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99% Invisible-16- A Designed Language

2011-02-18 | 🔗

The idea is simple and quite beautiful: if we all shared a second, politically neutral language, people of all different nations and cultures could communicate freely and easily, and it would foster international understanding and peace. This is the idea … Continue reading →

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We get support from you, see Davis globally, ranked university working to solve the world's most pressing problems in food, energy, health, education and the environment. You see Davis, researchers, collaborate and innovate in California in around the globe, define transformational solutions A part of the universities mission to promote quality of life for all living things find out more. At twenty first century dot. You see Davis die each year. This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars, salute dont, get it back ass. Let me start with The invented language of Esperanto has a flag and kicks ass green field white can't on in the upper left corner with a green five pointed star on it. I beyond. Or because of the design of the flag alone seriously. I could march in the streets behind that flag, but that's not the
brought away at all Esperanto is about hope. It was created in the eighteen eightys by polish. I doktor name allude to examine Then he lived in this town Bialy Stock, where there were poles, Jews, Germans and Russians, and they all spoke different languages and they all hated each other. So he had this idea that if everybody spoke a common language, they could communicate, they could get to know each other's people on there wouldn't be anymore races. Conflict, which is a beautiful idea. Mrs Sangree, my green, my name is SAM Green. I'm, the director of utopia of the former men of SAM Greens. Live documentary is about salmon half utopia of Esperanto in some ways the history of Esperanto really mirrors the twentieth century and assert
flowering of utopian energy and ultimate waning of that by the end of this century, seminars, full dream of peace to a shared second language never came to pass according to estimates somewhere between fifty thousand and two million people speak Esperanto, but that shouldn't suggest that Esperanto is a failure in the history of invented language. In the greatest success story, ever gets number two Erika aren't. My name is Erika Okra tonight the author of in the land of invented languages. Esperanto was a real product of the time. In the end, it is making central early twentyth century when nationalism was herring. Europe apart all these empires were crumbling and lines around which they fractured were linguistic. One made a lot of sense to say: hey, let's find a linguistic solution to our problems, but the mantle.
Desperado, as the king of invented languages also had to do with its design as a language around her will design have as simple as possible, a grammar all round and an adjective and in a verb, tens is indicated by Regular endings- and it never very so there are no irregular verbs soon learn of funding. Number of Indians and a few route words and you're up and running after a few weeks of learning Esperanto, you can start communicating meaningfully without a snake is, but it's other strength is that it's not to engineer. Being over design is up and fall of many other invented languages. Previous projects tried to be so. Consistent and regular and break down the entire world of concepts into their component pieces. Each letter would contain a part of meeting within Those kind of languages are impossible to use Esperanto nice
the middle ground. It it's a nice balance between system activity and arbitrary sloppiness, and when it comes to language, we need both of those things in our natural languages. We need a way to get more specific. Romania, too. We have like legal jargon, but it also lets us just sort of, without necessarily knowing where we're going with or knowing exactly what we need. So volume in which inventors out there don't make it too perfect a little fuzzy. This is key, so is our testing expression from the beginnings, Ellen, half stress, poetry and music and Esperanto, and there are unique aspect to the language that make it especially suited to a kind of poetic wordplay
Ending who can make any word and to avert? So if you have blue eye, meaning blue, you can also have a verb. Blue ass is bluing, so cannot practise can say that she alone S. Staff blew up the skies blue, but if you really wants to be and Esperanza about it, he'll say let shallow blew off. The sky is bluing and at the very spirit, her way of expressing it anymore. It can also be an advert which is strange, not not many languages have this feature, so you don't say I go to the beach in the summer you will say some airily. I go to the beach. Some really I go to the beach.
If you do not approve of that sense, I dont want to live in your dark and joyless little world when the aldermen ironies of Esperanto is that one of its most widespread uses in the? U S was during the cold war: the? U S would do these war games against a fictitious enemy. The maneuver enemy, also known as the aggressor and they'd, have to have the enemy speaking a different language, and since they didn't want to offend any other country they condemn speaking spanish french Russian, even they had them speaking. Esperanto We're onto was used by the U S army, so it wouldn't possibly offend another country and caused some unnecessary conflict. So even in this, this thing plea american completely twisted context, as Moronto achieved exactly what it was designed to do
Ninety nine percent invisible was produced by me, roman Mars, with support from lunar, making a difference with creativity. It's a project of K, L I view the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco and the centre for architecture and design when at war and see the flag of Esperanto, which we should do. Gonna: ninety nine percent, invisible dot, Org.
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