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171- Johnnycab (Automation Paradox, Pt. 2)

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More than 90% of all automobile accidents are all attributable to human error, for some car industry people, a fully-automated car is a kind of holy grail. However, as automation makes our lives easier and safer, it also creates more … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars In nineteen, fifty six general Motors hosted a core expo called motorway as with car experts, Motor Roma, with a chance to show off concept, cars and other kinds of longshot projects that they hoped would revolutionise the auto industry, one of them forward. Looking things on display was in a car, but a movie, that's for looking producer, SAM Greenspan, the film was called key to the future in it we the family afore cruising along a desert highway in a beautiful, futuristic g m Firebird, it's got aerodynamic
gas turbines engines in all glass passenger cabin. It looks like a car from the judgment only its non flying its driving on the highway, but this car is actually just set dressing for what GM really wants to show us their vision for a self driving vehicle. This is fire burned to three zero for we're heading for Chicago plays ratify over Roger Barbara too. You are now under automatic control and of steering after being put on automatic control, the dad who's driving the car pushes the steering wheel out of the way they comfortable life no longer tethered to the steering wheel, dad uses both hands to light his cigar. The car zooms along unimpeded for nearly as long as there's been an auto industry, there have been dreams of a car that drives on its own a car work.
Bull can enjoy all the freedom that cars offer, but without the annoyances or the dangers of driving oneself. I can't speak too what specifically inspired GM to dream up that self driving car. We see in this film, but its very poor. The bull that it had to do with safety. The film is only nine minutes long, but they can't stop Commenting on how darn safe this automatic driving is easy way to make occur. The year that this films shown that Motor Rama nineteen. Fifty six that you're alone there are nearly thirty eight thousand vehicle related deaths in the United States. Ever since the Nineteenth Fifty's, has never been a year with fewer than thirty thousand people killed in car accidents. Vehicle related accidents are the number one cause of death in the United States for people between the ages of five and thirty four and more than
Eighty percent of all automobile accidents are attributable to one thing: human error. So for some industry people a fully automated car is a kind. Holy GRAIL. The thing about automation, though, is that, as it solves problems, it inevitably create new ones, as automation, makes our lives easier and safer. It also creates more complex systems and fewer humans who understand those systems, which means one problems do arise. People can be left ill equipped to deal with them. Human here's engineers call this. The automation paradox last we in our story about automation in aviation. We heard about various ways: people are trying to deal with the paradox in that industry for one
Pilots are being encouraged to practice manually, flying their planes to keep their skills. Polished and engineers are also trying to make smarter, more collaborative automation, doesn't strip skills from pilots, but instead works with them to complete tasks. The position I would adopt is one that has been termed eyes: Human Centred automation, where we see what you need to and is legally automation, a team player. That's mating. Sworder human factors, engineer who believes human pilots still have a crucial role to play in flight. I don't think the answer it is to see let's just get the human and, let's fully automated vehicle, You know I do feel comforted by the fact as a pilot up there, and that is Chris Arms and Chris herbs and I led the self driving car project caribou Chris may be glad that there are pilots in planes, but he's got a very different vision for cars. He believed The way to solve the automation paradox for cars is to take human
out of the operation entirely. If you have a steering wheel, there, there's kind of an implicit expectation, that you're gonna do something with it. Where needing Sartor thinks that allowing for human intervention is best, yes, you still think need a driver who is in the view the person who has the opportunity at least to intervene when necessary Chris arms. This goal is to make a car that is safe because Oh humanist driving it you get to sidestep all of these kind of control, confusion, confidential challenges. Taking that out of the way you get to remove a part of a system that you can't designed No human drivers, just human passengers, we are how to enter uncharted territory for automation Automation has been appearing in cars almost since they had the market. Antella breaks automatic, transmission power, steering cruise control GPS cars that in parallel park themselves. The fully
autonomous self driving car has been alone. Time coming. There have been a few players developing self driving car technologies them visible among them being Google. Two thousand nine group began retrofitting Toyota and Lexus cars with new technologies allowing the car to drive on its own can accelerate, stop at traffic signals, make turns merge onto freeways and avoid pedestrian, cyclist and other cars all with little or no intervention from any one inside the car, and then in twenty fourteen group started manufacturing cars of their own design, you little to cedars with no gas pedal break or steering wheel, their design for the user to input a destination and just sit back and let the car Everything else. Google has videos that show blind people and children sitting in what we normally think of ass. The driver's seat as the cars boots around a test track. Will the incentives that you shouldn't after have any training, you should be
or to get in them tell them where you want to go, tell them change your mind. You want to go somewhere else now get out. Google wouldn't show me the cars, but did show them to planet monies Steve Hand, so you want to open it up and troubled me inside you're. So so this is one of our are early prototypes. Voices are our future innovation prototype this week, No one wants that will start to be testing on the roads. In my view, in the next over the summer, we talk to Steve about what it was like afterwards when you get inside, there's no dashboard theirs. Steering column. So I'm about six feet tall and this Seed is all the way against the background of the car, and I can stick my legs straight out in front of me because there's nothing. There will almost what you can see in the center here? So this is a steering wheel, brake and gas pedals and lessor for our test drivers to use, but they're removable
California law allows autonomous cars on the road ways, but only if they can be driven by a human, but the design of this cars have none of that right, and so there are very, very few user controls inside there. Our buttons to lower the windows, there's a button to pollute, to the side of the road and stop. You know if you suddenly see a yard, so you want to check out our friend. You want to pull over and talk to, but also an emergency stop button, a button that halt the car in its tracks. Kaliko on an elevator. You know, others they at the big red button, while they still are you know I really need to get out now. There's something very wrong here: I've, never press red button, an elevator, but it's gonna comforting notes there the car What kind of endearing goofy the small and Round Steve reverse them as bubble cars.
That they would let him right in one yet so they didn't. Let me right around the bubble, car and in fact, the bubble. Car hadn't hit the streets of mountain view, but he was able to get inside. One of their older models was a retrofitted Lexus ass. You ve, ok, I've should I jump in the front or the back. You shit yeah. Probably this back laughs corner right here. I think the most remarkable thing for me was how quickly the experience became. Just kind of book they came to a full and complete stop at Thea stops. I definitely soda car follows the lie very closely to Steve, as passenger records, driving with more or less indistinguishable from human driver a human driver that always follows the rules of the road we were driving through a residential neighbourhood and mountain view, including through streets that were under construction. So
it was navigating streets. Gapes that were change. You know lanes were blocked off hence were closed and at one point on their drive, a construction worker was directing traffic in Steve was chatting with the other person in the car. We were both sort of distracted, suddenly all on its own temporary staff. Sorry, while the car slammed on the brakes, it was startling Dallas by an interesting Stephen. The Google employs hadn't seen it, but the can traction worker had flipped his handheld sign from slow to stop. The machine had noticed that hand held stop sign when all of us had missed it, not actually kind of scared. All of us, because we didn't yet even the Google employs hadn't seen that before the autumn, this car was working better than they had expected. Maybe these can react faster than humans sensors will fail. Navigation, we'll get screwy onboard computers will break
owners barely know how to fix their own vehicles as it is now. So will people be able to fix the kinds of complicated problems that come with a self driving car depends on how they end up being used in the market right imagine that if a self driving car breaks wealth on the road it'll pull over and another car will come fetch, the passengers the broken one for technicians, defects, which means Google doesn't want to just change how we relate to our cars. Google wants to change how cars relate to society. If you look at you, the car that new own today, its calves, parked somewhere ninety five percent of the time and that's kind of poorly using both here kind of financial resources that went into it, but also the environmental resources, though the material and energy we put into making that vehicle. So we can use that more efficiently by sharing at that sounds fantastic. Maybe eventually, instead of owning these cars, you would heal them from off the street Emily.
Doubt the car would drive off and pick up some one else, in other words its possible that these cars could enable a world in which no one owns a car and all of us just get around by robot. Taxing us up. The great thing about particular features that you're always wrong. My name is: cost us America, I'm an assistant professor in the civil environmental engineer, department. The Carnegie Milly University cost us America has thought a lot about how self driving cars will change society. He the co author of the report called autonomous vehicle technology, a guide for policymakers, so cost but why Chris Ermine and pretty much everyone else I met working on autonomous vehicles thinks that things hold a lot of problems, so reducing crashes is the first weight that automation will help society, but that's really the starting point after the vast majority of american cities are built around cars, and so
transforming the car means transforming the city, starting with parking lot. We can get rid of a lot of the parking garage space and put in housing or commercial development, because if all or most cars or taxis we don't need to clear out spaces in congested downtowns. Just so, cars can have a place to sit idle, get out of there my taxi and it's off to give rise to some one else. Urban court, denser downtowns, get more workable and the road that we do have can be used more efficiently. Things we learned and drivers it staying a certain amount of seconds behind a speeding car, those This will now be taken over by self driving vehicles and they will make the donation of how far it's to be from the car in front of us and ten order, everybody to be safe. This would allow cars to get closer together and not just Bompard a bumper side to side. The Department of Transportation requires that highway lanes be at least twelve feet wide
twice as wide as the average car. So suddenly, a thrilling highway can accommodate six lines without any new construction less. Is between cars means more cars can get whether going faster, but these cars could also we organise cities for the worse right. Now I have a cost of driving and that cost is running my vehicle and also of the time that I'm in it and if one could read or sleep or right emails and a robot car people might feel just fine about living far outside the city and communing a long way in, and that percent area. We would see lots more vehicle miles, travelled lots more sprawl into the deep excerpts and into the country and, of course, the inside of the car and can become another place for advertising. You wrote data could be for sale. Maybe it knows I hadn't had coffee, because it's connected to my fridge writer and my coffee maker at home and says he hasn't had coffee it, make the slow right next to the coffee place.
Or the route data could even become a matter of national security. That actors take control your car or a fleet of cars and every car. That's on the Bay Bridge at one time for malicious intent. Clearly, there are still a lot of details to work out, but I wonder once the science is done in the policies carefully considered, will people want these things ism, ready to give up the steering wheel. I mean what but still go on road trips and tailgate in the stadium parking lot. Will you stay able to get your car and gone and aimless contemplate of DR. I guess We I'm really thought about that. That's Chris Remsen from Google again my my assumption as you would give it a destination and say where you wanna go, but you'll always be to change it right. So do a whole lot of cod plate of driving. But when I do you know you start heading somewhere and then you again, maybe I'll go this way afterwards, but you know sometimes you're really just they get in your car and go like safe.
Getting chased by gun, toting corporate goons, trying to stop you from eating martian colonist rebels like I'll towards negative and total eagle cat. Where can I take you tonight, Dr Dr? Would you please repeat destination or anywhere just go, though I am not familiar with would you please at which point Arnold ripped the robot driver out of the car and pilots, it himself Funny because, as fantastical as the safe I world is, we can denies the same kinds of user annoyances. We have here in the present and we can see Arnold as heroic because he can do the things the machines can't and think about star when Luke Skywalker is on his way to blow up the death star, for one. His robot copilot pilot that he turns off his onboard. Automation
You're not going to be all right. Automation, is not as good as what Luke can do on his own, yeah as much as we love building things that make our lives easier. It see like we never get tired of seeing someone cast the robots aside, we he loves seeing people do things by hand We all this anxiety about. If we lose, the ability to do something ourselves or be losing a piece of ourselves or something we are going to have. Answer these existential questions about our cars kind of soon Chris Herbs and has said that his personal goal is to get the Google self driving car done by twenty twenty two. That is two sons, the oldest of whom is eleven.
We'll never need to get a driver's license. Thou definite thing tat when his Sunday to sixteen or seventeen, you would have to get a driver's license Roger was Kumar is friends with Chris. They used to work together at Carnegie, Melon University before Christmas. Google Raj is, record of sea amuse autonomous, striving collaborative research lap? The university has been working on automated cars since the nineteen eighties about six months back, we literary celebrated the thirtieth birthday of actually working on nine September vehicles. Raj, is also the ceo of a company called automatically which has a prototype vehicle that is already driven itself from San Francisco to New York, but rob doesn't plan on taking the steering wheel out just yet, in fact, his are actually monitors the person in the driver, C and beeps at him or her if the drivers eyes wandered from the road you eyes on. The road rise is not in a rush to have us one hundred percent dependent on his autonomous technology, though
He sees it unfolding is with incremental advances over time. Just like right now, we must all cars have cruise control and some cars have adaptive cruise control, which calibrate speed. The next generation of this gee, I guess would be you do not have to come from this didn't we either you get onto the highway, be Colleen, and engage this so super cruise control, and then luckily it to you to sell break it several actions we did so Roger, also imagines and automatic mode four, when you're stuck in a traffic jam the number of scenarios that door automate double, will increase over time and ones Indeed, the vehicle is able to control its have completely, but at last step will be a relatively minor in primitive step and one would badly notice that pay. This actually happen. So to me, We take anywhere between ten to twenty years, so well. Raj does see. Humans is having an important role to play as we transition towards fully automated vehicles. His goal, like Chris absence
to eventually get human drivers out of the process entirely, but when that day finally comes when we don't. Steering wheels and don't even notice that they're gone, there will still be act. That'll be always be some, my age cases where things to go wrong bill beyond anybody's control. This is the nightmare scenario for all of US researchers. If someone, It applies something prematurely and then it turns out I did in supper are killing a child or God forbid you. When people do get hurt and autonomous cars there may be circumstances in which the passengers wouldn't have been injured. Had there been a human at the wheel, these cases we'll will be hard to reckon with, but what to keep in mind that there were thirty thousand Americans dying every year in human driven cars if autonomy? vehicles lead to fewer car accidents, then, as with planes,
going to need to accept edged cases and periodic failures as the cost of living in this safer world. But I dont I be an edge case. I don't we to give up total control of something when being in control might save my life and yet why. I was reporting the story. I almost cause a terrible car accident. It was early The sun was in my eyes, and I was really paying attention as I made a left: Recross Walk and I nearly struck a pedestrian. I got so cool The guy could have reached out and slammed his fist on the Hutu my car, which he didn't, do though I wouldn't have blamed, and if he had and this terrifies me, I want automation to save me and every one else from myself, one on to protect me from everyone else, and so, when the time finally comes out, probably role the dice on autonomous cars. I think we always eventually maybe one day I will be an old man bouncing grandkids on my knee saying, you know,
when I was a young man, we of cars ourselves. You move them around with foot petals a thing called the steering wheel and they'll say what sounds amazing this week by SAM Greenspan with Katy, mingle, Avery, Travelin and me roman Mars, reporting from Sweden extra special ninety nine percent invisible was produces week by SAM Greenspan with gaiety, mingle, Avery, Travelin and me roman Mars, reporting from Sweden special thanks to Steve Hand in twenty money, the great great planet, money, trysting Cook Bob. Red Chris Nozzle, Joe Brown, Caitlin Jobbery, Jackie Miller and Sherry Stokes, story started life as another story, about automatic doors in trains in Argentina? Special thanks to the folks who helped us out there tonight. Small Sado g share my theory to cut alone. Oh Mary honourable Shower, Annie, Murphy, Jim Growler, ANA Adler steam, seventy four and Earnest Stovall Zoning and record a barrage of the association of Trimly friends in Argentina. We are
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