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92- All the Buildings

2013-10-29 | 🔗

I love those moments when you’re walking in your neighborhood and suddenly nothing is familiar. In a good way. Sean Cole began seeing his neighborhood, actually the whole city of New York, with new eyes because of one artist who … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars look at that. It's like a mystery house is all a router like a setup. Tears. I love those moments when you're walking in our neighbourhood and suddenly nothing is familiar staircase for a giant I dont want to meet that giant, not that you don't know where you are, but where you are, where you ve always been seems foreign somehow in a good way, is this Jim, before Bugsy houses the jungle for individual back in the spring he lives in Brooklyn up in the northern part near quaint Gallagher. The comedian talks about when you have it in a new start, seeing the world with new eyes of seeing the world my neighborhood with new eyes, if you know it
I didn't have agreed it. We my case it was due to this artist. I was going to meet that's, why I was walking through the neighbourhood and, what's his name, is is James, Gulliver, Hancock earlier he told me to meet him at this cafe, not far from where local cookie rode on time, and he is the old cookie though not the new one on Manhattan Avenue and I'm thinking What do you know about the new one? You live in Australia, SAM's, and, like a fun in hand, has hurry of good gets hit me too, but the thing about James Gulliver Hancock is that he just knows this city so intimately he did used to live here from about two thousand tended two thousand twelve and back when he lived here, and this is why I was going to meet him back when he lived here. He started this pretty obsessive little project that ultimately culminated in a book. Yes, I have the right and
name of the book. I have to say I love the title. It so earnest is all the buildings in New York all the buildings in New York that I've drawn so far. It's like what a six year old with What I like about is, I would it ties. It implies that you're going to draw more sure. Although buildings I like the first part of the total amongst so he seen he wants to draw all the buildings in you I think he would like to how many built into their New York thousand building are nine hundred thousand moments. I think maybe just a man would you would probably need to spend a lot more time I actually look this up later in the New York City Property tax, annual report of two thousand eleven? It said there one million, thirty thousand two hundred and two parcels, but I think parcels also include separate condominium and rental units and
I found myself on the website of something called Emporis which bills itself as a global either of building information, and the number it said was closer to seven hundred twenty, eight thousand four hundred and fifty two closer to that close roughly in the book there only about a hundred seventy most of them in Manhattan, but you just drive around here in Brooklyn and in every way the queen's ranks and the bureau's places trotted mixed up with it. He's had every borough except Staten Island though he did draw the ferry, and despite the title these are not. All the buildings in New York that he's drawn so far in the book is just a sampling of his blog of the same name. Actually, blogs is called.
Buildings in New York and without the man I've drawn so loudly that runs on our yet it has its ongoing. You know this is about five hundred drawings on it, something like that. Some of them are just in black and white wiggly sketches others. Have these really loving colored treatment with all kinds of intricate details, just one per page, mostly from the way a little kid draws superheroes the empire state across all the classics, but also all these anonymous down at the heels ones. Farmhouses synagogue, rigour, we labelled with the address. Fifty three pit street to twenty two west, twenty third street skyscraper Brownstone massive Black monolith, but even the intricate drawings, are still kind of Khartoum.
Little squiggles and dots hovering above the rules as though the bill interesting look out. Nor maybe tat I mean exactly right. Yes, okay, so words on this project, indifferent, fashions indifference, it it's! So I have done all the Rhine in London, all the cars in LOS Angeles and bicycles in Berlin, but he was just passing through those cities. So we didn't do again linked with the buildings, and it's like you would parachute into a place and immediately try to find its noun. Sir, the thing that the city was about in somewhat yet a rainbow in Managua about Box Reverend, but when I was there ever on out a bike and box all over the place, just focusing on one thing and getting to know that one thing about the place of Tirana recorded as objectively as possible, be a new, was definitely the buildings and that's what I'm in a drawer- and I'm here
I just started doing and on a whim. James and his wife moved home when she got pregnant, so they could raise their kin and a place with more than one blade of grass sprouting from the ground Joy Subway the book, the blood have gotten a fair amount of buzz couple, a big newspaper right ups and a lot of mentions on the blogosphere, putting one that, due to a glorious typo, said James a mission to draw on the buildings in New York, a lot of the coverage really aims. James is a kind of Don Quixote with a pen right. Ok, so how's it going so far with your dream of painting all the buildings in New York, I'm pretty well, this is from a signal on good day Sacramento and they talked a James by escape else. Now I wonder whether this is New York. It's a tough city! There's some people yell at year like why my building what's going on it's more, but it is
people. Let you do whatever you want. Really you know it's a guy. Drawing on the street is probably one of the most. A normal things, they say go back to where I live plenty more weird things: the matter out of buildings on the corner that have drawn a couple times, and what I wanted to do with James was going some of the buildings he drawn and hold up the drawing next to the building, maybe to try to see what he's I'm only realising this now, but you don't ever get to do that to sit with the artist in front of the thing that they made into a picture, There are a lot of Brooklyn buildings in the book, but I have my smartphone with me, so I figured we just call up his blog. The first drawing on his blog is green point actually little apartment complex at five. Eighty seven Manhattan Avenue it's one of the law, Shambley charcoal sketches once more.
Like an idea for a building James uploaded. That picture on May twentieth two thousand ten, you still brand new to the city at that point, and this was sort of his way of keeping a diary of his time here. It also very real, pragmatic function of helping. Can get around town. That was what I do for the the project to map this place that I didn't know very well for myself tree drawing lots of different places. I mean: was it an effort to sort can contain. I mean, like I lived here, I'm only lived her two years, but I cannot agree to stop yeah. You can't take it all there was it it where you trying to like bring the city down to eight by eleven size. Totally, you get a much
our understanding of the place it out just sit, and rather browser building a member states which have done you sit in front of joy, blogs this house on this radio evidence and in a way those buildings then become, as and of special as the Chrysler exactly as soon as I can. I can. I think I got drawn out before that grocery store with the three stories above it nothing to stop us just classic, he's pointing to ninety seven Franklin Street. We walk past it to green point. F, plop down on a bench. James takes my phone and scrolls back on the blog to another bodega across the street, from where we're sitting, but as this one is there, the Delaid on bottom. It's a similar ones are almost talking about before, ah, ah
you ve really captured it. I mean, I have to say it's like also Corky version of a slight that's what I like about drawing. I guess not exactly like Amato, MR few things, and this is actually the that's a bit further over the bit done, This is also a bit the windows down the middle lobby, sobbing organic in it's almost like you, ve made it more away. It is tat you d, bring out its character of an article of this onto the only area is one before Franklin Street in older three level apartment building, that's lavished with all kinds of intricate designed frills, it's one of those places that makes you think that two things carry one who
cited that this building out of all of the buildings on this block should be so crazily ornate and one made and to you know they just don't build places like that. Any more. Do you do know, architectural terms? What do you call like that sort of ill agree in no, the flowers that repeat going across the freeze up top I'm talking straight out of my mouth, and here I mean another. Top pot is like a cornerstone. Corny s bedroom us a funny thing, because I'm doing this largely architectural project, our constant I get asked about architecture, and I haven't tried in architecture, and I dont know the terms outside of the standard terms that ever has so yeah it's hard to say. Those things are justified share them. Draw them and show them to others. I mean I'd, never have noticed them if he undrawn them, for if I wasn't sitting there with him sitting with James, it's like the whole city is a museum, usually
buildings are too big or to cookie cutter to notice, but because he's drawing every window every fire escape railing he's eventually gonna hit funny little decisions or awkwardness, is that you make that building that building that nobody would notice. Otherwise, why that Burma that window made so that thing and then touches the other James used to have a studio in the old pencil factory. Just have a blog down the pencil factories funny actually the time of it all the way around is appointed with these pencils thither vertical. It's like an an incomplete crown going across a round the top story. Just in case you forgot, went in what they were making in there I mean we're it's like a fifteen. These are fifteen foot law.
Pencils like pencils for giant. That's isn't any mention giants. Thank you for keeping track of John a few on the roof of the building we can get up there. Can we left, but seven, where you let's try again, we dug around the corner into this warehouse. He looking lobby and go right up to the top floor. Of these old jog around to the stairwell and James Starr at a window for a second to point, something out to me, the weirdest thing, just under the rules on the buildings across the street, our stance old, the address numbers of this building student numbers of worth above us as well.
Oh yeah, oh, how better through a key would never know its words like who is that for a giant just walk down the street with you would join anyway. So man well up here. It's amazing up here: three, I'm in sixty degree view of Manhattan, Brooklyn and claims. This is like a help had the huge roof and oh and one of the economic water to resent up than ever so the Empire State Chrysler or all the classics over there. You know it's crazy, like now, and I'm looking at the skyline up here I mean if it feels like, because I spent so much time looking at your drawings, it feels like a dry. Bessie reality. Vibrations wiggly lines I see someone's perspective. That's what I see. I see someone else's perspective of times in your eyes.
Goddamn, you gotta, say everything is quite remaining ever thought. I'd see the city is going things pastel exactly worth the thing about rating someone's diary which guy what this is. I guess I have a different view on the world. Afterwards, it inside someone's had seated Personal perspective just doesn't happen. Debate was words assignments in pictures. I picked up the book again, the other day in just leafing through it for a minute and then walking outside the street and looking up at the buildings. I look up at all the time and kind of It now falls to save as it goes like this. They seem to fund all of the sudden and kind of carefully. So now They were these carefully made objects. I mean you know that when you see the care that someone put into something in the
genius of every day decisions. I think it makes you almost pathologically optimistic. Somebody put care into this. The world is better because of it, and I think that that kind of optimism feeds James. I mean I it's funny that you say that, because, like I've been wondering likewise he's such a happy person, but I think that's. Why, though- I'll, say that them he had a pessimistic little moment there on the roof is, of course, he's not just looking at the city he's looking at the impossible job. Peace carved out for himself makes me anxious that I can't do it all, and are you look here this amazing gear and the like? that one of the same lines taking ass without one over there
raspberries, baby, ghostbusters stall on them, and the brown with the the creamy brickwork up the top decorative grain, copper roofing know what that is. I've never been evidence makes me anxious that online altogether. I want to underline that makes you anxious want. Why, exactly because I want to spend time drawing all of the different buildings? Many especially when I'm crossing a bridge? It's you say that lie the land and remember the name of the project, and you want to do it the nine year old may want suggest, let's do this, but would it mean if you don't get to all of them, are don't get to the ones that want to do a diet. Unhappy death
For months on this, not drawing on UK on the legacy will be a legacy and be generations and generations of Hancock he's probably going to an accountant. What do you see that he's one It is already doing. Math is moms performer and his dad's. A draw, I say so is gonna. Rebelled. Bellini may be a politician, I am, it can do in everyone's. That's a good did eloping here. I've thought about it. I've only thought about it. You don't think too hard
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