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Episode 913 - Rachel Bloom

2018-05-06 | 🔗
Rachel Bloom is a self-described show pony, a people-pleaser with a lifelong desire to perform as a means of keeping her anxieties at bay. She tells Marc how those impulses pushed her toward musical theater, which in turn led to self-produced music videos on YouTube, which eventually led to the creation of her hit show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Rachel and Marc also discuss Jewish grandmothers, gender disparities in TV comedy, and the new movie she made with her husband, Most Likely to Murder.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck him years, what the fuck stirs what's happening? mare- and this is my podcast w t after listening to it, you chose it didn't just happen to you, welcome to the show what is happening as everybody doing has work you, ok, how the kids has the wife how's, the husband how's, the partner, The partner how's, your doggie how's, your cat. Oh my cat, it's it's funny! You should ask, because I think I told you that my cat was having a little bit of trouble. in blood sorry good morning and I was terrifying caused. The cat le fonda is an old. Eighty she's, an old lady she's fourteen years old and she's, getting becoming more fred
not unlike human old. Ladies her skin deep feels a little thinner. Is a little lighter than she used to be. She doesn't you know what's happening. And- and I know cats get older than the fond of, but to take her to the vat is so devastating a to to both of us really. I I tell you who's on the show. Real quick rachel bloom is on the show. Rachel bloom, crazy ex girlfriend and she's in a new movie. That's called it's likely the murder that her husband, directed and stars. Another guy that I like Adam pally, but that she's here, at a talk, and I guess I warn you now a warning again as we get closer theirs. I am high who ever of jus ness happening at different points, In this interview. This is a major issue. We a bid julie, a bit you if you like, a jewish. We gallows
We come in its now where the top east coast jury, but there's a nice jewish subtext. size. So it's okay. Are you what what I used to think was annoying about being jewish, I believe, is now become necessary. We have to put our annoying voices out there we have to fight. Power with our genus. because don't want to normalize those nazis. Now. Do you na ne it out jew it up? bring on the jew jewish, vikings got an email from a guy said might be possible. We talked about that when do we talk about that week or so ago? After up in oslo in stockholm and with the viking history got down their men, they got down there into the rivers of poland apparently they were hanging out and my brothers at all. Until I my jeans done are with got told viking in me got some stocky
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jones, dot, com, slash shop for the wtf cost, Mug jobs saw some guy but are broke his sorry pal. If I ever freebie publicly as a replacement, then that becomes a policy can't do it can buy another one and I'm look, I'm not gonna making a fortune off of these. Are these are nice things for the people, people like him. There, there solid mug saw mud Some are not last night said he d so my mug every day, and he looks at my face on the mug baden say that with the greatest tone, which is unusual for him, but mad at me, cuz of the intros, giving him lately. Do you need more on that dini more on that I'm gonna get back to a fund I know where a mad, so the fond ass, so poorly and poor, fragile old lady la fonda. I from Europe and she's got there eddie p around see I take them in she's got a sister sad it
now, they're, not they don't even have that much fighting him so like he used to be a horrendous chore to get her in the box, but Sarah gotten her and got her in the box right away, but then I get to the vet and she just freaking out and just exhausts the poor cat they gotta put under just to get her x rays and give her tests and everything I didn't know what it was and you don't know You don't know you they're getting old and you easy just these just sort of start to wait. if any kind of illness could be the end of it at this age, so I left her. There a couple hours. I picked her up, they did all the tests and we gather that the antibiotic and we didn't know if it would treat the what she had. She had turns out that that U t I and the antibiotic that was already administered will will do it will kill it her kidneys, good her liver is good and everything she got a little bit of hip dysplasia in a little bit of fused. praise whatever that means, she's all right, just guy get her fed and give get her.
The trauma of going to the fucking vet? Also, Please do whatever you can to support the causes that you believe in either through actual physical support, or monetary support. Whatever you gotta do, whatever you think will help don't feel too powerless. I'm only saying this because I I did some charitable contributing That idea, I do once a year, and I can tell you who I donate money to to try to fight the good fight the see how you a nice chunk of change. For me, a planned parenthood gets a nice chunk of change me and the carolina tiger rescue and my father- that's become a charity Now I die. You know I want to say I don't want to make him feel shitty. I just came a little present cuz. I got you know, no matter what I say bad about him. I own something right by Keith. me got me, shoes got me a car a newly bombing that stuff online went through my mom
My mother was the front office, but yeah the carolina tiger rescue they have, they save large cats It's down there. I went down there, so that's I'm just reminding people if you can't get in. If you can't go out, and do you know you can you can't afford to to, we support a c o. You is out there in the trenches every day, defending people who, defending and standing up for. What's right constitution, and obviously planned parenthood is, is under attack in many states which. There is an agenda, deny women of their health care rights said. Do that and if you can? not tigers, are lynxes or cougars of all kinds and other large kathy jag, you wires jag wires, jag, you are, how do they say in england and always bothers me jack,
Why that's what I say, but I think, when I see the commercial for jaguar It's like jaguar or something something weird. Maybe there? I want to say it. What do I know will join us. We'll June came out there, so it's setting it up. Amazing you in to rachel bloom who came over atta familiarised myself with her stuff. It all came, now. It all happened in a matter of days. Just took a intensive. Your boom class, and we have in common and it was good- yeah I'll, say. There is a new magic folks, there's a magic to this space. It's different and I feel it and in there's something it's more pure It's a little more pure for me this space, not as much clutter, not as much baggage now so much duster wait. It's it's clean, secure, pure, These are the interviews that are happening here now:
you garage disclose location rachel boom has a new movie that she's in right now called most likely to murder. I watched it. It's good one, digital download and most on demand platforms and, of course, she's he's in crazy ex girlfriend. Okay. Me and rachel bloom have a pretty good sense of right. I mean what am I preserving right, nothing, protector preserve nothing. Now. weird, because I you know I get a is being reputation way to that way. Pretty candid, I'm pretty candid on here Can I know, and then I started, I start to learn that there are some things like The one thing I learned is that the maybe don't talk about other people. There's that one that's my one, that's my one barrier is: is whenever I do interview
It's like war can assure all share anything about my size. That's me right, but other people, it's like I gotta, be really really careful cause. I saw a hurt. Someone what's that also like. There's this weird thing where it's like well, you know how other people were involved in this thing, I'm talking about yeah, but but they I have a voice in it. If I bring it up, you know you can't argue for themselves. If I talk about a relationship or something and then they're like well. I'm glad you had that. That's your point of view. Where do I get to share mine? Oh you, don't rye when you can just write an article for the wrap or something I wrote a memoir. You know about a lot about my second marriage, which was sort of a volatile relationship, but I was an asshole. I mean I, that sort of out there right and I don't think anyone's getting sent home from work for being an ass rack yet, even though that's technically we had a we the whole I mean every year we do a big hr meeting. I'm sure you do this with the with your house. yeah. I do it here
I I hire an independent hr company just to talk to the cats who talked to me and the cats yeah. We do it's a thing with CBS and they were saying that. Actually, if your boss is like a gritty this asshole that does counters workplace, bullying, the california workplace boy in the workplace, bullying, which I feel if those laws had been a thing for many years, most writers rooms before like two thousand seven, would have gotten busted. My first writers room was like an old I've heard for my show like I was in charge right. obey and it was just me and four dudes who I was even a big writers' room that I mean the biggest mistake. Was it wasn't very diversified and there were no women. It was just four dudes or five dudes looking at the walls, waiting for something to happen. So what is that? So? Let me ask you cause I did a conversationalist talking about diversity in representation in and what I was thinking was the reason.
there are no women or people cholera staff. It's like you hire people innocently hire the people they know and the people who remind them of themselves that it's kind of a tribalism thing. Would you say that's somewhat accurate yeah. I mean, I think, with because I didn't have that much money to staff. In my show runners there were they team. So they were to write that left me with like two or three positions to fill. guys, who I thought, understood me and and and knew what was going on. It's an excuse, but some writers' rooms have like ten people in them yet, and you If you have that kind of network money, you can really mix it up, but it was like first season was just me, those two guys and one other guy, no writers assist sure, say you want people you know who are going to get your sensibility and from a nine times out of ten. Those people are gonna, be people who are like you in but you know right either I realize oh, I think that it by could have hired a woman share a and it would have been fine, you're writing television
and she didn't give that other sense to the other side of it. That's the thing I mean that's what's hard is. I was the only woman on my first writing. Staff was just it was a show called Allen. Gregory was a very short lived, animated show an animated yeah and I and I will say the people running, it were actually very, very nice. but I was the only girl- and I was the youngest and there is something where you know only girl and your staff writer sure you're, like the token woman's voice, but at the end of the day you are you really gonna have like? So it wasn't? Let's it wasn't the careers. It was someone else in the rose room like pitched and innocently kind of date, rape, joke that happens in writers' rooms. All the time. That's happened instead at comedy clubs all the time. It's just easy comedy racist, anti semitic fucking hilarious, so
as the youngest person in the writers room. Am I really going to be like? I'm excuse me, that's a No, you don't want to come off as- and this is in but you don't want to come off. As like crazy woman, whose overbearing and can't take a joke, and so it's hard to be the token you have to I think, if you're going to hire like the one person representing their gender or their race or even their orientation, they need to be high up because otherwise, if their staff, writer they're scared, ways by being, but the big question is as a comic in that moment, the it it's not the euro. being paid to represent a gender there, question is, if I were you offended, you were you work here it's scary I mean I don't know. I was terrified on my first staff. My deep, my default for many years was too. Walk into a room, apologize for being there and assume I didn't belong, they're like men, that's just also, I think, partially gender thing, but also say, personality thing, I'm a chronic pain.
pleaser, I'm I'm really like a of authority, and so I walked into my first writers room thinking. I got hired off of thirty rock's back. I had I been. I had a meet one music, video and authority rocks back, and so I ve read bribery movie. I had that was it. It was that and a speck of thirty rock and I walked in being like I'm. I was twenty three thinking my god- I don't deserve to be here and then some of the people on the staff were even though they were technically staff writers. They actually had a lot more experience. It was the type of thing were they'd cause. You know you get bumped up if you're on a show that gets ordered to a second season. So Who can be a staff writer working on many different shows for many years, if you, if you're on, shows that keep getting cancelled at the first? So some of those guys were the case and it was of really mean competitive room and it was the type of thing where I already went in thinking. I don't deserve to be here and then you tell a shitty ok, maybe like good job good job- and I remember
one day I walked in wearing a hat that I loved. This is a beautiful that had all nice hat. Oh, why are you wearing a hat? Is it going to rain yeah you're certain it used to really hurt my feelings and- and I think sometimes they still do, but I just kind of suck it up like what are the types things that hurt your feelings on. That thing would bother me yeah right cause, I'm calling out because cause some of the people in the room are there's an there's a thing in improv call out the unusual thing and that's kind of way. comes from. Is I'm going to be the straight man to the scene? That is my life, but Why is my head unusual? Can you just let me have a fucking hat? I don't know like even with the women I know in comedy and with anybody in comedy. There is a certain amount of like kind of a ballpark, thing that goes on there totally is, and I and it's a really fine but surely element is different and writers room I mean you mean and sketch vienna use, he be obedient, comedy, store and hanging out. You know stage or whatever is different than you know the
the pressure and the weight of going to work every day. It's also context my france can, bust each other's balls. I'm right I mean my writing partners and I we are straight up mean too. other. My songwriting partners- and I were me too, but were we love each other and russia plays of deep empathy and respect and leisure that's way different than punching down, drink when your security, even security. I mean there's up, there's a brand of dude and I'm gonna generalise here, but there's a brand of dude has learned to use com he only as a weapon to assert their dominance over other people and That's not I'm not a fan of that. I think comedy then comedies await a canoe to an enlightened, and so it can be mean it has to come from a place of those people. national comedians. Yes, they you're talking about, and in fact the one podcast I've done where they actually might be listening. Everything else has been like you know the feminist blood.
I would rather not listen to rap they're listening to this. Oh, so this is a stand up that asserts his dominance to are. These are various there's a couple of people on stage like I I'm just trying to teaser him, I'm talking more about the people, I'm thinking of are more improv, sketch comedian or just very good joke writers. I mean type of person, I've noticed that does inference. So that's that's there. They got there, that's their swagger Oh, a thousand a thousand percent and I always get the sense a little bit with some of them. especially now that I'm more confident you I am that when a woman, Does it there's a little bit of like wait. This is what I do to get pussy yeah right you're a woman. I'm supposed to get you with my jokes, but the pussies being funny. And I don't want to like funny like you know, there's that proceeds going to eat my dad. Yes, one hundred percent, it all goes back to castration fears which is actually a big part of feminist film theory.
That it all his from guys. Yeah there's writer, laura movie. I went to school for and why you, who were we, read a lot of essays on? I don't know sometimes nor its go extra afterward. Get weight. Look so I'll make note. of where we ended up here, which is castration, fear, which I instinct We figured out on my own and you you're, going to explain to me why it's right right, and then that what what so, let's go back though I get you know you do have experience in in sketching and perform but I don't know anything about you. I've I've had to immersed myself, oh in you over the last week or so ago. I'm so. First of all, this is a really big deal for me to be. I hear you know this is conic see. This is like you, ve made it if you're, if you're, on with the fund, as far as if so fucking cool- and I always in my head when, was listening to this when I was still like a waitress I'd be like who would I put on black ass. If I went on what the fuck and now I'm not in that place
Is that mean put on blast? I don't know like who? What would I be like honest about? I mean I'm a very angry person, but I'm also terrified of being seen as crazy or egg and so I have a lot of anger that I keep inside, which is why love scenes where I get to play angry cause. It's very cathartic. I mean we have things in common you're, clearly, a jew that you know- and I you know I speak that yet. But I heard your interview with MEL brooks was great. I became jewish. You write like an old junior nose, got bigger, yeah yeah everything, guy everything, Julia literally by the end of the interview, whether you like it I do that. I do that. Yet I just hit with a with a any sort of charismatic, personality, that I keep king to eventually I start to morph, mainly amazed my boundaries at an early age. It's a means of, I think it's innate compulsion to complete it, to connect
You know I mean like you know, I can speak that language. I get do this. What do you need a little bit bab? So what now? You grew up? california, yemen, hadn't beach, manhattan beach, which is ok. So it's half manhattan because you have a you know. I always an associate term jews star a red and did the did. Your family originate new york yeah, my grandpa was brooklyn, am I've fathers from Boston and my parents live their lives like esau jews, a boston jews, are the dairy. You that's a unique bunch. He has lost in june. Yes, here the famine He apparently I found out was everyone was driven out of boston by my my father's mother, who just sounds like overall package, and so they are like airway. They went on peace and out I'm gonna Philly. So all the boston blooms are gone because slowly, my grandmother think drove people.
The eyes and learning to hear, but they done sorry. They went too far to where they couldn't have to. If they had to visit, they could tell the train or if they are division? You know she dies, pick up the things that really left. She is a monster. I mean I'm sure I when I was before I will say: there's a song on our show called where's the bathroom, which is a song that the woman who plays my mother's ears and she's in amerika. in a very stooge mothers and my dad call me and said that song, is literally what my mother said when she saw my first apartment. It is like. I think, that you must have been there somehow in nineteen seventy one. What's in what would in what would you say, would you so she called it a hovel. This places directors places garbage. What are you doing you doing with your life? You have a hovel there. Wherever they can be really horrible. Oh yeah, I mean I didn't, have a monster jewish mother or grandmother, but I've I've met them. know who they are. Aren't you have free for
you don't have any arizona right, new mexico mix, but both my folks from jersey, right yeah, but non fold, you see it a very nice mother. Now I mean he was not in her own way. Selfish gets a unique, very different bit a spectrum of selfishness. is usually what you're dealing with short the area, and sometimes its basic, sometimes is negligent. Sometimes it's overbearing, but it usually whatever it is, it's all about them. Well, I think that you're getting to some. I'm very, I become very annoyed, and this is not just with juices I answer everyone. When culture is used to explain away curled your mental illness. Yes, It's like! Oh, I meant what I'm a jewish mother yeah, I'm gonna, I'm going to harper. You know you're being actually really mean right now, abusive and don't use your fucking culture sure to excuse. even though it's rooted in survive, I have noticed that cause, there's a main character,
those filipino ago. We talked a lot about the those similar between filipinos and jews and asian families and jewish families and its new immigrant culture. Thing it's you come to this country I came to this country for what right for you to go. stand up right right now to live in a have, also live in a hollow. We. We escaped the cossacks for this right in the premium that the that Jews used to put on education it. I guess it tradition of having outside of other cultures because of the religion and being you know, not allowed to do certain things, because of that there was all this premium put on on becoming the best. You know so you know you can show up for where they can't argue with you yeah. You know yeah why it relates back to if your voice, one woman out like us, you know right doing a set your. Doing it on behalf of all women. If you bob
there's someone that audience who's going to go. Women aren't funny because of that one person that you won't have a and say, men are funny because that one person bombs there's something about anyone is in the minority would have you call minorities is always europe presenting here bright, colored a but the other side of that. Is it your responsibility? Now, right by eight like it or not, with ignorant people it sometimes it are you getting anything like that. We have with you. I mean why do how does a microchip ex girlfriend rather grazing ex girlfriend? There's no, my crazy ex girlfriend the only reason correct people is resource, but I make it possessive and it makes it from a male gaze point of view. Do you crazy ex girlfriend? I don't wanna, be I don't been accused of male gazing, I can't help. It of course yeah it no matter. It's the way that your brains are programmed men and women are different. It's ok, I'll ruth ever use that as a topic the hour I ok. I've talked about this and other places, but I'm curious as to what you think I
story, I'm pr couple years ago of a person who was transitioning up, they were, they were women and they were taking hormones to become a member. They get on the subway. They started testosterone, the get on the new york subway. They see this person a woman arable. I know right. It sounds like the rabbi put three more goats and aroused they get on the subway and they start they see attractive woman and suddenly get the urge to like luck. This woman and- and our position. Is the person whose transitioning to a man get and they end he realizes? Oh, is this what test astern does- and I talked to a lot of my friends about this clean, my husband and new role to varying degrees. Like yeah like when I walk into a room, and I see a hot guy mean maybe I'll register it. But it's not this involuntary but apparently what does what makes you do that. Is it true
somebody or I'm you hide airy. Subject: huts really subjective. I think from I have to get a vibe have to catch a viral? Can I d get off. I gotta catch that right, but it's not purely fist, it's. My women, don't wolf, was whistle at men on the street, that's not how our brains work, but the way that It seems that a lot of men's brains, work is you, my husband described it where it's like you'll see a hot woman in the back of his head. It's like a little voice, discuss pussy pussy, and it's involuntary, but another friend private it as you'll get an involuntary like camera, flash of light boom picture me fucking around the shower, and then it goes away. you tell me unless you, you know, continue the scene unless you continue the scene unless you're actually fucking around the shelter. You know I mean like those come you have a certain amount of control over how long they go on for, but I mean, but I think on some level, the pussy thing is right: it's also buddy. It's the same little thing that goes on where words right there's the other one is food right. So I
at that. When I see I'm a big fan of roller coasters and I've realized it's the same thing when I see a video of a roller coaster on tv or for driving past amusement park. The way I treat roller coasters is the way I think my husband thinks it's about women. Why there's something very primal about in very you know, biological about it and your being civilized pre people who are, I have self awareness, you know you kind of keep that shit and check, but I think that it's undeniable, but not in any way an excuse that you know that we're are on some level to fuck yeah, and that's you, That part of the brain is I sort of like? Are we talking when we find that can happen to waste I think we make more people. It is it's how we survive in the night and I haven't made any more people and our, but that noise, I think I'd they would come out by now. Ok, I think that that would have met them. There's still time sure
for me to have people say yeah. I it seems like just thinking about I'm worried about the kid like I'm, worried now waking up, why don't you have children? I did the hits he's going to go to school by himself. So I got out. Do you know I that what are you what he means? Gonna go school. I'm so that eventually you have to watch this thing and wow, I thought you meant like, for whatever reason your kid is going to be like alone in a school he is going to be. Like I mean he's got to get to know other students- oh no, no, it's just the worry thing, I'm anxious person, I've like severe panel, An executive issues through that turn all autumn adequately. Think that that you're not like Kid responsibility you're like oh, no, I'm going to worry about him. It's very sweet actually yabu but it gets overbearing. Like you know, there's a worrying is not love more like it. No, no, I I cause I'm like it, because it's
How am I going to deal with if something? What what am I going to do? If something happens to that kid? How am I going to handle that? It all goes back to your feet, like a fear of, in a way, like god forbid, that kids should die. Your life is over, Then you won't be able to recover right. because I'm making up a kid so easy. Do he's got no haircut, hair color, I don't know his name, but he the idea of Alex. Ok, The idea is that, like I'm, responsible and and so much is out of my control, you know what, if something happens in it, happy same with cats, though I know, and it's terrible. I think, that's probably why you feel it a little bit. Try what it's it's just yeah, I dunno there's just too much anxiety, my like kids- and I you know, I'm always you I like to communicate with them and I like to see them, but I I just did the day to day of it, but people seem to.
To it are you having them were thing? I work it's too it's a debate, its accounts, precision I mean I I emotionally want them. What is that? emotionally versus what logistics it some lot of of things. On my end and my husband's end, and I mean it's hard. Having kids is, is fucking hard work sixteen hours a day for half the year. I work sixteen hours a day, Couldn't have a now right. I mean if I I would never them and they will grow to resent me. So there is a certain sacrifice and given take plus there's the wild card of. If I want to have a kid. I don't what I'm going to be like when I'm pregnant so, if I'm going be able to function or if I'm going to be super sick, I don't know what my postpartum is going to be like it's little exactly the same years, just a more complicated yeah
because it's my body via very like my earlier that I fear the bad post my mom had very bad puss part am oh. She was very second I've. I'm postponement last what your entire child? I? U so this she still going through? Who thought? No? I mean it was hard for her cause. He had bad puts parliament and her brother was killed in a car accidents. Lemme go out of those things compounded, but I I've heard a horse or some other people from bout post, pardon and is just the way it fucks with your body and I have a whole thing or I mean getting it. I mean it's getting into it's kind of boring, but I have this whole thing. We're like I can't be on a birth control, gin cause. It makes my tits heard half the month and I have really sensitive system anyway. So that's a whole other thing where what's it going to do to my body what's Did my mind kid just being pregnant yeah scary, No, it's like. I can I can. I can hear that I mean I believe you but
yeah, but you know- and I know that some people just do it well it would be a lot of people. Do I like a lot like most people do it, but, I guess my what I'm sensing is that, whatever emotional, whatever desire you have to have them as being overridden either for motion reasons are practical reasons. Whatever the reasons are the cases being made against having that the cases won't look logic, it makes no sense for anyone to have again. I think that's the ultimate thing more way: it costs money you're, raising practical, just just saying purely practical. If you take out the emotion, it doesn't make logistical sense. To suddenly spend all this money to raise this person. Come on, I dont, think costs much more than a pact till their ike. Eleven okay, but also effort, cuz you're up at all So the night you give something
unconditional all this gets into emotion, but you giving unconditional love that they may never always condition return condition I know is, I think I do. I mean it's just and I and I I wanted the weird thing is, I say, I'm afraid of being pregnant. I actually want to be pregnant. I love feeling the this. I love feeling my friends pregnant bellies, love. I love it. I love looking it alter sound pictures. I love fee where the baby is. I've always been as a kid. I was We challenge we had only child I went on. I would like pretend I was pregnant with music, forty or five and then I would take a shit and be like yeah you under a brother- maybe I did and I had imaginary slip, I had imaginary siblings. I would fight with a child. I was an only child and my imaginary siblings were Kevin mcallister from home alone, wednesday. her and pity longstocking pepe how'd, you find me, but I would fight with him.
You'd fight with you and then I make my parents died. I be like pennies being mean and I make my parents come in and mediate. The stop I would do that for you. And they have other kids. You don't know they just want to or I I honestly think my mom had a really tough pregnancy. My dad was forty two. When I was born, I just know he got a vasectomy actually parade quickly. I got it done. He got that shit, so now I owe home and my mom for now worry about worry about me coming in you and alright. So let's go which try to get up to kiss, talk about how it happened for you, because I think that you and and not unlike you, in me as well?
part of a new media thing gap that dead. That get that. I think I made a lot of people think I could just do it that way: yes, yeah! So you grew up in manhattan beach. You went to high school here and he did high school theater and it was growing up manhattan beach cause. I grew up with. I was an anxious kid who had. I was obsessed with musical theater and thought about death and, but was also, we are going and was raised by neurotic jews who you know always talked about, king cancer, and so I was in plus I had Glenn cancer once again tat I do. I have or sell my nose? Oh shit yeah there cut it. It was a real procedure. It's not that dead. We want now, but it's like it's a thing and I thought like how you just get it removed like a mole, but no We made a hole in my face yet to get out the I don't even see anything or if I
we pointed out to you. You would see it like a they like, do a most procedure where they keep taking out of thing. They take I do a little bit out and then they go tested. Then they, if it ain't, get it all, they cut again either the sitting there in the waiting room with gauze stuck into a carter eyes, hole numbed out you in the same, I sitting there. Oh that's each time, each night they went three or four times in them. Why can I see what's going on in the dark like, we don't usually eat. We recommend that you look, at this point I am because this numb, and I go look in a mirror. I'm like I say I gotta see what you're doing. There's like there's nickel sized hole on the side of my fucking nose and I'm like. Can you fix that holy shit and then, of course, the doctor with their cute fucking sense of humor? It's like I, I think so. Oh you think so anyway. So so you're saying you were brought up by neurotic jews, full of panic and you add anxiety, problems Maroon morose softer. Yes, will you
as one thousand percent it just sounded like I felt like I was suddenly in a very good therapy session, you're you're in a pretty good therapy, not a professional. But after doing all these interviews, I think you might as well be yeah yeah. I got an email from psychologists. Did they like to show you think it's well? He has someone like. They think that I do a good job. I mean, but I'm not I'm not a clinical unite. I mean I'm just son spit born of court and spit on a year or fucked up. That would be accurate. Yesterday there you go all fixed boy. We arose thoughts, though, because the that I remember was going to ask you of this. I always have this theory about only children, but none. None of them have have validated it for me. Did you did you fear for your? Did you fear? was there extra pressure cuz, you were the only one Yes, and no I mean I was so, and
This is more relating to anything artistic. I also encouraged and adored with art, see stuff how good that it gave me confidence, but then it became a density which happens, allow musical theatre people too and general your town. Your art, your craft, become commuter community, your self worth. Yet now were your parents, creative artsy types? my dad know my dad's, a lawyer who loves health law health like the way we love comedy, he he's as for that year and my mom my mom was amused. major and is a pianist and sing inquires. So and then my grandpa was an amateur, my so technical manuals, but on the side he directed and wrote and acted in community later. He was the one we have all these videos or just teaching me all these old songs and you texted me do it again.
all no one programme yeah my mom's dad who is from Brooklyn a lot of time. That's so he lived on he he lived to be. Eighty died when I was in college, see her forward for them. I do that's great yeah with a with a couple of my grandparents yeah, but it was complicated. You know he I mean, as it is with all jews. I think it was It was lovely, but also he had a really bad temper. Or I mean I heard that when he directed community theatre, he would make his actors cry. He would just scream at them if they were a minute late, but not with you sometimes sometimes he would yell at me. If I wasn't wearing shoes in the house, My grandfather was had had a heart attack. at the time I really got to know him already series on liberalism which was pre vet, pre pack so, it was a sort of vodka sky. Captain
level area, so I q is more cranky than that. My mother claims that he was just a raging lunatic, by the time I met him. It was sorta like why do we yeah? Well? What are we are? We leaving? You know it wasn't and he was just very placated. I think it was the same. With my I mean I think my grandpa not my hit my mom, but he had My uncle, I mean you know, that's what you did in the fifties: gasoline kids, you headliner dunes, Juno you're, doing we. What am I doing here you're yeah, that's what you did in the fifties. Listen. It was a different time. I have one uncle who lives in northern, california and just completely isolated himself probably ran away from always one of those. If there's always one of those who's. Just like I'm out peace out VON bergen, the pride don't even identify as jewish anymore
well he's into them. He's a mystic, oh sure. He george, mr he's a jewish mystic. It's a thing. He makes and metal geometric objects. Speaks to spirits through the met, that's literally his religion, but it's not you wish. No such it just the guy who has a strange com. Sean well. If it isn't crawling its, I did it I think they're he makes it Adam. No, no, there are other people. There is guru, and there are other people but would you I mean if you weren't, jewish or if say you had no religion? I mean judaism's weird in that you can be atheist, like I am, and still call your cultural identity, jewish right right. It's a religion in a race, cynical there? I guess it's a race I've heard before. He thought about it and ancestry dot com- and it says my race is Ninety eight percent, ashkenazi jewish.
to be underwhelmed, you're just gonna be a hundred per cent. Jewish there's not gonna, be anything interesting. Now my brother's got at all I come from russian polish, that's as that's so, okay. So you're too a jew and your musical theater, so that you're doing that very young well yeah yeah and then I went to school. I I wanted to be on broadway, and so I major in musical theatre and Y, u and quickly got just disenchanted with it, but how how What how big of a problem with your mental health problems, I learned to be a very good show pony, so I think people did note was going on. That's it You know it's like I'm up her, my knowledge. It's time I like to cover, and you can turn that shit on. I can see it on the show you on stage. Oh yeah, just one those people that like if there's a if hey Everyone sat in a circle you're going to like weights. Yes, okay yeah when I, when I were morning here when I spoke
He was sixteen a song I got an echo on put on company yeah, I mean that's what you do as you power through and in some ways it's good because cognitive behavioral therapy is all about. deciding you know what anxious thoughts by the sort of backloading that Bobby I was all come to the night. I'm not just listen and take, as I did the same thing like you know, either you I just ploughed along and because I had a very it not aggressive person but like I, my parents were not there. Just If I go without kids, okay, he's going to be okay, that one's going to be okay. I wasn't really okay, but I ended up comedy ended up like pushing ahead and it was because I didn't buckle. You know like that something about that persistence. Would I guess car creativity or what had no, what it is, but I think what were you talking about that I like is that it
cognitive because it's survival, you know cause you know either you're going to. But didn't you I am now thinking about myself and didn't you fuckin spin out and lose your fucking mind and end up in the god. Damn car, How centre and breathing it? bag or what I mean it was slow. I think I've always been so afraid and aware of keeping up appearances even at my lowest. I always wanted to seem normal. Ah so, oh there were definitely I mean moments in college where I I out, and that also has to do with romantic stuff and and I mean, but you never thought you were dying or any of that shit. No never thought. I was dying and I never I really had earnest thoughts of suits,
uh sure run risers. I just I think. That's I don't know what that is. I mean I have a friend who, what are my good friends since he was a kid, has had lots of suicide viewing. He would. open up the drawer at his parents house and like look at the knives and but his, but he he on the outside had this great life and I'm enough in my life is a mere, but I'm kind of the opposite that there's something underneath all the stuff. That's really sunny and happy and power that and there's this the idea of just ending it. I'm like oh, but it'll, get better. Everything I don't know where it comes from or what that is. I used. A bit about that, but, like I think, about suicide, all the time it's not cause. I want to kill myself just me feel better. Knowing that I can, if I have to yeah sure so it's a it's a It's actually a cognitive, It's release relief. Do you think of yourself like well? If nothing else, I can call you stupid. Yeah. Oh fuck yeah, oh wow yeah, oh my god, it was like such a go to. I think that
it's there in place of the the the the the Abraham Isaac and Jacob that dad that wasn't my inability to suspend my leaf enough to turn anything over to. God is just like I just made myself die, but I think that is the whole that most people are like. You know it's a spiritual vote, yeah I mean For many years my spiritual void was filled with this kind of not jewish. This is somewhat as much as like, but I would say like privileged privileged, why person like while the universe cares about me, so anything that it goes wrong, happens for a reason- and you tell yourself like it all happens for a reason and when I'd be shitty to other people or something bad would happen. I tell myself well. This was meant to happen, and then I remember the moment
in college. I remember the moment in college, where I was. I had already been reading richard Dawkins, the god delusion, so it's kind of prime for it. I went wait. What, if it's not meant at what just for a second? What, if there's no fape? What? If I'm just I happen to exist and when I fuck up, fuck up and when I mean when I'm not mean I'm never mean blake when I'm in considered to be blaming, consider it when I'm irresponsible industries possible and is actually to the adjournment of myself and I can learn from it. It was a mistake and that was the moment. I became a practical atheist and I became better person in that one moment. So my spirit, my spirituality, it it happened to me in this moment kind of the way other people describe finding Jesus you're losing Jesus who are losing whatever that europe that that cushion was. It allowed me to not be the best version of myself. The self centered rationalizing universe thing that allowed me to also be lazy.
The whole thing, like nothing happens, is not supposed to happen, is all relative to your perception of things and that's where everybody gets sort of fucked up with their ego and nurse. System. Is that all those have little trinkets of of spiritual Ernest are really relative to your perception. Yes, also it it comes from a place of. For me. It came from It's a privilege cause okay, so I'm a fucking like up middle class. You know white person in america is right, majoring and writer with rose student loans, and of course I can tell myself that everything, that's meant to happen happens for real and that my life will be ok cause nine times out of ten. My life is going to turn out. Ok, but it's so fuck selfish of media like think that was some one. I don't living in a fucking strategic area whose dying of dysentery, like everything, happens, for a reason when a privileged fuckin thing to think about. worth for the other version, as god has a plan and that's your plan. Man show me your five
Show me your what's your five year plan, god, I don't even have time to think about. We have a cake. That's what that you know that idea of god and all that when people are like that, you know, I don't even think about it anymore, so yeah so yeah, so atheism is practical, I don't like you do take and that's why I call I assume a practical atheists theoretical agnostic that the wave live. My life day today is taking full response. ability for my actions and being a nice person just be a nice person. It doesn't really. To what governs the universe to me, the two things are completely separate, so I would never claimed we know very little about the universe. There might be it teenage alien running this computer simulation that we're all living in, but that has nothing to do with how I live. My life like this, that shit crazy right. No, I don't do it. What do you know? It's? It's yeah crazy. What am I gonna waste my time with that again, it down that. Much to to believe that
do, I want to spend an hour with a person selling me on that idea that this is all who is a nation or just part of some simulation that do I want to be convinced that so I could do what what happens and nothing else Don't fear angle, nobody adds beings. Eighty guilty of, if I get to a point, where am I wanna make sense and we will now what interesting, I mean it doesn't actually change anything. I'm still existing and I'm still feeling, I think it's I don't know anymore, I'm not freaked out by it. I just don't have the time for, and my brain will do that, while you're busy, I guess, but I mean I think about things which is not or maybe you also of consciously know that or consciously that if you start thinking about it, you're gonna spin out a much more concerned about. You know what you're, what what is happening to our brains that are being sort of maneuvered by stimulus at that finishes our ability to think for ourselves use our memory and and neo main tain. Our attention span
I mean I'm more concerned with my relationship with my phone dude. It's all. I discuss my psychiatrist, the phone, no, the phone he's on me about the phone shit, the social media, shit. It's it's it's especially. I no view if but I run I don't. I have a per se, but I I have eighty h d I might have adhd in it. I feel the phone Doping mean in my brain and just getting me. I don't get. It were, making dumb mobility. if your engagement with the the phone yet like it's like you looking at good comments from the bad kanzi speedball. My thing now, just like composedly reading new, sharing. Are we doing we're talking about your life? So, but we do what do you have? What do you want fucking problem. Oh, I have, I guess, diagnosis
I have low grade depression with various gaiety yeah. I dunno I I have like low grade depression with varying anxiety and and and like a you, know, anxious and o c d tendencies with with a little Current have a d h d. I dunno about the idiocy, but I have all of the other ones yeah. He used to have that same thing, though the minor one, that helps comfort, feed me people. oh c d. The way I have it is different from the like I'm when a wash my hands, I maya cities all looping thoughts and it's all it always ends in the fear that the o or the composed thought itself is going to ruin my life that the thought itself
is going to attack so much ample okay, perfect example. Alright, we're pitching crazy ex girlfriend the night before we pitch. I don't sleep at all court and it becomes a thing of. Why are you going to sleep? You fucking bitch, you know, go to sleep, go to sleep and I wake up that whole week. I have horrible insomnia and insomnia, anything you have a lot worse than any more. I know it's so bad, so then the next time. So then I get over that the next time I have insomnia, I happen to be in new york. It reminds me of the time that I had in and it sends me to a bad place of worrying if I'm going to have bad insomnia again with seeing the sunrise kind, I don't like it. can't I have. Also, then, obsession with you can't control when you go to sleep, Sleep is the most fundamental thing, but when you actually think about it, it's the sleep is the act of letting go. It's the act of not controlling anything which is crazy. If you are a someone who needs to controls
I like me, and so I began to just spiral about sleep, and then it began to kind of haunt my every waking moment where I wasn't thinking about. and even when I wasn't even worrying about the night, I would begin I would I was fearing the night Tell him I can be able to go soon cause I I'm going to be alone, I'm going to be alone with my thoughts and this before I started meditating and shit, I'm going to be alone My thoughts go to be alone, with the fact that I I can't get to sleep, it's gonna be terrible and it just began to kind of hot the day until it was this overall feeling of dread, and then I thought, oh, my god, I'm always gonna feel this willing, when is this feeling and go away and then in the middle of it, my boyfriend proposed in the middle of this that I was going through, and I thought, oh, my god, whenever I think of my boyfriend now, I'm always going to think about this bad feeling that I had during this thing and it's gonna ruin and it's gonna room. I relationship and it's gonna tat. Everything in it just was this. It becomes is trying to out think the anxiety and that's that's the form. It takes
still takes. Is this is this feeling of it feels like there's this dark thing that if I let it take over, it's just going to ruin everything. Her though I know that's a hyperbolic thought, but it feels when I'm about to have a little anxiety spiral like I it feels I'm walking on the edge of a swimming pool and all and I'm fine, but if I even did my toe into the thought If I even form the question I'm done I know that I have that is dread, yeah dread, slow. Existential dread that leads into my fear of failure right right, but that's right. That's just a manifestation of the anxiety. Like you know, I like. but yeah it and it's not in it, takes you out of the present it makes you live in your brain and I don't do good for your boyfriend who's, not your husband to to be able to to sort of you must. You must
and you somehow because mean if I mean I have similar things where I've been, I just with age, age or another. I don't like. I don't I I I know myself well enough to where I'm like not nagging do that I guess I've gone through hypochondria I've gone through. You know, whatever the fuck it is Where you know I do get panic, but usually there's some town Dacian, for do you know in real life, and I can spin out like that, but like it's not hype as hypothetical as it used to be so what happened? the when you went into a pitcher were you. I was fine because I'm show pony it's always fine, that's it it's the you gotta lean on that, I guess you're learning how to do that. Oh yeah, I mean it's, it's always fine, it's! Never! It's never going to be what I'm fearing be I've spent thirty one years doing that was so that that and it's so it's a matter of outsmarting it, but not outsmarting it do. Everything is part of your process. You've gone down that road. What would I do without this,
there's gotta be now, because I don't feel like myself when it's happening there is it, but it was raised on thing comforting about it. If you ve been doing it all your life now it feels it comes to outsmart it and solve it. That's what it feels like. It feels like I'm to solve? Some it's on trying to solve the unsolvable. I'm asking questions that have no answers. I know, but that that particular pattern. Till I mind works at an end and deadly relates to being creative. I think it's the dark side of my creativity, but you don't, but don't you ever think. Like I don't know it sounds like your parents were ok, why such a control freak well remember we were say I mean here's. The thing My let's just say there are there ar I can talk about. My experiences comes to certain things in general, with my family, I
There are certain people. I don't want to upset okay, how bad was it Everything's great show sing a song. Now everything is fine, so Okay, so you go to tish and that's that's hard school and and you didn't. You didn't love it there. Why? What happened? when you major in musical theater. First of all, everyone who majors in musical theater, where all the leads of their high school place, so you get there and it's a bunch of other like silverback gorillas who are Well, I was fine teen. Now I was seventeen and
also musical theatre, kids, young musical veto. Kids are kind of low, worse news there, all like comparing voices. Everything is like who is the best actor who's, the best answer, any it's just like it's terrible and- and it was also that. I was immediately face of people who are more talented them. I was an that's terrifying. When you're whole self furry, although or just emmi yeah, back on it and you think that or do you have back on it? They just had more together and mean you're, pretty I wanted. I mean what would determine that, but it's binary technique. Thing of this person's voice slid orally sounds, but then this person has more control over their instrument whenever right, whenever I get, and so there was a party that fell like I didn't fit in that I was gonna tired of people's personalities and also then we started to use when you to study musical theater. Some of it is really what musical theater is good. It's the best thing in the world when musical theater is bad. It's the worst thing in the world and I just began to- I don't know,
something didn't feel right, and so I addition further school sketch group when I got on, and I very quickly like fell in love with a skin. I mean it was quickest. I've ever fallen in love with anything. I immediately. I remember, writing my first one of my first it is on a lunch break, not musical theatre school on the floor. In my ballet issues, its all, I suddenly wanted to do. I became obsessed- and I think part of it was because it was a new skill. I didn't have my ego wrapped up in it, so I was okay to be on a group with a bunch of people or more talented than I was cause. My ego wasn't wrapped up in being the best comedian sore. I was finally for the first time free to try my best at something or you fail and be ok with that yeah! and soon but in musical theatre school. I started to subconsciously, not try. First of all, wasn't getting a lot of sleep. I mean I've had sleep problems since I was a little kid that I've only reason that I only in the past couple of years recently dealt with. So I was getting five hours sleep at night, so I was exhausted
kind of wigged out. but also I wasn't trying, because if I then wasn't good at a song, I could say to myself. Well I could if I wanted to, I am daddy's ice, do joke about that. Like sort of like I dont prepare, as I come. If if it goes well- and you don't you're fuckin fucking genius. If it doesn't go, oh you can just be like nine in prepare. so great when you don't prepare and it goes well because then you start to tell yourself. Well that's just my process, I don't memorize my lines. That's just my process. Remember the problem with that is, like you keep doing that, and you know you keep having success at the the point you realize, like I'm, the only one who thinks this is good. There are people like she's, not really that good in your wake, but I'm so honest, well, yeah, I took an on camera acting class and I was doing thing where, where I hadn't prepared much, it was just coming from impulse and then they and then I watched it and it was garb. absolute
and I was need to start preparing if you were in it, though right you felt like you were now on it when you were doing it, yeah yeah yeah cause I was like. Oh, it feels so true, and so pure what? If I'm not getting the lines doesn't feel important hit to take right, yeah I'd, say: okay, so you like the improv, you do it and what you drop out. He finished now, even though I finished and then you're, not gonna, quit now know. Now I mean it was a weird thing where I was on the sketch group and as a whole thing, but I I was the one of the only girls in a sketch group, and I was really young. I was a very young eighteen, like I hadn't drank, or sex, and the older guys who were my director started flirting with me and hitting on me as it happens, and I got kind of
wittingly involved in this like love triangle that then cause they were young too. I was like nineteen and they were twenty improved through our people. Yet a sketch grew people they, I was forced to be the director of the group and because I got in this loved angle and fell in love with one of them, but the other one also love me and then like I dumped one of them, but continue to see the other I got removed as director for my college. Get comedy group so this was a buy them yet so was like defining moment for me, because I think that the way I learned comedy for the first year or two was just doing almost doing an impression of what those guys were doing and when this whole thing happened. I said: oh ok, so the mentors I thought who I trusted, who then wanted to fuck me and and now they ve completely turned on me. I'm gonna do my own thing and that's when I started to want a combined musical theatre in comedy. It was right after that happened, and I kind of rejected them as my mentor and then
that's when he started to move towards the videos. The videos came a couple years later, how did you start to fuse them without them? Did you start going to perform other place yeah. My mental. I took a musical theatre in class and that's good, and then I was after graduating. I wanted to have a show running it. You see, because that was that's the status symbol. If you have a show running at the abroad, citizens were gay fewer in the basement of the supermarkets you're in you're in you might as well be famous. I mean that's, that's really how you how I saw it and I was doing a sketch I working at the sketch show in one of the sketches in it was an a song about the movie space jam and I wrote it with my friend and I played it for my boyfriend who's. Now, my husband, I build my husband for ten years. I played it husband he went, you should just be doing this for the show this wasn't raising, though you must have been won. The only thing I don't know about you, but I don't be naughty europe near one of the kids. I do old, I mean
it seems that what you do. I have not really seen it and like I mean where there are people doing musical comedy sketch shit now now and it fell so obvious because it seemed like there was an obvious. There is a gap in musical theatre. When I tried to find a comedy, edition song, it was just these Later on measures for women, either old ones are just like songs that work funny jason until glee. It wasn't particularly popular anymore. but I mean I didn't know that and when you're in the musical theatre community, it's always bob, I mean really liese all for smugglers all covers so that I've been reproduced EU cultural residence outside of broadway. Oh yeah, you just wasn't happening right now and That's why I'm going, for I mean even now, with with crazy ex girlfriend. It's still it's a cult show,
in terms of who the people love it like. When people love it they love it, and but there are still a bunch of people who here to musical and won't watch Ok, I haven't done it. I get there yet so so he he says you should only be doing this easy, not only what he said for this sketch. Oh, this is way more unique than just doing sketches. So then I I made my first musical sketch show, and I just felt click reality yeah and I felt and fell in love with it, and I thought: ok, I'll be my own kind of one stop shop comedy I want to be I I want to write my own shit. star in my own shit, and I want that to be. I want to be my on one person sketch group here, so I'd seen, people doing internet sketches and I thought ok, what can I do When I had a song that I written in college that I didn't know what to do with called fuck me bradbury, it was when I was thinking of I just to do in a song popped into my head said. Oh, that could actually make a really great first sketch as
if video- and so I made it for tooth dollars and not, set out to make a viral video that doesn't make any sense I video that I thought would be a great comedy calling card and it went super viral in caught me representation, those two thousand and twenty thousand tenure. Could I with this in two thousand and nine yeah and but it's interesting that even then, though Emmi went viral in that new brought you attention, but that that was why we started, even though you to begin around a bit and pike hasnt been around a bit. It was just there. Is this moment yeah where you could break out of it? Now, of course you have people that are specifically you tube or only pockets or whatever, but there was bit of a moment where you could break and You, you set that standard in a way, so, like hundreds of young people, because of your like you just got to put the video up well in the cool thing
and the thing was the thing that set me apart, I think, is because we were just coming out of so the landlord funny or die sketch happened, and I want to see two thousand and seven, maybe two thousand and six, and it had this grainy home video quality to it, and so most sketches at that. were that I had seen other people use great cinematography and there was the cinematographer. Paul rondeau who was his one stop shop where I had all his own equipment, and so when I wanted you a music video, I thought what, if what? If I make it look good, like some of these other videos that I've seen so I think that when I release that music video, it was all seeing you can, then it looked Yeah, it looks great and it looks professional and that's just cause. I got it, doesn't take much to do that right. That's what people do. That's what that always gives me about podcasting. It's like you just need a good mic. Man don't get the fucking snowball and sit it in the middle of whatever
but even now I mean the doing amorous, even on the phone. While now I mean the phones or better than we have a cannon, seventy the phone by husbands, new phone, is better so so that then that's history, so you got representation, that's history and he wrote a spec script, but it would didn't like he took a crazy ex girlfriend who really put all whole together. It was kind of a slow burn, because I was a working so after I got hired for my first gig writing, for which I'm eternally grateful by the way I was a cartoon of about it earlier, but yeah. I'm eternally grateful for that. I kept writing for tv four robot chicken. You itself on here he's the fucking best and I just writing for tv and various awards shows. But then I was also I did another, u c, b, show of here, ah yeah and I kept doing music videos that I was paying money that I was paying for of what I earned is a tv writer, and so it was those videos that this woman, a lean.
Mckenna saw five years ago at this point, and she is this big deal in writer she wrote the devil wears prada yeah and she called and for a general meeting at sea, and she said I want to write a musical tv show with you and I'd already pitched. She found you thousand yeah. You know a video so yeah again and no one could have it. Wasn't my reps sending me around cause, no one. really. I was doing the musical hearing and they knew it was good, but you can't I'd pitched musical If he shows no one gave a shit in your where you are doing relatively low profile. Writing jobs yeah. So you guys put this together. She finds you knew you and she had the idea for a movie called crazy ex girlfriend, and we thought that would be a great show cause. She was saying that all my videos were there: always this moment of sadness. They were all very They were out there, but they were very emotional, and so that idea really worked and we developed together in Riyadh, emotional sadness, an emotional menace and
you, get a great care funny guy and I actually the furniture stone. Emotional sad is an emotional menace. so high and is the emotional menace, is less less of a trickster, but he's more insidious. So in that and then the rest is like you know you did it's doing great. You do on what one more season blamore season ran miles and you wanna golden globe and critics choice in another won t set television critics associations gray, I won t I went. I do go that one and I like this egg words. I like the one, that's that's the golden goose. I can't get I I disliked being there at the most. I I'd add that you know because, like the idea interviewed a lot of the people, and now I was there as an actor- and I felt like I was part of a community- it was nice and frances. Mcdormand came up to me and told me: I glove you, Oh that's so cool! I'm, like I kind of one.
Fucking awesome that one though moments like that are where you really win. The the awards are wonderful, but the first person who emailed me after I won the golden globe was carol. net. Oh, my god is my when that was my all. They glow actually like that done. It's all. I need its great and you know I watch you show and I like it. I know it's like I because I'm the kind of person I am, I would try categorize the guilty pleasure sure What did you do that? Why because, like I'd like to think that, like I dunno, if this shows really for me, but I enjoy it so interesting, why would the show not be for you, because you know what you're, seeing in ha it. It's funny cause we get in because you're, I assume you've watched a couple episodes of season one season. Three is all about. We get way more into mental illness and I have a suicide attempt, characters dying.
With borderline personality disorder. You don't have that. You know I don't have orleans, but I have I've. I know I have intimate knowledge of. I know people with it. Yeah me too yeah. It's. It's really interesting. I could see that from the ones I've watched it. That would be where it would go, but you you didn't you didn't have that arcs. ap early on did you? We knew something was going on the interesting thing about borderline? Is it's a heightened it? It's it's it's basically, someone with no emotional skin. It's someone who always has these. It feels like they have third degree burns, they're, so hyper sensitive, and so I have aspects of that. We all do and it's stuff that we do just heightened which witches what borderline it. So we always knew she had heightened aspects of stuff that I'd had and other people it had brought, truly incapable of real emotional connection yet, and
a black and white thinking? Yes and and manipulative horror? Yes, yes, The split and a splitting I've started to relaunch a little season. One- and I am Was there I really oh, oh she's, l, she's, very ill and then in others the character people who keep wazzup. I know right, there's a character who keeps you know wanting to fuck this character. Greg I'm like dude dude, and it's later revealed spoiler he's an alcoholic and in season two he goes through the programme s where there's no reason I should. May I I forget, because, like even the show, I'm on your glow there's a lot of heavy shit going on, but because there's wrestling you don't process the same way. as music you're, not processing, because I really think about this. The first few episodes where you're, basically the sexually abusing that guy. That, like it's like. No, yes, is
Oh she's singing and there's an end there's a sheet over it. Now, here's a question: I would pose to you not to get controversial, as if you see both theoretically glow and crazy ex girlfriend his things that you would call guilty pleasure, wait. There are things that you theoretically don't I mean I I think I was just being put much thought into it. I wonder if there's a little bit of that, that is because it's shows created by and starring women. I I and I'm not saying that that it's you, but I think that men see female content. Even if it's a deep subconscious level as fluffy, but I wondered generally, I think that's a good question because I thought I'd talk to a lot to do its job. glow in their right. Now, I'm going to watch it. Why, then, why manacles? Currently yeah I mean busied with debts. We need just crack cocaine. that's true all we got it size, men don't like women, but what is but why
No, I just, I just think it's a railway debility thing share that you know. I don't think it's. I'm sure there's levels of it that might be insidious, but I think a lot of it, certainly not for me You know to me like that, might just be an cultured and only think its messages they let the labeling end in and not saying. This is necessarily you, but though, sometimes content that has women in it. He has created by women and seizure scorning what female is labelled as fluff, and you see I and by bit but not die of use? And you see that it in every kind aspect of art things that take on things that are through my wanger, France, a painter and she she gets miss labelled like that. Yet it yo that that that it sort of its life you notes because it's not for the main stream gaze We took the market towards rang. Like you they're determining it. I mean the market itself, the people that make those decisions
we are acting out of you know I either you know it. The principle of whatever they believed that market is this way or that way, but it's not always about like the audience here. There's people making those you sure but now at attend those community whose people are male chert that right right, but the interesting thing I mean you see, we did it with more can tell me why I'm wrong, but for we've done it with entertainment, She is oh well, that's for me, no black people right now and the way that you see like oval stuff that was on european or b t. However, perry. Well, that's that's fluff like it's in the same way, people some times think of feeling I guess it's weird, I never noticed that echoes. I always think I get it either. I you. Maybe it's not for me, bouncing it's for it's for kids,
aha, it's easy enough for me. It's either for kids or it's like that seems to be a show that other people would enjoy. Who live that life? I think that's one way to look at it, but I think there is also a labeling of anything that isn't. A mainstream story is slight, is less legitimate, it's less legitimate of a story.
and it's a niche product and everything's a niche now so it's hard to miguel exactly and that's why it's great and that's why you know peak tv so great and were that's what I'm really feeling is breaking out of? What's you know legitimate? What what isn't I mean? I think that everyone I was at the dinner for I was at the vanity fair dinner for the oscars and big show the oh. I know right and the only time people stop talking when Frances Mcdormand one was talking about inclusion writers, but when Jordan Peele one forget out and when get out was maybe gonna win, because even a couple years ago, that movie wouldn't have been seen as legitimately, let alone that it was conceived by a committee which comedies are always seen as less legitimate and get us not a comedy but
think about something like the idea of things not being as legitimate because they're not about a king learning not to stutter of white king learning, not to stutter out to modern great movie. What wasn't great, I actually really love that nice, I love, really love that movie. But when I that movie. I went well, that's a prototypical oscar movie sure, and I think that those lines are starting to blur, and that includes cod. Created by many voice for women exactly and that's where its refreshing good. But I have, but that's why I take. I take umbrage with the term. guilty pleasure in the case you're saying, and it makes sense because it's musicals, but I think that that sometime sometimes code for seeing something meant for a specific group. People were was not least as like. Your inverted meant, not inverted, massage uneven, generalised, massage any more. I think that there is a version of that. You know that like a cat It's also a some of just might just have to be with you.
Because I know you your many sort of evolved people that day necessarily want a cop to liking journey the united, the band sure I think some of it just has to do with not having the balls or that it too tat too, to support something that our huh, I love the band fun. I know a lot of people who are like yeah. I love that top wizards yeah. I know some other people who are like they generally. Like. If I liked that I, like steel train, I, like his other band, the grateful dead band that he was alright, yeah I know exactly that- I think some bits, but we don't have to solve this now. Taken I take a few minutes. I hear your husband made a move that nice cycle yeah, my husband made a and I mean it and he corrode it. I am its. I watched I watched about half
haha and I did wasn't cuz. It was bad. I just you know I didn't get the fucking screener till this morning for some reason: go yell at anybody. It's good that I only watch half because it is sort of a suspense it's a murder mystery and I can't Why? Because I don't fucking know what happened yet great, but I like adam polyline in your great and it looked great. It was shot nice where he directed it yeah he directed it and then co wrote it with with the guy who plays dwayne. Who has that? beer. That's my husband's writing by itself on the inside a really yeah. But look you a looks great in I've. Seen a lot in the movies at her comedies and like that you're. Just like these characters, aren't gonna hold up problem with comedies of any kind. It were here. They don't it or the integrity, the character and it gets diminish for the comedy. That's an area, that's very important above me, and that something that my husband and I definitely connect on his not selling out a motion for a job. and it was great end- is that Billy I can offer a minute over there. He placed a rabbi yeah and you have rabbi.
In your family, I might is a rabbi? Yes progressive, I progress he's a progressive conservative rabbi, so that means right right, so not reform where's, that whereas a yama but supports gay marriage syndrome procure again but but yeah. No, I I think it looks great and I I appreciated the the the long, the long sort of a pan shot at the beginning, the. What do you call it? A tracking shot, shot yeah. I know that he was like do this, you can tell the uk already has like this is the tracking device is right: the opening tracking shot like like their orson welles. touch of evil or and then player did a riff on it. This is my riff on that in short, that rule has nothing to do with the rest of film.
and here's the thing I'll say about that? It actually does the tracking shot comes back. The idea of the tracking shot does come back is callback at the end of the film? Oh, so I get these pretty spoiled it. I exactly spoiled it for the film nerds are alert to get into the tracking shot that opening image is going to come back in the clothes. I liked it it's funny and I think Adam polly's funny. I think he's like that. I've seen him in other things. I've seen him in vain as movies yeah, so he's to be writing partners with my husband and dug in the movie array. Yeah and the other three of them were a sketch writing team called chubby, skinny, kids yeah. Ok, police kind of gotten he's. Has this acting clear, and so they wrote this part for him? Yes, because I feel like I've seen him grow up or something I hear so really. The thing is he kind of has this like or you know he he
Is this a reverent persona? He just did that thing. At the short yours we took down the shorty orders, I thought was lairs by in person. He's he's also very, very kind and jewish gurney. Oh yeah course jersey, maybe Yeah jersey lived in jersey. By chicago in there and he has three kids and he is married, was high school sweetheart. That's while in this takes place on long island is along. I went down my husband's ramona beside you oh super to his raise conservatives here not celebrate. Halloween went shiva shiva shiva until he was four. We would look at you marrying a. I know it's terrible, it's terrible because we all descend from three hundred and fifty people. Years ago, eight years eight hundred years ago, you like a year when using areas it is on those conspiracy. There, eight years ago, all happen yours either in the files came in the simulation we're living well could have happened. We could it be created, been creative.
five seconds ago, world similarities, memory swelling asleep. But yeah? No, he was raised super jew. I mean you know he. He and I both dated non jews, and I don't know we're both ashamed of it wow I'm not shame. It says marshals like we're so progressive in cool. We could have done so much more. Instead of make his parents happy, his parents are thrill. let us like a coroner once wrote, runs through the state of Israel's thrilled. I really don't know now know we ve been to Israel there thriller they are yes, there hoping you're, gonna come merits and money, oh that we went there right before right for the election, and everyone said to us. This is work, is a lot of his really support trumpet they said, and maybe you come. Maybe you come here in the EU If the t v and television now- and we were like- oh we're, pretty happy american, they go ahead with trump coming. You may have to come here. They are almost psyched for another holocaust. It was very weird you might have to convert,
If this is the new pitch, it's not like we're we're always here for all Jews. It's like guess what guess what you're coming and hebrew. I think the show's called hague seats it's which is crazy, but I think it literally means like insane person I used to date and they like in Israel. I think so you see at using general seem to like it Okay, good. Well, then, I'm glad you're making them happy. That's no! That's no small task. I know it was great to it great satisfied. We do what we needed to do, plugging the movie, the andrea yeah, alright, yeah laughs. there you go couple. Would you sitting around talking, okay everybody, okay with that. This is where the car
car is going to be soon boomer lives,
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