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Larry King from 2013

2021-01-23 | 🔗

From 2013, Marc talks with talk show icon Larry King about his start in the business, how he got over being nervous on the mic, and the interview subjects who left the biggest impression on him. Larry died on January 23, 2021 at age 87.

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so Larry King, an opportunity to interview Larry King Larry king is Larry. King wary kings, like he's like a basic element, is a basic media element. It's like a ease, one, the things seems to have always existed as he is he's is pure he's wary king. The opportunity I didn't. I figured ok I'll. Do it too easy coming over notion? I gotta go to his house. Ok I'll, go to his house a it. Didn't really It didn't really turn out. The way I wanted it to for reasons that will become clear. I don't think he knew who I was, and that's fine work, I'm humble! I get a lot of people, don't who I am, but I was going to his house. And there was an issue when I got to his house.
And this is what happened at the door I now are you. Are you missing? What you mean I attend pity I was gonna do an hour, but you don't feel right. Sorry, wherever you want, ok you're not into what I don't have to do it? five minutes. So so that's what I was dealing with that that was. That was the tone of the situation. I wasn't like. I got the information but like right away. I was like man, you know We can do this another time or not at all. If that's what you want you- and I just want to have a conversation so That's what I dealt with at the door and now
then I was sitting in his living room. I'm just sitting there and just waiting for my set up took me a few minutes at it. Tell them were taken, I'm just sitting there and here it is, and then something I out I'll talk to myself from the guy. Aren't I get my Gunnar. Ones, living room, waiting to talk and answer hears here's me talking to me apparently a while. I was waiting for Larry some sitting here and Larry King's house if he thought I was supposed to be here at ten one thousand and fifteen. That's what I had and you was mad, so I told him I would take me five minutes set up a timer five minutes
I what's gonna happen here, but I will see just wait and I told him we don't have do it by TAT. Had That's where I met right now, I don't know he's making me wait as punishment, but I dont know that this is her.
This is going to work out because I can get angry to Hell. I, sir, I apologise for this communication. It is mark sure, ok, it's nice, to meet you here and I pulled guys for being late. It's alright we're going we'll be all right. So as it as a guy. You interviews, people, I'm a guy who interviews, people and united to I don't have it take your style, but for you what it was What is it that you're looking for immediately information here? I think the purpose of an If you wish to draw the guest out here,
listen to answers. I think listening as is important as what the question asked. I think, gum intensely curious give someone through. I couldn't teach interviewing sure. After being hence the curious to begin with. I'm insatiably curious been away all my life. When I was a kid I get, the bus and ass the bus driver. Why wondered drive a bus, you, no one? sit next to me on an airplane, I'm asking questions all the time. So basically my fifty, fears and the business yeah that pay me for I would be Doin anyway, so you would kid that yeah, you walk down the street here. A guy just Can you walk into a diner and you want to know what what why they do? What I do I I was a wide turn a person who, what, where one, why. I listened to answers. I left vice ego at the door. I think of my hope If I use the word, I.
Five times it will be a lot. I never felt. I was important. I accept does a transmitter. I was a conduit to the audience. I try to ask the kind of questions that people I thought would be interested in. When did you realise that when did you understand that about yourself that you were we're gonna? Let your ego get out of the way. I don't know one that have an idea. I thought I'd be sports? An answer is always an avid sportsmen. I wanted to be a broadcaster all my life never wanted. Anything else. When did you first realise at the owner was six years old? I would listen to the radio imitate radio announces. I would you favour radio Nancy, like red barber doing the Dodgers Godfrey was a hero, get to work with both of them later in life, and when I grow up out Brooklyn? Nor can I would go around a radio stations I'll go watch. Radio shows age. To pretend that wasn't announcer ya honest. I would go into elevators in buildings where there were radio stations and I would say to the elevator operator, you know third floor.
Please I just We now have a bunch of our jobs Until about age, twenty two and a friend recommended I gotTa Miami affordable. Sports and ass. I was a dish: jockey newsman start small station. I grew up in one day, I was hired to do her. Shoulder a restaurant, complex, restaurant, I did a morning I did round a shocking show, and then I go to the restaurant do in our show from the restaurant, then one day Bobby down, walked in math. The knife was the number one song in America. I had no idea he would be coming here. And I saw I couldn't platform and they got to like that. I like dream, promptness of it. I like them off, the top of my head. I I liked being to start cold. I would like to do interviews with someone walk into the room at another. They were sir, and in a famous people started to come in Jimmy Hoffa Jimmy
and so a veneer of school Danny Thomas, Hu, a famous people in Miami Harold started right about the so I fell into interviewing I never really thought about my style much. I never thought I never said to myself. I'm gonna leave my ego at the door, I just I was so curious about one thing yes was the guest counted to me. I wasn't irrelevant, but I'd be then Amara shared. My name was on the shoulder, so the guests counted. You ever get intimidated or frightened at times during interviews. Where, were you didn't know, what was going your way or where you felt like you're, so lonely tunnels are intimidated. Was the first summit did Frank Sinatra because So I've been such a fan of his and Jackie Gleason arranged for the interview. And I was nervous, but I ain't over that in a minute in a minute for some in the White House, little kind of an awe of the White House, but that goes
because you I learn long time ago, my first they only air that be the person whose show it is and is in control, and so on at the White House, whether it the president or the mayor or the carpenter sure or Frank Sinatra: control you, or uncontrollably s interview, not me right. So what You know that when I know you're in control, Another me nervous about right, right, yeah. Ok, because you're in control and also it don't you find that when you talk to people that they become people very quickly did despite what you may think of them or their public personal show that to them I disappears. A camera disappears. The thought about. How am I doing here? I never thought about yesterday's show or tomorrow show today. I go oils in the moment here the right in the moment Monos during the first those army. I was very nervous and there was coming out of my mouth and
I can remember to this day, was may of nineteen fifty seven really morning, and I couldn't thing of anything to say- and I thought I behold career was over- and the general manager kicked opened the door- and he said this is a communications business. You better communal and what I did was swear to God. I turned on the microphone right and said, This is my first day on the air of one this all my life, I've been sitting here for three four minutes: scared to death: the soldiers. Our knowledge, you know, that I'm nervous. So what I did then this in retrospect dry but the audiences so my dilemma, sure. Ok, then, Could go wrong after that, because if I miss cuter record moved over commercial right, it's my first day right and they knew it once they know that there were not only nervous about right cause, I've taken them into my situation right
and that was like the last time you used to hide. That was. I was one of the last and also I've. Never after that, what you got to say was never nervous again. My first day on television was nervous. I do let us speaking I do comedy tours. I saw a comedy. I tell funny stories I like all of it, and I have never gone on a stage frightened because I know from first day in the brain surgery here stories funny began to laugh right. I'm not gonna laugh the end of the world? It that's a hard won the war. Now now I mean down, unloaded you're that I just I just you are able to frame it that way. I don't have the confidence in life that I have in broadcasts, nor on stage, because I think is to control issue. I have two young boys year, fourteen and thirteen one just started high school one still enjoying icicle near. I had to get up, sorting and take wonder work in one didn't wanna have breakfast drop them off
and now I don't know my wife's gonna say today and then I got a lunch to go to bed. Can control at. However there, if I were broadcasting today who control so the best part of my day is one working you must use part of my bed by far when I worked there, because I can't control life, but I can control the situations of rain your television speaking out control sure. How is it for you now for bringing up young kids Well, I have three grown here ever stepson here. And I have two children on the age of a grandfather rights, but I'm a five year cycle but a baseball games and uptake kids school grandfathers. Don't do right, Somerset best part of Havana grandfather. You should get to go home, I don't get to go home. This is the most hands on I've ever been with oil absolutely earlier, because that more time with them
is it rewarding I'm not running around making it A basic Gooden bet with the great is to watch grow into suitable for athletes. Agenda of kind of bright very differ. Night and day some for being good athletes is not one thing they have in common that really had not one. Here. So watching that develop and then you think of your age. You night, I was ugly, go dodgy games set me up, and I will my son and I had a vision, he'd be plan with the Dodgers and he's fourteen and now say almost always. Second logic. If he went in after high school, I play the couple years in the miners. Maybe God a major twenty twenty four. I would I'm gonna, be ninety, so my fear was, would I be around her eyes? And so- the problem of aging. Is you wanna be around to see him grow up here? I hope you gonna be around here,
It was your choice than to have kids it isn't. I didn't think I was married. A young woman amber is much younger than I am children develop children came, but it's a gift the gift and works both born. I didn't much other children born in the lion was and there are didn't you ever son- that you didn't really meet for a long time- all those great store what happened I was married to this woman for a short period of time and we broke up. She says she was pregnant. I didn't know it was mine Ten years later, I learned at a child, and He was in his early thirties and we get made then he's is, if I raised them all my life thrilling air. So there was no contention initially was amazing and he met his brother and sister, and he grew up with my name Larry King Jr, Robin Miami. He watched me broad. As dolphin games.
Before. He knew you father. Oh, he knew it was my father, but he had a step farther right. Why We wait so long day to meet you idiot yeah. I just and his mother was dying and she called you said you know you have a son what made him and he's about to get married. I went down to Florida. Then was let me in Washington I sent a lawyer down first in others, and he called me up, and you said that you can take a dna, but you can be thrown away money which this kid and I went down obviously was my getting now he's like nothing start. I feel like I raised them. So with it is a great story here and as one m I'm proud of it that I you know I did. I shook responsibility I wasn't sure, even had a kid, but she said she had a year now I bought a new, not right right right You have kids know. Oh dear
Three Rancho me as twins that's your girl and then my son has those my daughter's unmarried how'd. You grow up father died when I was nine, have a girl with a bunch? France, three of whom are still my best friends. I grew up in Brooklyn. To dodge a games- jewish neighbourhood at the time a Jewish into mere. We didn't know what a Protestant was Were you religious the family. I was warm its wooden. My mother kept a kosher home, oh yeah, but I love that's a long time ago I am my father, It has changed my life. I was very close to him and then I lost interest in school. I never went to college. A younger brother went through law school. He still around. We're here. Seventy six has got good genes surprisingly, because my father died and forty six of a sudden heart attack, hand, my mother, of the seventy six hours,
not that I would die at forty six because he died of forty six. He smoked. I smoked. Is not interesting, but I had a lucky hearted tat. I was fifty three smoking prepared, day. Miss some the cigarettes, no But if I had an hour to live, I smoke because it was a great happened. However, I got scared to death and never smoked. Again. I had a heart attack, in February. Nineteen may be seven and through them driving home. My daughter drove me home from the hospital and the cigarettes that had gone to the hospital. With the word my pocket, I threw into the Potomac River and never smoked again, and never reach for cigarettes. Norway. One now, psychiatrist friend of mine, told me there. Happen to me. Fortunately was I debts scared to death. So much so that, if I had, I never saw
Obtrude Gama held toothpicks, it that if I had a desire MIA The frightened me was so great. He went away so I I didn't reach the cigarettes in my pocket at spectacularly, I was unbelievable. I was I dont even take credit for it. I was it was by Us Moses, the heart attack, what I mean when you had done the bypass and everything else: five months: five, a heart attack in February by person December that, like what was a feeling after you get a bypass, it seems like I don't know anyone the tat one, but there's a vulnerability that you feel of fragility. You feel a first step, The amazing thing is you have the weeps because a stranger moved your heart? That's the real thing yet a movie optimism for John a hardline machine. Whole process of they, but now a lot of its much simpler. If this was ninety may be seven, but
still closer my surgeon. I started the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. We help people who can afford to get hard help. And he's the same. Surgeon did Letterman Cronkite treated Regis Vague, choked up about things have them is here after will cover we someone down to Florida, and this was funny. I was on the plane with Alexander Hague here and in the first class him he had had parts and I started. Cry at enormous crime Anderson, Where's came over and he just said: don't baby tension, it's the weeps. Am it It must be the vulnerability. Was, and then I got real help me. I I lost waived. Most we want to stop. Stop smoking gain weight. I lost wait. I took care, myself. I worked with eight still
yeah, I dont exercise modulation, walk a lot and his hands. I get to work, I walk in the food, you, your care, not super careful but sure I'm five eleven away a hundred sixty as good. I want a hundred nine, be here as the most airway was laughing. When I had the heart attack or what does he say? I've gone in Delhi. I have my own. We have our own bagel store. Now, let's call Brooklyn Water bagel. It does at you franchise, where I get the Beverly Hills, hatch eyes on their spokesperson so onward I got the Beverly Hills franchise, you don't need it. Gonna need now anymore. I go. There was once a month for some months awry us much arose one of my favorite foods, your mother, make it my mother, made it another. My jewish cooking effect was it the other day we do the tv show and nature which F gas stone, Cristo her and,
he was here and he was so one of all the don't you see added, he fucks every day- and I said to him: are you gonna meet? I like it well done. He is cancelled as it will keep put him back again. I will not that bright, and so I will just sit there because he said that such food right- that's that's like go obtained. Are you reading a letter? I sent no smile. I, like I hate red meat yeah I was raised, I just raise. I can't stand to see meet its red, I saw I am cautious. Looking I like I have no religion are all there. My wife's devout Mormon devout devout the church, every Sunday in the children I We had an agreement when we got married. Yes, I have no religion that she could raise them.
Nothing is good ethics. She raising them. Mormon yeah. My boy goes to Catholic School Notre Dame I school. Where they get grounded in good faith. Have no, I lost my. They ve got a long time ago, and why the more aimed even religious people. But it was a moment inelegant answers they. Couldn't they couldn't tell you for sure that, moreover, that I personally am I no no. No. If you're a messenger of God. I would ask them The old story God gave man free. Will he couldn't stop Hitler? ok I'll, buy that we could do something about Katrina? It wasn't man's wish was mandatory stuck routine. And you don't necessarily always say the same: We we quest,
not the ways of the Lord trauma right. I question the waste, Then I remember when I was a kid: While I must Social drew? I love it. I like being jewish, shall I jewish food, jewish humor, I gravitate or jewish people. Right, like Israel, but because The old testament, like him, slave, my enemies. Come sir sir. I thought it was barbaric. And I didn't like him- and he wanted me to fear him- and teaching me love and fear at the same time, and again, forget it. Never bar no vote was our faith. Without Gaza possible, they ve been what interested in humans, goodness I guess I wouldn't call of faith in the end. I think go from became from the Bible, the dawn. Others. This is the only law. You need a ride, my view
I thank you and leave any law in the books, but do under the daughter. Others covers cheating, income, tax, red light, murder, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a game of regaining its could lie, I think is language of others, as you will have them dad you don't Pesa red light at right. Don't you on your income tax Don't screw around with people laughing Carlin did a big bid on that area. George a friend of mine and we went over that allowed. We and there's a great joke about the rabbi. You know in terms because I was brought up jewish as well, and I don't I don't really believe in God, but you know the joke about the rabbi walking down the street starts reining in there. The war is rising up about two feet and some I'll come by and you know in a car and again the car will take you to safety, the rabbis like now. Now, God save me than the waters to his neck and its trading. A little bit combine a bone, say rabbi gettin about you know he goes down. I gotta save me in there now
tread water anymore, so high that buildings, a couple of water. How a carpet comes down, they tore a ladder right said, rob I get on the latter. Can I go now? God save me any drowns and he gets there Heaven, he says the God. Why did you save me? In God says I send a car is about as it is. Ricky thing how you interpret that starting out but I'll. I like the idea resuming your time is up. Your time is up of Europe, an airplane near the pilots. Time's up, why I do not want to lose frail, maybe you're, all you can say Jesus Christ. I used by the way you know how he got his name. Now, it was. It was in the major health and they were trying to figure out a name and just stood up and hit his head on and he did it at stuck did you get it done. Rhythm here doesn't go, lie letters in the first words sitting, the second
the bagel joint was. This was a reaction to the lack of ability to find a good, bagel and came to me and they have his idea. They Southern Florida, very good company, the franchising all over the country, and they said these. We make the water they make. The New York City is best water in America and make the water in a lab. You see it in the restaurant. The machines are really to met to meet dimension in New York, water, the match the New York, what they enjoy a vaguely equivalent gray and wars that different that's right. The theme is the differences in the water, so soda bagel, everyone comes and says it remained there. I can Brooklyn really great battles are apex, it's nice to know that. You think analysis. The question: do you think that, because you father your past way- such a young age, a party or your interest in and need to connect with people and know about them with some sort of certain my they drew. I never question as psychologically I I am
I know I lost something in not having a phone calls. All my friends had far position, and I was like the boy without Father, even maybe that led to the need for two where it came from the love broadcasting, not guess I wanna be a broadcaster before he died. And your first job just on a radio. Was it a music show those are the others discharge use in all contestation small station, we had news sports. I did everything, but I did. I did a discharge you show in the morning and then I did in the afternoon. I did sports news. You know you learn the business from the ground up Dan and then I got this interview show at the restaurant about two year I later and that's when I started to think what you want. Those guys had to go all over the country of times to chase the work. So now I am e, How great was twenty years in Miami then get the national radio show you. The first network talk, show, and then I was did local television. I did television, much radio problem.
To use a radio and television started. Maoist at both ends. Turn it came along and I give him a few times and here he liked my work, I'm here had CNN that when they were five years old, I started on their fifth anniversary, and he liked me me and I do not see a man was NEA I didn't have in my home sure, took off and the now is a thousand a game changer out. For you sure whether radio is a kick off presented. Good right up some modest stories about that radio show, and I was why was it so get why'd. You get so much attention because it was the first national room at work. Talk show how has the beginning of talk, radio, gay. I get a lot of credit at the beginning. Talk. Radio in America view I quoted evolved into no, because it became a barks screaming yelling idiots him lotta. What I hears pop nonsense,
political. Nowhere this year nobody's gonna, go crazy, zero, NPR, good radio, but The limbers, yes, it is plain: would a loose deck, a lot of its enact. Shall I now yet it's there. There are some of the brook. I came to respect stern yeah sure I used to when I was earlier on, I didn't by eleven attack, but now I I understand, he's maturity and he's matured. Yeah thanks, I think: that's true he's very good broke ass about. I was raised by the God freezing those clay. Whenever someone curses on radio still drives me nuts, as it just doesn't fit right right it almost its via its like a violation, because the second the buyer go laments road ahead I am looking forward to it.
Ok, good, Well, I think why won't talk about little bit is? Is it your relations with Jackie Gleason, How do you change your life Jackie moved down a Miami area. I guess I went up to New York and came down the train with him and did interviews with him on a train Then we had a big welcome, Jackie to Miami dinner. I am seated so I sat upon the day is with him then, We gotta be friendly and he'd call into my radio show and I came home. A television show. And he saw you remember me, but he he liked me and I'm A big switch chauvelin from her
no tend to channel for one from the ABC Affiliates, CBS, civilian and he D. My promos I mean he was just we have to make us a matter for me near hundred him a favour, and I was the return, the favor. He was a pretty good you like it. Huge personality was larger than life. Everybody was pal, yeah, hey PAL, He was at his house and he would Gregarious he is called sulphur Roman Catholic, he was startled about death and he the night before he died. I got a call from his pr guy and he made a list of people to calm signal by MRS Eriksson. King he had them he understood human behaviour. He like my curiosity, any he
He was a compelling person to be because he understood poorly understood being down understood. Broke. And he lived life larger than life and he He did I loved the moment. I love being live and the moon and he approved that he worked. Why most of his life and television I worked like most of my life and broker anyway, they do in a honeymooners once alive physical. For an hour at the Mai, It meets prevention centre. And it was Saturday night. I was in the wings swinging. This show he comes off stage for a minute. And he says to me, call reminders, and Tom. I want the spaghetti, but I want though adulterous embryos ten seconds. He says I want that wine
Five, sexual geoffrey- and they were doing this and then suddenly goes what Norton went from the new right, whereas line was run to the scene when he was just so he never rehearsed he had this big fat. I was a friend of his that did all the scenes in rehearsals and he'd watch that. And so he knew all the movements. Three other guy stand in foreign direct, and so when you appeared with him the first time you saw him, I've been Crosbie said. Where is he? and they do escape and then suddenly benighted lie here jack. You would appear and do you think you did that to keep it fresh, firm and loaded with fresh, but he knew where the Ba lay out there. I couldn't speak, couldn't understand an odour music get conducted or pisistratus capital, albums and instinct to anyone, instead, the broadcast instinct we thought it was a pioneer in television. I think rang oil, though those
the honeymooners in those early shows the jagged did the characters he did there is one Reggie badly sad bartender, poor soul, and me just just one: the tremendous gotta be around and was very sad. When we lost him and that the problem with this, as youth goes on kids are known, you know, and you mention these names, the apple and anybody under thirty didn't know, Jackie it is a sad and amazing. Now we knew I knew people the pre was before. Item. I knew the great like. Oh you thinkin. I knew without law. Thomas HIV, how to mourn Edward, our moral uneasy, but these kids, today They don't know Vietnam. An automaton there's, no there's no real historical context any more, and that was a twenty four hour news either spit it out.
And also the internet. Nothing has any context, diminishes pictures, assisted bits and pieces zoom out and rear every as a journalist, everybody blog bright, mute the twitter, and yet now it this applies to that here and there Twitter could start a revolution. Sure there's no privacy, that's terrible. The person that is they wouldn't of course, the guys who started those blogs in Boston then for cameras everywhere. Aiding bribes, ha ha Maybe it's a weird slippery swell right. That's what our faces here in that, Where do you draw the line between
when can I know what you're doing if I it's a different world right, we know there are somebody's going to come up with a nuclear weapon. This in your one hand, and you could bring it into the country map. So what are you do about that fear? While you want to uphold the and I'm a constitutional is so I don't want you invading my privacy, but on the other hand, it is always. On the other hand, however, Hitler made a famous speech in nice. In thirty seven near in which he said, Germany was doing away with warrants yeah when we come to your home if the police come to your home, if you have nothing to hide when it works, but we are in great danger from enemy within in this country, and so why not let us look in your home with you and the german people bought that yeah. I would bet Then. If you made the same speech in America today,
Thirty percent, my set you I get Mannheim right. I bet you right, not me we're. Coming into my house, where the one thing the constitution protects. Is that no matter who is in charge? You have those rights seed exit that becomes the tricky thing. Is I right now you got a good guy in charge, but when they come, what can produce again when the EU of euros right that thing misguided said. First Hitler said it was only the communists by them. He said horizontally drew near and then he said it was on the cap and then he said it was me right up. So when you but the wording is, as I went to your Google, the directions for here and because you saw the house if you bought the house. It's our record. Is your house. You know, you know you have the same problems. We were both every moment right here. Both goes but nothing you can do about it. Nothin people take pictures Did you pick out the generous lives to works of the outer? No idea about the two of us ass. We lose the live, weigh up on top of a hill. They never got up that ha now.
These lives on the streets or Miller Flats and he's gone, not issue, she furiously yeah she's. Maybe you could do with a public street right and they go by and they take pictures that I've I waved and I'm on nice and I spent what am I going to do be mad at people go to do bomb the House one night, my little boy when he was ten, went out front Yeah he's in the bathroom one: oh wait a minute it it did they. They were They waited that they sometimes see my car come back, Nimeguen terms, no less funny the watches. But that's that's! You know, Truman serve against them. He get out of the kitchen. So I chose a business in which If you do when you get well known and you pay a price, So I think. You owe something bad for that price. In hours, the ball player. Oh, the kid, the autograph yet
there's no law. That says yes to him, but he was a kid. And- you're a ballplayer because some, but he gave you that towns, where there was God or whatever, you had this talent who was given this gift of this voice or this curio who game had this great? Indian Swami tell me once who gave you this gift right. So it's a good way to live it's impossible. If this way, but he said you, believing daughter anything when you open your eyes, and why did you are net to gift right, give thanks whatever. What do you believe that you didn't you? You have the right to open your eyes in the morning. There so give me for that and then give thanks for everything. Happens you doing they serve. It's raining they're here You walk of life. To give you gratitude.
If I didn't have the still had a baseball and Thomas pay me five May in Dallas Data Baseball and a nine year old, Ask me to sign- or I'm too busy for that. Are you crazy, so another smile for two, a bus living as this? We can have that my mother and Father sources, as they would fain to hear it. I never you never forgotten, as well as what Jackie recent We re story once your first appearance, Elvis Presley ever made was on the Jackie Gleason, some a re run show he asked it by Tommy doors. In order for an act to appear on the show Grecian want to see them so he's but presently came in like audition and he called more recent, listen kid! You're, gonna, be famous you're gonna be real big gonna, give you a bit of advice, go out, stay out, talked
the ship you stay in, you gonna, be the loneliest die in a world. Jackie went out always socializing. However, especially the mouse and look what happened died on the toilet around a little sad Jackie went out here, he had a good time. Jack. Jackie live Jackie, had a good Jackie. He knew how to drink, and he knew her here. Wasn't carousels with women and that he was, but he was you Stay up a party, he was genuinely afraid of fly, but he flew to work with loans, Olivier in London. They did that to character. Joe reach beyond why wage earners and show more often great story, I'm trying some love the script here. Only we apply them and Englishmen life adjust died right,
I can't remember the American Gleason when over for the funeral. Listen. I have had a twenty five year affair with that man's wife, in a bar in the hall, our just the two of them was a great those great. And that's why he flew It was with all of the air and water, People that you've known in your life and talk to her to eat outside of Gleason, who do you who do you find yourself thinking about a missing the most not missing of interviewed so many let me ask Evan burdensome do not always eleven was interesting. Bureaucracy was so complicated, we're frankness, do not even have a good time. Frank was unhappy, Why does it was never enough? In the said, never nothing satisfying when you said Mama. You said to me once you know all my friends are dead,
All my friends are dead. I was I was so sad, but he was never told me these up when he was on stage about the GLONASS. Issues is understanding his phrasing if he liked you He could do no wrong if he didn't like you could do no right to him. He was. There was no graze. Messrs life was black or white. And I was like just any light vehicles would say, closer to dawn what, if he didn't like an hour ago, your brother, There's a new jersey he's great how's. He doing you personally rhymes all right yeah. I talk to her every once in awhile, see him every six months or so we run into each other, he's. An old before any still workin yams. Eighty six is only an died. I was sad arabic, Larry, but Don
dawn among Brooks in all energy, and now there was a great Caesar's house couple weeks ago may not talking rain. I see you guys? It goes up there to six thousand. Now those I don't go now. Melon and call Roma have breakfast every day at the same restaurant westward and they're still arrived together. The island is great that drowsing roman silver funny still happens, funniest their living it now they are there. NL as the funniest person, I've ever known. Because some he's the classically What he on is in that, but not as broad a metal the classic jewish I'll absolutely to does your old man. If you listened carefully was genius yeah yeah, I pleaded with a month's right. Up to the meal worlds fair in nineteen sixty four The words fair was in New York.
Blushing right, flushing airplane their wings and I interviewed no Haswell Madame and we play the two thousand year old man and he go into it like. I said you wanna play to those Norman you just improvised it. Oh I just said we hear the world's fear. What do you think you too? as a result because fair, I got there, But you know you see. That's fair! certainly we you at the first, where the first fair A hundred, maybe three people came the whole world and that we held in the ravine. Intervene at the bottom of the ravine and people role been, the fair which was one of the exhibits. What could have been what level we have a monorail genre. We had the burning bullshit. We thought it was arrived at his best line of all was Was I s and what was the big hit other
Oh, oh three here here the big hit was most Moses parted, the Red Sea. He did it to Times Friday returns on Sunday four times Senator six Drachmas Indiana Press agent, who told him you keep doing his Moses I'll, get your ten eleven pages in the own personal that mind. Yet that can go that quick, so quick Miranda You not know where he's gonna guy, I saw you. I watch his mind still has that Nigeria has that only a very quick still. Lobbying around them so, before we we wrap up by name again apologize for for the time, Mr Miss Communication, but so that we may you believe in it Has there been six seven Meredith getting lost out aid?
one always right. Seven, one twice: ok, but. I never live with a woman, I never like spending a night with a woman I like to go home and if I was in love, I got married TAT S where I was raised and always felt when I meet people want, like sixty here, all compromises they had to make all anyone do that air. So what I love the twenty it's not what I love that thirty and when I loved thirty it's not what I love that forty. Sometimes I think back to people, I loved what think, but I was crazy, then, and in bed time when I grow up, I got married that this marriage is less than sixteen years. Maybe maturity, maybe the different some ages like this. She was in show business. What's he do
she's a singer actress bearded allowed to open for Rickles at its very good singer and shoes so? She understood that if I had it go somewhere to do it interview, general show on you as a network So she said a business. The business choked chooses backup for the ottomans, her father, capital records. So even though, like this, about Mormons AIR, so very sharp. It's me the stamp, Sir, the business which homies Slowly and then having kids closely, I look up at that picture as the dark and there were three into our yes, no regrets middle. We gonna die just stating that they know that stadium. They been Goin Essence in order to beg him to ashes yet and there they run around the great or the different seats stay here
behind a dug out of the visiting team and be yelled the other players. It's great great life. Yeah and he regrets her grants, If I had one day back to my life, the dsl smoking we're size. I said to us not to herbal anathema and of all the powerful people you met, couldn't name one. But I mean we ever surprised, like Woodstock President's real, quick enamel finish up whose probably the most as a person both for better or worse at us? Seven, increasingly I'll run down near Nixon bright and yet hung up little things. Like me,
George Bush, the firs yet best guy, nor the nicest sweetest care about you. Concern, Guy George Bush to Great Baseball Ah, he invited me to the White House one seal off the record. Yes, when the views set down for two hours all right, let's took place, but that was it It just cut gotten to Washington, so he says: hey I gotta go to California. You want to lift it s, not just at his heart she's. We could. Facebook. You have taken baseball gas Reagan for his humour and first of all for an interview. Assemblers Clinton was still trap. Mind I like Jimmy COD offers of his How much he cared about little things in detail? Gerald Ford was a great guy.
Just a good guy to something like a whether we were near Obama for his mind, like Obama's mine and his. He's so well, within himself? By that I mean he's very entered in himself He's not gonna rub his arms around Clinton's than a hug, you yeah so like them over to the most incredible Some probably was Mandela yeah because he was such a single, solitary, incredible figure around at one. Great days of my life was, I went to I was in South Africa speaking tour went to his house for lunch, and I had dinner with the clerk from a man who freedom. So his little Larry little jewish kid from Brooklyn and went manpower, air and click on the same day,
but I was a Jackie Robinson First game and I interviewed him and so I've lived through through history in. And I ve been on this journey. I wrote a book called my remarkable journey and I pinch mice. I pinch myself. Every day I was on relief as a kid. My father died in New York City, both my first pair glasses, I sit around and look at me and yet Complain of the plane is late. What am I do? I gotta run right next to the other guy.
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