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176- Hard to Love a Brute

2015-08-12 | 🔗

No matter which James Bond actor is your favorite, it’s undeniable that the Sean Connery films had the best villains. There’s Blofeld, who turned cat-stroking into a thing that super-villains do, and then there’s Goldfinger—Bond’s flashiest nemesis. Fun fact: the … Continue reading →

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This is ninety: nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars, the best James Bond is either shown country or Daniel Craig. I lean towards Daniel Crack. The new movies are just but the zone country film, is definitely had the best villains. There's blow felled, of course, who so iconic that he turned the act of cat stroking into a thing. That super villains do but bonds flashiest nemesis has to be gold. Finger expect me to talk about. I expected you expect me to talk yeah thanks is this dorky fun fact that the bond villain gold finger was. Actually named after a real person. That's problem. Every problem, The author of the James Bond books in funding named finger for a man he found so dastardly. So terrible, the immortalized him in pop culture, the real
finger was an architect. And he made giant hulking austere, concrete bill it's called fingers. Buildings were decreed. Soulless inhabitants claim to Sup health problems and depression from spending time inside them. So gold fingers. Buildings were vacated because occupants found them so ugly, and yet many architects preschool fingers buildings. His truck town which was once threatened with demolition has been awarded landmark, stands this divide, this hatred from the public and law Of from designers and architects, ten, to be the narrative around buildings like gold figures, which is to say gigantic imp using buildings made of concrete what some people refer Two as brutal list architecture and a lot of votes. Beyond the creator of James Bond love to her
we are in Worstered Hall, which, to my great dismay and frustration, is often considered, though worse building on campus or worse there ha more. Like worst, I met up with Sarah Briggs Ramsay in Worser Hall of Ruthless building. At you see Berkeley. I can't tell you how many times I ve been locking up my bike outside and they overhear undergrad smoking with their parents and going ironically. This is the architecture school and it's the ugliest building on camp as you, Mister Hall- is the Architecture school Sarah completed her masters? Their buildings like this are pretty pervasive across missed American and Kennedy. Campuses, there was a big bulky concrete building on the campus, where I went to college and I hated I had to go through it and just reminded me of a bunker or a bomb. Shelter is big, concrete buildings, just like me out absolutely
It has these connotations of soviet era, construction, sometimes third, world construction all these negative associations. This is professor Adrian forty other of the excellent book concrete and culture, he's been researching concrete for around ten years. Now it has a bad name apart from us, criticisms, concrete buildings present environmental concerns, the lost these buildings time when energy with cheap and they use up an awful lot of energy to teach and cool them. Congress. Buildings were built with the illusion of plenty, but we will always have enough energy to build and heat and cool these massive inefficient structures as harsher that lacks concrete, is an utterly optimistic building material. Arguably two up in essence really from the nineteen twenty. Is it
was seen as being the material that would change the world it had. The potential to build things in a way that hadn't been seen before, concrete was this material that seemed boundless readily available and vast quantities and Cook a massive spaces, unlike any other material, so concrete sprang up everywhere, the most heavily consumed products in the world. The old The thing we consume more of than concrete is water. We use agreed for sidewalks bridges, tunnels and highways and, of course, for giant buildings. Whether we are talking about stage here Vittoria, our condominium or gymnasia, or planetary act, so historically, government programmes all over the world loved concrete, particularly in soviet Russia, but Also, later in Europe and North America, it was used for
welfare welfare state projects concrete granted the most efficient way to house huge numbers of people and philosophical. It was seen as humble, capable and honest concrete was just out there in all of its rough glory, not hiding behind any paint or layers Here I am love me or hate me, is concrete. Buildings came to signify humility, honesty and integrity. They were wrecked it all over the world as housing projects, court houses, schools, churches, hospitals and city halls. You'll stand outside and deter bustle, go by and noble, ladies elements voted the most ugliest building in the world who Boston City Hall. How do you compete with that question really is up against a lot, but he is trying restore Boston City, halls reputation. My name is Chris grimly I'm with my fellow heroic people mark Pass and Michael Cuba. Crew
smart and Michael had embarked on what they call the heroic project. Chronicling, the concrete structures and around Boston rather than referring to these concrete buildings as brutal list? They prefer that heroic because legs many superheroes these structures have best most noble intentions, but our sorely misunderstood, also just general brutal ism is a big broad label that gets used inconsistently in architecture. People tend to disagree on one precise definition than a brutal also just sounds intense, even though it's not actually related to brutality. It comes from debt on brute, which is a french term for Iraq. Concrete In any case, to these guys heroic feels like a better term, especially in Boston, where concrete architecture swooped in and save the day you have to situate Boston in late fifties, nineteen sixty it is America's first city. Well, it is America's most historic city
not really, but I get your point and yet it finds itself in the doldrums boy didn't like a lot of other american cities was played by loss of manufacturing jobs and white flight to the suburbs and for decades Boston had the highest property taxes in the nation and almost no development. There is this recognition from civic authorities that something needs to be done something. To be done quickly. So Boston sets an agenda to make the city great again, with big soaring capable thoroughly. Modern buildings made, of course, out of com and though some of these buildings were celebrated others, were really not what we call the third rail of Boston, concrete, modernism, a city, all. When Bossin City Hall was built in nineteen, sixty eight critics or put off by this concrete style, it was called alienating, cold, and since it was a government building, this criticism became impossible. To remove from politics
density all became a political pawn. Mayors the council members kept trying to win public support with promises to get rid of the building. Like John Tobin did when he ran President Council, I write his job or not. They should vote just open got up here. We are setting up border, but also to have a modern architecture, but I know baggage accurately. It is about building I think we can do a lot by blocking this building down. Former mayor, Thomas Menino actually started a study to really look into tearing down had turned out as a result of the study that you would need something like a nuclear grade weapon basically to destroy. This because it was safe, so heavily over built in concrete, and so when they couldn't tear down city hall officials. To ignore it, people that occupied the building for decades in decades didn't like it, and so they can invest money into the building and ineffective. We wanted to see the building go away, this called active neglect happens with a lot of concrete buildings. Therein,
personally and repaired on renovated and uncared, for which only makes the building more ugly and then more he did and then more ignored, increased the vicious cycle where the public hate Boston city hall, feed itself and then the discussion years on really became about what the original architects had done wrong, as if this were not a failure of maintenance, but a failure of the initial design. When people bill he's mammoth concrete structures. No one really thought about maintenance. They seemed indestructible in the early days of concrete people You said that this was an everlasting material that wouldn't need any attention at all, and I mean that's wrong. We know that it does need to be looked after. It does deteriorate.
Does decay, but it can be hard to tell when concrete is decaying. If you think breakin timber, the occur takes place on the surface of them, but with concrete the deterioration, is internal concrete deteriorates chemically from the inside out. Part of this a city with a mental reinforcements than help hold up most concrete buildings, the rebar, when I can rust and the right, eat away at the overall structure, but during forty says, tearing them down is not the answer because assumes you too them down, then you have a problem first of all what you do with Faye Debt Treatise, let's laughed and second, you got to replace them with something else and use up a lot more energy create a lot more co2 in building something in their place. Used up all that energy when they were made there there we can adopt.
These buildings to make them greener and make them more appealing places to be by adding windows, for example, but basically, professor forty, We can all developed the capacity to love these concrete brutes in all there, hulking glory show people Learn to love anything, but as with any form whether its approval. Saying literature, the more you know about it, the more you get out of it No, you will appreciate it, and this is especially true of concrete buildings architecture. Students appreciate them because they know that concrete actually requires a hell of a lot of skill and asked to work with you to do a cataract. Cheering concrete is proof that you are really are an architect. It's the tests being an architect, but a concrete building. Every
Little detail needs to be calculated in advance concrete. His wildly intimidating to work with one supported There is no going back with a concrete building its life, the result of an immaculate conception. The whole thing is an integral monolithic hull ate it? to be right in I'd from the interesting design, challenges that poses concrete itself as a material can be suddenly beautiful. If you look closely at what we think of it as just a monolithic, consistent, homogenous texture is actually really retching has a lot interest when you actually go up to it and consider Et Cetera, Briggs Ramsay, the one I spoke with at Berkeley worst or how did a year long project travelling around the world. Looking at concrete
Things in Europe and Asia and South and North America to create a global comparison of one material that I think is so sort of under considered. It's like the background of all the city, is but no one ass, his sandstone luck. We call the city a concrete jungle to talk about the artificial. On this of the urban landscape, but concrete can actually be a very natural expression of the environment. Concrete color and texture can be dictated by local climate, local earth and local rock. This is the Harvard Science Centre on the Harvard Campus and it's gotta very per believe, come really pronounced. Personally, and that's the ground from the site. Concrete can also be an expression of local style and custom. Like our UK, concrete has big stick: textured chunks of rock, while japanese concrete is very fine.
The flat, but the beauty of concrete architecture is all the better when you can just observe the buildings like pieces of sculpture without actually having to live and work in them, which brings in concrete surprising, ally, photography, concrete looks, gorging photographs, it provides this kind of neutral background. It provides of ones searching for peoples. Skin tones color clothes fashion for jobs, first realized this first and then pockets of the internet started to appreciate these concrete buildings. There are lots of these blogs, some on which show. Kind of extraordinary enthusiasm for concrete photography is allowing a new audience of non architects to appreciate these buildings for their strong lines, the crisp shadows and increasingly the idealism they embody. Representer such
ideas about the state of the world. Future was imagine to be that we want to preserve. They should remember what people with thinking. Fifty years ago These buildings down will lose all of that market. Whether we want to admit it or not as a sort of shelf life time, after which buildings ball out of fashion and then are allowed to fall. Apart back in the nineteen sixties, victorian style buildings were considered hideous, falling apart impossible to repair, and we were too an batches of them down all the while erecting big, concrete buildings. But enough victorians were saved that today they are. These beautiful, lovingly restored treasure this brutal list heroic whenever you want to call it concrete Architecture now finds itself at a potential inflection point two. Data to be modern to you, to be classic
In a small but growing band of architects, architecture, enthusiasts and preservation is, would like us to just wait a bit and see Maybe, with a little time in love, we might discover some architectural diamonds in the rough that we just can't see right now Ninety nine percent, invisible, was produced this week by every truffle men with Katy Mingle, same Greenspan, any Roman, Mars special thing, who are PAL Alison area at spur along with Michael Apron Son, the curator of the beautiful sight, the Abu ISM that Tumblr Dotcom, dismal thanks, nay, tat, dark sides, own Nathaniel, Mueller. The book heroic, concrete good nature and the new Boston will be out. In October, we a project of ninety one point: seven k, L, W San Francisco and produced at the offices of oxide, an architect.
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