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Gilbert Gottfried from 2012

2022-04-13 | 🔗

From 2012, Gilbert Gottfried talks to Marc about his comedy peers, his one-year stint on SNL, the times his jokes got him in trouble, and more. Gilbert died on April 12, 2022, at age 67.

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Gilbert Godfrey. I gotta share this with you, because it was pretty special. And you're not going to hear it on the interview cuz. It happened after the interview. Gilbert came any was with his wife or his girlfriend, the mother of his children. I don't know they were in the house and yet he's very meek. Guy I and a ways when he when he is off, he's very quiet and sweaty we hunched over and he adorable little jewish man Gilbert Godfrey, so they leave the house? I give them their swag, which is a Brown Ceramic mug made by and Jones up in Portland, I give those to the guests, and so in some coffee just coffee, dot, co, op! If they like, so him in his girl. They they walked down the driveway, a watch, him kind of champagne.
down the driveway. I think you would say in the yiddish, hybrid of a word that connotes eight, either a is man written in old, small gentleman he's just kind of moving down the driveway. They go to the car, and then I see ya after I said goodbye to minutes later he comes back up. He walks in and goes. I should go to the bathroom. I go. Okay go the bathroom Gilbert, so it goes Bathroom, and then he comes out it goes. You know I didn't, I didn't bring enough fire. I don't do an impression. I didn't bring it, but he's talking like himself. I m it's cold, I didn't realize it would be so cold. I didn't bring a jacket. You have a jacket, and I just thought that was this- was something so telling and so wonderful in a way about his personality that you is young, most people, if they needed a little a hoodie or something you know go to target you, and I could have told him where to go to target you stop by store Kmart. Whatever you pick up. A cheap hoodie
and you're all set for your trip. But Gilbert says have anything you don't can. I have a jacket is asking me for a jacket. I just thought it was so sweet. give him a Jimmy S on Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel Hoodie that that I have more in yet it was swag from the Kimmel Show and he said call this is perfect. Okay I'll take this and he took it. is that it was so sweet for some reason he came in and he needed a jacket though he just asked for one I felt like I was sending my boy to school I saw him on the burn Jeff Razi show he said I you know that hoodie you gave me I've watched it three times. I can't get the cat hair off it, hey Buddy, I'm sorry, I'm not a store! You take what you get. We met once. I think it was a weird gig. It was in Boston. It was a
in my recollection it took place at the Nick's comedy club at the Chagas chinese restaurant and it was you and Larry Bud Melman, and I did ten minutes before you the does that ring a bell at all. I remember Larry Bud. Melman, do you mean, where do working more than ever, I don't I It could be it up, but I don't think that I think he came in for like fifteen minutes. You did your thing yeah, I said hello and you said price inversion! Why? I don't remember why I yeah yeah yeah. Does that the exchange? That's my catchphrase, wow. If it isn't, it needs to be now. no, I haven't you know, we've never really met, which is weird cuz. I meant most guys, but you were sort of like the generation before me. Do you identify yourself the guys that you came up with in your mind, I
and sure yeah enjoys himself the wonderful Eddie Cantor what the word you start doing it, and I I, oh god you can remember, yeah yeah. I know I know I I can remember you're, like nine years old, where you are yeah yeah. I was pretty much nine. It's awful to think that, started doing comedy in your bar mitzvah. Here I am with my Israel bonds that they were pretty While I was a baby and they will why she now go and fluid is offered me out
it's gone. I on next year, yeah where's the light yeah yeah. They were tying the cord on me and I watch a giant blue with this with the cord yeah hey. What am I doing now otherwise eat I'm angry man stage, but where did you start first time I went on stage, I was like fifteen years old at the bitter, and in New York Right in Greenwich Village Visa and was it a comedy neither with their focusing these air was always called hoot nanny. Not here. And so most of it was like you know. everybody with a guitar right right right. You know it's like you got a deal on imitator fifteen year old, Gilbert guy yeah yeah doing I come in and I
you're doing impressions yeah, I would still like. You know doing like Boris, Karloff and Humphrey Book Topic, yeah yeah yeah. Even back then my act was totally dated did your parents take you now you ran away from home. Now, yes, yes and join the circus, I went with, might while the sisters just basic Well, he I thought I would get lost striding, The subway myself from where I still lived in Brooklyn yeah, so we went out there and yeah. I don't know I I think now was special unit. You know how it's not till year
first lady, I have some vague idea, what your parents were doing a the tire and it's like you know so now I think You know imagine having a kid say: well, I'm going to make it I'm going to be the next Bob hope or something you know it's like. Oh please, it's like if you say that to them. Have you actually said Bob Hope? Was your role model yeah yeah? I would imagine that of all the guys. You could pick Bob hope. You could see me MA right in front of the troops. Yeah like taking our boys abroad feel better yeah and and fucking, and Margaret yeah, that was that was the actual reason above one thing, and I mean I, you know now, you kind of think if, like a your kid said that you'd go well, can't you just collect cans and bottles.
To do. That is through something. What a cart somewhere after it makes sense, but when you kid you I owe you grew up and we were part of Brooklyn. I was born in color. The island then lived Crown heights and then borough and went like what was your family like? What would your old man do? What it? What was the situation home deli foods with zero smoked fish, Is there the nation the house know now where it wasn't? It was funny I always kind of thought of, like God, being a Jew yeah like these people who go like well, I'm not a practicing sure yeah. I always How, like odors, had mean you buy things. Full price is right, right, sure you don't look, you don't take a coupon with over there come
surely jewish, which means they just act irritating to other culture? Oh, yes, yes, and to me, I always felt like. Ah with like growing up, it was like we knew we were Jews. It was definitely jewish in the way that you know whoever was going to be rounding up the Jews for execution. Next We rounded up we'd be on that list yeah. So it's like these were you below in the list, because you're not that you know yeah, give it another minute yeah it before they put John afraid of the car and well it's just like these people. Like guys, is it sir. Yes, sound Michel gallows, Buffy, yeah, yeah she's, one of these she's, a Jew who say she's, not a Jew, what is she all? She says: she's, not a jeweler at all with that. That's annoying yeah, that's extremely, but I mean
because some people you can't do. I don't think that anyone would believe you I'd. Imagine at any point in your life. If you were to say I'm not a Jew, be like rice. I always think people look at me and go. Oh look. It's Val, Kilmer I'll show. Val Kilmer, smaller and jewish extremely so he had to that a yes in the day and you're all living in Coney Island. It wasn't a not by the amusement park. Ray ought not far, but he wasn't, like everyone, always thinks of that scene and Woody Allen, yeah of course, of course. Well I mean it was kind of what was it like. Then it's all russian now right, ah yeah it was, I dunno, I remember it being very crappy and then the middle of nowhere but yeah
beach, yeah yeah. I could work either the ghosts of fun that once happened at another time. Yes, a fear that this used to be a fun place. We lived in on my father and my uncle own DA hardware store like that, yeah my grandfather, my we have on alarmist role, which is not like there. They were there was a time. Were men did things? Yes, yes, I have a store. What do you need yet we got add to fitting for the pot dating. Isn't it someone goes berserk. Could you take her to the test right? What was your uncle's name Seymour boy. She has a thing for the pipe and then We uncover to go, get it yeah it would it I mean to me it's like you know, my father was in the army and there, and so, as saw my aunt gold send. Ah you know my father could fix stuff,
plaster paint see that and that no one thinks Jews can do that and yeah they can at what happened to the paintings yeah. Where are the Jews that can fix things, bring me a painting, and I always think now. It always hits me when I'll get booked to do something like on tv or a club and I'll go. Oh god, that's what they're paying and I have to do twelve men idea. I can't and I've taken I these I always get like a picture of my father right in my mind, grown well. Why why? This is what your bitching
about yeah right right. I didn't make this money. My life would be different. It was like now Gilbert Godfrey's, going to fix a toilet, ha ha ha in a minute goal. Is Gilbert Guthrie with a wrench yeah yeah yeah cause that every day yeah back then guys actually got their hands. oh yeah in, and they could hear they were always sweaty in their running around in undershirts in their vixen stuff. Wiping the hardware store. For me, when I was a kid, my grandfather had one. He I, I loved going in there, because we were always men hanging around talking about shit. That seemed important. Yes, yes, and although what I remember with my father's hardware store, if you ever saw someone in there, it was
Much Morocco, L really yeah, I mean they could have, they could have locked the door with scotch tape. So is a sad heart out whether they didn't have nails. Why we? Actually? I remember one thing I remember my father- was him going? He would be very annoyed. These people who come and go Jack. Nail. and sat around going. We gotta figure out a way to sell ten, how long do they have the store and oh at quite a while how they played third. I dont know I I I'd like HU. I pray that it was a money laundering and I think we should have more, but somehow, tomorrow help out and and one thing I talk about in the book that which true he won one time there was a law passed cause every one was like sniffing
igloo right years ago. I remember yeah yeah yeah. He could he had to put it behind the counter like Sudafed. Now, oh yes, rats yeah and they carry these little bags and gluing it sniff em and I'm showing this
and it's a miraculously effective simulation that you brought you took me there. You take me to the Marcel March. The glue sniffing mine are wait. Now, I'm walking against the way. All that is great, come on. We were stuck in about a year. Oh, my god, you are stuck in a box. Gilbert is stuck in the Gilbert Box, because someone like Gilbert Gilbert everyone's were waiting for Gilbert to get out of Denver. I certainly hope so with that they passed a law that, in order to add idiotic law like they knew people are buying, this polluted get stoned with, and so in order to buy the cell summon glue, they had a buy a model kit. Seattle buy a plane. Ticket
yeah now. My father had like one model story that he must have had for fifty years or one of a board covered with dust. So one day some of these kids came in and bought that for like a quarter year, then they when he and he when he was leaving, he saw it- was in the garbage, an open, and so then, after that everytime kids, who had come in and buy the glue I believe he'd like counted sorry and then go out and take that Zimbabwe is so he see resource that model. A kid like five hundred, in an incentive generation of Young Coney Island boys on their journey into drug addiction. Has it's so much more out of that, then you are a plane that you put together and sits on your desk. He provided those kids with a lifetime of possibility good for you
father, helping out the eyes. I see where you get it now, then he sold cocaine. yeah operate. Oh good, good! That's where you made the money, so we figured it out. No one was buying nails now, yet, Your mom didn't work, she hung out. I mean she worked as a housewife is dealing with your father's disappoint, yeah, pretty their job there, and now so started doing the comedy at fifteen. That was the first time you went on, but when did you really start doing it we're in where New York? Well? That's the funny thing I always say, and I'm serious I always say I don't know if I did well or if I was too stupid to know what doing well while bombing, what do you ever yeah now ha ha? I I'm so used to bombing. Now I go, hey good. I always wonder
I got. Obviously you know only doing well, but when you have such an extreme character on stage and you just keep pushing yeah, I mean, do I mean? Are there three, you gotta like sorta snap out of it and check in like alright there's some smiles going back in? Ah, yes, yes, it's like how how many times yeah this happens to me all when I'm on stage how many times are you up there and all of a sudden it goes into your head. You go. Oh boy, wait a minute what the fuck am. I doing now I'm standing here here, I'm talking to a group of people right and I'm thinking I'm somehow funnier or Whittier than they are yeah? What am I doing right now? Well, I think I think the reason we get onstage is to avoid that moment at all costs. Oh, yes, ha ha, that's pretty much it!
that's the only reason we get on stage. They said not be aware that someone is looking at us with expectations of any kind. That's the whole drive of it said this is my time don't look at I like that, but I sometimes like I'll, be in the middle of a joke and there'll be not the laugh. I want and there's that moment of silence it. I will sit in for a four year, maybe ten fifteen seconds and then acknowledge it and just say this is odd right, we're all waiting for something having. But it is a very profound weird moment what the hell am. I do it up here when we had one of those thoughts. I go through your mind it to different types. Sometimes it's a bit, you ve been doing five thousand years and he sure- and you know, you're thinking about with right, put my greens.
though they still have their laundry. Where am I going to eat after yeah yeah? I get free soda here. Yeah, it's like the soda last time was a little flat but seemed ok, yeah and then there's that other thing in my head. When I'm doing my act, where I go into a certain bit and in my head God. Why did I start going into your bed? Our men have the energy ha ha ha. You felt this way when you were fifteen right, yeah I'd already been doing it too long and or you start going okay. Now I do this next line and this next line never work right right. Why am I still doing it? I have to AIDS is one day, as was as long as you're not doing a line that gets away weapon. Then you think I could lay laughing. Oh yes,
How do you say knew how many times I heard this fucking joke they would not be laughing at all. Are they just being nice, but after that, you're like okay. So when you did your jokes, you initially did you stick with impressions. He did not. I I stuck with impressions, you do it while and you do a couple still right, yeah yeah, I still do. Ah, let me see Onslow Stevens and her Murillo spin, the sky. I uh oh well, the one I always I remember when I started doing light catch and the like
Seinfeld was just like another schmuck hanging out yeah waiting to go on now he's a very rich mock hanging out with ha ha still feeling like he needs to do. This is weird about rich Marxist ha. If I had that kind of money, you know what I would do, stop doing it yeah and I, I think, he's still waiting for the marriage. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's going to have to ask you to do it, yeah that just shows when you hit the level of Seinfeld, you could go to a network and go hey. I've got this idea that marriage, hey good enough great great about your name on it. Yeah, let's go we'll grow up the paperwork right now, and so I remember I at times just to to screw around on stage. I would start imitating the that the other com writes the bar sure there are sure and stuff, and I would do like sigh,
felt a lot, don't just the other comics they love, it would live in the audience from scratch and their head, no idea how ahead of your time you are, and what I heard is that every time I would do Seinfeld everybody would run into the room and Seinfeld wooden comment right. He'd wait out in a bar the icing back and for a really well. Well. Who do they think that sounds like me? I don't chosen one image very strong, like have gone, so I'm going to sing song voice that who has like those that was like a catch rising star there right yeah, so many started working there where you like one thousand, nine hundred and twenty, what I guess yeah I forget when it started yet but catcher rising star, and
oh the emperor of so yes, you were, there is still one. It was kind of vital right. The improbably still oh yeah yeah was around our Bud was still yeah yeah, but Friedman Sandy Galvin around oh yeah, Kaufman yeah and the caliph men are called cough often is irregular adds a mood in here. Now I get saint Catherine. You never corrected me yeah. They were around thought. She who is in. But what did you have friends or are you I, like you know here, comes that weird kid. I I think this bar. He comes out weird, like occasionally they talk to me, but really more here comes
if you didn't find yourself at many diners with guys afterwards, yeah yeah not like we were all like a puffing. A cigar people hang out airing out, I mean I would wind up in those places. Sometimes but who is MIKE the guys that you would hang out with? Usually let me that's, why going back that in the early seventies right, oh yeah, well, and so, let's I mean Seinfeld. I never hung out with he always struck me as a little peculiar, yeah. I guess that's a kind word yeah from those broad words. It could go either way and it can be good peculiar. He may or may not have been a scientologist at one point, but that's why it would surprise, I said know what was weird about him. Is that you know as he
is a guy who loves comedy, and I can appreciate his success in everything else, but I never got a sense of who that guy was now. She seemed like like with me. If you're caught me hanging yeah. Of course. Of course, that's what this was reading that that sounds about right always wondered what was inside of that Guy Gilbert, slightest injury, stuff, yeah, yeah yeah. Why even mention that no you're, not you're, not a depressive, but you know. I think that you're one of those sigmatic people just like what the hell is going on in there. If I killed myself, it would be with the same shock when you're heard Amy Winehouse
yeah. I guess it would be a shock. You, you, oh deed, on crack and heroin yeah. I wonder if you guys others door now, but I mean that I think that people would be very surprised and saddened by that Gilbert. Don't. But you know what I mean you dead, there's something nice thing. We we'd all be surprised if you killed yourselves of its anywhere in the cars just now that yet that I would probably say something on the shore and we talk about approaches three days and we may king jokes, about it. Two weeks and two weeks later, the Gilbert hanging himself jokes would be the rail of coke and then it'd, be you know what and because of your history, no one would say it was too soon. Yeah people would actually be saying. I was doing a Gilbert suicide joke two hours after I heard about it. I was doing it
word even though I think good. My job was I mean when you were a kid: what drove you to the the cause? He said he did impressions of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, but obviously, when you were very young that that shit was still on tv and that, like on Channel eleven, oh yeah, they would be, I think, like Channel eleven and nine right horror movie and the three stooges in Rascal Lowery boy right, the Bowery boy. Yes, yes, they even had thought blondie movies, oh really great dagwood and blondie right, yeah yeah. I kind of remember those because my I used to go to my grandparents and they'd. Have him he'd watch it at the three stooges out and that is at one chat channel. All it ran was a little rascals, Bowery Boys, three stooges
Is he a blondie move? Ass and all that great old comedy, but black and white snake, remember watching the blondie movies. Then years later, when I saw William H Macy, I thought he'd be a great dagwood if they brought back those blondie movie. You know what. If it were another time that there's not it's it, it could happen yeah and in terms of making movies from comic books, they're going to run out of shit, eventually they're, going to re, going to make a big announcement, we're bringing back the ball and hooking and stay tuned for sad sack. One two and three were bringing back the Hudson Brothers exactly and what I remember with the Bowery boys. Yes they're supposed to be, gang of heads. They already know they all I'm those in alcohol. I got back It's under their and voices on ground,
who are your favorite guys, what sort of You believe that stand up was an option. I mean what made you think that doing It was something you want to do. You must have seen something I don't know. I know remember. I can't narrow it down to any one person. I remember there were so many they were even those convenient you don't remember you have so many yeah yeah yeah. I mean I used to have Jackie Vernon. He was like the guy that made me love comedy. Was he watching with a slight yeah yeah with the clicker? That was the whole thing. You know he was the one who should sludge for more vuca, yeah yeah his mind world leading goes wrong. Luke works the wheel from the woodstove yeah, just some huts and ropes
yeah, hats and robes, and things could you argue that one time a couple of times on stage yeah this? This just shows when I'm really trying to appeal to my daughter years after that I would do Jackie Vernon imitations and I would do Ike, a scene form of mice and man or a high, whose on first base with Jackie Vernon before he had his teeth cap and Jackie Vernon after he had his guts. I remember I were actually remember very clearly such a crab. We have half a tracking Vernon. He was a sad sack com right and then he had the really bad caps early capstone, it looked like he had big Partido, like any always looked like he had some goofy smile on the right road,
it's hilarious, that you remember that you actually had two voices for it same same exact what it used to be an end and you at home watching you are listening, we'll just have to imagine I'm making two phases as it used to be like a wolf. Slew goes on first booze. What's the guy yeah, but you liked him. I thought he was fun. Oh yeah yeah and I remember I always forget their names. I forget everything now all all. I do too yeah what what were those two singers. I wear one was french, oh god I dunno, and the other was american. Oh, I forget was a comedy routine
no! No, I I you all day was the type of act that could have only live MAC there during the ad Sullivan Chill, and I Sandler and young okay, you got it. I'm excited and they would in guarantee the only guy on the planet right now that is having a sand wherein young moment that Sandler and young offspring don't know where they heard their parents did something what they would do a thing one would sing in English, the other in Orange, and you know- and I remember you go- you know when the saints go marching in the pilots yeah. Oh, I want to be in that number its top boots southern hand. That good exists only I met the did. Seven,
I get you bought in earlier, because I was watching I held on my desk the other day I got into the I ordered the dean. Martin variety show best of the this was fucking great though yeah I mean, like a you know, it's really easy to forget just how amazing was I mean he was hilarious or grown men in their fifties, dancing around doing jokes and making faces. That would be unheard of because people are too vain now. You know yeah in there was no. There was a vanity, but it was completely acceptable four men in tuxedos to me upon seeing what as a mountain touch you know and eager to some was very charm, yeah yeah yeah when you saw the Lee sin on his variety show at the drink and cigarette yeah and thinking I'm great yeah and you're? You should be happy to watch me. It was the most I don't see the depth of purse. howdy like that anymore and unlike Dean, was the greatest straight guy for all these guys, like you,
others or comics in it. So moving to me that I don't know what I'm not sure exactly what's changed, but it seemed like when there was less guys. So when it or at least two or three tv networks, there was an intimate he did the whole thing you got beyond that everyone knew each other. They were having a good time. if you know any, he was a was a type of entertainment like it made me want it like. I had a moment where I'm like. Well, maybe I should sing sing and dance a little, oh yeah yeah. I could be a song and dance guy. I've never done back. Then everybody did everything yeah and yeah? It wasn't unusual for it. You'd be surprised by juggling for every comic broke out in a song yeah at a dance, and it was okay and and then it was like, and I yo you know what's funny too, and this is certainly change like like Don Rickles got in trouble. Recently, yeah. You know what I'm would fucking that guy you won't. What
Why do I feel? What, for what else was I at the Shirley? I think honoring Shirley Maclaine? and he said something like well. I don't want to say anything bad about blacks and I'm a you know. President Obama is a good friend of mine. He came over the house last week, but then his mop broke and and thats that jump she's been doing for years and now all of a sudden the this well, this is the type of outrage yeah. What is I think that that I guess, because it's president, I you know it's weird, because I we've you know and he could do whatever the hell you want, but you know if you're going to eat, you have to have some sense that if you're going to get flak for it, you! Just got it on the flak. What are you going to do it? The other stuff that you got in trouble for it was his ridiculous in the in my mind, especially the nine Slash eleven joke. I mean yeah that wasn't that way, but you look at it.
the great joke. You don't get out of the way they expect this to be some emotionally empathetic, your things, that's not what we do. Selfish, angry animals that want to make fun of things, so we feel better and So does our timing is in great? What do you want for when I remember with the whole sue? Normie thing I actually became a much bigger story than the actual tsunami that was like. Second, there yeah, the only the only thing that lost was the duck: oh yeah, ha ha and then, of course, af like then hire someone to imitate me and they pay them less money, thus bringing closure to a horrible. rather we are living is like. Aren't you easy? I do. The people really get upset if they dont make news out of it, I mean that most people are sort of like you know, aright you a week later, there's a shitty thing. They say Volga Don, Rickles, Gilbert Godfrey, but as soon as the parasites who have
Nothing better to do are no better news to cover, because there's too much fucking stood on tv v like let's take this guy down. They don't even think about that. They just stalking your career. In controversy, where it's not because most people like their what whatever great and it's like and even on, shows where they were putting me down and like horrified by it. Sometimes I have a letter of divide by you, sir. As sneak over me quite legal, I e I laughed at some of those Joe, don't let any find out the area, but that the next senses. I can't watch your back on this. Well, yeah, I guess act. That is why I think you're very funny, but we can't have you back if you Haven T any Nazis come on Italian and we are, you live like you're, the Frank
and I remember the first thing that thing did when that happened. Was they wouldn't say, Gilbert Godfrey jokes? They would take Gilbert Godfrey its comments and remarks cause. If you say jokes, everyone goes What the fuck are we doing a news story about a guy making jokes comments or remarks important political pundits that came up with some very interesting ideas about the world yeah, because then I would wind up being on these shows have been question. Then I, as I'm, making an explanation in my mind, I've taken what the fuck is this ok, this is a story about a comedian, make
I think Joe Juan Jos, when Yogi and these are was singular moments. These are one that is a fucking passing moment. That moment, like there was at the friar's club, we did the nine eleven do yeah that would've that would've gone away. You would have got you like, oh and then you will move onto the next joke or whatever you did the aristocrats joke, and then I didn't forgot forgotten yeah, but some on the rooms are like. Oh that's a story: oh yeah idiots and every well everything. Now, nowadays, everything is outrage and if they have to get a Lynch MOB, together we have because they, though they don't make a separation, they seem they all these idiots we're talking. She had you, it's all the same. It's it's the same stream of consciousness. They don't we don't separate jokes from this or that they just cut. They try to cause trouble. They just try to cause trouble, and I d, me? Nuts? I mean hasn't happened to me: I'm not big at a big enough staff at your in the world, but I mean offensive jokes
I was watching Rickles now either that the thing is. Is that if you don't understand, the context, the records which I imagine a lot of people don't which was like his big thing, was, you know, he'd the we shall he sing a song about. When I have a nice guy right, you have so I If he's just going to say the president. We have forgot his mop or is mop broke. You know, without without taking a shot of the Mexican a Jew in on the italian guy the guy saying that the president is a black eye that works in the janitor, an inward gulls, always like fire at the beginning of his career and now he's like a thousand. It's always I am not chinese guy in the third round of yeah right. Is there a chinese guy now the whole bigger Chinese goes ever going to show you think in China and why in for him and body hack it Paypal, I loved buddy heck, oh, yes,
I mean those guys were so good, but I was what the one I was watching. This weird episode of the better. The demon variety show where they set up like Dean set up to thing by saying you know there was a night at a club in Vegas we're all these Celebrities were, there was an I. It was probably one of the the lounges and Rickles was on just shitting on all the celebrities. So Dean got all these laboratories into the studio and built a stand up stage for him to recapture it and it just Rick. Was a male shortly after you never seen that. No, I don't think it's fucking spectacular. because the one thing that I love about Rickles is that what he was in it that you there was a fury oh yeah. I mean yes, like you know now like he's older or whatever, but when he was really in it and like he wrote a line where he some of the shit he said was. It was hurtful and horrible, but it was so fucking good
but you know- and he had this working as ironic- that guy is on fire inside and now it's not allowed. Yes, like Rickles who's been in the business all this time now he can say an insult Joe well. The weird thing is that in the end I've talked about this before? Is that there are stereotypes of stereotypes, because some of them hold true and if it's not mean spirited, usually the people that are going to get the biggest laugh out of it are the people you're stereotyping because they can identify with it, but it's all of a sudden. It's not ok. If you're, not one of them to make the comment. Oh well, I remember I was watching they did a tv movie with like actors as the rat pack, oh yeah, Don Cherry dollars. Sammy Davis and allied Bio movies even exists because its every book in Bio movie or you can do as it does it look like him now get I just as an island. What I remember in that they what they have to make it in this time. Here also have
it'd, be appropriate to this or the political correctness sought. So then they were always doing jokes about Sammy Davis being Black and having one eye, and they pick them up and go I'd like to thank the n, a a c p for this award and doing stuff, and it was funny and everybody and in this movie when they would do one of the black jokes they'd be a closeup. I have done Cheadle, I Sammy Davis, with like tears in his eyes and tremendous er, and it's like please. If he was like that much of a sensitive asshole he would have been out of the pack and they wouldn't have tolerated that men of commentary take their heads. Hilarious were yours Are you familiar? Oh yeah, the
Do you know him? I met him a couple of times. The the miraculous thing about checking green is right. Now, no one knows who use no nor members him, but the name Shack yet is so non amiss with calm yep. It's interesting, because I would like these he's. One of those guys were apparently this really no foot. of him doing what he was? No yeah, like you know a in Vegas started, moving shows to the lounge as you know, and they be came a thing. He was like the first guy to do that. So in some ways, when that happened, when they Britain, and they had the show rooms, but then apparel play the way it happened from. What I understand is that something was under construction. They would set. You know they have a comic go in the bar and leave. These guys are doing shows on tables oh yeah yeah, and that was, if you think about it, that was really the birth of the comedy club. oh yeah yeah. We that's when it move from this main stage thing to this would like intimate thing and he was the greatest yeah
I would like no one knows who any of that bothers me and I wonder the saddest stories I remembers when I first started to get known like Beverly Hills, cop yeah, yeah, a few other things rural hitting and I was going to some event and Checchi. Was there yeah with some manager type, some sleazy sure his type? And he goes? Oh, you know Gilbert Gottfried. manager guy goes and he goes how you doing, and I did some just brush that off. I said I yeah my career is over and and he goes oh, what are you kidding? You've got the career thy check. He always wanted and la which was really like such a nice thing to say when checked, he's standing right there and shaky looks he just kind of shakes his head and he goes yeah a few years ago I came out to LA he. Had a movie deal t v
if element deal nothing yeah and it was like, oh god, nice to meet you yeah. I can be a bridge to lethal. Did you know Buddy Hackett? I met him yeah a couple of times I wish I would have known. Or do you have any friends not too I? What I realize is there a people? I've worked with the years, and I know them as well as I'd know someone I waited for an elevator was well that's all that's, ok, comics it sort of like that unless you sit like I like guys that come through here, I've done almost three hundred of these things who I've met for five minutes, but when in the same business and you see among stages that you there's a there's a business to it, but you don't sit down just talk to him. Now it's it's an odd thing. I like working with when you work, enough, though I don't remember.
it's of a mysterious. Do oh yeah, I mean I think I like I might like him like art Linkletter like one of the guys yeah. But no I remember it's like I don't know anything. If you ask me boy what is what is Gilbert Gottfried? What is it I look like the day. I think it was like you know how you lived with his mom. Is that true yeah? That was years ago yeah? I lived with my mother for a long time like what is he To gauge, if it was just like weird to live in the sewer yeah like, where does that guy come from live with his mom, it was but it as as as a as an origin story or mythology like you are living. What your mother and just leaving in being this lunatic agent going back to this strange, we Bates like relationship, but
that you did live there for a long time, yeah and here's here's something weird. I always think of at that when you think of all the years that you do comedy and all the clubs- and there are these people that I sought night after night after night. Ah and I talked to them and whatever and now I don't remember their names or what they look like. Are they just gone? Yeah, yeah they're just gone this see. I find that to be. like you, I am, I seem to be one of the only people that that that is that that feel this way like I have been doing comedy a long time and yeah I'm a I'm a little bit of a different generation than you and I never had huge comedic success. You know I do good now yeah, I'm around you grow up on talking pictures but like when see guys that I haven't seen in ten years, there's at like off. Thank God. What are what you been doing? I get very heartbroken when even like
Dude who I met twice, but I knew was the real deal out in the road doing whatever and they pass away or whatever to me. It's just like his devastating that so many of us just died in the anonymity. Yes, it just kills me. I think that's what drives my desire to keep talking on a microphone and she said somehow guaranteed that that you know when do die. You know it's, it's not even a note is notice. Right right. It's not like more who I remember that guy he's did that thing and you have to pray that you don't die in the week in the area concerned the weekend, you'll get no press, that's that's the other thing and you have to pray that you're not gonna die If somebody bigger is dying well, yeah, but also you think about comedy, it's like there are some great guys and that then they've always done great work. But comedy is so you know it's it's culturally relevant. First, short period of time. There's only like ten. Twenty guys that anyone gives a shit about yeah in the history of comedy
You know, like, I know plenty of great comics you mentioned, and a great comic and people right now I dunno. This is why somehow it's chosen that there are twenty guys that everybody knows and that's it. I mean. There's very few people running around going up there, Pigmeat Markham, ah ha here- comes the judge that yeah or shaggy green or any example, and it's sort of heartbreaking That is what we need is like these people, like Jackie Vernon, had he died when the Sullivan Show is still on the air, then it would have made the paper right. Then he died. I afterwards- and I was like, oh that guy no one remembers young because comedy is so specific to the time. It happens that there's I didn't want ample guys that have career.
as you're one of them that sort of spans decades. I mean it's a rare thing and what gets me what makes me think of those people who have fallen off the face of the earth who? What who never got a shot? Yeah anything is that when ever I feel depressed about my career, which is twenty four hours a day, but I always think oh shit people here where the fuck are they? No because I can, when I think about when I went to a couple of years ago, when I was starting to Show- and I was like- I got nothing- my manager like yeah, he's getting my manager said, I don't know what we're going to do yeah the worst thing you could hear. I can't do anything with you and there that moment were like why I guess I got to quit and then you're like what is that even mean where you would want one of my fucking prepared to do? What am I going to do? You have been some dude, I mean like and put it to me it's.
We're like some guys. I imagine they get out of the racket and they get into another game and they might be happy they're, probably happier than they ever were guys who did comedy fifteen twenty years or like fuck it I'm going to sell cars whatever the fuck. It is I'm going to get into another business and they probably been happier, but in my mind I could not live with the possibility of moment where I'm saying like get in and take a processor, and I know you, how do I know you? I did some comedy
it's right. You did Godaddy yeah this guy. It gets great gas mileage, I just say ha ha. I saw you on tv shut up, just drive the car you want to buy the car. I couldn't live with it, it's just like and there was a comic that used to be around the clubs, an open mic night, every single night for years. I ran into him years later and he recognized me. I didn't remember him anymore and he- and I said, oh so what have you been up to and he he ah joined the sanitation department. So when I first heard that I thought, oh God is this depressing area, and he was happy said I was in the sanitation department for awhile.
now I left it. I have a pension, I've gotta health plan with benefit this and he was thrilled. Here is the best thing everything get rid of the curse and- and I thought oh here- I m feeling sorry for him that it's, not the you know, taking the car out to do giggles yeah in L, a yeah. We have a sort of twisted perception that living a normal life, maybe being a response but father. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah hanging your dreams on this ridiculous idea that maybe you'll be relevant for the answer to what it s all that guy like like he's, not thrilled with himself because he goes hey. I have a car city hire me because I can drive
The other was really a comedy club. It's a room in a bowling alley abolished a bar, it's a bar yeah, but you ve done it's weird like you liking. I was looking at your stuff. I mean you have done like shit loads stuff, I mean the voice. everything that between the movie parts. In that, even I mean you ve, never stop working, really, oh yeah, raise a true. Rarely I stop working on this issue, not impede the so now me hurt me more than I do you want a job back and- yeah, that's it nobody! Nobody hit Japan last job yeah, and of course, the only victim of the Tsunami price Gilbert, a
you just lost your job. Is the duck again they re hired me. If I mean it, judges, but just now have almost the duck again and now more than ever, I would stewing these when, when I'd gone, shows Cosette was right. One my book came out so only wanted to talk about this new workers, Now me! Yes, really still I mean you, I mean you got this new gas, that's like what is it like four years ago, yet how long ago was that book came out right at the same time? Oh, and do I remember I would go on these shows and they talk for two to three seconds and then go, but of course there's an elephant. no room. We have to talk about not really not really cuz one joke. Taken the wrong way. Let's move back!
I mean, but yeah I mean there's. There was the other thing that you o thou easy what that was even on twitter right. It wasn't even oh yeah on my twitter. I wasn't even Jerry, you said publicly on twitter and these fog in Paris Kate, Sagal Shit, oh yeah, taking the task for a joker as on a twitter, it's a I don't know you can't do anything anymore. Oh it's! It's insane, How much would earn you gotta? Be careful like you know, like I'm, going to I better temper this a little bit yes going to become viral it's going to be problem, an old so like now the entire world has an opinion. It's like it used to be. First of all, there were the starts like like yeah. Like you, There's a goal: yeah like Milton Berle or yeah like Gow, Humphrey Bogart or you didn't oh like? Well, you know I tweeted Humphrey, Bogart and told them. Casablanca was a piece.
Shit feeling. They were a separate universe. starting chuck. Klosterman, whilst remaining the writer he it was interesting, he said that there was a time Well, you know you get you be in, maybe in the back of a club after shower or even at a record store with some guy. You go hanging out of the record store and some guy standing there at the counter with the guy behind the counter and you- and he goes Jimmy page sucks- he's a horrible guitar player, and then you know you would say, like I dunno, I think he's pretty good at that. You know, and then there that'd be it they'd go into the atmosphere, but now like that, guy can put it on Twitter and Jimmy page could respond to it. Yeah I dunno what to what that's a testament to I mean I think, we're all a little too accessible, but we seem to invite it, but there's also that it's one thing to censor your. that's because you like think maybe it's right for me to say, but now you gotta be like that. I don't know if it's right, because God What will happen if I put them?
into the world and it's misunderstood and that's a stifling. Well. I remember well like with the Michael Richards thing Mir in their number. One first thing I thought of is like you know him odd I years ago I remember him in the clubs. I dunno. If anyone knows him so kind of odd yeah, but I remember there. That was a thing where an eye and a love how they will see. This is what I love about the media. They you know, like my jokes, when I get in trouble with my jokes, they say it on the air or broadcast it, but preface it with were shocked and offended yeah, so that makes it ok yeah
and and they were playing like Michael rigid, stop, and you yourself off Michael Richard, said that clogged like the next day. The comics would be joke about right, right life, and then that would be the end of which you that was a beautiful, thing. I was talking to a writer in a way. How was it someone? These are new Navy writers? I was just talking to him in Chicago that day the a time where you'll be before the cell phones. Before all this shit, like you know something happened in a club and he sought a lot more often back when he pump sure when you were sorry when I restarted like holy shit, that guy snapping his wounds in his fucking, mind yeah, and you would see these, moments on stage where everybody of the audience would be like what the fuck is going on in the car with you. I guess you like, but it would never happen again. Oh yeah, and then you just have a story, but now some it's got it on his phone, yet a tweet about it, and you know it's out now you you don't even feel comfortable you're taking certain Chances are losing your mind. Less guys are losing their mind, onstage, which I regret. I loved it.
when there was a time where it's like, you knew certain guys. You are probably one of them: oh yeah, where you'd go up and people like I dunno what the fucks going to happen, but we'd better, be in the room. Oh and and here's the best part about the Michael Richard story is he use, and I hate these terms that they use now the n word yet the c worker. Yet, and it's like one, What word is that you're a better man for saying it that way? Yeah and it's like so when you say it, the other person has the word outlier. witnesses, mind you. How was it yeah, but so the owner of that club, that Michael Richards was at Jamie, miss
yeah. He said from now on. Anyone who uses the n word in my club will get fined for it, and I thought how about going and sang at my club. We don't censor anything, it might be shocking and offensive. It might get you're angry, that's comedy yeah then, and we don't at anyone that will get people in your car, not saying I clean it out. Yeah these guys are going to wear black people say: oh yeah, it'd be great for VI. Black almost went broke because yeah like Martin Lawrence, is just living out on because of the only club he worked at yeah. I you know, I I just think it's a little too sensitive, so in your in your like in your recollection, because you know all these old guys who were the guys
do you like watching the most did you. cause. I know you must have you hanging around clubs. We all hang around clubs most of our lives. You must have like watching somebody. I I love. Well, oh, you mean when I was coming up with ah see, that was a thing. in Miami. Are you so involved in your own that time now? I really can't watch Columbia cause it's like now. Forget it now stare at it and go clever. the same guy or that another guy was the guy blind We may have a close my eyes and saw the same guy very few people with a real character that oh yeah, and I think that that's that's what, if anything, changes cuz, because you realize, like you know when people say like you know, you're funny, you should be a comedian.
and- and there was always the defense of it like well, it's different, it's like when I'm not so sure anymore, oh yeah, it seems that if you can tell a joke effectively, you can get up there and do it. You know there, not guys that you I'd oh yeah. There was something that I like Were you friends with Richard Lewis. Ah Richard Lewis said Rene yeah, I was kind of friendly. I never hung out. Did you like watching him? Ah yeah, I was always kind of odd quit. While I like watching him, because you knew he was like out of his mind. You know So you're to of expecting heart attack on stage the member o er David from Canal yeah, Larry David TAT. What was good about him? Is he he hated being on stage and we get into fights
with people in the ADI like immediately re out yet again, and he would you know it was like God I yeah, and sometimes I remember one time in particular. He got into a fight with somebody on stage and the guy's stood up and the guy was like a mountain here and dates. I. Finally, some people from the club jumped a yeah yeah. Oh really, I did Larry keep the stage of the stay up there. Yeah Larry was up there, but I don't think he knew what to do that. It's a difficult point.
For a lanky jewish guy that you've crossed that line, that you are actually trying to cross and there may be repercussions. That's where the Jews sake. Someone kick him out and take care of that. But, like AVA Kofman I mean was that something Kaufman. I remember him one time going into the emperor and he just sang one hundred bottles of beer on the wall, and you know at first you start laughing and then you think oh okays going to stop and then he kept going- and I was like enough, could see organs hated. Did he do that? Also he did. The entire hundred fathoms of me not to be people must have walked out and yeah. Now I talk about the Saturday night live where people, because I'm I'm yet to work to really get any sort of you know. Most people are very reverent of their experience on that show. Even
It was the bad yeah yeah they never blamed Lorne. They never blame the show and it's always very sort of like oh no. I learned a lot and yeah he's a great guy. What was your experience there? I was there right after the original cast left and so back then it was like how dare they continue. Saturday night live without the original cash. The people write it back. Then it would be like, if in the middle of beetle, mainly on this night, aware that no beetles are not John Paul Georgian ring on its head every Artie even here, and so it was an outrage like how dare right, and so even before we got on the air, they were already writing these articles,
who the hell are these people and you are unknown at that time. Yeah, yeah and- and that was the best part too, is how stupid these writers actually are, because they were writing about a saying. We don't know these people are and they totally forgot, no one knew who pollution where I cried war yeah, it's not like. They were big films right right, right, right, yet yeah! So when we got on the air, I mean we did shock yeah, but it was like a it's funny. I always say now to say the bad season of Saturday night LIVE is like saying the issue of Playboy, where the girl shows her tits. You re what back then it was like everybody was gunning may show yeah, yeah yeah, so yeah
well yeah and you didn't get on much or what ha yeah. Well, at one point, I, the writers, hated me so much why I hated I dunno and no one got along and ah in one sketchy was a funeral scene. So I was in as the dead body in the coffee that when he knew it was over got no lines. Not only does it not have lines he's dead and old, so each show to when and like there was one point that became the Big news story. It's like at the end of one of the shows we were doing a show where the running gag was, I you know back, then it was who shot Jr Right, Dallas, and so they would do. We would do inclusion
at CR for Jolly Rocket yeah and that he was a guy in the show right yeah. What happened to that guy? Oh my god! Ah wow do you know he? Actually the funny thing is cause. He was like the guy that was supposed to be the big guy yeah. The funny thing is after he we were all fired. A lot of people were saying: oh, he never worked again after that, but he did. He was constantly being up in t v shows movies like he was in dumb and dumber yeah yeah dances with wolves. He was on moonlight and had a career as an actor, a very basic gear and Shatila yeah, and then he he wound up years later. I end it wasn't too long after I fit I there was like the short lived
Mccarthy show right as opposed to the really long thirty ye her and how I guess you're right and and I went on it. It was like a sit. Cobby asked Anne, and oddly enough I was cast its trolley rockets brother, and so we got together and we will laughing. He seem like he was full of life and everything he they moved to wherever Connecticut a Supper the wound up killing himself. Oh really, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. What about Phil Risotto? Remember that guy. He was of a different cesaire. What ever happened to you? No right,
yeah. That was the bit. You were doing there who shot cr thing, so I he wound up. So at the end of the show they go stretch here and I'm still I'm showing you stretch, and he are so they said stretch and he was there and he goes well. I've never been shot before and I'd like now who the fuck did it, and that became really shocking and an outrage to the station much in the way I'm used to people all of a sudden, Murray and what's interesting is the word fuck was said during the original RI season of the show, but that was doing better. So no but he heard sure sure now when there was a reason I hear it all wish they say fuck. Oh my god. We heard that and the hell does that really offend yeah yeah,
I just don't understand. Yeah like people are running out and storage rowing, their tv sets out. Yeah yeah people are performing hurry, carry this are those people and an so they fired every body over that? Yes, yes, oh my god and but I always think like we were thy season of Saturday night live. That was like when George Lazy and be play James Bond near it was right after Sean Contrary life? Is this guy he's late and be like fuck em? How dare you only Sean behind or even blade? Now it's like some of my eye could be James, someone's gotta, take they had yeah. Some of it can be a fall guy. In that thing, yeah yeah had to be that'd, be as efficient right right after when Howard Stern life, you know terrestrial radio. I I always thought if I ran that station, when it was time to start the new show, I would have looked out
street and one hey you. What are you want to? Do? A radio show cuz he's. No matter who it is so now well, yeah, you're out you, you seem well seem healthy, ha, ha ha. You seem good you look well. You must be doing something right, what would Brookwood a Houdini the tag? What happened some interview? twenty minutes, so he could take it. But what is your where? Where do you live in the cities too? Oh yeah, not in Brooklyn. Now now you've got a family. Oh yes, she is yes to has the he. I do. You have a Diana gaudy ever kid yeah, but to both are blocked. Yeah, that's amazing, Jeezy, and where did you mean norwegian
Oh yes, I said it's amazing. How old are they in his fifties? Wow you doubt you do see. I don't even know. What's real, what is it I'm trying to I'm trying to humanize youth at? I want people to listen to this and go Dr Frankenstein moment where human scale He's not going to be the shouting monster that we are going to have a life and in a sensible shoe, which I've been known for having very sense, you do have kids, yes, okay and you get along with them. I guess it depends on the date. I still wake up like I'm in a twilight zone. Episode really yeah, like I still kind of wake up, and I feel like it's one of those twilight zone episodes where they, where I go where I'm at
I why you're in the White House and it's eighteen, oh three. Mr President, it's like! Oh I'm, not prepared for this well, okay, so both came out. This can be on paper back now, right that I yes it's out and paper rubber, balls and liquor, and it was a great detail. Yeah? I really appreciate you coming by I went sites Gilbert, Godfrey dot com. My twitter account if depending My country are and heads and add real Gilbert. How and also you can hear me- read fifty shades of gray on Jes dot com. What is that fifty shades of here? This is what their women masturbate. Myact love to know the women that masturbated Gilbert Godfrey to
I had a box of cookies on a bed in their sixties. Going still works for me that going back and forth from their fingers to cookies. Listening to you reading that book was the right stimulation almost as sexy as Jack. Go yeah why the fuck? Don't I know what that book is if it's a known yeah, this is like. It became all like a women's match, the victory book. No that's all areas exit whose idea was that you read it. I don't know they called me. It was this suggests that cop and and when you read it, it's horrible narrating is horrible face like words like an he inserted himself in my sex
in fact yeah we get more specific. With that. I mean it's pussy that helped a word to come up. What you mean the p word yeah. I think the p we're using the paper. You mean your where man good at it.
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