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Santa Fe is famous in part for a particular architectural style, an adobe (mudbrick) look that came to be called Pueblo Revival. This aesthetic combines elements of indigenous pueblo architecture and the New Mexico's old Spanish missions, resulting in mostly low, brown buildings with smooth edges. Buildings in the city's historical districts in particular have to follow a number of design guidelines so that they fit this desired look; deviating from those aesthetics can stir up a lot of controversy.  But this adherence to a single style hasn't always been the norm -- for a time, there was actually a powerful push to "Americanize" the city's built environment. Then, over a century ago, a group of preservationists laid out a vision for the look and feel of Santa Fe architecture, and in the process changed the city forever.

Stuccoed in Time

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happened. I mean I don't remember the process being met, thorny, the this indication that things maybe wouldn't go smoothly, had to do with the color of the stucco the tray wanted to use. I do the cold there in my proposal, letter I had mentioned that the stucco color would be custom color similar to I think it was cottonwood Because its standard color of a commercially available stuck up buildings, a historic district have to follow a number of design guidelines so that they fit in with Santa phase Traditional Adobe look. Senor produce the Lady Hall, the style, called Pueblo revival. from indigenous pueblo architecture and the areas old, spanish missions think low brown building with smooth edges in the historic district. Buildings can only be so tall windows
to be a certain distance from the corners roofs generally have to be flat and stuccoed have to be earth tone and the snow. go tray wanted to use the color that was close to cottonwood. It was an earth town. It was just. Little different than usual? Still the board approved it, but then started. To get weird when we stuccoed the house. It got back to me that two of the board members were very upset. About the color and they took samples of cottonwood over to the house to hold it up to the stock. I will, of course it didn't cottonwood. But, as I said in my letter, it would be a custom color similar to, and I think it is quite obvious that it works, There were other subtle ways that the house was different from the traditional Santa FE: look the corners for instance, this other corners were sharp round not the buoy Gooey Pueblo River. Have a look, but a little more,
the mat geometric I've seen this house and its a bit me earn a bit angular, but honestly It is not wildly different from the surrounding homes, which are done in a more traditional style and even with the bumps, and the process like disagreement about the stucco trade. Just wasn't exe. What happened next, a few weeks after his ants had moved in tray got a call from them the house then the faced in the middle of the night NEWS really really frightening and really really shocking. That summit it gets so angry that they would terrorize another family by defacing their house with the swastika. In writing the words Nazi architecture on it, nazi like a texture had been painted on the side of the house. They don't know who did it I was so just completely shocked and, frankly, scared in our, Really. I just thought what is going on. Why do you think they read
see architecture. You know, but I dont know I just felt it was too strong or to modern, we think The comment about wanting to stop buildings like this from happening in the historic districts, you're, not from Santa FE. This whole incident probably strikes you as totally absurd and to be fair, even people from Santa Fe Marble, but this one it went down there was some period of time thereafter were people would want to drive by and see it because, of course, it became in this and in that way it became notable, and so funny, because so many people commune they just say. I don't understand what the problem is here. I just don't see it. I dont get it. I love the pub Oh revival style. It's part of what gives Santa, it's very distinctive work. It looks like other city in the? U S like now, a city in the world and people here are proud of that.
but for some in the city, historic preservation is a very serious business. The aesthetics of Santa FE have been carefully crafted and preserved and deviate from those aesthetics is seen, at least by some as a serious events and I'm gonna call you a nazi level of events. This battle over style goes back more than a hundred years. Ever since a group of, early preservation is set out a vision for Santa Face Architecture and in the process dramatically. And formed the town. Adobe has a long history and northern New Mexico building. With Mighty goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. The technique was favoured both by the UN. the people of the region and by Spain is sellers who arrive later on, but back in, Eighteen hundreds when New Mexico was vine to become a state, Santa FE action,
Tried to leave its mud based architecture behind the city, constructed buildings that screamed hey, we're just like you guys they were telling a business blocks on the Plaza architectural historian Cresswells in school Come over a red, brick, romanesque style on nineteen hundred neoclassical capital that would have and at home in any of the other new states. Local leaders hoped this architectural posturing would help can be Congress to that New Mexico into the union. They we are well aware that east posters viewed them with some suspicion the territories like a dusty foreign outpost unlikely to integrate into mainstream american culture. Financial, in nineteen? Twelve after me, more than sixty years of trying New Mexico became estate, but all of these attempts to fit in they ended up being a bad thing.
Especially for New Mexico's newly minted capital. Santa FE elevator was struggling economically. There was a railroad that went through New Mexico. But, despite being called these Santa Fe Railroad, it didn't go down through Santa FE and the city couldn't develop any serious industries without good rail access. Sanity It was rapidly shrinking, the mayor at the time, put together a planning board and told them to come up with a plan to save the city they landed. on tourism. Tourists had already started to come to Santa FE in small numbers, but the board notice that when they arrived, they weren't that impressed once they see, are american. I city they Prescott press nor to the poor blows tourism can be our salvation
Only if we reverse the ill conceived americanization of the last three decades, the border it up a document- that's become known. As the nineteen twelve plan, I recommended the city preserve it, Traditional Adobe architecture, but the plan went even further. It said that any new development should also be done in the Santa FE style. They wanted to create a kind of city. Why the architectural brand based on the historical precedent, the sweeping of the nineteen twelve plan was pretty radical at the time. most historic preservation in the. U S focused on the homes of important old. Why guys Mount Vernon, Marcela so preservation was focused on single buildings. Santa FE, on the other hand, decided to focus on the everyday architecture of its ordinary people, and it expanded preservation, beyond single buildings, to the entire community. a city had never tried something so far reaching that many of them,
There is behind the effort, believed that this could be Santa FE salvation, not in Britain. seemed to be a conventional american city, but in bracing its difference and selling it outsiders to those more devil These are the great outdoors splendors of its vastness and magnificent. Scenery urge as well will the indian Unring senators twice. campaign took off by the night contains a wave of mostly white newcomers, began arriving in the state. They were artists and anthropologists and health seekers. Chris Wilson calls them internal expats, but the people who might have gone to Paris, but instead went to Santa FE and one of those newcomers. John Gall mean advocated thickly, aware you mexican architecture of my life
John DOE Meme was a civil engineer. Who'd come to Santa FE from New York to recover from tuberculosis, and while he was right. Operating he became enthralled with the architecture then, and there. Even though I was I thought getting very advanced in years. Had better change, but fashion and what I really wanted to do was an architect and so but the very advanced age of twenty seven members fetched careers and quickly became Santa FE is go to architect, especially for wealthy transport. From the EAST coast in MID West, but all told them of important public buildings, churches, county court house and so forth. Me They came the leading architect of the Santa FE style, any help to bring us Very old building tradition into the modern era. He didn't please use actual mud bricks. He used reinforce. Conquered and steal to create
Toby issue take on that old style. Help the city of Santa FE actually create the architectural brand. It had imagined and I think in fact, illegitimate. only legitimate, but almost a duty, Moreover, we have new architecture with these wonderful shapes. we should recall its worth, preserving Farewell mad. As you know, all over town knew Buildings went up in this adobe style and as far as attracting Taurus, it worked between one thousand nine hundred and twenty and one thousand nine hundred and thirty. went from two hundred hotel rooms to six hundred everything was going great until a pesky new form of architecture showed up on the scene threatening to but when everything in the nineteen fifty's. Architectural modernism was spreading even in Santa FE visit.
was growing. The tourist industry was driving more development and there was a sense that Santa FE was losing it grip on the style that had made it so distinct. The traditional community the had reached this consensus around the revival style becomes alarmed and they react against us the preservation is with John Army as one of their leaders double down. Nineteen. Fifty seven, the city pass an ordinance that required Santa FE style. It created a number of sub styles and created. Arch historic district in the center of the city, which included, percent of AIDS oldest neighborhoods. They were full of hispanic families. Some of them have lived for generations. Toby homes built by their ancestors. With this new, finance. Any changes to a building in the district now had to be approved by a design board and at first critics worried,
mostly about aesthetics. They thought the look of the city would become boring and homogenous, or that are turn into a kind of hokey or the West stage said they work again the city having a distinctive character, but they just doubted that style guidelines were going to do in the most vibrant living away and were their questions raised about what the ordinance might do to affordability and the central city There were arguments about the potential gentrification as we would call it now. Finally the sound of moving that roar you here and the american southwest these days is the traffic heading to Santa Fe New Mexico. The population is up twelve percent over the past over the next couple day, Santa FE got hit with a huge wave of tourism and resettlement in the night, and Seventys. There was an oil boom in neighbouring Texas and a bunch of it only rich Texans move to Santa FE.
then emanating eightys as internet, travel became more of a thing, senator It became not just a national destination, but an international one. The city had spent DEC. Its perfecting its tourist identity, figuring out how to package and sell itself maybe to effectively the readers of candy nurse Travel magazine in the early Eighteen, eighty sport, Santa FE there number one tourist destination or not, the United States, but in the world a millionaire. And I was two million tourists started coming every year, business in the town fifty or sixty thousand residents. Senegal started to get totally overrun by these visitors and some of these visitors decided to buy up more at the city's old historic comes. This was just, vacation but like on steroids. These are the the one percent or the one tenth of one percent, the very wealthiest of people who start to help. multiple halt, there appeared occur in Manhattan
I've got a house and that Turkey can maybe appear in Paris. Can now they want to have a house and sound of insanity. the neighborhoods are changing as fast as the builders can put up new buildings. A barrios left are all becoming plague. as for the rich, the first Einstein, sixty hundred. There are now more Anglos here there are hispanics. It was during the nineties that trade, Jordan, the architect, started working for an architecture firm and Santa FE, and he of learning to build and Santa FE style. It's a vernacular that I think but people find it easy to. Like I mean there is something quite charm. About him, but he but also understand the irony of what was happening. How this off tradition had become in vogue with Santa phase healthy newcomers more or less a vernacular poverty and a vernacular of survival and waste an extraordinary amount of money.
Nowadays, reproduce a style that was really get a born out of necessity, overtime The city implemented more restrictions and more code, the historic district Expanded limits were put on the height of buildings, commercial districts were encouraged to adopt the Adobe work and Santa FE began to have stuff like a fake Adobe, I hop and a fake be panda express a wave of brown stucco washed over the city. The Eightys and Ninetys were a tough time for a lot of people in Santa FE. By us one, old, timer Joseph Montoya. What it was like living here during those years- and he thought for a couple Months. Before saying, it's sucked think what happened Witherspoon. Better, not a building resentment overlay gash we ve got a lot. fine restaurants, now in town that we didn't have before right, I can eat and Joseph
In this connection, the Santa FE goes back generations I don't go to. The plaza gives us no longer. My plaza. I don't feel comfortable I own town, Joseph joined us, any government in nineteen. Ninety bees. Now the executive director the county housing authority back then he was so working on community development and housing issues, and the first thing he did was. You some studies, the city had already done trying to understand why locals couldn't afford to live here anymore. He says It was even one say that tried to actually quantified the cost, The Santa FE style, like the exposed, would beams that support the ceilings and many homes Howard to Vegas cost. Is there a costume? between the kind of windows you had put in or not or or different doors, and that they try to add up that cost. Over and above what you might have to pay any any other cordwood beams and the ornamental warbling, for example, did add some costs, but that wasn't really the central issue.
do more relevant. Was the number of buyers flooding. The city and driving up the cost of everything, including land, the city just build enough subsidized housing to keep lower income. People housed, was partly because some of those new comers began to fight new construction. Not just in the historic district, but across the city Joseph talks about the arguments make it community meetings. They would speak out. Hence more density, more info housing taller buildings, they would say he's gonna ruin. The quality of my life I buy here expect yet to always stay the same because it is the community character is important to me, in and was seen as you were, being a good citizen in Europe, think that something that work for a lot of people write that developments were ruined. This city, an hour than a stop it
But all the talk about community character always frustrated Joseph because what community where they talking about and what character so is like my god, you know Exactly that place are talking about. We used to contract, therein, and so that was the committee back then in previous to that there was a native american campground solved, but do it would character? We taken? You know that the character that was created and nineteen. Seventy three Joseph watched, dismay as the nimble gained political power and influence. I felt that if we ve got into the where there is a majority of people that the politicians were listening to. They can these arguments and win That has been lost, it was sad to see the demise, the complete demise of families,
and in history and legacy being washed away in some ways than if they had become a victim of its own success. The earlier innovation is set out a vision for protecting Santa FE, historic look and they help create the tourism industry that still the foundation of the city's economy popularity of Santa FE has also helped create serious inequality. The town in an increasingly expensive place to live and lots of people. work and hospitality, taken care of tourists and make Service economy, wages locals who are pushed out of the historic district moved to the more affordable south side. Now many of them can't even afford to live there of the eighty cut. Then Sir Joseph grew up with he says. Only five are still in the city. These days, more than half of the people who work in Santa FE don't live here, including Joseph. He lives.
Albuquerque commuting from an hour away to fight for affordable housing in his old home town until recently, I lived on the historic inside of Santa FE in a blue a key and frankly, unattractive yellow stucco house surrounded by gorgeous multi million dollar Adobe homes, and it was a strange, a place to live. I would sometimes find my of walking through the neighbourhood as evening approached in the sky got dark and I was released. struck by the number of homes in which the lights just never came on. The neighbourhood was eerily quiet, street. From me, there was an old Adobe house that no one seemed to live in. There was never are in the driveway? I literally never saw someone come and go, but landscape its would come in a couple times. A month to mow the lawn and trim the trees, it was a bit.
roughly maintained seemingly empty, specimen ribbon variant. on preserving the architectural character of our historic districts. But what has fallen through the cracks has been the key. Unity, character and how that has really changed. This is less cabrioily Roach she first worked. the historic preservation division as a senior planner- and she said it often like they manage the districts as if the buildings were works of art. In a museum, there was little disk, then she said of the people who actually lived in those neighborhoods. She started question everything about her field and then she would the head of the division, which put her in a position. To try and make some changes. Now these as it has it's a mistake for preservation, is to focus exclusively on the built environment of a neighbourhood. Neighborhoods are just a collection of buildings. Tonight visual character that you're looking at its the sounds
You hear the smiles at you smell the people that you interact with all of those things contribute to communities, character and those things have been dramatically altered in the historic neighbourhoods of Santa FE over the past few decades. You don't often hear kids play, in or seen neighbours talking to each other over offence, you're, seeing tourists taking photos, and you yourself start to feel like you're, just like a character in a dire amr, something you know it starts to feel very different. the transformation of Santa FE is all neighborhoods is complex. It's not like historic Innovation is entirely at fault. But LISA does thing its played a role? The city's approach to preservation is highly prescriptive. Down to every single detail. Any exterior change has to come through our office
Most of them need a permit, even if you're fixing your fence or repainting your windows, or you know the little minor things like that. It feels very invasive. I think for many people and the process is also expense. it often requires hiring. An architect is just one more thing that can make it hard for old timers to stand their homes, and you know I was speaking to a homeowner just last week, who is talking to me about her experience, reading her grandfathers home and she just said the whole time that she going through it. She really felt like it was tearing her family apart and just wondered: what are we preserving she's, kept saying that what are we preserving because certainly my family's not being preserved. My family connection to this place is not being respected and it's so arduous just to get through it, over the past eight months or so the historic division has been working on a study to quantify the changes that have happened in the cities, historic districts over the years. They found
between nineteen eighty and twenty eighteen, even as the population of Santa FE grew, the historic districts emptied out. old families laughed and their homes turned into second homes or short term rentals baby who now live in the historic district are generally white, wealthy, an old the gene, publication of our historic neighborhoods is all but complete, and and in many ways it's not reversible, and I think, instead of just singularly celebrating history, preservation for for creating and maintaining this tourist economy. We have to recognise said there have been other experiences here as well and that the outcomes for outcomes Nicky are not all good is This really what we want. What do value now in our community. It's not one thousand nine hundred and fifty seven anymore. It's not one thousand. Nine hundred and twelve anymore
There was one person I met while working on this story, who embodied the complicated and sometimes contradictory relationship that Santa FE has to its own past, like Joseph Ray edit as family has lived in Santa FE for many generations, re grew up building and maintaining his family's old Adobe homes, everybody build with Adobe back. Then I guess you could say it's in your blood if you're a local hispanic like me, who's parents and grandparents and great grandparents were from San figure originally re still lives in the historic district His family is one of the few remaining so called legacy families and he's watched as many of his neighbors and and had been forced to leave, but he still supports the work of historic. Preservation in fact is exe. grimly committed to it. MR, at every meeting for twenty some years. Every week, re would show up
the H board meetings to testify I would remind new homeowners about the history of the neighborhood who used to live in their houses and about what Santa FE used to be like the buildings speak for the people. There were here. a hundred years ago raises his family and friends I don't really understand his interest in preservation for many of them, the historic districts and the hope. Object of preservation seems to be entirely in the interest of white homeowners and my relatives and friends that done Live here anymore. They tell me why do you to spend your time fighting for the Ngos, and I said I'm not fighting for the anglo fighting to protect the small town feeling of sanity. That's what I try.
reserve get all if it were up to these home builders and developers. We'd have homes, run up and down the side of the river and you don't they, It's worth that, even if it say let hispanic people been here for generations be here. The thing is that it's sort of too late to say that any more because ninety percent of their hispanic families have moved out almost as, if unable to preserve the actual community of his neighborhood, the people who used to know the neighbors. He grew up with Ray now to be content to preserve the buildings they left behind over the years. Re has fought every kind of development you can imagine development in the historic district high end housing developments afford
Housing developments, anything grey of ours there fighting in these thing, if I showed up to a meeting everybody stopped and looked and said God. What's happening, re arise here after watching them They changed so much over his lifetime. Rain our resists every change he can he's holding tight one idea that many insane They believe deeply its lots of e of urban planning. That could be summed up as if we don't build it. It won't come well if we don't blow that will We're going to stay the same, and that we want to stay the same Joseph Montoya again, and that is simply not true right. What happens The fittest survive right and people eventually get he's out of their ability to stay changes just a part of of life, and so either accept it and try to take it.
of it or you tried in tonight, and you get run over by The early preservation is tried to freeze Santa FE at a particular moment in time, the style that they do I'm in nineteen, twelve and then codified in nineteen. Fifty seven large it remains the style of the city. Today, this house I've been done. We would have lost. I think the kind of sanity is right now when John John Eames said that the city that benefit is right. Now it was nineteen sixty four, and the other preservation us could have predicted the changes that would sweep over the city in the decade since then, but in holding on so tight to the architecture of that time. Actually already lost a lot of the people and cultures that used to make Santa FE what it was, and people like. Does
Montoya believe that if we don't change course, if we don't allow from where development and more housing, the rest of Santa FE it will follow suit. The whole city will become kind of museum of cultures passed with only buildings reflecting who once lived here, coming up the break. Well learn more about the Pueblo building traditions that form the basis for the Santa FE style, So, if you go to Cyprus
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blows here in New Mexico, their indigenous communities that you know in some cases go ACT for millennia, so they have a voice free, longstanding connection to this place very long, yeah and and I would say in general, Santa FE has a pretty complicated relationship with the surrounding public. As you know, the city has built a tourism industry. Largely around indigenous art and culture, and so architecture is just an example of that, and so when we talk about the public revival style its bright there, ain't metson interpretation or an appropriation of Pueblo design, and so I was curious to talk with Roxana about me. You know but she makes of the architecture in Santa FE healed. There's a charming perspective. I can understand somebody coming in from somewhere else and thinking. This is different.
This kind of unique for us that grew up here. I I find it incredibly. This taste and we're we joke. We call Santa FE signed a fake because of the fake Adobe, so there were a couple reasons I wanted to speak with rocks and one is She has a long history of building real Adobe houses, she's built twenty over the course of her life so far, and the other reason is at her mom Rina. Once all wrote a lot about the disconnect between low ideas about architecture, and you know european in- or I guess, western ideas about, architecture and real died, and twenty fifteen by it Roxana told me about how she got interested in architecture in the first place, and it all went back to this conflict at the well below in the nineteen seventies, and what happened is that the government had been
We came in to Santa Clara to build new housing, but the houses had thing to do with our cultural ways of life or values, but they were cheap in free. So you know People were gonna turn that away, but my mother was desperate to see if she could stop it. So why exactly did Rina one stop? The hull house were basically suburban and their design. You know they were these single family homes were its individual thinking You have your own yard. You keep your paper out. You have your prefab house that you did make yourself materials that you can't just go down the hill and You got your mind and make a house you. You have to have money to buy the materials, the way the houses were designed had to do with a lifestyle
was foreign to Pablo Lifestyle, and so Rina actually enrolled at the school of architecture and planning at you, and I M in Albuquerque an Roxana said that she really felt like she couldn't fight this new HUD development without first understanding the thinking behind it though she was very highly educated For that reason too, to really understand who these people were for how they thought, how they function and Her whole life was always trying to under Stan why? They thought they did so you have heard who thinks there solving a problem by providing free or subsides housing, but they can have it all wrong. For me, around individualism and suburban ism, and then you have that in conflict with the peddler worldview Ray and Rina Wenzel really sob.
blow architecture as an embodiment of the Pueblo World view. She explained that you could understand a lot public life by looking at its buildings and its village way out the way the village was structured, portrayed that kind of community thinking in that there would be the in central ceremonial house. The kiva in the middle with the outdoor space. is that everybody used and then these individual spaces for storage is sleeping that surround it that and then beyond that draw space Roxana says there were buildings for more storage, and then there were the carouse and then beyond that there where the fields there was also This feeling, like you, could go deeper into the circle or further out, but you always knew which was yours, Sir that was your village, so you could always fine home home
that's it. You're individual house, it was the center of the village So I think I know the answer to this, but where the hut homes connected to this national structure at all: no, no, they they basically weren't. They were built on the outskirts of the poor below and they didn't have a connection to the central ceremonial place that the rocks and described I permit or girls were murdered. Member blew the shift away from building your own home and saves on making it, for you really does change that perspective as well. Yeah, yeah, totally and making homes was one of the ways that the Pueblo expressed its connection to this place where they lived for four hundreds and hundreds of years. so you know you know you may watch a tree grow up from a little baby tree to a big tree and then cut it down and is it in your house for a visa, but you know that tree. It's your family, the dirt you go get to plaster, make your adobe
with this stuff is just right there. So you know where the good dirt is and where the not so good turn is it's it's salute like having a relationship and when a people stay in a place, for Many generations with that consciousness in tat. The depth of the relationship becomes profound and so is the house's then course, if they would be ok, so Roger and MOM Reno She went architecture school and began. Writing and developing all these ideas wrote about these ideas. You said that Europe who's the development that she in a really trying to fight the development and Santa Clara. Yes, she did and you know, rocks and said that that part was was really hard for her. You know she. She apparently talked with everyone. She could talk with about it, but it was kind of pale battle and rocks answer
You know there was a disagreement within the poor boy itself about whether The hide housing was a good thing or a bad thing: lots of fights, lots of disagreements and stuff, because there's a lot of people in the community that want become mainstream, and that's where they're gonna go in. That's ok, You know they everyone here, to decide. But with me mothers help and others like her. There is this sense of like let's really look at ourselves and see what is going on here, so that you can choose, because if we understand who we been for thousands of years and then within a very short time were swept into pieces wow Europe. This is it is enough to stop and really look at and think about and start to really decide where we gonna go from here.
It makes little sense. I'm! U can see totally the perspective hard trying to solve this problem. I mean I grew up in housing like I would be homeless if it wasn't for HUD you're, making sure that I had home when I was a kid, but a way they would. I came into this situation. With this in mind that the Rina Dead, where she's like I'm gonna, go to school and understand all this debate. They really them come in with that mindset. That's for sure, that's true! That is trail, and I think in the case of the problems it's a very particular context. So these are places people that have experienced multiple waves of of conquest and settlement, and they really had to fight to keep their traditions alive, and so I think Farina This felt like one more way that changes were being forced onto the community I remember my mother being very troubled because it was
one more way the government was a stimulating us into the american society. But of course you know to your point about the important of affordable housing, yeah that that situation is complicated. Lake Santa FE. There can be this obsession with traditional historic styles at the expense of just building out more affordable housing, but then, in this cynical, For example, there was affordable housing coming in that just didn't do enough to acknowledge traditional styles and practices when it comes to housing is there's gotta, be this balance when building affordable, housing and being sensitive to the local context, like all everywhere, great- and you know it was interesting- there were affordable housing advocates I spoke to. While I was researching this story. Who said you know in Santa FE. If were interest
dead in building a community that is rooted in historic, all, building practices, the public who have a lot to teach us, so There are some traditional public communities, for example, that are four or five stories tall, their dance, their multi unit. And that kind of building is rare in Santa FE, which is mostly built around the single family single story model, so basically the style of Pablo Architecture that, They too have grabbed onto an historic preservation, was as this I'm really narrow slice of I'll be architecture, but there's so much more to learn from that they could be doing and in creating dense housing, yeah yeah. Definitely so in the case of Santa Clara, did they eventually choose to include the hut housing in their community? Yes, they dead and inhabited, the private like what is it like these days? You why I asked rack Santa
An issue at the centre of the village still has its old Toby buildings, but the middle of the village has emptied out of a lot of people. It's kind of like a ghost town of sorts, and it only gets filled up on fees days. Are certain occasions, there's a few. How Is that how people in, but most of the people have moved out to the suburbs, so it broke it fragmented by racks answers The positive side there's been a resurgence of interest in traditional Adobe building techniques and she actually teaches workshops on Adobe construction and she really credits from arm with giving her that sense of possibility when it comes to building a woman tat And she told me this great story about how her, first major building project was this family home that she boat with her mom and dad
She was a young teenager. She was in junior high. I got to build my own bedroom. and I'm a little kid and I got to make my own bedroom. So I built me The stairway up to a bad that had a neat pattern that, when upper rounded and the stairs were goofy but they worked, but I could make my own room, I'm so grateful that they gave me the knowing that you can and so you know it's kind of that sense of possibility, the that she got from her mom. You know that's what she wants to give other people in the public that there's very long tradition of building there and that you know they can do this so go thanks. So much join me. I really appreciate you bring this the extra part of historical yeah yeah. Thank you.
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