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77- Game Changer

2013-04-15 | 🔗

Regardless of how you feel about basketball, you’ve got to appreciate the way it can bring groups of strangers together to share moments of pure adulation and collective defeat. That moment when time is running out, the team is down … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars, when basketball was invented as an indoor sport that could be played during long winded winters, the basket was literally a peach basket and that basket was quickly replaced by a metal hoop with a rope net. But it was still closed at the bottom. So, every time a player scored a basket. The game had to stop and some pull that a ladder and retrieve the ball. You could also, sometimes you knock it out of the hammock with a long Stick But it took over a decade for someone to come up with a brilliant idea of cutting a hole in the bottom of the net and it finally put an end practice of manually retreating basketballs every time. A goal with scored that took a decade
B is a testament to how fond basque boys to play that game can endure ten years of such bad game, designed regardless someone not invented open, ended nets, basketball, which were stuck, the watch on tv, but it's a more subtle development came decades later that made basketball sports juggernaut than it is today. Again. I appreciate that not everyone listening this a sportsman on loan from the radio programme backstory our Rapporteur Eric Mental, but which your feelings about basketball. Aside for just a few minutes and listen to the raw. Human emotion in this, this in basketball is called a buzzer beaten.
The game winning shot made just as time expires its exhilarating its heart breaking The moment of pure anxiety that millions of people can share as one and the fact that forty eight minute game, a basketball can still be one in its final microsecond, thereby keeping you on the edge of you, see chewing your fingernails two bits until the final buzzer. That my friends is what we call good design guide is good design, but it's not the way basketball was originally designed. In fact, the drama of the game clock really became relevant after the advent of another clock. The twenty four second shot clock. This is the story of how the smaller less visible Bach, Twenty four second violation created the reaction to listen:
I prepared for the enemy created a shark clock. Is these smaller clock that you sometimes see counting down in the bottom corner of the tv screen in the NBA? When a team gets the ball, they have twenty four seconds to make a shot or its violation and they lose the ball, but this has always been the case in the early nineteen. Fifty during pro basketballs infancy, there was no shot, nothing forced a player to actually shoot the ball, and if a team was winning and they wanted to keep their lead, they could literally hold on the ball. For ten minutes. That means you could turn off the game and listen to this entire bar gas and go back to the game and not in this thing I mean the game. It was boring. It was to get this
dull, chaise he's in the NBA Hall of Fame, a former player and coach, whose career spanned two areas of ask about. Before the inception of the shot clock and after he says this problem of players running time off the clock back
Dribbling the ball around can really be summed up in a nineteen fifty game between the Fort Win pistons and the Minneapolis Lakers. It was a big game near the end of a season and the Lakers they had like dynasty at that time, and so the pistol who were ahead decided to have a slow down meaning run time off. The clock of a game ended up seven pain to sixteen as the final score, the final score or something like there was in the ten actually was. Nineteen eighteen go pistons and, of course the crowd was boiling. I may that it became a real force. It was such a joke that in nineteen fifty three and b C decided to forego coverage of the NBA championship. They felt the game would be to boring, finally became a crisis, so basketball needed a rule change nineteen fifty four enter Danny by his own owner.
But the Syracuse Nationals, the teamed off. Chaise point four by suited crunch some numbers and he believed that some simple arithmetic could save basketball and Guy Visor said. Look. I have this formula. Why don't we try it out by zone figured that the best games of basketball, the ideal games had team scoring
eighty or more points each a score. That by zone figure, was high enough to retain the audiences interest right so by zone started tracking. How many chastity needed to make to score requisite. Eighty something points: each came, average sixty shots for game and there's two teams. That means one hundred and twenty shots at the game was still forty eight minutes long and forty eight minutes equates to two thousand. Eight hundred and eighty second see divide the number of seconds in a game, two thousand eight hundred and eighty by the number of shots. Two hundred and twenty, and you get twenty four twenty four seconds per shot and to hold a player to that standard. You need a twenty four second shot clock by zone invited a bunch of legal. Goes to Syracuse to watch a practice game using the shock block. Our main doll chaise played in that game. Everybody fell. Twenty four seconds me: it was a very short period of time. So what?
I support a unit should issued it. Everybody felt My god you're gonna shoot. The entire team sense of time had become compressed. The old dame didn't seem slow to the players, but with this new clock everything felt rushed and they owners will love. They thought how this is going to be great, even if he's practice games, there was a new sense of suspense. The owners felt it and a player's learn to love it to the clock, became official in the nineteen. Fifty four fifty five season. Other changes in the pro the advent of aimed twenty four seconds with about it. All that often came to try and automatic debate of time. It loses. Two thirds of the world have immediately scoring, went off
Hey is badly behind his back the same model. Put it away. The persons are up against one of the longest sports drinks. Is they ve, never Beekman Atmospheric he's got. This is audio from the nineteen fifty five NBA finals known then, as basketballs world series it's the first year, lock was instituted changes team to Syracuse nationals made it to the final sat season. His heart was only remain. The shutter could play an important part in winning, because with the old rules, tissues probably would have held the ball for most of the second half of the first of the shots were able to cure way. Back and finally, women
Papa said, Roger one hundred percent of the world's very surrogate whose unbeatable go away on his home for the national provisions in this game. Eighty seven to eighty four and I go on from here to win ninety, thereby proud ravaging the next year the NBA files are broadcast on television for the first time, team scored almost thirty points more game as next few seasons, and shortly after that attendance jumped by forty percent at twenty four second cloth, TAT little idea was started in nineteen. Fifty five revolutionise save the game of vast. So let me just list for you the reason
I actually like watching basketball, you can turn on a game of basketball and between commercial breaks of something else and still feel like satisfying that you saw something happen. It is the fastest paste hands down like a baseball game. You're not guaranteed. To have that, and I love baseball. Don't get me wrong. I this ball, but there's a lot of sitting around in baseball. But if you go to a game, a basketball you're, almost certain that something is going to be happening, is so fast pace. I mean that's wonderful right and I love how athletic basketball players, become I mean the things you see, Lebron James do are like out of this world its mind, blowing what he can do with a ball. And even the worst guy on the court now is like a crazy athlete in way I never thought like human beings could be. The players have to be stronger and faster because they have this set period of time. They have twenty four seconds to get. There I've done. But before doing this story, I never would have thought that, like the one thing really made me love the game that made the game worth watching was some guy and Syracuse. Sixty years ago, with a pin,
in paper and some long division. He is the reason that this game is thrilling. This one. Little innovation not only made this game so much better, but made the players better themselves like he created better athletes pushed human potential to a totally different limits than ever would have been possible before you. It's all things to the shock clock. We're gonna, take a look at it, but I gotta tell you look. I got a detail, but a going to Eric. There is yet one more thing about, while does a pretty good job. I also really love. Half time, shows
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