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It started with some Pittsburgh humor. Pittsburgh-based comedian Tom Muisal does a bit about a GPS unit that can give directions in “Pittsburghese.” Because in Pittsburgh, no one calls it “Interstate 376,” it’s “The Parkway.” It’s not “The Liberty Tunnel,” … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman, Mars Let's start with some Pittsburgh humor. This is in time usual Undervalue DV in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my dad's birthday a few weeks ago. I thought you know I'm gonna get something really nice for my dad, somebody really gonna like second I'm, the GPA. System, you know how those nice ones with the with the sexy voice a toxin. While you're driving right, like he's gonna love. This thing terms Dad Lifelong Pittsburger couldn't make heads nor tales of the GPS, his directions, because I am told no one in Pittsburgh, actually call anything by its official name. It's not interstate. Three. Seventy six, it's the parkway, it's not the liberty tunnel, it's the tubes, so the joke: Looking up his dad I'll Tom downloaded a special plugin that makes the gps device give directions like a pittsburger get.
A parkway, go into more to get off like your go into canny, were rendered now and not by under a railroad track and you're making. After. He arrived at the same time ago. Pass that crazy ouch up whereon still make a right, and if you go past, where Swiss fell, Highschool used to be you went too far were used, the knowers that used to be otherwise Sometimes the stories of what used to be can have more meaning than what actually here now the philosopher De De Boer had a heard for using your emotions and memories as a way of way finding. He called it. Psycho geography, the philosopher, Zan Greenspan and Psycho. Geography is particularly useful in Pittsburgh, They passed Bob's dire, fobs diner that we just ass. It used to be a car dealership, and I know that because it was a car dealership when I first came to this area and in the family dollar across the street, there used to be
a grocery store, and I dont know: thou in first hand, that's just through hearsay. This is Pittsburgh resident MIKE Nielsen. This place is rife with things that used to be things is like its candidate history. You know it's not history, like George Washington and whisky rebellion. This stuff is, is our history like is not from Pittsburgh? He grew on the other side of the state, so he moved there. He had a hard time figuring out how to get around, because Pittsburger are always telling him to turn left at something that isn't there anymore, and so one day MIKE hanging out with his body Tom, but is Tom, you swore the comedian. For a minute ago, Tom was trying out the Pittsburger GPS routine on MIKE the as it as a kind of toward a different ways is normally where there used to be that gas station or where there used to be that dumb italian restaurant needs a year ago, in others,
funny, but I think in one telling of the joke or somewhere along the line he he said something about. You know area where they used to be that pizza hut. The light went off in my head, I said yes, the pizza for might the former pizza height was a beacon of light shining through a thick fog of impossible directions, because here in his friends comedy routine, was the one Pittsburgh ease direction. He could give that anyone, regardless of whether from could comprehend TAT, left the place that used to be a pizza hot there too homework of pizza architecture one the whole thing is built at a trap. So it's the windows are trapped results and their framed by this kind of trap, as oil paneling put the exterior. If you remember your geometry, you know the trappers, though it is a far sighted figure, with two parallel
and to non parallel inside it tends to look like a triangle with a top chapter. We see the trappers owed windows, then you know it's an old Peter and then there's the roof, which often has oversized trappers, wheedled earnings and where they are connected. The top is this big hump, the just shoots into the air. The whole thing looks like a lead for the building or had actually when I was a kid, I thought Hut and HAT meant the same thing. Thank you Peter Hut. Now Peter Hut Stone all look like this. Franchise owners have a lot of freedom and how their stores look not repeated. Has the lid roof and the trap features and some might be more distinctive than others. There's still enough commonality in pizza huts that you ve seen one you can ease identify any other. In fact, the pizza Hut School of architecture is so distinctive that, even when a p Ike, goes under and gets converted into a different business. You can still totally tell it used to be a pizza,
in every town across the world, there used to be a pizza and in to them are still standing, and most of them are not still pizza, and so it did its that we just all happened when were also familiar with MIKE, is definitely overseeing you're, not every town in the world has a form, a pizza hut and it can get birds on whether or not the majority of the old school trap as little window style. Pizza huts are still active besides, but the fact remains there is something really funny Little SAM but mostly funny about seeing a former pizza had get turned into something else, the satirical newspaper, the onion, thought so too. They So the headline that red you can't Oh area bag used to be a pity if the onion thinks it's funny to invalidated, and so make Nielson
did the only logical thing to do when you get obsessed with something he started a blog and his blog is called it used to be a pizza which is a blog about the current uses of former Peter out. It is a global atlas of buildings that used to be pizza huts. I can't defended sawdust gardens at yup. That's what I've been doing with all my spare time to even going to work for them. I guess they're up baths. You know what you get when you abbreviate used to be a pizza hut. You d be a p h, though I don't like MIKE it ever set it out loud, does that sound right up bath but may not sound surrenders. But I guess that's that's just what it spells out. The b I should have done a better backward, and I should have thought of something that would spell out something really cool MIKE started documenting at bath, surround Pennsylvania like FAT pocket pawn in north for sales, with its trap as little windows done up in a kind of sea. Foam green with
Oh trim, pretty soon he started getting submissions from across the: U S and from Australia and New Zealand. Through this dataset MIKE was able to chart. Some trends sometimes are still Peter restaurants, which I think, makes sense to probably a pizza ovens in them. That. Maybe stuck around their Sopranos Pizzeria in York, Pennsylvania and LA shadow, our clear New Zealand. There are even cases of dominoes pizza, moving into baths, logo, and then there's a class of non pizza, restaurants, mexican and asian restaurants generally China. Restaurant Chinese Hut in Toronto, Ontario Sue, Lucky Hut in Dandan on Strangely, the structures that house these businesses all began life unmistakably ass, Peter shots there are some more interesting ones. I think one of the most popular posts on a blog is the domain police traffic unit. On that entry MIKE Rights- and I quote- We all love the idea of the police chief, telling all the cops week after week that if they don't get their act together and get traffic,
relations under control, they will have to work at a pizza hard. Then, the mayor coming in the news that they would indeed all be working in a piece, evidence room in the cooler interrogations happening in the booths. Secretaries plain tabletop pack, man, instead of some- That is how I picture this and I loved theirs bureau home in Australia, that is, a former pizza pulses, funerals in Reeves, be New South Wales and the crown of all at Baths Brisbane Australia's chaos, adult concepts, chaos and concepts. Scope of case,
it was an adult bookstore and and had all the windows kind of boarded up. As adult bookstore tend to do, I'm guessing most open source, don't have had their window coverings cut into traps or its now I should say that might doesn't have any particular affinity for pizza hut jerk. You meant there's a kid. It's impersonal. Pan pizzas played some tabletop pachmann drink Pepsi at of translucent red plastic cups, but it's only keys. Logic units that are best for funny. I'm a pretty easily amused kind of guy, and so I thought it was funny, but I think a lot of things are funny, but I think it's more than funny makes project points to the fact that their just aren't you many companies, very name describes their own signature brand of mass produced architecture that they themselves inhabit Oh pizza had never meant for architecture to be the focus of their brand, at least not at first each. I was founded in nineteen fifty eight in Wichita Kansas.
It was actually founded by two brothers who were students. I Wichita State University and with that fifty six later its ground, including world large picture company, with more than forty thousand watch ranch Mobile web Doug. Tougher is the public Relations Directorate Pizza hut. He says that when pizza its founders, the brothers, Frank, indian Carney, bought their first building. They got a sign that only had four slash. Eight letters it had room for pizza on top of the only have room for three characters are three letters underneath hat and any scrabble player knows that there are really only so many three letter words pizza, dad pizza, sad pizza, eel and they kind of look at the shape of their building and fine well is kind of like a hot. So may we can't get so they had. Four letters maybe have been called pizza shed, keep his own people, something like that. Now, the original pizza hut is still around, though not nomination, its end up path. It's been moved the campus of the founder
Alma Mater Wichita State just outside their school of entrepreneurial them. The first Peter had is commemorated with a black and, if not for that, black you'd. I have no idea what it is. It just looks like a tiny brick house, nary a trap avoid anywhere Peter signature. Look came later. That was the work of an architect. A friend and classmate Carney brothers are guided by the name of Richard Bert, Burke wanted thirty, two thousand dollars to do the design. The carnies counter offered with one hundred dollars per pizza hut to subsequently open Burke, accepted and created a lot of the features that we can now recognized today. Irrefutable as pizza huts and from their pizza huts architecture and their corporate image became intertwined, and so the carnies and their franchisees began lining the american landscape with hut
after hut, after hut, but in their ascendancy pizza, had couldn't or simply wooden. Imagine a time when the people would not come out in droves to enjoy a personal pan. Pizza resisted bread. Stick As market trends shifted away from the dine inexperience and onto delivery, many pizza huts closed and as their trap as little windows went dark in the roof. Humps rose up over empty parking lots it as if the company had a little the world with monuments to its own decline. I remind you that there used to be Peter us everywhere and that their art anymore. We see the old the huts laying around the sort of the dead carcasses on the road and now Peter Huts architecture Legacy is one that will remind passers. By of the company's failure to thrive,
in every single place, it ever failed to thrive, but Doug tougher of pizza hut. He thinks that cutbacks are a triumph, we're pretty proud of the fact that our business became so recognise that you can just look at a building and recognise that, even as it guide turned into some then maybe even turned over into something else again that when you just look at the people, know that used to be a pizza hut that that's really cool to us. I have to say, I think, with dove on this one. Yes, the hubris of pizza hut is the stuff of greek tragedy, but this is not a story about failure. It's a story about hope about what can be reclaimed about the possibilities for what might merge out of what couldn't have ever been dreamed up from the outset, a mollusk dies in a hermit grab moves into its shell, but pizza is actually curbing the rise of up baths
in the late nineteenth nineties and early arts. The company shifted towards a carry out and delivery model. Today, half the pizza hut in the: U S operate out of generic glass box. Looking structures, no Travis voids no sloped roofs. They don't stand out in fact, a newer style pizza, you my apartment, just one of the business and if I had ever seen it operation. There be no way to know what it once was now but I've seen the next generation of faceless used to be a pizza huts. I think that if pizza had phases out their signature buildings, it will be a huge mistake, because Pizza Hut has achieved a level of greatness here I mean how many other structures have their ever been in history, whose true essence can shine.
Whatever might come after it? If you opened a hamburger joint in the great pyramid of Visa, it will always, first and foremost, be the great pyramid of visa and laughed at the place that used to be the great pyramid of visa. Like the pyramid, the pizza hut, the hum bull pizza hut succeeds in edging its identity and everything else that will ever come after it. It is at that level the peace manages to constantly remind everyone hate. I was here. I am the place with the personal pan pizzas. Translucent red plastic cups with a tabletop top pack man. So let us stand in awe of the mighty pizza thought which more than just about any other, once beloved establishment since crumbled beneath the sands of time, can reach
into the future and proclaim just try and forget about me. Just try commendations he's a nice piece of AIDS.
Ninety nine percent invisible with producers this week by same Greenspan, Avery trouble men and me roman Mars with help from Margaret crowds things, so did Andrew Watson who wrote about the history of pizza, Hut architecture for benzene dairy river. We a project of ninety one point: seven local public radio, K, L W in San Francisco and produced under the this of arc sign a brilliant architecture firm in beautiful downtown Oakland, California,. We often dont, think of winter as a time of growth or creation, but you think about it. It's the perfect time to greet your own website, because her cooped up your thinking about being productive, and now
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