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If you want to follow conversation threads relating to this show on social media—whether Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, Tumblr—you know to look for the hashtag: #99pi. In our current digital age, the hashtag identifies movements, events, happenings, brands—topics of all … Continue reading →

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MRS Ninety nine percent, invisible I'm roman Mars, Every morning I wake up roll over pick up. My phone interact with her not proud of this just the way. It is twitter always struck me as the social media platform that was the most like broadcasting. It's an ongoing Lobo conversation. You jump into get a sense of what's going on in the world and jump out its like came into a radio dial minutes, mainly comprise a people. You know in the people they now telling you about their day, reacting to shocking news, making jokes sending around legs I tweeted roman Mars, by the way you have heard me say that before, and sometimes I tweet at truffle men, because this producers name is Avery travelling. But if you to find out about the show and general there's a hashtag for it. It's
hashtag, nine nine p. I, the hashtag, of course, is comprised of two vertical lines: intersecting, two horizontal lines that looks like a tick tock toe board in the car. Digital world. The hashtag identifies movements, events happenings brands, topics of all kinds, hashtags. How. People gather that's incredible power to give to like individuals as a character. I mean awesome. It's got like this little type you prehistory now, and this superhero story stores Christmas Siena, I'm Christmas Siena, the inventor, the egg, designer and translator of human culture. That's probably a little bit bloated, I don't know what I'd do. Chris was first one to use a hashtag on twitter before it was even called a hashtag back in August of two thousand and seven when he was going to an event called Barkcamp. It's a nerdy thing. It's telling everything! It's it's an event that you go to that complete structured, an unplanned and the participants figure it out. So the party
depends needed a way of organizing which led Christie tweet, the very first hashtag. Even though at that point it was just a pound. How do you feel about using pound bar camp for groups Putting a pound sign in front of the word bar camp helps the other people at bargain pick out the word bar camp in their twitter stream and encourages all the other barking participants to use the word bar camp in their tweets. So now everyone who is interested in Barkin can search for that term and join the conversation. Now it's a white. Never have to use the word bar camp again, so some people got on board and agree teased pouncing but less for, like ok, you go do that. The pound symbol had already pervaded other corners of the web. Internet relay chat, a I Arcy used abound, signed to represent chat rooms or conversation channels, there's another solution. That would be the tangled Jake you that also had these channels. So there was other. Just came before me, but Chris was using
does a pound signs. Throughout his tweets I was putting pound symbol. In front of my words- and we were like understand what you're doing you're, putting all the strange punctuation in front of your stuff, and it looks dumb, but the true believers stood by the sign one: twitter user called it a hash tag, because hash is the british name for the sign and these are being This is category tags and then the house, in the tag got conjoined into one word. Chris actually brought the hashtag idea to twitter headquarters directly, but they thought it would never catch on looked clunky, then, of months later in October, two thousand and seven the per of the hashtag was fully realised, front was down in San Diego is named, may redder and he was using Twitter basely pulling all the stuff together around these fires are going on in San Diego
Fires were raging around San, Diego and residents were tracking the spread through Nate Rivers tweets, but she was prefixes. Olive is tweets with sand space, Diego space Fire, so Chris told me that he should switch to Hashtag San Diego fire, all one word and then other users would imitate him and it work. People trying to find out about the fire knew exactly where to look on twitter, and this was the moment where everyone, when that's what these signs are for now to clarify Hashtags weren't, a thing that twitter planned on and they drag their feet on incorporating it we kept thinking. There must be a better way to organise all this information is flowing through twitter? We kept looking for it. We never really found it, but the hashtag in retrospect was just as obvious tool. Andy Laura back. Then an employer twitter, officially brought in the hashtag the usual then the hashtag would all I did was link the hashtag to twitter. Such one line, a code took me about fifteen seconds. Didn't really ask anybody
that one line of code meant that when you click on a word with a hashtag in front of it, you'd see a page with all the other tweets that also contained that hashtag word. And basically this help you and up every one who is talking about a specific topic email. The house dog is a tool used in advertisements, social movements, music videos means tv shows and in conversation hashtag sometimes I just. I was not much to me, hashtag John. Don't you busy working ass, a rising, grind. Hashtag. Is it Friday, even Chris. Acknowledges how irritating this is. He sat alone mostly what I'm being annoying or ironic, but I'm I'm coming to sort of, except that that's the phrase it's getting to the point where the hash egg is raising the symbols. Other uses, a friend of mine, actually sent me a tweet the other day saying that he is delivering. I showed up and was looking for hashtag two way, though. I hope that most people who make deliveries for a living, Hashtag s image,
good. No it more as a number side states. It's usually called the number sign or the pound sign in the UK of call the hash mark or because we Luke's than anything else. This is keep Houston he's the author of a book called shady characters: the sea. Life of punctuation symbols and other typographical marks. It's got a whole chapter on this symbol. A lot of other run. Uses as well as used in chess to represent we have the results in checkmate, didn't proofreading. If see, hash symbol. This means space should be inserted here. It's used on swedish maps to mean a lumberyard hash pound number zine lumberyard. Whenever you call it. However, you want to use it. The same traces back to ancient Rome, so in Rome, the term Libra Pando meant a pound and weight. So the word Libra, like the constellation, mean scales or balances and Pando comes from the very pandemic.
Which means to weigh Libra Pando and these two names or interchangeable. So Romans referred to this way measurement as a Libra or Pando. So the word Libra was often abbreviated is L B, Lowercase L Lowercase B, which of course we still use of you see five l b you mean five Libra or five pounds. And the Latin sent. This is also why british currency, the pound, is Rapporteur, by a stylized. I fell for Libra, so the abbreviation l B becomes a thing and oftentimes it was drawn with a little bar across the tops of both letters, just to show that the l and be were connected, scribes or writers. Garbutt care, so did right, faster and faster and faster, see, join the l to and then maybe depend doesn't leave the paper before it does the little bar across the top, and so this seems to have given rise to the pound symbol or hash mark or lumberyard over time. The symbols meaning started the bifurcate it was used like
L B for the unit pound and also started to be used as a number sign it at all the various uses, but is important enough to wind up on typewriter keyboards, which is kind of that? The key thing the thing that symbol had to do in order to survive because symbol that didn't make it onto the typewriter keyboard got pretty unpopular like the interbank, when the pilgrim with many cool poor things Ass forward, two nineteen sixty three, the invention of the touchstone telephone the bad news at the time, by the touchstone phone used buttons instead of a rotary will so, unlike previous, on the numbers didn't have to be arranged in a circle on the dial anymore Bell. Votaries, a research subsidiary of eighteen t experimented with a few different designs for the telephone. Keypad, They try to ranging the numbers in two rows of five in a circle and across a step pattern, but they
Ended up arranging the numbers, one through nine in a three by three grid and the put zero in the bottom centre years later in nineteen sixty eight. They figured why not keys to either side of the zero. This would make the key bad into a nice even rectangle, and give users a few more options on the phone menu choose options. Press start because Unlike rotary phones, touchstone phones. Allow you to continue to dial after the connection has been made, so you could punch and extensions and navigate automated menu, swore account information, bread, one for all other crack in practice, originally Bell Labs, wanted pretty shapes on the two extra buttons they had made prototype phones, I had a fight pointed star and a diamond on either side of disease but an engineer name Doug. Her would have none of this diamond and five point star business, because by that time a new thing had come into the picture. The possibility of
dialing directly from their phones into a computer for such things as checking bank balances are validating their credit cards. Or what have you done correctly to make sure that the two new symbols will be ones a computer could recognise ones that appear on a keyboard and were part of the computers capillary. So there would be no uncertainty about how assert button would be recorded in the data that went into the computer bell. Labs was pretty set on their star and diamond idea, so compromise was an ashtray for the star in a pound for the diamond, because you know that centre and a look I'm in, like I guess, and for a second eighty anti was like Camelias call it a diamond there's no reasonable reason: the call that symbol Diamond- it's not a diamond at all. Eighty anti didn't know what to call this button in their manuals, and this led to the creation of what some people, including Keith, Houston, consider the symbols, official name, the also Thorpe the AKA Thorpe. One day. I wish I was like engineer
partner and we got to talking a lot, and maybe we should come up with a new name. This is learn ass, blind. He worked in marketing for eighteen t during the time he and his engineering partner looked at the symbol and saw that had Eight line sticking out of it so will put the word October to prevent just out of thin air. We just sit well towards php r, p M there too, because I can't come of greek emission from stature. They called it in October, but then moved into actor Thorpe, which rumor has it came about because someone about lads, teens and aim to turn it into a tribute to Olympic athlete Jim Thorpe. But no one really knows g as it proper the spell it out the form rather than third, there is no proper Doug calls it an actor. Thorpe Lauren calls it in October Thorpe, but of dough. Thorpe seems to have the most widespread
is though, its use is not widely spread in regionally. Be only reason. Octave Thorpe ever caught on within Bell loves was because the juniors thought it was funny joke the manufacturer, western Electric totally hated that name and pretty much killed it in the seventies. But today, for a lot of type of fishing at as aka Thorpe is the signs real name in typographical books options. What is the name used you might think of as a technical term? Topographic nerds. I keep love it because it feels the most neutral and official but engines, this symbol. Whatever it's called Doug Kerr. The other bell labs engineers really understood that we would be using telephones to communicate with computers, and this is exact the same reason why Christmas Siena chose to use this symbol back in that tweeting, two thousand seven. At the time we had barberries, we had no clear failings in these are hardware based keyboards, but we need some of them. In the modern world. I mean something that works over sms, because that's the way that I'm gonna be publishing the twitter, which,
Chris only to toys is the star or the pound upon somebody out Thorpe, whatever its probably one of the most dense symbols, and so when you're reading a sentence or you're reading a tweet. It stands out, and so you see hashtags on billboards and the highway on promotional materials and other social media platforms on protest signs in you're, Doin friends, conversation set aside, dentists, hast, I bring hast accidental Kara Hasta Cavity, free hashtag, that's how we do- and this is all probably gonna sounds dated and like five years two years or maybe a few months hearing check out loud is gonna sound like someone reading a telegram, Mr Gower Cable, Johnny Cash that my office instructed to advance you up to twenty five thousand. I started and Merry Christmas SAM Wainwright telegram as on Twitter. Our speech change to accommodate the machines Turkey is a way of changing our language to be more computer friendly,
and what we need to do is actually invert the paradigm where the computers become more firmly to humans, so we're probably not going to be using hashtags the way twitter users hashtags forever This will mean the end of the symbol itself. It started on paper, but then it leaped to typewriters computers and phones, and it seems like it's probably going to stick around whatever we decide to call. It asked I gotTa Thorpe Hashtag onto Thorpe Hashtag, ass number sign here lumberyard, has tactic The hashtag musical if you really lazy, stop Ninety nine percent invisible was breaches wheat by every travelling in the same Greenspan, Katy mingle and me roman Mars. We are project. Ninety one point: seven, local public radio, K Ale debut in San Francisco and produced of the offices of art, sign in architecture and interiors firm in beautiful, downtown, Oakland, California
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