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125- Duplitecture

2014-07-29 | 🔗

The best knock-offs in the world are in China. There are plenty of fake designer handbags and Rolexes, but China’s knock-offs go way beyond fashion. There are knock-off Apple stores that look so much like the real thing, some employees … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent invisible I'm roman Mars. The best knock in the world are in China. Sure designer handbags unrolling says, but also really large scale, imitations like fake apples, door that are so dead on ten employees the store think there working in a real apple store. Beyond just working in knockouts. Many residents of chinese suburbs live their lives in replica cities, Venice's with complete nails and replicas. The Dodgers Palace Paris's with Eiffel Tower, is an arbitrary acts. There Chrysler buildings, Sidney Opera House is driving through the suburbs at any city in China. You will find up
laughter of fake Versailles? British developments in California has all bumping up side by side. Just Shanghai itself has ten cities all built in the architectural style of different european countries, so it's possible to travel from Germany to ITALY, to London in the course of few hours provided there's not much traffic Bianca Busker is the author of the book original copies architectural We agree in contemporary China and she the term for these buildings do protector. Did protection refers? this nation wide movement taking place in China, whereby people are copying entire cities and towns from Europe and the United States, life size or sometimes even bigger than life size. These are not theme parks do protector. Developments are actually living breathing communities where chinese families are raising their children living out their lives in a place.
Looks like Orange, county or Paris, but a smack tab in the middle of the People's republic. These buildings are not just novelty, is like the pyramid or the Eiffel tower. Most bag is the biggest private property developer, and China told me that two thirds of their residential developments are being built, european style, nor they like American, China, towns or german towns which were established by immigrants. Bees are chinese communities in american or european style buildings which are, often designed by chinese architects, visiting China's copy of Paris. The outskirts of Hung, Joe, I found a place in some ways, was buried, emblematic parachute, the Iphone how're, you had the chance of a square, but there was no new architecture, meaning the Chinese were interested in duplicating the newer buildings of just the old classic, looking ones that are iconic sitting at this hour.
Time. This is really the most brand new sparkling Paris. I've ever seen again, even though these are intended to be copies, it's pretty much impossible to Papa building onto a completely new environment without modifying it a little or a lot of times, Google texture is larger or smaller than the real thing or did elements or features might be bloated, bigger than others sometimes, but actually get so twisted and warped until its of brackish caricature. Of the original one of the interesting twists, unless architectural movement has been the creation of mega high rise, is that are built in a baroque or neoclassical style. Pitcher Versailles stretched twenty floors and
The air and you'll have some idea of: what's going on, developers can do a lot of liberties with duple juncture construction like making the replicas work in accordance with funding sway, but nevertheless a lot of you. Is due protection compounds have rules that How do we discourage any type of modification that they think might subvert? The sum lack room there very, very strict rules in place to ensure that the chinese elements are foreign elements. Dont crop then and spoil the impression of a parent. And these rules have been set up to preserve the european feel of this development, for example, no hanging laundry outside of changing the piano installing air conditioners keeping chicken, in the back yard. To further creates the impression of Paris there might be a french bakery or a, but still day celebration. There might be apartment in Irish down her real canal network in Managua, Venice. Odd and uncanny as these buildings and communities can be due. Protection is pretty impressive
These buildings go up quickly. Massive scale, and they showed no signs of starving boss, some new developments popping up around China all the time but do better There is not exactly a new trend. They have a lot of practice doing this in pre, modern China, you had, China's imperial ruler is using copycat buildings as a way of showing off their power and establishing their authority and the third century BC. One of the rulers showed off his conquest of his rival kingdom. Recreating their buildings within his own cap of, say. You also had imperial hunting box where rules would import flora and fauna of all kinds of recreate NOME landscapes within their own domain. These imperial rulers would copy as a way of showing that they could literally move Heaven Earth they now possessed this foreign building or place.
There is in keeping with our tradition, one of the most copied buildings in China is the very seed of western Bower itself. But why has this general credit as most copied building and China and is used for everything from hotels to restaurants, to court says to homes. Just like the White House has China collection. China has a White House collection. The different chinese white houses served from purposes so they ve morphed into various permutations. But they all have those signature, columns and square portico built in the true blue, unique style wholly original to the? U s away, I hate to break it to everyone, but that's not original building the architecture built the White House biggest his design on this huge Building in Dublin, that is now the seat of the Parliament of Ireland.
The or house in Dublin which in turn has elements of classical greek and roman architecture and it pretty much like the White House, even though it's kind of grey was the great House, the founding fathers were really into deeper sure as well, they were their own form of architectural plagiarists, and this is so obvious. Have you ever seen the buildings that Thomas Jefferson Design there also covered He bade the Virginia Stay capital on this ancient roman Temple and not design in turn has gone on to influence the design of many many stay capitals around the country. Some of the greatest heads of american architecture are copies of the greatest heads ancient roman architecture, which are now all being copied by the Chinese. So we did it too, and North America was ruled by European. So it makes sense that we would have more european style architecture lying around, but we,
will continue to build these european emerges today when Americans built MC mansions or buildings that draw from european elements for being in Spain when the Chinese do so their ripping off their copying their con artists- and I think, that's unfair- here. We should all recognise that what were all doing is copying some pretty old buildings, because we still find them attractive, and we still think that they have symbolic significance for ever. Day. It's easy to scarf knockoffs of Venice, but these warped mimicries are the start of something new. I say this all the time stealing plus. Lack of talent equals creativity I mean there is that in the effort to copy something you're, skills or lack of skills or you're. Different experience
you take the original so that very often you come up with something that's completely new and completely yours copy. Totally underrated. Mindful integration as helpful, Things become great thanks, China, that, proven quite successful at turning copies into innovation? look at the shop giant Movement, China, which is this name given for copies of the Iphone sneaker, so social. Networks when you find that often the copies actually in rule on the original in certain ways China's I found knock off, which I believe is called Syphon ACT He had some features that you couldn't find on. Apples phone had removed, battery. You have multiple some cards, although these things that Apple users? Actually
really wanted and coveted I'm in here, you could find it in this knock off phone, I'm personally to fascinate to see how China takes its imitation and burns and innovation for big business. Ninety nine percent invisible West produce this week by every Trufelman, with mingle, same Greenspan and me roman Mars, We are a project and any one point: seven, local public radio K, L W in San Francisco and produced the offices of oxide a comprehensive architectural firm illegal.
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