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Remembering Michael K. Williams

2021-09-07 | 🔗

Marc revisits his conversation from earlier this year with actor Michael K. Williams. Michael died at age 54 on September 6, 2021.

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Hate people I talk to Michael K, Williams, Wednesday February, tenth of this year, little over seven months. It was an amazing conversation. Was excited a tremendous fan of his work and We had an amazing conversation. It was on fire so alive. Just lit up that guy was with life. He was found dead. In his Brooklyn apartment on Monday September, sixth use fifty four years old, the cause of death is not been released and there's no point speculating on He died
the information will come out eventually the converse tat with Michael we add because you is promoting the film body brokers, which is about drug treatment, fraud. And in general it's about you addiction I had talked Melissa, we're, who is also in the film I later talked of the director of the film, and we don't always do that. Your book, many people on on unemployment your film, but I wanted to talk to Michael because he was great, a great actor, a truly gifted, unique person. And we got along in credit. Billy. Well, it was intense because we talked openly about our common history with addiction and Michael talked about the times he relapsed. And if you listen to the conversation You'll hear him make it very clear.
When he says- and I quote it's only because you You're a relapse is a part of my story, but I'm living good. Today, all we ve got is today. This is not in contradiction with anything that happened to him now, how it happened so one who deals with the disease of addiction. Only has today Tomorrow is a whole new set of challenges, and that was a great great day. Talking with that man. So this conversation is a snapshot of Michael K, Williams is life one day and it was a good day, and this was a good talk rest in peace man,
Were you out right now, I'm in New York. My book with became. Is it there snow still there You know this was stolen. The ground once what we do here now I lived there for a long time. I've done the lorry side and over on sixteen straw, now get notably here, will you U Gallina, I'm in our foreign, you and it's just a little chile, that's our winter, then little J, W Vat. there's some part of. I have nothing to do it's not that terrible the commodity talk the talk. it's like he gets a little crazy, but it on another level. It's like hey. If nobody else is doing anything fuck it I'm okay, you going to have to be what's cuz the alternative sucks bad have be ok man and get some type of grounded Did you get it or not?
I got a little a little scared somewhere. My family they went down. had to be hospitalized, and I was in contact with them. So you know I'm a quarantine for the fourteen days here and in our there was a point where you know that. I am certain of it and you know TAT S got a little little. Did I liked her back at you. Look that could grace had made a pot of curry by damned knock. It tastes like curry, like all came back to those observe those, but no great cigar man did not to be ass. Will last The temperature is no problems. Breathing. It's what I do throw a team but so you you, you didn't you tested. You got it. You got it You just got a minor. Yes, Oh yeah! You got lucky fucking, crazy man, You know me, I you know I consider myself bless today. You know what I've got good genes in all your mocked: Gaga,
Kay from really good genes. Physically, the end on you know the summer man you know like you spoke about the with everybody they do not want the lad. The bar suddenly do, because nothing for me is not an option. I don't mind double workshop, I'm under our do. He had allowed you to founder. I found physical fitness this summer, but not for the sake of muscles. you know I got real Gabrielle for Labour cardio in cosmetics is stretching and then simple shit actual We believe that because on up- but that is in my programmer daily routine- that it gave me a leg to stand on a fight them off. back a little bit that that she didn't knocked me down, I mean That's just my little take owing to add asked what I chose to believe that you know they did. We are so conditioned to run from this thing that you know
I think. Sometimes. We should also remember that we have everything in our bodies. The kind of at least the army to fight back when we got a gun in our body is called an immune system. Maybe he s a bullets in that mother fucker. We're just lay the guy. We all know how that we fight back. So that's your address. That's where I met with the animals that are not knowing all Americans. Both on Uninstall estimate the semitic. I always thought that ought to be about well. Yeah me. I've been doing that to you. Do adieu, meditate yeah yeah, that was that used to a model of people like damn. You know meditating. So hot I'd like to have my you mean sitting down now, They are shit fuck you up your brain, calling your eyes that hard, like you got, you gotta, do it first thing: they enjoy hard. If you'd been do another shit, if you had, don't you coffee, Verde eaten United Amiable
well, whatever you you, you ve already on the computer and then others any. I gonna sit out. Shuddered are right when you get out of bed just do it. That's I've been doing. I just started couple months ago. You know what I received that will take you, that's the trick, because you know I wait till I you know by the time I remember Do it. I've already got a few things in ammonia and praying fire fear cat. That's what did she do? the mark or might be believed the bed rag at the man on the floor. you know, like I just see on the floor and I get up but I do YO go a little bit and then I sit with them, the guy, the english guy on the app their heads base, and he he talks me through at ease- but you know talks. We threw it over. I'm gonna take their suggestions like the next time. I see you, I would be like beg you, and it is about a problem. You gave me two things one do at birth,
in the morning and I got a yoga mat his I never used, but if I lay it out in my room in my bed for by my bed and thought that, if I see it, My memory ass great ass, a great idea member, try that ship road map just get up and do it like. I also I am a big fan, and I am I what the new movie, the body brokers, and die. I look, I'm a sober. Do you know- and I like I know- that world a little bit and didn't you as it reveals itself it sort of like it's in? aim and heart breaking and an informative? I really like the moving. I thought that you did a great job with it. Man met they. Do you know any for efforts of others? It was that this was a passion project for me, I share your story. You know the club as well to my dear sir. You, sir, in all around you know by that, does heard me speak up,
No, I'm not shy about it. You know relapsed the pony now my story, and you know but I'm living good. Today, you, I guess I'll, be gotta sedate, but this film you jails, jobs as an institution is right here right, so on the up had my first year of institutions, I knew TAT God ever going to jail yet and obviously still here, but I've had my fair share with institutions, and you know I've been what you said was this this film, the narrative of the stone with extremely d stopping a dream, a disturbing and I was like I did almost like work, but what do we do with that? Like us? Are you hitting me. So would you, when you first read the script by when John Swab is that his name be ajar? Slob great got raise the right ended there yet because I know guys at work in that industry, but my buddy Mikey came over yesterday to talk a little because I told him about the movie and he's like
but when he works within in rehab, inadequate to jobs, you know because they were corrupt and indeed in feel comfortable right. Why? My thing was you know when you read that script as a sober guy You know you realize you must realize. Like you know, I gotta do this. People have to know this right, but then the character to like tat character, he's not only a guy who's, not quite sober and playing their part, but this it's a movie. about people rationalizing yoke farm analyzing things, it makes them kind of evil right, yes, Jimmy! You hid it right on ahead. If you don't, you know, as we all as you and I both know arm Pierre, been sober, doesn't take away the craziness, it has a lot of creating officers in the programme in me, including, I am I column, demons in exile.
there you go, you know and entered Jimmy Wood was a perfect example of that yeah. You know arm. The ito arm of silver, but I could feel Duco came EVA Absorber, but I can still, you know, use people right. You know I'm sullen drugs yeah. You know that was even more profound in August, but me this film. It spoke about the insanity and thy people think that our eyes saw that sometimes people think that drugs are the problem, jobs on a symptom of a prop up the problem you do know we didn't want to put the jobs down the work because we gotta clean up this house on the garbage ray I so called it manifests in other ways and alive for decision making. You know it would pull characteristic tricks right. So what was a perfect example.
And an opportunity for me to show that side of of what a recovering addict looks like it's not all roses, and once you put the drug down it's happily ever after in life, is going to be great know, there's a lot of thinking, thinking that we need to get rid of him, bad fast habits and bad thought processes, and what is example of that. But I tell you the redeeming moment for me with wood in the car: he, yes, the car scene and when he apologized eyes. He apologized he made a man's man, and that was that was that, with deeming quality in him, that made me fall in love with the character of a whole other level that that acting to where you know you drop into the heart of that guy? That's actually tor,
and did not the guy that justifies its behaviour, does it great turner and you can feel like those choices? Man? It oh and I guess we'll take the time this time. To also say you know, you know I wasn't in that scene along obviously there I just gotta tell you Jack Kilmer what he bought the deal The honesty, the bone ability that he bought to their character met him and Alice. They are. They are like obsessed with them. They again take my eyes off with a man in this field, but with but with Jack bought in that in the end, as seen in that car, he I know that level of loyalty that he had that the way he looked it would then he put so much to the to the dynamic manner. Could no, I couldn't have reached where needed to be had it not been for what he bought the team. That's interesting ways. was yet he was great and we definitely that contrast of like you
Mama where he says you, like your people been How can it be like out my whole life? You really come off road day said he right or would keep me here. It was like that was like a meeting in the car right here right now. Let's see what it meant a lot to me and he bought up so much till it brought him as as with his instrument what's so much to the character and made it he made it very easy for me. Is there oh. I got a question because I get asked it to Gaza when I was there when I did the show glow my character does blow you know and The I've been sobered twenty two years, some empty boys.
like was a hard and am I cannot now do you think about what was it like for you to be around drug? You know in the film of body, brokers are radically would didn't sugar me because of the decision that I made as to where he was in his recovery when he was different coca, their poor party here I'll, tell you who do who did shipment forgot his ready night on the night of wood? Sniffing dope an end and the reasons why the escapism with was very bad was very familiar to them. To my the my journey, to marked about my master, with this disease. Well, anyway, when you are in jail,
This is called the night of nice aligning with Ray. I M ready, ready night triggered the hell out of me. May he woke up here. Robin a Genie bottle like a month. Yet you know, I don't know, would work that night. You know I believed. Would we serve me? You know You know it was more about. You know the chicks. Failure on it. I dont think that he was on the table. relapse state of my elbow or technically he did really. They get I arrived. I dont think that it was there. I think he would just in the bombing and could he said it. You'll chick these subjects, but you shouldn't be here. Bloodied lab! Ah, you know right over Unite Friday was in a different space that that you know I don't know how
to judge reclamation it just for a moment. I know how to know I gotta numb not right and he did it to cope yet cop. I guess what I did it for an back shook me up right man so like were now. When did you start Where do you think it started with you? Would you I mean when you grow up? I grew up in Brooklyn mad, I gotta slap was broken and a little low prices called the ban to be abandoned. It states, you know. you know, like I say anything about the drug juggled sentiment problem but asked but it cope in very early and you know became an actor very early. I was they buy is nine. I was completely addicted to fantasy, like nothing about my life. Did I what you know so I can't like how did that manifest itself. I go a kind of fantasy you where we and by me you know all be a stop. Now was it. You know like there s this, my community,
you know, is a western in caribbean community heavily that you know, that's what we call the, but no Can I have your little Haiti at all We are familiar from now on mothers in the Bahamas. I'll get him. I found my father's on the south, which is so you had half the community that was raised in the Caribbean and the other had that was black american and there was a clash of cultures like in the in the Middle EAST. Seventy two, the eighties and you at the pick one you were either a lazy welfare recipient Yankee or you were a
hi, hi, water, wearing banana, about driving, cocoanut, hopefully option and my mother being for the Caribbean and my father be from south. You know and me having a huge needs, a fit in high and low self esteem. I you know I started like you know. I lost my identity very quickly. Very young trying to fit in to be to be like to be accepted to go under radar, so nobody would, I don't want be singled out every year, so little the disconnect from getting to know who Michael was I got to start at a very early age and the ability to to chameleon myself. Yes, it whatever. I thought you needed to see the get in with you and also started very early. So that's what I mean when I say
it's fantasy, very quick. We gave it to you. I have that problem to, like you know, by the end of his conversational, probably talking exactly like you I just have that thing where I feel like I'm, whole person, but you know when I get around stronger personalities you just gonna like now just live in that guy skin for a lot of work and of course I became an actor right like great great job with someone like me. What Europe really you know like Joe must so crazy man, but you know you it'll again, would was an opportunity to to explore for all those different things you know on good, I believe in some form of fashion were all attics You know that our art the caught the economy of this country's built on it. They were
it requires the movie to require that which would fill talks about yelled in it. It manifested in food food disorders, sexual disordered, shopping disorders rested with a big, being called appended. You know hurrying emotionally manipulative that sit seeks out in so many different you just how just visit human personality as my daily schedule, you just run off and I would love to hear you speak what their role so you liked to cook you cook him back. There did you grow up like because I always assume that young people from the caribbean- I always think about food. You know, I guess I did the so much at least the idea in interesting confluence Culture there in the food departments are absolutely in all our mama
We do not at all easy to live our lives. It I like to eat Who me am I just? I love everything about food, not just the eating process. I love the preparation, like you know, We know, in my mind, Rachel re as they went to my best friends. You sit here now watch a segment as you know the way she the way you do, but are he had summoned? Look at that? You hear my mouth. What was she could have passion for food is, like is bananas and then without do is you know our challenge myself? I like you. I won't go to the West
I advocate the recipe I had at forty two. I could look at what she's doing that data. I know the basic what she ass. She has a basic like template that she was suddenly garlic. Olive oil will find peppered a battle there's some night, so we got the same foundation and I just can't you know I'm I do I'm a pillow twisted shades of the appeal. I maybe fuck it up who doubt, but I just love, I loved the prepping of wealth, You don't try new things, and nor do I love feeding people. I'd love will call people over malice, break bread, member people, my family, my friends right there. you serve everybody. Then you have that minute: relax I'll sign Am I I'm great rights great? I did, then I did that pretty fuckin good right
say people eat mad at me too, and they ate like. I do also a great way to occupy the time. I've been smoking fish. Like I'm a Jew, so I've been trying to figure out a smoke. The fish like the old jews- and I got this smoker out there- some fucking, prepping, brine and smoke and fish yesterday I spent an hour trying to figure out how to make perfect Babo canoes and then, like you know you, you spent, like three hours do in this shit. Like you know, smoke and fish takes hours and then I'll eat. In thirty seconds, like I, don't give a fuck up, put output hours into prep and then just plough through it. If I'm alone- and I make something out eating or my party are twenty five cents to put to the yoga man, do you doing better? Take it a morning? Smokes pocket bitch! You got a smoke free Europe, nor wanna, get what I know. I've heard about your crossing the border that I dont Albert, I'm gonna get the smoker nobody's gonna ev Ry took they don't want to go home, but the smoke,
I heard about the air friar everyone, about the air, vulgar yeah They gave it to me the trigger grill Greek big. They gave me the smoker, the wood pellets, you gotta ya. To put it in you, I gotta get LU, Lu Outdoor space it throw it out there tat. I mean I've been yeah, been smoking fashion. I love to cook it and I'll. Do it by myself? Keeps me saying the same thing. They were talking about with you know I just gotta, be careful. guy like if I get off on, I got made a pie. I got maize like if I eat your right if I can make a pie, dude, I'm fucked for weeks enemy and making cakes. What, if I put in a pie and apply all yet ass their way from it you're my family,
we were more p camp by Bulgaria and Romania, though, that it never, but I will eat above three penalised by myself. I promise you that if you can, you can itself ass, it would say: yeah yeah puts out in front of me. I guess we pretend it all the time. Just a descent a snack, that's what I do didn't I drink. A pot of coffee is how I manage my addiction MIKE and have given up just like if there is ever spare minute. I'm thinking about what can I wait? What do we got in the list? Are you hurt nobody at? I mean I say I love fool, you know me and if you don't try to keep it no I'm not a help not in this is where you know it does not mean that we will keep our work. I want a good geek juicy goosey cheeseburger, that's what I'm going to eat. You Norma, do that every day, a more definite make sure I use it in my Emma my regiment, but I'm scared,
Enjoy yourself. Try to enjoy the alternative, we got it. Joy life will be added joint, yeah yeah. I don't think about the other shoot at all any more. So when did you like start really doing the acting. I mean: when did you start doing it like what you decide? It was your life I mean. Was it one of those things really like you got to save your life with something you know the wire. You know before the wire. You knows, I took a background. Answer must be House Axion. Chris, the Waters Techno China makes things like that you're mad there. Like seven years man as a little yam, illustrate three days, you washed agenda Jackson: videos does our gotta catch prerogatives, oh god public, and I will try to do today it enables you go in the wrong way, but that would learn brigantine
Rachel Ray and JANET Jackson, these are the keys to your existence. He thereby around in ninety ninety seven. Ninety, ninety eight, what my first film over there was a film called bullet to parks. Accordingly, Rachel bicycle. He he saw a pitcher polar world of Minnesota had the scammer facing was they go? He told Julian Temple the directive as this find this guy. In addition, him it now the frozen either. what does the scarring got you the job? Basically, yes, it did movies that fight about they got. You got scar, real, simple and a couple of seconds is twenty Fiveth birthday pissy drunk ballroom bra? Not this special and you know the fact that almost lost my life or that date at night, but on the star had added. You know there was a situation, our technically I started you know,
I was drunk at the little courage in me, and I saw a situation with someone that I had known at the time. He had nothing to do with me. Ask that my nose or someone else's but it might junk mine. I was being lawyer, like you know, I'm not gonna watch you get jumped YO and I was in an answer no proper, my chest out due to the alcohol. I was in that zone and when that situation the escalated. Those do that were worked out. The competition with the person that I knew they turned their attention on me and the registered so the second they loved it was on this movie called mug shot. You know without our Maharan from and some new enormous with independent film, but what I want to be just like her to pass little brother to my second point, it was a lead role and independent film. we're gonna get a little
I don't like starting a big. This can happen and there you know not dick warfare and all in all his prize exceeded. you're, going to cover now law and order is doubt that that those that was essential for young New York City actors at the top after it book in old things, those things and then on the phone. Just with dead. Ninety ninety nine roles are without with a jerk off stuff that were there there did. You feel like you're, being tied, cast although we do have you ever, you know, I know I still to this day to acknowledge type cares You know no slash, you know we'll get to assimilate into other cultures. Re much unarmed, black man, and I tell the black experience right, yeah You know I'm from the hood here and I know for a fact I got I have ever phronsie view.
we're how people end up with a situation that they end up. No one wakes up one morning I gotta I'm gonna be successful. You know a great deal on the corner on it. If the successful dog that rock people on a business would think, no one wait himself on the basis of anything, I guess them in jail. Do that out of a series of animal out of desperation and a feeling that they have no other options right and watch that happen so many times the people that I call my brother's my family members in my community and when I started becoming an actor and people were and how do we look into me to portray the story? I immediately war that has a badge redoubled like these my committee is about people, and now these people and the two hour do everything possible to make sure that people who don't know this lifestyle, don't notice community will leave from the story feeling apathy and having some sort of compassion has. As I understand it, nothing you got to agree, but
those two things and I made it more responsibility led the audience with those three things, but that's interesting. So you, Sir you're the point of view is that, like you know, instead of a look king at me, as somebody who is pigeon old by this type of row you you say like yeah, but these are real people who I know- and this is part of the experience in I'm going to depict it with honesty and authenticity, yeah in these characters are gonna, are gonna be alive. This isn't on that plane a caricature. This isn't a puppet here You know it so you won't show Imagine that when you you look at a script, you think in terms of like you know why Oh, how deep Missus Parker you know. I guess it's a real thing or is: are you so in this? Guy short, I don't have the even wonder I can read the first twenty pages until you bullshit and as a writer
Well, I don't have to give it that the wonder about that. What asked that what I'm going to skip looking for is had a wide identify. That's when I go look for ok might have you had it. How do you identified with this character, because I know it, but if you really said you you right in a story about my community, I'm gonna find some web on this man's life. I'm gonna have a parallel with him, so I go and look for that and I can tell you in Europe fuck. You talk about the first twenty pages and where'd. You learn the craft where'd. You study the acting. I study, while others again New York City man was sure I had worked and I was bless should be introduced to the earth. The off Broadway feared a world of New York City Muffin, play, that I did was added data on a lower site called Le Mamma. I know them and I say that I am still it. I was actually armed
Unless I saw a man, I was the last play that she produced and directed and Rick wrote. I was in that it was a city. Opera was called tank crazy and Armenia and was about the war of the cultures and in that part of the world, the police and an arm I studied there for about a year to, and then I left and went to Harlem ass. I studied under the late great today Samuel and he worked out at the National Black Theatre as we call it a and b t at all. There was a young writer director. My name is Judy Shepherd King ass. She had written display called endangered species, and I got a pardon that an arm then. Thirdly, my good friend, the brother, re promise, or,
lot to he bought it. He from Philadelphia shout the Philly ere. He bought his mentor and is there a company to New York City every Saturday? These men would either going to trade on a wave in cars, and they become the New York everything today and they would teach a male, no Williams, he's director of the company and its called theatre for a new generation every. Sadly, man will come and we were the class either the produces Club Whaley, what any law evil black Black Box in New York City every good on from twelve three would have a deal's a deal accompanied data class, and then you know it will be a two week course that he would do and then around the fourth or fifth week he would start giving out. He will. He would bring us up into groups into into our partners. would give us scenes from a classic plays like she called name desire, ceremonies and dark
old man. He hasn't look a litany of classic place. He would take see here give he would give us, did the different groups scenes and at the end of the tenth weak, the last two weeks we put a source daisy, we would put up any because it he called it. The data night would be called a native scenes and are we sell tickets and get people to comment at the devil years? Men and that's the bat and took out into the earth to the addition process. Many Hollywood and I started to book, but them because they are only a man. The falls went there like around ninety nine yeah. I could. I couldn't get a gig and saw you know my mom Gub lesson mercy, she was tired and she decided that sitting there was a per ass. She opened up a dig in the projects where we live and by two thousand and one she was. She was blossoming. Let me know studies some said the old woman with no education like lightning back. You know really doing
and so what the Gay care center got popular. It got popular mandate and, at her highlight the kids we kept up. We took him from one to five is also they loved that they were the first great. She did the kids that we're leaving our day care were all such were Elsa. What before me, I could chemically or such a high? What would number one in the community and flap was over an hour teaching, not another, no evil after I got the same. When I couldn't get me when I start, I stop looking near hand at in two thousand. My mom took all of us to the Bahamas. You can do that with what other the end of the world. The editor k was gay. Come again to wear this guy's gonna fall this guy's gonna walk on a moment ago. We goin out our warm, I better get going home rock out, so he knew he is dead. Having already got cheesy autonomy,
job at the data causing he's not with money to pay my red from replay, not every friggin month as a you don't covered for me. No, you're right, you Michael earned money like you might know that a bad idea. There could be a lot worse. We got a family business in the community. Why not? So I did that for all of us of about two thousand and and then a ninja, two thousand and one she gave me a does, and I started myself her administrative assistance. She also share everything on enlarging. Books, so I know I put up a computerized everything out of you. Oughta give me something to do so so arm or dollar, two thousand and then all of two thousand and one and, as you know, by September, on nine eleven piazza. When that happened around I slipped into her, it was
It got real dark for me. You know I'm. I still have my building and I saw the second plane hit with my naked eye. Like me and my cousin, we watch the buildings drop you like for like two weeks after that happened like the wind, given. On any given Sunday, the independent, which way the wind, which ship as snow on the burning flesh, stillness yet. I ate with me up that I was in a story. I watch the same thing in a story from my roof and yellow and yet in any that metal smelt, burning smell me lad. If a week's entirely out of the flesh, yeah yeah, that's what I'd know, what brought a flare smells like men like this is so anyway, neither side I relapse, happen. Rapid and get out of here
So you know, who is your thing? Man? Ok man, me Coggan alcohol. Yes, oh arm a relapse and a struggle for all about two thousand and one I mean pop up a most have two thousand. We know after nine eleven on at all, but I will sit in my power. I've been with my cousin, one of my homeboys mad and on field we was do with getting high and the setting would be the tv on what you mean it, and then you blast the music tripe every time the EU has never you do so
And then they talk anymore, you talk at dinner, we talk as with other we're, we're playing setting out what is happening right talk. She saw the tv was. I had no HBO mark in. I looked at the screen and it was an episode of Sopranos that I was looked up. I was like I had this like out a body experience. I said, and I look what I was. the minutes of the role of these people, and so on my mom's. May I see your mom I sit down. I asked I don't know if I could do no more as I got it, I feel, like I said it is. His heart was shit more more shop, as is that what you need Sadly, do let me some money, because
I got a ray of it. My package gobble up the sea for two years, and maybe I don't know they call a real. You got put a real together and I added who had sat blah blah blah blah blah hire people, as is that all right. She, let me the money- and this is in later over early November. I did everything and descended on drugs as good. Not all fair yard people real right now, all of it all I got when I need to get down and I gave them out I had a hit list of the names of people the way- new in the business that, if I had any shot it would out, I can get it from them at no cleaner t. First, second, Pour Jimmy role.
the man, Jackie Brown, car man, member, was to name, and I said that the real the new package as it you know what his Christmas and they gonna look at it. They gonna see that I'm back on a black and possibly bring up the hope, give it the second their wicked January. It's gonna be major right here. We are February happening Mama of light weight of. Did you wasn't it? what my buddy, how they are basil or have you no, I slip into the pressure man. You know like for real real. I get be not adequacy. In fact, any Hicks Prescribed Minute, pixel, this sort of way to take a pact on wonder. Why don't feel better right like the fact that the February ended in March, a mother caught me marriages ago, come down stairs of backs the? U I went and got them backs, and you know it won't work
its desire to doubt. Yes, it was what they actually with Alexa vulgar. Was the breakdown four or more, the ball? Little? that's when I knew this is real. This is real. Like I got the decision, it's only offer to do what at the addition. He had the addition, but was I got it? I'm saying you know Obviously this in me, I think three days later, she called me tell it meets on beyond and that at the next Amtrak and report to Baltimore, like I was on a set for like a week of fibre met David Luggage at like jump right in had had and I never looked back when God you done the research yeah, yet you jump. What that's? That's all that's for real YAP poured a lot of my pay and it's the character.
Yeah yeah, I mean it's, not it's. A great character was one of the best characters that whole thing I mean. I remember watch it in real time. I watch should all at once so I guy I'd watched it a couple years after the fact, but I was in New York and I was doing a radio gig and I just would watch three or four episode. A day like I was on drugs. Mao's like the wire was my drug. I would binge. I would do it for five episodes day and I'd feel fucked up after bye. Bye year, character was like em. You time, Omar came on your fuckin Omar man, You're always said you would seek, would do very well know it. The best carried the on their show was hands down. Here it was this city of Baltimore Yeahs. I promise you got like TAT city permeates it. I can't you had to be on those
streets like we know we shall a lotta location. Why was it? It was an air of good or cushy set type of a gig. We were we within the streets broke and I've got to know the people. I got to see the culture I got to feel the streets ere. You know when I tell you tat city. is one the most beautiful cities, one the most beautiful gems in this country, and we don't know it but bottom of the city of both my as the number one character, the people and their energy in Spain. The city is the is the number one character on the wire and Simon and Simon loves that city, I may say, like easier lives, their point of view, still there yeah. I interviewed that guy's, a smart guy crazy, were pocket ass. My big group yeah, but obviously I am not alone in thinking. That was an amazing Chavez. Just all the performances were deep man, dna and I just work with on dram friends, laundry
by a royal me mad we just need a movie a month ago He may know- and I know what it is- I mean that we stay a cardiac there. I'd know exactly which was finally talk at all. My guy would enable a no to Leslie. It's called the name go yeah, but I can't imagine you to get together. That would I would I have to sit that one out just watch just to watch. You guys talk. We ve been talking about that. Mayhem and Sonya he saw. and I have been talking about the Van shown you did so when you saw who play came a great oak, iraqi and us dealing with three musketeers ass. She and I we both have full working on, acknowledge that you must know now to underwrite with special Piazzi different hee hee hee hee hee hee far from regular, like we all too often we all of us as to what the royalists vessel I'd like you,
If you know em, then you know talk about. I got time to go. It's a why we know this, but you do not know why I say he special had all their men treat different bro. Yes as like it, you know he says with such vernacular and such effort lindeness. What most of us, the thinking and its neck, is not tacky, not offensive. He does has this way. Spitten shit, that's on all about Mars, but none of us have the balls to say, and he does it was such a red, a budget how can you be like you just don't like what are you? What are you like anyway? He had no there's a vote. There's a like a real kind of honour. vulnerability there that he speaks from perfect. Yes right any you just gotta, be like what the fuck Ok, you got a level yet of a true. I should love a man, you know Ojeda. Would you were gonna like like him
I love it. When you go, I hate him, then you hey, you, have you got problems? You got bucket problem, so we ve been working on a project that will highlight Dray man and if I could be we would do is when you said it. Could we really so you and I we talk about that? All we got to create some fire brother cause. That's how much we feel he's just he just he's just a special does yeah. I think. Also like you know it, it's it's it's it's a weird place for him for him, because he should be in everything, but there I don't know how much is common to him, and I don't know if he's a if he people- really know how to use him, because if they created lower come on man, you think you re no it. That is this about us another as a whole. The conversation that you know I gotta go down that road right now. You I'm tired of waiting for day. You know I'm right the point now we're in it is time for me to build, though my own table example asked them. Our own to assure you know Diana Production company. That's already
on his corner. You don't productions, know your teeth, free, your dough, free, free, dome production and what we are We know we housed in the Navy, Audio Brooklyn and yet a dash of yourself. You know, and and this pandemic has as its humbled us and it had level the playing field massively and if its every time the shoe just shot, I believe is now here. You know we're here: you're right, they dont know what to do in a barrier to do with me. So so so so you know it's time for us to arm too to lift each other now, do you ever think about you ever think about theatre anymore? Absolutely Believe me and my brother, the same gentlemen, that in a disputed theatre, Atomism Philadelphia, he and I were talking the other day men at arms. We know we were women, forgotten this idea by travelling Theatre like didn't. Take it. You know that mean a week we come with us.
We understand travelled the idea of travelling theater and take it. It's like neighbour, where's that normally would not be exposed to a play. You know what that would. Look like a better idea. What Sunday, ongoing bought there we can go back outside we can hardly right now. Would you here we totally with definite talking about them. They must have an interesting like Mama, because, like that, some weird shit, sometimes you know what the widow was, the love about data to there's: no mistakes, there's no cut an action. You have, we feel it forces. To use everything you have. You got to stay in the moment. Forces me to stay in a moment like I'm gonna. First, that it we have presented coming around because of my further training rise. Everybody's lies, in fact is the right. I would only right my lives and not memorize them. I would just
write them down, but I would memorized your lines. Other actors lies because I needed to see in tat moment and what I did with mild. My dialogue out myself well make if I understand the world and what these with the other carries a thing with a coming from me. I will be common sense, he'll be logic I don't have to. Never remember my lie. It'll come to make this large and then only that I can then once what you would so, then you know the intention. You know all right, bingo and taught me that there also taught me to because it taught me to know the attention if you, switched it up because another thing about Anti royal. He or she could also come from the very outset. The same circuit that I was running She was running away, they know each other at the time, your home, we actually do the same play at the end of each other. The time we get lander roars, we played three dip.
made in her life and she was like Marian. What is that a lot so so J with the Tories, but switch it up? the lamb was like you, I gotta go home and walk my dog. David, I gotta go feed. My cat, like you know you, you and Bearded taught me no matter how many times with ivy lights. We do it if I ever met around and stop listening to you. and waiting for you to shut up to say by lie and what that will doubt these are. Indeed it is a good shit will act or like would like at like Angie. Who might you know he might tell you what nugget and if you have a united position, a catch it. You won't know nothing Could you you know you guess? Also they taught me those things were here: yea listen got unless it is Sir TAT show, so you feel
better. When I, when you did the wire, were you high? I didn't get high the whole first season of the wire I had wanted to make such a good impression on David and Nina and Ed. I decided to ask us what we I was getting high. Nothing at around the uptake of cigarettes. I sit in August. I said You know cigarettes, don't get me high, it'll it'll it'll be my oral fixation as tough as others here, but I want to close. They not drawing rooms. He I thought it there know and so on the whole. Firstly, that didn't get hide it They may be a series regular season to arm you, as we all know too little about the docks. So what happen again, I don't mind became my item. I became the devil's workshop. I'm here, I'm in
the more I'm already party are going to clubs in days of that nature. I have all this time on my head. I don't have the responsibility to make a practical you I did want to, but there were, like weeks are weaker days some time between figure Paisley Jesse, and I ended up picking up in season to all. But you know a really bad. The cast a wire window appears saw you on J very red. When said Juliet Madame Lebrun Dozy. these men and women men they are, they would come grabbed me up. Never let me sleep to far between the cracks. Madam, we became a family, they became. They became a family or season. Two I say there still holds children's day as beautiful. I can't I get this in terms of influences
to have Andrea one side and window on the other. You got all full spectrum man, you know you ve got. You got the raw honesty and you got to think he stuff. You know what I mean when the window is, is like an Oracle yeah. You know blot tomorrow and not a heart and he got a lot of fighting him. Don't let that don't let those reading glasses and that three pieces void that net tat window FUCK you up and he becomes he doesn't Wally's do through and through, and I just an educated here is not afraid you know and, as you know lucky I take he jobs, jewels like a piece
the wisdom by what early autumn in India Career Man Window set me down, forget was talking about wasted, you know what Michael isn't this business is about the work you do, the people you me and the relationship that you build and I'd never forgot. That kept me humble kept me focused what what's important about being in this this land of make believe that way that we lived with India kept me. Yes, that that's the kind of thing that one of the, but he also he'll, be right beside the bottle back. He has no you're lucky, though not window. If you look at me, you perceive them a certain way and you, Mr Prodi, the body where it look at his suit entire guys. I've talked to him he's a great guy, So when you did when you did the board, like empire man. I E. How do you feel about that time? Travel business, you! I d go into
every time you know on up. I was talking to a good friend of mine and he he kind of all he caught up hit me pull my attention to what you'd be just that, yes, the as it first thought is yes, I do. I do love going back in time, decided to use those stories whether it was shocking. Why on public empire or JAG G in on an embassy obstacle in a tea for what it was Marshall screaming and in love crab country? I keep there is something that must be gone. Oh, he was telling your my he's had noticed the ancestors keep bringing you back using you'll tell this story, and it's not just all over the place. I'm always be an axe to go to the nineteen toilets.
The error that my father was born in an armed. My good friend legacy. We talk any was like, We do. We do. You know where I work with my as this is my right now come on a daily basis and on he hit me they're just recently. So yes, I do. I also take that the opportunity to go back in time and tell the story of my ancestors are also aware that just as much with a badge of honor and a huge responsibility means well, if you, your folks, do around my father deceive Mama, mesh dismayed by the greatest past assemble still swing in a cage? I knocked me out back you out of sheer caused by now that we got our other items. The state we got about any of you. No ninety three gina better.
while the aim of these somewhat years in the projects, you know she armed she's married to safer, and let me go on record. She she bought her own house cash that big here all alone. Here man, it's a logical. She was so comfortable with. This are almost the other one apartment I want building. One can, I add on that's new and I am merely eyebrows we re vandeveer and it you know like around. Seventy in our own assent, raptors, seventy fifth birthday. May we we're we're with some nudging when she said that without looking? go, so she got to sleep now, but also, as MRS Happy very happy and you're happy yes, I am man, I'm grateful. You know, we already know the hungry. I got nothing to complain about my we here yeah and your cookin yeah, Rachel RARE right, nobody would be
basically item is a report is what are our kitchen at which, in my view, rheumatic? Yes, actually idea, man on a sheer interviewed me, What I was doing, the so called Happen Leonard and you know you're such a big fan. after the show went off obvious she found out. That was not about to lie as it is as see Rachel. I said I see you, I say you know Isn't it you know, there's no way, I believe in the studio. Without you make me a hamburger, you got. Maybe you gotta be space. The special Rachel re burger about it. You know what that would attract the two different kinds of makes that he can look there may see you talk was like this motherfucker, I think, she went to the kitchen garden is a real kitchen on that same as all real weight in the back and Twentyman.
Later when I have had not voted no Rachel rate Cheeseburger I could at data with the well, I'm glad that a guy that happen for you, I mean I was good talking you and I love the movie. I love you working hours, So I go to a meeting. I feel better. Thank you want, as save your brother. Thank you were ok, hey! Take it easy.
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