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Episode 967 - D.L. Hughley

2018-11-11 | 🔗
"The most dangerous place for black people to live is in white people’s imaginations." That idea has allowed D.L. Hughley to organize a lot of his thoughts on what we're dealing with as a country, and he believes what we're really doing is fighting fear. D.L. tells Marc about his experiences growing up in South Central Los Angeles, getting out before he got lost, and building himself up through comedy. They also talk about two of D.L.'s influences, Robin Harris and Bernie Mac, his tours, his specials, his TV and radio shows, and Kanye. This episode is sponsored by Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith on Spotify, Loop Jewelry, SimpliSafe, and Quip.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies, what the flux there's what's happening, a marked mare- and this is my podcast- welcome to it. It's called w tap. How warrior everything all right back from york city and what a fucking amazing I've been away for three weeks. I don't if you folks him and keeping up but I'll, give you some updates. the idea of huguely is show today he's a guy that I've been wanting to talk to four years actually for years I had a mild obsession with his very first h, half hour, because I We did him around the same time. We talked a bit about it, but one data view of three years in a just, never happen in almost happened a lot, and we lovely conversation so he's going to be here momentarily also. Yes, I did see it. Yes, I heard about it. I did see it. What am I talking about
those of you who are who don't know what I'm talking about. Well I'll, tell ya alex moffat, now did me as a character in a sketch. It was he potty awards the pod gas towards our. They took the piss out upon gas But I think it had it coming. I have no. I have no real issue with that. I thought I thought it was funny. I thought it was up inside in a way and then he came out and did me, and I be honest with you, I was a very flattered. I'm not easy to do. I know that I don't have enough think I have enough courts or tax, or maybe I don't james adobe and as a pretty good me, but out I'm off. It did a very what what asked me was, I feel like in the sketch he seemed that he put some effort into it in the sense it like. I think he got my walk right. I it looked like he put some effort. He put some time into getting me right and you know I'm barely doing that. I mean I'm still doing that myself, I'm I'm I'm
was there on some days. I almost get me right. I thought he got the voice, the intonation right very flattering, got to say you. I always wanted to be honest, and now that might be it. I might have it's gotten on snl by proxy. Through the character of me played by alex off it. I'd like to thank him for doing that. It was something and it was it was good. I was I proud, somehow that I'd made it to some level enough to be marked on esa. Now, as me, the I am enough of a something to where they write this. This will be funny. If we just do an impression of him, him that they can do, an impression of that exciting? Is that okay? Is that alright? I was excited by it. I thought I did a good job. So, go through it. What's have added, I like I, I sort of going over. You know my trip to new york.
And I aside from the terror and apocalyptic fires that are going on here, in LOS angeles, would hat, which happened over the last few days, which are just terrifying there's all. the terror fire here and I definitely feel horrible for people that are losing their homes. The people lost people, people lost animals and it's yes tat. two tinder box out here and there there's always this threat of fire and they're always seems to be a fire going on and it's awful I I just want to acknowledge that dumb we're going through a lot out here, a or in a lot of the lot of trouble and need a lot of help and the fire fires have been amazing, fire There's not unlike the vets and soldiers people in the military today is their day as well and thank you thank you for for protect Thus saving lives and and doing what you do. We appreciate it. That said,
I'm back in l a my house is okay. Thank you for asking. I'm not sure the air is okay, but if that's the worst I have to deal with is a you. I might not be able to run for a week or so then I'm very grateful today. am recording this on sunday. So last night I did the beacon theater, but let's back it up really looking at you know what kind of work I do because I was busy the whole time and it was sort of insane what I did I mean for the for the most you know I did a scene in the or two in the joker movie and now when well and then I went down a boston and did a couple of scenes in the new mark wall burg, film, that's being shot called wonderland. My buddy p burg directed that, but all On top of that you I did interviews, I went to see Aaron Sorkin's too, a mockingbird in previews, because I was I I talked to aaron Sorkin. I talked to Jeff Daniels, who plays atticus finch in the show. It was spectacular to go to
here to see something that has been rethink but not dumb. butchered in any way to see something, was written when it was written and to feel how relevant and how much it resonates with the themes of of horrendous racism and it is, it actually was a, to bring some humanity. but in a way that theatre is the only thing. I can do that, and I thought it was a tremendous effort and I was grey talking, the errand with end and jeff you'll get to hear those soon. I also to go to see a preview of the new Andy warhol show at the whitney crammed that really, you know, I guess I get jaded. Maybe I don't always understand my partner Am I using that word now, my partner. Sarah, the painter is a painter, so it's always a little intimidating to go to museums with Sarah because Why I am what I am now I hear she is she's in it
I'm out of it, but I appreciated the best. I can- and I think sometimes it's good for here too, to hear a layman's point of view. Just a guy looking at art with the with some relatives the commission some intellect, but not a lot of training and not a lot of sense of. History or the context or or necessarily you what is being shown here but warhol. I can handle world right there. It's all right up front You know you know what he stood for. You know where he came from you. Nobody did. You know how we change things and it was spectacular. My point was that go to the whitney, you go see a warhol which basically a career, show a career retrospective to some degree, and he give seen all that stuff if even going to art, since you were a kid which I have going to see art. You think like got what more warhol, but I'll tell you a man. It was curated. beautifully. They had a lot of early stuff that never seen before and they had and just the selections they made in the way they hung the show was was tremendous and
it was exciting man. I have not I mean I always I'm always excited to go. When I go to see ARPA e like it went like I got there and I was elated. I was like wow. This is really put together nicely and- and there were some stuff I'd never seen before- it really shows your the of what he was capable of color, wise and conceptually. It was just a tremendous and then I went to see I was. I went to the guggenheim to see the hilma af klint, I believe, is a pronounce it. I really didn't know anything about her until Sarah introduced me to her. She was an artist that two no goddamn. Where was it in? Was it sweden, I hope see like did is where the conversation falls off a little bit She was a part of a A group of women that were were were students of a spiritual, philosophical society.
As she was initially a realist in a nature of painter plants, bugs birds, She just broke it open and went on this spiritual quest to sort of like through color and line, and traction serve, saw some of the the bigger you know questions about their the miss. Realm- and because of that was one of the founders. If that a way to put it or one of the inspirations for the future of backtrack painting and she went relatively unrecognized as many women do in the painting? Racket, for many years and now there's a tremendous retrospective work at the guggenheim in that was that was mind blowing it's great. If you go, new york, I highly recommend it was the peak of fall. It was just a am I saying to you. I know the world is still ending, but you look. I I ok. But there was a great moment, though there was a great moment in in
to speak as a middle aged man at some point: middle aged men, some of we're doing our best we're doing our best to to stay woke. Kind of, like you make the adjustments necessary to be respectful of this so we all occupied together and there was a moment that that Sarah kind of witnessed and shared with me at the hilma af Klint show where she was walking past a man and a woman. The woman was slightly ahead of the man and, and the man was, was I and then this is what she heard. Him say. The man I don't know- guard I'm here with you trying to be open. You hear that I don't like art I'm here with you trying to be open eyed. We don't know what led up to that. We don't know your how long that tone it happened before, but but if you hear that tone in britain for that tone in specially with that. Subject matter: that's that's! and trying and
Yes, sometimes men are stubborn, but you in, and sometimes we don t we yes actually middle aged men? We don't make the adjustments smoothly, as we should but dared. I don't I done I'm listening, I'm trying to deliver in I my don't wanna, ok, I'm sorry that that tone is that's not abusive. that's a that's a man struggling to be woke, so I reckon Is that tone I'm not saying I am a I'm- not man's waning- I'm not trying to I. I think that Sarah's first response was like, oh god, why did she bring that guy? A my thought when she told me about that. My response was like he's. Trying he's he's trying that's the sound of a man trying. So this brings us up to the other night beacon, theater and I but I don't know, like recently I've been sort of the obsessing. asking over my last performance in new york, my last big one?
carnegie hall show I've been sort of hard on myself. the fact that I wasn't prepared enough that I I felt a little shaky I didn't feel like. I was as ground I needed to be. I was very hard on myself so heading into the beacon theater, which seated about twenty five hundred we had almost almost by twenty. five hundred in there, which is big. For me. It's about the that's that's about that's a big night for me, local comic in new york, dina, hashem open for me the great job. I just know It happened, but it was beautiful because I had to be out of there because Tracy morgan was the show after mine. So I only had I had an hour fifteen max, so I could fucking noodle on no matter how I was doing I had to get out, so it me up. Yeah. I don't know why. I make myself crazy, maybe it's just part of my process, but I got out there and it was great in the beginning, it was a great It was a great room, it's a beautiful theater. It was actually productive because I'm working through bits- and you know I tried some new stuff that put together.
that morning, which always I always seem to do when I'm up against the wall and I'm doing a big show. If I get, if I just put myself out, there I risk failing or I risk taking out some new bid, out there I framed in a different way that eggs at very immediate, very exciting- and I and I I come out of it think I came out of it. Thinking, like I see a form to this so as this our evolves as we move towards another special idea see a way that I can build, something that is a unified our, which is what I've sort of been doing. The last couple of especial I did so with great. I was glad people came out and witness at my mommy was there my aunt bob, was air all my my aunt Linda. My uncle bill was air. Brendan mcdonald came, Sarah, was there Matt Was there sam website was there? marin cousins and I never see- were there. My grandma gold, these neighbour, carry newark in his family were there, but they we're coming out. It went great and the new t shirts
very well that that new short, the new w t have short that was available for people, the beacon theatre. Now officially on sale for the general public. This is it. This is the designed by air and wrap wend and its great, the great short. So I go check and get yourself one or by one is outdated holiday gift for somebody. It's at pod, swag, dot com, w e wtf- podswag Com2Us wtf quick on the merch wink at wtf pod, dotcom, okay, good shirt on going to look like that shirt again, at least for a couple weeks starting tonight, I'm sure, in the fucking beard, folks great trip to new york happy to be home. Thank you. All for everything, D, dot. Hughley is here and dl l a lot of respect this guy like him as a comic come on. The radio, like his tv, show, always wanted to talk to him and say it was a thrill for me to have them here is netflix.
D, huge l, hughley contrarian, is now available to stream his most recent book. How not shot another advice from white people is available wherever you get books and is me, and veteran comic, not a veteran, but he's he's a he's. A lifer like myself. Indio hugo, he talking the only radio, show how much do you you go. Do you just talk alone? He always in there with somebody haha yeah, but it's more terrestrial sources is that you know the rmb format. So we have got all that forward. Momentum, tz shit will be back, he's still got it or where TF music, yeah and then everybody wants to sell a pizza at a book, so yeah yeah. So so there's that and then you know, labels want you to feature. Sls is more clutter yes, but come in and like I remember,
I do I'm radio, I started the the the way I got used to this was. I was on air america for a year and a half write it here and you know when you first start doing it. When you gotta do morning show and you gotta wake up and live here. It's fucking, exciting man except when you've been out all night. It Ain'T- I, the radio, show alone for a long time, but I've always beyond my out all night gray right now. No has you out on a year, you'll know whether you're going to the radio station they're going to lay here. I think I have breakfast radio because I've been out so long, but I love the afternoons. I love doing that in the medium of radio yeah me too. What do you do three to? What do you do three? What time you start? Well, we started what is the shows from three to seven bucks you know when the west time here is twelve for, but Do you live here. You have a valid here in new york and new york and so what's the deal on that, how often do you spend the new york I'm going to finish this and then I'll go home and pack and I'll be in new york for the week, in an army to Portland and I'll come back
I can out portland for show, but portland we're doing the comedy get down with me and George said: george lopez. Oh really, oh, you do that. You're torn with that and Cedric and cedric and eddie Griffin holy shit, you got eddie out yep thats. What everybody says: your area, yeah yeah: where was he hiding why he was hired in vegas? It is like he know, he's doing he's. Plays a lot of eazy at that their residency down in vegas. He does he at the rio. Now he's moved and that's what he just stays there most of the year yeah, but he he plays there. I guess tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a month tuesday, wednesday at any gigs on the oh, so he like so he's been working at the time that you know you do realize about people in our job. It's, like you, don't see someone for why you ain't doing that yeah, you don't assume the best in Tacoma yeah. I dunno why I didn't ask him anything else. It didn't seem like he was doing comedy so so that means you go back and forth every week.
I'm on the road every but you do the show, mostly in new york la la la. This is really fifty fifty cause. I cause you know I'll be like I did the show friday from Cincinnati, because I had a gig there, so you just go into the studio. Do I ST n line net? They set you up sets here and you're in it is a national. The show is yet when seventy some mark, where in new york or baltimore detroit how's it doing atlanta really good yeah. This is what we're pretty, it's the number one urban syndicated show in the country. Oh that's great who's, a headier! I dunno when I say pretty close together, vacillates everywhere, but I never let. Let's just say I look down yeah good good, so I was trying to think like I've been trying to get you on the show for a long time right. But I remembered the the thing that I was like I remember from way back now. Am I mistaken Where did you do a half hour, H, b, o or like a row The time I dare you build you and bill Maher. It was me you you bill Maher,
at the fillmore, though yeah you did yeah, and I remember I dunno if you were on my shooting, but it was around the same time like ninety five wet. While it was a little earlier from right, you are the ones before before you guys so because I remember seeing that and I never forget that that's beverly on? Because I watching unnn. You look like you were fury and she right- and you know it's so funny when look back at my at my earlier startling, however comes on somebody at it was really a came out of a different experience, so I I worked really
You know the digital assets that you will be working in nightclubs, where'd. You start here in los angeles, where you grew up here. I didn't. I didn't even know that I grew up here until this morning- yeah. I grew up here and so when I, when I, when we do this choice, like the pays for total experience or wheezy were so, they were really just these fucking I hear that had the cleans ring so ever visa, and so can say that time you had had a drink after floor it by two o clock, so one thirty. They would lay comics you're. So you had to shout- and she didn t know at one thirty one thirty so to come out to tender if they can claim the drinks up, no shit they could still state aid is, can have liquor out What are you up to Heaven, how very fit another year
I dunno the neighborhood is a south central is, if you hit them up. If you threw a rock from my house, you hit a negative encounter and that's what have you yeah? The thing is, though we were in the unincorporated part of los angeles, so I lived on this side that was l a and across the street was what is unincorporated mean nobody wants it. It was called the n one incorporate it was like it was, los angeles didn't guard Dena it like. If you got, if you look at a map, is near rose as in avalon, and you know crossed this way as gardena crosses, whereas continent crossing yeah. So it was really it didn't, belong name as no man's land. So like almost exactly the same age, give or take a few months born nineteen sixty three. So like you
I grew up through a lot of shit in that neighborhood yeah, of course, but it didn't. I dunno that it felt like anything like it was just like it was just your life like when I, when I watch movies or stuff or vertical tam, that was work that omaha ne, how to anybody make, but it didn't ever feel like that with me nfl it's not something that I not overly nostalgic about it, but I have a lot of pleasant memories yeah, but do you remember it's like at any point getting or scary or fucked. That was never scary to me when I was living there when you were little when I, when I was living there, but when I got married like I got married like twenty one years still married to the same person I still am, and when go back because you know there you were in it said I will go back like what my allowed like shit. This is really getting her, so I would it would work they're, like lay like that they tether broken. You had seen other thing right because you have. I had virtually none
compared to you. How long did you stay there? Like your whole childhood here, yeah stayed there my whole childhood while and then I left when I was like seventeen. So what was the family situation? How many brothers have? I have two sisters and one brother and they thought storeroom momentous went about her mother. Really is, and it was you know it, we could run. Here's gura you, don't you that's what I tell myself, I'm like I like to think. I'm a pretty pragmatic guy, but was it was roughly that I thought it would be like. So, of course, I was like that. I thought a man I've seen a lot of shit in had a good run. How old was he before we for when your old man like women say dumb but like I don't think they did the intensely, but they have a different motivation. I think you should be there right. At know heel no yeah didn't because he was naive, but it was
well, because we would have he had a. That was a horrible thing, but it was he didn't know cause he was on morphine. He was an everyday player, but there was no. That was the most the best moments I've ever had with. My father was when he was on oxygen and couldn't talk back then he is amazing. The shit you can get off your chest when I'm level in case they never back some shit. You know how much I love them and how much I just wish he he'd. Let me be close to a woman here, takes his man, golf- and he says you know I just wasn't from imaginary louis, lucid and there I was my generation, I'm amazed at how much you've accomplished- and I am not at ease said I'm so proud of you. Brother- walked in and go away man I was targeted at mo fucker. Who are you yeah? It was because we gave them a very like religious family, like I don't think I do believe scared not to believe in god my god like like go. They go
weeping and we we will even guy look how city we treated now. What are we didn't believe in him? it's right- I mean- I think I you know- I I imagine that's what religion is for it's, what it's used for. Are you? Do you go to church now know I mean it was always weird to me because the same people that gave you Jesus gave you naked. So it was really like. way back racket? They look like I can just even a story that you hear about they'll make sense like if you, I go santa review as well- want one little slave when my mother back my mother, make it clear yeah. I, like my mother, begged my father to have his foot back, so you couldn't so my father and my real name, real name and some semblance of where I came here. I mean twenty three and me before it happened. Yeah right so are there any in in you know, cause cause. I think one of the the great things about religion is that you get the bullshit yourself, you,
I get to bush now. So I know I know I talk about it a lot, and I have liked that. That's probably why I'm not cause like I have have a diminished capacity of the ability to bullshit myself, so they are taught my father. love. We all had to be an area because it was weeks. My mother, there's been trying to kill my father for fifty eight years? I think soil we have at is that he made it. He made it this long like she wouldn't be sad, but, like we kishi cause, she she causes, though they're not together there. They were together or as much as you can be together when you're trying to kill something. They don't have a love like a valentines. They have a happy toleration day car, but always found a good ever it was it's just so weird the things you find out about your family as you get older as it yet in the end is near and how kind my mother, my dad, tells me shit. I'm like you know I don't yeah. I don't think I need like a liver but see he was dying. She goes come on
your father's gear, ready to go as she tells him she said, Charlie. You don't have to wait. You've done your job, I got it. and that mother fucker took two breaths and died as a guy. Will your mother say I gotta go with this. Dude died on command, which I appreciate is that he listens to her. If so, when everybody's in a room and they're all very late at night, and they believe in it like we're going to see you again daddy when they all walked out. I want a man, you notice. If earth were going in different directions, you going I'm going down, but I'm gonna miss you motherfucker, I swear, we are going to David arrested, will never see I've never seen anyone die year. Old man. Don't do. Is that the first time, the first time that way, yeah not the first time you know in life, but the first I that these are the people baggily we're on the streets. I sell to be without moscow
one had a motorcycle exit. Many by committed looming Asher he slammed when they should have given us, is right, the one they would never allow to happen now. No way we can be, they don't look in scooter low way. I see grown ups on those girls, you're gonna break man, we're breakable. He don't think that you can do the israelis renal now at all over the place, then. So kid- was on a mini bike and hit a wall and its brain came out I met him like wow, kids. I was a kid named bradley get shot though he has to kid. You knew ye, you do it. When you are older, he was little now was in the seventh or eighth grade year, so he was in the ninth or tenth grade he got in some bullshit and yes, it was a boy scout, and so
well. These cares for my neighborhood. It's at a heavy boyscout yeah yeah they're armed in your neighborhood, but he was. He was like one of those kids like every neighborhood, no matter how rough has a kid that has a different light, good kid yeah. He was a good like he wasn't he'd come to that. So he did all the shit that you are supposed to do and we below and a boy went all through a cub scout, born here below and isn't there another. One eagle, eagle yeah year believed there, all the outfits year here all I got it in any- was here's the thing about to do like that. He was caught it is, but he was so cool everybody doug here, so He people didn't think he was a dick and some one fucker just killed him well deduce and to it with some other dude from another neighborhood and when they drove up the fight it happened on the weekend and when drove up. They IRAN and he's like I ain't in this shit and they shot on purpose. It was a. It was a one of it was the first time
sexual lies how you could hate somebody just from a different error like that no made me hate those cats from those neighborhood something you would never do now cause you're older and you have a continuing. Our politics is driven by it and yeah it is it really is? It really is tribal shit yep, the hatfields. Because all over the in its it's so shallow and fight, I can't buy gummy and I know you're you're you're you're you're in it a lot but like he. So you were able to stay out of trouble when you are now I've gotten the lotto idea, all the time. if my school are yours I got kicked out, I would argue that the gardena high went to lock, I picked out a day or a week went to Sarah what fighting already we do know trying to be trying to be Always I didn't have a romantic notion of the way of away
cats. I grew up with and I don't have a romanticized notion of them like I said early, but they taught me a lot about, the world, even though was a very small piece of the world and in a lot about who I am and what could be in but I remember I would do all the shit they did, but I felt so bad for them I think I would like did you feel guilty, though I didn't feel guilty, but I bad for them because I couldn't now, take you there, but I just knew something was different about me. I, like They had girls and money and respect to the baker. what they wanted to do it. He saw that it was like empty or that it wasn't all that it was I don't know that. I would say that, because little more introspective than I would, but I felt years later. I would realize I knew it. I was, I was being disingenuous that I it was it was, it wasn't, wasn't you it wasn't who I was and the fact That was who they were yeah made me feel bad for them.
interesting they weren't. They weren't pretending that was it. This is the is ever going to be for. Do you think that you were maybe because, like you know where comics and you're you're, obviously smart guy, that there's a? the antenna in a capacity for it. For a theory, you know that happened to the young age and you know either we can handle it. If we can either we get, we can get defensive, but we don't, but there and like I'm just trying to picture, because I knew guys you want to hang with But you knew that, like you are one of them, because But you didn't quite know what you were? I would, however, say that's a closer. That's a clue proximate because they I love them. Yeah cool, right yeah. I didn't, I didn't think I
It's like, I didn't, feel superior right, but I felt they write be, but they gave you definition that you write, because you always like. I remember hanging out with bad attitudes because sorta, like you, know what it was in a pussy, but but I wasn't doing that right and they had a certain amount of confidence or a certain amount of cool and they were like come on. Come with us, I'm like yeah. Okay right do I have to get new shoes, but they never eat over. One thing I will say here: they, let me do some shit, might have some say they know I wouldn't can do more. Like. It was some she like when they went to go, do dirt. It's like I couldn't. What's that if they want to go out somewhere. I to go right years it is too heavy you heart. Wasn't that way at the end, and- and I didn't know that and so when you were when you have this- and I know that I did know it's yes, I would say that as much as I know about them, they know about me and when I hear when I watch these, you know about it. if you, if you hear the popular notion of of of neighbour, like that all across the country did they did
reduced it a little more than animals who are scraping by right, I'm an arrogant, and really. I think that they have cheating themselves. Out of really great stories and really great, so they really great opportunities to know a lot about human behave. How are you may have the media and why culture renaissance in your eyes and then another state aid doesn't it doesn't have obviously is a lot of it is rooted in in whatever right what attitude living year, either as a small part of the reality. The story you don't hear is: is those community survive right and how they need. People still live in existence are safe in those communities because the community's take care of them right off right that there's. No all these things put in place by the fucking communed ray, try to save some people is like. I say this in literally me the most dangerous place for black people lives in white people's imaginations at three years: yeah, it's absolutely the most
this place for black people living. Why? Because my raising and is because even the both society the notions of us, they bigger stronger, faster, more impervious to pay, less moral or a more more more brutal right? Worse now, rack all true right, and so, when you have a notion of like I hope, I've never meet. I never hope, I meet the black. It is an imaginary about. Never do right like like like me, it is in the end. That's all they do, and now they want to do is fuck their women in and rob them, and it puts training is, is is but everywhere we live, we I too live. I was watching this thing on and I forgot was national geographic either of you you're, not even trying to watch that shit come on you, god, damn tiger looks hungry. I used to watch all I watch. I I I used to love doing that. I used to love just turning the tv on flipping around going. Oh well, let's see what they had. This thing called the tiger widows of so
tigers that FE, in all these them women will go, get bamboo, you know they did they. Everybody would go. Why did they leave? Why didn't they lead and it was because they couldn't s really the same situation. A lot of you, people live where they have to leave. Everywhere. We live is because I told us we're in large numbers, whether you black brown or when they are in large numbers society and policemen don't exist to keep us. They exist to keep us where we belong. You live the only way you are right in that the unincorporated as it is, it is it's also where I imagine Jesus comes in on some level. Is that the I imagine a lot of community outreach has to happen through the churches and through, but it's always always been like I used to get in trouble because lag people by and large up here, people of color by and large I have a pretty fervent belief in
but why do you will do to accept they can have haven't whether he should do know we're gonna die before we see that the only evidence argosy of Jesus, the idea, will tell me like I'm alive and look what happened. I mean like beko yeah. There is not a coincidence just like. If we really broke down the math, it does seem like it'd, be a coincidence, I'm pretty sure Jesus has never been nowhere alive. I can like I'm. I mean I would like but everywhere we live in large numbers is very little evidence but as long like there's no like it's dirty, is via more vi and is more right. Well, that's what I mean well that that's a you know the same place that the the horrible image of the of the black man lives in the white people's minds. Jesus lives in the mind this yeah, so it was pretty crowded. It's gotta be pretty crazy, like like it and now. A great thing about now, like being a comic and
like this whole nike thing. I think nike and obama, occupy the same place in a lot of white man's mind because nike needs is silly like that they don't they don't need a forty yo. I do they. Don't they really? Don't you obsolete to them? You don't matter to them. Yeah they got, they got people they got there they are global company and most of the people we the by products or look of people who buy their black of right right here, like you don't know, a way to put them on the map as they put them on the map, and then they sustain them like you, don't do it only Y athlete, you know what a shoe deal is Tom Brady. He were irks him we lay waiting in them all for the brand new to come out and nike been doing that for ever and I guess that expression shoes reward per year like three of the same kind. Exactly and everybody sees them, because we
you, when you a nice, ease the purveyors of culture, you know and generally people who where'll shoes and a spouse, this kind of vantage point or people. we're, probably sit as civilly they're, pretty active they They ve never civil kind of corridor rusty. So far that we have all through the idea that our bomber nike air was nigh gay war, He doesn't need why people to didn't need he didn't, they didn't need, consent or accept or are participation rights and neither did obama bhamo on the presidency without with majority. Why do we not want you re a run? I think that those things remind them that they are not the only game in town and is it Eric's there mate When white men say this, shouldn't happened, only less would have right, but in wood, nike, Anno, balmly the leg and that those things two recent notions that they've had to come to grips with recent news mean what kind of fun in person is gonna, be
burn some shoes. Yeah, I mean I like I mean you must be shocked me aunt. Maybe you warrant but its way. How many of them are there. I mean like one thing is: if we get through this shit, whatever the fuck we're going through right now, if we come out the other side, we're going to know exactly who those names we always it- you are here with no lama to me in general. We always knew they get, but Why do? well, people always burn shit flag or shoes on either side I like burned, we're I've fog is that with protests in burning sit up, but I just think that Mostly. What I see is a spirit of fear, What wedding? No matter, what you call it you call it anger you can call. It is a spirit of fear. Is that that this place that we've always staked out there was always solely. Ours is not anymore. America, america is is getting blacker
browner and faith for sure higher. I do a joke on stage. I've brought it back recently because my producer reminds me reminded me of it: it's kind of a hard thing to take. I don't even know it's a joke, but he used to say that the fear really at the or of racism is that they know in their hearts and in their minds that it only six one brown load to make white black yeah no waiting. Why do you know and we're getting? now people are marrying each other hair people in their family and accepting it and really accepted it, and it really. It really does take acceptance, because except it's not in the way this society says I should but except is to me means I'm familiar, but you are eight which right we're. Only we were having a grandmother and room had the same arguments. Will that was
we're talking about what really came down after obama was at what the one party democracy that was too big of a burden for these people was tower there, but he would just right. Finally, we get the relief right that we didn't have to tolerate it. There's no way democracy moves forward without it and in it without tower. and you know- and I know like what I don't understand is I understand I don't know why. I'm saying it like he's going to talk to me, but you go to new york or you walk around here, but mostly new york, maybe a little bit of chicago but new york for sure. Where it is a very diverse town I mean at least one of errors aggregate I know, but I mean on the working life yes, like day to day in a city, people work and you walk around you see in every by on a train in no way it that's the works right if the people that it doesn't seem like it should, but he does he does and then these people that are all up in arms about mexicans and black people. They don't even have them in their fucking neighbor, not even in their city right right. So that's the fear part. would like you guys, are common form
read the ethics I think but the actually right about that, but there Is this notion of people being afraid of? of all the horrible things that that have been done to people like that are afraid of vengeance too. They're afraid that oh, that's right as I would. If these motherfuckers get me back what? If what if they, because you The one thing I will say about these specific times, and I don't care what you you you, you you're you're the reason we're when something happens, they pretend like they don't see it. Let me get there at like they don't know. Donald trump is racist, but they get to pretend like they don't know whereas we can be brutal because if they did acknowledge they be compelled to do something about it. or or deny it, and with that cancer international, that's right, which I think a lot of them do that's right and so with the component of re at the realization and aims Also, You know what really are also know the other side
If is that? What if people zack ravines, for there will be a lot I mean I just went to the yards down in Birmingham alabama. I went to that that the monument yet the battle, inching monument and then I went to the museum montgomery, and that was an issue that that's always been there is that you know by the time that slavery at its peak, they will way out here and then once it was ended, they were just sort of like ok right is just They knew all the time that at any point right which is why all that terrorism happened. Although engines happen is an example, but they were completely out gun and I think they still that still the thing it's it's not so much I mean they. Might they probably regret, worry on some level, but they're still afraid of the repercussions. Only now I think that human beings have been, but I think they were. Slavery but the reason most muslim regret, slavery is we're still here.
I didn't have a return point right. They did a bit of a return to sender, place just right, the kids that they're stealing from these parents right they didn't, they didn't run any pains down. There are no cities right, no shipping on the day, but it's so like even now like this it's funny how america loses perspective, constantly in matters like this, like really I don't know how different carling cabinet is from my home and I leave. We still have never learn from their arose, a pox amy. I'm I'm not talk about his vocation if somebody's stance and what it cost him and how it galvanized the community and how raised awareness he's going to be more famous for the thing that he stood for the overthrown than he ever could throw the ball, and it says, is that whole thing and the any any Other thing you do like he has galvanised the community I feel like he has this Well finally, were talking like a white guy. How are you what he's he's ease?
people got mad because carla capita is why. Why are you doing this? Why you playing feel this is a but why why? But the only time I have you ever us is when we're running, jumping dance I think the only time why but will surround watch black people is, they entertain, and so it makes perfect sense. If you want get attention while there, but even it'd beyond that one of the things that society seems to do is go well that black is a successful, so he's not heeded to have that conversation anymore. He didn't get to say right, but he's not regular randomize he's he's kind of or two like. If you look at football players, a lot of people why they protesting police brutality their rich. But if you look at the physical attribute, the very physical attributes. They get you draft in nfl, if, like me, being big black, fast, strong, aggressive, impervious to pain, yeah, you know, if you don't
with some fizzle adjectives. They get. You drafted in the nfl kill when you want off the field. If you haven't drafted for your high, you go high on the rap here. Have you ever done? A police report is the reason. The grand jury acquits well shit. Look at all the heads you didn't hear he wasn't on the field or factory. He was doing that shit just in the hour or right between the hash marks had no problem, and we know what he had in his hand all right, yeah fuck yeah, but when were a kid you know he and hanging out with these guys like I could back to that idea that I think that was kind of sweet that they couldn't handle and they didn't want you to get fucked up yeah. Those guys In the end, they were hard right now. What the fuck that guy I was like. I I remember they had they were beaten? Is kid
I beat him so bad. I got a man ago and I was I was a key here and I go a death wish, any. I look here, man, this the wait as she goes. and take your home. Another time. That way it re air work as you. He was mad and it was the
new their pages for it, but his own play morocco. I now hear that now you plan with the great when I drove them right here. They should report downwards outside around with the big it would. We know we'd, we deferred see a little bullshit do areas, but that's enough, we always see that dynamic and in their great singleton movie. What was wrong with wasn't. No, the other one mamma, the boy baby boy been way all areas of fucking, great movie dyke. I talk about them of our want to talk to him, because I think that movies masterpieces did you see a course of budgetary. I mean only georgia, we to rise. He knew but like that dynamic, that you know they they looked out for him here. They knew. To and like you are lucky to be. That, yes, key to have their favor and their favorite like you're lucky to have,
and see something redemptive in you that they didn't try to exploit is as great as they could be to somebody that thing could be. Exploited, it can be exploited physically. It can be split emotionally and be exploited because they knew like some guys for whatever reason, whether it was parenting or just the nature of who they were. They have that ability to be that dude and they would do that will protect you from dudes who weren't like that, like it like they did, What did the you know? It's not it's not a mic, it's not it's, not one monolithic lotta, and so they would do. Who would rob you of gotta, do whatever they could do and do to stop them from doing it right, because they believe you know some people just like fucking. We here and we gonna try to take advantage of it, and it's just you, you look back at it. and you realize how it is one of the reasons I still believe in some kind of our higher powers. I don't believe you can never. all a bullshit just on your own, with the one wherewithal. So one of the reasons
gotta say that maybe there's something out there that is functioning pass me and I've seen that at least to some degree in my personal, oh yeah, I going to turn right, but no just your ability to make it through and and not it in and hold onto your heart somehow and your annual and and your empathy and your compassion and your. I remember feeling bad was that I was I can't even remember how old I was. I was coming home and he's cats. They older cats like you light to, that was all all the shit were right always you want to see this. We got this girl ps, we ran a train on her she's like what the fuck I didn't. So I go see and they had this girl and they were- and I was like amen. I don't, I don't think she's. with it I dunno. I don't even remember how I said the message that they say- and I said this-
that's not at an hour, I would them down were rate was right of nova sexual. I would have no oriented had to be tin layer well right and these kids around that age. Now they are older, she was and I will get it out I was wrong and I knew and here's the funny thing about it is. I said that she don't want to do this and I smaller than men- and I wasn't- stuff is them and I was afraid of it, but I said get your stuff come on to the girl and she their stuff and they didn't. Let me do it at a sense of fear, and they didn't. Let me do it out of a sense of intimidation that I would tail or that they they could they that I would do something fitted they'd. Let me do it because I saw them and they were shame that I had It was shame that it yeah they knew If they did, they knew, but now no one around them. They knew they were wrong and they were hit. They hit me and said: go on like,
it'd be mia, but just look around. We had to make a face like that and they let me take a poll and cheat. I walked all the way home wow and it did so. they all. Thank you. She, this is funny mark get her home. She added a different definition had to walk past brother sees his sister. All you know disheveled a mere round with a knife, and she didn't say anything for awhile and finally, she got it. Wasn't me how we are we'll, so he say either you tell me who did it or mc cutchen than ass, a man? I live a king, these alive with them a king. He soon when I close my eyes and income any slap me here, so I believe I am, and I got these. Let me all the way back to my like these gifts. Let me in a big way, kiki me about you is this: what is your kid, but just like in the un's old again
in my neighborhood and they cannot targeted and weeks later. I'm at the the place cost varies we all hung out there and I see them have other who any any gets into his car and said thanks nickel and go because at that I helped as her brother yeah. He didn't say he was a nice yeah because, thanks that was it that's all yeah, that's all I got out and you couldn't go this year, the guys who live in your neighbor still mad at me right, but you can say, like you, don't know what I I could say that no it was it was it, but I'm actually I'll. Never. At that moment, yeah, the moment of bigger than you that's one of those moments where you get there the courage. to do that. In that moment, yeah tat you know, see something's wrong in a real way and step in it. I was home. I was so afraid my mouth tastes like pennies now, the first time only telecom with a ring
estoy one time and it talked about the brass taste of fear, and I went das with that. He really yep. That's how new is real. It was man, it is. My mouth was dry and it tasted like paintings, with horrify, and so that was enough for you and you didn't have to get you know you never crossed any other sort of moral lines. How costs a lot of moral lines? I shouldn't you know right. I've crossed a line more lines but- and this is weird to say not many I haven't on party. Like I don't know they are over ten, give myself break for, like more, I married rag in some of the things. I've done may never killed a dude now right now, if you have a pretty low bar. Thank you mark, stuff, you can wrap your area eric eric yeah fucking, my wife's sister, but I didn't. I didn't actually do that. You know what I did. I think there is some things that like were
I can about before, whatever they were insulating you from there are some things that break a spirit that you know will either crush a person or make them hard beyond redemption right and a the kids do I love them and that I learned a lot from them. They were, they were, they were four for in my neighborhood. I fear that without I'm not a I'm, not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but they were sociopath sure and they they like me, so it cool, but they associate reich or something. broken them. Where conscience was not they they're there, they couldn't entertain it dear. They just didn't get it they just starting from the beginning, they're always different yeah. I meant what the fuck is wrong with you Yeah. Do you think that's ok illegally? They were always from the town, kids. I wonder about that that that, sort of like now because of social media platforms, and also because of this president, that it sort of unleashed a type of a
there's some narcissists out. There were or like malignant fucked up people and they got any juice at all. It's their diet is mad, as prize walking the earth in the daylight, but I would really like you tromp roseanne conyers, there's like an arc, yeah there's something that's running through that in any and all were all of them, the and an hour, say that every person I know have that is. Is him is they have this malignancy and yeah, and it's so obvious you can mask it with a level of genius sure. charmer like yeah yeah, you can make you know right or about, but one is naked and you see it for these elf, the like I like I, I What kind of can't at animal acute kids You mean you've gotten past like well he's mentally ill, not because black people do that ever ever see this with. If you make an album good enough us yeah, we will make it
Just for you. That's how bad we need to feel good right. we'll. Let you know, then it gave me righteous momma that we made excuse for arcade. I mean I know he peed on a girl, but if you're going to pee on somebody this album, you need to do it yeah I mean yeah bill, Cosby raped those people, but what he gave us jell o, but we didn't let him off the hook. Nobody will get long long time for what for for, for, for people like this, that the reason that they spark to him that he's like that mafia flame. Kyra thing right is guys. They internally have the same kind of failings and berlin. see there and darkness a yes, the idle, yet like that like roseanne with the whole ambien thing coming back,
at the abbey and makes you sleepy not hate niggers? I don't. I never saw that. What is that all about what she like? That's the thing, knowing from a having a narcissist spot and a narcissistic father like when you corner them, they got no way out, but fuck you write Y, a n yeah they'll, make all the excuses, but if they're down for the count they're not just going No doubt they will take some food pay to have yeah. You don't know what the fucks like a whole thing. I didn't. I didn't know that abe was you call susan rice abe earlier you said then you value to you. Do you so you can't pretend but there, it's not even them. Yeah People like them I did throughout history what we intended to have. Is the summit people like them with voices and power. who are letting them run unobstructed, obstruct know. Yet
we have, we always had them, but they didn't have a twitter account here. The fact that they have a way of trouble is think cause international trouble. I would you saying one thing so when when you started doing comedy. How old were you? Oh we won the adding way way, so you dropped out of school. You and you line. Where were you headed into bad direction? While I was in all areas I'd, rather I just dumb Let them see, but I would have never. I would have never not that I wasn't giving given and then when you have these experiences that you use to process things a different way yeah, but it was a frustrating process for me, so I just stopped going and then and then you know I work at the l a times and I get to talk in and start doing comedy and we work in the l a times first year doing what they're selling subscriptions phone. When my a call j lit. I want I really any all
cost me out, but did you Would you like? A logo is their course and so I wasn't when you were selling papers were was. I was sally, sadly paypal and I call Jay Leno he went on and they use later I would be on his heel. I was on a show, like thirty had and I would always bring it, I'm a guy and say that immediately they did, but I started and I started being away from the environment that I grew up here and I will have to go work all the time and I liked being in that environment. Here major work or yea again or another Well, I like to be in it, and I've been on me. My wife and I see her like. I saw her and I knew I would marry. Where is she from she's from los angeles too? But she when she lived in Carson, we were in braided now no cars of the real city yeah, I mean yeah black people, dear whale moved to Carson and then cerritos that get out of the migration and by god I lay back
sorry and what I wanted to do. Where is he didn't dig me and I was pursuing her in their fathers going out with me and Alex didn't. Have it I didn't. Have my didn't. Have any prospects future. So I knew that if I passed If I got a g e d good, I could be a cop. and our plan, So I said that that took idiot. I got a police academy and then I say when I get accepted, I'm ask you to marry me. I got accepted. It was out three days or four days or five, some shit like that. Why I got shin splints, but really I just didn't. Do all that running really. I just knew I liked this is bullshit, I'm not doing this and that and- and I didn't have a job, but I had told her if I got accepted that we'd get married, so she started planning the wedding. So I had to fucking mares your shin splints. What what compelled you to try stand up? it was always
like I would always get girls by making them laugh. always been able to communicate like I was, I remember, taking a test as a kid and they say my comprehension like, I could understand yeah and these white people will come and take the library give you ice cream and ask you. It was like we're and then come back out like a an animal, their bid tat by so many civil list, if they really, why do they want to go there with them? So why is it that this one's ok? That one? Can they wouldn't ask me questions they would just as requested and give? ice cream, but it was that I would so I was like I did. I could comprehend and I and I had a pretty good vocabulary right and that was that was Wednesday. They said so I started working daily times. I would go get my hair could not always talk she, and I was always that I've got cheeks
did you ever hear, and these so if you think you so funny, because back to cast who are barbers, so we'd and so boosted shit, attacked the armor they were. They were. Barbara was all she because in a bag- and we were going to stacks of easy eyes, an area so when they were given a concert and they at the total experience on Crenshaw with a group called blue magic and robin harris, and they said it's going to ask you about robin hood. That's the first time ever seen him and they said, if you think you so funny open, the show and I had never done colony me. I get on my stage in the front. It is. I just came to see his group in here, and I said this for so doing I instantly new. That's why I feel sorry for those days when it I knew. I would do if here How is it that you do? I just I just
if no robin gallia robin. Never like me. No, like me to the last thirty days last sixty days of his life. No, we didn't, he wasn't sick. So we didn't know it was dying right, but He never liked me why, ah in time. He said here. You are you're going to have everything I have and if people don't like you- and you Don'T- and I said man and he used to intimidate people, but I never Larry. I said Scary, you man, I too am everything you have a man. I just use called yes, and why would you do that in front of people worse off? He said: to you. He said to me, and then I say it. I ask: if you have everything you have, you ran away to put the, but there was just a compact territorial thing combination and then every time I will walking like, I guess it was the comic theater close at one thousand one hundred and thirty. He would do all the way to one thousand one hundred and twenty seven and put me on my people walking out- and I was still going. over and over and all because he was hosting it. So that was
your guy, that was your nemesis a loved and rejected him, but he just wasn't in into a last. Sixty days right before he died, he didn't know he was six. Oh right, heart attack right, yeah, a narcolepsy heart attacks. He started calling me and then we were- hey it out and they will start talking Rowena. We got very maverick his only first and only comedy album. Babies Is everyone induced in algeria as may yet yeah. He was something else, man. It was like an idiot and nobody really knows him not in there. In my world he's one of those comics. Were you like? How do you know it just. It was so young man- and I do so young, but he hears the father of modern coming out with your prior revenant yeah he's, if now richer prior robin airs. Why deaf jam all that that whole kind of genesis than the kind of ever in it there were the other guys you out. In terms of leading, because what happened was robin harris made them come down to
the sea these. This they vary. So you didn't have to you didn't have agency. Why people either the agency antigens rack they would all television develop. Medea is another kind of shit they all. He brought him around it and So you know I'll care if Chappelle's other may rock was different. Cuz, he found tat everybody else, like all those people, monies wanes right, woven richards richards at different times. You saying the next generation revolved around what robin doing that, bringing people there has never been a more popular group of black comics there. He is the de. If we were star The tree yeah they would have all has sprung from that now I am like the eighties. Not they had that we're, but all these people you know now right from the real could yet in a way they are the attic azalea all their rights. They are often it who the other guy
It should be brownie at age, Bernie, Steve, Martin, Chris, tucker, oh yeah, yeah, river and I stand here. They would all of the burning was so good. Yea was he was what was your first break? What what did I? I remember the first time I ever made a thousand. I was doing as the best right when Martin Lewis explained that right. What is that on? It's own wheelchair? What is it the roxy, not the wilshire of the el Rey or the railway okay days, but when they already have like? What do I get that theater you mean? Is it the el rey cause? I know right now: okay, okay, I do so are open. Foreman gave me one thousand dollars and I start crying
How is it that is my wife and all my way I go baby, don't make it everything wondering do at each be opening and you know, got that Hb, especially the one we were talking about earlier. I got that my manager was a cat named tony spires. It's the only surprise he held The arab league amateurs knee man's me and so They were having those half hour trials. By that time I had worked, and I wasn't working anymore and I was just trying to be doing all those clubs we talked about earlier, so you're kind of hard comedy. I was yeah, I mean I had comedy chops. Just didn't have hadn't had your expert, so they they came out. This place. The townhouse in in. Yeah and they were. they were auditioning J, anthony brown, eddie griffin show torrey jamie foxx. Right I can't get you an audition, but I can let you host they'll, let you house, so I would do ten
bring some money on device really a body on five, more minutes brain somebody, s timmins at the end and wrapped it up. and they gave me an eighty teddy griffin's restaurant. Things are good shot because if you do have jobs and go get em. I e, as opposed to just is scare ivy. Someone has like a new guy right, then they're like who's this for hey, that's what I've been to and I got it and I wasn't even excited that I got the special. I was excited because I knew it was thirty gram. It was thirty grand a good idea to keep your benefit. You get. It was fun right right, you get the. I was the first time you get insurance yep yeah, so I had the first one I had was that one from l a times wasn't it yeah? anybody I remember watching it and I'm like you, know, you're talking about family and stuff, and it was it wasn't it wasn't a material. I was just sort of like there's some gone. I think this guy means yeah yeah that you had to be because I all at all I ever knew was shut. The fuck up pick this drama. It was just an urgent yeah right, it was, it was urge right, records it and then
That will happen start working on the road, a little walk down a road a little bit, and then we get. When did you start hosting on b e t? But shortly after that, were you hosting that was held? As the first comic comic view, you were the first, how the various ourselves like I I didn't, watch it much, but I just remember why the talent wasn't he and hope for hours of very for islam, but he for years now is that happen? I hosted it for two years as a ass, a whole city for two years. Second year. I thought I do something different right and I quit will of a show and they I say we're going to have alternate host and so then the next, what was said and then they had all, but I was out for two years- was you're gonna talent or I make an analogy to know yet what it was way like away later waylay away later, but I was, in fact, when I did BT there, only I say this because they
wooden pay me and so that you can have a lawyer and they wouldn't let they'd they'd think that we can have and if you ask for a lawyer, it would be trouble, but you gotta arbitrator here in d c and all the fucking rules they made a mistake in the contract. They said I was supposed to be be paid x, amount of dollars, segment not pursue, but so, but what they do. Was they would at take a hundred some shows on my end they would cut them up and it'd be best of so go my lawyer, my aaron fox. It was corporation and no, they represent me had to go to d dot c to arbitrator. we assume it is me, my lawyer, their lawyers, if the people bt air mbt, makes this argument and they said you'd. Let him have a lawyer and they said no. but he knew he wasn't getting paid that
I only know what the contrary. I didn't. I don't know. I had no idea can have a lawyer here, so I had a litigator I had with a litigator, but I didn't have a lawyer. I couldn't have an entertainment lawyer, I could over. the lawyer, the arbitrary looks down. Fani said you here, you you s, representation, bt, nay said yes, he said you didn't. I said no, they said pay him. Do stagger. I dare say you mustn t win tip for every segment for resuming always for segments- and it was I six segments of show right and when three years they fucked up the languid data contracts, contract I didn't expect anybody would call them or well. I wouldn't know because I couldn't read like that. Like I was like yeah, we can read that shit didn't know what the fuck that was well. I noticed that he started crying when a debate. The the bt, god executive, he got fired every day, Okay, that was last night, but he sure did,
currently made my. Why didn't you either? I worry about the contract. Funny man, then, after that, so when start touring with the kings of comedy. Is that a long long time at that were so we did? We did that the e t bowen and then you're touring, because you I mean you were big act. We did. We did a b t we did half hour we did, have. I did this thing: devil rush that was with Bobby pasta rally, an english show that really didn't take, but I got I started making money on the road, so I moved from the inner city here. to the valley. And that's how he always gave up cause. I had white neighbors for the very first show when he toured, though at that time, because, like someone like Bernie man, if you listen to Bernie's first stuff, I mean that was for black audiences. There was here no question period so I go out and you guys, and I imagine still happens, is that he was almost all black on yes, but as a big adi, it was a very
I see, but back then a mat is still a pretty good size artist, but now they have so many more options right where it was like We were back when they had the tv v with three channels that we went to the channels right. So as us, the way people in mexico that without you I can read, write, and so we were a big big act, but it came about. I was on the huguely. They had gone out and done a modified version of that Bernie and si said and stephen there theaters. It was okay, but they wanted to move up to arenas, but you will have to hurry huh glaze I had to. I was on for a guy. That was one of those sides. I remember right, but it was one of those things where you got moved off a network and then they got you another network you have ewp sure did as fucking crazy right. You thought you were done yet I never did, though I always knew I remember when they told us we were canceled on a a b c. I said I dunno how but I'm gonna get us two hundred episodes and I did and it's indicate yeah. Oh that's great news,
boy. It ain't what it was it ain't like cosby syndicated, but then again I gotta pay out of lawsuit. So if you don't gotta go broke or why he just disgraceful forever, hey be a race, I'm telling the truth be erased from his right yeah. But then we you know I was on the the state say it was on cnc we're on the same show. Bernie was The crescent along the road I was I myself, Bernie hadn't, had history and had to show yet and so they wanted to play a rina saudi by me on, and we too have he is an embryonic at issue was huge already and thence. By did the movie, despite the movie, do it like he did it early on the right. He didn't like your diddy way three years it was the third year or what so you guys were tight yeah. We were where we were ready to go It was weird for me. What happened for me is. I had done another hbo special, thirty days
for any reared is called going home aired by forty thirty five, thirty thirty, four days before gonna going to shoot the get the the. he's a real, so I had to write a written in our right so either, thirty more minutes in a month in a month it was horrible. Oh it's the worst. It was horrible because you do you spent like a year put net hbo. You have to get up early years riots. Tightening you know how it goes. Man, then dad you feel, came out. I don't I've noticed it was I who was it was it was our wisted part again. I was I could have done my h b, o special on the kings of comedy, but I did it then, but I've done this is my september, the teens will be for netflix, contrary my eleven special It's amazing eleven. I have three books in levers: I've written three books and three specials in the last six years, but this is like this is the time. I'm, you know any idea, you given away money.
You know it is all these different option. Yet you know and it's sort of hard, though, like you know, when you hear about how some of the guys we know and came up with the money they're making the year and then they make your offer, there's some part of your brain, but you still gotta still a lot of money here. He knows funny. I had no idea this when a so Michael goes. We've got your netflix me. As I say: alright, thanks man, that's cool dope. I won't do it and so we start writing it and get it together. and then I hear monique say they only offer a habit. Doesn't wear hey wait a minute. How is it over me like it was months later, like I had been excited about. The idea when I was going assume MIKE Rosenberg would give you a good deal. I just didn't even think about it, because I thought, because when we special there was too it was like calling card here. So you're, right, right and radiological. He had really get right. Get is re educating their exposure. I want you to see what I'm driving me ray Then they told you how much and now they are going. Okay do it, but the radio
when when I was working out like as I've watched you all the time you like you had googlys, but then, like any of us keep move any keep working, geigy, arguing the tour and am like one bernie tag and he dropped her a heart attack to know he had socket us though it is, now. These are you him toward the anterior, but the same thing about that is, if you will, In vegas I was doing a gig in vegas and about it. That was his fake rumor. That Bernie had died and we thought I was so I said. I'll go see him yeah make this run the had all these days books Uncle SAM, die right when I was like, I was widely no check it out secular and I remember when they had his funeral. I was performing in phoenix here, so I took a private jet for phoenix to go to his funeral and then back
fears and I remember the biggest text when you could have to here is to honor the and go see them and then do what you guys have done is to be on the state level right up to my old man died. I was on stage with your, so one thing I did learn is that he will say our kind of shit LA he knows that you love them now, Tell somebody you love them. I think that that's just that's it, the coward's way. That's what people say so that they let you off the hook right but how could he knows a barrier tat there s That is truly a great regret in my professional person personality. to say that I'm only decided he's another one of the great see it's that people don't necessarily put up there Well, I think in our communities, Oriana ogres, yes by course I was gonna. Ass, though, is like you, you know like when I look at. You tried a lot of shit that they turn
yeah. Yeah yummy, I remember when they gave you the cnn show and they didn't have comedy on cnn and you're. Setting up this panel show and he wanted to be informative, but funny, and it didn't quite mad catz, but it was funny what we did a million people a weekend, a million yes for a weekly show for for a weekend show and they and they ran it a few times where I granted a few times, and we did it almost we did it from. sober all the way till like April, but what happened was the economy, tanks, tanked and so they used to have to have ripe elements, they didn't have any larry king king with that is using studio. So I was living in l and they apartment in new york, so I would have to do it and rehearse their gone yeah. I was home for twelve hours a week, so I had to so I had to get out I see my family, how many kids you got three yeah, and so they said well either you can do it from have to do it from new york or you can't do it and that's why how it ended?
the same apartment I have in new york. Now the one cnn got me a really clever. Yes, I did yes, I did and then you did like you'd work with Jay. Did a lot of segments for leno's show I always like to eat at some point you know when you look at your career and like I have to do the same thing where you like, you can't look at it as like. Well, I tried a bunch of shit. Didn't work out sure you got in if you still look at it like that's a career man. I I I never I haven't had that much. Is that that to me I. It's one of the things I have always loved about you and respected about you. what kind of journey there is there, All of that was getting waiting for this moment right, that's true, all yeah, so you gotta. So I kid now like when I look back in may and I you know
the three books I won a peabody award. I got a radio show, I dig yeah, I'm I'm pretty respective yeah very, do what I want right. I say what if, if, if, if my question in tell town the true right. You know so and- and I have opportunities to do things and I'm asked to do things All the time- and I get to say no a lot at the best, it is the best. I saw a kid I and And- and I still kemetic lee love. What I do thing about getting to the age rag and having had some failures, or at least some things right happen is that you, you know you, you, can you don't? You become truly fearless at some bright yet What's going to fucking happened, you do right, I remember when people got so mad at me. I am, I was on.
Jay Leno, on that don Imus thing had happened and those you know you call them that be at home on Jay leno, and I said that was wrong. those girls one held, but they were navigate and what the market firestorm started from, who, from of em black community angry and they. Like I'm not fucking apologize for a joke and they were boys. the protests in rio, don't ya man. It was insane Then it was bad, it was home What like Steve, wouldn't let me show because he said people are mad at you and ames lot of book me really is eat it, because the black women were mad and I said which is ridiculous because my wife is black. Mistresses evolve, evolving black man, I was, I was clearly making a joke here, but I never felt like you should have to apologize for a joke right and I defended a man that made a bet it just it just I I think you're disingenuous. If you give you
hopefully whether you don't give to somebody else, and it taught me a lot it taught me. I could take a punch and it made me unflinching in my convictions. I believe what I say here and I'm willing to you know if you don't dig it, I get it but yeah fuck you. If you can't take it too, and you and you took It- you took a megyn kelly to task was beautiful yeah. I don't like about people. My people play home games like really, you know Sean Hannity, all those cats. You know Tucker, the car was, could they only play in the cathedral right there, We play home, that's right. She was on fox when you did this member back when she was on the fact that she is a racist and totally she gets to pretend like she's, not a working like this, because I look at her and I'm like you pretty monster hit like a bitch just because you cook with olive oil domain, you don't like so so it will. It was one of those times where you know like I've, never been scared to. I can hear my one was exactly about it was it was about I had another book at a time, go blackmail, white house, and it was
It was the second book it was. A second book was the oral history of the obama years and it was to like you know how twain did that the oral history yeah yeah yeah and I pretended like I- was there. It was kind of like forrest gump. I pretend like I was there doing all right and it was hilarious and had done really well, and we were originally there to talk about that yeah, but then philando castile have gotten killed. They have been this rash of shootings right and so it morphed into that kind of conversation that she had that dude mark from while before me, unbeknown to me and my lapd yeah, I'm like a disgrace, yeah like when you are so racist, did you get a black murderer off you're, not an expert that they should ever use the only place you can be as verified. So we had a huge fight and you know that regulate. Like thirty million people sucks- and we are remember watching it and then I was so mad it since that I wrote this book on either get shot otherwise for white people. You think that was part of the trigger of it. It was a trigger it.
I think the best- and I I made took me a year to a year- to sell the premise. Em up met my agent, my book age, richard and peter map publisher and my editor Doug, who Doug, who wrote a book with me, but thank you to wait but benign racism and white indifference, because it is called a cat upholding such a level, creativity. It creativity was the bronze age. What is shut up in drivel, because a lord ingram or or this book, because a maying kelly stead, blonde white, indifferent, but nine but victory. I like racism. That just is. Is really kind of what everybody pilgrims not benign. Yet there was enough, since that megan's pretending to be nice to them, but they, but they use the same, but but thank you to them, but yeah. This
it's funny, but it's also a eight hundred and eighty eight I'd, imagine it's prob pretty hilarious due to a black media, but it's also a pretty scathing fuckin indictment but that's why people that eighty, we But when I left at what, because you have perspective right, each chap is. Is it like? among the main, like all the abiding wiping out allowing all the time I was neither of stuff you ve expiry re likely egg, like don't
the likelihood of name? Your keys waited DR, how not to get shot by the police, how to act in the sub categories or how to be nice inquiry? What kind of music should do is re start making white people say the edward I, how do not come from a single parent house rather tricky, because all yea it is, but it's all those few the company see the you know that if we had a silhouette people, you say everybody presently, the cigar me like I'm. Ok, I'm gonna go web. What about got the other? What are you sure got most people who fear that will be like this this carefully, and I say everybody did she. Cargo is really kind of what the hell did. They, they they represent the moral failing that we all have an eight that is really kind of biased and raises, but never say that, because that that a lot of people die of opium west virginia, but that is an indicative. That is the total that isn't what why people are so
it is amazing to me about the white people are keeping that should under rather as a shining in italy. A shame if it's like. The amount of white people that are dying from that shit from all class years like in in there's amazing book called dreamland about the opioid epidemic, but it's like fifty sixty I was in seventy thousand a year where they cannot addressing like you that the black community had no? No, they had to address crack because we were going to jail, we really and crazy. It's like women, when a blinkered black on black crime is like saying well, it was a bank that got robbed all the time and the police get to do it because look at their scared is black on black crime, which is bullshit, because crimes about proximity in black neighborhoods aren't any. data and why they were. Who is just because they have black people in the day
it's more inherently days because they have poor black people show me a safe, poor, neighborhood right, you won't be able to cause there because it and am class is not so very talk to ass, a body, but they could they want it to. They want those would the marching orders, but I will say that just like. If something happened to you. Clams about proximity summit have to you. They would talk to your girlfriend furs or your family. First, they wanna way you know yeah I get it. I get all lissy who who does and that's that's the same thing. You tend to hurt the people you're around, but I'm I the people have used at a fundamentally believe that there has never been a situation that has been on by people, people of color that so horrible, so atrocious, so gruesome, so brutal. immaterial aflac, that no matter what it is the annual, think they ve ever been so where this material of let that, no matter what it is about. Our gives the taos strapped to a fuckin pham a mode, and thrown in nearly a mile,
don't tolerance, don't they have a high tolerance for the agony of. mine and obviously I can't even it's like. I can't speak to you as a representative for a black people, Why the question I my mind, and obviously I can't it's like- I can't speak to you representative for all black, but I I like when this administration took control and when sessions was made attorney general I have to assume that you know, as as disheartening and heartbreaking and horrible as it was. There was some element within the black community that was right near here. We go again. My father said we seen this before right. There like officials being racist and hating. Black people isn't newest retro is really the right of the very few people in the end, the oval office or any other officer didn't that war. But we didn't know it is this really is his generation like our generation, you know because we're the same age and we've been through some president needs to be shamelessly race here and and Provo.
Racism was alive for us sailor. I grew up. I lived in LOS angeles, a was right, so I can't tell refers round my mother's children, the first one that had four rise of an american citizen, the first one. So I mean other one right voter in our lab areas. I wasn't aware I have is that when the where but still happen in light right right right so did I have still happened to my life in the affected. The dealer voters rising has to be you know, is now I have a duty to have the key bono and then doing it over and over again. So as it is, I think get to the detach us from common everyday experiences if we're not having them, but I don't think this seems trump. And in his kind seem familiar to me? We are there. The debate is seem there. If you look at the popularized notion of the average american around the world. We are there.
The perception of us embodies all of it There are some level he's like eating. It makes complete sense. It is right and it s a little one. When you look at how we proceed in Europe, how we proceed bellicose fat, Is boy memorial, immoral? What is he greedy? right. So you he he embodies so always, I say this that Barack Obama, with who this nation aspire to be trump. We are terrible picture, we are this couldn't live this. Can this couldn't and then It will crack. Maybe some of you will go well. You know I can't Look at the unemployment rate for black people was at historic. Lows are going to be racist. I beg to differ during slavery was zero percent and they hated it so that you can work at two months, yeah. So not much in the fact that they are of a u with purely employed raised
Do we have a level of acceptance aloud. I everything by old nag is that women's grated always manned banned book. It's funny! It's good informative made me feel that you know that made me look at myself here. Would you feel about yeah you've already done enough leg, duty garage and it's been great yeah, I'm taking some. Do you know what I'm saying take whatever you want? Just don't hurt me yeah thanks man who had a pleasant d dot. L Hughley! I love it. To have an ameer again contrary and his new special is now available to stream networks and his most recent book out. to get shot. Another advice from white people is available wherever you get books, hautboy boy yeah. Alright I'll pick up an ax, it's been awhile how my fingers with you would have.
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