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99% Invisible-20- Nikko Concrete Commando

2011-03-25 | 🔗

In 2001, Delfin Vigil was walking the streets of San Francisco and ran across the name “Nikko” carved into the concrete sidewalk. After seeing Nikko once, Delfin began to see the name everywhere. One block after another, there he was … Continue reading →

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We get support from you- see Davis globally, ranked university working to solve the world's most pressing problems in food, energy, health, education and the environment. You see Davis, researchers, collaborate and innovate in California in around the globe, define transformational solutions it. A part of the universities mission to promote quality of life. For all. Thanks find out more the twenty first century die you see, Davis Don T do. This is ninety. Nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. How to make a concrete stylus, take a large nail, hyper, tap red, hot and approve gas flame drop it an ice water now will resist abrasion advocates through the sand, cement and rock particles in concrete, not yet hardened from the abstract too.
Create site. I first found ego by staring at the sidewalk stealthy vigil is a journalist from San Francisco one, my fair things as always to kind of get lost in San Francisco and stare at things that are normally might have looked passed, and then I saw name written in the sidewalk programme. Can I thought it was interesting and then the block later found his name get turned a corner through Chinatown into North Beach, and I found another one. You know I would find them not just in North Beach, but Chinatown Russian Hill Telegraph Hill. They would be reference. To the street name. I got over night about how and ended the personality amuse really coin. It was. I think I was better go concrete, come off at once, I'm just saying to myself damn negroes everywhere and then I looked down it said I was everywhere. I felt like a duty- and I remember thinking that I've. This is my duty to write the storing and then, coincidentally, I'd run across clueless it gone goody, so delphinus detract Nikko down
You know. I want to know why. Why did he do? It was the first time I've ever felt like I was the one paying attention in class, but that started in nineteen sixty seven, because I saw the date one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven I figured he must have been about. I don't know, twelve years old, to watch umbrella, because I felt like his personality kind of got a little more bolder, three years, earliest, F, major saint and later on you'd columns of concrete artist, I figured he went to school in the neighborhood, so I went to the high school Galileo and I went to Francisco Middle School, and so I would start photocopying yearbook pictures from the Sixtys and Seventys, and I would base this on guys who look like they just had that kind of artful die, You look in their in this matter. The when, on through years of dead ends knocking on stranger stores and getting nowhere.
Right now, you're thinking, I love this Nikko kid he's my hero to wait for it. Here it comes. I was by the North Beach playground. I believe it was rainy day and rainy days were always the best days to read the concrete, because it washed away a lot of the dirt, and you could read things that on other days, you probably couldn't see- and I saw this etching- that was on this than I had ever seen. It took over the entire sidewalk block. It was like a paragraph and at first I thought now a champion. I think it said America is a great country go by the White nor by the Jews were by them and then the first word began with an end, but I can actually say for sure I mean I can presume when it said new policy can too, but that those with those letters were actually washed away from in from for traffic, and then I'd found quite a few others, and it was you know,
Talkin ten fifteen twenty, as far as I can tell from the handwriting, was negro. I didn't want to believe it because it didn't go with. You know what I done a fine with me to some extent. I wanted a dinner, finds the color loner kid in the city to, and this happened right before. I finally found one of the leads fondly pennoned out in a very long enough. Courtship Delphin vigil grabbed his notebook and my cookies that recorder and met Nikko. How did you know tat your time? She's like a job Sunday as a thousand thousand? At least it starts
Describe all the places he tagged in detail and they'll find believes that the vast majority of them from this one guy. My thoughts were that fighting this really d and to write this sum will last way in future. Like the car credibly, all washed waved have spoken winnings. It's gonna like any store you get into an you, have a hunch A lot of it was very close to what I had imagined. A lot of. It was completely different. He did have a very artful dodger. Lifestyle is father was in the picture and he had a very bohemian upbringing with the kind of like real care free parenting style. He was just a kid who was sort of in some ways forgotten and after a few meanings, delving finally found the opportunity to ask the hard questions. I was
A ban, all non white immigration over by the start and tunnel in and I'd seen over on Russian Hill about White raised consciousness, keep about twelve or thirteen of him in the same block a cement and also the negro near us jump ahead. You probably did I write well, obviously, university. I think I can pick out about fifteen twenty that seem to me. Would be the same, guided Nikko Review, but if I'm wrong he's Adela canals and he had grown up in the city on talk a little kid Sunday, we would go to March in Oakland from some arise for peace March. On Monday I go to school and getting kicked out by the very people that we were out beautifully. Trying to help in the sands absurd now
It was all in my mind, it was all, but together we get right down to it as a boring, suburban capability servants. They go to the opposite, exchange hairs believing right, but I repeat that I am a hard core green activists now murky face and then explanation would sit better if the path was written. Concrete. I've not read my name, but I've written his name and wet concrete. In fact that was the first line I wrote for the story was in the sidewalk walk of Montgomery Street through the Union street steps and make a right at Green Street and right there unless someone's double parked on top of it. It should still say call, Niko Niko. Ninety nine percent invisible was produced this week by Stephanie FOO and me roman Mars. Different version of the story was originally broadcast on the public radio programme snapped judgment which I know you are you subscribe to, but if you don't do yourself a favor,
find it in the Itunes and subscribe. You will love it This programme is made possible with support from lunar, making a difference creativity, it's a project. O k, L W the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco and the centre for. Doctor and desire to find out more including how you get your hands on Delphin Vigils self published, Chat book all about the Negro story, with beautiful illustrations and more detail than I can go into here. Go to our website. It's nice nine percent invisible dot, Org.
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