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Episode 953 - Joan Jett

2018-09-23 | 🔗
Joan Jett wanted to be a rocker ever since she got a hold of a guitar, even though she was told girls don’t play rock and roll. That didn't stop her from forming The Runaways despite the sexist roadblocks the band faced. It also didn't stop her from putting out her own albums when she couldn't get a record label to do it. Joan takes Marc through her past, most of which was shared with her longtime producer and collaborator Kenny Laguna, who also joins Marc and Joan in the garage to add some detail and perspective. This episode is sponsored by Spotify and Molekule.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what's happening, a mark mare- and this is my podcast- welcome to it how's it going out there are you holding up everything okay hope you're doing all right. I worry, I Worry about you, I worry about us. I worry about me, I'm a worrier, it's just the way I'm wired I wasn't, but sometimes it's warranted, isn't it. I just got back from denver. I did horse shows at the comedy works. I'm recording this on the sun afternoon. I fly early in the morning, so I could come. Do this, it never stops. I do not have much ray time the comedy works as a great venue one of the great comedy clubs it seats about- I don't maybe two fifty or something and it's in
basements got low ceilings, it's it's very snug. It's slightly tiered the audience! right on top of you, some of them are was are literally on stage they're sitting on stage and working on new shit and as you know, I've been I've been they're, hammering it out. the anvil of the club I mean I'm a hundred percent in it. It is job it always my job. That's the image the thing about about doing comedy for as long as I've been doing it is that work hard at something, and then you realize this my job. This is what I do and I'm good at it. and I keep pushing it- I keep taking risks, at my job I built a craft over. long period of time, I'm very proud of it. I just had this converse I'm sorry did I mention who's on the show today. Jones yet is on today jones, yet with a with especial appearance, by manager,
danny Laguna who they are inseparable, apparently and end he wanted to be around. So I put them on. The mikey is very interesting cat in his own right. I seem to have a symbiotic thing going been. For years. So it's a it's jones yet with what that way joan yet with danny Laguna today on the show, joan jett I believe just turned sixty the other day I recorded this before she turned sixty. So if, if, if you're on, top of that in you real. Why didn't? I wish her. A happy birthday was because I didn't know then, but but she just turned Sixty I'm turning fifty five on thursday and It's not so much that I'm I'm feeling my age, but I do start to think about What I do in and who I am in the world and in what we all do it just a weird thing when you get a guess, a middle aged, but getting back, the idea of doing the job, especially as a create.
Person is somebody who is of hammered out their own way through a creek, We have through an expression a through a through like something it is not a normal way way of life. I flew back plain from Denver with whitney cummings, who is working the other club? and- and we just got into this conversation and it's in ig to realize, like there's a lot of people out there that call themselves comics, because they've done ten minutes here couple of sets there they worked on it an open mike somewhere. They they did a room and the thing stop being a comic about truly being comic. Not unlike any job is that you gotta do that, job and the job to assert degree. You know is like getting laughs. Fine You should do that when you're coming The bigger job is. Can you show up
and do an hour hour and a half and do it consistently and and stay up there. and and over the years generate new material. Can you apply your craft and you evolve your craft. Can you show up anywhere do an hour and get paid for it and do it consistently. That is the job and in I've, been doing the job for most of my life at this point being a comic and showing up whether it's strange whether they're familiar whether it's an event that seems awkward for comedy or a it seems awkward for comedy. I've been doing it for long time and over time you know it's not it's. It's not something to be taken for granted, and I think this is thing that yet that everyone goes too has been working at what they do for a long time to sort of take a minute, any acknowledge that you know what you're doing and that you're good at it and that you're engaged with it and that you like it and that you're proud of it.
and I I don't know that I do that enough- and I don't know why I'm doing it publicly, because I have my own insecurities. I have my own, your weird approach to If you know humility, I guess I just I don't always give myself any credit. I I. work hard and I don't know, I wouldn't know, I'm telling you that I I talk to you twice a week. I talk to people. garage. You know it as often as possible and then do the acting thing. You know, which I find you that I'm relatively new to, but there was just something about this moment where I was just me whitney on a plane talking about our shows talking about. What's going on and realizing that we go out there and we do this job, and I think it becomes your very apparent We need you when he do for shows that a club you I'm workin out new stuff, I'm hammering out new stuff cause. I want my hour to be tight. I don't have it
our plus really, I don't have special on books, but I'm going to be at the beacon theater in new work on november tenth, you can go to wtf, pod dot com, slash tour to get tickets for that, and it just it's one of those things. I guess I'm just telling you I'm acknowledging that he he you know when you do something for most of your life and you you see that you evolve with it, that you get better at it, that you have more control over it. You know you can take front risks, you can challenge yourself within what you do and you have the freedom to do that. It's a it's! it's a mind, blowing thing, it's a great thing, and I see it in my peers, like I just I finished reading my friend sam lip sites new it's going to be out in january and he sent me a galley copy. Anyone SAM said: several novels out several collections of short stories but man. I read this fucking book and it was in We were very good friends by it's a perfect evolution of his
creativity and expression. It's gotten better! It's gotten deeper! It's got more wise. It is word smithing is, is phenomenal, it's fuckin hilarious and it ends, just lands? He lands this novel like a like it, just like it, was like a landing a space ship for the first time, just just just nails it and you ve been doing it for twenty years and you just to see somebody. You neo get better and get amazing through what they do through Edmund and through hard work, as it is a beautiful thing, the book is called hark. If you don't know sam website stuff he's one of the funniest fuckin writers allow, I've really and he's he's either real deal kind of, like you know, takes real answers on the page then, is deeply funny. I can't I'm going to have a meteorite. I have not had my friend sam lip site on for a full episode. used on near the beginning of the show, and I think we might have done one other one. I can't even remember but tab for this book
and do a full one, but you can pre order, hark and would do it. Even those you're gonna wait a few months, but we cannot sell your garbage people anyways, proud of my friend, proud self, proud of anybody who sticks with something long enough to I'm great at it. Even if you. Don't get the attention that you think you deserve, even if you're, not a superstar, Even if you know you're not recognized as much as you want. If you know in your heart, you're doing it the best he can and and you're taking chances and you're evolving and doing things and finding freedom within your expression or within your occupation or or finding movement or success in helping people whatever it is for fun sake, don't take anything away from yourself just because you don't think enough. People notice what you do and if you're getting paid for it, and you're doing a good job with it fuck and live in the life here, you know you should fuckin you'll be proud yourself.
If you're not doing it and you're holding yourself back from doing it. Just do, it. Really. What do you have to lose? Ultimately, after a certain point, do you know what I'm saying ha do ya So speaking about lifers about comedians. I talk to her. rita rudner in here last week, she's a great comic she's been around a long time. always generating new material. I haven't seen her in a while, but she's got this new special out. You'll hear my interview with her in a few weeks, but yeah we have a schedule. But I wanted to mention that her new comedy special reader rudner, a tale of two dresses, is now available from comedy dynamics on amazon itunes, Google play and on demand platform, so check that out and you'll hear me and Rita in a few weeks? Great comic We're a great conversation. I just wanted to give you a heads up for that. I did want to try to to read: sweater because
don't know my parents or are getting older, but they're both still with us and through. The years you've heard me. You have all things are, have problems with her or you know, you're, not quite able to get over resentments with my folks when my dad some of my mom whatever, but still around, as I get older, I'm very grateful. They're still around you know it's nice to have them and to be able to talk to them. I think I can appreciate them more than I have a previous in the That's another thing: that's evolving! If you let it do you have the the the heart to do it, but I got this I got this email. and these kind of emails kind of get me yeah. They kind of they move me either The subject line is a letter from a fan involving a cross country trip with his son and your show How can a how I not gonna pop thou and openness- a murder half crying high mark, so I just
got back home to washington dc after a month, long cross country trip with nineteen year old, son conor, I helped move him to LOS angeles, so we can pursue as many dreams he's our only so. This one was special on many levels, but one of the coolest things for me was turning him to your wtf shows. As we burned rubber across this great, if we imperfect land of ours, we ate amazing, We d verse great food observed how call them majority of our fellow citizens are and your guess like we were, in your garage. You know how it is on long drives. You exhaust conversation quickly as mile after mile of the same looking shit boards by it becomes hypnotically, boring, mentally deadening, no matter how great your spotify playlists may be, but that's where your shows save the day are mutual, enjoyment of your bidding monologues in your thoroughly unique interview, style had a city. Forward in our seats, we'd gobble up, shows and talk about them for a couple hours. It was fan fucking, tastic my
It was like you were in the car with us in the back seat, chatting with a guest, a bonded his son in me in a way I can't express in words and for that I'll forever, be grateful to you. waiter. I heard him talk about you and your shows with his friends and I thought to myself. Well, there is at least one use, take away. He got from his flawed old man and I'm totally good with that and proud of it. So thank you mark. Thank you for helping us Other and sun. Talk about real things like comedy, integrity, honesty, art, books, music, politics and love. Thank you for giving us hope in a seemingly hope was time in culture. Our time with you meant, something it counted and will never forget it. Your phantom for life. John, while John- I you know for most of my life, I was fairly I cornered and pigeonholed by myself and others is a somewhat selfish fuck
you know it's somewhat self obsessed person. Her or cynical or whatever, but and in this goes along with what I was talking about earlier, as time goes on and things get weirder and things get darker as I get older and as as the country struggles on, I have to take some key. For that and of knowing that one of the effects of this which I could never have assumed would be something like that. That letter and it happens all the time and I and I'm and I'm happy been I've been there for people, even though I don't I don't I don't know, I'm just doing what I do, but I I'm very grateful that it's had the effect it has,
I'm sorry if I'm a little mushy, but maybe it's just my age, maybe that's just it. It just happens sometimes- and maybe I I dumped all my funny over the weekend jones, yet an archetype a regional she's, she's fuckin, joan jet there's a new documentary about her life and career. Coming out. It's called bad reputation. It comes out this friday September. Twenty eighth, and, as I said before, Johns the longtime producer and collaborator Kenny Laguna was with her for this interview. So you can from him too, and there what's going on in here that day, a lot of stuff? The two of them there is, it is there's a little whirlwind and I hope you can feel that, as you listen to me, talk to joan jett featuring
kenny laguna you? I got a sense of you guys from the movies like a happy, is like an ongoing comedy routines. Terrific right on old? Now, click on beer, for you know me- I wish to know we're not married taking old man. Couple we have is a wife is, is daughter, run the company right black our record. Still. Yes, yes and you started, that company and your wife still around yes and she started the company with us, and she she and I met in high school via wow one time especially for this business year. You just had your to forty eight, Forty eight years. already a year edge wording. I want how much
he's gonna get to make with bags and all our reporting now yeah shari I was waiting for it to stop to my pre roll, walk away with freeware. Seven is a drug talk. It's when I'm drug use by the way it's. The only thing we do is cannabis. That's what I mean yeah, but yeah. Is that what a pre roll is yeah, pre roll. I know like already rolled yeah, yeah, so How long have you lived in new york, since seventy nine I can say no, when you come back here, does a trigger memories and shit, definite. It's bitter yeah air, I love l, I hate yeah levels I hated right
You know when the runaways broke up right, it was devastating three really I could feel, or at least it fell to me like the people were laughing and saying we told you yeah, you couldn't do this writing work. But when you came out here, you didn't like. I have for some reason. When I watched the documentaries, why did she run away from home? But you were you were around here right? You you come from Pennsylvania yeah. Were you lucky to get out of there? I think nah pennsylvania, I was. Was it the rural part or near philly? Where was it was also She knows more born and filling out there. When I was six months all dear my moved, my parents moved pits yeah my sister, We're border, lively, eerie, erie pennsylvania. Whilst we move to rob film maryland early enough rockville, that's where I sort of fell in love
uncle? So what you see up like a pencil vainly accents, I get Philly like weight because you know you have. It is willing to do something to it. It's it's east closed or like a figure would be filling right now and now in cologne is philly south idiot ain't, jersey to jersey, billy in new york. There there definitely defined dispute accents. Yes, it's a tough action. Yes, you act out, it's a good accent, So when you were okay, see in pittsburgh, and you have to if you're the oldest or why I'm the oldest here, where are they either? You have sibs in in music business know. Now let us just They get a job here. So Ok, when you say that item word worthy stark and if they were like the music, when did you start turn a new liking towards it lived in wine, walk rockville, maryland suburb of washington dc and lose your sword. I guess you know you. Could as you age as you come out of being a little kid you're into
into going for? with Donny osmond to the osmonds. Like or that will was on the radio. In that way, when we were kids, we did the ottoman brothers the osmond brothers, fourteen old family daddy, younger, Nobody, I didn't really the songs of the area, but then something shifted run a weapon like the mayor here here here. things like all right now re there was so thing in the rhythm, you tore down here that I wanted to make those sound that guy was a good guitar player he died. Was it costs off? Was that his name, the guitar player, caused all costs off casa could be wrong. That's right! Yeah good sound that guy, but it was just
a little bit a little bit on itunes. Songs like that o a t- rex, bang a gong- oh yeah, yeah- that so I just wanted to make those and you are like eleven twelve, When his store darted year your hand by thirteen, I worked on the courage, ass, well, as an electric guitar for christmas. They gave me a lot to be done on a serious sobered him. Yeah right now came within the andes, dire right in those are worth a lot of money now the silverton is no. I have no idea where it is yeah, I'm sure I just don't know how long take before you learned how to play rock. cause yet startling with folk stuff and get bored and doing yeah Actually I took a guitar and I being young exuberant, do everything right now, so
of course, they're going there as a teach me how to play Rock'N'Roll and without without the basics. So is the first voices. Girls don't play rock and roll, and so he said that hit me strangely I'm in school with girls playing beethoven embark on violins worries yeah. You know right, so I what did the lesson is trying to teach on the top of old smokey yeah. But you know, obviously you have to learn the basics first and the random songs. If you just look, you can play rock and roll. You just have to learn the basics right then I would have been like oh okay, teaching the basics but saying no Add to that? I just went to that one lesson and quit and bought. learn how to play chords yourself and need those three chords yeah and I listen to those singles when I'm bought like all right now- and I just played it
one was it did you have the chord charts like the book of chords where to put your fingers and neck? I know I can't really just the just just a basic cause. I don't read music right here. You know the ones just no, not the music, but just a cord struck the ass. Yet I used to play ball where's your eyes. Why? That's really? I won't play here and- and I didn't push myself at that age, because I didn't jan just kind of play. I didn't see any. incoming of it. Then my family moved. A formula which part was Angela: the area my internet here my mother, wanted to get out and sister. So my father worked a transfer. He worked for insurance company, but wasn't it warner then on thinking you know, I could actually form of them
I can't be the only girl in a that wants to play rock and so have I This is gonna, be other girls out there, but first so I knew it was possible, weird that there were really no models for it. Like you know, when I watch a doc, you know, and- and it came up in it look at the years- there really was no yo hard rock girl groups at all. Not really! No, I mean there is there girl groups right, but they were singing groups or or pop groups, but there was no like raccoon I never really thought of it until I saw the documentary that you guys were really one the first once the runaways right yen. So how to If so, how did you go about pulling this band together I used to go to a club There are actually read about in my rock magazines and cream and circa, read about this clause when I still back easier, called roddy being in english disco yeah see sometimes
in that booth by himself. They are, very important person in in rock and roll so tell me about that place because, like I I there was the first time I really knew about it from watching the documentary. Oh, it was great, it was a disk of teenagers and no, there was no booze and rodney played all the english had stood the american kids get a chance to hear like but we are all the stuff that were or hits in england we laid susie cos four glam this gary glitter there, all vibe that just do not exist. This day he was on the radio. He was like the first guy to bring bowing to the states to wasn't he. I think there was any one of em yeah me was here. and he's nodding you can say yes,
I know that he went to the club of rome we thereby we there a conservative to seventy three. Now those are like the hay days where I got there the end. They closed, maybe eight months Those are go why they close again trouble. I don't. I don't know, I don't know, I think it was just maybe business because it was an under age, just go right. It was primarily for fur young people. Yet I can imagine that wasn't a problem in the seventies. I only imagine they can make money that could make money. Danish. There was probably illicit drugs being sold like every club, the attic they could make money without the look, but it wasn't for like predators and weirdos Why didn't you know? I didn't see it. The act like those in my brain? Wasn't there. So, yes, are you what you would know back right exactly? You know he can only assume you're it. yeah had to be around. So that's where you stay
They get into like meeting people, meeting people and and being around like minded people, and I thought well right to be girl. The round. Some plays years seen that debt, Instruments are destroyed, the word out I knew a girl carry chrome, there won't lyrics, use lyricist ordinary her there that the club year running and I She played an instrument. So I said you want to form. woodland He said I don't play is right lyrics, but maybe you should talk to my publisher and arrows Kim family here. So I did call tim you know, I play guitar and I loved for our former. Although band so wall pisa me a demo tape and I didn't even know what a demo water I mean. I'm talking, syria nay naive right, while the fifteen gap, probably
jane at the time to do not extend you and you don't know anything about him. Either. I didn't know anything about him very peripherally. Just from from the club stand around stuff, but I'm sort of an ominous guy. Wasn't he to other Evil yeah ominous very tall, you joy? Did you? that kind of stuff you dance was very could be. Very intimidating to a lot of people, and I guess that's what he did. He intimidated a lot of people. He had this weird, so a career right for years. Right, yes, like I dunno a lot about him other than he's sort of this bizarre. hollywood character. You know, outside of producing the the right way said that he had this almost demonic presence. and yet he he made some hits right, and then he comes from the same area. You did right the puppets in a way like he lives in l, a version right, but he he produced a group called the
major popsicles and, I suppose, rising again. I was an unborn and he was also in the band bans singing yeah that did AL. You really would argyle regional, our EU premier other voice covered it at some point to it. What a great song I know you got in the dock. You got anything in it. If you meet up with Kim and yeah, and you need to ask him for a demo, so he asked him for a demo and look I don't. I don't have a demo and you know we have a short conversation and that's it and I'm like wow welcome boo back yeah, but but but he knew my name's or anyway, a couple minutes later sandy, worse who's, the drama of the railways yeah she lived down orange county in huntington, beat your dog. She played in a lot of bans with guys and high school vans and doing the apple solve its use. Fifteen right I play drums a john barnum
she was so intense in here rest, her soul, not with us anymore. One sorry far. anyway. She drove up to hollywood, hung out the rainbow parking lot and that's I guess the term. Why people would, after the rainbow club? hang out in a lot of stars would go there and crazy was angry. Easy. They board. Go near look for the sars to sandy. up there and I guess she knew kim was he walked up to him and said: can my I'm sandy and I play drums, and he said that's really interesting, if girl the other night who guitar I think he gave her my phone number and or so yeah. She called me up and then that's how it started. Yeah, who are the bands are like at the time I get the rainbow and at those places I mean we we're talking. What do we talk on nineteen? Seventy three? Seventy five yeah so like who like who was on the scene? Who were you watching? Who were you able to you know
I guess you're a teenager, so it's hard to get in clubs, but who the band at that time that were really hot. Do you remember I don't know I wasn't seeing bands Zeppelin Missouri big were still yeah yeah. Did you like that one? yeah. Definitely so, okay meet sandy now there's turia yeah and you still need to fill out through? Yes, oh I took a bus to sandy's how's. Your boss is actually would like it to our own. We went to wreck roman we got a long way ill suggest we hit it off really well and we just started in the bowl of wild thing. Sure songs the early. So after minutes you. So we call it was called him. Cod came put the phone down to listen to this and we start playing whatever ryan right, and he said so.
great. Let's go find some other people, so we started to do and founder. Let us all somewhere, I guess, do friends, you know it may seem to me, though, that that, like he knew he could hear the drums and the guitar and he's like I've. You work with this like easier. Like it's definitely unique and we could play was wow. You know this is something that could work. How great was that feeling to just be in that rec room just for that? First time it was great, it must have been really like. Those are those memories right totally and it was You teenage dream happening, so you got these you got. The other girls and and then what happens you go, the did the do you make a demo, or do you make the record of where we recorded really quickly? We have yeah, we went in the studio right away as soon as we had done. We made a recording three as well with
It was you and sandy and an midway steel. First based player, the then went on to form the bangles so issues regional basically about it, just didn't morgana? No, no. She wasn't proven what we are came to poor ways than gaily rugeley, the ugly, not no, no, not at all and so, and then we went out looking for another lead singer him and I were hanging out Estonia saw she korea, twin sister dancing beer. Did they look like grazer on stage, but I say it so we got. We asked three if she sang- and she said she did- it's a common audition. back in the room, or did you go a studio? No, we went to a and she showed up with the sort of a I don't. Even can't the song was something
easy listening rearing, we're not you know, and so we didn't to do, and so cases we're going play the song. Kim and I went out to another part of the other. the room. The era Just german. I started playing some chords. Actually we came up with a chorus for and so it went from there. writing hello, daddy hello, mama cherry bomb, and then we came up with the with the rest of it. We probably didn't come up with. Works were that boy bright had an offer. Saying so after twenty minutes were went back in there and said singers, she did and she she owned it all of it and, made it her own, and that was that in that then the the the runaways are born yeah basically- and you recorded like shortly after that yeah
because we had already had several songs. He had written since this couple more. we ve been together right or writing and work in an twice. You know a good, not toying, but the playing all around the sea pray. I oh yeah yeah. We played a very open and hollywood before the first record came out yeah How were you received in general? You know when Your point is well clubs, writer bars and stop me an artist Initially I don't remember it was good was okay, we were playing house party, yeah Kim I'm sure there were some other people. Drivers no. He didn't. He wasn't businessman on that level, really book the tours herself, but you didn't feel get because I know, like you said early on. Even your guitar teacher at first was like wary of a of a woman playing rock music and elegant
I commend her. You go into a bit about that debate and feel that immediately that people like what the fucker these chicks doing, what qatar, I think I was to overwhelm to us excited with water having fun yeah yeah I was, we started doing press they were, they started yeah I'll, even know what was specifically for the record, but I'm sure it was and We start again asked all kinds of weird questions that so couldn't even tell so when the record came out the first record. That's like nineteen, what it says only six! You I get ten years all now seventeen, seventeen and it's a big deal right. I mean like how how was the first album received when it came out? What what was the push behind it? How did how did it go? It was well. We had a bit of will and mercury. I believe it big label right, yeah, think they actually worked on promo. It rang, go right and,
we were on the charts or cherry bomb First, our charted joy, wonderfully georgia with shorter yeah, and so now you're liking. What happens next east are guiding realise until I looked it up after I watch the movie that this is it you're coming out the same time. Really as the remote as the sex pistols that happened simultaneously. I know you had relationships with these bands later on, but you're right there I had relationships with light, then, oh, you did see you are on their radar, even though it was a different coast. So everyone knew about everybody pretty much anything on the road we'd run into each other. Runaways eventually wound up. We did a three
when the tour with the ramones, which is amazing. The water water led zeppelin, knew where he came to one of the gigs. Oh yeah, she shirts yeah yeah, there's pictures of John wood robert plant when she was sixteen or something is that true? Do you get to meet him and hang out? Oh yeah yeah? Definitely, and they were, they were decent guys right. They were very nice and then friends in the eighties yeah we want to it when we had It's a work for us at that moment and he had mood for a melody nowadays and we would like, when we are a record or second so a record. It happened so at the time why go like music is blown up right, there's a whole new york scene in your part of the the l a scene I now into like seventy six. So who are the other bands around there were kind of break. through then, in l, a man,
also seen him on your point out and around because after the first record, you were able to play in town right Van Halen opened for the runaways. Really they were a band that was on you know, struggling to get tom, petty open for the runaways, contemporaries the talking heads, creasy heine, who was friends you, though, before before Jones well known chrissy adopted. It's so weird that time a music right can you like there was so much different types of music going on that was really sort of like all variations because, like if you look at the heartbreakers and van Halen and then the runways of all different type of band saw rock music clerical work to get of course yeah, but but it was also like I I felt tom, petty and the runaways and rv see the ramones and talking heads was part of what they a cold new wave me at our yeah, but vain Helen to me was not
the new way. They. No, no, no. I think I think that first harp rakers out mighty snuck in their own right and new way, but then they became more of a popular brought us yes so now you're making it now like you're feeling, like a house how's the band holding up under the success in and how how Now it is when you start getting push back for being a girl group total hit total yeah, but not from other bands. Necessarily do you feel from other bands some bands year. Some bans boot most bans- you ok, but here and if we do know vibes from some bans are very well make informed of us in here laughing. So stage throw and stuff. On this day really oh yeah, just because your word yeah yeah. Maybe we're doing well and aid. You know you're a goddamn jealousy the egg. There were something now you know why you issued a bit
is trying to make it in a in rock and roaring comedy. There's always can be jealous assholes. While I was. We are here to me that that people will be so nasty. I get it if you know why you get under the don't, listen you know, but it will also and totally gender the area when I was in england and they made a law that they had to hire. an equal amount of women, or at least a bit better presented. The f could soon no women look into according industry, yeah and dumb. I remember one of the exam, said you know studio is a stag seen, there's really no place for a woman right unlike a quarter no course then why you know when you were younger, that mean they. They were definitely girl groups, but they weren't get in the same way they had to be dainty, deluging songs, some other some of the young arm be group here could
do the church thing sweat a bit near like, friend darlene love yeah, but even when she was in the blossoms on shindig here they were just really not most be sweat and a right right. There first be lady, like lady, like yes, intend to turn a break. That should open will There's always like what you get sweat, chrome, home. You know why didn't I become big until much late. I mean really big big. She right at all. I she said she was judged. Phil spectres, great failure would remedied mountain. I that that didn't achieved but he thought it would achieve and but then later on, she had that in her fifties, I think she sure the stones helped get those hits huge. Yet did you know spectre? Yes, did you see a common effort? There He was a nasty guy. He was not a nice fellow, it wasn't warm and fuzzy
and, and he was bully yeah very threatened by everything. Threatened and then he would have body. So he would some of the people who worked would like Anderson policy, a great writers wrote summits for them. They were tough guy share that he had a song writers who could write aids and still beat up, but because he always wanted to start fights would be away you he's here, yet he ended a very badly bad man, Carla. yeah. I probably deserved to be there a long time before that god knows what he did, that he got away with react right right, so all right. So what happened to the runaways? They they the second act. You got. You tried it in the first album then you put out with you, only did three albums and a live album right. We did four. where studio one alive on right after what one right after the other, you just really have much of ear. Once in one year premium and you're touring bigger venues as each one happens, getting bigger you just kind of yeah to degree we played different gigs different
answer? Some were bigger and some were small. I know you did some opening thousand seats one hundred garner the job, then for any bigger for the big bands. Were you on that kind of trajectory where you do like open for, like a the zap somebody like that. You open for the tubes I know that yeah that was early on that was seventy or early. Seventy, sir here, maybe even seventy five, the way of a fit a year or something like that, yeah I'd, wear white pants are dope, rosetta the us that yes did do that up in san francisco or they don't think it was, we did it up there yeah, because I think their bay area outfit. yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, actually they're, choreographer, Kenny Ortega, big director was worked with us to help us work on some each moves. I guess we felt
more, were it wasn't, really moves and re some of it was but more about. Just being comfortable in the space area who saw ignore and also knowing when two we know move up to the audience here where to go back? You know just having a sense of the same, The programme will show you know a little bit o koyo out of here. You know the guitar as moving, but that was right in the beginning of that. You now cliche that you're yeah yeah, and now you've got your own moves then now you don't have to deal with just comes out eventually. So why? So now the popularity in the states didn't take off as much as it did else. Is that would happen. Wine of really felt the chief. What they would they could have. yeah. I mean I guess I was always sort of felt that the push from the press ever felt really successful in the united states year, even though you know
We got ok coverage, so a lot of it was could be nasty yeah that yeah they just kind of marginalized. You during a word or just just took shots made. Everything we're doing seem like it was unnatural when it's totally natural, for there were people who were offended say how do oh yeah yeah people were offended. That. We had the audacity yeah they were going into seem library to ass. It is today I do this you know a wants, you get that via a once, they get, they show you write that they think A day she did you go in the right. Who are you to do that? Then it's like ok man. All shit, ok, now allow jackie gets thrown down on the ground. It sit, and in going all the way, fuck that so you know pretty early on that. You felt this year.
the girls, feel it I'm sure we all did to adjourn degree right. We all handled it. I think differently. You know I mean I remember early on somebody asking a section, a question about sex, I thought Why answer this question. That's all the runaways musical, be about- and I mean they're already people of focusing motion- sexuality or whatever. We like yours, comes with nature, guess being girls playing walk right. Obviously, but if I answer this question that's all it's gonna be about what was there I had. I don't you remember to steer them to me. This is music. Do you like beer, you can't you, you got that right and it was like it was like that universe thing where it comes into your head loud Don't answer this a trivial trivial I totally totally and I got it on a deep. Level they remain a box, you in don't
I don't let them do this, and so you know that's kind of been that's interesting because, like he did that well, how did the like you, we you're sort of the leader of the ban right now. Don't think that that way on right. We all came here say she was the soul of the band We all were you know it into gold pieces of of the baron I fell in here. Is it a team player you know. So it was easy for me to brag about that. as you know it wasn't about women, but that John humility should John was writing the songs and singing half of the leads year, so yeah I'd, say she's a leader so when you go to like japan and white just to wherever you want toward you or if now, what were you getting there? Welcome that you, Were you over some playing for liking? Five thousand people liking a big big ass show. Yes, you must have been a tremendous
it was, and that was after what the second album after, yeah, I guess the first or overseas was after the second em my belief in his eye when he met Chrissy hind in that crew, most people normally I'd known creasy. Before that, before the oma, I'm not really sure. If she was living in england for a while there yeah yeah on the road too, she might have members, that's what I'm better than me, but but so that was sort of yeah at least had some camaraderie there. At least you had some ea, I felt like the british, the brits we certainly were at bow, and the europeans as well were exposed to a wider variety of music in general. I think as popular music, so I think they were just in generally more accepting they, they thought it was different and we are weird bought who still rock n roll. They didn't give us a same level of right. She, like you,
should not be here. It seems like between the press and in some of the other, the bands it was worried. They were really threatened here and I think that you are going overseas, or I can hear every got that freedom. Why you're? Not you know you're, not in their seen. You know, you know, you're, not english, so, like you just a ban from miracle that sounds good in that must have been, like a relief go into that environment. Did you mean that first tour? Viking? When is it? Is that where you met like the pistols in those people, in all kinds of people yeah a lot of the grammys and fact letter was the one we did our first show in london with motorhead we opened for them yeah and lemme. Let me where his bullet belt. I thought he was giving it to me. I'm like, oh, my god, he's giving me that right after the show that give me my belt, but you know Lemmy and I were close his whole life and it shows you he's a guy.
That's a man. May I threatened by not threatened by strong women beer, you know. Did you working, which my motion I mean you know when you're around a guy like threatened by you, it's very easy to just wow sierra yeah, yeah yeah, but not have to be on guard. Did you feel more comfortable over there in england? Well, I wouldn't say more more comfortable than being at home. I felt musically comfortable, yeah, definitely and like when we went to new japan yeah man like, economic can to something like the beatles or his. crazy and ass all girls here all teenage girls rise or that was gonna, we didn't get, it was gonna confusing, and then we will. You know, whoa women have near to write colonel looked out as second class citizens, so we were sort of heroes I guess yeah and and we know rock in the car- I it was really intense,
I think we little scary to summer. Oh yes, For me, I thought I was excited. Anyone be labelled. Japan. There was superstars fear, in scandinavia they were superstars, it wasn't so much england, england. They were in the perspective. Will I treated like cartoon characters almost are really in england, but in in Sweden they were having had singles re, weedin, wriggle out of a plane and totally not unexpected. Teenage girls, these blonde teenage girls wearing real pacifiers real rubber pass. You know it was something I never found out must have been some bad teenage girls where real pacifier. So someone? I guess we'll see you, you get me a passive fire, a silver one, little silver bows farther war fruit for years and years stunt panama rate
while my dog chewed right, where you are you guys, weren't together, then, though, right yet, no, after that, we we met the tail end of bullshit runaways was the wreckage. Yet the burn was what happens to the runways. Ultimately, you do for records. Is it getting worse? What's starting to what's pulling it apart Goods were never understand. This would grant, it's getting worse! Why do you think we'll just the whole whole cohesion, the band we wanted, Japan think those beginning of the end. Something happened over there. I of theirs it's just saw a bit in the movie, but with your reassuring, the booklet right, was sort of it all in her bathing bathing suit and recourse sort of soft, yeah yeah yeah still. It told us that she didn't know.
we didn't know and but look who sent me when we were together all the time. There's no way right She wouldn't say. As an aside a john I'm doing this photo shoot, or are you guys doing what you know? I knew so Usually they were trying to keep it secret till there was nothing the rest of the band could do about it and camano set it up. Can we add another guy that was kind of a world manager. Guy named scott, the air he might set it up right, but I don't know- and it was in conjunction with the record label here. So you know everybody knew what to loosen the rest of us and this was upsetting to the rest of the band. Why the it made. It seem like the runaway was all charae and just sexualizing sex right, there will be no. No, the thing you will want to dual solely totally and who said what what who had at your mind here and at this
She was like Ok, I was what she thought she didn't. Shoes? You guys are all me because really, sure he's more into part popular music. She softer music, she's, not doesn't really love rock and roll rise, not or thing. And you know I was- I was backed up a she you know had had it. I guess she was done and wanted, so do her own thing and You know I don't there, so she just gonna kind of left. Right after and yet so that was after. So in that was done. You done that you do. Did you do a record without her? You didn't you, we do not manage to have two hours after that. Actually there and you did all singing. I did all the single most of it actually sandy sanguine on a song leader, sang. last autumn, which her shriek, that your third yeah you got friends again now, after
we woke. We didn't really speak ever much. We speak now, or I will you know right afterwards was very weird. So after you do the two with you with you being the front person what what what stops the band after at how the how did it come, unhinged again or finally disband and I think of for the for the poor for the press. for the record way warner worry. They felt they lost the weight and lead singer like that, I was just a sort of punk rock rhythm guitar player in I'm not going to be that person that gets people excited. Ro. I guess that's what I'm guessing. You know the way they look at girls here I was just you know to whatever right for them and on- and also then with musical differences started coming out, because
sandy. Always you a heavy drummer. She liked heavy music zeppelin, and you know hard wired and so did leader here, and they both looked heavy music than what I like, those more straight up: rock and roll punk rock right kind of stuff, and so The last time that we did we were was a producer named John L. Koch did whore. music, I send my personally I've. Really probably worked on. Those differ This is a really nice. I will write right. I don't really know, but I just noted the law. The songs were harder and I thought you know what, the direction is goin. I don't wanna get fired from a band, and I started here so why don't we just dissolve this because, they wanted to go in a heavier direction, and I didn't, and so instead of big argument. Let's just part way,
If was it so as musical differences, so now you're in and so now, you're out you're out of a gig you're out of a band, did you ever meet? Johnny thunders new york dolls and from that heartbreaker. When we did the bad reputation album, would he ass richly joan? Should we did it in the whose studio called rampart ah in london visa and Johnny thunders was recording at night and recording during the day our yet the johnny doesn't remembers, rises, draggers, didn't we, I waited almost every night, they would be when we we came in the morning there be leaving and there would be a
I, the residue of white yeah out or hold up further daddy. I do. Is it yeah they wrote for while the air he I must have died soon after that could have been that montenegro gruffly is something s add when thou said no way, hotel room and orleans or somethin just yet so my rob domini o deed bad. So when you so ways, that in that in the dock. You know you're really depicts at time where your band vices, like existential horrendous, like you just did Well, you know what you're going to do with Zoe last down and were here in this town yeah and you got we're getting pretty fucked up pretty fucked up the area. How long there go on, for I guess I don't know we met in the summer. I thought we might early summer of summer of that year on yes, maybe it was earlier it was. We met
but when you met him, will you like Do you know you're in trouble? You gotta get cleaned up. We got it what we're going? I'm here, I didn't know the extent of the drug use should in. I think she put. on her best face anyway. Although she didn't look, she wasn't well groomed. Did you get strung out? Now I was, I was dick- did tat thing I just party to that she was drinking a lot and inadequate bloated her, so she was like just different than she was in the runaways. But when I met her, I just got taken with her music. Yeah. You know this that we wrote. You played the guitar, she sang the song in the first song that we worked on together with you, don't know what you got till it's gone and that one she got to the course inch.
baby is, as you know, somebody who looks like joan with black leather jacket You know, though I remembered, I don't think she really had razor. but I was remembered like a razor, blades and and. You know it was a scene and she came in and but she also knew how to wedded hang out. We were met dear. I did do a project right near the runaways, its signed doom, a movie, and I was most right songs for a year and then we broke up and I did, but I don't wanna get sued right. It was a movie thing was still happening here, so my manager at time, Toby murmurs thought. You know we should write the song. So he what movie?
I don't even know wound up being called to obedience was one of some old mama we're all crazy. Now was the original montreal. Now it was a weird porno. You said yeah debido or something and they I dunno what it is where you feel that if you honor that contract iron of the contract and met kenny to write this Wait, wait! Six in three days or something which we did you here. and it presented their right. You know, or even not even happened. My wife was reading about jonah and the british and those music magazines. Yes and merrill said you should meet. John judge, she's going to be something she's look significant, my watch. Spotted it in the newspaper yeah she thought cause, otherwise, I probably wouldn't have gone now. I had to go all the way from england to california
you're in england. At the time I was in england, I got the phone call. We you live in there yeah. I urge the residents in new york and england in time for what Now, when you were in that zone where, where you were, sort of like rudder, lesser or or depressed now, eight, You mean you must have seen was, or was her party you, that guts, aired of where you were in the sense it like a lot of people you hung out with it seem like we're dying, yeah Like you, you know you spend time with Sid vicious and why ended like her as bad as a as a drug scene could end it ended that way for totally. must have seen a lot of that shit totally. Any of them will go down like that. Did you have that moment where you're like fuck? I knew I was kind of heading in that direction and yeah
Definitely scary, always felt really very alone. It's when you know nobody's around and you drink and talk to you yeah, oh yeah, you're that person parking lot and doing other things, yeah yeah, I definitely know yeah yeah. I got- at your too, you know it's denied. what will you know what? Maybe I'll, maybe I'll join the military? but I was serious, I thought I'm going to otherwise I'll die, learn something I'll get some. The plan Travel meet people, you know better pray, I won't die. You are present right, you're gonna, get you one. You know I was seriously thinking about it and then kenny I didn't have to go. Go there rude, but it always made me recognize that and that's why I liked it when I can do stuff for for the troops and play for them and do two different things
yeah because they're just like me, they army, it could have been me. I almost went yeah, so you know it just I just have that sort of recognition. Sure Yeah yeah had to the fight and kill people row yeah yeah, so gives you do a lot of stuff for the troop right. I've done nothing! yeah yeah, so I can bear interesting about the partnership that you guys created. Creators like your music history is very specific before her that you a buddha records was making a specific type of music, and we talked about that little before with Kim foley, who also did idaho a bubble gum pop away or what's what's the word? Will I get these very smallest definition, the apple gum, which was the buddha thing and and and and taboo Daniel bogart, named bubblegum ohio, express one thousand ohio express nineteen, ten fruit company, other people define it like
Jeff berry says his teddy bear right right type. A hit you're trying to make it yeah well, is the way of looking at it. I look at it that does the thing that I was brought up, that's the bubble, and other pop music yeah, but all other people think Tommy Rowe, who did dizzy, and even the partridge family. a tv phenomena sure like the monkeys, yeah, but I don't look at it as bubblegum, but other people do. But what were some of the songs? You were involved in it's pop music, definitely well. Yummy, yummy, chewy, chewy, one two: three red lights, mony mony mony, is the big da da DA Oh that's him on that we're on the piano on Oregon, an oregon, yeah, there's a piano there too, but either way he was the oregon and you played with tommy james, oh yeah, the led zeppelin of bubblegum
Then you guys covered crimson and clover, you did it. You did best That's on, and I liked army version by language like I can listen to your version. It kills me, it kills me tommy's orton doesn't kill me, you did something with that song, but so that so that your and you your producing and playing playing sometimes writing. So when you saw her- and you say coming from where you come from, like I sort of that hit making ideology because, like you know, if you listen to your first record rock hard, but there's something about the production That made it very accessible now you conscious of that, yes, I'm also conscious that you know cuz job being a woman me being a guy yeah and it's backwards, Push the m the poppy ports, Come from me and the deep heavy, menacing rock and roll parts. Come from
percent nominating ridable balance. What does it say that really push pushed you guys through? Was it? Was it dumb, bad reputation? well said: rep was one of the very first on the radio. Do you wanna touch me yeah, dad also the both of them were happening, on our own label, at a radio at once, we're and- last summer. You really doesn't happen today, ice, which is another form of that happening. One Streaming services, but we were will it take erected that had no label beyond it and bring it to radio stations and which they claim was two songs, but you know we didn't know how drove it around what in the car? Yes, we would go to we book clubs, Was this one with this after you couldn't get a label with this on your label, yeah sure throw her first record was an independent record. Yes, because you in salad anywhere. Exactly because of this, problems. You always had because It got worse, yeah polygram, which was mercury here,
girl in the runaways sandy west lita, they all got record deals right and John didn't get a record deal from the american company. And so what was the reasoning. Our duty is all crazy things. I like the head of marketing from inland grech is one sits me. She's gotta stop hiding behind that guitar get out guitar and rock like pat benatar. What like and benatar and there was no no slight to pat Benatar john- was shawn you're in the band, the others were not punk rockers at all sure I think you know come back at a story. I think the son. She brought into sing was Mandy.
yeah for the runaways or something like that, I think was a mental yeah and then take the girls are ronnie, dio fans. You know alright yeah, it is sort of a punk. Glam hybrid right, that's what I was shooting for exactly what so, after the first record he put out on your own, you get some juice right. I mean I was u big right. It was aroused pretty big, but it's it's still not wasn't enough that people kissed listen! This is the thing cause canny like you said. He knows a bunch of guys and people in the business has been in the business, so he figured I'll get shown the deal yeah. I was going to be easier, step. One do these walls, which will mean you saw in the movie at all the letters of the airlines riding saying and it at the top, which is the best part. It refers to all the songs I heard crimson and clover do you want to touch me bad reputation
one of the one year, all of which were hits, and all these letters say you need a song search yeah sorry right not for right rights either. You know then listen to what they get they already sided knowing what we don't want or less is give some way excuse you know, but whatever they heard all these hits in their passing so just shows the are no them There are various still liking grain sexism do the whole thing where neither we always, but it wasn't easy and then he got piss lower, then logos a lot and when they start people don't hear it in the bureau returned down by mercury of all labels every week for a year the beginning, I mean you a chore and a lot of there was that other thing going on that you the sexes, the sexism whispers pretty intense, and how will I was kind of really surprised. It was
people were emotionally offended. As I said before, Something like that. I'm the one might say that it's completely evidence. We don't want just like an intellectual zero. Now we're not interested canny. It's like dad. They got emotional about an oak yeah right. They were insulted right and so on. In a year, knowing me and now being friends or he's insulted back on. What do you mean now? Not just me, being angry about life and trying to explain it to everybody and nobody gets it now. He gets it and he's me gets it from the ground level, feeling that same stuff, even more saying if they wouldn't say to me to him right, yeah, you know- and you say, fuck you I'm going to put out the next album too. Well, we had no choice by then we just like
treading water. You know we wanted to be on. We wanted to be honest, yeah, you know, but they didn't want us and thank god they didn't, because now we own have it wow is so so I love rock and roll you put out and now, that was the big one right right. We would do a lot of things said became the future, right, sullen requisite the gigs. No rock n roll beings would do and that no europeans who done it is you ever we finally made a deal. We did a deal with serbia shredded sony, and I saw I wanted it. Seller records the gigs over not shrink it was obviously, then it became a thing now. We don't even have records right. That's swiping! The records around yeah, the trunk of the car, a gig we would open up the trunk and I'd sit there and it'd be collected like three dollars a record night. I wasn't thinking about royalties if the first record of the second record and the first rack of our struck it so how much are utah?
that point a lie all young lot and how many of the original bans historic year- nobody, nobody, yeah justice us too ass, if he the drama whose who's now off the pursue a no. They asked him, but he still with us in those records tommy price yeah. He he started with a scenario for and he actually played for a minute and in eighty, so he is he's been around the world and ok, so the second record as a huge. Yet now you can tour big rooms again in europe, a rock star right to do degrees, still to a degree well, while you're not to get her to admit she's a rockstar but I admit it. star, but you have like a b you're having like a profound effect. It what's interesting is like in the book. You know Kathleen Hanna's in there a while for my from bikini kill,
and that you had no real idea, yo how many of these these the next generation of of women in rock music. You are influencing. No, I don't really there have of it. I didn't I didn't. I just gotta keep my head down and and right. forward, and you know once in a while, you look up and you you see people what what want acting, and I had no idea that you produced that germs record. I mean that's. Why yeah that's like one of the most important l, a punk records ever and that was in your your downtime when you were last yeah pretty much, and you were just like bouncing around l a in that scene in your eye, Are you a little older than them right, yeah, yeah and and so we were hanging out with these this generation of of kids. Who were doing that music and that's one. The most important punk rock records ever it's amazing when people tell me that you know it's it's just. I was lucky
I've been really lucky to be in the right place at the right time. What are these bands relationship with them all the germ, daddy crashes lead singer, pat smear, whose qatar player we are really writers, rightly replay we're nevada yeah around here as well. Well, I mean agree or to rag bag. Are there huge runaways fans and they I remember them, we met. there were hanging out outside the studio? Is its believers santa monica abroad? studios, which are the boys studios, I believe, were studio there. Tat and ass. We quoting some of the the runway. Second album and they were out there They said they were found in them the form, the vandals and they so. We just always stay
it is generally runaway. It's the reason they became a band, oh yeah and and the funny thing the base that we had for. I love rock me up. Gary ryan, Gary moss ryan. Here his girlfriend. and much lorna doom, the bass player of the germs. So yeah it was like The family scene going on and when you like in darby, was like kind of out of control, but like beautifully out of control, was beautifully out of control. Definitely he was a beauty still spirit- was a wild men. Couldn't this world contain a minute yeah yeah, very smart, he very slogan, but it was the booze get him. What was it?
he already night, unlike the act of equally good day, John Lennon got shot. She was not a good day for us as the terrible who food for the rock and roll what you put out like a record pretty much almost every couple of years since bad reputation. Right right. And you do. You ve had several hits over the years and you still out there you play right all the time near three march and yet in in the dark. It really shows that You are a lot of these women inspired, have come forward and and and brought you into the fold in a way. Now I resume that you know that must be pretty emotionally gratifying and end in nice. It is it's very know. I was not really aware of of yeah, I know where I was aware of how much it was actually reaching women yeah girls here.
Yeah, and now they come up to you and they like, there must be hundreds of them there it's it's. Really really special. You know it's motivating Yes, we motivated here and tell me about this event. because I had talked to rent a mine whose, from seattle about the the gets in that in that situation I didn't know about it what me, as a zapata was, was murdered, raped and murdered up there, and you heard about that and what year is that? That's eighty. In the nineties, always in a ninety? Ninety looked, I need not always be the wrong. rose early, nine near and how about it. What happened, I was, do work out west all right in like our records. Had a band in seattle run around
the grunge explosion called metal church, they originally Andy banned, or so they were the first one in a charter. Yeah, So we were there yeah and then and did you know MIA no. I did not know whether gets you know. I knew a lot the people the same scene in the same scene. Then you know so. When I heard about it. I just thought: oh man, it is so easily could be any of us, but you how many times have? I walked home awaited noisier. Maybe a little drunk the situation she was in yourself, but Couldn't the sorry wanted to do something to raise money to do help help the cops because the clubs could the limited amount, I suppose, and in people peoplesoft doing enough to higher
investigator. So initially we did a benefit concert in seattle. Initial sir out is just this one night near and we thought a while. You know that was really really weirdly cool, I in a sad way, but knowing her yes, do you know why we do a little tour use the money to keep the private. I go Yeah we did that they did. You know tat. Years afterwards, no cable long. There was two thousand three somewhere around there. I get a phone call no hello, no, nothing! Steve Moriarty, the drummer from the gertz. He just said we got em. It was, they got him down down in the keys, someplace anarchy worst fountain, that hardly ever happens. Yeah some other things done. Something else where
The dna interesting that whole scene was so like unique, really now how many bans came out of their yeah, we're really tongues and, like you are out there for that, so you, like you, saw it sort of starting, I mean cause that was like. It was like way pose. Pumpkin was a new approach to raw rock yeah. It must mean fuck and exciting it was it was. feel out alive shows us now we're a team to see eye to eye shows the normal working. I saw a lot more shows not only danger, there was no arouse it sitting around. I lived from the whisky in allay that's right, just ass, well, oh yeah, the great room. It was the first time I ever been there now live beyond the gas station apartment building is still there and oh yeah I drive by, and I leave you here is a perfect party place you in the middle of everything I saw somebody shows then that's like. I know it's a magic room that room near very nice,
Wait, there's literally, no, not lately yeah long time. Still really. good. I I assume right, I just don't have it like. I don't go out to lot show so a lot smaller. Then I remember I. It seemed your eye any but now you know you go, there was like wow. So what guys do now, like you know you producing a lot of bands. You re l seven's back well l sevens back and I think they're a good fit for for label? We have a band called failure which out of a band called girl in a coma, fair. Incredible. Their pump punk banned from us san antonio axis, with the soundtrack from this red from this movie here, which is why we great it's in the movie, but we have miley lord, grace
oh and jones, so people doing androgynous John singing smells like teen spirit, yeah the run more wind window, honour that inducted, something that you agree with so great was cell phone and so scary, same yeah and think about it. It's like you're going to play. smells like teen spirit, nirvana, Varner, the wall with resemble. Now it's like Patrick, You're fine, put em, you have to do it. Of course I mean I was compelled who asked you. yeah, and then
It said you're going to go first, yeah, yeah, okay, and how long did it take you to get comfortable? A second I asked you It's very strangely non nervous, I'm usually very nervous too nervous. you don't really evilly nervous. You gotta go gone, get your head yeah, but I was pretty calm. Actually it was up there too right. How was that must've been comforting and we're all you know do know each other we played together before so I hadn't played with Christ but yeah. I think we had a soundcheck, so we had a chance to run it so outside of that it's coming out. What do you guys? What do you guys do and you just touring all the time? Are you cause? I know you do you do a lot of festivals now and he seem to be involved with some good causes. What do you? What do you spend your time doing mostly torn yeah really we're on the road all the time or going to australia for in january, then I dunno I know you ve been there before, yes, not for a while you, I guess
What are you doing? Sydney melbourne brisbane lot we're doing a lot. Oh yeah yeah, it's just it's a sold out tour! Thank god because it's a long way to go to bmt when they're very happy come they're excited to come out and make the trip. That's nice and we will do some little bit of pollack chicken yeah yeah, we're here in the united, states yeah rock the vote kind of stuff we don't have to work at well. We should actually for some of the congressional california yeah yeah. Well, we were going to help tammy baldwin in wisconsin and randy bryce for Paul ryan's seat were working for him and- and you know what does that entail? You do a gig. We might do a gig, we go to. Sometimes you go to people's apartments. And they raise money that way, not that's my preference, because the cons, You know you dealing with people, don't do concerts normally and AE
make a lot of money. That way. The best ways you know for celebrity can draw some people in in the save. Maybe they neighboring, like twenty thirty big donors here, and John will stay there and you know and we'll meet and greet yeah yeah exactly in the other like that way, the best and for how dean, when we were with him who we adore yeah, What we actually went on the road and we both gave little speeches and agree a prime during the primaries here when we were on stage when he gave when he said we're going to do, it was much less crazy than the news made. It was a totally normal day or year. Three, I was in college. Kids do generally are really requires there all right, because the loss and he was joined. It. how're, you know, there's a democratic establishment. We know what happened. The guy a sent the feed and you couldn't hear the crowd. The crowd was gone.
Indeed gain dean, gamer, l everybody's there. That can crawling his name and neutral ash famous people on the plane with us yeah, and Nobody noticed in John always says the store them. Nobody noticed anything weird at all. Until then the day when we show what they did with it on the tv right yet wasn't depressing? on the plane going, oh my god. what dean did. Of course not it was. They were working as dean was winning to figure out. How can we make them look bad with what he did last night overnight. So whatever they see at six am right. He looks good, not yet why the name is accurate because he was the outsider and they were. He was taken on the establishment right. He said, I'm the democratic wing of the democratic party right right, yeah so you know showing your. I told now Jones. Are you able to stop working long enough to appreciate what you accomplished When do you have fun
I don't really have to mature downtime. When I do have downtime, I don't wanna go anywhere where I shall always travelling around of a drag. I do you know. I do there's a lot of places that I'd like to see or things I'd like to do now something similar just driving highway one. Oh yes great, you know, never gonna know No, but my my bus driver just did it to meet us someplace, and he took all these amazing pictures and I'm like damn we, but to do all this starving, you never stop. No, I haven't known what to do as non root for too long and I've got animals at home, and so I just want to be with sure yeah. It makes you know what I'm saying so, which is kind of you go. Oh man, what a sad life she does when her mom was alive. She and her mom cleaned the cages at the animal shelter.
She's she'll go out. I just like people not good. She said so good, go out the freezing cold one in the morning morning give food to two. the stray animal sure yeah. feeding iguanas in south florida. Really now the more I talked about it in the air and some woman wrote me said that part of the problem you're not supposed to feed them because there's there's millions but but my mother cannot feed animals. What are you going to do there? Hey? our serve we're in their spot all out and learn to live together in first of all, you want again tell her about an We are in for your very, very into ryan, basically vague and so And yet did you ever moment with a hamburger? did I mean I used to be very a bloody media wrong. It was just a slow.
What am I doing? you know I love animals and- and I'm this saying that thanks feels and all that and when you into and recognized science proves the sanctions I am a lawyer, you know say no for grant us not mere mean you known paper, wasps, Conrad each other by their faces as a wasp, a wasp, a bug yeah. So I'm not I'm not to assume that and better or know any thing, but you know that I'm above that right because I don't understand, and their language what they do or so on I find it very hard to eat an animal to me. It's like why don't you just throw your
your grandmother up there or babies, Maybe me gotta, be not understand or just like the lambs latvia to me. It's saying thank you to it is Sorry, but do you find that at this Are you at peace with your past for the most? diamond. Do you like me, have a relationship with surely dear I mean with the other ones, do the people that you played with within that kind of stuff I don't have any any kind of have no bad religion, ships were anybody or bad thought about it, We all did something really special and, I think important. together. I would hope whether they enjoyed it or not. The they recognize that as well and I hold no sort of animosity towards anyone and yeah sure, and I finally, last time. I spoke to we're friendlier that
for years yeah, I'm jackie spoken to her for yours either your reaction to their posthumous accusation of Kim while she may there barrenly before he was dead too, oh yeah, you never saw it no I mean look. I was now my experience. I did not have that sort of thanks way, only really right to it right but alright. Well, that's like I was honored to talk to you guys, it's an irish too. I think it is great, I'm glad you hung out canny. Would you is that your real s name we're gonna yeah, where ordinary name isn't it so well? I grew up thinking. It was a taliban, and now I ve heard the hell yeah. I did that spanish. Apparently it's vanish. Can you say portuguese law. That was what those with my family, but it turned out not to be you. Can you can
as a jewish too, like I'm a jew and, like I assume record business, it must have been kenny goldstein, but no, it's not! No. Italian guy portuguese italians and jews after a certain age? Are interchangeable? Sometimes no, I'm half jewish anyway! Oh, you are yes, but there you go but yeah. It's it's funny, though, cause a lot of people say. What's your real name, so are you guys go now staying in now for a couple days? one day then we head up to washington state to play gigs up there. Yeah we're doing gigs with cheap trick three that saw it's a good, combo and johnson playing with them. Since she was fifteen, sixteen sixteen sixteen seventeen here to tell the truth, John we're here to create perceptions. Great to talk to you how good luck on the road, That was exciting. Wasn't it
It was very, it was actually very fun yeah. It's sometimes hard for me to manage two people but characters, and I can't write, dare folks As I said earlier, the documentary about her life and careers called bad reputation. It comes out this friday September. Twenty eightth go to deputy, applaud that can't get tour dates by one of the new to shreds and sign up for w tee a premium access to get all past. W t have episodes just the most recent fifty and I dunno you know I got a little choked up I'd is not emotionally but liking. A confidence wise after I talked to slash on my guitar my arms arm's been fucking bother me and I hope it way, but I can talk to people you. I talk to people, but I asked people on stage about his tennis. Elbow tend to night is talking thing and they just say: never. Fucking goes away in the I dont want to stop exercising, because I'm just
in the group with that, but I don't want to lose the ability to play guitar god, damn it goddamn, I'm going to play I'm going to. anyways cuz, I know I know it demand for people who wait all the way through this shit at the very end, to listen to me noodle in a distorted way, not even noodle. Lately, it's almost meditative are the the
the boomer lives.
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