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Episode 951 - Kristen Bell

2018-09-17 | 🔗

Kristen Bell had an experience as a guest on WTF that not many others get to enjoy: Marc made her a meal beforehand. So with a full stomach, Kristen and Marc talk about why Dax Shepard is pushing her to have an ecstasy party, why does she have a hard time remembering things, and why she began singing opera at a young age. There's also some talk about her beloved projects like Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Frozen, and The Good Place. This episode is sponsored by YouTube Music, the Around the NFL Podcast, Starbucks Doubleshot, and Fahrenheit 11/9.

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Let's do the show. All right: let's do this! How are you what the fuckers is, what the fuck bodies, what the Baxter's, what the fuck Nix what's happening? man, this is my Pike S, W F, welcome to it as a weakened. Ok today, I will be, I'm recording this the day before me today I'll be at the Amis, because as the show I'm in or on. Is it I'm in glow is nominated for best comedy Betty Gilpin for best supporting accurate, so we're all going we're doing the thing I've never been and I don't want. You know out by the way Kristen Bow is on the show today and we it's been a while ago. Do we take it mood we say tape Do we record we recorded, allow go, but damn she's her green and ever vestment so able it'll be swell I'll. Ok,
this kind of interesting day. She got a bad before I introduce or but job the Amis. I went out last night, I went to a party, a Netflix Emmy Party, a toast TED surrendered the guy who runs things over Netflix has already nominees and shows over to his house, and they build some whatever staging area for a party out in the back yard. I went to a last year, but it's always astounds me really about me. Is how- continually starstruck. I am and I do not necessarily see myself as a full member of this community? Theirs pardon me that still sees myself as I am a guide lacking in his garage granted its new garage, it's a nicer garage and I have to thank showbiz. Is by really the podcast for that for the most part and for all
it really if we track and all the way back, but I I get to this party I'm dressed up, I bought a suit, not the black suit that I'll be wearing today, the enemies, but the egg Planty purple suit that I got down. The dead, Bloomingdale's men's department. That's that's how I schools? What am I gonna? Go pay a million dollars for two suits. I gotTa Bloomingdale's say where you got what's new You go about. This imperial Armani, get up I'll, get you I can I can help you with the suit assured and tie and we'll just knock out. Will you then over there, and why the tower can wait. It's great, that's great, with seven minutes from my house, terrific, no problem, but I liked to suit, but I got Then the first thing I noticed that the apparently that's the conflict that apparently that the color this year, the sort of plum egg planty purple thing for fellows There were no less than five other guys, not work. Same suit, but a similar color suit, I'm what were my pretty wild? My panther will baggy now because of the diet I've been on, but so I spent a lot of time
hike in my pants up and talk in my shirt back in, but that's a hearing. He's from grounded that keeps her grounded vat and parking on the street. Sarah, I drove in my car and a guy There are a little early kind. Beat the rush of limos and they so we can go, and yet we depart on the street and was great not to wait for your car. For people, these perhaps a luxury, problems, but I'm trying to get you have to stay with my life at this particular time. Jerk, as many of you have been with me a long time. So we were walking into the party and who was walking down, the street is well who must, apart on a street Diane, Keaton Carol came said: hi them. I know care of him four Bigley is movie she's. Very nice was happy for me, says she said: I'd never met Diane Keaton before I met heard. That was very exciting, so I get into the party again, the party and I'm to insist as swirl there The glow girls at your howison Jackie's AIR Betty was raising car. We show up sit down
Oh Brittany, bread alike. I think Europe Mama Gimme, some of them most of them were there, but the point is, I was happy to see our member Denham wandered around in any start. Looking around you, I call you fuck, there's Norman, where I know Norman Worship goes out and normal ears, Norman, we're gonna. Remember me horses, you know where we know we spent a lot of time together. We spent almost two hours to ours today, but I've seen him a couple of times, so I held off on going up to normal design. You we'd be around and now just kept looking around, and then I M just starting. I can't keep focus because I get starstruck Jeffrey Right MIKE. I love that guy, I think, he's a genius actor and I too it took me a half hour of circling wandering around before I could just step in and meet the guy, and I didn't know what to say to him. Go of your work. Your great unease, I, like your energy idea, what I don't see any idea who I am, but that's all right, but I That's all I said that there was a big deal is too to me to be Jeffrey right. And there's other people there that we like, I see, and we always shit that guy, that you know and I go meet them and I feel, like an idiot
and in the announced I just. I still have that that element I was so nervous. I couldn't even for an hour I just couldn't. I can figure out a way to just one. Captain Jody Foster and introduce myself. I just couldn't do it. I did go to one guy with the same suited me, and so I guess I think I think we should acknowledge that. As you know, were wearing the same cities like oh yeah, I guess so and product. What's yours and you know it, department, store line, Bloomingdale's yeah, that's that That's who I am the guy walks up the driveway moors: Bloomingdale Soup NET Tina Faye for the first time for the first time in that that took me ten minutes. Nick all had I like you, I say I use means unified, likely I'm just a guy off the street, which I was. I walked up, the driveway in might uncomfortable shoes, and but I am not calling myself some sort.
Working class euro. Anything, but the point being, I asked face to face face to face. I said Diana Keaton, we come on my show. She said no. What am I gonna talk about fine, in effect, would you would you we interview? You can check I interviewed imam around, but we try to get her before Sarah had again three I saw I met is the second time I met her. I said I'd really like to have my show I gave her my number she didn't over. The phone number bad now, maybe eight whatever she wrote down my number in a book and she was would yourself away he's been on the show, so I'm gonna try to I try Ok, I'm wandering around and I can't help myself, the eye. I literally say that almost immediately like how can we come over to my house in wait? Let's do the podcast it's the first thing, I think to say with before saying hi sometimes So we'll see what happens will see if I, if Tina Faye happens, if Hannah Gatsby happens I dont think Diane Kittens gonna happen. I should ask her: ok, what kind of fuckin rude bastard Emma Carol Keynes, great,
She's hilarious reminds me a family, but so I wandered around did not talk to Jody Foster as we establish began. I finally saw Jason circus in the cross, we're standing there during the toast Laszlo Jones was ere. She dropped her drink and I walked up and I said I have to ask you to leave, and you know it like she turned before she saw. Who was an she like, he was gonna, be a problem but then she saw me in laughter ahead off because it was funny moment, as I do Nick hung out with them a bit had some laughs and I'll. Tell you Norman also. There, because he's producing the enemies today- and am I fuck it in Do you see how my buddy Lorn gonna go up to Lorn like we're pals. Fifty other thing I I summa familiarity sometime, that dumb I bring a lifetime of fans
to certain things are or obsession or whatever it is like I'd. Have you Michael Douglas in here the other day he is ill beyond soon by literally day before yesterday, or the day after I interviewed Michael Douglas, I seem at this party and, unlike my buddy Michael Douglas, understand don't say hi to Michael Douglas, because we're pals, I walk up to my mind, I gotta go see what you mean. Does why you know a good parties. You know a good place is no me. I was the guy Wintermute him. You know- I cannot, but we just had a long hours. I know a lot about you. I can't can we just hang out early. I didn't say that I said: ok, man, cool good SR, one good. But dear Lord Michael's were there did feel more familiar with that and walked up to my son? Warn you say hello. You and unlike fine, You produce in the saying, goes yup Emily, the show together yet no in his two days report and bathing and bigger DR ever done it before he said thirty years ago. My colleague
If Israel be dancing yes, we'll dancing, and we both laughed and I walked away That was the end of the conversation game. You a pat on the back and somehow or other. I was a tremendous success in my fuckin little life, but do so I guess, that's what I'm reporting too nervous to introduce myself to Jody Foster I soon too much familiarity with Michael Douglas nervously met Jeffrey right right too, like out of the gate. Ask Diane Keaton Tina. Fain Hannah gets me to do the podcast and I had some good laughs with amendments. Some crawl, sob, all the glow people and in some fans were there, you know from other areas of show. Business did talked a Norman layer. Forbid: hats and laughs, and then Nasser and I got out- we got out- got out- got home, took the shoes off a healthy dinner, the up, that's
life folks. I want to mention some here about a friend to the show marrow Marcos use back on episode to twenty eight and she's, an amazingly talented, who areas writer and comedian when the original rise with David Letterman Show. I love her at sea her around we're friends while she wrote. Yeah I mean you know her work. She wrote some and he's tv shows in history and she's also an author of books, but now he's going audio only for her latest project. It's an audible exclusive called the indignities. Being a woman Merrill, and her co. Their Megan Keister recorded a twelve chapter audio book to figure out why they are. Women are still treated differently than men. They ve got topics like religions, sacks mental illness, body image, pursuit beauty, marriage and family, entertainment, politics and more it's funny stuff, but it's also dark and a lot of the conclusions are pretty shocking, so get
indignities of being a woman on audible. It comes out tomorrow, September eighteenth and it's free. If you do a thirty. Day, trial another thing I noticed any ways about going to these events is that there is no There's. No doubt I imagine I think there is- and I assume that the people who listener no mere or whatever, who have been with me throughout this journey, There is no doubt that this is I time whatever. That means this is. This is my window of opportunity this is when I get to do the work they have done. So hard all my life get too in the last few years. Anyways. I think a lot of you have noticed that, but but the other thing I realise, when I go to these events, like those Emmy parties that my generation most of those people, at their breaks and they have had their careers in a way I mean many of them are still working one where the other by they had their time. They
it there there's an arc to a generally. It's nice if everybody work steadily, and I am many of them- are made their money or or of found their place in the in the business and their established. I guess it is what I'm trying to say most the people they start out with. I mean Yo Dave, Cross, Janine, grovel, o Caroline Ray you, David Tao, yeah Louie John Stewart, the generation of people that where my peers- have been enjoying these parties decade or more ago- it's very odd thing. I noticed it that that, like a lot of cats- and I know from that I see around that better doing work. Now I got I mention crawl, immense Lucas there at least ten years younger than me at least. And I just as looking around there's no one here from my crew, because yet I had to watch them become famous, but it was
I did not I join with my class. I guess I point I spent a lot more years. In undergrad or something but dad, but it His nose did that I consider myself, peers and equal yoke. Is I added such great laughs with them, Is it in and add Nick I just I love cinnamon, I just I don't think about it ever, but I'm like an old man for FUCK's sake. You know it it's it's not a lonely theo. You just something. I noticed my time is now it, but most of the people that I start out with. Her time was at least ten years ago, at least while, it was got an interesting realization. I might care here, comes R r, R funny uncle he's dead friend right man. We're sponsor today by Starbucks double shot.
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convenience store. Yes, people Kristen Bow, though, of charming funny, talented Kristen about she exudes charisma, but it was where it was wild. Because he was coming over here and at that time, in Dax I, with the right sensors, I ain't. No, he had yet we worked it out. There is at she would Dac than I did his podcasting Christa how to get Kristen. We made an agreement, we bartered. He said he would get Kristen do it. I don't have. That was the reason she did, but when she can, Over she got here early because she had to do a call. I remember exactly what it was now, but I do remember who says she just came over. She had to do us. Meeting, and I was actually You can do it here and she was starving and I was like if some left overs I've, some Kalen some tofu and maybe some Kumar Brown Riser stuff. His egg is acknowledged stuck out exactly what I and others and it fell Were I swear to you in this not in an appropriate way? No disrespect Dax by
for about an hour, evaluate the Christian and I were living together and we had been for a long time. So I got an over the lack of boundaries or just a comfort level or just who she is and who I am. But I would like to make some lunch, you know: do you gotta do I'll just go in the other room and take care of myself few. Do your meeting, you know and I'll go out on the porch and then Fiji summer, kale and stuff go out the garage and talk in a register, a comfort element to it. That was a bit while who talked about our days do before we ve got on the MIKE's, and am I My god are. We best friends haven't talked to her since have not talked her since that day but it was it was. It was a fine day and night and I did notice the the comfort of again does not inappropriate I feel like where we must be friends from for centuries ago, but tat, but it worked, you know, I'm glad I had what she wanted to eat launch these workers.
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and if you think you have your my made up about Michael more, but you haven't listen to him on Episode six, seventy five of this show go to. It goes into that I think you're gonna pay it sent that he's guy who really wants the best for this country and the people in it fair and Eleven nine opens in theatres everywhere on September. Twenty first, don't miss it. That's this Friday September, twenty. First required viewing right and vote Make sure your registered pick your people go, do it go punch the card when the time comes? Hope devoting works right, Kristen Bow. So this is Kristen Bow and myself after we have we left overs and she's had a video meeting and we ve I'm around the house a little bit and we came out here now. It pleasant, very comfortable. Her show. A good place returned foresees and three with a special one hour premier on Thursday September. Twenty. Seventh. You know it. You know what data
as is well my birthday. It's my birthday. You can catch up on seasons, one in two right now of the good place, that's on Netflix, where We think it is right there. Oh right, easy right but tat this is very lovely chat, is the special day in my mind? Yes, it was me and Christian Bell talking to each other for you to enjoy now you wouldn't be much whom gunman Group argues for the MIKE you, my dad, I'm gonna be chewing in Nicaragua, because I just eight and it's delicious had Nicaragua is really it's a bit of the men, but it's not commit you know they have commits here. These are the
because my husband's real picking the commits given gas they. These are the ones from Canada there called thrive, and NATO give you gas gun gives him gas with a gun. It's him gas, but also d, the commit lozenges, something bout. The bonding agent gives you known. It is the same as that was in blow Take one of the mandatory sore recalls, one of the tools that these two cut coke with which Why you dragging out get the Tutsi? The boy
Really. I don't I've, never done cook come. I could open up. I mean that Syria here you know we're gonna play this game. You know what the unfortunate, but, as I have one of those face, I feel it I would maybe wanna do it once before I die, but I'm have that kind of a face and personality that if I met a party, no one brings it out early autumn, Britain that around crises arise. Yeah you just bounce off the walls would be insane. Dax tells me that I would love it really wants to have I've never done ecstasy either. I think I might have done at once. Isn't sonic sober conversations at the shop about how well know we tat very openly about drugs and alcohol, even though we know one only lights. Maybe we should just once No, he wants to all of our friends, are kind of straight edge. Sort of goody, Goody emanates, have wine and beer and whisky, but he wants to have it. Sissy party with all our friends he wants to have everyone get a babe like an overnight baby sitter run that we trust, but all the kids together to our house check your key
is and then have one of his buddies there and just give everybody really good ecstasy and have us all. You know written break, each other's hair or something Would the YAP attacking? Who knows what that guy I mean Hare Brained seems like the least of it. He loves everything to care more passion. So who knows where to go, or probably maybe all hook up, I doubt and in that they will become a week. We thing in them known without going thing. John, no were all very none of us are really other than Dax. None of us are interested in drugs, but he just feels you shouldn't leave earth. Without trying ecstasy or mushrooms. I think I might have done ecstasy. Once when I was in college. I went to a Dave, Matthews Ban cancer and our friends had it, but I am like ninety percent show was a tiktok. Oh there's, all issues I have with that story. There now tell me: no, I don't But here s what to say do take issue with anything. It sets a pleasure
the dead Matthews man. What is anything more now enjoy yourself? Just a passing fair was in. It was a phase for everyone. I mean it was in nineteen. I may now mister, I'm I'm fifty four. I think I somehow just give a shit the age thing? While I was a real sexy thing when I was in high school in college, and it was like in college, it was like starting to become this thou job like ah in high school, I love this band and has also veto he's a great musician. That's what everyone says you register working with the music? I do a whole bit about it than its publicly. I'm sure it's great that it's ok, I mean I just quickly say: don't like the Matthews, I don't understand why anyone likes him and I am asking you to explain that I know if I could.
Nice for what is it like? You go and it's a thing: anyone jigs around and dances and all day stadium, it's as if it reductive, I think, in the way of explaining right home is a year. You D, reducing the experience a little bit, but you know in high school he was he was played on the radio alight and in high school years later than one of the sun from crashing to you. Ok you're escaping Your parents and you're getting your first car and what's on the radio, feels significant in an independent way. You and then you carry that through to call where is right when he came to play Madison Square Garden, room no, eight, that Tik Tok and went to Dave Matthew, but you feel anything if you spend a lot of time going like is working well. I couldn't tell if it was just that I was enjoying a Dave Matthews Ban cancer, but I also have a hair a bull memory? I cannot stress this enough, so I could have expired. And you would not to see on that. That's what access, but I might, but I did like someone tell me
take a shower and I took a shower and it was a nice shower. Maybe that was in. I am not talking about it in the right tone. If it was root cause you would you like that shower I mean I can explain it, but it was like. I felt that the water all over I can, but I would have to remember that experience in order to decide the unforgettable, but that's how it like a lot of things in my life. Are we then vacations full vacations Dax and I have taken where dont remember really let go you are. We went to that's ski place and am I did we and he's like pulls up pictures on his phone and I have genuinely no connections. Why do you think that is while I have no? I have not figured it out yet. I have worried at times that may be something is broken in my brain and am I drive early all timers, but then it was explained to me that someone with earlier settles Emory when they go to the mall. A normal person forgets where they park their car announced at all times.
Her person forgets, but that they came to them. I dont that, but Lord I work there. They hardier. Do you work too much, because that's what I I think I can remember because I'm operating at such as b I get so many things going and then what do relax. It just gets law ask me I gotta go I can remember stuff, because that part, my brain is always fill your onto something there. I don't feel like I work in that thick dictionary definition of it because I I I do have a lot of my fingers and a lot of projects and I have a lot of work. But I also and ferry territorial about me family time with my kids, but I also work hard like a mom was always the ardent urine and toto when I'm at home. So I think it's that I have too much, things, and also you know their worst host to be living in groups of like a hundred and fifteen people, and that's how many names you can remember and that's how many like tribal that's what your brain is is key
but the rumour yeah, I heard it. I am Peoria responsibly living and gruesome yeah and in that list is so interesting because in that scenario you someone in in in that one fifteen is gonna, be the best bike. Writer, the best Baker, the best mother, I just have to accept that. No we're all gonna have a vast open up to some optimism. We're all gonna have something that's the best everyone's invested, something but in those groups, but now that we're all connected and there's billions of people we see on the internet, we have no, we can't do anything but compare ourselves, and go like I'm. Not the best buy rider of nuts. The man who does drugs and rights of like really well Armstrong was pleased them. Spike writer you have it. I mean a billion these groups of hundred fifteen. I would assume that aid in within a tribe have their team and then restart camp. With other represents a hundred and fifteen zero? That's it that's a very male thing to save. We of course know English within their noble. I'm saying like why wouldn't like why why
Would it be bad there Why would you judge yourself again plants Armstrong? Well, that's I am saying, is our brains aren't actually capable of it? Were our groups are too big now it's why I can't remember anyone's name- and I just saw my own servants- enable you used to say nice to see you Joe nice to meet you. Hence in as a weird laugh he does today since the best person. I know I know He tells me about when he doesn't know people they come up to me. He's he's got so many key little things like that work with him all right. I am but wait now. It's I think we got away from something, and I think it was like you were ok, so your husband is sort of quietly. Campaigning to do. As I see it with your friends here, Maybe he doesn't want to do ecstasy. He wants us to experience. Ecstasy he's gonna be like the the jar right,
guy yeah, the guy server got to make sure everybody feels safe and comfortable unknown as a problem, but he feels that you shouldn't leave earth without having tried. Mushrooms are ecstasy and he can say that as a completely sobering visual cause I mean. I know about you but like he'd, we have a problem with any one else partaking anything provided that within reason that we are not acting like a complete smugglers, he's fine. If people do things he likes drugs and alcohol, he Just is aware that he lost his privilege with them because he can't handle at his brain does not have the chemistry to hand only Ireland also right. I understand that I feel the same way. If someone wants to smoke around me, five yeah, I do I dive, do not indulge drunk people well any more. I can't I'm, not sober, and I would agree drunk people can take you it's just annoying when you're in a different reality than someone else.
Particularly if you're in a partnership were like someone's drawn. Can the other person sober you're now experiencing two different reality is right. The shoe yeah, although a but I like my very pen quite a bit and I smoke around my husband and it doesn't seem to bother him nicotine. But we know we'd area doesn't bother not about how much do it so I use the web weed. I we rule I know what weeds my drug of choice for sure but like, but for me just got to like if I smoking weed so easy someone why not just do it near a few times a day will but see. That's the differ between you and me, I'm not an act, so I dont ever think I'll. Do this five times a day you do when you wake up. Now I don't I I don't ever while further like. What's the point, then I, if you listen, I live One of you. I know I know your reasoning. I care. I don't have the same reasoning. I can't do it around my kids, which is a phenomenal amount of hours each week and then good night, when you just you like ones.
Week if I'm just exhausted and were about to sit down and watch sixty minutes. Why not do of a once a week sheriff, sixty minutes, don't you judge me Marin, judge, my life, I've, a wonderful, I know tat. We re united if laughing at me. If I was going to rape once a week before something, I'm not sure would be sixty men will we watch sick, well, that was the only judgment there. Ok, I guess, but the law, the other shows like. I really really want to pay attention to like I'm, not gonna. Do it when I'm watching game a thrones off freak out right or people lie news and interviews that are relevant to our culture. Sometimes it makes you now everybody a little bit more interesting for sugar, make the medicine goddamn yeah right that, but ok, talk about a million it's a night. I'm happy were doing this on yeah because we we use. You came over your hungry. I made you lunch. You made me an excellent blunt. It was so funny cause you. I get that tax for me right I am on my way you house, from starving. I'm I mean
it means I'm on my way and I'm starving and what else could it one way or another in my brain was: where are we going to lunch? Am I making what should the modem I highly those to handle? I guess I was waiting to see our friendship unfolds. What would you do with that information? If well, I said I don't have food boardroom, gonna town, then I wouldn't refrigerator and- and I said I'll, go to tread of Jos and then refrigerator. Anna had tofu left over and steam care and cauliflower, and I said have other stuff, and I make no put some came on and then and it was at that cost is lying to train Jos and I got you Ricardo and can I tell you, I'm I'm quite impressed because I didn't know if you would take that seriously and just maybe hand me a bag of almonds, like I had expected that I could have gone through that, but you really impressed me because, when I came in you had a nice place setting you
some tofu they were all in organised containers. You had some esteemed avocado Hale. You gave me some briggs do know our gap guy, although it was delicious, was up. Time, and hopefully not the last that you make me lunch you I was yet then your washing dishes and we're just talking ass likely, though together for an hour it's great. I love that. I love ass. I do tellers exciting, but let's go let's go back to like. Where do you come from Detroit? really took me a minute yeah, the tripe, but like Outsider Detroit in Detroit, you miles north of Detroit, while eight mile everyone can reference eight mile now because of the movie. I grew up on ten mile in ten years, so not where they were prostitutes on the street or gunfire, but that this sort of G asked North supper above So when you are like an ice cold, you drive into where the badness was sometimes here too, to do what timid where their clubs look now
when I never really club de LA. I did a lot of musical theatre. So I wasn't. I wasn't term cool hamburger family. Well, my parents, got divorce they're married for seven years than they got divorced. When I was six months, maybe I was a bit of an afterthought yeah and then they were I'm sure they were planning their divorce. Before I came along and then my foot other married, my stepmom, who had two older sister so from year on, I knew them as my sister's, so they are my sister's, although I have my dad's family with two sisters and then my mom, whose remarried now and has other step children but I don't really know Corolla your dad's knew. I had two sisters earth they. She had two daughters. My dad's new wife, brought two sisters in so we're not blood related. There were high daughters through daughter, sorry that Turkey can feel you ve got a bunch of steps Yeah and you're the only one of your parents foreheads cracked, her in nobody, so you were so young when they were divorced, that you don't have to do
and then that emotional upheaval never knew them together. Couldn't imagine so you just had a lot of family around yes and it's weird because talking about you know coming from a broken home, I never felt like facts never had the non broken home to compare it to, but my parents never said a word about the other. Ever he added Ass day had wrought, and I just looked, that like more people that loved me, I just had a plus. It was kind of great to be honest. It was fucking, great and high, Why? Because I pros out my dad's. My sisters were annoying or I was upset with my parents, and I would just get my car and drive to my moms and then, when sicker. My mom, I tried to my dad's cause. They never enforced. They had like a court shared costs. Here I never ever enforced at their right. Let me choose where I wanted to be so by the: how old were you when you everyone get? Remarried? Was a Europe was at my phone, I think there's ETA hovering around, because I work ally and am very professional. So but the adds nothing to a kind of ending
Vietnam doesn't aggressive whether those interests in town and is at half time. I often often be prepared to get down and you know feel for assent What do you think she's? A beard was smooth with running right down your toes here, What how, when did everyone? You re married, the my dad got, re married, I guess about within a year and a half and then my mom got re married and was married for my mom's on a fourth marriage? Fourth or fifth for think She got married and was married, went for five years and then had a long relationship for three. They never got married and then got married again for six years, and now you know it again. Yeah we'll be right, for years and that she might have been the one the one in the divorce originally I I don't know, I don't know, look you know, people grow and people have a lot of different issues. You now
Sure that's very sets a native format, it yeah passively. If my mom and you got your honor yeah, we haven't you, we have had had a lot of turbulence in the past has were very, very different people in the way that see the world but were very similar in the way we handle things, and that is a explosive combination really but like jets general serve understanding things like what's the difference in world view? Well, she's, very religious, and I'm not one which kind of Christianity and christian morning. She is it's hard for her to digest. We don't. I don't really like to talk about it, a lot because when I'm talking about it all and feeling about, is that I'm disappointing, my mother, which is an awful, feeling, sunlight less does not talk about it. Also, she lives in Michigan and there is a different bubble out there than there is in California, well, I'm a lot more open about very taboo subjects.
Or in Germany in general, and I think that is just different to her but when you become born again I mean, I guess I think it's boring and I don't really know where their conversion kind of thing like was she found Jesus again. He asked kind of we were like, I guess, presbytery. I waited until a presbyterian sadder camp me. I was growing up in Royal Michigan and then when I was high school. I was sent to a Catholic high school because the public high school I would have gone to was like had a lot of. At the time- and she was very nervous, but that so she sent me to a cat, high school, but it's not that it's not like that. But now he there like a devout, cannot my brother one together. Then it is like you, whatever you wear, a uniform but she really sort of found. Her love of Jesus is through Ruth. I think in my region when I left she was always a little worried about me in New York in just you know things
come late or to certain people of certain religions, the idea of gay being okay and all these things come at a slower pace and it has given his heart if at all yes and she's, she's cool now she's, not she's, not crazy or prejudiced, but there are, you know, still certain things we disagree on that. I just prefer not to talk about with her now yeah. You know like one. Like lino, like not hearing it means so much trouble like not. I think she was. I dont know this, but from my perspective I believe she was upset that we didn't baptize our kids. But, from my perspective I was like. Let me tell you something: my child is not. Wolden Cook, going to Heaven or having an after life, based on the fact that some man pours water over her head, that not good defence of echo. Of that
like I said, I don't really like to talk about it, my cheek separated it it's just a different. It works well for her. She loves Jesus. She has a lot of pictures of Jesus in our house, not a smiling. She really likes it when he smiling. Nor did she. You have the in one's hanging around that like shrines now because of right or is it no christoffersen fixes sure I oh yeah, but also there is that there is a use for Jesus thing. She was really into four hours. She wore a jewish star. Really I'm not here to laugh at my mama left no ray, I'm no definitely not located. I just I find it interesting seekers now. It's like arranged to it that you know that there is a fundamental oh Jesus saying, but there's some reading room that use for Jesus or the wrathful allows took some of that yeah. You know she it's a guide in her last year. It is a guide. It is a true north at something that makes her feel very safe and very loved, and it is of an idea of a practised behaviour that that is good for her. I do,
I'm not in need of that same thing. I feel like. I have a pretty good, for a good barometer of good and bad in and how my conduct should be towards other people, sure yeah, good and bad in, and how my conduct should be towards other people, sure yeah yeah, it's not in doesn't involve prejudice or exclusion or were malignant judgment. Yad idea, when I don't have any problem with and also very like I've started, invented my own true north of our really, In that I have two there's two sides: there's happiness and suffering in which one gets you close to happiness, closer to happiness at for everyone like in one more will what intervene a decision over any decision. What's get? What gets you closer to happiness so like in the in terms of our ecstasy party? You know some people would say. Drugs are bad,
to me that's very close minded, because if you have a group of people that are all adults that just wanna try ecstasy once and have like a fun night together, I feel it that's March more towards happiness than it is suffering. So what's the problem? Well, there's no problem there. For me, though, right away like I think, like how many people were talking here, how like time, how tightly or some of them wrapped what, if one of somebody reveal something breaks down in a weird way, or that it was an awkward experience, that's why Dax it be, there sure sure to rain. It must, and most of us are married but you are. However, we all know each very well what we do. We sleep at each other's houses. Allied married couples, can we, if, over our friends, asses why they, most buyers it fires either. I'm in German exceeds a driving ban, but it's also a kid thing. You can't hang out till I midnight playing games and then you ve got to worry about a sitter, unlike yeah
and so we will go to our friends like Ryan and Amy's house, would like another couple when we all bring our kids and between the six of us. I think there's like ten kid, so we just let them run and around and ruin the housing and we get into a corner, and you know, play settlers of catana or play some fun look I'll, play code names and will see. There is no doubt that sounds pretty close to hundred and fifteen by your me. It's a just air you're, talkin yeah, two, four, six, eight to forty six ten to the annex alive and then put them will sleep there. And then I highly recommend this for parents that feel like they ve lost their social life. We sleep over, we'll just grab a couch or of that room and then in the morning we all would make up wake up and make waffles and go turkish runs out for burgers or something, and then we go home at like six p m the next night and that's the whole weekend. That's like a big form. You fucking awesome! I like it. You see that
live in your own right now, you're dead. Is he like? What's he do? I added a new director he's here is still a new structure in Sacramento right now He was very I've. A wonderful father he's very I get my sense of humor from him he's very funny. He is very present, grows on air talent now, no I used to be used to work in radio because he has one of those deep voice is about how well oh yeah. And he's already on the radio, W Debbie J in Detroit asking what people nome with you popular yeah, he's a very popular news director because he was like the guy. They have a short shelf life news, factors mean as though we brought in to read amp a station, and then you know like make it look modern and get me everything and then I'll go to another one hears like that. Guy's worked in Saint Louis in Austin in Phoenix in all over, then that's what he's still the yes in the broadcast community. He's kind of vessel. Have you do talk to him about the the
state of media, yes, I sometimes I find it really terrible article or some awesome fake news. I send it to him, and I say this is your fault that is here is rather that usually with some sort of comedy he's, never he's gonna kill our sense of humour. It's great unease like he comes down here and hangs out here. He was this year to last weekend indexes parents around here? First cut, yes, taxes. Sister lives here his brother lives in Oregon. His father died about five years ago and then his mother lives in Oregon as well, and she is currently hospice sing. Is that a word his steps, which will be a sort of any day. Now he sang a prostate cancer my god. Damn I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a downer, but it's just the truth, but were prepared, as a family, it's been years and
coming, and they really are two or three years inspiring. If he's been fighting for a while, we have all sort of made peace with it and we ve talked where kids about it in They know that purpose gonna die in fact, yet a couple Is you go in the car as the first one for them? Yes, yeah a couple days ago in the car, my eldest daughter said will delta I'll be around. When we bury papa- and I said yeah you guys, war will go up to or again and we have called the funeral and there's a cascade and sometimes it open it you'll see puppets. Audience you won't be in it, but he'll be in a very honest with that media and He said, okay, so we'll be there when you bury him. Do I need to. My gardening stuff. I have a shovel. Where do we do at the side of the house and it was so practical and I was likes. I was I mean icelander my briggs. I was laughing so hard, but I was also so proud of you, group that thing? Yes, he was like well one of our own. As going I
as we all participate, like her frontal lobe was firing about how to handle this, and I love that was so one for their own that I'm here with loss necessarily, but just now article and I'm sure that's a phase. We does have an experience. Tat night asked her yeah. What how do we get this body out of the house? Do you see any heard of you in that oh yeah, oh yeah, big time although I again like I grew up because it was more a religious like I was given up like a lot of different ex, not excuses but different sort of fantasy is about what happens after you die. We really dont know you in the area that conversation removal he's going to, Heaven is gonna, wait. No, we haven't said that to them. Never that's where you and that's what yeah yeah, yeah and you'll see him again and all these things that I feel like an as apparent
in my life. What I want to give to my kids is really the science of it in the end, the the critical thinking of it. So she asked before when she was for she said: I'm gonna die and Dac Snivel lost our bread for a minute we were like this. Is the moment this is the moment we start to spin the fantasy of something else. Do we do it, or can we brave this water and just say yeah yeah, we all die. That's what happens? before a hundred years. You don't need to worry about it and we said that and she cried for about ten seconds, and then she went where my pop patrol toys and it was like not a thing, and I think, that's you know, four years ago? We all of us exactly what everyone does with their death awareness. Is it some level, either briar, if you and it's like what but what I do I followed, but I think that, like you know, a hundred years ago we lived in studio apartments together, you saw you know your parents had sex in the bed. Next, you your ear when grandma,
and she was in the house, we saw all these things and now they're taboo cause. We separated them. Don't talk about death, don't talk about sex, I just I think the healthiest way to live, and I don't think it's the healthiest way to re as a child, I think giving them the tools to understand that certain things happen at a young age and we're not morbid about it. Eminem won't talk about death, but she asked we tell her? I wondering I guess you're telling me I don't have kids. I wonder what the in You really believe it. What is the point of of generating their imagination, I got well, God is, can t carry you gonna go to Heaven. You're gonna, see how your friend redemption you don't want to do so. But your child because there is a part of your child. That's a mini! You ma am you wanna make them feel safe at all times, you don't ever want to have to tell them the whole cold hard truth, when the euro again not one single so resilient, like they ve asked about sex before and says? Well, there's a penis nurse vagina, there's an ovum and there's ejaculate, and there like connive some juice here you know they're just off of it,
on care free, it's an interest. That want to come back around plunging Erdogan compact resilient. Well, there's going be some re explaining over the line. Sex is wonderful. I want my kids have sex. I want them to have good, healthy, positive, happy, wild sex, yeah wow, that's that's a lot oh I'd, whichever anybody that's good idea, what, when started- do when did you start doing, theatre stuff acting, when I was well. I said singing. When I was little when I I still think Levin addressed. Can you still saying? Well, I can still saying yes yeah. Well, I did at this level, frozen where I sang yeah, I guess I'm teasing. No, I I liked so being from a very early age, and I was always very petite. I was too small to play sports or be any good at it and I started singing like opera stuff. When I was like,
Thirteen italian yep really mattered classes or something I did, and I competed in so low and ensemble competitions, which are these sort of national competitions that you know nerds. Do why our support and and I discovered musical theater, I loved it, and I would really like the theatre cause all these misfits gathered together in dissipated in something that was bigger than them in here fun, and then I started doing like local commercials, and I was in high school and I applied early admission to go to and why you cause, I knew New York was the only place I wanted to be, and then I went to years there too and a half years and then left cause I booked abroad. We sure why uncle commercials where's, your dad in town ended with that through not very supportive, he wasn't not supportive, but he did not he he. How do I set
he never discouraged. Maybe certainly didn't encourage me because he makes cut throat descent. Ends and looks at two new anchors and says Will this one's prettier than the other? I have to hire this one or this one's easy. Noting here may I sent for you why you did not want that rejection level for my life he sort of state out of it. He he heard me out, and he supported me as much as he could, while taking a sort of seat. To my, it was really me. Has even my mom didn't dry that I drove that. I was like I wanna, be any commercials. I want to act, I wanna tell stories: I wanna saying let me go to New York. Get seventeen and- and you won t I did anyone to taste for a couple years with definitional programmer beat had enough. He just We'll know cause. I booked a Broadway show that sort of like how is it not better than class? That's what I thought. I look at what I love that degree. Yes, but you know I tried to get legal work. Steady programme. While I was in it in the four So I would not agree. Would it be? he had her archer yeah. I would
Libya say yeah, that's fine arts, so you don't have I do not know now. I am degree less, while one well but yeah avian honorary once in a while. I would I would like one but the unfortunately one of the ways to earn it and why you is Alex seventy percent or greater. Something is participation so I'd, to go back and pretend to be a tree with a bunch of eighteen year olds. I wanted to I'm not not as interested in that anymore. I mean like, maybe I could now you ve a great tree. He thinks I'm sure anyway. So what the Broadway show, though, when I left for you, the advice because of Tom Sawyer, really yeah, the short lived music, but neither landers the Minsk off. If you know so's words mean those people now with a needle enters the production company. The Minsk off is that they had the biggest Broadway Theodotus thirty five they had high hopes for yes, families.
Would come here and they didn't, but nothing survive the theatre. The show that replaced ass was the lion king. Which is the only thing that theatres kind of cursed, unless you have a really really big ip. So theater was the thing for me. I and then in that's really where he started out on you did more plays an. I cited a couple out of place in New York once I do the crucible early in the oven and Laura Lenny heavy- I did refer madness such for I was over nine eleven that Zella Rough, Are you guys doing? They were in tack on nine eleven yellow, together allegiance stuff, the show. Really I mean I can't even get cancer did not cancelled. We ran fur about two months to in about five people, That was really running a musical refund the old movie. Yes, it was a musical version of the old movie goddess poking fun at people who were scared of marijuana and
I did show at the Kennedys. I did some regional, the Kennedy center. We did some time and wrap like repertory, redo six officials in a row, and then I moved out to California because I don't know, cause I'd nothing better to do than I was doing theatre in the river. Contagion, you're doing while at theater and and somebody said, Eurasia Goethe do it. He had addition for this. Now I well Andy fishermen who directed reefer madness and also directed this moving called you again. He was the one that said you need to come out to LOS Angeles and I'm very much Helio person. I need like my tribe around me, and he said if you come to, I was set out. I'm scared! I don't I don't know anyone out there. It is done any tv in New York, I did I did a small role as Andy Richter's daughter in Pooty Tang. Wound Louis. The EP hygiene where's tab ever, but it was like one scene.
So where does movie in the World TAT way I get, the story of movies crazy. As I live for in them here, so that that was your first found my first film and then Andy said if move out to allay. We will be your family and because a lot of people who did refer madness, Christian Campbell and they were all from LOS Angeles and they were- and I moved out here with two of my girlfriends Jennifer Carpenter, who I did the crucible with who lives on Dexter forever in and this girl aerial ash who had gone to college with whose now has a big design firm in New York, that's gorgeous called Ashley Andrew and when did alright everyone, It will. We were hungry, we were hungry, girls will shared an apartment we for a while we like, because Aerial had Hedda turned it s, an owl and so He was gonna live at Chris Catana housewarming wasn't there and are Jennifer, and I just lived in the pool house at his house without telling him the three of us really in his house one
they were doing ass an hour. I he never knew. And then yeah we Sheridan Apartment for awhile and we all do started getting jobs I came out here and did a show on male rose called snow, which was, musical comedy loosely based on flowers in the attic and then I did David Mammon Movie called Spartan and then our common error. That movie, I was the president's daughter they like shaved, my head and I got taken overseas and treated barber equally, I gotta remember I gotta watch out again later when we can't you want these not feel good, about no, I feel great about it. I'm just saying I locked in a minority yeah, I'm coming interested about that? I just interviewed merit, did you ask me Definitely he's he's got his way he's a savant. I mean he isn't easy sort of viable genius, but he's also eccentric together that the I like him, I know, is greater
I like the way rights. I do. I didn't really get into his movies too much, because I did for it taken to task about how he sees thing and how he teaches us incredibly spam if it, but I I dont like favour one. I myself puke up your beautiful lunch, but I don't save one acting too meek over the other, but I think they all have helped full ways to get you to be sincere on camera on stage and I think his which ones are doing is. I was helpful, it's very practical, yeah I, but I'm a very technical actor, but you study the Atlantic. I studied his way. I studied Mehmet and, as I do, I wasn't in the Atlantic later company in New York. They have a section and ensure you, but you know that still Adler, which is all imagination and sees it as their yeah at Strasbourg itself ever know. Within, and why you pockets ya in all of those places it was through and why you but Island in a study group called cap. Twenty
one which was primarily music based, but they studied Stanislaus key in Mammon Adler and encourage you to study all the yen. They say pick what works for you. I don't think there's one way to do it. Some people dont know how act at all and they're fucking brilliant and you don't want to tell them how to act are already doing you know what about what have you really both, but I believe that's true. Yeah, just from my own experience, but also there are some act Is that your challenge thousand with characters, enter the afar above and beyond anything that they could necessarily relate to, and that takes a different level of craft yeah. That's why you want a toolbox with all those tools, because maybe what David Mammoth
it is something more practical is gonna work for you. Maybe Meissner is minors alone. Where you sit in you to say hello, hello, hello, each other back and forth. Sure, then, until you find something, maybe that's gonna work may be idlers can work. I think you just have to have a toolbox to know all of them and then pick what works for, as you can do serious funding. I can try. Will my first job ever out here was a guess star on the shield, the early at its high with reckless. Ah, what I was a girl that was captured by a gang and then raped, and then tattooed on the base wasn't as funny as it sounds. So where do you should do I'm like a spin off that again? they're. Just I character a sick, come with you, and then I did the first season of dead wood that a lot of us really dramatic. I didn't find a comedy until after I did. What I remember remember I do. I do
do. I got Labour member office and you're the comedy girl before that you weren't you, get a well. I guess you do when you explain it like them. Marker guess who do remember. It's I'm serious- I like I knew you around before but lately was life saving Sir Oil, with Sarah Marshall Diver gangs, him forget forgetting of saving Sarah Marshall to war movie the eyes right, very romantic, ending bite like then Europe, this comedy person yeah well, I had always done more serious stuff and I love serious stuff. I gotta lotta. I had a lot of emotions like to get them out through care. Doctors and then when I booked sir, I think I I'm a writer person here in my real personalities, more bubbly, and then that started to become what I lead within additions. And then this sort of looking comedies fell into common.
But that the other one, the the Veronica Frank, my show that hugely popular nurturing yeah cause. I think there is like I think in one of them, like I don't remember what was destroyed have test my producer, we're There is a marked Marin poster or somewhere Oh there might have been. They were very pop culture reference see throughout our show, yeah. Oh, there wasn't a catastrophe and like I remember, like I can't remember what it was, but somebody said like you're your picture, your poster, something in advertisement for everything with four AIR America by it, Zalm, it might have been in your in your room will be cut yeah because our Rob Thomas created that show and our writers were always very in the no and Anti EU and into everything, so go. I wasn't doing podcasting from now. He knows everything now but anyways that show kind of
John Amelia yeah, and we see that as you do three, but it was like one has called chose: yeah yeah, it was rabid, rabid, rapid fans wall. You know It was a really well written character, raw rob, you know they say you right in your alter ego and his altered goes a sixteen year old disgruntled teenager, but you know, I think, just is very reliable and it was here they used this sort of film Luar lands to show how this girl got through high school in and also how she was smarter. Every one else, even though she'd been rejected, and it has made you wanna route for her and it was really fun to play and the jokes were really good there. It was really funny and it spoke to a lot of outcome. Since high school, which even if you talk to the popular kids in high school, they still felt like outcast, so it gained notoriety, but it was also always on the cusp of being cancelled, always network was while the first
it was on european here, remember at her and then it went to the sea w and that absorbed Japan, and that was that yeah we did three seasons, where it is to get the ratings are what you didn't actually that, after the first season, it was on the bubble and the fans saved at every season We have a rabid, a me. Seeing fan base. We call them marshmallows cause there's a line from the part pie, that where Veronica, whose really tough says you know what they say, Veronica, Mars, she's, a marshmallow, and we, the marshmallows had the first season. I think they sent in Mars bars like a physical mars as to the european offices, I mean by the thousands while and then the second. Is someone had even gotten an airplane to fly over the sea, W Office saying save Veronica Mars and the third season? They would always come up with these kitty ways to save the show There was an episode where I wrote on a dollar bill. Veronica Mars,
is smarter than me and then I hid it for my nemesis defined and I said: wait read it. What does it say in and he had to say out loud Veronica, Mars's, smarter than me, and all offences ten dollar bills, to the seat of EU, saying Veronica, Mars's smarter than me enemy, thousands and thousands of people, and do they still there are you in touch with them all of the thousands of Yahoo, but each one individually in my heart, I am today, approaches still yeah! Oh yeah. I still here when, whenever I am recognized, yeah people say Veronica is really got through high spry and it's a great feeling of it? We got some confirmation that there was a poster of your first c d in Iraq boarding Syria some character, who was on the radio pay is played by Chris LAW, words of Karl. You do, of course, in glow. Okay. So that's who played my sometimes boy for
Non Veronica Mars occur and he had a radio studio. When we were the first year, Veronica went to college and then yeah in his radio studio must have been your post. The throat, but was it? Do you, love yeah, I do I we get along pretty well, he said you were not I'm sort of older in a sentence. Can't talk to other human beings and remove we're on our way to him. By. Like he's onset, he reads he does takes pictures. He talks of the Ladys say artsy and I ask you: I tend to sit by myself, sometimes banana brooding way or justify guy socially, occasionally by my first big tv shows. I am trying to stand. It yesterday guess we use say that, but I know for a fact what I heard you say two days ago, and I was with you- is that you watched the entire. One or two seasons of the sopranos on your phone. While you were on set of glow, so you might say you're wearing the
air for global you're. Watching this approach as first season second season was a den new mark. You paid attention paid attention. I stayed in the grew. I learned how to use my time better, I didn't eat is much. I talked to Chris, but like ie, eight seems to me that that when when you ve been doing it awhile that you do figure out how you'd deal with that time? Oh yeah, of course, and he was right, really running, run taking pictures of apple. We were we respect each other. We get a few laughter have things together that we could work when I die him yeah seems like a great ideas oh you're, describing yourself like your Oscar, the grouch or something on sat like I dont, really communicate people. I've gotta bide my time. Now I don't know what I'd do. I did a lot of people on said there. So many and like I I tried it, and try to be social. I sat with everybody this last season before right there. I was a nice all the women with cluster. You like there is point, fourteen of them, or so one area, and I just saw like that's exhaust.
I think when agree with you- and I can't I just can't go over there, I think Be- would be a difficult thing this season I did find. I didn't I put my chair with theirs, and it just hung out never leaves a lot when you are asking that exists at nice. So now the fur Getting Sir Marshall Movie, who directed Emily next dollar we have talked to him. He's is pleasant guy he's Smart Guy Harvard Guy everything went right for that guy, very right away, very smart, very funny, I remember a kind of their blessing item. Was that really your first huge movie and when you are shooting at you. You know that would happen now. I guess don't? I know that it was gonna be here. Did you feel that not well I do because it was John because at that it produced, was you know that
guy harmony in and being in one of his movies meant that you, you know what sort of a part of that are at least recognise that yeah. I felt yeah like something we that was two thousand and eight, so what a baby I'll miracle has risen. Or ass, a brand that you know out of a bad word to say about him. I've taught him to I love wrestler, excitable, he's very sight of all I love listening to him talk is it's like listening to crazy opera music, and yet you can't help it's going, his vocabulary very stimulating, but you know it. Time he had all these, like, I don't know just what you thought my he begged be disrespectful or something I didn't experience any of that. I had a lot of like sex scenes with him like wrong. She sexy around Europe to be a gentleman and war. About whether or not my pasty were showing, and I found him to be quite lovely. Oh good will They are going to know it. They that point, that's during
settling there can allow respectful yes and he wasn't. He diverted his eyes and he was like you know, and we should heed to heed, so you can stay under the sheet. You want me to get you water, like. I found him to be nothing but lovely, that's good! That's like the euro, so art, so you ve done a lot of things. Ok, but this like this- show that you're doing now, like after hearing talk about when we did that round table you see, to really you this thing here I do. I love make sure I have been obsessed with MIKE. While this is his genius, here's another genius he's another. Yes, I know a lot of genius. Why, like to hit my wagon to the genius, is you know I mean he did. You know the office then parks and rack in Brooklyn, nine, nine and he's just a very smart guy and
Also, a nice human being to work for an he like, like me, is, is completely preoccupied with what it means to be a good person and how we are supposed to share earth together because were not here alone. We have to figure out how to make it work for everyone and he's preoccupied yeah like he tells the story of having the idea for the show, and now he was No, he goes to the same Starbucks every day when he's writing in and he waits for coffee any realized one day, YO heat. He pays for coffee in them. The change in the Tipp Johnny realise that as the bereaved The turned around he held his hand back to wait until the Burmese to turn towards him, so that the Burmese too could witness him putting the tipping and he left feeling awful. He was like. Why did I do that? What what whited that were reached a witnessing this make it more of an ego boost for
I mean it's like what seventy five cents or something is like. Why am I doing good things? Is it only to be noticed? Does everyone do good things only to be noticed, or is there some true ethical north started? We follow in what a great philosophers have to say so he wanted to make a show, a bow that would that would layer in philosophy, lessons like big philosophy, lessons into a digestible comedy format, so he came up with this idea about an asshole that accidently got into Heaven a clear go error, so I played his dick. Basically that's Heaven, but really doesn't deserve to be there, and because not because she's malicious, but she just really not concerned with anyone else but herself, and then she starts to learn why it's important to care about other people and do we the person that chosen beginning were you when they developed it. Yes,
is still a kind of astounding for me to say out loud because he had called my answering machine and was very aggressive. Michael. I talk to you but project, and I was, I hope, my contacts make sure just common resolution. We must talk about something like a guide and I went in and MIKE is an incredible orator he's such a good story. Teller now, remember that the conversation last three hours really. Well, maybe this whole world that he wanted to explore in Heaven quota glow and I was like I'm music. Also, I wanted to be TED Danson to play angel one. Definitely inside Dunham Movie with TED Dancin, which one big miracle Oh, yes about whales whale rescue and we were in Alaska together and it was drew Barrymore injunctions, gonna bunch, people, but Dax, and I love binge watching television and we get real real rabbit about it just finished the first season of damages diameter margarine, oh my god, it's so good and the whole.
Season is about this big court case, the fro bisher case, the Furbish Arthur for Pressure is growing on trial and he plays Arthur, fro Bisher and I at that point was like so wrapped up in damages world that I changed our aliases at our house to get mail to Holly and Arthur FRO Busher, because I'm manner and then, when I met him in the hotel in Alaska, for the first time as like Mr Janssen earnest Monsieur and irresponsible, don't scare you but snakes, like you. I am checked into this hotel as lay fro assure your wife from damages and he was like a whole hey nice to meet you and I'll see onset. I think I scared the shit out of him, but thankfully we became, the euro excited about when big was all excited. His canvas,
we had. No, there was no thought they were come off his stock right now, because I was not thinking. I was a stock. I was just really excited right. The court and now he's one of my best friends He seemed like a very sweet guy. He sees an american treasure here. As are you thinking here, but the acting with with somebody like I mean, do you like what he would do you it is from your tool box when you do these things sustained the Arctic, the hold the character to stay that game I mean. Do you just use the scripture? I am always looking for tricks. You have tricks, you do, or is it just now Well now I ve been doing it a long time. I don't know. I mean to be honest liked for an actor to talk about their process, makes me a little puke no, no, I mean, but how do I think that with this way you're talking to a young actor who you know it's good like you know, maybe liking out
maybe that young actor gets like nervous before scenery can't quite keep his focus for a scene or or sometimes has heart. I'm stayin correct. One is in the same. What would you tell that person and this person's name is fictional characters? Neighbours? Are you not have I had I dont get those I I I am. I sometimes girl self conscious. Aha, not none in insecure way, just sort of like saying words that other guy here, I think, for me it I do really well our chasm right here I am. I am fairly sarcastic persons of the characters. Written super sincere. I have to work a little bit harder to stay. Sincere, you know. Ways did when I was doing drama as well. I think it there because I have a toolbox. That's you know all these different acting techniques. I can pull from any of them. But I guess what I'd say that someone is just as long as it if it feel
insincere dont, do it royal don't even say it until it feels sincere We have your walking through a door and you're gonna, say hi, Do it until you actually feel like making eye contact together in saying hi it's as simple as that is its. You can only know that in your heart never act, in front of the mere don't ever try to do anything but conversely, I know a lot of actors that like need another take because they didn't feel it and after I appeal ice linked to myself? Sometimes it does not matter if you felt it if the person behind the lenses saying we got it so I'm fine, both an emotional actor but but at a very technical actor as well. In that I dont need to feel that If you say we got it, you're the story, teller you're, behind the lens. You think I looked distraught enough great. Let's move on because the reality is well spinning
fifteen hours a day together, weren't a home to our families. At some point, yeah you'd like to maybe leave yes it here. I regard there's more Josh row and the other day and was very interesting like like the thing that I got, he was talking about no country for old man. He's talking about that character and about doing the same with his wife forever that woman. I can't remember her name who played his girlfriend or his wife she's. Our species she's. No, I think, she's, irish irish idea. She was the girl and brave yeah she's great yeah, but something not working about the scenes with the two of them. An and realized it was that cause you were looking at each other liking. You talk to somebody like in enacting when you're rehearsing or you you're in acting class. You just doing thing any rise, I couples. Don't don't do that yeah interesting right, yeah and it wasn't sincere right. So I guess a key, and I thought about that liking outcome, because as a guys, You know completely
used to acting. You know, there's a thing like what am I do with my hands it would be the worst. I never know what to do with my hands and like them. This was a sit there like, I know, you'll think about them. Otherwise it was your act exactly as you gotta get that handsomely comprise the worse. What times? Your thing? Three! The item is enough to thirty, eight okay. So what so we'll get a good place? We know the second season. There's big turn your despoiled that, on the show, If you before, I see the act, but is it not an that we ve had to seasons. Everyone knows and we're about to come back for the third season. How do you get out of this sustained? As you have a big bible? Does he know exactly how this argue? Now? Yes, he knows it in his head. He knows where it's gonna end here, that's not a lie like a lot of people say. I know it's gonna be actually does know how it's gonna end, but he's wrapped up sort of philosophically in his head,
I'll send home forever? Yeah well is mere stay interesting. You know how much people you know, I guess does that more characters? The hundred fifty ok, that's a great idea, hundreds if I'm on a text, make sure that you had to say you never have to stop the show practice, keep adding UK who is talking about that on their autonomy. About lost with it still saying that data is kept, adding more figurines right, more characters. Character. I area is crazy. Steven pinker nice, I just asked pinker lecture. How was it was great Urim and SAM Harris you're talking about evolution now view your. She went to the lecture you I do in the love and you are thanks expand your mind, big Tanya. I liked being challenged a lot. That is why I, like my husband, has challenged me every day, Yes, because we disagree on nine, unfortunately, those things We met the woman who pay
use Sarah Marshall Sean Robertson, whose Judd's old partner she had a birthday dinner in like ten people there and I met him there and I don't, I didn't know who he was and he didn't who I was. I just remember that that he was talking so much so so Maya then I laughed and then two weeks later we ran into each other at a hockey game. At Ellie kings Redwings are Homestake Game and I met him and he started flirting with me. If you suffer already. Yes, he was three or sub area well, and that was the beginning. I was beginning of the end for me: and but we talked briefly in the kitchen when we were discussing our relationship, while your washing dishes house putting stuff away love, love ass, that that initially he wasn't ended up married, no, not at all he doesn't. While he had not,
he had yet to have a monogamous relationship, but what I was doing dating- and I was like a secular monogamous right Now- have them before I've always had open relationship. Will you doing before that? A one therefore man, another producer and kevin- and here we are data for five years I ve I bet I have always had long term boyfriends. I get a boyfriend college for two than a boyfriend after college for three and a half and Kevin for five and vital that go price. I was gonna happen yeah. I think we both did. No interest groups are here which is about, but I love him. My minute, love him and still friends with them, but Dax. He and look, he has very valid arguments, even when these I feel like he's being, you know what I would label without hearing his argument is closed. Minded he's not. He said. If I, going to love. You I'm going to prove it to you, every day I dont need to tell the state of California that I love you. That has nothing to do. You're gonna know by my actions that I will act like your huh
and I said I gotta get it. I'm just a group in a traditional area. And I finally had come to terms with a sort of peace with the fact that we were never gonna get married and then out of the blue? He pop the question. I had no idea- exact up. I guess but, but I think that the idea is I've. Had this conversation before having been married twice and somebody now and she would like to probably get married, but there's pardon me that's kind of I don't know why I resisted, but I dont trust it all the time and I think that day day, of you, lady yeah, that their there there's. Sense of securing their labour rights. Rouse commitment by. Let me know when you ve been divorced twice you you haven't. That's not that's! That's! That's! That's true! That's true! I get in nothing has to last forever. I think the forever that all is what look I dont fault, anyone who gets a divorce like every time. You know celebrity couple splits upper ones like where we have to believe in love. Unlike, but don't you want those two people to be
their best selves, and maybe that's not together like I don't. I don't put the belief in that that, like I need to see, true love and I need to see people together. I want people to be healthy and thrive, even if that means having doesn't require, though you didn't take Jesus from your mom, but the plea that the ability to move on YAP from death evermore, urge a marriage whether that that's fine with me. I just want people to be look happiness versus suffering yet another day in a marriage or yours. Freeing either of you, but you know, I think, labeling it as a marriage, has maybe a different there's, a difference in the way that people treat true as a cup three, you as a married man, verses a man who has a girlfriend brought wrote the truth. You that way: yeah yeah yeah, something flattens out near affecting the Kenneth. Also who carries get married, don't get married. I don't give a fuck like whatever work. Suddenly you worked for But while we were engaged for three or four years,
we ever got married. It wasn't like priority number one. He gave me a ring. I thought it was really nice and then, to be honest, I had like. I said already come to terms with they weren't getting married, but then we had kids and like you to do this whole. Like will thing and if one of us has before your married yeah, yeah bastards bigtime now get so, if like to tell him that What you tell them, they'll now, yeah. Of course here we have. We said we were married, diner, Bastard yeah. What's your breakfast ve got to be blunt and gave them the truth. Ok, that's what Steven pinker we yeah! If there's whole will thing you have to do and then like. If you know somebody's in the hospital, only certain people can enter the room if you're not married. So it's just, we decided fuck it it's easier. Let's just go to the court house him. Do it right there. Oh, the other stuff. Sure and say yes, the carrier is that's why we did area of well, that's romantic
while its get you to your car. What's a call- and I invite my involved: can I've made a long? Your skype yeah maybe were pitching more pitching you to catching showed a Youtube minorities and partners? Ok, this will be fine. Gansu you'll tell me what I have to say that they want to be part of it. I'm just want you to sit there and look pretty. If you wouldn't mind: ok, yeah well, I'm gonna have to go to the area typical female role. I wanted you to know how much do I have to do my face neglect gorgeous I don t ass. You do don't anybody tell you this yeah! I'm writing ready from thanks for coming over thanks ram wasn't that lovely just when you just if they never talk to her again, I've not talk to her again they are mighty sooner at a thing, but you know we're busy.
All right. So that's. What did we do at the end here go to deputy I pod back on to get my tour dates by one of the new t, shirts and sign up her w TIA premium, We can do all those things you can hear all nine years of deputy of episodes, commercial free Said show New York coming up in November in goaded W Tia pod dotcom, Slash tour, I believe there's probably some take for that. I thank you Nick shows, sold out the Denver, shows or sold out all leading up to the Beacon in New York. I don't know where that's happened, but I imagine you're still a few tickets, big space, big room, yeah. I'm not Knowin act out of me my beard rubbing fuckin how I'm gonna try. Play guitar my fingers again, like all the booze men.
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