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In an interview with Scott Pelley, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg says his fellow candidates do not have his level of experience. For the first time, Eddie Gallagher, the Navy Seal, tells his story to David Martin, about the wounded ISIS prisoner he was acquitted of stabbing to death. After Ragged Island in the southern Bahamas was devastated by Category 5 Hurricane Irma, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis says the country can be an example as it embraces solar power. Bill Whitaker has the story. Those stories on this week's "60 Minutes."

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The hey, I'm Jen Landon and I played teeter on the paramount network original series yellowstone. As you know, yellowstone is back and bigger than ever, and so is the official yellowstone podcast. This isn't just your typical recap: podcast every week, you'll get exclusive access to cast and crew members. Who will take you behind the scenes of yellowstone in a way. That no other podcast can satellites for all new episodes of the official yellowstone podcast available. Wherever you get your pod guests so we crisis management is an urgent issue in the presidential campaign. I have been training for this job, for a close
twenty years. There is nobody else running that has any management experience whatsoever in any of these things. This week york city, mayor, Michael labour, will appear on primary ballots were the first time you told everybody who would listen that you're not running for president. I did what changed I started watching and listening to the candidates and they had ideas that made no sense to me whatsoever. Donald trump gonna eat em for lunch, people, either love. He was an american hero or despise me as a worker. Yes, navy, seal edward gallagher has never publicly answered questions about whether he killed his injured isis prisoner until tonight. That's pretty incriminating yeah. It is
exactly six months ago. This evening hurricane dorian slammed into the northern bahamas. It was the fifth category, five atlantic hurricane in the last three years. What can the chain of islands that sit in the heart? hurricane, our due to protect themselves, we found a ray of hope. Specifically, a soul designed to survive future destructive, heard spawn by the warming ocean, one I'm leslie stall, I'm bill whittaker, I'm anderson cooper, I'm nora, o donnell, I'm scant pelee those stories tonight on sixty minutes
in march, two thousand and twenty a family on the northern cheyenne reservation in lame deer montana got shocking news about their loved one christie wouldn't buy. My daughter came and notified me that Christie was run over and I said it should be okay and she's like no. She died. I was like what missing justice from CBS news takes you inside what really happened that night and the federal investigation that followed, listened to miss injustice from CBS news on amazon music, for wherever you get your podcasts? Suddenly, crisis management is an urgent issue in the presidential campaign. Corona virus has infected world financial markets, and now wall street is calculating the chances of a recession into this. A new name will appear on primary ballots for the first time, Michael Bloomberg, the seventy eight
old billionaire and former mayor of new york city skipped the early contests, but he's already spent almost five hundred million dollars. Much of it aimed at this week's super tuesday. We spoke to MIKE Bloomberg yesterday and earlier in the week about how he would lead his reputation with women in mind. parties and the virus crisis. How do you view this emergency? I find it income prehensile that the president would do something is a name is calling it a hoax, which he did last night and south carolina. You said that the democratic Making so much of it is a democratic hoax, not that the virus was. This is up to the scientists and the doctors as to whether there is a problem, and it is just ignorant and responsible to not
stand up and be the leader and say we don't know, but we have to prepare for the fact that if it is We have the medicines and the structure and the knowledge to deal with the president's proposed budget would have cut sixteen percent. the budget of the centres for disease control and about eight percent from that I would have now, rather than I should say that congress didn't allow that to happen, so the cuts didn't happen. But what do you make of the effort to cut those budgets? We have to spend money to make us safe and protect this country its saying I'm not going to fund the military, I'm not going to fund the locals fire department. We're not gonna have fires, I dont believe fires hoaxes. This is about the level that he's talking. Spending money is what the trump administration has in mind now
its asking for nearly two billion dollars for a virus response led by the vice president. Despite that markets plummeted about ten percent last, what about wall street st does not do well with uncertainty and its Worse thing is: nobody knows how bad this is going to get I can just tell you- are my company with leading in all our big offices into two different buildings. Even if it's just a temporary thing, if the flu does strike and strikes arm, please it won't strike all them, because we have to continue to provide a service friday evening. The president announced his selection for director of national intelligence, his principal qualification for that, Job appears to be fierce loyalty to the president. That's all the presidents and point these. Have that one characterised and on curious? How would you fill the top jobs in the government linens,
boy. You get some experts, you put a my room and say: okay now, who should we go higher this job who's that person in the world will start they're asking what part they remember of how they voted the last time, It is so nonsensical if you are sick. Do really want to go to a doctor who was politically correct or somebody that knew how treat your disease. I rest my case. I rang Bloomberg is pressing his case after a late start and poor, showing in his first debate last month this past wednesday, After a better second debate. He slept three hours beforehand. To his times square headquarters to phone voters. I might lumbered how you he's open more than two hundred offices with twenty four hundred staff. That same morning, he met us for a flight to his boyhood home. You told
body. Who would listen that you're not running for president? I did what changed I stopped. Watching and listening to the candidates, and they had ideas that in no sense to me whatsoever, Donald trump's, going to eat them for lunch. That evening he would head to south carolina and texas. The next president of the united states, MIKE Bloomberg, reported blue comes to politics. Like the electrical engineer. He is pragmatic, not charismatic I have been training for this job. For a close to twenty years. There is nobody else running that has any management experience whatsoever in any of these things, but you have to have some It's been there done that and will do it right animal guide us through the tough times particular day one. What does the data today tell you about the voter? That leads you to believe that you can a few years ago
there was a revolution against the intelligentsia. People said you know those people, particularly on the coasts of trying to tell us what to do. They wanted to change that explains donald trump. Now that people seem to change this cycle, people want stability. His political career began in two thousand one. He won the mayor office three times as a republican, then as an independent, his strategy was the He is using right now. He massively outspent his opponents in self funded campaigns in twelve years. Bloomberg help rebuild grounds
help. The city survive the great recession. He banned, smoking in restaurants, improved schools and balance the budget, but there was controversy, Bloomberg expanded, a police tactic called stoppin frisk. More than eighty percent of those stopped were minorities less than one percent were carrying guns. You defended, stop and frisk right up to the wait that you announced you're going to run for president. What have you learned? We should have in retrospect, been more careful keep it from the numbers from growing and we did not. And for that I am very sorry, but it's a mistake: the that it re no argument about. It was a mistake. I ere, it was a mistake I took you haven't we
away from my responsibility forward, where bloomberg is divorced with two daughters and two grandchildren worldwide still owns his boyhood home in medford massachusetts, your parents bought this house through an intermediary because the owner wouldn't sell to erect nineteen. Forty six, and the guy who sold it to a set. His sister would never forgive him. Do you think america's ready for jewish president nobody's virtually nobody in it and I think, in this day and age, yes, we ve moved on its a better world than it was back. Then might bloomberg? Is the ninth richest person in the world worth about sixty billion dollars? His success began in nineteen eighty one before pcs. The internet evolved, bloomberg created a data and communications network for wall street today, the Bloomberg term
is the central nervous system of world finance, but he told us is here, the presidency, s and he'll show the company what the multi millionaire know about people who are living paycheck. hey. I can hoping that the car delivering this house, my father, made six thousand dollars the best year of his life, my parents took a mortgage out of my house. I think, was eleven thousand dollars If I remember to help my sister and I go to school? I work his heart? Is anybody not better. I wasn't any better or worse. I was lucky, I think them than other people. He has twenty thousand an employee is, but in early years some the office, harsh allegations by women have challenged his political campaigns in nineteen ninety as a tongue in Peak gift, your employees, immortalized, some of your sayings and a booklet called the wit and wisdom of michael bland other ever saw the book, but I do remember one of them. Has you d
bribing your bloomberg terminal and the quote in the book is quoting you: it will who everything, including give you, but you from some bright oral sex. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of this, but I didn't write the books yet. You say these thanks. I don't remember saying I can tell you that year go on the trading room floors. Things were different. I apology I set out. I'm sorry, if somebody was hurt, you don't remember if I bother If I know somebody are hurt, somebody I apologize, I can't go rewrite history. I can only ted you. Now it's a different world, it's a different world, but the question is: is it a different man. Oh, I think shoots. Assure you evolve with was times were all a product of the world? We live in. Shame on you, if you don't, learn and and try to be better, that's bloomberg!
named in lawsuits three times in the nineteen nineties by female employees offended by his alleged comments. One suit was settled to were dismissed. How can you be the standard bearer for a party? that claims. The high ground on the right women and minorities because I brought down the murder rate. I am double the array cut the gap between rich and poor education. I created five hundred thousand jobs, one hundred and seventy five thousand units of affordable housing and we we did all of the things said to reduce poverty that anybody could possibly do and when I left, I think it's fair. This most people, women, mine Are these? They would say it was the best twelve years the city has had in modern memory. Since leaving city hall, Bloomberg has been giving away his fortune, he has donated billions to
his gun, violence, smoking and greenhouse gases. He spent more than one hundred million helping democrats in twenty eighteen when they retook the house, he's telling voters he would expand obamacare, while keeping employer provided insurance, all paypal, black brown and proven. Eventual citizenship to the million residents who emigrated illegally he's for control of the borders, but doesn't think a wall will do it. It's going to get a tax increase in your wealth generation and who's going to get a tax cut. If we're going to have to raise taxes on me and people like me, he means of five percent sure tax on household incomes, over five million dollars and a roll back of president trumps. Twenty seventeen cuts for the wealthy we have already spent twice
as much on this campaign. As president Tromp has raised. How much are you willing to spend? Well, I'm making in investment in this Country my investment is I'm going, to remove president trump from sixteen in pennsylvania, avenue or at least try hard as I can. So it's a blank cheque. Each man, two billion- well. I don't have a blank cheque, but when they come to me- and they want to spend more- and so far said yes like if you haven't linked, it's already been possible he said yes to starting a new company, analyze voter data for targeting ads and social media. This was president trumps, big advantage and twenty sixteen bloomberg: is spending heavily to catch up if you're, not the nominee? You support the nominee of the party. It's an easy and for me to make because the alternative is donald trump. So, yes, I would support the nominee if you dont finish in the top three on
produce days at it, for you no of course, not you'll keep going here sure they said election seven hour so days later, there's another one. Fourteen days later, this we have elections after that, despite jewel by these wound yesterday in south carolina daily it as they take it by elections, Bloomberg believe Bernie Sanders is the candidate to beat these counting on voters, to move toward a centrist who believes government should be effective and dull, Thank you. I will not have much more to offer tv. You're, not going to be the the road doesn't want extra islam. They want evolution as a revolution Bernie sanders is the candidate. Donald trump will win Trump monopoly will win, but the house will go back to being in republican hands. The senate will stay in republican hands, down,
stream? A lot of the state houses will slip back republican, and when that happens, you're gonna have gerrymandering at the local level and should shall appointments at the federal level that will last for decades, and so that what's really at stake here is the future of this country for a very long time, and that's why I'm running
this is the take out with major garrett or special guest, morocco and we're going to talk about the obituaries. There's no podcast. I love more than this one. It's basically things that I think deserve a second lock already this season we had John Denver weed names. We looked at names like Mildred, Bertha and todd at which fell off the map, and I'm sorry that we didn't include major, but that would have been really interesting. Actually do you know where it ranks major, very, very low for more from this week's conversation, follow that take out with major garrett on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts now, David Martin, an assignment for sixty minutes. The trial of we feel edward Gallagher was a riveting courtroom drama in which a decorated war fighter, with four combat tours face life in prison for crimes prosecutor said he committed on the battlefield. When president
if he used his powers as commander in chief to intervene it mushroomed into a full blown political controversy. Gallagher was acquitted of the murder charge last july, but he never took the stand and has never publicly answered questions about what happened on the day. He was accused of stabbing a wounded isis prisoner to death. Until tonight we warn you it's a story of combat at it's. Ugliest and military justice at it's worst people either love. He was an american hero or despise me as a worker. Yes, navy seal edward gallagher was charged with the premeditated murder of an isis prisoner in Iraq. Did you stab that fighter? I didn't know the ices fighter had been wounded in an american airstrike during the battle for moses in two thousand. Seventy iraqi soldiers brought Do a compound they shared with the navy seals half hour
He was dead and Gallagher posed for this photo holding his knife at the trophy photo, a fire or saw yes, yeah, that's what it was taken as you were trying to make it look like he killed me. I was trying to make it look tough here. You know how bad that looks. Yeah. I know how bad it looks when it gets out into the public. Never was posted. It looked even worse when he sent it to a body with this text. Good story, and this got him with my hunting knife. That's pretty incriminating yeah. It is, it was like a joke texts, dark humor. It's not often you see a photo of the accused murderer, holding the alleged weapon at the throat of his if that is true yeah, but they ran a test on the knife, the sheath, no blood anywhere on it, and if you look at the picture, close there's no blood,
The knife there's no blood on anywhere on me when it was brought in the fire, was barely conscious, probably suffering internal injuries caused by the blast which struck the building. He was here. She feel sorry for the skiff, that's war. its use out there trying to kill us Gallagher, the train met, and if you listen close, Well, you can hear him say I got the. What did you mean? I got him. I got him. I got him I'm going to treat him this medical bag and started working on the prisoner non. Do gently. isis fighter? I don't want his hands anywhere near me, so I pushed him back down forcefully. So what kind of procedures do you perform on him? He wasn't breathing properly. So I performed innovation procedure which is a crack, a craig, let's, basically sticking of reading to throw the correct there's. No video of that, because
The seal recording the scene turned off his helmet camera, which you can clearly see the breathing to win this photo taken after the prisoner die. along with several other medical devices and planted by other seal over the next few hours, the gene mistreated the body buzzing it with a drone posing for their own trophy photos, then, for a group shot with gallagher, front and centre, which he knew. This was wrong. It's wrong. I'll, say it's wrong. Now. I've definite learned where my lesson it's the end is distasteful was more than just bear taste. It It's against the law of war. It's illegal, I'm pretty sure, I'm the first person ever to go to a general court martial for it taking a picture. It's been done on previous deployments, one or two thousand and ten deployment to Afghanistan. Gallagher was
instigated for killing a little girl when he shot a taliban commander who was holding her according to his commanding officer, Gallagher was loved of any wrongdoing. Seven years later in Iraq, some members of his baton claimed he was taking part shots at civilians. They may look like a band of brothers, but some of them hated gallagher, craig miller, told invest gators, he was freaking evil. Gallagher men complained he was needlessly exposing them to enemy fire. Your heart ass, my death. I then take any like gulf rising If they had complained or were saying, you know, I was working them too hard. I didn't really take any pity to call them cowards. I just don't they're acting like a bunch of cowards. You know not saying it directly to my face to me: that's cowardice, nobody likes to be called a coward know, and I betcha that's doubly true for a navy seal. Oh for sure, and that's what really, I think, sparked them
eleven months after this picture was taken. Corey Scott told the naval criminal investigative service and see I ass. He saw Gallagher stab that ices prisoners and I also lays down the internet. Charged with war crimes that could send him away for life without parole, Gallagher high naval academy. Graduate turned smash. Males lawyer tim parlor tory, if you want to, who put my client in jail for the rest of his life. You need to come through me. I'm part of georgia, signed on Gallagher, was already in the brig, and the full weight of the federal government had descended on his family and see s agents executed what they call a standard search warrant at his home.
when only his two sons- ages, eight and eighteen were there. They drag the kids out of the house at gunpoint in their underwear that can give them the opportunity to get dressed search. The house do they have a valid search warrant, they did but the way that they did it was excessive. This was a murder case that the suspect was already in custody. Is pure intimidation, good work, I just made eighty mad and More importantly, made Andrea Gallagher met. They came out with salt rifles, falling adopt like they're going to war too. I guess so, the house, but two kids in it, janitors ward, andrea was out at meetings promoting her website. The better business babe I took my background and marketing in business and branding, and I pretty much made a brand out of him. The brain was hatched
free eddie in the campaign to get him out of the brig included, petition Signed by members of congress and appearances on president trumps, favorite network fox news and it worked after gallagher- has spent six months behind bars enter and chief tweeted navy seal eddie gallagher will soon be moved to less restrictive confinement while he awaits his day in court and that's when we felt like we had finally broken the barrier, the president had finally intervened. There were reports, the president intervene again and pardon Gallagher before he ever want to trial. We didn't want department. I want to go to trial He wanted to go to trial for life without pearl yeah, that's a big risk. It is
but no matter how convinced you are of your innocence. If I had been pardoned, I would have had that presumption of guilt, the rest of my life and eddie, never not once said, I'm going to fold, never martin lucchese, an attorney for the trump organization join The Gallagher defence team, two months before the trial began, I sent an email to the provocation. Team and said. My name's mark me, and I look forward to working with you guys that went to the lead prosecutor, navy, commander christian, I got an email back saying. We look forward to working with you to turns out there that email that they sent back to me had a beacon on it tracking device on it. For what purpose? Obviously they were looking to see who we were
Communicating with, in my view, it is unforgivable jet black, is removed from the case and, along with two other lawyers, remains under investigation for his professional conduct, but the charges and all the evidence against Gallagher remained, and this is why we have trials the trial transcript runs thousands of pages, but it all came down to one word spoken by navy seal corey scott the prosecution star, witness who testified he saw Gallagher stab the ices fighter and was there when the prisoner die He used an interesting word. He said I can, need to monitor them until the terrorist asphyxiated and it went right over the prosecutors head. The word asphyxiated means what it means deprived of oxygen.
secure, wanted to hear stopped. Breathing you heard asphyxia. Oh yes, part of joy rose to cross, examined scott. Who was testifying under a grant of immunity, and you said, is fixated as My medicate, you know that, Word means deprived of oxygen said. Yes, why do use that word. because that's how he died. On the question? Is who deprived him of auction greg say it. Gallagher suffocating. Did you know the dupe yes protected by his immunity, cory's god had just confess through the murder. I just can't believe that this just happened. and so as soon as I compose myself, I look back up at him and say how here is courtroom audio of scotch response?
Gee Gallagher left the scene their monitoring, I thought he would die. He was continue the brief normally as he had been before so help? My some over is easy. until he suffering did he say why he put a storm over the breathing too. Yes, he did he did it because he knew that the iraqis we're going to torture, rape and killed this terrorist and he just didn't want to hear the screams anymore. The jury deliberated for eight hours before reaching a verdict. Please tell me the scariest moment of my life. I could feel my heart just like out of my chest, I ll run over an hour when Gallagher in his defence team burst out of the court verdict was written all over their face, not guilty of murder. President trump tweeted congo.
relations, the navy seal, eddie Gallagher glad I could help it was the case was closed, but the fight was not. All. Gallagher had been convicted of posing for the photo and demoted until the present in order to rank restore next navy moved to strip him of his tried and been the symbol of his elite status as a seal president tromp said no way while they wanted he's been away, and I said no you're not going to take it away. He was a great fighter, see one of the ultimate fighters. Tough guy Gallagher kept his pen, but the secretary of the navy, richard spencer, most his job the abruptly fired for going behind the secretary of defense's back in an effort to stop the president from intervening the now retired and living in florida. The forty year old gallagher still looks fit these years as a seal. Have taken their toll to bowl?
It is an eighty documented concussions, the glory wall and his garage Jim tells the story of his drear, including that last year faded deployment to Iraq. There is the motto of liberty: let kill em. All gonna has a different meaning. After what you were accused of yeah there's one thing not on the wall. Did you get the knife back had at once? Put it up here. it's actually right. There is a really this one here. Yep no blood was ever found on the knife, although it has become tarnished over time much like the reputations of so many involved in this case. In addition to the three lawyers under investigation for their conduct, so and see I as agents of either left Ben reprimand, or demoted for their handling of the Gallagher case,
Cbs fridays? We may have been criminals seeking redemption, that's the one we are now takes courage, we're firefighters, fire kansas. They can change from producer, jerry, bruckheimer or save as many lives as possible. Tv's top new series reinstating the poor stain someone else's life. The moderate work, don't worry, let's go. We can do this country fridays on CBS streaming on paramount. Exactly six months ago this evening, hurricane dorian slammed into the northern bahamas. It was the fifth category, five atlantic hurricane. In just the last three years
that there hasn't been a single cat, five storm in nearly a decade. There is a growing consensus among scientists that climate change is what's making hurricane stronger and more destructive. That's very bad news for the bahamas: a string of more than seven hundred low lying islands stretching from florida nearly down to cuba in the heart what's come to be known as hurricane alley, but the bahamas has found a ray of hope, specifically a solar array that can help its island survive, future hurricanes and in the process it may have important lessons. The rest of the world should learn as mother nature continues to brood. Stating storms like dorian, with sustained winds of one hundred eighty five miles per hour, ass above two hundred and two
storm serve well with twenty feet in some spot right hurricane dorian, weak unimaginable happened on the bohemian islands known as the applicant there's, not enough words in the day generally to describe, I hope, I'm not like after some hopetown, been vernon malone's home for all of his eighty two years, his family, his lived here, seventeen. Eighty five he's the town, baker and gross, and he and his wife rode out the storm in his store. It survive, but their home just up the street did not The entrance went right in their vernon son Brian's, had a home just around the corner had a whole that pile with rubble, we see there, that's actually sue. Wowzers minds on the bottom hopetown
the behaviour of landmark its candy striped lighthouse dates to eighteen, sixty three and is pictured on the country's ten dollar bill. The lighthouse stood up doria, but as we saw coming into the harbour, not much else did. generators everywhere. Guys getting through Brian Malone and met with an american. Who owns a vacation home on the island, told us y. All those generators are still run the substance In marsh harbour, which feeds us the powers destroyed and then, of course, you can see the utility poles are pretty much destroyed. So this isn't case where you come in and replace and poles India flickr switch. This is months and months and months of work town is on one of several small islands ravaged by dorian, which then move cross. Seven miles of open water to march harbour
largest town in the abacus, at least sixty people died in march harbour and action is still everywhere total damage and lost from Dorian is estimated at three point: four billion dollar When you see the extent of the destruction where'd, you even begin. How do you even begin? That's always the question it in behaviour in prime minister, Hubert menace and vienna gardener. Atop aid visited marsh harbour with us and pointed to one huge priority list. ring electric. How do you bring this back? The power we had to make determination to set up a micro grids? The micro grids, prime minister, menace, is talking about.
Small scale system more and more their solar rays with battery storage, for when the sun's not shining, they can either feed electricity into the larger grid or operate independently to power a single facility or a name The way electricity has been produced in the bahamas is with diesel fuel, generating stations each inhabited islands about thirty in all feeding power to everyone through overhead lines, the main power plant, This island is literally twenty five miles south of here at twenty five miles. That has to be rebuilt. Chris Burgess and just lock run the island's energy programme for an american nonprofit called the rocky mountain institute. They have solar projects through out
hurricane cane alley after category five, maria hit porter rico and twenty seventy they put micro grids on the roofs of ten schools, Maria also brush saint Vincent. This is its first micro grid. Now the island's energy programme has come. to marsh harbour. So how big will this solar array be? Fifteen acres right through here that micro grid will satisfy ten percent of marsh harbour's total power needs and will be built right between its government center and hospital. Both are without power for weeks after dory
This is high ground, which makes it less vulnerable to storm surge or other types of disaster events. So if a storm like Dorian hits again the power to these two critical facilities stays on the push to build storm proof, solar michael reads in the bahamas, began in twenty seventeen after hurricane irma. Another category five storm tour through I knew ragged island at the southern tipp of the island chain. After I get ireland was devastated. I made a statement. Let us show the world what can be done? We may be smaller, but and set an example to the world. So your goal to make ragged island a green I've absent absolutely after which weaken expanded expanded to see the prime minister's green experiment? We flew
Ragged island, with whitney hasty c o of government owned utility- bahamas power and light engine. Your burlington strawn met us there and took us to what he calls the very first hurricane proof, solar micro being installed in the bahamas unlike other solar designs, it's very low to the ground, so this installation is rated withstand stand, a hundred and eighty miles an hour with which is and even harder punch than irma landed. In twenty seventy, there was significant damage, they should on asylum. As you can see, some of the bull snapped right on the very basic right at the base is at what and all over the island, and often throughout these micro greed will produce enough elect city for ragged islands, roughly one hundred residence. The prime minister, calls it a laboratory for the solar future. The past is a diesel generator leading boats to deliver food.
From hundreds of miles away. A system, whitney hasty says, is a nightmare and summer we're almost on the verge of running out of fuel in some of these islands, because bad weather sometimes prohibits the ships from actually adding to some of these location. The behaviour and governments spend nearly four hundred million dollars a year on imported fuel to keep its power plants running and passes that caused alarm to its citizens. They pay three to four times What we pay on the mainland? U S, a forest you're right and that is a price gouging I mean that's, that's just inherent cost we think more in the eyes of the bill, install this new soul. Michael grid, is three million dollars. Hasty, insists its money well spent, this initial big outlay to build these panels, but over time the car
of generating power actually goes down absolutely absolutely using the goddess blast system, which is a natural son. It's not. Perfect solution on ragged I'll, notably the power from these panels, will still feed into the vulnerable overhead power lies the monies not there yet One of the first things I think everyone can agree on is everything else to go underground back in hope, tat, not only met, wins, who says they have the funds to bury their lines. Americans with second homes, add a lot to the economy. Winslow family founded has dominated nearly a million dollars to rebuilding efforts. They already have a makeshift micro grid, powering the fire station and healthcare winslow his hired engineers to help plan a much bigger one, a nearby island as possible there over great advocate we could put
a solar array, eighteen acres- and that goes that power is pipes in a hope, preferably a new undersea cable to the island, and that could be a main source of power. That would be enough to power. This island Absolutely the bahamas goal is to produce thirty percent of its energy from renewable sources by twenty thirty, just lock and chris Burgess of the islands energy programme believe the country can do Better earlier in the price of renewables have come down point where they are now very very concerned but these are in most cases, way cheapen diesel the key changer has been battery storage. Battery storage is decreasing, cost over sixty percent over the last five years, and what battery storage does is. It enables the sunshine when the sun is not shining renewables, more sense here than anywhere else in the world and micro grids in the car,
The un are starting to show their value when earthquake struck puerto rico. In january, the entire islands big electrical grid was shut down for days but remember those solar micro grids installed at schools. They kept providing power. The lessons can really apply anyway california has the same system. Architecture is here in the caribbean, right, fossil fuel, long transmission, distribution lines right and you see the p genie had proactively shut off power to millions of people in order to prevent fire. If there had been these micro grids. might have been. The peony would not have had to cut off power to correct millions of consumers. Correct here in the bahamas,
There are still huge economic obstacles, losses from dorian equal, nearly thirty percent of the country's entire annual gdp. We ve got this incredible outlay to rebuild these islands that were devastated by Can you afford to bring on a new form of electrical generation? We cannot afford it. We were nice from day one that we cannot do it alone. Just weeks after dorian, here prime minister minister spoke at the united nations. He emphasised that most of the bahamas was not damaged and eager for towards the life blood of the economy. Then he said that first world countries and their pollution are at least partly to blame for the threat of ever stronger hurricanes. It is a trap.
which we cannot survive on our own first world nations. And this what I said at the? U n I said: first world nations make the greatest contribution to climate change. They are the ones responsible for the changes that we see the increase in velocity and ferocity of the hurricanes and different and the changes typhoons we see debate, but what an innocent victim were, the ones that are being impacted by what you have created. menace and leaders of other island nations have proposed that the? U s and european countries contribute to an insurance fund. Think of it as a really rainy day fund to help rebuild from future storms. That's what you say and what you said to you in the first world nations should do absolutely. Are they doing it's an ongoing discussion? It's an ongoing discussion. Does this mean
change to renewable energy that much more important imperative urgent for you here in the bahamas. Eddie is because, even though our revolution that climate change is minimal. It's meant it's miniscule to compare with voice, will nation, but we still have our responsibility
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