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The Ouija board is so simple and iconic that it looks like it comes from another time, or maybe another realm. The game is not as ancient as it was designed to look, but those two arched rows of letters have … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. This is our special Halloween episodes are minute turn up a little bit of this A little of this just to get I will end here, here's man's Linzer, creepy all right, a couple of weeks ago, the whole ninety nine p idea got together to do something. None of us had done since we were thirteen net slumber parties. I feel like recital sounds exactly like a dead were thirteen at slumber parties whose there yeah, at my house, we turn out all the lights and lit candles and attempted to
summon the Spirit world with a wager board. Most producer Katy mingle. She was our hopes that evening at rest, here We were using a homemade board that Avery, designed in the style of a store, bought wage aboard to arc rows of letters. Opera aid through am the second row, Andrews, IE and then below the letters, a straight row of all the single did numbers and then, of course, you and no in the upper left and right corners, respectively and good bye at the bottom of the board. So the way we just supposed to work as participants, usually too, though, sometimes more ask a question to the spirits and then they, the participants lightly rest their fingers on a plan chat which is the pointer that slides around the board and you're not supposed to push that planchet same Greenspan. You're supposed to allow the spirits to guide it around the board, indicating what letters or what?
birds there attempting to communicate here you, the leaderboard, is so simple and iconic looks like it comes from another time. Like it has real history, which it turns out, is more than just good design. People have been gathering around a board like this one for about one hundred and thirty years my name's Robert Merge, most people come emerge and unconsidered the world's foremost expert on weaker in talking boards merged so collect boards and all sorts of other wager related artifacts. So this stuff is everywhere. Now I frame things at the arrangement I have with my husband. Is that I can only put things on the wall that can be framed now.
That agreement, he didn't realize that I could frame anything settled yet. I was unfortunate for him much sense to understand my talking. Boys came from that's a generic term talking boards if to go back to the middle of the eighteen hundred to three sisters in New York, the Fox sisters. They are real. What starts this explosion? many a and spiritual them in America beyond the Fox sisters, claimed to be mediums to the Spirit world in public demonstrations. They would ask questions of this. Its and receive audible, Knox back on the Wall Knox that they translated into Letters of the alphabet, the facts, sisters, whereas sensation, they were the most visible faces of a growing movement newness spiritualism, which held the spirits of the dead, could be contacted by the living and that they had secret knowledge to impart. When tales of the Fox sisters swept through american newspapers,
More and more people started to believe. During and after the civil war, spiritualism became even more important to people. Everyone had. You know where there was a father, a son, a grandfather and Uncle Somebody people just went away and they didn't come back. So let us you gonna, do you turn to try and make an impact? Will these people who are gone and in eighteen, eighty, six, the one thousand eight hundred and eighty six, the fledgling Associated Press, read an article in papers all over the country about these new talking boards coming out of the spiritualist movement in oh, it's unclear whether he read the article but a few years later in eighteen. Ninety, a business man named Charles Kennard of Baltimore Maryland realise this talking board could make him lots and lots of money, Lord pulled together, a small group of investors inform the canoe,
art novelty company to exclusively make and market talking boards. Contrary to popular belief, the name- which is not a combination of the french and german words. For yes, we and yeah merge says that, according to documents belonging to the original founders of the company, they sat down and ass the board itself. What it wanted to be called and pleasure by letter, it spells out only why J and when they ask the board what that means. The board spells out good luck. They called the boy. We judge the Egyptian Luck Board. They added Egyptian. Just for a little flare, the patented we d boy looked a lot like the talking bird that came out of the spiritless movement. The only real substantial change was that the Wager Board put the letter of the alphabet in a double arc. Instead of two straight lines
Because there have been a few small design changes since the early boards. For example, there was a full moon and a crescent moon in the top left and right hand corners eventually the full moon came a sun, which is what you see now, but through the years, the brow and has always been very identifiable, so that the report has always been very simple. Anyone who looked at it would now. Ok, that's a wheat report. By eighteen. Ninety three Charles Kennard, had left the company and it was taken over I William Fold, who had come to be known as the father of weaker folds New York Times Obituary, actually credited him with inventing the board, which of course he did not do better. Was incredibly good at selling it, instead of being a straight away,
Van journalist for the board's he'd, purport to be one of the sceptics. You would say I don't believe in that region board on no spiritualist on the Presbyterian and then at the same time same interview. He would say, but we lost the shipment of WEEE boards on the train tracks and we asked the board where they were and it told us, and then they went down the track and sure enough. They found that the train had derailed and we found our board whether the board worked and how it works, whether it was just a game or more serious spiritual tool was something fold kept intentionally mysterious and this marketing strategy was extremely successful. Everyone have one people played at home with their families, Ladys pleaded T parties one of the boards and merchants collection doubles as a tea tray people even
their little kids, which might seem kind of weird, now fast forward, a couple of decades around nineteen twenty and we still good clean family fun and it turned out. There was also a great thing to do on a date, so you're coming out of victory in terms when men and women are not supposed to be alone together, there has been a dark together. Do not wish to be touching. The original reach a board would be placed on your lap. Your nails would be touching. Your fingers would be touching on the planned show. You know you like him alive and if you see warmly quickly that's the directions at in you know to people a man and a woman prefer and if you mean proof of what a normal part for the Americans, the reach a board was look no further than the king of Americana himself, Norman Rockwell,
the nineteen twenty he made a painting of a man and a woman in the position merge just described these touching. He looking flirtatious lay at her a wager board resting in their lives. Of course, we do always had a few naysayers in some of the first ass loud ass were actually the people whose jobs these talking boards had just stolen wish, mediums actually saying these things are dangerous, you don't know what kind of doors are open and you need someone like me whose experience to guide you through this unseen world now. Why would they say that? Well because it cutting into their profession their money, but naysayers stayed on the French through the years? Oh sure, there'd be the occasional. The wage aboard told me to do it, murder that would make it into the news, but they were few
far between throughout the decades, we do mostly held onto its wholesome reputation until the ex first it raised in nineteen seventy three I had to sleep in my parents, bedroom for a week after I saw this when I was a kid hours, At the beginning of the movie, the main characters mother discovers she's been playing with reach aboard the address. This is really the first big, mainly a moment that enforce that playing and when she bored by yourself It led to demonic possession. The following years, saw the weedy board denounced by religious groups as Satan's preferred said of communication waging George. Aren't harmless sciences, harmless, don't be playing games on power
don't call on demons because they ll come and live with you. The Bible says he who Evil evil will come to her pet Robertson has pretty extreme, but still the image of the board changed a lot since that Norman Rockwell Painting and nineteen twenty Parker Brothers and later Hasbro, which acquire Parker Brothers and ninety nine One still sells a lot of boards, but the reason people buy them has changed its, not good, clean family fun anymore. Now, people buy them because they want to get dared there's another which a movie just released called Ouida, which will do nothing that James the board sinister reputation? Twenty he's not spell Haifa here's this freaking out, I'm done with this, but a sinister. Reputation is fine with Hasbro. In fact, they put up a lot of money for that new region.
They ve also released a new version of the game and change the tagline, which used to be it's just a game. Isn't it the new tagline monopoly, the rigid board, if you think it's just game. The design of a new word is different to the first had a very long time the witching board gotta make over. They ve added a couple of modern features like a purple light in the planchet, but overall they ve tried.
Make the board looked older than the Classic Board, its brown and kind of weather, and it looks like somebody might find a pirate ship. It really gone for the honor of work, which is need began again. People assume these ports have been around for thousands of years, which I know it's true but believe is important and which I believe is very important to the beach avoid, especially subconscious beliefs, which brings us finally to how these things work. Basically, when it comes to the wage aboard the reason that it seems to work, it feels as if it works is down to something called the video motorists, and what that is essentially is non conscious, muscular movements, that's professor Chris French. I am head of the anomaly: stick psychology, research units, goldsmiths University of London and before
you ask a novelist. Psychology is the psychology of weird stuff, the term idiom motor of fact was first coined by an english position and researcher name, William Benjamin Carpenter, back in a team. Fifty two rightly spiritualism was starting to become popular both in Europe and the? U s. The video motor effect applies in the case of we jump in our bodies are making small subconscious movements that are guided by a suggestion or some subconscious knowledge. So particularly once the first letter or too has been, has been. Made apparent parent? You kind of get idea of? What's gonna come next, so it was. Spelling out a name and it spells out the letter b and then, oh you, my mobile. The Bob and the video motor effect becomes magnified as more people play
very interesting things. Hams, when you talk to people who have played around with wage boards is though very often claim that they ve got answers from the weekly board that nobody around the board actually knew that. So that proves that, with some kind of external agency, Professor French says that what is happening here is that our subconscious mind does actually know. The answer are conscious mind just can't access to information and researchers, so convinced of this. They ve even used wager boards to study are subconscious. So, for example, in one of these studies, participants were ass. Simple fact based questions like it's bizarre is the key
but all of Brazil. They got the answers right about fifty percent of the time, but when they used a wizard board to help them answer, the same questions were asked to go higher scores. Then they got the answers right about sixty five percent of the time. So in other words, they didn't know the answer. Either they couldn't consciously accessing. There have been all kinds of studies on unfair normal experiences, and Professor French says they never reveal an external or spiritual force at work. They always reveal an internal forces at work. Even if it's the subconscious one I don't have any doubts in my mind that we can explain the vast majority of ostensibly parent my experiences by looking to psychology, whether or not we can explain every single one is the sixty four thousand dollar question. Wasn't it
was earner yeah. When we plead wager at my house, the planchet seemed less to be governed by the video motor effect and more by the law of inertia going over, and our experience was terribly stranger creepy, it was mostly just slow, but March has played enough times to have had some weird experiences. Some, I think, are just the person pushing away. I know it. It's clearly into your motor response other times that its answered things that you seem so bizarre that how'd it now you know if you can talk to the spear world, why wouldn't the weighty board work and the real question is: can you make contact with a spear world and demands a question that has been touched?
humanity since the beginning of time, since the first time some unrealized when they died, you didn't come back after everyone, after my house tat night, I was sitting on my couch by myself. It was really quiet. I hadn't blown out all the candles yet so there was kind of a mood and then one of my spring loaded Blind slammed up and scared the shit out of me, and I have to admit I looked at the wage, a word and I wondered just for a second. It's just a game. Isn't it will work?
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