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Episode 998 - Gary Clark Jr.

2019-02-27 | 🔗
Gary Clark Jr. tries not to put too much pressure on himself. That’s not surprising since outside forces seem to put a lot of pressure on Gary, with guys like Eric Clapton asking him to go on tour and outlets like Rolling Stone calling him The Chosen One. The truth is, Gary was just a kid who wanted to be an R&B singer and taught himself how to play guitar. He tells Marc what he learned about the guitar from watching Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, playing with Hubert Sumlin , and listening to Tito Jackson. Yes, Tito Jackson. Somewhere along the way, Gary made the shift from doing covers of the blues to tapping into it on his own. This episode is sponsored by Vice Live, Squarespace, and Care/of.

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Is the all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck a dell eggs what's happening? I am mark mare- and this is my podcast wtf- welcome to it. What having today is I've gary clark, junior on the show today, our player. And you know me and guitar players- and you know me, guitar. So we talked some guitar, that's going to happen, for you sure We- and I have some new tour dates to announce some states side club dates as I ploughed through the new hour or so of material april eighteen, through twentieth at the american cavity company in san diego may, sixteenth, through eightieth at good night sky.
many carbon club in raleigh raleigh, north carolina may twenty third, through twenty fifth at the comedy club on state in madison, wisconsin June sixth, through eighth at vermont, Comedy club in burlington, vermont and june thirteenth through fifteenth helium comedy club in richmond heights, Missouri right out Saint ST louis- go to wtf pod dotcom swash tour for ticket info. Also, the kay dates. Are there the colorado dates? Are there, so it's shaping up it's shaping up to be a real tour, with a mixture of small theaters, medium sized in comedy clubs? out there they're going to get out there and the country and I'm going to do. thing and I'm going to eat some food in different places, but I used to eat man. I think I've only been to ST louis once is that possible? We are dongle. I don't know. If I told you, I don't think I could have
I guess I d rapped on Monday morning. I shot my last seen for this season. Of glow season three in one great- and it was add an exciting and though there, still shooting, but maybe on friday, I'll go when everybody else wraps and hang out and eat the ice cream that I'm going to you know, contribute to for a truck for the crew I don't have you know that about dead, most tv shoot out about film sheets are much better. end of each episode. Usually the director will throw for sort of a gift type of a truck to come and know. stay, I guess at me, and the girls me and the gals are going to chip get ice cream truck. So, if there's people on the crew. As in this, and I just spoiled you friday, don't look at it as being a being spoiled look at it as hey we're going to get ice cream on friday. Yes, that's it anyway way. Huli Huli, bully
I I got a guitar player coming in he's, not play guitar. Sadly, we didn't bring one. I got. I got some here, but sadly I did not ask him. I don't know why it. Sometimes it's a little tricky to to record here, but we did get. We did get off on a a talk or make sure I have this to reference. You hear that yes, I I'm tell you what that is in a minute cause. I just had to find it on my phone. It's interesting. You know Gary Clark Jr. I first saw where they first see him. I know that I saw him open for the rolling stones in san diego and I was with dean. I believe I saw him. I know I saw him open for Derek trucks when I went to see them at the universal. I and I think, if I,
stigma didn't remember to ask him about it. I think he was with clapton jimmy bond over there returned the forum when clapped him was there when I went to that when Jimmy played over here. and I didn't even ask him about that- we did talk a bit about him, working with clapton and Keith richards. Other people, but you know we got off. guitar thing he smoked a little before and which kind just drifted in is so funny when people ask smoke weed, I I'm like yeah go ahead and they're like no I'm not even doing here. He said yeah, I'm not going to do it outside I'm like damn it there's. You know I don't know twenty years over. If I'm around it man, I didn't, you know, I'm not doing it but I can get a little. Some some right, ha ha ha, didn't work out. That way. Thank god cause. I need to live with that burden of a contact buzz and how much was I part of that? How much should I
you shouldn't the answer, be like no man, you don't sober, be really helpful if you just do it outside, as opposed to wherever you want man come on. Do I hear blow at my face, like I'm a kitten, I should wrap this up pretty quickly here, because I do have to go. I gotta take fuckin buster back to the vet follow up yeah like he's acting full on man full on crazy As to form buster back to his old self, but yeah, I think I should go. Get those blood levels checked, probably price you get my own blood levels checked. Can I do that at the vet? Would that be weird? you can take buster's can just take a vial of mine running through the machine to where I'm at see. If I feel who came here or a f? I ve, or you have some other strange feeling. Disease, or should I go to my regular doctor? I probably should heading into this conversation with Gary carter,
you're like I had to like get in it get into the gary our gm catalog, the new album this, this land I believe it's called in my right. Yes that's out now, but he's got a few other records out and he got pretty big for for a couple. Big lie: records in in. That was interesting thing. That was some there's a couple interesting things about. This conversation is that there are guys that I respect that have a tremendous respect for gary, so it was great to have to sort of like enter the catalog, and know that that people that I I I respect her? You know coming to him with the with a with a reference. here. He can certainly fucking play guitar. And and sing, but this album. Is you know it's kind of a you know. It's a mixed bag of of kind of blues ballads will rmb some hip hop element to it, that sort of where he sat by what we Choosing about the conversation with him was that you he was. Poised to be the
next guitar guy, you have the guitar, god guy. and you had a reckon with that- and I thought that was interesting. I also thought it was interesting. He started in Austin the the tutelage to some degree Jimmy Vaughn stevie. His brother who I've talked to who's one of my favorite guitar players, so you we're coming. We were coming in hot, with some guitar talk, but but right out of the gate, I reference pretty quickly that that little piece of what I just played, you is something that a Matt Sweeney, the guitar player who's been on. The show turned me onto an he sent me out and people send you a video link, it's and you can find it yourself. Yeah, even if you're, not a guitar player, you fuckin be like what the fuck Do youtube videos, magic, sam magic, sam's, boogie, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine, this magic sam he's not even playing his own guitar and he's laying out this trip and sweeney sent it to me. I'm like what the fuc
in sweeney said he was going to figure it out for some reason that was in my head, because I listen to a gary cartoon. Your live record and I heard a song on there, one of his songs and it had like sort of the skeleton that riff and then like it struck me like. cuz. I tried to figure that out, but it's above my it's out of my wheelhouse, unless I spent like maybe I could spend the rest of my life trying to figure it out. I'm sure there. our players will be like no problem. Listen but you know it's tricky groove, but I felt when I was listening to garrison sing, I can What song was on the weather. And I was like he tried to figure that thing out and that that's the residue of it in this song. So when we start talking about this thing at the beginning of this conversation, that's what we're talking about. I just want you guys to be in the loop on that, because there's a giddiness to it, moment of us
both know him, knowing immediately what I was talking about as if We had talked about it before it was just it was pretty beautiful moment. And he was a little buzzed, so it must have been. even better moment for him? Now you guys. Maybe someday things will be okay again, but until we do have music We have. Maybe time to turn back or at least stop. Via slow frying of this planet. but I was going to be able to stop the bugs you have going to win the little ones the bugs without fail. Sitting bodies just rennie eight strands of dna, the viral bugs bacteria bugs the ugly bugs that eat the pretty bugs
and as is turned into a downer god, damn it god dammit. So now that I've I've laid it out and You know you exactly what I'm referring to when me and Gary, get off on this. It's magic, sam, magic, sam's, boogie, one thousand, nine hundred and sixty nine. You can watch it on youtube. It's fucking gets me off. show gary's new- I it's called this land it's available now, where you get music gray down. People love it, and this is me I gotta, I gotta, stop it or I'm going to watch it me talking to Gary clark, jr to smoke yeah. You can wait, smoke hear me out on smoking here. I don't wanna smoke you out, but if I step out for a second right now before yeah, yeah, yeah sure yeah,
I've had people who need to smoke in the garage. I don't want to do that to anybody. I don't mind it. I I quit a long time ago, but you know it's nice to get a freebie. Occasionally, yes, deep breath, Kevin smith in the old garage as a could barely breathe, so So now what or when eyes when I pointed out the gold top with the penile? Indeed- and I said that's the best qatar- your first response was really like white awake eve played that qatar I have, and what What what is your feeling about it? I think it's a great guitar, but I'm tall and it comes with back problems a really heavy. I think, like.
This is a reissue of a fifty six and it don't feel as heavy is. That is that a heavy one? It's not right! Actually Right, some of those who s pause or heavy has fought like a custom is heavy. I got to play a hebrew someone's Oh really, he played a when he put a golden Oh really solid man Oh my god, I now d somebody- I don't know if I, if I saw correctly or he really said that jason isabel said that maybe guitars are necessary. All direct up to be some of them are huh some of them are I've picked up a couple of ones and are just you know, planks of wood. but did someone fuck with it I mean. Was there? Did he play likewise air, something different about his other than it being his otto think? So I think it was just like ours. Those six those p nineties ages break up at the great gate like it's weird ie, if you crank em up and with no effects at all, they just the notes:
I come unglued, weird narrowly yeah fucked up so and the thing is love a little. up to the edge of the loose mafia. Like the darwin perfect that things craig- The disease is like. You saw my stereo, and this is the other thing I spent money on. This is fucking air, if you can't find those for cheap, unless your luck may be in Texas yeah, it might find one. Your dumb old person who's got one in their basement from their kid who had it in the sixties. Who The way in nam or something, but I try running out to ya I go. Look, I'm not gonna lie. I was going to not telling any. Yeah you know, but yeah. I always try and go look for something see if somebody's, oh, really good slipping. You know, have you found some nah, never there's so many guitar players in and either How did we get like this secret like it running around, got nothing,
right. You know anything about this other than, like, I don't know like a dog one said the best thing, and I repeat this all the time someone above that particular orient, but I think that's like a fifty seven deluxe and or fifty eight They said it's a one trick pony, but it's a good trick. It's great trick. What are you later? I plan to find a viable kings old ones. no no I'm playing the ones I mean we run around so much on tour that that you know the old gear classic stuff. I just gotta, keep it at. I rarely get here raid, the air, while you know just just recently, yeah, shipping, guitars and stuff. You open a case Neck is snapped. After. That happened. Yeah happened a few times with what like sg. Is your had a strap it brought other factor that happen to you as a real roma should so high
when you open that case of desert already snapped, and it's just a message strings all to say, I love it so sad yeah it is I can think of a riff that way cause I was into. I didn't think it was a it's somebody's boogie and like sam's, boogie yeah yeah magic, sam yeah killer on royal king's guitar, yeah right, yeah, the flowers yeah. What the fuck is that I love show people that video was seated before me too, Have you figured it out? No, because you on the live record, you do one that's a little close to that groove. I do one that's close, but that's because I couldn't figure out the other subtly I was wondering like like. I was visited europe like jaws
no Gaza is because, if I get so close, but I was mary about it by My father was you take. I it out I'm not even waste my time events causes eager again gave up their data to the left. My ear like I, I can't like I'm not great at figuring things out and that's a great thing about the blues is like so you get the Did you run with the idea? I got the idea out just an own. It great interpretation, so Austin, that's where you come from us in taxes. Right near what white like wake like, part of town where who would your dad do what part of town kind of south
yeah on the edge of the city in the country, yeah spot called oak hill. Aha, we got brothers and sisters a group of of four sisters, Four sisters got four sisters out on that. I'm right in the middle on the education. and on near the town. What was your family's business? My mom is an accountant, so she was an account for like a capital metro's near public transport, yeah and board, and mills so we used to get like chocolate milk from time to time she would bring it home and it was like the best day ever and my dad sold anything and everything from shoes to cars, to clothes, to sales. Guy houses, yeah house or anything keep the lights on here. They still around now that's good Follow me everywhere. Do that here, man ask you: did I get a deal is fine. No they just come is and get a guard girl.
Man is pretty good. When did you start playing ninety ninety? Six at a nowhere? How agree? I was twelve yeah, so not out of nowhere a friend of mine down the street. She had a band here c mon saying she she had a black finished ratan. I am fender. twin with the red knobs yeah I have and just loud as fuck yeah there's a waiter one. That's not like a new one right in like the eighties or something to have the the pop out volume on a drive. Yeah yeah, all that stuff, and so Was that she had a ban, all girl band ban cute girls, panic ross. Basketball contracts and I'm and her dad would fix video games and he had once like arcade. So we just go hang out,
it was a place that was the coolest place to be sounds like the best place to be there's a guitars amps and video games exactly so so I just you know, I started getting interested in the guitar so about a year later. I ended up just kind of breaking my folks down and they got me one year, but so when you're just like looking at it and getting into it and watching people play it. It just appealed appeal to you. Did you just? Did you try to pick it up before yeah. I tried to pick it up my dad guitars, some guitars in the house, and I was here actually my first introduction to guitar was seeing Tito jackson play really yeah like seeing young kids, look like me yeah a band. He can kind of play to right. He's like a blues, yeah right. I remember later when he did solo stuff. It was sort of like shit like he can yeah he played yes, they did this or I got this tape it. It is a cover of isaac, Hayes, walk on by ye and his plan like the
was why par yeah yeah and I was like what does that sound? You know- and I was like I need to- I need that- the first, while I say I got me things over it and you're like ten, yeah yeah so funny that, like that one sound that makes that that that's the magic thing like tat? Like you know, I get in axiom when you're really young? How do you make that noise and landed on his advice? Do so what did you? What was the first guitar? Then? What were the ones hanging around the house? My dad's guitar was an old silver tone and with amp now I'll give you a bit on acoustic that and actually a break in and try to take it down after call and play it and we broke a busted it then. I just recently went to my parents house and it's still busted up and I got to go. Get that thing fixed If it's over to vegas get him a new guitar yeah, he plays a little bit. He plays a little bit plays keys. You know to saga:
so always delicate. Yet Bernie Worrell really makes a noise eddie hazel, so yeah all over exactly surrounded by fuzz round about, can can't get away from it? In my first guitar was Aurex as r x, twenty mm- I can't picture it, it's just that it it's kind of got the body of a strat, oh yeah, yeah, but we don't pick up humbuckers or humbuckers on the body of a strat yeah. That was it. What about you? My first guitar is, a deluxe copycat. There was a brand of guitar called copycat that made copies. That were like a hundred bucks like it was a fine starter out Rick lending, my first acoustic was an old harmony that my old man had harmony, F, hole, acoustic and then the first guitar I bought. Was a blonde tele that was heavy as fuck, not that one
sad that the one I had ended up his. I think it's in some, I think some punk rock girl, it now, because I I I am before I really knew how to play. I hung around. guitar store and they had a guy that painted guitars and the I would order parts for guitars and I made really cool guitars by can really play him, but that I enjoyed the I had this monster guitar but I can really play was johnny, be good. Maybe man doesn't allow recur, the guy, plays bass and diane Johnny bradley the same way man he'll take apart and put them all in It's been him and you, and my god day I could probably open up a shop. Do some pretty cool it's fun because I dunno if it really makes a difference, especially, I didn't make a difference to me because I didn't know about one or nothing I could barely play, but I knew it was cool that you could buy this shit yeah you gotta have a guy painted, but the detail he got painted cherry red and I put brass equipment on it, and then I tried to a roommate for coke back in the day, and then he
for years, then I heard he became a professor at u c Davis and he's a poet and he gave it to his buddies daughter who is in a punk band, so I'm like as long as it has a life dance It's funny that I was able to track it wow, that's pretty good, so who's, the art teaching you and I started teaching myself really listening to stuff on the radio, my friend would show me some towards chords power, chords, really, yeah. show me. The jimmy red yeah straight up blue stuff keeps that weird five open on the turnaround like Lenny so you show me that I'm just learning this alone from Jimmy VON who we both right and from Jimmy malino, who probably learn from Gibby via or that it yet a good group guys we learn stuff from but yeah that
I watched him but like so you just teaching yourself. He never took lessons. I never really took a formal lesson. We would do stuff in school. Sometimes we had this kind of guitar class year. Bunch of kids would get together and share. You know: guitar magazines yeah your tabs and right or yeah? And you know I still don't know how to do tabs. I gotta figure it out. It's pretty easy right. I it's been so long, but yet in terms of fi, it just shows you where the lead is yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. So you know self taught through tabs self taught through tabs and just listen to records trying to the fao watching them soon as I it guitar stevie ray vaughan attribute the very violence play. It was Jimmy yeah, brother in town and yeah. It was at that it was an awesome city, ok, okay, okay, Jimmy is brother, yet his brother, who else and the original double trouble ban original double trouble. Robert cray, Eric Clapton, bonnie raitt,
buddy, guy bb king. I think I might be somebody else remiss in, but it was like everybody yeah, and so I got my guitar and I don't know what to do with it and like it seemed like the next week or whatever I'm sitting there. Saturday you're watching his alive? No it wasn't live. Is the also rerun it ever. But It was that and they played stevie ray vaughan performances from nineteen eighty three and like the nineteen, eighty nine yeah so blew my mind. Man yeah blue mama, so I just recorded that tape and learned that pausing and rewinding, and figure out what Hands were yeah, that's how that was it that from stevie right about stevia. As you listen to him, and you know you like it, quickly in your mind, is like that must be the end of this week. I do know it's not! Oh! It's going to keep going. you gotta red
I do that bother you No, no! I love it. I mean that's the thing that I like about sort of like how did he get all that in how did he play over the turn around and end up in the right place with all those notes and all that style with a lot It is man, but like it's weird, because I jimmy like Jimmy, was my guy more than stevie really yeah, those first Three fabulous thunderbirds records the way he played so clean and so decisively It was like great enemy me he knows exactly what he's going to do. This is what it is and if I do I'm the backup, if you're uncomfortable I'm going to, let you deal with it. But so, okay, so you're watching that you trying to work out Jimmy Jimmy ray Vaughan or stevie ray and you will do what about hendricks me, because that would that was always. I actually for me that the liability of of stevie ray
was how much he you know, listen to hendrix like I like hendrix, but I can't put hendricks in his own place and when I hear people like you, really kind of power, from a mite nets. Hendricks I ate weird emulate yemen and maybe I'm an asshole but its undeniable reality chant I, but he had all that Tex mex. You know that texan. You know Canada down. Even when aware that comes from with the vaughn boys will jump blues stuff, I dunno where it comes, but it's uniquely I can hear it on your first record to there's a rhythm to it that comes directly from guys in whatever their following you ever track it yeah little bit tracking it back to lightning hopkins bone granddaughter lawyer. I think t walker wrote all the links. Wrote all of the lie: they're all there. You have to find them everyone. Every blues like that everyone's using is then a t bone walker.
Song somewhere sure breakthrough exactly in tone as well: yeah, beautiful town, we're going back. When did you start like you actually doing that? When were you able to kind of hold your own in him play? today we are now a danger migrant. I put all my own and play when I I guess why did it town shown in eighth grade, really I wanna talents, talent show and what do you have any replay pride and joy hey everywhere, destroying it. The meaner drummer. megan and bass player, Jeff, young kids, yeah and you nailed it. so we did our reading a boot, You know the one we want, so we did. Ok want a little bit of money. Like man, we made it. We are in a record business
and you never want like he never like. It was always the blues that that moved. You know now known on the blues is, is what what was kind of my introduction to yeah, but aren't you playing thought? I was going to be Allah, love, music, I was going be an rb singer mechanism like boys to men, yeah. So you were singing a lot too. I thought was going to be on to insync some well there. It is do I go away. Having was cause arm be like, as I can hear, that, even on the new record that move through all a lot of different sounds and there's definitely like soul ballads on their right yeshua. In Definitely, you know art like classic r and b liking, a pre boys to men vibe to some of this stuff. Yeah right, I saw grub listening to you know all the Curtis mayfield temptations four tops as well as finding the half. Thus, for my pops was listening to,
record player. Oh really worried aloud, really yeah fucked around and try to be a dj on and broke the band. Oh no yeah Is it not is get target, is plugin, rectify it away from you own this guy do actually did you singing with me I like it just arm be being set up or no yeah I had this. I had this ambiguous my guy Robbie man and we got ourselves young soul, and what grade was asked is like six, seven ok here and this guy. You know he would pull up the blaze love this guy. So we would in six grace is great and so we would, at lunchtime of whatever we'd be hanging down. He believed she let sing something.
And so we would sing whatever. As yet or boys. Men song was on the radio or whatever yeah added girls, girls. We get my other friend, Do you know who around so backup yeah, they would sing backup and we would sing me songs man. Then girls will come up and scream, and- oh robbie and this and that? And so that's what we thought we were going to do. You know we caught ourselves young. So we had a whole trip. Yeah, I'm going to go to l a and b superstar you have haircuts now I just had a nice fade now doing we're we going to be edgy so like grunge was at that time. So we were like flannel. You know what I mean you take your game, make it to abroad, exactly get that the angry are going to like, but yeah, so yeah, that's that's what I'm gonna do. I was man in the choir, acquire the choir boy and trying to play basketball, and do that
I got so much effort segment. They best thing. I crazy see. What did I eat that kept you in church every sunday, yes singing in the choir it did. I had the single charge. Man model started playing in these clubs down on sixth street, and my mom said: if you can play pretty drunk seton go and play for Jesus really airplane in quote weight when you're in high school fourteen fifteen, going on plan and down in austin, you spent some I mean awesome. I go I like an austin guy. You know, I don't like I've. Been there yeah, quite a few touches there. Yeah yeah, I saw you there. I saw you at the continental I swear with when Jimmy was there, because I was doing a show down the street at the paramount and then Jimmy just happened to be in town cause you're, saying er, yeah vino is hanging out with VON and I think, you came by, were you there or there? I was drinking though yeah yeah, so I'm pretty good at and yeah because was airs about it. Was there Jimmy? Was there ability?
I know billy Jimmy's guy and I think it was he playing with them. That night, like I know that, guy from here he was out here for a while. Billy is the guy who plays guitar billy, pittman yeah yeah yeah, he's good day by day yeah, so I've been out there, but I I that was the first time I've been in the continental, though even with all its history. It was kind of fun to see old jimmy trying to but with Jimmy, is very funny to like, as VON is such a he's such a grounded player. I mean, isn't fuck around not trying to be something he's not you know. So to using it in the choir. Oh by the way, I just got a vinyl of the soul stirrers with sam cooke cook, someone reissued it listen within that stuff I litter like this all stairs where gospel group, but he was a riot driver. Sam Cooke was with him it's so wild to listen to that shit because you listen to and it's straight up gospel stuff. But then you hear sam cooke's where's that guy come like
he was so identifiable so early on. I just the magic that due to voice asian, did you see that the story on him was a bad news and I bet just a lot information I didn't know ended, look been badly but yeah. The iron and that only the noise reducing seemed like weird get shot by some crazy here now know. Maybe he wasn't crazy. I know what happened. I don't know what happened either, but it is interesting to see his his story, albeit what he was about a lot of levels to that guy. There was yes, there's a good biography that I started. I start a lot of books in my region I was starting to get get few pages in turkey the same way of cars. So as you're playing basketball? You doing your boys demand thing you're singing in the choir, so when you was to transition, when do you start like doing rock and blues
rock and blues. I started doing a rock and blues. I got a jimi hendrix cd, which one the ultimate experience is like a compilation of oh wow yeah, and it starts off purple haze or whatever right and then in Stevens texas flood. Yet then I have You know who are wearing air walks and vans and gene codes and that long hair yeah they were plan nirvana right, so are Kurt Cobain. You know hit it stomp box. That was the first thing I heard time I heard about pedals yeah like a distortion right, yeah yeah, so I just kind of got into it that way: a buddy, much roi, we all kind of hang out and split. Music. This guy Aaron was a drummer and he would bring all this kind of music. Do you listen to like corn and let biscuit and stuff like that? Yeah we were just kids. Getting together, you know, share
I stuff some of it. I like some of it. I didn't, but I heard it and then, where you weak, that's when he started playing out, though around town not music of twenty years ago. Sorry. Twenty years ago me and eve disc, for her fifteenth birthday. She, she wanted to go out and play at a blues bar eve is one from the punk band beavers one from the other video games, yeah, yeah, okay! So, You wanted to go down with the the talent, show band yeah and play some Lose yet, and we ended up putting our names down on the list and we ended up playing a t bone shuffle and pride and joy haha and from there we just kind of started. We just kept going back in the Gaza to which club is a car. It's a club called it was called babes at the time was like a sports bar, a baseball sports bar and stuff like that, and so we we just kept going back, and these guys would
producers to all these artists, like seaborne walker albert counts, ready king became which guiding The guys who running the the the blues jam yeah water higgs. He had a band called the shuffle pigs, so it was walter higgs in the shuffle pigs with the blue channels. They are babes here, and they would have other people can sit in like a kelley brothers, moeller brothers, derek and I'm not sure. If you have dr alan haynes, all these people would just common, so they would just educate the spring cds bring his tapes or, as I check this app yeah yeahs you that you're interested in staying check it out oh by the way, there's this radio show on saturday and as this radio show on Monday right I get out you. You can hear all blues because they didn't you. They saw it enough you
the anton came picked us up who's that guy he opened up a club in nineteen. Seventy five in july called Antonio and he brought all the great blue skies more the nineteen seventy five he opened it. Yet but yeah, not in austin, and you brought these great blues musicians, open up to culture down there to these great artists and got people up stage, and he introduced me to that so eight so seven hundred and seventy five. So he was the one that turned like there was a who johnny winter johnny winter, yeah yeah, yeah, jackson,
and so that's where the Vaughan brothers started going like they must have been pretty younger, anyways the goat year to Anton antone. I wasn't around for all that, but in the seventy five, so you think that he was sort of he brought the blues to Austin in a way that made a international kind of thing, like you know like there was a busing in texas, but he brought all those other cats back. Ah, I think there was a boost I mean we had our own kind of situation, one clubs, you know yeah yeah, three grill or Bobby blue bland people come out that, but he can't brought these young white folks in hippies. I think you know right right. The it started this kind of One way I got some crazy
dogma, yeah yeah, I'm gonna need some water this morning, yeah cool I'll go grab. One ankle do do do do do do do do hm. Thank you. I was struggling so that guy he managed anton night and manage me you just kind of a mentor introduce me to people like Hubert someone, pine tat park and how will release guys out fifteen? so you met you were when your fifteen, I met him when I was fifteen years old and got up on stage with him really f. Fifteen, fifteen years old he didn't show me anything really, but he told me stories about playing with wolf and what that was can
add in a row with him and when he left, Howell was banned and go play with muddy waters. And all this you know the blues history that if you're in the stuff. You know you gonna hear yet from the older studia and yeah yeah here too, for him to invite his back and his young kids, and he tells all the stories is, is incredible, was incredible, in pinetop was still alive. Who else did you meet when you're a kid man that impact on you, I to say Jimmie vaughan yeah you know, really had an impact on bramble? Second yeah displayed with him where we live with later on a thing that we put together for movie. Thou is a part of like we did a song together, but then I saw em over that their roots music guy festival there that that benefit. The Jimmy hosted here he's sort of an amazing player doyle like He can just sort of like he can get anything yeah right
Let us do the like. I don't know he's the one the brothers whose together plays with Dylan, I would actually sexton he had a sexy dares to a couple of mars. Charlie, will but he's got kind of a monster on the guitar to huh, it's incredible, yeah, a beastman and so you're there you're fifteen now you'd die now. Did you know when you play with somebody like you? Would someone in your fifteen days right? That's like that's heavy, like I just play those guys and fifty five and I've been playing my whole life, but I don't ever play with people and was like a little it's a little, much to step up You know I'm play by play with slash and jimmy on stepping out and like I've been practicing, but, like you, start when you get nervous and you starting to freak out, my fingers were stiff, always mess it up somehow. But if you got a good been there you don't they? Don't you don't notice it right, you'll notice it but they're there,
taking carrier right. They got you covered were you earning at where you'd learn in some one rifts I mean by the time you played with uber. Were you able to do that? You know any of those fucking wolf, riffs, yeah yeah. It was really getting into it. when you you're in a toilet and then that yeah and all that stuff it was he's a weird player too very unique, dom it's all. Then you'd do players them Is it all up yeah what to dude you're playing with their thumbs now is that was I always the case because, like I never even thought about playing fucking thumb until, like everybody, all these goddamn hipsters now like sweeney's, like Well, mostly my thumb. Now it's like what the fuck is that about I didn't know that was a thing he said about it. What I said about it cause. I just figured out how to use a pic
the barely able to use a fucking piglet, switzer, positive yeah. I use these fat pigs agree that there's an ed king pick from v pics. I dunno how to use these things. I That's what I use I don't know. I had a guitar teacher when I was a kid named VON macmillan who used to play with it and it quarter viking like literally a quarter that he had taken and then I just always thought that hard pigs were the way he told me I should use a medium, but then, unlike for some, I saw albert kings pick uses a big old thing like that and maybe not as thick and that's just what I I got to use and feels like a rock to me. I know there are I. What do you use that little mediums little made him not suspect? the something I guess it was cause like those cats, like probably- lightning out rl burnside. You know, I think, probably even magic. Sam, I mean they're doing a thumb. Think I like folk picking yeah but, like I don't know how you get the speed, how do you get the speed?
you're, not my net, though others due to play with two fingers acquit quit doing so much. after I gave up on the a sam's boogie looking good. So it's more about the pic it broke, you rightly their ties were careful. I love watching that video babe, with the wallet on it here and there's not even it's not even his guitar. That's the other thing This wasn't even his guitar yeah and he laid that out. You have no excuses, yeah yeah, yeah how'd you get into those so for booze, yeah, just music in general. I don't know man he was just always like. I think, I'm the more I think about it. It was probably my my old man like he was an really like all this shit. You know so I was always always gravitated towards. I was sort of obsessed with Johnny be good and which chuck berry. And then from there. I got you know back to the blues, in your eye.
Listening to it a long time, but I don't know why I moved me so much because I like playing it, and I constantly learning about it by listening to all kinds of music, but when I play at play that stuff, it's just the most satisfying, so. How does it go from there? So you're fifteen? When do you? When do you start getting like big attention? Did you win? Did you like, so you played with someone there? Who else did you play with when he was a kid I went out onto a jimmy via okay and the thunder birds now's, Jimmy Wanna tilled, the world bank without billy gap- ok, yes, billy pin in here He had learned barton singing with our and saw was nineteen right at a high school we're and Now on tour with him when all over the? U S, did you have a band or were you playing with them or did have a band we opened up? I had abandoned
I'm all round wrongs, James boy on base keys and we follow them around drove myself must we taxes or our with all over the country. All over the country are followed him round and that's when people started kind of playing clubs playing clubs too young to be in the club, so I went play and then I have to sit outside. while he was on here, sir Sometimes they, let me like, hang out, did you come on forever play with him for a couple of tunes? some time there, but now they wouldn't. Let me in yet point originals. I was planned couple of originals, which were basically like. the same idea of what my daughter you a thing is the sam's bugging right, yeah, like yeah, yeah, right right
We're lady, blue, so homage is a shitty beliefs. Are shitty want to be a a bar blues, songs, yeah yeah, you know, nineteen. What do I know? Somebody said you don't know anything about the bluesy. Wait till you get your heartbroken, so I was doing that and just doing covers defeat. Is that true? Do you think like like you like, because that's the weird thing about it? What is the difference between shitty bar blues and the real thing It's like it's one of those weird things. I think it sort of broke the music. In that you know any you know any half asses could play it and play good enough to get people's. feet moving, but you know what is the defining factor. Is it just a style? the thing. Do you know? Do you know when you changed from that? Do you know when you shifted they could you feel the shift from Doing a cover to I now a minute each year? One you kid when to larry sectors, singing you can visualize. What were the actual emotion comes from right here? You know
yeah yeah, because, like I, I've always wondered about that year that the booze just became this. You know so I gave everybody could do it. and then he started, listen and even start. Listening to some of the sort of like white buggy bands, I can't he'd even but you know, but then, if listen to again. He there like they were real students of the shit, those guys some of those dudes were like study in the shit and then they kind of like they if they'd find their own thing? I think that must be. It is when you make it your own yeah, they gotta be your your stores. You gotta be in your own shoes. So you start touring with Jimmy, like the did that things when you have five, how far be along before he did the record the first record I was making records all throughout the world. Finding myself do the broke starving, This thing by always: yes, you know, but
so that was, I didn't really get into serious music biz his type stuff. I guess you could say yeah always making singles he was making singles. I was making he ps. I was drinking. I was hanging out partying, you know within the white and live in life, taking my time not one to rush anything. Not one to you know, to be sure about who I was as your artist and and just as a man, and you know what I'm seeing young people who became famous- and you know he also seen young people become dead right exactly so I just I was just figure it out and and live without being public right whole idea. That kind of freaked me out so I was, I was scared to jump. I was scared to take that leap.
I was a scanner, any figuring it out, and I I think you sort of reckon with that on the in the that song on black and was a black and blue, the life were like right, yeah, so you like this is. Why is this what it is yeah or is this a you know like? Do I gotta not be this yeah this yeah unless having a round around town and being able to move around, and things were what was the reputation just being attacked? did musician. You know that I am a shock up yeah, not being a fuck up, I mean I was hanging out having a good but you know that after now, but well, I don't think some people might say. That's your point of view the hour. I knows we agree on the edges of think.
Who is Alejandro. Escovedo maybe said that austin is like a velvet ride or something velvet read something like that where, like a comfortable place to you, can make it was so comfortable to stay there? you don't really need to go anywhere and also you don't want to write and I did a joke when I was there. I said it is what if you're it yeah. I don't remember how I framed it, but the idea was, you know if you're a musician in this town, you've probably said this once or twice: hey, I'm back perfect, Oh man, oh god,
so good to see in facing the walking back in the club like Oh man was, if I'm back here, right, yeah yeah, couldn't Well, just because things didn't really work in the event you hear the story from a couple. A different side tat is powerful. Yeah. Well, that is a thing about austin, so you could have done that. So what what? How did it? How did change for you, I mean like you, you know you knew that you were you you're in the groove I was in the groove, but I was also out of money and I didn't want do anything else and I'm sitting in
My house all this gear that I've collected and all these songs that are sitting on the shelf and I'm kind of scared to put out it's not blues and I'm thinking that the blues policing account come shut me down. If I interesting so that was it It was kind of a thing you were dug in with that community of yeah. It's. Why comedy you know you don't want to be a hack, and you know you, you know you, you want to be trued shit right have struggling, you know, so that was like a dark night of the soul. Like I got a I got doing, got to get the dance you know what I mean that was a that was a struggle. It was. It was a struggle and thinking back on, it was like a stupid how I my head, what was about What what you don't realize is that, like whoever you think that the booze police are or whoever that audiences is still small at that point. Right, right, preserve reading of
worse, it's your whole life, your world. You know because you gotta walk into that glove, and you know if you got a hit song, that he has got a little too much hip, hop, vintage or too little to to you know weeks. Look at this! yeah. What effect you get your manhood back I play your guitar food don't even know what more right as the shuffle that is, access thing man okay, so you're having that moment so yeah I'm sitting in the dark these candles and scraping my last little bit of arab, the table yeah what the fuck man and a my colleague, mrs yeoman clapton, thing- and I haven't you ever this crossroads festival, twenty ten and chicago. As I do not forget me, right now, fragile, who fear of very low urban area. fragile. There are not either.
One packet of ramen left, don't fuck. the air and saucer enough, I get May I therefore other changed my life put me off when it twenty. Two thousand people did Eric call you call me? I got a letter in the mail, a letter in his letter in the mail. Well, that's old school variables. That's great, then, you had never met him. I never met him I never met him. I still don't really talk to him. I went up to him at the first one. I was like thanks for having us thanks for coming year and walked away as I we'll see how this is going to be our respect. I feel like he's, not a big talker nah, so okay, so you do that, and then you tour with that. you do the crossroads thing did the crossroads thing and then some label guys come up, and I say kid: yeah yeah yeah. We can work with you and sure enough, and just from there I got out to her and has been cool. You know so yeah the label guys like that,
and what record they put out for you. They put up black and blue for me black and blue. That was the first big record. That was the first year big record, Andy oliphant. You know I gotta give up to him. He believed in me and took me out to accompany and which company warner brothers, yeah and said: hey man. This kid's got something, and so I was able to do can blue just cool and then toward the fuck out of it with the fuck out of it, and when was when did you take on a party when he become part of the lineup cause he's great guitar player is a part of it came out of the line and we went to school together we were high school. You know that you really are older than me. They always where the poncho. Now it a clean cut. Do like nice polo, shards button down Nan boats full. Do I drove a camaro, oh really yeah, yeah yeah. He was that. Do you know what I mean though it always a player, always apply
yeah yeah from Dallas, so he came down and we started kind of hate at first His friends would come up to me and I be like my boys, a pollock smoke you on guitar, you ain't shit and I'm like what is this: who is this guy? So I kind of stayed away from and he would just kind of like yeah go through the whole whatever, and so we ended up hanging out. A party ended up becoming close to every day. Then, dan at my house, one time and on work on these demos- and I got this city this like tucked into my city shelf unmarked thing that I know where it is in, is my shit and I'm not I'm still working He finds it somehow, while I'm sleep, wake up in the morning he's like a man, a furnished music. You been with sound better if I was in it It was there that was it play with him at all,
play a little bit: we go down these blues jams and in the stuff we get up on stays again. It was your command. of nature to it was her like a sort of like like a dozens version of playing attire. You know I can the sense of like you know these rights trying to show each other of these always intimidated. Me like and in also knowing that would lose right. It's not about speed man but yeah. Why It none at all. It's it's. I don't know what it is, but there is a there is a this competitive They have a view places fast. I'm gonna play one fucking known this is going to mean everything yeah. You know what I mean. That's the challenge. the guy who can play fast man speed all this comes. I hate.
Yeah, but it's it's it's fun, it's it's! thing because you don't want to get left behind right, ensure air even to this day, is a he'll, be on stage and will be a soundcheck and he'll play place. New lifted his eyebrows. I don't worry about it and then bring it out. and then he's got something you know what I mean. They also have the it. Was you something Guy too, I guess poncho he's got he's got the poncho. He punches got me something for poncho yeah, exactly he have. He what the hell is. A qatari plays alright poison, weird guitar, I don't know he won't tell me he won't tell me what the player has all his pedals are taped up now. Really,
And you're playing with them every night have no idea what he thought over that If you're happy there happy but he was with you on that first or he's been with you all that time, yeah the whole time the whole time I you play, I saw you under the stones in san diego aka. And then I saw you with the derek here I think with today s. He did you open. greek at the greek. I saw that that crew trucks is like he's like leader like he said, it's kind of a heads and heads down kind of do and kind of guy, but when you watch him like he's running all of it, cause right. He just looks over and that's it turn around here's, where we're stopping I'm done now exactly this so makes me reevaluate
wait, my life, he does sometimes yeah. I mean just he's so cool with it. It's like man, I make the craziest looking faces and I'm a yeah. He can these beautiful, sounds and not he just to stay in east. While he's he's like one of he's, a savant you know like it was you he's one of those guys were somehow or another. He was just born with all the licks in his head. He just had to find them. Yeah we'll have to learn them. They were already in his wiring yeah. It was interesting I talked to him that the whole struggled to not be to be able to play. He played when he was like ten, you know and then the brought on stage and shown to the world at that age with what he could do like he had a fight. The freak thing give you want to just be this weird little like what's the little guy do this like he had to, after all that he had to actually make it real
be some sort of dog and pony show anything yeah man am like, is like we're going to bring out is kid, that's going to blow you away in like at times I think those kids at the they just end up like no doubt me when I was seven, I work in cars? Now I don't really do yeah. You know what I mean like right, but people who are forced to take piano lessons and don't want to get into european inside the thing was more sort of like they just have this natural ability and they get blown out early because everyone thinks it's, some sort of freak show ever and then like. You can't live up to it yeah. How do you make that real? How do you follow up being able Do your duane allman solos, when you're tan become your own dude. How? How is it a gimmick. That's the real being united mean yeah. I I gotcha certainly took it way out there. Now, when you we do not always great yeah when you guys like that are what did you play you play with clapton right knee you open
for them. Yes, and but you didn't talk much to stay out the way yeah, but when you share a stage with those guys and you trade wicks with him like he, you know. Does that make you a better where do you? Are you more aware of it or do you just? Are you? Can you can you just wax into that, I'm not know I'm not relaxed at all. I think I felt that about you. I think that was one of the reasons where I'm like he seemed pretty intense who will hard on himself this guy. You know, anyway, he's not quite having fun there, but luckily he's playing blues. So that's great the very thing, but it's the truth, but you know like Jimmie Vaughan, he he'll come up on days, we'll play together and he'll. Look at my pedalboard and they'd be like what the fuck is. All of that right, you know play on stage Clapton did done with the finale here and
you like reverb, don't you he wrote a message with me. So the next gig I'm like no reverb, no paddle, no pedal play clean. Like robert crave, yeah arrested exactly right into the amp, so no there's no selling and I'm like man, I'm just I do my house yet this dig like reverbed out exactly know. I broke my hand. last year, doing some dumb shit and I went up first, I played was love rocks in new york and I'm playing with Keith richards of robin. right and I've got my hand in a cast I figured out- and I came- I come straight from the doctor and his new right on it. Exactly like you with, I just clomping around on the rhythm
videos of after the first take you cuz you just here for the pictures. Aren't you so these experiences we will all how are they? They come with these jobs in this I made me, may be real man just hear the pictures rough, I mean. Is it the same way? Will you guys in the comedy stunt sure I don't know that we we we yeah. It's definitely the same. You know, but in terms Like jokes and stuff. We were not. The problem is Compliments are rare and when they when they do happen, they always come with, though they always take a little. They they they give, but they take a little. hey I was working on a bit like that using funny you know, you know I got a bit like that, but it's not the same guy like yours, I'm like what the fuck dear
be just gotta know when you hit it like as you get older. I think you know, but you hard on yourself you always there's always can be one dude where sorta like yeah. Why can't I just make it as easy as that, but you know what the hell they're going through, but these old guys I mean everything about old guys that it they're, just they're not going to get out of the way you know this is not You know what I mean and with that world, because that qatar will certainly how music has changed. The booze guitar world is a smaller world. It was always or of a small world. So you got for of all geysers, still hang it on, and then there's only a few young guys and even want to fuck, and do it anyways right like you are it you're the guy now so there's a lot of pressure. I do, but these old guys going to be like they. Don't they don't think in terms of like yeah. You think like when you think about the real tradition of it that there is a tradition in this thing that carried on you know
it's somewhere along the line I dunno, if it's with the white dudes but somewhere that stopped and became like the fuck. Is this guy think he knows you're right or so late, you like, whatever the tradition was you know, it's not it kind of? Because you can really see what certain do than you can definitely see a new, but like the eye, it should be a completely supportive plays, because, like this music is barely alive, you fuckers I want to just one. We all get on board and keep china or japan make a living here right here fan the flames. Why not why not like how like? How do you records had that records? I have black and blue. Do It did all right. You know, honestly, I really pay that much attention to really the numbers and stuff like that. As long as there are no specifics, but as long as they let you make another one a year as long
call me back and go tough, but you did, but it seems to me that, like this is very you know, it's very honest and you take on some shit. You know little bit race, love things? You know and there's a while, textures to the songs. You know you do you do some arm beast of you. Do some old school r and b. You do some straight up, and then you do now even like moving parts, pop a little right, you know so I get to it well versed record, but it seems like that what really put you on the map or those live records right. Here, though, the livestock is really really did it for me, as still seems that, like you know, there's enough people out there looking for a guitar hero. You know of a certain type year that you know they want. You know what I mean and you gotta. You must feel the pressure like why gotta do that anyway gets the extension of that booze thing which, like I gotta, I gotta, go out there and lay this shit.
yeah, but you know what I've been in my comments, les be on social media, and I saw something I said, I thought this guy was supposed to say rock blues- guess not oh and it didn't, hurt my feelings as bad as I thought it was oh good for som cool I'll, be, like I don't know, that'll feel any what if there had been three maybe a little bit more, you know what I mean I might have started to tear up, but I made it. fuck me yeah, gotta serious right right. Others, who are those fuckin dude. The worst thing about those nudes in those kind comments is at a place in two that, the same feeling when you wrote just a little better like like? I can't I can't let these fuckin,
angry bitter motherfukers, who are back here, dictate but they're still something that wants to please others do it, so I could somehow or another we get it twisted in our head that those are the guys with integrity is like what else They got their fucking, do one thing it is an integrity. Did they try to do the other thing. I don't think so, but the guys whose approval we need so desperately right right. So right, thanks for breaking that down I'm here to help you have appreciated. I didn't know I needed this like that, but, like
So this this record just came out and with your touring with this, it's called right. Land is what is called a now. Did you picture? This is a whole piece I mean like when you when you call something this land and you're dealing with the the stuff you're dealing when the songs came together, they did it did. Do you in terms of an album or do you think in terms of a song really, I think distant in terms of a song, I'm just making a song the song yeah. You know, I don't think about it, damage yeah! I just do it here. You know it's when the people who are trying to make this thing move Yeah come in with her your thoughts in the brain. Maybe not this one. How about this one yeah, this one's got a hook. This will be the single whatever man,
yeah yeah. You know, I didn't pick the single I didn't pick. You know the title of the trine of the day is out. Now it was, you know up. There was like deadlines. You know right on busy. I got stuff to do and you know family and stuff. and we like hey gotta, put this out now and mold is how it is yeah, yeah Call it what you want a. I don't give a yeah for this one. You know at that particular time where I was you know it was like. We've got these deadlines and we need. What are you going to call it? It's like we need answered tomorrow. The channel say I dunno gotta the studio, trying to sit back and figure out. What I did you hear me breathing and to stand what it is? The area is utterly right now, creating year before you come in and tell me how to move that yeah back the vulgar shot off its again hygiene. I did the thing there, but we got to move.
Were you mad? Not, and I was I wasn't mad man was a man at all was just like. I can't think. He had no idea and the pressure is making me a little bit crazy right. You guys can do it yeah! That's where, for this way like there's, but I mean seem to cover you know- you took on a lot of shit here- yeah there's a lot of stuff going on. I mean it's just like my people, What do shit in their life? You know what I mean and and how long I could write all this stuff took me a couple of years. I think you're going between you know. Life happened to him We tour so much and you got married and shit cause that heritage. At the same time, beijing yeah. I make babies and children. How many ago I got to, I got to little boy yeah, so it's just seems like it works out that I'll make a record and then a child
come on it's allowing time everything hits ones is both born at the same time the care they get in the wreck. yeah, exactly pretty much so where you playing next? What's it? Where does it go from here? Where's it go from here. Start up onto over. Hitting miami go all over the: u s gone Austria. Would europe doing fuji right what day is at an end and how you doin, pretty again how we want sound tickets. We do for the most part, I think, selling out crazy, that's great and people are liking. The new record they're loving in its greater love it a spin good. and when you look at the audience we see him might primarily just what is it pretty eclectic pretty diverse for years is, is becoming more dive. Yeah, you know in the beginning. It was because it supposed to supposed to be this rock
Louis savior get our hero maso. A lot of you know dear steve shirts and pony dales in here I so basshole up and, as I see a lot of, everybody is cool and a is music stuff is that now you know like what you do too. It's like we're limited but yeah, but no music magic comedy. You comedy eagerly the clowns good, a few years. Oh man, I don't think so. I think it's it's heavier than that and am much more of a. We need that shit. Oh yeah yeah. We Both yeah certainly need something we gotta hold the line. You know it's up to the musicians. The comics in the fucking journalists at this point cause everything else. Fallen apart. We got team up team up and make sure, humanity is represented exactly yeah, of course, back exactly. But you have a great tour man. Thank you
you do you torrent what you going to go. One snap shooting at this, show a mine and then like yeah, I'm going to do some clubs I'll be out in texas at some point. I'll do Dallas, Houston and I'll do austin, and at a young age? You do some clubs I'm going to do some theaters and I'm going to go the uk for a few dates and I'm going to shoot a special in the fall. That's the plan right now build in the hour you now to build in the thing you I'm doing that like tomorrow night sunday, nights or as few sundays have been doing. This will theater like seats, two hundred, and I just fuckin, try figure it out. He got you the that's. How I jam understand that alright feel good talking to you like was That's it. Clark, junior, I like in to guitar where's. I was pretty excited. Apparently I don't, like you know,
get the hell out attack and on that one can also eyes, as I mentioned before, Gary's new album is this land that's available wherever you want to get your records, for you sounds for your things: that you put in your ears: go to deputy pod dot com as tour for all those new tour dates. I brought up, you can still send emails. Yo Questions are saying things about. or thousandth episode, or about the entire arc of our show, and guitar? Now I will play logan. gary didn't, but I will
that. boomer lives.
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