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154- PDX Carpet

2015-02-24 | 🔗

Portlanders have a tradition when visiting their airport: taking a picture of their feet. It’s not to show off their shoes, but rather, what’s under them. They are documenting the famous PDX airport carpet. Julie Sabatier from Rendered has the … Continue reading →

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MRS Ninety nine percent, invisible. I'm roman Mars, these scenes. Why did you come to the port and airport? Recently when I got off the plane, I took a picture of my feet in keeping with the Custom afoot, selfie, That's producer Julie, somebody, a host of the podcast rendered, formerly known as destination the I why She lives in Portland and I almost always take a foot selfie when I met pity acts. The Portland airport I think I do it most often when I come home life here. I am. And back in Portland before are actually not the most important thing about a Portland airport foot selfie. It's actually what's under your feet, the famous pity ex airport carpet. It allowed the suddenly eighties teal color, with repeating geometric pattern like any.
Carpet, you might see in an air border, hotel lobby or an office building. It's probably not what you'd choose for your living room The design, I am told, is based on the way the runways and lights look from the air traffic control tower. And also on the radar screen that the air traffic controllers seas with that sweeping line going around and around and the door sorry, the little blips representing airplane, it's hard to say if it's the pattern, people are responding to the bright teal background color, but one thing is for sure: the carpet is very very little of it. There are even signs and airport now insane tweet your feet with tag pda ex carpet and it goes deeper than that meet Emma. She actually has a PD ex carpet inspired tattoo. It hurt allow
Emma Milkin, as twenty one year old, Portland Native, which means a lot of the carpet in the airport, is actually older than she is. She got a tattoo of the carpet patter on her back. So yes, my left Emma travelled a lot of the kid her parents are divorced and her, He lives in a way. I think the first time am I ever took a flight as and unaccompanied minors, most probably eleven and I was freaking out, but the carpet had this kind of calming effect on my way that was kind of, like my send off the car It was there. I knew tat would problem we'll be there. When I got home severally, Years later, when Emma decided to take the plunge and get a tattoo of Portland Carpet Design, she realized she was not the card it's only admirer, not by a long shot when I got the tattoo I posted a picture of it on Instagram,
and one of my followers tagged at Pd Ex carpet upon further and inspect nose like oh, my goodness, the carpet hasn't Instagram the carpet has a twitter, and a facebook page and that's kind of when I knew in that it was this kind of notorious Portland entity. It's important to note that the Airport Communications Department says they are not running any of the social media accounts devoted to the Pd Ex carbon premises Occasionally, people on social media make fun of her tattoo that I'm just sitting back and letting people say what they want about it. I'm in love, I used to live in Boston, cannot imagine telling boss tonight's, like I'm obsessed with the airport, carpets Logan. And having some go. Yeah me too Jeremy.
Done, is a designer in Portland and he's another fan of the carpet a couple years ago. He decided to have some socks made with the carpet pattern on them. He spent about five hundred dollars on the minimum order which, with seventy two pairs, so he was home. Some people would want to buy them. A man, currency, grandma, calculates thing- It was where maybe two hours, and then they are also about the carpet Socks Bristol popular that Jeremy quit his day job and opened up a retail space. German Sox are actually sold in the airport. Now, alongside many other items, emblazoned with the carpet pattern, tee shirts, coffee, mug, throw pillows tote bag, stickers, key chains, bike helmets, water bottles. There is even a pity ex carpet ip from a local brewery called rogue. That's what's so, This thing to me about this whole carpet phenomenon. It's great for pity, acts. It's basically marketing for them, but if the airport had tried to create this kind of fervour for the carbon
there's no way it would have caught on at least not like this. I love this carpet of it. It's like a big thing: I've run by socks and t shirts, I just can't it represents more than I ever had a known for their set our airport this carpet. It makes travelling a little bit more enjoyable. I guess what I'm in the airport. We always do this Alfie now the footing, but maybe there's something. This is secretly magical about it get a room people, people have M unprecedented inordinate amount of affection for the carpet at pediatrics. When you ask people why they love the carpet so much, they pretty much all say the same thing when they see it, it reminds them that their That's sweet but, like so many great love stories, I'm afraid this one is coming to a tragic end,
That is the sound of Portland Heart being ripped out of its chest. Speaking a penny acts. Workers are replacing the airports famous carpet. You know that sea of teal with the Red, purple blue accents. It's always hard to say goodbye, especially for travellers within emotional attachment. A person came up to me. Oh, I love your tattoo Did you know that they ve already started tearing it up, and I just kind of felt my heart sank. Red carpet. It's actually had a pretty long life. The oldest sections of carpet have been in the airport since the late nineteen eighties are things that you just can't repair can't just your way out of it. If it really just looks tired and blankets, it served to slave well, that's Robin Mccaffrey she's, an engineering project manager at the port of Portland. The agency that controls the airport she's in charge of the bit removal project which started
in January. Describe what you're doing. I'm hoping the call to the carpet solar machine and pulled up make Mcafee works, perform employer covering. Actually he helped install the carpet here at the end of the sea course in the mid. Ninety nineties, I wait all of this in my dream. I invite for really strange contract carpet said he you ever gonna attachment to it at all. You not sorry to see it go it's just carpet, that's my opinion. The machine they're using to remove the carpet looks like a cross between a motorized wheelchair and a zamboni. It's called a panther. You attach the carpet the machine and drive it forward to pull up these huge sections of carpet all at once Most of this work will be done at night, so it can have minimal impact on travellers, and it's going to take a long time.
Thirteen acres of carb does not get panthers away overnight. If all goes well and perfectly it will be earlier than November, but were giving it a healthy window and were saying before Thanksgiving, this year. It will be completely down when the garbage is all removed. Most of it will be sent back to the manufacture and recycled, but not all of it. They're giving away for one thousand square yard pieces. Businesses will have to submit proposals to get one outlining what they plan to do with the carpet, how they store it in the meantime and how they will eventually make it available to the general public, whatever happens to the old PD ex carpet. One thing is for sure its replacement has some big shoes to fail. People are going to hate. It will, hopefully not it- might be really great design, but people will still hate it. They'll say why did,
replace all the carpet and use the same beloved design if they had decided to just re carpet with the same design that would have been cool, see yeah. It does seem like the most obvious solution. But the decision to replace the carpet was made back in two thousand eight before all the foot, selfies and Hashtag Pd Ex carpet. I don't think at that time. There was an awareness of that great sentiment that exists in the community for the carpet we became aware of more recently. Did you ever consider replacing them? but with the same design it think that we had thoughts about people asking the question once we were well into it and had already can come up with perceptual design now when you walk through the airport, and you can actually see a sizeable swatch of the new carpet, its darker green, with a repeating geometric motif, that's reminiscent of the old carpet, but busy,
the business of the new design actually helps hide dirt and other wear and tear in fact, there's a couple: different versions of the new design, one that's extra busy that delay in higher traffic areas. It looks like a trap. Jimmy buffet version of the airport carpet. Not in a good way. Jeremy die. The sock maker is not a fan, seems very spooky be like. I has more curves to it and a little bit different green and it's a little hasn't yellow in there, and I think those are all Those are all things that are not as appealing are you make sacks of the new design, probably not yet. I think it's tough. If people don't have an immediate love, everybody wishes that their design work was immediately. Adored Michel, though, is a partner at Highbury Eddie
The firm that took on be unenviable, challenge of designing the replacement carpet, look design work, there is a lot of thought in consideration that went into it Inspiration for this had a lot to do with what you see from the air is you're coming in and that green color, that's the main background color for the carpet is much like that experience of flying into Portland. We have a unique situation here where coming into Portland, the greenery of our surroundings come right up to the doorstep of our city and those Scooby lines. Also we're looking at some of the flight path that pattern. That curvature is your flying. In if you were to look at the way that aircraft curve around in line with the runways income in did you ever think about how people speak with look on the new carpet? No actual, I didn't.
Even with all this thought in care. Designer Michel, though, is fully aware that this new carpet is going to be a hard sell, but she hope it will grow on people over time, I think that the new carpet going down as something that will become Indira night. I hope that it will- and maybe it won't reach cult status until twenty years out on its time to replace it. But you know: that's: ok, that's! Ok! You can't manufacture a cold following for an airport carpet. It has to happen on its own. You don't say, but I do think that Part of the reason that people fell in love with the carpet is because people have a lot of love for the airport itself, which is kind of become a microcosm of Portland with local restaurants and food cards. In the terminal there is even a many farmers market in the sea concourse in so maybe the new carpet will eventually become a part of the airport. The same way the old carpeted crews to the experience of coming home to Portland. Then again, maybe
It's a lot like, Having anything near childhood, replaced with something you're kind of recent full towards the new whatever it may be. You could potentially grow d like it, but it will never be the same original. Like some day, I might learn to a priest, some day. Emma me love the new carpet. Like some day. I might learn to appreciate star wars, the phantom menace with its George, our banks. No there's no way I'll ever like it. Do you hear me, George Lucas I'll, never like it. You. No there's no way I'll ever like it. Do you hear me, George Lucas I'll? Never like it, you ruined debt, you ruined everything
ninety nine percent invisible was produces read by Julius about Yea and Katy mingle, with same Greenspan. Avery truffle mean and me roman Mars. Especial thanks to Brian Kramer, jewish. But he is rendered is an independent show from the public radio world carefully crafted for an audience of makers. Doers incurious minds, it's fantastic! It's a new member of the maximum fun network, along with some of our favorite suppose I, my brother, my brother, early in the flophouse, find it in subscribe, had rendered radio that what we are, I can only one point: seventy eight elder abuse, disco introduced of the offices of arts and architecture and interior sperm, who is laid down as a memorable carpet in its time in beautiful, downtown Oakland California, rather than I did a valued wrong man. It really,
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