anything else or a businesslike. It's like a car. he noted meme. I I mean that's the negative side of it, but the heartbreak one eye there to place brothers said the greatest notch. it would Sobre LA marque. Is it market mark and somebody asked him? Is there a difference between acting writing and producing? He said yeah. There is a big, this is what is at issue here. Is you'd, have your writing earth or or producing, directing its its literally like your raising a kid you're in a constant sense of anxiety. Am I gonna be able to bring this thing to its this child? To its full potential
When you're an actor you're like a drunk uncle, who shows up, gives the kids a bag of oreos and let somebody else put them to bed like that's right, avatar that heartbreak of that you know. You add the fact that you ve studied you'd trained and you gotta go, do an audition for commercial. You are nothing to do with, but that that sort of, like balancing You can't be idealistic, you know, do get into acting for the art of it that that has to be crushed pretty quickly. He then once he realized why I talked to young kids who come with you. You know of you know a real kind. artistic snobbery, n and in our milk you know it's good luck and good luck angel? What did you do? You did theater right, so you come out of the wood. You aren't juilliard, ultimately, what I learned yeah without being cynical, funny story, some years, here's what you learn, the great thing
Julia was. I went to dad you now, but I was acting ninety percent of the day and that's what what is that important thing and I'm doing very strange parts. I would not normally be cast in which, even if I didn't in not necessarily in order to be cast in those parts when you get out, but I think it's it's really good exercise to play things better outside your range rights or you can see. You know it's owning your own territory, where what can I do right? Yeah? and you were just acting all the time or like you know, it's like shrinks. It's like the shrink thanks. It's them right now, what's making somebody get better. Is there just coming and saying? What's on their mind night, he you know, that's ninety percent of it with the occasional insight. So it's just
It was a relentless of you know, four years of just acting in many many different crazy? who do we know anybody that was in your class taunt gibson, Wendell pierce, and do you know there are the most, you know, sort recognizable and the people tat you saw. This reunion did some of them move out of show business intact. some do other things. Some teach a lot of people, you know candidate, dont, don't do it anymore. but it's true in the other art I know a guy came in second in the czech hoskin competition, which is a really hard thing to do. You go, it is It is amazing. Julie gun is like practice rooms in the sky, who nine hours days, since he was eight and he just like, takes a breath and use any throws his hands at the piano.
He's moaning and selena playing as like, beethoven's is like the most probable thing ever see comes in second in the tchaikovsky competition. What is he doing that? I don't know Each is piano, two kids, it don't want learn. You know its brutal here. That's a very specific thing. There's a good thing about acting So I guess that you you can you can start in county acting like a wonder, you can do commercials the guy. You know they calling for prodigy right, it's you know easily either either that the the soloist who plays with the orchestra right or what yeah. I mean I guess you can point how many new piano soloists, are there every year. I don't if you like, there not keep yeah, yeah yeah and they tend to stay around and where I work, into working all age. So it's time you know it's toughening, artsy, tough, bye, bye,
so okay, so you do you do all this acting and you get out and are you theater what happens when I get out and initially crickets nothing is but when you try to do where you new york, yeah yeah, yeah state in new york, I was in new york. I work for catering company. Do a showcase for agents in that whole thing tat! Nothing! Now got agent, but then nothing was happening, I'd gone, you know four years ago. school we do in theater. Well initially. I was catering here in the philip morris. Dining room seventh level of hell, this corporate dining- room were yet your range. These bouquet is cigarettes in this is like nineteen, eighty, five When you hear these slithery tanned people talk about the opportunities give away cigarettes in front of girls schools in china. That was fun.
Worked at the world trade center haze of cigarette yeah bouquets of cigarettes. and then you smoke did I hear I I, would that I would bum cigarettes or learn from it, but I wouldn't I wouldn't get their personality. You don't get the addictive thing. No, I have to be careful with, like you know of you, know all been them I I realize that early on. I then got a got. A part in the play, and, ah you know after acting, would be a time where somebody else would have a cigarette and I'd bumps sure yeah I will edit out why I only have cigarettes when I you know when I work yeah, I realize I work all the time: hey yeah, I'm always bumming cigarettes. Where'd. You worked at the world trade center yeah yeah at the port authority, dining room. This was in
You know like eighty five and then I get a bill. Pullman dropped out of the show curse of the starving class that was moving from off off broadway to off broadway and he was he got a part in a movie which, which was a big deal, and he had to take it and they were opening in week and they loud about closing it down, but I ended up getting it so. My first gig was this curse of the starving class, which was this sam shepard, kathy bates, which was like dream gig, and it was scary. Yet a urinate onstage. You had to this kid freaks out, are usually don't like nudity and plays began. You just sit there and go. Oh wow, I hope that actors, cousin, isn't hair black eyes naked,
yeah, that's that's happening, but is weird thing- is that this guy comes out completely naked and ends up slaughter, a lamb who we called merle sheep. And it was this insane. I had to go into it in a week and it was it's a big part with big monologue and meet sam shepard, and that was in intense near what twenty two now I'm twenty four year and he was- acting readjust around? No, he just came behaviour. He just came by would jessica lack know your fancy vance now yeah, it was, did you know pullman now well. I ran into him in like the mayfair a couple of years ago, and I was like thanks for the career cause. It really was like the first, do you remember. Did he not yeah yeah, very, very sweet? that weird I had this great
for like nine months. I was doing this plane. It was weird you know. Kathy bates was amazing, she's great she's, great. I I I I I the first night I d go on. I d learn this play in like six days here and there's a big monologue at the beginning- and I remember the first couple of These were hersel where you're you're looking into these one actors eyes and you can see that they don't think you're going to be able to get there, which a horrible thing, and I survive as a sympathetic, yeah, yeah, all honey sweet are given it a go anyway, I was backstage. Wait before it was opening night for in there were critics, and I had gotten a thing like you know a week before, and I'm back stage and it's emotional at the beginning
I sitting in the floor. My legs are crossed and I'm like getting emotional and coffee kathy bates wags. By what do you do it preparing? nice, but there's a guy named eddie jones. I really wouldn't be an actor if this guy, who played my dad eddie jones, who was this terrific actor, was gay got me through that oh yeah yeah, I couldn't you know It was scary. I walkin walking cannonading yeah, I mean I just did it here's one I don't want to be naked, yeah in rehearsal like he asked the plays gone on, that's great, like you're, in the reality of the play whatever. That is an you naked. What you don't wanna hear is that right, go okay, hang on one side cause then you're, just a schmuck when you dedicated enough,
There is like a we not break. The reality is that, right it's not like movies or tv, where you got a dick shock on. Yeah the word they are weird, I'm wearing one, well yeah to go. I can do it, you you were so so with eddie jones, to help you he just said: me he was. He is an incredibly kind guy faith in me when he shouldn't have, and you have a lot of things. Yeah. He we ought. You know he was my dad. It's that complicated ship we're just shepherd daddy yeah, oh wow, that's nice nice to have that the the one person with faith where they were trust, you get least can relax. you know or know that, like you have some support yeah I mean I think that like Yeah it like trying to manage that confidence without it curdling
in here? It's breaking apart into an indian or or arrogance, but the other way like you know like what it takes to sort of a full shame spiral. Yeah like he. You know what that's the one thing that experience gets you is is less of those, but I have to say one thing: that's interesting to me is that you can always incorporate you can always judo your formats, insecurity into whatever is going on in scene, and actually there is nothing worse than a fully confident actor. Oh yeah! I I agree with that. I would I mean it makes sense to me, but like what I'm surprised, That is that I don't know how deep the shane's pharrell's go with. You went, but that as you get older, you can choose. do not honor that voice. So I like this in
drag everyone around you down right, you know I I you know. I keep took a long time for me to just sort of like nasty, keep it to yourself, right. He added. Meanwhile, I have this whole thing like with. I am not somebody who I don't think is a prick on a set, and I have the other problem. Is you know I don't want to be loved and run around making financing yeah yeah. I love that yeah. I do, but if I'm honest any time any director has ever said anything to me, I go through three silent beats a fuck you I suck Ok what and I really believe that that is a universe, soul response and some people gets stuck on. I suck some, you know, be right, live there
people live on fuck you most people, pretty quick. Get to that. You know, but you hear you you, the the cycle starts right when it's friday or broadway. yeah yeah, yeah, yeah the name being called brat, Oh I e matt perry I used to like. directors? Where do these like tat? stating notes wait before you roll like they got guys. Can we be quiet? Are we rolling we're rolling and brad. Don't push for that joke action. He doesn't like some devastating. Are you a or are we really? I brad just pick the prop up. You know: don't make a meal action. You know,
it's like you're totally humiliate. So when Matt tried too hard, I got the direct badge. Yeah. Don't try too hard, you just say the line action. That's right! I did that show your face action, sir. So when, when I to direct would like to fuck with mad I on what was sixty or I are we rolling, ok, rowing, ok and Matt, you Peter years ago, action there is no happiness. The reward is death action like these devastating doubts that you have to like, you know, go right into what do you think happened with that show? What am I You know I hears years when I think about the chip studio studio, sixty.
Erin needs moral elevation wheels. about that first so like? Where did your relationship with him start? It's funny, because people ask me like how did you meet aaron sorkin? I did a movie that I was snobby about too and called revenge of the nerds two nerds in Paradise. Yeah was that one of those acting decisions you made without a We take my craft to I'm going to dig deep and explore this. I mean I've played an asshole, but I've never played one on vacation. and I met a guy tim field who and he and I would We went to the amount festival in louisville and saw a bunch plays, and then he went in tee replaced in a few good men and then, he said to Aaron, I think you this guy. I think you should see this guy.
so. I addition for erin in erin made me like the common bacon and then I got to understand. aid, and then I got a really big shot because usually they put no offense to me a fading. Television star in one of these things to keep a play going, but he ended up giving it errands, then said now I want him to be the lead, so I got to be the leader broadway play which was signed. And I didn't deserve it and that's where I met it's like with. I don't know him at all. You know I find that time goes on that its itty sorkin sore kidneys is its own. Sort of Its own type of its own type of acting in a way like I started to notice it not just not like west wing, but you
but more a little there, but also in the movies that, in order to play sorkin, you have to know how to do it. It is our lesson. I've seen really good actors who, just like get the zen sucked out of him. You know right having to do it and There is this technical verbal obligation that you have to, get to your unconscious place so that your blood can flow like the key to it. It's the same thing with man it who pisses me off because each is acting. Why is that He because he's a playwright and what do you think about the way he teaches acting? I think it's playwright centric we're not going. I say my word at airy clare largest appear upon in my game. Yes, yes, anyone can do what you do any one can do I just
as thai say my words but the great mammut actors, their blood is flowing while they're fulfilling you know this other great actors. Despite him, they didn't learn how to act through Mamet, no right, no yeah sure. It bring life to the rhythm man idiots. It's like shakespearean in a way yeah yeah and some people just get fritz thinking about the logistics of the language and also just like, would I magic part of inactive struggle with Sorkin would be likely to persons. Doesn't matter if put the emotion into it. They they will seem as though they would say it yeah. I like. I never felt like yeah. I I mean it was a a he he's, a very interesting writer. It's really fun to do that when, when it's like flowing it feels like,
in a volley ball or something? Oh, I love it like you and I didn't notice it into really until the steve jobs movie because, like I watch that movie and whatever anyone else was saying about whether it was real, whether it wasn't real all my what does matter if it's real this is yo hepburn and tracy, like you know, in order to do this, this language thing that he does you've got to get it and when it's working it's it's spectacular it. I don't give a fuck about whether the and the story is one of the device of the story- listen aids, extraordinary lack. I wrote a letter it's the equivalent of eleven feature films a year with west wing for four years. It will never be done again. It's an extraordinary achievement. Nobody will ever nobody's ever going to do it and he would Writing. You know we would go
and I remember this through like he you go in and it was like. You know, you got new, arthur Miller, play right in every way with our gunning like was you, were you in our inner one? Also echo my god ever like every script came out. They were pretty? They were pretty great and they were. They were a lot of. they were a lot of fun. I mean Aaron is, is an impatience in the best way, an impatient showman, desperately worried, he's gonna lose the audiences attention. So he brings he's wonderful characters and you know there's A wit? You are you're talking about studio, sixty one of the things with studio. Sixty is like. West wing of the political world. You like, basically you c span and you bring, in wit beyond your leg out. Thank you funny when you were doing ass an hour and you bring in wet you're pissed off
you know I I that show the I remember talking when they are about it- that I felt you know like I want to see like I want have seen. I think Erin could write a great well. I guess he did year afterwards, but like in anderson, I think, like Anderson cooper is under interesting pressures, you know, does his you know talks at a school shooting at anchor campaign, and then does you know how get ratings sprite, the the snl like the earth, can see in that show show is basically show about writer's block and yes, yeah and tried to build this terror of you know all the pressure that was on Matt's character, well I know Saturday night live is going to be on this week and I know
something done hated. May I be good all of it, but I think, I a sort of oz false. It wasn't authentic that the show the premise right right, I write one. Then he did what he did newsroom was that what it was called with: Jeff Daniels to him yeah that was good, yeah yeah, no he's a brilliant, brilliant writer. Are you guys, friends. yeah. I mean. I see him he's a like a big my life. I see him every couple months we with dinner yeah yeah weird like in erin, had this power by joke with him is that you know the great show about democracy and he ran like Kim jong IL you know it's, you know we were waiting for the story, you know to come from him and that's the way it needed that you know it needed to be, but it sort of look and we treated him like
play right. We're going to make all these words work right. You know we're not going to go to. You know: hey ya, bill Don't we get it with to be or not to be like yeah it do it. Do we need that's the question, even though you like you would make it work right. Well, yeah I mean he's one these, like I don't know anything about him and I you know I I definitely tend to anthologized people my mind and then when I meet them, I'm like always surprised that they're human, but he seems to be sort of capable of these yet inhuman feats, ye of creation that that are sorta. Amazing. Well, he doesn't interesting thing he's like he's like yeah, I'm going to paint on a big canvas, yeah like with westway it's so funny to me? There's all these political shows now, like all kinds of political shows, you know the It is the comedy young scandals. The cap
I'll be thing and another one, the one that the house a car the and where we were doing the shows like that arena can't work right now. It's completely. It broke it open for everybody. Let's talk like you get what you've done a lot of movies, a lot of television in your grain train parents that must remain our help and now, in terms of that set summit, been around as long as you have that much fairly unique environment. Incredibly unique, How did you come to that? How did I contacting our digital? Ask you to do it? How what was the head of it was funny because I was here and there wasn't a point of pride, but I had noted the fact that I was like the only actor of my generation, tat who started in new york, we never die law and order. Real rise like VON we're, miss that you, mrs animistic right
I just you weren't in those lean times during that time, a little before and know I was up for stuff it just it just never happened, and then I got asked to do this s vu, but it meant going to new york and I'm like I don't want to go to new york and they said it's tambo, and he's always been one of my favorite actors and I like, oh, if it's with him, yeah I'll go So I did that in the middle of a senior said, it's weird this like doing this, aiming show at amazon, unlike amazon's doing stuff too near this was you know before it started, said yeah and it got picked up, and then there was this part of this crossdresser and he suggested me to chill. Okay- and you know I that it just sounds to me like. I know Jill a b, and people that are involved in the show. But it sounds to me that this was a very sort of modern work environment. That was highly not politicized, but it was at the cutting edge of the new respect- and
at ways of engaging with people on gender level. Yes And it was, you know, was freaky sad. I mean you know, its die It is there's this kind of dilation on that set because people are, you know, you're dealing. You know I never words, before and you know I I. I really want to make this work and it's, but you know it brings up coffee. It feelings, yeah. Well, I got like me: india well. My number one fear. Was too was that I would be condescending about. I actually had one of the most amazing experiences doing research for this a year.
Didn't like certain idiot. Like you know, I'm going to, like you know, sean penn, this little air. Ah, I got in touch with a a group that the cross dresses and signed up to go out. You know I was just gonna go You know sure hanging observe yeah yeah, but it, but I was you know I was going to go, undercover aroused and it was delicate to get in I did to this thing under you know, understandably, and I got myself invited spy array and then I realized that your public personality so well yeah, I'm vaguely familiar here. I don't know about that. Then I call him up and I should like. I want to be honest with you. This is a safe place for you is there any is there, but I am doing this thing. This was before the showed come out and I said,
I can assure you. This is not going to sentimentalize or condescend, and I just wanted do whatever I can to get it right. They talked to everybody. The group and I went. I wish I was terrified walking in this place. I mean terrified. So I was now not crossed s sort of like there's theirs part your masculinity at stake, because you don't know yourself in this way Yeah it was, I was shake like I've done. Weird research when you're afraid of, though I mean, could you put your finger on it like you're walking into the place I mean it was in inarticulate, read reptilian brainstem variety and fear I dunno haha, I dunno was I getting turned on right or yeah you were threatened,
yeah yeah, yeah yeah. So what happened? and and It's somebody really doesn't pass we're gonna gruffly, you know, goes right. You know. Mini skirt yeah. You know, sir, you know and it's like they are in it and it's like I'm like you know, you can see me kind of go. Take a deep breath go ahead. This is this is going to be intense. It turned out to be one of the most moving things honestly that I've ever seen they get together. This is an it's it's an apartment where people meet here. This is Night they get dressed the people who want to go out. Some people really want to get dressed and go out a eunuch pass. They get falafel laboring back.
and they sit together and they eat falafel and nobody's getting nobody's trying to pick up people and the range of experience, was astonishing. You know there were a lot of people have gone heroically through twelve step staff. I you're, not in us secret or in other there. They ve, gotten beaten up in other kids wooden, wouldn't talk to them. You cheer these like heart breaking stories. And then this, like
the five year old goes. You know, I'm hearing all these stories of wow. It's a you know. It's like my life has been a party. This has been amazing, you know I you know, I'm taking care of this watch is gold you know, and then you know there was an army guy there. There were some people, who are extraordinarily feminine and almost porno, some some have like us. my time in a row with it with a wig on but It was just interesting to sit with these people who needed? a sanctuary to be themselves right It was it was. It was really fast. A there's, this wonderful cod. When a character. I like a seventeen year old puerto rican girl who did all Blair Harold loved to come. when
days and an and to these guys up anyway? What that experience did we gave me like. I was the gaming total freedom like theirs, There's a million different ways. You know to do it honestly to do it to do it honestly, but I was always afraid. Am I going to make it to make a cheap jet? right, yeah, I've ever you mean he onset areas I e right. I you not not during a scene europe but like you're, worried about your own weird defensive, Disposition popping in the middle of it well yeah. That would not be a good set to do that and I do remember right before they said action free and I are fully cross yet and about to say action, and I looked at her. I said you realize this- is the memoriam real
You have, as he sees you pretty deep in it when he does it very deep in it. it's the n. I guess he's not doing it anymore. He got into some trouble yeah yeah yeah. I think he always felt. Am I doing justice to this? He did some insane work on a yes and I'm ridable work for some real risky shit, yeah yeah it's a crazy set, Eighty eight, it must have been a real baptism in you, know the edge of cultural progress. Are you that liking of what's going on in terms of identification identity, how to address people how to be respectful, yeah. You know, especially when coming to it at your age or my age, where things are changing, that dramatic radically in those communities. Like the of saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing must be extraordinary, I feel I have a nephew who is trans and
actually find that most trance people are not freaked out. right about pronouns. I I you know because that's you know, that's not the issue. Of course, it's an understandable stumble that eating her. The shirt are going to make right, we're all trying to be comfortable. So if you know we're not going you know, call you hate or because you miss spoke is right. I think that these things yon those wells where that dialogue is, is happening around pronouns that that sort of happened to maintain that the territory that they've gotten do you know what I mean that that there needs to be a respect there I mean maybe it'll, make people more nervous about what to call people, but, but it needs to be. There needs to be posts up, saying like where This is, this is happy and words are, or words are important right.
Did you what let's talk about the the movie that's out now and up for academy awards added? He had. He finds you. How did that happen heard that he If they were interested in me for a movie, and I was the biggest key and Peele fan in the world, I think he is a pro found performer lauren, yeah yeah. I think that's true. I like the up of stuff is doing in those sketches, and if there is a tragedy about get out, it is I don't want to act in a more here, but I have been asking for years. Just give me a like a. I honestly anything background sketch yeah, you know to a in one of his just you know I just want to be in one in my son was so
I would have done anything he was going to do when I first heard about it. I assumed he was going to be acting in an eye I talked to him in. our mary said: are did you like horror movies and I'm like yeah. Do I you know, I don't run out to see right. I get em bad I'll, go see right, yeah and he's I I really. I really love them and the reason I love them is they're. They're about is stuff. You can't talk about they're about death and sex and nobody's done race and weirdly You know like I was trying to think of just movies. I've seen you know with a sympathetic black In a war movie, it's like night of the living dead, nineteen sixty eight yeah. I didn't turn out well for that guy dead. No, no.
the record italy courier so then he sent me the scripts and I remember coming out and saying to my genes, I like this. I've never read anything like this, and I don't if it's going to work, but you know you be it'll, be amazing. Be I saw on paper pretty great yeah. I was out like war while it his combination of like what I call like a forehead knocker of like oh yeah, like wedding. Ten years ago day, I haven't, we done a horror movie that is really about race you know, and it was combination of that and it was not something I'd ever before and then you're reading it you're going. Is this funny? Like I didn't know where I was as good, Yeah, I didn't know where I was genre, a genre wise of you.
do you know it's going to work now like Do you finish scenes going? I know why waggling like Is this because so there's this menacing wrong to it? Like I imagine, Are you finished scenes in canada? and like our ye tipping its are. No, are you setting it up without tipping it I mean that's, you know enjoy jordan was he said. You know this just like comedy horror. He's he's like you gotta to without anticipating it, let the tension, ino, expand and then pull a trigger and either its laugh or you know words I'm right. Even he was very careful not to heed what ain't jokes in their there know. Joe. All the laughs. Like are one boy at the end,
get killed with with a dear head. it was just like one take where they ran. This dear had any eye, and I have a white beard and and blood cod. Comes out of my mouth yeah. They want to get it one. Take my one disagreement with with him was ah, I said, can I just like get hit and go? Oh dear, and he said now it's a joke. Cause of you know, because it's a because there is like no right now, upon the as well behind Can I have no room for pond anywhere? the two shoot. Nobody thought I was going to work. There is a bit of a comedic relief with that the guy's friend that comic from Chicago. What's little rough, yeah yeah that that guy it wasn't joke, but it was sort of like that that was reality gang, and that was very funny. Yes, great ending.
great, and you know he is like he changed a right now. I don't know anything about the original ending was you and killing everybody in the dry way and the EU sheer a cop car, and you see the red lights and his face caught he's prison laurel the ts? Hey guys visiting him and saying we gotta get you out. We know the truth. You're not going to you know, rot in a prison and cristina Klee's character says no, it's okay. We stop them. That was the end. The brilliant thing the jordan did wise, who, which could be perceived as kind of a lecture about mass incarceration or injustice or something or what he did with the ending the way he re. It was
You see the lights in the guy's face there. a huge laugh when the door opened and you realize it's not a cop, its ts, a car. There is a huge lack of relief. It's a much more powerful way If you are laughing at that, you have internalized the truth that the cops can be a threat to an innocent black and when you see those whites at the whole history of that hits, but it's something. better than yes sort of telling you this rhiannon and justice occurred. What he did It is the most unbelievable thing: I've ever experienced, outgrow or first time out of the gate. Gy twenty two days like it was quick yeah and he's a solid guy he's the sweet.
Yeah, you know and there's just glee in him yeah and he is kind to everybody which are pretty sweet. Did I hear you say beyonce yeah, so you getting married again that I think it's going, During my, it seems like when Three older siblings are celebrating fifty years in the whole family's going to be together. That might be a good time. Oh yeah yeah, Amy Landecker from transparent transparent. He met her. I am transparent, dress. You were wearing a dress when you met. I was wearing a dress. We did not connect at that time Has she been married? Yes, kids both had wives. Yes, we both come out of some emotional, my water And ass it were a glade, a cool pool of peace.
oh good. Well, I hope that works out for you, I'm serious yeah. Thank you. Great talking to you to my pleasure, nice guy writes catalog to them go on edge. Guy will intensity, grounded. I like him I like that bradley whitford fella. As I said, you can see the new season of the handmaid's tale on hulu he's in that that premieres this week you can I in the movies get out in the post watching reruns of the west wing. it'll be a if you really wanted to I'll talk to you. Again from probably dublin, I'm thinking- may maybe amsterdam I'll, let you know at the time
according former lives.
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