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Episode 958 - Kurt Vile

2018-10-10 | 🔗
Recording artist Kurt Vile and Marc like a lot of the same stuff: Tom Scharpling, the blues, Randy Newman, Neil Young, flat driveways. They get to share their mutual admiration of these things while also talking about Kurt's unique upbringing with nine siblings in Philadelphia and the banjo that led to his development as a musician. In his early 20s, Kurt had a job driving a forklift and in his free time he was making home recordings, which eventually became the tracks on his first album. They also get into Kurt's time with The War on Drugs, his band The Violators and his various side projects. This episode is sponsored by SimpliSafe and Smart Nora.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies, what the fuck stirs what's happening? A mark mare- and this is my pod- cast w t F, welcome to it. How's it going. I want to. I took to put this: out there, because I think you should know our book waiting for them. Punch comes out in paperback next week you can go to mark marin, book dot com or click on the book link at w e f pod, dotcom, Dupree order. Copy or just get when it comes out next tuesday october, sixteenth waiting for the punch and paperback waiting for waiting for the punch and paper back, so the waiting is over see at that's what I should have done that I should have been the whole thing: there's no more waiting for waiting for the punch you just
wait until next tuesday october sixteenth, if you don't want to pre order it, right away. I could handle that criteria. I chose straight read as they say in the bin, business in the business of broadcasting. So it's happening. What have I gotta tell you ve today on the show kurd vile is here, he's got record. Coming out. I like Kurt vile and an opportune I talk to him. We have common friends, his new album bottle and comes out this friday October. Twelfth get it. You, get music heard via puts out a lot of records and is unique thing going. He always sound. Came. The production sounds like him. The music sounds I came, his voice sounds I came. He sounds like him. That's that's not nothing. listen to some like this sounds like another guy. It is kind of like a. I can hear that other guy in this guy's music, nope Kurt vile the vile and data We guy he's he's like a fish guy, but he's a he would
you called he's not a hard edged. Philly guy is the other end of the spectrum. This is why does the last type of philly, dudes and curtis the ease of the mellow breed of philly, which is a rare breed in philly say anything negative about philly in philly heads Roy listen to this show, but maybe they're soft meat. Heads me, the maybe the turkey meet heads- perhaps I don't know but death. Philly is its own animal. It's its own place has its own time zone, it's its own planet, man, but the curse comes from there and you can hear it little bit! Beware! Nice talk, I was glad came by speed the car vile. Why don't? I just talk about music for a few minutes? What's, let's just focus in I know I'm maybe what I've been listening to. What are you listening to? What are you listening to anything exciting? I just how to copy mark arm. from my honey sent me-
copy of the new money record. I believe it's called digital garbage now mud any It's got a lot of records out. There was a period in time where they were putting out a record every five minutes and good they're, always rather always stooges, jesse stooges ish, but equally might honey nice kind of raunchy guitars mark scream singing yeah and he he sent me one and I haven't heard mud any record, and I got feels like years and I got tell you, you'd record, I'm going with to side wanted to make this fog mud any record garden mudhoney right here, so I've been listening to that. I was in a curve. I'm new record new record and into gone back and listening to some well go cause. I do some research enough said enough said not saying anything else had got it. rejigger them the go knob in my brain at open. at portal back up and play that out been within
Some albert isler in the jazz zone, latin new john cold train record that was never issued, died that double album man that fuckin thing is sweet. also I've been doing. I went to see the m c five. The current line up of the imf, five as you might know, not many are left. I think wayne kramer the guitar player who I've had on the show here. He's left there's a drummer left, but he's not playing with them. regularly, but wayne is together. The band I don't know. I saw a benefit here at the ford theatre wayne asked me to come and I got to say amazing, show. Now I got there. There was three bands. I got there in the middle of the spain or even know who it was sadly, but the second band holy shit. The band called.
Star crawler and let it left a lasting impression on me. I'm not sure if it's the right one I man, it's heavy, but it sort of, I guess it's kind of punchy but kind of hard rocky think. There's it's a true yo behind a lead singer, and this woman. The wild man it was raw shit man. She just can a round of their jumping around fallen down. Look like she was heard, and it had an effect. I mean, I got to go out and buy the records. I don't know if that was the way supposed to happen, but it was something to watch man and it was it was. It was confrontational- it was good man. It was good and it was a lasting impression on me, that I will tell you the band star crawler, but dmc five! So Current lineup up is
amazing rights, a wing kramer who has been on the show he gonna tell you tat, Me said I should come so I okay, I'm going to come. I've never been to the ford theater, it's his sweet little the theatre, that's tucked away across the way from the hollywood bowl somewhere of croatia there and only seats by twelve huh it's like a miniature red, rocked it's fuckin sweet venue. I don't know I've never been there, but why? Because I hardly ever go out to see live music, so the and empty at this point is wayne the original guitar play of the empty five kim file from sound garden. brendan canty on drums from frugality, Doug pinnick. And I guess I don't know the ban kings acts, but that's who he's from and this guy singing marcus durant from a bank and growing gorilla looked so much and sound So much like rob Tyner the original guy. I mean they sounded a lot of, but there's something about the way that that marcus,
answering held himself up there. That reminded me of footage I'd seen of rob Tyner now sonic smith. Sonic, Fred smith, has passed away so that was who's gonna fill in that second guitar zone, but by blitz. Let me tell you who else was there, because it was pretty exciting Matt cameron from sound was the second drummer on the show. I saw an duly came out from afghan whigs and sang a tune. I think just one and duff from guns and roses came and played guitar on a couple, but the thing that made me most about seeing the mc. this point, because a lot of times you go to stuff like that with theirs at many of the original members of the band cause, you're old Some of them are dead or they don't together. Any more You know very well or you just think that it's not going to be good or it's going to be disappointing or it's going to be a little sad, but Be honest with you, it's it's not like
the journey with the new guy. You know it's not good. going to see some band from the seventies or eighties, with a few hits that you remember, I mean the m c five. Was this? second seminal sound. It was just right sound that was an amalgamation, was a part of that detroit momentum, the defining sound of the un, stooges punk rock. It was just those few m c five records. Nothing sounds like that and it wasn't It's there wasn't about the hits it was about. The time about the insanity was about the chaos, about that that that sort of rendition mid to late sixties, I guess it was of that Detroit breakdown. Man- and you know how rule you gonna capture, that yoke is came file you know, is a fairly compressed player. like you know, he's got a very specific tone. Is a great player and he's holding up dead end, but I happen to be sitting right up front and I'm right in front of fuckin wayne. I moved down
seats way back. I went over there my buddy Adam, so was like almost inside the mixture I guy I was wasn't. I couldn't I was hearing was coming out of the monitors and the more than I was hearing what was being in a broadcast or put out there through the p, so I'm here in wayne and I guess My point is- is that when those songs, if you honor those songs and spirit of those songs, and the heart of those songs that that empty five stuff I mean it. It's a electrifying man, and I think that part of it was because the original guitar guy was playing, and I mean wayne was playing it and he specifically wayne it's amazing how tone stays with somebody, and it's not about boxes. About pedals is not about absence about wanes fingers and why voice, so everybody was sort of following wayne and then and all those songs, all the in songs, the mc five songs. That is what they played sounded great and a rock
There was no point real, I got a little is a little weirder. It's too bad rest of them aren't here. It was just right on fucking money, and they even did some loopy ass hardcore brb, jazz, experimental, jamming and- and I was even ok- didn't go onto on me. It was you know it wasn't like in a dead show, and it was. space and it was time to take a bathroom break nephew. It came out at some point. I dunno I guess what I was sort of impressed with was just at the kramer spirit- He does a lot of great stuff for a diy guitar doors. It's his. Foundation for your getting musical instruments into the prison system- and the horn players were ex cons and there is a I who is or who you came and said a few words before the show who is out of prison. I it's very helpful, but there's something about wanes spirit that still comes through that door
I mean wayne's in the sixties, man and he's, and I'm using the word Manoa, because I guess I'm talking about the mc five man, but you know he's if you've seen old footage of dmc five him swing in that guitar up and jumping around it's. Like you know, little wayne kramer is still swinging that guitar I've been playing it straight up and, like he's all in it was a. electrifying and I'm not saying this is some weird baby, boomer guy who remembers the empty five m, I'm fifty five, I was I was not conscious, I didn't come to the embassy five till the last decade or so and I just gotta say maybe it's the infusion of all that other talent on age, amazing musicians who who were there to honour that music, but very specific, I a great time wasn't too long. Nothing dragged on you know it was tight. They from one song, the other no dicking around and at the andrew I fuck yeah No one course gotta respect no encore on some level I did
if they ran out of time or if it's an actual, tension, but I was like no, that was the show. That was the show why fuck with Why hold out a couple just because it's the form that the acceptable to play a concert there done, they're done lights up Kurt vile, is here and he's a younger man younger man than I- and I like talking to these these youngsters about their music. These kids about their musical stylings, but daddy's friend of my friend Tom sharp wings. Thou shit wait a minute before I forget. At want to bring this up again. I'm am going to be hosting an event called across the great divide. It's a benefit concert for the americana music association and the boo foundation it's going to be on prime bob- we're loose, send away Emily anwar mac, doin
bram hall the second chimica copeland, larkin poe Joe Louis walker, tash neal, and I think just announced this special guest slash, is going to be there and if picking finger is good. Jimmy is the musical director. Maybe I will play a song is that is that put is at. precocious of me to tee I think that I may play a tune with the band on a night like that. A blues is simple. Blues is simple: it's about the feel it's about the tone damn weighing kramer's, shot that and see five tone right through that strata, castor into my brain, the other night, but I'm bringing up I'm brick, I'm supposed to be set up, vile here, but these are zack related- and I don't know why. I'm talking like that early seventies, jacked up jack, I mean dj when I say that so it's let's talk about Kurt vile. He has many records
and I started getting them a few years ago and now Like I said earlier, you drop that in the groove, and it's clearly vile and that's a beautiful thing. His new record bottle and comes out this friday October twelve- and this is me talking to fill his own car vile, so why are you awake is full. She goes to school, to be an iron ore, takes classes to be an ironic consulted. All really? Yes, really! So that's your trip to be cautious she's! I mean she's she's smart. Cheer. She was pre mad. You know whom it went to dartmouth and then she just changed it all down. Then she's taught she's western medicine, yeah yeah, I'm going going the other way he'll. Obviously it's not you, don't sometimes
We do need it before lotta, but yeah me to say I anything else. It's like see this commercials or toys I was advertising any medicine for the sun and like even either side effects are just relentless yeah. You're like why would I take that it sounds like I'm going to have a whole new set of problems, maybe probably definitely Maybe I don't know you don't like it's weird. I got it like. I take a blood cholesterol, medicine, and I don't know it's it's it's weird- that it's our natural aversion to be like doll fuck, that fuck medicine, no one wants to be sick. You know, Sometimes you sort of like when I take it, but there are signs, but I haven't gotten it yet. Who knows how long his wife really Kurt? I don't know how old are you fifty four, I'm right conjure yeah yeah, it's sort of like well. What, if down the line? There are side effects, I'm like well I'll risk it yeah. How I was talking about those blatantly which I don't know, there's any late night commercial. Surely these new medicines, all time like that is
fish. One, remember the one that so I see with that side of thoughts like blow. If your stomach, you hear bands fills with a loop and yelling very like like, like www on korea. If you turn into a giant blueberry yeah stock, taking immediately, there is of the drawing more like the one I can't get out of my head, but I can't remember what medicine is: is the ones like from from thing found in jellyfish it's from the brain for the memory, and It's such a weird angle like why food jellyfish its and jellyfish. Why would that be appealing? But it is sort of isn't it that must be deep shit. It's in jellyfish so do you live out here? You do not live in philly, I'm from Philly and I live. There still are If someone told me you had a place out here, you don't, I come out a lot, but I don't have a place: no nope, philadelphia, yeah. I like philly,
I do like. I don't know it as well as I should, but like the times I've gone and hung out there and the people I know from there they're good people. They got an edge to him here. You know yeah, but you don't strike me as like the philly kind of fuck, you philly god, but I can be oh yeah. If you keep it and a rap. Now your high. Now, if you just, we literally just met on Can you do a row as I was on the phone when you came out and I was like this is not the way I was actually really excited, to meet you there and then I thought you're making a good joke here like what's in that one last the guitar looks like shaped like a guitar,
If you use it you what's in that one thing, you said a guitar as actually being more assertive widely and trying to impress you mike what guitars in their position that the executive for good is at a dub, some kind of double o martin, you ain't our festival, anniversary addition where'd, you get it off your folk festival anniversary this really from vintage instruments and fully so you grew up in philly like a rumba in lansdowne, which is like the suburb directly outside of west Philly yeah. They send you, you can't leave the place. You have the place. I do in fact not even not only that, but I we we moved in two thousand and three we moved to northern liberties and everybody's in, like fishtown, first it was northern liberties and then they moved up the fish down but whose everybody ha like everybody, my relatively small circle circle of like music, slash artist community than I oh yeah. They moved up to where
fishtown and stuff, but anyway I I've moved since then, but I still have my little house in northern liberties and I go in there and work now. I'm live out in mount airy. Mount airy where's that it's like Germantown Germantown, then there's mount airy, then chestnut hill and among the west in west MT airy. It was like woods out there. There's a you know that parking is pretty bad in northern liberties. So here I have a driveway I live next to I live next to the woods. That's nice yeah! I got kids, so you know we get a part, build a park and so many kids to hear how old are they? They are eight, and five going on 60s. It's nice and you've been married, a long time and she's like locked in family guy yep, just like the tv show. yeah. Just like the cartoon. I hope not exactly like that. I was meant.
Men meant to tell you what one of my best buddies that I admired is your friend tom, sharp I was just going to bring them up. How did you know? Ok? Well now I see he likes you to like you guys are our pals yeah. We're past that, like yeah yeah yeah, no he's great he's so funny he's going to be in town this week. Yeah we're always we're missing each other like that'd be the same out here him. I did see one of his other bodies recently on on the stage her Andy Kindlier, Andy yeah, I just did. I just saw him on stage too. I got a lot of the gear, that's why I love the Tom thing, I admire me, my body in like it's like the ultimate platform non like this banana. But I know him well yeah, so you can just be as stupid as possible. Just keep talking and to have a friend to give you that yeah and the and have this bulls it's right back, go yeah, he's so fucking funny man yeah
had you meet him, I met him. I'm wolf. I heard him first on as the gorse you know like all his old calls with and then I my ban. found the violators we opens. Like my first me, my arm came out on matador, childish prodigy into. nine and then I was offered to open for big darling, masonic temple and ended up being big stars last show ever which is crazy, wow like big star, like the original line up yeah, yeah, yeah and then like a year later. He he died. He died, but anyway Tom was there yeah, and some. pointing out that Tom was there. So my bandmate Adam at the time he was have you say his last name, Adams well grande ciel is his legs, a grey moves that the stage name by means of a lot. I don't mean to say the stage name. He used that, but it's not
his real name yeah, but anyway yeah me and him we got obsessed with all his calls and yeah hey. You know, he's like we were just in person the hell out of it and I was chasing him around. We were drunk and he was like looking at us back walking away? Thank you. I'm very flattered I get this impersonating everything, but he he thought for sure we were making fun of them. Yeah cause, that's kind of what that gets, is kind of what what I like to do is yet just in person Not like here is my impersonation like array. Right right is natural mimic near so that is so. Then you guys become friends after that. Definitely and you do a show used to do it. I've been on the show multiple times. I can't wait to go back. He directed my KV crimes, video a couple of albums ago ugh I will. album wakin on a pretty day. That's a good record. Thanks yeah, I listen to like I went all the way back today like I have
I think I, the last three albums reforms that I was in the eye I he was in a constant hitmaker, so it's like, let's go back to so When did you start with the music where'd? You grew up in this in and outside of philly and you come from a musical family yeah, We are a musical family, a lot of a lot of people play and how many, how many people in the family actually I'm one of ten children. So I have nine siblings normal, oh yeah, because they're all from the same girl from the same parents. What's in that one event like that. Where do you come in in oldest son? I have two older sisters, but it's an even split. It's five boys and five girls. That's crazy, it's like it's a lot of kids. Man is that a catholic thing or
We will. We then there like her. Not catholic but air like religious who like what what strand christian stranding, oh yeah, I mean, I know I don't know if I didn't get, they don't have like now who is it like? Are you off the grid people you living in a farm house? We will now we lived in Lansdown. We lived in a twin house, all them all the boys in one room to bunk bed, air, and the girls in the other room, and you just. yeah. We would like that Eminem was. It was tight yeah. It was a lot of fights and like we're all with nobody. No no hard feelings in Iraq, the one the one that I didn't get along with the most and probably see him. The most now are younger brother yeah. My brother Paul. I haven't seen him lately, but he's you know, he's a he's: a character via a philly character, yeah. I guess
yet there is a specific thing. You know what I'm talking about yeah. You know what I mean. There's like a specific thing that things in philly and in jersey is a certain type of dude that only happens in those two places yeah. Well, I'm I'm just so because all these people now, where you know fleeing new york, yeah defeated, her hand to go there to begin with, but I could still benefit from its resources. I go up to new york and get while there now I have two houses it is a gift. all right, it's going good. So how many on the family played like what was the instruments see now just mainly guitar, little piano, mainly guitars air, the banjos actually banjos, banjos guitars. Why do you put? Was your dad or mom musical people they're both like musical
my dad plays the violin a little. He picked it up later in life, but they're very encouraging and their musical. It's like in their blood. Yeah they're, obsessive, like my dad, was obsessed with bluegrass. Oh really, so that's where the band the thing comes from. He was helping the bluegrass old time yeah. He was definitely hoping lock in the above ass, where a gas, but he does Pia his favorite song minus I'm an outlaw which is on the last my previous album, while the one it's out at the moment, that one yeah, like the grand cause to get the banjo you've got the country tinge to it. I guess he dislikes us that that is the banjo. You know he like he I wanted a guitar, maybe when I was thirteen and they were going to get they're going to surprise me for one with one for my birthday or christmas or but then I was being particularly bad that year or so they said so, but then they not only that they were like. We were going to surprise you
the guitar but you've been so bad you're, not getting it anyway. The next year, I like about banjo and then at first I was like, I don't know, banjo yeah, and then I had a cousin who played music and he encouraged me as a guy. That's pretty unique and a cigarette and then but released what really sold me as my dad drove septa trains, you know, septa. Are you are you from where you from? Are you east coast? I, my I'm originally from jersey. Bag grew up in new mexico, so he drew I dunno at whatever yeah. He just had one of his conductor, friends, who he was going to buy the banjo off of played over the phone, the telephone you know about the cell phone and it sounded so cool that phone here's low it just so you can hear he's like here as how's it going. I'm gonna play the song. I just played some kind of. I wish I remember the song may cripple creek or something who knows anything foggy mountain breakdown is something one of like a
bio. Now they didn't you nanny idle among member states on the great. So we pointed over the phone It sounded appealing yeah, and so then I got you know. I got it for my fourteenth birthday, five stringer tune to an open. What open g usually did you take to it? Yeah I well that wasn't even my first instrument like a in elementary school. I played the trumpet in school. So oh yeah, I can always pick up the instruments. Pretty quick, yeah trump. It's a good one yeah I wanna. I pick it up, nostalgically, sometimes and just blow few notes in it, but I'm definitely not like fluent in it and plus you know, with the trumpet you gotta have the amish or what's that it's like that word, It has to do with the the way you don't even know for sure. I know from like the miles Davis book or everybody uses that word with trumpet. You're like. Oh, you gotta get your armature back. Oh I, the the the stream of
air into it may be that are just the don't even know on here is attacked. The way you put your mouth do actually don't really know It might as well throw the word around. Why not yeah, usually people know what it means and they don't ask me what it means: ecology. I apologize curious. Now I'm gonna have to look AP waiter hope you get it, like whatever it is, yeah. I will once I look it up, so The bench is a pretty hard instrument to integrate into Rock'N'Roll. Ah well, I guess, but I would say they only did on that one song, no, no I've at a bar. I I do play it in my my wife. She likes when I get into the banjo again, because it's got that ethereal thing. It's like at the high drone string. So when you finger pick your you don't even have to hardly use
I mean fingers yeah, I mean on the on the front hand, and you just play these cyclical. Of a finger pick on us like a thickening, are a theory. Oh they I just put in his own yeah. So and then also starting with the banjo I didn't. I did take lessons in would have otherwise gotten a guitar, and they would have taught me like standard tuning played these bar corridor and because I start like with the open tuning it kind of like the in the world that I grew up in all of a sudden. You know like indie rock type of bands and on a youth or whoever there their use and like a various tuning and the island site There was nothing new to me. Bandit I've, andrea bans, guy not surprised, me with that open tuning, a banjo gap here, while I we're, because I have this weird thing with the gallows pole You know the led zeppelin song on
the banjo in there and I've. I I've often thought that it would be better without well. That's a suit yeah when you, when you add a banjo but play it in a rock setting, but still play like binding, Allow me like a reality. This corny I'd say you're playing banjo and you do like hang out, do you like I play guitar with my brother? Do you have brothers playing guitar? Did you guys do family stuff you jam together? are we jammed a little jam with my friends when was the first band pretty soon after one thousand five hundred and sixty? maybe closer to sixteen year, but I I I I had a friend that I mean I base. Basically, a year later, somebody gave me a bit of a neighbor across the street, gave me a guitar because they always heard me playing the banjo
like enough, already know that they probably thought it was a guitar god. I see you like guitar hero, okay, here's another guitar, really, no, not to you! Then they must have known that lived next door to leprechauns, but they wouldn't know yet yours, actually they're, very nice. They were nothing like that were supportive, as we are always on the like the ports play. we're not even an open port one if one of nine kids out there. So I get, I guess at some point, there was a kid somewhere outside all the time. Yeah there's two of 'em, I'm still nostalgic. I think about that because I never all you can really do is play driveway or just all cross everybody else's front lawns right back or in the street yeah a witch that doesn't fly today area, but I am nostalgic about driveway, as I still have the right driveway My house, you have a good driver, you don't like your driveway know. What's the matter with it, it just goes it's like goes down,
it's not the right. You can't run up and down ride your bike ride. My I can't ride to go on care. Reggie, kids. I arrived my or quilava too big of an angle, yeah sorry, man Is there any way to make it a driveway that you like? No it's that was so random. I understand kind how I sometimes notice I mean I know the feeling I had to replace a driveway in my old house this driving all fucked up at this would be a good driver. If I put cement, I did, I was straight back: go straight right out from the front to the strategy of the debt would did your dear. I may have a basket
all who bought it on the ground with neighbours did so they just go across the street. I hope, but I had a next door neighbour, and we would he was my age air we just ride eat while he had like one of those on what's the show with the show winner channing song, the dukes of has outlined hazard bike a really like the car. I just had a raven big wheel, but we can back and forth all day. The good old days, the stuff you did at first was also or self generated right, a lot of it. Yeah, I mean I don't. Are you talking about my the first cd, the okay? Well, by the time that first cd came out, I don't know those are mostly my home recordings, the very first song freeway with air or by primary tear the sky and feel it s like my first studio, recording, I guess, but when I was like twenty to twenty one,
like twenty one, twenty three yeah. I lived for two years, basically in Boston and I and out there I got like this. I got one of those roll in digital, eight tracks and I was bought. I was working a crappy job, so I could wear. It was like an air freight company eagle air Frey driving a forklift is like a really eagle every where boston cars and my wife my girlfriend at the time she she uh was like getting her masters ah anyway, so so driving a forklift, brutal with dreams, the worst oh yeah and eight they they prayed on. instantly like the lifers. Like oh yeah, See like you saw the target, something. You know that your accent but they're less, like yo flamer, lamer if waving, yeah, you're fuckin flamer
all the time like it's like. What's the name of your record enable bonehead records like and I'm like, twenty like in a like literal, blue suit. I didn't even mean the bet go back so far, but in that time, I was alone a lot or you know with my with my thing I was buying a lot of gear, and so I was doing the home recording thing, but then, by the time, two thousand and eight that's when constant hitmaker came out and that's when I had like a collection of of uh to choose. From of all my, last whom recordings, and so that is over their ill, so that it is certainly a great as heads of stuff that no that's your cousin hit makers, it goes from two thousand three to two thousand and eight. So, ok, so I just before then like so when you philly and you put that when do you meet adam and start like doing that stuff, I meant at two thousand and three, when I moved back to move back to philly from boss
that was moved into northern liberties and and yeah. We were bodies and we play together. We haven't played they're kind of right away, but I didn't get serious or we had a next wave of getting serious and I'd say from tooth. in five year to two thousand and eight. That's when all you know we he would play with me ton in my band are like at first. It was just me and him kind of like a duo and then I would play in the war on drugs with him and then eventually like the violators involved, all that and so did the war on drugs. Those are two different directions, but it was the same few, the same crew. Why would say yeah that that whole thing I mean the violators- definitely like the resep members in the band like form, as they all have pivotal roles- that's kind always the way the violators were in
and definitely in me and Adam, but there that we were just always playing music together, recording recording at his house yeah, so whether it be and up on my thing on the war on drugs, you know it. Pendant boy did you you're sort of in your on the first war on drugs record, I'm on the first war on drugs, and then it is destroying one. There are several ways and away ye. I mean I as a glad I it as I am that I was on that record stuff. I am always knew I was obsessed with my own thing, o always india in fact, and I but yeah. So I got to go to europe for the first time with the war on drugs, and I was like I'm stoked to do this- you have to let me open. So I know you did you hear about like em
convince Adam. You know, after he wasn't as busy with the war on drugs. Here, I'm very grateful because he played on my smoke ring record and he tore and the childish prodigy the first matter, record. He he played on. They that's all violators. They. I know Adam Jesse, my old drummer mike sang so anyway, like I just grateful that got Adam continue to tori and the violators longer, because otherwise I know what I would've done. He was really really in the he was it really in the in the get airily a pivotal. Member of the band, and- and how do you define yourself too? I guess proudly, I think we're here. We both helped each other out and you guys still friends the indefinite as he aroused philetus, though I think he bought a place and fully but he's not there that often it's interesting there. There guys at play the warranty too, but you as well you play
and they never really find their own groove, but you have your own thing you know like you is into it sort of like oh her, vile, there's, no denial every year is no question about it. That's right, then. What is it? But it's not. Easy it do. You know what I mean. Is that not everybody has a well I'm so lucky that imagine if well it's not like you heard it, but a more like I'm, I'm glad I had time to like figured out like like that. First constant hit maker there's tons of I put out too. The cd hours before then in their fine when there's a moment's on them, but like her, it took it took me awhile, I didn't have anything come out on a real labeled house, two thousand eight hundred and twenty nine. So I have time to fine tune. My sound and I'm almost think I was never going to make it something you know what I mean. What do you when you say cdr is like how? Well it's only go back again just for a minute that when you get your first guitar and then you're you're, still hanging out at home and stuff, like that.
Where are you finding? You know you're in the suburbs of philly, but yummy you're younger than me? What are you like? Thirty, nine or something I'm thirty, eight yeah I'll, be thirty. Nine what kind of musical sources you drawing from where you getting your musical education Oh. You know to me now that I'm not playing of just talk about what informs your taste. I mean I've always been pretty obsessive, so I got obsessed with most bands. You know, like you know, I loved the smashing PA. kinsey probably wrote them off later or something you know a little something like I'm like. No, this is the new site and not different classic things that my dad played like creature credence. I love right away the things I love write, what you know Hendricks I loved. As a kid I had the early cd yeah. Like I mean my early cds were like a collection of Jimi hendrix or something yeah, but then you once like all these sort of more indy rock type of bans, the
good ones, like you know anywhere from pavement, sonic, youth dinosaur, Jr, you know and all la drag city via tons of the drag cities you like to drag city. Yeah palace brothers sill reduce our work. I still I mean David Berman's hero of great he so I've haven't I hung out with. I have I've I've I managed to pull them out yeah it took me a few times to get through. And finally, I remember one day I called miles an hour while town, the gig and, in the end I owe you Annie. Actually I think that was the last tech test cause. I called him. In answer or maybe even answered and hung up, but then he showed up at the gig. Oh that's nice. I dunno what he's up to now he's doing stuff he's going to he's going to he's going to come back and break everybody yeah yeah drag city yeah like do you like the Bonnie prince.
Billy! I love. I love the special like palace. I grew up on. I yeah. That's love like the Bonnie prince Billy, stuff too, but I guess I'm the static. I was good. Seven inches in diameter early records as there are common out all right, but yeah. I, like all our version of the higher and who else is on there joy callahan's mark callahan yeah, I mean sure I, like, I love actually Joanna newsom's newest record as records incredible. I dunno if the last When are drivers yeah yeah? It sounds really good, but I I she came a little later, so I didn't that teens growing up on that stuff, so drag city was the hip sort of like this. Is shit cutting edge year by year, but weird and accessible layer so they know nobody was playing too hot hot licks that there were unreachable right right right seem to like hey that sounds like the guy next door or like he's just playing in his room, that guy yeah yeah, so it's impossible, yeah, oh yeah,
important to have that so so that was stored. your template, like you? I can do this and I can do it myself if I have to write and- and I naturally I had friends good for- I was friends to this day- I'm really good friends with a group who they had a band and then their brothers, my the the the youngest my friend, was dan dan park and then there's these two older park brothers and they both they would record his their brothers band, but then at different times. First, it was Bob. Then it was dave there. There were record my stuff, so I get you know the whole home recording or semi studio recording. I was doing it pretty early, doing it myself. I would recall on a tape recorder, my room, but I was I was in the court and quote studio b I ran out a teen ran on put seedy army. They call it my album, like oh, my next albums gonna. really now, what did you do with the sea the hours I count how'd, you know I would give him out to pee,
well, I I became known, you know as the cdr guy yeah yeah or like actually number, for I have one tape yeah I was you know as a teen. I would play like this marple newtown coffee house, and I you know I was this- was like the star of that scene. When I actually wasn't stupid, I don't mean it, but it was a start. seen here, just you and your guitar with my tape, I'm what mormon today with my stupid, to hear your album shape of your helmet. My next album is going to be killer. You still got any of those, She's got the tape yeah. I got them go get like one, hundreds of them ran off. You still got a box. I actually still have a blog So the covers em
and the young, the cases we accidentally got too many of those way of fill. You have them so funny when he self, when he self produced stuff man. I have I I have some tapes are some deity ares sincere. he's a maid yeah liking, like that I ordered from the guy. You know what I mean like you design the cover. I didn't even get like that. I didn't even get the gem box, you just got the envelope for the cd here and I put made a cover, design that I couldn't even use and there's like few I those in my storage space. Well, I learned a way while tell yet luckily at the very end where, like my last few cd or assayed, seven of them, when I actually start K into them three, I started using my regular name, Kurt vile beer and am, and in those I have like the good handful of maybe seven different non albums leon, but they're they're, pretty cool because our
at kinko's and get the nice hard paper and and and print it out like a like. It's a vinyl, then you fold and you put it in the plastic thing, except it's a little cd and and it made him look really cool right, liquor, collage or whatever you and I say I don't know how kid I guess they disuse band camp adjusted different time. So maybe, but still now If people just send you a link of their yet often I hate links here, so it must at least I could just hand people something. You know it's nice. It was the attack, It was a different time. You know what I mean like that everything became part of the creative process, yeah yeah, as opposed to just like a link here thanks yeah, I mean like what you when somebody, hands you a tape where they made the covered they packed. It themselves or even a record cause. I mean you got records on what you know. That's what people like villa. you're, all your records or nice. I usually they open up other stuff, good pictures, words and things. You know
like it seems early on on some of their really early stuff. There is a lot more psychedelic weirdness, going on massive inward and what ones? I like the early ones, yeah yeah. Well, that's because, like think about it, I'm not I'm no, like a professional recorder yeah. So, like the weirder, the more effects he can put on something and that, add some analog sincere weirdness, like it, it cooler, it'll sound. Otherwise, it's less like direct into some digital machine and very good right I'll, show you how to hide the fact that I think that's part of the reason, but that was also just into that psychedelic yeah and he wanted the pushy edge you get the equipment yeah give it a noise, get get the noise going yeah. I still I'm I'm I'm nostalgic about that. I'm trying to get back to those roots, because seems like you got pretty confident in terms of like how you produce your voice. Your voice is really sort of upfront. Now and you can you like you hear it and you can hear the words talk and yeah that's true. There was definitely a lot of delay on the vocals and the old death ray
rob we're up you sound like you're in a storage container, is So what was the so once you when he when he, start doing that the hands of the the kind of age, yet that, like? What's the point, as of of recording now, like you got guys even with forever. Well, I have a bunch of guys that, like to work with. yeah. I don't I don't know if I'll ever who knows enough or I'll find this producer ever again be like all. I know, like I'm just saying, like a like just work with one person like Maybe, but I doubt I I work with like a multiple people. Rob like rob snap is a guy work with
in l, a yeah, and he really like to work with him. He's got a great ear and like someone poppy as jams like pretty pimpin, he did and that some of my favorites on this record he did and then there's a guy on the east coast, Peter Curtis, recorded with him with the violators. He did like Poland, all that stuff, obviously were nothing like that, but he's got it he's engineer whizzes well, here he rescued my last record. I hadn't, I'm going down cause. We ran out We had to mix, it was due and him he finished, mixing like a ton of songs. I may have some great and like to few days here were assisted them. And this record we went back where I went back with the band and and I had a record some of the songs and then yeah because either he saved. Songs, music, this Gaza glad he saved the record, may begin to save the band
but it turns out. You know no one person. Can you say that the bank can save a banned? It takes a ban to save a band tell me about like the the last album or the one before I believe I'm going down yeah, you know, like you know, it's like sort of a blues. Trope didn't know what I mean so your blues guy, while yeah I actually forget to mention the blues lately cause I just at the time I get into anything. I get so deep into it. That people asked me again and I saw on my new trip but yeah like delta blues Charley Patton charlie's john hurt yeah, like they hurt, that load. That will ban the idea. Yeah yeah mean that those with obvious ones in this time, there's tonnes the air of my friend, macao, yeah lower Mcdowell, are easy so that at a recent one for that's recent stuff like getting into that now got into that. I got have I'd say
starting when I was in boston like two thousand two thousand and one where was only a fork with the air was only an extension of I made some coffee out there in bosnia and MIKE who are actually going to college. When I should be right, it's up those like the dude. The kind of shy weird guy would have to get up early and draw the fork. Sweden's hanging out with these college kids, europe that are like smoking, weed and like listening to Brian Eno and they term in this kid me on the John Faye. He you know obviously he's you know. John failure, like he's like a student of the people like charlie pay, wrote a book about charlie. In vienna in college whatever, but where I remember I said I was all this kid had the american focus ecology- and I was like oh my dad- has that and my dad was playing like boll weevil and all that all over bush, and then I I just I was like oh well. I guess it's cool, you know there it and I grew up on like doc, watson and all that kind of stuff. Here my dad was bluegrass. So then
remember, I went home on a break and I went to like the blue. The bluegrass fest with my dad bought all these cds, all these blues tons of blue cds. I guess I just got deep and all that stuff It's good right, like that, like everything is well Fahey, in a couple, other guys went and found skip James yeah, there's an aura, a dark chapter about that in one book, arya how how bluegrass music destroyed my life. How is that? that is aimed at fair. He bertha he book. Did you have a record story you into a new yorker? I well When I was a kid, I had a cd store year at If someone can see our cds but yeah, then I would go into town on to get like seven inches and once once I realized that there was stuff he couldn't get like, like that wasn't the stuff on finally like right, loose of stuff on vinyl idea, so yeah
and the I would go into town and go to philadelphia record exchange. Oh yeah, though, is a famous it's famous among you, know you guys should be. Maybe there should be more famous, but then it was on south street and and yeah like people cut like there's a the owner jesse is from that band. The strapping field hands on dunno, if you ever heard of them or the silk breeze label label, all those early dead sea ray I don't know anything about him it seems like you, it's like weird, or will the dead cease from new zealand? It's like a liquor there. flying nun ban, oh yeah. They find that I got some of that stuff. That's that's pretty stuff, it's pretty noisy stuff! really some of the fine none. So the reply, not that we're out of another dead, caesar basis there, but they're fine, none vander there and I were to noise you provide than they kicked him off, know that if they were now we're bites,
So this guy had his own label and he got another guy Tom lacks he had the silk brees label and he he worked at the record exchange at one point and are all kinds of so interesting, though so it's a place it had. Definitely it was curated situation, because you had guys with points of view about music and it was like one of those classic records for You go in and they lay down some wisdom right, any liquor, you know yeah. I finally called it early dragged city pavement air. He pees before, hard to find and or something now he had of, they haven't down them there yeah. So like it's always good. like you so you're like twenty, when you're going in there, one and eighteen a young mind, Oh yeah bourbon mind these young, these old bitter record guys with their labels, yeah dumping. Stuff in your hair. Like I don't I I like how's this record young and impressionable
you know shoot you right down vietnam, but not as good as the first one, which you get anymore. More I but they're cooler that I still go see him to this day, yeah yeah greg. What do you think that when you earned the most like? What what do you think really blow your mind like from those guys like what what changed your thinking like in dealing with the cause? I'm always curious about the dos a turn people on to things like. I know who my guys well I'll. Tell you later on yeah the one guy that all harmonic dan? Does he always german harmonica with different sets like em? In fact, Were you ever in jack rose by the way, speaking to John Faye, he he's grows. He passed away, but he was guitar player from Philly but anyway, one time he misses after they knew who I was, and you know
he gave me a randy newman record, you think about it. I got that. I support that aside for you and really randy newman and which one it was the one short people when out. That's all. I knew of it sure people but colonel yet, but then no baltimore. Let some blew my mind. A a little later I got a way. That is just destroy me and that and- and I would burn these on the cd. Are you know how yeah I'm just take them on the road? With me and when you realise that some sail away, which is what it's about you know getting slut slavery like you realize that you're, just like I don't know like his his lyrics he'll destroy. In these two ideas are viewed with one the best days of my life and s amazing. I love the gagging old boys vest his like. Yes, baby, abbot, drink and it's the best song in the world that he does just it just comes down to you like you know, I can't stand
It takes a whole lot of medicine. For me to pretend that I'm somebody else best dude, that's like that. I just got chills. That's on kills me I you know, I met him and then we interview I'm a huge fan, so I interviewed him and then, like you know, I told him I my to hang out some time so so we went this event where he was playing and I ended up emceeing it, but it was for flee to long story. It's a fleas. Conservatory where he has a school that teach kids and ends razor many numa was had lining and it I asked him to play guilty. Any fuckin played it now, man, what a tight song, though right yeah, and I did a cover of one of his later songs, which were pretty boy which, like from the outward mocking kiss on the cover ye, may lay out a tough guy. Here we got tough guy from the streets. The hare looks just like that
hence in walk from those movies that we see, in other words, no is like, with his cute little chicken shit boots on an you know he just a man. What's that I'm called born again or something or something like that, yeah air. So all I want I have that one, I'm real. Upon their first four at records. Will you get that one's gas and- and I heard from somebody who got it's money- that I love right is on there? It's money that yeah. It's funny that I love yeah. yeah, like a little sheep, a as a male little sheep, his cutting man such a sweet guy, very self effacing, very yeah like hard. I I saw him once and I have been and forever now we play to harley street strictly bluegrass festival the same stage, and I just didn't even I do them because I just saw him there and I didn't know what to say or what it was like that I loved them so much that for once, I couldn't. Even where do you start same with, like neil.
like I meet him multiple times just for a second but like how's. He going to know here. How can you? How can you hold his attention didn't, say anything to neal, either nonsense, things and every time. You said think so yeah I'd like to see you guys talking to each other he's kind of got an odd frequency to listen to your show. Yeah. That's something man I didn't know how that was going to go yeah. I I've gotten a couple, a couple of funny interactions with him: yeah yeah. But what happened? Well, the one time I met him. The first time was just cool I'll blow through that air, but then the second time wasn't that long ago he played it was the first time I saw him with promise of the real
it was incredible and it blew my mind like they back them up so good and I managed to get backstage cause cause. I got on the list by like his day to day manager. Here, frank: okay, cause frank: he manages hope sandoval from mazzy as he star. They got me to sing with with her on the arm so anyway, that was my can, but I still had to like. I still had to like reach out if it would happen- and it happened that he got me on the list- any he's, like all love to me, something other guy he's gonna happen. It's gonna happen so, but then, when it did Farley happen he D said hello for a minute. After the show on the show blew my mind, was incredible: they played down by the river for thirty minutes and was just unreal. He would like he would start. He would start like, as if he's going to the last verse after space jam after space jam,
just come in and be like beyond my side well and then and then, sing the rest of it. Yes, go and space again here, fucking with your mind here but anyway, so finally get back there in Frank is thank thank god for frank, what a great guy, but still I don't know that well, either he's like our world! Thank you. It's great meet you thank you for seeing with hope. While we have a quick out, we have to leave, but it was nice to meet you sell but of course, my high, sinks like it's gonna happen, going to meet kneel and blah blah along with my wife, suzanne, and then we get back there and I don't know he just said sitting there. So I finally get frank says: oh he meets he introduced me the young guys, the nelson guys to be at modern and willie's, kids, yeah, really kids. Yet some neil,
finally, there, but nobody ever troubles neil with anything. You know so. Suzanne just had to basically not me like to say something to say: hi there and eyes account neil. I see in you million times and I'm friends carrier I got Tonight was the best by far down by the river was. It was like you in outer space, but on the ground at the same time, in these smiled at first and then he was like you just Oh yeah. We can go in outer space whenever we want Yeah we told that show sold out on the best show when it happened. As tom sharpening was there yeah? So we summed it up but anyway, and then yeah and then suzanne s get picture as repair. I didn't want to cause us like a hurried on to picture like I can get a picture is sure I got a picture but anyway, so that I met him a few times since then. I'm always like it's always been behind us days, I'm always drunk. I was I get
like a little cynical cause. I'm always saying the same thing in macao. Gerda met before friends. Gary I always want to tell me about this band the sats live band, they're, they're legends here, their friends with neil, like the two brothers, they shred got to see him live there like country, infused rock rock numb so I always mean to tell neil, because I know he likes to say someone was like me to say I'm friends with the says, but I always forget, but then the last time we we open for neil just recently in quebec, like not a couple weeks ago, even oh yeah, and it was like for this big festival, so at night, ninety thousand people there who just ass the neil great. It was great. I I definitely clammed up here on stage yet clammed up. I never played for a crowd that big. Like I entered start, with that song wheelhouse in which is a favorite song, but a
I flubbed one, the notes, and then I put me in a lawsuit you know, but anyway, so nearly they forget for the whole set I it so I just stood there. I mean I played, but but Neil they pay. an amazing set as usual, and and we got to watch it from side stage and then and We are on the one side of the stage anna and the the stages where they would get on and off s, and so during the encore and I mean, I know a lot of the guys now. I know the promise of the real guys they play play with them at willy's ranch, so bodies a little bit with plenty of em, but not you know not kneel, but so anyway, they go off for the on core and they're all pass a round this joint here and then I I ran with my wife and wheat. We got, joint and we start smoking us over like an eel neil hid it, but it so we're smoking that joy and then finally the same things or happens. They all come off the stage.
I'm huggin like Lucas and everybody in there that great show, but but new has this off. Permit me, like you, can't get Darrell hands there with a giant. Lollipop lay tugging mueller boys like a round niels and so they're, going down the exit in the back like a zigzag, no heir and every gets a little further way every time and finally cause Rebecca little stoned. I'm like well, I just wanna talk to him. You know cause and then, and then she's like well. Just as I just wanted to give him the safety c d and then and then she's like jumped down and give it to him cause it's the last level we are like on this level there down there, I we're guests and on the bus so than I jump down as a K. Neil was like hey neil, you hear the new sadie's and I knew he knew him, but the way I did it cause we're still- and it looked like this, dude came out of nowhere and it was like Elliot roberts literally held up his elbow like you'd, like to block me here.
hey wow, I was like whoa and it was like us, I dunno, but then I gave him the cd and then that's basically the story was he into it. He he was Finally, there is friends, but like everybody was blocked I just came out of nowhere. I understand, but even I talked to Elliott he's obviously legend too and I was like elliot the elliot out. I was like elliot, We will see that he blocks me with his suzanne watch. She was all up on the top level laughing here they were doing you're a stone on their we than they laugh in any this old deeds like holding. With like they're going to block me and then all of a sudden elliot was like he's like. He looked all confused because the when we realise as music up current what and then these access just give it to me Economists do it anyway, or something like that is not true because he didn't know was the cds, but then I said the elliot I was like elliot. I I just I I'm kurt. I opened I
one of the ladies. I know If he just, we just didn't know who you were, or he just he didn't know who you were like? Well, that's kind of always sort of it. Maybe it's not the thing. Maybe most people just talk to somebody like a normal person, always awkward, but it's always especially when you have reverence for somebody that I think they're all it's such an? or to have been able to get near and see so many shows and- and I just feel like they're, like ok, Kurt, you know yeah, we know heard is good kid, but you gotta watch him. He might steal your wallet, he'll jump out of nowhere and scare you, you got one. I'm trying to use. I talked to neil here. He comes again the kids here, yeah well, even with even like when I talked to mccartney, like you get into the zone with it, and you have the moment, but then, when it's over you're like I'm, just like one of those guys, you know,
wait out you're, not that's the thing right, but europe also not like. I want him to know. We want them to know wanting to know how many people of open for nearly a year from the beginning of time, yeah I like you know. I gave my mind's eye guy who interview mccartney. Was it amazing for me and my grateful? Yes? Is it a different format? Yes, it's. What I do different than other people sure, but his life, you know in you I got on. Well, what? If you want to make an impression, but who knows? If you do really, he said he said well, that's why he's so great is because he who knew yeah. He won't let boy pomegranates great to already, but I like em, it's like Neil heel. He just won't be bothered held this focus on thing and it's nothing personal and in fact one day know exactly what I mean he was real cool. I once I sort of got through the gauntlet,
he was really cool but like he, he definitely tests. People Definitely is gonna. U know make you work for it for bees, an amazing our. So I got stuck about this new record before we space it out. So but I also browser to ask you about the John cale thing that was at the end of the courtney. I I did this record with courtney that recently we did want or but at the very end of it. I ended up at em last minute got invited to play this John cale velvet underground tat. What he called anniversary here and it was there, was all them he's he's a trip. I I sat in on big white cloud and only a tar I got the sang sing and play rock on run, run, run great on and evolved guy. You have course others, that's just like the basics, of course, got it out, but I like consumed that in my
in general? I support a still of course. I also listened to it so the record likey in in terms of like how you approach it. Was it ain't different than the last one and in terms of production and stuff? What was the big changes for you on this one? What made you go like I'm doing this different the basically the biggest difference is that I would record tween tours or trips lay as in a normal I like go record for a couple days here me and don't keep going as opposed to like do some long, album tour and start an album from scratch here. After all, the touring is done. I can't stomach that anymore. It makes me want to vomit, so I just kind of like live. It I just go in and the studio like while you're in route like play, a show, then you're in california or, and then you know just go into the studio and stay don't stay in is longer weak week, don't be like uploading a it causes record at a time yours
in a song, but you know so you get like a sort of travel out of it. Just cast its real life, you know It says where I'm at I kind of saw it unfolded in sort of a real life way like each song. There was times between songs leftover, like yeah. I got I've just kind of been recording the whole time. I've been on the road for the last record really made that courtney record with core. we have. I just made several records within I been recording kind, the whole time. The coroner s o this like. In other words the difference was you know, you're, sort of out living life and you drop in the studio. Do a song, maybe two songs, and it was sort of like where this. he's been written. When you came back to record one was they deserve to have it in the pocket of her. Like a lot of times I'll get inspire. I have certain songs in the pocket for sure that I owe and record, but a lot of times when I have a studio, it coming up I'll, get inspired and write more on the right, the newer, the song in the studio, the better, what's great records our car, vile record, nitze guide you. I thought it was great, listen to him. I like
you brought up the zone. It seems like you're, very good at getting zone that you get. You create an atmosphere with your music and and it's like a it's. It's relaxing sort of a theory I thank them. Is that what you shoot for? I guess it depends for you doesn't make me anxious, is what yeah well that's I know I can. I can feel anxious. I got certain songs that are real chill but they're about like being terrified on the airplane, like I'm on the way to the studio and still think I'm going to die so right down these lyrics in it and I'll. Since I stopped he's playing cuz, I wanted But I will say about the john cale thing: when my did the very last. which is really long. It's called skinny mini, but there's like insane guitar solos, I did what those lyrics. While I was backstage waiting to go on for the John Cale yeah. So that's sort another example of just kind of like and we don't do it all it kind of live on. The very last courtney
corny barnett, showing an austin. We had one less sound check and I made I had this qatar jamming. Then I just put it right into my loop, her beyond it stores loops amir and that in there I went straight there from there to John cale and then it was just inspiring atmosphere. I have my own backstage room and a sarsour playing the loop Then I heard the song in my head and then a few days later, I was supposed to go into this you'll get added. I had this jam right says everything What did John when we had our with that's it right so that its prior, better way to work really to stay open through the whole process used by living life. Yet totally and and like. I was like this is my fear. I know right, that's just the way it is. This is my theory. I'm going to I'm going to tour white dude, go in the studio for one song and then and then do a john cale event and perhaps stage I will write the lyrics to work
it worked. Maybe you'll meet your system is a good document. Ok, you get view. Are I am a piglet that was cool man he's a user, interesting dude. You have to say here. I have to send it back to him that hat having as a waylon, Jennings hat in my recollection, it seemed important. If you have something as specific as a way when jennings have you gonna want that have back I've got it back to him new record, bottle and comes out this friday October twelfth and get it wherever you get music, don't forget to grab yourself a paperback copy of our book, for the punch it's out next tuesday october sixteenth, but you can go to your copy. Now at MARC Maron book dot, com, okay, you can do that. Okay, click on the book like a w tia pod, dotcom right. guided. No more waiting for waiting for the punch,
I've been getting a lot of feedback back to his echo. That all will compel gave me is not ok, but it might okay with you. look around your life. Love ones, it might be okay, that's the microbes. Keep the macro in mind. Right, voted up
the hmm
boomer lives.
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