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2016-12-23 | 🔗
It's not entirely accurate to say this episode has never been heard by anyone before. About 700 people were in the room at the Now Hear This podcast festival in Anaheim this past October to hear Marc and his producer Brendan McDonald reveal the secrets behind WTF. It's the first time Marc and Brendan ever did anything like this together in front of a live audience.

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This is a rare thing. Ok, it was recorded at thea at the live, show that we did at the now here. This festival in october now visit of a few reasons: maybe one. this is a special episode, weathers, it was never aired because recording, was played with audio problems and unfortunately it was all mixed under one track by the guy recording at which made a very hard to edit around the audio issues there was also an audience, q and a section, but they didn't have an audience mike. the bunch audio problems which you have done with about a half hour of usable, sound. That is here and obviously wasn't enough to warrant a deputy at that bestow. But since we're doing this thing on fridays we might play it for you now, but this special thing about this is this is first time there Myself,
and my producer Brenda mcdonald also maya ivy sweetie Oh creator of deputy f, my business partner, been with me. A long time is the first time. That we ever really went on stage together to do a thing in an organised way now. Obviously that meant that too I scrambled in and floundered and bumbled my way through it and brenda courts was highly organized in and meticulous in had a prayer. station ass wide shown everything. So this is a classic straight. Man maniac dynamic. Why not over selling? I mean it's me in brendan by guessed. The point is we ve never done one, we ve never done a live thing, and this is our try at it and of course the festive afoot set the audio bye, dad There's there's a half hour here ourselves of that
and brendan onstage together doing them. I can brendan show what has never been done, live so enjoy what supplant brennan, yet their separate and I've been working together since two thousand and four we and when I the air america, ensemble browning, shall I don't know if I was. I was like aim. A left wing answer to right wing talk, radio in it launched in two thousand. For at the time of the presidential election and we were ready to do big thing. Yes, we're we were gonna start bush, yes, tat was the big plan, didn't work, and I I showed up.
With my like. I was very insecure about my political knowledge. I knew I was angry and a reactionary and I no it up with my democracy for dummies book, and I thought that would get me through a train What we are here to do today is to go back as far as that and then get up to speed with today kind of go through the creation of w g of the process of what we do in our market. there and talk about some things that we ve never talk about publicly. In fact, some These things are things that mark does not know that I'm going to bring up In fact, marked does not know anything of what I have prepared for today. He is completely in the dark. With this week we fathers gonna the matter commentary on our actual relationship where he does, preparation and I'm completely over prepared. So was the other works? live in front of people, I'm ready and probably more ready, given my nature than you are
What does that make it? That means I am not that repair and I'm gonna role with it. But if something in pan out that you've prepared, I gotta drive home with yeah. Well, I thought a good place to start. I'm gonna I'm going to put up on the on the screen here. Can we see the first photo there now you're, not going to know what this is with just looking at it. But I'll tell you the story behind this. That is a piece of paper that was handed to me by the: u s: secret service while the data is right here june, fifteenth, two thousand fifteen. This was in it As of of the president coming over to marks house, And- and it says you, you probably can't read all the fine print there. So let me go through for use as says place this under telephone become. yes, listen and do not interrupt. If you can't tell this is for if a bomb threat comes in marks house the time really ever we are
on alert for a bomb threat at marks house you supposed to write down the time. The call was received the time was ended and they told me just keep. Try to get through all these questions like every that's their and it's not because it's like a jason bourne thing where they're gonna like traced, the call they just literally want me to do recall so that its like makes it easier if they have to track down a bomber. So the quest There are one way this bomb going to explode to where is it right now? What does it look like what kind of bomb is it what will cause it? explode. Why did you place the bomb That would be very nice if he tells us that What is your name if you get that's hard? It's fantastic means you're, doing a good job with this sheet What is your address? Are you
from a pay phone which are probably us as they are you calling from the past at location and or number gender race of color. That could get dicey, says that on the machine age of color exact wording of threat, as we switched to the next photo, you can put that up, but I want as you're switching that you don't have a landline Now I don't have a landline saying and I don't remember you showing me that no, I think I knew what would happen if I showed you I can understand, mark, was away the weak. We were were preparing for the president to come over, and I couldn't have been timed out better if you there when they were like dropping massive lines of communication like these. These giant boxes secure line. This is I can. I can tell you how that would again. What is that? why is that It's making noise, I love it,
russia debate it. It's always that's a voice to what was it just go backwards What would it when I got there? America and you guys you do that- that package of all the new story ass on the day the french dan passion would put together notes for you on what news you had to read for that more nguyen your first day that he put it to mark mark said what is this? I can't read this. I'm so sorry about your levels ever that's. It happens now welcome to my world either way, just run through some of these roquat collars voice, their very distinct here, deep, breathing disguise like that's the one I want the barber there's all background? Sounds noise is motor factor machinery crockery, a very dainty bomber calling from his kitchen.
what does sound unscrambling egg, I just during the kale. Don't worry come on. so anyway, we week, we come through this whole process of the show that leads up to the present, united states coming on a granted that was over a year ago, we were with obviously had many shows since then, but that would be like getting this bomb threat. Page was probably the moment where I was like wait a minute. What did we do? How did we get here like? Why did this happen? This is a black we lear. It's a good place to start to go back right like did you know what I was doing before we start working together. You are w. See. Did you know like? Never, Hundred go pay well, yeah, he worked there yeah or you didn't work for him. I didn't work for him. No one saw him in the halls and whatnot actually can we play audio clip number one. I figure there might be some things that
embarrass you a little bit throughout this show today. So I figure right from the start on bare mysel good, so I cannot hear embarrassing clip number one stocks, mostly unchanged at this hour. The dow is down just a fraction. This is npr, and this is w n Y c at three o four, it's eighty seven degrees humid outside feels like ninety in new york city good afternoon, I'm brendan mcdonald in this the twenty third hour. I like that voice blackout yeah. What was the radio voice? down with it. We are. That was what I thought you were supposed to do with the radio. I thought your supposed to get on like like a microphone hanging down like this, and you talk like those guys like that was the job, and I mean super unnatural and I am very glad by life kind of evolved out of it and what I what happened when we started working together? All the stuff tat.
I ve been doing it my life up to that point, which was you know, work aims, do as a news castor, then writing news than producing news in a news room which brought me over two working at air america working with you. I think that the kind of risk yo professionalism. I brought to that and then the style and the creativity and the town you brought to it. We just started a kind of connect on those yeah yeah. I'd panic. I'd, be I brendan branded But what does this mean explain this to me and he just explain it in terms that, like me, could understand. Maybe like ok, ok, I got a good, so it's more much more simple than I couldn't even understand. Basic fucking news. Articles like the tents of them like four in the morning, a sort of like I don't understand what they're saying this is good or bad. You realize you shouldn't be doing anything at that time. I get the hume a human rights are showing a migration policy and shit, and I'm not dumb, but if you don't know the language I was not. I could.
I understand clearly what is being talked about right and it made me feel stupid. Remember that email that I got did you talk about that and I don't know you're bringing up Oh, my god, we were at air america and I was the idiot and I still do this day. It's a bad habit. No one went through the emails that came in. That was. Why would you do that? Why would anyone go through those horrible emails that come to the actual station while I ip he had time to do it, so I would go through all these emails in one of them would just member that do we just sort of like yeah mark Won't you what the adults talk and just shut up for a while like liking. just tell the child to leave the room, tell the child to leave the room me like in, like I couldn't let it go so I was like you know. What exactly about me? Do you is the problem and he's like? Well, you know what you're talking about you're, not really funny it's just. Why won't you at the grown ups talk, and I was like what specifically you know? Is it that you don't think it's funny? I kept going back
Fourth, with this guy and the guy actually said, why do you keep emailing, and I was like did I become the asshole. You think I'd learn the lesson that to me, though, all that stuff was like go in my mind. I'm like this is great this guys this guy is gold and it kept us working together, even when we were not working at our america, we always kind kept contact. I was trying to get mark in place. I was working. We were always kind of now looked like radio was in the dock days desert serious of serious for awhile. We, you know, I added rosier dolls connections with other people that I could maybe try to pull market with it, just a what working when we finally got a deal to go back to your america for a it was eight years ago actually gives during the presidential campaign again
we did a video show with sam seeder and that did not go well, but the story behind that was between us, like an air. America fired me two or three times because of money problems, and then we get a call from a guy on the inside this guy Carl and he's like hey, there's a new guy with money at air america, and I think we should do something and I'm in the middle of a divorce that is breaking me like I'm almost banquet- and I am just just emotionally shit- or be incapable of much of anything and unlike well, I'm not in any condition to to do anything and and unlike in unless we can get them to give me enough money to get out of this fuckin divorce I'll. Do it, but I'm not cape, was really functioning on camera, a microphone, that's the pitch, so so so then I start rallying for SAM cedar. Sam cedar is a very brilliant funny guy, but profoundly
noise, but why did you rally for sam? Because I thought we had a deposit there is no way I was going to carry that it can. I think your brain was so wrecked for, like divorce writer, you like you were like. I need someone to help. I need someone to you. I need a partner that to do this with and in karl the guy who bring me like. Now we don't want sam cosette was like very hard to manage and you like in just just bright but annoying. I love him. I don't want to say it nicely and but I fought for sam, like I thought, I'm not doing it unless sam gets gets the job and, and he gets the same amount of money as me. I just want sam there and then you fought with sam for ever like wait as soon as me and SAM got together. I was like oh fuck. Why did I do this, And- and that was the amateur, but they gave me the money up front. I paid off the the axe and I got through that and I don't think anybody watch you're, not what constantly warring with your cause does not engender a lot of audience. Sympathy
they get what it was like one of those things that you can watch it. If you like the same way, you watch like bum fights or something like that, like like people, real go like watch youtube things that are bad like that. We want to watch the brutality day for a year so that cancelled. Unsurprisingly and as it was winding down. I think we saw the writing on the wall like. I think we just wanted to keep doing we were doing about you know at this time that this was going on. I was really listening to pod. I was, I would say An early adopter was definitely like an early ish bandwagon person like two thousand and seven I had started listening to a lot of podcast. The thing is, they were just mostly radio shows like I would listen to this american life and fresh air as podcasts. Instead of witches better for our schedule. The best show with tom sharpening. That was like a big big one that I was as an early proponent of podcast. I was like it's great.
His show shows three hours. You can listen to it whenever you want, but The real showed that made me have the confidence to say to you like yeah. Let's do this work bill. Simmons podcast so like they're, probably be no w e F with written in whatever form its in without the bill simmons podcast, because I was listening to that as a fan of his writing, and I was like old, I've never heard this guy in my life, I've only ever read him for a decade and As a pug has great, let me listen to it and like his voice, like in the way that we been spending time in radio you going in meetings with these executives. You tell you like what radio needs to like, and what you need to do, and you heard my dumb voice on that thing. Like the dislike mindset of what radio is. Unlike the fur, time. I heard bill simmons, unlike whom I caught they loud this guy, to have a show his voice is so not a radio voice. I listen to it like five minutes terminal.
Like all you sounding just like that stuffy rights. This is great and it was the moment that it clicked for me, like you, have to do this bullshit. That telling us to do. I can't let you do what we can do so this air america thing. wound down and you just for. I think you had been started beyond a lot of progress keith into we're all probably right and not a good idea, if you did enough that you had this sense that it was out there go all the way out to queens to do Keith and the girl, and they had this whole studio set up in their house and I'm like. Do people go listening to this and they're like yeah, a lot of people? Don't like you just sit up, and I was like holy fuck yeah. Let's do that so like two days after we get fired, you send me this email. This is not a good one. It says we should talk about the podcast idea. Jesse thorn offered some guidance I like this part. It seems that between your know, how and the ease with which we can move things without meant, and
make things on the computers. We start a pay. Podcast, it wouldn't kill us time was, and it wouldn't take much. It took a lot bye yup that was a wedding, poetic and move things. You know where we moved through time space and we're good on the computers yeah. That was almost like something from your dad. I think sent that email, but the paper because that was the idea we were kind of basing it on Jimmy pardon me, jimmy behind us doing never not funny. As a thing you subscribe to four seasons and they would put like ten minutes of it on itunes and then you'd pay to have access to the full thing. I think that's what we thought we would want to do the, but do you remember that you actually wanted to co host sure I do I'd seems to be a
recurring theme. Yes, I need someone there to look. I have this email from you from august thirteenth, two thousand nine, the subject line proofs and you said you think I should approach gregg to do this podcast, I'm sure he'd be into it and my box was a sign, from guess that you are interviewing. You do not need any one else to think. Otherwise is a fatal mistake for this project, because I was thinking- was ok, we're getting your partners and he's going to be a war with greece. Fruits for a year just cycle. We just went through his proofs. Terrorizing me with words. Yes, I'm sure would have been it would have been proves terrorizing you and you just like why seal
Doing this to me came up to me once you know that story right like he like we used to, I knew proofs in san Francisco. We did comedy together and there used to be these live shows in the morning for radio was alex, bennett show on live one o five and we were at some show. Cobb's comedy club at like six in the morning. Improves is smoking pot and he had he the hybrid poppy for anybody's, like you want to smoke pot and I'm like alright, so we smoke some weed and I'm like incapacitated and we go out there, He knows, I'm not even functioning and we're doing a live show at seven in the morning and there's four comics on and I'm like. I couldn't even put thoughts together and greg, keep going. He kept going like what do you think mark and mike, and then, after the show he walked out to me because I invented you. he was my
first choice. So we didn't use proved, but we did you You were the one who said what do you think about w e f as a concept, not just as a name that that was likely concept of the show The idea is the most important philosophical question of our time like we can segments around it and we just be that it gives us a big umbrella, the only about like, its broad and we can fit anyone we tried to. We would have liked the w g have question. Of the day Was there no more juice stuff? Yes, no. No! This about jus crap, was a was a segment we and it was no, and this about jus crackers of it said that the neo, because I don't know who I am I can do it for me and wiser somebody and you know, I'm jewish and they like it. Just you know it lit some fires. I'm dumb anti semites head and he he sent that we're like that to say
Yes, those are less funny today, considering what we're going through nationally. Can we, a photo number four on their the original name was the w E f show with me marion? We very quickly. Did the facebook thing like, like somebody just in timber like that and was I the and the show, I don't remember how, but that logo It was done by a guy we're still in contact with nation Nathan, smith up and northwest. We have change our logo. Despite you looking nothing like that picture anymore, why in your mind, will because, like at the beginning of their pockets, saying you know their report has around, but there was a menu on itunes and that turquoises part, like you know it was like in the face it was like. Demanded attention. There really was nothing else around it in those loans, tiles, and if you look what I got its good acting, what the hell's that show so
We never change it now. It sort of a nostalgia thing. What am I gonna put up like that? It has good jude. You don't mean that in the wait. Nine, there's a little adele yeah, so our first episode was september. First, two thousand and nine the guest was a Jeff ross. Although guests were not, the primary driver was like to have a guest segment and then several other segments and it makes you a wife Matthew. S was a friend of yours who you guys redo kind of willow. Banter on we wanted can make him like the Carl picking ten of the show your dad would get some time on the phone or what you did not know. It was on the phone, as we have always done. We used to do movie reviews within on the morning show this is this is illegal by the way that we would cord marks dad and put him on the air without him, knowing it, he would never know you, like you seen any movies, rightly be like that hotel hotel rwanda was good the shoot em up,
then he goes goes. It was like it was like schindler's list, but with more action and we would make fake posters of them with those tagline either I got my favorite was sideways he's that sideways that dumb james, though he really tied the picture together. You get names right is positive, giamatti Giamatti yeah, it's a genetic apparently, how you do it to people like in front of them in terms of names like you, I knew a gem. They like Paul awry. so that was the first show in an email from me to you that night september, first, two thousand nine, the subject line. We just as of eleven thirty three p m and then the bar, if the email was one thousand,
eight hundred thirty six downloads and your response was well. That's more than I thought, you and I said in less than twenty four hours yeah that's more than I thought they were talking to under two thousand down there. You said great, maybe we're onto something- and I said right if we get a third of those people to stick around and pay ten bucks a month it would net as seventy five thousand dollars a year. So we should definitely hang onto this. We might be onto something now year Parts of this is actually something that has guided us through the till. Today you say: well, let's just keep the quality up and keep consistent and try to build this out that's a very clear statement of purpose, and I think that the consistency thing is like the most important thing we ever hit in terms of of
even the show, going and making it something that people could develop a relationship and rely on. It was like one of the things we learned from king on morning, radio every day five days, Two. No people would know that you would be there for them and be there with certain segments at certain times. Just that relationship was important. regardless of having an on demand audio programme. I knew people were going to expect it. It was crazy because we're both kind of workaholics and like the the shit we used to do like we had this monday and thursday thing from the beginning and we've done a new show Every money on thursday I ve never missed we'd, never mr show, but sometimes factor, but it was. It was queasy
the commitment we had cause. I didn't want him to be mad, and you know, and- and I always thought that, like why'd, better work as hard as brendan so there'd be times like I dunno. If you plan this into the the the thing like like I'd, be stuck traveling for stand up, and I and I couldn't get home to record the intro for the next day There's I've done crazy shit. There was one time where MIKE stuck in an airport and I'm like, and I've got my recorder with me because I always brought it with me in case one needs to interview somebody I got ginger and I had to get it to them and I wasn't going to get out in time Rented a conference room in the american airlines lounge to do the intro for the fucking episode thing: american airlines conference room actually and then there is the other time, whereas it wasn't buffalo yeah, as in buffalo, gets in buffalo college studios, yeah right there right. So we prepare so so then, like I'm like what the fuck am I going to do it in my equipment with me, I'm like your college
I'll just go to the college. Radio station tell him who I am and and let them we use their shit and I get there, they are no idea who I was oh Jesus crazy guy, don't like I gotta, do it in throw for tomorrow, and these do I don't know do we do yeah, ok and they we built into this room and they in and I recorded like we do you have the file. Would you gotta put it on you like what you wanted to see the mike s not going to help me, and then I think I got it on a cd that had a rip onto my computer and I ended up getting home in time. Yeah it didn't even matter, but that mania. I wonder if those kids remember me that that mania jerk drove our desire to make it good, like we weren't, going to put that time and commitment into it. If it was a shit product. I think that, with those things, the consistency drove everything yeah. It was very
important. It remains very important what one month after we did the first episodes actually just slightly undermine september. Twenty ninth. You sent me a an email. The subject line was just dude, There are a lot of those by the way. and they said I think we really have something here. It seems to be spreading like I read that when I was just going through old emails and I'm wondering what was it that you sought with exact that early on a month, what was spreading was a car it's coming up to you saying it was good or well. How did you feel so confident a month in? Because I think what started to happen was that I started to realize that comics were listening to it because of comics so and and and the stuff that wasn't normally talked about in pub, but just in general it became this weird thing where you know, because of the comedic community and who we are, we all well, not we
but there's a lot of us that know each other from different points, and yet we it's like a big campus, so yeah, I dunno a lot of people now, but this was a long time ten years ago, most so it was this weird element of like I didn't know what that guy was up to you know like guys, we all knew that no one, you know, like I hadn't heard about that guy in a while, like I just felt like it became this weird community service to sort of check in with dudes yeah and then other like I dunno when we did it tell, but like I, I'm pretty sure dave. No one has ever heard David tell talk for an hour ever and like in in, like I would get excited about that stuff. I know I've known a tell for at that point like a decade and we're friends, but you know I've never had a conversation with him and I think that started to make me realize that a lot of the conversations I was having were first conversations with people, I've known forever, and you don't really realize in your life just how that really is like. You can know somebody for a decade and just like
he said when he played that thing for me from wmsc. I'm like I've, been working with you for over ten years, and I dunno that so when I sat down with david tell by a swimming pool during the day, which was unusual, you know he was in l a like. Well, that's that's! That was all I would ever. That's helped me in a tel worked like it tell like. The exchanges were like one time I remember like I got to stand up new york. I had I had a honda, civic or honda accord that my dad had given me and- and I walk into the club and dave, looks at the one that goes where'd. You get that car. Can I go it's my dad's resuming a hundred fifty thousand miles on any goes. That's a lot of running away. But then.
that was our whole relationship. So when I talked to him for a whole hour, I think an entire community of comedians at respected. Him was what sort of like, oh my god, in that that made me very proud to to have that to bring that community together to reintegrate myself back into it, having been sorted bitter siberia for a while, and then have a kind of like be this thing that we all could have. While you were right, it was spreading and we we could see photo five you'll see the first five three years of the show, that's the audience and that every episode like you, every every data point on. There is an episode of the show can really see the audience. Grew that big spike around two thousand and eleven when the new york times profile the show, which is as big of anything that other than having the president on,
can see really jumped out of democracy day that new york times and that day holy shit. I dont. Not only do I not prepare, but I seem to like didn't is that when I take them, album too, like I was coming to new york. Yet it doesn't have to use money yeah at union hall in brooklyn. So I was going to interview at the new york times and I had to do to set for the c d in the night before I left and need for new york. I broke up with a woman and it was not good like I, you know the police were involved. So that's funny, but I created all this chaos- and I just remember sitting there with the new york times guy what turned out to be one of the most important thing that ever happened us getting these texts from this woman going like.
I'm going back to the house when you're, not there, I'm going to you're going to break in and live there again so, but that was comforting place for me, like at least I was grounded and in some exciting stuff preparation for that that definitely been integrated into our process like. I think that, let's get into our process a little bit because I think people, may not know the way. We do the show we. sitting here together and we talk to each other virtually every day in some way shape or form. But in a I'm in new york and that's how it's always been aside from the first few episodes and you know, marked does his recordings. We do logistically, we were together with everything said everything up together, but here the interview. No one else is in there. He sends it to me. I edited I myself. No one else is editing it and that's the show, that's how we put it together. I mean: does your does your process
entail anything that you now kind of like made ready look for yourself. Like you know in terms doing the show getting there on the mike near it does like I will for a while there. I had this habit of really being panicky that I needed to get into the garage with the guest walking in through the house behind me to turn on the mics before they knew they were on. It was very important for me to to to have that going so it became this thing where I think on a lot of episodes. here, the guests going. I we are we on the mighty up. We ve been on ice avenant. I feel like we invented that for podcasting because everyone does it listen. I ever any show- and it's just as I owe you accordingly to eat? I know you got its better because they, when you say yes, there are already in regular conversation tone, usually
I do I do I you're right. I do create a certain amount of chaos and you know that great care to ask it. Sometimes I call you what am I gonna? Do I gotta talk to this guy about so because I do not know how to write questions down it. It just becomes is collage of ideas, then I'll splatter onto a paper. It's a musician. I spent two days listening to every album they ever made. For no reason can help It's to come up. The united me like what am I gonna, just go song for song but I need to do it to understand that person like I'll, never watch other interviews, I don't watch them on t v, sometimes I'll see the movie or watch a tv show, but generally what I do is like I'll go to wikipedia which isn't even a resource, but for some reason I want to know where they were born and where they grew up is children. So I can see them as children in my head and- and I go in and unlike you a child once that's what I'm thinking
was that kid like say that sometimes I do, but I need to see I need to see that they were human and I picture this whole thing and I think the the biggest thing that I I realize- and what I am hoping to happen is that when you're talking to famous people or people that we have a an idea that we know their public personality, you make assumptions about celebrities of all kinds. You are you're only given really what they give you, and maybe you get some sidebar stuff, some gossip or whatever. So you always go in with these preconceived notions and- and I do as well- and I'm always amazed every fucking time that they're just people. So that's it. Why? Because, like you know you like anti we're going to put up roger waters tomorrow and roger waters, you know outside of his politics made some of the these albums that are, I dunno about your childhood
If the dark side of the moon and animals like your magic they're like what what is at this guy's, an mystical warrior, he's a wizard and then he gets there and you're like nah you're, just an old guy and it's so relieving too, like my need to connect with people is. How is how I prepare, and that's when you, when you hear me scrambling, which sometimes you do is like if somebody comes into the garage and they are expecting to be interviewed, unlike shit, because I dont interview anybody, you isn't it any of those shows it tell me, I'm interviewing somebody did it's, it's
be going like. What's up idea? Is that your car, you know whatever it is? You know I just need the conversation to turn into people talking cause like sometimes, if they're just sort of like they come in and like alright, go ahead. I'm like no, I don't. I didn't, prepare any questions in. I don't. I have ideas so like if they can't meet me on those ideas, sometimes for the first ten minutes or so the most recent one in mind was when Patricia arquette came in you know and and she's great, but she was just. She didn't really listen to the show, her boyfriend sort of said it was a good thing to do and- and she was just sort of like and I'm like what you like, and sometimes, if you listen to it, it takes about ten or fifteen minutes. Like John c Reilly, he was right out in front of it. He said, like I like doing this, I don't want to talk too much about myself. I don't want to ruin the mystique and he was
added to that, and thank god, I had a clown painting in my dining room, because you know he, you know he noticed the clown painting and then I asked him about lounges. Where did he say he was like? Well, if you want to talk about clowns that I can do and it was like twenty minutes on clouds. It's like the greatest thing, because I said this early years, like most people, you can get information on people, but the thing is that, like you know it's much better. If, if, if John c reilly talks about clowns for twenty minutes, because you know what how people are people going to judge as an interview, it's like they're, just go like those fucking, weird guy, interesting that he's interested in clouds but passionately interested in clouds, and I didn't you know I didn't I sat down on the piece of paper make sure you talk to John c rally about clowns, but while it's happening, unlike god, this is beautiful, he's talking about clouds with fifty
not now some of this stuff, the you you, you know we ve grown this to a business. We do ads on the show, sometimes for casper and- and I would say that that is probably where, when I'm editing the show, I hear the most kind I would almost say it's where you vent the most you're. Doing these add reads because, like if you, if you're in interview in some is that going right. You're gonna have to figure out a way around right. or if you are doing a monologue and you're you're you're, not on the ball with rare needs to be, you might need to stop and start again. They're just ploughing through it and you're getting furious, and in that fury is allowed to happen because he knows I'm gonna edited out. So why don't I for you right now. This is audio. Clip too
I'll, be there for alive. Show with my producer, Brenda mcdonald plus more shows like plus more shows you love like the mob Jes fuck just posed, wants and watch your qualified candidates role in disease recruiters easy. Just posed, wants and watch what fucking its stars, real comedians in real life, wives, cameron, esposito and re, a butler butcher can count scores base gives you all the tools you need sky, space gives you all the two you can't. squares base, gives you all the tools you need for top squarespace, and if you and if you want to sell stuff on your side. Squarespace based gives you all the tools like
and if you want to sell stuff on your side, squarespace gives you all the tools you need for top, not god fucking cunt. So so I hear that a lot and I am ages is made me sad that you never hear it like now you do it's great I also hear this, though the way that I added to show I liked to take two passes with each epochs. at least, and so a lot of times when wanna get just the lay of the land of what what was talked about. What's going on before I go, Finally edited it listen to it in doublespeak So, like I hear the show a lot, time. I listened to what I hear this. Can we hear number three probable? What mother of all of us are low
So so that's like you just doing your normal intro, but when you hear that with that other stuff, I play it for you. Can we hear that number for the lowest preventing long probable barometer of louisbourg probable? I'll probably knew how to do, the that's my job, that's the fun part! The! I love you. It's great working with you, I love you and thank you everybody for coming the that was that that was me and Brandon mcdonald have a happy. and safe holiday, hurt yourself or others try to think
about the future a little bit in terms of what your responsibility to it is. Fellow human, be ok mary mary, Rumour lead
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