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2016-12-16 | 🔗
Every so often Marc gets together with Tom Scharpling of The Best Show to figure out life's big questions. They record these conversations and release them as The Marc and Tom Show. This one was recorded almost four years ago and was never released. For the first time, hear Marc and Tom talk about painful high school experiences, times they've fallen victim to con artists, what they plan to do during the apocalypse, and more. Featuring theme music by The Tokeleys.

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The alright folks here we go with another wtf uncovered episode from the vaults Some of you know the mark and tom show with me, and tom sharpening is something we used to produce. individual episodes for sale I itunes, you can hear all the ones we did now on howl a premium howl dot fm. at one point, a tom recorded to episodes in one session we released the first one on itunes and the plan to release the second one, a few. Later in the meantime, though, we entered into negotiations about the future archives and we weren't sure what impact of any deal would have on. Cells we put on itunes, so we, put any additional episodes up until we think what we were doing. Its clear now- that debt that that's
second episode that we did in that hotel room in philadelphia in two thousand and thirteen did not see the light of day because at the time all was said and done. We just waited too long. To put it up, So now with love in my heart and joy, my spirit I I share, you ve lost marking time. Episode, this was recorded, as I said tell room in philadelphia in the winter of two thousand and thirteen let's go there now. I so we're doing it again. Marked marriage counselor appear excited, isn't along its been, it has been It has been a long time, but if you've just moved to LOS angeles, your entire life, we could do this more more frequently with an arena where I live in l, a what neighborhood silverlake. Would I end up in silverlake, I think he'd, probably
darden was fearless okay, you know maybe or maybe out where I live, and you could find yourself an affordable house, but that would make it easier. But as though meeting hotel rooms, something this is we're in philadelphia hotel room this time here before we, a new brunswick hotel, yeah, that were at yeah now we seem to be these around your performance schedule right both well case or the next one. Maybe we should meet somewhere in the middle of the country. For no other reason than do this saint louis, meeting saint Louis. Only if this one does really well will be a little extra pressure on our listeners. To get us to saint Louis a road shell. I was wondering whether that none front of people, not why we tell them what to do a roadshow for ourselves. So please I hope you enjoy.
It is purchased and get your friends verges. It is Tom and I want to meet in Saint louis. Yes, as far as views go from hotel rooms, this is one of the best I've ever seen. Yeah on one side, you ve got you ve got the water Then you ve got the city over here laid out on the other side and just down there is where the constitution in declaration of independence of this fine country was fought about and conceived of, I'm not I'm not clear on the history of whether it was it signed. I will now oh bad with that stuff. Here I was just ask how many while was we could count from up here, let's walla, my god. What's a la it's too convenient chain, convenience stores, but it's late. It's it's a very philadelphia. Philadelphia, maryland type chain and really good sandwiches at wawa. Never touch screen. You go.
you just punch real what you want on the touch screen and then they make it. Oh my guy see now I'm talking I don't know whether to go to a wire, go see. Independent. All I'd think why. Why is the current It's the embodiment of everything, our Fathers fought for maybe I'll go to both Thank you couldn't. Where can go to wawa in a sandwich eta? over six and shorty, already yeah right bring an overdue
liberty bell, bringing over the liberty bell, sit down and eat it and reflect and then go or look at the Ben franklin's, printshop, yeah or post office or whatever he did. He did things it's a nice city to walk around and while I'm happy we're in philadelphia, I'm happy we're doing this yeah. I have this: I'm hung up on this integrity idea the authenticity, but then you realize that like nothing's made good, even the brands that you're supposed to believe in is garbage and everything's designed to just self destruct within a couple of years, so you buy the exact same thing again with a new planned obsolescence is, is everything that it that's the whole thing it's amazing when, like I was at my parents house, they were working on the on their basement and they still had
the tv that I bought when I was like fifteen and it still worked yeah, but it was this amazing. It's like throwing how's. This thing still work right. You know over twenty five years later, this tv still still functional, like the idea of my my flat screen tv, like, like five years now, was like, like I just make it passed the eighty five and an that. Then it's like an antique You gotta get a new one because the technology chain so quickly and I was singing- the other day I bought that beatles box. I bought the beatles box vinyl the vinyl, lionel beals box. I really started try to calculate. How many times and how many different formats I've bought those fuckin records in and how many other ones like yeah. I know they had what, if we let it be on vinyl originally, then I pray had an uncle said, And, like other unwillingly, I didn't buy a try so and driving yeah, but about let it be naked and I bought it on CD, George,
despite again how much it I contributed to that cause. It's a worthy cause. You have the children upon macartney that's in John lennon, its Because I am a consumer that and I may subscriber to clubs, but the thing you and I in common is that we also are the president of clubs yeah. We also my radio show is like a club that I'm the sea. I love you and new for w e f. You are never think of myself ass, a leader though, but you are you're you're the face of the thing and you you're like the steve jobs again of the of the, the TF have, because when it go, when you go, it goes its look. I do. I just bought a new apple computer in that was now after the death. That's a opposed jobs computer over there and seized the apples doing ok,
Yeah and I ain't gonna be all right. You ve gotta, go there who's gonna slide into the host slot on w t, half went by don't know what what it is about. This authenticity thing like you. Will you get out a records? Ah, you know when, when their, when it's the right record,. And you're playing you're playing vinyl on something it does it's got. There is a feeling their leg. You can feel because its being created by a vertical there's, a physical process happened here for that sound to come. Oh yeah yeah
and I really do feel like you can feel that I went when things are recorded when it's the right record yeah, I I feel like I can feel the room in which they recorded the recollect. You can feel the air yeah. I think that's true. I like that. I feel the space and it's like because I knew bruce Bruce springsteen- was big when on them, when he was going to do a darkness on the edge of town, a recording studios when the ecology gets better, the rooms get smaller, and then you get into that thing where you're making like steely dan. Albums worth all about having mike's all the way up on things yeah, so that you can you can. court, everything and then there's the room is, does matter yet beside the point yeah, because it's only about the the
the eighteen inches, yeah yeah two in the bass drum in that might right and hit his big thing was he wanted to. He wanted to record the room like the room was as essential as magic instruments in the room to ritual space. Yes, and I feel like you, can feel that on those records, if it's a room, if it's a record that was recorded, that way, yeah that it's a sense of presence, right that comes through yeah. I'm appreciating the yeah, and I mean that's how I feel about having that's why I don't like steely dan. I never got Now I never ever it people the people there. into them. They're like oh, it's, the most well produced, are unable to make its. I don't like it, but it's like it's to me. A steely dan record is the kind of thing the dude at the stereo, door plays to sell you, the stereo you like. Listen to that, you hear that you hear all those instruments in there, but it's like I'm, not I'm not buying a stereo.
Did I tell you this thing, that's what I'm not running out kick drum problem that is like a keyboard, If you're here then you're not full, it is it's like that's what steely dan is doing. It's like audio demonstration record, the actual people white also, but I find myself listening to all those records I had in high school. I I I just hope that I might years like you might like that. Guy, like him now, I'm all nostalgic how when and why, when it all clicks, how does it make you feel like when I like I've ever like? I never understood the depth of the music. The thing that resonates, the most with me as his sense of longing I give this romantic cessation of of women that might have been in my class or some way was I work with in high school, where I play that. Why one forever and I'd picture her disney, unattainable, this unattainable per
action that I couldn't have such a fuckin romantic when was younger. I decide all the answers were there and it was just so far away from anything. I could get it's all about women. Do you remember your first girlfriend sure yeah? Look! Nobody liked me. I can kind of admit I was horrible and have that is. If I have a spot that I was horrible at it was that yeah. I was just terrible. couldn't ask people out covered in sweat, instead of just hiding from everybody and then thankfully, my who the woman who became my wife kind of finds me and just like. Alright, see. I see the problem like an ethics or upper. How like our right, I think we can work with this. It's like and then I would have been.
So I've been one of those guys whose just gonna, like just you know, date, somebody and then the five years, and then they cannot like- what are you? What are we gonna do here now, it's time to get married breaking up like an they break up the relationship when it just like I can handle the next sittings and then they just never go find anybody and then that persons like well, I'm just gonna go find someone. I'm gonna go girl up. Then and mary somebody and then they run into them later, like in alike I never dated anybody. Never we're. Anybody after you are you're makin, get you kids. Now it's fantastic you kept growing and I'm kind of you want your records back. Then then you talk about a you know. Has that have any where you you run into the the exes that have lives?
now I I honestly I have nothing. I have so little interest in parts of my past that it's just a thing where it's like, I just you know our own, I'm gonna say this is like from this point on is my life. You know like a high school was so bad that like I just don't you just like I don't have to. I will own let it happened, the mud denying it like our own, then it happened and I will incorporated into my life. It's like you know. I think I think it's a very unhealthy thing. When people deny parts of their life beata like right now, that was a horrible I am denying the idea I'm just putting in it because it will find yeah it were. It'll come out, no lanyard way that you're not ready for a tumor. Yes, he gets as the consumer.
With your high school mascot on it getting an eagle yeah I got a little it's weird either, given an a hornets melanoma? that is as grades nine, twelve there but yeah, but I I will own it. I will. It is a part of my marriage but it also does not mean. I need to focus. On it anyway. You know what I mean: it's like. No, that sucked I'm. I don't want to suck it all sucked. I think so. I I was not, but isn't that, where you discovered music
an heartbreak I'll, yet in sure the things I will take the things from it that still work now I'll pick and choose, but you get to that that thing where it's like they are. Ultimately it's the thing that sucked about it. The most is just how mediocre it was you don't I mean it just. It was just nothing in a way I was like. I wasn't in with the cool kids. I wasn't in with the burn out or the smart kids. I was just in this other group that just the floater such made fun of all the other groups right and it's like what a group of friends and I was like the undefined nerd group. Oh yeah, that'll, do those were the nerds without focus? Yes, yes, I, like, I have better musical taste than the nerds right they like horrible, like they were dumb, do remember. That sticks
that album kilroy was here was like there. They did. This concept out that, after grand illusion or before its after, I think every have nothing came after that with sticks. I think it broke the band up. Yet it was the one it had that miss roboto, like does dumbest so yeah. Remember these kids in high school now that the nerdy kids are just like we're gonna, see sticks, the june, MR rubato, a concept to end like and then reading about it like in rolling stone or something, and it's like they came out. I've actually gone back. I've watched video of it like sticks, would come out they d like ten minutes of acting or they played one song that guys named tommy, shaw, tommy, shaw and dennis the young yeah. There was this thing of like. If you watch it online, the the the greatest part of it is there's there's one that that Jon wurster talks about where there was like a texas, the texas
like the the big show? Words like it was like ted nugent, sammy, Hagar, outside everybody's drunk and then in texas. Here? now who, like sammy Hagar, just finishes playing. running around here I see outside round about you just sit on top of a stack of speakers with a lap steel and do it and do I can t mean motor scooter whatever that will? Yes, the montrose young and much but he's he's pump and the crazy got the crowds gone crazy. Then all sudden sticks come out and act for ten minutes. Do you imagine how, in time this show antlike drunk jackson Zia like supplying? Maybe we'll come out to do. I guess and again become a parent that yeah that no no, this is different cause we're going to do it. We've got a scene we'd like to yeah we're going to set the story. It's
the church and rock and roll has been outlawed in every news, go every rock opera rock. Is your illegal yeah? That's the only way to make it interesting cause. There's yeah we gotta fight for yeah. So so these kids came in at school and they're. Just like we saw the sticks, a kilroy was here and it was the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life and like we're going again to like they're playing nassau coliseum cause the cause. Then, in in new jersey, you grow up like you can go to the the meadowlands yeah you could go to college actually had philly mac address our do. You could go Philly, meadowlands man in square garden or long island to go the nassau calcium so that we, like you, have four shots at any band coming through and they're. Just like, we are tickets for raw national council I was one of those ones where rum you find out like a half full arena like rapidly
all the sticks, fans got off board, but these doors were still be hung like a low and it six broke up after that right travesty. But it's like to that. I would like now that sucks, I'm not a part of europe is a clear. However,. we'd better records. I, whose care do album yeah and you're yeah as your whole, holding onto the ghost yeah. What Why yes, and the burn out or kind of like yeah, like jazz ex saga, you guys the other sabbath? Yes, but I just dumb, I remember, went to see madness, sure, I've sure and beyond yeah once that beyond our house here and that was inter madness, yeah yeah, I remember get a kid in school. Was this kid came in and he was just he started. He made fun of me because the drummer and madness his drum drumset was so small compared to neil Peart strum said
It's like that guy doesn't even have a roto toms Tom's on his transfers, the gong, but as if like The drama from madness is saving his money, trying to eventually build. said, is big like that's why he doesn't have a drum set because he saw is: why doesn't have anything it's just stuff, that guy and man is could by road, oh tom amazon, the shirt, a gong and an ice bell and all that stuff. When I was in high school, my buddy Dave who's dead. Now, like he was a he's, a big journey fan is a nugent fan, so I ended up seeing a lot of bands that I didn't necessarily like, but I used to work for a guy at the posh. Bagel was called okay, brooklyn, jew named eddie waxman
It was this lunatic on enough cocaine dude, but he let me manage shifts- and I was fifteen- was right across from the college. Big life changer but he eventually got into the racket of catering and we would cater concerts I ended up liking a working. These concerts, like in in the warrant like the greatest array of concerts, like the ones I remember like it was in cause. You know backstage, would have been a big deal you're in highschool. This is awesome and I think some of these were probably big deals to people but, like, like todo, like. We did and I'm like. I don't even give a shit about any. I couldn't even identify a mirror of toto and we did journey which is okay, but then rush. We did rush, which would have been a big deal to gay people like people who I crushed, a fuckin, love, sure and now you're talking like this is like
permanent waves and texture is probably seventy eight yeah, so yeah? It's it's. You know the rhyme rush, yeah they're, big yeah and I just remember, like you know, Alec leafs and us navy, Alex weaken and giddy Lee were in the dressing room and and Alex Wolfson was sitting there with a classical guitar on on the jar on the left flag or, however, the hell you do that you're practicing yeah and- and it was too hot in the dressing room and he needed. Fan to sit in front of him while he played classical guitar before the show, and I am eddie who wasn't really his job to get alec leafs in a fan, but but he took it upon himself, so he sent me to his home way up by the mountain, to pick up a fucking than for Alex legion
so he would be comfortable why he noodle down his nylon string guitar and I hated them. I hated them because of that they were such pompous comments that I was like a flock them for making me go, get a fan when I could have been watching the opening band thereafter. That's my feeling on that. It is those those personal when everything becomes personal, like that, it's over yeah yeah, there's always that disappointment, but like in terms of like the girl, no cause. I was trying to think about it like I was on on the plane yesterday and actually I was laying in bed last night. I don't have insomnia generally, but occasionally I'll just run. You know the reel of disappointments. You know there yeah go back over. How did I those missteps or widen? How come I dated it for three months She immediately went on fact that guy and would not fuck me you, like those things.
How was I the warm up guy you're? What what did I not? Z, that that would enable me just two have that out of the way I could have had their virginity thing out of the way, but no no, I did not have the key to the lock, but with those things do you think Whenever I go on those those tears like that, yeah the pervasive failures and almost yeah and regrets- and he steps and yeah- and at some point it's like I I have to just say- if I'm happy with,
where I am right now. That was a part of what got me to where I am now, but it's it does not mean these things dim at all, though it's like they still scream at you. We still have the same guy, just like you would have just stood up for yourself yeah that one time it's like the times when I just took it like. Oh my god, like I worked because I worked in say I started working so young for whatever weird so other things like I like buying records. My other bailed by my own, actors and, unlike so naturally, leap with my family as it just like sure, go get a job yet at twelve.
Like nobody like yeah? Well, he can. He does like records where'd. You work. I had a paper route, but then I worked at this diner. I was like a busboy to Donald's like thirteen, and I just remember they would just scream at me like, like the owner. This place name was bill. I can still just picture him and then his sister was a brother sister thing, yeah, greek diner, yeah bill and effie, and I was like guys like he's a gill and I was like go get the milk like you know, you know those things and then it's a giant. The at the giant crumbling out of the box of milk. and a little bang. It gets a milk box with a big bag, a milk and yes, the bag of milk and there's a
like a tube driver yeah. He got to run it through that hole where the waited that so, yes, that you can lift up and the handle sounds like a pincher. So I'm like put the thing in it in that nobody tells me how to do it, so I go grab a thing when the fraser I'm carrying the thing in a trying, cetera was a packed saturday like everyone's at the counter. All the booths are dragging this thing. I've opened the thing. Take the empty box out of trying to put the thing in trying to get it, and it's it's not fitting in it's like now. It's like a cut it and I cut it too early and Alex milks like like a cherry, louis routine, get stuff the mills is screaming like screaming at me. It's like. I just think. If I just as a kid just said, you know what you know like you in your milk, I'm outta here how it
like it's like you're, making three fifteen our whatever I really like just got major money. Even has a kid. It's gonna garbage if I would just stood up suddenly, who would I be europe- might be like governor accompanying governors, dr what you're gonna be like resident sharpening of yours. You know it's like what I just like us sorry haven't figured like apologizing. Many cowles got yeah they, but the like all the the costa rican guys are trying to help me out just like they're getting yelled at all day, but it's like like those moments where I just took it yeah, I think said with those set. My like my mechanic in point like I'm always operating from from that temple it away and otherwise now I have do I have to like override that could somehow that got just like tattoo, like boom
Is there forever you're the guy? That's going to take it yeah for rat, just like forever on you and it's like I dunno. If you can get rid of those things, my my thing was. I was always the guy. I was a sucker and that's something I fight against actively because my father was a sucker. These people would come into this place. It was right across from the university is right across from yale park, which was sort of famous for you know lunatics. If there is like a sort of a lunatic central and it was, it was right in this area, new mexico, so these homeless, guys in these these real people that should be in hospitals, your wandering round, indifferent new versions of talking themselves and there were three or four them that were always around. There was one guy that more too many had scarves tied all over him. There was another guy had matted hair, and then there was this other guy named pete, who used to talk to himself and draw pictures. These really elaborate pictures it it's easy gets a frantic, but he used to come in and I'd I'd indulge german I'd. I'd have them come in and you know like one,
and there was this one homeless guy that used to come in and he was like scary and, like I took a picture of him cause. I took photography in high school and I put him in a posh bagel hat and I took a picture of him I hung up on the right right behind the counter is an employee of the week that kind of thing, eddie comes in, it's would get. The fuck does put that that where's that had that you gave him here and why I had a lot invested in peak cause. I thought I always thought that crazy people were geniuses, so I pete would draw these pictures and write these things. It made no sense, but I thought he was like a genius by a coffee all day and have him hang around and you brought into my house, he was like a stray dogs thing in my mother knew him and stuff, and now he eventually kind of lost it. You know I got fascinated with him and but I was always sort of taken advantage of by people. I was never sort of you know it wasn't the situation where I was spoken to you know or talked down to or or put my place in, way, but I always I was always the guy. This sort of like yahoo, of I'll, give you a hundred dollars. What are you a hundred dollars for
You know oh yeah, sure yeah, ok, I'll get back to me. I was a kid I was easy mark and that in because I wanted to be connected these peter to criminals. Yet no one people if somebody asked you in a thing where you Did you know you are playing a do, know you're playing that part in a thing when it's like the ending of money. Do you know or the or is it a new thing every time, I like, where where's the awareness on what I have to just shut myself down to it, because I think that it's like William burroughs said you can't hide the mark inside like if you're, that guy you're, that guy and people who are looking for a marker going to find you yeah. So at some point you just have to go against your instincts and say no, I don't want. I don't want that as collateral like you know, there's some guy that was supposedly a musician of some kind that you know he needed five hundred dollars. I didn't have five hundred hours, but my dad is also a sucker. I knew he had five hundred dollars. This guy was going to give us a forty five
an pistol as collateral, so somehow another. You know my dad agreed to. Let me give this guy five dollars in for me to pick up this gun so yeah I brought this gun home, and so now we have this I ain't gun, the guy can't pay back the thing we don't want the gun. We end up, giving him the gun back and you're. Reading the whole fucking thing go he's a con man, you know whatever like I have that in my genetics in that frightens me, oh yeah, because because you never know when you gonna get played, so I just don't, engage in those conversations. It forces you, like you said you have to shut down because there will be shut down the door closed right. Nobody can cut vera, but in given both of our situations in those six young and you ve got that thing where you're, like you're, being dressed down by morons yeah. I've got the nice guy right, but seed by any time. We act to protect ourselves or stop that from happening. There's no grace to that, because it sounds like now now yeah, it's nice can't like
If you're fighting with yourself in front of this person, that is doing what hits those buttons yeah. So there's no cool to it, even when you're making the right decisions to not be that guy you're completely graceless in it yeah I started doubled down when I should be walking away from the table like like now now. I know I know you're completely make you're making me feel a garbage, but if I double, if I just try twice hard you're, gonna would Madame a nice guy. You gave look over the like that. you just don't know you like me down a win you over here, even though its each other, if you'll horrible you're making me feel terrible? a terrible person I can get. It can get you on mice and then I go complain about it in my nose was like. Oh, can you believe these people with it's like well, the there
is like it's like it's a different kind of mark or like it is yet you now and they ve won. You got if they got needed from from whatever uric direction, isn't for the rest of your life you're like oh yeah, there was this time. Let me just ask you when you want with the mark yeah, I decide one thing about that. If you're, going into a coffee shop? You come out, and some guy has a story like miss them. the bus with my car broke, yeah need a bus ticket. It's always there's an amount. Do I need to. I need two dollars and sixteen cents. Do you get a guy like that guy, not that one, not the one. Not the the the exact amount, scam
If I only need four dollars and twenty seven cents to get a bus ticket back to new york, I'll always give that person a couple dollars just because it's like, if I was feel like, if they're working that hard to tell us to to tell me a story, it's almost like that's the story. I am paying for somebody whose working sure that's their job. I get a bit like if it's the in the weird amount story, I guess, and there used to be a guy we are on the lower east side or were actually when I lived on sixteenth street that would run around you know, sort of dressed like a business guy in a way yeah like a portfolio and some other things, but his story was, I sort of like I just got robbed and pride. See him do this. You know every couple weeks. I'd I'd see him around doing this and in the the scary thing you can do for yourself in those situations, because this happened to me in the speaker. Scam to remember, we were there, there'd, be the guys in the van hey. We just got a couple extra speak out here
for stock, yet overstock right that thing like you know, I bought those once the empty speakers. Yeah yeah about those but that don't die It righteous cause the next time you go a couple of those guys come up. You know they're, always kind of burly, the speaker of scam guy they're, like sort of we got a little overstock and I'm like- I know what you're doing it's like. Oh, do you want you shut the fuck up, cause you're going to ruin it. For me, I felt my life was like I was in trouble. Are you calling them out on yeah cause they're criminals yeah? No, I had that. I had a an opportunity going back during this is like the early nineties. I had access to a tickets, ticketmaster machine and it was the like c m J was going on and nirvana were playing the like the roseland ballroom yeah. So it's like. I got eight tickets and I was just like I'm going to scalp these tickets, but so many people in town for c m J. It's like the single
yes, I want a college like I'm like I'm, not outgoing. I'm not gonna, be out on the street, trying to sell Malta's go into where the c m J things happening and I'll sell them, and then I am I it ended like nobody was buying them like yeah, none of the college kids from out of town And- and I'm like, oh my god, I'm going to have to go on the street and sell these things. It had to be a real, those gaia be one of them and we have to go into like here and now you know those guys, you want me to who's. Got tickets get state like I'm going into like those guys and those guys we dislike get added. He like like some infringing on their yeah heather turf, no each out, no, they nay exactly. They are clearly know each of our code. There you're in a year that their business and now here comes as one douche whose, like china, south like sell them and then, finally, that they were just so they were scaring me so much I just sold them.
the tickets at a loss of just how I can get out of there yeah to accommodate that, like I was the best thing I could do at that moment: yeah it was just yeah, I'm not a scalper. Yet, out of my element and out of my my head here yet, and these guys are going to get like they were getting mad mad, oh yeah, because you're just a punk, yeah yeah and your kid, you got no business doing that yeah, tell what's what's talk about that sandy experience, because, like literally I'm in a and I really had no idea the scope of the damage Oh you talk about what you went through an I started, seeing my it was like it was horrendous indus in and I have no sort of point of reference or anything like that of the nine eleven year. Now it was. It was some way
last year, there was a hurricane hurricane irene came through last year, yeah and that's the one that I like my basement got flooded and all my stuff got ruined leah. So I was ready for this hurricane. Most of the you know what sandbagged or not sandbag adjust to a generator yeah, because,
it and the way we got stuck last year was our power went out and when the power goes out, the pump the sump pump, stop working and that's when the water just comes right in right when there's no pumping mechanism to keep the basement dry, and so this this time it was like the house house just shook like that. The winds were what got us this time. It was not the the water was not so bad right. The winds, though, just giant trees. You know just you hear it, because it's pitch black out yeah things started just when it got dark yet has no lights. You could see off in the distance and these like blue green explosions of power. That was a transformer transform, just kind of ink. It's the weirdest layer it just like yeah just sees it's pitch black, and then you just see an explosion
pitch black again, and you just here when you hear a trig break like that you're home you're, just hoping the next sound is not hitting your house. I my sailing coming at a homeless honey, I'm seeing the tree here, because it is now well on me out in my living room but yeah. We we were without power for like five or six days, it was not. It was manageable, but but that feeling of like he like when I was in earthquake in l, a not in this house, but I was in a hotel, this sort of like it's really humbling that yeah, that just at that we're just we're fortunate that the forces of ensure a relatively tame here for some reason yeah or that there they haven't been so horrible of with any consistency that we're we're on and that just you know scrambling for food outdoors, oh yeah! Now it's bigger it's bigger than you and you know we are what we're like
it's in the face of this thing, yeah! It's like that moment. You read that moment where you're swimming in the ocean and you get pulled into an undertone. You realize I can't manage this at all just a little bit out. Just like oh, like this is yeah it's this while people die yeah. This is worth the surrounding starts. Like famous people die that way that doesn't help them like the waves. Don't take that into consideration. Now he's a celebrity wedding that I swear matter that he's up on this, like. I could only age in los angeles, in the face of the panic that goes on with things like the gas, the gas station, just not being open the idea. No one has power, so gas stations can't pump gas, and I dont know what would happen. You need gas to run your generator. I never thought I try not to think about. Like earthquakes are one thing I've been through.
One by one and then just a little one when I was living there, but god forbid anything really goes down because there is no getting out unless you have a helicopter. You knock DR anywhere, I mean, don't you even here. I would imagine that its way, god forbid, we have to move out of this area. What we road or you can go now it's over. It's like locked in everybody. It's like that is also. Where are you? don't go words better. All the sudden, like you're gonna, go where there's nothing, so I guess this is why The walking dead resonates with people is that he had the that. The reason it's absolutely terrifying is at its relentless its its inevitable its growing and there is no real escaping it. Yeah yeah, the line between normalcy and chaos is so thin with this stuff cause I'll. Take it
sporting event, loss, yeah, yeah, exactly we lost the tent of, like the other things, people right now we rise of their team sucked so they re because it in wine everything right or they were I, they did when like here and then the the great more is that like when something natural like that happens, it's like we're, we're all losing, there's no doubt an end. Its is too scrambling it's very frightening to to think about now. Is it really? I mean the gas on similar lines, two miles long on the highway forget for gas, for people waiting to just get gas and the same wasn't that in the scheme of things it was big. It wasn't that big. You know it wipe out it just in wipe out every bridge area. That is like an that's two miles of. We will wait for gas cause because of a crazy super storm, and it's like No. What do you do, though, to get ready for, like you, have to dedicate your life to it,
admiration, yeah, yeah, you'd, have to be you'd, have to know how to build stuff. Yeah you'd have to know to hunt yeah. You know some people are preparing for that. I watch your show last night. I could not stop watching it. I I was laying in bed, it was on pbs. It was like a it was just a guy. I forget what it was called, but it's just this. Guy who built a cabin and from scratching and then lived out there it for thirty years, you know, just you know: hunting occasionally smoking, some meat and and just made his own snow shoes made his own table built a whole cabin with a fireplace and there's part of me. That thinks. I mean if I applied myself, you know like I could write wet my brain around us to make my peace with the fact that if the ship goes down when it goes down, you're goin down with it, I better you now
probably on the wrong end of it. When it goes down, what's stopping the cabinets is got them, as wanting rider rights of funny stuff. For you, we reckon with the guy who writes bunny. sketches, you're, the further new villainy, the entertainment yeah. What there's no role fur fern entertainer- and this is new- this new infrastructure yeah. I'm not ranked super high on this ladder like that'd, be the other thing, but it's all we got or I'm the biggest star you get. Don't urea, don't you guys like look the way it worked before yeah guys? Who did what I did where eddie powerful sure on the ladder yeah. So I would hope I can have a commensurate place I knew, I matter, but meanwhile it's gonna be sunk. and who knows how to like trap chickens like he's rank higher than me, that's gonna, be your pitched too the council. It's like. I really want to be part of the camp, and I know I can contribute in the
a lot of people are contributing. I know you guys are currently in charge and you're doing a good job you're doing a good job, but I noticed a lot of people. Don't look happy in there's no reason, since this is all functioning pro really. You got the guys, you get the meat and these ladys are washing things, and so is the two guys and you guys have the guns and everything it's great of being part of this but work. I think we need a little levity where's. The call in show There's no, nope. All in show got in this post. The popular big fortress scenario Helen and then the pitch becomes bigger. It's like I'm thinkin one night, a weak people gather round. We go down to the place. We look you got. Builders was built, some seats will build stage be nice. I'm sure there are people how the hidden talents and who knows, maybe if it goes well, we can do to shows like you guys, think, maybe encourage people the amount behind the best I can I can. I thought I could do a thing here,
make fun of all you guys who are doing all the work. Yeah right like I'll go on all of you going to be fun because some people think you guys are assholes. Quite honestly, I have my ear to the ground out there and there's talk. Alright can't you know when you jump forward and they're like Sending me out the first one out there like go the other tribe get hit by god, I may arrive right, yeah, yeah you ve been entertain them into sharing some space with us. Like you could be the politician you're, the diplomat, then it gets hit with a flame through our trying to approach the other, to do. I get to a wall of laughing people like all these people. On top of the fortress laughing his Eric As you run back on, a buyer see was funny if it turns out. I actually at this point.
I might take that if it meant everybody was laughing at me, eat yet better. Now you go out there. That would actually be in the wind column terms like you should have seen as if they were all laughing everybody would. They were on the ground, laughing I have the entire place brightening up, that's right
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