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There’s a little trophy shop called Aardvark Laser Engraving  down the street from our office in Oakland. Its small but bustling, and its windows are stuffed to the brim with awards made of all kinds of materials and in any … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. Trophies are hard for people to throw away. There is actually a service amounts in Wisconsin that will recycle your old trophies and turn them into new ones. They replace them in place a polish him up and then donate them to nonprofits like the boys and girls club or the special Olympics, some of the trophies they had come from people who passed away there, sir I've been relatives, and sometimes there Some people were just tired of their trophies taken up space in their homes. In both cases, people actually pay the shipping to medicine. To avoid putting their trophies in the trash Donna Gray, who runs this service with their daughter. Janet says that sometimes people require to be told where they're all trophies end up almost like there, donating in Oregon. Most of the time, The materials that make them are cheap, but that's how you measure the value of a trophy
There's a little trophy shop down the street from our office in Oakland, it small but bustling. Windows are stuffed the brim with awards made of all kinds of materials in any shape. You can imagine cellist, Florence, golfers, Gaskell's, apples and plaques plenty of blacks so of course, producer. Every Travelin read them. We than men Beckwith Mount Zion Lodge number for present this token of appreciation to Brother Willie Adams. We honor and welcome you and Mason, and it allowed to reveal who that is, honor Roll award of excellence. Presented together new sudden there of San Francisco and appreciation for your contributions to the nigerian community DJ the year. Nineteen nineteen is one says rifle expert plenty of touchingly heartfelt engravings that you feel that maybe you shouldn't be reading to my dear
husband girl, on the occasion of our thirty fifth wedding anniversary. Thank you. Sweetheart thirty five, loving, supportive, challenging and exciting years together. God has needed our hearts together into a beautiful tapestry of love. Julia Adele runs this shop, along with her husband and she's ways moved by what people want engraved on their trophies. Amaze me with eloquence and these sincerity and just the way that they can express their feelings because I am from the culture were, people did not express, they feel this publicly Julia is from Russia, and it was always appreciated when people would just exist press sincerely. Their feelings. Let alone have em in Greece then he displayed publicly Russians just don't give out trophies the way that we do Americans freakin love trophies in some
fancy is trophies in Julius Sharp, actually, some the fancies trophies in the World CUP or as Owens and Company in Chicago my father built the company is first, the figure was a guinea pig figure that remains occurred for guinea pig breeding competition. This during the great depression or Owens has since move well beyond the humble Guinea PIG trophy Scott Seagulls Father with the founder of ICE Alan's company, show me around the factory like a real bona fide factory, with big kilns for the glass plaques and wheeled carts full of caste, statutes and rose in rows of industrial grade buffers. This their massive show room is full of crazy different kinds. Of trophies and awards. This was for NASCAR This is the only time we made no word with a built in dvd player. Gimmicks aside, our S Owens makes some truly iconic trophies bestia me over there.
Yes and Emmy Award, but the enemy is outshine by its neighbour. I can't believe that the real, a real officer Oscar, The Oscars real name is the Academy award of merit, but is now usually known by its nickname. There's lots the mythology around where the name Oscar came from the official myth, at the academy. Librarian Margaret Herrick took a look, the statue and whispered Yolksac round Alaska. The version Oscar was awarded in nineteen. Twenty nine in a number of different factories have manufactured the Oscars over the years on Owens has been making them since nineteen. Eighty three, when I saw the Asker It's hard to believe that I was looking at the real deal because its so many knockoffs. The design itself isn't hard to imitate. It's really simple: it's mostly just that stylize gold man standing on
a film actually ingenium or directors. Cedric gibbons originally designed the statue as a night gripping crusader sword and the Oscar has been purposefully design. To be as desirable an object as possible, There's more gold on the asker than any other award by far is more gold and, after the near the word, we make also it's really hefty its eight and a half pounds and crazy, shiny ladder polish and goes into an opposite ass to be defect, free sowed that takes a lot of time. How much time to polish each one eyed overrun our man when I sire I just wanted it. It was like primal almost, but somehow Scots Sego resists the urge to make one for himself a lot of people tell me about whether I have an Oscar to home in a surprise that I don't know I've. Never even been interested in having an Oscar at home, but finally, what he would say, Vietnam, Oscar at home, but some people do make awards for themselves. People do lake avoids for themselves
I can Oakland Julia its customers, who don't look very athletic at all, picking up trophies. They say they are number one in running or elderly cuts. Who's buying a trophy for being a young duty queen or world traveler, and this happened. Multiple times yeah. Oh yes, quite multiple! Yes, it's a common thing Julia is not judgmental about this is giving us of an award makes you feel better she's all for it is a way validating your own experience, even more validating than making yourself an award, is making yourself in Tire awards ceremony welcomes Ramsay Music Television, young MTV decided to establish itself with an award ceremony, because that's a great beta quickly attract a lot of viewers, get high ratings and bring in a lot of star power everyone. Brother establish themselves with a really good trophy unpack Gorman, and I designed the moon instead
to that silver astronaut given out at the MTV video music awards, organise TAT woman was pie, of Manhattan, design, firm, that created the MTV logo, but making this trophy fulfilled. Long time dream of hers. I have been a champion baton twirler with my sister. We have like a doubles routine I wanted to make a great trophy some time in my life and in this sense, so Manhattan design kicked around a few ideas but We can't so Manhattan design kicked around a few ideas, but eventually Pat realised that the perfect trophy the statue of a man on the moon german rocket, Those of you who went around every MTV wait a little station. I declare that off the hour whether man lands on the moon and plants, the MTV flag, it was vintage footage of the movement and instead of planting an american flag, the ash not had a flag but said MTV. I thought well, let's use that is this statue, and I also welcome the statue. Locally.
It was floating so pad design an astronaut figure in a wrinkly APOLLO suit, balancing on one leg, holding a little flag. That said MTV she gives and sketches and she gave them to manufacture. And then she comes back two weeks later and he says users dad you, I look and it didn't anything it was. There was a guy standing with his feet firmly planted any saluting as a body saluting there's nothing there. That's like this is totally unacceptable. You ve got to follow my sketch and the manufacturer goes back to work. Come back in a week, and now she something even more bizarre I see a man in a leisure suit. He's got this whole thing, smooth yeah, there's, not a wrinkle in the suit. Also this list pursuit, Moon man was still not on one leg and the menu at your insisted. Nope can happen, it won't balance. We only have one more weak and that's it and they gotta be cast like tomorrow. So I just asked him for clay undistorted.
Building it had teamed up with a friend who is a potter and they made him old. The guy standing on one leg, holding the MTV flag and balanced, there's a thing about balance where, if you line up the head, the center of the belly and the centre of the foot, you can balance in almost any posture, and so I just did and it was perfect, but the manufacturer really didn't have a lot of time. At this point, only got around making five trophies right before the very First, ever video music awards and they're worth about thirty awards that we're gonna be given out. So what do we do? They decided that an usher could take each went off the stage and fetch the moon man each time and bring it back on stage during a commercial break, and this meant they could just keep. Cycling, those same five trophies throughout the course of the night, we'll never run out with. I thought that was brilliant
As for the very first be amazed, there were only five trophies and they didn't tell anyone what could possibly go wrong. Disaster struck. Michael Jackson, thriller Michael Jackson. Wasn't there said we, the first one, but he won. All these words were thriller. Diana Who is sitting in the front and she was accepting them for my taxi Michael today, and he wants me first to thank you. Diana Ross right in the front row would go up and on the stairs before the usher could take her off the stage and get the moon and from her and are kept winning more and more towards the winner is Michael Jackson, wherever you want a lot in a row and she had all five statues in her lap, so they and an usher to sneak down to Diana Ross and take the statues back and she starts fighting with him stands up as remember. It was like a tug of war and
There is a real disaster and the moon men tug of war. I got a little bit of air time and it was embarrassing, but history is mostly forgotten it, because much crazier things have since happened at the VM is thank you so much for giving me a chance to win a visa mayo lieutenant, I'm very happy for you. Unless you finish Bobby, I wanna bet videos of all time. Mercy has become its yearly tradition, the whole of it were. You know, and I knew that, if was successful, then would go. I would become a yearly thing tradition which it actually has, and the woman who stayed which kind of amazing. Honestly now the MTV is without music and almost without traditional television. This Lord ceremony has become a big part of MTV identity in by merely figured out how to get all the winners, their own personalized wars, which is actually a lot harder to plan. A new thing, especially when you get into the high stakes or like the Oscars, because back in Chicago our ass.
When's doesn't know in advance who the Oscar winners are, so they ve developed a smart solution because there are so few aspects given out yourself. You nominees we just grave plates rather nominees. The academy can just quickly screw on the name plate of the winner and destroy the other name plates. It's a lot of effort, but then the winners get to have a words that are already personalized because the most important thing about an award is that it As your name on it. I think it was Carnegie who said that they did the work the word that that the person would always prefer over all the other words in the vocabulary is his name Dale Carnegie Principle number six from how to win friends and influence. People is remember that a person's name is to that person. The sweet. First and most important, sound in any language. That goes a long way into the into the award business as well that because people's their names not only hear it said, but they actually seat engraved. Ok without said I'd like to
an award of recognition for producer of this episode, too. Redrawn guy over. So many people are thing, I'd like to think Franco Linsky who really help me that check and reach out to pack Gorman I'd really like to thank friends. Seeber. Oh my god. Who else? Is there really like thank SAM Greenspan? Katy mingle, you guys are the best roman Mars. Thank you for making this all happens when happen without you and Kale W best public radio station ARC sign architectural interiors make such for buildings and always leave you like chocolate lying around for us. Thank you. Thank you. So much and ok
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